Cool back to school stuff: 35+ Cool School Supplies to Make Back-to-School Shopping Fun


35+ Cool School Supplies to Make Back-to-School Shopping Fun

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Who said school supplies have to be boring? While stocking up on pens, pencils, and paper products may seem like a mundane chore, this selection of eccentric materials will make you want to go back-to-school shopping all year round.

Whether adorably animal-shaped or effortlessly embellished with simple pops of color, these outlandish office accessories are the perfect way to personalize everything from your desk to your devices. Ideal for the quirky and creative student, this curated collection of products is sure to help you stand out while you study.

Check out some of our favorite creative and cool school supplies below.


Llama Gel Pen (Set of 4)


Geometric Decorative Folders


National Parks Notebooks


Flower Push Pins (Set of 12)


Cute Correction Tape


Inspirational Pencil Set


Quirky Bookmarks


Rainbow Pencils


Rainbow Sticky Post Notes


Elephant Shaped Paper Clips


5-in-1 Tool Pen


On-the-Go Watercolor Sheets


Flower Color Pencils


Funny To-Do List


Happy Highlighters


Rainbow Feather Sticky Notes


Adorable Cactus Erasers


Illustrative Washi Tape


Cool Cats Magnetic Bookmarks


Eye-Catching Backpacks


Dorm Room Survival Guide


Shimmering Scaley Skins


Pencil Pouches


Floral Frida Notebook


Pantone Pads


Solar System Erasers


Bunny Desk Buddy


Laser-Cut Wood Journals


Annotator Highlighter Pencils


Mule Memo Holders


Study Planner


Personalized Pencil Case


Personalized Eco-friendly Notebook


Gradient Tricolor Jelly Eraser


“Vase with Twelve Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh Laptop Skin


Cork Desk Tidy


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32 Cute School Supplies for 2020


You know what the start of the school year means: a backpack that’s full of personality, vibrant notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils, and rulers adorned with playful prints. Get your kids excited about another round of homework (and be okay with summer ending) with these cute school supplies that won’t break the bank. There’s something for just about every type of kid. You might even be tempted to snag a few items for yourself.

View Gallery 32 Photos

2 of 32

Do-Overs Erasable Highlighters

Highlighters are a back-to-school must, but erasable highlighters take the classic school necessity to the next level.  

3 of 32

Hand Sanitizer Gel



Keeping hands as clean as possible is super important during the coronavirus pandemic, and Crayola’s newest offering makes hand cleaning fun again! Crayola’s new hand sanitizer is made with 75% ethyl alcohol, firmly within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s hand sanitizer recommendations. These adorable crayon-themed bottles are squeezable and can be clipped onto a backpack for easy access throughout the school day.

4 of 32

‘Do What Makes You Happy’ Binder

Every time she pulls out her binder, she’ll be reminded that happiness is the key to success. 

5 of 32

Adorable Erasers

These school day staples look good enough to eat. They won’t mind correcting their homework when their erasers are this cute.


6 of 32

Pastel Spiral Notebooks

Spiral notebooks are definitely on your kid’s back-to-school list, so try these bright, pastel colors for a change. 

7 of 32

Pencil Set

Inspire your kids to do their best work with these motivational pencils. 

8 of 32

Back To School Fanny Pack

This fanny pack will come in handy when field trips call for downsizing from a bookbag.

9 of 32

Superman Kid Safe Adjustable Headphones

Dc Comics


He’ll feel like a real superhero every time he reaches for these Superman headphones. 

10 of 32

Pastel Tie Dye iPhone Case

Let her get in on the tie-dye trend with this vibrant iPhone case.  

11 of 32

Mackenzie Blue Robo Dinosaurs Foil Water Bottle

pottery barn


He won’t forget to stay hydrated if he owns one of these dinosaur water bottles with pop-up straws. 

12 of 32

Carrot Shaped Metallic Paper Clips



They may have a hard time eating them at dinner, but there won’t be any struggles using these fun carrot-shaped paper clips during the school day.

13 of 32

Monogram Journal

Clare V. Anthropologie


This stylish monogram journal has 80 lined pages, perfect for jotting down deadlines and homework assignments.

14 of 32

Scented Stix Markers

Mr. Sketch


These fruity-smelling markers are guaranteed to spark your kid’s creativity.

15 of 32

Colorful Face Design Metallic Binder Clips



How could you not smile when you see these adorable paper clips? Keeping all those school documents in order just got so much better. 

16 of 32

2021 Planner

While plans might be on hold for now, this 2020-2021 large format planner will help them track projects and deadlines in the moment — plus, keep them motivated to get closer to events in the future.

17 of 32

Felt Letter Board

Little Hippo amazon.


Keep the motivational messages coming during tough days or just use it to practice spelling words. 

18 of 32

Bear Two-Holes Pencil Sharpeners

The tedious task of sharpening a pencil just got a major upgrade thanks to these adorable little bears. 

19 of 32

Constellation Pencil Case



Calling all future astronomers: this pencil case is out of this world! 

20 of 32

Stackable Crayons

This pack comes with 12 colorful crayons that are non-toxic and washable. Plus, the shape of ’em makes it easy for kids of all ages to color. 

22 of 32

iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set

Remember whose charger is whose during busy school day mornings with these hilarious stickers.  

23 of 32

Mustard Highlighter and Ketchup Pen Set

Never lose your favorite pen or highlighter again with this hard-to-forget set.

24 of 32

Dinosaur 2 Pocket Folder

If your kid is right in the middle of the dinosaur phase, look no further than this monogrammed folder covered in his or her prehistoric friends.  

25 of 32

Reversible Dividers

We all know that glitter can solve any back-to-school blues your kid might have.  

26 of 32

Pink Donut Sprinkles Standard Ruler

The metric system just got a whole lot more fun thanks to this adorable donut ruler. 

27 of 32

Camera USB Flash Drive

GARRULAX amazon. com


We’re obsessed with this tiny camera that’s the perfect USB flash drive for the film enthusiast in your house. 

28 of 32

Beeswax Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Wrap their go-to turkey sandwich in this beeswax wrap, then wash and reuse. Don’t feel like buying? You can actually DIY these wraps, too! 

29 of 32

Poppin Mint Dynamic Duo



30 of 32

Locker Mirror and Light

The locker is the living room of the high school hallway (it’s where all the best conversations happen, after all). So make it special with a mini mirror and light.

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Back-to-School Shopping: Clothes, Supplies, and More

Back-to-school shopping is an exciting rite of passage for you and your child, but it also can feel like a chore. Sure, new clothes, new kicks, new school supplies, a new lunch kit, and a new backpack can be fun. But this yearly ritual also is prone to overwhelm parents financially, organizationally, and emotionally.

We’re here to help with a realistic guide. Included you will find a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about back-to-school shopping, including a definitive list of what you really need to buy.

Where to Start

First off, check with your child’s school for their specific supply lists, which may vary greatly from grade to grade, school to school, and teacher to teacher. Then, compare the list of suggested items with what you already have. Sometimes backpacks, lunch boxes, binders, and pencil boxes will last for several years; other times, they’ll wear out and need to be replaced.

