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Shop the Latest Cotton On Pants in the Philippines in October, 2021

The Hottest Cotton On Pants in Philippines

Cotton On is the Number 1 choice for comfort vs style at inexpensive prices, it maintains a reputation for delivering clothes according to the latest styles and trends, ensuring that if you shop with Cotton On, you’ll be able to stay fashion-forward with just a single visit to their online shop.

Cotton On Philippines – The Story So Far

Cotton On’s story starts in the late eighties – the glorious age of lycra and leg warmers – when the founder of Cotton On, Nigel Austin, was 18. As a youth, he’d learned about the manufacturing and importing business from his father in Hong Kong, where his family had links to the always necessary rag trade. Armed with nothing but a pile of highly fashionable acid wash sample jackets entrepreneurial young Nigel Austin took to the streets of Beckley Market in Geelong and established a little shop to sell his wares.

Success didn’t come easily, however, as while he had plenty of lookers he had no takers. He persevered despite his lack of profit and decided to talk to his father for some advice, and the advice must’ve been pretty good because Nigel Austin went on to have a eureka moment and promptly returned to Becker Market with a plan. He used the same concept acid wash jackets but this time he sold them for lower prices. Luckily for him, and for the rest of the fashion world, he sold out instantly, kickstarting the rest of his career.

In 1992 he was joined by his cousin, Ashley Hardwick, during his first year out of school, and the two of them still co-own the company to this day.

Women’s Trousers; Men’s Chinos

For many clothing lines, there is a distinct difference between pants that are comfortable and pants that look good, making it a tough choice on whether to go Casual Friday or trendsetter on those days where getting dressed is a struggle. At Cotton On Philippines, the line in the sand between comfort and style is pretty much dashed through as they churn out more and more pants and slacks that manage to be paragons of style and comfort, suitable for whatever mood you’re feeling like.

The most popular types of pants available at Cotton On are for women are slacks, dress pants, and casual pants while for men are chino pants, trackies, and khaki dress pants. The best thing about Cotton On pants is that you can create all sorts of looks depending on your style and personality.

Cotton On – Celebrity Endorsed

What’s more about Cotton On is that it’s totally affordable but it still looks chic. Cotton On pretty much appeals to everyone, no matter their age or weight or even if they’re celebrities. Notably, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, models and TV stars, were seen wearing the brand, and even America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift was seen wearing the brand. If anything, that tells you that you can’t go wrong shopping at Cotton On.

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GD-fashion Pocoyo Tshirts with Shorts-Boys Girs Soft Cotton Cartoon Clothes-Tees with Pants for Kids

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GD-fashion Pocoyo Tshirts with Shorts-Boys Girs Soft Cotton Cartoon Clothes-Tees with Pants for Kids
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GD-fashion Pocoyo Tshirts with Shorts-Boys Girs Soft Cotton Cartoon Clothes-Tees with Pants for Kids
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Will new jeans really stretch a size? Three denim theories, explained

If you’ve ever contemplated buying a pair of too-tight jeans because you’ve been told they’ll stretch, we can relate.

At ABC Everyday we love our skinny jeans, boyfriend cut and flares, and know that finding the right fit can be challenging.

We asked fashion designers and textile academics about choosing the right size, making the perfect pair last, and how to customise your jeans at home.

When buying: Will new jeans really stretch a whole size?

All jeans will stretch to varying degrees over time, explains Dean Brough, academic program director of QUT’s school of design.

Dean Brough likes to invest in quality jeans.(Supplied: Dean Brough)

“Jeans by nature actually do stretch. The fabric is meant to morph and form to the body which is why we love them,” he says.

But just how much they’ll loosen after purchase is harder to pin down.

It depends on how much you wear and wash them, as well as the fabric they’re made from.

Fashion designer and lecturer for RMIT’s school of fashion Pia Interlandi says traditional jeans, made with 100 per cent cotton, will stretch over time because cotton threads expand but don’t retract.

