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Customer Care Centre Australia. Please Note: We are experiencing delivery delays due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please allow an additional few days to receive …

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Learn more about how Zendesk retail customer, The Cotton On Group, uses Multibrand to manage customer service across 7 brands and its philanthropic arm.

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The Cotton On Group Customer Service Story

“We have a Ferrari, but we’re just using it to drive down the road to buy some milk.”

This was the analogy Luke Wallace used when he first dug into The Cotton On Group’s online customer service team’s use of Zendesk support.

The team had been using Support for nearly three years to provide email support to seven brands that fall under The Cotton On Group, plus a philanthropic arm, the Cotton On Foundation. But with requests coming in around the clock, and without visibility into what other teams were doing, the team was neck deep in inquiries from the different brands and regions, and it was challenging to make improvements.

Wallace, a digital product manager, explained, “We already had a really good, fast car, but we needed to learn to drive it appropriately and to start using all the functionality that is available.”

Established in 1991, The Cotton On Group now employs 22,000 people and operates over 1,700 retail stores in 20 countries, in addition to their online business. Along the way, it made sense to separate customer service between the in-store and online experiences and to move tickets between support teams around the world, chasing the sun. But today the company faces the same challenge as other major retailers: how to unify information in real-time across stores, platforms, corporate departments, and vast geographic distances.

That’s why The Cotton On Group decided to expand their use of Support to more departments—across the U.S., Australia, and Singapore. It’s a perfect example of ‘cottoning on’—which means to understand or discover the potential of a great idea, exactly what the company’s brands are all about.

To that end, they became early adopters of Zendesk Support’s Multibrand feature. While each brand maintains autonomy, especially when it comes to their social media support, being able to manage multiple brands through a single instance of Support has allowed for a more uniform customer experience.

“We’ve had to review our structure and our definitions of customer service,” Wallace explained. The reality of today’s landscape is that for every one customer, there are multiple teams they’ll interact with. That’s why the company is actively aligning their teams to respond to “any customer, anytime, anyhow,” with extra emphasis on being able to quickly respond in the channel the customer used. They’ve found that being attentive to social media has been key, but also that each brand’s demographics—and social channel of choice—are very different.

The Enterprise plan’s Multibrand feature helps avoid the creation of new silos of customer service.

Learn More About Multibrand

Multibrand has been key in helping to avoid the creation of new silos of customer service. The company currently has seven help centers, all using the same template, yet customized for each brand. The company also has new automations in place to help triage tickets within and between departments—formerly a very manual process. “Zendesk Support is really user-friendly software for configuring your workflow with triggers and automations,” Wallace said. “Automations have enabled us to run a tighter ship.”

The biggest win for The Cotton On Group is having a single view of customer service across the group. Wallace can now report back to the business the entire team’s performance across all channels and brands in one snapshot, but can also give managers an accurate view of their individual teams. “They can go in each morning and pinpoint issues, and start asking the right questions,” he said.

From headquarters in North Geelong, Australia, Wallace also appreciates that Multibrand has eliminated the need to make updates on each brand’s instance of Support. He no longer has to worry about introducing errors on the seventh iteration of an automation. “To have everything up and running in one instance just makes the way we operate so much easier,” he said.

Returning to the Ferrari analogy, no one drives a Ferrari like an expert without a few lessons or at least a lot of practice.

“Support has been really easy to use and the team easy to work with,” Wallace said. “I can ring up our account manager at any time and he’s always good for a chat. The time he’s spent getting us up and running has paid dividends, and now I’m an advanced Support user.”

“The biggest advantage of Multibrand is to have that single view of the customer—and a single view of our customer service, to really see where those spikes and drops are.”

– Luke Wallace Digital Product Manager for The Cotton On Group

EIN 27-0788480 – Cotton On Usa Inc., Glendale, California

Cotton On Usa Inc. is a corporation in Glendale, California. The employer identification number (EIN) for Cotton On Usa Inc. is 270788480. EIN for organizations is sometimes also referred to as taxpayer identification number (TIN) or FEIN or simply IRS Number.

Cotton On Usa Inc. is incorporated in Florida and the latest report filing was done in 2019. The corporation type for Cotton On Usa Inc. is Foreign Profit. The florida registered agent for Cotton On Usa Inc. is Corporation Service Company.

