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What to Wear with Chinos (Complete Guide for Women)

Everyone loves a versatile piece of clothing like chinos. They can be worn in so many different ways, making them a great alternative to your jeans, khakis and tailored pants for a casual or corporate environment respectively. If you’re looking for outfit ideas, here are some best ways to wear with chinos:

With a coat

Coats are functional as they keep you warm on cold days, and they are also a wonderful “third piece” to elevate any chino outfit.

You can get yourself some stylish coats to wear with your dresses or pants. An example of a great pairing is one of a woolen coat and some chino pants.

It’s a chic but comfortable look to go for when it’s cold outside.

With a blazer

Blazers always add a touch of sophistication to just about any look you go for, be it casual or formal. Blazers come in different designs, lengths and colors all suitable for different body shapes. Once you pick the right blazer for your body, you could style it with a pair of chinos for a great office look.

You can finish the look off with a pair of leopard print closed heels and a brown bag. This is a combination that will have you looking all dressed up in an effortless way.

With a turtleneck

Turtlenecks are great on cold days and if you go for the figure-hugging ones, they allow you to show off the top part of your body while you feel warm at the same time. You can wear them with chinos and several other bottoms.

Kate (above) styled her black turtleneck top with a pair of chinos and some closed pumps. It’s a great look fit for the office environment but could take you to a date or a brunch. There are also other types of turtlenecks with cut-outs, some are sleeveless and others come in knits.

With a plaid shirt

Plaid shirts can also be worn with chinos for a preppy look.

The plaid print has been around for a while and now back on trend again among women of all age. Plaid shirts are easy to wear and remain timeless throughout the whole year, although they’re the ultimate piece for fall.

Jenny (above) wore her chinos with a crop top, a plaid shirt and finished the outfit off with a pair of sneakers. Some ankle boots would work too for this chino combination. You can also button up the shirt and tuck it into your chinos for a different casual look.

With a blouse

If you prefer something more feminine, then a blouse works. Blouses look pretty and come in different designs from statement ones to those in more subtle designs. When paired with simple chinos, you get an amazing outfit fit for a nice lunch or brunch with your friends.

Ulli (above) styled her printed blouse with a pair of plain chinos and some mules. If you’re not particularly a big fan of prints, a plain blouse will do just fine.

With a message t-shirt

Message t-shirts are a great way for you to express yourself subtly through clothes. They bring out your personality and things you like and believe in through those few words on them. You can style them with different bottoms, among them chinos.

With a shirt

A shirt is a great way to go if you like a smart look even if the outfit you’re going for is casual. Shirts are great for everyone and it’s worth investing in a couple of them. They look really great when worn with chinos for either a casual or formal outfit.

The look is very laid back but can easily be dressed up with a pair of closed or strappy heels.

With a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are cool and often give a youthful look considering they easily resemble college jackets also known as varsity jackets. These can be worn in any season and are easy to style for a casual look. One way to wear your bomber jacket is to pair it with some chinos.

With a girlie top

Sometimes, a t-shirt just won’t do if you’re trying to get that nice simple look which is why it’s worth investing in a couple of fun, girly but simple tops for when you want to look effortlessly nice. These are usually available in different types and can be worn with different skirts and pants. A good example is chino pants.

Helen (above) wore her white girly top with a pair of chinos and completed the look with some open sandals. This combination is effortlessly dressy although you can elevate it by wearing a pair of high strappy heels or even stilettos.

With a plain sleeveless top

A plain sleeveless top is a great option on a warm day and can be a great option if you want to pull off an official look. These plain tops can also be styled with your everyday jeans, skirts and so much more in your closet. You could also try them with chinos. Tucking the plain sleeveless top into your chinos gives you a cleaner, chicer look.

To make your outfit more interesting, it’s worth rolling up the bottom of the chinos. If it gets colder, a sleeveless top allows you to layer a coat over it.

With a jumper

Jumpers are ever so comfortable and are great for those cooler days. They work with jeans, khakis, and even dress pants and skirts too. You can also try wearing your jumper with chinos which are a great alternative to jeans.

Olie (above) styled her jumper with a pair of chinos and some loafers. If the color of the jumper and that of the chinos are close, you can easily accessorize with brighter pieces.

With a sweater

Sweaters are nice, warm and snuggly, great for colder days as well as transitioning weathers when the temperature start to drop in the fall. One of the bottoms that look great with these pullovers is chinos.

Alanah (above) wore her pullover with a pair of chinos and some sneakers. It’s a simple look but so fashion forward and great for a person who wants to look stylish even in the most casual clothes.

With a sheer button-down

Wearing sheer tops is a great way to look feminine and these come in different designs. A button-down design for a sheer top is a great idea if you want to style a sheer top to work. An even better way to make it more work friendly is to wear the sheer button-down with some chinos.

Margaret (above) wore a sheer plaid button-down top with some chinos and a pair of open shoes. This is one of the best combinations for a summer corporate look.

With a puffer jacket

One of the ways in which you could easily style your puffer jacket is by wearing it with some chinos.

Puffer jackets are great for keeping you warm during colder months. While they often appear big and difficult to style, this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you happen to be petite, your best options are puffer coats with a defined waist. Belted coats are a great example, or you could go with those fitted at the waist even though they do not have a belt.

Jo (above) styled her chinos with a simple top and finished off her look with a black puffer jacket. When wearing a puffer jacket, such simple pants are the best way to go otherwise you risk stepping out in an overwhelming outfit.

With a graphic t-shirt

In case you’re bolder, then you could wear a graphic t-shirt instead of a message one as a way of expressing yourself through clothes. While they are easy to style literally with anything, a pair of chino pants works well if you don’t want to wear jeans.

Mini (above) styled her graphic t-shirt with a pair of chinos and some boots. Slimmer chinos look best tucked into boots compared to the ones with wider legs.

These 15 ideas should get you excited about wearing your chino pants out. With them, you can be certain you’ll get enough wear out of your chinos which means value for the money you spent on them.

Why Chinos For Women Are Just So Darn Great

Tina, here.

Chinos for us girls are just so darn fabulous because they aren’t jeans. They aren’t cargos. They’re not fussy. Or fancy. But they’re certainly not sloppy. Chinos, in short, are the perfect antidote to those skinny jeans you’ve worn for three years straight, and a lot more comfortable IMHO. They are what I call “smart casual.” But you’ve got to know how to buy the right fit, and then how to wear them without looking like a man.

I have 3 pairs, pink, army green and these in ivory.  (less expensive option) I grab the ivory ones most often, but I do love the other two colors. They are quite washable, but I still never let them touch heat in the wash and certainly not in a dryer.

Here are some chinos I looove:

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So how should your chinos fit?

Rise: Do not buy high-waisted chinos. You will have a bum as long as California and wide as Texas. Mid-rise is where you want them to hit, just below your belly button. This allows you to be able to tuck in a blouse or tee, or leave it out, draping nicely over your hips and bum.

Cut: I do not like wide-leg chinos (the fabric is too heavy for this) or too terribly skinny chinos (that defeats the purpose of a comfortable pair of pants). The legs can either have a tapered opening or straight. If they are straight, you MUST cuff or roll the hem so you don’t look like a man or like you have tree stumps for legs.

Length: I like the bottom of the hem to hit right at my ankle bones. You must be able to see a hint of ankle to keep the style feminine, since you are wearing a borrowed-from-the-boys pant.


