Chinese new year tvb: Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2022 Night Parade

Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2022 Night Parade

Watch the Lunar Parade live streaming from Hong Kong for Chinese New Year

The Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade is one of the 2 main events to celebrate the lunar new year in Hong Kong, if you are in town for the party then make sure you also get to see the spectacular Victoria Harbour fireworks display that take place the following evening.

Night Parade Route

The parade travels through the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui along Canton Road, Haiphong Road and Nathan Road and is made up of a series of colourful, illuminated floats, and the whole area becomes one huge party as locals and visitors alike take to the streets to watch.

As well as the floats, there will be a number of other participants, including visiting performers from around the world. These include dance troupes, including of course the famous dragon and lion dancers, marching bands, stilt walkers, drum bands and hip-hop and jazz dancers.

You can see a map of the full parade route here:

Parade route map

Parade Schedule

Normally, there is live entertainment in the streets for several hours leading up to the main parade, which gets underway at 8pm.

If you would like to experience the build up entertainers as well as securing a decent vantage point for viewing the parade we would recommend you aim to get down there no later than 6pm.

TV and Live Streaming

In recent years the live coverage of the parade has become much more widely available, the TVB Jade Hong Kong television coverage of the night parade also being shown as a live stream online, so we anticipate the same again for the 2019 parade:

TVB Jade Hong Kong

The official site also has some excellent views captured by Google Street View during the 2013 Night Parade and also at the Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair – view them here:

Chinese New Year on Street View

Chinese New Year Hotels

If you’re planning on visiting Hong Kong over the Chinese New Year period, then you can expect all of the island’s many top hotels will be very busy so be aware that premium rates will apply accordingly.

The best deals can generally be obtained by booking well in advance. You can search, check availability and book local hotels here.

Latest NYE News

New Year 2022 and the COVID-19 pandemic

Ball Drop 2022 live stream from Times Square on New Years Eve Live!

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Strongest International Line-Up Ever At the Hong

HONG KONG, Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hong Kong Tourism Board announces the annual celebratory event, the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade, will be held on the first day of Lunar New Year (16 February) from 20:00-21:45 in Tsim Sha Tsui. The celebratory spirit is aptly summed up with the theme “Best Fortune. World Party.

In addition to showcasing nine decorative floats, this year the parade has been scaled up to feature the strongest-ever international performance line-up, including 14 international and 11 local performing troupes, for a total of 34 performing groups, some of which are world champions or world record holders. They will provide challenging performances and dynamic entertainment for spectators along the parade route.

  • XPOGO Stunt Team from the USA, holder of 13 Guinness World Records
  • Diaboloism from Taiwan, world champion in Diabolo
  • Zee Comedy Magic & Zeejay Juggler from the Czech Republic, awards winner and world record holder
  • Unicycle Circus Theatre Witty Look from Japan, winner of various International Busking Awards
  • Jugglers Vision from Japan, three-time National Juggling winner in Japan; includes a performer from Cirque du Soleil

For details of the 2018 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade, please visit the HKTB website: http://www.

The HKTB cordially invites TV stations to broadcast the parade on 16 February 2018, from 20:00-21:45* Hong Kong Time (GMT+8). Signals will be transmitted via Satellite and Fiber for use by overseas broadcasters. Below please find detailed information:

  • Satellite Feed (Free to air)
    Date: 16 February 2018 (Friday)
    Time: 20:00 – 21:45* HKT (12:00-13:45 GMT)
    *subject to the parade progress
    (Media can test the signal starting from 17:00 HKT (09:00 GMT))


 TVBI Satellite Channels via [email protected] C-Band
Content– “2018 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade” Show, provided by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
Downlink Frequency3851MHz
L-Band: 1299MHz
Channel (ID)Utility 1 HD (ID: 1032)
Utility 2 HD (ID: 1033)
Symbol Rate10. 8MS/s
Format (Video) Mpeg-4 AVC HD 1080i/50
(Audio) Mpeg-1 Layer II
ModulationDVB-S2 8PSK
TVB LogoNo
Commercial Break No
Covered RegionsAustralia*, Canada, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, USA
*(Please use TVB Anywhere)

Emergency contact for satellite feed:
TVB Technical Support
Duty Engineer – Tel: +852 2335 2077


Content– “2018 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade” Show, provided by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
– Without commercial break and logo
VideoHD 1080i50 MPEG4 12mbit/s (PID 33)
(H. 264/AVC High @ level 4.0)
Audio 1(embedded 1, mpeg layer) (PID 34)
Audio 2(embedded 2, mpeg layer) (PID 35)
TVB LogoNo
Commercial BreakNo

Emergency contact for fiber signal:
MSOC 24-hour Hotline
Tel: +91-20-6615 3391/ +91-20-6615 3393
Email: [email protected]

