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Bill in Hawaii | Fit: True to size

This shirt was worn in the morning and evenings during our recent trip to Mexico, it is light and very comfortable.

kirk nafsinger | Fit: True to size

the relaxed fit and and “cuffing” on the sleeves – just what we were searching for

Jean B | Fit: True to size

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Peru
  • Button closure
  • Warm iron
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 100% Authentic Luxurious Organic Pure Peruvian Pima Cotton Finely Handpicked in Peru
  • WHY PIMA: Pima cotton is a higher-end type of cotton that features longer fibers than regular cotton, making it more soft on the skin, durable, wrinkle-resistant, and provides better overall comfort than a traditional a cotton shirt.
    An excellent choice for people with sensitive skin
  • STYLE: This white casual long sleeve mens beach shirt is an open collar button down shirt with the perfect fit that is not too loose, yet not too tight. Features a roll-tab for easy folding and roll-up sleeves. Truly breathable shirts for men thanks to the lightweight fabric. The perfect white shirts for men and a great addition to mens clothing summer fashion
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Whether as a mens beach shirt, hippie shirt, medieval shirt, meditation shirt, cruise shirt, or simply as mens beach wedding attire this shirt is perfect for all! Be ready to be the center of attention with our elegant and vibrant deluxe pima cotton shirt
  • GARMENT CARE: Hand Wash. Wash separately or with similar colors in cold water. Line (hang) dry and use a warm iron if needed.
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Men’s Luxury Sea Island Cotton

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Mens Long Underwear | Cotton Long Johns


In New England and other places where the temperature drops, thermal underwear becomes an important (if not integral) part of one’s wardrobe. In our selection of quality long johns for men, we carry thermal tops, bottoms, and even hard-to-find union suits.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or prefer to stay indoors during the cold weather, insulated underwear is extremely useful. Shop a selection of top-quality pieces from The Vermont Country Store, and spend the days ahead much warmer than you were before!

Love to Ski? Our Base Layers are Essential

If you’re a fan of spending time outside year-round, the proper base layers are a must. As the famous quote goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” With that in mind, take a look at our thermal underwear options and spend more time outdoors with increased comfort. Whether you’re an alpine skier, cross country skier, ice skater, an all-season hiker, runner, or spectating from the sidelines, we can help you get back out there with our amazing thermal garments perfect for wearing under your outer layers.

Dress for the Outdoors Like a Pro

The secret to enjoying the outdoors, no matter the temperature, comes down to how you’ve prepared. Often, the right types of clothing can make all the difference. And it’s not only the right types of clothing but how they’re worn. What do we mean by this? Simply, it’s all about the layers! Layering quality thermals will get you set up for almost any outdoor activity during the winter. Layering right allows you to remove and add on clothing as your body temperature fluctuates during activity.

For outdoor adventures and sports, be sure to go with moisture-wicking merino wool long underwear. If you’re spending time indoors and wish to be warmer, we recommend cotton long johns. Cotton long underwear is also a suitable base layer if you don’t plan on doing anything strenuous that will cause you to sweat. Cotton holds onto moisture, and one thing is for certain, a damp base layer will not keep you warm!

Top-Notch Long Johns for Men at The Vermont Country Store

When you need an extra layer of warmth, our thermal wear for men does the trick. We have super-soft cotton layers, moisture-wicking merino wool, and even silk long johns for you to choose from.

Whatever material you decide on, our insulated underwear will feel great on your skin. If you enjoy warmth but not the bulk, rest assured knowing our thermal underwear fits comfortably under clothing. A range of styles and sizes are available, so what are you waiting for? Start enjoying winter more with the proper men’s long underwear.

What fabrics are preferred for men

What fabrics are preferred for men

The fabric that fits the body like a second skin is ideal, regardless of the cut and type of the underwear . When buying, it is worth examining its composition.

There are 3 types of fabrics:
1. Natural:
• animal origin;
• vegetable origin.
All of them quickly decompose in nature.

The name sounds alarming, but they are made from natural raw materials, most often from cellulose, by processing it with chemicals. These tissues also decompose in nature.

3. Synthetic.
Received from raw materials that do not occur in nature by synthesizing hydrocarbons. In nature, they decompose in the same way as plastic – for centuries.

