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New from California-based vaping experts CloudV; the Cloud Vape Pen! Nice and discreet, you can carry around the vape pen anywhere you go. You may now enjoy your cloud anytime and anywhere!


The Cloud Vape Pen is designed as an essential oil vaporizer for your concentrates. It can also function as a quality pen (black ink colour).


The essential oil cartridge features a ceramic chamber as well as ceramic heating rod. Additionally, the pen has included a Slim Liquid Cartridge that has a wickless ceramic heating system. The cartridge will provide you clean and smooth vaporizing experience each time.


CloudV Enterprises warrants the Cloud Vape Pen’s battery for six months that it is free of material defects and workmanship. If the battery is found to be defective, the sole liability from CloudV is to repair or replace the defective battery with a properly functioning one. Warranty does not apply to atomizers or if the unit is used with non-CloudV certified or approved products.

What’s in the kit

The Cloud Vape Pen comes in a white rectangular box and will contain the following: 1 x Pen (battery) 1 x Concentrate cartridge 1 x Liquid cartridge 1 x 510 Charger 1 x CloudV Tool When not in use, you should store your Cloud Vape Pen in a safe place to avoid accidental activation. You should not leave your charger plugged in or unattended in a hot area or near flammable objects as this could be a fire hazard. You should keep your Vape Pen from water or any other liquid and away from any environment involving strong acids, alkaline or combustible material.

8.1Expert Score

Super discreet

This vape works with concentrates and oils and looks like a pen … it is actually a pen.


  • Very discreet
  • Works with concentrates and oils


  • Doesn’t seem to work with many oil cartridges

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Whether you’re beginning your vaping journey or simply looking for an upgraded e-cig, within our range of over 70 vape kits you’ll be able find the ideal device to suit your level and style of vaping, including pen style e-cigarettes, mouth to lung pod and sub-ohm box.

Types of e-cigarettes

When you first start out with vaping, the amount of vape kits available to you can be daunting. Vaping has come a long way over the last few years, and with advancements in technology more and more types of vape kits are being introduced. 

Vape pens

One variety of e-cigarette, named that way due to their pen shape they are generally slim in design and easy to use. Powered by an in-built battery, vape pens have a tank which is filled with e-liquid and a mouthpiece with a one button design for turning the device on and off and firing to vape.

Pod mod kits

A simple set up mouth to lung device, Pod Kits are super compact and user friendly. Packing in way more power than disposable e-cigs. Pod Kits are designed to closely replicate the sensation of smoking, they generally feature no fire button and all you need to do is draw from the mouthpiece. Pod Mods are available in either open or closed systems. Open (or refillable) pods allow you to fill them with your chosen liquid, while a closed pod is utilise a pre-filled pod.

Sub ohm box mod kits

Bulkier and solidly built, sub ohm kits will offer more power than either pods or pen kits. Ideal for more experienced vapers, vape box mod kits will provide the vaper with bigger clouds and smoother flavour. Packed with plenty of features and offering variable voltage and wattage for a truly personalised vaping experience. We have vape pens for sale that will suit everyone

Dab Pens & Wax Vaporizers For Sale

Dab Pen and Vaporizer: Everything You Need to Know

Wax vaporizers ranging from the humble dab pen to larger units have been climbing drastically in popularity recently. 

Not too long ago, hardly anyone knew anything about these amazing gadgets but nowadays the industry is booming! More and more people are coming to realize and take advantage of the health benefits that come with the use of a dab pen. These vaporizers help smokers to avoid the dangers of carcinogens while still getting to enjoy their herbal material.

Due to the high demand of these products, there is currently a large selection available in the market today. This makes it a difficult and trying task to find the right device that will meet all your needs; therefore, it always pays off to do some background research before finally settling on one device.

What is a Dab Pen/Wax Pen?

A wax pen is a rechargeable, battery-operated device that is mainly used to vaporize concentrates. In most cases, vaporizers will have dual usage compatibility so that they are be able to accommodate the vaping of other materials such as dry herbs and liquids. This means that the materials use the same chamber but different pods. However, there are some vaporizers and dab pens whose chamber can be changed to accommodate a different type of material. The main difference that exists between a wax pen and other vaping devices, is the heating chamber. These types of atomizers are ones that are meant to be used with concentrates specifically, which typically have a higher heating point.

One thing to remember is that low heat produces flavorful vapor whereas high heat produces lots of dense clouds. So, while using the device, you will adjust the temperature setting depending on your preference.

How Does a Dab Pen Work?

As mentioned above, dab pens are relatively new in the market. Due to this fact, most people fear that the device is complex and they will not be able to understand how to use it. However, learning the ropes of these devices is pretty simple and quick. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with the world of wax vaporizers and you’ve never used it before, then worry not. There is a big variety of different wax vaporizers ranging from small to large, and from cheap to costly. However, all these devices have a very similar functionality when it comes down to their operation. Here are some simple instructions on how to use these devices.

Make Sure that the Coil is Working

Before you can load any concentrates into your device, first ensure that the coil is working and fully functional.

This will help you avoid having to scoop it out in the case of a defective coil.

Place Your Vaping Material Into the Heating Chamber

After you have confirmed that the device is okay and fully operational, you can now load a good amount of your vaping material into the oven.

Select Your Preferred Temperature

After you loaded the amount of wax you require into the chamber, now select your desired temperature setting which will be dependent on what type of session you are looking to enjoy. Remember that lower temperatures are best for flavorful hits while high temperatures are good for dense clouds.

Hold the Fire Button and then Start Inhaling

Once you have chosen the most precise temperatures settings, hold the fire button and start enjoying your delicious hits.

Dab Pen Benefits

Vaporizers and dab pens come with a myriad of benefits that help users enjoy the device fully, with vape use positively impacting every facet of one’s life. Some of these benefits include.


One of the main reasons that wax vaporizers have become more popular today is due to health concerns. With countless health issues emerging every other day due to carcinogens produced from smoking, people have now become more health conscious. Inhaling vaporized herb material from a vaporizer is far safer compared to the inhalation of smoke, tar and ash from other sources. Vaporizers can heat your concentrates while eliminating the harmful toxins associated with combustion heating methods. That means that you will be enjoying flower that is free of carbon monoxide and other unwanted byproducts.

Saves on Money

If you are operating on a budget and still want to enjoy the benefits of dabbing, then a wax vaporizer is the best choice. The only big expense you will incur is when you are acquiring the device, although there are still a number of affordable wax vaporizers in the market that can also deliver high quality vapor.

Ease of Use

Most of the wax vaporizers available in the marketplace are pretty simple to use. You can turn the device on or off by just pushing a button. Some of the devices also come with precise temperature settings for a customized experience.

Buying A Wax Vape or Dab Pen

Wax vaporizers have been around now for several years, but they are only just starting to catch up with the recent technology. These devices are getting much more popular, as the quality of the build continues to improve, and new features are added in. The flavors of the concentrates are also becoming much more tasty and intense, and the volume of the clouds has increased as well. With all of these new advancements, dab vape pens seem on track to become all the more mainstream.

After thorough research and testing of the latest vape pens on the market, we have included our suggestions for multiple, high quality units in varying price ranges.

Puffco Plus

Puffco plus is an excellent quality wax vape pen that is compatible with concentrates. It has a gorgeous and sleek design, and it features a coil-less ceramic heating chamber. Therefore, this means that the vapor will not be exposed to any metals and no glue is present in the chamber. Coil-free units like the Puffco always produce cool, high quality clouds. As an added bonus, this treasure comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Puffco Plus features an enhanced airflow technology that ensures the user will get a large amount of vapor with each pull

  • It comes with temperature control settings that can be configured through the color-coded settings. Thus, making it easy and convenient for the user to set it to their desired temperature setting

  • It also features a session mode which provides the user with the opportunity


Yocan Evolve Plus

The Yocan Evolve Plus comes with amazing features that offer the best experience to its users. Not only is it among the cheapest wax vape pen on the market, but it also offers convenient features that make it easy for the users to vape anywhere, and at any time. It is compatible with multiple types of preparations (both wax and concentrates), and it comes with built-in silicone jar and quartz dual coil technology.