TVB Technical Support
Mr. Sean Leung – Tel: +852 6076 6544 or Duty Engineer – Tel: +852 9848 6303

  • Satellite Feed and Fiber Signal Testing
Date:12 February 2018 (Monday)
Satellite Feed:12:00 – 21:00 HK Time  (04:00 – 13:00 GMT) (9 hours)
Fiber Signal: 18:00 – 18:30 HK Time (10:00 – 10:30 GMT) (30 minutes)
Signal Content: Hong Kong TVB Jade instant screen

Notes to Editors:

  • Media can download the press release and related images from:
    ftp://2018ICNYP-a:[email protected] (valid until 31 March 2018)
    Event images and event highlight video will be available after the event at 03:00 HKT (GMT +8) on Saturday, 17 February 2018.

For media enquiries, please contact Karisa Lui, Tel: (800) 563-4582/(416) 366-2389 ext 204, [email protected]

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Chinese New Year! TVB“s niche is a chasing daughter, eats oysters to build health

According to Hong Kong media reports, TVB Xiaosheng Li Nuoyi was interviewed by reporters during the Lunar New Year Festival and revealed some work arrangements for 2020, as well as food prepared for the New Year.

Li Nuoyi can be said to be a TVB all-around entertainer, singing and dancing, host, filming, everything is proficient! And there is a good cooking skill in life.

After Li Nuoyi and Li Jieying got married in 2014, they now have a two-year-old son.

In the past six months, there have been media reports that Li Nuoyi wants to have a daughter, so that he has a good son.

Li Nuoyi asked many friends about how to give birth to a daughter, and they also gave several methods. The three-time Emperor Guo Jinan taught Li Nuoyi to eat more durians. In an interview with reporters, Li Nuoyi said: “This year’s special New Year food is raw oysters. I hope to eat more oysters and be able to keep fit and succeed in chasing girls in 2020.”

Li Nuoyi revealed that his wife did not want to be an advanced mother and was very Anxious. I wanted to give birth to a pig baby last year, but I didn’t realize it. I hope to give birth to a rat baby this year.

In the past few years, many variety shows in the Mainland have been broadcasted and have achieved good results. TVB began to learn from the mainland and prepared its own variety shows. One of them was a variety show, which was recorded after the beginning of the year and was created with reference to “Chinese Restaurant”. Li Nuoyi revealed that he hopes to join the host.

Li Nuoyi said at the end: “The most important thing next year is a play, shooting “BB is here 2″”

Li Nuoyi has seen a lot of improvement in his career since he married Li Jieying. In addition to being able to produce his own variety shows, he also became a TVB Male number one.

If “BB is here 2” can be broadcast after the filming in 2020, there is hope to compete with Shidi.

Jiangsu TV Chinese New Year TVB concert

It’s nice to see some Mainland channels appraising the TVB oldies. A few years ago, the main crew of LOCH 1983 (except Barbara, sadly), were invited for an LOCH 1983 celebration by a Mainland channel (will add the name later). Now, for the Chinese New Year 2017, we had Jiangsu TV inviting Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Gallen Lo and Kenneth Joe Ma singing five TVB oldies songs, including “You’re the Best in the World” (LOCH 1983) and “Shanghai Tan” (The Bund 1980).

Assisting the four main TVB giants are TK11 and Zero-G plus some all-men background dancers. I have no idea who Zero-G is other than they are six modern boybands. Nevertheless, the all-men configuration really gave the New Year positive fighting energy. Love the all-white suit that the background dancers gave (and that they actually backflipped! OMG, I thought no one in the Central Plains could do that anymore these days!)

Below the break I have the original clips of the TVB songs performed here. Thanks to Ian Liew, Sarafina and Mandred Skavenslayer from the SPCNet for identifying the other songs I had no clues about. 

Update 4 Feb 2017:

Thanks to TVBFan for letting me know about the first song (Triumph in the Sky) and fixing the identity of the actor singing with Gallen Lo. The actor should be Joe Ma instead of Kenneth Ma. 

The 5 min performance covered some series from 1980, 1982, 1983, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2004. We have 8-9 songs here in the New Year clip if my ears are correct. So at least one of the series has two songs performed. Or I mis-identified one song as two songs.

The first song (Cantonese) is ‘Triumph in the Sky’, originally sang by Eason Chan and Joe Ma. I can recognise the actor who played A Man with Michael Miu in The Academy 2005. Thanks a lot, TVBFan!

The second song (Cantonese, with fingers clicking) is the OST from the Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1997 (thanks, Mandred!).


