Cool drawing pens: Best Colored Pen Sets for Drawing and Writing –


Best Colored Pen Sets for Drawing and Writing –

What’s blue and black and red all over? Pens! But they don’t have to be. No need to limit yourself to stock ballpoint pen or Sharpie colors—liven up your planners, architectural drawings, illustrations, journals, and calendars with splashy color, thanks to colored fine-tipped pens! Artists, illustrators, educators, fashion designers, architects, and doodlers alike can choose from an array of gel and felt-tip colored pen sets. Our roundup below will help you find the right set for all your needs.

1. iBayam Fineliner Pens

The iBayam Fineliner produces a smooth, smear-proof mark that works equally well in an intricate architectural drawing and in the pages of a well-loved planner. The water-based ink causes minimal bleed-through and comes in vivid colors. The metal-clad 0.38mm marker tip facilitates a precise and bold fine line, perfect for anything from detailed renderings to color-coded class notes.

Another plus of these super-fine pens? They’re durable: the nib doesn’t dry out even after extensive use. A plastic carrier case with a fold-over snap closure makes toting this versatile set of 24 easy.

Buy: iBayam Fineliner Pens $8.99

2. ARTEZA Fineliners Fine Point Pens

Want the rainbow at your fingertips? These fine-point pens in 102 colors come in a durable, three-tier tin to keep your set organized. The acid- and odor-free ink is fast-drying, nontoxic, and smudge-proof so your lines stay clean on the page. The 0.4mm tip is encased in metal to ensure precision detailing and an ultrathin line. The pen’s triangular pen shaft is designed for a comfortable grip to let you work for hours at a time without fatigue. Something to watch out for: The colors on the caps don’t always match the ink, and the pastel pens write darker than advertised. Another caveat? Because the ink is water-soluble, these are not the tools to use for pen and watercolor works.

Buy: ARTEZA Fineliners Fine Point Pens

3. MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pen Set

Another water-based ink pen, the MyLifeUNIT fineliner comes in a set of 10 bright colors, all housed in a useful vinyl carrying case. The 0.38mm tip yields minimal bleed-through and produces a smooth, bold line, and the quick-drying ink guarantees a smudge-proof mark. The ergonomic pen barrel is designed for a comfortable grip. An added bonus? It’s OK if you forget to recap these pens once in a while! Although it’s not recommended, the MyLifeUnit Fineliner pens can be left for up to 18 hours uncapped due to their dry-safe ink.

Buy: MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pen Set $5.95

4. Tanmit 240 Refillable Gel Pen Set

If you’re searching for a bigger toolkit, look no further than the Tanmit 240 refillable gel pen set, which offers 120 nontoxic and acid free colors, including glitter, metallic, neon, pastel, fluorescent, and rainbow hues.

These pens contain 20% more ink than other gel pens, guaranteeing long life, an even flow, and smooth line. Doodle, draw, and decorate to your heart’s content and don’t worry about your pens drying up—each one comes with a bonus refill for double the usage! The set comes in foldable snap pouches, ensuring portability and organizational ease. Pen tips range from 0.6mm to 1mm for a variety of line thicknesses.

Buy: Tanmit 240 Refillable Gel Pen Set $21.99

5. SkyRainbow Fineliner Color Pen Set

Looking for the top of the [fine] line so to speak? SkyRainbow’s Fineliner Color Pen set is the best of the bunch. With a metal-clad tip and a felt nib, this pen produces a bold, sharp line and comes in 12 vivid colors that match those on the caps. With minimal bleed-through and fast-drying, smudge-proof ink, these pens are perfect for note-taking, illustration, signing, underlining, and doodling. The felt tip is durable and the ink long-lasting: no need to worry about running out of ink or splitting the nib in the middle of a project.

The water-based ink is both acid-free and nontoxic, and the 0.4mm point enables precise detail drawing.

Buy: SkyRainbow Fineliner Color Pen Set

Best Art Pens For Drawing And Inking

Image source Reviews Written by JT Pledger Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you(learn more)

When you get an idea for an ink project you reach to grab a pen. But you want something that works well for art and something that fits your needs.

A pen is more than a tool. It’s a method of transferring your ideas from your heads onto paper. Finding the right pen for the task at hand is crucial.

This article will look at the best pens you should consider adding to your art supplies.

All of these have various pen tips, inking styles, and grips, among many other features so there’s a lot to consider. But I’ll help you find the best match for your artistic style.

Our Top Pick

Sakura Pigma Microns

This pen set by Sakura is everything you’re looking for. The pack comes with 6 different sized nibs ranging from .20mm to .50mm(in 0.05mm increments). The ink is acid-free, bleed-free, and won’t feather. The pens are perfect for all drawing and writing paper too.

Best Features:
  • Fine point nibs for drawing and writing
  • Won’t bleed or smear on paper
  • Waterproof & skip-free Pigma micron ink

How To Find A Great Art Pen

There are so many different aspects to an art pen so it really depends on what the pen will be used for and the type of drawing you do.

Sketching will be easier with smaller nibs and fine lines with occasional skips, where artistic drawing can use a wider range of tips, angles, and mark thicknesses.

In almost all cases the type of ink will matter a great deal.

Ballpoint, fountain or roller ball, the tips supply the ink from the cartridge to the paper.

That ink, if not correct for the paper type, can smear, bleed through, smudge or even corrode.

Acid-free ink is important and so is the ability to control the flow.

Style and comfort are also very important. A pen is a tool, yes, but it is also an extension of yourself when drawing.

You’ll want to feel the weight of the pen but not be encumbered by it. Keep this in mind since it’s not really a big deal, but everyone’s preferences are different. A pen might feel great in my hand but too heavy in yours.

You may have to try out a few different styles to find the perfect pen. And you might even develop a collection of art pens for different purposes.

You may prefer broader strokes and a harder nib, or a softer nib with thinner strokes. It all depends on what you use the pen for on a regular basis.

If you want to see how different pens work you can watch this detailed video on the features of pens and how they’re used by artists.

[Jay 2018] That day has arrived. The Wacom Intuos Pro pen and tablet promises 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. And the accessories! Ballpoint pen, fine tip pen, pencil, texture sheets (from smooth to rough), and pen nibs. Things have come a long way in 9 years, and Wacom seems determined to ease the change over to digital.

Kyle T. Webster’s collection was acquired by Adobe, and they integrated over 1000 of his digital brushes into Adobe CC. That’s forward thinking.

Digital artists such as Cristiano Siqueira are creating mindblowing work with Adobe Illustrator.

3. The Monetary Value of an Original

I realize most art out there isn’t worth much more than the paper or canvas that it was created on and that’s often not the point when creating it. But what about down the line? What if the creator strikes it big? Having a back catalog of originals could become quite lucrative in that case.

The idea of parting with my originals pains me, but my grandkids might not have the same issues. And although I know it’s happened, it’s not often that we visit a gallery to view a showing of digital print-outs.

[Jay 2018] I still 90% agree with this sentiment. Most of the comic artwork available for sale—online—is still largely undervalued. But then I come across a set of 8 pages of original José Muñoz work for Batman: Black and White – The Devil’s Trumpet for $32,000.

4. Drawing Big

Once again I realize a computer screen can become an infinite canvas if you zoom in and out far enough. But the sheer power of wild brush strokes on a larger sheet of paper still captivates me. I was so used to crafting comic pages on 11″ x 17″ sheets that I thought I might be confined to those dimensions forever.

