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50 Christmas Card Greetings to Show Your Love, Gratitude, and Joy

It’s that time of year again — the temperature is dropping, the snow is falling, and the keyboards are typing because it’s time to send out your Christmas cards. But before you put pen to paper, excuse us, fingers to Macbook, you have to figure out what to say. That’s why we’re helping you out with 50 Christmas card greetings to send out this season.

Just as there’s a perfect gift for everyone, we believe there’s a perfect message for everyone on your (e)mailing list. Whether you’re writing to your colleague, bestie, or boss, there’s a heartfelt note for each person.

Below, you’ll find 50 different ways to wish your loved ones happy holidays. Send it to all your friends and family or craft an individual message for each and every person on your list. No matter how you choose to spread the holiday cheer, they’ll certainly be happy to hear from you.

Short Christmas Greetings for Just About Anyone

Design: Patrice Horvath Design

Not sure what to say this year? Did you put your Christmas card writing off until twelve days before Christmas? Not to worry, these short Christmas messages apply to everyone on your list. Send them one of these festive greeting cards to get your notes out and delivered by the 25th:

  • Wishing you a warm, glowing Christmas this year.
  • Thinking of you this holiday season. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year!
  • May you have a jolly holiday season. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright!
  • Hope all is well with you and your family. Sending thoughts and warm wishes from our home to yours.
  • Grateful to have you in our lives. Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
  • Hope your holiday season is filled with friendship and festivities. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year!
  • Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.
  • Sending merry Christmas wishes to you and your family.
  • Spreading Christmas blessings to you during this joyous season.
  • May your holiday season be merry and bright.
  • Sending Season’s greetings to you this Christmas.

Heartfelt Christmas Greetings for Family Members

Design: Morgan Kendall

If you won’t be going home this Christmas season, send a note off to your parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles letting them know they’re in your thoughts. You can’t be everywhere this holiday season, but perhaps these holiday cards will let your family know you’re hoping to make it home next year.

  • I won’t be able to make it home for Christmas this year, but know that I love you, appreciate you, and miss you every day.
  • The only present I want under my Christmas tree this year is one weekend with all of you. Thinking of you and sending my warmest wishes.
  • Having family like you is the greatest Christmas gift anyone could ever ask for. I can’t wait to make it home next year.
  • Anyone who says you don’t choose your family doesn’t know the meaning of family. I’d choose to spend every holiday with you from now until forever.
  • Nothing can ever replace having a family like ours. Looking forward to spending time with you when I arrive home for the holidays.
  • Sending lots of love and best wishes from far away. Have a happy holiday season!

Funny Christmas Card Greetings to Send Your Friends

Design: Pink House Press

Your friends have loved you at your worst and cheered you on at your best. To those who have been your ride-or-dies through high school hallways, college dorms, and every new beginning in between, wish them well this holiday season with these personal Christmas card messages.

  • Remember when we actually stayed up past midnight for New Years? Yea, me neither.
  • Peace on Earth and praise be to the positive balances in our bank accounts. Merry Christmas and happy New Year of adulting.
  • I love you enough to take on your student loan debt. Not really, but hoping you get some dollar bills in your stocking.
  • Here’s to Santa Claus placing a Frenchie puppy under your Christmas tree. No one deserves it more.
  • I can’t imagine anyone else I’d rather grow old and watch Golden Girls with. Here’s to another merry Christmas and happy New Year with you by my aging side.
  • Sending you warm, fuzzy wishes of good health, even after all the spiked eggnog we both know you’ll drink.
  • On Christmas Day, my only hope is that you survive your mother’s long list of questions.
  • There’s no one I would rather spread some Christmas cheer with — i.e., watch cheesy Netflix Christmas movies with, sing Christmas carols off-tune with, and drink spiked apple cider with.

Warm Christmas Greetings to Send to Colleagues

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words to show your coworkers your appreciation. For those who have shared in your success, stood by your side, and always been there to cheer you on, here are several holiday greetings to send at Christmas time.

  • Thank you for all your hard work this year. Have a relaxing holiday, you deserve it!
  • Hope you enjoy this time of year with family and friends.
  • I appreciate your business and hope our success continues through the New Year.
  • Have a festive holiday season. Cheers to a wonderful New Year!
  • It’s been a great year having you as a teammate. Have a blessed holiday and prosperous New Year with family and friends.
  • Have a wonderful Christmas — see you after the New Year!
  • Have a very merry Christmas and a well deserved break.
  • The past year would not have been possible without you. Have a great Christmas with your family and friends.

Religious Christmas Greetings to Spread the Joy

Design: Veronica Linti

If you or your loved ones celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, the holidays can be a special time to express your faith. Here are several religious greetings you can send out to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

  • May God bless your family with hope and faith this holiday season.
  • Sending thoughts and prayers to your family this Christmas.
  • May your home be filled with joy, as unto us a child is born.
  • Hope your home is filled with Christ’s magic of Christmas this time of year.
  • May the Lord fill your home with the spirit of Christmas this holy season.
  • On the first Christmas, God gave us Jesus as the greatest gift. Sending Christ’s blessings to you and your family.
  • Blessings to you and your family, may your home be filled with the true meaning of Christmas this holy night.
  • We hope your family is filled with the Christmas spirit and your home is filled with the gifts of faith and love this season.

Merry Christmas Greetings for that Special Someone

Design: Robinson Creative House

This season, there’s only one person you want to be cozied up next to by the fire. To the person who’s keeping you warm this winter, send them one of these Christmas card sayings to show how much you care.

  • All I want for Christmas is you.
  • Santa baby, hurry and pick up Dominoes tonight.
  • I’m so glad we found each other before “Netflix and chill all winter” season started. Merry Christmas!
  • I feel so grateful to have you in my life. Here’s to another cozy holiday season with you by my side.
  • Being with you is such a rush — you make me so blissfully happy, yet so deeply terrified to meet your parents. Happy holidays!
  • With you by my side, I have no doubt this will be the best Christmas ever.
  • Come Christmas Eve, I hope to be unwrapping you.
  • You are the best gift I could have asked for. Here’s to a perfect Christmas with you by my side.
  • The best gift you can give me this Christmas is saying nice things about me to your mom. Merry Christmas, Baby!

Send Greetings to Those You’re Thankful For

All too often, an entire year goes by without showing our appreciation for those around us. Christmas is such a wonderful way to celebrate, show gratitude, and spread joy with those we care about.

Whether you’re sending your Christmas messages to family members, coworkers, or friends from college, Greenvelope is here to share your holiday message. Choose from dozens upon dozens of holiday designs, all of which can be customized. Personalize your Christmas card with a photo of you or your family, add a fun note or a life update for a personal touch, or type a simple “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Hopefully this gave you a little bit of holiday inspiration to spread the joy this season. From all of us at Greenvelope, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages For Boyfriend – American Greetings

When Christmas magic’s in the air, love is everywhere!

There is even more to love about Christmas when you have someone special to share it with, and there’s nothing like a cute boyfriend to add a little heat to the holidays. Whether you plan to be snuggling close by the crackling fire, ice-skating side by side, or just out doing some good old-fashioned holiday shopping together, everything about the season feels so much more romantic when you’re doing it together. You can keep the sparks of the season going strong by sending some merry Christmas wishes to the boyfriend who makes any day feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

Every relationship is unique, so Christmas messages to your special guy can vary a lot depending on how long you’ve been together, how serious you are, and how you two communicate with each other. So, it’s up to you to decide what kind of Christmas greeting card message for your boyfriend will work best for the kind of relationship that the two of you share. When you’re together are you fun and flirty? Maybe you want Christmas wishes for your boyfriend to come across as committed and caring. Maybe you’ll want a holiday card to say something sexy, sincere or simple or sweet. There’s no limit to the possible options when it comes to writing the perfect words for your boyfriend at Christmastime!

Here are some sentiments to get you started when you aren’t sure what to write in a Christmas card for your boyfriend:


  • Let’s be naughty this year.
  • Race you to the mistletoe!
  • You’re all I want for Christmas!
  • You’re at the top of my “nice” list.


  • So happy to be sharing Christmas with you.
  • A boyfriend like you is a Christmas wish-come-true!
  • Let’s have ourselves a merry little Christmas.
  • I’m dreaming of a sweet little Christmas with you.
  • Wishing the best boyfriend the merriest Christmas.


  • I hope this is only the start of a lifetime of Christmases together.
  • My favorite part of the holiday is spending it with you.
  • I love you on Christmas and every day of the year.
  • Christmas with you is my favorite thing to do.

Add a Digital Gift Card

In a rush? No time to visit stores in search of the perfect gift? Pair a digital gift card with a personalized Christmas ecard, for fast delivery to the recipient. Simply select the retailer you’d like to purchase a gift card from then you’ll enter the name and email of the recipient and send. If you’re an AG member you only pay the amount of the egift card. We also have a checkout as guest option for a $1.99 fee. Browse our selection of retailers to choose from including Sephora, Nike, Starbucks, Fandango, Target, and more!

Now that you have some ideas to play around with, the real fun begins. Don’t be afraid to put your own personality into your message and really send something straight from your heart. As long as it comes from you, he’s sure to love it.

Sending romantic greeting cards can be the beginning of a beautiful tradition between you and your boyfriend. Here’s wishing the two of you a very merry and magical Christmas and many more love-filled holidays together!


Maggie Weiss has been writing greeting cards for 14 years and still remembers the first time she gave a Christmas gift to a boyfriend. She was in 5th grade, and the gift was a giant Hershey’s kiss.


24 Great Christmas Card Sayings For Girlfriend

Christmas is one of the most celebrate religious festivals around the world. Spending a whole day to participate in the many festivities of this holiday is made better when you have someone to spend it with. Here is a look at some great Christmas card sayings for your girlfriend that will help you to share this special day together.

“A special wish from me to you, sealed with a kiss, there is nothing so important, there is nothing I want to miss, I love you so much, Merry Christmas to my beloved.”

“Being with you every day makes me happy, and also on nights like this when we both look watch fireworks light the sky on Christmas. I love you.”

“During the Christmas holidays, I’m glad because there are people by my side who love me and value me. I thank you very much for being with me. I love you too much, my love, and I hope you can enjoy a happy Christmas holiday.”

“God must be loving me so much For He gave me a person, who will I cherish dearly For He let me be with that person and be part of her life. And the special person is YOU. Merry Christmas!”

“I am a fortunate man because I have family, friends and a lovely girlfriend like you. I lack nothing and I only want to spend this wonderful night with you. Merry Christmas.”

“I am the happiest boyfriend in the world! For I have the best girlfriend ever. Thanks for being there, to love, to cherish, to care. Wishing you all the best this Christmas. Happy Holidays!”

“I don’t need to receive gifts this Christmas For I already have the best gift one can ever receive. The gift of being with someone I love. Merry Christmas to you, my dear!”

“I may not always say this but I want you to know that you’re the most awesome person I know The person who captured my heart And imprison me in her heart. Wishing you the best Christmas ever!”

“I promised that I would give you a beautiful Christmas gift, however it is not possible. I’m not going to give it to you because the love I feel for you is so big that it does not fit in gift bag. So much love only can fit in your life. Merry Christmas!”

“Love is a heavenly feeling, and it becomes all the most special when you are in my arms. I love you so much, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sweetheart. ”

“Merry Christmas to my queen, the one that holds me in her hands like a rag doll and who will spend Christmas Eve with me. Merry Christmas, my love.”

“Merry Christmas wishes to a special girl, Who has stole my heart. Enjoy Christmas with party and dance”

“Merry time with merry cheer, when you are in my life, there is nothing to fear, I love you so much, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

“My dear girlfriend, I want to tell you that thanks to your love I feel really happy. I enjoy every moment with you and these moments are unforgettable and you do them unique. I hope you celebrate this holiday next to all your loved ones. Merry Christmas!”

“Nothing compares to knowing you are my girlfriend. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you smile. Merry Christmas Eve, princess of my heart.”

“On this day I will celebrate the coming of Jesus to the world with my beloved ones. My wish is that my whole family can feel the love of God in their lives to feel joy. I hope you can have a good time for me to be happy and enjoy the magic of Christmas in union and joy.”

“This Christmas is Special for me, I am having a special person to think about Merry Christmas my love.”

“This day celebrates the birth of Baby Jesus and I want to send my best wishes to all my friends and I hope they can be with their families, too. I am grateful to God for how happy I am with you. You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I love you, my baby.”

“This is but a message. These are but words. But these spring from core of my soul To wish you all the best this season holds. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!”

“This is the most ideal time of the year to look back And realize everything that we did that has become A big part of who we’ve become now. I have nothing to regret. Looking back just reminded me nothing but all the happy moments we shared together. I wish to have more moments with you! Merry Christmas!”

“We may not be together this Christmas But just remember that in my heart You will always be around Together, by heart and soul, we will celebrate Christmas Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

“What I want most this Christmas holiday is that the birth of Jesus can be reminded in each celebration of each family and happiness and harmony reigns. I love you very much, my baby, and I hope you can be in the company of all your family this Christmas.”

“You are my love and hope, Everything seems fine when you’re around. I hope this love will be forever. Merry Christmas dear.”

“You are one of the best things that happen to me I just couldn’t imagine without you in my life You’ve become a big part of me now. And I will always be thankful to God for that. Merry Christmas!”

Here is a look at more than a half dozen shocking and weird Christmas facts that will get you thinking about this much celebrated holiday.

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What to Write in a Christmas Card

Thinking about what to write in a Christmas card might be just as hard as writing that perfect Christmas Instagram caption. After all, you’re sending them out to the same people you’re buying gifts for: your friends, family, significant others, and even your coworkers. That means you’ll have to come up with various Merry Christmas wishes that cater to each group. Although figuring out what to write in a Christmas card may seem like a daunting task, we’re here to help.

Ahead, you’ll find Christmas card messages for everyone on your list (including your boss!). Whether you decide to make your note even more personal with a sweet Christmas quote, a funny Christmas pun, or a creative Santa joke to spruce up a Christmas printable, you’re bound to come across a message that suits your needs. Either way, these sentiments are enough to make any greeting worthy of displaying. From helping your kids craft what to write in a Christmas card for their teacher, to loving words for your spouse, we’ve got you covered with Christmas wishes that are both unique and sincere. December 25 will be here before you know it, which is why we’re showing you exactly what to write in your Christmas card.

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Funny Things to Write in a Business Card


Bring good cheer to your colleagues and clients with these cute Christmas-y quips.

  • We hope yule have a very Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas is Claus for celebration!
  • Remember, when you stop leaving cookies and milk for Santa you get socks for Christmas.
  • Why are Dasher and Dancer always taking coffee breaks? They’re Santa’s star bucks!
  • Know what the best thing about this card is? It doesn’t come with a fruitcake.
  • We hope your Christmas jingle bell rocks!
  • Money is scarce, times are hard, but I still managed to get you a Christmas card.

    What to Write in Your Boss’s Christmas Card

    Image SourceGetty Images

    When writing a Christmas card to your boss, keep it warm, but also keep it professional.

    • Thank you for all your hard work and dedication this year. Best wishes this holiday season.
    • Thank you for inspiring me to do my best every day. Merry Christmas!
    • Wishing a wonderful Christmas to a wonderful mentor.
    • Our team wouldn’t be the same without you. Merry Christmas!
    • Thank you for another outstanding year! May you have the Merriest Christmas!
    • Happy holidays to a terrific mentor—looking forward to doing great work together in the New Year.
    • Let the spirit of Christmas warm your home and fill your heart with joy.
    • May you share joyful memories, laughter and good cheer with your loved ones on this Christmas.