Basic Profile

Organization Name Cotton On Usa Inc.
IRS EIN (Taxpayer Id) 27-0788480
Organization Type Foreign Profit
Company Status Active
Business Address 400n Brand Avenue, Cotton On Usa, Inc,
California, 91203
Mailing Address 400n Brand Avenue, Cotton On Usa, Inc,
California, 91203

Registered Agent:
The registered agent for Cotton On Usa Inc. is Corporation Service Company. Registered agent is a business or individual designated to receive important communication like legal notice or summons and important paperwork sent by state for periodic renewal of the business entity’s charter (if required).

Registered Agent Name Corporation Service Company
Registered Agent Type Corporation
Registered Agent Address 1200 SOUTH PINE ISLAND ROAD,
FL, 33324

Key Management Personnel:
The key management personnel for Cotton On Usa Inc. are listed below. The key management personnel include directors, officers, chairman, president etc.

Principal Name Title Address

The phrase ‘Cotton on to’

Cotton on to

What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘Cotton on’?

To get to know or understand something.

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Cotton on’?

The phrase ‘cotton on to’, with the above meaning, appears to be limited in usage to the UK and other countries that were previously part of the British Empire, notably Australia and New Zealand. In the USA, especially in the southern states, ‘cotton to’ is used, with the slightly modified meaning of ‘take a liking to’.

As early as 1648, in a pamphlet titled Mercurius Elencticus, mocking the English parliament, the royalist soldier and poet Sir George Wharton used ‘cotton’, or as it was spelled then ‘cotten’, as a verb meaning ‘to make friendly advances’. ‘Cotten up to’ and ‘cotten to’ were both used to mean ‘become friendly with’. Whether this was as a reference to the rather annoying predisposition of moist raw cotton to stick to things or whether it alluded to moving of cotton garments closer together during a romantic advance isn’t clear. John Camden Hotten, in his Slang Dictionary, 1869, opted for the former derivation:

Cotton, to like, adhere to, or agree with any person; “to COTTON on to a man,” to attach yourself to him, or fancy him, literally, to stick to him as cotton would.

The number of citations that use ‘cottening’ in a courtship context and the use of the ‘cottening up’ variant would suggest the latter is more likely; for example, William Congreave’s comic play Love for Love, 1695:

I love to see ’em hug and cotten together, like Down upon a Thistle.

The attaching of cotton strands to the bobbins of weaving looms is sometimes also cited as a source of ‘cottoning on’, but there appears to be no basis for that notion. None of the early citations of the phrase mention that context.

‘Cottoning on’ as we now use it derives from the meaning of ‘attaching oneself to something’, specifically an attachment to an idea that we haven’t encountered before. It would seem to be a reasonable bet that at least one of the variants of this phrase would have been coined in one of the major English-speaking cotton producing regions of the world, for example India or the USA. Not so; which gives more credibility to the notion that this phrase has little to do with the cotton plant. ‘Cotton to’ was coined in the UK and the first widespread uses of ‘cotton on to’ were in New Zealand and Australia. The earliest example that I can find of this is from the New South Wales newspaper
The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser, March 1883, reporting on a local horse race:

A lot [of backers] then cottoned on to Sahara, who was a strong favourite.

This citation was closely followed by a reference in a New Zealand newspaper The Wanganui Herald, June 1893:

The Kaierau forwards are just beginning to cotton on to the passing game.

It seems that ‘cotton to’, ‘cotton on to’ all derive from the same root source, that is, the verb ‘to cotton’. In the UK and its antipodes it has settled down as ‘cotton on to’, with the meaning ‘form an understanding of’ and in the USA it is ‘cotton to’, with the ‘take a liking to’ meaning.

See also: the meaning and origin of ‘cotton-picking’.

One of Australia’s Largest Global Retailers, Cotton On Group, Sees Mobile Shopping Apps Support its ‘Customer-First’ Commitment

GEELONG, Australia and NEW YORK, May 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global retailer Cotton On Group, since launching its first iOS mobile apps in New Zealand, Australia and in the United States has experienced a significant increase in average customer value, with customers engaging more frequently across stores, web and app.