The third song (Mandarin) where three to four Caucasian singers (TK-11) came to join in was “Love and Passion” (thanks Ian). Here we have the Cantonese version below sung by the wonderful Liza Wang (thanks Sarafina for the link):

There is a Mandarin song after The Bund. Sarafina and Mandred identified this Mandarin song as a song from Return of Condor Heroes 1995, originally sung by Chyi Yu (I’ve made a Chor Lau Heung MV using Chyi Yu’s “Turning” last year). Here’s the Cantonese version of the one sang by the boys on the New Years gala. I’m still not sure if the rap is part of the ROCH 1995 song, as in, the lyrics were used, but the music has been rearranged as rap. So I’m just treating it as one song now (Song #5). 

Then we have Gallen Lo and Joe Ma for the 6th song, singing a theme from At the Threshold of an Era. Thanks Sarafina for identifying this song!


The last song was the Legendary Fok 1982 (thanks Ian!), performed by Michael, Felix, Gallen and Joe. Beautiful back-flip by the background dancers, everyone! That back-flip art still exist in China!!!

Happy New Year again. Let’s work smart!

Hong Kong Protesters’ New Target: A News Station Seen as China’s Friend

HONG KONG — As a television journalist was trying to record video of a protest in Hong Kong last week, the protest suddenly became about him — and his employer.

Surrounding him, the young demonstrators waved signs in front of his camera that read “Change channels!” They also held up bottles of Pocari Sweat, a sports drink that has become an unlikely symbol of disdain for his news station, Television Broadcasts, better known as TVB.

TVB, Hong Kong’s dominant broadcaster, has been singled out for scorn by protesters, who accuse it of a pro-Beijing bias in its coverage of the political crisis roiling this semiautonomous Chinese region.

Analysts say TVB’s reporting has largely focused on how the protests have disrupted Hong Kong’s famed efficiency, while playing down the political frustrations that have driven people to the streets in large numbers.

The tension between the demonstrators and the station, whose broadcasts reach about 70 percent of Hong Kong’s population, touches on concerns that the city’s status as a regional bastion for press freedom is being steadily undermined by the Communist Party in China, where media controls are strict.

“It is a notorious television station and it always doesn’t show comprehensive facts,” said Cheuk Ka-ho, 21, a university student who is active in the protest movement. “We feel that over the years it has gotten worse as it keeps getting closer to China.

The protests began in early June, when hundreds of thousands marched against legislation that would allow extradition to the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has since suspended the bill indefinitely, but protesters, including on Sunday, have continued to demand its full withdrawal, Mrs. Lam’s resignation and an independent inquiry into what they consider a brutal police response to some of the protests.

On July 1, some demonstrators escalated the conflict by storming, vandalizing and briefly occupying the Hong Kong legislature.

[A New York Times visual investigation suggests the police used excessive force in handling a previous protest.]

In TVB, protesters have found another front in their battle for Hong Kong’s future. They have organized boycotts of the network on social media and lobbied companies to withdraw advertisements from it.

The confrontation on Wednesday, when the TVB journalist was surrounded, was not an isolated incident. Last month, protesters heckled another TVB video journalist, unfurling umbrellas to block his camera and chanting, “TVB news, selling out the people of Hong Kong!”

The protesters accuse the broadcaster, which has a virtual monopoly on free-to-air TV rights in Hong Kong, and a senior executive who was once a top Communist Party official in Shanghai of deliberately marginalizing their movement, a charge that TVB rejects.

A Facebook group calling for boycotts of TVB has drawn more than 30,000 followers, and a petition criticizing the station has collected 100,000 signatures. Last week, the maker of Pocari Sweat, a Japanese sports drink popular in Hong Kong, pulled its advertising from TVB.

TVB has defended its coverage as accurate and impartial and accused protesters of threatening its advertising clients.

“Pocari Sweat’s comments are designed to please protesters, which equals to bowing to violence,” the broadcaster said to a Chinese nationalist tabloid, Global Times, in comments that TVB verified as accurate.

A spokeswoman for TVB declined an interview request. But in a statement last month, the station said it was deeply regrettable that TVB reporters had been prevented from doing their jobs.

Hong Kong’s media landscape has become something of a battleground for the social divisions exposed by the political crisis, which could widen as the mass protests continue.

On one side is, essentially, TVB’s core demographic: older, conservative Hong Kong residents, who tend to sympathize with the police and see the protesters as troublemakers. At a rally in support of the police in late June, some demonstrators assaulted journalists from other local news outlets.

On the other side is a younger group, generally supportive of the protest movement and the pro-democracy politicians who are a minority in the local legislature. For them, TVB’s coverage confirms longstanding fears about Beijing’s growing influence over local affairs.

Some critics refer to TVB as “CCTV-B,” a mocking reference to China Central Television, Beijing’s main broadcaster of domestic propaganda. They point to TVB’s vice chairman, Li Ruigang, a media mogul from mainland China and one-time senior Communist Party official in Shanghai, as evidence of Beijing’s sway over the station. (Mr. Li’s company, China Media Capital Group, did not respond to a request for comment, but he has previously rejected such suggestions.)

