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I’ve been seeing bunting everywhere lately. You know, those little flags that you can string up for decorations. So when I found some very cute red and white Christmas fabric in Spotlight recently I had to make some of my own. Here’s how I did it.

What you’ll need:
  • Fabric – I used about half a metre of three different ones
  • Ribbon or bias binding – I used 2 packs of 12mm x 5m bias binding and I still have some triangles left so I’ll be buying another lot
  • Usual sewing stuff – matching thread, sewing machine, pinking shears, pins, etc.

What to do:
  1. Create a template for your triangles. I used a piece of A4 paper, folded it lengthways down the middle, then used a ruler to rule one side of my triangle. Fold the paper in half again and cut along the line. Unfold and there’s your template. My triangle is 18cm along the base and 21cm from the point to the base line (along the centre fold).
  2. Cutting your triangles. I started by cutting a strip of fabric the height of my triangle (21cm) wide. I used my rotary cutter and ruler but you could easily use scissors. Then with my fabric still folded in half, I started from the fold end and laid my template with the base point at the fold. (See the picture). Laying my ruler over the template edge, I cut first one side then the other of that triangle. Turn the template upside down and lay it against the cut edge. It should fit perfectly. Cut along the other side of the template to make your next triangles. Keep flipping and cutting until you can’t cut a full triangle. Cut as many triangles as you want. I had lots – about 100!
  3. Sewing your triangles. Now we’re going to sew all your triangles back to back so that both sides of your bunting looks nice. Match all the triangles together in pairs with right sides facing out. Stitch each one together down each side about 5mm from the edge. I went down one side from the base to the point, then pivoted the triangle with the needle in the fabric near the point before sewing up the other side. I didn’t stitch the bases closed because my binding will cover that edge in the end.
  4. Trimming the edges. After sewing the triangles, I used pinking shears to create a pretty zig zag edge.
  5. Joining the triangles to the bias binding. My bias binding was only 12mm wide so rather than folding it in half (as I would do with wider binding) I pinned all my triangles with the base tucked into one fold of the binding. (See the photo) Then I used a zig zag stitch to sew straight along the length of the binding.
  6. That’s it! All done!

A few options:
  • If you don’t want the zig zag edges I created with my pinking shears, you can stitch your triangles with right sides together, then turn them through so the raw edges are inside the triangles.
  • You could use wider bias binding or ribbon, and attach the triangles by folding the tape in half lengthways and stitching the triangle bases into the fold.
  • Alternatively, you could trim the bases with the pinking shears, then just sew them straight onto the back of a ribbon.

Not Christmas? Other ideas for bunting:
  • red, blue and white fabrics for Australia Day or any US holiday
  • pink, white and green for a little girl’s bedroom
  • bright primary colours for a circus party
  • shades of green for St Patrick’s Day
  • orange, red and yellow for Autumn
  • red, pink and black/white for a Valentines Day party
  • silver and blue for Winter
  • rainbow colours for Spring
  • pastels for a baby room
  • black, red and white for B!

Don’t sew?

I have written a no-sew version of this tutorial for Melissa at Suger Coat It.  You can also read my tip about directional fabric over there.

More Bunting Tutorials:



Article Title

Bunting Tutorial


Create easy strings of bunting or flags in any size with this step-by-step bunting tutorial – perfect for Christmas, birthdays and more.


Tonya Grant

Published on

How To Make Beautiful Christmas Bunting

Add colour and pattern to your festive decorating scheme with this fabulous Christmas bunting.

You will need
  • 3 lengths of fabric in different, coordinating patterns (
    Shop a range of designs, patterns and textures at
  • Cotton bias tape (£6. 13, Amazon)
  • A sheet of tracing paper (£2.59, Amazon) to create a template
  • Pins (
    £2, Amazon
  • Scissors (Westcott Titanium Craft Scissors, £10.99, Amazon)
  • An iron and ironing board (try the best-selling Russell Hobbs Steamglide Professional Steam Iron, £30.43, and the Minky Table Top Ironing Board, £24.99, both from Amazon)
  • A sewing machine (the Brother LS14 Metal Chassis Sewing Machine, £69.50, is an Amazon best seller)

    Photo by S TemporalGetty Images

    1. Cut out a triangle template from the tracing paper; the base should be approximately 16cm and the sides 20cm.
    2. Pin the template to a piece of fabric folded in half, so you can cut two layers in one go, and cut out the shape.
    3. With the fabric pieces right side together, machine stitch the two longest sides.
    4. Turn the fabric right side out and gently push the tip of the triangle out with a knitting needle or chopstick to make a sharp point.
    5. Iron flat.
    6. Repeat this process with as many triangles as you want to make.
    7. Line up the triangles on the bias tape in the pattern combination you want.
    8. Pin each one to the tape, then fold the tape over the raw edge of the triangle and pin again.
    9. Sew along the top of the tape to hold all the individual triangles in place.
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        Christmas Paper Bunting – Printable Bunting Template to Colour!

