Confinement nanny singapore price: Hiring Confinement Nanny: Full Cost and Hiring Guide


Hiring Confinement Nanny: Full Cost and Hiring Guide

Are you welcoming a little one? Congrats! Thoughts of the welfare of your newborn and managing your health may be whirling in your mind right now.

Especially for new mums who are experiencing it for the first time, it can be quite exhausting to deal with all the tasks during the postnatal period.

Having an extra pair of hands to whip up nutritious meals and look after your baby can lessen your burden.

A professional confinement nanny can be that extra pair of hands. Here are the full hiring and cost guide that you should read.

A confinement nanny refers to a person who will make the adjustment from pregnancy to motherhood easier by helping the new mother care for her baby. This will allow the mother ample time to recover from any birthing wounds and rest after the pregnancy.

A confinement nanny will always be able to provide the mother with confinement-friendly meals that are nutritious and will help her in her recuperation process.

When you just give birth to your newborn, your own postpartum needs will make it difficult for you to take care of the baby.

Babies are vulnerable to many diseases, and they need special attention.

Moreover, you may not be aware of some caregiving procedures such as burping, feeding or bathing the baby.

A confinement nanny can show you the ropes in maintaining the well-being of your baby. Their wealth of experience can be beneficial in taking care of your infant’s needs.

Hire A Babysitter

At this stage, you will require a proper healthy diet to speed up your recovery period.

Furthermore, the proper nutritional intake will significantly improve the quality of breast milk that is important for your infant’s growth.

It is thus crucial to stick to a healthy diet to ensure you’re getting the best for both you and your baby.

Confinement nannies can whip up tasty, nutrition-rich recipes that will ward off postnatal depression.

They trained in cooking unique nutritional confinement dishes to help you regain your strength quicker.

Managing a newborn coupled with your household chores, can be overwhelming, especially during the first month of giving birth.

Having a nanny for clearing your everyday errands will let you spend more time resting and interacting with your baby.

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Your body needs rest after you gave birth, and it becomes impossible to take rest unless you have a helping hand to take care of your newborn. A trusted confinement lady can lessen your burden while allowing you to put your feet up and rest for a while.

When you know someone is there to look after your baby, you can have time to rest to regain your strength.

Moreover, you will have someone to talk to while feeling lonely at home. It will give you peace of mind and energy to recover during the postnatal phase.

Dealing with a newborn can make you go through the sleepless nights. As babies usually don’t sleep comfortably or soundly, you don’t get a chance to have a proper sleep.

It is a bit stressful for new moms as they too need to rest to regain their strength. Nannies can help you get some quality sleep by taking care of your baby.

A confinement lady is capable of many tasks. Look through this list and assigned the relevant jobs to your confinement lady.

Hire A Nanny

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  • Cook and prepare nutritious confinement meals
  • Maternal health care to prevent common diseases of maternity
  • Guide to do exercises for physical recovery
  • Maternal psychological guidance
  • Ensure a healthy environment for both mother and baby
  • Drying of baby and mummy’s clothes
  • Guide mothers on breastfeeding
  • Baby bath, bedding, and neonatal care
  • Neonatal massage, health care
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Baby supplies sterilisation
  • Remind parents about vaccination
  • Exercise and cognitive training of baby
  • Expose baby to sun
  • Daily measurement of the baby’s body temperature
  • Regular analysis of infant height and weight
  • Household chores like sweeping the floor, mopping the floor and buying grocery
  • Preventive measures of common diseases
  • Nursing and observation

You should start looking for a confinement nanny as early as possible. You can even begin to book the moment you are aware of your pregnancy.

The ideal time is to start looking for one 4-6 months before your delivery date.

Booking earlier also means that you may need to lay down a deposit, depending on how much the confinement nanny charges.

The confinement period should take about 28 days to 40 days, depending on your body needs. Most people take nearly 30-day rest for confinement.

Generally, most confinement nannies will be expected to have a bedroom for their personal belongings that they can rest in when not taking care of the baby.

However, many families choose to have their confinement nanny sleep with the baby in the same room so that the nanny can take care of the baby at night, allowing the mother to have sufficient rest. Hence, a common arrangement is to have the baby’s cot set in the bedroom of the confinement lady.

The cost of hiring a confinement nanny may vary depending on your needs.

You can have a nanny for full time or a day/night-time nanny. So, the cost defers depending on how much time you need the nanny service.

There are a few components that add up to the cost of a confinement nanny.

The basic salary of a full-time, stay-in confinement nanny in Singapore is around $2,000 to $5,000 for a typical confinement period of 28 days.

However, more experienced nannies that are well trained may ask for more.

For a part-time nanny, you can expect to pay about $25 per hour. You can request the nanny to come in during the day or night time based on your needs.

Engage Nanny Services

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Two red packets are presented to a confinement nanny. One is given on the first day of arrival at about $30 to $50 while the other on the last day of duty about $130-$200. The amount can vary depending on her performance.

Red packets are a token of appreciation for the nanny. It is optional.

If you are hiring through an agency, check with them whether the red packet amount has been included in the fees.

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Prices also surge during the Chinese New Year period or the end of year holidays due to lower supplies of nannies.

Insurance and work permit

If you are hiring a Malaysian nanny and you are a Singaporean, the work permit costs about $30 for application and $60 per month for levy fee.

If you are hiring a Malaysian nanny and you are NOT a Singaporean, the work permit costs about $30 for application and $265 per month for levy fee.

Check with your nanny whether she has done a medical examination. If not, bring her for a medical check to ensure that your child is in safe hands. Even though it is not compulsory, according to MOM, it will be useful to send her for a medical check-up.

Insurance is highly encouraged to ensure that accidents are covered.

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It involves the daily expenses such as food and utilities that you need to provide. Work pass application administration fee costs 30, and you may also have to pay for the insurance and medical examination.

Some people may request additional work to be done by the nanny. Here are the frequent requests that may result in additional cost:

  • Cooking for the entire family
  • Taking care of other older children in the family
  • Purchasing Chinese herbs
  • Cleaning the house

There are four ways to find a confinement nanny.

First, it’s word-of-mouth. Ask around for good confinement nannies that are trustable, reliable and proficient in their services.

Second, you can search for a few portals online to direct hire a confinement nanny. Here are a few portals you can mingle with:

Lastly, you can opt for an agency if you do not want to settle the administrative stuff, paperwork or deal with hiring and qualifying. Then again, you have to look for the right agency that works in your best interest.

You can view our confinement nanny directory to speak to any confinement agency.

Hire A Nanny 

Outline expectations and tasks

Before you start looking and hiring a confinement nanny, you should lay out your expectations. Find out which tasks you may need help with and the tasks you would instead do yourself.

Be meticulous with your list. List down the essential details of how many times the baby needs a bath or how often the baby should be fed.

You can refer to the list above to help you with this.

Here is a list of interview questions you can ask the nanny.

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What kinds of food will you prepare?
  • Do you know how to handle a baby? And how do you do that?
  • How do you handle the umbilical cord?
  • How do I go about breastfeeding?
  • How do I get the baby to latch? Do you know how to help with this?
  • How do you handle a baby’s hiccup or spit up?
  • Do you do the following activities?
  • Taking care of a baby at night
  • Cooking for the whole family
  • Cleaning the house
  • Postnatal massaging services
  • Shopping for herbs and groceries
  • Do you charge extra fees for peak periods?
  • What are your hygiene practices?
  • What happens if you fall sick and unable to come to work? How will the payment be reduced?
  • Is the grocery and herb shopping included in the final fees?
  • Have you done your medical check-up?
  • Do you work on weekends too?

Make sure the agency is not too cheap as that might indicate that the service is not that good as well.

Consider whether the agency has a refund policy and reputation. Also, ask about their policies on replacing nannies and the frequency of medical check-up of the nannies.

Ask the agency what kinds of training are provided for the nannies. Training can include proper hygiene practices, confinement meal planning and adequate bathing of the baby.

Find The Best Nanny Companies In Singapore

If you are looking to hire a Malaysian nanny to look after your post-pregnancy needs, you will need to apply a work permit for her.

Note that only confinement nannies from Malaysia are allowed. If you hire from any other foreign countries such as China or the Philippines, you may be charged under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA).

You, as the employer, are required to apply for and pay a monthly levy.

If you are hiring through an agency, the agency will apply, collect and terminate on your behalf. The monthly levy still will most likely be paid by you.