The Hong Kong Journalists Association reported last year that mainland Chinese interests had direct control over, or stakes in, nine of Hong Kong’s 26 mainstream media companies, including TVB, up from eight a year earlier.

“Even though ownership is not concentrated in just a few hands, most of them have the same boss: the Communist Party,” Allan Au, a former TVB journalist who is now a media studies expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said of the city’s pro-establishment media barons.

Ever since Britain returned Hong Kong to Chinese control in 1997, under a formula known as “one country, two systems” that promised a high degree of autonomy from Beijing, the city has distinguished itself from the mainland partly by nurturing the independence of its institutions, including the news media.

While the encroachment of Chinese interests has raised concerns, Hong Kong’s media landscape, to be sure, is still relatively free. Its journalists are among Asia’s most combative, known to shout sharply worded questions at top city officials. Journalist groups have publicly opposed the extradition bill and accused the police of using excessive force against reporters who were covering protests.

TVB, for its part, has been less overtly antagonistic toward the protest movement than the city’s two pro-Beijing newspapers, Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao. But compared to news outlets with a pro-democracy bent, like the newspaper Apple Daily and the online platform Stand News, it has generally been skeptical of the protesters.

The network “focuses very much on disruptive behavior rather than on what they asked for, what they really want and what’s behind that motivation,” said Gary Tang, a media studies expert at Hang Seng University in Hong Kong, referring to the protesters.

Critics note that TVB was the television outlet Mrs. Lam chose for an interview last month in which she compared dealing with the protesters to her own experience as a mother with a willful child — an analogy that enraged many of the demonstrators. On July 2, when TVB covered the aftermath of the storming of the legislature, it focused on the damage to the building and, unlike other news outlets, barely discussed the protesters’ demands.

Mr. Au said TVB’s closeness to mainland China was evident in the amount of airtime it devoted to reports about, for instance, President Xi Jinping’s so-called Belt and Road Initiative of international trade and infrastructure links, at the expense of other types of reporting.

“This is by design: The serious reporters don’t have enough resources and time to devote to serious journalism,” Mr. Au said. “This is what I call ‘structural censorship’ that confines the content without explicit censorship.”

Privately, some of the network’s reporters and former staff members say they have felt caught in the middle. They are sympathetic to the protesters but resent being targeted over coverage decisions they say were made by their superiors.

“Protesters accuse TVB of brainwashing its loyal audience,” said Lam Yin-bong, a former TVB reporter who now works for Stand News. “But these reporters and cameramen think: ‘First, I’m on your side, and second, even if I’m not, I’m just doing my work in a professional manner. ’”

“They would think: ‘This is not my fault, so why are you targeting me?’” he said.

TVB to Focus on “HK Flavor” Dramas for 2019, According to TVB Chairman Charles Chan –

The Lunar New Year is not only a time for family, but also a time for businesses to propose new plans and create new focuses for the upcoming year. As the leader of Hong Kong television, TVB has to carry the responsibility of following trends and bringing forth new products that are capable of steering the television market.

In a New Year’s greetings video by TVB chairman Charles Chan (陳國強), the accomplished businessman reflected on TVB’s past forays in the mainland Chinese television market and spoke about what he intends for TVB to focus with coming forward. He specifically pointed out three TVB dramas to be the inspiration for future projects—The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥>, Come Home Love: Love and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞>, and Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>.

“In a competitive global market, it is important for TVB to take huge strides forward,” said Charles Chan. “Likewise, we cannot forget about our most important mission, which is to increase the quality of our projects with excellent content […]. Last year, many of our programs met that goal, winning both word-of-mouth and ratings. Life on the Line captured the selfless sacrifices of rescue workers, becoming the year’s Best Drama […]. The Learning Curve of a Warlord captivated audiences with not only its laid back and humorous storytelling, but it also told a story about righteousness and loyalty. It also achieved great success on Chinese streaming platforms. The family-friendly Come Home Love: Lo and Behold created many lovable characters, becoming a part of life for many Hong Kong citizens.”

Joe Ma won Best Actor for his performance in “Life on the Line.”

In the last few years, TVB opened up opportunities to collaborate with many Chinese producers in order to make strides in the Chinese television market. Unfortunately, many of these Chinese co-productions had failed to make much impact within Hong Kong. The most recent example is Another Era <再創世紀>, which was one of TVB’s lowest-rated dramas of last year.

