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20 Places You’ll Find Free Moving Boxes Near You

There are often many expenses associated with moving, including moving services or a self storage unit. Cardboard moving boxes shouldn’t be one of those. That’s why we’re here to help you find free moving boxes!

Wait, Moving boxes?! You should never have to pay for boxes again if you go to these 20 places to find free moving boxes near you!

Where can I Find Free Moving Boxes?

You can find free moving boxes at Craigslist, Liquor Stores, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, U-Haul Customer Connect, Office Depot or OfficeMax, Walgreens, PetSmart, Walmart, Target, WinCo, Costco, OfferUp, LetGo, Facebook Community Groups, Freecycle, Dollar Store, Petco, and Rite Aid. At commercial stores, simply ask an employee if they have any free boxes available. At other places like classifieds, search for any free moving box listings for post a request for boxes.

Best Places to Find Free Moving Boxes



Craigslist probably has the biggest free section of any website. They have free boxes for everyone, moving anywhere. Just go straight to the free section and search for moving and storage boxes. You’ll have to many options to choose from!

From my experience you will have the best of luck finding boxes at the beginning of the week, just after everyone else has completed their moves the previous weekend.

Yields: An unlimited amount of boxes

2. Liquor stores

These boxes are perfect for moving because they are sturdy, and extremely durable due to their ability to carry glass alcohol bottles.

Each store will vary, but you just have to ask when they receive shipments of bottles and then ask them to set some aside for you. Just make sure to go in the afternoon before they are super busy with the night rush!

Yields: 5-10 free moving boxes per night

3. Barnes & Noble

How do books travel? In sturdy boxes. What do you want to use when moving? Sturdy Moving Boxes. So where should you go to get your boxes? A bookstore! Any Barnes & Noble bookstore will do, as long as they have frequent shipments!

Just find out when they have their book shipments and be right on time, because I bet more people than just you know about these tricks!

Yields: 4-8 boxes per shipment

 4. Starbucks

We all have to have our coffee. To make coffee we need the coffee grounds, machines, filters, flavorings, and cream. All of which come in nice little boxes! The typical Starbucks cafe can have anywhere from 2-3 shipments of supplies a week. They have the entire range of boxes so I imagine you’ll be able to find a box for anything you want.

While you’re there you might as well enjoy a good cup of coffee!

Yields: 12-25 moving boxes per shipment (Varied in size)

5. Local classifieds

Local classifieds marketplaces have thousands of listings that are your local folks giving away free boxes. With a simple search you can find hundreds of people willing to give you boxes for free or sometimes sell you their boxes for $1. This is easily one of the best ways to find free (or essentially free) boxes!

Yields: As many boxes as you are willing to go pick up!

6. U-Haul Customer Connect

U-Haul has a location at each of there stores where customers can leave their moving boxes for other people to use for free! All you have to do is walk in and ask the store manager if they have boxes available. Just enter in your zip and city and off you go! Check out every store within your vicinity.

Yields: As many free boxes as you can find

7. Office Depot or OfficeMax

Tuesday is usually Office Depot’s first shipment day of the week and they will have so many boxes they won’t know what to do with them all. If you show up and offer to take a few off their hands I think they would be more than overjoyed!

Ask for the boxes that have lids. Typically these are ones that have printer and copier paper inside them. This could be your one stop shop for moving and storage boxes!

Yields: 20-30 boxes per shipment (depending on the store and location)


8. Walgreens

You just have to give Walgreens notice before you show up and ask for boxes. They typically throw them away or recycle them very quickly. Call ahead and ask them to save you some boxes from their next shipment or go in-store during hours where they aren’t particularly busy and just ask!

Yields: 10-15 Storage Boxes on average

9. PetSmart

Dogs don’t come in boxes! No, but their food, water containers, toys, beds, etc. come in nice little boxes! Go check out your local PetSmart and ask the manager if they have any boxes you can snag. Try going before 12 noon and you’ll miss the typical doggy lover rush!

Yields: 5-10 boxes

10. Walmart

Walmart is the holy grail of finding boxes. They have every size, shape, type, or cardboard weight you can imagine!

Yields: >10 boxes daily


11. Target

Weekdays are when Target gets the biggest shipments in. If you go before 12 noon then you’ll miss the shopper rush and the employees and managers will be more likely to help you out! If you call ahead they will even set aside the boxes for you at the customer service desk.

Yields: 1-10 boxes daily

12. WinCo

Call ahead and speak with a WinCo produce manager or a stocker (someone who stocks the shelves with the merchandise). They can set aside a couple boxes for you. Pop by any day you’ve called ahead!

Yields: 4-10 Boxes daily


13. Costco

Costco is known for reusing their boxes or repurposing them for other uses. However, if you call ahead of a shipment then you could snag a bunch before they all get used up!

Yields: 5-10 Free Moving Boxes



This is an awesome classifieds mobile app for finding free moving boxes and other free and for sale items. Try it out and you’ll find there are hundreds of people willing to sell you or giveaway their moving boxes for free. Check it out!

Yields: As many boxes as you can find

15. LetGo

Yields: As many boxes as you can find


16. Facebook community groups

Facebook Community Groups are amazing! Find some on Facebook, and you will be pleasantly surprised how nice people will be to those asking for help! And they are all usually local so you don’t have to drive for hours to get boxes!

Yields: As many boxes as you can find or people are willing to give.

17. Freecycle

Join an online Freecycle group, then create a post about how many moving boxes you need! If there are any available you will have many response within the hour. These are people who care about making the most use out of their boxes and the environment. They will be more than willing to just pass on the boxes to you!

Yields: 10-20 moving boxes on average

18. Dollar stores

Heaven of all things cheap and inexpensive, including thousands of free moving boxes. Dollar Tree is one of the biggest dollar stores you should check out. Also heaven to thousands of boxes. Just show up and ask for the boxes, they always have tons.