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      What to Write in a Christmas Card to a Friend

      Westend61Getty Images

      Whether they’re your besties or more casual buddies, let ’em feel the love this Christmas.

      • Feeling so grateful this Christmas for having such an amazing friend.
      • Not even Santa could bring a better friend. Merry Christmas, bestie!
      • The gift of your friendship is my favorite Christmas present.
      • When I count my Christmas blessings, you’re at the top of the list!
      • Every Christmas is merrier because you’re a part of it, my forever friend.
      • The holidays are a lot more special when celebrating with great friends like you.

        What to Write in a Teacher’s Christmas Card

        Steve DebenportGetty Images

        If you’re helping your kids compose cards to their teachers, here are a few starter suggestions.

        • Hope you get a much-deserved break this holiday season!
        • Merry Christmas to my favorite teacher. I hope Santa brings you everything you want this year!
        • Thank you for making school fun and me smarter! Have a very Merry Christmas!
        • Not even Santa’s helpers could make a better teacher than you!
        • You’re the reason I’m happy to come back to school after Christmas!
        • Wishing you a restful holiday season. Merry Christmas!
        • May your Christmas be blessed with lots of love, peace and happiness.

          What to Write in a Christmas Card to a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

          vladansGetty Images

          Is there a better time than Christmas to tell your love how much they mean to you?

          • All I want for Christmas is you!
          • Merry Christmas to the person who lights me up like the brightest tree.
          • Being with you is the best gift I could ever receive. Merry Christmas, honey!
          • Merry Kiss-mas, my love. Now let’s get under that mistletoe!
          • You’re the most wonderful part of the most wonderful time of the year.
          • I hope that your holidays be filled with as much love and joy as you’ve given me.
          • Santa knew just what I wanted when he brought you into my life.

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            80+ Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend – Romantic Messages

            Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend: Christmas is one lovely day for which we keep our eyes on the calendar all year long, but it is only joyful if the loved ones are there to celebrate. And who can be more lovable than a sweet and caring boyfriend? No matter if you are celebrating this Christmas with your boyfriend or you are miles away from him, a cute and romantic Christmas wish for your boyfriend can melt his heart. Our rich compilation of Christmas wishes for him can surely rescue you from the hassle of what to write in a Christmas card for your boyfriend. Please scroll below to explore more and greet him a heartfelt Christmas, and spread the aura of your happy bond.

            Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend

            You are the most precious gift from God. I wish you all the sweet things in this world. Merry Christmas!

            Merry Christmas, Mr. Perfect! You are everything that I need in my life.

            I know you’ll keep loving me and keep caring for me this Christmas and in many Christmas yet to come. Merry Christmas to my sweetheart!

            Merry Christmas to the love of my life! Nothing seems more magical than being with you every day!

            The journey of love we have embarked on will find new hopes and new dreams this Christmas! Let’s make our love last forever!

            You are one of a kind. You are the brightest star in my universe. I wish you a wonderful Christmas season full of love and joy!

            You can have all the good things of a perfect boyfriend. Being with you this Christmas is a blessing for me. Merry Christmas!

            If I didn’t meet you, I would never know the real happiness of the Christmas season. Thanks for being such a loving one. Happy Christmas and New Year Sweetheart!

            When you are by my side, every day feels like Christmas! Merry Christmas, love!

            Memories will eventually fade away. But our love for each other will always be the same. This Christmas for me is all about loving you!

            I don’t know anyone in this world who could love me with such passion and honesty. I feel lucky for having you. Merry Christmas!

            Distance means nothing when my heart beats for you every moment of every day. Merry Christmas, my love. I wish you could be here in my arms!

            We have made sweet memories throughout the year. It’s time to add some more sweet memories to our album of love! Merry Christmas!

            It may just be our first Christmas together but I can say from the bottom of my heart, that there will never be the last Christmas together.

            Merry Christmas, love. Wishing you a very special Christmas and I’m really thankful that you are a part of my life. You make a want to be a better person I love you so much for that.

            Merry Christmas to the best boyfriend ever. You are one in a million.

            To the man of my dreams, wishing you a Christmas full of lovely moments, and boundless joys!

            Christmas cookies, candy canes, snow and Christmas carols all make the season great altogether. But the best part of Christmas is definitely you! I love you, darling. Merry Christmas.

            Thank you so much for brightening up my day and making me feel special every day of the year. You make everything so wonderful glad to have you in my life. Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

            On this Christmas season, I want to wrap my arms around you, holding you near to my heart. Thank you for staying with me as my heart follows you everywhere. May God bless you, baby.

            Merry Christmas to the Love of My Life! I’m sending you some special wishes of Christmas cheer to the one I love so dearly. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Love you.

            You know I love you with all my heart and I want to say that on this Christmas Eve I wish you all the very best for your life. Have a beautiful Christmas! I love you so much.

            Your love filled my heart with gladness and took away all my sadness. You are a treasure that changed my life forever. Wishing you a fun-filled, joyful merry Christmas!

            You came into my life and gave me a thousand reasons to celebrate Christmas like a child again. I love you for giving me a taste of true happiness! Merry Christmas!

            My love for you I ever young and evergreen like the Christmas tree. I cannot think of a Christmas holiday without you by my side. Merry Christmas to the most handsome boyfriend ever!

            The journey of love we have embarked on will find new hopes and new dreams this Christmas! Let’s make our love last forever!

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            Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

            All my wishes already came true when I had met you! Merry Christmas my love!

            Merry Christmas, handsome! This year, I’ll be your Santa and fulfill all your wishes!

            The love from your heart brings harmony to my life. I wish you a jolly Christmas and a very happy new year.

            May your Christmas be filled with wonderful surprises, a blanket of snow, and plenty of kisses and hugs under the mistletoe!

            You are in all of my silent and loud prayers. May God bless you with every jolly thing. Merry Christmas.

            Your love wrapped my heart like wrapping paper decorates a present under a Christmas tree. Merry Christmas, boyfriend.

            December can be cold, but I know your love is always there to keep my heart warm in this Christmas season. Merry Christmas, boyfriend.

            Blessed is this season, Blessed is your love, I feel so blessed within. Thanks for coming into my life and for giving me a reason to survive. I love you so much. Merry Christmas!

            Your constant present is enough to be happy in this Christmas season. I love you so much. I hope you have a wonderful one this year.

            Tonight I will dress up and look very pretty for you. I want you to look at me and feel glad to be my boyfriend. I want us to hold hands and wish each other a Merry Christmas with a kiss.

            Your words of love steal someone’s heart, but you do not know that your heart is already stolen by me, check that! Happy Christmas!

            May there be many gifts for all of us, May we always be together, May our hearts never be cold, even in the snowy weather. May there be always love for us and let us have a Merry Christmas!

            Life is bliss only because of you, Life is merry and everything feels so new, Only because of you, I truly love you. Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

            Merry Christmas to you my love. With you, my life is filled with a smile. Merry Christmas to you!

            Christmas is here to brighten our lives and make us feel grateful for all we have. Live a beautiful Christmas, my love.

            Every single day of my life, I thank god for sending you in my life. Today I want to thank him special, Coz today is Christmas, Love you my love, Merry Christmas!

            Good time, bad time, night time, daytime, work time, office time, sad time, happy time, in the meantime I’m thinking of you all the time. Merry Christmas sweetheart!

            All my love for you will be my Christmas gift. I love you and I want us to celebrate Christmas Eve together at midnight tonight. Merry Christmas.

            Ever since I am your girlfriend, I feel fortunate. Everything is going well and I am happy to be alive. This Christmas I want to thank you for making me so happy. Merry Christmas.

            I wish you to enjoy all those beautiful feelings that Christmas always awakens in us. Congratulations my love, never forget that you love and you love life.

            Christmas is the time to touch every heart with love and care. Since I meet you, it feels like I am celebrating Christmas all year round.

            Christmas is the day to tell your loved ones what they mean to you. How could I miss this opportunity to pass all my love to the most loved of all? Have a Merry Christmas.

            Your charming smile unlocks the door of my heart. Your gentle touch opens the window of my soul filling me with Christmas bliss making all of my worries disappear.

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            Romantic Messages for Him at Christmas

            Merry Christmas, dear boyfriend! My warm love will protect you from the harsh, cold winter!

            Merry Christmas, baby! Forever grateful to have a sweet man like you in my life!

            I need you with me, every time I think of you and I would like you to return here. I count the days to meeting again. Merry Christmas!

            Christmas romance is looking at the Christmas tree and realizing the greatest gift is lying next to me. I love you, sweetheart.

            I do not want you to get me any presents. I only want to have you with me and I will be very happy. Your presence is enough to have a Merry Christmas.

            I love Christmas because everybody is peaceful and love is everywhere. Let us be happy and together tonight. I love you. Merry Christmas.

            On this night the only thing I wish is that Christmas fills with much joy in your home. I send you a big hug and a big kiss. I love you with all my heart.

            There have been many tests to our love, but it is all over now. We are happy today and I want you to come to my house and welcome Christmas together. I love you.

            Merry Christmas my love, A wish only for you, You know that without you I will not survive, Because of you, my heart beats and you are my love, Stay blessed!

            It makes me very happy to have a boyfriend like you, someone who always keeps an eye on what happens to me, and who always gives me love and makes me very happy. Merry Christmas!

            Life is not the same my love; since the time you came into my life, Everything is so pleasant and nice, Now without you, I can’t survive, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

            The light in your soul brings harmony to my heart. Our love comes alive flourishing the moments of joy and happiness of time spent together.

            Before I met you, all days were the same for me. Now that you are my boyfriend, it is important to be together every calendar day and show you how much I love you. Merry Christmas.

            The distance will help us to know if our love is true, we will know how much love we have for one another and will celebrate when we meet again, I love you. Sending Christmas wishes to your way!

            May you have a joyful day, As I am telling you with a silent prayer, I want you to know that you mean a lot, You are there in my every thought, I love you, Merry Christmas!

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            Funny Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend

            Hey babe, are you my secret Santa? Cause you just made all my wishes come true! Merry Christmas to you! Can’t wait to spend the day with you!

            This Christmas, I want to thank you for making my life sweeter like honey. Now I am afraid that bees will attack me anytime. Enjoy a sparkly Christmas, sweetheart.

            Merry Christmas, handsome! If you lose me at the party tonight, search the mistletoes cause I’ll be waiting patiently for a kiss!

            To my sweetest boyfriend, Merry Christmas! Forget all the lights and tinsels around the Christmas tree, for I’ll be too busy looking at my handsome man!

            Merry Christmas, baby! Care to spend the Christmas night surrounded by decorated trees, scented candles, and your pretty girlfriend? I love you!

            Hey love, Merry Christmas to you! If the party gets boring tonight, we can always order in some pizza to Netflix and chill together!

            On this occasion of Christmas, I want to tell you that I love you a ton, and you make me feel like celebrating Christmas all year-round. Thank you for being with me. Merry Christmas.

            Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend in Long Distance

            I wish you were here to make my Christmas really happy and full of love. Missing you too much that it hurts.

            For this Christmas I want only one thing and that’s you! You mean the entire world to me! Thank you for existing in my life and making it a better place. I miss you so much. Merry Christmas.

            Merry Christmas, darling. Sending you some Christmas cheer and letting you know that you’re in my thoughts today and every day of the year. My heart belongs to you! I love you so much.

            As the snowflakes are falling, I am remembering you and missing all the good times we have shared together. May Lord bless you and help you to be successful in every sphere of your life.

            There are many things that I love about Christmas and there are lots of things that I like about you! I really wish I could spend my favorite holidays with you! Merry Christmas. Miss you.

            Wishing you a holiday filled with joy and happiness. I miss being with you during the holiday season and I miss you the most at this time of the year. May Lord bless you, sweetheart.

            No matter how cold and snowy this holiday season gets, I’ll always be warm when I’m with you! I miss my warmness as I miss you so much! Merry Christmas, have a happy holiday, love.

            Santa’s elves are sad to see me lonely, and they are on strike to mourning our Christmas full of distance. Missing you my heart out boyfriend. Enjoy the holy day but miss me too.

            Merry Christmas to you, my prince charming. Even though we are miles apart, your love is keeping me warm on the lonely winter nights. I love you!

            I know you will send me thoughtful gifts with lots of love, but I really want these miles between us to be disappeared. Come home soon. Have a lovely Christmas.

            Sweetheart, your absence during the holidays’ pains my heart, but it is nothing in front of the enormous amount of love I have for you! Merry Christmas!

            The only Christmas wish I have to reunite with the love of my life! Merry Christmas, baby. Waiting for the day I can finally be in your arms!

            Merry Christmas, love! I may not be by your side at this moment, so imagine me giving you the warmest hug and sweetest kiss under a mistletoe!

            You are one in a million but tell me, why you are millions of miles away? Christmas is just a regular day without you. I hope you still have a delightful one. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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            When the year is nearing the end, Christmas brings along the messages of joy and celebration in our lives! It is an occasion meant to be spent among loved ones and share bright smiles with them. It is also a significant event to show affection towards your romantic interest! It doesn’t matter if you two are in a long-distance relationship or live together. Christmas is a great opportunity to show your beloved boyfriend how much you care and what he means to you. Don’t miss the chance to pass your love and romantic feelings to whom you adore most in your life. Let’s celebrate being together with your beloved boyfriend. Send him a romantic Christmas message to convey your exact emotions! Tell the love of your life how special he is! To show your boyfriend appreciation and wish him a joyous celebration, find some sweet Christmas wishes for him. Celebrate the most romantic time of the year with some sweet Christmas messages even for your long-distance boyfriend. Send your warm and sincere messages to the man of your life and let the Christmas spirit cover your soul and feelings.

            Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend – Christmas Love Messages

            Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend: Just like Christmas, your girlfriend is also one of the best parts of your life. To make her Christmas bright and merry send Christmas Wishes to your girlfriend. Rejoice this marvelous time of the year while making her falling in love with you more. Write some Christmas love messages for her and make her blush in the season. Say more than just Merry Christmas to my girlfriend and shower her with your love and admiration. If you are wondering what to write in a Christmas card for girlfriend, here are some warm wishes for your beloved. Spread the love and happiness in this holiday season.

            Merry Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

            Thanks for being my one and only. Wishing you all the best of this Christmas my love.

            Thank you for completing my life and adding new meaning to it. Merry Christmas, girlfriend.

            Merry Christmas my love. You are perfect for me, today, tomorrow, and always.

            My queen, may all your wishes come true and makes you happy. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

            As long as I have you by my side, every day is like the holiday season. Thanks for making life so special, girlfriend.

            I just want to spend the magical moments of this beautiful Christmas Eve with you. I ask for nothing but your sweet presence in my life this magical season!

            The Lord has given me the greatest blessing that any man could ever receive – YOU, Merry Christmas Baby!

            You brought happiness into my life and made it merrier than ever, sweetheart. Merry Christmas, my love.

            Thanks for being everything I have ever hoped for in my girlfriend and more. Have the warmest Christmas, darling.

            My life has meaning because you are in it. Without you, there is no hope and no colors in my life. Thank you for being with me throughout the year. Merry Christmas!

            You are the only woman for me, my one in a million – my soulmate. Have a great holiday. I love you so much.

            May the love we share grows bigger and stronger even when we’re not around each other. I wish you a magical Christmas eve!

            This year made me realize that you are the only woman I want to be with forever. Thank you for not leaving my side. Merry Christmas my love!

            Hope you won’t go broke and you will avail of all the best offers of Christmas, dear. Love you tons. Best wishes for Christmas and new year.

