Cotton infant clothes: 15 Best Organic Baby Clothes [In 2021]. Where To Buy Natural Baby Clothing


15 Best Organic Baby Clothes [In 2021]. Where To Buy Natural Baby Clothing

Wondering whether organic baby clothes are a smart purchase?

Yes, it is.

Organic baby clothing protects your baby from toxic dyes, metals, pesticides, and other toxins.

There are lots of organic baby clothes brands these days that are chic and affordable, as well as safer for your child’s skin and overall health.

If you’re new to organic baby clothes, here are some of the best organic baby clothes.

Our Reviews for the Best Organic Baby Clothes In 2021

1. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson sells exclusive stylish all-natural baby clothes made from 100 percent organic Pima cotton. This kind of cotton makes baby clothes breathable and comfortable.

The stylish baby clothes come in playful patterns and prints—perfect for the fashion-forward baby and parent!

Hanna Andersson’s baby clothes range from superhero outfits to floral-themed pajamas.

Browse Hanna Andersson’s baby clothes range >>

2. Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma has a line of gorgeous organic bodysuits, classic pajama sets, and whimsical rattles. These are all made with 100 percent organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all-natural wood.

The brand empowers women around the world by providing them with jobs that focus on social and economic independence.

Explore Finn + Emma’s 100% organic clothes for babies >>


2. Pact

Pact wants you to think organic every time you think about clothing. All of Pact clothes, including baby clothes, are 100% organic and contain zero harmful toxins and dyes.

Pact organic baby clothing is made using organic cotton. The company employs fair trade practices and uses sustainable manufacturing processes that save at least 12.5 gallons of water per piece of clothing made.

Shop Pact organic baby clothes >>




L’ovedbaby sells affordable organic baby clothes made from GOTS certified cotton and stays away from harsh chemicals to keep your baby protected.

The brand carries an adorable clothing collection ranging from preemie to young children. The collection has timeless baby clothes that your baby can wear for years.

L’ovedbaby minds the lives of the parents who farm the cotton used as well by paying them fair living wages and promoting a non-discriminatory workplace.

Shop for L’ovedbaby organic baby clothes >>


5. Monica + Andy

With Monica + Andy you can be sure that what touches your newborn’s skin is the most trustworthy fabric available.

The brand offers mix-and-match essentials made using GOTS certified organic cotton. Sometimes you can find limited-edition print too.

From bodysuits to swimsuits, you can bet that your baby will be wearing only soft and safe fabrics.

Shop Monica + Andy’s bay clothes >>



Hope and Henry

Looking for vintage-inspired clothes for your baby? Check out, Hope and Henry. This brand’s baby clothes are made from GOTS certified fabrics.

The tiny fashion gems are affordable, stylish, and quite fancy!

Take a look at Hope and Henry’s range >>


7. Under the Nile

Under the Nile is another organic baby clothes brand that proudly manufactures organic baby clothes.

The brand offers organic options for preemies up to 6Y. Their clothes are super soft and comfortable for babies of all ages.

Besides clothes, Under the Nile also sells organic toys—the Scrappy toys—made from fabric scraps as an effort to promote zero-waste.

Under the Nile is a fair-trade company and empowers financially disadvantaged people by teaching them how to sew, so that they can have a reliable source of income.

Explore Under the Nile’s wide range of baby clothes >>



Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees sells organic, natural baby apparel, newborn essentials, and clothing for kids.

The company is GOTS certified and always meets the highest global standard for organic textiles. So you can be sure that Burt’s clothing is safe and comfortable for your baby.

Check out Burt’s Bees Clothing >>


9. Boden

Boden sells organic clothing for everyone in the family, from adults, teen kids, toddlers, and newborns.

Boden baby clothes are colorful and whimsical and will leave your baby looking even more adorable. The clothes are made using sustainably sourced cotton. They feature snug-fastening elastic hems and adjustable straps to fit as your child grows.

The company promotes fair trade and manufactures its clothes through ethical practices to abolish modern slavery practices in the textile industry. Boden also gives back to mental health organizations in its local community.

Shop Boden’s organic baby clothes >>

10. Jazzy Organics

Jazzy Organics has a collection of 100 percent GOTS-certified cotton baby clothes and products.

You’ll especially be blown away by the super-soft and super-cute baby blankies that are great for your little bub or for an environmentally friendly gift.

The company takes careful considerations to ensure that it causes minimal harm to the environment during its production process. It supports fair trade and promotes the adoption of better trading conditions and sustainable production models.

11. Mini Mioche

Mini Mioche is your one-stop-shop for gorgeous organic baby clothing apparel and products. From fashionable harem pants and peplum tops for your baby to baby jelly and creams, everything is safe for your baby.

The brand’s baby products are designed and made locally in Canada, using super soft organic cotton and neutral non-toxic dyes. Your baby’s skin will love the clothes!



Oeuf (which means “egg” in French) is a high-end organic clothing brand that promotes natural baby clothes.

From wool sweaters to cotton rompers, all of Oeuf’s baby clothes are made from organic materials and produced in an eco-friendly manner.

13. Baby Hero

Baby Hero is mindful of baby clothing and therefore, follows mindful practices such as using organic cotton, fair and safe factory conditions, and prioritizing people and the planet.

The brand’s baby clothes are adorable and super soft. You and baby will love them!

Baby Hero donates towards the provision of life-saving medical items for newborns in need for every purchase made.

14. Tenth & Pine

What makes Tenth & Pine unique is its gender-neutral stylish baby and toddler tops.

The brand makes all its clothes locally in the US using premium GOATS-certified organic fabrics.

15. Art & Eden

Art & Eden sells a collection of natural baby clothes made in fair and safe working conditions. The clothes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and contain low-impact dyes making them safe for your little baby’s skin.

The company gives back to the planet by funding a mentorship and give-back program that focuses on providing multivitamins and health essentials to children in need.

Organic baby clothing may seem like a trend but it’s the safest purchase you’ll ever make when it comes to baby clothes. This type of clothes protects your baby from irritants and harmful chemicals and that in itself is a good reason to buy organic baby clothes!

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The Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands (Plus, One to Avoid)

Looking for organic baby clothes? Find out which brands are the best (and which ones are guilty of greenwashing), plus our favorite picks from each line.

Choosing organic baby clothing is a great choice! It’s better for the environment and organic clothing is free from harsh chemicals, unsafe dyes, and toxic flame retardants—chemicals that studies link to lower IQ and hyperactivity.

If you’re new to organic baby clothes, we created this guide with some of our favorites, plus tips on how to be sure your baby clothes are safe.

Be sure you’re really getting organic clothes…

Just because a package boasts the words “organic” doesn’t mean it actually is.

For example, a onesie labeled organic may only contain 10% organic fibers, while the rest is made of non-organic materials. Even popular companies like Gerber do this! (Gerber is also known for unfair and unsafe labor practices overseas. BOO!) (source)

Look for clothes that are both GOTS- and OEKO-TEX-certified.

Let’s breakdown these certifications…

  • GOTS-certified: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the strictest textile processing standard. In order to receive this certification, fabric must be free from toxic dyes and bleaches and the products must contain at least 70% organic fibers. Even the packaging must meet standards, such as being free from PVC. (source)
  • OEKO-TEX: This is a global certification that means the fabric has been tested for toxic chemicals.

The Best Organic Baby Clothes

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Burt’s Bees

This popular brand also makes great lip balms! A mom favorite, Burt’s Bees carry a full line of the essentials, including onesies, pajamas, blankets, swaddles, and layette sets. Their burp cloths are particularly awesome!

We like the Burt’s Bees clothing line, because the clothes are super soft, adorable and the company is upfront about their 100 percent organic, GOTS-certified fabrics. They even share their GOTS-certification registration number for accountability.

Price range: $11+

Our favorite picks:

20+ Best Certified Organic Baby and Toddler Clothing Brands

Table of Contents[Hide][Show]

Wondering if you should buy organic baby clothes? The answer is YES! It’s another important way to limit your child’s exposure to pesticides, metals, toxic dyes, and more. Here’s the ultimate guide to the best organic baby and toddler clothing brands! 

Many of us are cautious about what we put on our baby’s sensitive skin from soaps and lotions to diapers and wipes. It seems only logical to choose natural, non-toxic products for a baby.

But what about baby clothes? Should your child’s clothing also be organic?

It is, in fact, true that organic clothing for babies and children is important and can make a difference in the health of your baby. As more research has been done about conventional clothing, specifically all the chemicals, pesticides, and dyes they are doused in, the facts point to the suggestion that dressing babies, toddlers, and young children in organic clothing might be just as important as using organic shampoo or finding an organic crib mattress.

It all comes down to decreasing exposure to harmful toxins in everyday products.

It makes sense, right? We try to limit the use of harmful chemicals in our homes and especially anything that comes in close contact with our babies. Well, clothing is just about as consistent and as close to your baby as possible! It’s easy to recognize that people have been wearing conventional clothing for as long as forever, and there haven’t been any obvious side effects, but we must remember that as more research is done (look at the ban on PBDE flame retardants), and our farming practices are different to accommodate low cost and mass quantity (hello, pesticides!), more and more people are opting to fill their wardrobe with organic clothing.

And the demand for organic baby clothing means it’s becoming easier to shop for and even more affordable!

Why is conventional baby clothing toxic?

We can certainly try to limit our use of conventional baby clothing. Let’s take a quick look at how clothing is made and why this might affect the health of the most vulnerable: our babies.

There are few government regulations. Surprisingly, there are few regulations in children’s clothing. While the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act states that all clothing be tested for phthalates and lead, there are many others that go untested and are present in children’s clothing.

Here is a small list of the chemicals found in children and baby’s clothing:

  • Insecticides
  • flame retardants
  • Bleach
  • Bromines
  • Formaldehyde
  • Petroleum byproducts
  • silicone waxes
  • ammonia
  • PVC
  • VOCs
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Polyvinyl alcohol
  • Chlorine
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Urea-formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • PFCs
  • Dimethylformamide (DMF)
  • Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs)
  • Nonylphenols (NPs)
  • Fluorochemicals

Cotton is incredibly high in pesticides. Cotton is one of the most popular fibers we use. Unfortunately, cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop! The facts are truly significant: “insecticides account for almost 60% of all agro-chemicals applied to cotton worldwide.” This means that insecticides–the chemicals that work via neurotoxicity– are rampant in cotton fibers. So prevalent in fact that farmers and the like view cotton as the most chemical-laden agriculture product grown today. Yikes!