Yields: As many as you can carry.


19. Petco

Same as PetSmart; find all sorts of weird shapes and sizes here! Free moving boxes come in abundance.

20. Rite Aid

Very similar to Walgreens. Home of free moving boxes for all!

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Best Moving Box Sizes For Almost Anything

Most people automatically think that big boxes are the best for moving because you can fit more in a large box and then you don’t need to buy or move as many boxes. It’s a great idea, but it doesn’t work. Large boxes with lots of stuff means carrying something very large and sometimes awkwardly-shaped. It means fewer trips, but those trips are harder–sometimes impossible!–and eventually end up taking the same amount of time. Only get the amount of large boxes you need, and never fill them full of books.

Before going out to get cheap moving boxes, look around your house and evaluate how much stuff you have and how you plan on moving it.

Lamps, depending on their size, might be safer moved outside a box. Also look at the storage options you already have. You can pack a laundry basket full of clothes or a trash can full of cleaning supplies. This leads to fewer boxes you have to pack.

While you survey your home, look for the most weird shaped things, the things that gave you problems the last time you moved, or things that you are planning on moving but not packing (like a broom, for instance). This will help you figure out how many large or weird shaped boxes you will need. Remember that it is okay to have a lot of small and medium sized boxes and it actually makes it easier to pack the moving van.

Large boxes are for light bulky items, or items that literally can’t fit in any other box. Medium boxes are for the majority of your packing needs. These will be your go-to boxes for the most part. Small boxes are perfect for books, heavy objects, keepsakes, fragile china and other glass objects.

They are also good for the random drawer of knick-knacks that you have been telling yourself for years that you are going to sort and purge. There are also wardrobe boxes which let you transport hanging clothing still on the hanger, though it is also handy to simply fill up suitcases, duffel bags and laundry baskets with clothes. Another way to transport clothes is in their drawers.

Take the individual drawer out of your dresser and put a couple of strips of packaging tape across to create a loose grid. Voila! An instant box with no unpacking necessary. When moving day comes, simply pull all the drawers out, move the dresser into the van, and replace the drawers. Then you don’t have to deal with a heavy dresser or packing and unpacking clothes.

How to Pack Books in Moving Boxes

Packing books doesn’t need to be scary or overwhelming. Smaller boxes will work the best, but you might need to sneak larger books into a medium sized box. Try and spread out the heavier textbooks or anthologies among a few different boxes.

As a rule of thumb always store or pack books upright like on a shelf, laying on their side (like on a desk), or spine down. Never pack them spine up so you can see the titles. The pages are so heavy that storing them this way will literally pull the binding apart and damage the books.

This is especially true if you are planning on putting them in storage. Start with the larger books and then slowly work your way to the smaller books. Try and pack them in tight so they don’t have room to move.

Don’t over pack the boxes though, because too much pressure could cause the box to break mid-move. Once the books are packed they can go anywhere in the moving truck. They make a really good solid base, but can also be placed anywhere to fill gaps.

How to Pack Fragile Items and Electronics

My new favorite friend to use when packing fragile items is bubble wrap! You can buy it at any shipping store, home improvement store, or the post-office. It is a little on the spendy side, but it will ensure your fragile items stay in one piece. Other more budget-friendly options include crumpled newspaper, washcloths or towels.

Using linens to protect your dishes allows you to pack two things at the same time, both conserving space and utilizing the linens. Blankets are also really good when moving large, fragile items like ornamental vases or electronics.

A quilt folded a few times is the perfect padding for a flat screen television, gaming system, printer or a laptop without a case. If possible pack these item in their original boxes with the styrofoam inserts, but blankets and towels will work fine. The best way to transport fragile electronics is in a separate vehicle, usually the back seat of a car or the cab of a trunk.

Try and keep the electronics in a temperature controlled environment. You will also want to make sure that in the moving process you are able to keep an eye on those items, to prevent your electronics from being stolen.

Always pack your fragile items with the potential disaster in mind. Remember that the least amount of surface area affected by a fall will prevent damage. A plate falling on its edge is less likely to break than a plate landing flat. Pack plates upright on their edge like files in a filing cabinet.

If they are really delicate and breakable, place a sheet of bubble wrap or washcloth between each plate. Always pack cups, goblets, and wine glasses standing upright. They will be able to take more pressure and distribute a possible impact better than on their sides.

Glasses are strong and can be stacked on top of one another, but just remember to protect any surfaces that may rub together to prevent scratches.

Protecting Boxes While Moving

First, start with good boxes. Good doesn’t have to mean new. A good box is corrugated (two pieces of cardboard with a zigzag of paper in the middle), without dents or weak spots. Second, use the right kind of tape.

Clear packaging tape is the best. You can use duct tape, but it takes off chunks off the box when removed, making repurposing or recycling hard. Third, use a lot of tape. Tape all seams of your box at least once, and tape the weak ones multiple times. Reinforce the bottom of the box by going over the main seam of the two flaps three times, once right down the middle and two on either side holding it in place. This will make sure the bottom of the box doesn’t give out while moving it.

If you are using banged up second-hand boxes, going around with sides of the box with tape can help the box keep its shape through the moving process.

Use good heavy-lifting techniques to protect the boxes and your back. It is best to hold the box underneath and give added support to the bottom of the box. Make sure, when carrying, you lift with your legs and not with your back.

As far as protecting your moving boxes (and your belongings), try and keep them away from water or snow, which can weaken the cardboard. If you need to put them on wet ground try putting them on plastic tarps, large black garbage bags, or a waterproof shower curtain.

The best way to protect your cheap free moving boxes while moving is to put the larger weight-bearing boxes on the bottom and build up to the medium and smaller boxes. Pack your moving van so nothing has room to move. This will prevent boxes from shifting, falling and breaking.