Since 1988 when Nigel Austin – Cotton On Group Founder – made his first denim jacket sale from the boot of his car at the Beckley Market in Geelong, Australia, Cotton On Group has had one simple purpose –to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

For its customers, this means giving them an unrivalled shopping experience, and in the digital world that includes providing apps that create a richer and more accessible retail journey.

Shoppers can now easily engage with the brand in a way that is convenient and suits them. This has helped to increase registrations of the company’s popular loyalty program, Cotton On & Co. Perks, which currently has more than 8 million active members globally and is growing daily.

With enhanced product discoverability and store stock checker functionality in the app, customers are more encouraged to visit stores to complete their purchases. This is another example of how the Cotton On Group is providing its customers with the tools to devise their own shopping journey, satisfying their individual needs.

The Group leveraged Poq – a native SaaS mobile app platform for retail – to launch its apps. According to Brendan Sweeney, the Group’s General Manager of Ecommerce, the business designed its ideal customer journey and concluded that its strategy would be customer-centric and not focused on channels. This focus on creating “connected experiences,” has seen the app feature as a core part of this strategy.

Sweeney commented that “Shoppers are spending more and more time on their smartphones, and Cotton On wants to provide a mobile shopping experience that meets our customer’s expectations. However, we’re also looking to our app to drive more traffic into our stores and since launching the iOS apps in November 2019, we have found that our app customer – whether they also shop in-store or online, are the shoppers that engage most with our brand, creating a truly omnichannel experience. In fact, this was a very high priority for us,” Sweeney continued. “We sought a partner that really knows the fashion retail space and could advise us on the best course for our app strategy. We’re confident that Poq will help us meet our mobile channel growth goals, including making our loyalty program more accessible to shoppers.”

Due to the success of its iOS app, Cotton On Group will be releasing the app to its Android customers later this year so all customers can benefit from the enhanced shopping capabilities. Furthermore, the business will utilize the new Android app to empower in-store team members with the ability to carry out stock checks in real-time on the shop floor, allowing them to spend more time with the customers and continue giving them a great shopping experience.

“At Poq, we’re working with our customers to build the future of app commerce and couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking retailer like the Cotton On Group to partner with on its shopping apps,” said Helen Slaven, Chief Revenue Officer, Poq. “It’s great to see established retailers recognize how apps can be central to end-to-end business strategies and customer-centric approaches.”

Poq launched the Cotton On app, alongside international digital commerce agency, Tryzens. Tryzens CEO, Andy Burton stated; “We have built our business with a close commitment to partnerships with our clients, in particular, Cotton On and has supported its digital strategies for a number of years now. Partnering with Poq, to launch the Cotton On app was a great opportunity to extend our service offering, providing the retailer with a full suite of omnichannel services.”

About Poq

Poq is a Software-as-a-Service app platform that empowers retailers to create highly-effective and fully-customized mobile apps that provide a superior shopping experience. These apps allow retailers to build stronger brands, sell more products, deepen customer loyalty and deliver highly relevant content, communications and rewards. Poq clients include global brands and retailers such as; Belk, Holland & Barrett, Feelunique, Missguided, Hotel Chocolat, Kurt Geiger, M&Co and more.

SOURCE Poq & Cotton On Group

Cotton On Job Application – Apply Online

Access the Cotton On job application by going to the company’s careers website. Numerous career types can be applied for including retail, corporate, and distribution positions. The company operates on an international level, therefore the main careers site is not location-specific. Follow the instructions posted below to learn how to access the main job search page.

  • About the Company: Cotton On is an Australian clothing brand/store that is headquartered out of Geelong, Australia. The company was founded in 1991 and has locations across the world.

Step 1 – Copy/paste the following link to open the careers site:


Step 2 – Enter a keyword and location (e.g. country) into the search form and then click the “Search” button.

Step 3 – Press the link of the job that you’re interested in applying for.

Step 4 – Review the following sections to learn more about the job/company:

  • About us
  • About the role
  • Skills and experience
  • Our culture
  • Benefits

Step 5 – Click the button as seen in the below image to move to the next step of the process.

Step 6 – Fill in your email address and then hit the “Go” button to continue.

