China wholesale iphone parts: Stunning and Smart, New Selection of iphone parts china Hot Selections 10% Off


Stunning and Smart, New Selection of iphone parts china Hot Selections 10% Off

About products and suppliers:
iphone parts china provide the touch interface in smartphones, which are vital for them to function. stocks a stunning range of high-tech iphone parts china with vibrant color depictions. Truly crystal-clear displays of iphone parts china are available covering various brands and models such as the Samsung Galaxy Edge 2, OnePlus 7T, Samsung Galaxy C5, and many more.

iphone parts china are the most commonly used displays, as they produce great image quality while consuming low power. Rather than emitting light directly, they use back lights or reflectors to produce images, which allows for easy readability even under direct sunlight. iphone parts china are energy-efficient, and are comparatively safer to dispose of, than CRTs. iphone parts china are much more efficient when it comes to usage in battery-powered electronic equipment, due to their minimal power consumption.

Some other advantages of iphone parts china over the CRT counterparts are - sharper images, little to no heat emission, unaffected by magnetic fields, narrow frame borders, and extreme compactness, which make them very thin and light. Some types of iphone parts china are transmissive, reflective, and transflective displays. Transmissive displays provide better image quality in the presence of low or medium-light, while reflective displays work best in the presence of bright light. The third type of iphone parts china, transflective, combine the best features of both the other types and provide a well-balanced display.

Whether as an individual purchaser, supplier or wholesaler, browse for an extensive spectrum of iphone parts china at if you don't want to stretch a dollar yet find the best fit.

Cell Phone Parts, Parts for iPhone, Parts for iPad Supplier From China

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wholesale repair parts for iphone ipad ipod macbook iwatch

If you are a retailer or wholesaler of iPhones, or a leading telecom carrier or re-manufacturer of Apple products, then chances are that your phone has been ringing off the hook with complaints from customers. Not that it’s your fault, but the chief complaint from more than 50 million users has been about iPhone screens. Broken, cracked, damaged, shattered screens. Replacing those screens has cost over $34 billion! It’s time to buy

wholesale iPhone LCD screens at lower prices, and pass on the savings to your customers!

It’s a fact that the iPhone screen is likely it’s most vulnerable feature. And unless those screens contain high-quality liquid crystalline materials, they’re likely to become damaged. Studies show that there are several reasons why those screens break, crack and fall apart:

  • 74% from falls to the ground
  • 49% as a result of falling into water or other liquids
  • 38% from falling off a counter-top or a table
  • 26% fall into toilets, causing damage to the LCD
  • 22% pop out of bags and totes, ending up with damage to the LCD screens

So, what happens next? Customers quickly call their carrier, retail or whole sale distributor, and demand a replacement. And, unless you (the seller) have a dependable wholesale iPhone LCD supplier, chances are your business will have to bear the cost of those replacements. Now what do you do? You can’t afford to constantly replace LCD screens and still expect your company to survive and thrive. So, what can you do?

You need an iPhone LCD screen wholesale

 manufacturer you can trust and rely upon to support you through such times. Well, guess what – you just found that source right here at iPhone LCD! Our core values of constantly pushing boundaries, working with integrity, serving clients with humility and taking a proactive approach to problem solving, gives us a competitive edge over all our industry peers.

One word: Specialization! For over ten years, we’ve specialized in the manufacture and assembly of LCD screens and other components of Apple’s flagship devices. We’ve invested heavily in two factories in China, and equipped them with state-of-the art LCD screen manufacturing equipment and technology.

Our core strength is in producing LCD screens for a wide range of Apple iPhones, tablets and Macs. We serve as a key ally in the wireless parts supply chain, and that gives us deep insight into our customer’s needs. So, by picking us as your go-to supplier of iPhone parts wholesale from China, you just can’t go wrong. And, with a strong team of 400-plus engineers, product designers and technicians to back you, you’ll be in safe hands!

