Computer monitor riser ikea: SIGFINN bamboo veneer, Monitor stand, fixed height

SIGFINN bamboo veneer, Monitor stand, fixed height

Monitor StandVerified BuyerSimple design. No thought required to use. Does the job with style4

nice and usefulVerified Buyerreally useful, perfect size to put the keyboard under. Easy to move and really beautiful to see on the desk. £20 maybe a lot4

great productVerified BuyerSmart and chic – a lot better than the pile of books that we were using to raise the laptop!5

Perfect space saving screen raiser for wfhVerified BuyerThis is great to raise your pc screen a few inches off your desk and you can slide a laptop or keyboard under the shelf. This keeps your desk when wfh tidy and looks very stylish.5

Just what we neededVerified BuyerJust what we needed5

Good dear producttheflayvaThe review bot won’t let me describe this properly4

Very good to have your computer on your legsAcmfBought this for my daughter, she didn’t have a desk and it was always in bed, it is strong and very steady, good height so she able to move her legs perfect under, My daughter love it.


BrilliantSaz1980Used this sturdy item to put our TV on, raising the height of the TV and allowing space underneath for the virgin TV box5

What is there to faultcarlosrowyWhat can l say. This product does exactly what you need it to.5

SIGFINN Monitor stand, fixed heightAnnie 8It should have some holes or be in a material that doesn’t make laptops over heated3

Does the jobNickR1983Sturdy piece of wood to increase the level of my laptop so I don’t get a sore neck. Wide base to stop any potential slip off laptops.4

Great monitor standcrafty kateVery pleased with this monitor stand. It looks good on my desk, good height and I can tuck my keyboard away underneath when not in use.5

Perfect height for my MacPinkFluteFIzzA chic, simple, yet effective, way in which I can have my computer screen at just the right height. It also gives me room to store important office bits and bobs underneath and out of the way!5

Perfect for home workinghanwah90I bought this stand just before lockdown as I anticipated working from home.

and sure enough it has saved my life and neck. looks smart too :)5

Curved ShelfMand87Just what I needed for tv boxes. Nice simple design5

Perfect for computer screenAndrerelaExcellent for my computer screen Sturdy and can store keyboard underneath5

Great but overpricedGraeme1981I really like it and had seen it a few times. Put off by the price for the most part but decided to splurge this time.5

Perfect to keep desk area tidyCLMcCBrilliant idea can store a keyboard underneath and raises monitor to the right height.5

Ideal as a monitor standTrish987Perfect height. Finished off my desk beautifully. No more sore necks.5

Laptop standNafisahIt’s for using it to do my studies before I go to sleep.5

DIY IKEA Monitor Stand / Monitor Riser : 8 Steps

Introduction: DIY IKEA Monitor Stand / Monitor Riser

Hello It’s been a really long time since my last update. Now, I’m back with Simple Monitor Stand from IKEA components that will give you more organized and comfortable working table during Work From Home period through COVID-19 Crisis.

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Step 1: Materials

  1. IKEA Wall Shelf (EKBY LAIVA 403.635.22) or Partical board 1.5 x 24 x 59 cm
  2. IKEA Bracket (EKBY STÖDIS 601.679.64) 4x
  3. Short Screws #5 x 6/8 in. (1/8 x 6/8 in.) 4x
  4. Long Screws #5 x 1-1/4 in. (1/8 x 1-1/4 in.) 4x
  5. Non-slip Furniture pads

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Step 2: Position Monitor Stand Leg

  1. Place a leg at the edge of the table top.
  2. Adjust the position as the detail in the second image.

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Step 3: Drill Pilot Holes

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Step 4: Secure the Leg

Use short and long screws to secure the leg as in the images.

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Step 5: Repeat

Repeat Step 2 – 5 for other legs.

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Step 6: Make Monitor Stand Non-slip Pads

Cut 4 Monitor Stand Non-slip pads from Non-slip Furniture pads.

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Step 7: Attach the Pads

Attach the pads we made to all legs.

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Step 8: One More Thing…

Done! Now, you will have better working space : )

  • Thank you to my sister who helped me write these instructions in English.
  • Thank you for visiting.

If you like this project, please vote me : ) and don’t forget to follow my Youtube Channel and my instructables.

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9 Practical IKEA Hacks for Your Office & Workstation

Is your office setup starting to bore you? Want to clean up the clutter without shelling out a ton of cash? Or are you starting to suffer health problems due to too much computer work? All of these can be resolved with a single trip to IKEA and a bit of elbow grease.

The great thing about IKEA is that its catalog is dirt cheap, and that gives you the freedom to experiment and hack pieces together in ways that IKEA never intended, without having to worry about messing up. If something goes awry, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

IKEA hacks are nothing more than DIY modifications to regular IKEA pieces. Here are some of the more practical ideas we’ve found. Give them a try, but most of all, have fun!