Step 7 – Enter your first name and last name into the form. Click the “Start” button.

Step 8 – Accept the privacy agreement in order to continue.

Step 9 – New User Registration:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Re-enter password

Step 10 – Profile Upload – In this section of the form you have the option of uploading your resume or importing your personal information from your LinkedIn account. Click the “Save and continue” button to go to the next step.

Step 11 – About You – In the “About You” section provide the following details:

  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • Suburb
  • Zip/postal code
  • Place of residence
  • Primary number type
  • Primary phone number
  • Email address
  • How much notice do you need to give your current employer?
  • What date are you available to commence?
  • Source tracking

Step 12 – Complete the following sections:

  • Diversity
  • Eligibility
  • A few more questions
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Resume/portfolio
  • Review and submit



Cotton on Call | CFTC

Cotton-On-Call (COC) Report Description

The Cotton On-Call Report shows the quantity of call cotton bought or sold on which the price has not been fixed, together with the respective futures on which the purchase or sale is based. Call cotton refers to physical cotton bought or sold, or contracted for purchase or sale at a price to be fixed later based upon a specified delivery month future’s price.

Weekly Report 14

“On call” positions in spot cotton based on New York Cotton futures reported by merchants in special account status1 as of 04/01/2021

(In Contracts)

ISSN: 1945-3442


Call Cotton Based New York

Open Futures Contracts
ICE Futures U.S.

Unfixed Call Sales Change From Previous Week Unfixed Call Purchases Change From Previous Week At Close
Change From Previous Week
May 2021 8,455   -2,415   3,441   -782   82,870   -8,814  
July 2021 29,973   269   4,829   375   55,242   3,696  
October 2021 0   0   0   0   25   2  
December 2021 26,999   1,682   25,370   804   70,484   3,110  
March 2022 10,014   365   3,013   11   7,900   55  
May 2022 3,754   135   637   11   1,960   79  
July 2022 9,409   226   1,599   -5   3,667   70  
December 2022 4,205   -26   8,741   486   5,002   245  
March 2023 864   0   0   0   49   2  
May 2023 18   0   0   0   1   0  
July 2023 18   0   220   0   2   0  
December 2023 0   0   227   0   1   0  
July 2024 0   0   441   0   0   0  
Totals 93,709   236   48,518   900   227,203   -1,555  

1 Merchants with futures positions of 100 or more contracts in one future.

If you have any questions concerning this report, email [email protected]

Release after 3:30 p.m. Eastern time, April 8, 2021.
Email Contact : CFTC Data Analysis and Reporting

Leggings Isa

Wonderful dark blue pantyhose-style leggings with colorful ice creams.

Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

Made in Latvia

Dimensions (slightly larger):

6-12 months: 70 cm

1 year: 80 cm

2 years: 90 cm

3 years: 100 cm

5 years: 110 cm

7 years: 120 cm

Hosiery products are not subject to exchange and return in accordance with the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No.No. 55.

Size Chart MP Denmark


6-12 months: 70 cm

1 year: 80 cm

2 years: 90 cm

3 years: 100 cm

5 years: 110 cm

7 years: 120 cm


0-6 months: shoe size 17-18

6-12 months: shoe size 19-21

2 yrs: shoe size 22-24

4 years: shoe size 25-28

6 years: shoe size 29-32


At the age of 6 months – 2 years, the head volume corresponds to 47/49 cm.

Head volume 51/53 cm corresponds to the age of 3-7 years.

MP Denmark is a family owned Danish company that has been producing socks and tights since 1937 and is even (secretly) the official supplier of socks for the King of Denmark. All products are historically produced in our own factories on innovative knitting machines, eco-tex yarns with long fibers are used for production, and non-toxic dyes are used for dyeing, and the yarn is dyed, not the product, which gives color stability.

MP Denmark are socks and tights that can be inherited by younger generations. Anatomical construction of the foot, reinforced toe and heel zones, the finest seam on the toe that provides comfort to all fingers, and an improved elastic band – the perfect socks and tights exist!

Isa Arfen Cut Out Dress

Isa Arfen Cut Out Dress – Farfetch

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Isa Arfen Cutout Dress

Cutout Dress from Isa Arfen.U-neck, long sleeves, slim fit and short length. White color.