Then I went to a few comic art exhibits. I saw original pages by Dan Clowes and Chris Ware which were much larger. It completely changed my mindset. And seeing that Paul Pope creates comics on pages as large as 19″ x 24″ was a revelation. And in the art world, larger sized works often do command higher prices.

[Jay 2018]  Most of this still holds true. I wonder, with the ever-increasing megapixel capacity of digital cameras, if we’ll return to capturing traditional artwork for books [and online] by photographing it. A 36MP camera has a native resolution of 7360 x 4912 pixels. That’s a lot of image area to play with.

5. Having a Completely Portable Skill Set

If you can draw, you can draw anywhere. If you’re well practiced with pen or pencil, you can draw in your studio, at a cafe, park, bus station, prison, etc. No need to boot up software or rely on electricity. Back in the 1990’s R. Crumb traded in a box of sketchbooks for a villa in France. You probably won’t be able to trade in your old laptops and digital printouts and get the same deal.

[Jay 2018] so coming back to that Wacom mentioned above and Kyle’s Photoshop brush set, I’d say as long as you have battery power, you can now create art anywhere. You don’t even have to worry about ink spatter.

With the variety of traditional ink pens out there now – I’d still give serious thought to filling a sketchbook with drawings.

A Pen and Ink Love In

I wanted this particular blog post to be more of a celebration of the amazing array of hand-created artwork that’s out there and specifically works rendered in pencil, pen, and ink. I’m hoping the next generation of art students and bedroom illustrators embrace the techniques of the past as they forge on ahead crafting new styles and merging the practical with the digital.

In this next part, I’m going to focus on comic artists, but I’ve mixed in a couple of poster artists and illustrators as well. I’ve kept the number down to around a dozen artists, but I could have easily put 50 or 60 (or 500 or 600) more up here. Every artist listed below is one that I hold in high regard. Some have influenced me while others I simply stand in awe of to both their talent and dedication to their craft.

Florian Bertmer

Florian Bertmer is an incredible draftsman who’s taken influences such as Pushead but run with it into a darker direction. He’s a German artist who creates art for posters, t-shirts and album covers.

Paul Pope

Paul Pope is the perfect melding of European, Japanese and old-school American cartoonists. And he draws big. On his large-sized boards, he deftly creates his comic book masterpieces. He’s one of the artists that I simply stand in awe of. The good people at First Second books will be releasing his out-of-print series THB this fall. The Beguiling comic shop in Toronto has a lot of his art for sale.

Aaron Horkey

There’s no point in trying ever to draw more detailed than Aaron Horkey. His unique artwork adorns record covers, t-shirts and fast to sell-out prints. There’s nobody out there quite like him. His hand-lettering is elegant enough to make dozens of artists want to quit and change professions.

His ink illustrations are so intricate that they blow the art up in size (rather than the standard procedure of reducing) before printing it. I’m the proud owner of several of his silk-screened prints which is the only affordable way to obtain his art. His originals fetch thousands of dollars when you can manage to find one for sale.

Jae Lee

I’ve been in love with the art of Jae Lee ever since first buying up all of the issues of Namor that he worked on in the early 90’s. Despite the murky coloring and poor-quality newsprint that Namor was printed on his edgy style cut through. He became a fan favorite while he was very young.

He continually refined his style by at first taking a loose approach following after Bill Sienkiewicz, Barron Storrey, and Kent Williams. After a hiatus, he came back in the early 2000’s sporting a more realistic approach yet still with the jagged edges and razor-thin lines that he was always known for. He must have gone through an oil tanker worth of black India ink throughout his career.

In 2006 it was announced that he would be providing art for the Marvel adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. He worked strictly with pencils for this project, and colorist Richard Isanove darkened his grey tones to black in Photoshop and went to town with them. Check out his originals at the Albert Moy Gallery.

Lee Bermejo

Lee Bermejo has risen to the cream of the crop of the comix industry. He came out of the gate around ten years ago working for Wildstorm where his work looked like it had been created by a seasoned pro despite his young age. You don’t hear much from him on the interwebs.

We snagged an interview with him recently, but he has no website or much of a presence online. You can, however, find his gallery over at Splash Page Art. I’m guessing he’s too busy busting out insane amounts of detail on his artwork to bother much with the internet. His graphic novel Joker (written by Brian Azzarello) was and is a bestseller. It hit stores shortly after The Dark Knight was in theatres.

As amazing as he is with pen and ink, it’s his recent style that he’s been developing over the last few years that has found him new fans. He creates textures and layers with pencil and then highlights and outlines the shapes with ink.

Bryan Hitch

Bryan Hitch made everyone in comics take notice of him and his art when he joined Warren Ellis for the first 12 issues of The Authority. The two of them helped to make famous the more cinematic “widescreen” approach of comics in the late 1990’s.

But it was his five-year run with Mark Millar on Marvel’s Ultimates that sent his name soaring into the stratosphere. His masterful combination of exaggerated super-heroic realism pushed front and center over painstakingly rendered backgrounds has won him hundreds of thousands of admirers. And artist Paul Neary must have the patience of a Buddhist monk to have inked a lot of those pages.

You can find a lot of Hitch and Neary original art over at Comic Art Fans. And if you have a spare two or three grand sitting around you could commission an original.

Tim Bradstreet

It’s no secret to anyone who’s followed Optimum Wound for a while that we’re big fans of Tim Bradstreet’s artwork. When I happened upon his book Maximum Black I was immediately inspired to start experimenting with realism and photorealism, and I haven’t looked back since. Tim’s style has also evolved over the years, and his graphic design skills are razor sharp. He’s brought a movie poster and book jacket sensibility to comic covers and won himself a legion of fans in the process.

Tim Bradstreet’s art is always a source of inspiration around these parts.

Geoff Darrow

I was blown away by the art of Geoff Darrow from the first moment a friend showed me a copy Hard Boiled. I needed to see more. Unfortunately, Geoff takes a long time to create his painstakingly detailed artwork. The originals (that I’ve seen listed on eBay) are massive in size.

I believe the pencils are done on illustration paper and then the inks are drawn on a vellum overlay. He could have rested on his laurels after working on the production designs for the Matrix trilogy, but he cut no corners when working on his most recent series, Shaolin Cowboy.

Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips is one of the most reliable artists currently working in comics. Whether he was working on one of my favorite series of the past decade, Sleeper or earning a bigger paycheque on Marvel Zombies, I am always inspired by the results. He described the look of his style on Criminal as Kent Williams inking Mike Mignola.

He has a nice chunky realistic style and extremely intuitive design skills when it comes to laying out panels on a page. He’s also quite an accomplished painter. You can go to Splash Page Art to see Sean Phillip’s gallery of originals for sale.

Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz has always been one of my absolute favorite artists. I treasure my set of Elektra Assassin comics. I feel he’s the artist mainly responsible for bringing the look of organized chaos to mainstream comics. Melding the bold illustration styles of the 1980’s with Neal Adams, Ralph Steadman and probably a million other influences, Bill knocked us on our asses with his wild drawings and layouts.

From his more realistic subject portrayals in his commercial art projects to his “far-out” experiments in series like Stray Toasters, he has never let us become bored with him. It was his collaborations with Alan Moore on Big Numbers and Brought to Light that really did it for me and showed what could be done with the comics medium.

 So what compels you to keep drawing?

Photography Credits:

Both photos at the top were used under a Creative Commons License.

