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10 Best Wholesale Team Jersey Sites in China (Soccer/ Baseball/ Basketball/ Hockey)

Wholesale team jersey is promising. In this article, I will list some wholesale websites where you can get authentic sports team jerseys at affordable prices, besides , you can also find some useful tips and FAQ of team jersey wholesale.

Let’s learn more…

There has been an increasing demand for sports jerseys as sports of different kinds become popular in the world today. Typically, you will find the stadium and sports arenas full of people, as they watch games. You will notice that most of these people wear their favorite team jerseys. You would have also noticed the new trends of people wearing sports jerseys as normal clothes. Wholesalers and retailers have continued to patronize wholesale team jerseys sites for their business.

First, I will share some wholesale team jersey sites with you.

Top Website for Wholesale Team Jerseys

Here is a list of Chinese jerseys wholesale websites.



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This online Site is suitable for your authentic football jerseys wholesale, wholesale basketball jerseys and wholesale hockey jerseys. Enjoy the best possible prices you can find anywhere online with huge discounts. You can use MoneyGramand Western Union where 6ih will enjoy 12% discounts, as well as make use of other payment systems with Visa cards, MasterCard and so on. They offer free shipping and international shipping of goods.

This is one of the biggest marketplaces in China for your China wholesale jerseys. They offer a unique platform where you can search for various sports jerseys on the platform. They offer international shipping and offer discounts and codes to help you reduce prices when you buy wholesale jerseys on this platform. You can use PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card and other payment systems to purchase on this platform.

This is the best platform for your authentic wholesale hockey jerseys. The platform specializes in NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL jerseys directly from the factory. You will enjoy more benefits when you buy more on this platform like huge discounts and free shipping anywhere in the world when you order more than 10pcs. You have 60 days 5o make returns and get full refunds, but the items must be unused and be in good conditions. You can pay with Visa card, Master cards, Maestro and other payment systems.

Chinabrands is a leading global drop shipping wholesaler from China. It offers full catalogs, includingjerseys,cheap branded clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty, 3C products, household necessaries and so on that totally more than 500000+ SKU. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.

It a very considerate supplier for covering low-end to high-end products lines at wholesale price. Purchase from this wholesale clothing distributor, you can buy tops in $0.29, and the quality is quite good. If you look for high-end fashion brand, it may just cost about $40.

Besides, every purchase in the site, you receiver CB points as rewords, and you can use as cash next buy. If you register as a member, you can get much more discounts as well as get more CB points. Extremely low price and CB rewords points can maximize cut you cost and make exciting more profits.

What more, Chinabrands provides extra valuable services.

1) This drop shipper offers SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can download and upload to your online stores like Amazon, eBay or any other online shopping platform. That will save much time for you to write products descriptions and help your stores rank better.

2) It has professional teams to choose trendy products that will sell well. Most store owners get crazy and have no idea which products should sell. Chianbrands team do the market search and add those data-proved hot sell in site everyday. And you can upload any products you like to your cheap clothing website.

3) Also, Unlike Alibaba is just a third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, that may have poor quality problems. Chinabrands has highly trained QC teams ensure the quality of every single product manufactured by major brand suppliers.

This platform provides you with authentic wholesale jerseys for your business and gets discounts shopping on this platform. They have responsive customer services where you can make inquiries about products before shopping online. You get 10% discounts using western union or money gram, and other payment methods include Visa cards, MasterCard, Maestro, and others. You have three days to ale a return when the products get to you, which is a shorter time than most platform offers.

This online Site is suitable for your authentic football jerseys wholesale, wholesale basketball jerseys and wholesale hockey jerseys. Enjoy the best possible prices you can find anywhere online with huge discounts. You can use MoneyGramand Western Union where 6ih will enjoy 12% discounts, as well as make use of other payment systems with Visa cards, MasterCard and so on. They offer free shipping and international shipping of goods.

You can get wholesale authentic jerseys at affordable prices as you enjoy huge discounts on jerseys when you shop on this platform. They ship internationally, and you get free shipping when you order more than ten pcs. They have numerous payment methods, but you get 10% discounts when you use western union and money gram. They have a flexible return policy, and you get 365 days to return your orders in good quality.

One of the best online sites for wholesale custom jerseys where you can get cheap jerseys for your business. You get to use their fast payment system and get quality customer help when you register as a member on this platform. They ensure fast delivery with the use of UPS, EMS, and DHL and you can get your items delivered to you within 2 to 5 days. You can try the platform by buying samples of minimum products.

For your football-loving customers, you can order quality wholesale soccer jerseys of the various football teams. You get free shipping and up to 30% discounts which are an added advantage for your business. They have a fast delivery service using top services such as EMS, DHL, and other delivery service company. You can find authentic wholesale football jerseys for kids to cater for those young football fans. You get good customer services that are willing to help you using this platform.

Alibaba is one of the biggest online platforms for your chain wholesale jerseys. You can find a wide range of jerseys of different sports for men, women, and kids. You enjoy affordable prices and discounts for wholesale authentic jerseys. Get your products delivered to you within five days as they make use of fast courier services. They have a wide range of payment methods which make it easy for you to do business and you can return your orders within seven days of delivery.

This platform offers you affordable prices for wholesale jerseys for your business, and you can also enjoy other benefits. The benefits of shopping online from this platform include free shipping for orders more than 10 pcs, discounts on prices, a wide range of sports jerseys for men, women, and kids and you can get 10% off using western union to pay for your orders.

Get your quality soccer jerseys for your wholesale business from Minejerseys and enjoy up to 59% discounts.yiu will find quality jerseys from worldwide teams on this platform and give your customers the opportunity of buying thief g favorite football team jerseys. You enjoy 10% off when you pay with western union, and you can also use Visa cards, MasterCard and maestro for your secured payment on this platform. They have a flexible return policy where you have 365 days to return your orders for returns provided they are in good conditions.

For your quality wholesale basketball jerseys, you should take a look at this platform and purchase quality products for your wholesale business. There are quality sports jersey products on this platform, and when you register as a member, you can enjoy quality services and discounts on prices. You can make payment using Visa card, MasterCard, WesternUnion for your secured payments. With their flexible return policy, you have 365 days to return jerseys in good conditions.

There are quality sports jerseys on this platform, and it is one of the best places for your wholesale hockey jerseys. You enjoy free shipping of your ordered jerseys when they are more than ten pcs and you can get discounts from products on this site. You get fast delivery of products and can make returns 60 days after you have received the items. They have a wide range of secure payment gateway which includes western union, Visa card, and MasterCard.

This is one of the best platforms in China for your wholesale jerseys with over 20 years experience in the business. You find quality cheap jerseys on this platform with top quality directly from manufacture in China. They provide you with support for your business, helping you to grow. They have numerous payment methods which I Claude PayPal, American Express, Visa card, MasterCard and western union.

This is a unique platform where you can find suppliers in China for your wholesale China jerseys. This platform makes it easy to do business as they connect suppliers with buyers. They offer Professional services to your business isnot just helping you to find the best suppliers in China that help you grow. They have been responsible for linking numerous businesses to quality suppliers in China and helping them do business successfully.

Tips for finding Cheap Soccer Jerseys

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and their jerseys are fast selling. Here are a few tips that will help you find cheap jerseys online for your business.

1. You can search online for online sites that offer cheap authentic wholesale football jerseys.

2. Always look for online sites that offer discounts, voucher codes, membership ship benefits. With such benefits, it will become cheaper when you order your soccer jerseys.

3. You should compare prices between suppliers and ensure that the one you choose with lower price offers authentic products.