Roil Gen3

#ThisThingRips Roil Gen 3 is a highly portable, pocket-friendly wax vape pen that is designed for botanical waxes and isolates powders. It is slim and lightweight and it also features a discrete mouthpiece, as well as a high grade ceramic coil-less atomizer that produces cool and smooth draws. It has a powerful 650mAh battery that offers rapid heating and variable voltage, which thereby produces pure and flavorful clouds.

  • It features a set it and forget it smart battery that remembers the last setting and can charge while in use

  • It also comes with a base-station silicone storage tray that provides a place for your lighter, papers and anything else that is essential for an amazing session


Boundless CF-710

The Boundless CF-710 is a highly portable dab pen that comes with numerous innovative features. It boasts a heating tip on its end that conveniently produces flavorful, botanical vapor. It also comes with a single button and a powerful 900mAh lithium-ion battery that effortlessly sustains up to an hour of continuous use. Its ultra-sleek and compact design are ideal for both at home or on the move usage.

  • It can be used for several days with just a single charge, thus making it perfect for outdoor sessions

  • You can customize your vaping experience with its quartz and ceramic atomizer

  • It has a long battery life since the unit is equipped with a powerful battery


Source Nail XL Vaporizer Sig 2

Source Nail XL Vaporizer Sig2 is the only e-rig that doubles up as an e-nail and vape pen. It is compatible with over 30 different atomizers and it features a wide range of 200°F-700°F temperature control settings. Consumers are able to select their ideal, perfect temperature for unlocking flavorful aromas and vapor. Additionally, this e-nail is highly portable and works with source atomizers within the 3 Series, 4 Series, and XL Series.


Bottom Line

A dab pen is among the best devices around. They are user-friendly and they don’t require much knowledge to operate. It might first appear as nonsensical jargon to you, but as time goes by you will definitely become a pro. Wax vapes are also portable devices and will allow you to dab, and enjoy a session anywhere you go. Buy your wax vaporizer today and begin to experience all the benefits that come with it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a dab pen?

Dab pens range in price from well under $100 to $200 and beyond.

How to charge a dab pen?

Charging a dab pen typically involves detaching the battery from its cartridge, attaching it to the USB charger and then plugging it in. Follow the specific instructions for your particular dab pen.

Where can I buy a dab pen?

VaporizerChief is a great place to buy a dab pen; we have the best models around and even offer free shipping in the USA over $50!

How to charge a dab pen without a charger?

We don’t recommend that you tamper with a dab pen in any way, including trying to charge it improperly. The batteries can be volatile when you use them improperly. They have complex circuitry that is designed to prevent overcharging; if you use improper technology, you may cause them to heat up, burst, or explode.

How old do you have to be to buy a dab pen?

You must generally be over the age of 18 to buy a dab pen, depending on your jurisdiction.

How long does a dab pen cartridge last?

A cartridge should generally last you at least five days per gram. If you use it very sparingly, it may last longer than two weeks.

How to open dab pen cartridge?

First be sure to research the ingredients of your dab pen fluid. Some may contain compounds that turn into formaldehyde (a toxic chemical) when heated outside of the proper container, and you definitely don’t want to inhale those.

For cartridges filled with CO2 oil, unscrew them and extract the oil with a syringe.




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Cloud 2.

0 Vapor Pen | wax pen | vape pen

Cloud 2.0 Vapor Pen

The Cloud Penz Vaporizer 2.0 is an extremely popular wax pen because it offers efficient functionality and flavorful vapor.  It quickly charges up via an easy access USB port and features a heavy duty atomizer that lasts much longer than other comparable devices on the market.

The new 2.0 version comes with a longer lasting lithium ion battery and an LED backlit button making it easier to vape on the go.  Available in a wide variety of colors, the unit also comes packaged with a skillet tool and an extra atomizer for no extra charge.

Overall this is a high quality wax vaporizer pen that will last a long time as long as it’s maintained and cleaned regularly.  With a quick heat up time and long lasting durability, there’s simply no reason not to pick one of these up right now.  Take your vape game to the next level with a Cloud Penz Vaporizer 2.0 today!

Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen Features:

Version 2. 0 – Improved Design

Compatible with Waxy Oils

New Lithium Ion Battery

Micro USB Port

Green LED Back-Lit Button

Includes Skillet Tool & Extra Atomizer

A wide variety of colors such as black, purple, red, white, yellow and green

Cloud 2.0 Vape Pen Package Includes:

1 x Lithium Ion Battery

1 x Mouthpiece

1 x Atomizer

1 x Wall Adapter

1 x Wired Micro USB Charger

1 x Skillet Tool

1 x Travel Case

1 x User Manual


Cloud 2.0 Vape Pen Dimensions:

Approximately 4′ inches in length

About 0.4′ inches in diameter

Free Shipping & Product Warranty Details:

This package qualifies for free shipping. All products are delivered through USPS, and typically arrive in 2-3 business days.

Our shipping always respects the consumer’s privacy. No product details or brand names are listed on the outside packaging.

Our company only provides reputable and quality products. This product includes a 6-month warranty on the battery and a 30 day warranty on the atomizer to ensure customer satisfation.

Feedback is always welcomed. Please contact our consumer support team at any time if you have any questions, and please leave a review.


Cloud Pen Paragon Wax Pen Review – Cloudy Skies

The Paragon is the newest vaporizer offered by Cloud Pen, and like all wax pens, it comes with lofty claims about it’s performance. Billed as “one of the world’s finest” vaporizers, you should expect something exciting out of the Paragon, right? Not so fast. We’ve all been down this road before. Taking marketing material at face value can end up being a big mistake, so let’s go ahead and look at the individual features of this vape, also if this is your first wax pen be sure to check out our Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: Cloud Pen Paragon

How it Works

The Paragon is pretty average when it comes to how it works. It’s a one-button design. You click that button 5 times to turn it on. You can cycle between three temperature settings. When you want to take a draw, you hold the button for five seconds and then inhale.

Pretty normal procedures when it comes to vaping. There are two things about this that are unique though. For one, it has a built in NoGoo jar. These are supposed to stick less than most, and it is a convenient place to carry your cannabis extracts. It also has an airflow setting, which is common on e-cig box mods but rare on herbal concentrate pens. 

Temperature Flexibility

Temperature flexibility isn’t great. You only have three settings to choose from similar to the Linx Ember Kit, which is really just one step above the bare minimum (not having any control).

And for that matter, you aren’t actually controlling the temperature in the Paragon, just the voltage. There are many options out there that offer much more control. The Paragon will get the job done, but it isn’t deserving of any awards in this respect.

Vapor Quality

We found the vapor quality to be average as well. Average isn’t bad, but it isn’t anything special either if you are looking for something like the Utillian 5. The Paragon will put out respectable vapor that gets the job done.

The atomizer style (dual quartz rod w/ titanium coil) helps to protect the flavor, and the chamber is big enough to get big hits and/or a long session. Other good features include the wide mouthpiece and the airflow adjuster. 

But the limited heat settings prevent you from really dialing the experience to your own preferences, and there are definitely units out there that put out a smoother final product.

In this department, the Paragon doesn’t impress but doesn’t disappoint either.

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality seems to be good. We didn’t have any problems with leaks, and everything functioned as it should. The best features are probably the bigger than average battery and the built-in concentrate container like the Yocan Evolve Plus, as these both help with portability.  

One concerning thing in regards to the overall quality is the warranty attached to this device. The atomizer is covered for a month from purchase, while the battery is only covered for a year. Compared to other vape pens, this is short.

While there’s no way to tell yet, you have to wonder why they wouldn’t cover it for longer if it was expected to last. 