And oh, in case we didn’t mention it earlier: It doesn’t matter whether you are a small-to-medium independent facility, a national network carrier or an enterprise level re-manufacturer of Apple products. With iPhone LCD.Net as your

iPhone LCD wholesale partner, you’re always guaranteed to receive the highest quality products for the lowest price available anywhere. Because that’s how we earn our customer’s trust!

But…there’s more to working with us.

We’ve told you about our commitment to highest quality standards. We’ve also explained why we offer the lowest price available on the wholesale market – it’s all about trust. But our customers don’t just shop with us because of quality and price. They value many of the other benefits that our partnership offers:

  • Extensive array of Apple iPhone LCD screens and parts – from the 4-series to the most recent 11 Pro Max line
  • Broad variety of product grades, ranging from OEM to original refurb, to soft/hard OLED, Incell and Premium/standard after-market – we have you covered
  • Our wholesale iPhone LCD prices cut out the middleman – so our customers and yours reap the benefit
  • Our lifetime warranty policy gives customers stress-free assurance of product confidence
  • Low defect rate – less than 3% – offers confidence in our product quality
  • With our “Customer First” focus, you’ll receive the best customer experience anywhere
  • We guarantee international shipping anywhere in the world – right to your factory, office or warehouse

So, doesn’t that give you confidence that we are an iPhone LCD screen wholesale manufacturer and supplier that you can trust and rely upon? But that’s not all you’ll get with our partnership:

  • Are you looking for bulk supply? We carry over 100,000 pcs of inventory
  • Looking for expedited shipping? We can ship product within 3-days of order confirmation
  • Need someone to produce large orders? Our two facilities support 3000 square-meters of workshop, capable of daily throughput of 60K (4.
    7”) and 55K (5.5”)
  • Wondering about defective product returns? Don’t worry – our Lifetime Warranty policy has you covered. We have one of the most efficient, equitable and fair return policies in the industry. Our clients never get stuck with unwanted products because, in the rare case that a product is genuinely defective – we’ll act quickly to replace the order

And that’s the kind of unrivalled support you’ll get with each order you place with us. We are a professionally managed and operated organization, meeting and even surpassing the highest expectations of clients looking to source

wholesale iPhone Screens globally. That’s why we have large clients, including wholesale importers, refurbish companies and insurance companies placing their trust in us. We are even proud of calling multi-national corporations like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile our valued customers.

So, are you ready to make the switch to a reliable, trusted partner to source all your Apple iPhone parts and LCD screens? If you are, then just contact us today and let us help you make the switch.

Your customers are looking to you for the best buying experience, especially when LCD screens seem to fail so often. Why not source iPhone parts wholesale from China and give them the benefit of high-quality parts and accessories at unbelievably low prices?

Make the switch and make iPhone LCD.Net your trusted ally. It’s good for your customers…but it’s even better for your bottom line!  

Guide to buying iPhone Spare Part Supplies on Aliexpress

AliExpress is the ideal online retail shopping place to get the iPhone spare parts. With great offers and customised products at affordable prices, AliExpress ensures that you are offered a wide variety with speedy delivery. Not only do you get awesome products on this Ecommerce platform, it is also ensured that you are offered the right iPhone spare parts. If you are looking for quality spare parts for your spoilt iPhone phone, look no further!

In the recent past, AliExpress has emerged as one of the most popular options for internet buyers. They can not only purchase devices, but also tonnes of spare parts for those devices. The spare parts available on AliExpress include screens and other phone parts components at incredible prices. These parts can be bought both individually and in wholesale or bulk purchase.

Buying Aliexpress iPhone Parts

For iPhones, you can purchase spare LCD screens, touchpad screens and even motherboard. Most of these are packaged along with assembly and replacement tools. This ensures that you can replace your damaged phone with a new screen.