Country of origin: Italy


Cotton 100%

Care instructions
Dry clean only

Designer ID : AB22

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90,000 which was in the instructions for Gagarin.The original instructions for Gagarin in space have been published. : Popular_Science_Ru

On the anniversary of the first manned flight into space, Gazeta.Ru publishes the original document, previously not presented to the general public – “Instructions to the cosmonaut on the operation and control of the Vostok-3A spacecraft”.

Photo report: Instructions to the cosmonaut on the operation and control of the Vostok-3A spacecraft

RGANTD / Dmitry Chernov / RIA Novosti, collage

The instruction is stored in the Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation (RGANTD) among many other documentary certificates telling about the preparation, technical implementation and reports on the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space.

Before the flight

The first four pages of the document are devoted to the actions of the astronaut on the ground before the launch. So, the instructions say that the cosmonaut must undergo a medical examination 5 hours before the launch, while the sensors of the recording equipment are imposed on the body, its operation is checked and the initial data are recorded.

Then the cosmonaut must check the SK-1 spacesuit, check that there are no gusts of matter, dents on the pressure helmet, scratches on the window wall, check the operation of the zippers.

In this case, the item “check the integrity of valves and pipelines” someone crossed out from the document with a blue pen.

Then, with the help of specialists, the cosmonaut must “put on” the spacesuit, for which it is necessary to “stick his legs into the right and left trousers”, “stick his hands in his sleeves” and “put on a pressure helmet”. After checking the spacesuit, the cosmonaut must inspect the cabin, making sure that there are no foreign objects in it and also fulfilling a number of requirements.

At the same time, one more point, about checking the position of the ejection brackets, was also crossed out, this time with a yellow pencil.

After switching on and checking the VHF radio communication system, the cosmonaut starts checking the ventilation of the spacesuit. “To check the ventilation system of the suit, it is necessary to close the helmet window by pulling the handle on the helmet with your left hand. Check the correctness of the closure by sinking the signaling devices on the corners of the helmet, ”the instructions say. At the same time, between the lines, someone with a ballpoint pen introduced a clarification that these actions must be performed “with her gloves on”.

Of interest is the instruction for checking the operation of the on-board tape recorder, which turns on at the start and works during the entire flight.”To check the operation of the tape recorder, you need to turn your head to the microphone and say any phrase (starting with the word” attention “(I check the tape recorder). The neon lamp on the tape recorder should light up. The light goes out 10-13 seconds after the end of the phrase”, –

After closing the hatch cover, the astronaut 45, 30 and 15 minutes before the start must report on the readings of the instruments, health and readiness for the start, and 5 minutes before the start “take the starting position for ejection.”At the same time, contrary to the previously entered amendment, 15 minutes before the launch, the cosmonaut must again “put on hermetic gloves.”

In flight

During the launching phase, the astronaut must follow the signaling and at the beginning of each message repeat the last time transmitted from the command post, after 40 seconds of flight, be ready for ejection.

At the 120th and 150th seconds of the flight, the cosmonaut must control the separation of the first stage and the discharge of the nose fairing (according to the change in noise, a jump in overloads and the appearance of light in the windows).

“Starting the third stage engine may be accompanied by a strong pop (explosion), which does not mean abnormal engine operation,” the warning says. After 720 seconds of flight, the astronaut must control the separation of the spacecraft from the carrier.

One of the popular myths about the first flight is associated with the launch of the third stage (block E) designed by engineer Semyon Kosberg, which allowed the spacecraft with Gagarin to go into space. Allegedly, at the moment of turning on the E block, Gagarin happily reported to Earth: “Cosberg has worked.”However, it is known that neither in the published transcripts of the recording of the negotiations, nor in the recording itself, this phrase is absent.

After entering orbit, the astronaut must open the window of the helmet, press the “control lamps” button and switch the toggle switch of the Globus device from “position” to “landing”.

“1. After entering the orbit, keep in touch with the Earth via the HF (short-wave) channel, says the note. – 2. When flying over the territory of the Soviet Union, the “VHF transmission” display may light up when the button is not pressed. “

In orbit, the astronaut is instructed to transmit to Earth about every observation made and action performed. To understand whether it is possible to determine the direction of movement above the water, which can be discerned on the earth’s surface. After 10 minutes of the flight, the cosmonaut was instructed to tune in to program 2 of the Moscow radio, after 20 minutes – to take food.