        Use our printable bunting template to make your own Christmas paper bunting. Homemade is always best and kids can get fully involved in helping to decorate the house or classroom for Christmas with this fun colour your own Christmas bunting! Just scroll down to get a copy of the printable bunting template to make your own paper bunting for Christmas. It is such a fun and easy Christmas craft that all the family will love.
        This Christmas bunting is both fun to make and looks amazing strung up cross the room. As well as this Christmas printable bunting template we also have a Thanksgiving printable bunting template and a 4th of July printable bunting template.

        Once you have printed off and coloured in your own paper bunting you might like to give these printable Christmas placemats a try!

        Another fun way of decorating your home for Christmas is to use our Christmas paper chain template to make your own paper chains to hang around the house.

        Scroll down to get your printable bunting template

        Christmas Paper Bunting – printable bunting template

        We have included 8 Christmas bunting designs to colour:

        • Holly and robins
        • Christmas ornaments
        • Snowflakes
        • Christmas tree and stockings with the message ‘Happy Christmas’
        • Snowman
        • A mixture of Christmas designs
        • Gingerbread man
        • Stars

        How to make Christmas paper bunting using our printable bunting template.

        STEP 1: Download printable bunting template
        The first thing you will need to do is download the printable bunting template. The link can be found at the bottom of the page. Download the templates and then print out your chosen bunting flags. You can either print out all 8 Christmas designs or choose your favourites.

        STEP 2: Cut and colour paper bunting

        Now for the fun part! Invite the kids to decorate the Christmas themed paper bunting. Provide markers, crayons or paint and as it’s Christmas glitter and sequins will always go down well too! Once you have finished decorating your paper bunting cut out the flags. 

        As well as the 8 Christmas bunting designs there is also a plain bunting template for you to add your own Christmas themed design. You could even have a friendly decorate the bunting competition! 

        STEP 3: Hang your paper bunting

        Now you have your bunting flags decorated and cut out it is time to hang them onto a piece of string or ribbon. Fold along the dotted line at the top of each flag and then glue the tab over the string or ribbon. 

        Thats it! Your bunting is ready to be hung up for Christmas!


        To download this Christmas printable bunting template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: bunting. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted.

        Decorating the room for Christmas is always fun. We hope that you have lots of family fun using our free printable bunting template to make your own Christmas paper bunting.

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        Debbie Shore’s Quick and Easy Christmas Bunting

        Christmas bunting is quick, fun and reusable year after year! So if you’re looking for a simple yet smart Christmas decoration you can make at home, then you’ll just love this Christmas bunting project from the wonderful Debbie Shore. Follow Debbie Shore’s straight-forward step-by-step instructions below, and from a pack of 6 fat quarters, you’ll be able to make a double-sided string of about 90” in length. It’s just perfect for adding a little festive cheer to window frames, doorways and mantelpieces. If you want to make your fabric go even further, simply use a plain fabric for the backing.

        Debbie Shore’s Top Tip: It helps to use a non-directional print to avoid wastage, but if your bunting will be against a wall, simply use the upside-down print on the back!

        You Will Need:

        Debbie Shore’s Christmas Bunting:

        Step 1:

        Cut your fabric into 8” wide strips, then cut triangles measuring 6” across the top. You will find a rotary cutter, ruler and mat useful here!

        Step 2:

        Sew the triangles right sides together, leaving the tops open. Snip off the point.

        Step 3:

        Turn the right side out and press. Trim across the tops to make straight.

        Step 4:

        Fold the bias binding in half, and press. Slip the binding over the pennants, leaving a gap in between each one of 1.5”. Pin or clip in place, then sew.

        Step 5:

        From some green and red felt, cut out a handful of holly leaves and red circles for berries. Don’t worry about them all being exactly the same size!