You can check out the following wholesale iPhone parts Product – Elekworld Grade For iphone X OLED XS XR TFT With 3D Touch Digitizer Assembly No Dead Pixel LCD Screen Replacement Display Product – Original Small Front Camera For iPhone 5S SE 5C 5 6 6s 7 8 Plus Proximity Sensor Face Front Camera Flex Cable Phone Repair Parts Product – Full Set Screws for iPhone 5 5C 5S 6 6S 6Plus 6s plus 7 8 7Plus + Repair Replacement Parts Holder Bracket Fastening Pad Spacer AliExpress. com Product – 64GB 128GB 256GB With Face ID/No Face ID for iPhone X XR XS XS Max Motherboard unlocked,100% Original for iphone x r Logic board

You can also purchase camera lenses, original batteries, and assemblage tool kits. At present, the hottest selling part for the iPhone 6 all the way to latest series of iPhone 11 is the Fisheye Lens which is a 3 in 1 mobile phone clip lens with a wide angled macro camera lens. A KHP Phone Battery for the iPhone 6-11 models are also very popular on the website.

iPhone Parts Supplier with Good Reputation

If you do not want spare parts but want to replace your phone altogether, AliExpress takes care of that as well. To look for a replacement of your phone, all you have to do is go to the website, click on ‘Phones’, redirect to ‘Mobile Phone Parts’ and then search for your phone model. What more, you can also choose the seller that you like!

Relying on customer reviews and ratings, we bring to you 3 sellers that you can most likely rely on

#1- Fortress Store

Feedback by buyers

  • item fits well. great replacement part 
  • The quality is excellent, all as in the product description, the product is excellent!
  • It never arrived but the seller give me back the money


jf pHONE pARTS Store

Store that accept payment by Escrow! If you are not satisfied when you receive your item, they accept returns within 30 days for a replacement or money back.

Feedback by Buyers

  • Good quality, good communication with the seller.thanks


3- iDigital Store

All lcd screen have undergone rigorous testing before shipment; and each lcd screen will install small accessories ( ear speaker dust-proof mesh, front camera ring, sensor ring, insulation foam )

Feedback by buyers

  • TOP seller ultra fast delivery, 100% compliant, thank you 
  • Tested all the displays and worked perfectly! 
  • Good seller Product great quality! Excellently seller

Cost of building your iPhone

So the first question I’ll get is how much it will cost you to build your own iPhone. 6S.

There are some answers here. I know the answer everyone wants is $ 300 and it costs $ 300 only for parts.

Gone to actual iPhone success. I probably bought a little more, but in This range is, however, not the full story that I spent much more than that.

Maybe I spent more than $ 1,000 on replacements to cut out parts of the tools I purchased Wrong. Part and then call me and i get the right part – you bought Some books like these things, while the end is at the end of the segments costing me $ 300. I didn’t know this tried to make their iPhone like it’s got Away without having to buy additional things is somewhere between $ 300 and $ 1000.

Maybe what you can expect to spend if you come here to Shenzhen and have a try, Build your iPhone like I did, but I don’t think that’s the question. People actually want an answer, because I think what a lot of people really want is To find out is building my own iPhone, the cheapest way to get an iPhone. The answer is not really, and let me give you a little more Context.

Why do I think? It’S even this same phone that I built when I built it.

It cost a new $ 600 at the Apple Store, but a similar iPhone that looked like 250 to $ 350 and, if you think about it, what you built at the end of the day. Really is the phone used refurbished.

The most important part of the logic board is Use the part that came out of a worker’s phone made by Apple. So you know, While my phone might look a little nicer on the outside than your rate, The used phone at the end of the day is really the phone used for that Recommendation.

If you really want an iPhone and don’t have much money To spend, searching for a good-looking phone theme of a used phone that you probably know.

A few models behind, you will be able to check to make sure everything is working And you won’t run the risk Of breaking an already expensive part like breaking A logic board that would greatly increase the cost for you and possibly It makes you really sad.

But if you are like me – and you really want to understand how Side of iPhone works, build iPhone or iPhone repair is a great way to do this. So this is your motivation to go for it.

The most expensive is basically the phone’s motherboard.

Try it out! Let me know if you can get one under $300!