One fact that I find the most jarring is that pesticides routinely used on cotton are actually classified as hazardous by the World Health Organization.  We knowingly saturate cotton crops used for clothing in hazardous pesticides; it’s pretty frightening, mind-blowing, even, and incredibly concerning to our health and the health of our littles!

The chemical processing. Once cotton is harvested, it undergoes even more chemical processing. I was actually very curious to know just how toxic conventional clothing might be. I guess I had some sense that all those great sales (baby clothing for $5?!) was a red flag and indicated that something in our clothing industry might not be all that healthy. And it’s true. The answer I found is yes, clothing made of non-organic materials can be pretty toxic.

Manufacturers use all kinds of bleaches, petroleum byproducts, oils, silicone waxes, ammonia, and formaldehyde-releasing agents to make that classic image of a white cotton sheet blowing in the wind, pure-as-can-be. From polyvinyl alcohol for easy weaving, chlorine for bleaching, sodium hydroxide for scouring, formaldehyde-fixing agents for more washing, urea-formaldehyde to reduce shrinking, and finally heating the garment (and locking in all those lovely chemicals).

And then there are the dyes. Most conventional cotton uses solvent-based inks containing heavy metals, benzene, and VOCs. The finishing is often laden with bromines, resins, formaldehyde, halogens. Hence, “wash before wearing” written on the tag. Definitely wash all clothing before wearing! However, note that, while washing clothing five times in hot water significantly reduces the level of chemicals on the clothing, they won’t be completely removed even after multiple runs through the washer. Some chemicals, like flame retardants, will never wash out.

And the finishing processes. Finishing is done after the fabric is colored and before it’s cut for production of the clothing itself.  There should be no surprise that chemicals are involved: fluorochemicals are used for water repellency, resin-based products are used to inhibit wrinkles (that wrinkle-free shirt might seem less enticing now, right?) and fire retardants in sleepwear.

And synthetic clothing is even worse. Synthetic clothing is made of fabrics like polyester, rayon, acrylic, and spandex. And these fibers are loaded with chemicals. Polyester is a plastic and a petroleum byproduct. A study conducted by Greenpeace determined that there are a slew of chemicals in sportswear (which is typically made of all synthetic fibers). The results included phthalates, PFCs, Dimethylformamide (DMF), Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), and Nonylphenols (NPs).

What’s even more than wearing these fabrics is knowing the ecological ramifications. Think: microplastics. Every time you wash a synthetic fabric in your washing machine, minuscule pieces of plastic escape the filter and end up in our water. In addition, all synthetic fibers are non-biodegradable, unlike natural fibers. So, not only are we wearing these chemicals around, but we are likely breathing them in, drinking them, and eating them. I consider this a huge wake up call!

The 20+ Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies and Toddlers

Now that I’ve lured you to the organic side of baby clothing, here is a list of brands that offer a variety of styles for your littles– from whimsical to earthy, you will find the perfect wardrobe without exposing your baby to potentially harmful chemicals and toxins.

1) Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees Baby offers organic cotton baby clothing (as well as bedding and towels) that are long-lasting and inexpensive. They have a great collection of pajamas, rompers, and onesies for babies. They also have a toddler collection of daily wear and outdoor clothing. I also really love their bedding. They have some great patterns and prints! Check out their baby essentials as well like wearable blankets, burp cloths, and crib sheets.

  • GOTS certified
  • Made in India
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, and kids. Note: they also have family pajamas (adult sizes, too!)

2) Lamaze

Lamaze baby clothing is cute and very affordable! They have a wide array of onesies, sleep n’ plays, dresses, and rompers. Most of their clothing has bold, bright patterns– all 100% organic cotton.

  • GOTS certified, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.
  • Made in India.
  • Sizes: Baby.

3) Monica + Andy

One of the original names in organic baby clothes, Monica + Andy is makes soft, gorgeous, organic baby essentials. You really can’t go wrong with anything from their line. The quality of Monica + Andy’s clothing is unmatched.

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in India.
  • Size: Baby, toddler, and kids up to size 8.

4) Colored Organics

Colored Organics makes GOTS-certified organic baby clothing with the mission to give back to children in need. They partner with a variety of organizations and charities both domestic and international to help make better lives for children. They do not use child labor, and treat their workers respectfully and fairly, offering them safe work conditions and paying them above standard pay. They offer moderately priced baby and kids clothing through size 12. As you look through their collections, you will notice most of their clothing features beautifully simple, solid color pieces that look incredibly soft and durable. You can also feel good about purchasing these clothes because a percentage of every purchase is donated to helping a child in need.

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in India.
  • Sizes: Baby, toddler, and kids.

5) Pact Baby

Pact offers GOTS-certified organic cotton clothing for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. As much of their mission is to provide organic clothing for families, it’s also to provide a healthy environment for cotton farmers and manufacturers. They are Fair Trade certified to ensure that each garment is made in a safe facility. Their baby and kids selection is somewhat limited: think basics– but they have some great prices (most everything is under $20) and basics are definitely a necessity for every kiddo! (Note: they also sell organic maternity clothes and bedding, too…!) I love Pact!

  • GOTS certified, Fair Trade certified.
  • Made in India. (Note, place of manufacture may vary, but 70% of their clothing is manufactured where they harvest cotton, in India)
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, kids, adults.

6) H&M

H&M came out with their Conscious exclusive collection for baby, toddler, kids, and adults. They have a variety of organic and sustainable clothing from daily basics to more stylized occasion-specific pieces. H&M definitely inspires hope for larger, mainstream brands to change their manufacturing practices. Their goal is to use 100% recycled and sustainable materials by the year 2030, and their philosophy is to be transparent with the consumer in the process. Currently, they explain that they source three types of cotton: organic cotton, recycled cotton (from used garments and textiles or leftovers), and cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative.

When you shop with them in their Conscious collections, you can read about the materials used as well as how it was made and where it was made. Not all of their garments are fully 100% organic cotton; you will find elastic waistbands, for example.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Made in Bangladesh and India.
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, kids, and adult.

7) CastleWare Baby

CastleWare Baby specializes in organic cotton baby and children’s nightwear through size 6 made in the USA. They offer wearable sleeping bags for babies and toddlers that are made organic cotton fleece instead of your classic polyester, and wonderful footie pajamas and pajama sets made of organic cotton.

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sizes: baby and toddler.

8) L’ovedbaby

L’ovedbaby has a few organic collections. They pride themselves on their 100% organic cotton baby clothing that is clean and simple-looking. Their organic cotton basics collection includes solid color onesies, sleepers, hats, gowns, and leggings. They also have a really nice muslin collection perfect for hot summer days!

  • GOTS certified
  • Made in India
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, and kids. (Adult pajamas, too!)

9) Under the Nile

Under The Nile has always understood the importance of organic baby clothing; in fact, they were the very first baby clothing company in the US to be GOTS certified. Their high-quality baby clothes are manufactured in a sustainable and socially responsible way. All of their Fair Trade clothing is made in Egypt at a certified FLO-Cert facility. All workers are paid a living wage and work in a clean, humane environment. One interesting note about their manufacturing is that their cotton is actually grown in a self-sustaining farm; they don’t use any outside fertilizer. This farming practice is called Biodynamic farming. In addition to baby clothing, Under the Nile sells blankets, bath towels, and the sweetest little toys!

  • GOTS certified, Gold Seal of Authentic Egyptian Cotton, FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • Made in Egypt.
  • Sizes: baby and toddler.

10) Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma offers a wide selection of fresh and contemporary baby and toddler clothing as well as toys and baby gear. All of their clothes are GOTS-certified organic cotton, and they carry out their fair trade mission to ensure safe work environments for farmers and manufacturers. While their clothing is on the more expensive side, you can be sure it will last for a long time– perfect for handing down from one baby to the next! Note, most of their clothing is a generously sized as well, so their clothing can be worn for longer by your fast-growing little ones!

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in India.
  • Sizes: baby and toddler.

11) Tenth & Pine

Tenth & Pine is known for their gender-neutral super cute and stylish baby and toddler tops. Made in the USA from premium GOTS-certified organic fabrics, the Tenth & Pine collection will definitely win you over. (Note: they also make a great baby shower gift!)

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, and kids.

12) MakeMake Organics

MakeMake Organics is a growing favorite of mine. In addition to baby clothes, they make gorgeous crib sheets, baby blankets, and more.

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in India.
  • Size: Baby and toddler.

13) Nui Organics

Known for their merino wool wear as well as organic cotton clothing, Nui has a variety of GOTS-certified baby and children’s clothing and accessories. Many of their merino wool pieces have a bit of stretch to them and are perfect for your growing baby or child! One note on merino wool: most manufacturers use chlorine to treat wool, but Nui Organics avoids this toxin altogether by using plasma — a completely non-toxic and safe way to produce organic wool suited for clothing. As with most organic clothing brands, the environment, as well as worker safety, is important to this company and its consumers. All of their manufacturing and production methods promise a safe and healthy environment for the Earth, workers, and our little ones who wear the clothing. Also check out the Nui Organics shop on Amazon.

  • GOTS certified
  • Made in India.
  • Size: baby, toddler, and kids.

14) Kate Quinn Organics

Kate Quinn Organics makes fresh and modern baby and child clothing as well as bedding. Their clothing collections have a great variety of subtle and earthy prints. Make sure to pay attention to the clothing collection’s fabric; some collections are made of organic cotton while others are made of non-organic bamboo (bamboo + 4% Lycra) or Modal (a synthetic fabric). I would personally stick to organic cotton. Kate Quinn Organics also has a great program called With Love From Africa where they help to provide jobs to women in Kenya.

  • GOTS certified (cotton clothing only).
  • Made in India.
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, and kids. *Note clothing selections for sizes 7 and 8 are limited.

15) Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson is probably one of the more well-known organic baby and children’s clothing lines. You can find their clothing at their brick and mortar stores, on Amazon, as well as on their website. While full-price styles tend to be on the higher end, they have frequent sales. I can definitely speak to their quality — their clothing and pajamas are very durable and the colors do not fade after washing. You will be able to hand their clothing down to your other children. Most Hannas are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, but not all of their clothing is organic.

  • Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.
  • Made in China.
  • Sizes: Baby, toddler, kids, and adult (pajamas).

16) Milkbarn

A company with style and heart, Milkbarn creates beautiful clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers. With an original style that can best be summed up as nostalgic, rustic, and millennial all in one, Milkbarn is definitely a brand to shop when you are looking for the best organic baby clothes. Owned by a mother-daughter team, all of Milkbarn’s organic textiles are GOTS-certified and use eco-friendly, low-impact dyes that do not contain any heavy metals.

  • GOTS certified
  • Made in USA.
  • Size: baby and toddler.

17) Satva

Satva’s mission is to create a healthy work environment for farmers and manufacturers of textiles. This is the place to go if you want to find organic activewear for babies, toddlers, and women! They have some great sweatpants, t-shirts, leggings, and shorts for babies and toddlers. All of their clothing is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. Note, some items have 5% Lycra (specifically for women’s activewear). Very reasonably priced as well!

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in India.
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, kid, and adult women.

18) Frugi

Frugi is a European brand that has really grown over the last decade into a comprehensive, well-respected, and quality source for GOTS certified organic baby and kid clothing. As part of their mission, they are a really hands-on company and work with their suppliers and provide safe manufacturing facilities for all employees. Their clothing is very cute: many bold patterns and colors! And you can take comfort in the materials your kiddos wear if you buy from Frugi. All organic cotton.

  • GOTS certified
  • Made in India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, China, and Portugal.
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, kids, and adult.

19) Living Crafts

Living Crafts is a German company that offers a wonderful selection of baby, toddler, and kid clothing– all of their collections use vegan, organic textiles made in fair, safe conditions, so you can be confident in your investment. Their clothing is mostly the basic tees, pants, and pajamas that range from soft, subtle colors to bolder patterns.

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, kids, and adult.

20) Piccalilly

Piccalilly sources their organic cotton from a fair-trade cotton program called Chetna Organic, which essentially helps farms in India find sustainable ways to produce their crops. The Chetna Organic program also ensures that every step of the manufacturing process is audited and continuously tracked to be sure the process is completely toxin-free, as-is the final product! Piccalilly clothing has so many fun, distinct patterns! They also have a good selection of muslin blankets, burp cloths, and swaddles, and bibs.

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in India.
  • Sizes: baby, toddler, and kids.

21) DorDor & GorGor

Headquartered in California, DorDor & GorGor offers GOTS-certified organic cotton baby clothing. While their selection is a bit limited, their clothing is truly durable and long-lasting. Their basics are perfect for the new baby in your family, and every item comes with a full guarantee; if you’re unsatisfied in any way it can be returned, replaced or refunded for up to a year after purchase. They definitely stand behind their products, which should give you complete confidence in their brand.

  • GOTS certified.
  • Made in China.
  • Sizes: Baby.

22) Moon and Back

If you want unique, handmade baby clothing, To the Moon and Back is a family-owned company based in Holland. The owner, Lotte, designs all of the clothing and tested for safety by the son, Sam. All of their clothing is GOTS certified and meets the criteria for the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

  • GOTS certified, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.
  • Made in Holland.
  • Size: Baby.

How does conventional clothing affect your baby or toddler’s health?

As if chemical-laden clothing against your babies skin isn’t enough information to consider avoiding all of those cheap colorful onesies, it’s still a good idea to understand how these chemicals impact their health (and ours!).

Babies have delicate skin. First of all, babies have delicate skin. We keep them out of the sun, avoid fragrance in lotions and soaps, and use soft clothing because even the slightest bit of rough texture can chafe and hurt their baby skin. Their skin barriers are naturally weaker at such a young age, so they are much more vulnerable to infection as well as chemical exposures.

Chemicals Link to Health Issues. The chemicals used in clothing has been proven to put people at greater risk for health issues. In one study, researchers tested benzothiazole (a chemical that can be released from textiles), and they found that it can penetrate the skin and systematically impact the body. They conclude that their research will possibly also apply to other chemical contaminants in textiles and increase the potential for health hazards.

In another study, Swedish scientists found thousands of chemicals used in textiles. The leading researcher says “exposure to these chemicals increases the risk of allergic dermatitis, but more severe health effect for humans as well as the environment could possibly be related to these chemicals. Some of them are suspected or proven carcinogens and some have aquatic toxicity.”

If you buy conventional clothing…

Here are some red flag labels that likely mean plenty o’ chemicals. At the very least, I suggest you avoid clothing that includes the following language on the tag:

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Antimicrobial
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Antibacterial
  • Stain-resistant
  • Nonflammable

How is organic clothing any different than conventionally made clothes?

Organic clothing is made more simply without the use of toxic chemicals and does not present the same health hazards to your baby or young child as conventional cotton does. Here is a look at the process of how organic cotton clothing is made; you will definitely notice the differences!

Clean Farming. Farmers use organic, non-GMO cotton seeds (no treatment on the seeds). Unlike conventional cotton farms, organic farms use mother nature’s way to control common crop issues. For example, instead of fertilizers, organic farms use crop rotation and composting. Instead of herbicides to kill off weeds, organic farms use physical removal. And instead of pesticides, organic farms make sure the soil is super healthy so that pests are killed off by other insects that don’t harm the growth of cotton. They also can use trap crops that lure the pests away from the cotton. Genius!

Clean Factories. Once the cotton is harvested, the manufacturing is a linear, clean process. In order to qualify as organic, every step is tracked to ensure that the final product follows all guidelines and certification rules. From ginning (where they remove the cotton seeds) to spinning into yarn, weaving into fabric, coloring and finishing into pretty fabric, and cutting/sewing into clothing– every step must meet specific guidelines and standards to keep an organic certification and name the final product as “organic.”

In fact, many production practices are remarkably natural. Manufacturers often use peroxide to whiten and water-based dyes for coloring and printing. All of this is done without synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and toxic solvents.

  • GOTS certified, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.
  • Made in Turkey.
  • Sizes: Baby, toddler, and kids.

Trustworthy Organic Certifications

In order for cotton to qualify as “organic,” the farming practices and manufacturing of the garments must meet certain requirements.

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

GOTS is the main manufacturing certificate that includes standards from farming to manufacturing. It ensures that at least 70% of the final product contains organic materials. Those organic materials are held to the specific standards to ensure that every step of the process meets toxicological and environmental guidelines. Note, the GOTS certification extends to all natural fibers.

Under the GOTS certification, there is a very long list of parameters. I won’t go into all of them here, but here are the key marks that I consider important for baby clothing.

  • Organic fibers are separated from conventional fibers.
  • All chemicals must meet requirements on toxicity and biodegradability.
  • Prohibition of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nanoparticles, GMOs, and their enzymes.
  • No use of chlorine bleach (only oxygen-based bleaches allowed)
  • No phthalates or PVC used in printing
  • Packaging materials must not contain PVC.
  • All materials (raw materials and final textile products) must meet the required limits for unwanted residues.

Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex

This certification ensures that clothing won’t contain harmful chemicals. What’s really nice about this certification is that they segment their standards according to textile type and function. For example, baby clothing: because babies are a sensitive group, and clothing is in direct contact with their skin, all baby clothing falls into product class I. In this class, they have the highest standards and more limitations. What is great about this certification is that they test for harmful chemicals that are also not legally regulated. Oeko-Tex is certainly a helpful certification, but I consider it a few notches below GOTS. Oeko-Tex certifies synthetic fabrics such as polyester, so I wouldn’t solely rely on this certification, but it is useful to know that there are at least standards for garments with this certification.

Final Thoughts

While organic baby clothes might seem expensive or even just a trend, realize that organic clothing is important to limit your baby’s exposure to irritants and harmful chemicals. I hope this list of the best organic clothing brands for babies and toddlers was helpful for you to begin your shopping for cute and safe clothing for your little one(s)!

Organic Infant Clothing Made in the USA by Royal Apparel

Sign up for a Business (B2B) Wholesale Account

Royal Apparel Manufactures in the USA

Royal Apparel has a wide range of 100% organic cotton apparel for infants, toddlers, youths, teens and adult men and women.  We are a domestic designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of a wide range of clothing—we guarantee that our clothing is sweatshop free and all of our clothing is “made in the USA” with pride and dedication to excellence.

Contact Royal Apparel for Organic Infant Clothing

Call Royal Apparel Nationwide at: (866) 769-2517

Wide Choice of Organic Infant Apparel Styles

Choose your organic infant clothing from a variety of styles and colors.  This comfortable organic infant clothing is sure to keep babies smiling.  Organic baby apparel options include:

  • Organic Infant Bibs (Binding and Velcro Closuree)
  • Organic Infant Hats
  • Organic Infant Lapover Tees (T-shirts)
  • Organic Infant Long-Sleeve (L/S) Crew Thermal Wear
  • Organic Infant Long-Sleeve (L/S) Lapovers
  • Organic Infant Long-Sleeve (L/S) One Pieces
  • Organic Infant One Pieces
  • Organic Infant Pants
  • Organic Infant 2 x 1 Rib Tank Tops
  • Additional toddler styles include fine jersey organic cotton Toddler Short-Sleeve (S/S) Crew Tees (T-Shirts), Organic Toddler Long-Sleeve (L/S) Crew Tees (T-shirts) and Organic Toddler Long-Sleeve (L/S) Thermals
  • Many other styles of organic clothing for youths, teens, adult women and men

We manufacturer our organic infant clothing styles with 30/1 combed ring spun that is 100% certified organic cotton for most items (some are 20/1) with double hems on any pant leg openings for a better, more durable seam.  Each style has several color options as well. Organic infant apparel has a super soft hand feel as well.

Additionally, we offer another environmentally conscious line of fabric, or RPET blends.  Recycled polyesters and recycled plastic fibers comprise these fabric blends.  Our fabric blends are frequently tri-blends, although we are willing to explore other fabric blends for custom-finished and wholesale production orders.  Other fabric options include premium knits, fleece, and fabrics for sheer burnout styles.

