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Beauty of Letterpress Christmas Cards

Are you looking for a new way to elevate your holiday card this year? Create customized letterpress holiday cards to take a step up from last year’s send. Letterpress holiday cards come in two kinds of thick cotton paper so that they can be easily propped up by your friends and family. You can see and feel the unique, imprinted quality that the letterpress process leaves on a card. The combination of historic techniques with Minted’s freshly sourced designs will provide you with your best Christmas card yet.

History of Letterpress

Despite the modern craze around letterpress stationery products, letterpressing has actually been around for hundreds of years. The beginning of letterpress began in the fifteenth century with an idea by Johannes Gutenberg. Gutenberg was a German innovator with a history in blacksmithing. He noticed that the printing methods of his time were tedious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive.

Additionally, he was unsatisfied with the fact that this made printing (and therefore books) rare and expensive. Gutenberg had the ambition to utilize his blacksmithing knowledge to build something that would improve printing methods so books could be accessible to everyone.

First, Gutenberg created stamp-like objects of individual letters. Originally he made them out of wood, but over time he switched to metal. These objects are called movable type. The movable type would be placed inside a tight wooden frame. They could be arranged and rearranged in any order to form any words, phrases, or sentences.

Once organized, the movable type letters in the frame were lightly inked. The entire frame was then placed inside the printing press that Gutenberg invented. Out of all of his inventions, Gutenberg’s press is the most famous, since it became the predecessor of modern printers. Next, with a hand crank, paper would go through the press. Paper was compressed into the inked movable type and left with an inked impression. This became known as letterpress printing, letterpressing, or relief printing.

Modern-day letterpress printing is still very similar to the techniques that Gutenberg used. However, photopolymer plates are used instead of individual movable type letters in wooden frames. Photopolymer plates are made from designs on a computer, so they can have any font, shape, or pattern. Like Gutenberg’s technique, these photopolymer plates are inked and put into a press. Depending on the kind of press, the paper is either fed through or individually stamped. Either way, it results in the same letterpress product. In the present day, exceptionally thick paper is used so that the imprint of the design is more significant. These tactile impressions are what makes letterpress products so sought-after today. Additionally, the work-intensive process that goes into letterpressing means that paramount care and dedication goes into each sheet of letterpress paper.

Why Choose Letterpress For Your Holiday Cards?

We know that a product can’t be perfect unless all of its components are of the highest quality. Minted’s luxe paper for letterpressing is made out of 100% cotton and has a soft, creamy texture that you’ll love to feel. We use superbly rich ink to produce brilliantly elegant colors. In addition, we use a historic Heidelberg press with 21st-century photopolymer plates to generate flawless letterpress designs every time. For that reason, our exclusive letterpress cards are perfect for anyone looking for ultra-luxury in their holiday or Christmas cards.

Further, letterpress printing has an interesting, centuries-old history. Present-day letterpress products are the result of this history meshing with modern technology and advancements. If you love history, you will love holding a beautiful letterpress holiday card in your hand and feeling its narrative as you run your fingers over its stamped designs.

What’s more, modern methods make it possible to perform letterpress printing and regular printing on the same sheet of paper. You can have elegant letterpress elements alongside non-letterpress photos, text, or other designs.

This creates different levels of depth, raising the intrigue of letterpress holiday cards.

Customizable Options

Since our letterpress Christmas cards are made from photopolymer plates, designs are fixed so that photos and customized text boxes can’t be moved. But do not worry — our letterpress cards have a large variety of customizable features that you can experiment with until your personalized card is exactly the way you want it.

  • Paper:
    Our letterpress holiday cards come in two paper options: 100% Cotton and Premium 100% Cotton. Our 100% Cotton paper is designed specifically for letterpress stationery so that you can feel the deep impressions from the Heidelberg press. It has a 20 point thickness and is made in the USA. Our Premium 100% Cotton paper is twice as thick with a 40 point thickness and is made in the UK. Its bright white color allows for vibrant impressions from our letterpress ink. No matter which paper you choose, both have a delicate and rich cottony texture and will foreground exquisite letterpress designs.
  • Colors: Letterpress Christmas cards may have one or more letterpress elements. If your style is Simple & Minimalist or Classic & Elegant, cards with single letterpress elements are great because they’re both luxurious and refined. Thinking back to the printing process, a single photopolymer plate creates a single design and can only be inked with one color at a time. So, any letterpress print with two colors had to go through this process twice. It requires two rounds of printing with two different plates that were inked in two different colors. This goes to show the meticulous attention that goes into making each individual card. Therefore, if you choose a letterpress holiday card with letterpress elements in two or more colors, it will be especially unique.
  • Photo vs. Non-photo: Minted offers festive letterpress cards with and without photos. Our non-photo letterpress holiday cards are designed by independent artists. They are elevated and unique, and feel more personalized than generic non-photo Christmas cards. On the other hand, our photo letterpress holiday cards can feature any picture you want from a family photo to a photo of your pets. These are a great option to make your photo Christmas card stand out from the rest.
  • Greeting: Minted has a wide selection of holiday letterpress cards with all sorts of greetings. Choose from holiday, Christmas, New Year, or religious Christmas themes. Many of our cards have versatile messages, such as simply stating “Joy,” and can be used for any occasion no matter what you celebrate.
  • Orientation: We have card options in both landscape and portrait options. Choose which orientation you like best or matches with a favorite photo you wish to showcase.
  • Style: Our letterpress cards can be categorized into seven different styles so that you can easily search for cards that will match your aesthetic.
    • Simple & Minimalist: Just a touch of a letterpress element takes Simple & Minimalist Christmas cards to a new level without going over the top. Even something as understated as the word “Merry” in letterpress can carry a card a long way.
    • Modern & Edgy: Letterpress can greatly accentuate an organic design. Keep your Christmas cards fresh and modern with a letterpress touch.
    • Classic & Elegant: You don’t have to sacrifice the simple and formal elegance of a classic Christmas card when experimenting with different printing types. Elevate a traditional holiday card with some beautiful letterpress letters.
    • Vintage: Who says old-fashioned designs can’t be mixed with modern printing methods? Put a spotlight on a vintage design when it’s letterpressed around your family photo.
    • Bold & Typographical: Letterpress is a perfect way to accent bold features or bold lettering.
      Call attention to the theme of your card when you choose a Bold & Typographical letterpress holiday card.
    • Botanical: There are many natural elements associated with the holiday season — wreaths, holly, Christmas trees, and mistletoe. Sometimes we forget these plants exist until November and December roll around! Emphasize these festive botanicals this year with a Botanical letterpress holiday card.
    • Funny: Funny letterpress Christmas cards are perfect for families with one or more young children. These lively and fun-loving cards are sure to bring smiles to all of your friends and family!

At Minted, we are dedicated to delivering you with nothing less than 100% satisfaction. Because of that, we offer free unlimited proofs of your letterpress holiday cards. Tweak your card until it’s perfect, so that you can send out holiday cards you’re proud of.