Some programs have shifted to having teachers buy most of the school supplies for their students to ensure each child has the same items—and exactly what the teacher wants in the classroom. In these cases, a donation is requested to cover the cost of these goods. Alternatively, some schools coordinate with online services that will buy and ship all the necessary supplies directly to you or your school.

Cost of School Supplies

The fun of back-to-school shopping also can come with a steep price tag. However, there are resources available to help reduce or cover these costs. Many states hold tax-free weekend events for back-to-school shopping. Check with your school or local government office to find out if your state offers these events.

Spending a little time checking prices at various retailers often results in significant savings. The beauty of online shopping is that it’s so easy to comparison shop and have the exact items you want (and nothing more) shipped to your door.

Starting early also gives you time to take advantage of sales offered in the weeks before school starts. Additionally, many stores will offer back-to-school discounts.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and other school funds are usually available to cover school supply expenses if the cost is a hardship, so definitely ask your child’s teacher or school administration if your family needs assistance.

You also might want to check with churches and other charitable organizations in your area. Sometimes these organizations offer back-to-school events where they give out free school supplies to qualified families. Additionally, many school districts (and even individual schools) offer clothing closet programs where kids can access new clothing, shoes, backpacks, and other necessities for free.

Clothing for Back-to-School

Verywell / Ellen Linder

It’s no secret that kids grow like weeds, so the back-to-school season is a great time to review your child’s school clothes and supplement with needed items. Below is a list of recommended clothing many kids will want to have in their closets. However, there are no perfect quantities, just what works best for your family—and your budget.

Some kids will have less in their wardrobes, some will have more. All that really matters is that your child has several clean, well-fitting, comfortable outfits for school that make them feel good.

Your child’s needs also will vary according to their age, gender identity, activity level, personal style, the weather where you live, and how frequently you do laundry, as well as whether they wear uniforms in school.

If items still fit from last year, there is no reason they need to be replaced. Generally, your child will want to have:

  • Bras: about 5
  • Hoodies: 2 to 4
  • Jeans: 3 to 5 pairs
  • Long-sleeved tops: 2 to 4
  • Pants, shorts, and/or skirts: 2 to 4 pairs
  • Short-sleeved tops: 4 to 6
  • Socks and/or leggings/tights: 5 to 7 pairs
  • Sports bras: 2
  • Sweaters: 2 to 4
  • Underwear: 7 or more pairs

Check with your child’s school about any dress code requirements or restrictions before you buy back-to-school clothes. Your child may need specific workout clothing and shoes for gym, or a smock for art classes.

Shoes for School

How many pairs of shoes your kids need, and what kind, will vary depending on their activity level and their school’s dress-code policies. Keep in mind that some schools prohibit flip flops or other open-toed sandals, particularly for little kids. They also may have specific requirements for PE days as well to avoid tripping, accidents, and marking up the floor. Generally, your kids will need:

  • Casual/dress shoes
  • Flip-flops/sandals/slip-on shoes
  • Sneakers

Back-to-School Accessories

Your child’s accessory needs come down to individual style and personal taste—although just about every student will need a backpack. Many states that offer tax-free weekend events for the back-to-school shopping season stipulate that accessories are not tax-free, so you’ll want to check the laws in your state. Some of the other accessories you want to consider include:

  • Backpack
  • Belt
  • Face masks
  • Ponytail holders and/or hair clips

Masks at School

Children under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated against Covid-19. For this reason, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that schools have students (and adults) who are not vaccinated wear a mask. The CDC also recommends that schools try to ensure three feet of separation between everyone while indoors.

Even though masks are not required for fully vaccinated people, masks may still be required at your child’s school, especially if students are under 12. Each district sets its own policies.

If your child will be wearing a mask at school, you will want to purchase or make several well-fitting, comfortable masks for your child to wear.

Outerwear for School

What types of coats, and how many, your child needs will depend largely on the climate where you live. In general, most children need each of the following outerwear items:

  • Gloves or mittens
  • Rain and/or snow boots
  • Raincoat, windbreaker, and/or fleece jacket
  • Winter coat
  • Winter hat

Additional School Supplies

Verywell / Ellen Lindner

Contact your child’s school for a specific list of the back-to-school supplies you’ll need to purchase before you shop. Don’t assume the required school supplies for your student will be the same as when a sibling was in that grade previously.

These lists can vary dramatically, year-to-year, even from the same teacher. Get the list from the school so you are not wasting time and money on unneeded items or end up lacking items that are required.

High school and middle school students will usually need more of the writing-related items, while elementary students will need fewer organizational supplies and more arts-related products. Students may need specific items for electives or higher-level math and science courses as well, such as paints, brushes, or scientific calculators.

However, all kids will need some of the basics, such as pencils, glue sticks, and tape. Generally, you can expect to buy:

  • Folders: 2 to 5
  • Pencils: 5 to 10
  • Pens: 5 to 10
  • Spiral or composition notebooks: 2 to 5

You may also need one unit of each of the following:

  • Calculator (usually just for middle school on up)
  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Glue or glue sticks
  • Highlighters
  • Markers
  • Pencil box or pouch
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Three-ring binder

School Donations 

Many teachers ask for donations for general classroom items during the back-to-school shopping season, such as:

  • Facial tissue
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Wet wipes
  • Quart or gallon size bags

Additionally, there is often a school or classroom fund to support students who need help purchasing back-to-school items. Both cash and new items are often enthusiastically welcomed. These donations help each child have the necessary items and set them up to succeed.

Lunch Items for School

Besides buying a lunchbox or lunch bag, you may want to start stocking up on the items you’ll be packing in your kids’ lunches. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Convenient fruits/vegetables (like raisins, other dried fruit, clementines, and baby carrots)
  • Freezer packs to keep food cold
  • Juice boxes
  • Lunchbox or lunch bag
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sandwich ingredients (like peanut butter and jelly)
  • Snack items (like applesauce, pretzels, and string cheese)
  • Yogurt

Children’s Personal Items

These items will vary quite a bit from child to child. However, students may want to have their own personal hygiene products, such as hand sanitizer and tissues.

Additionally, if your child is menstruating, they will want to carry tampons or pads in their bag. Period panties or a change of underwear can also be helpful for when their period comes along unexpectedly.

Bringing Electronics to School

Increasingly, cell phones and other electronic devices are both used and misused in schools. Often, the use of these personal items is limited or prohibited entirely. Check with your child’s school for guidance on the specific rules and recommendations that apply to your student.

Some classrooms—particularly in the upper grades of private schools and well-funded public school districts—are fully stocked with computers for student use. Meanwhile, some schools do not have enough devices to go around.

Some schools even encourage or require students to bring their own phone, computer, or iPad while other programs provide them to all students or to those who don’t have access to one from home. While these devices are not always required by schools, most tweens and teens have them, especially a cell phone. Many young people have laptops—or access to one—as well.