Learn more about Royal Apparels fabric details; we also customize organic apparel according to ad specialty or ASI wear standards.

Custom, Organic Infant Clothing and Other Apparel Styles

Wholesale/business customers are welcome to request sample garments for organic infant clothing or other styles.  Royal Apparel offers rapid sample garment production, and production runs to meet your specific sizing and design requirements—we do need your designs and tech-packs for custom production runs.  We have a quick sample garment production turnaround times.  Additionally, we have quick deliveries for custom production runs or customized inventory stock items, thus allowing you to get your customized garments finished, shipped and out to stores.

Additional custom services for original apparel or for alterations of inventory stock items include:

Businesses, be sure to sign up for a wholesale business account.  Companies are welcome to order inventory stock items,purchase bulk clothing, blanks, and sale apparel, or to request garment customization or custom production runs.

Contact Royal Apparel for Organic Infant Clothing or Custom Production

Call Royal Apparel at: (866) 769-2517 
Business Fax Line: (631) 922-8438 

20 Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands (2021)

Looking for some of the best organic baby clothes? Whether this is for your little one or your best friend’s new baby, buying organic baby clothes is always a great option! Organic baby clothes can be easier on your baby’s skin because they’re free of any harsh chemicals, toxic dyes, etc.

Organic baby clothes have become more accessible and more affordable (and more adorable!) over the years. While some brands have certifications stating they’re organic there are many other large retailers who are beginning to launch organic or eco-friendly product lines amongst the rest of their offerings. We love seeing more and more organic options pop up as time goes on.

However, we want to reiterate that this is a judgement free zone on the internet! We don’t care if the bulk of your clothes are hand me downs, bought from Costco or are simply not organic.

We also know that buying all organic may not be an option for you! That’s why we’ve included some more affordable options that are more eco-friendly or part organic. You have to start somewhere and sometimes just learning about all of the options and being introduced to the different types of organic clothes out there is a great first step.

For me, the bulk of my 3 kids clothes are a healthy mix of organic, hand me down and big retailer clothes (thanks to older cousins we have plenty of hand me downs!).

I do love splurging on a couple new organic pieces for my kids each season and one to put in my hospital bag for each new baby! But even my kids’ closets aren’t 100% organic! You do what’s best for you and your baby!

Check out what’s in this post!

20 Best Organic Baby Clothes Brands (2021)

Paisley + Sparrow is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This post may include affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you shop using the links below at no additional cost to you.  Thanks so much for supporting me and this blog!

We’re going to first share some of the best organic baby clothes brands first then go into more detail on organic clothes following that!

Some of these have organic certification while others are working towards that or just beginning to use more organic products. We’ve noted which ones have certification and which ones don’t in the descriptions.

  1. Monica + Andy
  2. Burt’s Bees
  3. Milkbarn Kids
  4. Pact
  5. L’oved Baby
  6. Hanna Andersson
  7. Under the Nile
  8. H&M
  9. Finn & Emma
  10. Boden
  11. Mini Mioche
  12. Tenth & Pine
  13. Colored Organics
  14. Gap Baby
  15. Soft Baby
  16. Estella
  17. All the Babies
  18. Jazzy Organics
  19. Art & Eden
  20. Ouef

And now onto more detailed information about each of the brands! We hope this help you get introduced to a new brand or two!

1. Monica + Andy

Monica + Andy is a one stop shop for items for babies, mom and the nursery! One of the things that I love the most is that Monica + Andy is made up of a team of 95% women and 80% moms. It was started by a mom, Monica Royer, who wanted to ensure that whatever she put on her newborn’s skin was the softest, most trustworthy fabric available.

Monica + Andy has a variety of offerings from baby, toddler and kid clothes (sizes 0 to 8Y) and also items for your nursery and mom too! They us GOTS-certified organic cotton in its purest form making it some of the softest fabric around. It also doesn’t shrink, pill or fade! We have quite a few Monica + Andy pieces ourselves and have loved every item.

Monica + Andy not only sells some of the most amazing clothes around but they also provide tons of education and resources on their website. From prenatal class to women’s health classes to resources on pregnancy, babies, gear and more, their website is an amazing resource for new and expecting parents.

We’ve owned quite a few pieces from Monica + Andy and they’re all amazing pieces! Great quality apparel that we’ve been able to pass down from kid to kid.

Shop Monica + Andy

2. Burt’s Bees Baby 

Another personal favorite of mine is Burt’s Bees! Burt’s Bees is truly one of the best organic baby clothing brands who not only offers baby clothes but also kids clothes, bedding and skincare using all organic materials.

They use 100% organic cotton that is GOTS-certified that’s incredibly soft and gentle. Their clothes are Earth and farmer friendly because they don’t use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Even their buttons and threads are made from recycled materials!

They’re well known for the pajamas – both footie pajamas and two piece pajamas –  and their prints are changing all the time! Just a note – these run on the slim side. Great for lean kids but size up if your little one isn’t super lean!

We have quite a few of their pajamas and our kids (and I!) love them!

Shop Burt’s Bees

3. Milkbarn Kids

Milkbarn Kids, like the others, carries both apparel as well as blankets, bedding and accessories. They are committed to creating the products in the most ethical and sustainable ways using only GOTS certified organic fabrics.

Milkbarn was originally started by a mom in California in 2006 and is now a collaboration between that same mom and her daughter. Her daughter’s sketches and watercolor paintings can be found on many of Milkbarn’s textiles and fabrics.

Shop Milkbarn Kids

4. Pact

Pact makes products for men, women, babies, kids, and even for your home! They start all of their products with organic cotton. This means that no toxic chemicals were used in the farming process.

Pact’s products are Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so you can be confident in your purchases.Pact’s mission is to “build Earth’s favorite clothing company.”

In addition to organic cotton, Pact offers you the option to offset the carbon footprint of the shipment of your products and they choose packaging to help limit the environmental impact.

Pact has a fantastic “Give Back, Wear Forward” program. Simply fill your Pact box with outgrown clothes, print off a prepaid shipping label, and Pact will ship your box to one of five charities who will put your old clothes to good use.

Shop Pact

5. L’oved Baby

L’oved Baby was started by Sharon Oved. She had a goal of breastfeeding her baby for the first year, and found it difficult to feed in public. Sharon created her own breastfeeding cover for her personal use.

Five years later, she started selling nursing covers and over time, the company became what you see today! L’oved Baby now sells clothing, pajamas, and accessories for babies and children, mommy and me pajama sets, as well as burp cloths and nursing covers. 

All the products are made of 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified. The essential items that you should check out are the snap footie, zipper footie, cap, gown, blanket, leggings, and kimono bodysuit.

Of course, L’oved baby still sells nursing covers! The 4-in-1 nursing cover is definitely worth checking out!

Shop L’oved baby

6. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson was founded in 1983 by a Swedish woman named Gun Denhart. Ms Denhart was living in Oregon and wanted to start a children’s clothing company based on  the Scandinavian principles of happiness and design. These clothes are cheerful, happy, and colorful!

Hanna Andersson used OEKO-TEX Stanard 100. From their website, “Hanna Andersson uses OEKO-TEX Standard 100 in all pajamas – baby pajamas, kids’ pajamas, and family pajamas. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is a stringent certification used to identify those products that do not contain any harmful substances in any component.”  Hanna Andersson uses suppliers that provide safe, lawful working conditions and adhere to a strict ethical standards agreement.

(the unicorn pjs are from Hanna Andersson!)

One fun thing about Hanna Andersson clothes is that their clothing is sized in centementers! They are a European company at heart. You can find the American measurement equivalent on their website.

One perk of these clothes is that most of their products are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. That means no worrying if that cute new dress will still fit your daughter after you wash it!

Shop Hanna Andersson

7. Under the Nile

Under the Nile was started in 1998 by Janice Masoud. She wanted to find clothing that would not irritate her baby’s skin. In the process, she decided to start a company that would not only benefit her children, but all children!

Janice found an ethical factory north of Cairo, Egypt, who shared her vision for sustainability. Together, they set out to make Under The Nile what we see today – and support women, community, education, and ethical labor practices. 

Under The Nile uses 100% organic cotton that is certified by GOTS. Bleach is never used on the clothing, instead, clothing is lightened using a process using oxygen. Additionally, no harmful chemicals are used on the finishing of products and flame retardants are also not used. 

Under The Nile has clothing for preemies, babies, kids up through six years old, training pants, toys, as well as products for the home and nursery! There is even the option to start a registry which is perfect for those expecting moms.

Shop Under the Nile and also find Under the Nile on Amazon

8. H&M

If you’re looking for a more affordable price for purchasing organic baby clothes, check out H&M! This large retailer has launched a conscious – sustainable style collection for anyone wanting products made with more sustainable materials.

While their items aren’t 100% organic certified, they guarantee that 50% of each item is made using more sustainable materials such as recycled polyester or organic cotton.

Also all of their cotton is 100% sustainable. Sustainable according to H&M is defined as organic, recycled or approved by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). They have a goal of using 100% recycled or sustainable materials by 2030 so watch for that!

H&M not only carries baby clothes but they have items for the whole family!

Shop H&M

9. Finn & Emma

Want 100% organic cotton, heirloom quality products and fair trade settings? Then Finn & Emma is your place to shop! Their shop is full of fun, modern colors, unique prints and good quality items for your little ones.

Their garments are made with soft GOTS certified cotton using non-toxi, eco-friendly dyes. They also ensure that everyone making their products are paid a living wage and have a safe environment to work in.

They have everything from organic clothing and natural wood toys for babies and kids to toys hand knit by artisans in Peru to macrame swings! 

Shop Finn and Emma

10. Boden

The Boden promise status that they are “obsessed with making things exceptionally well”. This means that their clothes don’t shrink, their buttons stay on and they’re not going to get holes.

They have a 365 day guarantee and even have spots on their Mini coats for 4 names because they’re that confident that their clothing will survive multiple owners.

Boden reduces their environmental impact in tons of different ways – everything from using sustainable packaging and recycled materials in their catalogues and packaging, banning the use of disposable cutlery and cups in their cafe and using regenerated fibres in their swimwear. They have big targets for sustainability for the next 2-3 years as well. 