When packing the moving vehicle, channel your inner Tetris knowledge by trying to make every level complete and without holes. Holes mean something has the potential of breaking. Essentially, only stack things as high as you need to and keep things as close to the ground as possible.

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Boxes | Shipping Boxes | Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are a staple of the packaging world, and your number one choice for safely delivering products to your customers. Available in multiple sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses, they can accommodate almost any kind of object. Corrugated boxes also come in box styles that offer unexpected uses and functionalities, like shipping artwork or reducing the need for packing tape. They’re strong, sturdy and reliable, handling jobs other shipping containers can’t. When a mailer won’t do, a box certainly will. All corrugated boxes ship and store flat to save space.

Interested in more than just kraft and white colors? Thinking about creating custom branded packaging for your business? Be sure to try out our custom shop, where you can create custom boxes in multiple sizes, styles and color options.

Boxes are often called the industry standard. Which makes sense, considering they’re the most used shipping container in existence. Some people even call them a staple of the packaging world. Which is a pun, sure, but it’s a fun one (hey, way back when, puns were considered the highest form of literature!). Shipping boxes come in all shapes and sizes, with varying wall strengths and purposes. Whether it’s helping a friend (or a client) move, packing up products to ship them across the country, or even just using one as a temporary recycling bin. They’re strong, sturdy and reliable, taking on the packing and shipping jobs other containers can’t.

Though they take up space once built, brand new boxes ship flat and in a stack. This way they’re easy to deliver, taking up less room in an already crowded truck. They’re also easy to store, taking up less space in a packed office supply room. And they’re easy to grab just one when you need it. You’re not limited to the standard brown cube, either. With styles meant for file storage, packing away specific kinds of furniture, or being used for e-commerce customer orders, corrugated boxes are a highly versatile and compelling form of shipping container. Some styles don’t need packing tape to construct them, either!

Don’t forget to measure your products before choosing shipping boxes for them. Also, be aware that the listed size for a box is its inside dimensions. If you’re not careful with your choice, you can be hit with hefty dimensional weight shipping charges. If you’re looking for more custom packaging, be sure to visit our custom shop. It’s a great place to start building the custom branded packaging that’ll make your customers stand up and take notice. So, stick around here. You’ll find all the corrugated boxes you’ll need right here at The Packaging Company.

Where to Get Free Boxes – 13 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

If you’re moving soon, you might be wondering “where can I find moving boxes near me?” Better yet – where can you find free moving boxes? After all, brand new moving boxes aren’t cheap. From hiring a relocation company to renting a storage unit, the process of moving to a new home already comes with a handful of necessary, yet cringe-worthy expenses. Out of all of the annoying moving costs, though, forking over one’s hard-earned money for a simple cardboard box is the worst. As soon as the move is finished, you’ll only be recycling that $25 bundle of bankers boxes, anyway (sigh).

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid spending big bucks on moving boxes. By seeking out free moving supplies near you from various stores, online marketplaces and community groups, you could save hundreds of dollars on moving expenses. With the exception of a few special-size boxes designed to fit certain TVs and mirrors, you could potentially move your entire home in free boxes as well. Wondering where to get moving boxes in your area? Below, we’ve listed 13 places to find free boxes near you to ensure your move is as cost-efficient as possible. Happy box hunting!

The 13 best places to find free moving boxes

  1. Craigslist

    This online marketplace is a popular place to find just about everything. From couches for sale to job listings, your local Craigslist page is packed with an overwhelming number of great finds. The website even has a “Free” section, where locals can list belongings they wish to give away. I recommend starting here to see if anyone is giving away moving boxes. You can also post your own ad to let people know you’re in the market for free boxes and supplies.


    Next time you’re wondering where to get moving boxes, check your local online community groups for answers. If you haven’t joined the neighborhood hub, then you should. Not only can you find helpful information about the area (think: city news, neighborhood updates, local services, etc), but you can also find loads of free stuff being given away by your neighbors. Oftentimes, this includes moving boxes. The community platform hosts a “Classifieds” section devoted to goods for sale and free giveaways. Think of it as one big online garage sale in your neighborhood. If you don’t see any free moving boxes listed in the Classifieds section, simply post what you’re looking for and neighbors should respond quickly.

  3. Liquor stores

    Live near a wine and liquor store? It’s not a bad idea to pop in and ask the manager if you can take some boxes off their hands. Liquor stores receive a slew of shipments every month, which can easily be turned into moving boxes. Larger liquor stores receive more boxes than they know what to do with, so don’t be shy about asking!

  4. U-Haul Box Exchange

    U-Haul’s Customer Connect Box Exchange feature allows people from all over the country to connect and find moving supplies. All you have to do is enter your location and/or a keyword, such as “Free Boxes,” to find someone near you who is giving away moving boxes. Usually, the people giving away moving boxes are folks who have recently moved themselves, and need to get a mountain of flattened moving boxes out of their house ASAP.

  5. Friends and family

    The easiest way to find free boxes is by simply asking your friends and family. Knock on doors, text, and call around to see if anyone has extra boxes from recent deliveries, or possibly from moving, themselves. In today’s world, where everyone is plugged in 24/7, you can also just post a status on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to let friends know that you are looking for moving supplies.

  6. Large retailers

    You can be sure that large retailers will have a massive amount of boxes sitting around in the back. After all, they’re called “big box stores” for a reason. With shipments coming in every day, you should be able to find just about every kind of box at your local Walmart, Costco, Petsmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Office Depot, Target, K-Mart and Best Buy – among others.

  7. Bookstores

    Large-chain bookstores and small, locally-owned bookstores, alike, should have plenty of boxes you can use to pack up your knick-knacks, smaller items and (of course) books You can also be sure that these boxes will be anything but flimsy, given how heavy books happen to be. Keep in mind that you can ask local college and university bookstores for extra boxes as well.