Featured image: ‘nibs’ by Denise Chan

‘Scientific Data on Demand – NERSC’s High Performance Storage System’ – credit: Lawrence Berkeley Nat’l Lab – Roy Kaltschmidt, photographer


90,000 Best Artist Pens in 2019

What is the best pen for an artist? Difficult to answer because pens are used for all sorts of things. So, in this post, we’ve gathered the opinions of artists, designers, and other creatives to figure out which pens should be in your desk drawer.

Read on to find out which ones work best for pens. drawing, of course, but also the best writing pen, the best sketching pen, the best calligraphy pen, and so on.In short, whatever you need a pen for, this list contains exactly what you need. If you’re sorting your full pencil case, take a look at our guide to the best pencils too.

Contents of article

01. Copic 1.0mm Multiliner

A quality choice in every way, this is the best drawing pen

Sharp lines

Minimum bleeding

Small tips, very delicate

Must be stored securely

Choosing the best pen for drawing was a close-up competition, but in the end we had to choose a 1. 0mm Copic.Multiliner which is a really high quality handle in every way. The ink is densely pigmented, adheres well to paper and produces crisp, clean lines. Copic sells its Multiliners in a range of thicknesses, so you can choose the option that suits your art style best. Artists report that they are comfortable to use and do not squeak – even at smaller sizes. Finally, the range is good value for money and renewable.

Ben O’Brien, aka Ben the Illustrator, started using Copic pens to test Inktober a couple of years ago.Although he used a variety of nibs, he preferred the 1.0 handle (although he also noted that Copic’s Multiliner was “shiny”). “I find the thinner handles to be thinner, but the 1.0 has a juicy feel. I use them for “nice drawings,” usually on textured watercolor paper. ”

“Copic’s thin liners are great for painting,” agrees interactive designer Sush Kelly. “I mainly use them for sketching; I wouldn’t waste these bad guys on notes, etc.e. I love the ultra-fine, reusable nibs; I tend to use 0. 05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8. »

02. Pentel Brush Pen

A bit of a learning curve, but perfect for creating lines with character

Precise tip

Great wagon

Gets used to

Ink may stick together

Wear-resistant synthetic bristles, a durable, precise nib and waterproof, fade-resistant ink, the Pentel Brush Pen is second to our favorite versatile drawing pen.The artists we spoke with commented that t These pens are great for creating different types of lines, although the thin nib takes some getting used to. Deep black pigment scans very well; ideal if you want to finish your work digitally. You must be careful when transporting – ink may leak or stick together if the cap is not closed securely.

Illustrator Eilish Sullivan has fond memories of receiving her first Pentel Brush Pen. “The guy on my illustration course gave me one and I was shocked,” she recalls.- I think I painted all this for the rest of my course, because it added character and an individual approach to each stroke. I’ve been dating this guy for 10 years now … a love story started with a brush pen!

“I love the variety of lines you can get from the pen. If you want some really bold expression, the detached hair creates great texture when you actually move it across the page. When you want something really precise, it can also work well with practice.When you want to add a sense of weight, you can increase the pressure a little and get a bolder ending.

“It takes a lot of practice because it’s so delicate,” she warns. “I’ve tried the Kuretake Sumi and Pentel Sign brush alternatives and they are much easier to use but have less potential.”

03. Pilot V7 Rollerball

This fountain pen / ballpoint hybrid is the best writing pen

Pleasant sensation

Thick line

Not great for precise drawing

Not the cheapest


Pilot V7 Rollerball is essentially a hybrid between a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen and our favorite writing pen. Convenient for storage, it produces a clean, consistent line without stains, and it also has a clear window with an ink reservoir so you can be sure of getting additional refills on time.

Sush Kelly uses the 0.7mm version for everything from writing to-do lists to making quick wireframes. “He has such a wonderful feeling,” he enthuses. “It might not be very good for really accurate drawing, as the roller flow is pretty fast.But otherwise, this is my guide. “

04. Pilot BPS-GP Fine Ballpoint

This cheap, convenient option is the best ballpoint pen around

Suitable for small parts

Comfortable handle

Cheap to buy

Can be smeared

If you are looking for the best ballpoint pen we would recommend the Pilot BPS GP Fine. This sleek, triangular rubber grip ballpoint pen is comfortable to grip, cheap to buy, and beautiful to use.However, like most ballpoint pens, ink can form on the tip and smudge if it gets on your paper. This ballpoint pen is available in 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.6mm options.

Most people use them for writing, of course, but it’s not accidental to use them for drawing. Illustrator Gaia Brodiccia occasionally uses Pilot for black and white illustrations of the interior. “Shading with it results in darker patterns than working with graphite, but the process is identical; it only takes a light hand, ”she explains.“The Pilot Fine nib works well even on small parts, which is usually a problem with other brands of ballpoint pens. This gives a really good tonal range. I actually leave one, which is a bit spent on the lighter areas, and a new one for the darker parts of the illustrations. ”

05. MoMa MUJI gel pen

With a smooth flow and fine line, these gel pens are the best

Stable ink flow

Available refills

More expensive in the West than in Japan

Delivery times may vary

Maybe it’s because we are Japaneseophiles, but the MoMa Muju Pen with its unusual 0. 38mm nib is our clear favorite for the best gel pen.They give a fine line and an even flow, so the ink does not drip when wet. You can also buy gas stations.

And art director, designer and illustrator Savannah Rawson uses them to create lines in her illustrations. “Initially, I was most interested in using this pen for my rather tiny handwriting, but in the past few years I have used it for drawing as well,” she says. “I find it great for linear work in my illustrations, which I then complement with watercolors.The ink does not react with water, which is ideal. “

06. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

These Japanese pens are perfect for calligraphy

Flexible tip

Available price

Training required

Delivery time may vary

If calligraphy is your thing, the Tombow Fudenosuke brush is the best pen for you. It can be assumed that the best calligraphy pens cost a lot of money. But actually our recommendation is a brand that is both made in Japan and delivers great results but surprisingly affordable. As a set, with one soft type and one hard type, these light pens are very easy to use, with a flexible nib that is perfect for the nuance of lines and curves needed to create a beautiful Japanese script.

“I recently got the right set of calligraphy with nib and ink and all that” Says brand and marketing guru Alexandra Tambor. “But my Tombows are still best for quick calligraphy and lettering.”

Ultra-thin nib makes this pen the best for sketching

Waterproof ink

Produces thin and thick lines

Not suitable for rough paper

Nib scratches a little

Looking for a sketching pen? We then recommend a platinum carbon fiber fountain pen with an ultra-fine nib.Unlike most fountain pens, the nib is not rounded, so you can use it to create thick or thin lines. Your expressive line won’t work with water either, thanks to the charcoal ink. It is also excellent value for money. As with the other pens on this list, this list has a learning curve as it can seem awkward to begin with.

Will Freeborn, illustrator and watercolourist based in Glasgow, describes it this way: “I found the closest thing to using a fountain pen on the go.Using this has literally changed the way I paint. ” Freeborn uses this pen primarily for sketching. “It gives a really naturalistic line of expression, perfect for drawing in a cafe,” he says enthusiastically. “I use it with the Pentel Brush Pen which pretty much covers most of what I need. It requires a fairly smooth paper, so it is not suitable for rough watercolor paper. “

08. Sakura Pigma Graphic 1

This sketching pen is ideal for bold highlighting

Sequential ink flow

Bold line

Not refillable

Not available in other colors

[1945900] is a very close thing, but we used Sakura Pigma Graphic 1 as our runner-up for the best sketch.This pen, which is a combination of water-based and pigment-based inks, is a very slim design that delivers bold, consistent lines and superior color reproduction.