4. Join related forums and follow topics where wholesalers share their experience and what they know about the business.

5. Register and become a member of online platforms that supply football jerseys to enjoy the benefits they offer.

Where can you buy cheap NFL jerseys?

For your cheap NFL jerseys, you can buy them online at and, where you will be sure of getting quality products.

What is a good website to buy sports jerseys?

If you want a variety of sports jerseys, your best option is Chinabrands offer affordable products of high quality, and you can find a wide range of sporting products. One other advantage of shopping on this platform is that they have good customer service which will provide you with the right support. They help make it easy to handle your wholesale business as they take care of logistics of your business.

How do people review wholesale jerseys from China?

People from China use various channels to review their wholesale jerseys as we will share here. In most cases, the online platforms provide a room for you to share your experience with the products you bought from the platform. People usually place a review of products on these platforms after they had completed their orders. It is a good way to find the first-handexperience in using a platform.

They also share reviews of platforms and products on online forums where people of similar interest gather to discuss their experiences.


There are billions of sports fans in the world and manufacturers of jerseys takes advantage of this huge numbers to products millions of products yearly. Also, the quality of sports jerseys has improved, and they have become trendy as people wear them as fashion outfits. This has seen the rise in the demand for sports jerseys and the importance of list the best wholesale team jersey sites. This is value ale information for wholesale jerseys business as it will help you get the best authentic jerseys for your business and find the best company to deliver to you for the best deals. So you can start your wholesale jersey business with these online sites provided in this article.

You can view details ofwholesale nba jerseys

How to buy Cheap NFL Jerseys from China?

There is NFL official website in China that’s offering you various NFL jersey products, you could directly visit the website and buy some NFL jerseys from China. It’s extremely convenient because you can use almost all kinds of payments there and delivery is fast. I bought my first NFL jersey from it which was a fantastic shopping experience!

Here is the website:

Buy NFL jerseys through Taobao agent from China

A Taobao agent is a person or organization that buys from on behalf of another person or company in exchange for a commission. Normally, a Taobao agent will be in charge of finding, buying, checking, and shipping goods from the Taobao seller to the client.


I ordered through them several times, and each time their customer service was excellent! The items were well packed, shipping was fast, and whenever the shipping costs are lower than expected, the difference in price is issued as store credit. I’ll order through them again soon!

How to sign up Superbuy?

The sign-up process is extremely simple. I think I just took 1 minute to complete the whole account sign-up. All you need to do are just 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Enter your email address
  • Step 2: Set up your password
  • Step 3: Verify your email address

Feel free to sign up today and play with this platform a bit. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of interesting stuff from it!

Other ways to buy Cheap NFL jerseys from China

From what I learn from the internet, you can find NFL jersey products from Fansitems. People from the internet said the price of jerseys was good, some hockey jerseys might be a little bit more expensive, but it’s free for delivery.

Two weeks later normally, you’ll receive the products. The package sometimes may seem quite messy but, the jerseys are in good condition. So that’s Fansitems.

Another website I learned about is AliExpress. AliExpress is like the Chinese version of eBay or Amazon. You can find anything you want from it. I mean literally anything, even some clippers. Just like on eBay/Amazon, the situation between sellers is different. You should spend time looking for the good the seller, not the jersey, try to find sellers with positive feedback and good ranking.

On the search results page, it is in the form of gold, metal, gem, etc., AliExpress has a good system and algorithm to list out the most reliable sellers to the search result and you should be fine to find the best one.

When placing an order, the payment will remain in escrow until you confirm receipt of the goods. If you are not sure that you have not received Jersey within a specific time frame, or if AliExpress finds that the seller is fraudulent, you will automatically refund your money.

Generally speaking, platforms like AliExpress and DHgate are better for smaller orders, while Fansitems is more suitable for larger orders, you can buy the NFL jerseys from both kinds of platforms.

It is important to note that most of these NFL jerseys come from the same factory and warehouse in China, so the jerseys may be from different locations but the quality should be quite the same (to a certain extent). In sum, just buy goods from the website that makes you most comfortable.

What are the sizes of these cheap jerseys?

In most cases, they seem very similar and follow similar sizing schemes, something like 48-Large, 50-XL, 52-XXL. The good thing is they all look as good as the day I bought them.

However, when it comes to other sports (basketball, hockey, football, and football), I have no choice but a T-shirt. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall. I ordered the smallest size of all products, and the size is moderate, so I don’t really know much about the size.

How about the jersey’s quality bought from China?

I only bought a baseball jersey from NBA’s official website and it’s good. But people who bought from AliExpress seem got some problems, the jersey may be thinner. It’s no big deal for some people though, you should pay attention.

However, when it comes to the quality of other materials, they are very good for the price. Some colors may not be perfect (I’ve heard stories about the “electric blue” of the Carolina Panthers).

In addition, some NFL badges on the neckline may be bent (but if the tailor annoys you, you can remove it and redo it). Also note that if you order multiple jerseys AliExpress, there may be a lack of quality control between jerseys. There will also be some loose threads that need to be trimmed.

Overall, the quality of jerseys is definitely worth the money people said, but you can really get the price you pay because they can’t always be 100% perfect.

Is there any way I can contact the sellers?

There is a chat box in all those marketplaces and you can directly contact the sellers through it. When I bought the NFL jerseys from AliExpress, I remember there’s customer support called John and he was very helpful, at least better than most U.S. customer services in offline stores. On AliExpress, sellers usually will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

Are NFL jerseys made in China?

Yes, NFL Real jerseys are manufactured in China. If you have a chance to look at the label of an NFL jersey, no matter the real one or a fake one, the first way to find out if it’s made in China is that if the jersey is written: “Made in China”. Even the NFL real jerseys are written this “Made in China”.

Therefore, it clearly shows that the NFL’s real jerseys are manufactured in China.

Is it legal to buy NFL jerseys from China?

If you’re buying NFL jerseys from the NFL official website in China, it should be totally fine. However, if the jerseys are counterfeits or if they infringe on someone’s trademark or other intellectual property, then it’s definitely not illegal. In buying anything from China, you should also be sure to conduct at least minimal due diligence of the company from which you are making the purchase.

/r/NFL, Here’s My Experience Buying Chinese Knockoff Jerseys : nfl

I was pumped when Nike took over NFL’s jerseys, but I wasn’t willing to spend $250 each on their top-of-the-line elites, nor did I want to wait for their $150 option that they promised was “coming soon.” So, inspired by other redditors who’ve done the same, I purchased a crop of jerseys from a Chinese knockoff website. I wanted to provide some insight for redditors who are on the fence about the knockoffs, so I’ll post some of the relevant info, pics, etc… and then I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


I’m 5’11” and 195ish lbs, for reference in the images, and I live in Connecticut, for reference with shipping times. I ordered six jerseys in total, all size 40 (their “medium”) coming up to approximately $195 with shipping, insurance, etc. There was a flat rate for shipping, so to get more bang for my buck, I ordered more than one jersey. The order was placed on June 22, and payed for on June 23 via paypal. The order and payment process was really simple… you order what you want, pay for it by sending a PayPal amount to their billing email, and once the payment is confirmed, they ship. The order shipped on June 29th. I received the order today, and I think three things delayed it.

  1. I changed the size of the Luck jersey before it was sent. (This was as easy as sending a confirmation email. The only consideration here was that most of the conversations took place at night for me, between 10 PM and 2 AM or so.)

  2. The July 4th holiday.

  3. I got six of ’em.

Please feel free to ask any other questions about the ordering process.