Even More Letterpress

Can’t get enough of letterpress’s unique qualities, but don’t think you’ll use it for your holiday card? Luckily, Minted offers many other letterpress products. If you have a wedding coming up, you can choose letterpress save the dates, wedding invitations, or wedding thank you cards. For new mothers, you can send out letterpress birth announcements. If someone you’re close to is about to graduate, look into our letterpress graduation cards. If you don’t have any special events coming up and just want something letterpressed for your everyday life, we also offer letterpress monogrammed stationery sets and letterpress custom art.

letterpress christmas cards Archives – Smock.

We’ve been busy printing up custom holiday cards over the past few months, so with Christmas just around the corner we thought we’d share a few! We worked with our friends at Needle in a Haystack to create these custom letterpress Christmas party invitations and save the dates. Inspired by our Hamilton design, the invitations were printed on our ultra-thick 3-ply paper and edge painted in deep red for a festive touch.

letterpress ink: deep red | foil color: gold matte | fonts: natura + barnes | paper: 2-ply + 3-ply ivory | size: S-6SQ + S-6 + S-5 | envelope liner: merry pattern in deep red | customization #29607 | Needle in a Haystack 

Custom holiday custom holiday cards Edge painting envelope liner gold matte letterpress christmas cards

There’s no better compliment than when a store asks us to print their own cards. Julie from Sweet Paper in La Jolla, CA used our Pearl design in such a clever way. I think this might be my favorite Christmas card to date! I may have to steal the idea for myself 🙂 Thanks Julie!

inks: dove + grasss + gold | fonts: percy + harrison | paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | Christmas card |

Customizations Inspiration stationery bamboo paper california christmas dove eco letterpress gold grass letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards Smock Smock Holiday Smock letterpress sweet paper

How cute is this paper holiday dress!? Jessica Sanders from Salutations in Charlotte is the dress maker extraordinaire behind this beautiful Christmas cocktail dress – made with our double-sided, eco-friendly Mistletoe wrap, this dress has us so excited for the holiday season! Those presents and custom holiday cards are pretty as can be, too — be sure to stop by your local Smock retailer to take advantage of our custom letterpress holiday promotion and stock up on holiday essentials today!

Have you created a masterpiece with our eco-friendly gift wrap? Share it with us! Get in touch with details and photos today!

Smock Everyday Smock stores letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards paper dress Salutations

It’s that time of year again — the Smock letterpress holiday sale is back! This year, we’ve got even more options to choose from for custom letterpress holiday cards, and to make the holidays even sweeter, we’ve got a special promotion going on! Between now and December 1, all custom letterpress holiday orders will receive free printing on our luxury bamboo envelopes.   All you have to do is purchase the blank envelopes, fill out a coupon with your local Smock dealer and we’ll take care of the rest. Need some ideas for your holiday cards? Check out some of the customizations below!

These are just a few of the designs available for the 2011 holiday season — check out this slideshow on Flickr if you’re looking for more inspiration!

bamboo paper custom holiday cards eco letterpress letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards letterpress promotion Letterpress Stationery Smock Smock Eco

We couldn’t let the holidays completely slip away without sharing the letterpress holiday cards we printed for the Amazon Conservation Association this year. ACA is one of the eco organizations we regularly partner with on special projects and pro bono printing throughout the year and these letterpress holiday cards were an especially fun project. Letterpress printed in rich green and blue inks to match their branding, we designed them greeting card style playing on one of the pretty floral motifs from our Everyday stationery collection. For more information about our eco commitment, read more about our environmental efforts and the organizations we support through donations via 1% For the Planet, pro bono printing and special projects.

Changing the World stationery 1% for the planet amazon conservation association bamboo paper custom holiday cards eco partners letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards letterpress wedding invitations Smock Smock Eco

We can hardly believe that the holidays are here, but we’re delighted to wish you a Merry Christmas from everyone here at Smock! To ring the holidays in right, we couldn’t resist sharing one last custom letterpress holiday card we printed this year. This joyful design was sent to us by our friends at Byrd & Bleecker in Fort Worth and features cute hanging ornaments left blank so the family could adhere photos. Isn’t this just adorable? Thanks to Byrd & Bleecker and merry Christmas, one and all!

stationery bamboo paper Byrd + Bleecker custom Christmas cards custom holiday cards letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards Smock Smock Eco

Created for our friends at Nest Paper Studio, we printed these cute custom letterpress holiday invitations for a fun Christmas Cordials party. They were printed in raspberry and grass inks and feature our cool new Harrison calligraphy font. We love the petite size and the fun color combination. Not to mention, this sounds like such a fun party – we’d love to get invited!

stationery bamboo paper grass Harrison letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards Nest Paper Studio raspberry Smock Smock Eco

This pretty letterpress holiday design from Gus & Ruby Letterpress was designed for a fun holiday party. It’s a custom design printed in moss and red inks with a spray of leaves and holly that reminds us of all things merry and bright. Printed on our 1-ply bamboo paper, it’s a budget-friendly approach to custom holiday letterpress. A big thank you to Samantha and Whitney at Gus & Ruby for sending us this lovely design!

bamboo paper Gus & Ruby Letterpress letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards letterpress holiday invitations letterpress party invitations moss red Smock Smock Eco

Printed for the folks at By Invitation Only in Little Rock, Arkansas, we love these custom letterpress holiday invitations we recently printed. They feature a cute Christmas tree motif and corner rounding, printed in gold and grass inks. On our ivory 2-ply paper, the look is elegant and festive, perfect for this holiday cocktail party.

stationery bamboo paper By Invitation Only gold grass letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday invitations Smock Smock Eco

We continue our tale of a letterpress Christmas with these pretty photo cards printed for Anne Grace Designs in Dallas. This custom design features two cards fastened with a grommet on the upper corner. The design is printed in red and olive inks and features our bambine pattern in red on the front and back of the second card. The family is attaching a photo to the second card for a lovely, custom letterpress photo card. We love how bright and festive this design is, perfect for the holiday season.

bamboo paper custom holiday cards letterpress letterpress christmas cards letterpress holiday cards letterpress photo cards monogram olive red Smock Smock Eco Smock Holiday wreath

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The Christmas Charm Set – Four pack of letterpress cards – lovelypaperco

Price includes shipping – see our COVID-19 page for information about shipping during this time  

Christmas Charm is our best-selling Christmas card set.  

Unique card sets that you won’t find in stores, so you can send cards as special as your special people. Lovely Paper has curated a set of four luxury letterpress Christmas cards, each featuring a different design.

Our Christmas Charm set includes classic, charming and traditional designs. Looking for something different? Check out our Festive Fun set.

Included in the Christmas Charm greeting card set is:

Poinsettia by Meticulous Ink

Our Poinsettia Christmas card is letterpress printed by hand on a Heidelberg Windmill press dating from the 1960s. Typography and illustration printed in red ink with copper foil details. Printed on 100% cotton paper, with a white envelope with co-ordinating red liner. Folded card, blank inside.

Glint by Typoretum

Our Glint Christmas card is letterpress printed by hand on a Heidelberg Windmill press. Wood type printed on 100% cotton paper, with a co-ordinating teal envelope. Folded card, blank inside.

Multi-language by D&D Letterpress

Our Multi-language Christmas card is letterpress printed by hand on an antique press. Typography on 100% cotton paper, with a premium white envelope. Folded card, blank inside.