Battery Life

As indicated above, the battery is a good size. At 2100mAh, you should have plenty of juice to last you through a day or more of moderate vaping.

This isn’t the biggest battery we’ve seen in concentrate pens like the Focus V Tourist that comes with 18650 mAh, but it’s still bigger than average.


The portability of the Paragon is probably its strongest feature, unlike devices like the Puffco Peak that is just below average in terms of the portable device. I started talking about it above, but it’s worth repeating: the combination of a big battery and a design that features a place to hold your cannabis extracts make this a very convenient concentrate pen to use on the go.

The battery should last up to 8 hours, and the NoGoo jar has enough room to last even heavy users through the day, especially if you pre-pack the chamber. 

Ease of Use

Almost all wax pens are very easy to use, and this is no exception. The Paragon is very beginner friendly.

The one-button design keeps things simple and the fact that it’s all self-contained is a nice add-on too. However, users looking for units that besides being easy to use have more coil options tend to prefer devices like the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit.


There are smaller units out there like the Linx Blaze, which is something to think about if discretion is important to you. The wax container at the bottom of the pen is mentioned by many as a feature in this category, but in our experience, it really doesn’t help at all.

If discretion is really that important to you, you’ll have better luck loading your atomizer before hand. The jar on the bottom of this is convenient, but it doesn’t really do anything to help you be more discreet. 

Overall Experience

In our experience, the Paragon is an average vape pen at an average price. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But we aren’t going to lie to you and say that this is one of the best vaporizers we’ve ever used either.

If you are just looking for a unit that can get the job done and you find a deal on this one, it might make sense to pick one up.

On the other hand, there are a lot of other vaporizers out there that you may want to check out. The Utillian 2 will offer better flavor and a wider range of atomizers included, and the ZEUS Thunder 2 offers a similar experience but at a lower entry point.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

If you have questions about our review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

CBD Vape Pens – Best CBD Vape of 2021 for Sale

CBD Vape Pens, Cartridges & Vaporizers for Sale

What is CBD Vape?

There are various methods of consuming CBD. One of the most common ones is vaping it in oil form. This method has acquired substantial popularity within a short span, and thus CBD vape are also on their way to becoming prevalent. However, since these devices have recently been introduced in the market, many are not aware of what they are all about. Therefore, we will provide a brief introduction to make things easier for you. CBD Vaporizers are basically electronic tools that turn a substance into vapor by heating them, including Dry Herb Vaporizers, Dab Pens & Wax Vape Pens & Weed Pens, CBD Oil Vape Pens, etc. These devices are available in various models and shapes and have distinguishing features. While some devices are provided with the function of adjustable voltage settings, others have interchangeable cartridges. Some vaporizers feature display screens while others have Bluetooth syncing. The price of the device is highly influenced by the features it is provided with.

How to Use CBD Vape Kit?

You will come across a lot of variety when it comes to CBD Vape. However, all of them have more or less the same mechanism of action. All of these devices are equipped with a power button. Clicking on this button 5 times turns on the device. The heating process is initiated by holding down the same button once the device is activated. Short clicks ensure that the substance is evenly heated. If you have one of those devices that feature adjustable heat settings, it is advisable to start with the lowest setting and increase it gradually. This makes sure that you do not end up burning your concentrate. Once you are done with vaping, click the power button 5 times in a row to turn it off.

Benefits of CBD Vape

  1. Health benefits

Combustion smoking can be detrimental to health. On the other hand, CBD Vape is a much safer option. Furthermore, CBD Vape have quite a lot of benefits to offer. You get a variety of flavors, and it is up to you to decide which flavor you prefer.

CBD can be consumed in different ways, such as in the form of edibles and tinctures. Ingesting it through vaping allows you to consume more of it within a short span. You can deal with the temptation of smoking via vaporizers as it distracts your mind and diverts your attention from smoking. Thus, it is hardly surprising that the tools have become so famous in such a short time.

  1. Fast Absorbing

The immediate effects that CBD Vape Oil bring about are another pivotal factor that contributes to its popularity. You feel a sense of relaxation and calmness wash all over you when you vape CBD oil instantly. You feel the effects immediately and do not have to wait long for your desired results to appear.

CBD makes its way to your lungs directly as you vape it from where it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The substance does not have to go through the elaborate and extensive digestive process, which is the case if you take it orally. CBD effects start to appear when it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Since it is rapidly absorbed when you vape it, you can use vaporizers to alleviate pain symptoms and deal with anxiety attacks effectively.

  1. Discreet and Convenience

Using CBD vape kit has another benefit to offer in the form of discretion. Vaping is quite an easy and convenient process. There is not much that you will need. A vaporizer along with CBD vape oil is all that is required in the process. Most vaporizers are provided with common parts which including a vape battery, heating element, a mouthpiece and cartridge or storage area for the oil. The best thing is that these devices are highly portable. You can easily slip them into your pocket or purse. Furthermore, since vaping is becoming widely accessible, it is unlikely that you will have to face questions about what you are inhaling.

What is CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit?

CBD oil vape pen starter kit are equipped with everything that you can need to commence vaping. CBD oil vape pen refers to the device which is styled in the shape of a pen and can be filled with a concentrate. This device is usually equipped with a tank with a rechargeable battery attached to it. It is quite a convenient tool which is portable and lightweight. Some of these CBD vape pens offer you the opportunity of direct to lung vaping while with others, you get a right draw from mouth to lung. You will find it quite easy to carry these pens around. They are of immense help when you are travelling or have a chaotic day at work and would like to have a device that would allow you to vape on the go.

CBD Vape Pen Instructions

You do not have to be worried about using a CBD Oil vape pen. The process is quite simple and straightforward. Some vape pens might be confusing owing to a number of buttons and procedures. However, disposable CBD oil pen do not pose any such difficulty. You simply have to inhale it after putting the device mouthpiece in your mouth. It does not require any maintenance. The only problem that these devices have is the cost. They tend to be expensive when compared to reusable devices. Furthermore, the selection of products is somewhat limited.


  • An easy method of vaping for beginners
  • Does not require maintenance or charging
  • The upfront cost is low


  • The parts are usually low-quality
  • You do not have any control over the quality of vapor.
  • In the long term, the cost is significantly high compared to reusable devices


Reusable CBD oil pen might appear complicated initially. However, once you understand the whole process, things will become a whole lot easier. These devices are provided with cartridges. CBD vape cartridge is the chambers where the CBD vape oil is loaded.

These chambers are provided with wide openings so that the tip of the dispenser of CBD vape juice can easily be accommodated. Once your thick oil finishes, you can simply load more of it into the chamber and continue to enjoy your vaping sessions.

It is vital to mention that some of these devices are also equipped with other components such as batteries and atomizers that can make your vaping a tad bit complicated.

You have two main options when it comes to using CBD oil pen, refillable vape pen, and a cartridge-based vape pen.


  • A better experience is provided with powerful hits
  • The cartridges are interchangeable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Affordable long term


  • Have to be charged
  • The upfront cost is more
  • Cartridge-Based CBD Vape Pen

You can think of a cartridge-based CBD vape pen kit as being similar to a disposable unit. The pen can be used multiple times. However, once the CBD vape cartridge is empty, it has to be disposed. You can then attach a new cartridge to your vape pen and continue vaping. This offers a great deal of ease in terms of usage.

However, the problem is that not all cartridges are interchangeable. Thus, your choices would be limited. These devices are also more costly compared to the refillable ones.


  • Simple and straightforward process
  • No maintenance required
  • The upfront cost is low


  • The parts are not satisfactory in quality
  • The cost over time is high

You get the option of refilling the device if you use a refillable CBD oil pen. These devices are equipped with a tank that holds the juice.

The benefits of these devices are evident in their cost and flexibility. These devices can be refilled with various types of e-liquid. It does not matter if the company sells a CBD vape cartridge or not. You do not have to face any limitations when it comes to refillable CBD oil vape pen. Furthermore, these tools are cost-effective, as well. The only problem you might have is with regards to the maintenance of the device.