According to Common Sense Media, by age 11, more than 50% of kids have their own cell phone, and by 14, that number jumps to over 80%. Home access to a laptop and the Internet is recommended for most older kids. Access becomes particularly crucial for middle school and high school students, as a significant amount of homework is completed and turned in electronically.

Computer and Internet Access

For students engaged in research or classwork at home, access to computers and reliable WiFi are necessary. If your family does not have these items, contact your school and/or school district administration as they will most likely provide them for your student.

A Word From Verywell

Back-to-school is the perfect time to reassess your child’s wardrobe and school supply cache and clear out items that are worn out or too small. You also might find that you already have some of the supplies you thought you’d need to buy. If you have multiple children, you also can pass down gently used items to younger siblings.

By approaching the back-to-school shopping season with a plan, and knowing ahead of time what you need to buy, you’ll be able to save money, cut down on stress, and avoid buying items your kids don’t really need.

Cute 16 Back to School Supplies for Teen Girls

Back to school season is happening soon and you know it’s time to do some school supplies shopping! Not sure what to buy or pack for the first day of school? You WILL be after reading this article.

In this article, you will find a list of more than fifteen cute back to school supplies that will make going back to classes exciting for anyone. Teen and tween girls will absolutely love these ideas. But don’t be discouraged if you aren’t from either group, they appeal to everyone who likes cute stationery. The list is comprehensive an extensive, so expect to find most if not all single school items that you will need to excel at school — or at home with your school assignments.

Personally, I’m too old for high school, at least not as a student anyway, but I’m super hyped to see these cute school supplies. I’ll definitely some of these the next time I need to stock up on office supplies for my little home office!


Cool Back to School Teen Girls’ Essentials for High School and College

You may also enjoy these fun emoji school supplies.

1. Necklace

In recent years, the innocent term “Back-to-school necklace” has gained a dark meaning in pop culture. Here’s what I think a back-to-school necklace should be instead — a beautiful jewelry piece that boosts your self-esteem and motivates you to take on new challenges in life. “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.

2. Backpack

Beautiful canvas backpack with watercolor snow mountain and a proud Husky in the bottom right corner of the front pocket. Durable and machine washable. In terms of storage space, it has two side pockets for water bottles and other smaller items and a big front pocket with zipper closure. Inside is a big compartment with multiple smaller pockets and a hidden compartment.

3. Pencil Pouch

First seen in our minimalist school essentials guide, this large-capacity pencil pouch has a simple and unintrusive design. It is small and light enough to fit in your backpack, but big enough to keep all your stationery. There are other colors available but we really love this pink version.

4. Notebook

Teenagers often daydream. With untainted creativity, teens imagine what could have been and what would be in store for them in their future. Provide them with a means to record their fantasies and their ideas with a beautiful notebook that makes you want to write in it. With it you get 144 blank pages to fill your thoughts with.


5. Pencils

Get inspiration from the chubby Zen master himself. Disguised as a half-naked bear wearing only a red top in the Hundred Acre Woods, Winnie the Pooh shares wisdom through innocent words. Now you can get inspired by his words when you write with these inspirational pencils with Pooh’s wisdom.

6. Erasers

Everybody makes mistakes. When you make mistakes with a pencil, you can always undo your mistakes with one of these lead-free erasers in adorable pastel-colored containers. 3 erasers in each container. They can be taken apart and put back together just like a puzzle. Refillable. Reliable.

7. Binder Clip


Eye-catching golden binder clips with unique patterns. Use them to keep your papers organized by subjects or due dates, personal or school matters. No matter how you’re using them, one thing is certain — they look pretty darn good.

8. Pen

In the realm of cute office supplies, regular ballpoint pens just wouldn’t cut it. Enter this pink and silver pen with sparkling crystals inside its body. The crystals are free-moving inside its container and sparkles when light shines on it. Use it for your own enjoyment or give it as a gift that will impress the recipient.

9. Tape Dispenser

A white unicorn with rainbow hair and golden horn. He leaves traces of rainbow everywhere he goes. And being a tape dispenser, the rainbow he leaves behind is, of course, tapes. It is super cute and fun to look at and play with, but it may be too big to bring to class. So keep the docile horned beast at home on your desk where it’s safe for him to play.

10. Tumbler

So much more than just an eye candy. This tumbler is heat-resistant thanks to its double-walled design. So cold drinks stay cold longer, and the same goes for hot beverages. It is also spill-resistant, unless there’s a strong impact, the lid stays closed to keep the liquid inside. Elegant floral prints on the tumbler body.


11. Stapler

Clear acrylic stapler with a rose gold interior. Feel glamorous as you hold this beauty in your hand. Drive that staple through sheets of paper has never felt so good until now. Built-in staple remover. This is my personal favorite on this list. It would have gotten an “Editor’s Choice” sticker if there is a way for me to do it.

12. Three Ring Binder

Keep your assignments or documents organized in a three-ring binder. This binder below does more than holding your paper, it also inspires you to pursue happiness in life. “Do more of what makes you happy” is what it says on the cover against a watercolor background of gorgeous magenta, purple, and blue.

13. Highlighter

Some highlighters are way too bright. Yes, you do want the highlighted text to stand out but you don’t want to do it at cost of drowning out the rest of the content. If the highlighted text is the crown jewel, the rest of the text is the crown itself — the crown is an integral part of the whole thing! The Zebra Midliner highlighters are in mild and gentle colors. They work great at gently directing your attention without crowding it.


14. Nail Polish

All work and no play can make you dull, too. It’s important that you prioritize your studies, but that shouldn’t prevent you from making yourself look pretty. Be bold and loud with this ILNP glittering rose gold nail polish. Have a little fun.


15. Earrings

Cute earrings featuring the interesting-looking tropical fruit pineapple. Complement your cute back to school outfit with this unique pair of earrings. The earrings are made of crystal and glass stones.

16. Lip Gloss

Baby pale pink lip gloss for a natural look. Moisturize and add volume to your lips. Protect your lips from the environment.

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12 must-have back-to-school supplies in 2021

As the end of summer draws closer, it is time to start saying goodbye to long days by the pool and hello to the new school year. Students everywhere are dusting off the books they set aside and are beginning to anticipate the start of school. After a trying year of online learning, a return to the classroom is more exciting this time around than in years past.

Nothing ramps up enthusiasm for the new school year quite like back-to-school shopping. From choosing a new stylish backpack to finding the perfect pencil case, selecting supplies is a back-to-school tradition, but how do you know what products to choose? Luckily, we have you covered.

Lori Bergamotto, style director for Good Housekeeping, shared with Hoda & Jenna 12 of the best-reviewed school supplies that will help your student return to school in style. And while you prepare your own kids for the new year, you can also help a military family by donating school supplies to the organization Operation Homefront.

Read on to shop backpacks, water bottles, lunch bags and more.

Best back-to-school supplies

Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Rainbow Ombre Sparkle Glitter Backpack

Selecting a backpack for the coming school year is always a tough decision, but you can’t go wrong with this stylish rainbow design. Made with water-resistant polyester, sturdy zippers and adjustable padded straps, this backpack is both comfortable and durable. This design is available in both small and large sizes as well as a rolling model.