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You are employing a confinement nanny to recover from the stress of labour hence make sure you can take rest.

But the confinement nanny also needs to take some rest so it would help if you agree on a schedule of her tasks according to both of your convenience.

Write out a timetable with rules and guidelines to follow.

Most confinement nannies require a deposit for booking. The deposit costs about $200 to $300, depending on the individuals.

If you are hiring freelance confinement nannies, you may want to look for a trusted one (recommended by a friend or a popular one). You want to ensure that your deposit is in good hands.

It will be best to engage an agency as agencies will not cheat you of your deposit.

While it is not technically necessary, a confinement nanny is highly recommended for the family, regardless of how much experience the mother has in taking care of babies. Having a confinement nanny will make things easier, not only for the mother but also for the entire family. This is especially so for new mothers, who may need extra help in coping with the changes that come with motherhood.

Babies have the tendency to wake up regularly in the night as they generally sleep for short periods. This may prevent the mother from having ample sleep, which is essential for their health after giving birth. By hiring a confinement nanny, the nanny can help to watch over the baby and allow the mother ample time to rest. This will reduce the chances of post-partum depression that may arise due to a lack of sleep, which often influences one’s hormones.

In addition, even if the baby is not a newborn and the mother is more experienced in motherhood, it may be challenging for her to care for the newborn baby along with her other children. In this case, hiring a confinement nanny may help her cope with this.

While most of the time, relatives like in-laws and grandparents can help care for the baby while the mother recuperates post-birth, they may be limited by work reasons or health issues. In this case, it may be better to hire a confinement nanny to provide extra support for the mother and care for the baby.

Of course, a number of factors still stand when considering whether one should hire a confinement nanny, as every family is different. If the mother’s other children are old enough, they may be able to help in caring for the baby. In addition, if the family’s relatives can help in caring for the baby, a confinement nanny may not be as necessary.

During confinement, a positive attitude is required to cut out the stress. Hence, a caretaker should have a positive attitude all the times.

If the nanny is complaining and rude, it makes it even harder to recuperate from the delivery.

As you are going to spend most of the time with the nanny, she needs to be relaxed and friendly. She should have enough patience to alleviate anxiety and create a positive ambience.

Patience and nurturing are the two most required qualities of a confinement nanny. So gauge for some skills and qualities of the nanny before saying yes. Does she seem patient and nurturing? Or is she very strict about certain confinement practices and traditions?

A confinement nanny should be aware of her responsibilities. She should take her duty seriously. Ultimate care to a new mother and their infant should be her priority, and she must be attentive to your needs.

You may find it challenging to communicate with the different confinement nannies. So, make sure the nanny you are hiring can understand you.

Otherwise, you may have difficulty when giving instructions.

If you are hiring through an agency, demand to speak to the nanny that the agency is providing so you can get to know her language skills.

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The attitude of a confinement nanny also matters the most. Having a conversation can give you a picture of how the service will go.

Ask if she has a child as this would be a bonus point as she has adequate experience in the past with babies. Look for her nature, whether she is fond of children or just doing it as a piece of work.

If you do not want to hire a confinement nanny, you should at least arrange for a daily confinement food delivery to your house.

You need to ensure that you are well-nourished for proper recovery and good milk flow during breastfeeding.

Final Words

The postnatal period is a particular time for new moms. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first baby or the third one; you need special care and attention.

It is the time to recuperate and rejuvenate from the delivery phase, and it isn’t easy to recover unless you get enough time and space.

With the helpless newborn demanding unwavering attention all the time, it is hard to have some rest. You deserve to have peace of mind, relief and restful sleep to get through this challenging phase.

Your happiness is not only crucial for your own but for your baby’s too. A good nanny can be your incredible support in those first few weeks.

Moreover, you will get more time to witness that big, toothless grin or the first wobbly steps. Enjoy your mommyhood!

Hire Confinement Nannies In Singapore

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Confinement Nanny In Singapore?

The first month of being a new parent can be the most challenging period of your life, whether you are a mother or father. Tending to the needs of a helpless tiny human around the clock can be particularly daunting and (trust me) extremely exhausting. That is why confinement nannies (nannies who care for newborns and help the mother recover from birth) are almost like a godsend to some parents.

But the cost of hiring a confinement nanny and their services come at a price. Be prepared to set aside a few thousand dollars if you are considering on getting a confinement nanny after your delivery. Moreover, as many confinement nannies are from Malaysia, you may incur additional costs such as swab tests and Stay-Home Notice accommodation that is required due to COVID-19.

Here’s a guide on how and where to hire a confinement nanny, and the costs that you can expect to pay (as well as some additional costs that you may have to end up paying).

What Do Confinement Nannies Do?

Full-time confinement nannies are live-in nannies who stay in the same household for up to a month or more. Before you make a financial decision on whether to hire a confinement nanny, do consider the tasks of what the nanny will be taking on, especially if you already have a helper or someone in the household to share some chores with.

A confinement nanny’s focus is on the baby and mum’s well-being. This includes:

  • Feeding the baby and changing diapers, including keeping a log on feeding times and number of soiled diapers
  • Bathing baby
  • Laundry for mum and baby
  • Confinement bath with herbs for mum
  • Brewing confinement herbal tonics
  • Preparing confinement food
  • Occasional domestic chores such as sweeping and mopping
  • Giving advice on how to look after baby and postpartum recovery

The above tasks may vary from nanny to nanny. Nannies work almost around the clock and some even sleep with the babies at night so that they can tend to the little ones without disturbing the mother.

Mothers who wish to focus on postpartum recovery usually opt to have a live-in confinement nanny since they are not to overwork themselves during the first month after childbirth. It is believed that mothers who get ample rest during this period recover better, faster and have fewer health problems in the future.

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Where Do Confinement Nannies Come From And How To Hire One

Most confinement nannies in Singapore are either locals or from Malaysia. Confinement nannies are in high demand here so if you intend to engage one,  it’s sensible to start your search early. You can find a confinement nanny via:

  1. Word-of-mouth: Ask family and friends about their confinement nannies if they had one. Many reputable nannies are hired through word-of-mouth and such nannies tend to be freelancers.
  2. Mummy chat groups or forums: There are tons of mummy forums, Facebook groups and WhatsApp chat groups in Singapore, where women share their experience with their confinement nannies and their availability. Some mummy forums include com, and, to name a few. You can also check out Facebook groups such as Mummies Discussion Group, SG Mummies or Stork’s Nest Singapore.
  3. Through a confinement nanny agency: There are numerous licensed agencies in Singapore that offer trained and experienced confinement nannies. Some of the biggest agencies are PEM Confinement, Star Confinement and Caregiver Asia.

How Much Do Confinement Nannies Cost?

Prices of full-time or part-time nannies, whether they are freelancers or from agencies, can be similar and varies according to individual requirements.

Full-time nanny through an agency: Confinement nanny agencies normally offer a package price. According to various online sources, fees for a 28-day confinement period are around $2,800 to $3,900, or even more. That said, prices are not always shown on their website and you may need to call and check directly with each agency to get a more accurate cost depending on your requirement. Prices typically increase during festive seasons, such as Chinese New Year. The price also depends on whether it is a single baby, twins or triplets.

Some agencies do not cover work permits and levy fees (if the nanny is not a Singaporean), although they will arrange for the work permit application on behalf of their clients. A few agencies also charge booking fees and replacement fees if the families want to replace the current nanny with another one.

Part-time nanny: Some mummies prefer to have part-time nannies instead of live-in full-timers. Part-time (or day-time) nannies do not spend the night at the client’s home and they usually work at the house from 9 am to 6 pm. They will do the usual tasks of caring for mum and baby, as well as cooking and some household chores. According to various online sources, prices for 28 days range from $2,800 to $3,500, which are quite similar to full-time nannies, since part-time ones will have to arrange for their own accommodation outside, as well as daily transportation costs.

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Freelance nanny: Freelance nannies are generally a bit more expensive but some come highly recommended through word-of-mouth. You can expect to pay between $3,300 and $4,000 for 28 days, depending on the popularity of the nanny, duration, season (higher charges for Chinese New Year period), number of babies (singleton, twins or triplets), how many levels in the house (costs more if the house is more than one level), or whether she will be cooking for an additional person (typically costs an additional $100 per person). Singaporean nannies tend to cost more, even up to an additional $1,000 for highly experienced and professional ones.

A freelance nanny will usually request a deposit, which is around $200 to $300. However, some nannies may request more.