            I am very happy to be your boyfriend and you are my greatest Christmas gift ever.

            Merry Christmas to the most amazing girl who taught me how to grow roses in my heart. This Christmas, may all your cherished dreams come true!

            Wishing you nothing but all the best this magical season holds. Sending you love from the very core of soul as the Christmas merrymaking goes on!

            I forgot to buy a Christmas gift for you, but I can give you my heart if you want it, with a lifetime guarantee. Merry Christmas.

            You are the Alice to my mad hatter, the peanut butter and jelly to my bread! Love you tons. Merry Christmas.

            Let us party like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the birthday of Jesus. May the jingle bells jangle for you all year long. Enjoy and be merry.

            Romantic Christmas Messages for Girlfriend

            Loving you is an addiction that I don’t want to recover from. You’re my drug and I’m dependent on it. Merry Christmas!

            I would refuse to go to heaven if you were not there. I’d accept to be in hell if you’re there. Merry Christmas my love!

            Your love is the biggest inspiration of my life. I’m lucky to have you in my life. I’ll everything to keep you mine forever. Merry Christmas!

            I can’t wait to spend this Christmas with you. I have so many dreams to fulfill and so much love to show you! Merry Christmas!

            I can spend a thousand Christmas just by looking at your beautiful eyes. I don’t need to say anything; my eyes will tell you how much love I have for you!

            You can go around the entire world and still wouldn’t find anyone who loves you more than I do. Because I’m the one for you. Merry Christmas!

            You have a face made of sugar and a heart made of gold. How can I resist myself falling in love with you! Merry Christmas!

            Love can be painful at times. But you are worth all the pains and all the troubles. I love you till my death. Merry Christmas!

            Your beauty has kept me spellbound right from the moment I met you till now. You are the queen of my dreams. Merry Christmas to you!

            Your eyes are just as beautiful as your face is. And your smile is just as sweet as your kisses. Merry Christmas to you my love!

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            Christmas Message for Her

            Merry Christmas, sweetie. May God bless you.

            Being loved by you is such an honor and pleasure, but loving you is the greatest feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Merry Christmas Honey!

            This festival of Christmas will be more joyful and wonderful because of your presence in my life, I mean a lot, I love you Merry Christmas!

            What we feel about each other is as wonderful as this night of peace and love. Merry Christmas Eve, darling.

            Merry Christmas my love. You are the most gorgeous loving angel on earth. May the winds of Christmas blow my passion to you keeping you warm forever.

            Your love arrived in my heart many years ago but it is still that strong and gets stronger every day. I am wishing you the best Christmas ever.

            Thank you for loving me – you make my heart happy and I promise I will support you now and ever. Merry Christmas!

            I am the happiest boyfriend in the world! I have the best girlfriend ever. Thanks for being there, to love, to cherish, to care. Wishing you all the best this Christmas. Happy Holidays!

            All I ever wanted for Christmas is the long list of gifts I left on the third chamber of your purse. May the force be with you, lady!

            Knowing I will spend Christmas with you drives me crazy. I am really excited because I love you.

            Let my love become your Christmas star. When you are in doubt let my feelings be your Christmas lights. When you seem lost, turn to me. Merry Christmas darling.

            I love caressing your skin, watching you smile, and the best of all, I love being in your arms on special occasions. So it will be tonight. Merry Christmas.

            I want to thank you for the love you’re giving me since we entered this relationship. The world may be a mess, but you were always there to make everything alright. Merry Christmas Baby!

            Christmas Love Messages for Girlfriend

            Merry time with merry cheer. When you are in my life, there is nothing to fear. I love you so much, Merry Christmas and happy new-year!

            This year you will get a nice Christmas gift and my heart on top of it. I love you and wishing you a Happy Merry Christmas!

            Love is a heavenly feeling and it becomes all the more special when you are in my arms. I love you so much. Merry Christmas and happy new year sweetheart!

            Merry Christmas to my queen, the one that holds me in her hands like a rag doll and who will spend Christmas Eve with me. Merry Christmas, my love.

            You are my only hope in life, Without you, I can’t survive. On this joyous occasion, Let me wish you, Merry Christmas my dear, Have a nice day!

            You are in my life, so my life has a meaning. Without you in my life, it would be only dreaming. I love you so much and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

            For Christmas I am sending you 100 cuddles and 1000 kisses because I love you more than anything else.

            You make me happy in many ways, but tonight you only need to be with me and welcome the son of God in our hearts. Merry Christmas.

            You are the one for me in my life, Without you, I won’t survive, You are my life, my soul, You are in my every role, Merry Christmas my love!

            I love you and I have no words to show. I love you and I want you to know On this special occasion of Christmas, Merry Christmas!

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            Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend Long Distance

            The reason why this Christmas is so special to me is that I have someone so special in life to think about. I’m missing you but you’re never absent in my thoughts.

            When you’re around, I feel happy and everything in life seems great. I hope tonight, Santa brings you to me as a Christmas gift! Merry Christmas!

            On this Christmas, I’m going to do everything that makes you happy and smile, because, I love you. You make me do things for love even when you’re not around.

            May this New Year and Christmas be the brighter one than last year. I miss you so much, darling. Please have a great holiday. Love you.

            Even though we are miles apart, know that my heart only beats for you, and I cannot wait to be with you. Merry Christmas, Babe.

            This holiday season, I am missing the sparkle in your eyes, your soft honey-glazed voice, and your touch. I wish I were there with you.

            I miss you having in my arms the most at this time of the yea. May your Christmas holiday be filled with happiness and joy. Merry Christmas!

            Thank you for warming up my life like the hot cocoa on Christmas Eve. We are always linked together, no matter how far we are! Merry Christmas.

            Christmas Paragraph for Girlfriend

            On this special day, I want you to know that I love you more than me. On this special day, I want you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Cause I truly love you, Merry Christmas!

            I don’t need any gift this Christmas, I already have the best gift one can ever receive. The gift of being with someone I love. Merry Christmas to you, my dear!

            I am a fortunate man because I have family, friends, and a lovely girlfriend like you. I lack nothing and I only want to spend this wonderful night with you. Merry Christmas.

            Your existence is the reason why my life is so beautiful. You don’t always need to be around to make me happy. Even the silliest thought of you can make my Christmas amazing!

            My Christmas is more wonderful, more colorful, and brighter, Only because I have you as my company. I am truly blessed my love. Wish you a merry Christmas!

            I want the most beautiful girl in the world to be happy about spending Christmas with me. I am glad that is happening. Merry Christmas.

            Enjoy your Christmas even if you get fleeced on the street. Love you, babe. Have a safe, sound, and merry Christmas, my darling.

            You are very special to me. You made my heart sensitive, and today you will make me very happy because we will celebrate Christmas holding hands.

            You cannot be here right now but you can look forward to a special Christmas present waiting for you over here…

            Joy resounds in the hearts of those who believe in the miracle of Christmas! Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the season! Season’s Greetings!

            Though the snow is cold, my heart is on fire when I think about the love we share. Merry Christmas to my incredible girlfriend.

            When I’m with you, no matter how cold it is outside, I feel warm from head to toe. Thanks for lighting a fire inside my heart this Christmas season.

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            Spending Christmas with the one you love always brings unimaginable happiness. To make those happy little moments even more memorable, you should greet her with some sweet and romantic Christmas wishes. Even if she is not around or far away from you, you should not forget to wish her a merry Christmas. Your Christmas wish will carry your love for her anywhere in the world. Your girlfriend is one of the most special persons in your life and she needs to know that you care for her and you think of her during such special occasions. Christmas wishes like these will help you create a positive impression on her on Christmas eve! Make her smile during this magical Christmas season by sending her warm and romantic Christmas wishes!

            Christmas Card Messages & Wishes for the Holidays

            Last Updated: Dec 12, 2019

            Christmas is a special time of year where family and friends reconnect over shared wishes and Christmas messages. Many families look forward to receiving their Christmas greetings and family photos and display or hang them for the holiday season. For that reason it’s important to take the time to craft your message carefully for your loved ones. If you’re looking for Christmas writing inspiration, we’ve collected a list of perfect Christmas card messages and wishes for your own holiday greetings.

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            Best Christmas Card Messages & Wishes

            Christmas cards are primarily made up of the following sections: the greeting, a personal message, a chosen holiday quote or message, your signed name, and family photos. All of these pieces should be carefully chosen and heartfelt. If you’re struggling to find the right message or sentiment, we’ve found some great Christmas wishes for any occasion or relationship. Browse our choices below:

            Classic Christmas Greeting Card Messages

            Christmas is a time of tradition, so classic christmas card messages are perfect for any season’s greetings. For specific inspiration, look to our favorite classics below.

            Merry Christmas Wishes

            Sometimes a simple “Merry Christmas” is the most elegant message we can offer to our loved ones. For messages that follow this kind and simply crafted sentiment, look to the following examples:

            • ‘Tis the season to wish one another joy and love and peace. Merry Christmas.
            • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
            • Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
            • The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours at Christmas.
            • May Santa Claus bring everything you wished for. Merry Christmas!
            • Here’s to a year of blessings and beyond. Have a Merry Christmas!

            Happy Holidays Messages

            For those who prefer general Holiday messages and wishes, here are a few classic greetings you can use:

            • Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.
            • Warmest greetings of this festive season and best wishes for happiness this New Year.
            • Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday!
            • All the best to everyone this Holiday Season!
            • May everything on your wishlist come true. Happy Holidays!
            • Here’s to a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

            Or, for more examples, check out our resource on holiday cards messages and wishes.

            Religious Christmas Card Greetings

            Find the right Christian Christmas card messages for friends and family with the list of greetings below:

            • May your Christmas be filled with the true miracles and meaning of this Merry time.
            • May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the New Year. Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above.
            • May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, we wish you a joy-filled Christmas.
            • A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love. A Merry Christmas to you and your whole family.
            • I wish you the unconditional love of God in all the dreams of your heart and your everyday prayers. Merry Christmas.
            • Praying you have a wonderful Christmas filled with moments you’ll always remember.
            • May God bless you with a festive, loving and peaceful celebration this Christmas and all throughout the year.

            Christmas Messages For Friends

            Your friends are a true Christmas gift, so let them know how special they are in your Christmas letter. You can find some of our favorite examples below:

            • For your Christmas time I wish you many blessings, much happiness, and even more love.
            • Having you as my friend makes me feel as if it is Christmas every day. Merry Christmas.
            • Christmas is a feeling true friends share with laughter and love to show that they care.
            • I hope you’re all making this a Christmas to remember!
            • So grateful to have a friend like you at Christmas and all year long.
            • Your friendship and your love is the best Christmas gift that I’ve gotten. Merry Christmas.
            • It’s friends like you that make this season so special and magical.
            • Wishing you peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you the joy that lasts throughout the year.

            Christmas Messages For Family

            Christmas if the best time of year for spending time with your loved ones, so make sure your Christmas card reflects that sentiment. Check out our examples for Christmas messages for family below:

            • There is no greater gift this festive season than spending time with family all around the Christmas tree.
            • You’re all so important to us. Stay safe and stay happy this holiday season!
            • To all the people who are dear to me, I wish all of you nothing but the joy and happiness that this Christmas brings!
            • Having family like you is the best Christmas gift there ever could be.
            • At Christmas and always, what a blessing you are.
            • Thinking of you with lots of love at Christmas.
            • Grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful family. Merry Christmas!
            • Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.

            Christmas Messages For Teachers

            Teachers have given much of their time this year to your children, and Christmas is a great time to let them know how much you appreciate them. For message inspiration, look to our examples below:

            • May this holiday season be full of surprises and cheers, simply because you deserve the best.
            • Season’s Greetings from the family! Hope you all end the year on a bright note.
            • Best wishes for you and your family this Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
            • Have a cheerful, holly, jolly, and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
            • Thank you so much for all that you’ve done this year. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
            • Happy Holidays. Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

            Business Christmas Card Greetings

            For professional settings, you should use more reserved, but still heartfelt, greetings. We’ve collected a list perfect for any office, whether it’s for a coworker, employee, or manager.

            Employee Christmas Card Messages

            • Good tidings we bear to you and your family! May we all have a Merry Christmas.
            • Happy Holidays and all the best to you in the year to come.
            • Holiday time and all the time, I so appreciate the great work you do.
            • Peace, love and harmony we wish to you and may love fill your home with blessings too. Happy Holidays.
            • We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year. Merry Christmas!

            Messages For Coworker

            • Wishing you a holiday season full of fun, and a new year filled with prosperity.
            • It’s a pleasure to work with you and a joy to wish you a merry Christmas!
            • Hoping that the new year brings you new opportunities and new possibilities.
            • Enjoy your well deserved rest and time with family. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

            Messages For Boss

            • Merry Christmas from all of us! Here’s to a season of success and harmony.
            • We’re all hoping that you have a fantastic holiday season and a fabulous New Year.
            • Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season.
            • In this loveliest and happiest of seasons, may you find many reasons to celebrate. Have a wonderful Christmas!
            • Wishing you a festive holiday season and a very happy new year.

            Christmas Card Quotes

            Sometimes a quote conveys your holiday sentiment best. In that case, we’ve found a few favorites for the holiday season that you might love for your own Christmas cards.

            • Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day. by Helen Steiner Rice
            • We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill
            • I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. Charles Dickens
            • Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. Norman Vincent Peale
            • Christmas is the day that holds all time together. Alexander Smith
            • I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, With every Christmas card I write, May your days be merry and bright, And may all your Christmases be white. Irving Berlin
            • Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas . . . perhaps . . .means a little bit more!’ Dr Seuss
            • Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. Janice Maeditere
            • Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind. Mary Ellen Chase
            • Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. Hamilton Wright Mabie
            • Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles. Unknown
            • From Home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other. Emily Matthews

            Signing Christmas Cards

            Christmas cards should be signed by hand in either blue or black ink. Even if the rest of your card is printed, you should personally sign the card. If you’re looking for ideas on closing remarks, find examples here:

            • Best wishes
            • With love
            • With all our love
            • Happy Holidays
            • Merry Christmas
            • Much Love
            • Hugs and kisses
            • XOXO
            • All the best
            • Warmly
            • Take care
            • Yours truly
            • Sincerely
            • Cheers
            • Lots of love
            • God bless
            • Your friend

            Do your best to choose a sign off that is appropriate for the recipient. For example, if it’s for a professional relationship, “Take care” or “Happy Holidays” will do. For friends and family, “Much Love” and “Yours Truly” are fine.

            More Christmas Card Resources

            If you’re looking for additional Christmas card resources you can read our piece on What to Write in a Christmas Card. Or you can browse our Christmas card collection to find the right card and stationary for you and your family.

            Greeting cards for the New Year and Christmas

            The first Christmas cards appeared in Russia in the 90s of the XIX century. They were brought by merchants from abroad, mainly from England and Germany. The postcards were accompanied by a congratulatory text in English or German, which was considered a special chic. However, the Russian people wanted to read greetings in their native language. Therefore, Russian industrialists tried to buy Christmas cards, on which there was only an image, and the congratulation “Merry Christmas!” applied to it later.Because of this, postcards were more expensive and considered a luxury. When they began to be printed in Germany specifically for Russia, postcards became cheaper and more accessible for many people. The first Russian-made Christmas cards were issued for charitable purposes. Community of St. Eugenia in St. Petersburg published a series of ten postcards based on watercolor drawings by local artists for Christmas 1898. Christmas cards in pre-revolutionary Russia have become a real art. They depicted both biblical subjects and moments of the life of ordinary people: pictures of village life, dressed up fir trees, candles, troika horses.Children were especially often drawn in the form of angels, as well as children’s winter fun.