When flying in the shadow of a planet, check how the Earth is visible. Is it possible to carry out orientation using the “Vzor” device and determine the direction of movement of the ship.A special set of actions is prescribed for ejection during the descent stage. So, before that, the cosmonaut must record the operating time of the TDU (brake propulsion system) on a tape recorder, check the tightening of the leg straps, snuggle tightly against the back of the chair, “without lifting the pelvis from the seat.”


During a parachute descent, the cosmonaut must determine the nature of the terrain (land, water, mountains, forest). When descending into the water, remember the direction to the shore.

Further, the instruction describes the actions of the astronaut after landing – how to turn on the radio station, stretch the antenna.

Of interest is the 10th section of the instruction, dedicated to actions in special cases. These include, for example, the depressurization of the cabin, after which the spacesuit is filled with gas under a pressure of 22 mm Hg. Art.

In this case, the astronaut must immediately

“- put on hermetically sealed gloves;

– turn on the emergency oxygen supply toggle switch;

– manual pull to the back of the chair;

– inform the Earth about what happened;

– turn off the fans;

– on command from the Earth or independently, take measures for immediate descent from orbit.The spacesuit provides a five-hour stay in an unpressurized cabin. ”

The second special case is the landing in the ocean. When entering the ocean, the astronaut must follow a series of instructions, including

– lie on his back and open the breathing valve by pulling the handle away from him.

– Unbutton the harness lock on the chest and release the parachute.

– with a little excitement, open the helmet window (a question mark is drawn in pencil next to this item).

The instruction for the cosmonaut was signed on January 15, 1961 by Evstafiy Tselikin, deputy chief of the Air Force cosmonaut training center for flight training. He was a member of examination commissions, which determined the composition of the main crews of spaceships based on the results of examinations.

As the RGANTD told Gazeta.Ru, the specified instruction is kept in the Fund No. 1 of the CPC of administrative documents, where only a few documents have been declassified since June 2009 to this day.

“In recent years, many documents about the life and flight of Yuri Gagarin have been put into circulation.Collections have been published that are of great value and make you look at the history of sixty years ago in a new way. However, the documents are presented in the form of processed texts, and practice shows that when translated into text, the content sometimes suffers: the employees of the archives are also people and from time to time make mistakes, ”Anton Pervushin, astronautics historian, author of the biographical book, told Gazeta.Ru. Yuri Gagarin. One flight and a whole life. ”

– Therefore, at the present stage it is important not only to find new documents, but also to add digital copies of the originals to the free circulation.

I can only welcome the desire of various information publications to make such copies available. Thanks to this work, it is possible to debunk the numerous myths that have accumulated around Gagarin and his flight. ”





To create our range we use a variety of fabrics and several ways to create items and accessories. On this page we will tell you more about them, and you can choose exactly what suits you.All fabrics we use are of high quality, hypoallergenic.



Sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, bombers and shorts without print or embroidery are made of 3-thread footer fabric. Inside – looped structure, no fleece. The quality category of the fabric is the highest, called “singing”.

Fabric composition: 90% cotton, 10% elastane. A fabric with a slight admixture of plastane is the best option because it wrinkles less and is very pleasant to the body.


A significant part of our assortment is sweatshirts with a print on the front side. In order to make them as comfortable to wear as possible, we use 2 different fabrics. Sleeves, back, neckline, cuffs and sweatshirt belt are made of high quality material (3-thread footer, quality category – “singing”), which contains 90% cotton and 10% elastane. We use a different fabric for the sublimated front side.It contains 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The cotton part of this fabric is adhered to the body, while the print is applied to the top layer. An admixture of synthetics is used so that the paint completely penetrates the structure of the fabric, and the print is preserved for the longest possible period. Also, it is this material that allows you to print on the entire surface, and not in A4 or A3 format.


