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10 Best Home Office Desks Right Now [Reviews+Buyer’s Guide]

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Having the right furniture in your office is essential; it’s not just for enhancing the aesthetics but also because you get to work more comfortably and swiftly.

After all, when your office space is clean and orderly, it has a subtle way of increasing your morale and productivity. And who doesn’t want to get better in their trade? 

Especially when you spend hours at your home office, the desk should be well suited for your height as well as business. 

Now, finding the right desk can get tricky. Worry not, to make it easier we’ve reviewed some of the best office desks in the following sections.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

Best Home Office Desk

    1. Jarvis Bamboo Wood Desk

Those looking for an ideal home office desk can consider the Jarvis Bamboo Wood Desk. Featuring super-quiet motorized height adjustable frames, this desk provides optimal comfort and support for long working hours. Furthermore, its high-quality bamboo construction is durable enough to last for several years with proper use.


At first glance, the light-colored bamboo surface and sturdy frames look extremely aesthetic in any modern home office setting. However, what attracted us the most to it was the digital telephone attached to the desk. This additional tool has four efficient memory options and enables easy, quick adjustments as per your requirements.

After extensively exploring dozens of products in the market, we found this to be one of our favorites primarily because of its simplicity. The minimalist design integrated with excellent features instantly makes this an ideal home office desk for most people.

Moving on, we loved the easy height adjustment feature that comes with a motorized tool. This allowed us to adjust the height of the table without any hassle. With a quick press of a button, the table frames automatically adjust up or down at the rate of 3.8 cm per second.

As for its assembly, the manufacturer provided all the parts and hardware, so we did not face much trouble assembling it. Make sure that you read the instructions correctly and fix every part tightly so that there is no wobble.

Finally, it features a 158.8 kg weight-bearing capacity, which, in our opinion, is adequate for a large desktop, books, utilities and essentials, and even a CPU. We also loved the addition of the two black eyelets, which instantly cleared the clutter of annoying computer wires.


  • Sturdy bamboo construction
  • 3-level extension frames
  • Motorized height adjustment with quiet operation
  • 7-year warranty
    1. Branch Adjustable Standing Desk

If you’re in search of an office desk capable of inspiring your workday with its simple yet elegant design, don’t miss out on the Customizable Office Desk from Branch Office furniture. It serves as a professional oasis and a foundation for clear thinking.


Branch Office Furniture has risen to the challenge once again, bringing us an office desk that’s more than a place to work. Whether in a private studio or an open office, its thoughtful details, including a brushed cable port, flared legs, and beveled desktop, keeps the inspiration going.

We were able to achieve the feel and comfort of working at home with this desk’s minimalist design. Apart from that, it comes with a melamine top, which is both stain and impact-resistant. And the best part is that we had the option of choosing between a white or wood grain top and polished aluminum or powder white legs.

Irrespective of the variant, the office desk is equipped with articulated feet, keeping it stable on any surface. Additionally, it is constructed with a steel frame, which is capable of supporting more than 650 pounds.

Without a doubt, the unit features premium ergonomics and is built to last. This is backed by a 10-year warranty from Branch itself, making it one of the most reliable options out there. Even cost-wise, we have no complaints; it’s a functional office desk available at a reasonable price range.


  • Built to last with a 10-year warranty
  • Durable steel frame supports more than 650 pounds
  • Brushed cable port and optional in-desk power
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Articulated feet ensure stability


  • Doesn’t include storage shelves
    1. BonVIVO Writing Desk

If you’re looking for an office desk that has the perfect blend of form and function, then you should check out this unit by BonVIVO. It has a heavy-duty construction featuring bamboo legs with a glass top. The design is such that it will stand out even in the most crowded rooms. Well, let’s find out whether it lives us to the hype or not.


Just like any other homeowner, we wanted an office desk that would have an attractive design with the right dose of functionality. The work surface of this designer desk is made with shatter-resistant tempered glass that’s suitable for keeping PC or laptop. It also has a white lacquered shelf underneath that is constructed with MDF-wood. 

This deep storage compartment can be used for keeping office supplies and paperwork. The structure is designed in a way that makes it suitable for everyday usage. As for stability, it has wooden legs that are made of sturdy bamboo, and irrespective of how many items are placed on the table, it will stay well-balanced. 

We just have to wipe the glass top with a dry cloth to remove the accumulated dust. After testing this product, we can say that it screams quality from all angles, and this has been agreed upon by many users. 

The product is designed in a way that will complement all home decor, be it traditional or modern. Moreover, you’ll need to assemble the unit by following the given instructions, and it won’t take up more than 10 minutes to have it ready. Overall it’s a value-added product considering the quality construction and classy design.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Minimalist design
  • Storage compartment for office supplies and paperwork
  • Durable construction


  • The glass surface needs to be handled with care
    1. Sauder Corner 417586 Home office Desk

This is a modern, stylish desk that lets you transform your home office into an organized space. It comes with an L-shape design that fits in perfectly into corners and saves space. Just like most other high-end designs, this table comes with enough storage space to accommodate around 3 PCs, CPU towers, and peripherals.


After having tried many wooden furniture from Sauder Harbor, we knew that we could trust their quality for decorating our office space. We wanted to opt for a unit that has a blend of classy, contemporary aesthetics along with today’s convenience. 

This made it easier for us to opt for the cottage road collection that matched our search criterion ideally. The lintel oak accent finish on this table looks clean and sophisticated as it comes on a soft white background that is pretty distinct. And the best part, when you have this table standing tall in your home office, you won’t need to purchase additional storage compartments. 

Since it comes with four separate storage sections, your paperwork, files, and other office supplies can be organized in one single space. The door cabinet can be used for placing the CPU tower, this gives you more leg space and keeps the wires in one area. And on the right side, you’ve got three drawers that are spacious enough for fitting the letter-size hanging files. 

It also has a slide-out tray that can conveniently hold a mouse and keyboard. Finally, all the different facilities that this unit offers to the workplace and its simple design makes it worth the price tag. Thus we can say that this desk has the best of both worlds, be it contemporary or modern with a relatively impressive build quality. 


  • Improves home aesthetics
  • Cable surface features a hole for easy wire management
  • Sufficient storage space
    1. Everywhere Rectangular Table

If you’re looking for a simple work table where you can complete your work with ease, then do consider checking out this unit. Sometimes when the office is already cluttered with too many storage sections, it’s best to select a desk that showcases minimalism. The clean, refined lines, durable structure, and versatility make it an excellent option for your home office. 


When we received this desk, we mainly found ourselves raving about its minimalist looks that emulate the beauty of mid-century furniture. This desk provides a large workspace that makes it convenient to spread everything out while working. Even though it does not have any storage compartments under the table, the surface area is large enough to get the work done.

The leg space is also large enough, which lets us slide the desk-chair under the table while the arms fit underneath without getting stuck. This allows us to roll the chair around freely, which is an advantage while working on the desk for long hours. We can say that apart from the design, the height was one of the main selling points of this rectangular desk. 

Moreover, for a limited budget, this one of the best quality desks that we have used to date. And it doesn’t require any assembly, which saves us more work time. Besides its minimalist looks, the built is pretty sturdy, and it’s made 67% recycled material. 

It’s also covered with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty. Overall, this is a quality product considering that it has been constructed with durable materials and comes with a reasonable price tag.


  • Large working area
  • Made with durable materials
  • No assembly is required
    1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design- Baraga Home Office Desk

This home office desk is engineered with utmost precision to ensure that it delivers a product that suits your modern style home decor pretty effortlessly. When you look at the structure itself, you can say that it meets the needs of all. It offers a large writing surface, so you can quickly spread out your documents during your working on any project.


When we were revamping the office space, we had a glass top desk in mind, and this unit did meet all our criteria ideally. It not only has a great design but also stands out for its quality build. 

The L-shape design is such that it looks pretty good in all workstations and offers two configurations. On top of this, the two-way setup option makes it ideal for both left-handed and right-handle people. And we don’t usually feel the lack of separate storage sections because the tabletop is large enough to accommodate all the daily requirements.

It’s also easy to assemble this unit as we followed the simple guidelines, which is an advantage for us, especially when we are shifting homes. Moreover, this desk has been reinforced with a metal base and has a glass tabletop that delivers the functionality that we wanted from a modern piece of furniture. 

Additionally, the height is great for daily activities, and we have faced no issues with the leg space. We can also place our computer on this desk while we continue to do our paperwork on the other side, this showcases that this desk has been thoughtfully designed. Finally, the sleekness of this desk makes the entire office space look pretty trendy.


  • Tempered ‘floating’ frosted glass surface
  • Attractive design
  • Two-way setup option


  • The metal base might require an additional coating to prevent rust
    1. Sauder Graham Hill Home Office Desk

The Sauder Graham Hill office desk will effortlessly complement the office aesthetics. It provides sufficient space to house your computer along with other office necessities. And if you want a desk that can multi-task with you, while looking good at the same time, then this unit will most likely fit your needs.


Finding a quality home office desk has not been easy, especially because we were sought after finding a unit that would have distinct features. And one such desk is this unit by Sauder. It comes with a sunset granite accent tabletop, and this is known to be the epitome of durability. The unassuming style also makes it a piece that can work with different decor themes. 