And good news! Boden has apparel for the whole family – women, men, kids and babies! Get 20% off using this link!

Shop Boden

11. Mini Mioche

Mini Mioche is a Canada based brand that creates ethically made basics that are super soft using GOTS organic cotton. Their fabric is dyed locally in Toronto using low impact dyes. They have no plastic packaging and everything from their hangtags to postcards can be recycled.

They have beautiful gender neutral clothing for babies and kids that can be passed down from kid to kid! Get $10 off using this link!

Shop Mini Mioche

12. Tenth & Pine

Tenth & Pine is a Made in USA brand that started back in 2016 by a stay at home mom, Kerynn! She launched the brand after having a miracle baby 10 years after battling infertility. After her little one was born, she wanted to create a brand that encompassed quality, function, comfort and simplicity.

All of the clothes are made with GOTS certified organic materials. Everything is also made in the USA (they’re based out of Los Angeles) where they work with factories that not only share the same values but also have fair and safe working conditions for their employees.

They have items for the whole family – mom, dad, and child – and even has items for the nursery including the softest crib sheets ever! Bonus – use the code JENNB10 for 10% off!

Shop Tenth & Pine

13. Colored Organics

Colored Organics is based in MN where I am from! I’ve met the owner, Amanda, and lots of the people who work at Colored Organics and love them all. Amanda started Colored Organics with two little ones under foot, knowing that her family could make a big impact just by switching to organic clothes.

All of Colored Organics clothes is ethically made and is 100% sweatshop-free never using child labor. Their factories are GOTS certified, they pay fair wages with medical benefits and ensure their workers are given vacation and holiday pay.

Colored Organics has baby and kid clothes as well as some toys, blankets and more. I adore their pajamas. They hold up so well and are truly the softest things ever!

Shop Colored Organics

14. Gap Baby

One other big retailer that has launched an organics collection at affordable prices is Gap! Their organics collection features soft baby and kids clothes made with 100% organically-grown cotton.

The Baby Gap Organics line has mix and match outfits, cute separates featuring whimsy prints and bodysuit and pants packs that make great gifts! 

Shop Gap Baby

15. Soft Baby

Soft Baby’s mantra is “organic that plays”! Here’ you’ll find 100% organic cotton clothing that’s playful and beautiful. They use water-based ink prints that are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, nickel-free enclosures snaps and everything is made using an eco-friendly process.

Their shop is full of adorable rompers, onesies, blankets and more. If you’re looking for some bright colors and fresh prints, you’ll want to check out Soft Baby!

Shop Soft Baby

16. Estella

Estella is run by Jean Polsky and her husband, Chike Chukwolozie out of New York City. Their goal was to bring all of the beautiful artisan-inspired kids’ clothing they saw in Europe to New York.

Their clothing is full of bright colors designed by moms and craftsmen that both kids and parents love. Estella is full of luxury baby clothes and organic toys, blankets and nursery decor that support artisan workers. 

Shop Estella

17.  All the Babies

All the Babies is a European inspired baby and adult clothing brand based out of LA started by a mother daughter duo. Their mission is to give back to babies in need with their GOTS certified organic cotton clothing. 

One amazing thing about All the Babies is their give back program! You have the option of sending back your All the Babies clothing for them to hand deliver to a baby in need.

They have baby cloths, adult cloths and lots of coordinating pieces so you can match your little one.

Shop All the Babies

18. Jazzy Organics

Jazzy Organics is another organic clothing brand that uses GOTS certified organic cotton to create incredibly soft clothing using delicate colors and modern designs. They want to ensure that only the purest organically grown cotton goes on kids’ sensitive skin.

Jazzy Organics has fun rompers, blankets, bibs, bonnets and more. All of their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee ensuring you’re always happy with every purchase! 

Shop Jazzy Organics

19. Art & Eden

Art & Eden’s slogan is buy better, do better and we are here for it! All of their baby and children’s clothing is made with low-impact dyes and organic cotton. Their mission is to responsibly made remarkable kids products.

All of the girls clothes are made using organic cotton and the boys line is either organic cotton or a mix of organic cotton and recycled or upcycled polyester. They also have a giveback program which helps nourish an under-resourced child through their Camden Street School mentorship program and their Clothes for Cure initiative. 

They have clothing for babies, girls and boys!

Shop Art & Eden

20. Oeuf

Ouef, which mens eggs, is a family run sustainable children’s lifestyle brand based out of Brooklyn. Their business was created in my favorite way possible – out of necessity. When they were pregnant with their first child, they couldn’t find a crib that was well-designed, well-made and produced ethically so rather than settle for less than ideal, they created on themself!

Sophie and Michael, the owners (who still design everything)  focus on creating items that families need that they can make well and make sustainability. They also strive to “Be Good” in all aspects of life and business. Be good designers, be good people and be good to the planet.

They not only have the cutest organic clothes for babies and kids but also a large selection of furniture and decor pieces.

Shop Oeuf

Organic Certifications

As you may have seen in the brands above, there are different types of certifications. They 2 main ones are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The most common one is the GOTS certification. 

In order for a textile to be GOTS certified, it means it has to contain a minimum of 70% certified organic natural fibers. If it says that it is GOTS organic, it means that it has to contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibre.

On the other hand, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a global standard so it has the same meaning in every country. For a textile to have a Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification it means that every part of the textile has been tested for harmful substances.

As you begin your journey into the world of organic baby clothes, keep an eye out of either of those 2 seals. They’ll help you in identifying certified organic clothing!

I hope that this list of 20 of the best organic baby clothes brands helps you in determining a new brand or two to try out for a little one in your life! The clothing industry has come a long way and the number of high quality, luxury as well as affordable organic baby clothes continues to grow. 

Bookmark this page to reference back to often as you look for baby products and clothes and add some of these brands or specific items to your baby registry! Or check out these 9 baby brands that give back for more baby fun!

Custom Baby Clothes & Toddler Apparel

Custom Baby Clothes

We all know babies have a way of growing up in the blink of an eye. Don’t get stuck without the clothes you need to comfortably fit your fast-growing baby. Be prepared each month with a stockpile of ultra-soft, ultra-durable, 100% cotton baby and toddler apparel including long & short sleeved T-shirts & onesies all in different colors, ready to go and waiting to keep your baby healthy and happy all year round.

You can even plan ahead and get custom baby apparel in the age-size that your baby will be during holidays and other special occasions like vacation trips, family or baby photoshoots, etc. For inspiration while planning your custom clothes for babies and toddlers, simply scroll through our Pinterest Page with lots of “pin-teresting” boards including “Personalized for Baby” and “Custom Toddler Products”. There you will find a ton a of fun and stylish ways to customize baby and toddler apparel with print-worthy designs and quotes you can upload, attempt to recreate in our Design Station or send over to us and have an in-house graphic designer help with your idea.

Personalized Apparel for Babies

Every day your baby is getting bigger and bigger and so are their personalities! Cotton Creations is your solution for quick and easy custom baby clothes that express your baby’s individuality while keeping them comfy and clean! We offer a variety of styles, sizes and colors for our baby apparel products that are available to for customization such as onesies, layettes, T-shirts, beanie caps and even a tutu onesie!

Not only are these gentle-yet-strong products baby-friendly but also budget-friendly! And with tiered discount on printing prices, the more you order the more you save! Order custom printed baby products with your company’s logo for your next fundraiser or raffle event. Or commemorate a special event with personalized bibs and onesies to give away as party favors to guests.

Direct-to Garment Printing

With DTG printing technology, Cotton Creations can capture the intricate details and vibrant colors of almost any photo, artwork or digital design! DTG or Direct to garment printing is a printing method using a fabric printer (much like an ink jet printer) that applies a water-based ink directly onto fabric, leaving the fabric with a soft, smooth feel that you and your baby will love!

Get started with your own custom printed order by selecting “Customize” on the product page of the item you’re interested in. Then once you’ve been directed to our Design Station, personalize your product by uploading a .png or .jpg image file (photo, logo, text, artwork, etc.) or by using the tools available to you (text, lines, shapes, etc.). You can also get a customized product by selecting from our quick and easy pre-made design templates that are ready to go in just a few simple steps! No matter what the occasion, Cotton Creations has the tools you need for get quality products personalized just for baby!

Need help creating a design?

Looking for photo editing or graphic design services? We can do that too! Just reach out to us with your idea and any related images via our Contact page or email directly at [email protected] and for an additional editing fee, we’ll help bring your artistic vision to life!

Affordable Organic Options

At Cotton Creations, we believe that it’s important to take care of our loyal customers and anticipate what they need from our products. That’s why we offer budget-friendly baby and toddler apparel in an organic, eco-friendly cotton material that hasn’t been treated with any harmful chemicals. Instead, these organic products have been dyed with natural substances, giving them their soft sweet colors! Organic options are especially important to eco-conscious families and green nurseries. Organic apparel is also important to those who take care of babies with super sensitive skin or allergies and who struggle with finding products that are safe for their little ones. At Cotton Creations, not only do we offer baby-approved products made from organic fabric, the water-based ink we use to print our custom order in-house here at Cotton Creations is also eco-friendly! And with water-based ink, your designs will absorb seamlessly into any 100% cotton product you want to print on unlike screen-printing where ink can crack and crumble off over time.

You can get our organic baby and toddler apparel in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. So, no matter what the season or age/size of the little munchkin you’re shopping for, you can get reasonably priced custom organic clothing that’s both practical and stylish! We currently have these three organic options available for baby/toddle apparel:

Stock up on short sleeves onesies in each of the beautiful colors they’re available in such as Caribbean, Yellow, Kiwi, and Heather Grey. Short sleeve onesies are year-round necessity, great for comfy wear on those days spent at home or when layering is important on the chilly days out. Get short sleeved onesies customized with a fun design or a name using a cute font in our Design Station for a stylish light-weight onesie perfect for summer days. Are you ready for wintertime weather when your baby’s going to need long sleeve onesie to protect keep them warm? Try our 100% organic long sleeve onesies! These are sure to keep your baby snug as a bug and are also available in a variety of super cute colors and the sizes you need. Customize long sleeve onesie for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and be prepared to have your little one looking fabulously festive! If you ever need help in our Design Station or have questions or concerns about any of our organic products, contact us and someone will happily assist you!