Illustrator Anna Rose uses it to quickly explore her sketchbook and finds it works especially well for buildings, objects, food, and lettering (although less for people and animals). “The consistency of the ink and the way the nib slides means I can experience the repressive lines and marks immediately,” she says.“I also like the width of the line. With thin lines, I value lines too much. But the Graphics emphasize a bold line, so it makes me be bold and truly loyal to the lines. ”

09. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

Best Line Art and Lettering Pen

Less clutter than handle

Nice line variation

Pens can spit out some ink

Lines may crackle on paper


Sakura Pigma Micron is our pick for the best writing and line art pen.They create a pleasant dark line that bleeds very little, is archive-safe and won’t smudge when washed or wiped off. The tips are good, but not too delicate, and they are also odorless. With a little practice, you can also use them to create different types of lines – although if you want a lot of line variations, you might be better off using a brush. You will also want to add a marker to your pen set if you need to fill in large areas of shadow. Are there any downsides? Well, sometimes the nibs can spit out some ink and the line can crack if used with some types of paper.

Cartoonist Aaron Uglum uses the Sakura Micron 08 for most of his line art and lettering, with 01 for details such as eyes and mouths. He started using a traditional India Ink pen, but didn’t like the time it took to set up and clean. “I ended up moving to 08 as my preferred pen,” he explains. “I loved being able to just grab a pen and start drawing. Don’t worry about India ink spill. And I could stop painting every time and just walk away.No cleaning pens. Very comfortably. And yet it was good ink. “

Concept Artist Cortland Winslow is also a fan of the Pigma Micron line and regularly uses the 0.2mm (005) version in combination with Copic Y19 Napoli Yellow (see number 13). About Micron, he says: “I needed a liner that would not work when washing or erasing. Nice sensitive tip that was as thin and strong as possible because I don’t have a very light hand. »

10. Original felt-tip pen PaperMate Flair

Add a splash of color to your notes with these markers

Zingy colors

No bleeding or bleeding

Strong feathers

Not suitable for covering large areas

PaperMate’s Flair Original Markers] [19459] for adding a splash of color to your pen work.If you are tired of looking back at your notes, only to be faced with a nascent mass of doodles, these are the markers for you. The colors are bright and bold, they won’t smudge or bleed. They flow smoothly over the paper and the nibs do not wear out. If you are thinking of using them for illustration, keep in mind that they are better suited for paths – you will need something shorter for coloring in larger areas.

Ross Middleham, Content Lead at the Met Office, uses them for scribbling, storyboarding, and general notes.“I love to take notes in multiple colors as it just brightens up the day. My favorite color is hot pink, which really burns on the white page, ”he says. “You can be sure that the blow you want will be the blow he takes.”

11. Kuretake no. 13 Brush Pen

The best pen for drawing people, animals and plants

Organic sensation

Various line thicknesses

Not ideal for still life

Not ideal for fast learning

Do you want to draw living things? Check out the Kuretake Sumi brush.It offers a wide range of line widths to give your sketches an organic, dynamic look that works well for portraits, animals and plants.

“It is reusable and fits a platinum converter, which is very useful because the ink that came with it is not special or waterproof,” comments Anna Rose. “It would be nice if Kuretake supplied the waterproof ink himself; I’m really worried that platinum might score this eventually.”

12. Thin liners Berol Color

The best pens if you’re on a budget


Strong and strong

Feathers dull over time

Limited color range

Not enough money, but still want a decent pen? Our budget pick is Berol’s Color Fine series with a fine tip suitable for detailed coloring and painting. A longtime classroom favorite, these markers are available in a variety of colors (if you don’t need the full set, you can buy them separately), they are sturdy, sturdy and reliable.

“I have used Berol thin liners all my life, in different colors. The bolder colors – especially orange and light blue – have a really good tone, says Ben O’Brien. “I have black, littered around my desk, bags and home for writing lists and notes, as well as colored ones that I usually use for more experimental scrapbook work or to give a little color to lines of observation lines when I travel.”

13. Copic Y19 Napoli Yellow

The best handle for color fills and shading

Minimum bleeding

358 colors in the range of

] Not the cheapest

Starter Overkill

Copic Sketch Markers cannot be trumped for color fills and shading.The lines blend smoothly together to shade the blocks, and if you leave them to dry, they won’t blend together too much. Has one brush tip and one wedge tip, which means you can use them for small parts too. The full range includes a whopping 358 colors (buy the full set here if you feel flush with it), so you’re sure to find the shade you want. Concept Artist Courtland Winslow is a regular user of the Copic Y19 Napoli Yellow, which he uses alongside the Micron 005 (see below).Number 9 above).

14. Pentel XGFKP / FP10-A Brush Pen

Soft flexible tip can create fine details as well as wide lines

Soft and flexible tip

Perfect for small parts

Ink takes time to dry

Some learning curve


Pentel XGFKP / FP10-A Brush Pen is specially designed for oriental artwork, cartoons and calligraphy. This light pen has a soft flexible nib that is great for fine detail as well as fine, wide lines.

So fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle illustrator Nicky Groom, aka Miss Magpie, usually uses this to add the finishing touches to the end of any piece of art. “I call it my pen on a desert island,” she says. “I use it to add names for live illustration work and make areas even blacker if the color depth isn’t good for me.”

90,000 Best Drawing Pens – Digital Arts

Often the first way to try out new ideas and experiments is to put a humble pen on paper.

This is the backbone of any artist, illustrator and designer work, and with a craftsmanship more alluring than ever in the digital world, we’re sure many artists are seizing the chance to use an ink pen.

Here, by the way, is a summary of the pens only. Not smart pens (although we got you there), not stylus (yes, and there – for both Android and iPad), not lightsabers (maybe we will write this next?). This list is exclusively for our beloved ancient creator of ink drawings, sketches, and drawn mental maps.

You were probably looking for The One: a pen that won’t get wet, dry, or look awful on paper. But whether you want a high-tech pen or something smoother, you won’t end up empty-handed on our list of the 10 best pens for artists, illustrators and designers.

For tips, tricks and ideas for drawing and illustration, see our list of YouTube artists to watch and free video tutorial websites.

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Rotring Rapidograph Technical pen

The high-precision, slender technical Rapidograph pen from Rotring is designed for exquisite detail – and sells for quite exquisite prices in terms of sophistication.It is a demanding, specialized pen that will excel in demanding jobs. Treat it right, do your homework, and you get a pen that lasts the way it was intended.

And you never have to clean the ink coil; along with the pressure equalization system, it is replaced every time the cartridge is changed. The handle is available in sizes from 0.1mm to 1mm.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

This pen series is a classic, “must have” if it ever was.Some even describe them as addictions (seriously, give scrolling Amazon reviews). Although less consistent than some knobs, such as the Uni Pin (below), this loss of control makes the Micron’s knobs great for sketching.

No smudges, nibs or oozing on most of the paper, with acid-free, chemical-resistant, waterproof and fade-resistant inks, and of course perfect flow, should we be surprised that these pen pens delight so much?

With a wide variety of tip colors and sizes, they may soon delight you too.If they haven’t already.

Staedtler Pigment Liner

Sailor Fude De Mannen – Calligraphy Fountain Pen

This pen is ideal for writing and calligraphy practice. This special pen is navy blue with a 40 degree tilt angle (for those who write and put the pen down), but Sailor offers all kinds of melting pens with nibs in different sizes and colors. …

Pens are made in Japan and keep in mind they usually ship within four to five days.