Other Additional Costs

Besides the fees to engage a nanny for a month, expect to fork out additional money for other costs, such as:

  • Ang baos: Ang baos must be given to nannies on the first and last day of confinement. First day ang baos ranges from $30 to $80, while last day ang baos are around $100 to $500. Some agencies even state a mandatory ang bao amount.
  • Herbs: Confinement is about the postpartum recovery of mothers and in Chinese tradition, this will require some traditional herbs, as well as ingredients. Expect to spend around $200 to $300 or more to purchase herbs, as well as cooking ingredients such as sesame oil, black fungus, wolfberries, red dates and so on.
  • Kitchen equipment: If you do not already own a slow-cooker or thermos flask, you may be required to purchase these items for the nanny to use. Some nannies are quite specific in the equipment used to cook certain dishes and you may end up having to purchase new pots and other kitchen equipment. Set aside some money for that.
  • A single-size mattress and pillow for the nanny to sleep on: $80 to $100 for the mattress and $20 onwards for a pillow.

Employing A Freelance Nanny From Malaysia

If you are planning to employ a freelance nanny who happens to be in Malaysia and would like her to come to Singapore for work, you are required to apply and pay for her work permit, levy, transportation and other related costs. Below is a breakdown of estimated costs if you were to arrange for a freelance Malaysian nanny on your own. All these costs is on top of the salaries that you will need to pay for her.

Work permit from Ministry of Manpower: $35

Monthly levy: $60 for newborn child who is Singaporean citizen; $300 per month for newborn child who is non-Singaporean.

Transportation/flight into Singapore and back: From $180 (depending on flight or mode of transport) each way.

Medical insurance for nanny: All new and existing nannies entering Singapore from 1 January 2021 must have medical insurance with a coverage of at least $10,000 for their medical expenses if they develop COVID-19 symptoms or test positive within 14 days of arrival in Singapore. The insurance must be purchased before the nanny arrives in Singapore.

This is on top of the usual medical insurance that must be purchased for the nanny for all other medical expenses, such as unexpected illnesses or injuries sustained in Singapore. Coverage for this must be at least $15,000.

Insurance plans for confinement nannies fall under the category of maid insurance and cost between $190 and $240.

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Optional medical check-up: Some families prefer their nannies to undergo a health check-up before employment. Such check-ups may cost around $100 to $200.

Additional Costs Of Hiring A Malaysian Nanny During COVID-19

Because there is such a huge demand for nannies and the ones who are currently in Singapore may have already been booked by households, agencies are scrambling to get more nannies to travel from Malaysia.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, there will be additional costs of up to $2,000 or more for COVID-19 tests and Stay-Home Notice (SHN) accommodation. Some agencies are willing to either cover the additional costs or share the cost with clients. But if you are arranging your own freelance nanny without an agency, these are the costs you will have to pay due to COVID-19 regulations:

COVID-19 tests: $200

Stay-Home Notice (SHN) accommodation: Hotel (From $$60++ per night, depending on the hotel type), SHN dedicated facility ($1,500 for 14-day stay). Food and other essentials must be provided to the nanny if she is not staying at an SHN facility.

Prepaid mobile SIM card: Nannies are required to have a Singapore mobile number here during their stay, especially during SHN. This can cost from $8 to $50.

The Ministry of Manpower has other eligibility criteria and requirements for hiring confinement nannies from Malaysia, which can be found here.

Do bear in mind that after the nanny has completed her job in Singapore and returns to Malaysia, she will have to quarantine for 14 days upon arriving there. The cost involved for that may be passed on to the employer too.

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Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, there are fewer Malaysian nannies in Singapore these days and as a result, parents will have to bear the additional costs above when hiring one from Malaysia, whether she is coming through an agency or as a freelancer. It is best to check with the agencies whether they will cover the COVID-19 additional costs or if you will have to bear the costs yourself before making a decision on hiring a Malaysian nanny.

The Ultimate Guide To Confinement Nannies in Singapore (And How a 27-Year-Old Tried To Be One Too)

When I read how COVID-19 has caused confinement nanny woes for many new parents, I thought to myself:

“Wah, I never knew there were so few confinement nannies in Singapore.”

As if going through pregnancy and childbirth wasn’t tiring enough, this became a new worry for many parents during this unprecedented crisis.

Given that there is a possibility of me becoming a mother in the future, I started wondering.

With this ongoing demand in Singapore…

Is it possible for me to become a confinement nanny too?

Yes, a role which is stereotypically for motherly figures in their 50s or 60s.

But why hasn’t a 27-year-old thought about it?

It could be a prelude to mummy duties… or for me to decide whether I even want kids in the future.

I also can learn some baby caring techniques, and maybe even… have it as a side hustle?

I saw how confinement nannies could earn about $25 per hour on a part-time basis.

Source: GIPHY

Idea right?

So I started to dive into the Confinement Nanny Training Programmes (wah got skillsfuture subsidy somemore!) tunnel, only to find out that… these programmes specifically mentioned the eligibility criteria to be for mature women.


Well, maybe my side hustle in 20 years then.

Nevertheless, I got curious as to what REALLY constitutes a confinement nanny’s job scope, and how these domestic angels provide help in a new mother’s journey.

In this article, we cover the following:

  • Duties of a confinement nanny
  • Difference between a confinement nanny and a maid
  • When you should book a confinement nanny
  • How to get a confinement nanny
  • Other confinement services

Duties of a Confinement Nanny

Being parents (especially new ones) can be overwhelming and stressful.

Many parents also tend to place a lot of pressure on themselves, and along with the feeling of inadequacy and the lack of support and sleep, it is easy to compromise on one’s own wellbeing.

Confinement nannies would function as dedicated caregivers and could help provide these parents with some breathing space.

They would provide extra pair of hands to help with parenting duties such as diaper changes and baths, and also to feed the baby and sometimes even the parents.

Some duties of a confinement nanny would usually include:

  • Assist the mother with feeding
  • Caring and attending to the baby
  • Preparing herbal baths for the mother
  • Light household chores
  • Prepare nourishing confinement meals for the mother
  • Share baby caring tips including taking care of the baby, breastfeeding and bathing
  • Provide psychological advice and maternal care

Confinement nannies are usually hired for one month (28 days), though shorter or longer periods could usually be requested too.

Confinement Nanny vs Maid

Source: GIPHY

So what’s the difference between hiring a confinement nanny and a maid?

A maid (foreign domestic worker) is normally trained in housework, and is usually hired to help with domestic chores such as cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and ironing.

They may, however, be inexperienced in taking care of babies, as well as postpartum care.

As for confinement nannies, they are usually women who have specialised knowledge and experience in caring for babies, and would go through rigorous training (or even certification) for baby duties.

Confinement nannies would also be armed with knowledge in confinement meals, and sometimes provide pre- or post-natal services such as massages or unblocking of ducts.

However, this specialisation comes with a huge price tag – a maid costs about $600 a month, while a confinement nanny costs more than $2,000 a month.

When Would Be Best Time To Book A Confinement Nanny?

It is recommended that you book at least 3 to 6 months before your estimated delivery date (EDD).

Some even suggest doing at the beginning of your pregnancy.

Doing so as early as possible ensures a confinement nanny at your availability, as they usually get snagged up really fast (especially the reputable ones).

So do start looking for one early, if you’re planning to engage one!

Getting a Confinement Nanny

There are mainly two ways of getting a confinement nanny – either by yourself or via an agency.

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Depending on personal preferences, both methods come with their own sets of pros and cons.

Besides the prices that are quoted, do note that there would usually be other miscellaneous costs involved as well (if you’re hiring via an agency, do check whether they are included in the package).

For instance, it is common to gift red packets to the confinement nanny.

This is done on the first day of arrival, as well as the last day of duty, and the amount would vary according to her performance.

There will also be medical insurance and work permit costs, where employees must pay a monthly levy if the nanny is a foreign worker.

Also, do note that there are currently additional costs due to COVID-19, where employers have to pay for the COVID-19 test (up to $200) and dedicated Stay-At-Home facility ($1,500) for overseas confinement nannies.

Getting a Confinement Nanny Yourself

Source: GIPHY

Some couples might prefer to get a confinement nanny by themselves, either from word-from-mouth or through forums or portals.

Here are some useful websites if this is the option you wish to consider:

If you’re hiring an independent or freelance confinement nanny, it might be helpful to interview prospective nannies before deciding on one.

