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50 Most Popular Storage Bins and Boxes for 2021

If you’re looking to eliminate clutter and create a more streamlined living space, consider a popular home organization product: storage bins. Versatile and multifunctional, storage boxes double as both item receptacles and complementary decor pieces, available in a variety of materials, designs, colors and sizes. From crates to cubes to baskets to trunks, there is a stylish storage solution for every household!

Utilize storage bins in your home office.

With the large amount of clutter that can accumulate in a home office, it makes sense to implement a simple, catch-all system. That’s where decorative storage boxes come in. These organizational must-haves come in a variety of forms, materials, colors and designs that can energize and organize any workspace. A well-placed decorative basket can hold various odds and ends, while smaller, plastic storage bins are the ideal depository for pens, pencils, paper clips and other small office accessories. Utilize a desk organizer to keep your workspace neat, and stash your cords, plugs and all other electronic items you’ll regularly need in accessible fabric storage cubes.

Clean up your closet with storage boxes.

With the assortment of clothes, shoes and just general stuff, closets are prone to mess and disarray. The solution to closet chaos? Storage bins! With the wide variety of stylish storage containers available, you can now color coordinate your closet just like you color coordinate your outfits. Invest in a matching storage box set with pieces that come in a variety of sizes — arrange accessories such as scarves, belts and gloves in a smaller container, and utilize the bigger units to house items such as hats, purses and clothes that are out of season. Arrange your boxes on a shelf or, if they are stackable storage bins with lids, arrange them according to size and weight. If your shelf is high up, consider adding labels or using clear storage bins so you can easily tell what’s inside. If you don’t have any available shelf space but do have some floor space, look into stackable storage cubes for fast organization; trunks and chests are also ideal solutions for stashing items like bulky clothes and old mementos.

Consolidate electronics with storage containers.

From extra phone chargers to unused power strips to rarely watched DVDs, electronics and their accessories can take up valuable shelf space and/or become a tangled mess in a drawer. Storage bins allow you to easily organize these items in a logical way and reclaim your shelf and drawer space. Neatly wrap cords up, label or color code them, and place them in a plastic tub or fabric drawer; invest in some DVD or CD slips, then organize them alphabetically in a classic wooden storage bin. Arrange these storage boxes in accessible but out of the way areas and voilà —you now have a cleared out drawer and/or more shelf space thanks to the organizational magic of the storage bin.

Customize your storage boxes.

There’s never a better time to break out the label maker than with organizational bins. If you have underbed storage, plastic storage bins or a set of nesting boxes, labeling is a great way to easily identify what’s inside. If you’re the crafty type, you can also decorate with colorful or patterned elements like washi tape, paint, markers, ribbons and more! There are a lot of different colors of bins to choose from, but gray storage bins and white storage bins are always popular options.

Find where to buy Storage Bins & Boxes and get inspired with our curated ideas for Storage Bins & Boxes to find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Storage Bins & Boxes for sale, from brands like CB STATION, Design Imports, and Quantum Storage Systems, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Storage Bins & Boxes, like the Oskar Letter Size Lidded Document Box or the DII Burlap Bin Diamond Gray Rectangle Medium, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Storage Bins & Boxes online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.

Oxford Cloth Steel Frame Storage Box(🎉Summer Hot Sale

Vicki W.

We are doing Spring cleaning and I ordered these for my husband’s closet. While I was expecting cloth they are not and have an odor when first opened, but quickly disappeared. I am definitely ordering more as they hold tons of clothing as shown in the ad! I would recommend these to anyone wanting to organize.

Jane L.

These wheel and box are amazing. Very very like them.

Alisa D.

These wheel and box are amazing. Very very like them.

Cheryl A.

The only thing I would change about this is I wish it had like a cardboard type bottom or a base that made it a little bit more firm because it basically is just like material and it takes the shape of whatever you put in there I kind of want to be able to stack it up so I can keep adding to it but I just simply cut a piece of cardboard and put it in myself it is a great product

angela m.

These bags are HUGE. The capacity of the medium is good for huge blankets or for storing winter sweaters.

Adele S.

Put a blanket and sweaters in one, still had room. And filled the others with new clothes for future use.

Adina M.

I just received these and I am very happy so far.

espen f.

They are great for storing seasonal clothes!

Christine C.

I like that I can safely put away what I will not be using for the season and it would be breathing and living happily in these.

Thu Y.

The material seems to be good and I like how it is clear. I am also a fan of how easy they are to carry around just in case I need to put winter stuff in it.

Claire A.

They are collapsible so another plus.

Lori A.

Much bigger than I was expecting, I do not think I paid too much attention to the dimensions.

jacey g.

hey hold a good amount of yarn when I need to store things. Could also double as good storage for finished Afghans,Blankets and other projects as well.

marlene n.

Even though I looked at the dimensions, the Large bags were bigger than I expected.

Andreas Z.

They are great for storing seasonal decorative pillows.

Brittney K.

The bags make it easy to store multiple space savers on top of one another to save even more space.

Sonja E.

The one I use in combination with the space saver vacuum bags I store in the basement.

Lisa S.

After two large pillows, a mattress pad and a queen size comforter, I was able to zip it up with no trouble at all. I was thinking about all the new stuff I can buy sine I have room for it.

Ashley E.

These bins were huge.

Adrienne H.

For the price, they are great. I was able to put so many sheets in one bag. Blankets in another one to store away. Still have the third to fill.. Plan on getting more

Frank A.

Just what I needed for out of season sweaters and tops.

Yaletza S.

There are handles on each side, which made hoisting the full bag overhead to one of the higher shelves in the closet.

Susan A.

The bags appear sturdy enough to handle heavier items, but then, of course, the weight of the bag would also be heavier.

Crafted b.

The handles help a lot since my blankets are heavy.

Sarah A.

These are extra large so I only ended up using 1 and a half! The bottom is holding two queen crochet blankets, one full size comforter set including pillows, one full size crochet blanket, and one baby crochet blanket.

Melissa S.

I put two dryer sheets in them to make them smell nice.

Annette B.

I was very surprised with the quality of this storage bag.

rebecca o.

It seems to be well-made and seems to hold up very well, after this first week.

Abbey S.

Anyway, there is a lots of room and the zippers work great and It seems to be very sturdy and I am very happy with it. I would definitely buy it again.