Where to buy iPhone 11 Clone

Fake Apple Airpods Review

Fake Apple Watch Series 5 Review

Buying from China. : mobilerepair

TIRED of getting inconsistent quality? FRUSTRATED you can’t find what you’re looking for? INTRODU…..

Yeah not going to do infomercial on you guys.

So during the last few months I’ve seen many slam Chinese parts and buying from china in general. So I’m going to shed some light on this subject. So strap in because it’s going to be long.

Before I start I’ve been buying from China for years, and a few different categories of products, now I’m not saying to stop buying from major suppliers in the USA, many have very good prices and very fast shipping, I even buy from a few of them.

The biggest benefit is being able to buy a more variety of things and almost always in stock, like used Samsung rear glass and even phone boxes with IMEI numbers, I buy samsung phones that are broken to fix and re sell, the list never ends.

1.SUPPLIER. This is the first step, easiest way if you’re not going to purchase high volume is Aliexpress, but after you find a high reviewed seller contact them directly via chat, and ask for a WhatsApp or WeChat number. Also keep in mind there’s about a 14 hour time difference, most of the time you will have to stay up late or talk in the early morning if you want fast replies.

If they don’t give you one don’t do business with them. After that you can order 1 thing like a sample and once you receive it you can move onto step 2. Also don’t freak out if you get a bad seller, it happens.

Now, if you buy in huge quantities and want custom screens and packaging like some suppliers in the USA. Then go to Alibaba, as you will be dealing with the factory, not necessarily directly as many factory owners don’t know english and they hire brokers. But still direct none the less. They will tell you what they make and how you can have them made, packaging etc. If you do this route step 2 won’t really apply to you that much.

Also don’t be a dick, their english might not be the best, but they’re trying to make a living just like all of us and have to try very hard, so understand the language barrier. Also don’t be alarmed if they talk to you like you’re their best friend and send you pictures of what they eat or do, they’re proud of their country, so send them pics as well they’ll love it.

2.SELECTING PARTS. Now that you’ve verified the part is what you want and you trust the seller you can buy more. This is also where people say China just sells shit parts and people like Hugh Jeffery’s start hopping down the old bunny trail to blast town and starting sucking the peace pipe of ifixit.

Now this might be hard to believe, but the Chinese are NOT good salesmen. Like at all. They get you what you want, I never knew my supplier has used original Glass for samsung until she was like ” oh hey I sell this are you interested?” And I was all like “wtfffffff” as I will always go for original, can’t beat it even if used.

So, always know what you’re looking for and have the knowledge of the different parts available on the market. And don’t be afraid to contact some one else if the person you talk to won’t or can’t get what you want. You’re the boss in the relationship.

Also pictures help find what you need.

Now, once you got your order done here comes the worst and hardest part of it all….

3.SHIPPING AND CUSTOMS. CBP in the USA; “Hardy har har is that a logo I see? YEET.”

Well sometimes, USA is a lot easier than México. México yeets everything unless you bribe them. Ask me how I know.

We’ll get to customs in a second. First is shipping, so let me break it down;

DHL Pros: Fastest, like really fast. Their delivery guys are nice to me.

Cons: Expensive, about $30-50usd per Kilo. Can’t ship batteries. Difficult customs sometimes.

FedEx: Pros: Cheaper. Never had a customs problem. Can ship batteries via Special Line.

Cons: Can take longer especially shipping batteries.

UPS: Don’t use them can’t tell you anything.

USPS/Aliexpress shipping: Pros: Cheaper then breathing.

Cons: We dOn’T hAvE yOuR pAcKaGe.

Now onto customs. The level of difficultly will now come down to 2 things, Logos and quantity of dollar amount of package.

Logos: You HAVE to tell your supplier to cover logos, many won’t until requested. Make sure they use a marker, stickers what not to cover up any logos, this will help in case your package is opened, mine never have up until now. Also putting LCDs in packages helps. In small orders CBP won’t care but in something large yeah. This also applied to anything. Not just phones also any logo on any type of product.