On the other side of the spectrum, local “small productions” became the territory’s ratings king,  such as Life on the Line, a drama about Hong Kong paramedics. In Hong Kong, Life on the Line was the year’s second-highest rated television drama (after Story of Yanxi Palace <演習攻略>). It also won Best Drama and Best Actor for Joe Ma (馬德鐘) at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

For 2019, Charles Chan said TVB will continue to produce more “Hong Kong flavor” dramas to the likes of Life on the Line, as well as continue its big-budget collaborations with many Mainland Chinese production companies. “There are still many unknowns ahead for 2019, but with half a century of experience and a team of passionate, hardworking staffs and artists, I’m sure that with everyone’s hard work, TVB will continue to to make productions that the Hong Kong people can be proud of.


This article is written by Addy for

90,000 Chinese New Year: Ringing Bells and Lantern Festival

With noisy fireworks, dances of dragons and lions, the New Year bursts into measured Chinese life between January 21 and February 21. Literally its name sounds like “Spring Festival” (春节, Chūnjié) – this is the main and longest holiday in the Celestial Empire.

Historically, in China, the New Year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar – on the second new moon after the winter solstice (on one of the days between January 21 and February 21).New Year in China will begin on February 12th. And it will be celebrated from February 12 to February 27. Official holidays are from 12 to 18 February. China will not celebrate 2021, but 4719.

New Year’s holidays in China are celebrated for 15 days. The final of the celebrations is marked by the Lantern Festival (元宵节, Yuánxiāojié), which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It marks the end of the Spring Festival. There is an ancient custom: on this day, people light up colorful street lamps. How the family holiday, beloved in China, is celebrated – we will tell in our material.

Traditions and customs

The center of celebrations on New Year’s Eve in China is the historic shopping street – Qianmen in the center of Beijing. This is where the main tree of the country is installed. Under the influence of Western European culture and the influx of foreign tourists in recent decades, the holiday itself has undergone changes. On the eve of the celebrations, there are a lot of modern New Year’s paraphernalia on the streets, the main figure is Santa Claus.

On the eve of New Year’s Eve, it is customary to clean Chinese houses.They celebrate the holiday in new clothes to attract order and well-being. On New Year’s Eve, people leave their homes, admire the festive fireworks and wish each other a Happy New Year.

The tradition of firing noisy fireworks is associated with an ancient Chinese legend about a man-eating monster named Nian, who comes from the mountains (or, depending on the source, from the sea) every year to satisfy hunger after deep sleep. In order to protect themselves, people began to paint everything in red and gold, to blow up firecrackers and fireworks – the monster is sensitive to noise and to these colors.

How the New Year is celebrated in China

Celebration of the New Year in China is not limited to one day, but stretches over 15, each of which has its own meaning. Moreover, preparation for the celebrations begins two weeks before the long-awaited event.

According to Buddhist tradition, the ringing of bells in temples announces the coming of the New Year. The bells are ringing 108 times. It is believed that with each blow of the bell, a person gets rid of vices. This is greed, anger, stupidity, indecision, frivolity, envy.In the first moments of the coming year, the Chinese try to smile at each other as much as possible so that the next 365 days will pass happily and peacefully. Hundreds of fireworks illuminate the sky.

On the eve of the holiday, the Chinese decorate their homes with bright garlands and Christmas trees. Trees in parks and squares shimmer with multi-colored electric illumination. Windows and doors are decorated with paired inscriptions duilian on red paper – with wishes of good luck and happiness, wealth and longevity.

The day before the New Year, Chinese families get together for the so-called annual reunion dinners.It is considered the most important meal together throughout the year and symbolizes the well-being and success in the home in the coming year.

In contrast to the Western European tradition, in China, for the New Year, children do not receive sweets and toys, but money gifts in beautiful red envelopes with golden hieroglyphs.

New Year’s table

The Chinese New Year’s table is traditionally rich – it is not customary to save money on a holiday. Most of the dishes of the festive meal have an important symbolic meaning.For the northern regions of China, dumplings are an indispensable attribute of the festive table. It is a symbol of wealth, as their shape resembles an ancient Chinese coin, and luck is hidden within them. The Chinese bring the first few dumplings as a gift to deities and ancestors.

Residents of southern China prefer niangao stretch cookies, spring rolls, and glutinous rice balls in a soup called Tangyuan at New Year’s table. Among the New Year’s dishes there are also noodles, fruits, dumplings.Every dish served during the Chinese New Year celebration is symbolic. Very thin and long wheat noodles are longer in durability than regular noodles. Such noodles, according to the Chinese, symbolize long life.

The main fruits of the festival are citrus fruits, especially orange and tangerine. Citrus fruits, the Chinese believe, resemble the round shape of coins, which means they mean fullness and wealth.

Before the start of the gala dinner, senior family members read a prayer for the happiness and well-being of the whole family in the new year.

It’s worth to be in China on New Year’s Eve, if only because in no other city in the world you will feel the holiday as vividly as here. Beijing will amaze you with the scale of celebrations, an active nightlife, an abundance of hotels and restaurants. New Year in China is a real fairy tale – extraordinary and unforgettable.