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How To Wear Chinos Like A Woman

First, what not to wear with chinos: no polos or cardigans (or you’ll look like a camp counselor or the tennis coach). You can wear any shoes at all you want to! Try some cute pumps for a dressy-casual look!

Oh, and my loafers are vintage Gucci I picked up when I lived in London. Kind of retro.

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Women’s Chinos – Free Shipping

Smart or casual, bright or basic, chinos are a crucial staple item for any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you want to strut in stripes or keep it cool in ice cream shades, chinos for women come in styles to suit everyone. Find your perfect fit in our collection below.

What are women’s chinos?

Ladies chinos are trousers with a slim fit that fall to just above the ankle. Most chinos are made from a cotton blend, allowing a cool feel with added stretch for more comfort. Whether you want to opt for neutrals and go for black, white or beige chinos which will suit any occasion or you want to inject some fun with patterned chino pants, there are many options available in this versatile trouser style.

Where to wear chinos

This versatile pant will take you from a picnic in the park to an evening of drinks. Keep comfortable in the office with women’s chino work pants paired with a blouse and statement loafers. Because of their shape and variety of patterns and colours, chino pants can be worn almost anywhere and also complement many different styles of top including jumpers, t-shirts, shirts and tank tops [links through to these categories].

Womens skinny chinos have a smart feel but aren’t too formal that they can’t be worn in the daytime. Pair with heels and a blazer for a sophisticated evening look or dress down with sandals and a relaxed tee.

Why opt for women’s skinny chinos?

Get a truly versatile garment with skinny chinos for women. Offering both practicality and style, a pair of skinny chinos will quickly become you’re a staple of your wardrobe. Pair them with some winter boots for a laidback look or dress them up with heels and a shirt. Make sure you choose the correct size – don’t dress down your women’s skinny chinos as this will make for an uncomfortable wear. If you want a super skinny women’s chino style, opt for a pair made from a stretch material such as cotton.

How long should women’s chinos be?

Ladies chino trousers traditionally reach the ankle and sit just above the hips. For a more casual style, rolling the hem of chinos is a popular option and allows you to show off your shoes or boots worn underneath. Often worn without socks, chinos show a bit of ankle at the bottom. The bare ankle makes your legs appear longer, so this is a great trick for lengthening if you’re petite.

For smarter occasions you can keep your chinos straight and let them drop to their full length. Pair with a jacket of the same colour for a chic alternative to a suit and wear a contrasting patterned blouse to add some excitement.

What shoes to wear with chinos

The shoes you choose to wear with women’s chino pants will depend entirely on the occasion you’re dressing for. For the daytime, comfort goes hand in hand with style, so pair your chinos with loafers, sandals, espadrilles or ballet flats to elongate your leg and give your shoe the limelight. In the evening, you might want to put on a heeled shoe to elevate your ensemble.

Many people think that boots shouldn’t be worn with ankle-grazer length trousers, but this isn’t the case. A pair of heeled ankle boots will look elegant yet edgy and will give your outfit a twist of personality, especially if you choose an animal print boot. This would be a fantastic way to spice up a pair of women’s black chinos.

Ladies chino styles

As mentioned, our collection of chinos offers many different styles, each of which can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for.

Women’s plain chinos

Plain chinos are available in lots of different colours including beige, grey, green, pink and lemon. Womens beige chinos are extremely versatile and are a brilliant go-to item to have in your wardrobe. Navy chinos for women are a chic alternative to black, offering a slightly softer palette while still complementing every colour.

Womens patterned chinos

If you love the shape and feel of chinos but want a trouser that looks a bit more impactful, choose a patterned pair of chinos instead. Whether you go wild with leopard print, keep it chilled in stripes or opt for a pair with embroidered details, you can have the best of both worlds with these pants.

How to Wear Chinos Casually for Women: Outfit Ideas

When it comes to chinos, many people associate them to business casual or formal work outfits. They seem to have nothing to do with casual wear. The truth is that if you really pay attention to how to style them right, you can also achieve a young and smart casual look. Jeans are still my favorite item for causal outfits, no doubt about it. But it is always a good thing to add variety to your daily outfit. You have 365 days a year. You want to try different things, not for surprising people, but to make your happy by simply having fun. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways to wear chinos casually.

Grey Long Sleeve Tee with Navy Chinos


Let me start with a simple outfit that are suitable for all seasons. Simply wear a grey long sleeve tee with navy chinos and white sneakers. In cold weather, you can simply add a black trench coat to the outfit.

Wide Striped Tee with Beige Chinos


As simple as this outfit seems, it is a great demonstration of how matching-color items can make your outfit more balanced. You may have notice that the white t shirt has some wide stripes that match perfectly with the beige chinos. Wear a pair of color-matching sandals or ankle boots will complete this outfit flawlessly.

White Vest Top with Sheer Overlay


Off the top of my head, there are two big advantages of wearing beige chinos. First, the color is so subtle that they won’t pull the focus away from the top part of your body. Second, they are usually just straight-leg pants that are pretty easy to pull off for all body type. Back to this outfit, as a chic and casual way to wear the beige chinos, pair them with a white vest top with sheer overlay and leather ankle boots. Don’t miss the little details like the leather wristbands, the belt and having your chinos rolled to make your legs look longer.

White Tee and Low Waisted Chinos


This outfit looks very simple, but it is actually a low key sexy outfit. The low waisted chinos and heeled sandals would make the focus remain at the top part of your body. Therefore, you can wear something beautiful and subtly sexy like a semi-sheer white t shirt. The coolest part of this outfit is that nobody will think that you are trying hard to look sexy. They only get attracted to you without knowing why.

Tan Chinos with Black Cropped Tee


I have just covered quite a few outfit ideas that involves white tops, simply because that chinos are easy to wear with white tops. When you want to try a black top, you will probably have to pay a little more attention to the combination of color and cutting to avoid looking out of balance. As a good example, this outfit consists of a black cropped t shirt and tan chinos. Rolled your chinos and pair with slip-on canvas sneakers. If you want to know more outfit ideas about similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear canvas shoes for women.

Horizontal Striped Tee & White Chinos


I sometimes think that you can wear white jeans and white chinos interchangeably. The jeans do actually look better than the chinos with casual outfits, but chinos are often more comfortable to wear. So, it’s not bad to have the choice. To wear the white chinos casually, you can wear a long sleeve navy and white horizontal striped tee. Pair the outfit with black and white canvas shoes.

Olive Green Chinos with White Sweater


Another popular color for the chinos is the olive green. The color itself seems very comfortable looking that it is quite easy to style it in a casual way. You can simply pair the green chinos with a white sweater and white sneakers. If you want to add a little bit of character to the outfit, you can wear chukka boots instead.

Wear with Grey Sweater Over Plaid Shirt


As a beautiful casual outfit idea that uses some tricks of layering, it can probably make you look slimmer and taller. You would want to wear a plaid shirt and overlay it with a grey sweater. Pair them with cuffed chinos and fleece flat shoes. I really love the perfect balance of this outfit achieved by the perfect layering. You should just give this a try as it is not too difficult to pull off. Just make sure you get the details and balance right.

Wear with Long Sleeve White and Light Grey Striped Tee


To style black chinos, the easiest way would be to wear a white top. For a little bit of twist, you can wear a white and light grey striped t shirt. A thin belt also can help to balance all the pieces.