By Gosh, By Golly by Meticulous Ink

Our By Gosh, By Golly Christmas card is letterpress printed by hand on a Heidelberg Windmill press dating from the 1960s. Typography and illustration printed on 100% cotton paper, with a white envelope with co-ordinating yellow liner. Folded card, blank inside. 

With every set, you’ll receive four premium address labels to use on your cards. 

Lovely Paper hand-selects only the very best letterpress cards from around the world, to create perfect sets that you won’t find in stores. Our cards are printed by hand by small-batch makers on antique presses. Every card that we choose to supply to you is printed on quality paper, with premium envelopes. Every card is as special as it feels.


Watercolor + Letterpress Christmas Cards

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Limited edition letterpress greeting card set – All White Christmas

All White Christmas originated from my love of Denmark and their mindful, slow Christmas celebrations. I wanted to create a space where Christmas could be less chaotic and less about consumerism. A Christmas that is more about calm and connection – less disposable, more distinctive. Less complicated and more considered, creating a minimal and intentional gifting experience.


It often feels to me like Christmas has become so commercial and wasteful – throwaway decorations and quantity over quality. In Denmark things are done differently and I drew inspiration from their calmer Christmas culture, infusing that sense of style and simplicity into All White Christmas.


I’ve purposefully created a curated collection of décor and thoughtful design to create your own haven and a slice of Denmark in your own home. A minimal Christmas is not so much about less as it is about love – choosing only the pieces that fill you with joy every time you see them on display and share them loved ones.


Danish style is centred around a deep reverence for quality combined with an appreciation of art and aesthetics. But above all it’s about simplicity, symmetry and most importantly, family. For me, it represents togetherness, connection by candlelight, and conversations around the dining table.


Many accessories you will find here are handcrafted and created with love. Each piece I have chosen has been carefully considered, some by independent artisans with an emphasis on timeless style and understated elegance. Danish design can be cherished time and again, not simply for the festive season, but forever.





Meet Jill


I’m Jill – I’m passionate and down to earth, authentic and a little bit arty. I’m a sculptor, a mother and previously a lifestyle photographer, I’ve always had an eye for style, understanding how to display objects that inspire meaning and evoke emotion. Denmark is in my blood, literally – my children are Danish and I consider it home – the Danish way of life is second nature to me. Despite my appreciation for art and design, I believe that you don’t need a show home to embrace Scandinavian living – you just need to follow your heart and choose the pieces that you love, less is almost always more.


Life really is about the simple moments – soft candlelight, the scent of fresh pine and homemade cakes. You’ll usually find me pulling on muddy wellies and enjoying wintery dog walks followed by curling up by the fireside where the kids all pile onto the sofa at once and we chat about the important and the irrelevant, appreciating the most incredible gift of all – time together. I call this my inner circle.



This Christmas it feels as if connection means more than ever and our homes are our sanctuary from everything unfolding outside. Going inwards and battening down the hatches, snuggling up and celebrating that special sense of community, well that’s a very Scandinavian Christmas indeed – and there’s no feeling quite like Christmas.



Warmest festive love and Glaedelig Jul

Jill x

29 Best Holiday Photo Cards of 2020

You have a lot to do around the holidays. Between finding a wish-fulfilling holiday gift for everyone on your list, putting up the decorations, and assembling a picture-perfect holiday feast, it’s easy for some of the little things to fall by the wayside. While we may not be able to coordinate the family video call for you, we can help you mark at least one small seasonal touch off of your long to-do list: finding a holiday card that shows off your nearest and dearest.

Whether your style is classically festive or modern and sleek, spiritual or secular, we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful designs out there to make sending out your seasons greetings a snap.

Embossed Branches Card (25 cards)

This embossed red and white photo card is simple and elegant. 

Joyful Hanukkah Card (25 cards)

Wish everyone a happy Hanukkah with this classically elegant card.  

Glistening Merry Plaid Christmas Card (75 cards)

You can never go wrong with a good preppy (and seasonally-appropriate) plaid—especially when you add a touch of glitter for an extra festive feel.  

Holly Border Holiday Card (per card)


A striking, mega-sized print will make your holiday card stand out from the pack. 

Supreme Joy Card (25 cards)

This graphic, dynamic card will bring plenty of joy. 

It’s a Wonderful Life Card (25 cards)

This glittering photo card will help everyone celebrate your wonderful year. 

Christmas Cocktail Recipe Cards (25 cards)



The holidays are the perfect time to raise a glass, and with these cards it’s even easier thanks to the cocktail recipes that come printed on the interior of the card alongside your personalized message.  In addition to the holiday cocktails option, there are also versions featuring gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, coffee, and champagne cocktails to suit your specific drinking tastes. Cheers!

Merry Stencil Letters Holiday Card (per card)


Give your holiday mailings a cool, minimalist touch with this cutout option that lets your photo peek through from the front and then opens to reveal your special image and well wishes. 

Finding Joy Card (100 cards)

Creo Study


Love the idea of drawing your own holiday card but lack the arts and crafts time? This card is precisely what you need. 

Berry Pine Square Photo Card (100 cards)

An evergreen card will stand out from the slew of red greetings in the mailbox.  

Real Life Holiday Cards

Give your family and friends a chuckle with this honest holiday option.

Joy Holiday Card (25 cards)

You’ll be dreaming of a white Christmas with this stylish holiday card. 

Warmest Wishes Card (8 cards)

Give your season’s greetings a tropical touch with these adorable snowglobe inspired cards. 

Brilliantly Bright Holiday Card (75 cards)

Stand out out from the standard red and green colorscheme with this colorful card. 

Tardy Tidings New Year’s Card (75 cards)

Look, sometimes the season just gets away from you—why not be up front about it with this hilarious holiday card?

Whimsical Fringe Holiday Card (75 cards)

Send your well wishes with a cute, mod vibe this season with this gleaming holiday card.  

Candy Cane Holiday Card (75 cards)

Your picture will look extra sweet this season with candy stripes. 

Letterpress Holiday Photo Cards (25 cards)

This embossed card offers some cool, contemporary flair by featuring your favorite photos inside the letters. 

Merry Everything Card Set (20 cards)



Give a nod to whatever your friends and family might be celebrating this year with this for-everyone holiday option. The cards come in a slew of nearly 50 shades and matte or glossy finishes, so you can truly make them your own. 

Holiday Package Card (100 cards)

Prefer a touch of rustic elegance? This brown paper package-style card evokes a time gone by (in the most stylish way, of course. )

Border Greeting Holiday Card (per card)


The perfect card for the Francophile, this photo card sends wishes of peace, joy, and love in French

Festive tartan cards (25 cards)

The plaid border with metallic accents expertly splits the difference between classic and cool. 

Captured Joy Card (25 cards)

For those who can never choose just one photo for their  holiday card. 

Colorful Lights Holiday Photo Card (100 cards)

Light up the holidays with a sweet string of festive lights. 

Holiday Flowers (25 cards)

Green-thumbed types will love this holiday card covered in florals and foliage.  

Love + Light Hanukkah Card (25 cards)

This low-key Hanukkah card is just the thing for showing off your beautiful family. 