Standing Desk

If you spend most of your days in front of a computer, whether for work or leisure, then you owe it to yourself to consider switching over from a sitting desk to a standing desk. Not only is prolonged sitting a serious health risk, but working while standing can also boost your overall productivity.

For $50, you can build your own standing desk using VIKA table top and legs, a LACK side table, and an EKBY shelf for the keyboard. Here’s our guide to how we built this standing desk.

Or you can go all out and build a more advanced version for $150 using our step-by-step guide that’s easy enough for anyone to follow. If you have DIY experience, feel free to alter the design to best suit your needs.

While it’s true that a standing desk can improve your health, it’s important that you actually use the desk in the right way. Avoid these common standing desk mistakes and you should be good to go.


Treadmill Desk

If the above-mentioned standing desk is too basic for you, or you want to be even more active in your day-to-day, then consider building a treadmill desk instead. With it, you can stand while you work and run while you watch TV shows and movies. Say hello to good health!

The downside is that treadmills are expensive — even the cheapest models will still cost you a few hundred dollars, and you really don’t want to cheap out on this so expect to spend a bit more. After including the desk itself and other parts, your wallet will NOT thank you.

This treadmill desk on Instructables is pretty simple to build, but if you want something a bit more robust, look into building this one that was featured on Lifehacker.


Monitor Stand

If you experience symptoms of eye strain and other issues related to computer fatigue, there’s a good chance that it all comes down to your posture and workstation setup. In fact, one of the more common problems is a monitor that sits at an incorrect height.

For just under $50, you can build your very own EKBY JARPEN monitor stand using a stripped wall shelf and attaching half a dozen six-inch legs to it. You might also want to look into these other cheap ergonomic enhancements that you can make to your office.

4. Cable Clutter Management

The potential for cable clutter is a huge mark in favor of choosing wireless over wired devices, but sometimes you have no choice. In those cases, your only hope is to practice good organizational habits and make sure your cables are kept as tidy as possible.

A lot of cable management IKEA hacks have been proposed over the years — so many that IKEA decided to release a handful of products specifically for cable management. Of particular note are the SIGNUM cable gutter, SIGNUM power strip holder, and MONTERA cable covers.

Want solutions that involve a tiny bit more DIY to them? Here are some cheap tips for cleaning up cable clutter.


Charging Station

I don’t know about you but a lot of the clutter on my desk is due to devices that need to be charged but have nowhere to sit while being charged. As such, they end up scattered across the desk — a problem that could be easily solved with a simple charging station.

This LAMPLIG charging cabinet is wonderful if your office has a lot of smartphones that need charging day-to-day. For a private office room, you might fare better with this VETTRE charging station, or if you’re on a budget and don’t really care about looks, then this cheap charging station can be adapted from all kinds of simple materials.

6. Easy Mail Rack

Another big source of clutter is when papers and envelopes pile up on your desk over time. Before you know it, half of your workspace is stolen away and the idea of cleaning up and organizing everything is just too overwhelming to consider. Not to mention the fact that cluttered space actually kills productivity.

The key is to nip the bud before it gets that far, which is obviously easier said than done — unless you hack together a cheap but practical solution like this KNUFF mail rack made from magazine files. With a bit of stain and know-how, you can make it match pretty much anything in your office.

7. Sorted File Rack

If the mail rack solution wasn’t enough, you could also add this KVISSLE wall-mounted magazine rack. The mail rack is great for papers that are quick-in and quick-out, whereas this rack is better for items of longer-term importance, like forms, contracts, reports, etc.

The key here is to give each slot a particular purpose and label them as shown in this post by The Decor Fix. You’ll be surprised by how much desk space gets cleared up once you start using one of these properly.

8. Letter Tray Drawer

IKEA produces a nifty little product called the DOKUMENT letter tray, which you can place on top your desk and use to organize forms and papers. But what if you don’t want your papers sitting out in the open? Or what if you don’t have desktop space for it?

The solution is to hack it into a DOKUMENT letter tray drawer that’s mounted to the underside of your desk, allowing you to hold papers out of sight without unnecessarily taking up valuable workspace area.

Best of all, the instructions are quite simple. All you need is a pipe cutter or hacksaw to tear out the important bits, then a few wood screws for mounting. If you ask me, this is the epitome of IKEA hacking: simple but effective.


Pull-Out Printer Drawer

If you have a home office with an all-in-one printer, then you know how bulky they can be. They usually require a dedicated standing area that can make your office feel cramped, but even when you settle for a smaller budget-friendly printer, it ends up cluttering your desktop.