  8. Offices

    I once moved the majority of my one-bedroom apartment using boxes found in my workplace. With reams of paper being delivered every single day, you’re sure to find a slew of paper boxes with lids laying around. If you work in a large office, chances are good that they have a recycling room somewhere in the building.

  9. Recycling drop off points

    Ever been to a recycling drop-off location? It’s like hitting the moving box jackpot. Most cities have multiple recycling drop-off locations that accept flattened corrugated cardboard. Assuming these boxes are in good enough shape to use again, you’re likely to find multiple moving boxes for your relocation.

  10. Grocery stores

    Both large grocery store chains and small grocers should have plenty of large boxes up for grabs. Grocery stores receive shipments weekly, sometimes daily, to maintain a fresh produce inventory, so there’s no telling how many sturdy boxes they recycle every day. Next time you’re grocery shopping, I recommend letting a manager know that you’re moving soon, and would love to take those extra grocery store boxes off of their hands. I’m sure they’ll happily let you take the boxes home with you.

  11. Freecycle

    Check the Freecycle network while looking for free boxes. Similar to Craigslist, Freecycle is a great way to find free stuff in your community. All you have to do is sign up (for free) to join your local Freecycle community group. Then, simply post in the network that you’re looking for free moving boxes.

  12. Schools

    Chances are good that there are multiple elementary, middle and high schools in your area. Call up the front office, and ask if they have any boxes laying around. The beginning of the school year is a good time to check, as the school will be getting a slew of book and school supply shipments in the fall.

  13. Facebook Marketplace

    This popular social media networking site allows users to list and advertise items to anyone in the world. It also makes it easy to find local items available for easy pick-up. To find free boxes through Facebook Marketplace, simply type “free boxes” in the search tab. We recommend filtering the search by location, so that you can find free moving boxes in your general vicinity.

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The dos and don’ts of box hunting 

  • Do ask permission before taking boxes – Whatever you do, don’t just show up at a retailer or office and start taking boxes. You also shouldn’t rifle though a business’s or person’s trash without seeking permission. Not only is this dishonest, but it’s also downright illegal in most cases. If you’d like to take free boxes from a store or office, we recommend calling a representative ahead of time to ask permission. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they even have free boxes to give you in the first place. For all you know, the store may have recycled most of this week’s boxes already, and you may need to wait until next week to stock up.
  • Don’t take boxes that are broken – Boxes that are torn up or falling apart simply won’t hold up well during a move. After all, moving is rough enough on your belongings as it is without adding a less-than-sturdy box to the mix. Make sure that any and all free moving boxes that you’re using are in good condition. Moving boxes that are wet, warped, broken or torn should not be used to move belongings.
  • Do advertise that you’re looking for free boxes – Having trouble finding free boxes? Don’t forget that you can also advertise your request on a number of online sites. From Facebook Marketplace to, let neighbors know that you’re on the hunt for moving boxes. There may be plenty of people who have just moved but simply haven’t advertised their free moving boxes yet. Trust us – in all likelihood, they would love to have someone take those boxes off their hands. By making your needs known to the public, you’re likely to find free boxes more quickly and efficiently than by searching various retailers and offices.
  • Don’t use boxes that are dirty or smelly – In addition to avoiding boxes that are in poor condition, we recommend not using boxes that are dirty or smelly. Boxes that were previously holding food or items that emitted a strong odor should be especially avoided. Otherwise, your household belongings will end up smelling like whatever was in those boxes previously (pee-yew!). To avoid dirty or smelly boxes, we recommend not picking up boxes that have been sitting in trash cans and avoiding boxes that come from restaurants.
  • Do be careful when accepting boxes from strangers – When box hunting, make sure to use good old common sense before picking up boxes from people you don’t know. For instance, if picking up boxes from a Facebook Marketplace ad, we recommend bringing a friend and not going by yourself. Make sure you’re also in a well-lit public area, if possible.
  • Don’t forget to use’s box calculator – Before box hunting, make sure you have a rough estimate of just how many boxes you’re going to need. Fortunately, our free and easy-to-use box calculator will give you a good estimate on how many packing boxes you need. All you have to do is enter the number of bedrooms in your home, the type of lifestyle you live, the number of people living in your household and your packing style. From this information,’s box calculator should be able to give you a rough estimate of the number of boxes you’ll need to complete your move.

Moving soon?

To find a reliable moving company, check’s extensive network of movers. Our website makes it easy to find and book the best moving company for the job. All relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands. Best of luck and happy moving!

Wholesale Corrugated Boxes for Shipping | Durable Triple Walled Cartons for Sale | Bulk Box Supplier in Milwaukee

Corrugated Boxes and Packaging Sold at American Paper and Packaging

It’s hard to imagine an economy without corrugated cardboard shipping boxes. Virtually every industry uses corrugated boxes in some form—whether shipping products to retailers to sell or receiving OEM components to build products for an end-user and all points in between.

American Paper and Packaging stocks a huge catalog of corrugated products to satisfy any business’ shipping and storage requirements. We are a responsive supplier of custom packaging and shipping products, providing more flexibility in order fulfillment and shorter lead times than other leading packaging suppliers. We are in the business of YES!


Get Corrugated Boxes

Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes Available

Durable corrugated boxes are essential to companies and industries dealing in heavy goods and bulk items. AP&P supplies boxes of varying thicknesses to withstand more punishment and offer additional protection in transit. These boxes have better edge crush test ratings and resist more compression than standard shipping containers. Some of the basic corrugated thicknesses we offer include:


A single row of fluting pressed between two linerboards – standard for transporting lighter goods like shoes, artwork, hats, clothing…

Double Walled

Two sets of fluting sandwiched between linerboards on each side – excellent boxes for shipping moderately-weighted items like books, wine bottles, paint cans…

Triple Walled

Three sets of fluting with each separated by linerboard – great for shipping smaller but heavy products like compressors, small motors, motorcycle parts…


Cube boxes disburse product weight evenly for easier stacking and packing. Cube boxes are often used to package cylindrical, round, or oddly-shaped products, and can be sold and shipped flat in bundle quantities.