Reverse Snowglobe Photo Card (100 cards)

Cheree Berry


A sprinkling of classic Christmas colors is just what your holiday card needs. 

What A Year Holiday Multi-Photo Card (100 cards)

Send a sentiment we can all agree with this year. 

Pine Needles Card (100 cards)

Enjoy a minimalist approach with this elegant array of metallic pine needles. 

Lauren Hubbard Writer Lauren Hubbard is a freelance writer and Town & Country contributor who covers beauty, shopping, entertainment, travel, home decor, wine, and cocktails.

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Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card Notecards & Greeting Cards Handmade Products

Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card Notecards & Greeting Cards Handmade Products
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Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card

Holiday Card Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress,Buy Naughty Christmas Bird – Letterpress Holiday Card: Notecards & Greeting Cards – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card Naughty,Naughty Christmas Bird – Letterpress Holiday Card.

Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card

Naughty Christmas Bird – Letterpress Holiday Card: Handmade. Buy Naughty Christmas Bird – Letterpress Holiday Card: Notecards & Greeting Cards – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. “Naughty or Nice” – this funny and cheeky holiday card is perfect for your fun-loving friends around the holidays (at least, Naughty Christmas Bird thinks so!) All of our letterpress cards are designed by us and hand-printed one at a time on our vintage C&P letterpress. Made with 100% tree-free cotton paper and paired with a coordinating envelope. Size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″), folded. Outside: “Naughty or Nice signs”. Inside: blank. Due to the nature of letterpress, each piece will be uniquely different. Please understand that difference in color variation, registration and appearance is a natural, yet beautiful part of the letterpress process! Copyright © Studio . . .

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  • Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card

    Gender Reveal Cake Topper Staches or Lashes Cake Topper, Cute Archery Stamp 16mm 20mm Mini Stamps S889 Archery Rubber Stamp Bow and arrow Stamp Planner Stamp, Easter Bunny Dog Collar 1/2 Wide. Bridesmaid Proposal Scratch Off Card for Best Friend Lush. Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card. Handpainted Red Large Moroccan Ceramic Bowl. Wife Friend Set of 20 Labels Celebrating 50 Years Old Mother Female Office Coworker B-day Womans FIFTIETH Sister HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY Party Ideas Supplies Mini Champagne & Wine Bottle Decals, Set of 20 Snow Much Pink and Silver Stickers, Personalized Wedding 3D Wood Guestbook Central Heart Drop Box Alternative Guest Book Your Name Sign Rustic Engraved 2 Names and Date Small Wooden Hearts Custom Freestanding Reception Decorations. Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card, Duchess of Cameron Letterpress Its Your Day Card. Medium Patriotic Dogs on Red and Blue Dog Bandana. Navy Blue and Orange Sprinkled With Love Baby Shower Banner Sprinkle With Love Party Banner for a Baby Girl Sprinkle or Baby Boy Sprinkle Baby Heart Sprinkle Decoration in Orange and Navy Blue.latte mug White mug coffee mug RBG RUTH BA DER GINS BURG NO TORI OUS 3 11 oz tumbler water bottle Black Mug. Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card. Smoking Drift Car Birthday Personalized Banner,

Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card

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Naughty Christmas Bird Letterpress Holiday Card
Buy Naughty Christmas Bird – Letterpress Holiday Card: Notecards & Greeting Cards – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 90,000 IBS Cards. Demons Seal

For the fourth year now we have been making New Year’s cards for IBS. It all started with a chance acquaintance, when Ekaterina Abramia, the company’s manager, went to our neighbors “Dymov Keramika” about New Year’s gifts. And then she dropped by our place. It turned out that the company is preparing for the New Year on time (that is, in advance) – as we like. Since then, we will start working with IBS in June. Based on the proposed theme, we select a designer or illustrator, then in a quiet mode we make several design options.After choosing the option that will go to print, we have enough time to experiment with materials and make a test production sample – so that everyone is sure of the result. Quiet mode of work allows us to be quite flexible about the cost of postcards – we have the time and opportunity to try and choose the right materials and technologies. We are engaged in production in August or early September, thanks to this we manage to print the “second” wave of New Year’s orders.

In 2015, together with Alexey Malina Studio, we prepared a design for letterpress – about New Year’s holidays, a trip from the city to the mountains.Used cotton paper, letterpress in 2 colors.

Materials and technologies: paper Conqueror Connoisseur 100% cotton neutral 300 g / m², letterpress 2 + 1.

In 2016, we had several options drawn by Masha Zaikina. Unexpectedly for us, the company chose the option that we considered “fallback”. It turned out that he fits very well with the concept of gifts and the mood of that year.

Materials and technologies: Keykolor snow white paper 300 g / m², offset printing (pantones) 4 + 4, cutting.

Thanks to an unexpected choice, the “main” variant was used for the 2017 New Year card. The design was almost ready, but we had to tinker with the technological side. This postcard combined offset printing, laser cutting, cutting, rather complex assembly. We had time and trust on the part of the customer, so even with such a complex execution, we managed to fit into the allocated budget.

Materials and technologies: Keykolor snow white paper 300 g / m², offset printing (pantones) 4 + 2, laser cutting, punching, manual assembly.

New Year’s cards for 2018 are almost ready, but we are not showing them, because this is a secret and a surprise, we will tell you next year.

And may the New Year be a holiday!

Punching – Letterpress printing – Laser cutting

Letterpress business cards

What does letterpress business cards mean?

Business cards are one of the popular modern means of reflecting your image. Letterpress printing is rightfully considered an elite printing technique, which is successfully used to create business cards. A rather sophisticated technology allows you to get a real engraving based on the original material. A special role in the letterpress printing process is played by the specialist who performs it.

Letterpress printing has opened up ample opportunities for product replication. It was she who became a prerequisite for the creation of entire enterprises, the main profile of which is the production of printed products in large volumes.Our printing center is pleased to provide you with letterpress business card printing services.

Letterpress technology for business cards

The modern type of letterpress printing has a universal printing element, which is somewhat similar to the mechanism of a typewriter. There are highlighted items and spaces here. After applying special ink, the printing element interacts with the base material.The result is a quality product.

Several types of letterpress are used in the printing industry. The earliest classic is based on the use of heavy metal clichés, which can only be used if the client needs a special rarity. However, this method involves rather high costs.

Features of letterpress business cards

The main advantage of letterpress printing is the simplicity of the whole process.Thanks to modern technologies, it becomes easy to make a printing plate, and the result of the printing process is striking in its quality. All elements of the business card will be executed very clearly. Any font, even with the most complex visual effects, looks smooth, despite the presence of special prints.

The economy of letterpress printing is another compelling argument in its favor. The printing element can be created with minimal financial costs, while using it, printing is extremely comfortable and does not require a lot of ink consumption.Letterpress printing allows you to create small runs in the shortest possible time.

Today flexography, which is considered one of the modern types of letterpress printing, is gaining special popularity. Its main difference is the use of super light printing presses.

Letterpress printing involves the use of special thick inks.They can be either one-color or multi-colored. However, it should be noted that this method of making business cards should be used at the post-printing stage to create an exclusive visual effect. Our printing house is ready to offer you the best approach to making a business card.