A significant part of our assortment is T-shirts with a print on the front side (When the print is located on the entire surface, up to the seams).In order to make them as comfortable to wear as possible, we use 2 different fabrics. Sleeves, back and neck of T-shirts are made of high-quality waistband of the highest quality category (Composition: 92% – cotton + a small admixture of lycra or elastane, no more than 8-10%, so that the T-shirt stretches and is even more pleasant to the body). For the printed side, we use a special sublimation fabric. It contains 50% cotton and 50% polyester. An admixture of synthetics is used so that the paint completely penetrates into the structure of the fabric, and the print is preserved forever.


For sweatshirts and bomber jackets with embroidery, we use high quality cotton (3-thread footer, quality category – “singing”). The composition of this fabric depends on the color chosen, but it is mainly 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The whole sweatshirt / bomber jacket is sewn from a single fabric. Inside there is a loop-like structure that is pleasant to the body. For the manufacture of T-shirts, we use high quality liner (Composition – 92% cotton – 8% lycra).

For embroidery we use German-made metalized threads that can withstand many washings.


For the production of our scarves we use satin-chiffon material. In its composition: 100% polyester, however, it is very pleasant to the body and resembles rayon. The scarf is not translucent, and its surface shines a little. The seal is applied on one side. Overlock processing. The maximum size of a shawl: 90×90 cm. Shawls will be an excellent gift for art lovers and simply stylish girls, complementing their wardrobe. The print quality is very high, so every detail of the artist’s artwork is visible on the scarf.


For the production of our bicycles we use supplex sports material. Contains 90% polyester, 10% spandex. The material stretches well. Cycling shorts with a padded belt.


For the production of our casual-suits (jacket + high-waisted shorts) we use dress-and-dress fabrics with a pleasant matte surface. The material is composed of synthetic fibers, mainly polyester and spandex.The fabric practically does not wrinkle and is very pleasant to the body.

Italian summer yarn – cotton, linen, viscose at low prices with delivery in Russia!

Italian yarn on bobbins: cotton, linen, viscose, blended compounds.

Are you planning to knit a summer garment, but don’t know where to start? Start by choosing yarns from our online store! In this category you will find a summer assortment of yarns (cotton, linen, viscose, stretch viscose, viscose with cashmere and silk, ribbon cotton, all kinds of mixtures) for knitting tops, dresses, pareos and even swimsuits! All yarn is exclusively natural, in bobbins weighing up to 1.5 kg, has a number of advantages compared to yarn in skeins. Firstly, it is more economical to buy bobbin yarn, it is much more profitable. Secondly, when knitting from yarn on bobbins, you have no knots. And thirdly, all the yarn is from Italy and this is guaranteed quality!

Viscose is an excellent material for creativity. Viscose products are indispensable in the summer heat! Don’t be afraid to experiment! Knit from viscose and on the machine, and crochet, and on the needles. Considering some of the features of viscose, namely that it is a slippery thread and it stretches in the product, use simple techniques to make knitting easier for yourself: 1) the ends can be glued with special glue for knitwear in order to avoid unraveling of the yarn; 2) be sure to knit the pattern and wash it to understand how much the yarn stretches during the knitting process; 3) by knitting the product with a Tunisian crochet, you will get an absolutely stable fabric.

Read more about viscose knitting in our article.

Yarn in this section is sold in whole bobbins only, price is per bobbin (weight is also indicated).

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90,000 Fabrics we use

In this article, we will briefly talk about the fabrics that we use in production to sew our knitted garments.Each fabric has its own composition, textile characteristics and properties – these are the criteria that play an important role in the development of new models!

Kulirny stitch (100% cotton) is a fairly versatile fabric. The clothes made from it are light and comfortable for the warm season. The fabric looks great in both loose and tight cut clothing. The fabric is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, has high breathability, and absorbs moisture well. After washing, it retains its shape, does not shrink or wrinkle.

Choosing clothes for yourself and your family, of course, you should opt for products made from natural materials, which will provide maximum comfort and delight for a long time. Clothes made of kulirny smooth surface will fit one hundred percent.

Footer (cotton 80%, elastane 20%) is one of the most pleasant and comfortable fabrics for the body. With this percentage, the fabric is used for sewing pajamas, nightgowns, tunics and home sets.This cotton jersey has a smooth texture on the right side and soft and delicate on the back side. Thanks to this, things made of footer are pleasant for the body and comfortable. Wash at 30/40 ° C.