It almost seems like there’s no good place for a printer, which is why you may want to look into this BESTA extending printer drawer setup that keeps your device tucked away until you need to use it. And not only is it practical, but it looks pretty nice too.

If you can’t find the exact BESTA unit in the guide, I’m sure you can adapt the instructions to work with any kind of drawer unit that’s large enough to house your printer.

Hack Your Office Setup Now

Does the idea of hacking IKEA furniture sound like a hobby you’d be interested in? Then hop over to the IKEA Hackers community where you’ll find hundreds of creative ideas for modifying and manipulating IKEA pieces in ways you’ve never thought of before.

In addition, you may want to learn the basics of DIY, such as beginner woodworking skills and beginner electronics skills. If all you care about is DIY related to home renovations, then check out these websites for learning home maintenance instead.

Did any of these IKEA hacks catch your eye? Know of any other office-related IKEA hacks that might come in handy? Share with us in the comments!

5 Ways to Charge Your Laptop Without a Charger

It’s frustrating when your laptop runs out and you’ve forgotten the charger. Try these ways to recharge your laptop without the adapter.

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SIGFINN Monitor stand, fixed height, bamboo veneer

Useful for my laptopPaulaUseful for my laptop5

Great product – makes workLynnGreat product – makes work station more functional5

I don to know it”sIsabelleI don to know it’s was for my cousin5

Like the look as wellEdithLike the look as well as usefulness.5

StylishHuey M.A monitor stand with a difference.5

Thought was geating bamboo notJenniferThought was geating bamboo not white4

Sigfinn is perfect for my streamlined (small) home office spaceVirginia C.I have a very small corner of my room for my office space and the SIGFINN is perfect for holding my monitor so that I can have my laptop open below it for my second screen. It is such a simple design but is the perfect height for my desk and allows me to work full time from home, but not need extra desk space.5

Love itHannahWorks perfectly. I love how my laptop, keyboard and mouse fit perfectly underneath it so I can hide everything away when I’m not using it. 5

A brilliant little addition toSarahA brilliant little addition to my work space lovely riser for my laptop for viewing and creating extra space.5

good hieghtAntoniaThis helps heaps for me neck and back because I can look at my laptop straight then looking down. Best purchase I have made.5

Easy and streamlined designlisaEasy and streamlined design5

Perfect for use as aJenniferPerfect for use as a laptop stand where I am using it as a second screen.5

Great, but…..VanessaGreat style, but if it had a slit for an iPad too, it would be great.4

Sigfinn reviewEmmaSturdy. Stylish.5

It did not suit theCarolIt did not suit the desk that I purchased5

Simple and niceDellaColor and shap looked great on my white office desk5

Great desk accessoryReneeperfect addition to our office, to lift thet laptop up to correct height5

Easy ideaLisaI like it as it keeps the desk and study neat and tidy, when not in use5

Good products. Love it.rosittaGood products. Love it.5

Great qualityJamesGreat quality screen riser. I can tuck my keyboard underneath to make room when I need extra space on my desk.5

The Ultimate Setup with IKEA Desk for gaming

After going through thousands of Instagram posts and Reddit r/battlestation posts we are here to deliver our findings on the ‘IKEA Desk Setup Starter Pack’. These desk ideas for the base for our collection of IKEA desk for gaming. If you want to check out our full guide on desk setups, check it out here.

In addition, if you’re looking to work from home, then you should have a look at our complete home office setup guide which will give you awesome tips on cost saving and space saving methods to help you be productive when working from home

Since you are reading this article, we assume you know about the items we are about to reference, as they are the bread and butter of every IKEA Desk Setup. (we assume that you know the bread and butter items of every IKEA Desk Setup) If not, don’t worry, we are about to open your eyes to the possibilities of using IKEA furniture for your clean and minimal workspace.


Budget Setup – IKEA Linnmon with 4 ADILS Legs

This is a fairly common setup for those on a tight budget. We’ve all been there, this is the classic setup and the entry point into IKEA desk setups.

Not much to say here except, to be careful if you intend to use a monitor mount, as most affordable IKEA desktops contain a hollow honeycomb structure. They are hence not really suited if you intend to desk mount your monitor to the IKEA desk for gaming purposes.

Empty structure of a IKEA linnmon table top

Those who have tried mounting equipment onto the Linnmon can confirm that adding extra support pieces to the mounting point is a must. That’s wise advice, otherwise, this may happen.