Natural fabrics


This raw material is obtained from the fibers surrounding cotton seeds.The length of the fibers of expensive varieties can be up to 5 cm.
The tighter the thread is twisted and the finer the fiber, the more delicate the fabric will be.
Cotton is the most used material in the world for sewing men’s underwear . It is used to sew both inexpensive family panties and luxury items of any brands.
It has many advantages and few disadvantages.

• air penetrates freely, the skin “breathes”;
• hygroscopic, fibers easily absorb moisture;
• things are durable, although they are often washed;
• hypoallergenic;
• cotton is pleasant to the body;
• it is antistatic;
• insulator: protects from cold and maintains body temperature; • does not irritate the skin;
• relatively inexpensive.

• wears out quickly;
• shrinkage and deformation in hot water;
• not elastic and does not fit the body;
• may contain pesticides;
• poorly gives off moisture to the outside.

Small additions of synthetic fibers, which create new types of materials with new properties, help to correct the shortcomings of cotton fabrics for men’s underwear.
Although the corespoon is a synthetic fiber, it is very necessary to improve the properties of cotton: if the corespoon thread is braided around with a cotton thread, then the fabric will look silk, fit the body well, and will not stretch.
Cotton textiles are indispensable for the production of most types of men’s underwear.

Satin and other acquaintances

Satin is made from pure cotton. It has a complex weaving of threads, which are mercerized – they are pretreated chemically with alkali and acid for their smoothness.

This makes satin
• soft and shiny like silk;
• very durable, withstands up to 300 washes;
• holding color;
• almost crease-free;
• pleasant to the touch;
• non-rolling.

The price of satin is the highest in cotton textiles.
And the long-known chintz (has a plain weave) and less spectacular coarse calico (has a net weaving) are inexpensive.
All these materials are loved by many men, especially older ones, because it is from them that the famous “family” panties are sewn.


This is a durable fabric with a soft sheen. To obtain the raw material, you need to unwind the silk thread wound on the silkworm cocoons.
Silk is lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, color fast, breathable.
For the summer, some men buy silk underwear , in the usefulness of which they believe and are accustomed to. Long-term wearing of men’s silk underwear is impractical, though. Moreover, it is very expensive.

Artificial fabrics


The desire for an inexpensive substitute for silk led to the appearance of viscose in the 19th century.To obtain it, chopped coniferous wood is boiled with chemicals. From this mass, viscose yarns are subsequently obtained.
Viscose threads are used to weave excellent knitwear, which is ideal for making men’s underwear .

Viscose positive properties:
• depending on the technology, it may look like linen, silk, cotton, wool;
• very gentle and soft;
• hygroscopicity is 2 times higher than that of cotton;
• durable;
• is not electrified;
• simple staining in bright colors;
• hypoallergenic.

Viscose cannot stand:
• high temperatures during washing;
• spinning and twisting;
• steaming;
• washing in a typewriter;
• some detergents.

To improve the properties of viscose for men’s underwear , various components are added to it.


A new type of viscose – modal. It is produced from cellulose obtained from eucalyptus or beech wood.It replicates the characteristics of cotton and even surpasses them. The modal is simply created for sewing underwear men’s underwear .

Modal characteristics:
• thin, lightweight and tear-resistant;
• looks like silk;
• soft and cool;
• hygroscopicity is half that of cotton;
• the skin underneath is dry and “breathes”;
• elastic and wearable;
• does not change the structure and does not shrink in hot water;
• does not collapse from moisture and high temperature;
• antibacterial;
• environmentally friendly;
• antistatic.

Micromodal is a newer modification of the modal. Micromodal is a material with an even thinner thread, more durable and elastic, keeps its shape, mostly brightly colored, has a light sheen, perfect for men’s underwear.

Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo in textile production is a fairly new business. Cellulose is obtained by grinding the leaves and stems of bamboo, this mass is treated with chemical solutions and the threads are drawn from it.