Cropped Chinos with Grey Knit Sweater


Very interestingly, loose-fit grey chinos can actually make you look somewhat sporty. It must be because it reminds me of the grey joggers. Regardlessly, a light grey knit sweater and cuffed grey chinos make a good casual outfit. Pair them with white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Purple Tee with Grey Chinos


As simple as this outfit seems, the color combination makes this my favorite outfit idea among the list. Three simple pieces, namely the purple t shirt, the cuffed grey chinos and the white sneakers, just look so perfectly matched when put together.

Cropped Chinos with Denim Shirt


So may argue that a shirt doesn’t belong to this blog post that focuses on wearing casually. I would argue that the denim shirt stands right at the border line of casual and business casual. Anyway, the bottom line is to look good. Simply pair the denim shirt with cuffed chinos and black flats for this outfit that is both suitable for work and casual hangouts.

I hope that you enjoy the list of casual chinos outfit ideas I have put together. Give them a try. There may be a few of them that really look great on you.

15 Different Types of Chinos for Men and Women

Explore the many types of chino pants available. You can find versatile fabrics, cuts, styles, and colors to suit any dress code or situation.

When building a wardrobe suitable for work and play, look to the chino pant as a vital component of your style. You can find a chino style and color for every personality and body type. The chino design comprises a staple of both men’s pants and women’s pants.

Most people think of the khaki chino when you mention the word “chino,” a shortened form of Chinese pants or Chinese Pantalones. These versatile dress pants come in a variety of cuts and colors suitable for any business casual look or an occasion that calls for a casual pant.

That is the beauty of the chino. You can dress it up or down. It works as travel pants, office attire, school clothes, play clothes, weekend wear. Chinos fit nearly any dress code.

While the essential basic chino began as military wear for the US, the versatile style and comfortable wearing pants has gleaned much attention from designers. From Calvin Klein to Dockers, Gaultier to Gap, chinos perform a necessary service as a fashion staple of the 21st century. They went from military garb to rebel wear in the 1950s to preppy wear in the 1980s and have remained at the forefront of fashion ever since.

James Dean paired chinos with a white t-shirt and black leather jacket to smolder into the hearts of women. That Rebel Without a Cause look gave way to the pink and green fashion fiasco of the 1980s. Every preppy had to wear a pink polo (salmon if you’re a guy) with green chinos. Today’s chino looks to provide much greater fashion diversity.

Fabulous Chino Fabrics

As far as fabrics go, little variation exists. Cotton and cotton twill fabric comprises the sum total of chino fabrics. These lightweight pants need little ironing and provide a perfect alternative to linen pants. Dressy chino options for women such as Esprit’s houndstooth design appear much more formal than the typical khaki or red chino pants for women.

Essentially any body type of men or women can wear chinos. Choose from slim fit chinos, stretch chino, skinny chinos, chino trousers, denim jean chinos, or pleated pant chinos. You can even find chino styled track pants as an alternative to sweatpants.

The typical cotton twill blend of them makes the chino a versatile style that designers have fun playing with as the season progress. You have so much more than cotton chino pants from which to choose.

The Right Chino Fit

The variety within chino cloth and its cotton twill blends as well as the numerous cuts for these pants ensure each body type can find the perfect fit. Choose chinos with a straight leg or a flare to make a heavyset frame seem more streamlined. Go for the tailored pieces that nip in at the waist.

These define your waist and create the illusion of a proportioned top and bottom. Choose clothing, especially pants in the appropriate size. The clothing should brush against your body without squeezing it and should show no rolls of fat. The fabric should not bunch or pull. Avoid baggy pants since these add to your girth.

If your body type tends toward willowy or athletic, choose a tapered leg to accent your legginess, but choose a mid-calf length, or tailored pants that hit beneath the ankle. Ankle skimmers make you look as if you outgrew your pants. You can also wear wide-legged pants that let you enjoy the freedom of movement.

Choosing the Right Color Chinos

As a general rule, choose lighter colored bottoms if you have heavy legs or carry a little extra weight. Dark pants will make your legs look heavier. The exception to this is wearing a monochromatic outfit.

Wearing all black from head to toe provides a slimming look. Heavier women can choose chinos in spring colors such as pastels. Enjoy yellows, pinks, and light blues to round out your vital khakis. The taller women and those with willowy or athletic builds can wear darker colors such as black, brown, navy blue, and eggplant.

Types of Chino Pants

One important factor to remember is that designers can combine these styles of chino. You could purchase a cool chino pant with stretch that has a tapered leg with a tailored waist and torso. It might come with a matching belt or a belt tie such as paper bag chinos do. Some styles apply to both men and women while others you only find made for one gender.

Both genders have options for basic, cord, canvas, pleated, every day, and flannel chinos, but they were originally designed for menswear. The women’s chino styles cool and stretch pants designers also now make for men.

Men’s Chino Pants Styles

Basic Chinos

Click image for more info

This refers to the original design of chinos, a classic fit military pant made in China for the US military. Its light cotton provided a dressy look for uniforms while requiring little special care. These fitted trousers provide give in the movement and resemble heavier khaki dress pants.

Cord Chinos

Source: Zappos

The term cord chinos refer to a chino pant crafted from corduroy fabric. They can come in any cut.

Canvas Five-Pocket Chinos

Click image for more info

The term canvas five-pocket chinos refer to pants with the typical five pockets of dress trousers or traditional denim jeans but crafted of cotton twill. The cut of these pants typically fits loosely through the leg such as a straight leg jean.

Pleated Chinos

Click image for more info

The term pleated chinos refer to pants with pleats at the waist and lower torso area. The pleats lend a dressier look to the pants and cause them to resemble dressy trousers.


Click image for more info

The term jodhpurs chinos refer to pants cut wide at the hips and with a tightly fitted knee to the ankle area. While not native to the US, you can rock this look by pairing it with a kurta and dress jacket. It also pairs well with a dress shirt and blazer.

Everyday Chinos

Click image for more info

The term everyday chinos refer to casual chinos. These may have pleats or none. They sometimes come with a matching belt. This is true of styles for men and women. They pair well with a t-shirt or polo. If you head to the marina or beach, slip on a pair of Dockers with them; otherwise, canvas sneakers pair well.

Flannel Chinos

Source: Zappos

Similarly, the term flannel chinos refer to a chino pant crafted from flannel fabric. This provides a toasty fall or winter choice. These soft pants make an ideal choice for office wear in cold weather or a fall Friday night football game.

Women’s Chino Pants Styles

Punto Chinos

Source: Esprit

The term punto chinos refer to a chino pant that comes to a point at the ankle. (Punto means the point in Spanish.) These pants have a very tapered ankle so that you can barely fit a fingertip inside the ankle. They resemble the 1980s skin tight jeans at the ankle.

Stretch Chino

Click image for more info

The term stretch chino refers to a stretch pant using chino styling and light fabric, typically cotton twill with at least two percent Lycra added. This provides stretch to the fabric and makes it fit more like a stirrup pant without the stirrups.

Stretch Washed Chinos

Click image for more info

The term stretch washed chinos refers to a variation on the stretch chino theme. This type of pants receives a washing such as stone washing before shipment to the retailers. This washing slightly fades the dyes used in coloring the fabric.

Paper Bag Chinos

Click image for more info

This women’s chinos style resembles the looseness of a paper bag for shopping. An attached belt tie secures the waist of the pants. The long ties of the belt hang down in front past the crotch of the pant. This style lends itself to a tucked-in shirt typically a button-down worn with dress shoes.