The Hardware

I ordered the following jerseys:

  • Andrew Luck

  • Aaron Rodgers

  • Matthew Stafford

  • Ray Lewis

  • Justin Tuck (gift for a friend, not pictured)

  • Trent Cole (also a gift, not pictured)

The jerseys themselves are fairly well done. The letters and numbers are all stitched on. There was some fraying, but that was simply taken care of with some patience and a pair of scissors. They look to match the on-field Nike Elites fairly well, with a few obvious exceptions. The Flywire necklines are just simple stitching rather than the elastic substance that Nike uses. Two of the jerseys (Luck and Tuck) had the new Rubber NFL shields, the other four had stitched patches. The Packers and Eagles jerseys didn’t have the Flywire, but I think they were two teams that opted out of that design anyway, so it’s all good. The numbers on the Stafford, Lewis, and Cole jerseys were a bit rigid, but some time on low-heat tumble in the dryer softened them up without doing any damage. The other comment I’d make about the Flywire necked jerseys is that they had much wider collars than the non-flywired ones. I’m not sure if this is by defect or design, but it looks like the latter.

So, without any further ado, here’s the imgur album. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Bottom line / tl;dr: these aren’t the quality of a real, $250 Nike Elite jersey, but for the price, they look great and are passable (no pun intended) on game day.

EDIT: I worry about posting the site that I purchased these from, as doing so might violate the rules. However, if you PM me a request, I’ll be happy to share. If a mod sees this post and says posting the site is OK, I’ll edit this and post it here. I also should note that I’m in no way affiliated with the site that I purchased these from and that this isn’t an advertisement, rather some insight for those interested in making a similar purchase.

EDIT 2: Looking at history of posts like this, the websites have been posted, so here it is:

The site:

Yeah, it sounds hoaky, but the service was good. Check the “Nike 2012” tab on the left side of the page.

If a mod sees this and believes it’s in violation of the rules, please let me know. Again, I have no affiliation to the site.

Do Sports Still Need China?

“The N.B.A. has adhered to its values by supporting Daryl Morey’s and others’ rights to express their views despite the significant impact to our business,” Mike Bass, an N.B.A. spokesman, said on Wednesday.

Understand the Disappearance of Peng Shuai

Card 1 of 5

Where is Peng Shuai? The Chinese tennis star disappeared from public view for weeks after she accused a top Chinese leader of sexual assault. Recent videos that appear to show Ms. Peng have done little to resolve concerns for her safety.

Who is Peng Shuai? Ms. Peng, 35, is a three-time Olympian whose career began more than two decades ago. In 2014, she rose to become ranked No. 1 in doubles in the world, the first Chinese player, male or female, to attain the top rank in either singles or doubles tennis.

Why did she disappear? On Nov. 2, Ms. Peng posted a long note on the Chinese social platform Weibo that accused Zhang Gaoli, 75, a former vice premier, of sexual assault. Within minutes, censors scrubbed her account and a digital blackout on her accusations has been in place ever since.

How has the world responded? The censors might have succeeded had Steve Simon, the head of the Women’s Tennis Association, not spoken out on Nov. 14. Ms. Peng’s accusations have drawn the attention of fellow athletes, the White House and the United Nations.

Ultimately, the affair showed how even the most conscientious organizations could find their plans undermined by Chinese politics, how any business could unwillingly become a vessel for an international spat.

“If you’re angering both sides, it means there is no middle ground, which I think was significant,” said Dreyer, the Beijing-based sports analyst.

Like other observers, Dreyer suggested the WTA’s stance was potentially game-changing. But he noted, too, that it was possibly easier for the WTA to defy China than it had been for, say, the N.B.A., for two reasons.

First, because the pandemic had already forced the WTA to cancel its events in China for the near future, the tour was not necessarily forfeiting big sums of money in the immediate term. (Severing ties with China permanently would of course require the WTA Tour to replace tens of millions of dollars in revenue and prize money.) Second, because China has essentially erased any mention of Peng and the ensuing international outcry from its news and social media, the WTA’s brand may not take much of a hit there. Many in China simply do not know about Peng, or the WTA’s response.

“With the N.B.A., they were burning jerseys,” Dreyer said. “You don’t have that reaction against tennis.”

To be sure, big sports leagues that have deep, longstanding interests in China, barring some extreme turn of events, will not exit the market any time soon. And some organizations are still going all-in.

Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Page

New Logos and Uniforms for 2021 & 2022

  • National Hockey League

  • Akron Zips

  • Edmonton Elks

Random Logos and Uniforms

  • Cleveland Browns

  • Athletic Bilbao

  • SC Cambuur

  • Corinthians USA

  • Alabama Crimson Tide

  • Guelph Platers

Cheap NFL Jerseys China Online Wholesale NFL Jerseys

The Chiefs cut off the defensive end forward Tucker Charlton and other players. The change of Chris Jones’ jersey position and the growth of young players make the position of defensive end forward taco Charlton no longer stable. On Monday us time, the Wholesale Kansas City Chiefs jerseys cut off […]

Kuri, a basketball superstar, praised him for his taste Paris Saint Germain club announced that Messi will join the team for a two-year contract, including the option of renewing his contract for the third year. Messi will wear No. 30 jersey. Messi, 34, previously played for La Liga Barcelona club. […]

On Saturday, us time, according to ESPN reporters, Cleveland Browns jerseys wholesale renewed his contract with Nick Chubb, the running guard, for three years. The total salary of the new contract is US $36.6 million, including US $20 million security. In the past two seasons, Chubb has been a key […]

Indianapolis Colts lineman Leonard is expected to renew his contract with the team with an annual salary of $19 million On Wednesday, us time, according to ESPN reporters, Indianapolis Colts jerseys linebacker Darius Leonard is close to renewing his contract with the team. The contract is expected to last four […]

Washington football running guard Gibson hopes to boost New Jerseys sales in 2021 season. Washington running guard Antonio Gibson is very satisfied with the team’s off-season reinforcement and said in an interview that the team has “a lot of weapons”. However, this does not mean that he will lower the […]

Outfielder Demaryius Thomas retired as a Broncos player On Monday, U.S. time, the outsider demarius Thomas, who had been selected for the professional bowl five times, announced his retirement, ending his career in a less spectacular way. Thomas posted a short video on Broncos’s official twitter, in which he only […]

In his first interview after being cut off by the Washington football team jerseys, former first round quarterback Dwayne Haskins revealed his current top goal. “I want to prove to the Steelers coach team and the team-mates how much I love football jerseys,” Haskins said. I’m grateful to have the […]

49ers cancel the rest of the off-season training program and mini training camp Two days after two members of the 49ers jerseys online decided to cancel the off-season training program. Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers coach, announced on Wednesday that the rest of this year’s off-season training program will be cancelled […]

China says US diplomatic boycott violates Olympic spirit : The Tribune India

Beijing, December 7

China on Tuesday accused the United States of violating the Olympic spirit by announcing an American diplomatic boycott of February’s Beijing Winter Games, amid an increasingly bitter feud over the Biden administration’s decision not to send officials over human rights concerns.

  The US is attempting to interfere with the Beijing Winter Olympics “out of ideological prejudice and based on lies and rumours,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told reporters at a daily briefing.

The boycott “seriously violates the principle of political neutrality of sports established by the Olympic Charter and runs counter to the Olympic motto more united,’” Zhao said.

As he did the previous day, Zhao vowed that China would respond with “resolute countermeasures” but offered no details.

“The US will pay a price for its practices. You may stay tuned for follow-ups,” Zhao said.