        Step 6:

        Glue the leaves to the bunting in groups of two or three, then add berries to finish.

        You could add a bit more detail by embroidering veins along the centre of the leaves, and red beads would look good instead of the felt I used for berries! Once your handmade Christmas Bunting is complete, hang it up in a window, across a doorframe or along your mantelpiece for instant festive feel-good!

        For more inspirational sewing ideas from Debbie Shore, check out her fantastic book right here!


        As our content marketing executive in charge of the Create and Craft blog, Lisa loves nothing more than writing about all things craft. ‘When I’m not at work, you’ll find me attempting a wonky crochet project, playing with watercolours or trying my hand at the latest awesome craft tutorial to cross my desk!’

        Latest posts by Lisa at Create & Craft (see all)

        How To Make Christmas Tree Bunting

        Are you looking at how to make Christmas tree bunting?

        I love making things for the home over Christmas and the run up to Christmas… and all year long! What can I say? I love sewing.

        But honestly, I do love getting crafty over the winter months as its a perfect time to snuggle down in the house and create something beautiful. I have done something different each year from Merry Christmas bunting to Christmas tree ornaments so this is no different to me.

        I saw this a lot last year over on Pinterest and I was dying to make some for myself. I saw a lot of pictures and finished results of the Christmas tree bunting but I struggled to find a tutorial on how to do it.

        So after a couple of different tries and testing out different styles of trees I decided to put together a tutorial to show others how to make Christmas tree bunting.

        Tools & Equipment

        • Fabric – enough to make at least 6 trees – fat quarters are great for this project or use up an old tartan pair of pjs like I did.
        • Thread to match
        • Scissors
        • Pinking Shears
        • Pins
        • Ribbon or string
        • Wadding/ Batting

        How To Make Christmas Tree Bunting

        These are super fun to make and quite simple, If you don’t own a pair of pinking shears that is fine, you can bag out the trees to create clean edges or you can use felt to make them.

        Using felt is super easy, simple and doesn’t need two layers or hemming. Here is an example of the Christmas trre bunting made in felt.

        Step One

        Before you start cutting and getting really excited to start your project (No judgement, I get excited every time I sew) you need to make sure that your fabric is prewashed and ironed.

        Make sure all the wrinkles are pressed out and your fabric has been pre-shrunk so your trees don’t wilt and shrink over time.

        Make sure you have a desired length and number of trees in mind. If you want to follow my process I will be making 10 trees at a length of 1m long.

        I chose to make my trees 8 inches tall so that I had plenty of room to work with when I wanted to cut down seams and for mistakes… I make them quite often.

        Step Two

        Using a template, whether this is one you printed yourself, drew or downloaded from me, cut your pieces into the fabric.

        Make sure you layout your trees vertically straight – especially if you are using a pattern as you don’t want your patterns to be completely off. Unless you do then that’s fine.

        Lay on your paper pattern and pin your paper pattern in place to cut out your trees.

        Cut 2 of each tree into your fabric, you can make the back and front different colours and patterns if you want or make them the same.

        In total you should have 16 trees cut out and ready to go.

        If you want to add decoration or lettering to your bunting – do that now before moving onto the next step.

        If you want to know how to make lettering for bunting, I have a quick and easy guide you can follow.

        Step Three

        Take your wadding/batting and cut out 8 of the same tree shape.

        Tip: I use thin wadding that I have laying around or leftover from another project. Use what you have first if you can.

        If you find your wadding is too thick you can pull the layers apart to make thinner slices to use for your trees.

        You don’t want them to look too full and round as you still want them to hand nicely and be easy to sew with a standard sewing machine.

        Place your wadding trees in one pile to one side ready for the next step.

        Step Four

        Start by laying out one fabric Christmas tree piece face down on your work surface.

        Tip: I work on a white table or the dining room table which I like to protect so I use a cutting mat so I don’t scratch the surface.

        Alternatively, you can use a tray or cloth to protect your table.

        Then place a wadding Christmas tree piece on top, making sure they are in line.

        Then finally add the other fabric Christmas tree piece on the top right side facing up.

        Pin in place with a couple of pins or you can use clips to hold the layers in place.

        Step Five

        Pin all your tress together before taking one to the sewing machine as it saves you from going back and forth to the machine.