90,000 When is Chinese New Year 2021 Kyiv time: date

Although the whole world has already celebrated the New Year and entered 2021, the Chinese people are still preparing to celebrate this holiday.This difference lies in the fact that for several centuries in a row China has been celebrating the New Year according to the lunisolar calendar. The date of the celebration is different annually and is determined by the position of the moon.

On the topic New Year of the White Metal Ox 2021: what to expect from him

When to celebrate the Chinese New Year: date

As a rule, this holiday is celebrated between January 21 and February 20. This year, according to the cycle of the Eastern horoscope, 2021 will be the year of the White Metal Bull and for the people of China it will be 90,050 12 February , Friday.The celebrations in the country will take place from 12 to 27 February. Official New Year holidays in China are longer than in Ukraine, so the Chinese will have a rest for a whole week – from 12 to 18 February.

Chinese New Year Date

History of the Chinese New Year

The Chinese call their New Year “Nian”, which means “year”. It was believed that Nian was a terrible monster that lived in the depths of the sea and periodically, just on the eve of the New Year, got out on land and ate everyone who came in his way.People were afraid of the Nanny, donated food to him, and hid themselves so that the monster would not find anyone.

History of the Chinese New Year

However, there was an old beggar who decided to save people from the Nanny. He painted the doors of his house with red paint, put on bright red clothes himself, took a lantern and bamboo firecrackers and made such an incredible noise that he scared the monster to death. Since then, the Chinese have kept the tradition of celebrating the New Year noisily and cheerfully, and fire, lanterns and red color have become an obligatory attribute of this holiday.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

On the very first day of the Chinese New Year, it is customary to put some food on a separate plate to appease the Nanny. On this holiday, the whole family gathers at the table. The feast must be rich in order for the next year to be successful and all family members to feel good. Therefore, according to custom, on the festive table there should be meat, fish, chicken dishes, a lot of rice, as well as jiaozi – traditional Chinese dumplings.

The Chinese have this holiday one of the most anticipated of the year, therefore they celebrate it all week.It is customary to visit neighbors, relatives and friends, and when going to visit, tangerines should be presented to the owners, because they are a symbol of prosperity.

How the New Year is celebrated in China

The New Year celebrations end with loud fireworks. The Chinese people believe that this will scare away evil spirits and they will never cross the threshold of their home for a year.

Oriental Calendar and Chinese New Year. What you need to have time to do before January 25,

Eastern Calendar and Chinese New Year.What needs to be done before January 25

The Spring Festival or Chinese New Year is being prepared for the people of many countries. It comes on different dates and symbolizes different animals, in 2020 it falls on January 25 and is the year of the White Metal Rat. What, according to folk traditions, must be done before this date in order to attract good luck, and what is strictly prohibited, the website found out.

The Spring Festival has a special symbolism. It is believed that until January 25, you need to pay off all debts and not lend anything to anyone on the first day after the New Year, otherwise finances will flow out of the wallet for twelve months. They act on the same principle with deeds: all pressing problems must be resolved before an important date.

They also put things in order in the house, get rid of unnecessary things and hang red ribbons that call wealth and good luck into the house. And at midnight they open all doors and windows to release the old year and let in the new one. For the holiday, the Chinese prepare red envelopes, in which they put money, and exchange them with family members.

Oriental Calendar and Chinese New Year.Things to do before January 25,

It is important to celebrate the holiday in new clothes. According to orientalists, it is better to choose the traditional red again. It is believed that he scares away evil spirits, and black, on the contrary, symbolizes failure, white is generally the color of mourning.

It is not customary to talk about troubles and the past in general on this day, you need to make plans for the future, dream and make wishes. It is forbidden to pronounce the word “four”, in Chinese it means “death”.

You should also not cry, so as not to bring trouble, and it is dangerous to break things, then you can spend the whole year away from family and friends.Another superstition is that it is not customary to wash your hair on Chinese New Year. Hair is considered synonymous with wealth and can be simply washed off.

Oriental Calendar and Chinese New Year. What you need to do before January 25

In addition, it is not recommended to buy and donate shoes, because this word is consonant with the word “anger, heavy”. It is forbidden to donate or use any sharp objects, including knives and forks. According to signs, this way you can cut off your happiness. You cannot give a wallet, such a present leads to a lack of money.

Traditionally, the Spring Festival is celebrated for 16 days. In China, it will run until February 8th. The people of this country believe that a good start to the year attracts good luck twelve months in advance.

Dozens of schools. Children of Chelyabinsk united in social networks to mock each other

Tallinn will celebrate the Chinese New Year on Friday> Tallinn

On Friday, 12 February, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated at Vabaduse Square and Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.Dance performances, drum performances, light shows, fire sculptures, oriental martial arts demonstrations and traditional fireworks are planned. Everyone is invited to the Vabaduse Square by 13.00. At the Song Festival Grounds the program starts at 16.00.