            The exhibition presents the rare postcards of the early 20th century. Of great interest are postcards from the First World War, depicting scenes of the rest of Russian soldiers: reading a long-awaited letter from home; squatting dance around an impromptu Christmas tree; captured trophy geese, from which a festive dinner will be prepared, instead of boring porridge. The cards with the traditional image of small children – angels with wreaths on their heads and with wings behind the backs – are touching.A feeling of sadness is caused by a postcard where a boy and a girl from a poor family look out the window, behind which their rich peers celebrate Christmas. Interesting cards depicting a couple in love in outfits from the beginning of the last century near a festive tree and a mysterious fortune-telling on the betrothed on Christmas Eve. Age category 6+

            History of Christmas cards (photo gallery) | Germany Information and Travel Tips | DW

            The world’s first printed Christmas cards were commissioned in London by Sir Henry Cole, an English entrepreneur and public figure, one of the founders of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.In 1843, he did not have time to personally write congratulations to all relatives, friends and business partners by hand. Therefore, this very busy man turned to illustrator John Colcott Horsley with a request to develop a sketch, which was then printed out. The postcards were then hand-painted by a professional artist. The customer only had to write an appeal and sign.

            Sir Henry Cole sold the postcards left over from sending congratulations to all his addressees at one penny apiece – a huge price, approximately equal to the then average daily wages of employees.About a dozen of the thousandth batch have survived to this day. A few years ago, one such card was sold at an auction – in terms of – for about 25 thousand euros.

            Old Christmas cards. Photo Gallery

            • Old Christmas Cards

              The world’s first printed Christmas card. 1843 England

            • Old Christmas cards

              1899 Germany

            • Old Christmas cards

              1900 Germany

            • Old Christmas cards

              1900 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1900 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1905 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1906 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1910 Germany

            • Old Christmas cards

              1910 Germany

            • Old Christmas cards

              1910 Germany 9 0003

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1910 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1911 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1915 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1915 Germany

            • Old Christmas cards

              1916 Germany.May your heart be filled with the Christmas spirit and joy today and forever and ever

            • Old Christmas cards

              1916, Germany. Soldiers in the infirmary during World War I (1914-1918)

            • Old Christmas cards

              1924, Germany. Christmas Greetings from the Ore Mountains

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1926 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1934 Germany

            • Old Christmas Cards

              1937 Germany

              Author : Maxim Nelyubin

            Christmas cards in England, America, Germany

            The idea itself was not new or revolutionary.At this time, printed Valentine’s Day cards were already popular in the UK. The idea of ​​offering such cards for Christmas was initially taken with skepticism there – they thought that they would not sell well, but soon, thanks to the emergence of new cheaper printing methods, as well as the decrease in the cost of postal services due to the development of the railway service, Christmas cards began to be in growing demand there.

            Soon cards made in Germany became especially popular in England, where the printing technique developed faster, which made them of higher quality and cheaper.In addition, around the same time, thanks to the German spouse of Queen Victoria, Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, some of the German traditions of this holiday – Christmas trees and calendars – began to spread in England.

            In Germany for Christmas you can buy special charity cards, the proceeds of which go to the UN Children’s Fund – UNICEF. The legendary rock musician Udo Lindenberg designed such a card in 2016 for this promotion

            In the United States, the first commercial batch of Christmas cards was printed in 1874 in Boston.Within a few years, their circulation in this Boston printing house alone, founded by a native of Germany, Louis Prang and using more than two dozen different colors for printing, reached millions of scales.

            The tradition of Christmas cards itself is more ancient, only they were not printed, but drawn, usually for sale in monasteries, starting from the middle of the 15th century. They depicted the Mother of God on a ship surrounded by angels. The ship symbolized the good news.

            Almost all Christmas cards printed in Germany before 1900 were exported.The Germans themselves in the last decades of the 19th century still preferred to send congratulatory letters with their own handwritten poems or wishes on paper decorated with festive ornaments.

            Paper Cards and Modern Communication

            According to a representative survey commissioned by Apotheken Umschau a few years ago, Christmas postcards are now sent by over a third of Germany’s population (35.2%), of whom 46% are women and 24% men.Among the representatives of the older generation, this indicator is generally even higher – 54.7 percent. Of course, many have already switched to paperless methods and ways of communication for such congratulations, but one does not interfere with the other. German companies and other organizations alone send out 50 to 80 million Christmas cards to partners and customers every year. In times of pandemic, when personal contact with friends and family is limited, it is more enjoyable than ever to receive a paper card.

            See also:
            Traditional German sweets for Christmas

            • Sweet Christmas


              Everything that is traditionally served with punch, coffee or tea on Christmas days is not to list: shortbread, walnut or with marzipan, with raisins, chocolate, with spices … A basket or plate with cookies of various shapes is the best decoration for a festive table.

            • Sweet Christmas


              Vanilla and marzipan crescents, sprinkled with powdered sugar, are delicate shortbread biscuits called Kipferl. The traditional bread rolls in southern Germany literally melt in your mouth.

            • Sweet Christmas

              Stars with cinnamon

              No less traditional stars with cinnamon (Zimtsterne) are “dressed” in a festive outfit, poured over with white sugar icing.It is noteworthy that almost no flour is added to the almond, protein and sugar cookie dough. It is not surprising, because the recipe was invented by the Swabians, famous in Germany for their frugality.

            • Sweet Christmas

              Coconut cake

              Kokosmakronen – a cake made from coconut flakes and hazelnuts with added protein and lots of sugar – is another popular winter treat. The prepared mass is placed with a spoon on round wafers and baked.Fragile cakes are usually kept in round metal boxes.

            • Sweet Christmas

              Printed biscuits

              The crispy figured biscuits Spekulatius depicts scenes from the life of Saint Nicholas. This is one of the most fragile types of printed biscuits. Cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg are added to the shortbread dough.

            • Sweet Christmas


              Spitzbuben – “mischievous” or “rogues” – this is how you can translate the name of this cookie with a red “eye” from berry confiture.The recipe is quite new for an old holiday, but everyone immediately fell in love with it.

            • Sweet Christmas


              This is the name of an oblong cake made from yeast dough with the addition of spices, raisins, nuts, candied fruits. The finished Stollen is sprinkled with a generous amount of powdered sugar. It looks like a newborn Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. These Christmas baked goods have kept their original shape over the centuries. They bake a cupcake a couple of months before Christmas.The most famous is the Dresden Stollen.

            • Sweet Christmas

              Cookies for Bankers

              These delicious Christmas balls are baked in Frankfurt am Main. So sweet masterpieces from marzipan mass were named after the famous family of bankers by the name of Betman almost two centuries ago. Since then, Bethmännchen have taken their place on the festive menu.

            • Sweet Christmas


              Gingerbread, printed, honey, nut cakes, traditional for winter in Germany.Most often they are bought at Christmas markets, where they are sold in unprecedented quantities or are baked on their own.

            • Sweet Christmas

              Aachen Gingerbread

              Aachen Gingerbread in their hometown is called Aachener Printen. The modern recipe for the famous gingerbread was developed in 1820. It is believed that gingerbread appeared in Aachen in the 15th century, and the secret of cooking was brought with them by masters from neighboring regions. And they cook them without a drop of fat.

            • Sweet Christmas

              Gingerbread from Nuremberg

              The old city of Nuremberg is equally famous for its gingerbread. They can be bought here at every turn – round, square, in the form of rugs or in the form of men. The peculiarity of Nuremberg gingerbread is that they are made practically without flour, with a lot of all kinds of ingredients, such as almonds, honey, chocolate, and, of course, spices.

            • Sweet Christmas


              Translated from German Baumkuchen means “pie tree”.It is made from butter dough with the addition of a large number of eggs. This amazing cake is the result of a special baking according to an old recipe: using a constantly rotating skewer, on which a fairly thin dough is applied in a thin layer. And there are many such layers!

            • Sweet Christmas

              Gingerbread House

              Hansel and Gretel were the first to taste the sweet tiles of the gingerbread house. True, they were not lucky – the children were almost eaten by the wicked witch. But now every year at Christmas every child (and not only!) Can enjoy a “crispy” house.Sometimes the house is eaten only in the new year – January 6, on the day of the celebration of the three wise men (kings, or wise men).

              Author: Inga Wanner

            90,000 The most magical Christmas cards in pre-revolutionary Russia | Blogger elena_dokuchaewa on SPLETNIK.RU 26 December 2015

            In tsarist Russia, everyone knew the symbols of Christmas and New Year very well. And it was unacceptable for angels to appear on a New Year’s card, for example. Although sometimes such oversights were encountered.

            – The publisher could have confused anything. Draw symbols related to the New Year and write a Merry Christmas greeting. It’s just a poor publisher. I think that such postcards sold worse, because people knew the symbols very well then, ”says Vitaly Tretyakov.

            Just imagine, each postcard is manual labor! Yes, copies could be printed in a printing house, but the original was always created with paints and brushes. And after all, it really feels like they put their soul into the postcards.How else can such beauty be obtained?

            On the oldest postcards with Merry Christmas, all the characters are drawn, but with the advent of photography, postcards with staged scenes and children disguised as angels began to be printed. Most of these postcards were sold in a photo studio, and they were very popular, because the image was really alive.

            It was customary to celebrate Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve) modestly, and the next day festivities began – Christmastide.And despite the fact that the Orthodox Church has always opposed these pagan remnants, the desire of the Russian people to guess and have fun is obviously impossible to overcome. On many pre-revolutionary postcards, you can see mummers – people dressed up as pigs, bears, and various evil spirits, made scary masks and scared each other, played snowballs, sleigh rides, and the girls wondered at their betrothed.

            Other Christmas cards depict children or young people walking from house to house on Christmas night and praising the Born Christ.This custom is called glorification. It was customary to stop under the windows, sing songs, and wish the owners of the house well and all the best in jokes. The hosts treated the glorious, while competing in generosity, which is why there was always someone in the company with a large bag or box for treats.

            Postcards with everyday scenes on a Christmas theme were no less popular – like the very first Christmas card, they depicted a table set for the holiday, children opening gifts, funny, sometimes not very sober companies and couples.Sending such postcards, people wished each other what was depicted on the postcard – so that the house was a full cup and there was always enough money for a good festive table. Postcards from the First World War depicted soldiers returning to their families on Christmas Eve – this was also a kind of wish.

            Other “household” Christmas cards depict decorated Christmas trees. The tradition of decorating a coniferous tree came to Russia along with the first New Year’s holiday from Germany, but until the 30s of the 19th century, Russians, as a rule, limited themselves to spruce branches.The first Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations appeared in the houses of St. Petersburg Germans, but by the end of the 19th century, the tradition of starting holidays with decorating a Christmas tree had spread throughout Russia.

            Among the “everyday” postcards were “postcards for adults” depicting couples kissing. Indeed, the custom required the guests who came to the house at Christmas to exchange kisses with the hosts, and for young people the holiday was almost the only opportunity to kiss before the wedding, so it was awaited with trepidation.And of course, from many pre-revolutionary Christmas cards, kittens, chickens and piglets look at us, as if they are also enjoying the bright holiday of Christmas.

            90,000 Valentine’s Day Cards

            You can easily make postcards for Valentine’s Day with your own hands.This idea can be shown to children to create postcards in kindergarten or elementary high school. Bright, colorful and very original cards with hearts are very easy to make, but they look just great!

            Valentine’s Day Cards

            How to make a postcard for Valentine’s Day. For work we need the following materials:

            • colored paper for hearts (any color and different texture),
            • office or drawing paper, white and pink,
            • Scrapbooking Hole Punch,
            • scissors,
            • paper glue,
            • silicone hot glue,
            • silk ribbon,
            • thick threads, yarns or ropes.

            Let’s start creating a postcard. We take two sheets of A4 paper, pink and white. Cut off the white paper at the edges so that its size is slightly smaller than the pink sheet. Then we glue both sheets together.

            We cut colored paper into hearts using a hole punch for scrapbooking. If you do not have a hole punch, the hearts can be cut with scissors, having previously created a template from cardboard. We bend some hearts along the center, we will need them to create a 3D effect on the card.

            Having prepared the hearts, we proceed to the design of the postcard. We glue yarn, thick thread or rope with PVA glue, like this:

            Several hearts, slightly bent in the center, are glued with silicone hot glue. We do not glue it completely, they should give the card a 3D effect.

            It is advisable to combine hearts according to the color and texture of the paper, then the card with valentines will turn out to be more original and interesting.We supplement the composition with a silk ribbon bow – glue it with hot glue. That’s all handmade for Valentine’s Day ) Good luck! Give each other gifts and do not forget to congratulate on all the holidays!

            When copying an active link to is required!

            90,000 Animated cards for Christmas and New Year

            Animated Fluffy Cat Christmas Card Animated Christmas Card Animated Santa Claus Christmas Card Animated Santa Claus Christmas Card Animated Christmas Card Animated Christmas Card Children Dance ” Animated Christmas card“ Deer ” Animated Christmas card Animated Christmas card Santa Claus Beautiful animated Christmas card Animated Christmas card“ Angels make a snowman ”

            Animated Christmas card “Saint Nicholas”

            Merry Christmas Cards

            Animated Christmas card Animated Christmas card Animated Christmas card Animated Winter Landscape Christmas card Animated Christmas card Animated Santa Claus Christmas card Animated Dancing Birds Christmas card Animated Christmas card with funny animals Animated Christmas card Animated Christmas card Animated Christmas card Animated Christmas card “Herringbone”

            Animated Christmas card

            Animated Christmas card with the faces of Saints Christmas card; beautiful photo, glass, candle Christmas card, photo of a candle in the shape of a rose flower Christmas card, candle flame Christmas card for lovers Christmas card, candles, shells Christmas card; photo: white candles, a spruce twig, glasses with red wine Hand-drawn postcard “Happy New Years and Merry Christmas” Postcard “Merry Christmas” Hand-drawn postcard “Happy New Year and Merry Christmas” Christmas postcard Postcard on Christmas Postcard “Merry Christmas” Postcard Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Postcard for Christmas; gold star-shaped candle Christmas card; candle flame Christmas card Christmas card; white angel Postcard for Christmas and New Year Postcard for Christmas “Our Lady the Great Panagia”

            Merry Christmas, postcard

            Cards for you Musical cards for you Animashki just like that with a melody

            Yak are the postcards called those with which they blink right as if they were alive? What are the names of pictures with flickering, iridescent effects

            Do you have any idea how to congratulate your family and friends for free?
            Postcards, electronic are becoming more and more popular, which is why albumcards was Here you will find positive postcards for different occasions, among other things, birthday cards, greeting cards, Valentine’s cards, Christmas cards. You can send all electronic cards with phrases and beautiful words on our website for free. Show only musical cards , pictures with melody with verses animation with shimmering patterns, brilliant colors.

            Browse the entire site, select the e-cards that you want to send to your friends, and then just a click and the cards go to the recipients.When recipients receive greeting cards from you, it will, of course, give them great pleasure, it is very nice when you receive musical animation not only on social networks, but also on your phone – a beautiful mobile postcard. An e-card is the perfect gift for the holidays or Mother’s Day. In the morning wishes and congratulations, you can send everyone with a few clicks.

            Instead of going to the post office and sending traditional postcards without having to stand in lines, you can have fun browsing and choosing animated pictures and at the same time sending postcards with wishes to your friends.We hope that you will like the electronic greeting cards and mobile phone cards available in the menu and that you will often return to Greeting cards are the best way to convey your emotions, feelings, mood. Thanks to our service, you will pick up a beautiful postcard for all occasions and send it within a few seconds to the specified phone, email or cell phone.