        Start top stitching the layers together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Use a standard straight stitch – don’t use anything too small or tight as it will cause the fabric to pull and pucker.

        You might think this is quite far in but it will make sense later on.

        Make your way around the full Christmas tree to the beginning again.

        Make sure you test your stitch length and check your bobbin is full before sewing. Test your stitches on a scrap piece of fabric to make sure the tension is right too.

        Step Six

        Once you have sewn all your trees together trim all the loose threads.

        Take your pinking shears and cut around the edge all the way around. Trimming down to 1/4 inch seam allowance as you go.

        Step Seven

        Using the string tie a knot to create a loop in one end.

        The start pinning on your trees keeping them 8 inches apart.

        You can either hand sew them in place or using your sewing machine.

        I suggest hand sewing them in place to minimise the amount of stitching on the front of your Christmas trees.

        Remove all pins and cut any loose threads. Once you are done you are finished!

        You can add on smal details such as a button star to the top or leave plain.

        I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make Christmas tree bunting. If you have made any other Christmas decorations I would love to know what you have made and what you used.

        SewforSoul: Christmas Bunting Tutorial

        DIY Appliqued Fabric Banner

        I’ve been stitching up bunting this week ready to pop in the post as Christmas gifts for my lovely family.  I used a cute blue dotty fabric to represent snow, combined with some very sweet snowmen and tasty figgy puddings!

        Bunting is such a thoughtful gift to give and you could also use Christmas fabric, without the appliqued images, for an even quicker project.  The shops charge a fortune for fabric banners and bunting but if you can sew in a straight line, then you can whip up a festive garland!   

        Christmas Bunting Tutorial

        Blue dotty fabric

        Blue lining fabric

        Scraps of fabric for applique

        Fusible web (Bondaweb/Heat N Bond)  

        Paper or acetate for template

        Bias-binding or ribbon

        Small red buttons for holly berries

        Bells or pom-poms

        Create a template by drawing an equilateral triangle of 20cms either using Publisher or by hand (Having all sides equal saves worry about which is the ‘top’!).   Cut the template from acetate, salvaged from gift packaging.

        Using the template, cut the required number of triangles from both the front and lining fabrics.

        Step Two

        If you’re adding applique draw a suitable image or download one from the internet.  I drew a very simple snowman and figgy pudding with the word ‘Noel’.  

        Step Three
        Trace all of your applique pieces onto the Bondaweb.  Place on fabric, fuse and cut out.

        Step Four
        Arrange the applique pieces on your flag fronts and, when happy with their placement, fix into position with your iron.
        Step Five
        Machine stitch around the applique pieces using black thread.  Sew over each line twice and don’t worry if you wobble, this is all part of the appeal of free motion embroidery!

        Step Six

        Pin the fronts and lining pieces together, with right sides facing. Then machine stitch around three sides, leaving the tops open. Trim seams and snip across the bottom point to reduce bulk, then turn through to right side and press carefully.

        Almost there!
        These triangle flags were stitched, pressed and ready to be attached to the bias binding when I noticed that one of the ‘N’s’ was upside down – I quickly stitched up another one……..A bit of a D’oh moment! Place the flags inside the bias-binding approximately 2cms apart and pin into place.  If you don’t have any bias-binding simply fold some pretty ribbon or tape in half and press.  Remember to allow at least 10cms of tape at both ends of the bunting garland so that it can be tied or hung in its finished position.  Machine stitch using either a zigzag or straight stitch. Step Eight
        Stitch a little bell or pompom to each of the triangle points and then hang in pride of place in your home (or gift to a loved one, if you can bear to part with it!).

        See, I told you it was easy!

        ‘We all love figgy pudding, so bring some out here!’

        ‘Let it snow!’

        Merry Christmas!

        Freshly Handmade: Christmas Bunting Tutorial

        In case you missed my post yesterday over at the Quilt Story blog for their Holiday Tutorial Series, I’m reposting my tutorial for this Christmas bunting. It’s the perfect decoration for your fireplace mantel or just hanging on the wall. Please enjoy!