Onesies are one of the most essential and basic products needed when caring for babies. If you’re in market for a versatile baby onesie that’s soft, durable and holds on to its vibrant color no many how many wash cycles it goes through, then look no further. We offer our customers a variety of top-quality onesies for babies here at Cotton Creations in different styles and in these adorable colors:

  • Light Pink
  • Light Yellow
  • Sky Blue
  • Caribbean
  • Kiwi
  • White
  • Natural
  • Heather Grey

Keep your baby clean and dry all year round by stocking up on both short sleeve and long sleeve onesies. Be prepared and get onesies in an assortment of colors and sizes. It’s never a bad idea to keep clean backup onesies stashed around the house, in your car, in your diaper bag, etc. and ready for one of those messy emergency wardrobe changes! We also offer an organic cotton option for both short and long sleeve onesie as well as toddler t-shirts!

With our easy-to-use Design Station, Cotton Creations is your budget-friendly solution for creating iconic baby fashion from the comfort of your own home! Get custom printed onesies made from prewashed 100% cotton material (organic options available!) using DTG (direct-to-garment) digital printing technology capable of capturing the intricate details in your high-res photos, bright colors in graphic designs and fine lines in fancy typography.

Not only are our onesies perfect for getting clear, brightly colored prints that will last for years to come, but you


The baby and toddler T-shirts that we offer are constructed from 100% cotton material so you know you’re getting baby-soft clothing that will last long after they’re outgrown. Usually outgrowing clothes is an all too regular struggle with baby and toddlers., but no worries! With Cotton Creations, now you can get both long and short sleeved T-Shirts for infants as well as toddlers! Cotton Creations makes it easy to plan-ahead and stock up on your growing little one’s ever-evolving wardrobe with high-quality apparel that you can customize for any style or occasion!

Looking to get matching custom T-Shirts made for the whole family? Cotton Creations is your one-stop-shop to find top-notch 100% cotton T-Shirt that everyone will enjoy! Browse our selection of T-Shirts for babies and toddlers and find the sizes you need and colors you’ll love including:

  • Heather Grey
  • Light Pink
  • Light Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • White

Baby Layette

Looking for a comfy cozy product for keeping your newborn bundled up no matter how much they like to wiggle and kick? Try out our infant baby layette featuring fold-over mitten cuffs perfect for keeping those precious little hands nice and warm in chilly weather. Our infant baby layette is made from combed ring spun cotton with precise cover stitched rib-knit binding on the neck, shoulders, sleeves and sleeves as well as an elastic bottom. Made from 100% cotton, this layette is extremely soft and available for personalization! Upload a picture or choose from a variety of colors, fonts, shapes and more design element found in our user-friendly Design Station software to create your very own custom baby Lafayette. Get these and other custom baby apparel at affordable prices you’ll love! At Cotton Creation, the more you order the more you save!

Infant Beanie Caps

When it gets chilly out, it’s important your baby has the right apparel to wear on those chilly days out. Cotton Creations is your solution for high-quality, budget-friendly, custom baby clothes no matter what time of the year! Try our Infant Beanie Caps made from extra soft 100% cotton material. These beanies are sure to protect your little one’s head from the cold without sliding off like many lower-quality caps tend to do. We offer these comfy cute beanie caps in 3 favorite colors:

Infant beanie caps not only keep your baby’s head toasty and warm, they also keep your baby looking cute and stylish! Get personalized infant beanie caps with our user-friendly Design Station! Have your custom baby beanie printed with a name, initials, business logo, favorite sports team, or anything else you can imagine!

Because Cotton Creations offers affordable pricing, you can stock up on personalized baby beanies! And since these beanies are a one size fits all kind of cap, stocking up is the smart choice! Unlike most the apparel items you’ll be buying for your baby, these your baby won’t outgrow these beanie caps each month.

Baby Clothes for the First 6 Weeks

Between spitting up and diaper overflow, newborns are constantly needing their clothes changed. Make it easier for yourself by choosing clothes that go on and off without a struggle. Look for shirts with snaps that open in the front or on the side, or that have wide neck openings. Choose sleepers that zip (or, if you prefer, snap) and pants with a loose, stretchy elastic waistband.

No matter how adorable they look, pass on infant clothes that will make it hard to change a diaper (we’re looking at you, baby “skinny jeans”). Thankfully, most baby bodysuits and one-piece outfits have snaps at the crotch.

Look for clothes that are soft and gentle on your newborn’s sensitive skin. Some experts recommend all cotton, although soft cotton blends also work for many babies. Avoid itchy or irritating embroidery, ruffles, lace, and decorations.

(Note: If clothes have decorations like bows, ruffles, patches, and buttons, make sure they’re firmly attached so they can’t come off and become a choking risk. Remove any drawstrings on necks or waistbands – they’re a strangulation hazard. Major baby-clothing brands avoid these risky embellishments, but homemade items, hand-me-downs, and pieces from small companies may have them.)

Another caution: “tagless” clothing, where size and washing information are printed on the back of the neck, sometimes causes skin irritation. If you notice your baby has redness in the area, switch to clothing with tags – you can always cut them out.

Finally, new clothing is often treated with chemicals, so make sure to wash all items before your baby wears them.

How to dress your newborn: A tear-free method

Some parents break out in a cold sweat trying to fit tiny clothes on a wiggly, screaming infant. A smart trick to make dressing your newborn easier: Make the clothes fit your baby and not the other way around. Open snaps and stretch necks wide so you can ease your baby’s head through them. Reach through sleeves and legs first to help guide little hands and feet.

It’s often easiest to dress your infant on the changing table or floor. Try cooing and talking to your baby as you put on each piece so he or she will associate getting dressed with special time with you.

Fabrics for sewing children’s clothing

Clothes that we buy for our children should not only be fashionable and beautiful. It is equally important that the child is comfortable in it, there is no irritation on the skin. The practicality and durability of the fabric is also important, because it is necessary to wash children’s clothes very often. Let’s look at what fabrics are made of clothes for children today and what properties they have.

Types of fabrics

Everyone knows that the fabric should be natural, from cotton, linen, etc.And for just born babies, only such materials are used to avoid irritation and allergies. But synthetics are not in themselves evil. It’s all about its quantity. So, if you add only 5% viscose or polyester to cotton, the thing will become more elastic and durable. It will be easier to wash and iron. Some things contain more synthetics, for example, in tights or leggings, because they need to be elastic. But even in this case, the content of natural materials must be at least 80%.

What fabrics are most often used for sewing children’s clothing:

  • Knitwear. It is a cotton or blended fabric with a special weave. Practical as it practically does not wrinkle and is easy to clean. Soft and pleasant to the body, breathable.
  • Cotton and its varieties: chintz – for the thinnest undershirts, diapers and summer dresses, cambric – denser fabric, used for shirts, blouses, etc., flannel and bike – used for warmer clothes, soft pleasant fabric, pehorka – the most elastic cotton, the cooler is a thin fabric for summer clothes with braided fibers, interlock is a very pleasant material, smooth on both sides, dense, used for demi-season clothing.
  • Linen. Does not cause allergies, it is well ventilated, allowing the skin to “breathe”. The only drawback is that it crumples easily.
  • Wool. Both warm and very light things are made from it, depending on the thickness of the thread. It is a breathable, hygroscopic material that rarely causes irritation.
  • Viscose. Made from cellulose, but considered a man-made material. It has almost all the properties of cotton. Suitable for making any garment except underwear.
  • Polyester. Synthetic material, it is particularly durable and retains its appearance for a long time. But it does not allow air to pass through, so underwear and underwear cannot be made from it. However, it is irreplaceable for outerwear.
  • Neoprene. Resistant to fading and other aggressive influences. It is dust- and dirt-repellent, therefore it is well suited for outerwear.
  • Footer – warm cotton fabric with fleece on one side, used for sewing warm pajamas, dresses and tracksuits.Maybe with the addition of lycra for elasticity.
  • Ribana – cotton jersey with double weave fibers, soft, stretchy and warm. It is appreciated for its naturalness, strength and durability.
  • Denim – extra heavy cotton, dyed on one side. It is from it that jeans, loved by all children and adolescents, are made.
    And this is not the whole list of modern materials that are used for sewing children’s clothes. But now, reading the composition on the label, you will have a better idea of ​​what you are buying for your child.

Basic organic cotton clothes for children

The Essential collection of Tkano, combining basic solid colors from natural materials, is complemented by children’s clothing with a simple design in cotton muslin. Lightweight, breathable organic cotton is highly breathable and absorbs moisture quickly, which is especially important for baby skin.

When creating models, we took into account the wishes of experienced and young mothers of children of different ages.

Why muslin?

Pictured: Tkano organic cotton muslin texture

Cotton muslin is a durable fabric with a plain weave of tightly twisted natural threads. To give the muslin thinness and airiness, a small distance is maintained between the threads. Thanks to this special weaving of fibers, a translucent fabric is obtained.

Muslin is well ventilated and absorbs moisture quickly, creating a comfortable wearing environment.Suitable for people with sensitive skin, does not cause allergies.

Cotton muslin is widely used to create a variety of baby clothes, including diapers, diapers and newborn sets, as well as bedding.

Benefits of organic cotton Tkano

  1. The production is certified by independent organizations, it is carried out without the use of pesticides of industrial origin;

  2. Production water consumption is lower than for conventional cotton;

  3. No toxic chlorine-based bleaches are used;

  4. Colored with organic dyes.

Eco-friendliness of cotton lies in its absolute naturalness. Our cotton products contain nothing but cotton. This means that they are completely biodegradable.


Pictured: Mustard-colored cotton muslin kidswear from Tkano’s Essential collection

The collection contains all the necessary set of clothes for a preschool child: overalls, pants, shorts, bodysuits, shirts, tops, dresses with and without sleeves.All models are designed so that they are comfortable to put on and take off, and also so that over time the child can gradually get used to changing clothes on his own.

Color solution

Pictured: Cotton muslin shirt from Tkano’s Essential collection

Despite all the social conventions, flowers only for girls or only for boys do not exist. Each parent can choose the colors of their choice for the child, and not be guided by the traditional pink and blue.Clothing is a good way to instill taste in children and raise them beyond outdated standards. Children’s clothing of different colors stimulates the desire for creativity in children, cheers them up and makes them more active.