Benefits of bamboo fabric:
• the fibers are environmentally friendly, bamboo grows without chemical treatment;
• durable: more than 500 washes will not change the appearance of the product;
• it hardly wrinkles, it is easy to iron;
• retains elasticity for a long time;
• men’s underwear made of bamboo is pleasant for the body;
• does not irritate the skin;
• helps to quickly heal wounds on the skin;
• does not cause allergies;
• bactericidal: harmful bacteria are destroyed;
• intensively absorbs moisture and evaporates it just as easily;
• is an obstacle to ultraviolet rays;
• air permeability;
• neutralizes unpleasant odors;
• it is impossible to overheat or sweat in the laundry;
• the addition of copper thread gives an antistatic effect;
• copper ions in the bamboo thread improve male potency;
• fibers are 100% biodegradable.

The properties of bamboo textiles make it possible to sew first-class men’s underwear from them.

Synthetic fabrics

Let’s talk about the pros: men’s underwear made of 100% synthetics is easy to sew, does not wrinkle, does not stretch, is resistant to washing, it is inexpensive.
Cons: tough to the touch, “does not breathe”, does not warm like any plastic, it is inert to the environment.


This is the general name for textiles such as nylon, nylon, etc.This is one of the first synthetic fabrics in history. Men’s underwear made of polyamide is produced in small quantities.

Main characteristics of polyamide products that you should keep in mind when buying:
• strength, elasticity;
• softness, lightness;
• dry faster than cotton;
• they do not burn, but melt;
• do not fade in the sun and do not fade;
• resistant to fungus;
• insensitive to sea salt;
• do not wrinkle, do not shrink, easy to wash;
• ease of staining;
• attractive appearance;
• low hygroscopicity;
• do not warm, do not cool, the body “does not breathe”;
• “break” from +40 degrees;
• build up static electricity;
• grease stains are not washed off;
• difficulty in sewing, crumbles;
• Possible allergy to polyamide.


This is a synthetic fiber, the fabric of which is used in the creation of men’s underwear and underwear for swimming and sports, because it is
• well removes moisture;
• does not wrinkle, does not sit down;
• does not fade, does not fade;
• durable, keeps its shape well;
• dries quickly.
The main disadvantage of polyester is the electrification of the fabric.
In the production of linen, polyester is used with additives to adjust the characteristics.


She is elastane, dorlastane, spandex (the name depends on the manufacturer).
It is a polyurethane fiber that can withstand 7-8 times stretch and the same reverse compression.
Natural, artificial and synthetic fibers are rarely used in their pure form. Most often, manufacturers men’s underwear use mixed materials with specified characteristics.

For men’s underwear, lycra is used only as an additive to the main fabrics, but it is
• increases the service life;
• helps to keep in shape;
• gives extensibility and elasticity;
• does not allow him to crumple;
• increases the fit of the body;
• guarantees the original dimensions of the linen;
• does not shrink after washing.


If you are looking for men’s underwear for every day – choose it from natural and artificial fabrics with synthetic additives no more than 10-15%.
For sports, you should buy things made of modern synthetic materials with the properties necessary for your exercise.

90,000 DPS inspector shot his daughter in the head

12.11.2021 10:36



/ eleven

On the evening of November 11, in Sergiev Posad, 47-year-old police captain Sergei Varakin called a taxi to the Alpiysky cafe (48 Khotkovsky proezd). He got into the car with his 20-year-old daughter Alina, after which he shot her in the temple with a pistol.

According to the taxi driver, reader Dmitry, with whom I spoke, the passengers left the cafe in the company of four people. The man sat in the back seat, and the girl in the front. That they didn’t swear at all.

She had to be taken to the “Archimedes” residential complex on Inzhenernaya, and he to the New settlement.

True, almost immediately the girl asked to take her father to the village first, and then return her to the city.

Driving along the Novouglichskoye Highway near the Capitol mall, a man three or four times said that he was now “get ** t”, after which a cotton sounded and the girl began to cover herself with blood from her temple. The pistol turned out to be a trample “Wasp”.

The driver says they didn’t fight. The girl was wearing headphones, listening to music and not saying anything. After the shot, the man calmly got out of the taxi and walked towards the Capitol, but an hour later he was detained by the police.

Dmitry says that if he first drove the girl, as planned, then the bullet could go to him.

The taxi driver called the ambulance himself (screen below). Says the shooting passenger apparently “caught a squirrel.”

The captain had the pistol with him; police officers confiscated it. There was only one cartridge left in it.

