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Make Chocolate LEGO Bricks – The Family Brick

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It was a few months ago that someone forwarded me a video from The King of Random on how to make LEGO Gummie candies. (If you haven’t seen it, you should check out the video above. It’s really awesome.)


However, it looks as if someone took it one step further and used it to make chocolate LEGO bricks!


These chocolate LEGO models were made by Akihiro Mizuuchi. While he doesn’t provide instructions, he does give you a photographic sneak peek into his process of making the chocolate LEGO bricks:

How awesome is that, right? If you want to make your own chocolate LEGO build, you’ll need to make a LEGO brick silicone mold and melt chocolate to make chocolate LEGO bricks. Unfortunately, the premade LEGO silicone molds won’t cut it for building, but if you’re just looking to eat your food and not play with it, that would reduce your creating time considerably.


How to Make a LEGO Brick Silcone Mold

I’d walk you through the process of making a silcone mold out of LEGO bricks, but there is already an excellent Instructable describing how to make the silicone mold. The only thing they missed from the video above is showing you how to create the stud holes on the bottom so that you can actually build with the gummies.

Basically, it entails placing a base plate on top of the filled silicone mold and then placing a book on top of that to hold down the plate and ensure the studs make an impression in the gummie itself. The video shows it more clearly, so I highly suggest you give it a once over.


How to Make Chocolate LEGO Bricks

A Beautiful Mess has a great post with tips on melting chocolate for molds; however, for our purposes, there are two important points to take away from their post:

  1. To make chocolate LEGO bricks, you’ll need to decide whether you want to melt regular chocolate or use candy melts. Candy melts already come with a portion of palm oil to give them that glossy finished look. So if you want to use regular chocolate, you can, you just need to remember to add a tablespoon of some type of oil to the mix to give them some shine.
  2. When filling the molds, unlike with the gummie syrup, you’ll want to make sure you don’t overfill the mold with chocolate. The gummies shrink as the syrup hardens, but the chocolate doesn’t. This means if you overfill, you may find yourself needing to scrap off some excess chocolate to get clean LEGO brick lines.

Of course, these are just my observations, as I haven’t tried making them just yet. My house is a hurricane of LEGO parts, so I don’t have much space for experimentation these days.

However, if you try making your own gummie or chocolate LEGO bricks, please let me know! I’d love to see how they turned out.

Now who’s going to try these this weekend?


Chocolate Lego Figures Recipe | In The Kitchen With Matt

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I just love these tasty chocolate lego figures. They are not just for kids either, they are a perfect treat for any lego fan out there.

Everything is awesome when you are eating chocolate legos! Seriously how can you go wrong with these? It is the perfect way to eat chocolate. And they are so incredibly easy to make. If I can do it, you can do it. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather the ingredients and tool

In order to make these creative chocolate lego figures you will need the following ingredients and tools:

  • Chocolate – You can use whatever kind of chocolate that you want, I like to use candy melts because they come in all different colors.
  • Nuts – Add some almonds, peanuts, or walnuts to make them “healthy” haha. They are optional of course.


  • Chocolate Lego Figures Molds – There really isn’t a substitute for this, thankfully the molds are pretty cheap. Some bundles even come with lego brick molds as well.
  • Toothpick or bamboo skewer – Used to paint on the face.
  • Parchment paper – Used to make dividers so you can make the head a different color.
  • Spoons
  • Bowls

Step 2: How to make chocolate lego figures

Begin by cutting up little strips of parchment paper. They need to be small enough to be able to fit in the lego figure mold so it can be a divider between the head and the body. Of course if you don’t care if the head and the body are the same color then it doesn’t matter you can skip this part.

Also melt the chocolate that you want to use for the bodies. You can melt it in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl, using bursts of 25 seconds and stirring, until melted. Or you can use the double boiler method on the stovetop.

Step 3: Filling the lego figure molds with chocolate

Now use a spoon or piping bag and add chocolate to the body of the lego mold. You can add chopped nuts too if you like. Isn’t it cool how the parchment paper keeps the body separate from the head?

Now just fill the rest of the body up with chocolate until it reaches the top and is level. Give it a gentle tap to allow the chocolate to settle.

Next, place the Lego mold with the melted chocolate into the fridge and allow the chocolate to set for 25 to 30 minutes.