All clothing is available in three colors: mustard, gray and dusty rose. Mustard is a soft and practical shade of yellow, one of the most joyful colors, always appropriate in children’s products. Gray is a neutral base color that matches both cold and warm colors.The dusty rose color emphasizes the delicate shade of children’s skin, so it will be in harmony with almost any combination.

Such clothes allow you to assemble a universal wardrobe for kindergarten, walks and for home.

Dimensional grid

Children grow up very quickly. Therefore, it makes sense to buy baby clothes 1-3 sizes larger. So it will not hinder your movements and will last longer. Without compromising the look, pants and sleeves can be rolled up, and dresses and shirts can be slightly longer.

Tkano clothing is presented for children from 3 months to 5 years old.

A convenient dimensional grid based on the child’s age makes it easy to navigate the assortment not only for parents who already know everything about their baby. Grandparents, other relatives and friends, if they want to make a useful and necessary gift, can easily choose the right size. All models are presented in several sizes at once. Therefore, favorite things will be able to grow with the child for some time, which is especially important when children are learning self-care.

For newborns

Pictured: Tkano’s Essential Cotton Muslin Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

The most important requirement for the first clothing is that it should not cause irritation and scuffs on the baby’s delicate skin, absorb moisture well and let air through.

The lineup for the little ones is represented by three practical pieces of clothing.

Shorts for newborns from 3 months to 1 year have a good fit thanks to a soft wide elastic band at the waist and elastic bands on the legs.They completely hide the diaper and do not cause discomfort.

The bodysuit is designed for babies from 3 to 18 months. The child will be comfortable in it, and the parent will be able to quickly put on or change the diaper due to the fastener on the buttons between the legs.

The baby will need overalls from 9 to 18 months, when he begins to actively crawl and takes his first steps. The model does not hinder movement and covers the knees. An open foot allows you to put on socks and first shoes, avoiding uncomfortable fabric folds inside.

From 1 year to 5-6 years

Pictured: Cotton muslin pants from Tkano’s Essential collection

Any clothes, especially for children, should be comfortable first of all. What is the point of being the most beautiful on the playground if you cannot play freely, run and fall? Clothes should be in size, not constrain or restrict movement. Products made of natural fabrics are comfortable to wear, they absorb moisture, prevent hypothermia and at the same time remove excess heat.Comfortable front closures and elasticated trousers are good choices to get your child used to independence more quickly.

Tkano clothes can grow with your baby up to 4-6 years old, that is, until the end of preschool age.

Pants are suitable for boys and girls from 1 to 5-6 years old. They fit the figure well and do not restrict movement. Organic cotton is excellent at absorbing moisture, keeps it cool in hot weather, and can be the first layer of clothing in winter. Elastic bands on the bottom of the legs prevent them from bulging and protect them from sand and small debris.The model has pockets and children will love to put their first treasures there.

The shorts are designed for the same age and are especially good for summer walks or indoor games. Elastic bands are also provided at the bottom of the legs for convenience and comfort.

A shirt for boys and girls from 1 to 4-5 years old is easy to put on and take off thanks to the comfortable fastener and deep armhole.


Pictured: Long-sleeve cotton muslin dress from Tkano’s Essential collection

Top with straps for hot summer days or as the first layer of clothing is intended for girls from 1 to 3-4 years old.

Dresses with and without sleeves for girls from 1 to 4-5 years old are finished with a laconic assembly along the line of stitching the skirt. It is easy to match them with tights and other clothes.

Tips from Tkano

How to choose the best things for a child in all the variety of children’s products and not regret the money spent? We believe that good clothes:


Children’s life is constantly filled with activities, so clothes should be practical and appropriate for the time of day and season.It is best to avoid ruffles and rich décor, uncomfortable trousers, asymmetrical or too short T-shirts that pull up with every movement.

Wear resistant

Forget about delicate materials that won’t stand up to crawling in a sandpit, rolling down a slide, and falling onto the grass or track. Ideal clothing for children will not tear on first use and retain its shape and shape after many washes. Natural materials such as cotton have these qualities.

Washable easily

Children have a special gift – to get dirty instantly. If you don’t want to keep rubbing off stains, choose materials that are easy to clean and machine washable. Cotton is one of them.

Easy to put on and take off

It is not always easy for children to button up buttons, especially if they are located on the side or on the back. Therefore, prefer comfortable fasteners, buttons, Velcro and elastic bands.So it will be convenient for parents to quickly change clothes on a child.

Adapted to children’s tastes

With age, children develop clothing preferences. To avoid the daily dressing war, choose clothes with them, inquire about their wishes before buying. Their choice may seem strange and irrelevant to you. Listen, discuss, try to convince and seek a compromise. Then the child will get used to the fact that his opinion is also important, he will learn to express and defend it correctly.

Cotton baby clothes

Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and well-rounded. To do this, adults diligently prepare healthy food for their kids, buy educational toys, walk a lot with them in the fresh air, play and read fairy tales before bedtime – in a word, they do everything to make the child’s childhood truly happy. It is possible that for all the troubles of moms and dads, they simply do not attach importance to such an important point as the choice of clothes.

Meanwhile, how your baby will feel depends a lot on its quality. The most important thing when choosing clothes is to pay attention to what material it is from. It is best to give preference to natural fabrics, the most common of which is cotton.

This may seem like a minor point to you, but here are some reasons why you will find that baby cotton clothes are the best solution for your child.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is breathability, in other words, does the fabric “breathe” well?This indicator depends on the structure of the fabric, porosity and thickness. Cotton fiber, being a natural raw material, consists of fibers. Undoubtedly, such a structure allows more air to pass through than the structure of an artificial monolithic fiber. This ensures free ventilation of the underwear space and does not disrupt the natural process of thermoregulation.

Cotton fabrics are highly breathable, but at the same time retain moisture. This is a strong reason to prefer cotton fiber when choosing diapers, because babies often experience discomfort in imitation diapers.The plastic found in most diapers is not breathable, and synthetic products can irritate baby’s skin. Sodium polyacrylate – a chemical used in the manufacture of these diapers can cause an allergic reaction (rash, itching, redness). Another chemical, dioxin, used in the manufacture of baby diapers, has been shown by some studies to increase the risk of cancer. Cotton, on the other hand, retains 1/5 of the moisture until it interacts with the surface of the baby’s skin.

In cotton clothes, neither summer heat nor winter cold is terrible, since cotton tends to maintain a temperature regime. This is especially important for young children, because their body has not yet fully adapted to the environment, and they can quickly overheat or hypothermia.

Cotton fabric rarely causes allergies, which is why it is the best option for making medical bandages, gauze. It is cotton that is often recommended for people with skin allergies, especially for children.Their skin is very sensitive to everything that touches it, so this should not be forgotten when it comes to baby clothes.

You can safely go outside, dressing your child in cotton clothes, as this fabric is resistant to weather changes and is also moisture permeable. Cotton fabric can undoubtedly be used to make waterproof garments due to the design and processing of the fabric.

It is important to note that, unlike artificial fabrics, cotton fabric does not accumulate static electricity, which is an important condition for the full comfort of your baby.

Cotton clothing is soft and easy to stretch, keeping it comfortable to wear. Due to its softness and comfort, it is often used for underwear. An essential addition: children do not sit still for a minute, and, at times, are able to take the most dodgy poses. Cotton shirts and pants, due to the ability to stretch, allow the baby to move as freely as possible in it, without hindering movements. And sufficient physical activity is the key to the successful physical development of a child.

In addition, cottons are easy to clean, even by hand. Due to its high strength, cotton fabric does not deteriorate from the latest generation washing powders, which use a high concentration of active detergents, withstands many washes in hot water, and is easy to iron.

The cotton crop has not even been grown for centuries, but existed even before our era. The historian Herodotus describes the cotton production he saw in India in the following way: “There are wild trees on which wool grows instead of fruits, which is superior in beauty and quality to wool obtained from sheep.”Europeans learned about the existence of cotton only in the 16th century. They said that trees grow in the east, from the fruits of which a lamb with wool appears and they drew a tree with lambs on the branches. Only in the last two centuries has the production of cotton fabrics taken a leap forward. Today there is a wide variety of cotton clothing in many colors and different price points available to every parent.

Do you want to buy quality clothes for your children? In our store you will find clothes made from natural fabrics, comfortable, not restricting movement, with the most beautiful and fashionable designs.

Your child will undoubtedly be delighted with such a gift as beautiful and eco-friendly cotton clothes.

Clothes for babies from natural fabrics

The appearance of a new family member is always accompanied by many joys and unexpected, but pleasant troubles. To be fully prepared to meet your baby, start shopping before he is born. Make a list of what you will need right after the birth of the baby, so that at first nothing distracts you from getting to know the baby who will need your constant attention.Start with baby clothes.

Clothes for newborns

First things for a newborn should be of excellent quality and contain exclusively natural fibers. Soft jumpsuits, pajamas and rompers from organic cotton, presented in the La Redoute collection, will be gentle companions to the first days of the baby. For example, you can choose a set consisting of a one-piece pajamas, bonnet, bodysuit, and tiny mittens. Cute prints are a nice addition to the soft fabric and special hidden seams.These special stitches are invented so as not to disturb the sensitive skin of the child.

Nursing Underwear

When the first outfit for the baby is chosen, it’s time to think about mom. In order for the feeding to be as comfortable as possible for all participants in the process, try using special bras. La Redoute nursing bras have special flaps that are not noticeable at first glance. Becoming a mother, any woman wants to preserve her femininity and attractiveness, which is why many products are decorated with delicate lace and ribbons.A bra guide will help you achieve the perfect fit.

Sets for newborns as a gift

Replenishment of a family of friends is a joyful event for everyone! Some time after the landmark event, you will probably be invited to meet the new cheek of the family. When you are going to visit, keep in mind that now the time of your friends is subject to the schedule of the baby, so try not to be late and not stay too long at a party. As a gift, you can bring healthy products, such as fruits, and a set of clothes for the child.Most likely, young parents already have sliders and bodysuits for the first months of life, so it’s a good idea to give them a set to grow. Better yet, check with your mom in advance what she is missing and order exactly this.