“Cotton doesn’t have a lot of elastic recovery. It can stretch but can’t pull back into shape,” she says.

Contemplating if you made the right decision buying jeans that feel tight.(Unsplash)

Despite their name, stretch jeans will actually expand less in the long run.

Fabrics like spandex or lycra are elastomeric, which allows them to be figure-hugging, but they won’t loosen as much as traditional denim.

“Elastomeric means it will expand and retract, so that fibre is not going to get as baggy,” Ms Interlandi says.

Become a better shopper with our style personality guide

Whether you hate shopping or just want to get more out of it, knowing your style personality can help you become a better shopper.

Read more

Tips for finding the right size:

  • If you can fit two fingers between the waistband and your stomach pre-purchase, that’s the right size to be buying, as long as it feels comfortable for you.
  • Pay attention to the fabric percentages on the label. If it has elastane, spandex or lycra, buy jeans that fit right from the get go (common mixes you might see include 98 per cent cotton and 2 per cent spandex, or 99 per cent cotton and 1 per cent elastane).
  • Buy jeans you feel comfortable in, otherwise you probably won’t wear them.

For caring: How often should I wash my jeans (and can I freeze them)?

Pia Interlandi says denim more commonly contains elastomeric or spandex these days.(Supplied: Tom Ross)

Once you’ve found a pair of jeans that fits, it’s worth keeping an eye on how much you wash them — especially if you want to retain their shape and colour.

“You don’t want to keep throwing your jeans in the washing machine,” Mr Brough says.

TFW you regret washing your jeans too many times.(Unsplash)

“You’ll be buying news jeans way too soon.”

While none of us want to get around in dirty jeans, he suggests washing them “as little as possible”.

Turning them inside out and using cold water will help the colour last.

And if you’ve heard that putting your jeans in the freezer is an alternative to washing, save that valuable ice cream space.

Creative industries manager Katrina Jojkity, from TAFE provider Kangan Institute, says freezing jeans will only temporarily remove smell and won’t clean them.

That’s because odour-causing bacteria doesn’t die when frozen, so as soon as your jeans warm up, they will smell as bad as they did before.

Tips for washing your denim:

  • Try swapping water and detergent in favour of the sun. “Turn them inside out, put them on the line and in the sun — all the better if it’s a windy day — and use the sun’s UV to deodorise jeans,” Mr Brough says.
  • Instead of machine washing, handwash with cold water and very little detergent. Soaps designed for wool are ideal.

For styling: Can I wear my jeans in the ocean for a distressed look?

It’s probably the weirdest denim tip going around: jumping into saltwater in your jeans and rubbing sand into them to achieve a worn-in (otherwise known as a distressed) look.


The advice is specifically for raw denim, which hasn’t been washed or distressed as part of the production process.

Raw denim gives you the chance to break your jeans in how you see fit, and will last longer.

Do I really need to handwash?

Spoiler: you can put some handwash items in the machine — but they’ll only survive if you follow this advice.

Read more

Mr Brough says given manufacturers use everything from acid wash, pebbles and sandpaper to distress denim, rubbing sand into your jeans can also achieve the same look.

The saltwater, however, is more likely to leave your jeans feeling stiff.

“People like to distress raw denim themselves, and while wearing them into the ocean is all very romantic, wetting the jeans while wearing them and letting them dry while on will stretch them out of shape,” he says.

Tips for customising jeans:

  • To create a faded look, use sandpaper or scrape a blade along the denim. Scissors and tweezers can create rips or fraying. There are plenty of YouTube videos that demonstrate techniques and can give you ideas.