New Year’s cards to order – MAGE

Hardly anyone would argue that the New Year has always been and remains our most important and desired holiday.For the New Year, we set gorgeous tables, give our loved ones long-awaited gifts. Another must-have attribute of this holiday is New Year’s cards. This is the best way to congratulate relatives, friends, colleagues, partners, bosses and employees, to show them your respect and good attitude. Millions of New Year cards are printed annually – for every taste.

But, all mass-produced products are equally impersonal, and I really want the postcard to show who is congratulating.This is especially true for companies and organizations, because a New Year card with their logo or name will surely make you draw attention to yourself and fix in the memory of the one who presented it. And the more original the congratulation will be, the longer it will be remembered, and the postcard will be stored. In addition, this is a kind of passive advertising of a business – how many times a bright and cheerful picture with a logo catches your eye – so many times it will evoke the necessary associations.

That is why custom-made corporate New Year cards are very popular.

New Year’s cards to order

Company Madge, which has many years of experience in the production of custom-made New Year cards, will not only bring all your ideas and wishes to life, but also support them with your company’s logo, create a kind of New Year’s printed masterpiece, taking into account the type of activity of the company, its image and style. The art of the designers and the professionalism of the company’s printers does not make us blush for our work. We will select for you the only version of a New Year’s card that will bring joy to every employee of your company, it will not be a shame to present it to government officials or partners.

Look at the catalog of our works – and you will see for yourself that the specialists of the Madge company know how to do their work flawlessly and with great taste.

How to order printing of postcards for the New Year

Working directly without intermediaries, Mage is ready to offer you the perfect quality of printed materials, attractive prices and premium service. We recommend ordering the production of New Year’s cards in advance, so that on the eve of the holidays they are already ready, and you don’t worry about where to find original congratulations urgently.Just call us or write to e-mail – and our manager will immediately launch the order. You can offer your own design of the postcard, or order its development, and our printing house will select the most suitable technologies and promptly produce a batch of postcards, as well as envelopes for them.

The history of the Christmas card: angels, Santa Claus in space, and angels again

World first

In 1840, a London official, whether he was too lazy to personally sign a Christmas greeting to his acquaintances, or wanting to draw attention to himself, asked his friend and artist John Horsley to make a small watercolor collage on his business card with the signature: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Horsley created a triptych in which he depicted the Cole family in the center, and on the sides he placed compositions depicting the mercy and compassion that distinguished this English family.

Horsley’s first Christmas card commissioned by Henry Cole (1840)

The card was an extraordinary success among Cole’s friends and acquaintances. This gave him the idea to print the original in 1843 (circulation 1000 copies) and sell for a shilling. It is possible that Cole (a member of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce) hoped for commercial success, in any case, he managed to seriously influence industrial design in England and at least enter the annals of history as the ancestor of greeting cards.

Since the 1860s, postcards of various kinds have begun to be printed in large quantities in Europe. Germany is in the lead. It was there that, during the Franco-Prussian War, the first postcards without a picture with a stamp on the back appeared, and soon the illustrated postcard also came into fashion.

Around the same time, a European greeting card appears in Russia. Enterprising merchants first bought colorful cards (without inscriptions), made the signature “Merry Christmas!” and sold at a ruble apiece. Later, direct deliveries from foreign publishing houses were established under the order of domestic bookstores.

Artist and Princess Open letter. Until 1894, only the address was allowed to be written on one side, only the text on the other.

Postcards of their own production appeared in Russia only in 1871. These were postcards without pictures, with a stamp, and were called “open letters.” The issuance of “open letters” was initially a state prerogative. Only the post office could print and sell postcards.

The art postcard appears in Russia ten years later.The reason was an almost romantic story: a student of the Academy of Arts Gavriil Kondratenko, having gone to Sevastopol for sketches, met a sister of mercy. During the Russian-Turkish campaign (1877–78), she nursed the wounded, and then was left without funds and a roof over her head. The artist was so shocked by the story of the mendicant heroine that, returning to St. Petersburg, he immediately organized a charity exhibition to raise funds to help the sisters of mercy.

The artist’s initiative was picked up at the “top”: the “St. Petersburg Board of Trustees for the Sisters of the Red Cross” (St.Eugenia), with a hospital, an orphanage for elderly sisters of mercy, and a publishing house that was engaged in the production of printed albums, calendars and art postcards.

The Committee was taken care of by the granddaughter of Emperor Nicholas I, Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg. They say that it was the princess who came up with the idea of ​​publishing albums and postcards.


It was with the Christmas card performed by the best artists that the history of the greeting card

began in Russia

Until 1894, however, postcards could only be issued by the State Post Office.Even for the princess, no exception was made. The monopoly on printing was lifted personally by the decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs Timashev: Russian merchants and book publishers insisted, nodding to the experience of Europe. Since 1894, in Russia it was possible not only to publish postcards published by private publishers, but also to make them illustrated.

Publishing house “St. Eugenia ”was among the first to launch the issue of postage decorated envelopes. They quickly gained popularity as they were used to send out business cards, which was convenient, fashionable and progressive.

Postcard performed by Bakst, Somov, Benois The reverse side of postcards with the stamp society of st. Evgeniya

The Russian artistic postcard of the late 19th century was a real work of art: the publishing house “St. Eugenia ”attracted both classics and“ modernists ”: Ilya Repin, Konstantin Makovsky, Elizaveta Boehm, Sergei Solomko, Nikolai Samokish and others. A series of postcards based on watercolor drawings were prepared for Christmas 1898.

Illustrator Elizaveta Boehm created a series of postcards, each with a short signature.One of the most famous wishes for the New Year on her postcard sounded like this: “Live in goodness, walk in silver. One hand in molasses, the other in honey. ”

E. Boehm “The heart sends a message to the heart”

Postcards (with a circulation of 10 thousand copies each) were partly placed in envelopes with the signature “In favor of the Committee for the Care of the Red Cross Sisters”, partly they were sold separately. They were sold out instantly, the publishing house had to repeat the circulation.

And although the postcards did not have the inscription “Merry Christmas!” That we are used to today, according to the publishers’ idea they were to become precisely Christmas greeting cards.It was with the Christmas card performed by outstanding artists that the history of the greeting card began in Russia.

Left – I. E. Repin “Zaporozhets”. On the right – V. Ovsyannikov “Head”

A little later by the “Community of St. Eugenia ”, artists of the“ World of Art ”were involved in the publication of greeting cards on Christmas and Easter themes: Alexander Benois, Konstantin Somov, Mikhail Vrubel, Eugene Lansere, Ivan Bilibin and Leon Bakst.

Postcards “Society of St. Evgenia ”favorably differed from the usual expensive European cards.And not only high quality printing and impeccable artistic taste: the postcards of the “Society” also had a cultural and educational mission. Soon they started talking about as an artistic encyclopedia of the era. High marketing played a role here: exhibitions, auctions of original drawings for postcards, publication of a magazine with postcards, placement of trade kiosks of the “St. Eugenia ”at railway stations, where everyone could buy a beautiful postcard and send it to the address.

