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Turhan Bey, Joan Chen, Tsai Chin, Stephen Gong, James Hong, David Henry Hwang, Nancy Kwan, Christopher Lee, Ang Lee, James Leong Jr., Justin Lin, Lisa Lu, Luise Rainer, James Shigeta, Amy Tan, Wayne Wang, B.D. Wong, and the daughters of Violet Wong

Roland Winters as Charlie Chan in ‘The Chinese Ring’

Lady Tsen Mei in Lotus Blossom


“Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown.

   –Chinatown, Screenplay by Robert Towne (1974)

Bruce Lee and Suzie Wong – mention “Chinese in Hollywood” and it’s all about the exotic.

But it’s not.

Hollywood Chinese is a captivating revelation on a little-known chapter of cinema: the Chinese in American feature films. From the first Chinese American film produced in 1917, to Ang Lee’s triumphant Brokeback Mountain nine decades later, Hollywood Chinese brings together a fascinating portrait of actors, directors, writers, and iconic images to show how the Chinese have been imagined in movies, and how filmmakers have and continue to navigate an industry that was often ignorant about race, but at times paradoxically receptive.

Hollywood Chinese is produced, directed, written and edited by Academy Award® nominee and triple Sundance award-winning filmmaker, Arthur Dong (Licensed to Kill, Coming Out Under Fire, Forbidden City, U.S.A.), and presents eleven of the industry’s most accomplished Chinese and Chinese American film artists who share personal accounts of working in film. Ang Lee, Wayne Wang, Joan Chen, David Henry Hwang, Justin Lin, B.D. Wong, Nancy Kwan, Tsai Chin, Lisa Lu, James Hong, and Amy Tan are among the storytellers who have wrestled with being the “other” in Hollywood.

Non-Asian personalities are also featured to point out the controversy over portraying the Chinese in yellow-face. Two-time Oscar® winner Luise Rainer (Good Earth, 1937), character actor Christopher Lee (Fu Manchu, 1960-65), and 1940s matinee idol Turhan Bey (Dragon Seed, 1944) give first-hand recollections on being yellow on the silver screen.

Hollywood Chinese is punctuated with a dazzling treasure trove of clips from over 90 movies, dating from 1890s paper prints up to the current new wave of Asian American cinema. Hollywood Chinese also unearths films long thought to be lost. During the documentary’s production, filmmaker Arthur Dong was led to nitrate reels of what is now acknowledged as the first Chinese American film ever made,

The Curse of Quon Gwon (1917). Directed and written by filmmaker Marion Wong, it is also one of the earliest films made by a woman and was recently placed on the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

At once humorous, maddening, and inspiring, Hollywood Chinese weaves a rich and complicated tapestry, one marked by unforgettable performances and groundbreaking films, but also one tainted by a tangled history of race and representation.

Hollywood Chinese DVD

Special Features (Only available on 2-Disc Collector’s Edition):

  • Full-length theatrical version of Hollywood Chinese
  • A trio of Soundies including 1940s renditions of Chinatown, My Chinatown and Where’s the Chicken in the Chicken Chow Mein, performed by white entertainers in faux Chinese settings. Soundies are short musical films produced in 1940-1947. A precursor to music videos, they were projected on coin-operated film jukeboxes in bars and restaurants.
  • A selection of 1900s paper prints from the Library of Congress collection, including That Chink at Golden Gulch, an early attempt by D.
    W. Griffith to portray a somewhat sensitive story about the Chinese in America.
  • A gallery of movie memorabilia from pre-1950s Hollywood films with Chinatown settings.
  • Trailers from The World of Suzie Wong and Charlie Chan Carries On
  • Newsreel footage from the 1961 premiere of Flower Drum Song in New York City and San Francisco.
  • Interview outtakes featuring the stars of Hollywood Chinese who offer extended dialogues on topics such as Anna May Wong, Charlie Chan, Flower Drum Song, Fu Manchu, Suzie Wong, yellowface, stereotyping, and the Chinatown mystique.
  • 4-page color brochure, with filmmaker’s introduction
  • Plus much, much more!


The Curse of Quon Gwon

The Chengdu city authorities decide to demolish the old factory and build an elite residential complex in its place. To show how this event influenced the lives of people of different generations and social strata, director Jia Zhangke uses an unusual form: documentary footage and real interviews are combined with scenes in the style of pseudo-documentary.

19. Lust

Se, jie

  • Thriller, drama, melodrama, military, 2007.
  • Duration: 157 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

1938. In territory occupied by the Japanese army, a group of Chinese students plans to contribute to the liberation of their home country by assassinating influential collaborator Mr. Yi. Young and attractive Jiazhi has a role to play in this plan – to win Mr. Yi’s trust and lure him into a trap.However, as one might predict, things will not be so simple at all.

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18. House of Flying Daggers

Shi mian mai fu

  • Action, drama, melodrama, 2004.
  • Duration: 119 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.
A still from the movie “House of Flying Daggers”

Secret Agent Jing pursues the leaders of the rebel movement. To complete the task, he rubbed into the confidence of the daughter of the head of the resistance.In fact, the hero falls into a trap.