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Green mist chino

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Nightwear – Buy Women Nightwear & Sleepwear Online at Best Prices

Shop Stylish Nightwear Online

Let Yourself Loose with Clovia Nightwear

What defines your mood for a Saturday night? Probably, all those glittery outfits paired with exquisite bras to support proper lift and support to your breasts while you are dancing the night away Similarly, from Mondays to Thursdays, you wear office appropriate clothes as they reflect your work mode and professionalism. As your clothes define your mood, it won’t be wrong to say that you need the right kind of womens loungewear too for ultimate relaxation. Some people simply think about crashing into their bed after a long tiring day, but this is not how it should be. Your nightwear should be trendy as well as comfy to complement your mood. That said, if you don’t know where to begin, we have enlisted some of the best styles for every mood and style.

Types of Women’s Nightwear

1. Nighty / Nightdress- This is probably the comfiest loungewear styles out there. These are super loose, comfy and crafted with smooth fabrics, like cotton and satin. You can find them in two variants. .

• Long Nighty – The loose dangling long nighties offer excellent comfort and compliment every figure type, which is why this style has been in the picture for about for about ages. Plus, they are also topping the charts when it comes to fashion. At Clovia, you can find nightdresses in various designs, colours, and prints that are sure to up your style game.
• Short Nighty – Up for a stylish slumber party with your girls? Short nighties are your thing. Clovia’s short nightdresses for women are the perfect pick for a happy and fashionable slumber. The best part is that you can slip into these easy breezy nightdresses as easily as possible. They hang extremely comfortably on your body.

2. Nightsuit- If night dresses aren’t your thing and you like to keep it cool and comfy, there is another option in front of you in the form of nightsuits. These are available in an amazing option featuring a two-piece set. You can also find them in two styles:

• Top & Pyjama – Nothing beats the comfort of top & pyjama sets, which is why you will find a pair or two in every woman’s closet. You don’t have to worry about anything in these sleepwear sets as they are high on style and promise no-show while providing the utmost level of comfort.
• Top & Shorts – There is no denying that top & shorts sets are a hot favourite among women. Super comfy and stylish, these sets are a must-have in your wardrobe to beat the scorching heat. You can find a wide range of such sleepwear online at Clovia in various prints and patterns that work perfectly well for daily wear.

3. Babydoll – For all those naughty and bold nights, you need to try our hot nightdress for women – babydolls. We have a wide range of these ladies nightdresses in alluring designs and patterns, which not only enhance your appearance, but also give that ultra-feminine look. So, if you want to surprise your partner and take him by awe, these are truly a win-win.

4. Nighty with Robe –If you’re looking for such nightwear that is extraordinarily classy, a nighty with robe is your best bet, especially the satin ones. The two piece sets are undeniably attractive and sexy, so much so that one can hardly resist their charm. The basic nighty does its job while the robe wraps you beautifully.

Now, let’s get a deeper insight into the world of nightwear.

Fabric Type

There are a couple of fabrics when it comes to nightwear and loungewear. At Clovia, we mainly choose the smoothest of fabrics, such as cotton, satin & lace for utmost comfort.

For summers, you can choose our cotton nightsuits and night dresses for relaxation and breathability. On the other hand, you can choose to go for woollen and fleece nightsuits and nighties in winters that provide the much needed warmth.

Solution Based Nightwear Styles

Not that you’re well versed with the various types of sleepwear available at Clovia, you might want to look at our solution based styles.

1. Feeding Nightwear: For all the new moms, this is the range for you. We have a specially curated range of feeding nightwear for moms, which includes nighties and nightsuits crafted with comfortable cotton with cute adorable prints. They have a convenient front opening to easily feed the baby.

2. Sexy Nightwear: If you want to spice up the things and take your man by surprise, nothing better than those hot and scintillating sheer nighties, sexy babydolls, nightslips & more.

3. Bridal Nightwear: This range is very similar to sexy sleepwear, but it also includes essential bridal trousseau that every woman needs, such as a robe set.

Now that you are well versed with the types of nightwear available at Clovia, you might want to know the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding the same. Read on to clear your doubts further.