More Mackenzie backpacks:

Pottery Barn Kids Construction Truck Little Critters Backpack

This adorable construction truck backpack is perfect for littles ones as young as 2 years old. The backpack is made of water-resistant material and has padded adjustable straps. For an extra $12.40 you can personalize this backpack with a monogram on the front.

Everest Junior Backpack

With over 2,000 five-star reviews ranging from toddler parents to college students, this basic backpack is a great affordable option. Weighing just over half a pound, this bag is very lightweight and has one roomy main compartment along with a smaller one in front. While it might not have all the bells and whistles that come with a pricier backpack, it’s a price you can’t beat.

Fjallraven Classic Kånken Backpack

This backpack is a top seller at Nordstrom’s, Urban Outfitters and Amazon and has a total of over 5,000 positive reviews. Kankens, along with the rest of the Fjallraven line, are known for their durability and functionality, as well as their cute design. Available in more than 50 colors, there is a Kanken for everyone.

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

Besides its stylish design, what sets this lunch bag apart is the non-toxic freezable gel that is built into the walls of the bag, so your entire bag can freeze and keep your food cool for longer. The bag also collapses so it can easily be placed in your freezer or stored in a drawer. The buckle handle on the back is perfect for clipping onto totes, backpacks and even strollers.

FlatBox Drinx Lunch Bag

Machine washable and quick drying, this lunch bag is a sustainable way to transport food. The bag flattens into a placemat so you can eat on a clean surface no matter where you are. The fabric is also triple insulated so your food will stay hot or cold for hours.

Takeya Kids Insulated Water Bottle

Whether they are in the classroom or out on the playground, this water bottle is perfect for keeping active kids hydrated. With a leak-proof folding straw, you don’t have to worry about spills, and the large handle makes it easy to carry around. The double wall–insulated bottle will also keep your drink cool while staying sweat-free.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask water bottles are known for keeping cold drinks icy cold and hot drinks steaming for hours. The exterior slip-free powder coating ensures the bottle won’t sweat and it is also dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean. Reusable and sleek, this bottle is great for students heading back to the classroom.

Acer Chromebook 311, 11.6-inch HD

Super thin and lightweight, this laptop is a great option in today’s technology-driven world, especially after a year of online learning. Run your favorite Google apps, access your photos, videos, music and documents all day long with this Chromebook. The HDR camera, fast wireless connectivity and long-lasting battery life are just some of its great features.

Easthill Large Capacity Pencil Case

This pencil case takes organization to the next level with a storage capacity of up to 50 pens or pencils. This case can be opened sideways or from the top and is perfect for storing small notes, cards and tickets in an easy-to-view compartment. If you have no need for a pencil case, it can also be used as a travel case or makeup bag.

LilGadgets Connect+ Kids Wired Headphones

Padded, lightweight and sized for kids, these headphones are perfect for back-to-school. What makes these headphones standout is that there is a shareport, so one ear piece connects to the device while the other can connect to additional headphones so you can listen with friends. A portion of every purchase goes toward bullying prevention and awareness as well.

Master Lock 1535DWD Word Combination Padlock

Best used with a school or gym locker, this word combination padlock is great for protecting your valuables from theft. This lock allows you to set your own four letter word combination so you can easily recall the password.

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15 Cool Back to School Accessories for Kids

Latex Free Eraser via SocialGoodsCo

Shopping for back to school stuff is kind of a big deal. OK, so it’s not like other seasonal holiday’s where everyone gets a little too crazy with the credit card. But that said, finding cool and quirky school accessories for kids is actually quite fun. And the range of school stationery seems to get better and better each year.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite finds for your nieces and nephews in the 4th grade or up. Just in case you were scouting around for a cool back to school gift idea. 

Cool School Accessories for Kids

1. Recycled Newspaper Pencil & Pouch Set: These sure beat regular old school pencils, don’t they? And I know what you’re probably thinking. It’s OK. No one will judge you for wanting to kept such pretty stationery all to yourself.

2. Calculator School Study Planner: Because everyone knows that missing assignment deadlines really isn’t big… nor very clever.

3. Fish Pencil Sharpener: This will sharpen pencils as well as crayons, so you’ll know it will be well used. Plus, the quirky design makes this a fun school accessory for kids of all ages.

4. Kate Spade Binder Clips: Colorful back to school supplies with cute sayings are just the thing to brighten up the day. Of course, your grade schoolers will need to ‘get a grip’, they’ve got work be getting on with.

5. Ring Binder Dividers: They’ll be needing something to keep the content of their ring binders in an organized fashion. Well, it may as well be something eye catching and decorative.

6. Geometric Pencil Case: When the typical ‘cutesy’ pencil cases start to lose appeal, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Just so happens that geometric shapes are all kinds of cool right now.

More Pencil Case Ideas Here

7. High Sierra Opie Backpack: If your back to schoolers are packing a lot of school accessories, you’ll want them to have the right backpack to carry them in. Preferably something with multiple compartments, that’s heavy-duty, yet comfortable to wear.

Backpack Ideas for Younger Kids Here

8. Westcott Ruler: Yes, this six inch ruler is the most basic school supply. But your grade schooler will have no trouble cramming this into her pencil case or school bag.

9. Casio Standard Function Calculator: Just because math may be a little dull (apologies math geeks), doesn’t mean your 4th grader’s calculator should be. Not feeling the orange? That’s OK. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors like pink, green, purple, blue and yellow.

10. Lunchbag: Sometimes, the simplest things make the best gifts for school kids. This canvas cotton lunchbag happens to be one of those things.

11. Made with Love Sandwich Bags: These will either embarrass the heck out of your 4th grader or keep them smiling from ear to ear, either way, they’ll have something that no one else has got. If the lipstick marks are a little too much, you could try the disguise and lunch bugs bags. Just as quirky.

12. Hippie Van Lunchbox: Can you think of anything cooler to carry lunches in? These tin lunchboxes make pretty rad school accessories for kids.

13. Jansport Classics Backpack: I’m totally XOing all over this cute backpack right now. Admit it, so are you! So what are the chances of a grade school kid loving this too?

14. Latex Free Eraser: You know how art students can be real picky about their tools? Well here’s one school essential your young artist will probably swoon over. And don’t get me started on how beautiful the packaging is. The coolest erasers I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.

15. Nail Polish Highlighters: Oooh look at the pretty colors. Just the sort of cool school accessory a pre-teen with a liking for nail polish will totally adore.

Did you like these back to school accessories for kids? Great! Feel free to share, like, tweet and pin.

9 school year essentials for students returning during the coronavirus pandemic

This year, however, is anything but normal.

In this year of the pandemic, schools and school districts in much of the country are kicking off the year with virtual education, a continuation of (and hopefully improvement upon) some of the remote learning capabilities rolled out in the immediate aftermath of shelter-in-place orders this spring.