Table Clamp Crushing Linnmon Desk

Pricing wise, this is one of the most affordable desk setups that we would recommend from IKEA:

  • USD: Linnmon ($30) + 4 x Adils ($4) = $46
  • AUD: Linnmon ($49) + 4 x Adils ($5) = $69
  • GBP: Linnmon (£25) + 4 x Adils (£2. 5) = £35

*Pricing for the 1.5m or 59×29 1/2 ” (for those in the US) tabletops.

In our opinion, this option provides the barebones for a desk set up at a very affordable price. It also provides options for future upgrades, such as ADIL Legs or the Alex Drawers.

Linnmon with Alex Desk (by @nota.home)

Keep in mind though, accessories (such as those listed at the bottom of the article) will help keep the setup tidy and provide some additional personalisation. These costs will have to be accounted for as well.


Going one level up, it’s no surprise that we are recommending IKEA’s Thick Veneer Worktop Range with either two Alex Drawers, or an Alex Drawer and a Finnvard Trestle Leg.

IKEA Karlby with Two Black IKEA Alexs (by u/matttwearsahat)IKEA Karlby with an Alex (Left) and a Finnvard (Right) (by @neat___gear)

Normally sold in the kitchen section, the Thick Veneer Worktop Range was intended to be used as a kitchen benchtop. There are a variety of wood grains and finishes available in this range to best compliment your setup and style, such as the ever-popular Karlby Worktop.

Various IKEA Desktops

Made from a thick hardwood veneer with a particleboard base, the worktops do not suffer from the same disadvantages as the Linnmon. The sturdier construction will allow for monitor mounts and heavier equipment to be placed atop. However, be warned, prolonged use of desk clamps may leave marks behind.

Pricing for this setup is as follows (using the Karbly as an exmple):

Karlby Worktop and 2x Alex Drawers:

  • USD: Karlby($190) + 2 x Alex ($79) = $384
  • AUD: Karlby($250) + 2 x Alex ($120) = $490
  • GBP: Karlby(£120) + 2 x Alex (£55) = £230

Karlby Worktop, 1x Alex Drawer and 1x Finnvard Trestle Leg:

  • USD: Karlby($190) + Alex ($79) + Finnvard ($50) = $319
  • AUD: Karlby($250) + Alex ($120) + Finnvard ($100) = $470
  • GBP: Karlby(£120) + Alex (£55)+ Finnvard (£25) = £200

Overall, the prices are around triple that of the budget setup, and this is before accounting for accessories to complete the look.


Here is a list of the top 6 IKEA accessories to compliment any desk setup:

  1. Signum – Cable management tray
  2. Lack – Wall mounted shelves
  3. Bjarnum – Folding hooks
  4. Fejka – Artificial potted plants
  5. Skadis – Organisational pegboard and accompanying accessories (hooks, containers, etc.)
  6. Besta Shelf and 4x Capita Legs
  7. Riggad – Table lamp with wireless charging

The Signum (US$15, AU$13, UK£10)

Anyone who has ever managed cables in the past will tell you that the Signum is a must, and they are not wrong. The Signum is IKEA’s cable management undertray. Mounted underneath your desk, the Signum makes it easy to collect and conceal computer cables and power strips using cable ties or velcro hooks, keeping your work area tidy.

The Lack (US$20, AU$24, UK£9) (for 43 1/4” or 110CM)

Coming in a variety of sizes, the Lack shelving units starts at a price of US$8, is one of the most affordable items for both function and aesthetics. Add character to your setup with the Lack as they can display artificial potted plants, books or pictures. You should not miss this opportunity if your budget allows.

The Bjarnum (US$10, AU$15, UK£9.50) (for a pack of 3)

Most readers may not have known about the Bjarnum, but these versatile folding hooks can serve many functions. Mounted onto the side of drawers, desks and even walls, the Bjarnum offers a neat solution to hang headphones and cables, to keep the clutter off your desk. This is a very smart and cost-efficient solution compared to a headset stand. But if you want to show off your $1,000 audiophile equipment, then this is definitely not the option for you.

The Fejka (US$5, AU$6, UK£3) (for a pack of 3)IKEA Fejka.

Oddly, the real devil’s ivy comes in at roughly the same price from your local hardware store. So, why get a Fejka over a real one? Well, it’s an everlasting desk plant created by the IKEA. It doesn’t require watering, sunlight or your love and care. Making it a very cost-efficient decor solution for the average college/university student.

The Skadis (US$15, AU$20, UK£10) (for the 22×22” or 56x56cm) IKEA Skadis

The Skadis is one of the most commonly seen decor paired with a basic IKEA desk setup. Skadis offers a variety of functions based on the accessory you get with it. If you get the hooks, you can use it to hold your headsets. If you get the containers, you can use it to create a charging station with portable batteries. Better yet, we’ve seen people mount USB hubs on it so they can charge multiple USB devices through it. In terms of aesthetics to complement your desk setup, this will be one you cannot go without.