  • You have control over your experience of vaping
  • You can decide the levels, concentrations, and flavoring of CBD
  • Customization is offered
  • The parts are reusable
  • The ongoing cost is low


  • The upfront cost is high
  • You will need to put in some effort to understand the device
  • Maintenance is required

How does the CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit work?

A CBD vape pen starter kit is comparable to an e-cigarette as it is equipped with a heating element which is powered by a battery. This allows the device to reach high temperatures within a short time. The Heater is referred to as the atomizer, which has the responsibility of turning the liquid into vapor. Vape pen kits can be provided with a pre-filled cartridge or tank. If you do not mind cleaning after use and frequent filling up, tanks are suitable for you. You can decide the concentrate you want in the tank. However, a bit of effort goes into the maintenance of these devices.

In the case of pre-filled cartridges, all you need to do is place them in the device. Once they are finished, you can dispose of them. Thus, they do not require much work on your part. However, they do limit the choices of brands that you have.

CBD Vape pen Starter kits are equipped with sensors for turning on the atomizers. Some of these are activated automatically as you inhale. On the other hand, some devices are provided with buttons that you have to hold down until the device is heated. These kits might have light indicators to let you know when the temperature is appropriate for inhaling.

Vape Pod VS 510 Thread Cartridge

It is easy to decide which CBD vape kit would be suitable for you if you are aware of the factors that you need to pay heed to. Let us guide you through the process.

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you want to use a vape pod or 510 thread cartridge. Vape pod offer you a disposable method of vaping where in once the pod is finished, you dispose of it and get another one. In some pod vape systems, you get the option of refilling the pod a few times. The battery is rechargeable, and thus the whole kit is not for one-time use. Such pod systems offer you a great deal of convenience as they are time-saving as well.

510 thread cartridge have to be refilled by you. However, you get a lot of options in these. These devices are powered by bigger batteries, ensuring that you can use the tool in a go for a more extended period.

You get more options in temperature and voltage as well. Plant matter can also be vaped in these devices, if you want to use the device for vaping other essentials.

Beginners might feel that this is more than they require. However, before making a final decision, it is essential to think of the long-term benefits and costs.

How Long Does a CBD Vape Pen Last?

To answer this question is difficult as it is influenced by many factors. The size of the cartridge of your device and the speed at which the oil is vaporized by your pen, both determine how long your vape pen would last.

Vaping continuously throughout the day will ensure that your device runs out of vape juice irrespective of the size of the cartridge and the wattage of your device. Using the device less frequently with low wattage will make your CBD juice last longer.

High wattage implies that the device will consume the e-juice faster. For instance, if you compare two vape pens with 200W and 100W each, the one with 200W will vaporize the vape juice more quickly.

Vape pens with higher wattage are also capable of producing more vapor in a hit. This implies that you will be vaping less if the power of the pen is high. The primary factor that prompt people to opt for vape pens with high wattage is that more significant clouds are produced with these. If you vape CBD daily and in high amounts, a high-wattage pen would be suitable for you. On the other hand, if you want to hold onto your e-juice for a more extended period, a less powerful pen would be more suitable for you.

Why Choose the CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit?

CBD vape pen starter kit are highly portable. Thus, they are perfect for those travelling or looking for something that would allow them to vape whenever they feel like it. Portability is a significant factor that has contributed to the popularity of these devices. Tabletop vaporizers are capable of producing great clouds. However, they have to be tied to a power outlet. This is not the case with vape pens which you can take with you wherever you go. If vaping inside does not seem suitable to you, you will find a vape pen powered by a battery to be most ideal for you.

Although vaping herb and wax has become somewhat acceptable socially, a lot of users value discretion when it comes to vaping. Vape pens are provided with a slim design. This, along with their capacity to heat quickly, ensures that you can enjoy a private vaping session without attracting attention.

Despite their compact size, these devices are capable of producing an impressive cloud. The heating elements do not take more than seconds to get ready. Most of these devices are provided with a USB charging unit. Thus, you can charge the device daily with ease.

How to Use Thick Oil in CBD Vape Pen

  • The first step is filling the atomizer with e-juice
  • The coil has to be primed if you want optimal performance. The coil needs around five to ten minutes to saturate.
  • Turn the battery on by clicking five times on the power button.
  • If your device has adjustable airflow, set it according to your preference.
  • It is advisable to start puffing slowly, pressing the button as you inhale.
  • Take a five to ten minutes break between the puffs to gauge the effect of CBD on you.
  • Make sure that you start slow, increasing the dose gradually.
  • Large and frequent puffs can also be taken.
  • Ensure that the atomizer is cleaned regularly. Keep a check on the battery life as well.

Which CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit should I choose?

There is no fixed rule as to what a right CBD vape kit is. What works for you might be a disaster for someone else. Before trying out the various vape kits, it is vital to understand the difference between wax pens and vape juice pens.

CBD vape pens are designed for vaporization of liquid CBD oil. They are quite similar to vape pens used for vape juice but burn if the low temperature is applied.

Wax pens are meant to be used with pure CBD oil in the texture of wax. They are not compatible with vape juice.

Try to opt for a CBD oil vape pen which has a large battery capacity and CBD vape cartridge, something which would have the suitable temperature setting and provide you with a profound vaping experience.

Spell-check pen developed

| Share this The young entrepreneurs plan to start serial production of the Lernstift pen, which can check spelling and write beautiful handwriting, in six months.

Two Germans Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher have started fundraising via the Kickstarter website for a smart Lernstift pen with automatic spell checker.

Lernstift contains an embedded computer running an operating system based on the Linux kernel, a motion sensor, memory, a Wi-Fi adapter and a vibration motor. The motion sensor, which consists of an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, has a resolution of 400 dpi. It scans the text that the user writes with it. The sensor is capable of sending data to the processor 200 times every second.

The computer is equipped with software that decodes the data received from the sensor.The software was developed by Vision Objects, “the world leader in optical recognition technology,” and “has been tested on millions of tablets and smartphones around the world.” The authors of the project turned to many third-party companies for help. For example, the design of the handle was developed by the ipdd design office in Stuttgart.

The program needs much less data than the sensor can provide – 100 dpi is enough to recognize handwritten text, and 50 times per second is enough to receive data.

The program is executed by the processor included in the built-in Lernstift computer, which is equipped with 128 MB of RAM. The recognition rate for one character is 20 ms.

Lernstift has two functions. The first function is error checking. If the user makes a mistake in a word, the pen automatically vibrates. The second function is to improve handwriting. The pen vibrates if the handwriting becomes illegible.

Experimental Lernstift handle in transparent body

Lernstift software is capable of adapting to human handwriting.To calibrate the pen, the user needs to write a few words in block letters and then in italics. Based on this data, the program will further study the user’s handwriting.

Lernstift handle arrangement

Faster, higher, stronger: about a hundred digital solutions for athletes were offered by developers to metropolitan federations and clubs

Innovation and startups

Lernstift currently only supports two languages ​​- English and German. “As far as possible, we will add Russian, Spanish, French, Italian and other languages,” the developers say. In addition, in the future, it is planned to teach the Lernstift pen to check not only spelling, but also grammar (punctuation marks in sentences).

Ability to receive the entered text on a smartphone or other device

The Lernstift pen is expected to be used by children aged 5 years and older and adults of any age.The nibs of the pen can be changed. The pens are planned to be produced in blue and pink colors – for boys and girls. And the open programming interface (API) will allow third-party developers to create various applications for Lernstift.

Lernstift can be connected to a computer, smartphone or tablet and save the text that is written with it. This way you can save notes, or, for example, parents can check their child’s progress. Notes can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The authors of the project expect to collect $ 180 thousand by August 9

In order to release the first batch of pens, the authors of the project need to collect about $ 180 thousand by August 9, of which a little more than $ 24 thousand has already been collected by 161 private investors. In addition, several companies are involved in financing the project.