Moreover, it can easily accommodate a computer or laptop. However, thanks to its subtle design, it doesn’t necessarily highlight that we need a computer to make this desk functional. We generally use this desk for writing purposes, and it provides ample space for working with 59-inches width and 14-inches height.

Plus, it provides a decent amount of storage in the form of two functioning drawers that feature a patented T-lock assembly system. The desk also has a small open section that is placed above the drawers for keeping some regular easy to access files. 

It has an engineered wood construction that looks great because of the autumn maple finish, which makes it interesting to decorate the office space with selective pieces. A generous five-year warranty is also included with the Sauder. Finally, even though it’s on the heavier side, the heaviness corresponds to the product quality.


  • Durable product
  • The simple design allows it to complement many different design themes
  • Ample storage space
  • Can be used as a traditional writing desk
    1. Monarch Specialities Home Office Desk

Whether you’re purchasing a desk for your study purposes or regular work, the Monarch Specialities hollow-core desk offers it all- tons of workspace and sleek design. This unit strikes the right balance between functionality and an elegant, modern style. The L-shaped desk has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate all the essential factors that you have been looking for.


We wanted an office desk that would look great as a centerpiece and provide ample storage. This unit strikes all the boxes correctly with its hollow-core L-shaped design that makes it a stunning focal point in any contemporary home office. 

It has been constructed with quality wood and veneer. We also had the option to choose from four different finishes. The look of this unit is further enhanced with silver-colored feet and handles that works as an accent piece against the white-colored desk that we opted for.

With a decent amount of work surface, it is great for using a computer or doing paperwork. It also comes with a secondary surface that gives you additional workspace. As for storage, you have two medium drawers for keeping loose paper and other office supplies. Plus, there is a lateral file drawer at the bottom for easier organization.

Moreover, there is sufficient open space on the right side for placing other essentials, and even small decor pieces tend to look pretty good in this section. The desk has enough space for placing a chair, and the leg space is comfortable for even someone with 6-foot height. All in all, this product is value for money, considering its quality and stylish design.


  • Additional storage sections
  • Plenty of workspaces
  • Sturdy construction


  • The assembly process is somewhat tricky
    1. HON BL Laminate Series Office Desk Shell

If you don’t have too much room to spare, this desk shell by HON will easily fit into compact spaces, providing you with the much-needed work area. You’ll get a clutter-free floor space, and it offers vast legroom, so irrespective of your height, this makes for a suitable choice. It also gives you the freedom to select the required size and shape, which is a bonus.


Although we have a small office space, it was essential for us to find a quality desk that would be ideal for our daily activities. The main advantage of this unit is that it doesn’t feel like another piece of bulky furniture; therefore, it doesn’t take up too much floor space. It has a simple design that easily complements any decorating style.

The BL laminate series office desk is like a complete package: it has a compact design while still providing an ample amount of work area. We can easily place separate storage boxes under the desk because it leaves sufficient space even for a robust chair. As for design, it comes with a laminate countertop that can withstand substantial activities, scratches, and stains.

Moreover, the desk is made with high-quality materials that will keep it standing tall for years to come without any signs of damage.The desktop grommets also help to organize the power cords neatly for a well-organized work station.

It’s also covered with a 5-year limited warranty. This helps ensure that even if there is any slight damage due to regular usage, we can get it fixed without spending too much money. Overall, we are pretty satisfied with our purchase, and it also offers excellence within a limited budget. 


  • Take up less floor space
  • Easy cord management
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Reliable and durable construction


  • Doesn’t have any storage space
    1. Tribesigns 55-inch Large Home Office Desk

This is another quality home office desk for those who are looking for a compact yet stylish desk. Thanks to its sleek, minimalist design that ensures that it won’t take up too much space, making it ideal for your small home office. Unlike other desks, you don’t even have to spend too much on purchasing this product, as it cost about $126, which is a steal for its quality.


This unit has a modern, open-concept design and works great when it’s placed against the wall. It’s available in three different size options, so we didn’t have to worry about ordering a unit that would be too big for our office space. The clean, minimalist design with open-air style gives enough options to organize this desk according to our needs. 

The extensive work area offers plenty of space for keeping stationery, office accessories, and a laptop. Since it comes with a scratch-resistant laminate finish, it helps to protect the desk surface from the onslaughts of regular usage. Plus, this desk has a stable and sturdy construction with track-style legs and a robust metal frame that keeps it well-balanced.

We also didn’t have to worry too much about the assembly part, as it took us just about 15-20 minutes to install the four legs. And the legs pads are designed in a way that helps to adjust the desk even on an uneven floor. 

Moreover, there is sufficient leg space to work comfortably for long hours, and the workspace that it offers is pretty convenient for daily activities. The desk is backed by an 18-months quality assurance, which showcases that the durability is on point. Overall, this has been a great addition to our office space, and it also comes with an affordable price tag.  


  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Scratch proof laminate finish
  • Features adjustable leg pads
    1. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Home Office Desk

This is one of the most revolutionary standing desks with a few features that make it stand apart from the other units. The first is that it has an entirely modern look and feel to it. The second is that it has been designed for using your computer at ease with segmented sections for the keyboard and cords. Now, let’s find out more about this unit in the following sections.


We wanted to purchase a table that would be suitable for everyday usage, and this seemed to be a great option for our limited budget. It doesn’t have a broad work area, but it’s long enough to place the essentials. There aren’t too many drawers, which further gives an unfettered look, and the simple design makes it suitable for homes that focus on minimalism.

Even though the desk focuses mainly on its lightweight design, it doesn’t leave any room for complaints. We can assemble and disassemble this unit pretty effortlessly. This allows us to shift the table from one location to another without having to seek professional help to understand the guidelines. 

The desk is made with quality glass that sits on a metal base. It also has a separate section for placing the CPU along with a pull-out drawer for the keyboard. And the best part, it can take up a heavy load. Since it’s crafted with beveled tempered safety glass, we aren’t afraid of placing too many heavy files on the table.

But this work surface is not maintained well, then it can leave behind finger spots, which is not a very welcoming sight. However, if the table is taken care of properly, then it can stand the test of time, and the low price tag makes it a great bargain.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible configuration system


  • Not suitable for all trades
    1. Z-Line Belaire glass L-Shaped Home Office Desk

If you’re looking for a clear glass top table surface, then you should check out this unit by Z-Line. The L-shaped design and its sleek construction make it an ideal choice for a home office. It’s stronger and quieter than many office desks that are doing their rounds. Lets’ look into the varied features that are discussed in the following sections


This is a sturdy L-shaped glass desk that offers sufficient work area for an individual, and the clear glass top writing surface is the main selling point. We find it best if this table is placed against a room corner for better convenience.

It offers ample work area for spreading out the documents while getting any paperwork done. There is also a slide-out keyboard tray with a display shelf for better organization. Because of all the features that this unit is equipped with, we don’t necessarily feel the lack of separate storage compartments on this desk. 

The 5mm or 6mm glass slabs are held in place with metal frames that are crafted to ensure that the desk can stand in place without any issues related to balance. Moreover, the frames are powder-coated to improve their resistance to different weather changes, and that keeps it from getting rusty over time. 

Plus, it comes with a slide-out keyboard tray and display shelf for easy organization. All in all, this desk meets the reliability standards, and it has been built to extraordinary quality with an impressive design.


  • Easy to set up
  • The keyboard can be placed on either side of the table
  • Offers ample work area
  • Sleek construction


  • Cable management can get tricky
    1. Elk Home 351-10281 – Gunther Desk – Riverbend Home

If you’re on the lookout for a multi-shelved home office desk that exudes machine-shop vibes, then don’t forget to check this one out. The Elk Home 351-10281 – Gunther Desk, with its metal construction, edgy graphite color, and chic industrial design, eliminates the hassle of clutter by keeping your office essentials organized.


On receiving this home office desk, we found ourselves mesmerized by its sleek elegance and modern design. The Gunther desk is one of the most stylish options out there, which perfectly exemplifies Elk Home’s furnishing collections.

We loved its unique mesh grating, metal construction, and edgy machine-shop inspired design that screams urban aesthetic. It complements every modern and contemporary home office setting, blending perfectly with darker backdrops.

Apart from Gunther’s stunning, out-of-the-box appearance, we have to appreciate the number of shelves it comes with. We were able to organize all our essentials, ranging from documents and files to books and accessories, with ease. This also helped in keeping the office space tidy and free of clutter.

It’s no doubt a bit on the higher-end in terms of price, but seeing its design and metal construction, we had to try it out for ourselves. And it did not disappoint!

Gunther is not only a sturdy unit with ample storage space, but it also provides sufficient writing space and legroom to enhance the overall work experience throughout the day. Plus, we didn’t have to go through the hassle of installation as it comes pre-assembled.