        Approximately 4″ x 78″

        • Print out of templates (see below materials list)
        • 1/2 yard cotton linen blend or enough scrap fabric to make 15 banners (I used Robert Kaufman Essex Linen Blend in Natural)
        • Cotton print scraps for 14 letters, at least 3″ x 3″ in size
        • Small amount of green and red cotton print scraps for holly leaves and berries
        • Paper backed fusible web for light to medium weight fabrics
        • 3 yards cotton twill or polyester ribbon, 7/8″ wide
        • Dark brown thread
        • Thread that blends with the ribbon color
        • Small scissors
        • Large scissors or rotary cutter and mat
        • Clear acrylic ruler
        • Measuring tape
        • Hand sewing needle
        • Straight pins
        • Pencil
        • Ink pen or water soluble pen
        • Starch (optional)
        • Iron
        • Sewing machine (is that too obvious?)


        STEP 1:  Click on the image below to download the template pages. Print page 1 on either copy paper or white card stock. I recommend printing page 2 on card stock since it helps to have a stiffer paper for the banner template.
        STEP 2:  Lay a piece of fusible web, rough side down/paper side up, on top of the template page. With a pencil, trace all the letters, as well as the holly leaves and berries, from pages 1 and 2. It’s a good idea to identify the direction each letter should be by marking them with an upward arrow. Some are more obvious than others. No need to trace the banner template on page 2.
        STEP 3:  Cut out the letters, holly leaves and berries outside the traced lines.
        STEP 4:  Place each letter on top of the fabric print you’ve chosen. You must place the rough side of the fusible web onto the wrong side of the fabric.
        STEP 5:  Fuse the paper and the fabric together using your iron and the manufacturer’s instructions for the fusible web. For Wonder Under, I use the wool setting with no steam. I press in 8-10 second intervals, two times. Let cool.
        STEP 6:  Using your small scissors, cut out the letters, leaves and berries along the pencil line.
        STEP 7:  Go back to page 2 of the template and cut out the banner template along the black lines if you haven’t done so already. Using an ink or water soluble pen, trace around the banner template onto the linen fabric and cut it out. Make 15 banners.
        If you have yardage instead, cut 7″ wide pieces and place the template in a row as shown below. This is a big time-saver.
        STEP 8:  Using the end of a straight pin, gently score the paper on the letters, leaves and berries and remove the paper.
        STEP 9:  Center each letter on a banner. I recommend temporarily placing the ribbon on the top of the banner so you can see where the center is once the ribbon is attached.
        STEP 10:  Fuse the letter to the banner with your iron in the same manner in which you adhered the fusible web to the fabric.
        STEP 11:  Using the dark brown thread, stitch around the letter catching just inside the edge of the fabric. You’ll want a small stitch length. I set mine to 2. If you are new at doing this, I recommend setting your sewing machine speed to low until you get the hang of it. I went around each letter twice. Your stitching does NOT need to be perfect, so don’t sweat it if you veer off course a little. Believe me, mine are not perfect and I like them that way.
        Here is what it will look like.
        Use a hand stitching needle to bring your loose top threads to the back of the banner. Tie the threads into a knot to secure and trim.
        STEP 12:  Stitch around the edge of the banner in the same way you did the letters. I made my stitch length a little longer for the borders and stitched approximately 1/16″ to 1/8″ in from the edge. Repeat these steps for all the letter banners.
        Here is how you will lay out the holly leaves and berries. Leaf 1 is on the left and Leaf 2 is on the right.  Press to fuse the fabrics as before.
        Here is how you can stitch it.
        STEP 13:  Take your 3 yards of ribbon and lay it out straight on a flat surface. Measure in 16″ and place your first banner. Align the top of the ribbon with the top of the banner and pin in place. Do the same for the rest of the banners, leaving a 1″ space in between each banner. The holly leaves and berries banner is placed in between the words “MERRY” and “CHRISTMAS”. Using thread that blends with the ribbon, sew along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon along the width of the banner. Continue to sew the ribbon onto all the banners. Clean up loose threads.
        STEP 14:  I like to force my end tails in the right direction by sewing them down, especially if I am using ribbon that is printed only on one side. To do this, you’re going to make a corner like you would if you were binding the corner of a quilt. Start by bringing the ribbon tail up and over itself to create a triangle. Leave about a 1″ space between the banner and where you are creating this fold.
        Fold the ribbon back down onto itself so that the printed side is on top. Pin in place and sew down where the ribbon layers meet. At this point, you can trim your tails to be the same length.
        STEP 15:  By this time, you’ve handled your bunting pieces quite a bit which means the banner tails may be curling a little. I like to spray a light coating of starch on the banners and press flat before hanging. If you prefer stiff banners, you could probably add interfacing to the back side of each banner.