Some of the things you might want to check would include:

  • How many years of experience in nanny duties
  • Knowledge on baby handling, and knowledge on breastfeeding, parenting duties etc
  • Clarification of job scope (whether there’s preparation of confinement meals, cleaning, massaging, grocery shopping etc)
  • Any additional charges or miscellaneous fees
  • Cancellation charges

Hiring a nanny by yourself would also mean having to look into the application of a work permit and paying of levy fees.

Also, in an unfortunate case of dispute or misconduct, settling an independent nanny might be more troublesome than one hired through an agency.

Getting a Confinement Nanny via an Agency

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For couples who would prefer more certainty, it might be more suitable to hire a confinement nanny via an agency.

Hiring a nanny via licensed confinement nanny agencies would mean that the interests of the customers will be safeguarded.

For instance, there will not be any risk of no-shows as confinement nannies will be guaranteed if they are hired through agencies.

Also, there would be no risk of breaching any MOM’s rules and regulations as licensed agencies are regulated.

Agencies would usually also help with the administrative portions of the hiring process (such as application of work permits), allowing the process to be more hassle-free.

Here are some of the well-known confinement nanny agencies in Singapore:

AgencyService ProvidedNo. of Days of ServicePrice (S$)Profile of NanniesThings to Note
Caregiver AsiaFull-Time Services (Stay-in)28 daysFrom $3,000Have 4 years of experience on average

Local Singaporeans, Singaporean PRs and Malaysians

Booking fee of 9% applies if booking is made online

Booking fee of $300 applies if booking is made via the call centre

Excludes application fees for confinement nanny work permit and Singapore levy charges

Confinement AngelsFull-Time Services (Stay-in)28 daysFrom $2,980Nannies undergo Professional Confinement Nanny Training (88 hours), Auditing and Certification

All nannies are required to go through an annual medical check-up for Hepatitis B and HIV

Free replacement of nanny if you choose to make a switch
GladysCare 1987Full-Time Services (Stay-in)28 daysFrom $3,000Receive a complimentary maternity goodie bag worth $250
JIA EmploymentFull-Time Services (Stay-in)28 daysFrom $3,300Gone through stringent screening for baby duties
NannySOSPart-Time Services (9-6pm)28 days (Can choose from 14 days to 16 weeks)$2,980
Based in Singapore and Malaysia

More than 3 years of experience

Excludes application fees $35 for confinement nanny work permit

Cost is not inclusive of Singapore levy charges

Full-Time Services (Stay-in)$2,500-$3,500
Confinement Nanny for Twins$3500 (Average cost)
PEM ConfinementFull-Time Services (Stay-in)28 daysFrom $3,150In-house training centre where nannies undergo special classes
Star Confinement NannyFull-Time Services (Stay-in)28 days$3,650Nannies with an average of 5-7 years of experience
Super Nanny ServicesFull-Time Services (Stay-in)28 daysFrom $3,000 (includes SHN costs, work permit costs and one lactation consultation)Usually 50 years old and above with at least three to five years of experience
Thomson Parentcraft CentrePart-Time Services14 days or 28 daysFrom $3,103Local Singaporeans and Singaporean PRs

Traditional Chinese Medicine-trained

Nannies go through extensive hands-on training

There will be an interview with the recommended nanny before signing of the contract
Full-Time Services (Stay-in)From $3,905

Many of these packages are highly customisable, so do inform the agencies of your needs to ensure an accurate quotation for the services provided.

Other Services

Besides the regular caring of the mother and baby, agencies usually offer additional services that cater to the mother’s needs.

Confinement Food Delivery

Source: Tian Wei Signature

If you’re hiring an independent nanny, groceries costs or cooking are sometimes not included in the package price.

For this, there are also several confinement food packages available in the market right now.

These packages are usually specially curated to provide nutrition to recuperating mothers.

For instance, some companies would create well-balanced meals to promote reproductive system recovery, help mothers improve Qi and blood deficiencies, and also increase breast milk supply.

These confinement food are also usually cooked home-style, providing some familiarity and comfort to the mothers (and sometimes also fathers!).

Given that they are packed with nutrition using fresh and healthy ingredients, they do not come cheap.

For instance, a meal package of 7 days (single meal) from NannySOS would cost $430.

Post Natal Massage

Source: GIPHY

Postnatal massage offers several benefits to postpartum mothers.

Which is why it is something that most confinement agencies would offer, along with regular confinement services.

After giving birth, mothers often wish to get back to their pre-pregnancy body.

Postnatal massages would help new mothers reduce water retention, and enhances blood circulation as well.

The blood circulation also helps with the clearing of blocked ducts, allowing an increase in breast milk supply.

Other benefits would include releasing of muscle tensions and improves womb recovery.

There are several packages available for mothers to choose from.

For instance, PEM Confinement offers $718 for 7 massage sessions (60 minutes).

Do I REALLY Need a Confinement Nanny?

Post-natal support could be tremendously helpful for mothers, especially first-time mothers where everything is new and foreign.

Parenting is definitely one of the most tiring things on Earth.

However, some of us might be hesitant to sign up for such help, as confinement services definitely do not come cheap.

With various services like confinement meal deliveries being readily available, we can choose which specific services we wish to have instead of having a full-time stay-in nanny.

Ultimately, we should choose the ones we can afford, and the ones that meet our needs.

If you’re someone with unanswered questions on parenting, hop over to our SeedlyCommunity to get some friendly advice!

Fewer Malaysian confinement nannies in Singapore due to COVID-19, parents face higher costs in hiring

SINGAPORE: When Ms Heather Huang was approaching her due date in early August, she was feeling desperate as she could not hire a confinement nanny. 

The 30-year-old business owner was expecting her first born but the agencies she contacted told her that they could not provide one for the dates she requested. 

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“I was a bit scared because I did not know how to bathe, feed or just take care of the baby when she comes,” said Ms Huang. 

“The agencies told me that they had a limited supply and with border restrictions, they needed to make arrangements earlier to ensure the nanny’s work permit and quarantine can all be finalised,” she added. 

Ms Huang told CNA that she preferred to hire Malaysian nannies because of the relatively cheaper price for one who would stay-in with her family, and their rich experience. 

She is one of the many parents based in Singapore who are keen on hiring Malaysian confinement nannies to cope with the initial challenges when welcoming a newborn. 

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The nannies typically care for the newborns while the mothers recover from giving birth. When the parents are ready, the confinement nannies would then teach and equip them with basic skills necessary for parenthood.

However, these arrangements were halted in March when Malaysia implemented the movement control order and Singapore subsequently entered the “circuit breaker” period, blocking non-essential travel between both countries.

Now that border restrictions have been eased, workers have been allowed to travel between both countries via the Periodic Commuting Arrangement or Reciprocal Green Lane schemes. 

A view of the Johor-Singapore Causeway on Aug 17, 2020. (Photo: Try Sutrisno Foo) Advertisement

Although the confinement nanny industry has not been classified under either scheme, they are still allowed to enter Singapore to work by obtaining a work pass from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) since Jun 17. 

Based on MOM requirements, confinement nannies from Malaysia who arrive before Sep 1 are required to seek approval for a work pass, take a COVID-19 swab test and serve a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) upon arrival before they can work.

However, for confinement nannies entering Singapore from Malaysia after Sep 1, they would only need to serve a seven-day SHN upon arrival. 

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Thankfully for Ms Huang, after she gave birth to her daughter on Aug 10, her husband’s aunt volunteered to live with the family for two weeks to take care of the baby while she recovered. 

“I’m very grateful to her. I wished I did not have to trouble her. But I still felt I needed a nanny to stay with us for a longer period so I tried to contact the agencies again,” said Ms Huang. 

She eventually managed to hire one from an agency and she said she has been “very satisfied” by the service from the confinement nanny assigned to her. 

“It’s better late than never but I wished I had gotten one (assigned) earlier,” she said. 

Confinement nanny agencies CNA spoke to said there is indeed a nanny shortage, due to the COVID-19 restrictions in both countries. 

While they grapple to match the demand from Singapore families, new parents have to be prepared to fork out more to help cover the SHN and swab test costs. 

The Malaysian nannies, meanwhile, also find their income dipping as compulsory quarantine reduces the number of days they can work in Singapore. 


PEM Confinement Nanny Agency’s (PEM) senior business manager Mishell Lee shared that demand for confinement nannies has spiked recently because of the travel restrictions imposed by countries around the world. 

Many of these families initially wanted to rely on their parents who are based overseas or were going to employ a domestic helper to help them. However, with travel restrictions, many have turned to confinement nanny agencies.