  • Multi-shelf unit with ample storage space
  • Durable, metal construction
  • Industrial chic design exudes urban aesthetic
  • Requires no assembly
  • Graphite finishing


  • Some users may not prefer the machine-shop vibe

Home Office Desk Buying Guide

Depending on your situation, you have different factors that you need to consider when you’re purchasing your home office furniture. Here’s a list of potential factors, which will help you ensure that you’re making an informed decision:


In short, ergonomics is the science of designing a workplace by focusing on your requirements that should be factored when purchasing any piece of furniture. From sufficient leg space to the width of the table that supports your posture, ergonomics can have a powerful impact on your health, and productivity. 

Therefore, you need to choose an office desk that is built to offer the right amount of comfort to help you deliver an efficient performance. 


The overall decor of the workplace can play an essential role in helping you focus on your work. Many of you might have noticed that when you’re working in an aesthetically pleasing environment, it keeps you excited about your job. Thus the office desk should also be thoughtfully designed to ensure that it complements the other furniture in the room.

Flexibility and Adjustability

If your office desk is going to be used for small meetings, then the desk size should be such that it can comfortably accommodate others. Many table and desk solutions are height adjustable to help you maintain your posture, which further keeps you relieved from back or shoulder strain. 

Likewise, you need to ensure that it has sufficient storage compartments for better organization. This lets you focus on the work in hand without having to deal with the clutter on the table. In the end, you should invest in a desk that will keep everyone in the office comfortable and focused on the work in hand.

Impact on Performance

Having the right office desk can critically impact the quality of the work produced. Irrespective of whether you have to complete a challenging work or a simple one, if you’re comfortable in the position that you’re seated, then you can complete it with ease. Therefore, opting for an ergonomically designed desk is essential when revamping the office décor.


It’s always preferable to purchase office desks that have multiple functions in mind. For instance, the L-shaped desks are spacious enough to be used as a meeting space. Similarly, the tables that have separate storage compartments make it more convenient for you to organize the daily essentials. And it also helps in keeping the desk more organized.

Moreover, if you plan to keep your desktop on the desk, then you should look for units that come with allocated space for the CPU tower and keyboard.

Brand Reputation

When you’re choosing an office desk, it’s critical to opt for a trusted brand that has earned the reputation of manufacturing quality products. The reason for focusing on the brand is simple, as you can rest assured that you’re putting your money in the right place. And you should also check whether the brand is committed to sustainably making products.


When you’re buying office furniture, it calls for a substantial investment, which is why you need to make sure that a dependable warranty backs the desk. Furthermore, this will ensure that even if you experience any issue with the desk, you can get it fixed without busting your budget. 

Final words

The work environment greatly influences your productivity, this is why an ergonomically designed table is one of the most sought after design essentials. And as you go through the buyer’s guide, it will give you a better idea of the different aspects that you need to focus on. 

Nevertheless, it’s always advisable to weigh out the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Now that you’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you find what you’ve been looking for. 

So, go ahead and improve your performance while working on your new office desk!

Till next time!

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9 Best Home-Office Desks 2019

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve covered the best desk accessories, office chairs, and desk organizers, here we’ve rounded up the best home-office desks as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

With over 4,000 glowing reviews, this is one of the most unanimously beloved desks on Amazon. An overwhelming number call it “sleek” for its polished-glass surface and note that it’s easy to assemble. Gamers are especially fond of the large L-shaped top capable of holding two monitors at a time, which is why you might surface “battle station” or “command center” comments from people who turned this into their gaming hub. Some reviewers warn about the fragility of this desk — the tempered glass can shatter with heat or too much weight, some say — though they note that Amazon is quick to make up for any damage. But as one avid gamer writes, “All in all, I am very pleased with this desk! It’s the perfect height, has plenty of room to sit and to work, and is very, very sturdy.”

Reviewers rave about the minimalist looks of this Zinus rectangular desk and its spacial capacity. “Huge work space so I can spread everything out, and my desk-chair arms fit underneath without getting stuck so I can roll around freely. The height is perfect,” says one happy shopper. A few people compare it to an Ikea piece, which is why one developer likes to furnish model spaces with it: “My results are back, and they say I have a severe Zinus infection. I’ve had to furnish four properties over the past year, on a tight budget. I’ve ordered six of these tables now and can’t stop recommending them to others.”

Beyond its looks, almost everyone admires how sturdy and easy to set up it is. “As someone who has moved seven times, I’ve become well acquainted with setting up flat-pack furniture,” says one, “and can confidently say that this was the easiest piece of flat pack I’ve ever set up.”

And now some micro-picks for every type of home-office desk you might be looking for.

Compared with the more architectural Walker Edison desk, reviewers seem to appreciate the simple, utilitarian design of this Tribesigns L-shaped desk, like this owner who sums it up briefly: “TLDR: The desk is sturdy, stylish, and can be put together by a single person. It is priced competitively to similar desks.” It’s also popular among gamers, and the common consensus is that it’s built to last a long time. Furniture delivery can be dicey, but reviewers seem pleased with the shipping process: “Full-on five stars for this. It arrived on time and was packaged in an absurd amount of Styrofoam to keep it perfect during shipping. It was pristine right out of the package.”

Many reviewers came to this Tribesigns model after a long search for the perfect desk, and they were very pleased to have finally found one this sturdy and nice-looking. Per one reviewer, “I love everything about this product. Package was secure without any damage to the product. Very easy assembly. Took less then 20 minutes to put everything together. Very stable.” It doesn’t have built-in cabinets or storage, but shoppers like the extra leg space and the headache-free setup. “This desk checked every box. Quick and easy, effective. For me, a good computer desk with zero hassle,” says one gamer, who bought this to hold his PC. Another adds, “I was setting up a new workstation in my house and wanted a sleek desk that had room for dual monitors and room to write. I couldn’t ask for anything better at this price. Easy to assemble, solid construction.”

Per reviewers, this desk doesn’t look strictly “office-y,” so some use it as a vanity or entryway table. Many appreciate its no-frills design, like one reviewer who says, “Nothing real fancy, but looks nice, functional, sturdy and easily transported.” A big selling point for many reviewers is its low price point and easy setup — owners like to brag about its taking anywhere from five minutes to “literally 60 seconds” to set up. “For the price of around 60 bucks, this is an outstanding value. It is extremely easy to assemble; I was done in five minutes, and it required no tools or glue. The desk is surprisingly stable, and the top, while thin, does not feel flimsy,” says one.

Many reviewers of this Coavas desk are parents who bought this for their teenage daughters. One indicates that this was because of its size: “It might be too small for a business office but ideal size for high schoolers and small offices,” he writes. Others were surprised at the quality of the desk for the price, like one mom who describes it as “very Pottery Barn-ish!” She goes on to say, “I am really impressed, perfect size for my daughter. The top is thick, the finish looks amazing, and looks durable. In place, it doesn’t wobble whatsoever!” Another happy parent who bought this for her “rambunctious 12-year-old twins” describes it as “the epitome of perfect.”

Many describe assembly for this hutch desk as an ordeal requiring two people and a few hours, but reviewers seem very pleased with the results, like one who sums it up thusly: “After tons of screaming and yelling because some parts were kind of tricky, we got it put together. It took a few hours and there are tons of parts, but it came out beautifully and solid.” Others also point out the weight on this desk — around 200 pounds — and its “yuuuuuuuuge” physical size, but so many reviewers describe being in love with the desk that they say once you have it set up, it’s worth any hassle.

“Beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “sturdy,” and “good-looking,” are common compliments found among the reviews for this forge desk, all of which highlight its looks and framework. Many reviewers complain about the difficulty of the setup, which the assembly manual acknowledges: “The instructions even make jokes about how long it will take,” one shopper notes. Another reviewer jokes, “Dear lord, this is a desk that should be a requirement for all couples who are interested in getting married to put together. This item has so many pieces in that heavy box, like 100 clowns exiting a teeny car.” Along with many others, she came around once the desk was put together: “In the end the desk looks nice.”

Reviewers usually gravitate toward this desk for its compact size, which they find ideal for small spaces. One describes it as “the PERFECT desk and compact station” for the guest room, and another says, “So much efficiency in a small space.” Shoppers seem very taken with the cherrywood finish and were pleasantly surprised at how much space the desk offered, like one who raves, “The desk is lovely, fits exactly where I needed it, and it’s given me SO much more work space than my old desk. It’s incredibly sturdy as well, which some other build-it-yourself desks aren’t. This is a terrific purchase, and I am more than thrilled with it.”

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The Best Computer Desks for Your Home or Office – The Plug

If you’ve been working or studying from home, you know how important it is to have a dedicated workspace with a comfortable desk. Sitting at your kitchen table for eight hours a day can cause back pain, fatigue, and other health problems. Here is our list of the best computer desks, from small budget models to high-end standing desks for gamers, and everything in between.  

Coleshome Computer Desk: Best Budget Option

If you’re looking for a budget computer desk, Coleshome has one of the most durable options under $50. Unlike most computer desks at its price point, this Coleshome model has a thick metal frame with metal brackets in each corner and a metal beam at the bottom of each leg to prevent it from wobbling. Plus, it also has adjustable feet, so you can make sure it is always level, even if your floor is uneven. 

The desktop is fully waterproof, and it comes in eight different colors to match your home or office. You can also get this modern desk in several sizes, from 31 inches to 55 inches. 