Cool Chinos

The term cool chinos refer to the basic design of chinos with its tailored waist and torso and slightly tapered leg, but using much lighter weight cotton. Some cool chinos blend light cotton and linen to provide a summer weight pant that looks good, holds shape, and suits many business and casual looks. Cool chinos make an ideal summer travel pant.

Slim Pants Chinos

Source: Farfetch

The term slim pants chinos refer to a pant with a flat front design that fits snugly in the legs and tapers to the ankle. These use a small leg opening at the ankle. When you grasp the pants while wearing them, you should have about a half-inch of fabric in your fingers. The fit should be snug, but not skin tight.

Skinny Chinos

Source: Zappos

The term skinny chinos refer to a pant with a flat front design that fits tighter than slim fit chinos. Think of skinny jeans and substitute the fabric cotton for denim. These fit tightly similar to jeggings.

Jersey Chinos

Source: Esprit

Womenswear introduced the jersey chino and no, it does not refer to the Jersey shore. The term jersey chinos refer to the material used for the pants. These pants use the same cozy fabric as a jersey dress, a jersey knit of either cotton, silk, or wool.


A colorful selection of chinos hanging on a rack.

What kind of people wear jeans and what kind of people wear chinos?

Both chinos and jeans provide looks suitable for every person. The two types of clothing differ in the situations in which you would wear them. Jeans prove a suitable look for casual events or running errands.

Wear jeans as a casual look at your child’s soccer or football game or shopping with friends. Wear chinos to the office or to dressier events that require dress pants such as business casual attire events. Both choices go well with a polo shirt.

What is cargo or chino pants?

The terms cargo pants and chino pants refer to two different types of clothing. The typical cargo pant construction consists of many pockets on the front and sides of the pants and a roomy, boxy cut of the legs.

Chino pants feature two side pockets and one or two rear pockets referred to as wallet pockets. They take on a tapered leg cut and lend themselves to dressier occasions while cargo pants are well suited to leading a coup or camping for the weekend.

What types of hemlines do chinos have?

It depends on whether the chinos were designed for men or women. Chinos for men typically have a longer leg length and the hem of the pants hits just below the ankle. This makes them suited to dress wear in a loafer or dress shoe.

Chinos for women may come in Capri length or ankle length. They typically hit at or just above the ankle bone. This makes them suitable to wear with heels or flats. It also makes them suitable to wear with canvas sneakers.

What is the difference between cotton trousers and chinos?

Originally, little difference existed between the two since both the trousers and chino were made from cotton. Today’s chinos include Lycra or Elastane to provide more give to the pants and an improved fit.

Designers still make cotton trousers of cotton though. A trouser cut and a chino cut differ. A trouser cut typically has looser legs to the ankle while chinos come in a variety of cuts and styles, most of which taper to some extent as they near the ankle.

Can chinos be worn on formal occasions?

A man could conceivably wear black chinos to a semi-formal occasion when paired with a black blazer or suit coat, tie, and dress shoes and socks. Other colors of chino would not be suitable for a semi-formal. Chinos do not provide a dressy enough attire for a formal event. You should wear a tuxedo for a formal event.

A black-tie formal requires a black tuxedo with no tails paired with a black bow tie. A white-tie formal requires a white tuxedo with tails paired with a white bow tie. A white-tie affair is the most formal of occasions and typically a high society wedding or an opulent fundraiser.

What do you do with slightly faded chino pants?

Since the advent of the stonewashed fad and the faded look, you can keep wearing slightly faded chinos. Rather than use them as office attire, once the color fades, relegate them to weekend wear. You can still wear them for running errands, golfing, or sailing.

Should you choose khakis or chinos?

Some people think that khakis and chinos are the same things. Designers construct khakis from a heavier weight fabric than chinos. The cut of khakis bears a closer resemblance to trousers than to the more tapered chinos.

Should you wear chinos or trousers for graduation?

You can wear either, but you will probably find chinos more comfortable. Designers use a lighter weight cotton fabric for chinos and this makes them cooler to wear in late spring and summer. Many locations in the US already have temperatures in the 90 or 100s in May when most graduation ceremonies take place. The lighter the fabric, the better.

What is the difference between chinos and skinny trousers?

Chinos are a type of skinny trousers. They use a lighter weight fabric. In menswear, trousers refer to the broad category of pants. They also refer specifically to suit pants or formal pants. The term skinny trousers refer to a pant for men that features a cut that conforms to the leg and tapers as the leg nears the ankle. A trouser typically has a cuff at the hem while a chino does not. Both pant types usually have slash pockets at the hip and one or two rear pockets suitable for wallet storage.

What’s the difference between trousers and dress pants?

A dress pant is a type of trouser. Trousers typically accompany a suit coat and feature a tailored design. The top and bottom pieces of a man’s outfit form a suit, a jacket or suit coat, and pants of matching material using the same type of stitching and complementary design. A dress pant trouser comes separately from a suit. You can purchase dress pants in a number of colors.

Why are trousers called pants in the US?

Names for trousers in the US vary. Trousers, pants, chinos, khakis, jeans, slacks, corduroys, or cords. These terms differ from those used in other English speaking countries. In the United Kingdom, for example, a man wears trousers on the outside of the outfit and pants refer to his undergarment, underwear, boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs, as they get called in the US. In Australia, the two terms, trousers and pants are interchangeable. Other British-English speaking countries use the conventions of the UK.

How many types of trousers are there?

Eight main types of trousers exist. Chinos are the most common and popular type. Other types of trousers include casual trousers, formal trousers, joggers, jeans, track pants, cargo, and jodhpurs.

What color chinos can you get?

This answer varies for men and women. In general, every person needs a pair of tan or khaki chinos to provide a lighter weight choice than khakis. This color of pants goes with most business casual situations. You can wear them at the office or on the weekends. You also need chinos in a variety of other colors.

Men should have at least a black pair, a navy-blue pair, and a white pair of chinos. Green is also a popular color since many men like to wear these on the golf course. Women have access to a greater range of colors. Choose from the rainbow, but in addition to the must-have colors for men, add a pair of red chinos as well as something more unique like purple or orange, or yellow. These make for the fun weekend looks.

Is khaki the color or the style?

Khakis come in the color khaki, as well as tan, olive green, cream/beige, and sometimes black. Khakis originally only came in khaki. These heavier weight cotton pants originated in the military as a dressier look that required no ironing or very little pressing.

It still allowed officers to look good though since its waist and lower torso area included pleats and darts while the pants legs included a crease. As the military integrated more colors into their choices of khaki, the colors popularized in the general population, too.


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10 Stylish Chino Pants For Women » My Fashion Galore

Chinos are semi-casual pants that you can wear for formal as well as casual occasions. Most chinos for women are manufactured by reputed brands like- Levi’s, H&M, Gap, and Old Navy.

Women’s chinos are made of the same fabric as chinos for men. These types of pants are made of premium lightweight cotton twill that is soft and makes them perfect for everyday use. Here are some stylish women’s chinos that every lady should have in her wardrobe.

Lightweight Relaxed Chino

This lightweight relaxed fit women’s chino features an easy, straight-leg shape made of light, breathable cotton. They are great for casual as well as everyday wear. They are also very comfortable due to the lighter weight stretch cotton as well as the well-fitted waist/butt/crotch. 

Girlfriend Twill Stripe Chinos

Not only are these girlfriend chinos stylish but they are very comfortable and soft. They are very casual and can be worn rolled up at the cuff or not. 

