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Cotton On Kids is a leisure wear chain that caters exclusively to children, with categories from sleepwear to activewear as well as accessories and stationery. Originally only offering product lines up to 9 years of age, Cotton On has since expanded their range of clothing to include tweens of 14 years old as well. Cotton On Kids endeavours to excite and engage customers with the ideal apparels for babies to tweens. There are a variety of vibrant prints and colours to zest up your kids’ style and simply add individuality to their expression! From short sleeve dresses and tulle skirt to denim jackets and cuffed pants, Cotton On Kids retails all the age-appropriate essentials for your kids. 

With 17 Cotton On Kids outlets all over Singapore, the brand ensures they are accessible to everyone, from stores to products that are always within your reach. Drop by Cotton On Kids at IMM for some fun and exciting kids apparel today!

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Best Baby Clothes – A practical guide to dressing your newborn

This page is a Cliff Notes to Baby Clothes. Here’s what it contains:

A quick note on baby clothes in the early days: everyone and their mom is going to buy you baby clothes, whether you ask for them or not, so you really don’t need to register for a ton, except for a few key items, which is what you’ll find here.

Best Baby Clothes for Homecoming & The First Two Weeks

Right after birth, your baby will be sporting his umbilical cord stump for the first 10-20 days (mmm, looks like bacon). This stump can be short or long depending on where it was clamped. If it’s on the longer side, you may want to stick to newborn kimonos and such, which won’t rub and irritate it. Think of it as a really deep scab that you don’t want coming off too early.

Newborn Umbilical Stump

In addition to folding down her diaper (so as not to rub against the stump), stock up on a few “kimono” tops or any piece of clothing that wraps around and snaps on the side. The side snapping also means you don’t have to pull something down over your baby’s head, which can be a little intimidating in the beginning. (Seriously– it can be nerve wracking.)