Flat boxes provide smaller depths in cartons to provide an ideal fit for shallow products such as apparel, books, picture frames, artwork, mirrors, and clothing. Our flat boxes are manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated packaging.

Long boxes have wide openings along the length to make the carton easier to pack. They’re great for long and narrow items, such as golf clubs, poles, or even musical instruments. Our long boxes are manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated packaging.

Tall corrugated boxes can be loaded from the end for easy insertion and sealing. Tall boxes can be used in place of mailing tubes, and are ideal for shipping irregularly-shaped items such as lamps, golf clubs, shelving, fishing rods, and umbrellas.

HazMat boxes are specially marked with mandatory warning information to help stay within appropriate shipping regulations. HazMat boxes can be used to ship materials such as paint cans, plastic jugs, metal and plastic pails, and gasoline cans.

Master cartons are designed for freight consolidation, meaning they fit multiple small cube cartons inside. With master cartons, there’s no need for additional void fill since they’re a perfect fit every time, and can be sold and shipped in bundle quantities.

These large boxes from AP&P can easily consolidate multiple piece shipments. They protect bulky, hard-to-pack, and irregularly shaped items. We offer double- and triple-wall containers for protection and stacking strength.

AP&P offers single-, double-, and triple-wall corrugated sheets and pads for palletized shipments. Each pad is manufactured from kraft corrugated packaging and provides durability and strength while protecting from damage.

Minimize the impact of dimensional weight pricing by using multi-depth boxes from AP&P. These cartons are scored at intervals at the sides of the box, and to obtain the desired size container, simply cut to the height wanted.

These corrugated bins are an economical solution for organizing parts. We offer bins with white and kraft corrugated materials, and their one-piece construction makes assembly fast and easy. No tape or staples are needed.

Contact AP&P 

Carton and Box-Making Machinery for Your Corrugated Packaging

Improve your warehouse efficiency by getting an industrial carton sealer and erector from American Paper & Packaging. From semi-automatic box makers to fully automated carton building machines, we have the equipment you need for all your packaging and shipping applications. Our efficiency experts can recommend the best packaging system for your company.

Some of the features offered by our carton sealer and box-making equipment include:

  • Bottom or top-sealing
  • Tilting for easy carton filling
  • Packing station or fully automatic styles
  • Left or right orientations
  • Sanitary stainless steel
  • Adjustable hopper and carton widths
  • Top or side hopper systems
  • Malfunction and low supply alarms
  • A wide variety of box types


Corrugated Boxes For Any Industry


  • Gaylords – Perfect for mass recycling 
  • Square Tubes – Recycling fluorescent bulbs/transporting long bulbs
  • Bulk Cargo – Ship bulk cargo, like screws/nails/bolts/small electronics with ease
  • Printers Boxes – Great for protecting product boxes from possible damage 
  • Foam Boxes – Transport delicate parts like computer parts/fuses/halogens 
  • Paint Can Box – Ensure paint cans don’t get punctured and offer safer transport than plastic wrap
  • T. V Box – Safely move T.V’s/monitors that aren’t in the original box
  • Stackable Bins – Display small parts bolts/screws/nuts  
  • Master Carton – Transport bulk lightweight objects, like lightbulbs or cellphone cases 
  • Cardboard Sheets – Offers support when stacking heavy products 
Other Essentials When Transporting Electronics/Hardware

  • Carpet/Surface Protection Wraps -Protects carpets/flooring from damage when transporting
  • Tape/Dispensers – A variety of tapes and dispensers to make shipping easier 
  • Bubble Wrap – Protects fragile objects from breaking, such as pottery, electronics or light bulbs
  • Stretch Wrap -Strong stretch wrap to ensure items on pallets stay in place

Responsive Packaging Supplier for Companies on the Move

AP&P is headquartered in Germantown WI, near the major shipping hubs in Milwaukee and Chicago. This centralized location allows us to provide responsive shipping of corrugated boxes and packaging to companies throughout the United States. If you need corrugated boxes, and you needed them yesterday, we can help!

Need Packaging? Contact our sales team to find the perfect corrugated box for your shipping needs.

AP&P is a Retailer of Common Shipping Boxes and Custom Packaging Solutions

We deal in a huge range of corrugated or paperboard box types, giving your company the solution to any packaging issue. Whether you need large Gaylord-style boxes to ship bulk clothing or small kraft boxes to protect sensitive electronics, AP&P has the fiberboard packaging you need. We sell the style of box you’re looking for in nearly any size and grammage:

  • Heavy-Duty Boxes – single, double, or triple-walled, available in multiple depths for great adaptability
  • Cube Boxes – popular for shipping cylindrical objects
  • Flat Boxes – great boxes for books, art, records, pictures and more
  • Long or Tall Boxes – used for shipping anything from wine bottles to golf clubs
  • HazMat Shipping Boxes – selected for shipping paints and chemicals in F-style or cylindrical cans, buckets, or pails.
  • Master Cartons – consolidates freight of small cube boxes into an easy to handle single carton
  • And MUCH more!
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Carton Sealers, Shrink Wrapping & Bagging Equipment for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging elevates the productivity of warehousing, shipping and manufacturing companies by providing the latest industrial packaging machines. AP&P’s efficiency experts offer supply line and process consultation to supply your company with the perfect machinery to fit your unique needs.

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Improve carton consistency and reduce lead times with fully automated and semi-automated carton sealers and erectors

Secure, protect and package your products in polyethylene, PVC or polyolefin films with L-sealer machines and shrink tunnels

Overhead, robotic and turntable style pallet stretch film wrapping machines palletize your shipments more efficiently

Poly strapping machines secure pallets and individual cartons to minimize pilferage and secure product shipments

Foam in bag, inflatable cushioning, paper void fill and protective packaging dispensing equipment to prevent product damage

Get the latest in bagging machine technologies and sealers for volume fill packaging of smaller products for display or shipping

We provide Custom Packaging for the Unique Needs of your Business!