If it is possible to collect the announced amount, the authors of the project plan to release 20-100 copies by August or September 2013.With the help of the first batch, the developers plan to collect feedback. Then, by the end of this year, it is planned to issue 500 to a thousand (or more) pens for those who have invested in the project. By the end of 2013 or in the first quarter of 2014, it is planned to start serial production of the device. The cost will be around $ 190.

Sergey Popsulin

90,025 90,000 Bitrix24: Review from Crossss

Daniil Khanin: “Why a company that cares about the efficient operation of online stores switched to Bitrix24

For several years now, the company Crossss has been working magic with the help of complex mathematics: it makes sure that both large and small online stores adapt to each visitor, guess his desires and offer exactly the product he needs. But CEO of the company Daniil Khanin understands well that the constant increase in efficiency is important not only for online retail, but also for the Crossss team itself. And, as Daniel discovered in practice, only Bitrix24 can make the work of a small team scattered across different countries and cities clearer, more transparent and more productive.

Crossss currently employs 19 people. The general management of the company and work with clients are carried out from Moscow, R&D is located in Tomsk, and in Kharkov sales, marketing and some of the customer service managers “sit”.This disunity of the company had to be overcome, and the work of the team in different time zones had to be synchronized.

“We tried to eliminate all the difficulties associated with the fact that account managers work with deals and customers in one system, project managers communicate with employees in Ukraine using another, and everyone keeps in touch with developers in Tomsk using a third system,” says Khanin .

Another issue that needed to be resolved was control of sales and building clear and transparent relationships with customers.“We are engaged in complex consulting at the intersection of business and IT. Therefore, our sales are a multi-part, individual process. They were like that in the beginning, and they remain the same now. Naturally, we needed a simple, straightforward, but not primitive customer relationship management system. And we didn’t find her right away, ”says Daniel.

First, Crossss tried Pipedrive, which the account managers strongly disliked, as it allowed them to see and evaluate the sales funnel, but did not give the opportunity to track the progress of transactions and the status of customers for issued contracts, invoices and acts.Therefore, with the filing of account managers, the company quickly switched to the “cloud” CRM from Sales Force and “lived” on this system for about a year. But the complexity of the system, the abundance of its services and the inability to quickly find the right tool or get an important report, made Khanin and his small team think about finding an alternative. In addition, the fact that the team in this case did not need a “pure CRM”, but a universal set of working tools to create a common information and communication field and work in it, played a role.Therefore, in July 2014, Daniel decided to try the free version of another popular “cloud” solution – Bitrix24.

“I like it. At the 1C-Bitrix booth, I was shown how tasks are set for employees, how new customers are “created”, how these customers are assigned certain statuses, depending on the progress of transactions, and how all the necessary reports can be generated. That is, I was shown all the most common actions that small companies like mine have to perform day in and day out.And we started using the solution – without loud declarations. Everything happened by itself. In addition, it turned out to be more profitable financially, because we started with the free tariff “Project”, designed for 12 users, ”recalls Khanin .

Now, in addition to sales and customer service specialists, developers have begun to connect to Bitrix24. All of them constantly interact in working groups, managing the progress of joint tasks and projects and monitoring their results.

“I see the speed and track the quality of the tasks on the entire front of the company – from internal tasks related to website layout by Ukrainian colleagues or planning a new marketing campaign to tasks related to products and work with clients. Separately, I would like to note the work of a large group that is responsible for sales. I like that I always understand when this or that task began to be performed, in what status it is now and what will happen next.And I am sure that all this is also obvious to my employees. ”

Daniel compares task tracking with the practice adopted in the company before (pen and paper at meetings, then sending e-mails to employees and the natural “disappearance” of the results of tasks that took an hour or a day) and rightly notes that the arrangement of those responsible in the system and deadlines that apply to even the smallest or most urgent task. radically changes the situation.

As for the advantages of Bitrix24 as a CRM system, Daniel notes that with such a long and complex sales funnel like Crossss, there is a completely transparent and understandable system that helps to structure, track and analyze customer relationships according to the most different parameters (for example, the number of new customers attracted last week, the number of transactions for which the first meetings took place, the number of customers who have already been invoiced, the number of customers from whom money has come, or, on the contrary, the number of “stalled” / lost sales from indicating the reasons, etc.) is very critical. As well as the possibility at any time and in any place where there is Internet access, to receive relevant reports, documents, etc.

Khanin suspects that they have not yet studied everything in the system, but is going to introduce all employees there and, accordingly, switch to the commercial version. In addition, he plans to transfer all work with documents to Bitrix24, especially that part of it that concerns their collective creation. Commercial offers, new product descriptions, marketing and advertising concepts, case studies, articles, letters to customers – all this will also soon be in one system.

“I don’t like jumping from solution to solution, I want stability. And “Bitrix24” won over by the fact that one solution covers a huge front of tasks that require daily attention. If everything goes on as well as now, all the “headache” associated with a whole “wave” of strategic and operational issues will go away, ”summarizes Khanin .

Do you want to get the same result in your company?

Register on the Bitrix24 portal

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90,000 “Miracle Pen” synced with Evernote

Livescribe specializes in pens that convert analog notes to digital form and record sound. The company’s new pen called Sky received a Wi-Fi module and synchronization with Evernote, making it much more convenient to use it.

Livescribe sells pens that not only write on paper, but also record audio by syncing the audio track along with the text so that users can hear what they are saying while they write. The idea is great, but until recently the execution was not up to par: clumsy attachments have always been attached to the company’s pens.

To synchronize audio with text, I had to connect a pen to my computer every time, and it was not very convenient to manage and edit notes (the “native” application from Livescribe was rather clumsy). With the release of the new Livescribe Sky pen, many of these problems have disappeared, says The Verge.

In essence, Sky is not much different from last year’s version of Livescribe’s pen called Echo. The only but very important innovation in Sky is the built-in Wi-Fi module.The company abandoned the clumsy software of its own design and decided to synchronize the pen with the popular “cloud” service Evernote (without an account in this application, the device will not work).

The process of setting up the pen is simplified as much as possible: you need to connect the device to Wi-Fi and come up with a password using a combination of stickers on the cover of a special notebook.

In previous versions of Livescribe pens, users had to manually sync notes by connecting their device to their computer.This process now happens automatically. Notes are synced to a PC using a Wi-Fi connection, and text and audio are instantly sent to Evernote’s servers, so you can immediately read, listen to and edit what you write by opening the note using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Livescribe CEO Gilles Bouchard explained why the company decided to use a third-party service: “Evernote is a powerful, mature platform with a large number of users. More importantly, it works on many platforms.The notes made with the new pen will be available to the user everywhere, “he said. According to Bouchard, combining the functionality of Livescribe and Evernote will allow both companies to provide users with more functionality.

As noted by the journalist The Verge, the new system also has disadvantages. It is inconvenient to listen to audio through mobile Evernote, the application does not support audio playback, so the recording opens only in the browser window.

Overall, the note-taking process has not changed.The pen perceives the text very accurately, audio clips are written without extraneous sounds. The handle is a bit thick, so it is a little awkward to hold in your hand at first. The battery lasts about a day. Unfortunately, you still cannot write on any paper, the pen only works with notebooks issued by Livescribe (they are quite expensive). “I quickly got used to the pen, Livescribe notebooks are not too much of an inconvenience,” the journalist says.

You will have to pay $ 169 for the two-gigabyte Sky model, $ 200 for the four-gigabyte model, and $ 250 for the eight-gigabyte model (the latter comes with a special professional notebook).Be that as it may, especially a lot of memory is useless for the pen, because files can be immediately transferred to a computer via Wi-Fi. Moreover, each user gets 500 megabytes of “cloud” space in Evernote for free.

“This is one of the best pens from Livescribe, it makes it very convenient to convert analog recordings to digital,” writes The Verge.