Uni Pin Fineliner

Similarly priced with Staedtler Pigment Liner and similar performance – 5 tip sizes, waterproof and lightfast inks – it’s a matter of personal preference which you prefer: while the Staedtler Pigment Liner is great for fine lines, the Uni Pin is flawlessly compatible with blacker inks …

Drawing Pen Faber-Castell Pitt Artists

High quality pen designed for drawing.Available in three classic paint colors – black, calm and sepia – and four pen sizes, it’s durable, precise and easy to use. And this is from Faber-Castell, one of the world’s largest and most respected art producers.

Drawing Pilot

A really beautiful pen. Although it doesn’t move as slowly as some of its competitors, it lends itself to easy sketching. It is also convenient to use – important if you paint for hours.Plus, it’s cheap, so why not give it a try? It may not be the prettiest pen, but the drawings it can create are definitely as follows.

Pentel Color Brush pen

This is an amazingly expressive nib that can create incredibly varied strokes, from very thick strokes to intricate details and delicacy. Since it is a brush, control will never be perfect, but it does add the risk and chance sometimes needed for creativity.It takes longer to dry than some of the pens on this list, but it uses more ink in a cleaner, freer style.

Position markers

Posca markers write – deep breath – metal, glass, plastic, stone, fabric, photographs … and much more. They don’t bleed. They go well together. And, once dry, they will cover the layer below, making mistakes easily concealed. With all these great features, as well as bold colors and the ability to draw gorgeous fine lines, they are a great addition to any artist’s arsenal.

Copic Ciao Markers

Copic markers break their watchword – markers designed for creative people. They are creative, wealthy people, because they are quite expensive. But many clearly think they are worth the money. The ink does not bleed, the colors blend well and is just great to work with.

Choose from Copic Original (a classic marker set for basic drawings), Copic Sketch (more suitable for fine art) and Copic Cia (essentially a cheaper version of Sketch)

Choosing a tool for Zen drawing – liners from the best manufacturers

In modern fine arts, there is one simple technique with which a person, even without special drawing talents, can create unique paintings.It is called the zentangle (English zentangle, from “zen” – the school of Buddhism, “tangle” – a tangled ball). This is a black and white abstract drawing composed of repeating patterns and lines. Simply put, all those abstract drawings that we used to draw on the margins of a notebook during boring lectures or meetings can be called zentangles. The drawings are truly unique, because even the same author cannot always repeat his own drawing using this technique.

As a rule, such drawing is determined by human intuition, therefore psychologists consider it to be a technique that combines creativity and meditation.They argue that Zen painting not only develops creativity, but also relieves stress, focuses attention, and makes you more balanced.

(pictured: anti-stress album Charivny garden and Faber-Castell liner)

Classic zentangles are drawn in black ink on white paper (on a square sheet 9 cm wide). Therefore, in order to master this technique, you only need a sheet of paper and a pen with a fine nib, and best of all – a 90,240 liner.

(pictured: sketchbook A5 and Sakura liners)

Why a liner rather than a fountain pen, gel pen or felt-tip pen? The fact is that their ink is differently absorbed and dries, therefore, it is difficult for them to achieve the effect of a professional drawing. If this drawing does not blur right away (especially on loose paper), then it will probably do it upon contact with liquid.

(Pictured: Faber-Castell sepia capillary pen set)

It is quite another matter liner – its pigment waterproof ink does not spread on paper, does not wash off with water and does not fade.In addition, the thickness of its thin nib allows you to write and draw with very thin, clear lines ranging from 0.05 mm to 2.5 mm thick. Basically, the liner is intended for writing on paper, cardboard and other loose surfaces. On glossy, plastic, smooth wax paper or tracing paper, its ink dries for a long time (this is a water-based pigment ink, not an alcohol marker).

(In the photo: Moleskine sketchbook and Letraset liners)

To its credit, the liner manufacturers have made every effort to ensure that this professional device is universally recognized.If earlier they were used only by professionals – architects, graphic artists or calligraphers – now the liner can be bought in a stationery store at a very reasonable price.

What is the difference between ink liner, isographer and liner?

The only difficulty this writing instrument has faced since it hit “mainstream” use is the confusion with the name. As they just do not call it: liner (liner), flight fader, ink liner, isograph or Japanese marker.In fact, these are different things, which, although they are essentially the same tool for performing accurate drawing projects, have a distinctive operating principle.

Reisfeder is a metal handle with bifurcated ends, two spring leaves of which are connected at one point. A gap is formed between the flaps, where a pencil or ink pen is inserted. The width of the refeed line is fixed by turning a small knurled nut. By the way, this device is not without reason mentioned in the film “Office Romance” as a tool for plucking eyebrows – outwardly it looks like something in between a compass and a pair of tweezers.

Rapidograph is a more modern device made in the form of a fountain pen with a tubular nib and a reservoir for ink. In order to avoid clogging of the tubular feather with drying ink, there is a movable needle-rod in its hole. There are ink liners with multiple refills (ink is poured into a removable spray can) or with a disposable spray (you need to buy a new cartridge for refueling). Taking into account the design features of the instrument, work with the ink liner should be held with its tip perpendicular downward.An isograph is, in fact, the same ink liner, only with it you can write at various inclinations to the surface.

Well, liner is a one-time simplified version of all of the above.

Choosing a liner

Liners are great for sketching, painting and writing – they produce thin, even, soft lines without smudges or smudges. They work on special water-based inks with increased color intensity.

In addition, the liners are distinguished by an increased service life due to the wear-resistant writing unit and a large supply of ink.

(pictured: Faber-Castell multi-colored capillary pen set)

Unlike fountain pens, liners have fairly sensitive nibs, and the ink is not so thick. Therefore, it is recommended to store them in a horizontal position with a tightly closed cap and, if possible, not to drop them. And most importantly, when writing or drawing, the rod should not be pressed too hard, it should barely touch the surface of the paper. Otherwise, the rod can completely go into the body and the liner will break.

The Sakura Pigma Micron is considered the “official” pen of the zentangle technique in the USA (for the simple reason that the technique itself was invented by the Americans Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas). Among the manufacturers of equally popular liners, there are such brands as Faber Castell, Koh-I-Noor, Letraset, Centropen.

Professional liner of the famous Japanese brand Sakura, a representative of the special art series Pigma Micron. The advantages of the liner include high environmental friendliness of the product – it is known that Sakura uses materials that have passed certification for toxic safety ASTM D-4236 in production.Sakura Pigma Micron ink is made using acid-free technology, has high water resistance and protection against discoloration. Line thickness – 0.45 mm.

Liner Letraset Fine Line

Professional liner from the British company Letraset, which produces innovative office supplies for commercial design. The liner nib leaves a thin line of rich black color. The Fine Line Drawing Pen has a long-lasting, waterproof pigment ink. The liner cap is equipped with a metal clip and a transparent window.Line thickness – 0.3 mm.

Practical liner for every day from the famous German brand Faber-Castell. Already the best-selling design stationery, Liner from the creative Fine Pen series is ideal for calligraphy writing and drawing. Has a large volume of permanent water-based colorfastness ink. Line thickness – 0.4 mm.

Simple but very economical liner from the Czech brand Centropen. Its non-drying ink does not lose its qualities for up to 14 days if the liner is left without a cap.The liner has a plastic nib in a metal frame. Odorless, water-based ink. The body has an ergonomic shape. Line thickness – 0.3 mm.

The ultra-thin everyday liner from the Faber-Castell Ecco Line. Line thickness – 0.1 mm.

The set contains four pens of different sizes (line thickness from 0.3 to 5 mm). A great solution for daily drawing and sketching. Simulates the effect of mascara.