The Besta Shelf+Capita x 4 (Approx. US$18, AU$30, UK£9.50)

If you have ever googled monitor risers, you will have found this as one of the top voted IKEA hacks on Reddit. This is definitely cheaper than those $300 USD textbooks you’ve been using as a stand. The Besta or any other shelf can be used as a riser by installing legs on it. After installing the legs, you can hide your keyboard underneath it if creating more space when needed. This is a solution used by college/university students as it is cost efficient and optimises the usage of the workspace.

The Riggad (US$60, AU$99, UK£60)

Wtf is the Riggad? Good question. It is one of the rarer items found in desk setups, but it is one of the first-ever wireless charging lamps released by IKEA. This was first released in 2015, during a time when a wireless charging phone was more expensive than your entire desk setup. It’s aesthetic and provides adequate lighting to your desk. Most importantly, it has a wireless charging function. Personally, we wouldn’t recommend it as the “top” go-to item, but it is a very functional item to help light the desk up and charge your phone.


  1. Monitor Mount (Vivo, Ergotron)
  2. RGB Strips (Tenmiro)
  3. Speakers (Audioengine A2)

Vivo monitor mount

You can find it here: Vivo monitor mount

After looking through thousands upon thousands of desk setup photos on Instagram, we came to the conclusion that Vivo is most likely the most ordered monitor mount on Amazon to date. Well, turns out we were right…

We’re still trying to figure out why an item like this is used by so many people, and it seems we may have an answer.

  1. It’s cheap.
  2. It’s aesthetic and comes in black which makes it fit in with most setups
  3. It’s relatively reliable. Though, I am not saying that it can mount a 49 inch wide screen monitor, but it will certainly do the job for your common 23 or 27 inch monitor.

Alternatively, if your monitor is a wide screen and is larger than 32 inches, you might need a more stronger mount. The gas-lift arms are generally better are doing this job as they can provide more lift force. Our favourite one to pair with the solid wood ikea tables are:

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm

You can find it here: Ergotron LX

This is only for a single monitor up to 25 pounds or roughly most 34-inch monitors. Which is ideal for widescreen setup. There is also the heavy-duty option which is the Ergotron HX which can mount a single 49-inch monitor. For example, the following setup:


RGB strips

You can find it here: Tenmiro Light Strips

We would say the most effective mounting spot for these RGB strips would be behind your monitor or on the back edge of your tabletop. Relatively inexpensive for the ambient lighting they provide to your setup.

Audioengine A2 or A2+

You can find it here: Audioengine A2 or A2+

These speakers are ideal for most clean IKEA setups because the design and colours match most tabletops from IKEA. Most importantly, it also has good sound quality and a wireless version which is IDEAL for minimal desk setups. It’s available in black, white and red!

Here is a setup showing off these speakers

Credits to @Mekunotech on Instagram – See Full setup details

We have to talk about peripherals, so the most popular ones to pair with the ikea setup are the following:

Keychron K2 – Wireless Keyboard

You can find it here: Keychron K2

This keyboard is a fairly popular choice as it has a reliable Bluetooth connection. The aethestic is also fairly minimal with some highlights which would pair well with all the IKEA table tops. Here is an example below.

from @jorgeypowell on instagram – see full setup details

Logitech MX Master 3 – Wireless Mouse

You can find it here: Logitech MX Master 3

It’s a very popular mouse to pair with IKEA setups. If you followed our instagram page, then you would have definitely seen multiple setups that use this mouse. It is wireless and ergonomic for those who want to put together an home office. Take a look at the setup below.

We hope we’ve covered some of the most important items you can’t go without from IKEA. Looking through all the desk setup pages on Instagram, we can attest that these items are the most repeatedly and consistently used by people around the world.

If you like this article, please give it a share. If your mate needs some tips on how to get into the setup game, this would be a good time to share him this article.

Thank you for reading till the end, more content like this to come so please join our mailing list.

{Help} – (Clamp Dual Monitor Arm) on IKEA Linnmon – Displays

23 minutes ago, tsuroux said:

Hello, I currently own a VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount w/ a Ikea Linnmon desk. I own a Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD (Horizontal on left arm) and Acer Xfa240 (Vertical on right arm). A friend told me that eventually the monitors will sag and that the clamp will fall into the desk? The clamp is directly centered onto the back of my desk. I can already see the monitor pole tilting a bit towards me. How should I go about for this? 