His comments came amid a barrage of Chinese criticism of the announcement by the Biden administration on Monday.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Monday that the administration will fully support US athletes competing at the games but won’t dispatch US diplomats or officials to attend.

Psaki said the US has a “fundamental commitment to promoting human rights” and that the US “will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games”.

The diplomatic boycott comes as the US attempts to stabilise turbulent relations with Beijing, even as it maintains a tough approach toward trade and conflicts over China’s actions on Taiwan, Hong Kong, the South China Sea and the treatment of ethnic minorities, particularly Muslim Uyghurs.

Beijing has counterattacked against US criticisms and punitive sanctions, denouncing them as interference in its internal affairs and slapping visa bans on American politicians it regards as anti-China.

Zhao called on the US to “stop politicising sports” and what he said were actions undermining the Beijing Winter Olympics, “otherwise it will undermine the dialogue and cooperation between the two countries in a series of important areas and international issues”.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington tweeted that politicians calling for a boycott are “doing so for their own political interests and posturing”.

“In fact, no one would care about whether these people come or not, and it has no impact whatsoever on the #Beijing2022 to be successfully held,” the embassy said.

China’s mission to the United Nations called the boycott a “self-directed political farce”. “The US just wants to politicise sports, create divisions and provoke confrontation,” it said.

Even the ruling Communist Party’s notoriously opaque Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a response in the form of a lengthy screed on its website entitled “The Spirit of the Olympic Charter Cannot be Tarnished”.

“Some Western anti-China politicians” have shown a “defensive Cold War mentality aimed at politicising sport,” the article said, calling that a “clear violation of the Olympic spirit and a challenge to all people who love the Olympic movement”.

It wasn’t clear what officials Washington might have sent, and Zhao on Monday said no invitation had been extended by China.

Other major countries have yet to say if they will follow the US lead. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Tuesday said Japan would make its own decision “from the perspective of national interests, taking into consideration the significance of the Olympic Games and the significance of Japan’s diplomacy. This is the basic attitude of our country”.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said it remained unclear what the diplomatic boycott means and that a decision on officials attending would be made “at an appropriate time”.

“In any case, Japan hopes that the Beijing Winter Games will be held as a celebration of peace in line with the principles of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” Matsuno said.

The dispatching of high-level delegations to each Olympics has long been a tradition among the US and other leading nations. Then-President George W Bush attended the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games. First lady Jill Biden led the American contingent to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year and second gentleman Doug Emhoff led a delegation to the Paralympic Games. (AP)

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Knitted underwear for women, including for sports purposes: T-shirts, T-shirts of the “top” type, sweatshirts (including “T-shirts”) 6109
Knitted underwear for women: T-shirts, including “top” type, sweatshirts (including “T-shirts”), including sportswear 6109
Sports underwear made of synthetic (polyester) yarns for women: T-shirts of the “top” type 6208920000

Li-Ning – the company that changed the meaning of “Made in China”