The Sky Pen isn’t the only gadget to digitize analog recordings with Evernote.Not so long ago, the well-known notebook manufacturer Moleskine launched a special series of notebooks called Evernote Smart Notebooks, information from which can be easily converted into digital form using Apple products: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Gift pen stylus with logo – Yalta-24

The platform offers stylus pens at the most attractive price. The sale can be carried out in two ways – wholesale and retail.Visitors have access to the service of applying the customer’s logos to the body. They will be an excellent corporate gift, as well as a pleasant present for friends, colleagues and relatives.

Types of stylus gift pens with logo

A stylus pen with a logo was created for convenient operation with touch screens. It allows you to do several things at the same time, without distracting from the process for a second. The following items are currently available:

  • pens with logos of companies and corporations;
  • promo stylus pens;
  • products in the form of smartphone stands;
  • reusable plastic pens with stylus;
  • pens with stylus for smartphones, tablets with capacitive screen with custom logo.

Variety of choice allows you to order a specific logo or inscription on the body of the selected pen. There are several types of original logos application. With:

  • pad printing,
  • silkscreens,
  • engraving.

Logo stylus pen available in various colors and designs. For example, you can order red, green, blue, black, white and metallic colors. An unusual eco-pen will be a great gift for a writer.According to the materials used for the manufacture, they are divided into plastic and metal. The former are much more durable and do not wear out as quickly. Pens can be made with a twist mechanism and a classic look, but they have a ball refill as standard.

A stylus pen with a logo will be an original gift for a holiday

A stylus pen with a logo is an original and memorable gift. It can be presented to subordinates in honor of the holidays, as a gift to a colleague, acquaintances and friends, as well as relatives.Journalists, writers, composers, linguists, teachers, scientists and even doctors will be delighted with such a gift. They can be presented with plastic or metal pens and even with an LED flashlight. Businessmen will appreciate the elegant and stylish metallic body, painted in restrained colors. You can choose for any, even the most sophisticated taste, on the website.

You can order both wholesale and retail in any price category, relying on your financial capabilities. Stylus pens with a logo will be delivered in a convenient way to the buyer in the shortest possible time.For communication, you can contact the specified phone numbers and online through the site.

Vending machine SM VENDOR (6367)

Universal vending machine SM VENDOR Vend Shop is a unique development of our company, which has no analogues. This vending machine is designed with all the wishes of experienced vendors in mind. Possessing all the necessary functionality for a successful trade, the vending machine demonstrates an ideal ratio of price and quality.

Key Benefits and Features SM VENDOR :

Delivery of heavy goods. Thanks to the powerful spiral drive motors, the machine can sell goods weighing up to 1.5 kg.

Large load. Model SM VENDOR holds one more item per compartment than other vending machines.

Non-competitive cooling systems. Refrigeration units with “SnakFRESH” and “SnakFRESH Pro” cooling technologies provide a constant temperature from 2 degrees at the levels of all shelves.This temperature cannot be maintained by any vending machine, both Russian and imported, on the vending market.

The non-competitive temperature regime allows you to preserve the taste and useful properties of products and guarantee the necessary conditions for storing any products, including perishable ones. The refrigeration unit distributes the cooled air evenly around the perimeter of each shelf, ensuring a constant, uniform temperature at all levels.

Gentle delivery of goods LIFT. The LIFT system smoothly lowers the goods into the dispensing niche, excluding falling and overturning. It is necessary for the sale of fragile goods, products in glass containers or easily damaged packaging.

All types of payment. The machine is optionally equipped with a coin acceptor and a bill acceptor, including a change delivery function, a cashless payment terminal, a loyalty card reader, and also supports a fast payment system.

Touchscreen monitor. Optionally, a touch screen can be installed, which allows you to pay for goods through the fast payment system (FPS), display the QR code of the check after purchase, buy several goods in one transaction (multi-sale), get acquainted with product information (composition, nutritional value, etc.) etc.), broadcast promotional videos and purchase instructions.

VENDSHOP CARD is a non-cash payment system for goods in a vending machine using loyalty cards (smart cards).The card stores information about the balance, individual discounts, as well as individual statistics.

Multifunctional business control system VendShop Online . Monitoring, developed by our specialists, makes it possible to control the operation of machines, carry out remote control, conduct business analytics and even set expiration dates for goods in bins, which is especially important when working with food (More about the system).

Connection of cash registers (compliance with 54-FZ). The vending machine software allows you to connect both a cloud-based online cash register and a built-in cash register for vending with a receipt printer. Optionally, a monitor for displaying the QR code of an electronic check is available after purchase.

Protocol compatibility. EVA-DTS, MDB, PULSE.

Customer incentive system BONUS acts as a promoter: it gives the buyer gifts, company catalogs, product samples, as well as goods for the “1 + 1 = 3” promotion.

Vending machine SM VENDOR is:

  • Easy and comfortable loading

Thanks to the mechanism of horizontal movement and tilt of the shelves, developed by our engineers, you will spend a minimum of time on filling the machine.

  • Convenience of collection of profits

The pull-out panel allows you to quickly collect the proceeds, as well as provides convenient access to all units of the machine.

  • Protection of goods and money

It is important to be sure that the goods and the proceeds are safe. Therefore, we have made sure that all the protection elements of your machine are reliable and of high quality.

– The body and facade elements are made of metal.

– Installed an ultra-secure pass-through lock to protect your proceeds.

– The checkout window is equipped with the AntiFishing system, which excludes the possibility of theft of goods.

Evgeny KURTUKOV: “The decision to enter the cloud services market was obvious to everyone.”

Axoft decided to strengthen cooperation with its partners in the cloud sector. It offers almost the entire range of services inherent in a traditional VAD distributor: provides training, presale, provides product consultations …

Axoft begins promoting a new cloud service for itself, which will help its partners try themselves as a cloud service provider. This new direction was the subject of the Axoft presentation: “The Role of a Distributor in the Development of the Cloud Solutions Market”, which took place in St. Petersburg on January 26th. After the event, we asked Evgeny Kurtukov, head of the sales support and development department of Axoft, to answer the questions of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper IT News Gennady Belash.

In what year did Axoft position itself not just as a software distributor, but as a service distributor?

Since 2004, when Axoft entered the market as a software distributor, we have come a long way, during which we have increased our expertise and acquired new services.The formation of the service approach system was completed in 2015. Since that time, Axoft has become an IT service distributor with six types of services in its portfolio in the form of product and technical consulting, financial, marketing support, and electronic distribution. And finally, at the beginning of this year, we officially launched the AxoftCloud business, which sells cloud solutions using a subscription sales model.

How long ago it was decided to become an aggregate of cloud services, how long have you been preparing for this?

The decision to enter the cloud services market was made in 2014.The promise of a cloud-based sales model was clear to everyone. But we, as a distributor, needed to assess our role and understand what value we can give partners, customers, vendors. Throughout 2015, we studied analytics, foreign practices, entered into agreements with cloud manufacturers, formed a team to conduct an official launch at the beginning of 2016.

What does a cloud software vendor have to do to get into AxoftCloud?

Getting into AxoftCloud is easy enough.The solution must be in demand in the market, it must increase the value of Axoft’s cloud portfolio, and, importantly, the manufacturer himself must be mentally prepared to work with a partner channel. If all these requirements are met, then we include a new service in our AxoftCloud portfolio.

Are there any software developers who refused to sell through AxoftCloud?

So far there have been no refusals. I must say that many people are interested in working through AxoftCloud, but with a number of vendors there are some difficulties due to legal subtleties.For example, according to the law, it is quite difficult to become a cloud IP telephony provider. Such aspects are discussed at the stage of signing partnership agreements.

What financial arrangements are in place between Axoft and cloud software developers to sell their software through AxoftCloud?

In the new sales model, the role of Axoft as a financial guarantor is increasing: under the contract, we undertake to pay the vendor once a month for all the resources consumed by our partners and their customers.Regardless of whether we received payment from partners or not. The rest of the aspects of financial interaction within AxoftCloud are close to those that operate in the traditional supply model. To start cooperation within the AxoftCloud project, no initial contributions from either side are required. The main thing is that both sides have an interest in developing cooperation.