            Congratulations cards on the 50th birthday

            Birthday for each of us is a special day of the year.Again this notorious spring comes to us. We invite our relatives and friends to celebrate this special day for us with them. This is an excuse to have fun, go crazy, at least for a while forget about the problems of everyday life. And even more so if this is a round date, the 50th anniversary of our birth. Then we want to celebrate such a day even more noisily. If we are on the other side, that is, we were invited to a birthday, we have a lot of problems. You still have to pick up a special birthday present for the birthday boy.How to congratulate on your 50th birthday? Despite the fact that every birthday is only once in a lifetime, however, the 50th birthday anniversary is an exceptional moment in our life. After all, we already have half a century of life behind us. If we have already decided on a birthday present, we chose this surprise perfect for our birthday boy, and we still do not have a greeting card, when it comes to an issue as important as choosing wishes for a 50th birthday, this the article should help us.We tried to collect in it unique wishes for the 50th birthday, both serious and less serious, pictures and flashing animations, everyone will find here something for their birthday boy. We know that this is a serious anniversary, so the congratulations we prepared for the 50th birthday were specially selected. If you do not have enough creative inspiration on this important day, we invite you to watch the musical animations for your 50th birthday below. Flickering cards with good wishes

            Goddess Flora was not only the patroness of flowers, but also the flowering of trees, plants, fields and gardens. According to the ritual associated with this belief, young women paid tribute to the goddess by dancing at night in the light of illuminated torches with bouquets of wildflowers. The Romans called these holidays Floralia, the Dacians called Florilia. They also believed that Flora was the protector of virgins. In addition, in esoteric Christianity, the Blessed Virgin is called the Rose of the Mystic – the mystical Rose, a continuation, possibly, of the myth of Flora.


            Communication is possible only if two people are interested in it. Girls begin to comprehend the psychology of guys from an early age. However, they tend to think that guys are people from another planet, that they need some kind of special approach. But psychologists refute this opinion: guys are ordinary people, with ordinary desires and needs. They, like any other people, prefer to communicate with interesting people who know how to support any topic.They make the same requirements when dealing with the opposite sex.

            If it were not for our assistants on wheels with metal bodies and cozy saloons, of course, we would have had a very hard time in life. Once upon a time, after all, mankind could not imagine that it would be necessary to unsaddle horses and get behind the wheel of iron controlled monsters, and now even young guys and girls who have only recently reached adulthood, with the ease of a regular trucker, confidently manage them, clearly observing a huge number of traffic rules …
            For lovers of high-speed or leisurely walking, connoisseurs of various brands of cars, personnel involved in technical maintenance of cars, and for professional drivers who spend most of their lives behind the wheel, a significant day has been abolished – the last Sunday in October, so that everyone can in a big way , in a friendly, family circle, celebrate the Day of the motorist and road transport worker.

            This autumn day, it is customary to congratulate everyone who considers themselves to be motorists: experienced and novice drivers, auto mechanics, service station workers and gas stations, employees of motor transport enterprises and people who are simply fond of various cars.They are given the wishes of a green traffic light, a smooth, good and safe road, the right direction in achieving goals and dreams and just a happy journey.

            At the same time, you should always remember that guys and girls behave differently in different life situations. For example, in stressful situations, guys usually withdraw into themselves and experience a problem alone, while girls, on the contrary, start looking for a person with whom they can always share their misfortune, “cry into a vest”.Not understanding each other’s different needs tends to lead to conflicts. Both sides do not understand that they have different emotional needs, and are unable to provide each other with support in difficult times. Everyone makes a mistake in relation to their partner, and as a result, mutual dissatisfaction with each other. Everyone believes that the partner does not value their relationship, but in reality everything is not so, it is just that young people cannot understand each other.

            If a guy does not put his interests and feelings at the forefront, but takes care of the girl’s condition, then she will be more open and will trust the young man more.It is very important for a girl to feel that the guy respects her rights, needs, interests, thoughts and feelings. All this forms in her a sense of gratitude, which in turn gives rise to a feeling of respect for the young man.

            One of the main needs of a guy is encouragement from the girl. If a girl shows her approval of this or that act of a young man, then he has an incentive to become even better in her eyes, to surprise her with his fortitude and nobility.

            Sometimes girls try to captivate a guy they like by trying on a role. It seems to them that this way they will look more interesting and mysterious in his eyes. However, psychologists say that for a young man to be interested in you, it is enough to be yourself, since any girl has every chance to arouse the interest of a young man. The main thing is to always be confident in yourself. This will help the girl in any situation to behave as if she does not lack male attention.If you only pretend, and you do not have inner confidence in your charms, then it will be impossible to achieve success.

            Every girl is simply obliged to know her own worth, since it is the uncertainty that is perfectly felt already in the first minutes of communication. Not only the object of your attention notices this, but also his friends, whose opinion, perhaps, he values. If his friends are also fascinated by your charm, mystery and confidence in their irresistibility, then this can also positively affect the opinion of your young man.

            In order to look mysterious and desirable in the eyes of the opposite sex, a girl should not be available, because a hunter initially lives in a man, who, as you know, does not look for easy ways. Before going on a first date with a boyfriend, it is better for the girl to take a break. There is no need to rush to show the young man your weakness in relation to him. The more time it takes a guy to get the girl’s favor, the more he will appreciate and protect this relationship.However, you should not overdo it here, since in this case you can achieve a directly different, opposite effect. Don’t go to extremes. And openness, and tenderness, and mystery in a woman should be in moderation. It is difficult to communicate with a person in whom there are only some riddles, very soon such communication gets tired, and the young man will most likely refuse such a girl. Your inner world and real qualities are very important for a guy, because men always recognize falsity. You should not behave deliberately mysteriously, usually young people are repulsed by this.

            As for the girls, they don’t really pay attention to how “good” the guy is. They usually choose the one who has the power and strength.

            They choose those men from whom the inner energy emanates. Often, young people, trying to achieve this or that girl, seek to convince her to change her attitude towards them. But this is completely useless. It’s almost impossible to get a girl to notice someone’s attractiveness if she doesn’t do it herself.And there is no need to waste energy on this: to persecute, ask, plead, etc.

            Another fairly common mistake guys make is the desire to show the girl how strong she makes him feel. Do not rush, because the girl may decide that such quick confessions are just empty words, and nothing serious will come of your relationship.

            It is a mistake to think that girls are only interested in the attractive appearance and financial situation of guys. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but most girls are still more interested in the personality of a young man, individual character traits, and his inner world.

            Here, only musical cards .

            Waiting for a big compliment card from you

            I sit looking out the window … The sun will tenderly warm up … I hurry to share the warmth with everyone …. After being charged with its warmth, I cannot share it with you … You are far away … And telephone wires cannot transfer my warmth to you …. How are you there without me? … Is it good or bad for you? … Are you sad or peaceful? … Are you bored or fun? …. Do you miss me or did your soul and heart stay with me? … Who are you thinking about now? … Still smiling and muttering in your sleep? … Who sees all this? … Who do you think about when you fall asleep? … Who do you remember when you wake up ?….

            I will know all the answers to the questions when I see you … In the first glance … The first touch … In the impossibility of breaking away from each other …. In the desire not to break away from each other…. To remain one … In a wild desire to never again be separated into two halves, even for an hour … Even to think that someday I will have to go through this terrible separation again … I’m afraid to wait for this moment … I’m afraid that I will burst from feelings that tear my soul apart by a million pieces of happiness…. I’m afraid of the impossibility to control myself…….

            I sit thinking about you … Will you be able to keep these feelings? … Will you be able to capture these moments as in a photograph? … Will you be able to cope with the continuation of this wave? … You will not be afraid of being washed into the open sea, of those emotions that are bursting out? … Will you believe that even if the whole world turns away from you, I will be there to help you cope with all adversity….
            You will be able to accept that even if it is scary and painful, first of all I will save your soul … And then I will think about myself … If there is time for this …
            I will know all this when I see you … By your eyes … At the first touch … I will see you so big, sweet, harmful, but I love you so much …
            I am sitting looking out the window …
            I am waiting for you here …
            And let the whole world wait until we tell each other with our eyes how bad and hard it was for us without each other …

            I can’t live without you – I lose heart, I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want to do anything.I WANT TO BE NEXT TO YOU. I don’t tell you a lot, because I know that it’s not easy for you now. I’ll tell you everything when the time comes. I’ll tell you what I think, what I feel, what gnaws at me.

            And now I want to tell you how happy I am, or rather, how you make me happy. I have never felt this in my life. When you are near – I can breathe you, but I cannot breathe, I am afraid to breathe out the air, because together with the exhalation I will miss a part of you.

            After we moved to another city, when I was 6 years old – I forgot how to talk about myself, I forgot how to share my problems – I was lonely until I met you.And this is despite the fact that I was always surrounded by close people. Now I am learning to live anew – to live, and not to play a game called a happy life. Therefore, forgive me for being silent a lot – I am learning to speak again, learning to share my thoughts, experiences. I love you very much, more than ever and no one before. Or rather, not so – I had never loved anyone before – I just did not know what it was. Thank you, my dear. For being who you are. You are my life, my Sun – warm, welcoming, affectionate and at the same time somewhere formidable and majestic.

            Words that are possibly even better than “Beautiful”

            Tips for men what words to say to a girl so that she would be very pleased.

            There is no better word than beautiful. But there are little used words. This is a very special word for a woman’s perception. Especially if these words are written on a beautiful postcard.
            – You shine enchantingly, for the intoxicatingly gorgeous, for the charming …, for the seductive …, you look brilliant, for the incredible …, you look exciting, for the mysterious …, for the passionate …, for the fiery …, for the gorgeous …, for the dazzling …, for the charming …, for the most beautiful …, for the sweetest …, for the most beautiful …, for the sweetest and most tender! Flowers to a beautiful woman – cards! For the best! Compliments to a girl, woman, beloved.Animation of a picture with inscriptions for a beloved girl, beloved boyfriend. Fabulously beautiful Lady! Beautiful romantic pictures. Exquisite romantic cards. Just so cute sincere cards.

            I give a bouquet of flowers to the best girl in the world,
            And I say, from my heart I speak,
            You are beautiful like the sun at dawn,
            Just as bright, beautiful and tender!
            Delicate and attractive,
            Always charming.
            Cheerful and cute,
            Wonderful, beautiful!
            You are the queen of my heart!
            You are so beautiful and wonderful!
            I want only one thing in my life:
            So that you are always my princess!
            You are the best girl in the world!
            Beautiful, smart and mischievous!
            It is so easy and pleasant to communicate with you!
            Thank you for being this way!
            Your eyes! I want to drown in them …
            When you look at me,
            I forget that I can swim …
            You are beautiful! You are graceful!
            You’re cute, you’re just awesome.
            You are more beautiful than dreams, you are more beautiful than beauty!
            I have never met such one anywhere else,
            You are my cherished dream!
            You are as beautiful as a rose,
            And the character is golden.
            I am in the eyes of your beautiful,
            I am drowning with my head.

            At a certain period of life, we meet with a certain person who is necessary in this particular period. Such a strange law of attraction, such a mutually beneficial salvation. We spend a certain amount of time together, then we will definitely part. Because each of us has to go further, to enter a new, next period of our destiny.Marriage is designed for the lazy, who find it easier to stop halfway than to move on.

            So I spoke honestly about my experience. You were silent, drinking almost cooled tea with cherry jam. You didn’t like hot tea, only warm tea, for me it’s so cold.

            I think it’s true – about certain people at certain times. But do you know why breakups often happen? Because even in a couple, the development of people is inevitable. We discover something new for ourselves, and this new goes against the new of the person who led us to this new.If this development is uneven or has a different direction, then there will be a separation. What if you try to accept each other’s new ones? Then the path of two can continue. Show where there are beautiful wishes on the cards. Amazingly beautiful melody card with lettering and shimmering decorations.

            After these words, I could not add anything. I looked at you and thought, what kind of bastard is sitting opposite you now. Why is he so rewarded? Now I understand: you led me to a new one.And the separation was not our fault. The script was changed up there. Once you said: “One day you and I will turn into letters for each other.”

            I don’t know what to do,
            I don’t know how to be
            I want to see you again,
            And give a bouquet of beautiful roses,
            So that you cannot forget me!
            – I want to confess, only to you – you are the best, the best on this Earth!
            Let joy surround, success accompany! Blossom and smile, and be happier than everyone!
            – There are so many beautiful girls in the world, but among them I notice only one, the most stunning on this planet, the one that I love madly!
            You are beautiful and smart, now I understand that my ideal exists!
            Balls and ribbons curl,
            Carousel of life rushes,
            Near you: moments of love –
            Happiness is my goal and life’s goal!
            – You know, I don’t have enough life to make a suitable compliment to you, because every day you become more and more beautiful!
            You are always charming,
            You are beautiful and charming,
            You are confident in yourself,
            I like everything beautiful in you!
            she closes her eyes
            You are a dream! You are an obsession! You are the embodiment of beauty!
            I want to honestly confess to you:
            There is no one more beautiful than you!
            You blind and drive you crazy!
            You are so alone in the whole world!
            You are beautiful as a flower,
            In your eyes – fire and power!
            You are the girl of my dreams:
            Slim, smart and insanely beautiful!

            What other words would you like to hear?

            Beautiful woman – synonyms or related words.

            The beauty queen is a woman who wins a beauty pageant.
            Siren is a beautiful but dangerous woman.
            The goddess is a very beautiful woman.
            A beauty is a beautiful girl or woman.
            You are beautiful, you have beautiful lips, with you I feel like in the sky, you are my love, you don’t even know how good it is with you, you know … constantly (all the time) I think about you, you give me that , what you dreamed about, you give me what no one gave me, I always dreamed of a girl like you, you are wonderful smile – eyes, beautiful body, you are special, you are a super girl, dear, fish, mouse, baby, kitty, bear cub, princess, starlet, sun …

            The words that are most pleasant to hear from a man’s mouth 🙂
            Compliments are compliments, each of us loves them, although not everyone can, unfortunately, accept.

            Today my question sounds like this: what words we hear from a man’s lips, they are the most valuable for a woman, bring the greatest joy, beautiful words raise self-esteem in their own eyes!

            Beautiful words from a man’s mouth, there is only decoration for the main dish. Decorations can be dietary or very high in calories … but these are only decorations for the main dish, for relationships – love. The main course is actions.

            I cannot imagine a relationship with a man who expresses his feelings only by actions.Maybe this is the main course, but without a twist … I want it all! Both words and deeds!
            I am just a woman, I love to hear beautiful words so that he would say “ These cards are for You “. I like it when he says that I am the woman of his life, the only one who wants to spend his life with me, that there is no one more beautiful, wiser, more dear to him, that he misses, that he goes crazy when I am not … I am Nothing like that does not inspire how such words are, it is best when they are spoken unexpectedly! And the realization that he says it sincerely!

            But nothing can ever compare to a whisper in your ear in the middle of the night, but you know that I Love you ? and a sensitive kiss … such a moment can last forever for me …

            The words “I love You ” we say very rarely.In principle, for us this is a rather deep look into the eyes, like a silent declaration of love.