Summer clothes for children under 3 years old

Dressing up little boys and girls is a real pleasure! Choose a light summer dress for the baby and match cute shoes to it, you will notice how your child will begin to pay more attention to his reflection.For fidgeting boys for the summer, it is best to stock up on a set of sliders and tights. They are the ones who fail in the first place. It is also important to remember that babies are still poorly aware of how warm or cold they are, so for the summer it is better to choose light suits made of thin natural cotton and not wear a cap on their heads to allow the body to thermoregulate.

Winter clothes for children under 3 years old

In winter, clothes for different ages acquire more differences.For newborns who walk only in strollers so far, the best solution will be insulated baby envelopes. When the child has already learned to walk, walks take on a completely different turn. Kids from the age of two become more active and sociable, they learn to play outdoor games, and so that nothing distracts them from new acquaintances and fun, they need warm and comfortable winter clothes. The advantage of winter overalls for children is that even during the most violent snow battles or rolling downhills, it will not get anywhere and will not fly off.But if the child is not so active, and you are afraid that he will quickly grow out of the overalls, if it makes sense to choose separate jacket and pants. Membrane clothing is a high-tech solution to the problem of children’s winter wardrobe. But it still has its drawbacks. For example, it requires careful selection of materials for the lower layers. Therefore, if you are not planning a trip to a ski resort, then outerwear with padding polyester filler will be a more reasonable purchase.

Clothes for kindergarten and events

Holidays are a great occasion to spend time with the whole family! Many parents strive not to part with their little child anywhere, and gladly take him with them to family gatherings.Of course, your little one needs a special costume or dress for special occasions. The main thing is that the child is comfortable, and the evening goes without tears. That is why you should first of all pay attention to the quality of the fabric and seams, and only secondarily to the style and style. The most comfortable and effective combination for a girl is a cotton bodysuit with an elegant pattern and a tutu skirt. This option guarantees convenience for a child and a sea of ​​affection on the part of adults. On boys suits, consisting of pants, T-shirts and jackets, look great.The jacket can be replaced with a cardigan in a beautiful color. For the little ones, you can choose a bodysuit sewn in the form of a tuxedo. They are as comfortable as regular bodysuits, but they look fun and elegant at the same time.

90,000 How to choose baby clothes: tips for choosing

Movement is the basis for the harmonious development of a child. Nothing should interfere with his movement, feel comfortable during active games, sleep and rest. This must be taken into account when choosing children’s clothing.Not only the physical development of the baby depends on it, but also his attitude. The color, design and decoration of clothing should match his preferences, help show his personality and stand out from his peers. You will learn how to choose the right children’s clothes and what parameters to focus on in this article.

What materials are children’s clothes made of

When sewing children’s clothing, mainly natural materials are used – cotton, linen, knitwear, silk, viscose.However, sometimes it is sewn from synthetic materials, the coarse fibers of which irritate delicate skin and cause inconvenience to the child. Therefore, before choosing a thing, you need to study the information about the composition, which is usually indicated on the label or in the description of the model.

Clothes for girls and boys can be sewn from mixed materials, but the percentage of synthetics should be minimal. For example, if the fabric contains up to 5% elastane, this will make it more durable. In winter, it is advisable to choose fleece clothing as an intermediate layer, which quickly removes moisture and prevents the skin from cooling.In summer, the child should wear clothes made of cotton, linen and other natural materials that support air exchange and do not cause irritation.

How to determine the size of children’s clothing

So that the thing does not restrain the child in movement, does not rub the skin to calluses and does not affect blood circulation, it must be selected in accordance with his anatomical features. As a rule, manufacturers place size tables in their online stores, where children’s clothes can be selected according to the height and physical parameters of the baby.



Chest girth

Waist circumference

Hip girth

Size (height)

International size (height-for-age)

Breast size (Russia)

0-1 month






50 / 1M

18 (36)

2 months






56 / 2M

18 (38)

3 months






62 / 3M

20 (40)

6 months






68 / 6M

20 (42)

9 months






74 / 9M

22 (44)

12 months






80 / 12M

24 (48)

18 months






86 / 18M

26 (50)

2 years






92 / 2Y

26 (52)

3 years






98 / 3Y

28 (56)

4 years






104 / 4Y


5 years






110 / 5Y


6 years






116 / 6Y


7 years






122 / 7Y


8 years






128 / 8Y


9 years






134 / 9Y


10 years






140 / 10Y


11 years






146 / 11Y

36-38 (74)

12 years






152 / 12Y

38 (76)

13 years






158 / 13Y

38-40 (80)

14 years old






164 / 14Y

40-42 (82)

16 years






170 / 16Y

42-44 (86)

Using this table, you can determine the size of clothes for a boy or girl from birth to 16 years, taking into account height, chest circumference, waist and hips.In the first years of life, the child grows rapidly, so it is advisable to choose a thing for growth. However, the difference should not exceed 1-1.5 sizes. Otherwise, the child will be uncomfortable, he will stumble over long legs or get tangled in endless sleeves.

Color selection

For most parents, there are only two palettes in which children’s clothes are designed – blue and pink. In fact, the color range of children’s clothes is deep and multifaceted. This allows you to select things based on the preferences of a particular child.

Most often, when sewing children’s clothing, manufacturers use the following palettes:

  1. Plain. On the basis of monochromatic things, you can create universal kits that will be appropriate at school, kindergarten or on a walk.
  2. Neutral. Neutral garments can also serve as a base for your everyday wardrobe. In addition, if the child is hyperactive, they will calm his nervous system.
  3. Variegated. Every child will appreciate a thing decorated with a printed pattern or a bright print.It can be used as an accent piece in combination with solid and neutral models. This will allow the little one to stand out and show their personality.

Ideally, a child’s wardrobe should contain clothes decorated in different colors and prints. So he will be able to independently choose a kit suitable for kindergarten, school or a walk with friends.

What should be children’s clothes

In order for the clothes to bring only comfort to the child, parents need to take into account different nuances when choosing them.Among them:

  1. Security. The item should be made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials that will not irritate baby’s skin.
  2. Cut quality. The thing should provide an optimal microclimate, allow the skin to breathe, and not restrain the child in movement. It should have a minimum of strings, nets, chains and bows.
  3. Wear resistance. Clothing must be able to withstand constant drops, soiling of varying degrees of difficulty and the numerous washings that follow.
  4. Size. The product must correspond to the anatomical features of the child. It is better to take a model 1-2 sizes larger. Taking into account the growth rate of the baby, it will be enough for 1-2 seasons.
  5. Whimsical care. It is advisable that the item can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, tumble dry and ironed.

Taking these parameters into account, you can choose children’s clothes that will fit the figure correctly, provide the child with freedom of movement and comfort.It will be easy to care for, maintaining its original shape and color.

Tilly & Jasper. Bright baby clothes made from organic cotton

Tilly & Jasper. Bright organic cotton kidswear

4 April 2020

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to add bright colors to the wardrobe of little fashionistas and fashionistas. Every day new clothes from the Tilly & Jasper online store will help you create stylish and incredibly comfortable images, which will cheer up not only children, but also adults.

Childhood is the best time that moms and dads can make even more fun and carefree. When looking for clothes for your children, do not limit your imagination to boring “adult” frames – choose the most colorful wardrobe items that will charge you with positive. You will find just such a positive, bright and cheerful assortment of children’s clothing in the Tilly & Jasper online store. This independent English online store offers customers a huge selection of clothing and accessories for girls and boys from birth to six years old.On you can find products from Pigeon Organics, Toby Tiger, Alba, Frugi, Blade & Rose and other European brands that make baby clothes from organic cotton. When purchasing a dress, T-shirt or trousers for your child in the Tilly & Jasper online store, you will be sure that you are purchasing high-quality clothes from safe natural raw materials. Safety is one of the most important aspects that caring parents pay attention to, and choosing clothes from the Tilly & Jasper range, you can be absolutely sure about the health of your little princes and princesses.Organic cotton, bamboo and other natural materials are ideal for delicate baby skin without causing irritation or allergies. This is especially important during sleep, when the baby is sweating and the clothes are in contact with the skin for a long time. The range of pajamas presented on will please the most demanding parents and kids who will not leave indifferent the colorful design of the models. Unicorns, chanterelles, bees, dinosaurs, cars – you will find here bright new clothes for boys and girls with any interests and preferences.In soft pajamas made of the most delicate cotton, children will have only the sweetest dreams all night long.

Collections of everyday clothes are also pleasing to the eye and cheer up with a cheerful design. The seasonal SS’20 selection offers rainbow stripes, multicolored peas, fun prints, appliques and embroidery. And all this – at very reasonable prices that will be affordable for every buyer.

Happy shopping!

90,000 Organic cotton baby clothes at

At the end of June, the first online children’s clothing store, specializing exclusively in organic cotton products, was opened in Kaliningrad! Organic cotton is not just the cotton we are used to, it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the world. The purchase of organic goods has been a current trend in Europe and the USA for several years now. Advanced Europeans choose 100% natural products, be it organic wine, organic meat, organic cosmetics or clothing.Now this trend has reached Kaliningrad: the online store is pleased to present a collection of children’s clothing by the American brand Positively Organic.

Why is it worth choosing clothes made of organic cotton for your beloved children? Of course, there is only one answer: it is very beneficial for the health of your little ones. A child’s skin is much thinner, more fragile and has much less fatty secretions than an adult’s. It is less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, especially if it is irritated.Babies also sweat less intensely than adults, making it harder for babies to maintain their core temperature. Strong irritants for the body of newborns and babies are toxins contained both in the polluted environment and in synthetics and chemically treated clothes. Often it is low-quality clothing that can cause allergies.

In the manufacture of organic clothing, only safe and highly environmentally friendly technologies are used without the use of pesticides and herbicides.Natural clothing can ensure that your baby’s body is safe from the influence of a large number of harmful bacteria and germs. Among other things, organic cotton does not lose its properties even after hundreds of washes, maintaining the appearance and quality of the fabric.

In our country, the positive qualities of organic children’s clothing have already been appreciated by caring parents in Moscow and St.

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