Elsewhere, in states such as Texas and Florida, schools are reopening with new rules and regulations — protocols that embrace social distancing yet seriously transform day-to-day experiences for students.

We interviewed parents, teachers and administrators for insights about which supplies would be most helpful to the greatest number of kids given the current reality of pandemic-era education in America. Here are some of their suggestions.

The basics

While Covid-19 has changed the way we socialize, recreate and dine out of the house, it hasn’t changed the most basic list of stuff kids need to do school right.

This means parents should stock up on staples such as pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paper, erasers and scissors — both for kids who will be learning from home and for those who will be learning from school.

Ashley Fry, a sixth grade math teacher at West Jackson Middle School in Hoschton, Georgia, recommended that kids who will attend any in-real-life instruction should keep these items in a washable pouch. She knows that sharing likely won’t be allowed.

“Middle schoolers are known for forgetting supplies, which is normally fine because they just borrow from each other or from their teacher,” she said. “Now, however, it will be potentially dangerous to do so with the current pandemic going on.”

The new basics

Two other must-haves for school in 2020: hand sanitizer and face coverings.

While these items are more important for students attending school outside the home, they’re important for virtual learners, too, since these kids will spend parts of their days out and about.

Students should buy or make 10 to 15 masks they are comfortable wearing, Fry recommended, so they can have two or three face coverings available every day. That’s because masks can get sweaty or dirty, and kids need to have a backup mask, just in case.

“Having (multiple) masks will make it so parents don’t have to wash masks each evening,” Fry said.

Mask insurance

Having masks is one thing; making sure they don’t fall off is another. This is particularly an issue for little kids — the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that children 2 and older wear masks in settings where it’s difficult to practice social distancing.

Lanyards or other cords to keep masks around a child’s neck are good solutions to this problem, said Elizabeth Goldman, a fourth grade teacher at Jackson Avenue School in Mineola, New York.

“(A lanyard) keeps the mask close enough and affords easy access in case of any sudden social distance deviation, which is guaranteed with children,” Goldman wrote via text message. “It also prevents the mask from falling on the floor and getting dirty, in addition to keeping the mask within (the child’s) personal space.”

Parents can even leverage the opportunity to spark creativity, Goldman added.

“I would imagine the mask lanyard could also be a means for easing kids’ anxieties about wearing masks; they could be decorative and personalized, which basically makes any item fun,” she said.

Confirming connectivity

With a significant amount of learning happening online, it’s important for students to be able to access the internet from home. This makes connectivity — reliable Wi-Fi or hard-wired Ethernet — a necessity.

The problem? Not all students in America have access to the internet outside of school.

One in five parents said it was likely that their child or children would have to use public Wi-Fi to complete classwork because they didn’t have reliable connectivity at home, according to an April 2020 survey by Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C.

The findings were even more salient for lower-income parents, who reported that 40% of their kids would have to use public Wi-Fi, said Monica Anderson, Pew’s associate director of research.

“Unfortunately, even in 2020, internet is not a given for everyone,” said Anderson, who noted that more than 4,900 respondents participated in the survey.

To solve this dilemma, many schools and school districts are doling out Wi-Fi hotspots to families in need or setting up makeshift access points at various positions in the community. Other institutions are leveraging technologies that would enable students to complete schoolwork on smartphones over the cellular network.

One device per child

Still other schools and school districts are focusing on the devices themselves, equipping students with mobile devices that also are critically important to putting students in the best position to succeed.

Many schools and school districts have programs through which they provide a device to every student for free. Some, however, do not. Lori Lyn is a second grade teacher at Hicks Elementary School in Houston, where every child gets a laptop. She noted that families of students who don’t receive free devices from their schools should try everything possible to obtain one for each child to use as his or her own.

Devices such as Kindles, smartphones and many tablets simply don’t have the computing power necessary for virtual education, Lyn added.

“We don’t want them to be sharing with parents or amongst each other,” Lyn explained. “As difficult as it might be for some families to manage, if you’re a family with four kids, it’s crucial that each kid has their own device.

Tune in by tuning out

Another item that many teachers consider to be a must-have for the coming school year: headphones.

Particularly for students who must endure at least another semester of virtual learning, these tools will enable kids to log on to class sessions, tune out distractions and focus on the lessons at hand.

Mark Kirlough, who teaches engineering at Lower Richland High School in Hopkins, South Carolina, said the headphones don’t have to be expensive, so long as they work with the requisite devices and get loud enough to tune out other sounds.

“If you have siblings or if your parents are home working, distractions can be a real problem,” he said. “No matter what the situation is in a student’s house, (headphones) are one way to help them focus.”

A place to work

Families with enough space and resources also may want to consider getting each child a desk.

For Las Vegas resident Stacy Hamilton, a single mother in Las Vegas, this was priority No. 1 for the summer. In the spring, when the city’s schools shut down, she set up a work area for her 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son at the kitchen table. Hamilton, who was working from home, used the same spot as her office.

In July, Hamilton purchased a stand-alone desk for her son. She said she plans to put it and a desk for her daughter in a separate room that will effectively become their classroom until they can return to their respective schools.

“I wanted to get something that was functional for the current moment but could then get moved to his room so he can use it for years to come,” she said.

List the day

Parents said another strategy for putting at-home learners in a position to succeed is by listing the daily schedule and objectives on a whiteboard or flip-chart paper that is easily visible from wherever students plan to complete their work.

Jill Murphy, a resident of Sonoma County, California, said she deployed this strategy in the spring, and it gave everyone in her family the opportunity to get on the same page about how each day would go.

“We all need to be on the same page regarding when math or humanities Zoom classes are starting versus when we’ve agreed on video games or outdoor time,” said Murphy, who has a 12-year-old son. “Otherwise it’s a constant negotiation, particularly when both parents are working and trading off as remote school ‘supervisors.'”

Murphy added that her plan for the fall is to buy a whiteboard to hang in the corner of the family room.

Air purifier

Finally, some parents said they are considering purchasing air purifiers to help protect their kids while they learn from home during the coming school year.

These devices work to remove most contaminants from the air in a room.

While none of the tools have been proven to eliminate coronavirus, many of them have received positive ratings from the US Environmental Protection Agency, and work to improve overall air quality by a significant percent.

For Dana Freeman, who lives in Burlington, Vermont, any improvement to the air her kids breathe is worth the investment.

“I’m just trying to do everything I can to help protect my kids,” said Freeman, who purchased one purifier for each of her children to take to their respective college apartments. “If a portable air purifier helps to keep the air in their rooms a little cleaner, then I am all for it.”

how to change a service pistol for a laptop / DomClick company blog / Habr

Hello! Today I want to tell you my path of becoming a developer. Now, in the wake of many courses and the ubiquitous advertising “how to enter IT”, many people rushed into this endless, interesting and very difficult area. I wrote this story for them and for myself. As some look into the past. For everything that was done and what it cost. Who cares, please, under cat.

First, a little about yourself.Now I work as a chief development engineer at DomClick and am responsible for creating an internal BI system. But, as you understood from the title of the article, this was not always the case.

Chapter One.