Ms Lee told CNA that the company is currently able to activate only 200 out of its total manpower of around 400 nannies, at any one time. This is because of the slower rate of approval for their work permits and the need to serve SHN for each trip.

She said that PEM has been unable to match the “high demand” as not all of its nannies are able to be activated at short notice.

“Since the beginning of MCO and circuit breaker, PEM has been receiving a high number of requests from clients to extend the service of their confinement nannies, but we are unable to fulfil (these requests) due to the lack of manpower and this is still going on until today,” she said.

(Photo: Unsplash)

She also pointed out that families would typically hire nannies for 28 days, but for some, especially first-time parents, this is not sufficient.

“Many of the mothers who signed up with us … have not yet fully recovered from delivery and being left alone will make it harder for them to take care of their newborn,” said Ms Lee.

A new parent who wanted to be known only as Ms Long is facing the exact predicament. 

She had no issues getting a nanny when she gave birth, but she is currently having problems trying to extend her nanny’s contract for another 28 days. 

Ms Long told CNA that she had initially hoped that her parents, who are based in China would be able to travel to Singapore to help her after she gave birth. 

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However, they were unable to travel due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and she then hired a Malaysian nanny from PEM, who came to stay with them on the day she gave birth, on Aug 8.

Ms Long said she has been very impressed with the service provided by the nanny and has asked PEM if she could extend the service of her nanny for another 28 days, but the agency has so far been unable to confirm if they are able to accede to this request. 

“Currently, I have no other options. We want a simple extension for 28 days and it will help us a lot. I would have recovered more and would be better able to take care of the baby,” she said.


Due to MOM requirements, there will be added costs for the nanny’s trip as they will be required to stay in a dedicated SHN facility and take the COVID-19 test.

Malaysia, too, requires people arriving from overseas to quarantine at designated facilities for 14 days. Citizens are required to fork out RM2,100 (S$690) of partial costs, while foreigners have to pay the full RM4,700. 

The added financial costs could then be passed on to the families, nannies or the agencies, or could be shared between all three parties. 

Luckily for parents like Ms Long, PEM has said it will bear all costs incurred for their nannies, including serving the SHN, COVID-19 swab test, as well as other necessities like face masks, which add up to around S$1,700 per trip.

READ: COVID-19 – PM Muhyiddin hopes Malaysia, Singapore can finalise procedures for daily commuting

However, other families were not as lucky. 

Mr Jason Teo, who hired his Malaysian nanny in mid August, told CNA that the agency he hired from had agreed to share the added financial costs with their clients, and he had to pay an additional S$700 on top of the S$3,000 to hire the nanny for 28 days. 

He did not wish to disclose the name of the agency. 

“I agreed because I think it’s not fair to expect agencies to absorb all the added costs. And I think it would even be worse to expect the nannies to pay for it,” said the 29-year-old engineer who welcomed his first child on Aug 14. 

“The nanny has been great for us so we are fine with it,” he added. 


The pandemic and the COVID-19 measures have also affected the livelihood of the Malaysian confinement nannies. 

The total 28 days of quarantine they are subject to when entering Singapore and returning home to Malaysia means they lose the opportunity to work for close to a month, and are away from their loved ones for a longer period for each assignment. 

Ms Tey May Leng, 51, who is employed with PEM, told CNA that she struggled to pay the university fees for her two children over the last three months when she could not leave Malaysia to work in Singapore during the MCO period.

Tey May Leng, a confinement nanny, has not been able to work in Singapore since March 2020. (Photo: Facebook/PEM Confinement Nanny Agency) 

“As I have not been working since March, I have lost around RM16,000 of income in total. My children’s university fees are around RM5,000 a month so it has been difficult,” she said.

To support the family, her husband worked odd jobs while they spent less on food and other necessities.

Therefore, Ms Tey is grateful that her work permit has been approved and she can now resume work in Singapore – her first assignment in about six months. 

She has been assigned to a family and she made the long trip from her hometown in Gurun, Kedah in the northern part of Malaysia to Singapore on Aug 25, and is currently serving her SHN at a hotel.

“I will serve fewer customers for each trip due to the COVID-19 quarantine duration, but I can no longer afford to be choosy,” she added. 

Due to the long quarantine period and extended assignment period, some nannies have to be away from home and their loved ones for a long time. 

PEM nanny Ms Yow Yin Fen who has based herself in Singapore and is staying with her daughter, told CNA she has not seen her husband in Malaysia for six months.

“I miss my husband but being in Singapore makes more sense for me. I can serve more families for the agency,” said the 52-year-old from Kulai, Johor.

“But I worry that my husband is home alone and he struggles sometimes,” she added.

Yow Yin Fen is living with her daughter in Singapore but she misses her husband who lives alone in their hometown in Kulai, Johor. (Photo: Facebook/PEM Confinement Nanny Agency)

Ms Yow said she is planning to return to Kulai once the Malaysia government relaxes the restrictions and permits citizens to quarantine at home.

Ms Tey,who entered Singapore before Sep 1, said she will be away from her family for at least 56 days – 28 days for the confinement assignment in Singapore and another 28 days in quarantine facilities. She misses her grandson, whom she has been caring for, and her husband. 

“I have a video call with them every day but I also know that I’m working to provide for them,” she said. 

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8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire (2021)

Confinement nanny service is very beneficial to help you manage your workload during post-pregnancy period while you focus on recovery and breastfeeding your baby. Especially if you are a new mom, you can learn a lot from the confinement lady who has abundant experience in terms of taking good care of babies. Word of mouth works well, but if you want further recommendations for a good confinement lady in Singapore, read on to find out more. In this issue, we have curated a list of the 8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire. 

This article was last updated on 23 Mar 2021.

8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore

1. NannySOS

Established in 2011, NannySOS is a nanny confinement care in Singapore that offers experienced nannies and babysitters. Their service includes preparing confinement baths for the mum, washing clothes, cooking dinner to the family, with the extension to do other household chores, all with attentive care and full dedication.

Their nannies are guaranteed to speak good English and Chinese, all with an average of 5 years experiences. If you want a confinement nanny in Singapore that knows how to care the right way, be sure to check them out.

2. STAR Confinement Nanny Private Limited

With a staggering 4.8 stars on Google review, Start Confinement Nanny has the most reviews for confinement nannies in Singapore. They provide modern confinement service with nannies equipped with more than 5 years of experience in baby care. You can expect them to know a lot on how to take care of your newborn from feeding, changing diapers, as well as teaching you essential baby-care skills such as breastfeeding.

You can hire them for 24-hour care to help to manage things in your home. It’s not only their attentive care that you’re going to miss once they leave, but also the sumptuous food! You’ll be pleased to know that the confinement ladies from Star Confinement Nanny are armed with excellent cooking knowledge.

3. Caregiver Asia

If you are looking for a popular, well-received confinement nanny in Singapore, check out Caregiver Asia which has more than 35,000 likes on Facebook. What’s impressive is that they have over 150 confinement nannies for you to choose from, all with more than 4 years of experience. Caregiver Asia is known for its quality services, with outstanding training and education in preparing their confinement ladies. Thus, their confinement nannies know best when it comes to baby-care as well as helping and teaching new moms.

Their confinement nanny service includes three confinement meals a day, and to assist you in breastfeeding and prepare a special confinement bath for you. A good confinement lady in Singapore can even assist you with some simple housekeeping such as sweeping, mopping, and doing laundry. Rest assured, with a MOM licensed agency, the entire process will be hassle-free.

4. PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Established since 1987, PEM Confinement Nanny Agency has a ton of experience in the field of nanny confinement. They are the largest in Singapore, with experience in serving more than 15,000 moms and babies. You’ll be pleased to know that they are a 6 time winner of Parents World’s Best of the Best Pregnancy Products/Services award. Furthermore, their in-house training is one of the best in Singapore, with experts helping to educate the nannies properly to better take care of mums and babies. On top of that, their services include assisting you with breastfeeding, taking care of the baby with hygienic practices, as well as confinement diet planning.

5. Confinement Angels

Confinement Angels is one of the most popular confinement nannies in Singapore. Boasting an extensive clientele of celebrities and influencers, they feature in-house training with the highest standard in Singapore. All their confinement nannies are equipped with extensive knowledge on childcare and best practices.

Promising you to have a peace of mind during your postnatal period, the confinement lady will help to prepare confinement herbal tonics, cook delicious confinement food, prepare the confinement bath, provide breastfeeding assistance, and also assist in domestic chores.