            You are the most beautiful and most beautiful flower in the world! I’m mad about you!
            – Only about you, about the most charming, all my thoughts. And only with you, with the most beloved, my dreams come true!
            I love very much,
            I can’t live without you
            And I also want to say:
            I’m waiting for you again.
            A sharpened mill, an eyebrow is raised,
            Your beauty attracts.
            You are as beautiful as a dream,
            And always amazing!
            I’ve never met you better.
            I know it couldn’t be better!
            You are the mistress of my heart,
            And without you it suffers!
            Darling, I will notice
            That yesterday, Friday night,
            I only admired you.
            What are you doing to me!
            Your hair is so silky, and your eyes are radiant!
            You are all woven of light, you are like fresh rain in summer!
            I’m just crazy about you.
            You are talented, beautiful!
            I always want to love you,
            Tenderly, madly, strongly!

            There are many miracles on earth, but there is one, the most amazing and beautiful, and that is you!
            Sorry, attention, moment,
            I am sending you a compliment,
            I am sending feelings in SMS,
            I love and adore you!
            You are the girl of any dream,
            And you are more beautiful every day!
            You are for me, all the most wonderful,
            All the most clear, all the most tender.
            You are happiness and light for me,
            With you I just want to meet every sunrise!
            In everything you are very good, you are bright, more beautiful than anyone in the world!
            The sun is red, fresh, sea, naughty breeze! You are everything wonderful, light, clear, tender and young, beautiful flower!
            – In this SMS I am sending you a compliment, because there is no one in the world better than you!
            – I know, for sure, that you are dearer, I cannot find on the whole planet!
            – You seem to be created from light, you are like a fragrant rose in summer, you are as pure as spring rain, you will not find such a thing anymore!
            she receives a bouquet
            You are my best,
            You are just beautiful,
            The sweetest and always beloved,
            Purr is affectionate, passionate!
            Without flattery, I want to say:
            You are not better in the world.
            What happiness is it just to know,
            That you are the best on the whole planet!
            We will always find something to chat about,
            You don’t need to look for a reason to meet,
            When you are with me, your heart is warm.
            How lucky I am with you!

            I wish you only one thing: love.
            Self-love – so that you truly love yourself, learn to love others.
            Love of life – so that every morning the very fact that it happened brings a smile to your face.
            Love for people – so that you expect a lot from your friends at the same time, without demanding anything, and you could astonish your enemies with your behavior towards them.
            Love for nature – so that every sunrise, sunset, view from the top of the mountain will cause in You an unspeakable, childish joy.

            What is a woman for a man and how to attract the attention of a girl – a woman?

            The charming girl woman is a masterpiece.

            A woman is a miracle of divine contradiction, you can please a woman only by pleasing her with a gift, or a greeting card on the theme “ For you “.

            Her music and her voice is a song.

            By a noble deed on earth, a woman is being improved.

            Nature intended that a woman should be a masterpiece for a man.

            Women have a charity character.

            Delicacy in a woman is the power of her will, give a woman compliments and cards.

            One confession is enough for a woman, and a presented card will work a miracle.

            Charming girl mystery of the 19th century.

            Women, like princes, they need to find some real men.

            A woman is a weak person physically, but strong morally.

            Who can read a woman? Almost no one.

            When women give cards I love you, they confess their feelings to a man.

            In society, a woman is an element of good manners.

            If a man has a woman, then a man should compliment her – compliments of a postcard.

            If women are more modest, men will be left without affection and love.

            There are women whose charm absorbs their beauty.

            A woman always looks like a queen if a man gives her postcards.

            You are as beautiful as the sunset on the sea,
            You are blonde, as the sea breeze is always fresh.
            And I am ready to argue with everyone in the world,
            That your soul is as pure as light.

            You are sweet and feminine with me,
            I have lost my mind from your eyes.
            I may not deserve you,
            But I feel so good with you.

            My muse, angel, my happiness,
            You are a fragrant flower in the garden.
            I am under your authority,
            I’m looking forward to meeting a new one.

            Women see through words.

            A woman is easily controlled if a guy gives her musical gif images .

            Impressiveness is the power of a woman.

            A shameless woman is worse than a man.

            What woman can resist the power of a musical compliment card?

            Divination seems heightened and raised his higher powers into a woman.

            The crown of creation is a woman.

            A woman who thinks is lost.

            The sly woman is a fraud.

            A woman in love you know very little about men.

            Feminine modesty is what makes them divine.

            The woman is at her best controversy so far.

            Does eternal femininity attract us to.

            Women know how to forgive mistakes, but they never forget offenses.

            Who knows all the fantasies of a woman?

            Women noble – to retreat.

            Beauty – a beautiful woman – like music.

            Great women relate to history and self-sacrifice.

            Nature is serious when she makes a woman.

            Many women have made love for her, which she accepts.

            You have offended a woman the worst, directed at her affection.

            Not the woman herself, first created, but not to be a man’s idol, but his friend.

            Sweet noise on the ground, female tongue;
            A string that has no contention.

            We first taught her to suck up the arts.

            To a gentleman, every woman is a lady in the right of her gender.

            The happiest women, like the happiest nations, have no history.

            If a man’s heart is in depression, worries, fog, then a woman appears.

            And when the lady is in the case, you know, everyone else will give place.

            Women are woven from the sun’s rays; the shadow destroys them.

            If you want to please every lady, you must strive to make her pleased with yourself.

            A woman is a Sunday man: not only his relaxation, but his joy; – the salt of his life.

            A woman’s grief is like a summer thunderstorm, short as is violence.

            O woman, woman, when your mind hurts
            Bends, all hell does not contain a foul monster.

            Women’s brains are not interested in little things, and a woman’s heart is predisposed to white roses, and red ones also love.

            Women can easily overcome their coquetry than their passions.

            A beautiful woman is a jewel; a good woman is a treasure.

            Faith of a woman, and trust of a woman, Writing symbols in the dust.

            The woman has in common with the angels that the suffering of beings belongs to her ..

            To be in her virtue is very kind;
            Being a little blind to her faults.

            But what is a woman? Just one of nature’s pleasant misses.

            Honor of a woman! They sprinkle heavenly roses on the path of our earthly life.

            If you are outraged and wish a woman is sick,
            And turn her again in one moment to her will.

            Women were created to illumine our eyes to please;
            A slut woman is an odious sight.

            Talking, but little becomes a woman, and she better flaunted someone in a simple outfit.

            Women of a new race, recreated from the world of Christianity.

            It is against femininity to be in their own wishes.

            Women have more hearts and more imaginations than men.

            There are two kinds of tears in a woman’s eyes — one from grief, the other from deception.

            Men who flatter women do not know them; men who abuse it know, there are even fewer of them.

            Women have a genius of love; men can only study art indifferently.

            A pearl is an image of purity, but women are purer than a pearl.

            Woman, in the past on the cross, and rather to the grave.

            Where would a woman not be if it were not for the vanity of men?

            Women are extreme at all points. They are better or worse than men.

            The world was sad! The garden would be wild!
            And the man, the hermit, would have sighed while the woman smiled.

            The test of civilization is the assessment of a woman.
            A woman needs a stronger leader than herself for a lawyer she has to marry.

            Beautiful women without postcards are like flowers without bees.

            The desire to please everyone with eyes seems to be innate in virgins.

            What can a woman’s head conceive of
            What will he not know as an excuse?

            Honor of a woman! they twine and weave heavenly roses into earthly life.

            A noble man led by the gentle words of a woman.

            A woman is always changeable and capricious.

            A woman, and much closer, heaven, as one does.

            A woman either loves or hates; she knows no mean.

            Women who are the least shy are often the most humble.

            Where women are, the better are the things that are implied, if not said.

            Women especially talk like below men and above children.

            Women on earth are still engaged in deception, as it began in the garden.

            A smart woman has millions of born enemies — all stupid men.

            The woman was rarely awakened by a great and courageous tension, and once the most dear to hear it in imminent danger.

            There are women, and there are men, women.

            Men for the most part differ like heaven and earth: but women, the worst and the best, are like heaven and hell.

            Very few people understand the true meaning of contentment; some women illustrate this.

            She cannot be admiration for everyone, but happiness is one.

            Women are no stronger than when they arm themselves with their weakness.

            And whether coldness, pride, or dignity, to honor
            Woman, then she is good, what does that mean?

            When she passed, the exquisite music seemed to end.

            It is the greatest misfortune in nature for a woman to want to be a confidant.

            If there is one whose strength is in beauty, in purity, in goodness, this is a woman.

            What is not a woman, a gentle woman, dared,
            When she is severely defeated, she summons her spirit.

            A woman, once made equal to a man, becomes his boss.

            Small, tiny, beautiful, witty, charming dear she.

            The heart of true femininity knows where its sphere is, and does not seek to wander after it!

            Women are like prices: it does not matter in the hands of a fool, as long as he does not hear people feeling high to buy.

            Woman! you are the most beautiful gift that a man on earth
            can receive, or give Providence.

            The basis of family happiness is belief in the virtue of a woman.

            Most women indulge in idle gossip, which is a henchman of rumors and scandals.

            A woman will do anything, she will go right through the moral vessels, without frowning.

            Taste is forever refined in the study of women.

            An unhappy woman is more unhappy than an unhappy person.

            Oh, Pearl of all things, woman! Loved to be the artist who created you!

            Man forms and educates the world; but a woman brings up a man.

            A good woman is a hidden treasure; who knows that she will do well, so as not to boast.

            Woman – the salvation or death of the family. She carries her destinies in the folds of her mantle.

            All women in the world will not make me waste an hour.

            No gem in the world is more valuable than a more chaste and virtuous woman.

            The purer the golden vessel, the more readily it tilted; the higher the value of women early lost than men.

            If we demand more perfection from a woman than from ourselves, it does them credit.

            It is the value for a woman to be young if not pretty or pretty if young.

            A woman’s honor is good, like an ermine, it will not have soil.

            And whispers: “I am not an interior consent – consent.

            A woman’s love is written on the water!
            A woman’s faith can be traced in the sand!

            You are a woman,
            And that says the best and the worst in you.

            For nature, women are closely related to art.

            In business matters, no woman stops at integrity.

            O woman! you were an old-fashioned cheat:
            So everything has already been said, all the poets sang.

            A woman is a flower that breathes his spirit in the shade.

            I saw a raging sea and stormy women,
            And lovers feel sorry for much more than sailors.

            Bud, set, with a little wayward thorns,
            And sweet as the English air could make her, she is.

            Maids must be wives and mothers in order to fulfill
            the whole and holy end of being a woman.

            Most women will forgive an insult, not an easy one.

            How is the best condition to understand? – it was found out
            As the best woman; – what would they say about him.

            A woman is like a reed that bends towards every breeze, but the breaks are not in the storm.

            There is no robe or clothing that makes a woman worse than when she is wise.

            Most men love in women that which is the most opposite of their own characters.

            We cannot fight for love, but men can do;
            We should be woo, not made to woo.

            He wears an honorable mind,
            And he will not use a woman out of bounds.

            If a woman is young and beautiful,
            She has a gift to know this.

            She’s a woman, so maybe wow;
            She is a woman, so she can be won.

            And to me, like a weak thing
            The heart of a woman!

            Years have no power over it, nor custom obsolete
            Its endless variety.

            Child our evening grandmother, woman; or, in your sweeter understanding, a woman.

            Women are soft, weak, pitiful, and lithe;
            You, stern, stubborn, harsh, rude, merciless.

            Women are the poetry of the world, in the same sense that the stars are the poetry of heaven.

            O most gentle monster!
            Who Can’t Read a Woman?

            Fear and courtesy, the maidservants of all women, or rather, a woman who is quite independent.

            Grace was at all her steps, heaven in her eyes,
            In every gesture, dignity and love.

            Didn’t you hear, he said that often,
            There are women standing, isn’t there for nothing?

            These are books, art, academies that show, contain and feed the whole world.

            Kindness in a woman, not their beautiful appearance, will prevail over my love.

            My last found,
            The last best gift from heaven, your new joys!

            The woman counts as a fountain of muddy,
            Muddy, sick-looking, fat, devoid of beauty.

            Nothing more beautiful can be found
            In a woman, than the study of everyday life is good.

            It is difficult for a woman to lose a celebrity for her genius than to be forgiven for it.

            She was his life,
            The ocean to the river of his thoughts,
            That everything stops.

            There are three things that I have always loved and never understood — pictures, music, and a woman.

            But oh you lords, ladies, intellectual,
            Really tell us, they are not henpecked you all?

            A beautiful woman without principles can be equated with those honest, but rootless flowers that float in streams, driven by every breath of wind.

            They rule the world, those sweet lips of a woman, because beauty is an indicator of fact rather than wisdom.

            A woman is a craftswoman to completely change the life of a man on whom she depends.

            Women, in general, but one object, which is their beauty; on which almost nobody’s flattery is too rude for them.

            Corporeal enough to confirm humanity, yet translucent enough to allow celestial origin to shine through.

            When women have calmed down to be exactly the same for us no matter how strong she will be.

            As soon as she begins to be ashamed for something that does not fit her, she will not be ashamed for what she needs.

            She is like ivy that grows beautifully as long as it twines around a tree, and when separated.

            Where a woman is held in high esteem, there the gods are happy; where she receives no honor, all holy acts are null and void.

            A woman’s shortcomings, if they are not so small, cast a shadow that cannot dispel all her virtues.

            Woman is excellent; the best leader in life, the best guide in happy days, the best comforter in grief.

            There is no greater treasure or more desirable possession for a man on earth than a woman who truly loves him.

            All women, to some extent poets in the imagination, angels in their hearts, and diplomats in life.

            Endurance is the prerogative of a woman, allowing her to gently suffer from something that would cause terror in masculinity.

            The honor of a woman is poorly guarded when it is guarded by keys and spies.No woman is honest who is unwilling to be.

            If you knew the political and moral state of the people, you asked how the state of women.

            An intelligent, ugly person, both then and now, is popular with women, but a handsome fool is irresistible.

            Never expect women to sincerely, as long as they are educated, think that their first purpose in life is please.

            There are three things a wise man would not trust – the wind, the sunshine of an April day, and the woman’s betrothed of faith.

            Women are fair, logical, and completely simple! Welcome to us! If they were, the population would cease, the world would be a dull desert.

            A woman to have nothing but external advantages is like a flower without scent, a tree without fruit.

            All a woman has to do in this world is to be a daughter, sister, wife and mother.

            He plows the waves, sows sand, and hopes to gather from empty to empty, who places their hopes in the heart of a woman.

            An intelligent woman often compromises her husband, a stupid woman only compromises herself.

            Women do not overstep the bounds of decency as often as people; but when they do, they go longer.

            Feminine power over affects. A beautiful dominion of hers, but she risks her confiscation when she seeks to renew it.

            My heart is beating fast, and it’s fabulously strange;
            I am sure there is more than witchcraft in them.

            There is a beautiful woman, a little pain to see,
            She does not spoil, I understand if the crown
            Completes the forehead is pale and the hair is clean.