Where did the Russian land come from? Maksim Fayustov “Boyan” 2005

Despite the profession of a bodyguard, to which I gave many years of my life, I was not far from IT. Back in school, I programmed in Delphi at home, wrote calculators and other simple things. I constantly discussed with my classmates the latest innovations in gaming hardware, I could reinstall Windows myself, set up the Internet at home, and so on.And after school I studied at MIEM (now a member of the HSE) with a degree in Nanomaterials, where I successfully completed three semesters and realized that I was wrong with my choice of profession. And then one of my life principles worked, largely thanks to which I eventually became an IT engineer.

If you do not like something, it is in your power to change something. You are not a tree, sitting in one place all your life.

This is what my mother told me since childhood.

I left the institute, although the dean dissuaded me. I was doing well. “Why would you leave?” He wondered.

And he went into the army. Why did you join the army and not transfer to another specialty? At that moment, I had not yet decided where I would like to go and there was no military department at the institute. I would still have to serve, because I was not going to “mow” from the army anyway. It was a separate period of my life, worthy of its own story. And when he passed, I was faced with a choice of what to do next. I wanted to go to study in the evening at my own institute, but already for something related to the web.And find a part-time job in the afternoon. But fate decreed otherwise, and I became a bodyguard. With fizo, I was always in order, the army had an excellent characteristic, and I was invited to work for good money at that time in the security sector. I thought about this difficult decision for a long time, but in the end I agreed. My desire to become financially independent as soon as possible and not burden my parents with my support in this regard played an important role.

There will be a small time-lapse and we will immediately move years ahead when I decided to make a sharp turn in my life again.

Chapter Two. Our hearts demand change

The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty

As the years passed, I grew up at work. The salary grew. I graduated with a degree in Psychology. At that moment it seemed to me that this would be most beneficial for my work and personal development. But the satisfaction from life did not increase. The very essence of everyday work drove me into more and more despondency. With the accumulation of critical mass inside, the toggle switch clicked again and I decided that something needed to be changed.

Tip first : Be rational.Always try to prepare a financial safety cushion for times of change. If you can do it do it. Even if it’s not easy, try. Do not run with your saber bald without thinking about the rear. But don’t drag it out either. I’ll dig a little more and then I’ll start. can become an eternal mantra that will bury all your endeavors in the bud. Don’t let this be the source of your procrastination.

At that time I prepared an airbag and started looking for where my heart and mind are calling me.To be honest, I didn’t immediately look towards IT. More precisely, I looked not only at IT. But eventually I made my choice and went back to wanting to go to the web. One of the factors that influenced my choice was the experience of creating and maintaining a WordPress site. Once some acquaintances who had opened a new beauty salon came to me and asked me to make a small website for it. I agreed and did it in my free time, which gave me the opportunity to touch this area a little. Regular reading of popular science literature, articles and news from the world of technology played an important role in my choice.It constantly seemed to me that somewhere out there people are creating the future, creating our amazing new world with their own hands. With flights to Mars, artificial intelligence, the modern Internet and quantum computing. As long as I stay away from it all. First of all, I wanted to become one of them.

Tip 2 : Sheer financial motivation shouldn’t be your only motivator. Money is boring, sooner or later you get used to the standard of living. If every day for eight hours at least force yourself to be engaged in development, when there is no inner love for this very process of development, then you can very quickly burn out to the ground.Here you can google another sort of articles From programmers to gardeners. Why did I leave IT . Money is important and needed. They give a person opportunities. But if you can, try not to put them only at the forefront when making your choice.

I started looking for ways to enter the industry. And, naturally, he turned his gaze to various kinds of courses. Without specialized education, one had to start somewhere. I chose an office (I will not name it, so as not to advertise) and a professional retraining program for persons with higher education with the issuance of an appropriate diploma.Not a state sample, they were canceled. But already something. Fish for fishlessness and cancer.

I will tell you separately about the training itself. I chose the format in person. Of the entire series of courses, only one I had in real time, when the teacher reads everything personally to the audience. As we are all used to. And all the other courses were for me in a new and unusual format. You come to an auditorium, there are tables and two monitors on each. On one you watch the recording of the lecture, on the second you do the assignments. All the time of the lesson, there is a teacher with you who teaches the course, which is broadcast in the recording.At any moment you can pause and go to him to pester him with any questions. At the same time, the records are available at home, you can revise them as much as you like during training and some time after. In general, unexpectedly for myself, I found this format incredibly convenient. If you do not understand something, then you can listen to the incomprehensible part at least 50 times. At the same time, you can also communicate much more directly with the teacher. Many times more than when he reads everything to you live. Separately, I want to say that I came across a good teacher who really taught at the university for many years and was engaged in applied development.It was interesting to listen to him, and he always answered questions in detail and in detail, as befits a good teacher.

The training lasted for many months. And this is where the fun begins.

Advice the third : Take whatever you can reach. Any knowledge, in any format. Consume them greedily and ecstatically, as if you cannot quench your thirst in the desert. Read the same thing from different sources in different words over and over and over again. Until it starts to sink deep into your subcortex. And remember tip number two. If you are driven solely by the desire to make money, it will be very, very difficult for you to kindle this unquenchable fire within yourself. And the light of this fire will be very necessary for you not only in the learning process at the very beginning of the path, but also after many years of work. When over and over again you will need to learn something new in your chosen direction.

Chapter Three. Digging into the Granite of Science

Auguste Rodin. “Thinker”

You are in demand as much as your knowledge is in demand.

This is what my mother told me since childhood.

Tip four : Invest in yourself. Constantly. There are not many paths to success in the world. To be born with a golden spoon in your mouth, to have connections that will pull you all your life, or your hard and persistent work. Always remember you are a commodity in the labor market. And the price of a product depends on its quality. And your quality is your knowledge and competence.

With the beginning of training, my weekdays and weekends began to pass as one.All my free time I studied. I drove to work and read, watched videos on YouTube, went through all the IT applications that I could download or find on the Internet. After work I studied again, studied and studied again. Deep into the night. I reread the same thing in different forms countless times. I reviewed it in dozens or even hundreds of videos. Including in English. And I wrote the code. By doing all the tasks of my level that I could find.

Tip 5 : English your friend.If you don’t know him, start learning and don’t stop. Documentation, reports, lectures, articles and books. A huge amount of useful and relevant information is written and told in this language.

I myself knew English quite well since school. Thanks to the parents who sent me and my brother to a wonderful teacher who taught us very well. But I was not familiar with technical English from the word at all, plus over the years without practice, my level has noticeably decreased. But that didn’t stop me.I watched Indians on YouTube with subtitles and a dictionary at hand. I read articles and books with the same dictionary in my hands. And through persistence, over time, it began to become easier and easier. At some point, I looked at CS-50 in the original and understood everything the lecturer was saying. This was the first joyful victory in this field. But it didn’t come of itself. Hundreds of hours have been spent mastering this skill alone.