Q-1. How to choose a nightwear according to the season?
A: Pick cotton top & shorts sets or short nighties for summers and pyjama sets for winters. Satin or crepe fabric work best for the fall season. Which fabric is more comfortable for nightwear?

Q-2. Which fabric is more comfortable for nightwear?
A: Always pick breathable fabrics- like cotton for summers and woollen for winters.

Q-3. How can I pick the right feeding nightwear?
A: While picking a feeding nightwear, you must ensure that it is convenient enough and solves your problems. Look for the ones that feature easy feeding-access and have layering designs to let you go braless.

Q-4. How often should you wash your nightwear?
A: Depending on your usage, you might feel the need to wash your nightwear once a week or even every day. If you’re someone who wears different styles of loungewear each night then once a week would work, but if you’re someone who lounges in nightwear all day long and spends the night in it too, you should probably wash it every day.

Q-5. How to choose a nightwear according to your mood?
A: There are different kinds of nightwear available out there to suit your mood. If you’re in a fun mood then go for cute top & shorts and pyjama sets. On the other hand, if you’re feeling flirty, get your hands on frilly short nighties. For the sexy nights, you can always go ahead and pick sultry babydoll styles.

Men’s Track Pants: Buy Joggers For Men Online

Buy Track Pants Online

As people are rapidly realize the ills of a sedentary lifestyle, their desire to stay fit is also increasing. The number of individuals hitting the park or the gym is going up day by day. So, you not only need to feel comfortable but also look your best. Apparels are also a strong motivator in continuing and maintaining the fitness regime. They boost your athleisure look and also your energy and motivation at the same time. When you look good, you feel good. There are several aspects to getting the proper fitness routine, as one of them is wearing the right kind of track pants. They not only make you uber comfortable during your hard sessions but are also durable enough to withstand long training hours. A comfortable pair of track pants is essential as it keeps you dry, comfortable, and relaxed when you are losing those extra weights, gaining your muscles, or just trying to stay in shape. These track pants for men are specially designed to check your muscles’ form and boost your performance during high-intensity workouts. Level up your workouts with men’s track pants. It is also important to know the other benefits of track pants besides comfort and style. The Decathlon track pants for men come with moisture management technology that is breathable and absorbs sweat quickly, keeping you dry during your hard training or workout sessions. They also have mesh panels at the back to increase ventilation, while the plush loop fabric ensures lightweight warmth. Most of the track pants are made with knit cotton-rich fabric, making them stretchy and feel unbelievably soft against the skin. Tracks pants for men may come with elasticated waist or drawcords or even both, but all ensure a secure and adjustable fit. They are also designed with pockets to help you store your essentials or knick-knacks like keys, phones, wallets, and anything you need on the go. Check out men’s track pants online or at your nearest Decathlon store.

Track Pants for Men

While track pants initially started as apparel to run the track, they emerged and moved beyond the initial purpose. You can wear them anywhere, anytime. From running errands to enjoying the beach, from a casual hangout in the city to relaxing at home in front of the tele, or even sleeping, they are the most versatile piece of clothing. You can pair the track pants with sneakers for a suave athleisure look or with flip-flops while touring the neighborhood. If you are a college student, you can pair your them with a stylish sweatshirt and cool sneakers for a casual look. Track pants are also perfect for those who feel conscious of wearing sweat shorts but still want the same comfort. Many artists, especially singers and rappers, have made track pants a style trend. Pair it with a vest T-shirt or a cool hoodie, and you are good to rock the rap scene. However, many believe that owning just one pair of track pants is enough. But the kind of pants you will need for running is not the kind that you will want to wear while lifting weights. A high-intensity workout will need more durable fabric and build than a low or even medium-intensity workout regime. Similarly, casual track pants paired with a classic T-shirt are the perfect athleisure ensemble that will instantly amp up your style. And there is no rule to owning just a pair of track pants. Choose one or more, but you will surely be spoilt for choices. At Decathlon, we have all kind of track pants for men.