articleBody: Li-Ning is a Chinese sports shoes, apparel, equipment and accessories company.It was founded in 1990 by gymnastics champion Li Ning with the goal of creating a national uniform in which athletes could represent China and its culture at the Olympic Games. Thirty years later, this commitment has resulted in a world renowned brand that is at the forefront of design and technology in the twenty-first century. Today, Li-Ning is the first and so far the only Chinese sportswear brand to participate in Fashion Week. In addition, the company has managed to establish itself as a worthy competitor to such industry giants as adidas and Nike.Read the history of the development of Li-Ning from the day of its foundation to the present day below: Li Ning – the creator of the Li-Ning brand History of the Li-Ning brand Li-Ning clothing Li-Ning sneakers Li Ning – the creator of the brand of the same name Li Ning – founder and CEO of the Li-Ning brand [/ caption] Li Ning, the founder and CEO of his eponymous business, was born in 1963 in southern China. He first met gymnastics at the age of eight, and in 1980 he joined the national team.A few years later, perseverance led him to a successful performance at the 1984 Olympic Games – the first in which the PRC participated. In these competitions, Lee won six medals, three of which were gold, after which he received the title of Prince of Gymnastics in his homeland. However, after an ankle injury that caused a poor performance at the 1988 Games, Lee retired from the competition and began a new chapter in his biography, founding his own brand. Brand History When Li Ning launched his sportswear company in 1990, he was a 26-year-old athlete at a crossroads.At the time, this meant both the end of his career as a gymnast and the beginning of a new stage, which would later become as fruitful as his exploits in the field of sports. Today it is common for athletes to launch their own clothing line or collaborate with sportswear companies, but three decades ago it was a completely new concept, especially in China. I didn’t have any specific plan, everything went on as usual, ”Lee told the South China Morning Post (SCMP) of his early days as an entrepreneur.- After the 1988 Olympics, I realized that my career was ending on an unpleasant note, so I started thinking about the next step. At that time, the CEO of a well-known soft drink company [Jianlibao] asked me if I wanted to join them as an ambassador, and that’s how I entered the business world. Li Ning at the 2008 Beijing Olympics [/ caption] Through trial and error, and based on sports experience, Li began to produce clothes and shoes using the latest developments and quality materials.And already two years after its founding, Li-Ning has developed a uniform for the Olympic team. In 2005, Li-Ning formed a joint venture with sportswear company Aigle, which granted him the exclusive right to be the sole distributor of the French brand’s products in China for 50 years. In order to increase its credibility, the company actively concludes sponsorship deals with athletes and teams both domestically and abroad. In 2006, the brand entered into strategic cooperation with the National Basketball Association, the Professional Tennis Association and the China Football Association.In the same year, a five-year contract with NBA player Shaquille O’Neal was drawn up, which helped to promote the brand’s basketball shoes and other related equipment. Li-Ning Spring / Summer 2019 Menswear [/ caption] In 2008, China hosted a large sporting event that signaled the country’s desire to become an international player – Beijing hosted the Olympic Games. In addition to providing athletic uniforms for the PRC gymnastics, archery, table tennis and diving teams, Li-Ning lighted the Olympic torch during the opening ceremony.Hanging on cables and hovering over the stadium, Lee was dressed in his brand suit. This event increased Li-Ning’s influence in the global arena. The Chinese company sponsored Argentina’s basketball team, as well as the Indian and Swedish Olympic committees. Li-Ning has a logo resembling the hieroglyph for the word man on all its products. Since the brand produces products for people around the world, the symbol is fully consistent with the spirit of the company. In 2010, Li Ning changed the emblem slightly due to frequent comparisons with Nike swoosh.The updated version is now not a single element, but two parts, stylized under the initials l and n of the founder of the company. Another significant event in the history of the brand was the transition in 2012 of Dwayne Wade from Jordan Brand to Li-Ning. The partners signed a ten-year cooperation agreement, according to which the basketball player was offered both the launch of the branded sneaker series and a controlling stake. In July 2018, the terms of the agreement were changed – since then, the cooperation between the Chinese brand and the NBA star has been lifelong. [/ embed] Another basketball player, CJ McCollum, representing the Portland Trail Blazers, also joined Li-Ning in 2017, after His four-year deal with Nike has expired. Li-Ning has consistently supported Chinese teams winning gold medals in diving, shooting, table tennis and badminton. The brand also helps top international teams such as the American diving team, Canadian skaters and Australian badminton players.Due to his great passion for badminton, Ning became a sponsor of the Chinese national team. The brand is engaged in the production and sale of equipment and equipment for badminton. The assortment includes shorts, T-shirts, skirts, sneakers, accessories and rackets. Li-Ning Clothing Along with sponsoring a huge number of sports teams and individual players, Li-Ning began to think about high fashion. In 2018, the company created a premium line that debuted during New York Fashion Week, which included items such as sweatshirts and T-shirts in traditional red, white and yellow colors, embellished with Chinese characters.These products have become a hit with young consumers. Ning argues that while foreign brands are still very popular, the younger generation is very different from people born in the 50s or 60s – they value Chinese culture and Chinese brands more. It’s not just about pride in our culture, we want young people to be more interested in the Chinese language … they don’t know much about hieroglyphs and calligraphy, so we use them and combine them with fashionable sportswear, ”Li explained to SCMP. Li-Ning Fall / Winter 2018 collection [/ caption] The line also gained a certain popularity among international retailers, including in London, but China remains the center of attention for the gymnast. We plan to expand, mainly in Asia, with many of our products already being sold internationally. But at the moment, the main priority is high-quality production and sale of clothing in your country, – he said. Li realizes that the popularity of his company is a testament to a surge in Chinese pride and recognition for Chinese brands not only in his home country but around the world.Earlier this year, Li-Ning took part in the Paris Fashion Week. The event marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company. The Fall / Winter 2020 collection included a series of wardrobe items created in collaboration with Jackie Chan. While the show was dominated by exaggerated silhouettes in street style and contrasting colors, the actor’s capsule, inspired by the kung fu direction, encompassed clothing and shoes in a black and beige palette. Jackie has been involved in the design process with great passion, contributing his many years of experience and knowledge in the field of martial arts, ” Li Ning told WWD magazine. [/ embed] In all of her collections, Ning explores the relationship between man and nature, past and future, flexibility and strength. A distinctive feature of his clothing is the contrast of Western athletic silhouettes combined with traditional details. Each piece is imbued with Chinese culture and heritage, but at the same time adapted to the international consumer. Li-Ning Sneakers Just like clothing, Li-Ning sneakers are strongly influenced by Chinese heritage.The company’s sneakers are aesthetically distant from what consumers in the United States are used to. They are often made in an unusual, futuristic style with a lot of detail, hypertrophied outsoles and bright colors. One of the foundations of the brand’s footwear range is the Way of Wade, a sneaker line with Dwayne Wade, which uses the latest technology. Since 2019, Li-Ning has also started active cooperation with the founder of the Random Identities brand Stefano Pilati.Li-Ning sneakers as well as some of the brand’s sportswear can be purchased from their official store in the app and on the AliExpress website. Sneakers range in price from $ 30 to $ 250, while tees, shorts and hoodies are priced between $ 10- $ 150. Here are some of the brand’s most popular silhouettes: Li-Ning 2020 Ace Li-Ning Arc Ace Li-Ning Essence 2 Ace Li -Ning Wade All City 7 Li-Ning Titan Random Identities x Li-Ning Aurora 2020Li-Ning 2020 Ace2020 Ace refer to the future in both name and design.The shoe combines a high-cut basketball shoe with a sturdy hiking boot lacing. The upper is a chaotic multi-colored panel of leather and textiles, sewn on top of each other. The sock is adorned with a splatter paint effect. A chunky rubber sole completes the look. [Button color = “red” size = “normal” alignment = “none” rel = “nofollow” openin = “newwindow” url = “”] Buy [/ button] Li-Ning Arc Ace In an effort to make its mark on the running shoe world, Li-Ning has developed its most innovative running silhouette, the Arc Ace.The unique design was inspired by the winding tree roots that are found throughout the countryside in China. The multi-layer upper of the shoe is made of nylon and TPU panels. The most notable element of the pair is the futuristic lattice midsole with Phylon technology. [Button color = “red” size = “normal” alignment = “none” rel = “nofollow” openin = “newwindow” url = “ W2tJCn “] Buy [/ button] Li-Ning Essence 2 AceLi-Ning Essence 2 Ace The silhouette is styled in a retro 90s style combined with the latest streetwear trends.A textile upper that allows the foot to breathe is supported by leather and suede side panels. The sole of the shoe consists of several parts, which makes it light and flexible. [Button color = “red” size = “normal” alignment = “none” rel = “nofollow” openin = “newwindow” url = “http: // got. by / 4ja1ka “] Buy [/ button] Li-Ning Wade All City 7 While Way of Wade 7 was the main model Wade wore during his last NBA season, he was also seen wearing Wade All City 7 sneakers.Pair’s specifications include textile and synthetic upper, Cloudfoam cushioned midsole, durable rubber outsole, inner neoprene cuff and retaining strap. [Button color = “red” size = “normal” alignment = “none” rel = “nofollow” openin = “newwindow” url = “”] Buy [/ button] Li-Ning TitanThe brand aimed to convey the beauty and dynamism of China’s national parks and landscapes with its Titan silhouette. The colorful and textured upper was created through a mix of suede and textiles.An extra set of curled laces is attached at the heel counter. Mesh tongue adds breathability. [button color = “red” size = “normal” alignment = “none” rel = “nofollow” openin = “newwindow” url = “”] Buy [/ button] Random Identities x Li-Ning Aurora 2020Li-Ning released the original Aurora in 2004. The high performance technical running shoe was awarded to the Chinese medalist athletes. In 2020, Stefano Pilati, inspired by the bike lights that glow during night rides and the underground clubs of his hometown of Berlin, unveiled the redesigned Aurora 2020 in all black and brown colors.The main focus was the small LED lighting system built into the tongue. The battery-powered rig has three lighting levels, including intermittent pulses. [Button color = “red” size = “normal” alignment = “none” rel = “nofollow” openin = “newwindow” url = “ / nRVXW “] Buy [/ button] The rise in Chinese historical and national identity associated with an unprecedented economic boom has led to a change in the definition of Made in China. From now on, it cannot be argued that the country is synonymous with poor quality.The level of creativity and technology exhibited by Chinese brands today far outstrips Western perceptions of what product the PRC has to offer. More and more companies like Li-Ning are entering the global markets with products that match the latest innovations and compete with the industry giants. At the same time, the export of Chinese culture and heritage contributes to greater variety of choices for consumers. What is techwear? ”

90,000 Named 7 “rogue” habits from the USSR, from which it is time to get rid of


Among them – cluttered balconies and a bunch of empty cans

Ukrainian blogger Mirovich described seven habits that were characteristic of the Soviet era, but now they are an anachronism and betray a “rogue” in you.At the same time, a person can be quite wealthy, but for some reason he remains committed to them. “A number of household items, clothes, as well as some behavioral habits can pretty much spoil the impression of the owner of the house,” the Observer newspaper reports.

The first habit is kombucha on the table in the kitchen. The blogger noted that it tastes like kvass, but the appearance of the substance is far from pleasant. “If you still, for some reason, continue to use kombucha, immediately throw it out with the can from the balcony, do not frighten your guests,” Mirovich advises.

The second habit is blue sportswear and alcoholic T-shirts. In films, beggars and drunks usually appear in such clothes.

The third is tableware with gilding and flowers. In the USSR, such dishes were bought to “just fill the cupboards,” says Mirovich. “Now such dishes on the table look terribly rogue,” he emphasizes.

The following are things rewound with blue duct tape. They look very unpleasant and even “scary”, and speak about the owner of the house in a far from the best way.

The fifth point – boxes of trash and rusty nails in the toilet. Many people look like hoarders because of this “wealth”. “In general, it’s better to regret once that you don’t have some kind of screw at hand, and go to buy it in a household store, than to look at this rusty stuff for 30 years,” the blogger notes.