High Rise Chino Pants

These chino-style pants are a high rise and skinny fit with zipper and button closure and pockets. They are super comfy and can be worn in a casual work environment.

Women’s Slim Chino Pants

Made from a soft cotton fabric with added spandex, these slim-fit chino pants will make a great addition to any outfit. You can wear them with a white V-neck, blazer, and pumps for a work outfit or with a bell-sleeve blouse and slip-on sneakers for a casual weekend look. They are stylish and comfortable wherever you wear them.

Petite Sloan Skinny-Fit Chino

These chinos fit a bit lower on the waist but they have all the softness and comfort that most chinos offer.

Women’s Momentum Chino

These chinos are very comfortable and breathable. It has nice deep side pockets for small loose coins/money or to put your hands in.

Slim Straight-Leg Chino Pants

These pants feature a slim straight-leg silhouette and they are lightweight made of stretchable woven cotton. It has belt loops on the waistband, side-front pockets, and two welts back pockets.

Mid-Rise Chinos for Women

These chinos feature a double hook-and-bar closure, with interior button closure. They are very comfortable for a job that is business casual and requires you to sit at a desk for long hours.

Chino Ankle Pants for Women

These chino pants look very elegant and go with almost everything. The slight satin finish dresses them up nicely They fit comfortably with a slight stretch makes them perfect for casual wear.

Mid-Rise Striped Chinos for Women

These chinos offer a professional yet fun look. They are snug, soft, and fit comfortably. Switch it up and wear them with a blouse or just a tee shirt.

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In the ongoing fallout from the global banking crisis, the fate of one hapless victim is sometimes forgotten. Let us take a moment to consider the chino, an item of smart casual wear whose name has been dragged through the mud by association. The chino has long been linked with the weekend wardrobes of Goldman Sachs employees. Extraordinary as it now seems, this was once a neutral or even aspirational endorsement. It meant, simply, that they were trousers you might wear to a restaurant when eating with friends. Back in 2007, in a game of word association, if you had said “chino”, I’d have said “brunch”. But these days, if you say “chino”, I think “bonus”. Ouch.

Top-level talks around strategies to detoxify the chino brand are no doubt taking place as I write. In the meantime, we are left with the issue of what to wear when the day calls for a pair of trousers that are neither jeans nor what American Vogue calls “tailored pants” (that would be “work trousers” to you and me).

The requirements are as follows. The trousers can be wide-leg, skinny or (the easiest on most shapes) somewhere in between. The exact pocket set-up can vary (five-pocket jean style, or one tab pocket on the back, or slit pockets at the hip), but there must be a pocket somewhere, because trousers without pockets look too formal for our purposes. A hip-level pocket adds slouch factor without you even using it. The fabric should be more lightweight than classic denim, but heavier than silk. They should be hemmed or rolled to ankle length, so you can wear flats with them, rather than being of the leg-flattering longer length that demands you keep your heels on all day.

Neutrals – and in this I include chino-beige, khaki and denim blue, as well as black and white – might seem the path of least resistance, but they require you to liven them up, while a bright trouser can be worn with a grey marl T-shirt or black vest, keeping the tricky-on-the-complexion shade away from the face, where it can do no harm. Any colour – so long as it’s a colour. And any name you like, so long as it’s not chino.

Jess wears trousers £45, by Banana Republic. Top, from a selection, by Raoul, from Fenwick. Shoes £68, by Office.

Hair and make-up: Celia Burton at Mandy Coakley.

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Women’s Chinos – what to wear? Bright photos 2021/2022

Chinos pants literally burst into fashion and immediately fell in love with girls who are aware of the most fashionable trends! These clothes are loose trousers made of linen or lightweight durable cotton, with cut-off front pockets.

Comfortable and practical, these trousers are the perfect replacement for boring jeans. In the past, chinos pants were part of the military uniform, from where they moved to women’s wardrobe with great success.Today they have become the basis of sets in casual, ivy, preppy styles. Translated from Spanish, chinos means “Chinese”.

In 1898, during the hostilities, soldiers of the US Army were sewn uniforms from cotton, which was produced in China. Subsequently, the soldiers began to call the word chinos not only the fabric, but also the trousers that they sewed from it. Thus, at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the famous trousers got their name. Sometimes chinos are confused with similar military-style trousers, although they differ slightly from each other.These trousers are slightly tapered at the bottom and look more like costume ones in style. Now they can be found in the collections of many fashion brands; they have acquired the status of favorite clothes among stars and ordinary people.

Fashionable this season “Chinese women” have a loose fit, top with tucks and a slightly high waist. They do not restrict movement at all.

Variety of Chinos

The length of the trousers can be slightly below the ankle, but they can be worn slightly tucked up. Tuck them slightly casually for several times.Nowadays, the latter option is most often used for everyday wardrobe. Important! “Kitayki” should not be free on you, they should sit exactly on the figure.

Olive, beige and blue and their shades are the primary colors of 2021.

These versatile shades can be easily combined with a variety of clothing.

What can girls wear with Chinos?

Real “Chinese women” are sewn from 100% natural fabrics, nylon trousers are no longer chinos.For lovers of shoes without a heel, these trousers are a real find. Complemented with oxford shoes, they will give androgyny to even the most feminine girls, and this is important in achieving career growth.

What to wear with (tops, shoes, accessories)?

Loafers in combination with chinos, on the contrary, will help to feel more free in the office environment and will give comfort during informal communication. “Kitayki” will also be great combined with shoes with heels or wedges.

For a slightly aggressive look, wear them with colorful pumps and tops. These trousers are a favorite model of young girls, but they are often preferred by older people. Such models are sewn for any weather and all seasons. In hot summer, combine “Chinese” with light blouses and loose-fitting shirts. The top can be tucked into the pants completely or just in the front.

In cooler weather, combine women’s chinos with blazers, leather jackets and even loose knit cardigans.Ankle boots will fit well with the latter. Trousers with a tucked bottom in combination with high-heeled sandals will look good. Another good combination is gladiator flat sandals and a jacket.

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As for accessories, you can give free rein to your imagination – pick up bags, clutches, hats, scarves, pendants. A win-win option is bracelets. This model of pants suits almost everyone, you just need to find your model!

90,000 with what to wear, blue, white, black, tapered, pants length, stylish looks and bows 2021

Often, when replenishing their wardrobe with new clothes, women do not think about the model itself, its name and characteristic features. However, every self-respecting fashionista knows literally everything about the latest innovations, and skillfully chooses them from thousands of items on store shelves. Stylish but little-known clothing includes chinos.

What is it?

Chino trousers are made of cotton and linen. They have a loose fit and a tapered silhouette to varying degrees.

The history of the origin of chinos goes back centuries.It was then that a certain commander of a British regiment decided to fight dust on the uniform of soldiers in a very original way. He mixed powder dust with coffee beans and added mulberry juice. The result was a soft sandy color that was incredibly practical indeed. However, then no one heard of trousers called chinos.

During the Second World War, when Spain was at war with the Americans, the material for the military uniform of the latter was supplied from China. “Chinos” translated from Spanish means “Chinese”, from that moment this name has firmly entered history. At first, the fabric, and later the trousers themselves, were called chinos. In Europe, chinos quickly gained a place at the top of popularity and still do not want to leave the podium.

Suitable for?

Chino trousers add volume to the hips and this is something to keep in mind when deciding to buy such a model.