            You are the first guy I really fell in love with, I can no longer think of anyone else, all thoughts are only about you . I can’t sleep at night, I dream of meeting you. I love you. I love you every second, minute, hour, day, and night. For weeks, months, years and centuries … We found each other among a million, and now we are two halves of one big heart. If you don’t think so, then I will not be able to live any longer, because my heart cannot beat only half … I am ready to throw all the best that is on this planet at your feet.For your sake, I can overcome thousands of kilometers, get a star from the sky, earn millions and accomplish a feat! You are my muse, my half, my love. A man is a man worthy of pleasant speeches. And there is no need to think that he is only obliged to say something pleasant. Give your loved one the opportunity to enjoy the words that you, of course, say with all your heart and with all your heart. My beloved, I really want to look into your eyes and see in them tiny sparks of joy, a fog of passion and an amber shade of love.In your eyes, there is a whole world with deep oceans of emotions and continents of life wisdom. My love will be the sun for your world and the moon for your dreams! Your eyes are the bottomlessness of the turquoise sky. I want to plunge into it, swim, and not emerge. If I drown, don’t save me: I dreamed, all my life, to drown in your eyes. They are the most beautiful thing in the world in white …. I love you more than life, I want to be only with you, I live with you, I will be happy only with you, you are the most beautiful, wonderful, charming girl in the world.I just adore you! You are my ray of sunshine, I realized that I cannot live without you … I love you! We have known each other not so long, but I managed to get to know you. I can’t trade your lips, eyes and smile for anything! You are my long-awaited prince from a fairy tale, you are my sweet waking dream. Only with you I can handle all the problems. Having met you, I was definitely convinced that there is love at first sight. Every minute I think about you , and I look forward to our meeting. Darling, you made me the happiest girl.Next to you, I feel like a real queen. I confess to you in love, and I hope for reciprocity. May everything go well in your life, may luck accompany you. May God grant to you health and all the best. Your eyes are the bottomlessness of the turquoise sky. I want to plunge into it, swim, and not emerge. If I drown, don’t save me: I dreamed, all my life, to drown in your eyes. They are the most beautiful thing in the world in white …. “Your kisses are priceless. I dream that there are as many of them as there are stars in the height of the romantic night sky.Give me your kisses. I will die without them. And with them I will find unearthly happiness and the belief that I can be the happiest woman on earth. I love you. ”Very gentle words to my beloved. You are the whole world for me, you are my sadness, you are my pain, you are a ray of light in my heart! With you I feel happy, with you I forget everything in the world! I am writing now and thinking about to you the most beloved in the world … It becomes light in my soul when I say to you “beloved”. It means “love me”. The only one, long-awaited, once dreamed in a dream and met in reality.So you want to snuggle up to your strong shoulder and not think about anything. May my love keep you. I want to quickly feel you near, hug you in the morning when you are so warm and attentive, snuggle closer and just enjoy the moment. Words about love are tender. Good morning my beloved! Look at the sun and smile at him, and you will feel the softest, most affectionate and warming kiss from me! Have a confident, good day! Few times in my life I had to say words of love. I believe that this can be done only when you really understand that this is your person, and not just a hobby.But now I understand that I really love you. I was looking for words to say how I miss. Only there are no such words in the whole big world. A true dream has no border or edge. And the dream of to you is about such a distant one. Beloved gentle words. I did not love anyone as much as you, my dear…. I will always be there, no matter what happens. I want to be close, and I will do everything for this. You are the light. You are the air. You are sun. For me, you are the best in the whole white world. I, for nothing in the world, will not deceive you.You deserve only the purest truth. Even if, however, it tastes bitter, I will still give it to you , since you deserve truthfulness. And her bitterness, I will, every day, make it sweeter, with the help of kisses. Only the night knows my main secret – I love the most gentle, most beautiful, strongest and smartest man in the world. Let her reveal to you my feelings. I want to be with you forever. I want to love you alone. So that with every second to infinity.Fly with you, and be there with you! To love or fall in love is stupid, especially since the first love turned out to be unrequited, but no, I fell in love … and so strongly, and so passionately that it seems to no one and I never felt such a feeling … My heart does not beat so loudly and strongly , as they say in novels, but it lets me know that you are the person for whom there has always been a place in my heart. And now it is full. I love you so much! The night whispered to me about to you . I love her for that.I didn’t think I would be so happy. Honestly, I didn’t. It seemed to me that I just invented you, and you came true. And, since it came true – stay close and live, receiving beautiful words as a gift, all my feelings and their strength. Give me reciprocity if you think I’m worthy of it. I will always love you, my tender and only one.

            A woman’s heart is as simple as a lithographer’s stone – what else is written on her cannot be erased.

            As for women, although we have despised and neglected them, we can live, but we cannot live without them.

            A young man rarely gets a clearer vision of himself than that which is reflected from the eye of a true woman; for God himself sits behind them.

            Men, some in business, some gladly accept, that a woman needs to be surprised ,
            Men, some quiet, some in public unrest,
            But every lady will be a queen for life.

            Happiness gives poetic charm in a woman, and the dress adorns her like a delicate shade of blush.

            Most of their faults women owe us, and we owe them for most of our best qualities.

            To the beat that surpassed the beat of her sex as much as the beat of her sex surpasses the tact of ours.

            Empire woman is an empire of softness, address, complacency. Her commands are caress, her threats, tears.

            The world is a woman’s book. Regardless of knowledge, they may possess more commonly acquired through observation than reading.

            A woman can be ugly, badly imaginative, angry, ignorant, stupid, and dumb, but hardly funny.

            Women deal with men for the benefits that they provide to them; men are cut off from the same grace.

            The mistakes of women spring are almost always from her belief in good or her confidence in the truth.

            O woman! in ordinary cases, so that mere mortals, as in great and rare events in life, you swell turns into an angel!

            Women have more power in their appearance than we have in our laws, and more energy for their tears than we have for our arguments.

            What words do men like?

            – Gentle, pleasant, affectionate, warm, beautiful words to your beloved man.

            Tenderness and charm are hidden in the following lines:

            My kitten, I’m very lonely without you. I want to always, always be by your side. I dream that we will purr, each other, words of love, and never get tired of doing this.

            Do you know why I love the morning? For the fact that in the morning you wake me up with your kiss. Do you know why I love the day? For the fact that at this time of day I, with impatience, wait for you from work and receive a lot of “text messages” from you.Why do I love the evening? For long and frank conversations with you. And I love the night, because you and I are sailing along the waves of romance and passion….

            For me you are warmer than the sun, softer than clouds, more fragrant than flowers. I am the happiest woman in the world, because you are my happiness.

            I will write on the sand, on the asphalt, on the walls about how wonderful and good you are. If this inscription is washed away by the rain, I will ask him to write it all over again, like a rainbow. I want you to remember, know and believe: my love for you is eternal.

            You are my dream that came true thanks to our meeting. I am glad that we are together, my desired one. Let’s always be together, both in joy and in misfortune. We need each other.

            My beloved angel! You gave me your wings, you gave me your heart. These are priceless gifts. What do you want instead? Take all…. Take all of me….

            Your sexuality ignites my body with flames of desire and passion. Extinguish it, please, with hugs, kisses and touches.I really look forward to everything connected with you.

            For your love, my affectionate hero, I am ready to die. But I will live to enjoy your feelings. Take mine. Let’s change. Changing feelings is an enjoyable experience.

            You are the dearest of all. Even my mother is dearer, although I love her very much. You are for me the most dear person on the entire planet. Huge to you thank you for being with me.

            You are so wonderful…. Why did I get such joy as you? How did I deserve it? Probably because I love you madly.May my madness of love be and remain your amulet and talisman.

            I remember all the gifts that have been presented to me in my entire life. Your gifts are the best, because you are the best. Each of your gifts is a small “sweetness” of the soul, which, like the apple of an eye, is guarded by memory.

            I, for nothing in the world, will not deceive you. You deserve only the purest truth. Even if, however, it tastes bitter, I will still give it to you , since you deserve truthfulness.And its bitter taste, I will, every day, make it sweeter with the help of musical cards.

            What other words do men like? Men are romantics. But, for them, it will be very pleasant words that reflect their addictions, or hobbies appear. They are pleased to hear something about sports, about fishing, about the attributes of “artificial” but sexual beauty. How is this reflected in verbal form?

            Affectionate, warm, beautiful, gentle and pleasant words of “gratitude” to your beloved man.

            Here are examples:

            I remember that your long-awaited FIFA World Cup begins today.I promise that I will not interfere with you enjoying watching your favorite sport. On this occasion, which, is very important for you , I will buy for you beer with crackers, and I will not get angry when you make noise in Lodz and applaud loudly.
            Tomorrow, for dinner, I will cook for you those dishes that you adore so much. So, make a list of what you want to eat. It can be compiled not in alphabetical order, but “in disarray.” I promise to prepare everything as if dinner is the most important holiday of the year.

            Do you know that I will buy for you ? New fishing rod! Just. I really want to make to you pleasant. I even looked after a shop, in which I will definitely find something from which you will be even happier.
            If I can ever win at least one million dollars, I would have augmented breasts. I know it’s harmful. But I also know what size female breast you like . I want to embody in reality everything that you feel sympathy for.
            So many of her beautiful and tender words, from which a man will love his beloved even more.You want love and all the quivering feelings to become even stronger – say pleasant, affectionate and tender words.

            If you want to say something original – first write down your “fantasy” on a piece of paper. Well, and memorize what you wrote, if you don’t remember.

            Women see through each other; and often we most admire her, whom they despise.

            There is in the heart of every real woman – this is the Spark of heavenly fire, which beams and blazes in the dark time of adversity.

            Our sex brings shame not only to many internet genuine, but also much that is just antics.

            Women should be doubly careful about their behavior, as appearances often hurt them as many as shortcomings.

            What we call in people wisdom in women prudence. It is an addiction to call one more than the others.

            The world is so unfair that a woman’s heart, which was once touched, was thought to be forever disgraced.

            God placed the genius of women in their hearts, because the works of this genius are always working love.

            A woman who decides to be respected can do so even in an army of soldiers.

            It makes sweet human music — oh! spells that haunt a trembling story, the fair-eyed maiden speaks!

            And when a woman says that she loves a man, the man should hear her, but he did not love her.

            It goes far to reconcile me to be a woman when I contemplate that I am thus not going to marry one someday.

            The wisest women tell you ignorant of something you know, but an elegant woman never forgets her elegance.

            Each blue-stocking will remain a spinster as long as there are sane people on earth.

            The blue stocking is the scourge of the husband, children, friends, servants, and others …

            Women want to be loved, not why or why, not because they are beautiful, or well, or well-mannered, or graceful, or smart, but because they are themselves.

            I really love women’s society. I love their beauty, I love their delicacy, I love their animation, and I love their silence.

            Women book? says Hodge, then mine would be
            In the calendar to change it every year.

            For silence and a chaste reserve is a woman’s true praise, and stay calm in the house.

            A woman too often causes from her heart, so two-thirds of her mistakes and her troubles.

            Next to God, we are indebted to women, first of all, for life itself, and then it is worth having for it.

            My only books
            There were views of women,
            And all the nonsense, they taught me that.

            Women have such thermometers, which are quite a lot for the sudden application of a heat sink at first by a few degrees, as a preliminary growth.

            The best qualities of a woman do not reside in her intellect, but in her love. She gives freshness from her sympathy, not her knowledge.

            I know the nature of women. When you are, they will not; when you are not there, they come by themselves.

            She has a natural wise sincerity, simple truthfulness, and they gave her dignity as stalls, as a center.

            I have often thought that the nature of women was inferior to that of men in general, but superior in particular.

            The fairest of women! heaven into your soul,
            Beauty and virtue will shine forever around you, my charming girl.

            Pleasure for women, that the sun is a flower, if used in moderation, it decorates, it refreshes and enhances; if not in moderation, it does not wither, deteriorates and collapses.

            Women are much more alike than men: they, in truth, have two passions, vanity and love; these are their universal characteristics.

            A Virtuous Mind in an Honest Body is a really cool movie in a good light, and so it comes as no surprise that it makes the fair sex of all aver’s delights.

            On one she smiled, and he was shiny;
            She smiles somewhere buzzing!
            But it was not love that heaved her bosom,
            Dear child! —It was bliss within.

            Your daughters of your bright walks are adorned,
            Gay, like a gilded summer sky,
            Sweet, like a dewy milky white thorn,
            Dear ones, how overwhelmed by the thrill of joy.

            You forget too much
            That every creature, a woman, like a man,
            Stands one in one responsible act and thought,
            And also in birth and death.

            Most women have no principles; they are guided by the heart, and depend on their own behavior, while the men they love.

            To see her, to love her,
            And love, but she is eternal;
            Made her so charming for nature,
            And will never change!

            Good nature swears, beautiful dear ones
            Her noble work she occupies, oh;
            Her inept hand she tried on a man,
            And then she made the ladies.

            O woman, ideal woman! and what
            is meant for humanity when you are enslaved by the devil!
            What an alluring hell they have invented.

            The souls of women are so small,
            Some believe that they have none at all;
            Or, if they are crippled, still
            They, but one faculty, will.

            But she was a soft landscape of soft earth,
            Where everything is harmony, and calm, and quiet,
            Lush, budding; cheerful without fun.

            My adorable tigress, lioness,
            Or any interesting animal or victim,
            A few comparisons for a disaster
            Ladies who can’t have their own way.

            Some waltz; some draw, some measure the abyss
            Metaphysics; others
            With music; most moderate brilliance, like the mind,
            While others have a genius turn that it does not match.

            I decided to get fat and look young up to forty, and then slip out of this world with the first wrinkles and reputation five and twenty.

            What furniture can give such a finish to a room as a delicate woman’s face? and is there a harmony of shades, that there are such sprouts of joy as the sweet play of his voice?

            Women are never truly a team until they have made their promise to obey; and they are no more in danger of being made slaves than when men are at their feet.

            To describe a woman, the feather should be dipped in the wet colors of the rainbow, and the paper dried with the dust collected from the butterfly’s wings.

            Think about the part, one little woman can play in a man’s life, so giving her up can be a very good imitation of heroism, and there can be discipline to win it.

            Let the men say they are; From experience, I realized that I need an economical virtue in married women above all other virtues.

            If you want to hear what is appropriate and appropriate, ask a noble woman; they can tell who, in the common sense of life, hold on to their place, an elegant act and a well-chosen word.

            Currently, the most valuable gift that a woman can receive is doing something that they can do well and with dignity, and thus save themselves.

            I am a woman — therefore I can’t
            Call him, appeal to him,
            Fly to him,
            There are no delays in saying goodbye to him!

            When a beautiful woman leans towards stupidity,
            And discovers too late that men are betraying,
            What charm can soothe her melancholy?
            What art can wash away her guilt?

            First, what a woman will or will not be depends on not;
            If she does not do it, and the end is not.
            But if she doesn’t want to, because your trust is safe and sound,
            Fear is an insult, jealousy and injustice.

            Women of forty are always unusual, they have found the fountain of youth, and that they remain young in the midst of the ruins of their time.

            Teach him to live before God and before you; and he will discover that women, like plants in the forest, extract their softness and tenderness from the shade.

            When great dangers come from men
            Then women show before the iron;
            And, gentle in manner, they
            Do bold things in a calm manner.

            And where she went, the flowers took a thick root,
            As she sow them with her fragrant feet.

            I have never considered myself in language, decency and friendship for a woman, whether civilized or savage, without receiving a decent and benevolent response.

            Lady with a lamp will stand
            In the Great History of the Earth,
            A noble appearance is good,
            Heroic women.

            Oh! why God, create such a charm like you!

            This novelty on earth, it is justly a defect of
            Nature, and will not fill the whole world at once
            With men like angels without the feminine.

            The fairest creations! last and best
            All God’s Creations! a creature in which would prevail
            Everything that for a sight or thought could
            Holy, divine, good, good-natured, or sweet!

            Oh, the woman born first believed us;
            Yes, and was born to forget;
            The first was born to betray and deceive us,
            But first, repent and regret.

            O woman! form and whose soul
            – This spell and light every path we pursue;
            Whether Sunn would be in the tropics, or chil would be at the Pole,
            If a woman eats, there is also happiness.