USD amount on packages: CBP will charge you import fees if your package is around or over $2000 USD. It’s not much but still. And very easy to get to.

Now, I got high once and a pyrofox from another dimension told me you can put a lower amount on your customs invoice from china and say you have less amount to avoid that as long as it’s not stupid low, maybe about half. But who trusts those fox’s?

That’s ilegal and don’t do it. In case it does happen CBP will make you pay the courier and will ask for your SSN, it’s for tax records.


I mean, you got your package, yay.


I have NEVER EVER EVER had to return something to china. This will vary by supplier. But once you have a good relationship basically my returns are like this;

“Ey yo my iPhone 7 LCD I got doesn’t work”

“Alright, will send a new one on next order”

Sometimes they ask for pictures. Mine doesn’t anymore.

Warranty time doesn’t matter, if you order frequently of the same things. A screen you sold 6 months you can say just arrived in your new order bad, so it comes down to what you give for warranty rather then your supplier.

Hope this helped someone out there. My thumbs didn’t like it.

Like I said buying from china helps expand your business and most have been scared to do it which is understandable. Many good things USA suppliers don’t stock or won’t.

I’m not responsible for anything that could happen to you because of this post

China Wholesale Repair Parts Cell Phone Touch Screen for iPhone 6plus LCD Screen Whit Best Price

Wholesale Repair Parts Cell Phone Touch Screen for iPhone 6plus LCD SCREEN WHIT Best Price

Product supplyWe offer all kinds mobile accessories and parts .
Place of Originshenzhen, China (Mainland)
MOQ50pcs. Accept sample order/ Receiving mixed color order
QC PolicyAll products in each of the production process for inspection, to ensure the quality of finished products.
Producing Experiencemore than 10 years experience in producing
Sample PolicyProvide the Sample
Most samples fee can be return as part of payment for the orders you placed.
Packaging1.Inner packaging: Bubble bag /piece or custom retail packaging(blister box , PE bag , bubble , paper box ) 
2.we also can package as customers’ requirement .
Delivery Time2-7days,it depends on how quantity u order.
Shipping terms1. Usual order: By express, DHL/ UPS/ Fedex/ EMS etc. methods as you requested
2. Large order: By sea or By air.If you have cargo here,we can sent to them as well.
Payment termsCash,Western Union, Bank Transfer(T/T) ,MoneyGram
Service1.  OEM/ODM are highly appreciated
2.  Customized logo are welcome
3.  Best after sales service to ensure satisfaction from customers.

Wholesale Repair Parts Cell Phone Touch Screen for iPhone 6plus LCD SCREEN WHIT Best Price
Wholesale Repair Parts Cell Phone Touch Screen for iPhone 6plus LCD SCREEN WHIT Best Price
Wholesale Repair Parts Cell Phone Touch Screen for iPhone 6plus LCD SCREEN WHIT Best Price

China Display Parts for Iphone Xs Manufacturers, Suppliers – Factory Direct Wholesale


Cell phone spare parts




PR7/TianMa/OEM/Original/Soft OLED/Hard OLED/PR7 Hard OLED










IPS(Multi- Touch)



Touch screen:

Capacitive touch screen & multi-touch




High quality

Product Name :display parts for iphone xs

Components:Glass,frame,polarizer,backlight,LCM,flex,sensor ring ,ear mesh etc.

Materials contain : liquid crystal, plastic,metal and glass etc.

Function:Used for LCD Touch Screen Replacement,Repairing

Qualities Offer:Tianma(TFT),OLED(hard and soft),Incell,OEM and Original


Q1:Phone Screen just got broken,but I still see the display and Touch works well,do I need to change the whole screen.

A:No,you don’t need.It’s okay to just change the glass layer of the screen,the cost of which will be much cheaper than replacing the whole screen.But it needs professional skills and special repairing machine to cut the broken glass off from the old screen.

Please contact our site to know more details of front glass,thank you!

90,000 purchase and sale of covers for the iPhone

Original products for the iPhone are expensive, and not every smartphone owner wants to spend money on official covers. This can be used to create your own business.