Trousers are perfect for thin girls, as well as those with a triangle figure. In this case, chinos will create mouth-watering curves and show off thin ankles and ankles.

For women with wide hips who want to wear such trousers, stylists recommend models with a free cut, but without a lot of fabric on the hips.

Low stature is not a hindrance to wearing chinos.High heels and chinos are a harmonious combination for short girls.

Unfortunately, full legs in the ankle area are a contraindication for these trousers of any model. The shortened length of the narrow legs will add even more volume in this area, making the legs completely straight and free from feminine curves.

Popular Colors

Although the regimental commander created the trendy khaki color for chinos, modern fashionistas and designers do not want to stand still, coming up with new color combinations with this model.


Trousers in blue colors are almost a classic ensemble. This color is included in the basic colors, in most cases, in a dark blue range.

Navy blue models combined with a white blouse represent an office style. However, thanks to this rich color, the whole look takes on a modern and vibrant shade.

Blue chinos blend harmoniously with a white top. Pastel shades, such as peach or pink, will favorably set off a rich shade and make the image brighter.

Chinos often replace jeans in women’s wardrobe.They are also comfortable and practical, and when chosen in blue colors they become incredibly versatile. In addition, cotton chinos will delight you with an affordable price, unlike jeans made from natural denim.


Traditionally, women of fashion wear white trousers in summer.It is easy to look gentle and light in them. However, for fear of creating extra volume on the hips, many refuse this feminine clothing. Indeed, the white color in some styles can enlarge the hips, but not in chinos with a loose fit. The white color in this model favorably sets off the tanned skin on thin ankles.

White can be combined with absolutely any top, however, there are images, the style of which is time-tested. For example, you can create a nautical look with chinos and a striped T-shirt, and always classic with a black blouse.


The historical color of chinos is beige. Thanks to the variety of shades, each girl can choose the perfect tone for herself. Not every woman dares to turn into such an outfit, because the wrong color for the color type of the skin can depersonalize any beauty.

Fashionistas can easily prevent this problem in beige chinos by wearing a bright top and complementing the look with eye-catching accessories. Beige trousers look especially good in tandem with orange and coffee colors.


Gray chinos are a must have for any woman’s wardrobe, as they can be used to create a wide variety of outfits.One and the same model of trousers happily exists both in a business look and in a casual one.

Gray trousers with a jumper in the same color scheme, but a few shades lighter, looks stylish and subtle. A vibrant blue floral blouse paired with blue pumps and gray chinos for a youthful look.


It’s no secret that there is no person, no matter who goes black. He always hides flaws and favorably outlines the female silhouette.

Black chinos are perfect for the office.All seasons, except summer, black trousers can be easily combined with any top.

How long should the pants be?

Chino trousers have a characteristic length that distinguishes them from capri and other styles. According to style experts, the ideal length should exceed the ankle level by 5 cm. At the same time, the trousers themselves may be lower, the main thing is to make a stylish cuff on the trousers.

The chinos cuff is the hallmark of this model. Carelessly tucked trousers look best, because in this case, freedom remains in the image.


Chino trousers can have an almost straight cut, but traditionally this model was created with a tapered silhouette and allowed to save fabric on the trousers.

In addition to all the advantages of skinny pants, remember that they always focus on the hips and legs. Therefore, if your legs are not as perfect as you would like, it is wiser to turn your attention to straight models. Slender beauties can safely show off their legs in ultra-fashionable skinny chinos.

What to wear with?

Chino trousers can be combined with T-shirts, T-shirts and blouses. It is worth picking them up depending on the style of the trousers. For example, high-waisted chinos look good with the cropped tops so popular this season.

For trousers with a hip fit, you can choose a classic shirt-style blouse.

Shoes for chinos are best with heels.Classic pumps will be organic in the office style, and bright sandals – in everyday.

Tall girls can experiment further and wear chinos with flat shoes. So, the designers presented trousers in alliance with men’s patent leather boots. For hot days, sandals and ballerinas are suitable.

Looks and Bows

It is impossible to list the possible options for creating stylish looks with chinos, because they are really very compatible and versatile.Let’s talk only about some of them.

Summer office style without a strict dress code allows bright colors. High-waisted coral pants in a tandem with a white shirt and rolled-up sleeves will create a beautiful look. Beige pumps with trousers can visually make your legs longer and slimmer.

Mint drop-waist trousers and a loose beige blouse are perfect for a casual look.They can be supplemented with shoes on a platform or on a flat run.

A delicate and romantic look can be achieved with milky trousers paired with a floral-embellished top and a pink knit cardigan. Gold-toned heeled sandals complement this soft look.

Any girl can wear chinos and feel comfortable.The main thing is to find the right style and not be afraid of the most daring experiments.

Women’s chinos – what is it and what to wear with

Some models remain in our wardrobe for a long time, some quickly leave. However, in recent seasons, more and more designers give us complete freedom of choice. And this can be seen on the catwalk as slender female models showcase a variety of models for us.

Modern fashion makes it possible to create your own individual image, offering a huge selection, and among the various options on the catwalk there is often a casual image.

Chino trousers are those trousers that look a little casual, but with them you can create the image of a stylish and elegantly dressed girl.

Chino trousers belong to the warm season models.

The main elements of this model are:

– loose fit, although the legs are often narrowed, but the leg does not fit;
– folds or tucks in the belt;
– Trousers are often worn tucked up;
– “arrows” are not indicated for them;
– the classic colors of trousers are mainly beige, khaki, olive, white.The fabric is often linen or cotton.

Chino trousers came to the women’s wardrobe from the men’s, and from the uniforms of American soldiers. In 1898, uniforms were sewn for US Army soldiers from cotton, which was produced in China, and therefore the trousers themselves began to be called chinos. Chinos means “Chinese” in Spanish.

Today, chinos are most often seen in casual, ivy, preppy styles.

Varieties of chinos

The length of the trousers can be at the level of the ankle and slightly higher, usually worn higher, as they are tucked, and slightly carelessly several times.Despite the fact that this model originally had a loose fit, modern chinos are often made to fit.

Since modern fashion allows us to diversify models, chinos can be picked up with either high or low waist, they can be loose enough only in the hips, or they can create freedom along the entire width of the legs.

In addition to chinos in classic colors, today you can see chinos in black, blue, pink, yellow, green.

The cut of the trousers and the classic colors allow you to combine trousers with a variety of clothes.Chino pants get along very well with flat shoes. They can be oxford shoes, moccasins, loafers, sneakers, slip-ons, sneakers, and today grandmothers are perfect too. Sandals can be a good combination with chinos.

Loafers and oxfords in combination with chinos are very relevant in an office environment in an informal situation. Chinos are shoe-friendly and heels friendly, like pumps or ankle boots. This option will allow you to create an image in the case of a formal setting. Chinos will look good in combination with high-heeled sandals.

With bright shoes and tops, chinos are clothes for young girls. Ladies of mature age also love chino trousers, since this model, like jeans, will make it five years younger.

In summer, chinos can be combined with blouses, T-shirts and loose-fitting shirts. In this case, the shirt can be left over the trousers, or it can be tucked into the trousers. In the second case, since modern fashion allows for casualness, you can only tuck in the front.

Chinos can be worn in cool weather, they can be combined with jackets, cardigans, sweaters and leather jackets.You can choose a leather jacket, a bomber jacket or a trench coat for them. An oversized sweater may also be an interesting option, which, with its bulk, will be very nice to combine with narrowed chinos and create a feminine image of a gentle and charming girl.