6. New Life Confinement Nanny

New Life Confinement Nanny may be new in the business, but their service and attentive care are top-notch. The unique offering they have is that you can see each nanny’s profile page with information such as the special skill they possess, as well as their confinement dishes. This allows you to select a confinement lady who can cook the type of dishes you prefer, which is actually an important yet understated factor. They go above and beyond the usual mum and baby care, serving confinement herbs package, postnatal massage, and lactation consulting and massage.

7. Thomson Parentcraft Centre

When it comes to baby-care knowledge, rest assured the hospital knows it best. Thomson Parentcraft is the service offered by Thomson Medical Centre to help moms to handle their postnatal period well. With professional guidance and extensive subject matter knowledge, their confinement nannies will not only make sure you and your baby are taken care well but also ensure good recovery with professional nutrition confinement planning. They also use traditional Chinese medicine to help moms recover quickly.

You can choose between full-time or part-time service, providing more flexibility on the support you need during your postnatal period.

8. TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency

TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency provides attentive care for mums and babies. They provide capable foreign domestic workers from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar. Not to worry, as the confinement ladies have all been educated well before they are ready to take care of both mum and baby. Check out their reviews here. Their extensive care also includes confinement herbal, consultation from pre to the postnatal period, and postnatal massages to help mums with their recovery.

Why you should hire confinement nanny?

9 months of pregnancy is a long tiring and energy-consuming period for you as a mom. And after giving birth, you’ll have two main things to take care of: your baby and your recovery. Aside from that, many other household chores are required to be done. Especially if this is your first pregnancy, you will have truckloads to learn. Do note that the postnatal period can be stressful if you do not handle it right.

Benefits of hiring from a confinement nanny service company

With the above considerations, hiring a confinement lady in Singapore is key for added help. Most confinement nanny service companies in Singapore provide extensive and professional training to the confinement ladies. They will help you to cope in this important period by ensuring your baby is well taken care of, helping you to recover speedily with nutritious meals, as well as helping out with the household chores. Most importantly, they also will happily assist and teach you the right baby-care knowledge as well as breastfeeding skill.

Importance of Me Time

Another essential thing that most mums do not realise is that they need some “Me Time” after giving birth. This is necessary to help you recover mentally and cope with the stress. With a confinement lady, you can set some time aside after breastfeeding your baby. Take a warm bath or a special postnatal massage to help you recover quickly. By giving yourself some time to relax, you will be better able to take care of your baby with a fresh and relaxed mind.

For these reasons, we highly recommend hiring a confinement lady in Singapore.


We hope that this 8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire has helped you to find the best confinement lady in Singapore to assist you. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. 


Our list of vendors are researched and curated by our editorial team. Using a number of criteria which includes, but not limited to, portfolio (extensive work and quality), value, style, branding, website, internet search visibility, social media visibility, awards, reviews, professionalism, service and more, our team strives to do our best to generate the best list we can using a combination of both quantitative and qualitative factors. We aim to include vendors who have that extra special something. To clarify, it is not necessarily that we include the biggest or most expensive vendors on our list. Instead, we focus on presenting vendors whom we believe can deliver a certain value to their customers. We invest a lot of time and effort curating for each list, with the aim to help couples who are looking for such services find them easily, and to also increase industry exposure.

However, we are not perfect and our research will not be 100% exhaustive nor accurate. We welcome kind feedback and reviews from readers, customers as well as vendors in the industry. Our team is committed to revising our list to ensure that it is updated with good result. Our list is subject to numbering extension if we find that more vendors could be included on the list. If you have any feedback, kindly send it to [email protected]. We appreciate your visit and kind understanding!

Costs will go up for M’sian confinement nannies under new travel deal, Latest Singapore News

Hiring a confinement nanny from Malaysia typically sets one back $3,000 to $3,500 a month.

But this is set to increase as cross-border travel between Singapore and Malaysia starts again.

Applications for cross-border travel arrangements started yesterday and it takes place under two schemes: the reciprocal green lane for travellers on shorter visits, and the longer-term periodic commuting arrangement (PCA).

The hiring of nannies will be through the PCA scheme and costs incurred will amount to approximately $2,000, which includes Covid-19 tests and accommodation for the nannies who have to remain under a mandatory 14-day stay-home notice at hotels or dedicated facilities before starting work.

Employers of confinement nannies are responsible for their food and lodging, and will now also have to bear the extra cost, although a spokesman from the Ministry of Manpower told The New Paper: “Employers may reach a mutual agreement with their employment agencies on cost-sharing.”

While agencies TNP spoke to are looking forward to having their nannies return to Singapore to work, the additional overheads pose a problem.

Mr Looi Kuan Siong, founder of Homey Confinement, said it will fully absorb the additional costs, though it meant the agency will “earn about a few hundreds (dollars) less for each nanny every month”.

Mr Alex Chua, director of Super Nanny Services, told TNP 40 per cent of its clients are willing to bear the additional costs but added the company is in discussions on how to split the costs equally.

A manager at Newlife Confinement Services, who wanted to be known only as Ms Sophia, said it has yet to decide if the additional costs are to be shared with clients.

Consultant Jean Lee’s daughter was born six weeks ago and she had a confinement nanny for a month after making an earlier booking. She and her husband wanted to extend their nanny’s services but was turned down as the nanny had been signed up elsewhere.

“My husband and I looked around for help, but it was difficult,” she said.

Though being hands-on with her child has been rewarding, Mrs Lee, 30, said being first-time parents, there are many things they are unsure of.

Mr Gilbert Tan, brand and business development in-charge of Confinement Angels, said the PCA is a chance for them to bring business back.

Mr Tan, who oversees 280 nannies, all Malaysians, said 152 of them are in Singapore now. He added: “All our current nannies are fully booked for the rest of the year. So the PCA is really crucial for us.”

Although he has put up advertisements online to hire local nannies, this has not worked.

He said: “Being a confinement nanny is a round-the-clock job and the locals are not as willing to commit to that.”

Best Confinement Nannies, Confinement Rates, Confinement Agencies and More

On the lookout for a confinement nanny? Our guide will help you find someone both you and baby are comfortable with

The post-natal period is a special time for new mums to recuperate and rejuvenate from pregnancy and delivery… but with a helpless newborn who demands your unwavering attention on your hands, getting the time and space you need to recover isn’t easy. Having an experienced professional on hand to whip up nutritious, strengthening meals and look after your baby can allow you to get that much-needed rest, and with any number of confinement services available in Singapore, we’ve rounded up the best of the best so that you can get the care and attention you really need, mama.

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Some helpful advice

Good confinement ladies are a godsend and tend to be in great demand. Mums-to-be should start hunting for their nanny while they are in their first trimester. Try to have reasonable expectations of the nanny. First-time mums in particular can get anxious when things don’t go according to plan.

To ensure the right fit between employer and nanny, make sure to conduct an interview to suss out each other’s personalities and needs.

When selecting a nanny, pick someone whom you deem to be trustworthy. Choosing someone with the right attitude, who is humble and willing to take instructions, will also make life easier. Nannies who are not Singaporean need to have work permits, so do check that the agency from which you engage your nanny is MOM-certified.

Also have a long, hard think about your needs. If you have a helper, maybe you won’t need someone to live in throughout the month, but only at night. Conversely if you don’t have other family around to pitch in – or your helper isn’t particularly experienced with newborn babies – an experienced confinement nanny who’s with you round the clock could be a lifesaver.

Above all else, go with your gut and make sure to hire someone you can trust. Besides word-of-mouth and social media recommendations, you’ll want to make sure whoever you hire is reputable and MOM-certified. Feeling overwhelmed? Check out our roundup of the best confinement ladies and confinement nannies in Singapore — a few have even offered special discounts just for Sassy Mamas-to-be!

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Confinement Angels

Confinement Angels stands out for their rigorous training in which nannies study both childcare theory and get hands-on experience at the in-house training centre, which features a modern, applied medical-aligned syllabus. Simply completing the training program doesn’t guarantee that a nanny can take on jobs; only after another round of audits and evaluation will she be deployed for assignments. At Confinement Angels every single detail of the confinement experience is attended to, including breastfeeding support, correct hygiene methods, baby safety practices, and confinement diet planning.

Use promo code SassyCA to take $105 off the nanny service package and receive a complimentary baby photo session and baby massage session! Enquire for more details.