GreenForest Folding Desk: Best for Small Spaces

The GreenForest folding computer desk is one of the best options if you live in a small apartment, dorm room, or any home without a dedicated home office. Unlike other folding desks, this GreenForest model comes with a second tier, which is big enough to hold a computer monitor or anything else you want to keep out of the way. 

With its unique design, the main desktop is reinforced by metal bars on each side, which makes it more sturdy than other folding desks. Weighing only 25 pounds, the GreenForest folding computer desk is easy to carry. And, since it folds up to be around an inch and a half, you can store it under your bed, couch, and lots of other places. 

Mr Ironstone L-Shaped Computer Desk: Best for Corners

If you need a little more space to work, the Mr Ironstone desk is one of the best L-shaped computer desks that you can get on a budget. Unlike many L-shaped desks, this model from Mr Ironstone gives you plenty of legroom, so you can easily spin in your chair to switch between the two desktops. 

While it might seem fragile with its minimalist design, this computer desk has a sturdy metal frame with an “X” shape at each end to increase its stability. This computer desk also comes with a detachable monitor stand that can be switched from one side to another. And while there is plenty of desk space to hold multiple monitors, this desk fits snugly in the corner, so it won’t take up much room.

Check out our step-by-step guide to find out how to set up dual monitors on a Windows 10 PC.

Topsky Computer Desk with Bookshelf: Best Heavy-Duty Model

If you’re looking for a computer desk that will last a lifetime, this heavy-duty model from Topsky is one of the best models you can find at its price point. While it has a modern design, it is also very durable with a solid desktop that is over an inch thick. Weighing over 60 pounds, this desk uses steel beams that are over an inch and a half thick all around the frame to keep it from wobbling. 

At 23 inches deep and 55 inches wide, the waterproof desktop gives you more space to get your work done. Plus, there is a small shelf under the desktop, which you can use to keep your desk decluttered. As an added bonus, you can hide all your wires by snaking them through the grommet hole in the back of the desk. 

Sauder Edge Water Desk: Best Computer Desk with Drawers

Most computer desks these days look a lot more like tables. If you want a more traditional desk, the Sauder Edge Water Desk is one of the best budget options you can get. With its 60-inch desktop, you’ll have more than enough room to set up multiple monitors and still get your work done. 

This elegant desk gives you two pull-out drawers on one side to keep all your files and office supplies. The cabinet on the other side is the perfect size for storing a computer tower if you want to keep it hidden. Plus, there is a sliding tray under the desktop where you can keep your keyboard and mouse for a totally clutter-free workspace.  

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk: Best Standing Computer Desk

According to a study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 65% of workers who use a standing desk see an increase in productivity, while 47% experienced less back, shoulder, and neck pain. 

The Arozzi Arena Desk was specifically made for gamers, but it is also one of the best standing desks for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of their computer. Unlike most standing desks, the front of this desktop is ergonomically curved, so you will be closer to your keyboard and mouse without reaching. 

Even with the curved cutout, this 63-inch standing desk has plenty of space for three monitors. Plus, the 14-square-foot desktop is fully covered by a giant waterproof mousepad that you can remove and customize to match your gaming rig’s RGB lights. The top of the desk has three holes that lead to a mesh basket under the desktop, where you can keep your cables hidden. 

If you’re looking for other ways to increase your productivity while working or studying from home, check out our list of the best devices for your home office.

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The 15 best cheap desks to improve your home office in 2021

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It’s been almost a year of working from home for so many of us and by now, you’ve probably figured out where you work best in your house or apartment — whether that be your bed, couch, kitchen counter or other parts of your abode.

If you’re still balancing your laptop on a couple of cardboard boxes, it may be time to invest in a real office desk. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shell out a lot of cash.

In an effort to help you be more productive in your make-shift home office, we found 15 great options that cost less than $150. Whether you’re looking for a standard writing desk, an L-shaped table to utilize all of your space or even a standing computer desk, we’ve got you covered.

This simple option from Amazon costs less than $100 and is available in three different wood colors and sizes ranging from 31 to 55 inches.

You can’t go wrong with this small Ikea Miche desk. It’s sleek (in either white or black), has room for storage and even has a cut out for your computer cords.

The unique Furinno Econ Writing Desk has a spot for everything you need, plus it’s on sale for less than $50 right now!

The Anudeep Solid Wood Desk is another awesome, simple option. The design was inspired by a good ole’ workbench and it comes in both a lighter and darker wood color.

This vintage-style computer desk has enough space for your laptop, monitor, planner and any of your other workday essentials. The stable metal frame ensures the desk won’t wobble with every movement you make, giving you a comfortable workstation to be productive throughout the day.

The Latitude Run Office Desk is simple but efficient. The surface area offers tons of space for more than one screen, a printer and much more, while the two large drawers offer a lot of storage.

The Corrigan Studio Keefe Desk is another great option that can be used as a vanity, work desk or both!

World Market’s Zola desk features walnut wood and gold metal detailing that will add a mix of elegance to any rustic space.

If you’re really short on space, consider a floating desk like this one from Latitude Run. If you don’t need a monitor while you work, then it will give you plenty of extra space.

This floating desk from All Modern is also great for limited space but has the added benefit of storage, thanks to the deep drawers.

The Zinus Jennifer 55-Inch Frame Desk is simple and sturdy and comes in black, brown and a sand brown color.

For those looking to utilize every nook and cranny in their house or apartment, consider this L-shaped corner desk that is bound to give you a lot more workspace.

The Ikea Alex Desk is budget-friendly and comes in blue, black, brown, beige and more.

For a dorm hutch feel, consider the Designa Computer Desk with shelves. You can store any important books, planners or notepads you use on a daily basis on the top shelf and use the bottom shelf as your workstation.

While adjustable standing desks can get pricey, we found this great two-tier sit and stand computer desk for $100 and it has great reviews. It comes with a keyboard tray and it’s on wheels so you can work anywhere in your home too.

For more recommendations, check out:

Best Computer Desks for 2021

Best Computer Desks Buying Guide

A computer desk is one important piece of office furniture that enhances your productivity and comfort. There are so many options out there, but choosing the right one goes beyond style or design; there are vital things to consider. Let’s look at the major ones.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Computer Desk

Type of Computer

What kind of computer are you using? Is it a desktop or laptop PC? Computer desks are often designed to suit the particular computer profile, so it’s important to consider yours before buying.

For instance, computer desks designed for desktops are often larger. But, it’s always a good idea to get a large computer desk; whether you are using a laptop or desktop PC. Why? You need the space. If you ever have the need for extra monitors, you don’t want to be stranded.

Besides the computer and the monitor, you could need more space to put things like documents, stationery, scanner, tablet, printer, and a framed photo of your loved ones. You may not think of these things as taking space, but they actually do. Better to have them spread apart and neatly arranged than to have them fighting for space on your desk.

When buying, you also want to check if the desk has a built-in space to hold the charging cables for your devices, a pull-out keyboard tray, and a dedicated mouse holder. Having everything in its place can make things easier to find. For example, if you need to use the mini-scanner or printer, you wouldn’t need to walk across the office to do so as you would have it readily available on your desk.

Office Space

A large computer desk is ideal, but not when your office is small. So, before you buy your desk, take into consideration how much space you have. Now, computer desks come in different shapes and sizes, some of them designed for style and others designed to optimize your office space. Let’s look at three of them:

  • L-shaped Computer Desk: As the name implies, it’s a desk shaped like an L. They are great for saving space because they can be put in a corner of the office. And its design is one that allows for space to be shared efficiently between two people.
  • Floating Computer Desk: As far as space-saving desks go, floating computer desks are at the apex. Floating desks are often rectangular and extend out of the wall. 
  • Corner Desk: These take up as little space as possible. And the perfect thing about this desk is it can be placed in an unused corner of the office.

Regardless of what desk you buy, do your work. Measure your office space and then take measurements of the space your computer desk will go. You also must consider things like: is your desk going to be in a cubicle? Or is it going in an open floor space where you work alongside everyone? These questions are important and you have to answer them to make sure no one is inconvenienced.


What exact features are you looking for? These features should correspond with your needs. For instance, if you have a lot of physical files, then you are going to need a computer desk with a lot of storage space. So, you’d be looking for a desk with a lot of drawers and a filing cabinet if possible. The point of doing is so you don’t keep things on the surface that should be in the drawer. Having things clustered on your desk can reduce productivity because you’d never be able to find anything when you need it.

However, you shouldn’t get a desk with way too many drawers, this can just confuse you, especially if you are not the best at organizing.

Another thing to consider is your wires. Do you have too many wires to manage? If the answer is yes, then you need a desk that can accommodate them. The best option here would be to get a desk with holes on the surface, so you can run the wires through the desk, instead of leaving them on the floor or sticking out in places where you can trip over them. Of course, to avoid the issues of wires clumping together, it’s best to adopt wireless models of units like printers.

Finally, consider the lock capacity. If you work from home and you have little kids, then that’s important. You don’t want them getting into places they shouldn’t, such as a drawer full of important work documents. 


Computer desks are usually made of wood, glass, metal, and particleboard materials.