Chinos allow you to give free rein to your imagination in the choice of accessories. For them, bracelets and chokers may be the best jewelry choices.

For an evening event where an informal look is possible, chinos are comfortable clothes.Pair them with chiffon blouses, bright tops that can be complemented by sparkling sequins and rhinestones, and heeled sandals for shoes.

If your outfit does not have sparkling decorative elements, you can wear eye-catching jewelry – earrings, necklaces, bracelets. A clutch bag and a light summer scent can be the final accent of your look.

Putting on chinos, you will always feel comfortable, because they were created specifically for convenience. Therefore, for a walk in nature, chinos are the most comfortable clothing.You just have to complement them with a casual-style shirt, you can use a T-shirt or a loose sweater. The choice of shoes remains. Of course, shoes should be flat – sandals, sneakers, slip-ons. Don’t forget your backpack or tote bag.

If you are a girl with curvy hips, opt for chinos without folds in the waistband, which visually make the hips heavier.

With a small stature, you can choose a model with a high waist, this will lengthen your legs. The bottom edge of the chinos should be tucked up based on your height, so as not to visually shorten your legs and not reduce your height.The width of the doorway also matters – the lower your height, the same width of the doorway.

There are fewer restrictions for tall girls. Chinos can be more narrowed and turn-ups can be made of any width.

As you can see, chinos are versatile trousers that create comfort and convenience, so they should be a must in your wardrobe.

With What To Wear Chinos, Options For Fat Girls

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Today a woman can choose from dozens of current trousers.There are strict business, and loose summer, and jeans, and capri pants, and skirt-trousers, and many other models. Not the last place in this fashionable hierarchy is occupied by comfortable and stylish chinos. In the article, we will consider the features of this piece of women’s wardrobe – what to wear with chinos and how to choose them.

History of origin and features

Chinos entered the women’s wardrobe in the post-war years, that is, in the 40-50s of the last century. Originally appeared as military clothing for female pilots.Without thinking twice, the cut of the men’s flight trousers was simply copied. Women were so fond of this comfortable and elegant wardrobe item that they did not part with it after the war.

Another name for these trousers is Chinese. In most cases, they are sewn from natural fabric or with a small addition of artificial threads for elasticity. They have a shortened cut, smoothly tapering from the hips to the ankles. Perfect as options for casual trousers, but can also be made for going out – in silk or satin.Looks perfect with high heels, not too wide models are also suitable for overweight ladies.

What are the main features of chinos that distinguish them from all other options for women’s trousers:

  • The classic color of chinos is khaki or olive. However, now designers are experimenting with might and main, and options for all the colors of the rainbow have already been created. However, traditional hacks are still out of competition.
  • In the classic version, women’s chinos have a slightly high waist and ankle length.However, now designers do not follow so strictly classical canons, and depending on the fantasy of the master, these canons can vary significantly. So, it is quite possible to wear chinos without a high waist, but with a low or normal one. Like jeans, chinos can also vary in this regard.
  • Chinos are often fitted with patch pockets and graceful pleats that run from the waist.
  • The clasp can be made in the form of a zipper, buttons or buttons.
  • Chinos are popular.
  • The trousers themselves can be either smooth or with cuffs, or with decorative “tucks”, which are often supplied with models for overweight ladies.
  • Women’s chinos can range from a semi-tight fit to a fairly wide one. For overweight, it is undesirable to choose a wide model.

Who goes to

Let’s consider an important question – what features of a woman’s figure and appearance will go especially well with chinos:

Fabrics and colors

What materials are most often used for sewing chinos:

  • Natural fabrics – the main material for making trousers.Basically, it is linen and cotton.
  • In some cases, about 5% man-made fiber is added to the fabric to give the fabric more elasticity. Even pregnant women can wear a model made of such material, as it has the ability to stretch. Most often, viscose is such an artificial additive.
  • If chinos are designed to be worn in cooler weather, they can also be made of fine wool. However, this option is quite rare.


  • The classic color of chinos is khaki. And still this option is the most common.
  • Sand, beige, olive and white are the second most popular.
  • Modern design involves a lot of daring experiments. So now ladies are encouraged to try on chinos in unexpected colors like red, blue and yellow.
  • Multicolor and variegated colors are practically not found.The only print that can be used in the manufacture of chinos is a cage. Such women’s trousers are supposed to be worn to work.
  • If a woman has an exquisite taste and skillfully combines things, then she can also purchase such an interesting version of the color of chinos, such as orange, mint or burgundy.

How and with what to wear

What garments will chinos be most harmoniously combined with:

  • Looks perfect with shoes with heels, including high heels.It can be stiletto heels or a thick platform. For overweight ladies, wearing these trousers is appropriate only in combination with a heel.
  • Combined with loafers, chinos are ideal for everyday work.
  • For summer, sandals and chinos made of fine natural fabric are a great option for city walks. In this capacity, they completely replace jeans.
  • Young girls can wear chinos along with sneakers. This option looks modern and in the spirit of the current urban street fashion.
  • Chino trousers in a garberob are combined with the same things as jeans: a variety of shirts, T-shirts, sports shoes, heels. And smart and luxurious things are usually not worn with them – everything is simple, everyday and made of natural fabric.
  • Usually the bottom hem of the trousers is tucked up. These cuffs give the trousers a slightly sporty chic, adding an informal touch. That is why they are not often used at formal events, as well as in offices with a strict dress code. For too solemn events and at work, where there is a strict dress code, women’s chinos are not worn, since in fact they are closer to jeans and informal clothes than to strict, business ones.But if you want to wear chinos to work, then combine them with a formal blouse and a graceful jacket. In this case, it is better to wear classic pumps or strict loafers on your feet.
  • As a top option, chinos will look great with a bright top, stylish T-shirt, beautiful jacket. Wearing such an outfit with shoes or heeled sandals, you deservedly can become the star of the party.
  • If a plump woman is tall, then chinos will serve her well, if not too tight.They will stretch the silhouette, making it slimmer. But only in combination with shoes with heels.
  • If your shape is an inverted triangle, meaning that your shoulders are wider than your hips, then chinos are perfect for you. They will add volume to the hips and make the figure more feminine.
  • It is undesirable for women with a pear figure to wear such trousers, as they will make the silhouette even more voluminous in the very place where pears already have extra volume. But in some cases, if the model is not too wide and is combined with high heels, wearing it may be quite acceptable.
  • If a woman has the parameters of an “hourglass”, then the designers recommend choosing chinos models without pockets and medium height – without high / low waist.
  • Ladies with an “apple” figure can safely wear chinos of any style, but only with a high waist.

If you have any questions – leave them in the comments under the article. We or our visitors will be happy to answer them

Women’s chinos – photo

Trousers have become firmly established in women’s wardrobe.Now not a single representative of and the fair sex can imagine life without this convenient and practical thing. In this regard, designers are constantly coming up with new interesting models. There are countless varieties of trousers. These are both classic costume models and tight evening dresses. Today we’ll talk about the current model, chinos.

What are chinos

Chinos, or as they are also called by the Chinese, are cropped trousers of a free cut, tapering to the bottom.They are sewn from soft natural or mixed fabric. The top of the model is adorned with cut side pockets and pleats at the waist.