There is also a footer with a percentage (cotton 60%, PE 40%), such a cloth is used for sewing tracksuits, home kits.

Velsoft (PE-80%, elastane 20%) is a new generation material, which is often called microfiber.Possessing the texture of velor, it is unusually soft and pleasant to the touch, quite dense and slightly fluffy. Despite its density, this fabric is very light, excellent heat retention and resistant to numerous washes and wear. The products are convenient to use in the cold season, as they are pleasant on the body, in terms of their performance they are similar to velor. If you decide to purchase a dressing gown, a suit, any other product made of such fabric, then buy “home coziness and comfort”.

Velor (cotton-60%, PE-40% /) is a natural fabric, and polyester, added to the composition in the required quantities, only improves the properties of the fabric.It is a breathable material that does not lose its shape and appearance for a long time, and at the same time does not wrinkle. The fabric is soft, velvety. It is warm and dense, and thanks to the peculiarities of modern production technologies, it is quite durable. Velor does not wrinkle, and it is not necessary to iron it. And the beauty of velor is worthy of poetry!

Velor-plush (velvet) (PE 80% EL 20%) is an artificial, breathable material that does not lose its shape and appearance for a long time, and at the same time does not wrinkle.The fabric is soft, velvety. It is warm and dense, and thanks to the peculiarities of modern production technologies, it is quite durable. The velor plush does not wrinkle, and you don’t need to iron it. And the beauty and richness of velor is beyond praise!

The fabric oil (PE 80%, El 20%) has embodied all the advantages of knitted fabric – it practically does not wrinkle, stretches well, wears a long time, is hygroscopic, does not fade. Due to the fact that viscose is present in the structure of the material, in the hot summer season, such products perfectly let the air through, give a feeling of light coolness, for which it is sometimes affectionately called “chill”.

Kulirka with lycra (cotton 92%, lycra 8%) – lycra fibers, although absolutely synthetic, when added to natural materials, they simply perform a miracle: things begin to stretch well, shrink less, it is better to “treat” washing and in general it is more beautiful to sit on figure and look more attractive even on a hanger. For cotton, these properties are just a godsend! That is why lately, among the buyers of clothes, the fabric of the kulirka with lycra is so highly valued.

Viscose (viscose 94%, elastane 6%) – the composition of viscose is very close to the composition of natural plant fibers.The fabric is pleasant to the touch, hygroscopic and breathable. Typically in fabrics, viscose is blended with elastane to form an elastic “stretch” fabric. Also, viscose fabric does not accumulate static electricity, the fabric is lightweight, capable of absorbing a lot of moisture.

Viscose has good heat-shielding properties, products made from it are soft, smooth, silky, create a feeling of coolness, which means they are comfortable and pleasant to wear. Resistant to abrasion.

Artificial leather fabric (PE 80%, EL 20%) – modern technologies make it possible to create artificial leather materials that are outwardly indistinguishable from natural ones.Compared to natural, in the production of artificial leather, a greater variety is possible. In terms of their performance characteristics, some types of modern artificial leather are superior to natural leather.

Fabrics, paper and nonwovens are used as a base. First of all, depending on the material of which the base is composed, it is possible to obtain certain properties (strength, tensile strength).

Modern artificial leather is easy to clean, clean and does not fade in the open sun.Such leather does not crack over time, does not stretch and is a high-strength and wear-resistant material.

Interlock fabric (100% cotton) is a knitted fabric of the highest quality, smooth on both sides, made of 100% cotton. The fabric is soft and very pleasant to the touch. The fabric has increased thermal insulation, is resistant to deformation, after stretching it takes on its previous shape, does not dissolve. Interlock products practically do not stretch, but hand wash at 40 degrees is necessary.It is absolutely impossible to use bleach with chlorine. Interlock clothes are comfortable, very pleasant to the body. Since it is a natural material, it is breathable and allows the skin to breathe. It is not for nothing that it is called the “Silk Touch”. The canvas stretches well on the sides, which creates a stretch effect.

Velvet fabric (PE 60%, EL 40%) – is a fabric with a fairly dense vertical and short pile on the front side.

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