Amy A.

Terrific storage units. Fit perfectly on my closet shelf and protects my sweaters… easy entry with the big zipper front.


Brett S.

These are awesome!!

Heather V.

Love these stackable storage boxes… easy to assemble….

Sherrye Q.

Love these stackables! Wanted more and of course out of red. But definitely will reorder when color is returned to stock.

Juang s.

These are great. Store your summer or winter, blankets, etc in these. front panel allows you to see what is in them and easy to unzip front panel and remove what you want. easy loading from the top that also unzips. I love these.

Tia A.

So sturdy, and brilliant design with the two zipper openings and clear areas.

adrian b.

Very functional.

Behcets O.

Cloth boxes hold quite a bit and are reinforced with metal legs. Good purchase

Debbie C.

I thought I would use them in storage but they are nice looking and presentable enough to be in the home.

richard s.

Will definitely order more. Also no smell, no defects. Very happy

Barbara T.

Great product. Sturdy, functional and good looking. Very satisfied with product and highly recommend!

Alisha A.

I love the metal frame that makes these stack neatly whether or not completely full. Durable material, and windows help to know which box you need.

Tien P.

They helped to make my small closets work more effectively and seem bigger.

Rebecca L.

I like the access window on front and zipper on top.

Brenda G.

I love this product.

Katelyn S.

Great for storing fabric.

Ellen R.

Great, practical and beautiful storage. The zippers for top or side access and the big window to see your stuff are perfect. I have 6 of these is different colors, they look great in your closet.

Alexandra H.

So glad I purchased, will tell my family and friends. Thanks so much.

Ashley L.

They are great, big and stable.

Adam C.

Exactly for what I need. I am thinking to buy more. The price is worthy.


fabulous, good size and very good quality

oleksandr t.

These are excellent!! They don��t flop over like a lot of the other brands. They work perfect for storing clothes.

Benson A.

Great for storing fabric.

Alaina S.

fabulous, good size and very good quality

Dana A.

They are great, big and stable. Exactly for what I need. I am thinking to buy more. The price is worthy.

Judd A.

I like the texture and the looks, it’s sturdy and not cheap-looking. I like the access window on front and zipper on top. – no guessing where I can find stuff. I will more of it.

Fiona A.

These are awesome!! So sturdy, and brilliant design with the two zipper openings and clear areas. Very functional. I thought I would use them in storage but they are nice looking and presentable enough to be in the home. Will definitely order more. Also no smell, no defects. Very happy

Adam P.

These storage boxes are so pretty and sturdy I bought quite a few to organize not only my clothes but also my linens. They helped to make my small closets work more effectively and seem bigger.

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DIY Fabric Storage Boxes – How to Make (Per Your Request)

Okay, the fabric storage box tutorial is here. 

(Sorry for the little tease last friday and no actual tutorial.  We were trying to get on the road for our trip to ID… things got crazy last week.  But we’re here.  And safe.  And enjoying Idaho.  “Hi Idahoans!!”)

I’m guessing there are probably 100 different ways to make fabric boxes though.  Square, rectangle, angled edges, stackable, etc.  And then the thickness can be super stiff, thin and foldable, thick and soft with batting, flexible, etc.  I mean, my word, once I started looking at storage boxes at the store……I was shocked at all of the variety.

(And last year, I even made storage boxes out of cardboard here, if interested.)

So for today’s fabric boxes, I kept things moderately simple……and not too costly.   Because then what’s the purpose in making them myself?  (Other than the fact that you can make them the exact color and print you want.  And that is usually enough of a reason for me!  But you know what I mean…)

Anyway, maybe some of you have made fabric storage boxes before……..but here’s my version.

(And yeah, I’ll be making a few more.  But I ran out of time before our little trip and was excited to show you them anyway.)

The boxes have side handles…….and a front window to slide in a content label.

So what kind of stuff do you need organized?  Toys?  Sewing supplies?  Cords and chargers?  Diapers and wipes?  Toilet paper?  Whatever it is……you can always switch it up with the little window that you can slide labels in and out.

But what’s keeping those bins nice and upright?  Nope, not cardboard (though I did consider that).  I slid in pieces of plastic canvas between the layers.  I was actually thinking of using thick sheets of heavy duty plastic but couldn’t find anything that worked as I walked through the craft store.   Until I came upon these.  Worked like a charm.

So make some for the kids room, for your craft room, for the storage shelves in your den, up in that one empty spot on the book shelf……..or even to throw in the car between the bucket seats.  Who doesn’t need an extra storage box or two.

Anyway, would you like to make some for yourself?

Okay, first off……I bought all of my supplies at Joann Fabric.  But you could purchase these items anywhere.  The canvas could even be purchased online, I’m sure.

But this is the type of canvas I bought.  (It’s that stuff that you can sew through with a needle and yarn and create designs and book covers and such.)  And if you click on it to enlarge it, it says that it’s ultra stiff plastic canvas.  The sturdier the better because you want your boxes to have good shape.

The fabric I chose was some home decor fabric.  So like a thick fabric that they sell for like outdoor fabrics, or to recover wooden chairs or stools with.   But not that super thick couch-like upholstery fabric.  That would be hard to work with….and too heavy.

**Each box measures ( in inches) 9.5 tall x 11 wide x 8.5 deep.**

 To begin, cut out an outer piece and a lining piece of fabric that are both 40 x 14 1/4 inches.  Then cut two pieces of fusible interfacing that same size.

Then iron the interfacing to the “wrong” side of the fabrics.

Then sew both fabric pieces into tubes, sewing the two shorter ends together with right sides together.

Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance and you can either zig-zag (and trim) the raw edges or serge them.

Do the same thing with the lining piece and set aside.

Now, turn the outer fabric tube to the right side and iron the seam flat open.  Then fold this fabric tube flat, with the side seam exactly along one side.  Then place a pin along the other side, right at the top, just to mark the exact other side of the tube.  The side seam will be the exact back of the box and the pin you just placed will be the exact front of the box.

Then open up the tube just a bit and fold the tube together again, matching up the side seam with the pin (the blue pin below) that marks the “front” of the box (that you placed in the last step), right in the center.  Press the tube flat again, giving you new side edges.  Place pins at each end at the top (see the yellow pins?).  These are going to be the exact center of the sides of your box.  Essentially you just divided the tube into 4 quarters.