The World of Art artists were involved in the publication of greeting cards on Christmas and Easter themes: Alexander Benois, Konstantin Somov, Mikhail Vrubel, Eugene Lansere, Ivan Bilibin and Leon Bakst 90 130

E.Samokish-Sudkovskaya. In the garden

Many European publishing houses, observing the growing interest in greeting cards in Russia, at the beginning of the 20th century, along with traditional European subjects, began to publish reproductions of works by Russian artists and views of Russian cities. So, in the Swedish publishing house Granberg (Stockholm), the works of the artist Boris Zvorykin were published.

Postcard to the biggest boss

Publishers Granberg V. Zvorykin. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year !.Stockholm: Joint Stock Company “Granberg”, 1900s – 1910s

The further the publishing activity developed, the larger and more varied the products were. In pre-revolutionary Russia, postcards on a variety of topics were in circulation, among which the main one was always the winter landscape and family scenes at the Christmas tree, as well as scenes of sledding and ice skating.

Postcards intended for family and friends were usually decorated with gold. The postcard for the biggest boss was supposed to be comme il faut: strictly, and very expensive

Until the revolution, Christmas in Russia was celebrated on December 25 according to the Julian calendar.The holiday smoothly spilled over into the celebration of the New Year, so postcards with the signature “Merry Christmas!” sent to addresses and on the New Year.

No less popular than winter landscapes were scenes of festive church services on Christmas cards.

The quality and plot of the postcard strongly depended on the recipient, but they were for every taste: embossed, with enamel, glossy, plush, engraving, bromide silver and even with a gold edge.

Postcards intended for family and friends were usually decorated with gold.If it was about congratulating colleagues in the service or higher authorities, then the plot and design were stricter. The postcard for the biggest boss was supposed to be comme il faut: strict, and very expensive.

According to the laws of veneration, an official had to personally pay respect to his boss on a holiday by visiting his reception and leaving a congratulatory note in a special book. Sending a postcard was often less troublesome and soon even became more prestigious.

Postcard as a subject of bourgeois everyday life

When, after the revolution, Russia, following Europe, switched to the Gregorian calendar, and the Russian Orthodox Church did not recognize this transition, Christmas began to fall on January 7th. It became dangerous to celebrate Christmas; any congratulations on it, both oral and written, were forbidden. Greeting cards were declared the subject of bourgeois life. This is what the materials of anti-religious propaganda said about Christmas: “Christmas is coming soon – a disgusting bourgeois holiday.”

The propaganda Soviet slogan proposed by the poet Alexander Vvedensky was: “Only he who is a friend of the priests is ready to celebrate the Christmas tree”

Publishing house “St. Eugenia “somehow existed until 1920. But in 1920, all the organizations of the sisters of mercy of the Red Cross were liquidated, and the publishing house, having received the name “Committee for the Popularization of Art Publications” (KPHI), was transferred to the jurisdiction of the State Academy of Material Culture.

Anti-Christmas poster

However, already in 1928, the issue of postcards of the KPHI was banned for ideological reasons.In 1927, after Stalin’s speech at a regular party congress, a new wave of anti-religious campaign arose in the country, in which it was decided to include children, depriving them of their traditional Christmas tree. Her slogan, proposed by the poet Alexander Vvedensky, sounded like this: “Only the one who is a friend of the priests is ready to celebrate the Christmas tree.” Dark times have come in the history of postcards.

Christmas tree rehabilitation and national New Year

True, these times did not last long.It was not easy to “evict” the Christmas tree from the apartments. The believers, despite the prohibitions, continued to celebrate Christmas and organized a holiday for children.

Then in 1935 it was decided to rehabilitate the tree, but not Christmas! In December 1935, Komsomolskaya Pravda published an article “Let’s Organize a Good Christmas Tree for Children.” By the decree of the Council of People’s Commissars, the celebration of the New Year was introduced, the New Year’s ritual and symbols were developed.

New Year tree celebrations in kindergartens were created.The best writers worked on the images of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and a snowman. Mass production of Christmas tree decorations began, meeting the needs of the new system. The eight-pointed Christmas star was cleverly transformed into a five-pointed Kremlin one and they began to decorate the Christmas trees with it. And in 1942, during the Second World War (!), The mass production of greeting cards resumed, which now adorned tanks and Kremlin stars.

Soul-patriotic themes in the spirit of Stalin’s “brothers and sisters” made sense and were in demand.Increasingly, postcards were supplied with independent text, often poetic:

“Sweeping the enemy out of the way,

Will lead to victory

Great, Coming,

Glorious People’s Year! ”

“Happy New Year, comrade soldiers, commanders, political workers! In the name of the Motherland forward, to the complete defeat of the enemy! ”

After the Great Patriotic War, greeting cards literally poured into the country. Hundreds of thousands of them were sent by soldiers from liberated European cities.The Soviet government decided to go with the flow, starting the mass production of greeting cards, which by 1953 had become one of the main means of propaganda. Several publishing houses were involved in the case at once: Izogiz, the Ministry of Communications of the USSR, the publishing house Soviet Artist, which was (since 1964) a part of the Press Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Gradually, old forgotten plots, reinterpreted by Soviet illustrators, returned to the postcards: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with fairy-tale characters, scenes with ruddy children engaged in winter sports, birds – titmouses and bullfinches became symbols of the New Year, abstract compositions with glasses appeared sparkling champagne and a clock that is about to strike midnight.

Even space exploration was reflected in New Year’s cards, on which Santa Claus or his partner, a young boy, New Year, soared into the sky on a rocket. The Olympics, labor exploits, space exploration – all this was reflected in postcards that came out in millions of copies, cost a penny and were indispensable participants in the New Year holidays.

Christmas card in the USSR

However, the departure of Santa Claus into space did not mean that Christmas was gone from the life of Soviet citizens.

On December 19, 2015, a unique exhibition “Christmas letter” was opened in the Tula Historical and Architectural Museum. The presented collection of Christmas cards by Archpriest Rostislav Lozinsky from the TIAM funds testifies to how religious art developed in Soviet times –

Exhibition curator, historian Alexey Panin.

– Lozinsky Rostislav Romanovich (1912 – 1994) Archpriest, Doctor of Theology and Honorary Citizen of the city of Tula.He was familiar with many people, primarily priests appointed to the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, with many of whom he corresponded for years and, of course, received greeting cards. He began his ministry in Estonia, where he was remembered until the early 1990s.

After the death of Fr. Rostislav, his archives were transferred to the TIAM Museum, including albums of “artistic greetings” on Easter and Christmas for the period 1957 – 1989, allowing to trace the dynamics of religious art in Soviet times.

Of course, postcards with a religious plot were not officially published in the USSR. But since there was a demand, there were believers who continued to celebrate religious holidays, there was also a supply. Used pre-revolutionary postcards with religious symbols; similar postcards published abroad; photo postcards and lithographs, issued illegally in state photo workshops and then distributed mainly on trains by the “deaf and dumb”.

And, of course, the species, art and greeting cards with a neutral theme that were at hand were used.Sometimes these postcards were altered. The usual quite “atheistic” postcard, supplemented by a “church” inscription, could have been given at Christmas or Easter.

Almost all types of postcards that could be used in the USSR as greeting cards are presented in the collection of Father Rostislav.

Lubok, postcard and religious art

Conventionally, Christmas cards in the USSR can be divided into several groups.