Particleboards can look like actual wood, but you might not want them for your computer desk. They are not as strong as actual wood and provide compromised weight capacity. However, they are generally inexpensive and are suitable for placing lightweight items like a laptop. 

Wooden computer desks are by far the most popular, and you’ll find them in oak and mahogany. Wooden computer desks are strong, reliable, easy to clean, and are perfect if your office décor is more traditional than modern. They are also great if you are working with a budget.

Glass computer desks are on the elegant side. If you are not working with a budget and you value aesthetics, then a glass desk would be perfect for you. However, they are not as strong as wooden desks. They are quite fragile and can collapse under too much weight. They are easy to clean but have to be given a lot more care than wooden desks.

Metal desks are not as popular as wooden or glass desks, but they are very sturdy and reliable. Of the three, they are least likely to get ruined. Metal desks come in aluminum and steel. However, not all metal desks are made from quality material. Some are lightweight and will not last long. Metal desks also provide a modern look, so if your office has that going, it’s perfect for you.

Whatever material you go for, make sure it’s one with quality.

10 Best Home Office Work Desks You Can Afford

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do, maybe it’s time to check-in with your time management skills.

No one is born to be very good at time management, so that’s okay if you think you’re bad in it. But everyone can learn to boost their productivity and achieve more!

Here are 50 ways to increase productivity and add hours to your day.

1. Set a Timer

Estimate the time you need to tackle different tasks and set a timer for each of your tasks. How you go about this is up to you as there are many different ways. There is the Pomodoro technique where you focus on a task for 25 minutes followed by a five minute break afterwards.

In the event that you have a task that will take much longer than that, you can consider one of the many timer-based apps. One that comes to mind is Clockify. It’s used for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike, however it’s a good way to be setting yourself a timer. It provides reports and you can serve as a project manager of sorts too. Best of all, it’s free.

2. Eliminate All Distractions

Distractions include the phone, email notifications and having multiple web browsers open on the desktop. Just as it’s important to be organized offline, it’s key to have things organized online as well. This free guide End Distractions And Find Your Focus is a good tool to help you. With this guide, you’ll learn how to get rid of distractions and boost productivity. Grab your free guide here.

You can also learn more on how to get rid of all distractions in this guide: How to Focus and Maximize Your Productivity (the Definitive Guide)

3. Listen to Music That Boosts Productivity

Distractions should be avoided, but sometimes a bit of music in the background can help you focus.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be heavy rock music, but a bit of Beethoven may do you some good.

Here’s a complete guide to help you pick the right music for better productivity: How To Maximize Your Productivity With Music: A Complete Guide

4. Find Meaning in What You Do (And Love What You Do)

Enjoying what you do is the ultimate way to increase your productivity.

If you aren’t sure what you love doing yet, don’t worry. Leo Babauta has some unique ways to help you: How to Find Your Passion

5. Prioritize your tasks ahead of time.

By listing your tasks in order of importance, you can make sure that you finish all of your most important tasks during the day.

Learn a unique technique to Prioritize Right in 10 Minutes and Work 10X Faster.

6. Batch Similar Tasks into a Single Batch.

Tasks like blog writing, phone calls, email and errands can be grouped into a single batch. You will save time by completing similar tasks in one session. One way to help you with organizing all of those things is through the app Todoist. It’s an easy and simple way for you to plan out your day, set reminders, and group all of your most important tasks in a convenient spot.

7. Complete Your Most Dreaded Tasks First Thing in the Morning.

Whichever activity you are dreading the most is probably the one you need to complete first thing in the morning.

Many people tend to check emails in the morning because after checking a list of emails, they feel fulfilled. But that’s just an illusion of having achieved more.

Doing simple tasks like checking emails first in the morning is bad for you. Instead, do the difficult tasks because you have more energy in the morning to tackle them!

8. Reward Yourself for Finishing a Big Task

To stay motivated for whatever you do, reward yourself every now and then.

Keep track of your small wins and milestones and celebrate them. So whenever you struggle about your progress, you see how far you’ve come!

Find out more about this 2-Step Approach to Self-Motivation: Track Small Wins and Reward Yourself.

9. Don’t Multitask

Research has shown that multitasking is not productive. If you think you can multitask, think again.

For optimum productivity, focus on one thing at a time.

10. Step Away from the Computer

The Internet has become one of the number one distraction. To increase your productivity, try to do as much of your work offline as possible.

I do this a lot when I try to brainstom new ideas and have found it to be very beneficial to simply unplug.

11. Use Focus Tools

Make good use of apps and technology to help you remove distractions.

Here’re 18 Best Time Management Apps and Tools to help you stay focused. This way, you’re not distracted by the web, e-mail, or IM.

12. Just Start

Often times, starting is the hardest part. People tend to wait for the perfect time with perfect condition to start. But there’s no perfect condition.

Once you get going, you will quickly get into a rhythm that could last for hours.

13. Find out Your Productive Hours

Everyone has a certain time of the day in which they are more productive than others. For me, it’s the morning.

Find out when your prime time is for productivity and optimize your work schedule accordingly.

14. Keep a Notebook and Pen on Hand at All Times

This way, you can write down your thoughts, to-dos and ideas at any time. The key is to get everything out of your head and onto paper. Your subconscious mind won’t be reminding you about it every other second. Another consideration is getting the app Evernote. Not only does this save you on ink and paper, Evernote is a convenient place for you to jot down notes and thoughts and then share them with the team. In certain circumstances, this can prove useful if you’re the type of person that has a lot of ideas that you want to share.

15. Write a Blog to Chronicle Your Own Personal Development and Achievements

The blog keeps you accountable and always working towards self improvement and personal growth.

When you write down all the small achievements you’ve been having, you’re also more motivated to move forward.

And you know what, this is how I started Lifehack too! What also helped me in starting Lifehack is WordPress, which allows people to set up a website for free. WordPress has simplified a lot of the process of building a site to the point that virtually anyone can build a website now.

16. Write out a To-Do-List Each Day

I like to plan my day the night before. This way, I can get started on my most important tasks as soon as I wake up. The Full Life Planner is a nice tool to help you organize your days and get things that matter done. Check out the planner here and start to plan your day ahead easily!

Make sure you don’t make any of these common to-do-list mistakes!

17. Write Your Most Important Tasks and To-Dos on a Calendar.

The key to good time management is knowing where to be and what to be doing there at any given time. Effective calendar management goes hand in hand with good task list management.

Learn here How to Use a Calendar to Create Time and Space.

18. Reflect on Your Productivity Constantly

As you go throughout your day, repeatedly ask yourself:

“Am I currently making the best possible use of my time?”

This one simple question can be an excellent boost to your productivity.

19. Get up Early Before Anyone Else

I know it could be difficult for some to wake up early in the morning but nothing beats a quiet house!

Here’s How to Start Your Day at 5:00 AM and some Simple Things Early Risers Do to make waking up early easier.

20. Get Plenty of Sleep

When you work online, sleep can become a long lost memory. However, it’s important to get plenty of sleep so that your working hours can be as productive as possible.

Try out this night routine which I highly recommend for productivity: The Ultimate Night Routine Guide: Sleep Better and Wake Up Productive

21. Exercise

Research has shown that midday exercise boosts productivity and morale in the workplace.

Take a short walk at lunch or do some simple stretches during your break to maximize your productivity.

Here I have some exercises recommendations for you:

22. Outsource as Much as Possible

If you want to achieve more in less time, learn to delegate or outsource work. Here are just a few of the companies that will help you outsource your everyday tasks:

Also, read this guide to learn how to delegate effectively: How to Delegate Work (the Definitive Guide for Successful Leaders)

23. Set Some Exciting Goals

Without worthy goals, you will never be motivated to get things done.

Set goals that are challenging and achievable. The best goal setting framework is a SMART goal. That said, there are other tools that can help you out as well. For example, The Dreamers’ Guide To Reaching Your Goal is a great guide to help you set and reach goals effectively. Grab your free guide and learn how to make your goals happen this year!

24. Tell Other People About Your Goals

When you tell others about your goals, you will instantly be held accountable.

25. Listen to Podcasts

Listen to educational podcasts or audio books while you’re driving to work, cleaning the house, exercising, or cooking dinner.

Audio learning has the power to add hours to your day. Not to mention, your cranium is sure to thank you for it.

Some recommendations for you: 11 Podcasts To Inspire Yourself

26. Read David Allen’s best-selling book

Getting Things Done

This is one of the most important productivity books you will ever read. Read it, apply the tips in your daily lives and get more things done.

Here’re more great books about productivity too: 35 Books on Productivity and Organizational Skills for an Effective Life

27. Learn to Speed Read

When you can read faster, you will read and learn more! Check out these 10 Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed.

You can also make use of the app OutRead to help speed up your reading speed!

28. Learn to Skip When You Read

When you’re reading a book, just read the parts that you need and skip the rest. But you have to read with a purpose.

Learn how to make it work here: How to Read 10X Faster and Retain More

29. Focus on Result-Oriented Activities

Pareto’s law (also known as the 80 20 rule) states that 80% of the outputs result from 20% of the inputs. This means that 20% of our actions result in 80% of the results.

We must find the 20% that is creating the 80% of our desired outcomes and focus solely on those activities.