            There is nothing for which I, in my life, are more useful than just observations, good feedback, but sincere and gentle encouragement of affable and reasonable women.

            Oh, if you love, the closed heart of a good woman should open before a man, how much restrained tenderness, how much veiled sacrifice and stupid virtue, did he see resting in him?

            Angels listened when she speaks;
            She is my joy, all mankind is a miracle;
            But my jealous heart will break
            We have to live one day failed.

            Women, like a summer storm, a little cloudy,
            Thunder broke out and unrestrained souls:
            But the direct sun of beauty dawns abroad,
            And all honest horizon is serene.

            Women have many shortcomings, but for many it is the greatest that they have too much of themselves and too little attention to please men.

            And still believe me, good as well as sick,
            Women at their best controversy so far.
            Heaven, when he seeks to polish it all, can
            His last best work, and forms a gentle man.

            It can be seen to the disgrace of people that there are women who are wiser to judge what evil is expected, and more permanent to bear it when it happened.

            One simple moral — no fuss;
            Social happiness of a person all falls on us;
            Throughout the drama — whether you are or not —
            Love gilts the scenes, and women direct the plot.

            The prevailing morals of the era depend, more than we are aware of, and are willing to allow, on the behavior of women; this is one of the main things that the big machine of human society turns out to be.

            Why are our bodies soft and weak and smooth,
            Unable to work and the problems in the world,
            But that our conditions are soft and our hearts,
            We must also agree with our external details.

            However, we do not praise ourselves, our fantasies are no more foolish, more melancholy, hesitant, lost and won early than women.

            Lovely ladies mask would have a few roses in their bud:
            with their damask sweet beauty of the valley, where they meet
            Angels showed a veil of clouds, or roses blown by the wind.

            If, one by one, you are married all over the world,
            Or from all who have taken something good.
            To make a perfect woman, she wanted to kill you
            It would not be parallel.

            I thank God I am not a woman to be touched by so many dizzying crimes as it tends to tax all of their sex to boot.

            Make a door for a woman’s wits, and he will be in the window; close and he will be in the keyhole; that it will fly away with the smoke and go out into the chimney.

            I give a woman, and together,
            A woman that the Lord Brutus took as his wife:
            I give a woman; and together
            Woman well-established; daughter of Cato.

            They are not cause, or, if they do, they draw the right conclusions from the wrong premises or the wrong conclusions from the right premises; they always poke fire from above.

            How pure and sweet, her eyebrows seemed to be
            Eternal as the sky:
            And at least the song of the stream, her voice –
            The sound that could not die.

            Sweet motives for good deeds
            Were in her look;
            We read her face as one who reads
            The true and sacred book.

            She was a soft landscape of soft earth,
            Where everything is harmony, and calm, and quiet,
            Lush, budding; merry without merriment,
            What, if not happiness, is much closer to
            Than your mighty passions.

            No sermons, admonitions, sympathy, benevolence, will render the condition of our female workers that it should be as long as the kitchen and needles are their only resources.

            Then, my good girls, be more than women, wise.
            At least more than I was; and rest assured
            You credit that light gives life,
            Before a person.

            The woman, they say, was only a man;
            It seems strange to me that they should be so unlike!
            It can be all the best cut,
            To make a woman, and nothing is left
            Behind him.

            The woman’s lawyer brought us the first sorrow,
            And made her his man to refuse paradise,
            Where in the simplicity of heart he and, perhaps,
            From grief, as he was from sin.

            They are the royal heart of a woman
            Who is noble to the love of the noblest, but there is grace
            For those in need of suffering, lives in a dark place,
            Conducting sunlight into their smiles,
            In the darkness, a ray that has mercy on the vile.

            O woman! female! you surely have several of your sins to answer! You are the Author of such a book of follies in man that he will need the tears of angels to blot the records.

            Nature has endowed women with two painful but heavenly gifts that distinguish them, and more often raise them above human nature — compassion and enthusiasm.Compassion, they are committed; enthusiasm they exalt themselves.

            But when I approach
            Her beauty, she seems to be absolute,
            And at its fullest; so good to know
            Her own, what she wants to do or say,
            Sounds like the wisest best.

            Nature of women was sent into the world with this dower of love for newlyweds, for this reason that they can be that of their destination, mothers and love children, whom sacrifices should be offered, and of which none should be obtained.

            A woman should not belong to herself; it is connected with someone else’s fate. But she fulfills it better, who can freely of her choice, foreign to her heart, can bring and educate him with sincerity and love.

            A woman is the highest, most sacred, most precious gift to a man. Her mission and throne is family, and if something is held to make her more effective, helpful, or happy in that area, she is offended, not her rights.

            What specimens description and wild fame;
            One that stands out for the quirks of the pen,
            And in the ethereal garb of the creations
            Do not tire me.

            Her sighs make a battery in her chest;
            Her tears will penetrate the marble of the heart;
            Tiger will be soft while she grieves;
            And Nero will be soiled with remorse,
            To see and hear her groans.

            I have often mused to myself on this unaccountable humor in a woman, being amazed at everything that is ostentatious; and countless troubles that will fall on the floor from this light of a fantastic disposition.

            What a strange human thing! and what a stranger
            is a woman! What a whirlwind her head,
            And what a whirlpool full of depth and danger
            Everything else about her.

            Shitty woman! only cold clay
            Like all false things! but so fair,
            She takes the breath of people
            Who looks at her don’t know:
            I wouldn’t play her thief’s tricks
            To make her look!

            A fickle woman is one who is no longer in love; the false woman is one who is already in love with another man; a fickle woman is one who does not know whom she loves and whether she loves or not; and an indifferent woman, one who does not love at all.

            A man conquered the world, and a woman conquered a man. The mind and muscles are conquered by their victories; love and beauty won her over. No, the monarch was so great, the peasant was not so humble, that he was not happy to lay his best at the woman’s feet.

            Her air, her manner, all who saw, admired;
            Courteous, although coy, and gentle, though retired:
            The joy of youth and health, her eyes show that,
            And the lightness in her heart, every look would convey.

            A man pays respect to a woman, instinctively, involuntarily, not because she is beautiful or truthful, or wise or stupid or correct, but because she is a woman and he cannot help him.If she descends, he will lower to his level; if she rises, he rises to her height.

            Some are so picky as to think that all women are bad, while others are so gullible as to believe that they are all good. Everything will provide her with a material frame more beautiful and more beautiful than a person. And we can think God would put a worse soul better than a body?

            A woman’s whole life is a love story. The heart of her world: this is her ambition strives for empire, that is, her self-interest is looking for hidden treasures.She sends her sympathies on an adventure; she goes to her with all her soul in the movement of passion; and, if a shipwreck, her case is hopeless — for it is the bankruptcy of the heart.

            All the pettiness and vanity that must be observed in the mind of a woman is, like the cruelty of the executioners, the temper that is done in their life, which they are taught and accustomed to lead.

            For if a young lady and that prudence and modesty, without which all knowledge is worth little, she will not be in a showy parade, because she will rather intend to acquire more than to show what she is.

            A woman’s heart is often like marble: a cunning stone cutter inflicts a thousand blows without the Parian block showing the crack lines; but everything immediately breaks into pieces right in the form that the cunning stone chisel has been hammering so long after.

            Ladies, stock and usually your hive;
            A trifle not thirty-five;
            For whatever we boast and strive for,
            Life is reduced from thirty-five;
            He that hopes to prosper
            Must start at thirty-five.

            She makes her husband and children happy, who will free one of the vice, and train to others to virtue, this is more of a character than the ladies are described in the novel, and his whole occupation is to kill humanity with his own eyes.

            O woman! lovely women! Nature made you
            To temper man; we were brutes without you.
            Angels painted fair to see how you are:
            There are in you everything that we believe in heaven,
            Amazing brightness, purity and truth,
            Eternal joy and eternal love.

            Oh! would bless with temper, whose cloudless ray
            Can make tomorrow as cheerful as day;
            She can, by her sisters’ charms, or hear
            Sighs at her wounded ear daughter;
            She never answers until her husband cools down,
            Oh, if she ruled him, she never shows the rules.

            Women rule us; let us prove them suitable: the more they are enlightened, the more should we be. For cultivation, a woman’s mind depends on the wisdom of a man. These are women that nature writes on the hearts of people.

            With soft, persuasive prayer, the woman holds the scepter of the life she charmeth; she lulls the strife, which growls and glows, teaches cruel forces that hate each other like maniacs in order to embrace the bonds of love, and draws together that they always fly in different directions.

            Only the Christian religion presupposes a conjugal union in the order of nature; it is the only religion that presents a woman with a man as a companion, everyone else throws her back to him as a slave. Only religions make European women indebted for their freedom.

            Our forefather, where Eve would have possessed,
            Alone, and you are in paradise, miserable,
            With mournful looks, interrogation of blissful scenes would,
            And wander in solitary shadows;
            The Creator saw, took pity, and would give
            Woman, the last, best reserve would be God.

            O woman! in our time simplicity,
            Insecure, shy, and hard to please,
            And variable, like shadows
            In the light of anxious Aspen is executed;
            When pain and melancholy wrinkles his eyebrows,
            And you are an angel!

            Her passions are made from only the best part of pure love. We cannot call her winds and waters, sighs and tears; they are more storms and storms than the almanacs can report. It can’t be tricky about her. If it does, she makes it rain, and also …

            Never give it to her again;
            For contempt, first makes after-love more.
            If she does not frown, it is not hate for you,
            But rather generates more love in you;
            If she doesn’t chide, it’s not you who left,
            Why, fools are angry if left alone.

            Weakness, Thy name is a woman! –
            A little month, or where these shoes were old
            With which she followed that the body of my poor father,
            Like Niobe, all in tears; —why she, even she,
            * * * in married to my uncle.

            Women have tongues, crafts and hearts from deceit,
            They will, they will not; fools that trust them;
            In his speech is death, hell in their smile.

            Rozhdestvensky raised a woman to a new place in the world. And only to the extent that Christianity has its influence, it will rise to a higher dignity in human life. What she now has, and what she has, privileges and honor, she owes that the Gospel, which took these qualities in a peculiar way and which were taken into account by the weak and unworthy, and gave them divine glory in Christ.

            Without religion, a person is an atheist, a woman is a monster. As a daughter, sister, wife and mother, in her arms she holds, under God, the fate of mankind.In hours of despondency and sadness, we turn to her for sympathy and consolation. Where can she find strength for judgment, comfort for sorrow, except that the Gospel, which has given new meaning to the title “mother,” as she rests on the lips of the baby Jesus?

            A woman’s life is full of grief,
            Toil on and on and on,
            With a broken heart and tear-stained eyes,
            Secret desires that arise,
            That this world does not satisfy!
            Some more, some less, but overall
            Not really happy, no, not alone!

            Human life should come from the breast of a woman:
            I taught you my first little words from her lips;
            Your first tears would be quenched with it, and your last breath
            Breathing too often in a woman’s ear,
            When men shrank from dastardly care
            Watch the last hour of the one who led them.

            Women in the health-hope of the nation. Men who can control influence — master spirits — have, with a few exceptions, born mother countries. They pass on to their sons those character traits that give stability in institutions and the maintenance of order, security and justice.

            I have often had the opportunity to notice in the resilience with which women support the vast majority of adversity. Those calamities that break the spirit of a person, and prostrate him in dust, seem to cause all the energies of a softer sex, and gives such fearlessness and elevation of his character that at times he approaches a sublimity.

            Say that she is a rail, why then I tell her simple
            She sings as sweetly as the Nightingale;
            To say that she frowns, and I will say that she looks clear
            Like morning roses to wash again with dew;
            To say that she is dumb and does not say a word;
            Then I betray her talkativeness,
            And say that she’s piercing speech is eloquence.

            The woman is sometimes a fugitive, irrational, unpredictable, illogical and contradictory. Great patience must be shown to her, and prudence touches her, for she can bring innumerable troubles without knowing.Capable of all kinds of devotion, and all kinds of betrayal, “the monster of the incomprehensible,” elevated to the second degree, it is both the delight and horror of people.

            To chase the clouds of the raging hours of life,
            Sprinkle it on a short but difficult path with a stream,
            Raise new hopes, convey new feelings,
            And pour heavenly balm on the heart;
            For this man was a beautiful, charming woman,
            The last, best work, the noblest gift of heaven.

            Musical card for you my woman can make a mistake, a woman can give her mind
            Evil thoughts, and lose her pure property;
            But for one woman who challenges her kind
            From evil passions and pitiless hatred.
            Thousands to make amends in age and youth,
            Heavenly pitiful, sweet sympathy,
            By the kindness of the patient, enduring truth,
            Love, will help in trouble.

            The most beautiful object in the world is a beautiful woman. But someone can analyze her feelings, not knowing that she owes her fascination less to the grace of silhouette and subtlety of color than thousands of organizations that, often secretly from themselves, combine these qualities with the source of our existence, with the nutrition of our infancy, with the passions youth, the hopes of our era — with elegance, liveliness, tenderness, with the strongest natural instincts, with close social ties?

            “Skirt of influence” – this is a big reproach,
            That you are those who obeyed glad to be thought
            To fly, like from hungry pikes, roach;
            But since under it on the ground we have brought
            Various shaking of the trainer hackney life,
            I, for example, venerate a skirt –
            Clothes of mystical greatness,
            Regardless of whether it is dawn, silk or twill.

            I love sex, and sometimes the opposite
            I wish the tyrant, “that humanity is only
            One neck, which he can pierce in one fell swoop;”
            My desire is rather broad, but not so bad;
            And much more tender at all than fierce;
            This creature (not now, but only then, lad)
            That there was only one ruddy mouth for a woman,
            Kiss them all at once, from north to south.

            God in his harmony has equal ends
            For the cedar that resists and the reed that bends;
            For a good woman sometimes rules,
            She holds in her hands the power and manners, schools,
            And laws and reason; upcoming master-proud,
            With a gentle voice and smiling, she leads the crowd,
            Gloomy human troops.

            Think not, when the passing breath of the woman fled,
            That all her vanities died at once;
            Coming vanities she still counts
            And although she plays no more cards.
            Her joy in gilded chariots, when she is alive,
            And Ombre’s love, to survive after death.
            When the fair in all their pride expires,
            To let their first elements of their souls rest:
            Sprites of fiery termagants in flames
            Rise up and take the name of the salamander.
            Soft pliant minds to water slide away,
            And SIP, with the nymphs, their elemental tea.
            Carver of the hypocrite shell down to the gnome,
            In search of wickedness, roam the earth.
            Light yokes in the air sylphs renovation,
            And sport and flutter in areas of air.

            A good woman is a beautiful flower that blooms under the heavens; and we look with love and surprising in its silent grace, its pure scent, its delicate blossom of beauty. Sweet and pretty! the fairest and most spotless! Is it not a pity to see them bowed down or immersed in sorrow or unrelenting death, losing in illness associated with prolonged pain, or cut off from a sudden fate in the prime of life? We may deserve grief, but why should they be unhappy? – except that we know that heaven punishes those whom he loves the most; I was satisfied with repeated tests to make these pure souls more pure.

            Like a vine that has long entwined its graceful leaves near an oak tree, and captured it in sunlight, will, when a hardy plant is pierced by lightning, cling around it with an affectionate tendril, and bind its destroyed branches; so is it beautifully ordered by Providence that a woman who is herself dependent and the adornment of a man in his happier hours should be his rest, and consolation, when blazed by sudden destruction; wrapping himself in the harsh recesses of his nature, supporting him gently, bowing his heads, and tying a broken heart.

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