Specialized businesses creating unique products require one-of-a-kind packaging solutions. AP&P is your Milwaukee area supplier of custom packaging solutions, keeping sensitive and fragile goods safe during the shipping process. We’ve developed custom packaging solutions for a variety of companies and goods. From shipping delicate optic lenses in reusable totes to transporting sensitive aviation equipment in anti-static trays, our packaging engineers will come up with the best solution for your shipping needs.

Vendor Managed Inventory for a Steady Supply of Corrugated Boxes

Companies partnering with American Paper & Packaging can reduce time spent on inventory duties through our vendor-managed inventory system. By employing our inventory tracking system, you’ll decrease the costs of ordering and planning when you’re running low on corrugated boxes for your shipping department. We track your inventory of AP&P products and automatically reorder the supplies you need to keep your business running smoothly. We truly take the headache out of inventory management.

Carton Sealers, Shrink Wrapping & Bagging Equipment for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging elevates the productivity of warehousing, shipping, and manufacturing companies by providing the latest industrial packaging machines. AP&P’s efficiency experts offer supply line and process consultation to supply your company with the perfect machinery to fit your unique needs.

Carton Sealers, Shrink Wrapping & Bagging Equipment for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging elevates the productivity of warehousing, shipping, and manufacturing companies by providing the latest industrial packaging machines. AP&P’s efficiency experts offer supply line and process consultation to supply your company with the perfect machinery to fit your unique needs.

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Available Packaging Equipment

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What’s The Difference: Cardboard Vs. Corrugated Cartons

It’s common for people to use the word “cardboard” when referring to any type of paper packaging materials. However, for the professional packaging industries, the effective material used, are corrugated cartons. So what’s the difference between the two? Although the two materials look similar, corrugated cartons are more durable than cardboard boxes, alleviating the worry that your products will be damaged during shipping. Read further to learn more about the differences between cardboard vs. corrugated cartons to enhance your packaging efforts. 


What’s The Difference In Terminology? 

When selecting the right packaging materials to ship your products in, it’s important to know what type of packaging you’re actually getting. If not, you may not be embodying your brand as well as you may have believed.

Cardboard typically refers to a thick paper stock or heavy paper-pulp. You can see this type of material used for cereal boxes or greeting cards. Although corrugated cartons are made with some cardboard, it’s important to know that these materials are not the same.

Corrugated is made up of three layers of paper that includes an inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting with a ruffled shape, which runs in between the two. This type of material enhances the packaging process for the following reasons: 

  • Durable
  • Lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Product protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly 

In conclusion, while the differences may seem insignificant at first, it should be easy to see that cardboard is better left for items such as cards and cereal boxes. Corrugated, on the other hand, is the packaging material of choice for shipping boxes. When formed into boxes, corrugated sheets are ideal for shipping because they are very strong and durable, and are easily recycled.

Enhancing The Packaging Process

For companies that send out several packages daily, it’s vital to have the right shipping materials to ensure products are secure and make it to the destination in impeccable condition. To enhance security and improve your brand, the corrugated cartons can be sealed with water activated tape (WAT).

Made primarily out of Kraft paper tape, WAT creates a permanent bond to the corrugated carton and unlike plastic tape, it cannot be torn off without leaving signs of tampering.  Water activated paper tape is often reinforced with multiple layers of polyethylene strands available in various widths and thicknesses.

Once the packaging tape adhesive is activated with water, the adhesive penetrates the carton material and the tape forms a permanent bond with the carton. WAT holds several benefits that other carton sealing solutions cannot provide.

The tape is strong enough for heavy cartons, versatile enough to seal different sized cartons, can withstand extreme environments and has the ability to print your logo directly on the paper packaging tape from the shipping tape dispenser. With the ability to choose from a manual tape dispenser or an electric tape dispenser, you’ll have the carton sealing methods that best suits your business. 

Download the free ebook below to improve your packaging methods and for tape dispensing packaging solutions. 

Craft boxes – packaging corrugated boxes from the manufacturer in Ukraine Tera Plast

Now corrugated boxes are the most popular type of packaging. It is the corrugation of the box that can be found in the confectionery industry, the production of household chemicals, and trade. Despite the paper base, cardboard corrugated boxes are strong enough that they can be used for packing and transporting goods of various sizes.

Multilayer cardboard made using a special technology is able to withstand mechanical stress, various weather conditions, temperature conditions, high load.Corrugated cardboard packaging or corrugated box has a low price, light weight. The further use of the container depends on the number of layers used in the manufacture of the box.

Three-layer drawers are suitable for household appliances, electronics and goods of small size and weight. Material that is strong enough to avoid damage in transit. Five-layer corrugated boxes can be used to transport equipment of large dimensions and weight (washing machines, water heaters, stoves).

Where to use corrugated packaging boxes?

A variety of modern boxes allows you to use packaging for domestic purposes, industrial scale, and the provision of logistics services.

  • Packaging for confectionery products.
  • Transportation of equipment (large, small).
  • Industrial scale.
  • Packaging of products in various industries.
  • Transportation of fragile goods.

The use of corrugated boxes ensures the safety of washing machines, refrigerators, telephones, computers, food, confectionery, glass, art objects, clothing and footwear, and special equipment.

Advantages of craft corrugated boxes

Inexpensive dense cellulose packaging in several layers is well suited for transporting goods, home and office moving. Craft corrugated boxes have a number of advantages for which this type of packaging is chosen.


Corrugated boxes are lightweight, which is important for long-distance cargo transportation. Due to its low weight, this type of packaging does not add additional load to the vehicle.