Once the mold comes out of the fridge, gently remove the parchment paper dividers. Then melt a different color of candy melt or chocolate and spoon or pipe it in for the head. Yellow is a classic yellow head color, but again you can do whatever color or kind that you want.

Once you are done adding all the heads, back into the fridge they go so the head can set.

Step 4: Paint on the Lego faces

Once the chocolate has set, you can remove the molds from the fridge and carefully remove the chocolate lego figures from the molds.

Then take a toothpick or bamboo skewer and dip it into some melted chocolate and paint on some eyes and a mouth to all the figures. Place them back in the fridge so the face can set and then they are ready to go! Pretty simple right?

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These little treats are the perfect dessert to serve at a lego themed birthday party. You could even have them along side of this Lego Man Cake. Kids love these things!

How long do chocolate lego figures last?

If you keep them stored in the fridge they will last several weeks. But they normally get eaten by then.

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Chocolate Lego Figures

These delightful cute chocolate lego figures are perfect for Lego-themed parties and for anyone who loves chocolate and Legos. And they are super duper easy to make. If I can do it, you can do it!

Prep Time30 mins

Cook Time0 mins

Cooling Time1 hr

Total Time1 hr 30 mins

Course: Dessert, Desserts

Cuisine: American

Keyword: fun, kids, treats

Servings: 10 people

Calories: 92kcal

Author: Matt Taylor

  • 1 cup chocolate, any kind you want, candy melts work great 175g
  • 1/4 cup chopped almonds, optional 35g
  • First cut up parchment paper into little tiny rectangles that will fit in the lego figure mold. It needs to separate the head from the body. Place those in the mold for each lego figure.

  • Now melt the chocolate, candy melts, etc. in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave with bursts of 25 seconds and then stirring. Or do it using the double boiler method on the stovetop. Pour the melted chocolate into the body part of each mold. The parchment paper will keep it from getting to the head.

  • Next, place the mold in the fridge and allow the chocolate to set, this will take about 30 minutes.

  • Remove them from the fridge and gently pull out the parchment paper. Then melt another color of chocolate and use a piping bag or spoon to put the chocolate in the head area of the mold. If you are filling up the smaller sized lego figure molds, a piping bag or plastic bag with the corner snipped off is ideal for pouring the chocolate.

  • Once the head parts are filled up, place the completed mold back in the fridge so the chocolate head can set.

  • Remove them from the fridge and gently remove the chocolate figures from the mold and place them on a platter, plate, etc. You can leave them like this, but it is more fun to put on the faces. Melt a little bit of dark or milk chocolate and then dip a toothpick or bamboo skewer in it, then draw on the eyes and the mouths.

  • Place them back in the fridge for 15 minutes to allow the faces to set. Then serve them up. Enjoy!

Note these nutritional facts will vary greatly depending on how many you make with that particular amount of chocolate. The measurements in this recipe don’t matter, just fill up those molds. 🙂

Do you like this recipe? Please give it a rating and comment down below, I really appreciate it. If you make it tag me on Instagram @inthekitchenwithmatt. Also, sign up for the newsletter so you won’t miss out on any of my new posts and recipes.

Matt Taylor

YouTuber and food blogger with a passion for cooking, eating, being outdoors and watching movies. Did you know I wrote an ebook cookbook called “All Things Chocolate: 30 of my favorite chocolate recipes.”? Help support the food blog and YouTube channel by buying a copy in my shop. 🙂

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Chocolate Lego


Who doesn’t love Lego?  It would definitely have to be on of the most popular toys of all times.  Whether you are throwing a Lego themed party, or just feel like treating your Lego obsessed children, these Chocolate Lego are so much fun.  Not only that, but they are also extremely easy to make.  We used these silicone Lego brick moulds from ebay, which are not only great for chocolate, but also work well with jelly, fondant when decorating cakes, and even home made gummy lollies.


To get started, you will need:


  • At least one Lego mould.
  • Dark, milk or white chocolate, depending on the colour you will be making.  The amount you need will depend on how many Lego bricks you require.
  • Chocolate food colour powder, if you will be colouring white chocolate.