Confinement Angels, Email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 8828 8415,  

Just Us

This in-home childcare (and eldercare) service provider has been around for nearly new decades, looking after everyone from newborns to the elderly. Just Us offers a full suite of childminding options, from live-in and live-out confinement nanny services, to overnight care, to ad hoc babysitting. Caregivers are primarily Singaporean and Malaysian, many of who speak English, as Just Us caters to both expat and local clientele. Every Just Us nanny goes through a personal interview with a potential employer before assignment to ensure it’s a good fit for all parties involved.

How much: Confinement rates range from $3500-$3800 per month, including the agency fee with free replacement and backup services, along with the nanny’s salary, work permit application and medical insurance.

Just UsEmail [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6299 4993,

Gladys Care 1987

This second-generation family business started by the renowned Gladys Yip provides comprehensive personal confinement maternity support, including options for a live-in or live-out confinement nanny; both day and night nanny plans; and nannies who speak Mandarin or English. Gladys Care nannies are well versed in cooking nutritious foods for new mamas in recovery, and can also provide TCM lactation massage to improve and regulate the flow of “Qi.” Other massage offerings include prenatal massage, Javanese Postnatal Jamu massage, and anti-colic massage for babies.

Gladys Care 1987, Tel: (+65) 8318 1949,  

Star Confinement

You need only check out Star Confinement’s Facebook page to read more than 100 glowing reviews of their confinement services. With an emphasis on efficiency and professionalism at every stage of the process, Star also provides confinement nannies who average at least 5-7 years of hands-on childcare experience. You can actually click here to read their profiles! Nannies specialize in both prenatal and postnatal care for mama and baby alike, and they know how to cook delicious confinement food, too!

How much: Prices start from $1500 for a minimum 2-week stay.

Quote Sassy Mama when you book to receive a $100 discount! Valid through 31 October 2019.

Star Confinement,,

Amy Nanny
Since 2004, Amy Nanny has served over 10,000 mamas and babies in Singapore. Their confinement ladies are well trained in everything from breastfeeding techniques, to confinement nutrition, to baby health and medical care. Nannies are also thoroughly screened.

Amy Nanny Tel: (+65) 9782 5015,

JIA Confinement Agency
Set up in 2011, this MOM-licensed agency provides both English and Chinese-speaking in-house and daytime nurses (9am to 6pm). Nannies cook for the mother and look after the baby… whipping up traditional confinement food to help mamas recover quickly from the birth and ensure an adequate milk supply for breastfeeding. Standard packages are usually for one month (28 days), although longer stays can be arranged.

How much: $2,000 and above.

JIA Confinement Agency, Tel: (+65) 9459 9830,

Mommycare Confinement Nanny Services

With a major focus on training, Mommycare Confinement Services offers 24-7 live-in services for 28 days or longer, including cooking, preparing special baths, doing laundry for both mama and baby, and even helping out with household chores and grocery shopping if necessary!

Mommycare Confinement Nanny Serivces, Tel: (+65) 9739 5078,

Nanny Saro
Nanny Sarojini d/o Lakshmanan was a maternity and neonatal nurse at Gleneagles Hospital for years before striking out on her own in 2010 — and has plenty of glowing references to show for it. She takes care of newborn babies, helping with bathing, feeding and settling, as well as helping the mother with breastfeeding, and most importantly… rest time! Call for rates.

Nanny Saro, Tel: (+65) 9487 6646,

Nanny SOS
Established in 2011, this agency’s nannies go through stringent checks before being selected, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best of the best here mama! Amongst their regular duties, nannies also prepare special confinement baths for the mum, wash the mother and baby’s clothes, prepare dinner for the father and do simple household chores if required. Helping new mamas feel pampered, post-natal massage and Jamu binding are also available and can be combined with the confinement nanny service or done on their own, and 14- 35- and 42-day options are also available. They also offer ad hoc babysitting!

How much: From $2,800/month for 28-day live-in.

Nanny SOS, Tel: (+65) 6817 2479,

New Life Confinement Nanny
All the confinement ladies at this agency have between 3-10 years’ experience, and we like that one each woman’s profile page you can even get a sneak peek at some of her specialty confinement dishes! New Life also offers a confinement herbs package, along with both postnatal massage and lactation consulting and massage.

New Life Confinement Nanny, Tel: (+65) 8201 3465,

PEM Confinement Agency
PEM is the largest confinement agency in Singapore (with over 400 nannies on offer — all trained at their in-house facility) and has been around for more than 30 years. In addition to full confinement packages they also offer confinement herbal tonics and postnatal massage services.

PEM Confinement Agency, Tel: (+65) 6293 924,

Super Nanny Services
Offering both daytime and 24/7 options, Super Nanny also has a full suite of supplemental services like antenatal classes and baby massage. Chinese and Muslim Malay confinement ladies are from Singapore and Malaysia, and can speak English, Mandarin or Malay depending on a mama’s preference.

Super Nanny Services, Tel: (+65) 9751 1415,

Thomson Parentcraft Centre
Providing Traditional Chinese Medicine-trained confinement nannies, Thomson Parentcraft Centre ensures all their “aunties” undergo extensive hands-on training in areas such as understanding and handling a crying baby, diet and nutrition planning for new mothers, and how to deal with common emergency situations before being placed with families. Parents can choose from a range of services including a stay-in nanny (14 pr 28 days), daytime-only nanny (9am-6pm) or night nanny (9pm-8pm). They also offer a separate confinement food home delivery service.

Thomson Parentcraft Centre, Tel: (+65) 6350 8848,,

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90,000 Home Helper – Unique Singapore

Some foreigners, especially single people and childless couples, need cleaning once or twice a week. Others, especially those in the family, need the help of a regular maid, who can handle cooking, cleaning the house, shopping, ironing and babysitting.

As of December 2013, Singapore has 214,500 domestic helpers, according to statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources. Most come to Singapore from Indonesia and the Philippines.These diligent and conscientious women are often referred to as “maid”, but the more polite and correct names are “foreign domestic worker” (FDW) and “domestic helper”.

Demonstrate clearly what kind of work result you would like to get by completing the assigned tasks with the maid at the beginning of her stay in the house


Before signing the hiring papers and approving a certain candidate, it is better to conduct as many interviews as possible and find a really suitable person in order to avoid dismissal and replacement of servants.We advise you to introduce the new maid to all family members before finalizing, so that everyone feels comfortable. It’s also important to check letters of recommendation from previous employers.


One way to find the right person for the role of a housewife or nanny is to use the services of specialized agencies. Each agency provides a database where you can select staff based on your preferences and working conditions.The cost of recruiting and paperwork is approximately S $ 600.

Another way to find staff is to register a maid yourself through the Ministry of Human Resources website This process will take much longer, since you will have to fill out and submit the documents yourself. For beginners, we still recommend using the services of an agency. Many foreigners leaving Singapore are helping their maids to find work as a token of gratitude by posting advertisements or recommending them among their friends.


A visiting maid costs S $ 10–20 per hour and can be hired by herself or through an agency. A permanent housemaid living in the house will cost from S $ 500 to S $ 700, and sometimes S $ 1000 per month, depending on their competence. In addition, the employer is required to pay a monthly government fee of S $ 265 and an S $ 5,000 security bond, which can be purchased through NTUC at, which will significantly reduce your costs.The tenant provides the maid with housing, insurance, meals and medical care. It is generally recommended that you pay for your flight home at least once a year. Many also write out an annual bonus.


On January 1, 2013, new rules for employers and their assistants came into force. The Department of Human Resources now requires housekeepers to get at least one day off per week (usually Sunday).

According to statistics from the Ministry of Labor Resources, as of December 2013there are 214,500 au pair employed in Singapore.

So, you found a suitable candidate, sorted out all the formalities and finally came home. Some aspects of life together that are worth looking at:

  • If you have children, take a closer look at how much they like the new person in the house. Children are a great indicator of how they are being treated when you are not around. However, they should also treat the housekeeper with respect.
  • The Annual Bonus will help you demonstrate your gratitude for the helper’s work, while encouraging her dedication.
  • It may be difficult for you to establish communication in the first month. You will probably have to repeat what has already been said, because although the maid speaks English, she may not understand the phrases you use. If she looks confused, try rephrasing what you just said. Be more tolerant of her.
  • Warn your assistant that lying or stealing will result in dismissal.
  • Make a schedule of household chores, inform the maid about the daily routine and the rules that exist in your home. This will make it easier for her, as well as prevent unnecessary questions and misunderstandings.
  • Demonstrate visually what kind of work you would like to achieve by completing tasks with the maid (for example, setting the table) at the beginning of her stay in the house.