Reusable box

The lightweight paper box has a very long service life – several decades. If the packaging is not damaged, you can use the corrugated box an unlimited number of times. It is also convenient to store the packaging – the boxes can be folded and left in stacks until the appropriate time.


A variety of options for corrugated packaging board allows it to be used in any industry.In such packaging, you can transport any goods, products, things, equipment.


Cardboard corrugated box is a dense enough material for packaging. Multilayer cardboard can withstand mechanical stress and temperature changes. There is cardboard impregnated with a special moisture-repellent composition, which allows it to be used in high humidity conditions. Corrugated cardboard boxes have shock-absorbing properties.


Made of cellulose, the corrugated box decomposes quickly, does not emit toxic substances.Also, the cardboard does not react with the contents and does not affect food.

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90,000 “Why Russian healthcare is turning into fake” “BNK

The Ministry of Health is cheerfully reporting: life expectancy in the country is growing. Recently, however, doctors are increasingly talking about the fact that our medicine is turning into a fake. Polyclinics can receive patients, send them to research, medical examination and prophylaxis, but the diagnoses made often do not correspond to reality.Laboratory tests are done incorrectly and the treatment prescribed is very different from the methods used in most developed countries. Many will say that this is due to the chronic underfunding of the industry – next year, for example, budgetary spending on medicine will be cut by a third. Experts agree that it is difficult to work without money, but the same imitation of treatment is observed in private clinics, where patients leave considerable sums. Why is this happening, “” figured out.

Photo by Nikolai Antonovsky

“Beg the manager to make an X-ray”

The online journal of Anna M.She leads him under the nickname Soldier Jane. In 2012, a young woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. What happened next could have served as the basis for a satirical play about Russian health care, had the plot not been so sad.

By big pull, without queuing (and an appointment with the luminary for months ahead), Anna was arranged for an operation to a star doctor from a cool clinic in Moscow. He, as he could (in a hurry, as he performed three or four operations a day), cut out the tumor on the right mammary gland. In Israel, doctors were later surprised by the rough scars on the chest.In the final epicrisis from the hospital, they confused which breast was operated on. When she was discharged, no one examined Anna. They handed out a standard conclusion printed as a carbon copy.

At the patient’s complaints that the wound was pulling, they waved their hand: “What did you want!”. Histological analysis, which is mandatory in such cases in a medical facility, showed that everything is in order. Just in case, Anna carried the biomaterials to the Moscow Oncological Research Institute named after A.P. Herzen and to Kashirka, to the oncological center named afterN.N. Blokhin. There, either the histologist was caught sensible, or the dust was shaken off the microscope – the results of the study were disappointing.

After the “incidents” with Russian medicine, relatives and friends insisted on an alternative examination in Israel. “In Tel Aviv, the surgeon touched me, muttered something under his breath, took a thin needle and poked it lightly into the suture area,” says Anna. “And then, before my eyes, the seam began to creep apart, and it poured out … about half a glass of pus”.The next day, a cotton swab was removed from the wound, which was forgotten during an operation in a “cool” Russian clinic.

An Israeli oncologist has selected a chemotherapy regimen that is not practiced in Russia, but is already routine in Europe and the United States. They began to look for a doctor in Moscow who would agree to follow international recommendations. But the recommended chemotherapist immediately put the patient in her place: “You are in Russia, and we will treat you as they do here. And as it is recommended in your Israel, we will not do it.Otherwise, when metastases start, there will be nothing to treat you. ”

At the family council, it was decided to continue treatment in Israel. Anna is doing well now.

One could say that the story of Soldier Jane is too old. This is so, now a lot has changed. Experts of the public fund “Health” assure that it has become much worse. According to the monitoring of human rights defenders, in 2015 compared to 2014, mortality at home increased by 5.5 percent. And it’s not the old people who die.Mortality among people of working age increased by 4.5 percent. However, the Ministry of Health discloses other data. Officials say life expectancy rose 0.8 percent. And the difference with public figures is explained by the method of collecting statistics.

However, reports of the ridiculous death of patients appear more and more often. What is scary – people die from banal peritonitis or pneumonia. The unfortunate people were not able to get the correct diagnosis in time. And not at all because of the unusual symptoms. It was just that the doctors did not have either the proper knowledge, or the time, or the desire to help.

In October, an 11-year-old girl died of acute peritonitis in the intensive care unit of the First City Clinical Hospital of Smolensk. Three days before her death, she and her parents visited the surgeon. The specialist performed a visual inspection. And without writing out any directions for research, he sent the child home with the words that she had “rotavirus, probably because now everyone is sick with it.” He confidently ruled out appendicitis.

A pregnant woman died from pulmonary embolism in Yekaterinburg.The clinic suggested that she had bronchitis and prescribed cough pills. But my health worsened every day. The ambulance took her to the hospital, but even there she was given a cough medicine and inhaled. “The doctor was very dismissive,” says the mother of the deceased. – They did not specify the diagnosis. And she had a rapid heartbeat, she was gasping for breath, she could not speak. We turned to a doctor we knew and told her the situation. She asked why the X-rays had not yet been taken. Beg, she says, the manager to take an x-ray on Monday.And on Saturday she was gone. ”

In September, a 24-year-old boy died of bilateral pneumonia in intensive care in Perm. Three days before his death in serious condition, he was brought by ambulance to the emergency department of City Clinical Hospital No. 4. However, they “deployed” in the emergency room, saying that there were no grounds for hospitalization.

Are you good or free?

Why treatment in Russian hospitals is becoming dangerous for patients, the doctors themselves told

Alexey Zhivov, Associate Professor, Department of Urology, Moscow State University of Medicine and DentistryA. I. Evdokimova, member of the European (EAU) and American (AUA) urological associations.