30. Take a Break

You can’t always be working at optimum productivity. Instead, you should shoot for working in short bursts at your most productive times.

31. Start a Polyphasic Sleep Schedule

What is polyphasic sleep?

Polyphasic sleep is a sleep pattern specification intended to compress sleep time to 2-5 hours daily. This is achieved by spreading out sleep into short (around 20-45 minute) naps throughout the day. This allows for more waking hours with relatively high alertness.

While you can learn more about it here, you’re recommended to take some naps during the day to recharge your energy too.

32. Learn to Say “No”.

We can’t do everything and therefore we must learn when to say no in order to save our sanity.

Learn the Gentle Art of Saying No from Leo Babauta.

33. Go on an Information Diet

Most of the world lives on information overload. We must eliminate mindless Internet surfing.

Stop reading three different newspapers a day and checking your RSS feeds multiple times a day. Otherwise, you’ll never get anything done.

The key is to limit yourself only to information that you can immediately take action on. Here’re some simple tips you can try: 10 Simple Productivity Tricks To Manage Overloaded Information

34. Organize Your Office

The piles of paper around your desk can be a huge barrier on your productivity. Optimize your time by organizing your office, setting up a system and dumping the junk.

Check out these 21 Tips to Organize Your Office and Get More Done and 20 Easy Home Office Organization Ideas to Boost Your Productivity.

35. Find a Mentor

By modeling after those who have already achieved success, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

A good mentor is hard to find, so here’s a guide to help you: What to Look for in a Mentor

36. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

With technology’s help, you can double your work efficiency. Even better, you learn all the shortcuts when using technology, for example keyboard shortcuts.

When you use keyboard shortcut, you gain 64 hours every year!

Not sure what shortcuts to lear? Check out these 22 Tricks That Can Make Anyone A Keyboard Ninja.

Besides learning the shortcuts, you can also create keyboard shortcuts with AutoHotKey.

37. Improve Your Typing Speed to Save Time

Do you know you can save 21 days per year just by typing fast?

You don’t really need to take some serious courses to type faster, try these typing games online:

38. Work from Home and Avoid the Daily Commute

If your job is a flexible one, consider working from home. This saves you the commute time and you’ll find yourself more energetic throughout the day as you have saved the long ride.

Take a look at these tips to help you stay productive while working from home:

How to Work from Home and Stay Ultra-Productive

39. Get Rid of Time Wasters

Common time wasters include Instant Messenger, video games, Flickr, checking your stats 10 times a day, television and extraneous Internet surfing.

Don’t rely on your willpower, make use of some of these useful tools to help you stay focus: 10 Online Apps for Better Focus

40. Plan Your Meals in Advance

Plan out all of your meals a week ahead and make your grocery list accordingly. This allows you to focus on the necessary – saving you time and money. You can also save yourself even more time through a wide variety of apps. One app that I find helpful is Mealime. It’s an app that provides you with a wide selection of recipes and also a convenient spot for your grocery list as well.

Considering the fact that over 4 million users have this app, it goes to show that there is a good selection of meal plans that you can follow and that the app is friendly to use.

41. Cook Your Meals in Bulk

When you cook your meals in bulk, you will have plenty of leftovers. This can avoid having to cook everyday.

Find out more about how to make cooking in bulk works: Once a Month Cooking: Productivity Hack or Overrated Time Suck?

42. Protect Yourself from Unnecessary Phone Time with Caller ID

The minutes you spend on picking up unnecessary phone calls are time wasted. You can prevent that from happening.

Check out this detailed guide how you can deal with those unnecessary phone calls: How To Lose the Useless Items that Weigh Down Your Day – Cellphone Calls

43. Take Shorter Showers

This one may sound silly but it’s actually something I struggle with. I spend up to 30 minutes in the shower. Think of the time I could save simply by speeding up a bit.

44. Save the Trips to Bank by Taking Direct Deposit

Many employers now offer direct deposit. If yours does, then be sure and take advantage of it and save yourself from a number of trips to the bank.

45. Auto Pay Your Bills

How many times have you been worried about whether you missed the bills deadline?

Auto paying your bills will save you time and eliminate late fees and increased interest rates.

46. Shop Online

Whenever possible, avoid going to the store. When you shop online, you can be more focus about what you’re getting.

47. Speed up your Internet With a Broadband Connection

Many people are aware of the slow speed of internet but aren’t doing anything about it. In fact, this is the number one Internet time-saver!

If you must use dial-up, then you can use accelerators like Propel and SlipStream to double or even triple your speed.

48. Keep up the Speed of Your Computer

If you’re a Windows user, use Windows hibernation feature to avoid the slowdown of exiting and restarting Windows.

Or maybe, consider switching to Mac as there’re plenty of Advantages You Probably Don’t Know About Switching To Mac From PC.

49. Turn off the TV

The average American watches more than 4 hours of television every day. Over a 65-year life, that’s 9 years glued to the tube.

For better health and productivity, turn off the TV. Here’re 11 more reasons to tell you to stop watching TV so often.

Turn off the TV and you are sure to get more out of life.

50. Use a Tivo or DVR

This can help you cut an hour-long television show down to just 40 minutes. You can save time while not missing the fun.

So, here’s the ultimate list of techniques you should learn to boost productivity. Pick the techniques that work for you and make them your daily habits. As time goes, you’ll find yourself being a lot more productive.

More Time Management Tips

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Solid Wood Desks | Wood Computer Desks

With the new work from home reality, your Home Office Furniture has become critical to a comfortable working environment. The first furniture piece that is key to creating a practical, functional, and comfortable workspace is your Home Office Desk. Depending on your available space, your desk must be big or small enough to allow you to work effectively from home. It must have storage space, drawers or cubbies, to keep all your working sundries hidden from view.

Simpli Home Office Desks are premium luxury items that are made from solid wood with superior construction. Our desks are made from solid pine, rubberwood, acacia wood, or mango wood often combined with stylish metal elements. They come in all sizes to fit the different spaces that you have available in your home. If you want to have an affordable piece of stylish luxury look at any of our desks as a beautiful option.

We design our desks to last and maintain their beauty now and into the future.

Color and Material:

Simpli Home Desks are designed to fit a wide variety of style and color palates. You can find our Desks in contemporary, transitional, mid-century, and industrial styles. They are manufactured using solid wood and often combined with metal elements. They come in a variety of stain, aged, distressed and, paint finishes. Stains and Premium Distressed Stain finishes include light, mid tone and dark browns, blacks, light and dark greys, and whites. Paint finishes include black, greys and whites amongst others.


Simpli Home Desks come in several sizes from small Condo Size, mid-sized, large to extra-large executive desks.

Functionality & Value:

We only make solid wood desks as we feel it important to allow everyone to be able to get the best quality, most luxurious desks at an affordable price. Our easy to assemble desks are at the quality of some of the best brands in the market at large savings. When you shop online for our desks on our site, or those of our many partners including Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock and Target amongst others, you can find exclusive deals and discounts for extra savings. In the coming year, our roadmap includes multiple introductions of new desk styles that will excite you in their style and functionality. Our desks include drawer storage, flip down keyboard trays and large desk surfaces for easy use of your desktop or laptop computer. Match our desks with some of our solid wood matching bookcases, storage cabinets or fashion forward office chairs to make your Home Office complete.

90,000 modern working writing models for the computer, furniture and tables for the home from Ikea

Most often, when buying a computer, many people think about a special table for placing it. It is a very necessary element that makes it easier to use your home PC and makes the process of working with it more convenient. In addition, improperly selected products can negatively affect your posture. That is why it is important to know how to choose the right computer desk.


Computer desk is a very functional and ergonomic furniture. It is essential in any home with a PC so that all of its components can be correctly positioned.

The table assumes the presence of additional shelves and sections, tiers to accommodate all components of the computer, which is its main feature.

Thus, the accessories will not interfere with you. You will not touch the system unit with your feet, since it will be in a separate compartment, and the keyboard can be easily pushed under the table in one motion and use the table as a writing desk. This is a versatile model that is often used for writing. Such tables are located both in offices and in study rooms, in living rooms and in children’s rooms.

Manufacturers represent a huge number of products, different in functionality and content.A high-quality design with the correct arrangement of all elements will prevent back and neck pain from long-term work at the computer, as well as relieve vision problems. Manufacturers calculate the placement of computer parts on the table in such a way that the most correct location for health is achieved.

Thanks to the use of this model, you will feel comfortable while working and will not experience any inconvenience.

Another feature is the complete set of computer tables. Most of them include a shelf for a system unit, a stand for a monitor, a pull-out shelf for a keyboard. Some models also include speaker compartments and also include wall-mounted printer shelves.That is why they are so easy and convenient to use. This explains the popularity of such pieces of furniture.

Types and models

All computer tables are divided into 2 main types:


It is used only for installing a computer and working with it.These products do not have additional shelves and storage systems. Very rarely they have one or two drawers. They are perfect for those who have a wall or desk with all the necessary elements and storage system. They are most often compact and inconspicuous.


These are more convenient models with an add-on, where you can install a computer, as well as place all writing utensils.These are more modern models of desktops that are large in size. This furniture is perfect for two children, especially for models with a long table top.