According to Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, the annual meeting of the Chinese New Year is an event expected by Tallinn residents and has become a tradition. This year, along with local events, a video bridge from China is also planned.

“While touring artists from Beijing usually present a show to the Tallinn public, this year, given the epidemiological situation, a virtual program is planned with the participation of famous Chinese artists, which will be broadcast on the big screen of Wabaduse Square.We have tried to develop a varied program that can be enjoyed both in the central square of the city and in the largest venue in Tallinn – the Song Festival Grounds. Everyone can find something to their liking at a convenient time for themselves. This year, the entire program will be held in the open air, which allows you to maintain a distance, ”the vice-mayor emphasized.

The photo exhibition “Beijing, the ancient capital” will open at Wabaduse Square, where you can admire the traditional dance of a dragon and a lion. Viewers will also be able to watch the famous sculpture Tauno Kangro at work, making a sculpture of this year’s symbol – the bull.The sculpture will later be cast in bronze and will take its place next to the sculptures of symbols of the past in the Tallinn Zoo. There will be a fire show, and famous Chinese artists will be shown on large mobile screens.

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds will feature fire shows and sculptures, dragon dance, kung fu martial arts and tai chi practice. The evening will end with a musical performance: drums, LED masks and fireworks.In the grandiose fire park decorated with Chinese lanterns, one can contemplate magic bonfires, fire cannons, sparkling gates, and zodiacal fire sculptures will also be lit.

Free outdoor events will take place as a result of cooperation between the Tallinn Culture Department and the Beijing Culture Bureau.

Additional information :


Vabaduse Square 13.00 – 19.20

13.00-19.00 Creation of a bull sculpture by the sculptor Tauno Kangro.

18.00 Dragon dance and drummer performance.

18.10 Vice-Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev and Ambassador of China Li Chao will open the photo exhibition “Beijing, the ancient capital”.

18.16 Fire show of the dance studio “Mystic”.

18.20-19.20 Virtual show program on the big screen.

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds 16.00 – 19.00:

16.00 Fire show accompanied by modern music with Asian motives.

16.30 Dragon dance performance.

16.45 Kung fu introduction.

17.00 Tai-chi performance “Reflection of a forest in an urban environment” – an ancient teaching about man as a part of nature. The practice of tai chi calms the mind, helps the body stay healthy, and teaches you to use your inner strength. Everyone will be able to get acquainted with this amazing art.

17. 15 Silver Ulvik will present a colorful performance of dancers and musicians, enriched with instruments and music from different cultures. The event will be decorated with LED-lit drums and a didgeridoo.

18.00 Chinese New Year fireworks.

The photo exhibition and mobile video screens will remain on Vabaduse Square for three weeks, and the light installation “Bull” will adorn the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds until the end of February.

Chinese New Year 2021 – exact date

Unlike the traditional Gregorian New Year, which always occurs on January 1st, the Chinese New Year is a floating date.When to celebrate Chinese New Year 2021 – in the article “Precedent”.

In China, new year means the arrival of spring. It is celebrated according to the lunar calendar on the second new moon after the winter solstice. This year this event will take place on February 12th. And by the way, on February 12, 2021, China will enter the 4719th year. The Chinese calendar dates back to 2637 BC. According to legend, it was then that the Chinese emperor Huangdi invented it.

Initially, the celebration of the Chinese New Year was associated with the legend of a terrible monster named Nian.This Nian once a year left his mystical palaces and devoured crops, cattle, children. But one day the Chinese saw that Nian was afraid of the color red. Since then, the color of New Year’s celebrations in China has been red. Red lanterns are lit on their faces, the Chinese themselves dress in red and carry a yellow and red stuffed dragon through the streets to scare away the Nanny. For the same purpose, fireworks are launched into the sky.

It is customary to put about a hundred dishes on the New Year’s table in China. The table spins and all the guests try the dishes in a circle.Surprisingly for the Russian culinary mentality, the soup is served last.

To better navigate the calendar, the Chinese came up with the idea of ​​assigning the name of an animal to each year, as well as endowing it with the properties of the elements. This is how the Zodiac appeared. The Chinese zodiac calendar has 12 animals, five elements and five corresponding colors – water (blue), fire (red), earth (yellow), wood (green) and metal (white). Animals change every year, elements – every two years.For the second year already, the Chinese have been living in the metal element. The Year of the White Metal Rat was replaced by the White Metal Bull. He will dominate the calendar until January 31, 2022. After that, the year of the Blue Water Tiger will come.

Read more about Chinese New Year traditions here.

New Years, any Russian will confirm this, there is never too much. Therefore, the recipes for New Year’s salads will come in handy for the readers of the “Precedent” and for the Chinese New Year.