Next, you’ll be attaching handles on the sides.  Cut out 2 strips of fabric that are 8.5 x 3 inches.  Fold each strip together lengthwise and sew the long edges together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Then turn each tube right side out.  (Need help turning a tube right side out?  Click here)

Iron them both flat with the seam going along the back side.

Then fold each end towards the back about 3/4 of an inch.  Pin in place.

Then turn over and place the handle about 2 inches from the top upper edge, making sure to center the middle the handle right where the pin is at the top edge.   And to make the handle bubble out, place the two edges only 6 inches apart.

Then sew each end down……making a box with an “X” through it to make it nice and sturdy.

Next cut out a piece of clear vinyl (this stuff comes on big rolls at the fabric store) that is 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 iches (or whatever size you want.

Then attach some 1/4 inch double folded bias tape to the edges.  (More on bias tape here.)

Then center it on the front side of the tube, right below the pin that you put to mark the center.  Place it about 3 1/2 inches below the top top edge.

Then sew around the outer 3 edges of the window, attaching it to the main fabric.

Now, slide the lining inside  of the outer fabric, with “wrong” sides together.  Match up the raw edges.

Line up the back seam of the outer fabric with the side seam of the lining fabric.

Now pin the edges of the outer fabric and the lining together along the top and bottom.   Now place the back of the fabric box towards you, with that seam running right down the center.  The front and back of the box will be 11 inches wide.  So place a ruler right on top of that seam and line up the 5 1/2 mark (which is half of 11) with the seam and then place a pin at each side, 11 inches apart.  (So, at the “0” mark and the “11” mark.)  Place several pins down the front of the box, marking this back section.

Then connect those pin marks with a chalk line, which is where you will be sewing a line later on.

Draw the 2 chalk lines down the back, that are 11 inches apart.  Then do the same to the front as well, making sure to center the 11 inch distance below the center pin that you placed on the front of the tube.  So now you have 4 vertical chalk lines running down the tube.  They are 11 inches apart in the front, which makes them 8 1/2 inches apart on the sides.  Now, sew down those chalk lines, only sewing through one layer of the outer fabric and one layer of the lining fabric with each seam.

Here’s a view from the side.   The orange arrows are pointing to the seams that are 8 1/2 inches apart on the side.

And see what you’ve created?  4 little sections that can open up.

Now measure up 4 3/4 inches from the bottom and mark with pins.  Draw another chalk line (if you want) all the way around the bottom, connecting those pins that are all 4 3/4 inches up from the bottom edge.

Sew along that chalk line, all the way around, only sewing through the one layer of outer fabric and the one layer of lining fabric.  So, you are sewing one big circle and the tube should still be open.  This line just creates little compartments to slide your canvas in later.

Now, turn the tube inside out with the upper edge at the top and the exact sides right at the sides and the front and back directly in the exact center.  (The front and back vertical lines should match up at the top and bottom.)  Then sew along the bottom of the tube, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.   Finish off the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch (and trim) or serger.

Now, look at the bottom corners.  Place a pin right at the side where that seam (that is 4 3/4 inch from the bottom) hits the side.

Now grab the bottom corner and pull the front side away from the back side.

Then flatten this corner down so that the finished seam is now centered along the top. Make the tip nice and pointy while lining up the seam that’s now running along the top,

Then turn the fabric over on it’s side and make the tip nice and pointy while lining up the seam that’s now running along the top, even with the pin that you placed on the back side.  Just feel it with your fingers and line them up.

See?  Here’s the pin centered on the other side.

As you’re folding and adjusting, you will see a horizontal line and a vertical line that cross one another along each side of this triangle shape.  They should intersect right along this new fold that you have made.

Then sew right along that horizontal line that is already there (which should be about 8 1/2 inches across).  If it’s not exact, don’t sweat it.  Then cut off the excess fabric and zig-zag or serge the raw edge.

Do the same with the other corner.  Now you should have a nice square looking bottom.

Now, if you found the same 12 x 18 ultra stiff canvas sheets that I did, you will need 3 sheets of it to use for one box.  But if you want to double up the thickness of each side of your box, you will need twice this amount.  (Doubling it up may work better for you, depending on what you’re using the box for.)

Now, trim your canvas down to the appropriate size, and slide down into each section.

Make sure to really slide it down into each side.  You want the canvas pieces snug so that the walls of the box have good shape and aren’t floppy.  Make sure that the canvas piece is 1/2 inch shorter than the fabric (so that you can add your bias tape).

Then, use some 1/2 inch double fold bias tape along the upper edge of the box, adjusting the canvas and really shoving down into each slot as you sew.  you will have to start and stop many times to adjust, and that’s okay.

Finally, cut 2 rectangles that fit snugly into the very bottom of the box.  Cut a piece of fabric that is a couple inches bigger around all edges.

Then use a glue gun to glue the edges around the 2 canvas sheets.

Then slide the bottom right down into the box.  You can either hot glue it down or just leave it there.  It should be snug enough to stay in place though.

And that’s it.  You are ready to make several more boxes.

(And don’t forget to print off some titles to slide into your clear window.)

Now, fill them up!

Try your hand at these other fun DIY storage solutions:

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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90,000 Drawers, boxes, organizers and storage baskets – what to choose

Oniomania. Who did not find himself in the middle of Ikea with a full basket of all the essentials and the thought “Take only a hanger, only a hanger, only a hanger.” Translated from official to consumer, oniomania is shopaholism, that is, the constant search and purchase of things unnecessarily.

Shopaholism has two obvious disadvantages: the decreasing balance of the bank card and … the lack of free space in the house! And even though all things are very beautiful and sometimes even quite useful, they very often have nowhere to store them.

Storage is more art than science. Although it does not do without secret formulas either. We decided to figure out the main thing: where it is most convenient to store things and how to use different containers correctly – boxes, boxes, bags.

Contents of the article:
  1. Why packaging is needed
  2. The main options for storing things and how to use them
  3. Ordinary boxes
  4. Boxes for documents
  5. Boxes for household and digital appliances
  6. Small cloth boxes for change
  7. Boxes
  8. Baskets
  9. Plastic containers for things
  10. Boxes and trunks
  11. Organizers
  12. Pouches
  13. Where to store things if it is inconvenient at home
  14. Storage Must Be Easy

Why packaging is needed

What if no packaging at all? Maybe just put things on shelves, tables, on pedestals and where will they have to? Let’s see what threatens things if you don’t take care of their proper storage.