Best Track Pants for Men

The straight-fit track pants for men are a wardrobe staple that everyone should own. Their straight cut ensures maximum breathability for your legs while also keeping you comfortable and at ease. On the other hand, joggers provide a looser fit, perfect for when you want to step up your workout long, hard hours. They are baggy at the thighs but fitted towards the ankle, giving you a relaxed feel. The skinny variety of track pants are excellent for yoga, martial arts, or even cycling. Then you have the regular tracks pants with the classic design, which are not only made for the tracks but also the streets. Keep your look neutral with solid hues, or jazz it up with colour pops. Take your pick from the wide range of men’s track pants online. Your choice is just a click away. Track pants for men are meant for absolute comfort every day, and we at Decathlon provide just that! Choose between different price ranges, colour options, and styles at excellent quality; we have what you need. Be your best, look your best and do your best, whether you are relaxing, jogging, training, or exercising.

Organic cotton tonal logo sports shorts

Chest size: to measure this, place your measuring tape where the clothing is widest.

Length from the shoulder seam: you measure this starting from the seam between neck and shoulder and the bottom of the head

Length from the back shoulder: this measurement is calculated by looking at the distance between the endings of the two shoulder seams.

Waistline circumference (relaxed): this measurement is made when the elastic band is not tense.To measure this, place your measuring tape about 11cm under your navel, where the waist of your trousers usually sits.

Trouser length, including waistband: this length is the length of the whole trousers, inlcluding any top elastic bands, or lower elastic bands (if any.)


(measurements in centimeters)

Length from the shoulder seam 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84
Chest size 100 106 112 120 128 136 144 152 158 164
Shoulder width – back side 44 46 48 50 53 56 62 64. 5 67 69

Chest size: to measure this, place your measuring tape where the clothing chest is widest.

Length from the shoulder seam: you measure this starting from the seam between neck and shoulder and the bottom of the head

Length from the back shoulder: this measurement is calculated by looking at the distance between the endings of the two shoulder seams.

Women’s clothing and underwear


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Confirm Free shipping 90,000 We make fashionable out of ordinary denim shorts: 8 master classes – A master for himself

Denim shorts can be decorated with fabric, lace, braid, painted with colors or whitened in ombre style, “beat” by adding holes to them, or put colorful patches.


The result of such decor will depend primarily on which braid you choose. With colored braid, as in this case, the shorts will be brighter, and with pastel braid, they will be calmer.

You will need:

– denim shorts,

– braid,

– a piece of thick chain,

– rivets and narrow pliers to secure them (option – metal decor that is glued to the fabric, and glue for it),

– threads (thin and thick, like “iris”) and matching needles,

– sewing machine,

– scissors.

1. Attach the tape to the side seam of the shorts and measure to the desired length, adding a couple of centimeters to the allowances (photo 1).

2. Tie one of the edges of the tape to the shorts, but close to the beginning of the waistband of the shorts, as shown in photo 2-3.

3. Sew the tape on both sides by hand with blind stitches along the side seam (photo 4). If the bottom of your shorts is finished, it is better to tuck and hem the bottom edge of the tape, if not, you can leave the edge of the tape untreated.

4.Sew the chain to the pocket with thick colored thread (photo 1-2).

5. Install the metal decor on the pocket, as shown in photos 3-4 (in addition to rivets, you can sew metal rings on the pocket or glue rhinestones). Ready!


This way you can not only decorate, but also revive the shorts – for example, to hide a stain or the consequences of an unsuccessful decor.

You will need:

– denim shorts,

– a piece of suitable fabric,

– scissors,

– pins, threads, a needle for hand sewing.

1. Start by cutting a piece of fabric to the size you want. To prevent the fabric from shifting, pin it to the shorts with pins.