        STEP 16:  Turn on some Christmas music, pour some eggnog, hang the bunting (careful not to drink too much eggnog before this step or it might be crooked), step back, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your new holiday decoration.

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      52. 10 Christmas decorations that can be made from recycled materials

        Christmas is fast approaching, and aside from choosing gifts for your loved ones, it’s time to think about decorating for the holiday season.While it can be tempting to buy new jewelry each year, all of those purchases can add up.

        Making your own jewelry not only saves money and unnecessary costs, but it is also a great way to do something creative. Here are 10 DIY decorating ideas to decorate your home this Christmas.

        Every year after Christmas, a huge number of Christmas cards are left in many homes. While they were perfect for displaying at home during the season, most of these cards end up in the trash can soon after the holiday events are over.

        This project from Emily Peckenham on requires nothing but a line and a stack of old cards, the more colorful the better! They’re so quick and easy to make that you can just go crazy and cover your entire house, your pets, and your kids with recycled card oatmeal.

        The highly underrated snow globe is a great decoration for your home. There can be anything inside your snow globe, old Christmas decorations, tree branches, orchard holly – the possibilities are endless.

        In addition to looking great, the snowballs provide an interactive children’s distraction system that can be a very hot commodity this season.

        This captivating design consists of only two pieces of paper and ends with an incredibly professional looking piece of jewelry that you can hang from your tree. This design from user Instructables sebnibo is made from paper, and there is nothing stopping you from using any paper you would otherwise throw away.

        Just make sure it’s not too fragile or you might end up with pretty faint stars!

        If you’re looking to add a technical dimension to your build, why not follow Sebnibo’s other instructions on adding light to origami stars?

        Depending on your poison, you can get an excess of wine corks at Christmas or any other day of the year. Instead of throwing them away, collect them for a while and make something out of them!

        This is a great economical project requiring only a pre-made ring and glue.For an extra splash of color, you can paint the corks first, or bribe younger family members to do it for you with cookies. The choice is yours.

        Why not make it bright by adding our Motion Activated LED Array design to the center of it?

        Since it is Christmas, it seems appropriate to make a present. Number 5 on this list is five simple projects that you can create yourself using basic materials. All of these assemblies are simple and suitable for supervised children.

        All of these projects use the things you are most likely to have around the house, apart from Styrofoam balls. This of course depends on your home, dedicated foam ballroom owners will have an edge here.

        6. DIY BB-8 [no longer available]

        We’ve covered some traditional Christmas decorations so far, but we all know that the holiday season is really about Star Wars! What better way to decorate your Endorian soul tree than using the DIY BB-8 droid?

        The above video is from Instructable by inspiretomake and shows the surprisingly simple process required to put it all together.Including just a few knickknacks and printable templates, a droid can be built in minutes.

        Snow Wars! Starflakes? Let’s just call them War Flarks. In any case, over the past few years, designer Anthony Herrera has offered Star Wars-themed snowflake templates on his website. The templates are free to download as PDF files and are amazing.

        In fact, there are tons of designs to choose from, covering every major character and vehicle in the series, as well as a few less obvious options that will make any true Star Wars fanatic to make involuntary sounds.

        With our eighth idea, we go 8-bit! These knick-knacks bring Christmas to the level of pixelation we understand and look fantastic. They are created by Kat and Cam at ourNERDhome blog and the designs they come up with are eye-catching and colorful.

        These retro-styled ornaments are made out of styrofoam and painted with simple hobby paint – although a similar effect can be achieved by painting on cardboard to make this project truly redesigned.

        The real kicker for this project is the added finish on the knickknacks to make them shine.

        Christmas is a great time to enjoy the important people in your life like Mario. This DIY Mario Star toy is easy to make and will give the top of your tree the invincibility it deserves!

        This clever project is the brainchild of the Instructables scoochmaroo user and has a great effect using simple materials.You can easily swap vinyl for scrap metal and you will find that you have everything you need to do it around the house.

        It’s worth adding a 100-300 ohm resistor to the LED string if you want your LED to run for more than a day or so!

        In keeping with the Mario theme, our latest project is the ubiquitous Mario coin box.

        Box design templates can be found in the video description and the finished boxes are really impressive.This project uses Styrofoam, but if you don’t have it on hand, you can use a card from the shipping boxes for the same effect.