Covers are almost essential goods, so the target audience is very wide. If you find unusual models, you will attract enough clients to recoup costs.

It is most profitable to order iPhone cases directly from China in bulk.The vast majority of factories for the production of accessories for mobile devices are concentrated in the Celestial Empire. Even Apple orders manufacturing from Chinese contractors.

What covers can be bought in China

The choice of accessories in the Middle Kingdom is huge. They sell both cheap models and expensive accessories interspersed with precious stones. But most of the market is occupied by classic models of fairly good quality.

When organizing your business, do not skimp on variety.Many clients prefer certain materials or colors.

When ordering iPhone covers in bulk from a manufacturer in China, include the following types of components in the purchase list:

  • Plastic – inexpensive and versatile accessories most popular with smartphone owners. Choose good quality plastic products and, if possible, make sure that the paint does not peel off of it.
  • Silicone – an economical option for those who do not want to overpay. Available in various colors.
  • Leather – the most expensive and beautiful type of covers. In China, you can find products made from genuine leather, but its substitutes are most often found.

How to find a supplier

If you know Chinese business methods well, speak English and can check your colleagues for mercenary intentions (there are many one-day offices in the PRC), then search for suppliers yourself.

The first method is the Internet. Go to Alibaba, Aliexpress or Taobao – hundreds of companies are already looking for foreign partners.The second way is wholesale exhibitions. On them, you can personally communicate with representatives of the company and see the goods. This option is obviously preferable.

Searching for a supplier through a logistics company

But most businessmen are not familiar with the realities of Chinese trade, and the risks of being deceived are quite high. Therefore, it is better to contact our logistics agency – specialists will help you choose the most suitable partner.

We also provide assistance in China for the purchase of goods.The company’s lawyers will conclude an agreement on your behalf and, if necessary, organize negotiations.

Order covers for iPhones in bulk from China through our company, and receive the shipment as soon as possible. We will arrange the accompanying documentation, arrange delivery by convenient transport and customs clearance.

Apple suppliers stop working at the request of the Chinese authorities

Unscheduled outages

The production of components for Apple devices at some factories in China has temporarily ceased.As Gizmochina writes, the situation has worsened due to the actions of the PRC authorities.

The country is facing an energy crisis, and now the Chinese government has authorized the temporary disconnection of electricity from enterprises. These scheduled blackouts are part of Beijing’s new energy use regulations in the country.

Backorders are on the rise, according to Gizmochina, as shipments for new iPhones continue to shift.

And this happens at the wrong time for Apple – a few days after the start of sales of the iPhone 13, new iPad tablets and Apple Watch of the seventh generation.

China’s actions leading to the shutdown of factories will aggravate the shortage of devices, Anton Guskov, PR Director of the Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical and Computer Equipment (RATEK), said in a conversation with Gazeta.Ru.

“Now enterprises are shutting down not because of a pandemic, but because of power outages. This will exacerbate the shortage of both components and finished products. Since the situation [with a deficit] already exists on the market, this will have an additional negative impact, ”the specialist explained.

According to him, Apple, like many companies, works on a contract basis, placing orders at many different factories. Guskov said that most of these orders go to China and other countries of Southeast Asia. The expert said that if Foxconn, the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world, which works not only with Apple, but also with other tech giants, begins to have problems, then one should seriously fear an aggravation of the situation in the electronics market.

“This will affect not only Apple, but the market as a whole,” the expert concluded.

Sources familiar with the situation, in a comment to Bloomberg , argue that the firms responsible for the production of Apple smartphones have so far managed to avoid a sharp cut in production.

It’s all about coal

The reason for the energy problems is the sharp rise in coal prices. The increase in cost is due to a shortage of coal due to increased demand from producers and the introduction of stricter emission standards within China.

Over the past month, a ton of coal on the Zhengzhou Stock Exchange (one of the three futures exchanges in China) has risen in price by 40% to $ 192.4 – a new record over the past eight years. Compared to last summer, prices have doubled.