Sixth – these are three-liter cans on the mezzanine. They look unaesthetic, and besides, they are gathering dust, since now few people make seams for the winter.

In seventh place, of course, is the garbage on the balcony.It can be a broken bike, old jackets, broken skis, etc. All this should be thrown into the trash.

90,000 Inflation in Russia from November 30 to December 6 slowed down to 0.07% – Rosstat | 08.12.21

Inflation in Russia from November 30 to December 6, 2021 amounted to 0.07%, follows from Rosstat data.

A week earlier, inflation in the Russian Federation was at the level of 0.46%.

In annual terms, inflation as of December 6, 2021 (according to calculations using average daily data for this and last year for similar dates) was 8.27%.Since the beginning of the year, consumer prices have increased by 7.57%.

Food products

During the reporting period, according to Rosstat, in the category of food products, prices for millet increased most noticeably – by 1.1%, boiled sausages, butter, margarine, pasta – by 0.8%, wheat flour, noodles and chocolates – by 0.7%, pasteurized milk and sour cream – by 0.6%.

Prices for fat cottage cheese, rye bread and rice increased by 0.5%, for canned meat for baby food, sterilized milk, biscuits, bread and bakery products made from wheat flour of grades 1 and 2 – by 0.4%.

Prices for canned fruits and berries for baby food increased by 0.3%, semi-smoked and boiled-smoked sausages, sausages, wieners, rennet cheeses – by 0.2%, beef, vodka, salt, dinners in a canteen, cafe, a diner (except for a canteen in an organization) – by 0.1%.

Chicken eggs rose in price by 1.2%, chicken meat – by 0.4%. Prices for buckwheat groats increased by 1.1%, for sunflower oil and granulated sugar – by 0.3% and 0.7%, respectively.

Prices for fruits and vegetables increased on average by 0.3%, including for cucumbers – by 4.9%, white cabbage – by 4.8%, carrots – by 0.6%.At the same time, tomatoes fell in price – by 3.4%, onions – by 0.7%, potatoes and apples – by 0.2%.

Non-food products, medicines and services

In the group of monitored medicines, prices for bromhexine increased by 0.9%, allochol – by 0.5%, corvalol, domestic multivitamins without minerals – by 0.4%, multivitamins with macro- and microelements – by 0.2%, metamizole sodium (domestic analgin) – by 0.1%. At the same time, prices for validol decreased by 0.6%, levomekol – by 0.3%, combined analgesics – by 0.1%.

Of certain types of non-food essential goods, the price of laundry soap – by 0.6%, matches – by 0.5%, toilet soap – by 0.4%, washing powders, dry pet food – by 0.3% increased , diapers for newborns, baby diapers – by 0.2%. At the same time, toothbrushes and toothpaste fell in price – by 0.4% and 0.3%, respectively, and toilet paper – by 0.1%.

Of the remaining non-food products, new domestic prices increased for cars – by 3.8%, smartphones – by 0.6%, TVs – by 0.5%, T-shirts, men’s T-shirts, women’s tights, shampoos – by 0.3 %, passenger cars of foreign brands – by 0.2%, men’s socks, domestic filtered cigarettes, sneakers for children – by 0.1%.

Prices for particle boards and oriented strand boards, edged boards, electric vacuum cleaners, tracksuits for children decreased by 0.2%, metal tiles, sneakers for adults – by 0.1%.

Gasoline prices increased by 0.4%, diesel fuel – by 0.6%.

The average cost of a vacation trip to Turkey decreased by 17.1%, accommodation in 1-3 star hotels and motels – by 0.3-0.8%, vouchers to rest homes, boarding houses – by 0.2%. At the same time, the cost of living in 4-5 star hotels increased by 1.1%.

Tariffs for travel in city buses increased on average by 0.5%, trams – by 0.3%, trolley buses – by 0.2%.

Russian News Agency TASS
90,000 Matyunin scored a controversial goal against Zenit. Semak called him a goat, and the judge was also called Zenit

Aleksey Matyunin played a contradictory match between Zenit and Rostov, counting a very controversial goal against Mikhail Kerzhakov. It’s funny, but even before the game in St. Petersburg, the candidacy of the referee caused a lot of questions from the fans, since Matyunin did not always correctly judge the blue-white-blue.As it turned out, the indignation was not in vain. talks about the freshest scandal, and also recalls other cases when Matyunin’s refereeing in Zenit meetings was not entirely successful.

Komlichenko broke the rules on Rakitskiy before the goal, but the referees were not embarrassed by this

The leader of the Russian Championship started the meeting with Rostov badly: already in the 11th minute Chistyakov fouled in his own penalty area on Almqvist, and Poloz converted the 14th penalty from 14 in RPL history.Already after 14 minutes (magic, not otherwise) Nikolay Komlichenko catapulted the second scored goal into the goal of St. Petersburg, but there was almost no doubt – it seemed that the goal must be canceled.

The arbitrators watched the episode for a very long time with the help of VAR, and Rakitsky, it seems, already knew the outcome – so he grabbed a yellow card for the disputes. The Ukrainian defender was right, the goal was counted.

What a blow to Komlichenko! Dumped so dumped ????

– MATCH PREMIER (@matchpremier) December 3, 2021

Let’s figure out what actually happened.First, Wendel bumped into Kalinin in the center of the field. Both players interfered with each other.

Matyunin did not stop the meeting, and the Brazilian did not like it very much. For some reason he stood still and began to prove something to the referee, while the opponent’s scoring attack continued. In this episode, there are no questions to the judge, only to Wendel.

Well, then Glebov threw the ball at Komlichenko, who performed a typical hockey technique and kicked Rakitsky, after which he upset Kerzhakov. Telegram channel “Ale, ref!”

“Komlichenko’s goal could not be counted for one important reason. You can play shoulder to shoulder, but the ball must be within playing distance. The ball was high in the air. An important condition was not met. It is impossible to push with the force of a player when the opponent does not own the ball, “- said” Ale, ref! ”

As a result, this goal scored prevented the home team from achieving victory – 2: 2. The most interesting thing is that Matyunin used to have a fry in Zenit’s matches, including against Rostov. The referee and the club from St. Petersburg have a rich history of relationships.

The Hulk allegedly accused Matyunin of racism, and then gave him his jerseys

In 2014, Zenit fought in Saransk against Mordovia, and the match, despite its not too high status, attracted fans around the world. However, after the end – the publication Reuters assigned the Zenith Hulk fiery punches about racism on the part of Matyunin, who judged that game.

“An opponent player was injured. A stretcher was taken out on the field, but as soon as this happened, the player got up and was ready to continue the game.I brought this to the attention of the referee. Before that, we communicated with him normally, but in this situation everything was different. I politely tried to get an explanation from the judge, but he was arrogant with me and asked him not to touch me. Then I asked emotionally: “Are you a racist?” And the judge answered me: “Yes, I don’t love you and I don’t like black people.”

Matyunin, of course, denied everything. Including the involvement of the Hulk in the words about intolerance towards blacks. The case turned out to be so resonant that the arbiter was even forced to take a lie detector test – his guilt was not confirmed.

“I cannot comment on someone’s fiction, someone’s stupidity. But it is obvious that it looks like some kind of game. A kind of kindergarten, but only with angry, stupid kids. It looks like someone’s planned manipulation. Someone advised someone. Someone, apparently, is interested in this.

I don’t believe at all that the Hulk could say something like that. Since we both know it didn’t happen. Both teams and every player are witnesses of this. The charge of racism is very serious. This is the Criminal Code. And you need to have serious reasons and evidence.But I want to say that planned slander is no less a crime, ”Matyunin said to“ SE ”at the time.