Women’s chinos: photo

These versatile, practical trousers are ideal for everyday wear. Girls choose chinos as the middle ground between jeans and dress pants.

I must say, Chinese women provide not only a certain shape of trousers, but also their color. Typically, chinos come in olive, beige, brown, or green.This is probably dictated by the history of the emergence of chinos, which we will talk about below.


Chinos appeared at the beginning of the last century, during America’s war with Spain. The fabric for the uniform for the American military was purchased in China. Hence the corresponding name came – chino (Chinese). After a while, the soldiers began to call that not only the fabric, but also the trousers themselves. In the 50s, Europe took over the model. Such trousers were to the taste not only of the military, but also of civilian men.After some time, just like the classic garments of the stronger sex, chinos have migrated to the women’s wardrobe, taking a special niche in it.

Who to wear

Chinese trousers are suitable for girls with any type of figure. Clever folds at the waist will mask the excess volume of the hips, while thin ones, on the contrary, will give roundness. The length of this model of trousers is not important. Cropped chinos are suitable for long-legged beauties, but for short girls it is better to choose a standard length.

As we have already said, Chinese trousers have a loose fit. This advantage will hide some of the disadvantages of the shape of the legs, if any. In addition, due to the shortened waist and folds, you can visually reduce the volume of the abdomen.

How to wear chinos

Chinos are the epitome of casualness and it would be a mistake to wear them to a formal reception. Chinese women are more likely casual clothes, more suitable for the warm season. Chinos can be worn with a shirt, jacket or cardigan.

This office model is a bold but feasible solution. In this case, you can wear chinos with a blouse, and roll its sleeves up to the elbow or higher. A mid-thigh-length jacket is also a good addition to this trouser model.

The choice of footwear can be free. Depending on where you are going, it ranges from sneakers to high-heeled sandals.

If we talk about the wardrobe of colder seasons, here chinos can also act as one of the elements of the image.It is important that warm outerwear does not contradict the model of trousers and does not hide their main advantage – folds in the waist area. A cropped leather jacket is ideal.

The presence of accessories here is not just allowed, but highly recommended. Chino trousers have a relaxed and relaxed look, therefore, a combination with long earrings or a large bracelet will look quite harmonious. A chain with large links or a scarf looks good as a belt.

About the color scheme of the elements that complement chinos, it must be said that they can be light and monochromatic, but the main thing is that they create a contrast with the main character of the image – chinos.

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Women’s Trendy Chino Pants

Are you fixated on jeans and think that there is no alternative to them? Believe me, you are deeply mistaken! There are many other types of pants that have many advantages in use and are often more appropriate in a given situation.For example, chinos – loose pants, light and soft, one of the elements of the basic wardrobe, which can easily replace everyday jeans and thereby embody the sophisticated and relaxed image of a modern woman.

Chino trousers for women: what is it?

Surprisingly, most of us have not even heard of this type of trousers, although they already exist and are actively worn around the world for over 150 years! And they were originally male …

For the first time pants, called chinos, appeared in 1848 with the light hand of a British military officer serving in distant India.In a tropical climate, the snow-white uniform of his charges quickly became dirty, so the officer decided to paint it with a mixture of dust, ground coffee and mulberry juice in order to somehow hide the dirt on the clothes. The result was an unusual brownish-yellow hue, which the local population began to call “khaki”. This color, along with beige, has become the characteristic feature that today distinguishes chinos from other types of pants.

As for the style, it has not changed much in a century and a half, and women’s chinos, like men’s, are characterized by:

  • loose silhouette;
  • in a stricter cut than jeans;
  • short length;
  • Slight tapering at the ankle.

Therefore, they do not hang out and do not look baggy, but sit strictly on the figure.

Previously, chinos were sewn exclusively from natural fabrics, linen and cotton, from China (hence the name “chinos”), and today, for greater elasticity, strength and wear resistance, synthetic fibers are added to the raw materials. Therefore, modern chinos are suitable for everyday wear. And the release of models with a wide range of colors allows you to create the most incredible images for various events, parties or walks, and not just for work and business meetings.

But in this case, it is important not just to repeat someone’s choice or to wear the model you like, but to select the color of chinos for the general concept of the entire set of clothes and take into account the individual color type of your appearance. According to the rules of color combination, the presence of cold and warm colors and shades in one outfit is not allowed. This applies to everything: clothes, shoes, and accessories. That is, before putting on chinos, you need to determine the type of ensemble and then compose the image. If in doubt about your own choice, see how famous designers do it:

Why are women’s chinos so special?

Like jeans, chinos for women are timeless, very practical and comfortable to wear, because they are lighter, more spacious, fit freely and do not hinder movement.In addition:

  • soft folds of the trousers allow you to hide figure flaws and look slimmer;
  • due to the high waist, visually lengthen the legs;
  • muted colors make chinos ideal for work and business meetings;
  • the possibility of tucking the trousers and their narrowed cut allows tall young ladies to visually reduce their height a little;
  • versatile fit allows you to combine women’s chinos with almost all styles;
  • The presence of two side, slightly beveled pockets, one or two back pockets, and buttons or zippers makes chinos trousers very comfortable to use and functional.

In short, these trousers are the most comfortable, an example of sophistication and allow you to use your imagination in its most daring manifestations.

Who are chinos suitable for?

Considering their versatile cut, chinos can be used by absolutely all women, of any build and height. The main thing is to use them correctly in the image and know some secrets:

– Short skinny looks great in chinos. Their style allows you to add volume in the right places and focus on a thin waist.If you do not tuck the bottom of the trousers and put on high-heeled shoes, then this will “visually” give the girl growth;

– appetizing ladies shouldn’t refuse chinos either. The only advice is to choose pants without a strong volume in the hips and without a strong fit on the legs. In this style and with high heels, a massive figure will look as advantageous as possible;

– for girls with a non-standard figure, for example, thin tall ladies with a narrow waist and lush hips, it is important to remember that a loose silhouette and folds at the waist can visually shorten the legs or give additional width in such a wide place.But the loose lines on the hips are great for girls with wide shoulders and narrow hips. With chinos, this silhouette will balance and become more delicate.

That is, women’s chinos are suitable for almost everyone and can be worn with pleasure, creating complete and harmonious sets for every day.

Price of women’s chinos

Add variety to your life! To do this, you just need to buy women’s chinos, the price of which is their greatest advantage.After all, for the money, how much chinos cost in Ukraine, you cannot buy decent jeans, even in online stores. And on the site, sales are also held regularly, and discounts are constantly in effect, and the variety of models of trousers is presented by the most that neither is huge. So now it is profitable and convenient to buy chinos for women!

Ladies’ chino trousers made of 100% cotton with collars

In the wardrobe of a modern woman, there is sure to be a place for this model.Women’s chino trousers with a mid-rise will appeal to female fans of laconic models. Excellent consumer characteristics

Detailed description in the text of the goods
– Model’s height: 178 cm
– The model shows size 8
More details:
– Style: chino trousers
– Fit: Slim
– Closure: Button and Zipper
– Medium landing
– Inseam length: 74 cm
– Length from waist to hem is in size 12.Length varies depending on product size
– Resistant cotton
– 100% cotton
Care instructions
– Machine wash 30º
– Machine dryer

Which delivery method do you prefer?

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Arranging delivery methods in ascending order of cost, we get a list:

  • Russian Post
  • Delivery to the point of issue of orders
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Payment methods

You can pay for the order in a convenient way for you: on the website or upon receipt.

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