17. Earthquake

Tangshan da dizhen

  • Drama, 2010.
  • Duration: 136 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

The 1976 Tangshan earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people and became the second deadliest in human history. The film directed by Feng Xiaogang is dedicated to this catastrophe.

Li Yuanni’s little daughter and son fell under the rubble.The mother had a chance to save only one child, otherwise both would have died. The woman had to make the most difficult choice – and live with it further.

16. Flowers of War

Jin ling shi san chai

  • Action, drama, military, 2011.
  • Duration: 146 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.6.
Still from the movie “Flowers of War”

During the Sino-Japanese War, American undertaker John goes to Nanjing. There he turns out to be the only man among the students of the monastery and the inhabitants of the local brothel.Trying to help the girls, John pretends to be a priest.

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15. Drunken Master 2

Jui kuen II

  • Action, comedy, 1994.
  • Duration: 103 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.6.
Still from the movie “The Drunken Master 2”

A rare case when the sequel of the film was better than the first part. Master Huang Feihong finds himself drawn into the story of the theft of ancient Chinese relics.

As usual, Jackie Chan makes incredible bales while still being very funny.

14. Qiu Tszyu goes to court

Qiu Ju da guan si

  • Drama, comedy, 1992.
  • Duration: 101 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.6.
Still from the film “Qiu Tszyu Goes to Court”

The husband of a peasant woman, Qiu Tszyu, suffered at the hands of the village headman and could not work until the injury healed. Although a local official convinced the headman to pay compensation for the treatment, he refused to admit his guilt. This, according to Qiu Tszyu, is outrageous, and she is ready to go through all the circles of bureaucratic hell to restore justice.

Many street scenes were filmed with a hidden camera, so the film provides a rare opportunity to observe the daily life of the Chinese hinterland in the early 90s – and what is happening on the screen often causes some kind of irrational recognition.

13. City of Life and Death

Nanjing! Nanjing!

  • Drama, military, history, 2009.
  • Duration: 133 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.7.

Director Lu Chuan’s work on the Nanking massacre that took place in the winter of 1937. The events are shown not only through the eyes of the defenders and residents of the city, but also from the point of view of a soldier of the army of the Japanese invaders. And black-and-white photography reminds of documentary chronicle and gives realism. The film takes a living and carries a clear humanistic message: war is only horror, loss and pain.

12. Hired killer

Dip huet seung hung

  • Action, thriller, 1989.
  • Duration: 111 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.8.
A still from the movie “Hired Killer”

Action master John Woo directed a film about a hit man who became friends with the policeman who was chasing him.During the execution of one task, the killer accidentally deprives the singer of her sight. He wants to pay the girl for the operation, but for this he will have to complete another order.

11. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon

Wo hu cang long

  • Fantasy, action, melodrama, 2000.
  • Duration: 120 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.8.

This film, deservedly beloved by critics and audiences, has collected a heap of awards, including four Oscars, and was very successful at the box office.It could not be otherwise: a dynamic adventure plot twisted around a magical artifact, a wonderful acting game, Eastern philosophy, a love drama and, of course, combat stunts and flights typical of the genre.

An excellent choice if you want high-quality and spectacular action, but American films about superheroes are already fed up.

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10. Hero

Ying xiong

  • Fantasy, action, drama, 2002.
  • Duration: 96 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.9.

A parable illustrating Confucian ideas of justice and duty, wisdom and valor. The unnamed hero arrives at the court of the ruler of the Qin dynasty and tells how he defeated three enemies who threaten the ruler’s life. However, the truth is not revealed immediately: we will see three versions of the events in question at once.

A gripping and deep storyline complements the beautiful visuals: the film is sure to give you aesthetic pleasure.

9. Double castling

Mou gaan dou

  • Thriller, drama, crime, 2002.
  • Duration: 101 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.0.

The boss of the Hong Kong mafia injects his man into the police. However, among his confidants there is also a “mole” – an undercover policeman. Both sides seek to expose each other, and a deadly game begins.

If the opening sounds familiar to you, then you probably watched Scorsese’s Departed, which won four Oscars. This is a remake of “Castling Double”, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of psychological tension, plot accuracy and subtlety of acting.

8. Yip Man

Yip Man

  • Action, drama, 2008.
  • Duration: 106 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.0.

The film is based on real events from the life of the martial arts master Ip Man, the mentor of the legendary Bruce Lee. He was the first to open a Wing Chun school and carefully selected worthy students.

And the picture shows his opposition to the Japanese invaders during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Recommended for viewing to all lovers of martial arts and stories about fortitude, valor and honor.

7. Farewell, my concubine

Ba wang bie ji

  • Drama, melodrama, 1993.
  • Duration: 156 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.1.
Still from the film Farewell, My Concubine

A film about how art becomes life and life becomes art. This is the story of two actors from the Peking Opera and a former courtesan who turns out to be closely associated with them.