1 minute ago, Arika S said:

no no no no no

the IKEA Linnmon is literally filled with cardboard, they are not designed for clamp mounts


because this happens


you would be better of replacing the desktop with solid wood, or getting 2 solid panels, to put between the clamp and desk of both the top side and underside to spread out the load





I’ve had 2x Dell UltraSharp U2715H displays mounted to an older / no longer sold Linnmon / Adils tabletop & legs using a Kanto DM2000 dual monitor mount for 1. 5 years now. Although I can see the stand is sagging forward a bit, I don’t fear it will fall forward because we added some structural support to the back of the desk by way of a piece of finished baseboard wood on top & a strip of 3/4″ plywood on the bottom.



The Linnmon desks are not solid wood, so you can really only screw into the edges to get a good hold, but adding both these piece of wood helped. Plus, having the 4″ wide strip of plywood on the bottom allowed me to install some cable management eyehooks to keep things clean and tidy.

Make a Simple and Functional Monitor Riser!

Wondering how to make a DIY monitor stand? Look no further! My tutorial will show you how I made a simple and functional monitor stand, including an update about how it’s holding up 4 years later!

How to Make an Easy DIY Monitor Stand

Using a monitor stand is a super easy way to free up space on your desk while also giving your work area a sleek look. I don’t have a small desk, but I like to keep my space free of clutter and also liked the idea of storing my laptop under a monitor stand.

Ergonomically speaking, monitor stands are also great because they allow you to adjust your monitor’s height so that your line of sight lines up with the center of your monitor, helping to prevent posture and eye strain.

I could have just purchased a nice adjustable monitor stand, but that wouldn’t be me! I didn’t want something plastic or something that looked like it belonged in a cubicle.

I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I decided to make one out of a piece of pine. I wanted it to coordinate with my desk but not match completely, so I stained the pine part of the stand a dark color, but I matched the peg legs to the white legs on my desk.

Here’s what I used to make my DIY monitor stand:

And here’s how I made it!

Always take the proper precautions and safety measures before working with any tools. Wear safety equipment and work with a professional when necessary. Read my full terms of use for more. Happy building and stay safe!

Step 1: Secure supplies

I kicked the project off by picking up a 6-foot piece of pine from home depot. The piece was already 10 inches wide, so I had them cut a 20-inch piece off so that I’d have a 10in x 20in piece to work with. (I stowed the rest in a closet for a future project.)

Always remember that they can help you cut the wood if you don’t have tools at home! Another tip—if you don’t have tools or want to have the leftover wood, buy a piece of “pay by the linear foot” lumber. Some lumber comes in predetermined lengths (4 feet, 8 feet, etc.). But many times you can have them cut only what you need a pay for that.

Even though the wood was unfinished, it still needed a good sanding to clean it up, especially around the edges. I used 220-grit sandpaper all over to give the piece a nice smooth finish, focusing on rounding and softening the edges. My desk has edges that are rounded ever so slightly, so I wanted it to look like that.

Step 2: Stain and finish the DIY monitor stand

After sanding, I wiped the piece down with tack cloth to remove all sanding residue and put one coat of stain on. Stain is optional, but I do recommend finishing/sealing the piece of wood with a urethane. This will make it easy to wipe down and keep clean.

I finished the piece off with three coats of polyurethane. Two coats would have been enough, but I think the third coat really gave it an extra polished look. (I made sure to use 220-grit sandpaper to sand lightly between each coat of poly.)

Again, if you aren’t too handy, you can finish it off with an aerosol urethane instead of brushing it on. I don’t love aerosol urethanes, I just don’t think they provide as pretty of a finish. But in terms of ease and utility, an aerosol will work well. (You can also check out my post on how to stain and finish wood for a beginner’s tutorial. )

Step 3: Add legs

I used four Ikea Stubbarp legs to support my monitor stand. They are a great price at $8.50 for a pair, and they aren’t plastic. Since the Stubbarp legs are made for Ikea furniture, they come with an M8 bolt on each leg.

However, since my piece of wood was only 3/4 of an inch thick, the M8 bolt was way too big. Instead of cutting the bolt or finding a smaller bolt, I used Liquid Nails to attach the legs to the wood. See the black indented circles on the bottom of each leg? They are a cool feature that you can twist out a bit if you need to balance slightly unbalanced legs.

If you aren’t near an Ikea, you can just buy a piece of 2″ by 2″ pine and cut it down to size (or have them help you cut it down!). You can leave it unfinished or spray paint it, just as I did with my Cricut stands linked below (scroll down!).

Here’s the finished DIY monitor stand…

Super easy and effective way to improve your work area…I love it! Perfect area to slide my laptop and planner under when I’m not using it.

Over 4 years later…how about an update?!

Alright, it’s now about 4.5 years since I originally published this blog post…have I really been blogging that long already?! Yes, and this DIY monitor stand of mine has been with me every step of the way! I am still using it—at this very moment, in fact!