        The finished product in this video has a slot at the top for placing items in boxes.

        A great alternative would be to hide the delicious edible goodies inside the boxes and hang them on a tree for your family and guests to hack and eat. Tiny Mario, Pinatas Box? Yes please!

        Entering the Spirit

        These few ideas are a great start to getting you homey Christmas with an emphasis on recycling where possible.This list is just a tiny glimpse of hundreds of fantastic projects.

        Along with planning the perfect New Year’s and buy some great gifts for your tech-savvy family members. , give your home a creative touch this Christmas. Plus, why not watch some Christmas movies on Netflix to keep the holiday spirit alive.

        flag, bunting, party, wall, pattern, hanging, celebration, decoration, holiday, red, event

        flag, bunting, party, wall, pattern, hanging, celebration, decoration, holiday, red, event | Pikist flag, bunting, party, wall, pattern, hanging, celebration, decoration, holiday, red, eventPublic Domain

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        • background, christmas, decoration, pine, holiday, holiday, tree, branch, seasonal, decorative, greeting Public Domain
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        • natural, light, nature, forest, forest, foliage, trees, wild, desert, adventure, explore Public Domain
        • candy, sweet, food, sugar, dessert, delicious, holiday, colorful, snacks, color, pink Public Domain
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        • nature, forest, foliage, tree, leaf, background, green, plant, bright, natural, season Public Domain
        • autumn, orange, nature, red, yellow, fall, maple, color, bright, season, golden Public Domain
        • autumn, orange, nature, red, yellow, fall, maple, color, bright, season, golden Public Domain
        • christmas, bauble, red, christmas decoration, decoration, holiday, festive, winter, season, holiday, white Public Domain
        • background, christmas, decoration, pine, holiday, holiday, tree, branch, seasonal, decorative, greeting Public Domain
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        • red, christmas, lights, tree, bells, christmas lights, holiday, decoration, season, holiday, winter Public Domain
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        • Abstract, upclose, color, conifer, daylight, environment, flora, landscape, leaf, moss, outdoors Public Domain
        • table setting, place setting, vintage, vintage porcelain, roses, yellow roses, setting, place, table, lunch, plate Public Domain
        • Abstract, autumn, background, bright, brown, color, decoration, fall, green, leaf, leaves Public Domain
        • Abstract, autumn, background, bright, color, decoration, fall, leaf, leaves, nature, orange Public Domain
        • red, heart, love, symbol, romance, day, valentine, romantic, shape, two, couple Public Domain
        • happy new year, wedding, bridge, reception, champagne, ice, crystals, snow, flake, snowflake, glitter Public Domain
        • I love you, wood, wooden, romantic, love, happy, you, text, gift, card, holiday Public Domain
        • autumn, orange, nature, red, yellow, fall, maple, color, bright, season, golden Public Domain
        • christmas, decoration, holiday, decoration, holiday, season, design, new, year, merry, snow Public Domain
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        Load more 90,000 Christmas in July: 9 Free & Funny Christmas Crochet Patterns

        It may be too early to start hanging up your Christmas stockings, but it is definitely not too early to start crocheting! Winter break reappears in no time, so get ahead of the game by starting to knit your Christmas decor now.Here are some quick, fun, and free Christmas crochet patterns.

        Photo from Craftsy BySol

        1. Christmas stocking

        Turn a simple crochet granny square into a miniature crochet Christmas stocking with this free pattern. Hang them on robes, doorknobs, drawer knobs, and around your home to create a festive atmosphere in no time.

        Get a FREE Template

        Photography via Craftsy Craft & Party member

        Easy crochet snowflake

        Crochet snowflakes are something you can use to decorate your home very early this season.It’s great if you are celebrating Christmas as they represent winter in general!

        Get your FREE


        Photo from Craftsy WoolNHook

        3. Christmas Star

        Like snowflakes, stars are versatile kids knitting patterns suitable for all home decor styles. Tie them together for Christmas bunting, place candles on top of them for a tea-light effect, or hang them separately from your tree.

        Get your FREE


        Photo via Craftsy Connie’s Spot

        4.Crochet Christmas Pillows

        Create Christmas pillows in several different styles with this set of free crochet patterns. From the bell to the Christmas tree, these pillows will brighten up any room.