Stage performances and behind-the-scenes events take place against a backdrop of political turmoil, and this combination provides a dynamic storyline, emotional depth and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Beijing in the first half of the 20th century.

The film is considered one of the central works of the so-called fifth generation of Chinese directors and has won the Palme d’Or and many other foreign film awards.

6. Raise the red lantern

  • Drama, melodrama, history, 1991.
  • Duration: 125 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.1.
Still from the film “Raise the Red Lantern”

This intimate drama takes place on the estate of a wealthy Chinese feudal lord. Young Songlian is sold to him as his wife, and the girl becomes the youngest, fourth mistress. All inhabitants of the estate are required to observe various traditions and rituals, and for the attention of the master, a war is waged in sophisticated ways, hidden from the eyes of strangers.

5. In the mood for love

Faa yeung nin wa

  • Drama, melodrama, 2000.
  • Duration: 98 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.1.
Still from the film “In the Mood for Love”

The ability to turn the most banal plot into a work of art is a testament to the artist’s true skill. The story, as old as the world, about a man and a woman, whom fate accidentally brought together, becomes light and lyrical, sad and fleeting, like summer evenings.

Wong Karwai doesn’t miss a beat, and as a result, the looks and gestures, music, color and vibe of 60s Hong Kong create magic.

4. Chungking Express

Chung Hing sam lam

  • Drama, melodrama, crime, 1994.
  • Duration: 102 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.1.
Still from the film “Chungking Express”

Another painting, unique in its style, from the early works of Wong Karwai.It consists of two stories: the first is about a young policeman suffering from lost love, and the second is about another young policeman whose personal life is also not at all smooth.

In the presence of a mysterious drug dealer and a weird diner waitress, strange habits, fateful meetings and partings, loneliness and tenderness, dreams and many real human feelings.

As another reason why the film is worth watching: Quentin Tarantino was so impressed by it that the director independently organized its release in the United States.

3. Devils at the doorstep

Guizi lai le

  • Drama, military, comedy, 2000.
  • Duration: 139 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.2.
Still from the film “The Devils at the Threshold”

Two Japanese prisoners find themselves in a Chinese village devastated after the war. They are watched over and looked after by a local peasant. Gradually, the opinion of residents about the enemies is changing.

2. Under the hot sun

Yang guang can lan de ri zi

  • Drama, history, 1994.
  • Duration: 140 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.2.
A still from the film “Under the Hot Sun”

Artistic comprehension of the “cultural revolution” in China, only now through the eyes of a teenager who cares little about what is happening in the country. Hot summer, the spirit of freedom, street showdowns and the first love – there is no politics in this film, only nostalgia for a beautiful youth. The director of the film, Jiang Wen, said that many of the events in the film are based on his memories.


Huo zhe

  • Drama, military, history, 1994.
  • Duration: 133 minutes.
  • IMDb: 8.3.
Still from the film “Live”

Zhang Yimou’s epic saga about how one family, once rich and influential, experienced major historical events of the mid-20th century: the civil war in China and the “cultural revolution”.

At home, the film was banned for criticizing the policies of the communist government. However, abroad the picture was appreciated and awarded three prizes at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

Which Chinese films do you like? Do you like watching martial arts action movies or historical dramas? Or maybe your favorite movie didn’t make this list? Then tell us about it in the comments!

Which Chinese film about the Korean War topped the worldwide distribution? | Cinema | Culture

The Chinese military drama “The Battle of the Chosin Reservoir” became the leader of the world distribution at the end of the past weekend. The film earned $ 108 million over the weekend and surpassed the spy thriller “No Time to Die” – the 25th part of the Bond film ($ 89.5 million for the weekend).At the same time, the total fees of “No Time to Die” are $ 313 million for the entire rental period. The Chinese film, which is currently only shown in China itself, has a total revenue of $ 638 million, and this tape may become one of the box office hits of 2021.

What is this reservoir battle?

The Battle of Chosin Reservoir was one of the key battles of the initial stage of the Korean War (1950-1953). UN forces, then represented by US and British forces, attacked the North Korean army and almost won the final victory.The North Koreans were supported by China, but unofficially: instead of the Chinese army, “Chinese volunteers” took part in the war.

In November 1950, 8 Chinese divisions in the Chosin reservoir area (in the north of the Korean Peninsula) surrounded the UN X corps (about one and a half divisions). The Americans and British managed to break through the encirclement and retreat to the coast for evacuation, but their losses were great; however, the Chinese have lost even more.

Who made this film?

The military drama about the Battle of Choxin is released as part of the celebrations of the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party.The film was commissioned by the China Cinematography Authority, the Central Military Commission and Communist Party branches in several cities.

Produced by the production company Bona Film Group .

The film was directed by three directors at once – Chen Kaige, Dante Lam and Cui Hark , – 70 thousand soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army of China took part in the filming.

This is one of the most expensive films in production, not only in China, but also in the world: its budget exceeded $ 200 million.

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