90,000 Top 10 Pens – 2021 Ranking (Top 10)

Despite the development of computer technology and an abundance of gadgets, modern people continue to use pens.These simple mechanical devices are essential for all schoolchildren, students, office workers, so they will be a great gift for friends and colleagues.

Top 10 best pens with Aliexpress, see below.

Before choosing the most optimal and high-quality product, you need to understand its varieties:

  1. ballpoint pen – the simplest and most common type. It is a thin tube filled with ink. At its end there is a tiny ball in direct contact with the paper;
  2. The
  3. fountain pen has an ink cartridge inside that flows onto the nib;
  4. capillary resembles a felt-tip pen;
  5. Rollerball
  6. is similar in design to a ballpoint pen, but unlike the latter, it is filled not with ink, but with a special gel;
  7. liner features the thinnest lettering.Arranged in the form of a can for mascara and a thin needle, inside a special rod.

① Gimue 00879

These are gel pens for work and creativity. Suitable for both adults and children. It stands out for its brightness and a wide choice of colors, where, in addition to matte, there are handles with glitter and metallic effect. The base is made of plastic, inside there is a thin rod 1 mm thick. The assortment of goods is presented in sets of 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 pieces.


  • bright, varied colors;
  • is convenient to use;
  • low price.


  • Writing takes a long time to dry.

② Xiaomi Sign Pen

A branded automatic pen from a well-known brand will be a great gift for a colleague or a good friend. The body is made of ceramic, inside there is a medium-thick nib (0.5 mm) in black, the set includes three spare blue pastes.


  • high quality body and stem;
  • writes softly;
  • comfortable to hold;
  • Includes three replacement pastes.


  • Additional rods are inferior in quality than the original.


Set of 2 pens and 10 refills in bright blue. Ideal for school lessons, student lectures and paperwork. The body is made of plastic. Gel rod 0.5 mm thick. The main feature of the model is the ability to erase incorrect entries using a special eraser at the end of the pen, after which you can continue to write in the vacant space.If the deleted information needs to be restored, the paper is put in the freezer for a short time. The same method is used when the still full rod stops writing or becomes much lighter.


  • the ability to easily and easily correct mistakes with the eraser;
  • thin rod;
  • is convenient to write;
  • low cost.


  • Pastes run out quickly.

④ Gimue 00284

These are black liners for paper and board. The main feature of this type of pens is that the ink is fed onto the paper by means of a thin needle. The assortment includes a brush and 8 liners from 0.05 to 0.8 mm thick. The model is perfect for regular writing, drawings, signatures and drawings.


  • resistance to moisture;
  • does not fade over time;
  • writes clearly without blots and omissions;
  • high quality ink;
  • low price.


  • In some cases, the inscriptions blur after contact with water.


Multi-colored gel pens for school and office. The main feature of this model is the ability to erase unnecessary notes using the eraser at the end of the pen or when heated. The assortment of shades includes 8 items: red, orange, green, blue, blue, pink, purple, black.The body is made of plastic, the rod is 0.5 mm thick.


  • errors can be easily corrected;
  • bright, saturated colors;
  • is convenient to write;
  • good selection of shades.


  • Refills not completely filled with ink.

⑥ HE DAO N81578

These are erasable universal gel pens with black or blue ink.They stand out among the above models with a cute and original design of the case with the image of animal faces (panda, koala, pig, bear) and inscriptions in the form of Chinese characters. The rods are quite thin: 0.35 mm.


  • Ability to delete unnecessary text;
  • attractive appearance;
  • are suitable for study and work;
  • Bright, visible ink color.


  • lettering is difficult to erase with an eraser.

⑦ Comix C001

A quality ballpoint pen for school, office or home. It differs from all the presented models in that it combines the functions of a pen and a stylus. The latter is presented in the form of a rubber tip for touching the touch screen of a tablet or phone. The body is made of metal, plastic and rubber. The 0.1mm rod makes writing easier and is suitable for people with poor handwriting.


  • multifunctionality;
  • dense writing line;
  • wide range of body colors;
  • beautiful design;
  • ideal price-performance ratio.


  • The swing mechanism at the bottom of the handle can easily break.

⑧ HE DAO magical Gel pen

This is a gel pen for students, schoolchildren, office workers. The body is made of plastic, the rod has an average thickness of 0.5 mm. On the back end there is a special eraser for correcting what has been written. Made in 4 colors: black, blue, light blue and red.


  • low cost;
  • nice design;
  • Made of durable plastic;
  • is convenient to use;
  • erases unwanted text well and gently.


  • tends to blur a little when writing.

⑨ Aolikes

Multifunctional automatic pocket pen. Serves as not only a stationery, but also a potential means of self-defense. It is made of high-strength material – aviation aluminum with the use of diamond chips, so it can be used to break glass. Total length: 15.5 cm. Black ink inside. Has a manganese steel clamp. This model is a great option for a small gift.


  • can be used for your own safety in an emergency;
  • comfortable to hold in hand;
  • with a clip easily attaches to a bag, backpack;
  • stylish modern design;
  • sturdy material.


  • A sufficiently powerful body may not appeal to lovers of thin pens.


This is a souvenir fountain pen. Perfect as a gift or as a drawing and calligraphy tool. Differs in the quality of the material: the case is made of metal, the tip is made of iridium gold. Brush thickness – 0.5 mm, product length – 14 cm, weight – 40 g. Made in several colors, the surface is decorated with an elegant pattern.


  • sophisticated classic design;
  • strength;
  • is convenient to use;
  • high quality material and workmanship.


  • ink and cartridge must be purchased separately;
  • relatively heavy weight.

5 Best Writing Pens


25 (for the Orange Original ballpoint pen model)

Since the creation of its first ballpoint pen, the French company BIC has continued to improve in the production of stationery.BIC pens are known to everyone: they write well, do not flow, do not scratch the paper even with a strong tilt, so they are successfully used by left-handers and children who are just starting to write. The wide assortment includes both the classic orange pens well-known to everyone, and pens with a transparent body with rubber inserts, ballpoint, gel and fountain pens, simple and automatic, regular and colored (including pens with 4 different colored rods), for writing and drawing – in a word, for every taste. By the way, in the caps of BIC pens there is always a hole made for a reason, but so that if accidentally swallowed, a person does not suffocate.

Main pluses:

  • writes at any angle;
  • does not flow;
  • Suitable for left-handers;
  • does not scratch paper when writing;
  • is enough for a long time.


  • Classic models have a pale ink color.

9.eight / 10



Most of all I like the Round Stic Exach line: it gives a clear, bright and thin line, in contrast to the classic red Bick handle, it is comfortable and beautiful.

15 unusual pens including tactical

It would seem that completely ordinary everyday things can perform a lot of useful actions: belts, hammers, axes, shovels and even a ballpoint pen, with an effective design, turn into real multitools.Some representatives of the office will also save lives if an unwary gopnik attacks you. When closed, they are like an everyday pen, but when opened, they are capable of breaking the skull. Well, okay, let’s not exaggerate, it won’t come to this. Just keep a selection of 15 quirky pens.

Titanium handle Porsche Design P’3135

If you have already acquired a Porsche 911 or, in principle, love this company, then you will not pass by the Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen.Carved from a single piece of titanium, it is virtually indestructible. Its nib is plated with 18K gold and the mechanism ensures a neat and comfortable writing. The external PVD coating is able to withstand a lot, scratches do not threaten the handle, but a complete aluminum case will not be superfluous for special neat people.