What financial assistance can you provide to partners within the AxoftCloud?

Financial leverage from a distributor is an important and demanded service.First of all, it consists in providing a line of credit for partners, and cloud services are no exception. Moreover, the main advantage of the cloud service is that the customer wants to get it here and now, and instant activation of the subscription is an undoubted advantage over classic software. We are ready to discuss with our partners the provision of credit conditions and, of course, we will take into account the history of our relationship with each partner separately.

You launch AxoftCloud on March 1st. Do you need a month to test your billing system?

Here it is necessary to clarify that AxoftCloud is not only and not so much a billing platform, but rather an opportunity to purchase software or virtual capacities on a monthly subscription basis. According to this model, AxoftCloud has been operating since November 2015, and we already have about 20 partners selling services through us. The purchase of SaaS and IaaS can be carried out both in the usual classic way through the sales manager, and automatically – through the automated Active Platform, which will be available from March 2016.We expect that testing and revision will take about a month. The platform will constantly evolve and integrate with all new services. The platform is very important, but it is just one of the AxoftCloud tools.

Do I need to certify the billing system and in which authorities?

In our case, no, since we are not covered by licensed activities.

Of your 1000 vendors, how many are developing cloud software?

It is very difficult to assess, since many vendors are now either adding cloud solutions (Cloud) to their portfolio, or using a monthly payment model for existing On-Premise solutions. For us, this and that is a cloud service. Axoft already sells solutions from Microsoft, MoySklad, New Cloud Technologies, IQR Intellectual Reserve, Acronis, Adobe, Kerio, Trend Micro, Red Hat, according to the new sales model. The portfolio will continue to be actively replenished with solutions in such areas as office applications, accounting / warehouse systems, CRM, information security, IP-telephony, virtual capacity.

How many employees in your distribution company will only handle AxoftCloud? You planned to make up to four sales “by hand with partners”, and this is at least 120? 4 = 480 sales per year.Who will do this?

At the first stage, a team of five people will be responsible for the development of AxoftCloud’s business: training, consulting, support, marketing. Sales managers will be responsible for direct interaction with partners, of whom we have more than 70 people in Moscow and the regions.

You said that the threshold for entering the cloud business has dropped. What is he like now?

Software development and data center building is still an expensive and resource-intensive process.However, becoming an IaaS and SaaS service provider is easy enough. To do this, you need to conclude an agreement with the data center, which has the capacity, and resell them. In addition, a service provider can host a ready-made SaaS solution and sell it on a lease basis. AxoftCloud lowers this threshold even more: now you do not need to enter into agreements with IaaS providers and SaaS vendors – you just need to come to Axoft and start selling.

What credit support does Axoft provide to its partners?

Axoft offers partners credit support in the form of deferred payment when purchasing products from more than 50 vendors.The company uses its own resources, so the decision to grant a credit line is made rather quickly. The size of the credit line and the grace period are individual: the experience of interaction, the turnover of cooperation and the company’s reputation in the market are taken into account.

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“The most brilliant ideas are born on paper … and immediately fly into the smartphone and tablet.”

Do people need a stylus, do not people need a stylus? Needed or not needed? How much has already been said about it? Since 2000, the concept of pocket digital assistants has changed several times: now handhelds with a stylus, then smartphones with only fingers, then a large tablet again with a stylus pen …

Be that as it may, for most of us, a pen, stylus, and pen are familiar tools since childhood.We write, draw, point with a pen. We can even bite the pen when we think about something a lot. With a pen, we draw on napkins, draw on sheets of paper, write down thoughts and lecture notes in notebooks. Probably, it will be like this for more than a dozen years. Pen and paper are some of the most familiar, understandable and convenient tools for us since childhood. Everything would be fine, but in our digital age, very often there are tasks to save a sheet of paper, quickly send someone our sketch, or just share it with friends or colleagues. Of course, since the 90s of the last century, such a sheet can be scanned. And over the past 10 years, technological progress has made it possible to photograph the sheet directly on the phone. Such a photo, in contrast to a more or less uniform scan image, will be somewhat “dirty”, of course. But what are the alternatives? Immediately draw and write on the tablet screen with a special stylus? Personally, this suits me perfectly. But most of my acquaintances and friends still do not understand and accept this method too much. More familiar paper.

When I got my hands on the Wacom Bamboo Spark, I thought – bingo! This is what many people who are accustomed and love to work with paper lacked so much. It looks like Wacom has once again confirmed the title of one of the most advanced and inventive manufacturers of devices for creative input of information into modern digital devices.

Folder, slightly larger in A5 format. It contains a notebook and a pen, conveniently attached inside

It would seem, what is unusual about the set? Miracles begin the moment you find a small lever at the bottom of the folder and switch it to the “On” position. To the left of the notebook in the folder is a small round button. Next to it is an LED that will blink as a greeting.

And then we take a pen, remove the cap from it and … start drawing on paper in a notebook. Or write. Or play Sea Battle. Or count in a column and build graphs. Or make a shopping list for the store. Yes, whatever you want to do. Ready? Fine. It’s time to press that same round button. Now the LED next to it will blink green and … that’s it.As everybody”? Nothing happened, didn’t it? It turns out it happened. We take our smartphone or tablet, open the Bamboo Spark application and this is where we understand: a Miracle happened!

We look at our sheet, then at the screen. Then again on the painted sheet and again on the screen. How can this be? The drawing from our sheet turned out to be incredibly on the screen of a mobile device! No scanner, no camera. All our strokes, all strikethroughs, all lines and curves. At the same time, the image is completely clean, neat, without “dirt” – all handwriting on a completely monochromatic white background.

When you see this process for the first time, you get a real feeling of some kind of mystification, focus, trick. Our ingenious sketches, notes, notes and notes are transferred to a smartphone or tablet at the touch of a button, and from there they are sent to the “cloud”. And from the “cloud” they become available to the whole world – of course, if we ourselves wish it.

Let’s take a closer look at this “Magic Folder” and figure out how to apply such a Miracle.

I am a digital photographer. I am quite used to using other “purely digital” drawing devices. These include the Wacom Intuos for Mac and the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus (version 2) for the iPad. Therefore, to jointly solve the mystery of the Bamboo Spark folder, I invited my good friend, traditional artist Anna Danilova.

Anna is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, founder and director of a painting studio.She works in the style of realism in the techniques of pastels, watercolors, graphics, often makes sketches for her work with a pencil and even a pen in a notebook. I suggested that Anna give Bamboo Spark a try and help me create a more voluminous, versatile and cohesive device experience.

After unpacking the device, in addition to a folder, a pen and a notebook, I also found a lanyard for connecting to a USB computer, a couple of spare pens (three in total) and paper documentation. The packaging, by the way, as always at Wacom, is perfect.It is pleasant to hold it in your hands in anticipation of using the device. There are enough rods for a long time. And as soon as they run out of ink, you can buy new ones in stationery stores. This also applies to the notebook: after the sheets of the included in the kit run out, an arbitrary vertical notebook of A5 format is inserted into the folder.

To use your Bamboo Spark, you must first charge it. More specifically, you need to charge the folder itself. On a single charge, the folder works for about 8 hours.

The pen included in the kit does not need a rechargeable battery or batteries. Its rod writes, like an ordinary pen, on paper, and the technology based on electromagnetic resonance at the same moment sends and receives a signal from the reading surface of the folder itself. Thus, drawing on paper in a “hard copy” and “digitization” of the entire work process take place at the same time. All movements and strokes of the pen are recorded in the folder memory, and at the push of a button are transferred to a smartphone or tablet.If you don’t have a mobile device at hand, the folder will save up to 100 pages of your creations. The main thing is to press the button after completing each sheet. Inside the folder, there is a holder for an iPad Air 2, a pocket for a smartphone or a pocket for other tablets – there are three versions of the device for your choice. I got the one for the test that was under the phone. However, for the operation of the device itself and for greater clarity, I still used the iPad Air.