        Get your FREE


        Photo from Craftsy HanJanCrafts

        5. Christmas decorations for an owl

        These adorable owls will make you smile when you put the hooks in them, and you will smile even more when you see them hanging from your tree.They also make cute gift tags when it comes time to give gifts.

        Get your FREE


        Photo from Craftsy Designs by Zula

        6. Jar Koozies

        Adding colorful crochet hooks to jars is a super easy way to dress up your home. Place the candle inside or fill them with candy. Use red and green, blue and white, or silver and gold to add a festive flair to your home.

        Get your FREE


        Photo via Craftsy Happy Crocheting member

        7.Christmas Snowmen

        This little snowman crochet pattern makes a cute decor that brings a festive mood to any table, table, mantle or shelf. Have fun knitting hats and scarves in different colors to create a whole set of these little guys.

        Get your FREE


        Photo via Craftsy Instructor Stacey Trock

        8. Howie Festive Penguin

        This is a little more stuffed animal that will make you all smile during the holiday season.If you want to keep it in plain sight all year long, just leave your Santa hat until the time is right!

        Get your FREE


        Photo via Craftsy De Haakbakk

        9. Christmas bell

        Ring in the Christmas season with this cute crochet hook that can be made with a real bell inside. The mistletoe top decoration can be used on its own and throughout the home.

        Get your FREE


        You can easily make any of these weekend crochet Christmas decorations.Click the orange heart below the heading to add this page to your favorites – then you can come back to it again and again in the coming weeks, when you get ready for the holidays in advance!

        Retro Christmas card with wishes eps

        Retro Christmas card with wishes eps


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        • Retro
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        • wishes

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        free download (eps, 1.12MB)

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        Perfect Oatmeal »My Humble Food


        Oatmeal is very popular in the USA and we love oatmeal too.I cook it periodically in the morning. But like all food in America, local oat flakes differ in texture from European ones. They sell “old-fashioned” oats , which are similar to Hercules, but slightly rougher and require a long time to cook, and “quick” or “instant” oats , which correspond to Extra flakes – fast boiling.

        I prefer quick. Although Hercules is more useful, the extra 10 minutes in the morning, which are spent on cooking, are very necessary.

        There is nothing complicated in cooking porridge, but I know people who regularly do not get oatmeal.And it’s just a matter of proportions and cooking time.

        For 1 glass of cereal, 2.5 glasses of whole milk (water is possible, but we’re talking about perfect porridge, not dietary one). 0.5 teaspoon salt, 1 rounded teaspoon brown sugar and a handful of raisins.

        Warm the flakes in a dry frying pan until a pleasant nutty aroma.

        Pour milk into a saucepan, add salt, sugar and toasted cereals. We put on fire.

        As soon as the milk has boiled, reduce the heat and throw in a handful of raisins. We cook everything for 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly.

        Turn off, cover and let stand for 10 minutes. The porridge will cook in itself and cool down a little.

        It is necessary to eat “perfect oatmeal” with cheese. The result is a fantastic combination: Creamy porridge with sourness from raisins and salty cheese.

        Try it!

        Original content here is published under these license terms: X
        License Type: Attribution, No derivative work
        License Abstract:
        License Abstract: copy this content and re-publish it in unmodified form, provided you include an overt attribution to the author (s).You are not permitted to create derivative works.
        License URL:

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        French oatmeal: anirik_01 – LiveJournal

        You, of course, know these birds – buntings.
        Perverts The French consider them a delicacy. Eating and cooking is a complex process.
        The recipe is:
        Catch alive; gouge out the eyes; put in a cage; feed millet, grapes and figs for a month; drown in Armagnac and bake.

        Bend your head to the plate and cover your head with a napkin to preserve the aromas. Eat whole, with bones.
        Fans claim that in the dark, under a napkin, concentrating, you can taste the whole life of a bird: the wheat of Morocco, the salty air from the Mediterranean, the lavender of Provence. Catharsis, when you reach the lungs and heart, saturated with Armagnac, in which the bird is drowned

        According to another version – they cover themselves so as not to see other eaters and do not light themselves up – otherwise, immediately after dinner, you will have to report to the police.Indeed, according to the law, it is impossible to prepare ortolans for sale, you can only for yourself, that is, for non-commercial use. That is why in some places tickets for the evening wine tasting show are sold, and the birds are sold for free, as a snack.

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