The situation was later settled. The player presented his jersey to the referee as a sign of reconciliation.

And more than one. Matyunin got the second after the Hulk left for China, which happened two years later.

Well, Matyunin himself answered with a non-standard present – a red card. In an interview with the Maza Vishnevsky YouTube channel, he recalled that situation in more detail.

“Once the employees of“ Zenith ”presented a T-shirt on behalf of the Hulk, which he asked to give me.I also wanted to give him something in return. But there was nothing suitable, except for a red card. I signed it and gave it back. It was only later that my colleagues from the judging team and I realized that the gift in the form of a red card did not look very good.

But there was no bad intent here. I just didn’t have anything else suitable for a gift, except perhaps a yellow card. But I could not give the yellow one, because after that I had to referee the match. I had two red cards and one yellow one.Here I gave the extra red, ”said Matyunin.

Semak called Matyunin a goat, and the president of Anji accused him of helping Zenit

In October 2017, Zenit was also the favorite, but painted the world 2: 2 with Anji under Matyunin’s refereeing. At the same time, both parties were dissatisfied with the work of the arbitrator. The captain of the blue-white-blue Branislav Ivanovich described that meeting as “a game of one actor” (a reference to Matyunin), and the president of Makhachkala residents, Osman Kadiev, issued an even much more nuclear speech for TASS.

“I’m tired of this nasty one-way refereeing. I asked Matyunin why he was killing the team, but he could not explain it. I see when the judge puts one command on the whistle, makes it clear: “Guys, I’m judging in favor of Zenit. And this makes the players nervous, there are no trifles in football. Why did Matyunin show the yellow card to Markelov? When the second goal was scored to us, it was a foul on Katsaev – he was knocked down and the ball was taken away. They demolish Prudnikov – the referee didn’t even whistle, and when Rigoni steps on our player’s foot, there is not even a yellow card, although it’s sending off, ”said Kadiev.

Well, in August 2019 it became known that judges are called goats not only in Grozny, but also in St. Petersburg. In the game between Zenit and Akhmat, Matyunin did not see the purest goal of Rigoni, and the meeting ended with the zero world. After the final whistle, even the usually calm Sergei Semak exploded. The coach went to separate the referees and his assistant, William de Oliveira, but spoke so brightly that his phrase instantly fell into the golden pool of quotes: “Let’s get out of here, don’t talk to these goats.”

Later Semak apologized on his Instagram: “Football is emotions, a game with an abundance of controversial moments, mistakes. Analyzing yesterday’s match and abstracting from the work of the refereeing team, I apologize for the fact that my overly emotional expression, addressed to my assistant and friend, got on the air. I didn’t want to offend anyone. All health and strong nerves. ”

Well, the final example, except for the most recent one from December 3, occurred in February 2021. Rostov and Zenit also competed, played 2: 2, Matyunin also judged.

When the score was 1: 1, the judge appointed a free kick at the Rostovites’ goal, but Zenit Barrios played it without a whistle. In the video analysis from Match TV, only the final of the attack was shown, but the words of the commentators would not cheat – the players of Rostov were wildly unhappy.

The rally in a similar situation should be carried out only on the whistle, since Matyunin showed the player from Rostov yellow. After the game, the coach of Rostov, Valery Karpin, drew attention to this: “The player received a yellow card – you have to whistle.It is obvious. Since Zenit did not win, then, apparently, he forgot about it. You can joke about this, but I’m not really having fun. What could be the reason for this error? What could be in your head? ”Valera commented on Match Premier.

It’s funny, but there was another controversial moment in that match, but not in favor of Zenit. For some reason, Karpin kept silent about him. Norman hit Lovren in the face in his penalty area, and the judges saw nothing criminal in this. The moment did not get into the highlights of Match TV either.

After all these cases, only one thing can be said with certainty: if the Hulk had still played at Zenit, he would hardly have continued to give presents to Alexei Matyunin. Too often he makes mistakes in blue-white-blue matches.


Zenit will play their next match against Chelsea in the Champions League. The champion of Russia is guaranteed to make it to the playoffs of the Europa League, but it is always pleasant to defeat such a status opponent. Although the analysts of the Vinline bookmaker company do not believe in such a situation at all – odds of 5.80.But the Londoners’ triumph can be played with a quote of 1.55, and a draw – with a coefficient of 4.20.

Football wide line

Semak has not won 16 consecutive away games in Europe. Chronicle of the hopeless series “Zenith”

“Any club would be happy with such results.” Malafeev – about Zenit and financial investments in the team

CSKA fans lit at the match with Zenit, the police packed 408 people. What happened and how?

90,000 “Finally, fashion is fading into the background – a woman wants to be herself!”

Director of the plastic surgery clinic in Kazan on “Harmonization of appearance” and patient preferences

“Our surgeons see the individuality of a woman.A girl comes to us for rhinoplasty, asks to make a small nose, and the surgeon explains: “The small nose will break all harmony and will be lost against the background of your individual bright facial features!” And suggests thinking again, ”says the director of the Kazan clinic of plastic surgery “Platinum Kazan” Guzel Sergeeva. The institution was created in partnership with a unique doctor Andrei Iskornev, whom clients from Moscow dream of getting. Guzel Ildusovna told BUSINESS Online about what kind of plastic surgery is now at the height of fashion and why you should visit a cosmetologist for the first time as a teenager.

Guzel Sergeeva: “The main thing is our principles, which have remained unchanged for a decade. The main thing is that our surgeons see the individuality of a woman ”

“The doctor checks all the changes with millimeters in order to achieve a harmonious result”

– Guzel Ildusovna, as far as we know, your clinic was founded 10 years ago together with Andrey Iskornev, a famous surgeon who is called responsible for the beauty of half of secular Moscow.How did it happen?

– The idea to open a clinic was born out of our family friendship with Andrey Iskornev . He is a truly brilliant surgeon, and at some point we decided to open a clinic in Kazan. And recently our joint project, the Kazan clinic “Platinum Kazan”, celebrated its tenth anniversary! Andrey Aleksandrovich is not only a surgeon, with whom our team is very proud to work together, but also our founder, lives and works in Moscow. By the way, all the operating surgeons of our clinic are specialists of the Platinental clinic in Moscow, and the cosmetologists, medical staff, administrative staff are highly qualified Kazan specialists, many have been working with us for 7-10 years.

We are approaching our tenth anniversary with unique surgeons, patented methods of performing operations, dense appointment for operations and consultations. For example, an appointment with one of our leading surgeons, Maxim Vasiliev (he is a co-author of some patents, including “Hollywood Neck”), is completed until April 2022. We do not stand still: despite all the crises that have happened over the past 10 years, we have always developed in surgery. This is valuable.

But, perhaps, the main thing is our principles, which have remained unchanged for a decade.The main thing is that our surgeons see the individuality of a woman. Here comes a girl for rhinoplasty, and our surgeon, Mkhitar Meloyan , says: “A small nose will break all harmony and will be lost against the background of your individual bright facial features!” And invites the woman to think again.

In addition, we will not perform the operation if the patient has just been ill or has some stress in his life. We will wait for the moment when the person is psychologically and physically healthy. This is important: 60 percent of the success of the operation is the attitude of the patient, his condition.Our goal is to make our job great so that the patient is happy, not to sell a service.

– As far as I know, there are only two branches of the international network The Platinental Aesthetic Lounge in Russia: in Moscow and Kazan. Does the Kazan clinic differ in any way from its Moscow and foreign counterparts?