It has held up incredibly well. Through moving houses, moving workspaces, and multiple late nights of me sitting in front of it. I have made one change, though, so I wanted to provide a few updated pics. When I made my DIY Cricut machine and printer stand, I decided to match the wood.

That just meant replacing the top with a piece of poplar finished with a few coats of matte water-based polyurethane. One of my favorites. It has a great and incredibly durable finish. I then just glued the legs back on and put this bad boy back to work!

Pin my DIY monitor stand! 90,000 Computer Monitor Stands – Huge Selection at Best Prices

Computer Monitor Stands

Computer monitor stands are necessary for comfortable viewing during long work periods. When a computer display is properly mounted on a stand, it can be adjusted to the viewers eye level to maintain a healthy working environment. A computer monitor stand, whether mounted on the wall or sitting flat on a desk, can help you be more productive.

What types of computer monitor stands are there?

There are many different types of wall-mounted or desktop computer monitor stands.The main difference between both of them is their maneuverability.

  • A wall-mounted monitor stand generally maximizes your desk space and lets you adjust the height and angle of the screen to your liking.
  • A desktop monitor stand generally raises the display to your eye level, making it more comfortable to work while you sit.
What are some features to look for in monitor stands?

Not all monitor stands are created equal; features you should look for include:

  • Construction quality and materials: Look for aluminum or solid steel.
  • Load capacity: Make sure your monitor will fit and can be supported by the stand youre shopping for.
  • Range of movement: Check to see how far you can swivel or tilt the stand for an optimal angle.
What does VESA mean?

VESA is a group of standards as defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat-panel monitors, TVs, and other screens. Its the name given for the interface used to mount this equipment safely.It refers to the arrangement of screw holes on the mount for successful mounting on a wall.

What are reasons to buy monitor arms or desktop arms?

Monitor arms offer several health benefits and can help make your workspace more comfortable. These include:

  • Reduced eye and neck strain since the desktop display is not in a fixed position.
  • Versatility for finding an optimum tilt level.
  • Cleared desk space and reduced clutter.
  • Suitability for adjustable height desks, including standing desks.

Monitor arms are also excellent choices for dual monitor setups.

Are additional accessories needed with a monitor stand or mount?

Yes, especially if it is going to be a standing workstation. A keyboard tray may be useful to keep the keyboard and mouse at the correct height for your hands and to create an ergonomic work area for looking at the screen. Especially at a standing station, this will help minimize the strain on your body.

If you normally sit at a desk, mounting your monitor onto a wall or keeping it on a stand makes more room for a keyboard and other accessories.It also improves ergonomics.

90,000 A selection of the best stands for iMac from 2700 rubles – reviews and customer reviews

Hello everyone! I share my pick of the best iMac stands, but they can also be used as laptop stands.

Here’s a sturdy aluminum table. There are a lot of positive reviews.

I love the wooden stand and how tall it is. It will be convenient to work with it even on the bed.

The coolest in my collection: a stand with USB ports, as well as wireless charging. We must take!

And this stand has an incredible amount of positive reviews from buyers from all over the world.

I hope my collection was useful to you. Wish you a great shopping!

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ᐅ IKEA Computer Desk Fredde Reviews – 6 honest customer reviews about Computer Desks IKEA Computer Desk Fredde

The best deals on IKEA Fredda Computer Desk

Vladimir K. , 08/26/2020

Advantages: + the table is LARGE and SPACIOUS (total width – 140cm, tabletop width 132 cm)
+ cutout in the middle – and there is where to put the elbows, and you can move closer
+ adjustable shelves – “ears”
+ rigidity of assembly, excluding side flaps
+ corner openings for cables – allow you to separate the wires, and free the tabletop under the above table.
+ cup holders – hundreds of uses to be found. They are far from the elbows, swing so that you can take something off them – you still have to try
+ in white looks like his mother starship. Especially backlit.

Disadvantages: – due to a bug on the site, it was not visible that it was in white. Now they have fixed it.
– there are no shelves for the filter, the cable channel from the photo on the site is purchased separately. It costs 600r. It is too small for a filter. Okay, but large PSUs can hit the countertop.The filter, in an amicable way, should be planted on self-tapping screws
– metal side shields – bend and do not hold in place. I didn’t bet.

Comment: + – they say someone does not have enough shelf size for a system unit. My Zalman Z1 got up, even with a small margin. I am glad that the shelf is high, less dust will get into the blower.
+ – hangers under the superstructure – an interesting thing, but if there are a lot of monitors, the hangers will close. I think to rearrange them somewhere to the frame.

I’m happy with the table, I’m sitting and enjoying myself.

Kirill, 08.08.