2. You can sew the fabric to the shorts by folding the edges so the fabric will not peel off. It is possible not to process the edges of the fabric in order to achieve the “fringe” effect – for this, do not fold the fabric, but sew it, stepping back a little from the edge.

3. Focus on the side, step, front middle seams of the shorts on the sides, on top – on the pocket stitching.If your shorts are not finished at the bottom, you do not need to sew on the bottom edge. Sew on the fabric especially carefully at the zipper. Here it is better to tuck the edge so that it does not fall into the fastener. Ready!


Jeans with “artistic” abrasions that turn into holes are also called “bat”. This way of decorating jeans was invented by Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel. More precisely, this “bit” at first turned out by chance, but Rosso, quickly finding his bearings, declared it a new trend.Ragged or broken jeans (and shorts) are still in vogue today. It’s easy to make them.

You will need:

– denim shorts,

– scissors,

– narrow pliers (tweezers are also suitable),

– a grater (for example, a mini spice grater is used here, but the usual size is also suitable).

1. Use scissors to make several cuts on the shorts (photo 1).

2. Pull the longitudinal threads of the fabric with narrow pliers or tweezers (photo 2, 3, 4).

3. Time to work with a grater. Rub the fabric with it until you achieve the desired effect. Ready!


A good option at the same time to “patch up” too “broken” shorts, while adding originality to them. How to make scuffs and holes, see the master class above.

You will need:

– denim shorts with scuffs and holes,

– a suitable piece of fabric (cotton is better, fabrics with a small floral print look especially good when paired with denim),

– threads and a needle for hand sewing ,

– a pair of pins.

1. Lay the shorts out on the work surface and place a piece of colored fabric from the inside under the front part of the pant leg with holes so that the front side of it shows through the abrasions. Pin in several places.

2. Start sewing the fabric to the shorts by hand. You don’t have to worry too much about the neatness of the stitches – this decor was originally conceived to be slightly sloppy.

3. Sew the fabric to the shorts, both along the edges of holes and scuffs and around them.

4. The edge of the colored patch can be left protruding from under the leg of the shorts. Cut the remaining unsewn edges of the flap from the inside out. Ready.


This way you can not only decorate ordinary shorts, but also increase their size, if required. For decoration, it is better to use denser cotton, but if the shorts are made of thin denim, a not very dense fabric will do. By the way, in the same way, you can expand the shorts using a piece of denim.

You will need:

– denim shorts,

– a piece of suitable fabric and wide lace,

– a sewing machine,

– scissors,

– pins, threads, a needle.

1. Cut the shorts at the side seams as shown in the photo. Cut out two side pieces of the desired length and width from colored fabric (see photo).

2. Overlock or zigzag the upper edges of the colored fabric side pieces. Sew in the side pieces along the side seams of the shorts.If desired, lace can be sewn on the bottom of the colored parts. To make the seams stronger, they can be stitched.


This method can be used to decorate regular shorts or lengthen shorts that are too short.

You will need:

– shorts,

– two cuts of fabric for cuffs (you can take a different fabric for each leg),

– a sewing machine and threads,

– scissors.


Predatory print is one of the trends of the season. Why not paint the shorts a leopard look?

You will need:

– denim shorts,

– fabric paint (if you want to pre-change the color of the shorts, the required liquid water-soluble paint, for a print – 2 types of acrylic for fabric),

– a brush.

1. If you want to change the color of the denim, as in this case, this must be done before applying the print.In this example, a red liquid fabric dye is used – it needs to be diluted in water with the addition of salt, and the shorts are soaked in the solution, and then rinsed. Use liquid or dry dye and follow the instructions on the package. Dry the dyed shorts.

2. You can now start printing. Choose two paint colors of your choice. In this version – yellow and dark blue.

3. Place several yellow paint spots on the shorts, first large ones, then smaller ones.When the paint dries a little, add a blue paint pattern to the yellow spots as shown in the photo. Don’t try to make the spots geometrically correct and too neat – improvise.

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