However, the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda says the following:

– Both were intoxicated. At the same time, the daughter scolded her father for too much alcohol, – said own source in law enforcement

The traffic cop did not tolerate this. At first he insulted his daughter.

– He shouted “shut up scum.” And then I heard a pop that looked like a shot, ”the taxi driver testified.

The girl survived: she has a fracture of the temporal bone, a bullet wound to the skull and a head injury, she is in intensive care. A criminal case was initiated on the deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm with aggravating circumstances in the form of the official position of the shooter and family ties with the victim.

There was a photo of a traffic police inspector who shot his own daughter in a taxi in the head, REN TV reports.

On the photos published in the media, 47-year-old Sergei Varakin, who, on his VK page, was congratulated on the day of the traffic police.

Also, some media outlets claim that the shooting inspector allegedly did not hide from the crime scene!

A daughter in the Moscow region, wounded by a traffic police inspector in the head, had previously posted videos and photos in her father’s company on social networks, REN TV reports.In these shots, a man and a girl are posing in an embrace.

As the head of the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region, Tatyana Petrova, clarified, the taxi driver told the police that a conflict had occurred between the passengers near the village of Deulino on the Novouglichskoye Highway.

“The police officers who arrived at the scene had previously established that the taxi driver was carrying a man and a girl.While driving, a verbal quarrel occurred between them, after which the driver heard a pop. After stopping the car, the driver discovered that the girl was injured, “she said.

According to Petrova, it was established that both passengers were drunk. During the search, a traumatic pistol was found on the man. It was found that he was an employee of one of the traffic police departments of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Moscow region.

Petrova clarified that an official audit was scheduled, as a result of which the employee will be dismissed from the internal affairs bodies for negative reasons and brought to justice in accordance with the law.In addition, his immediate supervisors will be subject to strict disciplinary responsibility.

90,000 For all 100 – Kommersant Yekaterinburg

In Florence, after two missed seasons, the most important for the fashion industry, the 100th anniversary exhibition of menswear Pitti Immagine Uomo for the spring-summer 2022 season took place. All of it fit on the two lower floors of the central pavilion with a small appendix. The significant decrease in the number of participants played into the hands of small brands, which were not previously seen behind the backs of large ones.

Large fish

However, the major players continue to set the tone at the exhibition. In a crisis period, it becomes clear whose business has retained stability or, at least, its owners have not lost heart and are ready to work in new conditions. Such is the outerwear manufacturer Herno, whose head Claudio Marenzi is also the president of Pitti Immagine. The company has been developing the Herno Globe line for several years now, focusing on sustainable materials, recycling and organic dyes.This time, the jacket, bomber and vest were made from anaerobic nylon in just five years (50 years for regular nylon), and the lining was made from biodegradable polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Models are painted with plant pigments.

For another big brand, Brunello Cucinelli, ethical issues have always been paramount. “One of the great humanists said,” Lord, help me accept what I cannot change. “It is impossible to influence what is happening, so let’s try to change what we can do and get back to work. I do not want to talk about what I lost during the pandemic, but I want to realize what she gave me. For the first time in 44 years, the company has a loss, and now we are recovering. However, according to the press, we have made the best collection in our history, ”says Brunello Cucinelli. Indeed, it turned out to be very solid. The costume becomes an integral part of many informal looks, and bright accents give way to subtle watercolor shades (as if you accidentally washed a white thing with colored ones).As usual, Brunello Cucinelli does not seek to radically change the style, preferring the style revolution to evolution: “I believe that this situation taught me to take care of both the planet and my wardrobe. Now I am wearing a suit that three years ago I wore with English shoes and a tie, and now with sneakers, and it is appropriate everywhere.

New Fashion Ethics

An example of a brand that has responded to the idea of ​​new comfort and a new work ethic in fashion is Tombolini. Her signature weightless Zero Gravity suit can be made not only from wool or linen, but also from the next generation of technological materials.The heir to the family business, Silvio Calvigioni, shows me a trendy wide striped suit: “This is our flagship innovation, the Zero Impact, a biodegradable model. Six years after disposal, the suit completely disappears, and not only the fabric, but also the inner lining of cellulose, buttons and even a hanger. ” Hopefully before that, it will serve its owner well. Tombolini is slowly becoming a green company, reorganizing its production using renewable energy and turning to materials such as recycled nylon for the multifunctional TMB line.This is the case when you can work on the terrace of a country house, hold a video conference and go for a walk with the dog, ride a bike or even run in the same suit, and then wash it in the car. A similar model, but in fluorescent colors, is being developed by the Italian brand People of Shibuya. She was shown at the exhibition.