First of all, these are postcards published at the initiative of the Church in 1970-80 (pre-revolutionary and reprint editions).Given the lack of imprint, most likely such postcards were issued not by the publishing department of the Russian Orthodox Church, but by some large parish or monastery, because they are a cross between manual and printed work, involving the use of technical devices and some replication.

In terms of print quality, they are practically indistinguishable from greeting photo postcards, which were made in the USSR semi-legally (1949 – 1975). These postcards were produced without the participation of the Soviet state (by the Church, artisanal photographers, they were often made by hand).

Postcards of “foreign origin” are another significant part of the collection. Some of the congratulations, although published abroad, contain congratulatory texts in Russian. For example, a completely “Catholic” postcard published in New York, which was simply used to send congratulations to Russia. Or a postcard with a reproduction of the painting “The Nativity of Christ” (1523, State Gallery in Washington). The author of the painting is the Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto (1480 – 1556).

Despite the fact that the image has nothing to do with the Orthodox tradition, and the picture itself was most likely unknown in the USSR, it has a text in Russian on the front and back sides. With a high degree of probability, we can assume that this is a postcard published in the USA for the needs of believers in the USSR.

Among the greeting cards there are also ordinary, Soviet New Year’s or specific cards, published quite legally. The congratulatory text on the back makes these modest samples of postcards unique postcards congratulating on Orthodox holidays.

Six postcards from the Easter cycle from 1982 to 1987 are of the greatest interest in the collection. These are works of authorship belonging to the Moscow artist and icon painter Vladislav Nizov. Each of these works is designated as “Etching with watercolors and gouache tint” but has a congratulatory text on the back, which turns these “etchings” into a special kind of Easter and Christmas cards.

It is interesting to trace how the style of such postcards changes over time.The first thing that attracts attention is the use of religious symbols, which become more “canonical” as relations between the Church and the state normalize, up to the use of iconographic images in the 1980s.

As for the themes of the plots, they seem rather arbitrary and rather speak of the sender’s capabilities than of a conscious preference for a particular topic. Another confirmation of the limited choice of postcards with religious themes is the presence of homemade (or converted postcards).

In general, on the basis of “artistic greetings” about. Rostislav, we can conclude that the plots of Christmas cards have become more diverse compared to pre-revolutionary counterparts, and the requirements for the form have decreased – semi-handicraft photocopies, and ordinary Soviet holiday cards and author’s etchings are used as cards. In fact, if we try to combine all these diverse examples of the genre, we will see that we have before us a new kind of applied art – Father Rostislav himself called the collection “artistic congratulations”.In these “congratulations” folk splint, postcard and religious art were combined into one.

Used images from

New Year’s card design – digital printing on the site

Cards are traditionally an integral part of the most beloved holidays, a special place among which is occupied by the New Year. Despite the fact that the demand for paper cards among private consumers has slightly decreased in recent years, the overall indicators in this area are steadily growing due to the increasing demand for these printed products among corporate customers.Modern digital printing in Moscow makes it possible to make various options for bright and colorful congratulations for employees and partners.

Well-printed, beautiful New Year’s cards can be an excellent holiday gift for recipients, in the list of which many companies include not only business partners, but also their most loyal customers and employees. Quite often, personalized postcards are printed, which become a pleasant surprise for the addressees.

Today, even a small company can afford to order digital printing of New Year’s cards in a printing house.As a rule, firms order relatively small editions of products, so most often postcards are printed on digital equipment, which is excellent for making personalized products and ensures high image quality.

It is better to think about ordering a batch of New Year’s cards in advance – this will give you the opportunity to carefully think over the design of the card and calmly order the required circulation even before the start of the pre-holiday rush. In the process of developing a design for a New Year’s card, it is important to take into account the already established business style of the company.This does not mean at all that the postcard should be decorated exclusively with a corporate logo, however, if the designer manages to somehow beat the corporate symbols, this can be a good move.

Many companies strive to make their cards unique and memorable. This approach can be considered justified, because a certain degree of originality will allow a branded postcard to look more advantageous against the background of other New Year’s greeting products.For example, you can order postcards of a non-standard shape (square or imitating a snowflake or other suitable attribute of the New Year holidays).

New Year’s cards look quite original with inserts made of designer paper or tracing paper, on which you can print personal greetings for recipients. Of course, the congratulatory text can be placed on the postcard itself, but some customers consider inserts to be a more original and aesthetic option.

To create a truly original design for a New Year’s card is a rather difficult job that requires a high level of professionalism from a specialist.It is important for a designer to reflect, on the one hand, the corporate style of the customer (holiday cards are also used as a special type of advertising media), and general New Year and Christmas symbols. Also, an important aspect is the productive interaction of the designer and the customer – the key to success can be a clearly formulated set of wishes and requirements for a New Year’s card.

Printing of a4, a5 postcards at a low price to order in small quantities in a printing house in Moscow. Urgent production of postcards

► Printing postcards to order in Moscow with free revision of the layout, result and delivery from 1 day!

Prices are given for printing postcards with the following production parameters: coated paper 300 g / m2 for runs up to 500 copies.or one-sided cardboard 250 g / m for runs of 500 copies, digital or offset printing. Creasing (folding line) for double postcards can be either on the long or on the short side.

Price for 1 copy. with the appropriate format and circulation.

Postcards A6 (105×148 mm)

Type / Circulation 50 100 300 500 1000 2000 3000 Other circulation
Single, print 4 + 0 24 12 10 9 8.5 5.2 3.5 Find out the cost!
Double fold, 4 + 1 printing 32 22 18 12 9.8 5.9 4.5

Postcards A5 (148×210 mm)

Type / Circulation 50 100 300 500 1000 2000 3000 Other circulation
Single, print 4 + 0 36 18 14 10 9 5.6 4 Find out the cost!
Double fold, 4 + 1 printing 54 32 24 16 11 6.6 5.5

Euro postcards (210 × 99 mm)

Type / Circulation 50 100 300 500 1000 2000 3000 Other circulation
Single, print 4 + 0 30 20 12 9 8.8 5.4 3.8 Find out the cost!
Double fold, 4 + 1 printing 40 27 21 14 11.8 6.3 4.8

It is possible to print postcards of any formats and types, including non-standard ones, with all available finishes: selective and glitter UV varnishing, foil stamping, relief stamping and cutting, lamination.

Examples of work performed:

A postcard made of designer paper, folded size 150×150 mm, cutting, foil stamping, relief stamping, selective UV varnishing. … Euro postcard, 4 + 4 printing, paper 300 g / m, creasing on the long side. A set of A6 postcards in a dust jacket, 4 + 1 offset printing. Postcard, A5 strip format, 4 + 4 offset printing, glitter varnishing, hot stamping, creasing. Standard postcard, stripe format A6, 4 + 4 digital printing, matte paper 300 g / m, creasing.Postcard – non-standard table tent, printing 4 + 1, cutting. Show more examples of work

At present, the service of printing corporate cards with the company logo is quite popular. From the field of personal relationships, congratulations and invitations, postcards have moved to the business sphere, where they have become an elegant way to unobtrusively remind of yourself and express your location, completely remaining within the framework of business etiquette. Postcards are great advertising tools:

  • postcards are presented to clients and partners of the company for the holidays, congratulating them on their birthday, New Year, March 8, etc.etc .;
  • with their help make targeted client mailing with messages about news, promotions and personal discounts;
  • postcards are used at exhibitions and other events;
  • bright, non-standard branded cards very effectively complement gift sets packed in designer boxes or branded, which company managers present to their VIP clients.