A few golden rules to help you conduct an interview correctly and efficiently:

  • Ask a prospective maid to write down her job-related strengths and why she would like to work for your family.
  • It is important to understand why she quit her previous job. Ask her for letters of recommendation and phone numbers or even email from her previous employer.
  • Notify immediately what you expect from your maid. If you are used to delicious dinners, or need a nanny for the children rather than a domestic servant, mention this during your interview. A job seeker should also have a complete understanding of future responsibilities before making a decision!
  • Test your knowledge of English.Some people have a good command of “interview English”, but this is where their knowledge is limited. Therefore, talk with the applicant on abstract topics, thereby you will not only learn more about her, but also accurately determine her language level.
  • Check if the woman has a family to whom she financially helps. Knowing her personal circumstances will help you better understand why she wants to get a job.

More information is available on the Singapore Ministry of Labor website (in English):

90,000 Filipino nannies: learned how they are hired and why many people love them

Since I’m in the Philippines, I decided to figure out how it all works from the inside. Let’s talk about how they are hired, how much they pay, what kind of people are they who are ready to fly to a foreign country to work: are they running from something? Can you trust them?

I present to you my little investigation.


There are hiring advertisements on every post.The most popular countries are Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. From there, Filipinos usually go further: to the UAE, Russia, Europe.

What they promise to the Filipinos: assistance in processing all the documents, a salary of $ 400. Separately, it is noted that you can take a mobile phone with you 🙂

The moment with the phone, although funny, but as I found out, it is a guarantee that everything will really be fair. Still, there are times when such workers end up not at all where they wanted. And the wrong job…

The conclusion is this: it is practically impossible to work in Singapore and Japan without registration. Filipinos go through all kinds of commissions before starting work in these countries. Compared to their requirements, a Russian work permit is already a trifle. You can take it.

2. Why are they leaving the country?

Well, everything is trite here. There are several reasons and they all stem from low wages (about $ 200 a month):

Low social security
No access to medical services
A large family that needs help
Children need to be educated
Roughly speaking, people just go to work where their work will be somehow appreciated.

I heard stories that many Filipinos who left their country are supposedly fugitive criminals or, in general, drug couriers “undercover.”

Of course this is all nonsense. Even if there were such cases, it does not mean that all hundreds of thousands of people who left are criminals.

3. And why are they so good?

Absolutely everyone with whom I spoke during the preparation of the material noted the diligence of the Philippine staff. Whether it’s a Filipino sailor or a nanny, a builder or a housekeeper, everyone is doing their job at all costs.

Specifically about nannies – there is a big plus and at the same time a minus. They know English perfectly and you can communicate with them without any problems. This is the second state. language in the Philippines.

“Where is the minus here?” – you ask.

Minus in their pronunciation: it is wrong for almost everyone. Instead of the sound “Ve”, they can say “Be”, and instead of “F” – they say “P.” Even the Philippines in their mouth sounds like “Pilipins” 🙂

Your children can learn this pronunciation. However, pronunciation, although difficult, can be corrected, but giving the child a second language for communication in early childhood is only one chance.And not everyone can afford a nanny with perfect English …

4. How much is the pleasure

Oddly enough, but for some reason, Filipino nannies in Moscow and St. Petersburg are much more expensive than in Singapore or Japan, where the average earnings much higher than in the same Moscow.

A Philippine nanny on average in Moscow will cost you $ 1,000 per month. Plus, the agency’s commission is about another $ 1000 per year.

For this money, you will receive, as a rule, an educated and experienced nanny who has worked all over the world, has teaching skills, will not only look after the child, but even cook and clean.

Irregular working day – about 12 hours, and only 1-2 days off per month.

And I have even less days off – I write for you every day. Subscribe, because you already missed a lot already 🙂

Material taken

Super User – Student Agency



payment by credit card




On our website you can pay for services with a Visa, MasterCard or Mir bank card.After confirming the selected program, you can pay for services through a secure window with the payment service page of the ArsenalPay provider, where you need to enter your bank card details. For additional authentication of the cardholder, the 3D Secure protocol is used. If your bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to its server for additional identification. For information on the rules and methods of additional identification, please check with the bank that issued your bank card.



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2 Security guarantees for online payments

ArsenalPay processing center protects and processes your bank card data according to the maximum international security standard – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.2 level 1 (abbreviated PCI DSS). This standard was developed by Visa and MasterCard payment systems. Every year, certified auditors check whether the processing center meets all the requirements and then issue a certificate.

Information is transferred to the payment gateway using TLS encryption technology. Further transmission of information occurs through closed banking networks with the highest level of reliability. ArsenalPay does not transfer your card details to us or other third parties.For additional authentication of the cardholder, the 3D Secure protocol is used.

The personal information you provide (name, address, phone, email, credit card number) is confidential and not subject to disclosure. Your credit card details are transmitted only in encrypted form and are not stored on our server.

In case you have questions about the perfect payment, you can contact customer support by e-mail. The e-mail address is being protected from spambots.Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.


The participant has the right to refuse to execute the contract at any time, subject to payment to the contractor for the actually rendered services and compensation for expenses incurred by him. Refunds of overpaid payments are made by the Contractor on the terms and within the period specified in the relevant clause of the contract. The term is calculated from the moment of receipt from the Participant of an application for termination of the contract in writing.
Refunds upon termination of this Agreement are made in rubles and are made strictly to the card from which the payment was made.

All controversial issues are resolved through negotiations and within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4 Personal data processing policy

“Personal data” means any information relating to a specific individual. Examples of personal data are first and last name, email address, IP address and telephone number.
We may collect the following personal data:

information about the purchase of products and services, including registration and billing information
information about the use of the site, devices and mobile applications, as well as similar data collected automatically, such as cookies or similar technologies.
We may use your personal data for:

processing your payment transactions
preventing and protecting against fraud and other legal and information security risks
providing you with personalized services and recommendations
We take appropriate measures to protect your personal data and only store it for a limited period of time.

Link to full document: Policy on the processing of personal data

How to get money for a nanny from the state

Photo author, Getty Images

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the rules for receiving the “municipal nanny” service. Now every family in which a baby was born will be able to receive money from the state on a monthly basis to pay for babysitting services.

The norm entered into force on January 1, 2019.

The government calculates that 25 thousand families will be able to receive the maximum compensation this year.

BBC News Ukraine briefly explains how the refund will be made.

Who can get the money

Nanny expenses will be compensated only for children under three years old.

Babysitting expenses will be compensated only for children under three years old

Photo author, Getty Images

Pidpis to photo,

The service will be valid for parents of children under three years old

The payment will be made to one of the child’s parents.At the same time, both parents and adoptive parents or guardians will be able to receive money.

Compensation does not depend on the citizenship of the parents or the child, the main thing is that they legally reside in Ukraine.

Parents-educators of family-type children’s homes and foster parents who receive other types of social benefits will not be able to receive help.

To receive compensation, you need to conclude an agreement with a nanny, but not any. The nanny must register as an individual entrepreneur.

In the contract you need to register the cost of babysitting services and the term for their provision.

At the same time, as the head of the expert group on the formation of social services of the Ministry of Social Policy Oksana Sulima told BBC News Ukraine, it is allowed to conclude an agreement with a company in which nannies are employed.

How much will be paid

Author of the photo, Getty Images

Signs to the photo,

six years set at the beginning of the year.

In fact, this means that from January 2019 the amount of compensation will be UAH 1,626 per month.

As explained in the Ministry of Social Policy, if the cost of living changes during the year, the amount of compensation will remain unchanged.

If the cost of babysitting services specified in the contract is more than the amount of compensation, it will not prevent you from receiving money from the state.

That is, in this scenario, the state will compensate only part of the cost of the services provided.

How to get

Within a month after concluding an agreement with a nanny, parents need to submit an application to the local social welfare office.

Photo author, FOX / Getty Images

Sign up to photo,

If the contract with the nanny has expired, or you decide to change it, you will have to reapply for compensation

In addition to the application for compensation, you must also provide:

  • copy of the contract with the nanny
  • documents confirming the costs of the nanny
  • the account to which the compensation must be transferred
  • copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • copy of the passport and identification code of one of the parents

The local social security department must within 10 working days analyze documents and make decisions on the award of compensation.

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