“Is it good to treat you or is it free?” This phrase is from an anecdote. But the expression is very capacious. It eloquently characterizes our medicine. In our country now we often have to deal with imitation of health care. A patient comes to me with a bunch of tests. Complains where that hurts. I open the folder with the results of his examinations and see that they were done unqualified. They are simply not suitable for inclusion in the decision-making process.

To begin with, a histological specimen must be properly prepared – cut in a certain way, correctly placed on the glass. That is, everything should be done according to technology. But most of our histological laboratories do not do this. When a Western pathologist looks at drugs from Russia, he wonders: “You are giving me scraps of tissue, it is impossible to read, the material is poorly made.”

“Fake” activity is found not only in public clinics, but also in many private ones. The same specialists work there as elsewhere. They do not fall from the sky into commercial establishments. They often combine work in public and private clinics. And they have the same style of work. They are so used to it. The level of education and training in the medical environment, attitude to business – are approximately the same everywhere. They would rather buy equipment from us than teach a person. Learning is not the main task. Hardware – iron. And who will work on it?

In Western Europe, America, every five years, all doctors – professors, academicians, Nobel laureates – must pass an exam in their specialty.Questions are regularly reviewed and approved by professional associations. Passed – received permission to practice. No – free. In Poland and Georgia there were the same gaps as we have. What did they do there? We gave doctors several years to train. And then they began to introduce the European examination system. They didn’t even have to invent anything of their own. In Russia, retraining is some kind of lectures, seminars. After – bogus exams, some do not even come to them. Grades are given to them automatically.

There are international treatment recommendations for almost every disease. For each disease, they are made up by a team of 15-20 experts. What prevents us from simply taking these protocols and using them from us? Or does someone think that Swedes, Germans, Americans are composed of some other proteins, carbohydrates, eyes, ears and legs? Now, no more than 30 percent of doctors in our country know about international standards and use them.

Treatment standards and protocols are general guidelines. You are given the main direction.And which methods of treatment from those listed in the standard to choose is already decided by the doctor himself. However, your approach to treatment may differ from the recommendations by 5-10 percent, no more. But if one doctor says to you: go north, and the other points to the south, this is no good. Or it is written in the recommendations that an operation using a modern technique is needed, and you are doing what has been considered ineffective for 25 years. You do it because you can’t do it differently. Are the standards to blame for this?

Why are there many opponents of the implementation of world standards in Russia? The most important reason is the risk of a social explosion.Imagine that tomorrow someone says: “Friends, doctors, 70 percent of you are not educated enough. Therefore, we are transferring most of it to physician assistants. ” And what will happen? People will take to the streets with placards: “I worked as a doctor for 10 years, I was recognized by the state, and now they tell me that I am illiterate?” Power simply avoids social tension. Therefore, no one dares to undertake serious reforms. How do officials reason? Now, little by little, everything is being cooked. Some people do not understand why they go to work. Others are unclear for what and how they are being treated. And it can drag on for years.

“A cockroach cannot hear without legs”

Ilya Fomintsev, Executive Director of the Cancer Prevention Foundation

Evidence-based medicine is not a priority for our healthcare. All medicine is based on the experience of some microcommunities. Here in this hospital it is customary to do just that. And no one knows why. It just happened. Such obscurantism affects all branches of medicine. This is especially noticeable in oncology. The situation there is critical.The disease is formidable, and there may not be a second chance. And in ENT diseases it is not much better. They just don’t die there right away. But you look at how otolaryngologists treat patients, what kind of grass-ant is prescribed for washing. The basic problem that starts everything in health care is student training and selection. The principle of professional medical education is now completely outdated.

Doctors from the student’s bench are taught not to protrude, not to show initiative. They told you so – do not think whether it is right or wrong, but do it.As a result, at Russian conferences, oncologists with degrees, perform with enchanting moronic reports. Let’s say someone had an operation in oncology. But maybe it was not needed, life expectancy did not increase, but the quality of life significantly worsened. In this case, the surgeon proves the benefits of the intervention by some strange methods. There is an old anecdote on this topic. Petka decided to take up scientific experiments. I caught a cockroach, tore off two of its legs, let it go, whistled – the cockroach ran. Tore off two more, the cockroach whistled and ran again.Tore off the last two – whistled, the cockroach does not move. Petka writes: “The results showed: a cockroach cannot hear without legs.” In our scientific forums, this is approximately the logic. I am not exaggerating. But there is no one to criticize such a performance either. On the contrary: “Well done, you did such an operation.”

“You hold on here”

Pavel Brand, neurologist, candidate of medical sciences

There is no recipe that would immediately fix all the flaws in the national health care system. Go to international standards? Impossible. For purely financial reasons. This will require a multiple increase in health care costs. After all, every hospital in the country should be able to study patients in the same way. That is, every hospital should have a computed tomograph, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography and others. Do you know how many robots we have in medical institutions now? 26 pieces for the whole country. And we have 89 regions. There are 2,200 such machines in the USA.

Reform medical education? Also not an option. Where and on what will these excellent doctors work? My colleagues and I see and understand what the trouble is. But the trouble is not ours. The trouble is economic. We need political will. Let’s say we close the entry to the market of domestic drugs tomorrow. This means that we are almost completely destroying the Russian pharma, which is completely ineffective. Can you imagine what a blow it is? The introduction of evidence-based medicine standards will lead to economic collapse.

Therefore, the talk about what would be good for our medicine is fantastic.Of course, if we eliminate corruption in the country, completely change the concept of education, pour tens of billions into health care and spend them effectively – everything is real. After 20 years, you can get a normal system. But I, and my colleagues, and Veronika Igorevna (Skvortsova, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation – comment of “”) and even Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – comment of “”) all understand that this is a fantasy in the present conditions. We are decades behind developed countries.You won’t be able to catch up quickly. And today there is no political conjuncture for this.

What will I advise patients? How was it there? “You keep here, all the best, good mood and health to you.” Well, and remember: self-education is one of the important factors of survival.

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