According to analysts, the reduction in production due to the lack of electricity will lead to a slowdown in China’s economic growth.

Anton Guskov from RATEK believes that the actions of enterprises due to the pandemic have shown that there is always the possibility of unexpected problems in the electronics market leading to a shortage.

“Not a supporter of seeing any global conspiracy theories here. Problems can arise on their own. In addition, no one is interested in raising prices, ”the expert added, urging not to see any hidden goals in such shutdowns.

He explained that the electronics market lives on “selling at affordable prices and a lot, because the turnover is needed.” Guskov concluded that any price increase, even with an increase in production costs, is a decrease in effective demand.

Who was under attack?

Eson Precision Engineering, a subsidiary of Foxconn and a key Apple supplier, has suspended production for a week. Another supplier, Unimicron Technology, has ceased production in two cities until the end of September.

Unimicron Technology Corp clarified that its three subsidiaries in China have stopped production at the request of local authorities. Eson Precision does not have factories in the Chinese city of Kunshan.

According to Reuters , production interruptions at these facilities have jeopardized supply chains during the high season.

Agency sources noted that Foxconn had to “adjust” part of its production capacity. One of the interlocutors clarified that the companies postponed shifts of some workers in Kunshan from late September to early October.

Concraft Holding, a supplier of iPhone speaker components in Suzhou, explained that it will use inventory to meet demand during the shutdown. It is known that factories that produce motherboards are also closed.However, not all Apple vendors are affected yet.

For example, there are those who have not yet been overtaken by the measures of the PRC. Two major Taiwanese chipmakers, United Microelectronics Corp and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, said their facilities in China are still operating without restrictions.

China Wholesale Markets | How to start your business with China

Top 35 wholesale markets in China in different cities :

Bags, clothes, jewelry, toys, absolutely everything can be found in the wholesale markets of China.If you are interested in cheap products, why not come to China and find reliable Chinese wholesalers?

I have carefully selected the largest and most professional markets in each product category.

If you are interested in a specific product, just look at the list below and select the relevant markets.


1. Baoding Baigou Bags & Cases Trading Market

2. Guihua Gang Leather Bags Market

3.Yiwu International Trade City, District 2


1. Huaqiang Bei Electronic World

2. Yiwu International Trade City, District 2


1. China Technology Hardware City

2. Shanghai Hardware City

3. Yiwu International Trade City, District 2


1. China Danyang Glasses City

2.Duqiao Zhejiang Glasses City

3. Yiwu International Trade City, District 3


1. Wanling plaza

2. Shantou Chenghai Plastic City

3. Linyi Yongxing International Toy Profession Wholesale City

4. Yiwu International Trade City, District 1

Office supplies:

1. Guangzhou Chaoyang stationery market



1.Datang Stocking Industry Market

2. Yiwu International Trade City, District 4

Wedding wear:

1. Huqiu Bridal City


1. Hangzhou evergreen clothing market

2. Huanbei Small Commodity Market

3. Hangpai Boutique Costume Market

4. Xinhangpai Leisure Fushicheng

5. Guangzhou Baima clothing market

6.Guangzhou Thirteen Hongs of Canton

7. Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Market


1. Haining China Leather City

Down Feather:

1. Gaoyou Down Feather Economic Development Zone


1. Hangzhou Chinese Silk City

2. Eastern Silk Market China


1. China Textile Town


1.Shiwan Shagang Ceramics Wholesale Market

2. Jingdezhen Ceramics Market


1. Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City

2. Yiwu International Trade City, District 4


1. Shuibei International Jewelery Exchange Center

Machines and related products:

1. Linyi Car & Motorcycle Fittings Town

2. Yiwu International Production Material Market

Small goods:

1.Yiwu International Trade City

2. Wuai Small Commodity wholesale market

Wholesale Markets in Yiwu

1. Yiwu International Trade City (义乌 国际 Commerce贸 城)

Yiwu International Trade City is one of the largest small commodity export bases in China and the largest wholesale market in the world. It currently has an area of ​​over 4 million square meters, 70,000 booths and over 200,000 daily visitors.