1. Things are gathering dust. The owners of black pianos, for example, are well aware of dust. If you had this, you would immediately notice how much dust settles on the surface in just one day! Therefore, it is better to store most things in a closed way of storage – namely in boxes, drawers or cabinets.

2. Things are a mess and cannot be found. When you just put a thing anywhere, then its place is not fixed in your head at all. A simple kitchen example: when spices and various cereals are laid out in containers of different colors, you automatically remember and associate a thing, object or product with its packaging.When you purchase a beautiful jewelry box, you will know exactly where to put them, which means you will instantly find what you need.

3. Things spoil the appearance of the house, leaving no chance for comfort. When things are just in a chaotic order, they create a sense of disharmony, in such an atmosphere it is very difficult to concentrate.

4. Things can deteriorate due to external influences. The packaging or the correct storage container protects the item from accidentally spilled coffee.

Main storage options and how to use them

There are a lot of different things in the house. And if you use different storage methods, you can significantly save space in the room and make it spacious and comfortable. It’s time to figure out what is where.

Plain boxes

Advantages. Cardboard storage boxes are environmentally friendly – they can be recycled, they are durable and you can always choose the design to match the style of your interior.They are also a plus in a large selection of sizes: from small storage boxes to huge boxes made of thick cardboard.

What they are suitable for. Cardboard boxes are ideal for storing documents, letters, drawings, postcards. They can also store books, clothes, wires, household appliances, electronics. Cardboard boxes with a lid protect against dust, but they are still susceptible to moisture, so they should not be used as the main storage method in extremely damp rooms.

Document boxes

Advantages. Since the boxes for documents come with lids and special holes, it is very convenient to store a lot of documents in them. Even if the box is heavy, it will be easy to pick up and move with both hands.

What they are suitable for. For storing documents and large quantities of paper.

Boxes for household and digital appliances

Advantages. It is convenient to store in boxes for household appliances that which does not require daily use – such boxes can be stored in closed cabinets.

What they are suitable for. For storing household appliances. For example, if you do not like ironing often, but sometimes use the iron, do not throw away the box from it. Place the item in its packaging and place it on the far shelf of the cabinet (you need to store what you use daily on the convenient nearby shelves).

Small cloth boxes for small change

Advantages. The tissue boxes are very pleasant to the touch and can be easily cleaned if they get dirty. And you can also choose the fabric specifically for the design of the room and make such a box an element of decor.

What they are suitable for. For storing cosmetics, threads, sewing accessories, household items (hair dryer, curling iron, combs), souvenirs.


Advantages. There are wooden, metal, plastic and wicker boxes.The advantages of boxes are that they are mobile – you can attach wheels, handles, make tight lids to them. Metal boxes are very reliable, plastic – protect from moisture, wicker – will be a great decoration for the interior. When choosing a material, keep the indoor conditions in mind. The disadvantage of wooden boxes is that over time the wood dries up and they become fragile, for this storage method it is better to get a humidifier.

What they are suitable for. Small storage boxes with lid are suitable for personal items – cosmetics, hobby items, office supplies.

Wooden boxes are suitable for storing vegetables, books, photo albums, children’s toys.

Metal storage boxes will help you store bathroom accessories in the bathroom, and small boxes with a lid for small items are convenient to use in the kitchen – for spices, tea, coffee.

Plastic boxes are useful for household needs – storing tools, outdoor toys for children, household items.

Wicker boxes are suitable for storing toys, as well as for wires and equipment in the living room (they will not spoil the interior and at the same time hide visually ugly wires).

Soft storage boxes are suitable for bed linen, towels, accessories – scarves, ties, belts, as well as underwear, socks and tights.


Advantages. Baskets can be wicker, plastic and wooden. The first two types are environmentally friendly, suitable for different interior styles (Provence, classic, boho, Scandinavia), and plastic baskets are advantageous because they are easy to wash, they are lightweight and very practical.

What they are suitable for. Wooden and wicker baskets are great for storing fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. In the room, they can be used as an element of decor and put small things there – flash drives, remotes, threads, keys. But the main contender for the baskets is the nursery! It is very convenient to put toys into such baskets, they are pleasant to use and easily fit into the interior of the room.

Plastic storage containers

Advantages. In 2020, using plastic is like that. We agree that in all cases where plastic can be replaced with a more sustainable material, it is better to do so. And plastic containers look pretty rough. However, they have their advantages: in transparent plastic boxes, you can immediately see what is inside – so, for example, you can store colored threads and accessories for needlework. Also, plastic containers can be washed, so it is convenient to store tools in them – even if they are dirty, you can easily wash the container.

What they are suitable for. Plastic containers are absolutely universal. They store food, clothing, shoes, household appliances and hobby accessories.

Trunks and cases

Advantages. Cases and boxes are very reliable. They will be able to protect the things that you are going to store as much as possible. It is not for nothing that musical instruments are stored in them, for example. The great advantage of wardrobe trunks is that they retain their shape and are ready to withstand loads and any mechanical damage.

What they are suitable for. For valuable items – musical instruments, fragile items, dinnerware sets, memorabilia and expensive items.


Advantages. Organizers are very mobile and this is their main feature – you can hang it where it is convenient, move it from place to place and experiment with design. They are also quite roomy and help free up horizontal surfaces (which means it will be easier to clean).

What they are suitable for. For storing cosmetics, care products, combs, brushes, cleaning products, stationery, toys and even shoes.


Advantages. The pouches are handy where a box or wardrobe trunk won’t fit. They can also be used for soiled items or food such as potatoes, garage supplies or shoes. The bags can be made of natural fabrics – then jewelry can be stored in them.

What they are suitable for. Bags are suitable for storing clothes (vacuum bags can be used), seasonal outerwear, which usually takes up a lot of space on hangers, toys, food stocks – nuts, cereals.

Where to store things if it is inconvenient at home

There are things that you cannot put in a wicker basket or hide under a bed. For example, your favorite bike is not used from October to May, but takes up a lot of space. Seasonal clothes, boxes with photo albums and other memorabilia, baby things for growth, car tires or exercise equipment – all this is not always convenient to store at home.