Double computer desk – a great option for organizing two workplaces in the nursery.

A multifunctional piece of furniture can include various superstructures.So, it can be a built-in limit for storing stationery and notebooks, a wall element in the form of shelves for storing books. More standard are the models of the pencil case with drawers . They allow you to organize your storage system. This is a very convenient and ergonomic option.

Designers offer fashionable novelties of such products, including elite multifunctional models. Their table top is made only of durable natural materials, some models come with a classic chest of drawers.

Backlit models are very interesting. This table looks very interesting and is perfect for decorating a nursery.

In addition, a properly organized built-in backlight helps to relieve eye strain and make the process of working at the computer more comfortable.

Such tables are popular among all categories of the population: among children, schoolchildren, students, as well as adults.

Computer tables also differ in other parameters. So, according to their location, they are:


This is a one-corner model with a compact symmetrical or asymmetrical L-shaped design.Corner models are installed in a free corner of the room and take up very little space. It is a compact product that is great for saving space in a room. The products have reasonable dimensions and do not look bulky at all. In addition, thanks to the corner tabletop, this table can also be used for writing.

The computer is often located in the very corner, so it is very convenient to sit at such a table.In addition, two people can work behind the large corner model. Most often they have a built-in storage system and a variety of content.

The only drawback of corner models is that it will be difficult to rearrange them to another corner, because the storage system and the model itself are adjusted to a specific angle depending on the design of the room.


A very popular model of a computer desk.It is used both for the installation of stationary computers and for laptops. It perfectly serves as a stand for such products and is very compact. Transformers, taking up very little space, are great for studio apartments and small spaces.

Products are often used in children’s rooms, as they allow you to free up space for children’s games. Having folded such a table, you can not worry that the child will hit it or touch the computer.The transformer can include a folding tabletop or a simple version of the height-adjustable tabletop.

This kind of furniture is also called growing because it allows it to adapt to the growth of the child. You don’t have to change it over time.

Computer transforming table can be on several legs or on one support in the middle.This is a simple and easy-to-use table that is perfect for two children. You can easily put a computer on it, although it looks very compact. There are even models with a built-in bed.

Outwardly, this kind of table may resemble a wardrobe with a sliding table. All its elements slide inside, and the monitor and system unit remain in place inside. There is an interesting bureau table with a sliding lid.


This computer desk is very unusual.It takes up very little space and is wall-mounted. These models are often handmade and hung on the wall using hooks or other fastening methods. They are of reliable construction.

These tables fit perfectly into a room with a loft or hi-tech interior, as they are very fashionable and modern.

The great functionality and compact size of these products should also be noted.With all this, they accommodate a large number of shelves and drawers. Most often, they are also hinged and are presented as separate elements of this design, located above the computer.

Game Models

This is a great solution for gamers.They allow you to sit comfortably while playing computer games. They have a special superstructure and various elements that correctly place all the game elements. They usually have a fairly wide tabletop with plenty of gaming sections and large keyboard shelves.

For such purposes, angular or rounded structures are often purchased.

Gaming tables can be represented as a computer space for two to play with each other.They provide for the possibility of mounting handlebars, joysticks and other elements on the table top.


Very high quality and reliable materials are used in the manufacture of computer tables. This is due to the fact that computers are rather heavy structures that must be stably and reliably located on the surface.Most often used to create them:

  • Wood. This is a great option that is environmentally friendly. Solid wood models are the most durable and reliable. Such products look very presentable. Their disadvantage is their high cost. Most often, alder, oak, beech are used to create them. These are completely safe and natural pieces of furniture, which are therefore often installed in the nursery. These can be both comfortable compact models and more massive L-shaped ones.
  • Metal. Such furniture is often purchased if the interior of the room is made in a modern style. Most often they have a metallized coating; chrome-plated models are popular. That is why they are mostly gray in color. But there are also bronze, golden items. Often they are supplemented with glass and plastic inserts and even mirror elements.
  • Glass. This is a very popular option for making a computer desk. Glass models are versatile in design and are perfect for almost all interior styles. Designers make unique and luxurious models from glass. They are made with decorative colored inserts, lighting and other elements. To create them, a very durable tempered glass is used that is not damaged by impact. As a rule, such a table is compact in size.
  • Chipboard and MDF. Models made of such materials are distinguished by their low cost and light weight. These are very versatile constructions belonging to the low price segment. Chipboard is often used to create compact corners, and plywood models are more suitable for corner placement.
  • Plastic. Not the most popular material for making a computer desk. It is mainly used as a supplement. Inserts and sometimes whole countertops are made of it. To do this, choose the most durable and reliable plastic.Plastic models are not environmentally friendly and not very high quality, but at the same time they have an interesting design.

Colors and decor

Nowadays many people are trying to find designer models of tables.Some models have a beautiful embossed matte finish and some have a fashionable glossy sheen. The most original models are presented in bright stylish colors. It can be green, pink, purple, blue.

A more classic white and black computer desk. Such options are very often purchased for offices. The most versatile is the light version, since it is able to fit into almost any room.There are also very popular wood shades that make this furniture very luxurious, even if it is not actually made of wood, but only has a decorative coating.

So, products in the color of sonoma oak, shimo ash, bleached oak, walnut, mahogany look very elegant. This coating makes the product more expensive and allows you to emphasize the high social status of the owner.

Stylistic design

When choosing a computer desk, it is important to consider the style of the room in which this piece of furniture will stand.

So, for interiors in a classic style it is better to purchase more restrained and austere models. Better if they are made in the same color. All wood shades are acceptable.

As a rule, a classic-style table is made of natural wood, they can have glass inserts.

The same applies to the office models.In this case, unnatural materials are more often used, but the design of the products must also be very strict. To decorate a room in a high-tech classroom, it is better to purchase glass and metal models. They should be very functional and lightweight. It is important that such an element of the interior does not overload the room.

For a loft style, rougher models are suitable. It is better if the table is made of dark materials. In this case, both wood models and metal and even plastic models are suitable.

When decorating a room in the Provence style, it is better to purchase light computer tables. Such products should be lightweight and create a sense of freedom. Better if they do not include massive elements. Models from light wood shades are suitable, a bleached oak table will perfectly fit into this style.

Better if the table top will have an artificially aged finish and a slight oily sheen.

Dimensions and shape

Before choosing computer tables, it is important to determine the size of these products.If the room or study is very narrow, then it is better to purchase a long version of the table with a not very wide table top. It is better to purchase a wide classic table in a straight cabinet. The tall option is not for everyone. Some models are uncomfortable to sit behind.

That is why try to select standard models or purchase adjustable chairs for them.

A compact mobile table or products with an adjustable table top can be purchased for the nursery.They are small in size and reshaped, so they are perfect for children. But there are also standard options that most traditional computer desks have.

So, the length of a tabletop is usually from 110 to 140 cm. A tabletop width that is convenient for working at a computer is considered to be from 50 to 80 cm, but the depth of the table in the workplace should be such that the distance from the eyes to the monitor is at least 1 m.This is why narrow computer desks are not very comfortable. The standard depth is 80 cm. Traditionally, these products also have a height of 80 cm.

When choosing, it is important to rely on these average indicators, but also take into account that it should be very convenient for you to sit at such a table, and comfortable to work. Therefore, rely on your individual preferences.

As for the shape, the tables come in two traditional shapes:

  • straight;
  • corner.

Corner models can be large L-shaped or small. The compact version is a triangular corner table. It takes up very little space and is suitable for a small room. There are very convenient angular models of curved shapes. The notch in the middle allows it to adapt to the shape of the body.They provide a more comfortable workflow. By shape, models are also divided into:

  • Left-hand;
  • Right-handed.

The choice of a specific option depends on the location of such a product.

How to choose the best one?

Choosing a computer desk in the room, try to make it so that it creates a harmonious composition with other large pieces of furniture.It should fit well into the overall interior in its style and color scheme.

Do not forget that first of all, this furniture is used for computer work. That is why, if you plan to do writing work behind it, then take a closer look at multifunctional models with a wider tabletop.

When choosing models for a nursery, it is important to consider the safety of products. It is better if it has beveled corners and smooth lines.

Adult designs are also better to acquire curved ones. Usually they spend a lot of time at the computer, so it should be convenient for you to sit at this table. Before buying, check if you are comfortable sitting behind it. Choosing products for many years, try to give preference to wooden models.

The most reliable of these are oak tables. They are capable of serving for decades and are very comfortable.

How to position correctly?

When choosing a place for this piece of furniture in an apartment, it is important to take into account some of its functional characteristics.So, if you plan to move this table, then it is better to give preference to compact mobile tables.

It is better to pay attention to products on wheels. They allow you to move the table at any time along with all the elements of the computer. They are great for studio apartments.

If there is very little space in the room, but you still want to organize the space for installing a computer, then it is better to pay attention to compact corner or wall-mounted models.The latter look very fashionable and can surprise guests with their design. So you can take a free corner.

However, they must be exposed to daylight. This is what should be considered when choosing between left-handed and right-handed models. Light must come from one side.

This is a very important recommendation for those who purchase such models for study or work.

When choosing a chair, it is also important to consider its location in the room.