Titanium handle with shutter TiBolt

Continuing the theme of titanium handles, the TiBolt , in addition to an interesting metal, also uses an equally interesting mechanism, namely a bolt.The only non-titanium element is the ink cartridge. In addition to the standard configuration with a conventional cap, a stylus version for capacitive touch displays can be ordered. The weight of the handle turned out to be very modest, only 42 g.

Rubber Bandit Pen

Admit it, as a child you made slingshots from wire and wood, shot rowan trees with a bulb holder and a rubber cord, bullet vermicelli from a homemade self-shot on the basis of a clothespin? Come on, don’t deny – we were all naughty. Rubber Bandit is from the same series, except in a commercial version. It looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but with a mechanism for firing money rubber bands. Such, of course, you can shoot with a finger, but Rubber Bandit provides a higher hitting accuracy.

Smith & Wesson Tactical Fire Striker

Modern flint is very different from what our ancestors used. The well-known American manufacturer of weapons and military equipment Smith & Wesson offers a universal flint model combined with a tactical handle – Tactical Fire Striker .The accessory is made of aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum and, in addition to lighting fire, can act as a ballpoint pen, as well as a weapon for hand-to-hand combat.

Steel Tactical Pen Best Made Embassy

At Best Made they love quality steel and know how to work with it. Even the classic ballpoint pen was transformed by magicians into a real tactical work of art, calling it Embassy . It resembles an automatic bullet in shape and, unlike other tactical pens, the considered in size is very close to ordinary writing instruments, except that it weighs more – 108 g.The notches provide a secure grip, and the protective cap is screwed on, which excludes its accidental loss during active operations with the handle. For example, if an accessory is used for self-defense (a very dangerous thing in skillful hands). Supplied with black Fisher Space Pen.

Boker Plus Black Tactical Pen Cal 45

When a .45 rifle bolt bolt is attached to a ballpoint pen to feed the barrel into the barrel, the result is Tactical Pen Cal 45 .These are produced by the German company Boker . She can not only sign checks, contracts, but also defend herself on the street. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to strike a warning blow to the bully, divert attention and quickly evaporate from the dark doorway.

Cleo Skribent Messograf Pen

If you are closer in spirit to fiddling with drawings, assembling gas lasers with your bare hands, and you get peace of mind by rewinding transformer coils, then your totem is the German vernier caliper Cleo Skribent Messograf Pen .Made of chrome-plated brass, it not only knows how to write correctly, but also accurately measure distances up to 10 centimeters with an error of tenths of a millimeter. A useful tool.

Colt Tactical Pen with cullet

For 12 years I have been using a simple pen Inoxcrom , and it’s all worn out, although it continues to play its role. Nevertheless, I decided that it was time to start a new pen for the next 10–12 years and, given my fascination with all sorts of tactical things, the choice fell on the appropriate accessory.Rather, he did not fall, but his eyes simply fled. As a result, I settled on the Colt CT-438, as a relatively budget and convenient option. Yes, yes, this is an original accessory from the legendary Colt company, which produces popular American pistols and revolvers.

The pen is made in the form of a kubotan, that is, its direct purpose, in addition to writing, is self-defense. Aluminum is used as the body material, and the cap is held on a latch, which is more convenient in operation than the thread, like in Best Made Embassy.On one end of the handle there is a built-in cullet, on the cap there is a powerful notch. Such a pen can seriously damage a hooligan who is looking for a wallet or your health, while it is quite light and when filling out the forms, I personally did not experience any discomfort. Writes in black, the core is standard, thick, in a metal cartridge – this can be found in any stationery store. Enough for a long time.


Magnetic Modular Stylus Pen

The idea of ​​ POLAR lay on the surface, especially if we recall the popularity of the NeoCube magnetic toy (in no case buy if you have small children – they can swallow the balls and there will be serious consequences).What about the idea of ​​the same constructor, but instead of balls, it uses hollow cylinders? You will get a ballpoint pen with a lot of all sorts of chips and gags that can be appreciated on the video.

POLAR consists of six or more cylinders, and a stylus is built into the cap, which is compatible with capacitive screens (in iPad and almost all modern touch devices). There are no fasteners in the accessory, everything is held by the magnetic field. Experimenting with the polarity of the magnets, you can come up with a lot of fun and applications for the pen.In general, it turned out to be a deadly stationery toy. By the way, on Kickstarter at one time the magnetic pen collected almost $ 500 thousand with a request of $ 14 thousand

Tactical Pen Tuff-Writer Precision Press

The Tuff-Writer is a revolutionary tactical pen. The company was the first to release a push-button tactical pen, dubbed the Precision Press, plus it uses a custom Fisher refill. Usually, in tactical pens, they don’t pay much attention to the rods, they say, it’s more for self-defense, not for scribbling, but not in the case of Precision Press.The ink in the refill is under pressure, it is permanent, and the design of the steel tip is such that you can write in any conditions at temperatures from -35 ° C to + 121 ° C and even under water. There is no need to worry about the shelf life of such an unusual rod, it is 100 years.

By the way, the pen is also light, weighs about 50 g. That is, it is quite a convenient writing instrument, but if you wish, it can seriously damage your foe. The 6061-T6 aluminum body and 303 stainless steel tip are capable of withstanding severe shock.At the same time, the precise fit of the parts made the click almost inaudible when the rod was pulled out. The clip is made of spring steel and has an anti-corrosion coating, while the aluminum case itself is anodized. Thus, the Precision Press is one of the most comfortable tactical pens on the market, capable of both fully replacing the traditional writing instrument and acting as a serious means of self-defense in hand-to-hand combat. This will last for years, if not decades.

Steel Tactical Pen Gerber Impromptu Tactical

A similar handle with a mechanical push button for removing the core, as in the Tuff-Writer above, is also available in the assortment Gerber . Although the Impromptu Tactical Pen is decently different from the competitor. It is made of steel, which means it weighs much more (113 g), but it comes with a functional rod that can write even in pouring rain. In addition, the accessory has a built-in cullet. Otherwise, it is a classic tactical pen that can be used to write or smash enemies’ skulls.

Steampunk Schimmel Fine Pen from watch parts

Chad Schimmel creates ballpoint pens – good, unusual. Either the old banknote is soldered under the transparent case, then it is still somehow scolded. But this man gained his greatest popularity after launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, in which he raised money to create a special mechanical machine that will help him produce steampunk ballpoint pens Schimmel Fine Pen .He attracted people with them. To design these writing instruments, the master uses parts of an old mechanical clock. The result is impressive: curved brass gears, sometimes a dial is embedded. The pens look gorgeous and are very actively sold on the master’s website, despite the decent price tag.

Pininfarina Cambiano Ink-Free Pen

Do you like Ferrari cars? It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like them, and a third-party design company Pininfarina is responsible for the design of many models.But in this case, she decided to move away from the traditional role and developed the Cambiano writing instrument. It is made of aluminum and wood, has a unique shape and, in general, looks just gorgeous, but these are not all the features of the accessory. Instead of a nib or shaft, this pen has a dedicated Ethergraph tip. It is made of a tricky alloy and working with Pininfarina Cambiano feels like using a pencil. Here are just the lines that have been drawn do not erase like graphite ones.In this regard, Ethergraph is similar to traditional ball rods. And the most interesting thing is that it is almost impossible to write up such a pen – enough for you, and for your children and grandchildren.