Entrust the storage of such things to professionals – the Attic. The Attic Movers will come to your home, pack neatly and take them to storage.

The attic is not just a warm warehouse. This is a safe warehouse. We treat things as if they were our own, so each client’s belongings are securely packed and carefully stored on a separate pallet.

When there are too many things at home, or something is knocked out of your interior, write to us – we will be happy to save everything. And in order not to waste time and effort, we have a delivery service right to your home.In any weather, we will arrive, pick up things and return them with one click in the mobile application.

Storage Must Be Easy

We are convinced: endless tidying up, trying to remove something bulky from your eyes or finding a place for sports equipment – all this takes time and nerves. The attic offers a solution – we store what you find difficult or unwilling to store. Just write and we will do everything. We are waiting for photos of things and are ready to leave!

How to select trunks and storage boxes

There are more and more things, and less and less living space.This regularity of the era of total overproduction, multiplied by the primordially Russian “thrift”, leads to the fact that our square meters begin to resemble the dwelling of Gogol’s Plyushkin. How not to turn an apartment into a warehouse and enjoy the fact that everything is in its place and is at hand?

When organizing your own storage system, you can take as a basis the principle of modularity of space. The role of an autonomous unit “designer” in it is played by trunks, boxes, baskets, selected in size and visual characteristics.

5 advantages of modular storage

There are advantages in storing things in block containers:

• They save up to 40% of space and make it possible to use the most unexpected corners of the apartment for storage – space under the bed, furniture niches, open shelves. And without sacrificing design.

• This is the best way to sort things , arrange them by directions.

• With the help of wardrobe trunks and boxes it is easy to keep the tidy in the closet, dressing room, on open shelves in the hallway or kitchen. A lot of small things of different sizes are “transformed” into a set of neat boxes, from which, if you wish, you can even make an independent composition.

• Closed container – reliable protection against dust , moisture, sunlight, foreign odors, and other unfavorable factors.

The mobility of the organizer allows you to arrange the space according to the constructor principle by moving or adding containers.

What is kept in trunks and boxes?

To pick up organizers, determine the quantity and size, , first of all, sort things . Get rid of the superfluous and unnecessary. Then figure out what is best to store in which boxes.

For clothes, home textiles, storage trunks are suitable, both soft and hard. Bulky items – bedding, knitwear, jackets, warm clothes, seasonal accessories can be folded into soft trunks .

boxes and shelving boxes store shoes, cosmetics, toys, stationery, and accessories for gadgets. Detergents, hygiene products, handicraft accessories, newspapers, magazines can be easily folded into wicker baskets .

Super price

RM-BOX-L250x30x20 cm

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DP90804040x30x20 cm

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BLK-S-240x30x20 cm

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CG-BCTN-DR-2S33x25x19 cm

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Types of containers

A huge assortment of volumetric organizers can only be classified conditionally, since they are more universal.Let’s consider the most popular products.

Shelving boxes and trunks come with a rigid frame, there are models with a hinged lid and open. With the help of a handle on the side wall, it is convenient to pull them out without disturbing the order.

Designed for clothing, seasonal accessories, hats. Wardrobe trunks for clothes and textiles are equipped with a transparent window.

Soft trunks (covers) are used for organizing things in closets, storing light shoes.Allows you to compactly fold bedding – blankets, blankets, pillows. A transparent zippered lid or insert allows you to visually identify the contents.

Suspended multisection wardrobe trunks are designed to optimize the vertical space, create additional shelves for all sorts of little things, bags, children’s things, toys.

Boxes made of laminated cardboard are distinguished by clear geometric shapes, spaciousness, stability, beautiful design.The universal containers hold everything from clothing to jewelry and office supplies. The tight lid protects the contents from dust penetration. With the help of handles, the box can be easily moved from place to place.

Shoe boxes made of molded plastic and cardboard are indispensable for seasonal storage. They are produced in various modifications: with hinged, sliding lids, metal edging, corners, with a transparent insert.

Wicker baskets made of straw and polypropylene – a fashionable organizer that transforms the interior.Baskets with fabric inner covers can be used to store delicate items and utensils. Moisture resistant polypropylene baskets are perfect for small items in the bathroom.

• A separate line contains boxes for children’s things and toys . Their distinctive feature is colorfulness, game design. Capacious containers stylized as ottomans, pieces of furniture, in addition to their intended use, also decorate the children’s room.


When choosing trunks and boxes, along with volumetric parameters and appearance, material , from which the container is made, plays an important role.By touching things, he influences them in any case – and it is better if positively. Do not use pure polyethylene packaging for storage – in this case, the contents do not “breathe”, condensation collects inside and, as a result, things deteriorate. But the hostess did not want that at all, carefully putting them away for storage … It is for this reason that the contents of the vacuum bags are recommended to be aired once every 3 months .

Cases made of non-woven fabric are durable, waterproof, dirt-repellent and breathable.Due to these characteristics, it is preferable to store things made of natural fabrics, woolen knitwear, fur, leather in them. Airless spaces such as vacuum packaging are contraindicated for these products.

Packaging cardboard is a natural, environmentally friendly, “breathable” material. Among the advantages are frame stability, strength. Suitable for storing clothes, shoes.

Plastic boxes can be safely used for storing all sorts of little things, office supplies, children’s toys and other sundries, for which tightness is not contraindicated.Moreover, most of them have holes for air circulation.

Wardrobe trunks made of polyester , thanks to modern technologies, are not inferior to natural materials, and even surpass them in some indicators. They are more durable, moisture resistant, more reliably protect against the penetration of odors.


The choice of box parameters depends on whether is you are going to put in it and where to store .The rack version is made for standard sizes of shelves in cabinets and, as a rule, does not exceed 40 cm in length, width – 30 cm, height – 25 cm.

Rigid saddlebags are produced in several modifications. From small shelving units to very spacious ones. To prevent large trunks from sagging under the weight of the contents, their walls are additionally reinforced with dense inserts. However, you need to understand that large containers filled to the top with things are quite difficult to move, therefore, you may be more comfortable with ordinary medium trunks for storage.

Soft covers for blankets, textiles, shoes can be up to 100 cm in length and do not exceed 20 cm in height. It is convenient to place them in furniture niches, under the bed, but only in a horizontal position.