At the end of my job as a bodyguard, I had accumulated overtime, sitting at home for several months with a salary.And all these months I continued to study in the same way. Including all weekend. From early morning until late evening. Feature Film? Book? No, another lecture on YouTube and a book from O’Reilly.

Council sixth : go beyond the course boundaries. As far as you can. Learning Python? Learn how it works internally. Study threads, processes, operating systems in general. Explore networks, regular expressions, version control systems. Beyond the knowledge itself, you need to restructure your thinking.You need to start thinking like a developer. To do this, you need to constantly dive deeper and deeper into the very essence of the direction you are studying. For example, there was no C language in my courses, but I started learning it myself. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how manual memory management works. And try it yourself in practice. I started writing all the basic sorting algorithms in C and solving other fundamental problems that I found during my training. Explore everything you can reach. This I will repeat over and over again.

Chapter Four. One soldier in the field


And now it’s time to change jobs. The courses are over, the processing is off. What to do? How to be? I went straight to one big job site, posted my resume there, and started applying for jobs myself. I must say right away that after all these months of learning I was best able to write in Python and work with PostgreSQL. I went to several interviews and in one of them I got into a small start-up in the field of working with marketplaces.The interviewers seemed to me to be very pleasant people, and the atmosphere during the interview was extremely friendly and open. I passed the technical interview successfully and was offered a job. Only one “but” crept into this story. The project was written in Perl. Which I did not see in my eyes at that moment. I was offered to try my hand and learn right in battle. And I agreed.

If life gives you an opportunity, take it and fear nothing. Do it.

This is what my mother told me since childhood.

This is how my first job as a developer began. The project was written by two people, one of them worked part-time remotely. And the second was the deputy CEO of the startup and the technical lead of the entire project. And I didn’t slow down for a second. I woke up, had breakfast, and again training. An hour and a half on the road reading and an hour and a half from work back. I came to the office one of the first and often closed it behind me, leaving the last. Along the way, I had to master JS, CSS and generally work with the front.In addition to the Perl backend, there was also a jQuery web interface. Oh yes, the database turned out to be MySQL. And I also had to study working with her from scratch.

As the months passed, the company grew, and somewhere in a little less than six months they approached me with a new task. It was necessary to create a project for processing and modifying XML documents for marketplaces. I could choose whatever languages ​​and tools I saw fit. During my work, the management developed a certain trust in me as a developer, and they decided to give me carte blanche.The charge of motivation at this moment I got colossal. And at the same time I understood the whole burden of responsibility that falls on my shoulders. Among the clients who will use our solution will be companies with very well-known names. It was necessary to redouble my diligence, which I happily did.

At that time one more developer was working with me. A young guy, a graduate student. De facto, at that moment I began to lead a small team of me and him. And again I began to study, read and study.In the evenings, I studied modern JS frameworks and tried to figure out which one we better take on the project. I thought about the architecture of the application. By that time, I already knew who Robert Martin, Martin Fowler, Steve McConnell were and generally understood what they were trying to teach us in their books. But still, an immense burden of impending responsibility hung over me every day.

And again I remembered my mother’s words:

If life gives you an opportunity, take it and fear nothing.Do it.

When development started, the first thing I did was to actively write tests for all the generated code. At that point, I had already read a lot about TDD (Test Driven Development) and was inspired by this idea. With my pedantry and desire for perfectionism, I fell in love with tests. Although, in the end, it never came to writing tests before writing code.

Tip 7 : Tests make your code, your interfaces, and your APIs better. If you can’t write tests at work, write them in your projects for yourself.Especially when you are still starting to develop and you have little experience behind your back. They will allow you to first taste your code as a user and understand how convenient it is to use what you wrote. In my experience, this understanding greatly accelerates the realization of how to write better code. And then, in the future, the tests already written will help you make changes to your code much more confidently and calmly.

Time passed, months passed. The project was successfully launched, worked stably 24/7 and processed and sequentially rebuilt hundreds of multi-gigabyte XML online in accordance with how managers changed them in the web interface. The team grew. When I left the company, I was in charge of four developers and wrote the code myself every day. And also a couple of additional small projects appeared within the company.

Tip 8 : Don’t forget to give yourself some rest. Our nervous system is like a spring. She knows how to strain and contract, but at the same time she knows how to relax. If you are constantly tense, she may forget how to relax, and then a whole spectrum of neuroses awaits you.


Forrest Gump

At this point I want to finish the story.What conclusion and what kind of moral do I want to deduce here? From my personal, subjective experience, the key to moving forward towards the intended goal is hard work. At some point, I realized that I was absolutely not satisfied with my typing speed. And I sat down for a blind seal. For three months, a couple of hours every day, trying not to miss a day, I hammered and pounded the keyboard with my fingers until I mastered this skill.

Changing things in your life is not easy. It’s a fight. First of all, with yourself, with your laziness, procrastination and your fears.When you are told: “ Take courses X! Employment is guaranteed, we will return the money. After our course, you can do everything! “is marketing. My courses helped me, I am still grateful to my teacher for the knowledge he gave me. But this is only a fraction of the limitless ocean called IT. And not all courses will be really that good, and the teachers are competent. Ultimately, if you don’t put in the effort yourself day in and day out, no course will teach you anything.

I am still constantly learning, many years after the beginning of my journey. And looking at my colleagues, many of whom have been in IT much longer than me and have the highest competencies and skills, being inspired, among other things, by their example, I constantly try to close the gaps in my knowledge. You will not be able to become good specialists by taking courses once and then moving forward with this knowledge base until old age. Courses can be just the first step for you on a very long and winding path.And working from call to call for 8 hours a day after the courses, you will first get in place, and then you will begin to roll back. Now even experienced specialists must constantly acquire new knowledge so that their qualifications remain relevant and in demand in the market. IT is developing very rapidly, and when entering these waters, you will have to swim very hard to reach your goal.

P. S. I dedicate this article to my parents and especially my mother. Her words have repeatedly sounded in my head throughout my life, leading me forward like a guiding star.And also I want to say a special thank you to my wife. She was by my side all the way and always supported me. Thank you. Without you, I would not be where I am now.

A high fire hazard class has been declared in the Orenburg region

The region is in the grip of severe fires

This summer turned out to be very hot for the Orenburg region. And in every sense of the word. The weather is testing the strength of citizens. And nature takes revenge for any negligence.After all, one spark is enough to ignite everything. A forest dried up by a long absence of rains is an easy prey for even the smallest fire.

On the outskirts of the city

The beginning of August was a real test for Orenburg residents living beyond the Urals. On this side of the bridge, they wondered for a long time what was on fire. It turned out – Protopopovskaya grove.

The preliminary cause is arson. Summer residents froze in anticipation of the irreparable – the grove was already on fire several years ago, and then many garden plots were damaged.Some are still beyond repair.

This time the fire was so strong that they could not cope with it for five days.

The unfolding elements approached the borders of eight horticultural tracts. But, fortunately, nothing happened.

To eliminate the disaster, 219 people and 86 pieces of equipment were involved, including 109 people and 31 pieces of equipment from the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The planes were also extinguished. Two Il-76s dropped tons of water on a burning grove.