We can order the printing of small editions of postcards for individuals, for example, with gratitude to doctors, school teachers at graduation, colleagues, volunteer participants, etc.Or maybe you need to create postcards – real masterpieces of design art for congratulating especially important people? In each of these cases, we will be able to find the optimal combination of postcard design, quality materials and processing. All our postcards will look at least aesthetically pleasing, and maximum – luxurious, while they can cost both expensive and cheap – it all depends on the wishes of the client.

Material, sizes of postcards

Full-color printing of postcards is done on one-sided or two-sided coated cardboard (4 + 0 or 4 + 4) of medium and high density (230 – 280 g / m) or on coated paper with a density of 250 – 300 g / m.Coating – glossy or matte.

We make postcards of all sizes and shapes. The most popular among our clients are postcard formats A6, A5, Euro (210 * 100), as well as A4 with one or two big (fold lines).

Types of postcards, finished samples

Depending on the circulation of the postcards, we carry out the order on a digital or offset machine. Our equipment allows you to achieve accurate color reproduction and smooth color transitions. Therefore, if you want to print unique, bright postcards with your own photos or pictures, you will be satisfied with the quality of workmanship.Ordering individual New Year cards for loved ones or postcrossing (exchange with mail lovers from different countries) is much more original than buying ready-made ones in a store and much more professional than printing them on a home printer. There are no restrictions on the colors of printing postcards in our printing house. The only limitation is that we do not produce 3d and musical cards.

Cost and terms of printing postcards

The optimal number of postcards for ordering – from 50 pieces.At the same time, the general rule for the printing industry applies: the larger the circulation of postcards, the lower the cost per unit of production. Printing postcards from 1000 copies and more will cost inexpensively per each of them, while a small circulation of postcards implies a fairly high price for 1 piece. Although it sometimes makes sense to print a small batch for a test in order to evaluate its effectiveness as an advertising tool, and only then order a full edition. In addition, we provide discounts for printing postcards to our regular customers.

Also, the cost of postcards is influenced by the development of design and the use of additional finishing operations. With minimal preliminary preparation, urgent printing of postcards during the day is also possible.

Manufacturing time – 1 day or more. The term for printing postcards depends on the circulation and the additional processing of products you have chosen.

Similar services

If you understand the importance of strengthening your brand image in the eyes of your customers and partners, contact GeoPress.We know a lot about this!

90,000 Postcards and invitations at the Kopir printing house

Postcards are a unique way of expressing special attention and affection for their recipient. Initially, postcards were intended solely for congratulatory purposes. But over time, the need for their use in advertising and business etiquette became apparent. As an unobtrusive reminder of your company’s capabilities, corporate cards build strong and friendly relationships between colleagues, business partners and clients of the firm.New Year and Christmas cards, cards for March 8, February 23 or professional holidays, made in the unique style of your organization, will undoubtedly leave a favorable impression on your partners and employees.
Postcards are made on thick coated paper, design paper or cardboard. Postcards can be of various shapes and sizes – from standard (for euro envelopes), to complex ones with creasing and / or perforation, according to the individual design of the customer.There are a lot of finishing options. It all depends on the imagination of the designer and the customer’s budget. Very often, to give additional attractiveness, cutting is used in the production of advertising cards. At the same time, not only the internal elements, but also the shape of the postcard itself are cut down. The printing of such postcards is much more expensive for the customer, since it is required to make a die cut.
The design of a postcard should not only correspond to its goals, but also evoke certain emotions.The effectiveness of any advertising campaign is 90% dependent on the design decision, i.e. on the visual image and its attractiveness to the target audience. Sincere, kind congratulations will surely cause a storm of positive emotions, therefore, they are unlikely to want to get rid of the postcard as quickly as an ordinary advertising leaflet.

If you are thinking about making an original greeting for clients, colleagues, partners, relatives and friends, or a stylish invitation to an event, it is best to do this using a postcard with an exclusive design, moreover, with an original finish.We will be happy to assist you both in the development of an exclusive design, as well as in operational digital and offset printing. Foil stamping, silk-screen printing, figured die-cutting are often used as additional finishing.

Purpose of cards and invitations

  • Greeting cards –
    are the most common options. It is used, for example, for advertising and information purposes among the existing clients of the company.
  • Invitation cards (invitations)
    are used during public events. It can be an invitation to an anniversary, a name day, a wedding, a corporate party, just a birthday, massive city holidays.
  • Advertising cards,
    Fly Cards in places of recreation and entertainment of the target audience (restaurants, bars and cafes, hotels, entertainment centers) contributes to the formation of positive emotions among customers.
  • Image cards
    are made to order for a specific event related, for example, to the activities of the company: anniversary, foundation day, opening of a branch, as well as related to the goods or services offered.

As a result, the addressees of your cards or invitations will receive exclusive printed products, made according to the existing layout or an individual project, which will cause a storm of emotions in the recipient and will be kept as a keepsake for many years.
Today, postcards of various formats are produced – from the smallest to really large, the capabilities of our printing house allow us to carry out a full cycle of production of postcards of any format, design, density and color.

Print technology

When choosing a method of printing postcards and invitations, we offer the customer the most favorable price and minimum production time with maximum quality. As with other types of paper and cardboard products, the timing and cost of printing depends on the printing method: offset or digital.
Digital printing is faster, and the cost of a print run grows almost in proportion to its volume, but at the same time, with large runs (from 500 copies), offset printing becomes more economical than digital, since the cost per unit of production in offset printing decreases several times with an increase in the volume of circulation …
You can find out from our managers about the cost of production of cards and invitations by digital and offset printing, terms of operational printing, finishing – they will fully and promptly inform you about all the nuances of making these festive products, and our production specialists will perform fast and high-quality printing at an affordable price!
Please note that exclusive custom-made postcards require fine elaboration and coordination of production details at all stages.Please be careful: the production of exclusive products takes more time than standard products, please order in advance!

Postcard design and materials

Our printing house has a huge ready-made templates for cards and invitations for any special occasion or important date: corporate, New Year, wedding, family: you can choose a layout suitable for your event, modify it yourself or with our help, or we will develop an exclusive design postcards specially for your event.
Exclusive custom-made postcards can have a variety of shapes and sizes, consist of several elements of different density and material, intended for further finishing.
Our designers will develop an exclusive design for you and come up with such a design for a card or invitation, which will surely be received with delight and will be remembered for a long time.

Our capabilities

Our equipment allows us to carry out a full cycle of production of postcards and invitations of any format, from mini-postcards to large anniversary ones.We offer services of digital printing of small editions, offset printing for large editions in the shortest possible time on coated and offset, as well as design paper of various weights from 300 g / m2 with creasing or folding and further finishing.
For finishing we offer punching, relief stamping, gold or silver foil stamping, selective varnishing. Decorating is especially necessary for exclusive design postcards to give them the most festive and solemn look.

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