The variety of choice of storage boxes allows you to choose products that can be stored both on open shelves and on mezzanines, in closets. Most often, boxes differ in height – from 14 cm for small items, accessories, jewelry, up to 32 cm – toys, office supplies, and clothes are removed from them.Having picked up high-quality and beautiful storage boxes, you can not only put your things in perfect order, but even decorate the interior.

Visual characteristics

Storage boxes and wardrobe trunks can be used not only as an organizer, but also as an independent decorative element. The elegant modules selected in the same style will harmoniously fit into the interior of the hallway, dressing room, bedroom, nursery. Boxes with a bright print will cheer you up on a rainy day, and plain classic boxes made of high-quality laminated cardboard will create a sense of order and peace.

Wicker baskets and boxes in pastel shades will organically complement interiors made in provincial (Provence, country) and ethnic (Moroccan, Mediterranean) styles.

You can choose monochromatic organizers with an unobtrusive restrained print, a bright floral pattern, or painted ones for children’s things.

As you can see, ordinary trunks and boxes can significantly modify the storage system, transform the interior.We hope that our recommendations will serve as a starting point in your search for your own style of living space arrangement.

Storage systems, organizers and wardrobe trunks for clothes and shoes

Backfill question: Where are your socks? What about fashionable shoes? Laundry organizers and boxes for storing clothes and shoes will tell you where to look for them. Place the boxes in an empty space under the bed or leave them in plain sight on the hanging shelf, and you can easily find and take out clothes and shoes.

Product filter

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Wooden desktop organizer MASTER-FLOMASTER “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “ “,” title “:” Kitchen rack-organizer magnetic for the refrigerator “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Sliding Closet shelf Storage Rack (30-40 cm) “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Rotating Stand Carousel”, “video “:” “}

{“image”: “https: //”,”title”:”Plastic box for storing shoes 27 cm (5pcs) “,” video “:” ” }

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Hanging organizer for bags” , “video”: “”}

{“image”: “ “,” title “:” Kitchen Organizer pull-out floor standing “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Clothes folding device”, “video”: ” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Suspended shoe organizer Shoe Organizer “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “https: //”,”title”:” Storage Organizer wall swivel shelf 3 tiers “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Travel shoe organizer”, “video”: ” “}

{“image”: “ “,” title “:” Storage Organizer floor-standing pull-out rack (4 tiers) “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Container for storing Garbage Bag Box packages”, “video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Set of clips for socks”, “video”: ” “}

{“image”: “https: //”,”title”:” Multi-functional Desktop Storage Rack “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Adjustable Clamps, “video”: “”}

{“image”: “ “,” title “:” Plastic box for storing shoes 33 cm (5pcs) “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Organizer for Roll-N-Go cosmetics”, ” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Double Shoe Racks Shoe Rack”, “video” : “”}

{“image”: “https: //”,”title”:” Universal sliding shelf (50-80 cm) “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Storage Wardrobe” , “video”: “”}

{“image”: “ “,” title “:” Beauty Cinch-Up Cosmetic Organizer “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Hamper Hoops basketball basket”, “video” : “”}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Folding cloth wardrobe Storage Wardrobe (110x45x175cm) “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “https: //”,”title”:” BraBag organizer “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Travel organizer for cosmetics”, “video”: ” “}

{“image”: “ “,” title “:” Cosmetic bag \ “My life is full of love \” “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Organizer for storing socks \” Diamonds \ “”, “video”: “”}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Foldable travel organizer”, “video”: ” “}

{“image”: “https: //”,”title”:” Travel Series Travel Organizer “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Cosmetic organizer for travel”, “video”: “”}

{“image”: “ “,” title “:” Wardrobe Closet “,” video “:” “}

{“image”: “”, “title”: “Organizer for shirts”, “video”: “” }

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You can buy storage systems, organizers and wardrobe trunks for clothes and shoes at competitive prices in our OldDom online store.Our store provides fast delivery throughout Russia using well-known delivery services.

Struggling to deal with a mess? With organizers for storage, you can make the most of your wardrobe or chest of drawers, and always know exactly where what lies. In the online store you will find wardrobe trunks, boxes and containers for every little thing – and for every taste.

Tissue Box Holder Wooden Case Desktop Storage Boxes Remote Control Holder Home Office Organizer

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When my package arrived, I was amazed at the quality of Tissue Box Holder, Wooden Case, Desktop Storage Boxes, Home Office Remote Control Holder, Organizer .In my thinking, it is not easy to find such an item from high quality materials. the thing turned out to be a great deal! I am glad that I purchased it. Who would have expected me to get something good on the internet. I came across several similar models from other sellers, but it wasn’t really anything good. Either the look or the quality seemed too cheap, so they kept looking.

I was on the lookout for a gift for my partner and I’m glad I got this one.I read somewhere a thing quite popular with a lot of people. A friend of mine has been using it for a while now and seems confidently happy. So I think I was lucky to find this store.

Delivery and payment

Delivery methods

We offer a variety of shipping methods to ship our products around the world safely and quickly. We work with UPS, DHL, EMS and seller’s shipping method. You can choose the shipping method you like.However, if your order contains too many branded products, we may ship it via different couriers to avoid the customs problem. And we will inform you of the situation before we ship your items. so please keep in touch with our sales.

You can also choose “Pick Up”, which means that you pick up the goods directly from our warehouse without paying any shipping fees.

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on the items you order and the method of delivery you choose.Generally speaking, your order will be shipped within 1 ~ 3 days after your payment has been verified. Delivery times for customized products may be longer depending on order quantities and manufacturing methods.

Shipping costs

Shipping cost depends on the distance between your location and China and the shipping method you choose. You can calculate shipping costs by clicking the “Calculate Shipping Cost” button next to the “Add to Cart” button on each product page, or check the page before paying.Shipping cost for different shipping methods will be displayed clearly.

Payment methods

Shopping at this store is safe, fast and convenient. To make life easier, we accept a range of secure payment methods designed to be completely safe and friendly. When you shop at this store, your privacy and online security are always guaranteed.

Seller guarantees

Return Policy

If the product you received is not as described or of poor quality, the seller promises to return it before order completion (when you click Confirm Order Received or exceed confirmation time) and receive a full refund.The return fee will be paid by you. Or you can keep the product and negotiate the refund amount directly with the seller.

Seller Service

If you have not received your purchase within a few days, you can ask for a full refund before completing your order (when you click Confirm Order Received or exceed the confirmation time).