When colouring white chocolate, it’s extremely important that you use chocolate food colouring powder rather than the liquid food colouring found on supermarket shelves.  The liquid version if water based, and when melted chocolate comes into contact with water it seizes up and becomes like a thick paste, making it impossible to work with.  The powder version is designed to work with chocolate and is oil based, so it’s colours white chocolate perfectly without causing any difference to the consistency of the melted chocolate.



To make the chocolate lego:


  • Melt the chocolate according to packet directions.  I melt mine in short bursts in the microwave.  If you are colouring your chocolate, add the colour powder a soon as the chocolate is fully melted.  Stir well, crushing any lumps of powder with the back of a clean, dry metal spoon.


  • Carefully spoon the melted chocolate into the brick cavities if the mould.  Gently bang the mould on a hard surface to allow any air bubbles in the chocolate to rise to the surface and burst.  This will also give you a nice smooth top (which will actually be the bottom) on each brick.


  • Place the mould in the fridge and leave until the chocolate is completely set.


  • Once the chocolate has set, gently pop the chocolate bricks out of the mould.  Serve the chocolate Lego bricks as they are, or use to decorate a birthday cake or cupcakes.


Brick Lego Polycarbonate Chocolate Moulds – Decora

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Building Blocks/Lego Lollipop Chocolate Mould

5 building Block/lego Shaped Lollipop Chocolate Mould


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  • Each piece is approx. 1-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ x 1/2″ deep  (32mm x 63mm x 12mm deep)
  • Made from FDA-approved PETG Plastic*.
  • 5 cavities per mould.
  • This mould can be used with our 115mm long lollipop sticks.
  • Hand wash only, NOT dishwasher safe.
  • Safe to 120°F (48°C).


These Chocolate Moulds are also suitable for making soap, ice, and plaster of paris pieces!

Tips & Care: These Chocolate Plastic Moulds are made from durable plastic and can be reused time and time again; ensure care is taken not to damage or scratch the plastic and your moulds will continue to give you stunning results each and every time.


To clean your Chocolate Moulds: Hand wash in luke-warm water, rinse and thoroughly dry before reusing.


Recommended Temperatures: The recommended maximum temperature for these Chocolate Plastic Moulds is about 120°F (48°C). These moulds should NOT be used for boiled sweets (hard candy) or other hot ingredients.

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Chocolate cheese tart with persimmon

Irina Bukreeva

Pastry chef and co-founder of the home confectionery Injir

BORN SEPTEMBER 27, 1983 IN MOSCOW. Professionally engaged in synchronized swimming and worked in the fitness industry, but always loved the oven and was fond of the pastry business. In 2013, she took a pastry course at the Ragout school and after training I realized that she wanted to do it professionally. In May 2014, together with Anton Kudyakov, who had previously worked in the fashion industry, she founded the home confectionery Injir. The project developed rapidly and over the summer it took part in the Food Festival of the Afisha-Food magazine, Stay Hungry, the City Food Market and the Lambada Market.

Now you can order the tarts by writing a message to the Facebook of the pastry shop.


3 hours


1 pie



author’s butter

author’s butter

author’s butter – 140 g

Almonds – 65 g

Egg – 1 piece

Powdered sugar – 65 g

Flour – 250 g

905 25 Cocoa –


Cream 33% – 490 ml

Chocolate 75% cocoa – 380 g

Blue cheese – 100 g

Sea salt – pinch 10004 – Cooking spoon


Persimmon – to taste

90 154 Preparation

DOUGH. Fry the almonds in a pan for a few minutes, then chop them in a blender. Cut butter at room temperature into random cubes. Combine flour, egg, cocoa, icing sugar and almonds in a container. Knead the dough. Leave it in the refrigerator for 30-50 minutes.

Roll out dough approximately two to three millimeters thick, place in a baking dish, lift and trim the edges. Cover with parchment paper and sprinkle in peas or beans (so the dough does not rise under the load) and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 190.Then remove the parchment paper with beans and peas and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

FILLING. Melt the chocolate and sea salt in a water bath until smooth. At this time, heat the cream and cheese in a saucepan until the cheese dissolves. Add the mixture to the chocolate, stir and then pour in the Cointreau.

Pour the filling into the cake layer and leave to harden in the refrigerator for two to three hours.

SERVICE. Cut the persimmon into thin slices and garnish with them on top of the tart.

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