But the tradition of celebrating the Old New Year exists only in Russia.

Ekaterina Sosnina

90,000 Chinese New Year: How Fashion Brands Prepared for the Celebration | Vogue Ukraine

This year, the Chinese New Year fell on February 5, and its symbol was the pig, which personifies good fortune, success, wealth and prosperity in Eastern culture. That is why many brands have dedicated their new capsule collections to this topic. Thus, Alessandro Michele created a collection based on the cult cartoon “Three Little Pigs”, Natasha Ramsay-Levy, creative director of Chloe, in collaboration with an Indian artist presented exclusive prints, and Longchamp relied on pink bags in the shape of a “patch” has chosen the most interesting thematic collections, with which fashion brands once again make a nod to one of the most promising markets – the Chinese one.



The Italian brand Gucci has released a capsule collection that refers to the tale of the three pigs and the cartoon of the same name by the Disney studio of the 30s of the last century. In the center of attention is a funny pig, located on T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, bags and sneakers of the brand.

Michael Kors

American brand Michael Kors, inspired by the theme of travel, has presented a stop-motion video campaign dedicated to the Chinese New Year.The new project takes the viewer directly to Paris, New York and Shanghai. The focus is on the Mott and Whitney bags, as well as the Rhea backpack, which appeared in traditional festive shades of red, black and white, lavishly adorned with gold hardware.

Louis Vuitton

For a special capsule collection dedicated to the Chinese New Year, Louis Vuitton has released a limited series of bags and accessories in the form of silk scarves and bandeau, key chains, necklaces and bracelets, decorated with the symbol of the year – the pig.Thus, New Wave Love Lock Chain bags and Epi Love Lock Zippy wallet appeared in red, black, pink and white colors, while silk products featured illustrations of 12 signs of the zodiac according to the Chinese calendar, strewn with symbols of the fashion house.


To work on the capsule New Year collection, the French brand Chloé hired artist Hrithika Merchant, who created exclusive paintings on the brand’s bags, sneakers, T-shirts and sweatshirts.The capsule collection recalls prints from designer Natasha Ramsay-Levy’s spring / summer collection for Chloé, but this time, among the many vines and flowers, images of pigs have appeared.


The starting point for the creation of the new capsule of the English brand Mulberry was the Chinese folk legend about the pig-zodiac sign. The holiday collection is a limited edition and consists of two of the brand’s bestsellers, the Amberley and Mini Seaton handbags. Both models are crafted from croc-embossed leather in black and red.The collection also includes a scarf, an exclusive print for which was developed by the artist Li Rui. It is inspired by traditional Chinese landscapes.


Burberry’s Chinese New Year holiday campaign was inspired by the idea of ​​family reunification during the winter, reflected in the brand’s Christmas card. In social networks, by the way, these shots caused a heated discussion – many users found them too sad and absolutely non-festive.


On the eve of the Chinese New Year, the French brand Longchamp in collaboration with one of the largest Chinese designers Tao Lian, better known as Mr. Bags launched a capsule collection of bags. The main characters are funny and funny images of pigs on the iconic models of bags from the Le Pliage Cuir series. In addition, the capsule has been replenished with new festive models of bags in the form of pigs’ pigs and transparent plastic models with an inner wallet.


The American brand has delighted its fans in the new year with a wide range of leather goods and clothing dedicated to the Chinese holiday.So, the capsule collection includes bags, T-shirts, sweatshirts and silk scarves with the image of the main hero of the occasion – the pig. All new items are made in red with elements of American retro-chic.



Italian clothing brand Moncler has also decided to stick to tradition and presented a holiday capsule. Thus, the brand’s branded jackets have acquired New Year’s shades: fiery red and ink. For women, the brand offers a puffed jacket in red Cercette velvet and a red knit bomber jacket, both adorned with precious stones.While for men, the brand opted for a basic black Maglia T-shirt and a satin Duque bomber jacket with pig face emblems.


how to note and what absolutely must not be done – News of Samara and the Samara Region – State TV and Radio Company Samara

Chinese New Year is the most significant public holiday in the Middle Kingdom. The festivities stretch over two weeks and end with a lantern festival.

The holiday is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, so the date of the Chinese New Year is constantly changing.In 2020, the second new moon after the winter solstice falls on January 25th.

Celebration traditions:

  • Until January 25, 2020, you need to pay off all debts and solve all current problems. It is necessary to put things in order in the house and get rid of trash.
  • Early in the morning on the first day of the new year, the Chinese give their loved ones red envelopes with money, which promises financial well-being
  • When they come to visit, the hosts are presented with tangerines or oranges
  • On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom try not to eat meat, as they believe that it can scare off happiness
  • It is best to celebrate the Chinese New Year in white and shiny clothes, it is advisable to wear shiny jewelry and avoid animal prints.

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