Boker Compact Bolt Action Pen Miniature Tactical Pen

The Boker has a lot of cool stuff, including the scary Urban Survival Knife and the Tactical Pen Cal 45. The latter especially liked the bolt-action styling of the 45 rifle, but the handle itself is quite large.If you are also not satisfied with its size, but like the design, then I can recommend the Compact Bolt Action Pen . She has a similar bolt mechanism, but the handle is only 10 cm long and weighs 40 g. At the same time, it is quite possible for her to defend herself and even pierce the adversary’s head, or inflict very painful blows on the joints and soft parts of the body, because the accessory is made of titanium … The Fisher Space Pen Cartridge PR4 model is used as a core, that is, the pen writes in any conditions.

Monteverde Ballpoint Pen

It would seem that completely ordinary everyday things can perform a lot of useful actions: belts, hammers, axes, shovels and even a ballpoint pen, with an effective design, turn into real multitools. In the latter case, Monteverde excelled with the Multi-Tool Stylus Pen . This is a quality pen with a faceted metal body that is comfortable to hold with your fingers while writing. In addition, its back is a stylus for capacitive screens (such as are used in the vast majority of modern smartphones and tablets), which, if desired, can be unscrewed and installed from the side of the handle.This cap hides a double-sided bit with a flat and Phillips screwdriver. Also, a level is built into the product and a ruler is marked.

TAKUMI Pen, compatible with all

rod models

Many different writing instruments were invented by mankind, especially ballpoint pens, from tactical pens to wooden ones to steel ones with special covers. But all of them have one problem – compatibility with rods. Usually we are talking about some one standard model.But what if you prefer cartridges from a certain company, but they don’t fit your new pen? This is a problem that is fundamentally solved in the TAKUMI Pen . The design of this handle assumes the possibility of changing its internal volume using the front tip and the back part, which is screwed inward with the help of a complete tool. This way you can use rods of almost any length.

In particular, the developer announced support for more than 50 models of ballpoint pen cartridges.In addition, there are different caps to choose from – flat, oval, with or without a clip. The TAKUMI Pen is made of aluminum and steel. The people reacted positively to the idea on Kickstarter and at one time invested $ 16.6 thousand in the project with a request of $ 7 thousand. Now the second generation of the pen is being sold.

UZI Defender tactical pen with integrated handcuff key

At first glance, the UZI Defender does not differ from the host of other tactical pens. It is also made of aluminum and contains cullet.Such a pen can not only write, but also cause a lot of trouble for bad people who attacked you: crush their skulls and incapacitate limbs. But the development of the company that created the legendary submachine gun has its own peculiarity – the key from the handcuffs is hidden in the upper part of the accessory.

Wood Allegory Writing Instruments

Allegory’s products are not ordinary ballpoint or fountain pens – they are writing instruments. Each is handcrafted from different types of wood, and the forests are not affected.Craftsmen use material that is found in the fields, the steppe, in old dilapidated houses, etc. Thus, each batch of pens is unique, with its own pattern and from original wood species. It’s not Parker or even Inoxcrom, but each Allegory has its own story.

Handcrafted Bullet Pen Ballpoint Pen

Jeff Hornan is a jack of all trades, but he especially loves working with wood, and uses everything that comes to hand.For example, old Jim Beam whiskey barrels went for one of the Bullet Pen body parts. The basis of the writing instrument is a .50 or .30-06 case. In addition to looking stylish, the handles also stand perfectly on a flat surface. A cool gift for a military man or a person who fought in the past.

Aluminum Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker with Silent Movement

Simple shapes, classic designs, quality materials and an interesting choice of colors – it’s all about the automatic Mover and Shaker ballpoint pens from Tactile Turn.Their body is made of 7075 aluminum alloy, and the clip is made of 301 steel. To avoid annoying colleagues in the office or fellow students in the educational institution, the company used a virtually silent mechanism in the pens. A special notch at the front of the accessories ensures a secure grip. Products differ in length and cartridge: Shaker – 140 mm and Pilot G2, Mover – 128 mm and Schimdt Easy Flow 9000s. Of course, the Colt CT-438 looks more impressive and costs less, but this is a completely different pen format, and it may not be allowed on an airplane with one.At least, I haven’t tried to experiment in this direction yet. Do not want to give your favorite pen to airport employees.

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You can buy everything you need for an effective robot in an office, school, in an art studio in the online stationery stores. Vibrate an inexpensive backpack with no kostevoy delivery across Ukraine – it won’t take you an hour. And the instruction for opening the pencil case with our own hands created the online space


Themes of the stationery and school applications are developed not less than digital and electronic devices.Happy children all the more often play mobile gadgets. Tom, virobniks and realizators of stationery and attachments for the school, rapidly at once from your supplies. Judge for yourself: thermo mugs, pens, holographic backpacks and pencil cases for the bags. Anyway, the axis is: monsters who devour mucus, a kinetic pisok. Can a stylus pen help your smartphone? Is everything in our family all the same? Until then, the office supplies are so nicely packed, but even with one glance at it, it’s okay to get started 🙂

Notebooks, notebooks and paperwork products

Modern technologies are being developed with the help of light.Navigate the notebooks and the schodenniki are not the same as they were injected. For the change of tedious dates and unattended schoolchildren, author’s internal blocks with quotes and planners of the building, notebooks for a happy life with a mood have come. Christmas in Ukraine you can buy a schooner in a clinker, a line and a speck! Abo iz calls with pure arkushi. In reality, there is a great assortment of paperwork products for the most affordable prices.

I do not diminish the popularity of notepads for notes: with a lock, with a password.Navigate for you – genii, for a long time they were looking at a special notebook. Bachite? In our online store there are office supplies from Maybutnye

Great assortment of office supplies for schools and offices

More than 20 thousand buyers have issued a replacement in our store for 2 years of yogo іsnuvannya. Ale Vi is a unique person. Do not make a mistake, until you read it.

Our customers do not waste their expensive hour, they walk around us on the sides 🙂 It smelled like that for a long time, because of the inexpensive prices for shipping, special offers in our store, do not worry.And about the cool novelties of office supplies for the school, office and informational products in the form of information secretly written about it: from postal services, in social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Kozhen himself virishuє, on yaku from rozsilok yomu zruchn_she sign, then first learn about the news and new items.

Our perevaga – all your vidgooks. Chim was more captivated by the critics, and they are more beautiful for us. These vidhooks give krill and help us to develop for you for a while

Goods for children’s creativity and handicraft

Wait, ideas for creativity and self-boxes at once from children are an actual topic.It is possible to shine with your own hands to wake up, which is rich in quiet speeches, so that we feel good. Chim to take care of the child at home? Yak zavolikti child, if there are boards on the street? It’s simple: to engage in spiritual creativity! In our online store you will know a set for creativity and handicrafts for children from 2 to 15 years. Embroidery with lines, pictures by numbers, acrylic farbi, foamyran, collect experiments and rich ideas.

In Odessa, 3 children were set up studios, which are working on their skin.And for Ukraine to solve the problem, we have a studio recording of children’s master classes on our Youtube channel. Tse iz from cover instructions to self-boxes. Before we speak, we also have the necessary materials to do the stationery with our own hands!

Take bonus for you

Vee all correctly pochuli, mova about bonuses. Also, we will not let anybody go to our site if we share “Aktsiya”. Mi proponymo postyynі, as well as seasonal discounts.Conducted regular competitive activities in social media Facebook and Instagram. Come on!

Shukaєte stationery for school, college or business? So, you are up to us! Well, you know you already know

Come to us for the phones: 097 -1000-950 (tel / vibeer); 063-2000-950 or e-mail: ruchki.

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