– We are not really a branch, but a separate clinic. Of course, we have many intersections: Andrey Alexandrovich is the president of our clinics, an ideological inspirer. We have the same surgeons, general principles of work, but the management team is different.There are other differences: the Moscow clinic is ultra-fashionable, it’s just space! In our clinic we have a classic approach, we are more behind-the-scenes, intimate in working with patients. If a Moscow clinic offers a wider range of services for a larger flow of clients, then we work more individually, according to the needs of the client. And this is due to the region: in Moscow, clients still treat plastic surgery somewhat easier than in Kazan. Therefore, we have a more “home” atmosphere, but with high quality services, equipment, specialists.

This attention to customers is evident in everything. There are situations in which the client does not want to meet with anyone in the clinic itself, for example, if he wants to hide the fact of the operation. We will create a corridor for him, in which he does not intersect with any of the patients. We hear our patient’s request and implement it.

“We have a” home “atmosphere with high quality services, equipment, specialists”

– Is Andrey Aleksandrovich taking part in the work of the Kazan division now? If so, which one?

– At the moment, his participation is felt most strongly in helping surgeons.For example, now in Moscow a student of Andrei Alexandrovich Regina Tulatova is actively operating. Delicate, intelligent doctor! Currently, she is increasingly coming to Kazan.

In general, we have unique surgeons. Despite the fact that after operations they return to Moscow in their extremely busy working hours, they remain in touch with patients. We had a case the other day: a patient calls and says that she fell heavily and hit the hotel. The laceration fell on the eyelid, next to the healed suture – more than a year ago, the patient underwent blepharoplasty with us.She did not sew up this wound in traumatology, but contacted Maxim Vasiliev, and we stitched it in the clinic. Although, it would seem, more than a year has passed and this situation had nothing to do with us. And this is our norm.

– “Platinum Kazan” is known for the philosophy of “Harmonization of appearance”, on which the work of all specialists of the clinic is based. Can you tell us more about her? What is used for harmonizing correction?

– This is the vision of Andrey Iskornev. In addition to being an excellent surgeon, he is also a professional artist.He introduced the principles of harmony into his vision: when operations are planned, surgeons who work according to these principles do not look separately for the eyes, eyelids, but in general, the proportions of the patient’s face and body. Sometimes the patient asks to remove the bags under the eyes, and the surgeon explains: if you remove only the bags and do not tighten the middle third of the face, you will not see the effect. Another example: the patient asks to remove the second chin, and the surgeon explains that she needs to have an implant, because her chin is sloping and if you just tighten the skin, the result will be unexpressed and not so stable.

This is the basis of the philosophy of “Harmonization of appearance” – any intervention should be considered from the point of view of the general harmony of the patient’s face and body and occurs with a clear drawing of the face before the operation. The doctor checks all the changes in millimeters in order to achieve a harmonious result.

– Is the clinic not your only business project? Tell us about your clothing company.

– I have my own small knitwear production, the brand is called GSsoul (which means “Guzel Sergeeva with a soul”).We knit dresses, suits, sweaters, T-shirts. It so happened that many years ago I started knitting knitwear for myself. At some point, my friends and acquaintances became interested in my new hobby, I was very surprised when they asked me to do something for them. Thus, I had a small audience, over time I organized my own business.

Naturally, both businesses are a lot of work, I didn’t have, and even now I don’t have time to lie on the couch. And I am grateful to my teams: they are professionals, very sincere, good people, with whom we understand each other perfectly.Thanks to them, I have time both there and there. Plus, I sincerely love what I do. Yes, there are difficult moments, but if you do what you love, all the experiences are worth it.

“There are many more male patients in Moscow, and not only at operations”

– What procedures and trends in aesthetic cosmetology are the most popular in the clinic now? Is there the concept of fashion – before, at one time everyone wanted cheekbones like Jolie, then – a figure like Kardashians?

– Fashion finally fades into the background! A woman wants to be herself, not look like a girlfriend or an actress, and that’s great! And our surgeons have always followed modern trends: they do not want to pump cheekbones, lips, or make unnatural breasts.We want a woman to be natural, beautiful, natural at any age. For example, the number of operations for installing breast implants has significantly decreased; instead, women are increasingly doing breast lift according to the author’s method of our surgeons. Rhinoplasty, platysmoplasty (neck correction) remain popular operations, the Hollywood neck operation is popular, but in general, everything is individual. And this is great!

– The Platinum Kazan brand has developed an image of a clinic whose services are used exclusively by stars of domestic and foreign show business, politicians and businessmen, which is too expensive for you.Is it so?

– Probably, our price is higher than the average for Kazan. But the cost is justified: the operations are performed by highly professional surgeons, leading Moscow specialists who use patented copyright techniques. Many of them have scientific degrees and are members of Russian and international associations of plastic surgeons. In addition, we work with the most expensive consumables, only certified products.

“I look at our patients.Women come who want to change something in their appearance that worries them, prevents them from enjoying life, to open up. And after the operation, they look absolutely happy! ”

– What is the ratio between men and women among the clients of the clinic? For a long time already, the stronger sex does not consider it shameful to take care of their appearance much more thoroughly than just shaving in the morning.

– Of course, there are more women in Kazan, and we have about 20 percent of men.There are more men in Moscow, not only in operations, but also in cosmetic services, such as beauty injections. And this is good, men should also have their own space, they can also take care of themselves, take care of themselves.

– Although, of course, women experience age-related changes more acutely. At what age should a girl make an appointment for a consultation at a beauty clinic for the first time?

– I believe that every mother, starting from adolescence, should take a child to a beautician so that a teenager can get advice on how to take care of his skin so as not to leave scars, how to wash, what remedy to choose.This is extremely important: during adolescence, skin changes occur that can have irreversible consequences. We have many clients who come with post-acne, scars on the skin, because at this very age they tried to solve the problem on their own. As a result, boils arose. The treatment process is quite long, and it is not always possible to achieve the maximum result. And all this could have been avoided if they had learned to take care of themselves from adolescence. For some reason we go to dentists and take care of our teeth, but we do not have a culture of skin care.And it is necessary.

– What is beauty for you?

– Beauty is a combination of several features. I look at our patients. Women come who want to change something in their appearance that worries them, prevents them from enjoying life, to open up. And after the operation, they look absolutely happy! They are decorated not only and not so much by the operation performed, but by their own self-confidence, because they look the way they want. Internal fears, insecurities, complexes go away, and women become truly beautiful! Our goal is to preserve individuality, emphasize features, reveal inner beauty.

“An honest approach to the patient, the highest professionalism and respect for the patient – I think the future belongs to this”

– Tell us about your participation in the project “Kazan against breast cancer” – what brought you there?

– It was a big project lasting five years. There were three of us founders, we collaborated with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Kazan city health department, city hospitals, partners, sponsors and caring people.The essence of the project was to explain to the women of Kazan the importance of regular examinations by a mammologist. To do this, we invited Kazan surgeons to the MEGA site, and they gave the reception absolutely free! Several hundred women a day could undergo such an examination. There were facts of cancer detection, timely examination helped save the lives of women! I am glad that we were able to implement such an important and significant project!

– Guzel Ildusovna, what, in your opinion, is the future of plastic surgery?

– The future is in an integrated approach and the use of advanced technologies.Operations are becoming less noticeable: there are no constrictions, terrible scars. And Russia has stepped far forward in matters of high-quality and invisible plastic surgery: often patients from abroad come to us, at Platinum Kazan.

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