Pluses: Quite roomy table, stable. The desk top and wire cutouts allow for beautiful, hidden wiring for all devices.

Disadvantages: -Soft side metal panels, the fastening of which does not inspire confidence. The loud sound of the speakers, if they are on the shelves, can ring. Mounts can be strengthened and bounce removed, but the fact itself is not encouraging.

-Side cupholders in my opinion and use are superfluous …

-There is not enough cut-out between the table top and the back wall, the bracket is fastened only through drilling the table.

-Maximum monitor diagonal – 27 inches and only on an adjustable stand should there be a monitor to lower it lower.
This is assuming the bottom shelf will be installed.If you remove the bottom shelf, then 32 inches will fit, again, with an adjustable stand.
If it was 1 m 60 cm, it would be ideal for placing two monitors 27 + laptop 13.3 + lamp. At 1 m 40 cm, you have to choose: laptop 13.3 + monitor 27 + lamp, or monitor 27, laptop 13.3 and monitor in a vertical position 21-22 diagonally. I would like all the same higher superstructure (upper shelf), 10 centimeters for sure.

-The top shelf is only for a small printer or game console, even a small MFP will not be conveniently located.

-Chair Ikea Markus, oddly enough, only fits in the reclined state, and then clinging to the table top support bar with the armrests, here Ikea missed in terms of the interaction of its products, Markus is the main working chair at Ikea, suitable in design.

– Lack of choice of color of the workplace. This is strange because Ikea’s color palette is quite extensive, perhaps the black color will not suit everyone.

-On the black surface you will see dust every 2 days.

Commentary: Generally a comfortable workplace.

Vyacheslav M., 07/19/2020

Advantages: The cheapest table with a lower monitor shelf, speaker stands with adjustable height, and an upper shelf.

Disadvantages: Black side panels are made of thin metal – theoretically they can rattle at high volume. The maximum height of a computer case on a shelf is about 46 cm, i.e. most midi-tower cases will not fit, you need to choose a lower option.

Comment: Satisfied with the purchase. For comparable money, I did not find alternatives in functionality.

Anatoly S., 05/04/2020

Pluses: – stability,
– size,
– useful area ratio,
– assembly variability,
– the back wall hides all the wires.

Comment: I did not assemble it according to the instructions:
– removed the lower shelf on the right – the system unit did not fit on it, there are no problems, the rigidity is preserved,
– I put the upper shelves in the uppermost positions: there is a distance of 13 centimeters between the shelves (11 to the rail), at the same time, a 27-inch monitor and a laptop stand on the tabletop right in front of it, there is still a lot of space on the sides.

Penny Wiseman, 18.04.2020

Advantages: High quality, comfortable, functional, ergonomic. Taki Ikea.

Disadvantages: Perhaps he is the only one – DUST. Relevant for black. But, on the other hand, for some reason the blacks dismantled everywhere (he took the penultimate one in Moscow himself), and the white ones – please, everywhere in bulk)

Commentary: Actually, just wipe the dust once every couple of days, otherwise a complete thrill.When placed in the corner with your back to the wall, you can generally achieve the effect of your own office. Regarding the supposedly maximum monitor size of 27 “- 32” fits perfectly, the main thing is to look at the specifications before buying.

illusion k. , 01/20/2020

Advantages: convenience, functionality, design, color, quality

Disadvantages: not identified over the years of use

Comment: I can sing praises to this table and praise it forever.

is a feast table)

it is great and works and plays and freaks out.

I love every ledge in it, I am delighted with the cupholders on the sides, I really like the metal connecting bar from the bottom of the back, because I periodically lower my leg on it and feel a certain feeling of relaxation))

Very good location of the monitor shelf, which allows the eyes to look at the monitors exactly as it is beneficial for posture and vision.

the top shelf allows you to comfortably place a home mfp, a lamp, little things dear to your heart, or just little things))

the depth of the table is optimal for placing the keyboard at any distance from the hands (even if I want to type with outstretched hands, it will not be in the very end of the countertop).

on both sides in the back of the tabletop there are holes for wires. you can use metal connecting beams as boxes and hide wires in them.

the disadvantage can be called the nuance that full-size 3 monitors will not fit in width, no matter how you place them. but by purchasing a table you decide for yourself and with monitors the question, because you know the width of the table)) so the question is not for the table, but for the monitors)) although, I would not mind that the table was a little wider.

By the way, the backlight tape is perfectly and reliably attached to the connecting beams-boxes.

I do not use the side shelves. in another apartment, one was attached to accommodate the router.

Do I recommend it to purchase? definitely my YES to you!

computer riser monitor Bewertungen – Online Shopping und Bewertungen für computer riser monitor auf AliExpress

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