In a room that is not intended for the installation of such furniture, it is better to place it in a less visible place. So, in the bedroom, it is better to give preference to the corner location. In the nursery, it is very important to put the table by the window so that it is more convenient for the child to do homework at it.


  • The most budgetary models are offered by the store Ikea . These are very modern and stylish tables with or without superstructure.
  • Belarusian company Pinskdrev presents a wide selection of modular and cabinet tables, including for computers, at reasonable prices.
  • Models designed in Italy and Germany are very much appreciated.So, designer products from the brand Cattelan Italia, which are presented in Russia in stores under the name “Milan”, are popular.

Stylish ideas in the interior

  • White tables with glass or metal inserts look very stylish in the interior. This is a great solution for modern offices or study rooms. They can be distinguished by smooth lines and the presence of circular elements.
  • More classic, but at the same time very luxurious, are the models, the worktop of which is made in natural brown color, the rest of the elements, including drawers and lower shelves, are made of white material. Moreover, the handles of the drawers are made of wood to match the color of the table top or metal. This combination looks very elegant and unusual.
  • Ivory models also look great in classic interiors or Provence.They can have embossing or patterns in the form of abstract lines in a golden color.

For information on choosing a computer desk, see the following video.

90,000 children’s desks and a teacher’s desk, a woman’s desk.Desks models for home

Desks for the home today are not bought as often as computer desks. But in some cases, you can’t do without them. They are needed by students, teachers, people of creative professions … Which table is better to choose?

In the photo:

Computer or desk?

The question is of principle. Putting a computer on a computer desk is almost impossible.This is why you have to decide in advance which table you need. However, universal models are also produced that can be used for both those and other purposes.

Desks for the home: types

  • Children’s desk for home. The main “consumers” of desks are schoolchildren, junior and middle school students. The table is usually bought for a first grader and has served him for several years.
    Even if the child does not have his own room, he still needs a personal workplace, otherwise he can ruin the expensive parent’s table with clay and paints.
    The school desk should not be placed in a dark corner or under the loft bed – you will spoil the child’s eyesight! Place it closer to the window.

In the photo:

Children’s desks (desks) should be as convenient as possible for training sessions. Manufacturers equip many modern models with mechanisms for adjusting the angle of inclination and height of the tabletop. Complete with the table, you can purchase mobile chairs with seat height adjustment.

  • Teacher’s desk. For the teacher at home, he serves, firstly, as a full-fledged workplace, and secondly, as a kind of “repository” of notebooks submitted for verification. The teacher’s desk is very often equipped with massive pedestals with many spacious drawers.
  • Desks for everyone. Some models are suitable for scientists, others for poets, others for students, others for collectors, and fifths for company executives. The listing can be continued.Everyone who does not want to work at a computer can easily choose a suitable table for themselves, since the choice of models in stores is huge.

In the photo:

Drawers, paper drawers, pull-out and fixed shelves – all this distinguishes the desk.

Desks for the home: forms

Traditionally. Most home desks are rectangular in shape.

Some classic desks are being transformed into T-shaped desks. An additional top extends from the center of the tabletop – an analogue of a side table for visitors.

It is assumed that this is a place for negotiations: the owner of the office leaves the main table and sits down opposite his guest at the side (retractable) table top.

In the photo:

The T-shaped writing desk is designed primarily for a separate study room.Who might need it at home? – Those who regularly receive visitors and conduct negotiations.

Contemporary. Corner models of desks (unlike computer desks) are rare.

And if you need an L-shaped structure, then it can be made up of two rectangular tables of different sizes – the main one and the side one.

Another variation is the rounded U-shaped desks. They seem to “flow around” the seated person, allowing rational use of the entire work surface.

In the photo:

The choice of a U-shaped writing table meets the style of the interior, and in some cases, due to the shape, the useful area of ​​the tabletop increases.

Computer tables for the home | Dream House


Your home will be really cozy and functional if you choose and arrange the furniture correctly.One of the important pieces of furniture today is computer tables for the home , which are needed in almost every home, regardless of whether you have a desktop or portable computer (laptop, netbook).

The advent of computers has influenced many aspects of our lives. First, it is quick access to information that can be found on the web. Secondly, this is communication – correspondence by e-mail, in social networks, on forums and using instant messaging services, blogging, communication using a webcam.Thirdly, it is the opportunity to work remotely, both in the field of their usual activities, and in the network – today many already know that you can make money on the Internet without leaving your home. For all this, you need a comfortable workplace, be it a full-fledged home office or a well-equipped computer desk in the corner of any room. Let’s talk about what home computer desks can be like today.

When choosing a computer desk, first of all, you need to take into account the size of the room in which you put it, the design and, in fact, the purpose of the computer.If it is used for study, for example, in a children’s room for a schoolchild, then it is best to choose options with built-in and add-on shelves for books, notebooks, office supplies. If the child has a separate desk, where all this is already there, then the upper compartments are not required for the table, they will only visually clutter up the space of the room. The same table is suitable for those who work at home and want to have documents, folders, disks, and so on in quick accessibility near the computer. It is also very important to choose a computer desk for the home, taking into account what additional equipment will be used with it.This is a printer, a scanner, and a sound system. For stationary PCs, it is important that there is space for the system unit and keyboard and mouse.

Computer tables for home

Computer tables for home

An excellent choice for a full-fledged workplace will be an ergonomic computer desk for the home, which has levels for each type of equipment, shelves and compartments. Such tables are suitable for a standard set of PCs – monitor, system unit, MFP (or separately a printer, scanner), speakers, mouse and keyboard.

Computer tables for home

If you wish, you can arrange your desktop in such a way as to place your mini home library in it. Built-in shelves can be on the sides and top.

Computer tables for home photo

Perhaps the best choice for a small space is a corner computer table. It can be spacious or compact, depending on what size corner you can allocate for placing your computer desk.

Usually, corner computer tables for the home have accessories for the entire set of PCs, which we mentioned above. They are L-shaped, and the workplace can be located both in the corner and on one of the sides.

There is also a variant of corner computer tables for two workplaces, which is perfect for a nursery for two children.

Corner computer tables for home

Corner computer tables photo

Corner computer tables photo

Corner computer tables photo

The modern pace of life has led to the fact that most people prefer to use mobile devices, and computers are no exception – instead of home PCs, laptops and netbooks are often chosen.It would seem that a table is not needed for them either, because with such computers you can work in your hands, in extreme cases – use a laptop stand. This option is more suitable for chatting, playing games or watching movies. But it is better to work at a computer desk, it is more convenient and more comfortable, especially if the work requires attention, additional funds, parallel work with paper media. And, again, if you need to connect a scanner or printer to your laptop, then you simply cannot do without a table.

Computer tables for a laptop can be both classic and more modern and stylish design. It can be either a compact original table without unnecessary fixtures, or a multifunctional computer desk.

Laptop computer desk

Laptop computer desk

Laptop computer desk

Laptop computer desk

Laptop computer desk

Stylish computer tables are at the peak of their popularity today.The most demanded material is glass, because glass computer tables for the home are suitable for the style of many modern interiors.

Glass computer tables photo

Black glass computer table

Glass computer tables photo

For a country-style interior, you can pick up computer tables made of wood, the choice of which is simply huge.

Computer tables in the interior

Empire style in the interior presupposes the presence of massive furniture, therefore, if your interior is executed in this refined and chic style, then choose computer tables of original design from high-quality wood species.Wood carving is also welcome here.

Computer tables in the interior

An unusual bamboo computer table is suitable for an African-style interior.

Computer tables in African interiors

But for a youth apartment it is worth buying a computer desk of an unusual shape, made according to the latest technologies and design.

Unusual computer tables

Unusual computer tables

By choosing the right computer desk for your home, you will equip yourself with a comfortable and convenient workplace.

If there is not enough space in the apartment: 8 finds for small-sized items

Every square centimeter of area counts in a small apartment. Designers have selected eight interior items that will be indispensable for owners of small-sized housing.

Folding wall table

Folding computer table – an irreplaceable find for small apartments. It can be positioned on any convenient wall, and when folded, it does not take up space at all and leaves precious space free.In addition, there are models of folding tables with shelves for books and documents.

Folding sofa

A sofa bed is always a good solution for small apartments. You can choose options without armrests and compact sizes to leave more space. A properly sized sofa can also be used for room zoning.

Convertible table

These tables can be used both as a coffee table and as a dining table. There are models with adjustable table top size and height depending on the task.


The main plus of the secretaire is that it can simultaneously perform the functions of a roomy chest of drawers and a workplace. And when folded, it takes up very little space.

Folding dining table

For small kitchens, a folding table is the ideal solution. There are variants of “book tables”, which, when folded, are close to the wall and do not take up space at all, writes Inmyroom.

Stackable chairs

Now there are a lot of interesting models of chairs, including those made of plastic, which can be stacked on top of each other if they are not needed.This is a great solution to save space.


The transforming chair, which easily turns into a step-ladder, will be an extremely useful purchase for a small apartment with high ceilings.

Floor lamp with table

Two in one: you don’t have to buy a lamp and a bedside table separately, because there are already design solutions that combine both.

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