The idea of ​​reuse and upsycle is being developed by several brands at once. For example, an adherent of the army style Esercito made a significant part of the collection of jackets from parachute nylon.But most impressively, the concept of recycle and upsycle is embodied in the shoe brand RE49. She uses coffee bags, old jeans, worn out sails and spinnakers to make great reflective boots. My attention was drawn to the sneakers with the familiar striped plastic upper. A similar mesh can be seen on sun loungers on every beach in Italy. The sole of the sneaker is made of tires, and the insides are made of a terry towel. These sneakers looked much more interesting than most of the models of fashionable sneakers that sneakerheads hunt for.Each pair of shoes contains a certificate in the blockchain, to see it, you just need to bring your smartphone to the chip sewn into the tongue of the shoe.

Even a niche brand such as TBD Eyewear (The Bespoke Dudes) has contributed to sustainable development. “For the new 80s style thick-rimmed glasses, we used fully degradable bioacetate, a composite of cotton and wood pulp. So now our glasses are also sustainable, but I must say that artisanal items are sustainable by themselves, ”says the founder of the brand, popular blogger and expert in men’s style, Fabio Attanasio.

Techno fabrics

According to the new fashion, the shirt can be made from the same material as the suit. Shirts manufacturer Xacus has responded to the new trend of versatile clothing for active life and leisure with several models from techno jersey (polyamide and elastane blend). Even close up, synthetic fabric is indistinguishable from denim, linen or cotton. Xacus still makes traditional shirts, but they are becoming less formal. The collection includes many summer Hawaiian and boar shirts with bright patterns.The most unusual model is made of fine merino wool, which surpasses other fabrics in quality in hot weather, having a natural antibacterial, hygroscopic and thermoregulating effect.

The fashion for informal shirts is also supported by the Neapolitan brand Maria Santangelo – a variety of wide stripes (perhaps the main trend in shirt fabrics) and a print with palm leaves and tropical flowers. The Alessandro Gherardi brand, which is known for its classic shirts, is moving in the same direction, but this fall presents a separate line of Casual.Her summer collection has the best selection of trendy overshirts, or loose shirts that replace jackets and made of linen, cotton and thin denim, as well as Texas shirts with contrasting stitching and curly yokes, fashionable striped models and short-sleeved Hawaiian shirts. The Athletic line features wrinkle-free and quick-drying nylon-cotton shirts.

In terms of the development of knitwear technologies for such a niche product as socks, few can compare with Bresciani, whose new collection includes 70 models in 1000 color variations.Some of the most unusual are socks with a glitch effect that literally reproduces the pattern of interference from a television signal, as well as a model from the Art Icons of Italy collection with a portrait of Caravaggio, released on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the great painter. From the category of new classics – summer linen socks.

Among the brands of knitwear, in the production of which Italians are traditionally strong, an unusual brand from Germany has appeared – Buttertea. Plant pigments are used for coloring, buttons are made of coroso wood, which does not lose its luster when washed, unlike horn, and the promised service life of the product is up to 30 years with proper care.The owner of the Buttertea sweater can donate it twice to a special spa, which will return the cashmere’s fluffiness and softness.

For obvious reasons, the exhibition did not include the Classico Italia section representing the best manufacturers of classic clothing. But the Belvest brand, a member of Pitti since 1972, nevertheless appeared in the online Connect format on the exhibition website. The brand, as always, presents a collection of lightweight deconstructed jackets, Jacket in the Box, made of different materials.

I would like to hope that in January the exhibition will return to its usual scale, the men’s clothing market will grow, and Brunello Cucinelli’s words will turn out to be prophetic: “I notice that the atmosphere is becoming more optimistic, people want to dress elegantly again, as in 1920- years after the First World War and the Spanish flu epidemic, when the Prince of Wales was the arbiter of the style.

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