It was possible to contain the fire only on the evening of August 5th.However, it was too early to relax. New outbreaks appeared in the area of ​​the village on January 9. A veil of smoke gradually covered the streets, the smell of burning became unbearable. A helicopter with water flew in the direction of the forest and back.

This is how one of the eyewitnesses, who lives near the fire, describes the situation.

– We were at home. Day off. I went out into the yard and wanted to water the flowers. And she was almost speechless – there was a strong glow from the side of the forest. Smoke, as they say, is a rocker. Ash fell on my head.I saw a neighbor and asked what was going on. She said the grove was on fire. And the fire is confidently moving towards us … I ran into the room, grabbed the documents, warm clothes, put the cat in the carrier and called my husband, who at that time was in the city and had not yet returned from work. The husband was already in the know and was in a hurry to go home. I stood in the street and looked towards the forest, as if enchanted. It was very scary. Some neighbors went to help the firefighters. My husband arrived. He began to calm down – the fire was being extinguished. But it was still very creepy.We returned home, but did not go to bed. Suddenly you have to evacuate. I’ve never had such a busy weekend!

This time, as they say, nothing happened. They extinguished and defended. They were not allowed to get to the dwellings. Volunteers who helped the firefighters to subdue the flames received awards. However, natural disasters were not going to retreat from the Orenburg region.

Horror of Shaitan-Tau and Kuvandyk hills

The Orenburg region is proud of its Shaitan-Tau nature reserve.Unique flora, fauna, colorful landscape. The news that one of the gems of the region was on fire shocked society. And the cause of the fire is not trivial – the fire was provoked by lightning striking the tree.

The area affected by the fire was 30 hectares. The fire was extinguished by 12 employees of the nature park itself and five pieces of equipment. After three days, the fire was completely extinguished. However, the danger of a new fire remains – the forests of Bashkiria are burning nearby.

The element did not recede from the Kuvandyk urban district for a long time.The fire fight lasted ten days. It was complicated by the mountainous terrain, steep slopes and the presence of ravines. The liquidation was carried out around the clock. It involved about 200 people and more than 50 pieces of equipment, more than 30 volunteers, the IL-76 aircraft of the military transport aviation regiment. More than 400 tons of water was spilled on the fire.

But it’s too early to calm down. An abnormal heat has set in the region. And therefore, all risks must be minimized. Do not under any circumstances kindle a fire, do not even allow a spark.Losses can be global.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 34 of August 18, 2021

Newspaper headline: Hot Chronicles of the Orenburg Region

“We call him a guardian angel”: Society: Oblgazeta

Mother of many children Elizaveta Laishevtseva still cannot recover from the fire. She doesn’t let go of the children for a single step and thanks fate for the fact that Sergei (in the picture – on the left) was in time.Photo: Galina Solovyova

The feat of 17-year-old student Sergei Teterevkov , who saved seven children from the fire in the village of Chatlyk in Krasoufim on August 1, was told by dozens of media of all levels – from regional newspapers to the international TV channel Russia Today. “Oblgazeta” visited Chatlyk to get acquainted with the hero.

What happened in Chatlyk half a month ago is reminiscent of the blackened skeleton of a house on Lenin Street, 33. There are pieces of slate all around. Giant forged nails stick out from half-burnt logs – an unequivocal evidence of the venerable age of this house. A short circuit and the wooden building burst into flames like a match. This story about the fire has a happy ending: all residents are safe and sound. But such an outcome became possible thanks to the will of chance and the courage of the young man living in the neighborhood.

Sergei, a student at Krasnoufimskiy vocational school No. 115, tells about what happened in a modest and restrained manner. And he is a little shy about the sudden attention of journalists.

– At the beginning of the fifth morning I was returning home from friends, – he recalls. – From my fence I saw that the roof of a house where a large family lived was on fire behind the river.I woke up my stepfather, asked to call the firemen. And he rushed there – it came in handy that I used to go in for skiing and run fast! It was impossible to enter the house through the door – the veranda was on fire. I saw that one window was open for micro-ventilation, and I threw the first stone I came across. The flap flew open, I was able to get inside.

Three children slept in the room – five-year-old Milena , four-year-old Vitya and one and a half year old Sofia .By that time, everything inside was already filled with smoke. Sergey almost by touch found the youngest girl, and pulled her out the window, then took the others out. He took the kids to a safe distance and came back to wake up the neighbors: slate began to explode on the roof, and the fire threatened to spread to the next house.

– The front door was locked. I knocked – no one opens. He squeezed his hand into the crevice, opened the bolt and began to scream. At home there was a mother with four children ( from one to twelve. – Approx.ed. ) – everyone was also asleep. Dima , the eldest son, woke up his mother, and they took the younger ones out, ”says Sergey.

By that time, fellow villagers began to catch up, firefighters arrived in time. In less than ten minutes, the fire was extinguished.

The rescued children from the damaged house were temporarily left with a neighbor. The mother of the babies – Elizaveta Laishevtseva – was informed about the incident by phone, she was at that time in Krasnoufimsk.Why did she decide to leave small children unattended at night? She says that she was sure that nothing bad could happen to them in a couple of hours. The news that during this time the house burned down shocked her.

– The first question was – what about the children? They said that everything is in order, they are alive and well. Now it’s scary to imagine what could have happened if Seryozha had not had time. Thank God that at that moment he was there.

– Was it scary? – we ask the hero.

– Just while I was running to the house, – he replies.- Then there was no time left for fear – I had to think quickly. But I left after the fire for two days. And my lungs were very painful – I managed to breathe in the smoke.

The next day, a story of extraordinary courage spread throughout the entire region, then the region, and soon the country.

– In our administration, Sergei is called “our guardian angel.” Everyone admires his deed, – comments the deputy head of the administration of the municipality for social issues Roman Rodionov .

Those who have known the young man personally for a long time say: a selfless act from him could well have been expected.

Sergei’s mom, Larisa , tells that in childhood her son had already saved the whole family from a fire. In the same way, at night, I noticed how the ceiling caught fire from the stove, and began to wake up the elders.

– At school, Seryozha was always very active, participated in all events. And he was also very responsive: he was always ready to help, you could always rely on him.And it was these qualities that he showed in an extreme situation. I am proud that he is our graduate! – adds the teacher of the Chatlykovskaya secondary school, the former class teacher Seryozha Maria Tsvetkova.

Sergey was first invited to the Chatlyk territorial department, where he was presented with gratitude and a sweet gift. Then – to the administration of the Krasnoufimsky district. The head of the district Oleg Ryapisov and the head of the fire service unit No. 1 of the Sverdlovsk region Vasily Chekasin personally thanked the young man for his dedication, courage and heroism.Last Friday, Sergei was honored at the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region. As it became known to “OG”, the investigators sent a petition to the central office of the department to award the student with a departmental award. The issue of being nominated for the award is also being considered in the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region.

Oblgazeta will follow the development of events.

By the way

The local administration will provide financial assistance to the family of the victims.

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