Thermal cabinet “Cellar” – features of the balcony storage

Residents of large cities do not have the opportunity to dig out a cellar near the house and put supplies there for the winter.That is why people began to use alternative options, for example, the Pogrebok thermo cabinet, which can be easily placed in a city apartment.

This oven is usually installed on a balcony or loggia. It is a small container in which the temperature is maintained within zero degrees. It is a convenient container for storing food during the entire autumn-winter season.

Do-it-yourself oven

A few years ago it was very difficult to buy a ready-made oven.Therefore, many homeowners, having no alternative to the traditional cellar, tried to make containers for storing food with their own hands.

There was nothing tricky in the device of such a container: the simplest wooden box was taken (made of chipboard, plywood, fiberboard, etc.), slats were stuffed on it from all sides. Then another plywood layer (or chipboard, lining, etc.) was fixed on top, as a result of which a kind of multilayer wooden structure was obtained, consisting of two boxes that were inserted into each other.

Of course, such a box by itself, even a two-layer one, could not ensure the maintenance of the optimum temperature. Therefore, a heat-insulating material was inserted into the free space between the walls. As a rule, traditional insulation materials were used: sawdust, mineral wool, polystyrene, foam rubber, etc.

The lid for the box was made in the same way – in two layers and with a heat-insulating gasket. To be completely sure of the safety of the vegetables, the container was additionally glued with foil from the inside.In addition, the lid was covered with oilcloth, which protected the box from precipitation (if, for example, the balcony was not glazed), as well as from condensation.

Electric heating for mini-storage

Temperature regulator. Click to enlarge.

If the oven is made correctly, it will be able to store food in the fall without any problems. But what to do when severe cold weather sets in? To resolve the issue, you will need to use two bulbs (40 V). The bulbs are attached to the wall or lid of the box.The heat energy from the light bulbs, oddly enough, is quite enough to maintain a zero temperature in the container even in severe frosts.

When storing food, you need to take into account the fact that potatoes will turn green with constant exposure to light. Therefore, it is recommended to additionally close the bulbs from contact with vegetables, which will also ensure their (bulbs) integrity for a long time. If desired, you can take a thermostat from an old and unnecessary refrigerator, with which it will be easier to control the temperature.

For ventilation in the container, you can take a regular computer cooler and install it in the side wall of the oven. If you cannot do this, simply drill a few holes in the sides and bottom of the box to ensure air circulation.

It is convenient to use old bedside tables or broken freezers for setting up an oven. The work in this case is greatly simplified.

Different heating elements can be used in a homemade oven.Their choice will depend on the capabilities and skill of the owner. It should be noted that you should additionally think about the safety of operating the oven, because certain risks may arise due to the use of electrical appliances. It is necessary to provide protection against short circuits, as well as to finish the box with fire-fighting materials, which are in abundance on the modern market.

If you do not want to spend so much time and effort, as well as worry about safety, you can always purchase a ready-made solution, for example, the Pogrebok oven.Similar containers for storing vegetables are presented today in a wide variety. They can be of different shapes, volumes (100, 160, 200 l), and also have different characteristics.

Factory oven “Pogrebok”

Vegetable oven “Pogrebok” is designed for storing food, including fruits and vegetables, as well as preservation. As a rule, such ovens are placed on the balcony, where they do not take up much space and allow direct and quick access to food at any time.Above, it was described how to make a heating cabinet yourself. However, it should be said that often large-capacity structures (160 or 200 liters) made of wood are not of very high quality.

The finished oven is equipped with a thermostat and a thermometer, which can be taken out of the container and installed not on the balcony, but in the room. In addition, there is a special electronic temperature controller connected to the heating elements in the cellar itself. Also, there is a temperature sensor inside the box that maintains the temperature set by the owner during the entire time of using the thermal storage.

Thermo cabinet with a “Cellar” partition.

The external temperature controller allows you to monitor the temperature inside the oven. The digital screen will display the temperature that is currently maintained inside. The storage body is made of plastic or metal sheet, sheathed with insulation from the inside, and has a decorative finish on the outside. The inner space of the oven is divided into several compartments.

Balcony thermocontainer “Cellar” operates from a 220 V network.The approximate value of power consumption varies from 80 to 100 V. The user can adjust the temperature inside the oven within the range from 1 to 20 degrees. The oven has a high level of electrical safety.

The dimensions of a two-hundred-liter oven are 86x79x40 cm. The vegetable store has a small mass – about 23 kg (of course, without food). A more compact version – the Pogrebok 2 oven has a volume of 1.6 m³, dimensions 71x79x40 and a weight of about 20 kg.

This is how the balcony storage looks from the inside.

If the oven is filled with food, it is not recommended to lift and move it.

Thermal container made of fabric

If the standard solution for some reason did not suit you, then it is recommended to turn your attention to the flexible thermal container balcony “Cellar”. By and large, the container is a kind of bag, which is made of two-layer insulation material. The heating element is located between the heat-insulating layers, which makes it possible to heat up the interior space without any problems when it is required.

Flexible thermo containers of various sizes.

If we talk about the cost of the container, then for the price it has not gone too far from the stationary box. For example, a flexible thermal container “Balcony Cellar” is usually sold at a price of about 5 tons. What do you get for this money? The preservation of a large number of products, vegetables and fruits throughout the winter period, quick access to products and no need to go to the garage or a traditional cellar in frost, the ability to store any products, regardless of their type.

The fabric insulated container is presented in different modifications: from 100 to 300 liters. The main advantage of this product is that in the summer, when you don’t need to store vegetables, you can simply put it in a closet or hang it on the wall on the balcony. When it’s time to use it, you just need to take out the bag, ventilate it and start using it! Reviews of such thermal containers are very positive.

Stationary box or flexible cellar?

When choosing a thermal container, you must proceed from the purpose for which you need the product.If you want to preserve potatoes and other vegetables during the winter, a stationary cabinet (for 160 or 200 liters) is quite suitable for you, which can be installed on the balcony and has temperature control. This is a very important advantage that allows you to monitor the condition of the products on a daily basis.

But the same advantages have a flexible thermocontainer, which is easy to use, store and transport. However, the inner space of a flexible thermal container is not divided by a partition (as is implemented in a stationary model, where there are several compartments at once), so it is best to store one type of vegetables in it.For example, the same potatoes. The flexible container can be removed from the balcony in summer.