Unpacked. Now you need to take one more step – install the free Bamboo Spark app from the App Store (on iOS) or Google Play Market (on Android). Through the application, you will need to create a personal account with included, also free, cloud storage from Wacom in the amount of 5 GB. And then, in fact, you need to connect the Bamboo Spark folder to the device via Bluetooth. Everything. It’s time to get to work!

I asked Anna to make a couple of illustrative sketches and share the feeling of drawing. And then we decided to evaluate the quality of digitizing the illustrations.

The drawing process took place in a completely traditional way: the usual movements of a pen on a paper sheet, drawing lines of almost the same thickness, shading.I asked Anna to draw with the folder lying on the table, and then take the folder in her hands. When the folder was on the table, it was open.

A somewhat different situation arose when the folder was taken in hand. For a comfortable hold, it was necessary to tuck the written notebook sheets back (or tear them off), and wrap the cover of the folder on top. And all this structure had to be held with your fingers so as not to crumble. Here we thought that a small strap or an elastic band for the sheets and cover of the folder would be quite useful.Nevertheless, after just a few minutes of drawing, we practically forgot about the relative inconvenience of holding the folder in our hands.

The handle itself is optimally balanced in terms of its thickness and weight. The fingers and hand do not get tired of it and can function for a long time and comfortably. Inside the folder for the pen there is a special magnetic fastener that allows you to conveniently fix the pen during transfer and not lose it. Losing it, by the way, is not worth it anyway. The folder will only work with this special Wacom pen and any other arbitrary will not work.

The crucial moment came: the artist decided that the work on the illustration was finished. Time to watch how the images are displayed digitally.

We are launching an iPad application from Wacom to work with digitized drawings and notes. We press the magic button inside the folder and … wait a bit. Just a little, a few seconds.

In the Bamboo Spark application open on the iPad, meanwhile, you can see a simple indication of the progress of moving the drawing from folder memory to the program.And now a new preview of our picture appears on the application screen. We open it in full screen – lovely! Pure white background, almost complete coincidence of all lines and strokes.

With the habitual spreading of my fingers to the sides, I decided to zoom in on the digitized picture. And here I got some disappointment.

Unfortunately, the image resolution was not as high as I expected (phase “a” in the picture below).On the diagonal lines and arcs, there was a clear “ladder” and pixelation.

I assumed that Wacom, whose devices are trusted by professional designers, digital artists, photographers for their most complex projects, would hardly have released a product with such a strange limitation on the market. At the top of the screen, I found a small menu and clicked “Draw”. Everything fell into place: the lines turned out to be smooth, smooth, very pleasant (phase “b” in the picture on the left).The strokes even had variable thickness. It felt like the picture was just a vector, independent of the physical dimensions of the media. This is a completely different matter! By the way, in this mode the picture can be drawn directly on the screen, and erase partially or completely with a virtual eraser. When the correction work is completed, you can save the “digital revision” or return to the original.

Further my attention was attracted by another menu item – “Divide”. Another great tool was located here.The window interface has remained extremely simple, and a scroll bar with a control “slider” has been added at the bottom. What is it for? I began to move. Wow! It turns out that the folder has preserved absolutely the entire sequence of drawing strokes on paper. By moving the slider, you can return to a blank sheet or find yourself in any phase of image creation.

But now what to do with the resulting “digitization”? There are several options. Can be exported to PDF or PNG.In both cases, however, you get a medium-resolution raster image. Suitable for notes and sketches, but hardly for professional use.

The next way is to forward to your Evernote notebook, if you are using one.

An interesting option is Wacom’s internal format, designed specifically for new devices – WILL. In this format, you can move the “digitization” to another wonderful application from Wacom – Bamboo Paper.Here you can create multi-page “digital notebooks”, use different types of “electronic paper” and write / draw with various digital tools – brushes, markers, etc.

What is noteworthy is that if you move the “digitization” from Spark to Paper, then in this case the original vector (as far as I understand) data is transferred, where there is no pixelation and reduced resolution at all. All lines are precise and crisp. However, you won’t be able to export the image in full quality to an external file from Bamboo Paper either: it’s the same PDF with a reduced resolution.

Both programs automatically synchronize with the Wacom cloud when the iPad is connected to the Internet. All your notebooks and “digitization” in this way are saved by themselves. You can watch and use them not only on iPad, but also through the web interface on Mac and PC computers. It is also possible to output images to PDF from there.

And finally, synchronization with Dropbox is available, but in manual mode.

So, a summary of drawing and digitizing images, we got the following:

My colleague, artist Anna, outlined the following advantages: everything that we draw on the Bamboo Spark remains both in real and in virtual form. Moreover, without wasting time for a separate conversion and conversion. The device is light enough for daily carry. And at the time of work, it is quite comfortable to hold it. Anna liked the pen. During testing, she exclaimed, “It would be great and helpful if Wacom comes up with a pencil and eraser in the future.Or brushes. ”Of course, a great feature is keeping a history of absolutely the entire painting process. Artists conducting workshops and webinars will definitely appreciate this opportunity.

True, we found some drawbacks as well. First of all: the sheet is not fixed, it dangles and you have to hold it with your hand when you draw in the air. But there is also a second important nuance that follows immediately after the first flaw. The surface that captures the movement of the pen is located under all sheets of the notebook.However, in the process of drawing, the sheets themselves tend to bend, shift slightly, etc. When digitizing, parts of the image can also slightly change position relative to each other.

Especially if you drew one picture for a long time, moved the folder for an hour, etc. The offsets are usually not critical, but still noticeable and rather chaotic. During work, we also found that the sensor may not record very light strokes and touches: on paper, thin lines will be visible, but they will not get into the digital version.Therefore, despite the most natural and familiar process of drawing on paper, you still have to get used to using Spark effectively. And also a minus for professional drawing is the fact that the current Wacom software does not allow to display the resulting “digitization” in its full quality at the moment. For example, a picture cannot be used in the desktop vector editor Adobe Illustrator. I hope the company will add such a function over time, because technically “hard” line capture is very high quality and with a high level of detail.

However, I did not stop and continued to explore the Bamboo Spark further.

After all, Bamboo Spark was created not only for sketching, but also for working with notes. The audience of the device is extremely wide.

Let’s imagine a situation. You are at a seminar or lecture. In your hands or on a table in front of you Spark, and next to a tablet or phone with an open application. You take notes, notes. After the page of the notebook is filled with writing, simply press the button, the “digitization” flies into the device, you turn the page and continue.At the end of the event, you will have several handwritten pages of text.

Now look. Let’s go back to the capabilities of the Bamboo Spark app. Namely, to export. In addition to the previously described conversions to PDF, PNG and WILL formats, we can use the “Export as text” item. What it is?

And this is … recognition. In Russian! Moreover, a completely working one – one that can already be used in everyday life right now.Can you imagine? You write on paper, take notes, then press a couple of buttons and your abstract is automatically converted into typed text! The future has already arrived.

The recognition function is in the “Beta” stage. This means that you will not get 100% error-free work yet. However, the error rate is extremely small. I wrote a small text for a section of my site in a notebook, digitized it and decided to recognize it. A couple of seconds – and in front of me is a printed version of everything with a couple of minor errors, which will not be difficult to correct at all.Very cool.

Summing up. The Wacom Bamboo Spark is a perfectly working system right now.

This system from Wacom will integrate into your life and work process as easily and comfortably as possible. You don’t have to waste time acquiring any special skills. Spend a couple of evenings and become a true Bamboo Spark Master. Interestingly, even when working with the device, thoughts come to how you can use it. And this happens in some completely natural way.

Who needs Spark? It will be useful for artists, entrepreneurs, students, and company managers. The device really turned out to be universal. In my opinion, the current version of the software only does not fully reveal the potential of the device.

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