If you have the opportunity to purchase a ready-made solution in the form of a factory-made oven, then you should do this. Because when arranging a balcony vegetable store with your own hands, no one will give you a guarantee that you will not have a short circuit due to the use of light bulbs, a temperature controller, a cooler and other electrical devices.

Volkswagen Autogrand presents a special version of the Tiguan GO!

Autocentre Avtogrand, official dealer of Volkswagen, St.Verkhnyaya Pyshma presents a new complete set of Tiguan GO! – continuation of the popular Winter Edition with an extended set of basic equipment.

Volkswagen Tiguan GO! It is offered with two petrol engines to choose from: 125 hp in combination with a 6-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive, as well as a 150-horsepower engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and front or all-wheel drive.

Among the functional equipment of the GO! – App-Connect interface, which allows you to synchronize your smartphone with a car using Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto.In addition, in the standard equipment, customers are offered such options as: front head restraints with height and reach adjustment, a fully folding back of the front passenger seat, folding tables in the backs of the front seats and storage boxes under the front seats, as well as buttons for mechanical release of the rear backrests. seats in the luggage compartment. The front comfort seats in Rhombus fabric are adjustable for lumbar support, while the rear seats have a reclining center armrest.

Optional for GO! the Comfort Plus package is available, which includes a rear-view camera with washer, a KESSY keyless entry and engine start system with Safelock locks, an electric tailgate with an Easy Close function, and an anti-theft system. The car can be additionally equipped with a pre-heater with a remote control and a timer. Like the popular Tiguan Winter Edition, the Tiguan GO! already in the standard equipment offers: 17-inch Montana light-alloy wheels, electrically adjustable, electrically heated and electrically folding side mirrors, heated front seats with variable intensity control and heated steering wheel, heated insulating windscreen, electrically heated windscreen washer nozzles, parking assistance front and rear Park Pilot with an automatic braking system in case of a danger of approaching Brake Assist, LED headlights for low and high beam reflector type with separate daytime running lights.In addition, the new version of the Tiguan has a wide range of driver assistance systems. The model is equipped with Hill Descent Assist (for 4WD), a multifunction color display on the instrument panel, and Park Pilot front and rear parking assistance.

We are waiting for you in the Autogrand auto center, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, st. Petrova, 59B.
For details, call +73432684848.

Polypropylene bags and big bags are the best containers and packaging

Polypropylene bags are in great demand in various industries and areas.They are excellent for packaging, transportation and storage of bulk and other goods, while being inexpensive. The undoubted advantage is the possibility of printing on bags. This allows you to apply a logo or brand name, as well as basic information about the product (name, shelf life, storage characteristics, etc.).

Where are polypropylene bags used?

Large polypropylene bags can differ in size, be transparent or colored, equipped with a polyethylene liner or have other features.The variety of products determines a wide range of applications. Polypropylene bags are used in the following areas:

  • Agriculture. Often used for harvesting. Ideal for storing grains, cereals, seeds, fertilizers.
  • Chemical industry. Since polypropylene bags are not afraid of the aggressive effects of chemicals, they are often used for mineral fertilizers and other bulk products of the chemical industry. Additionally, they can be completed with a polyethylene liner.
  • Construction. Polypropylene bags are durable, so they are perfect for packing garbage and its further removal. In addition, the practical packaging can be used for sand and other bulk materials.
  • Woodworking industry. Most often used for sawdust and shavings. It is convenient to store and transport wood waste in PP bags.

Polypropylene bags are often used for wholesale and retail trade and household needs. They can be used for storing the harvest collected at the dacha and various bulk materials, as well as collecting garbage and other purposes.On the site it is easy to choose bags for industrial or household use.

What are the advantages of polypropylene bags?

The main advantages include the following:

  • High strength compared to fabric and other bags.
  • Moisture resistance. Polypropylene bags are able to reliably protect products inside from moisture and precipitation.
  • Non-toxic. The packaging does not emit hazardous substances, therefore it can be used for food products.
  • Resistance to bending. Even with multiple bending and unbending (folding), the integrity of the package is not compromised.
  • Reusable. Due to its high strength, plastic bags can be reused many times.
  • Lightweight and compact. They take up a minimum of space and weigh very little, and therefore do not increase the weight of the transported cargo.
  • Resistance to chemicals. Polypropylene is not afraid of exposure to alkalis and other aggressive chemicals.
  • Ability to operate in a wide temperature range from -70 to +100 degrees without loss of performance.

In addition, polypropylene is not subject to corrosion and decay, it does not decompose under the influence of various factors, so bags made of it are ideal for long-term storage, but they must be placed away from direct sunlight. Another important advantage is the low cost of bags in comparison with other types of packaging.

What is special about big bags?

Large-sized polypropylene bags or flexible containers have almost ousted plastic containers, wooden and plywood boxes from the market.The main feature of this package is the presence of slings, which greatly simplify the handling during transportation. At the same time, they are ideal for long-term storage of products, as they are able to provide protection against moisture, aggressive chemical and other influences. Big bags are highly durable and can withstand a lot of weight.

When choosing suitable flexible containers, it is worth considering their varieties and features:

  1. Can be fitted with 2 or 4 slings.
  2. Available with or without rigid bottom.
  3. May have a lamination that provides good moisture protection and a polyethylene liner.
  4. Be disposable or multi-cycle.
  5. Designed for bulk materials or liquids.

In addition, big bags are distinguished by their spaciousness and carrying capacity – important characteristics when choosing the right packaging.

What can flexible containers be used for?

Due to its high strength and other excellent characteristics, the scope of application of big bags is practically unlimited:

  • In the mining industry they are used for sand, clay, kaolin, abrasive materials.
  • In agriculture and the food industry, they are used for the transportation and storage of grain and seeds, cereals, flour, sugar, salt, starch and other bulk food products.
  • In construction, they are ideal for putty, sand, cement, dry plasters, tile adhesives and other materials, as well as construction waste.
  • In the chemical industry, they are used for fertilizers and other chemicals.
  • In the woodworking industry for industrial waste (sawdust, shavings or chips) and finished products (pellets, fuel briquettes, etc.)).

Big bags are also used in metallurgy and other industries, as they allow you to quickly and efficiently transport bulk cargo of any volume.

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