It has been divided into five parts, for different categories of goods:

Part 1: Toys / Decoration and Ornament / Porcelain and Crystal

Part 2: Suitcases and bags / Umbrellas / Electrical goods

Part 3: Glasses / Stationery / Cosmetics / Zippers and buttons

Part 4: Socks / Gloves / Hats / Shoes / Clothes / Belt / Bra and underwear

Part 5: Auto parts and motorcycles / Knitted fabrics / Food / Health products

At this wholesale site you can find any product that interests you.This is why this wholesale market is ranked # 1 on my list.

2. International Manufacturing Materials Market (国际 生产资料 市场)

This is another large wholesale market in Yiwu, which covers 1,774,000 square meters and is even larger than the Yiwu International Trade City. The marketplace is mainly specialized in machinery and equipment. It is also a center for lighting products and leather goods.

Guangdong Wholesale Markets

1.Guihua Gang Leather Bag Market (广州 桂花岗 皮具箱包 批发市场)

We often say that the leather goods of the world are in China, the leather goods in China are in Guangzhou, and the leather goods in Guangzhou are in Sanyuanli. The Guihua Gang Leather Handbag Market is the most famous wholesale leather marketplace in the world.

More than 5000 brands of leather are collected here. And also famous high-end brands such as Marino Orlandi, MARSHAL, Corcodile, Valentino Juden, Valentino Rudy, Napoleoris Dieam, Dissona, etc.

2. Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City ( 广州 大都市 鞋城 )

Besides leather goods, Guangzhou is also the center of the footwear industry in China. Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City is close to the Canton Fair site, airport and train station.

According to a survey, 90% of shoe retailers in the Pearl River Delta region were in the metropolitan shoe city.

3. Wanling Plaza (广州 万 菱 广场)

This place is mainly intended for the wholesale of toys (mainly remote controlled, but also educational).In addition to toys, you can also find gorgeous gifts for all tastes here.

The store here is designed as a boutique, so searching for goods here is a kind of pleasure, just like finding yourself in wonderful fairy-tale worlds.

4. Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market (广州 白马 服装 批发市场 )

Due to its geographic location, Baima is a well-known market for overseas customers. It is close to Guangzhou Railway Station and 2 kilometers from the Old Canton Fair buildings.It is the largest apparel market with the highest turnover in Guangzhou.

This clothing market mainly sells high quality, high quality women’s clothing, and the price will be correspondingly higher than other wholesale markets.

5. Guangzhou Thirteen Hongs of Canton (广州 十三 行 服装 批发市场)

Thirteen Hong Canton is the most famous wholesale clothing market in China. He closely follows global fashion and clothing design trends

It should be noted that the market closes around 13:00, so it is best to visit it early in the morning.More than 95% of the clothes here are from manufacturers, which means a lower price and stable quality. The difference between the price of 1-5 pieces and 5-10 pieces in one variation will be about 10 cents.

6. Shahe Clothing Market (广州 沙河 服装 市场)

Shahe Clothing Market is a vast area with three important buildings: WAN JIA (万佳), JIN MA (金马) and FU LI (富丽). Prices in Shah will be the lowest in comparison with the rest of the clothing markets in Guangzhou. Important: the market closes around 2:00 pm during the high season and 12:00 pm during the low season.

7. Guangzhou Chaoyang Stationery Market (广州 朝阳 文化用品 市场)

It is the largest, most upscale and most comprehensive market for office supplies in South China. It is equipped with a large warehouse, so you don’t have to worry that the product you are interested in will not be enough. In this wholesale market, you will be surprised to find a $ 10 pen only costs $ 3.

8. Shantou Chenghai Plastic City (汕头 澄海 塑料 城)

Chenghai is named the “Toy City of China” and is supported by the government.Currently, there are over 50,000 kinds of remote control aircraft, cars and other toys in Chenghai. More than 100 new models are produced every month. The goods here are sold by weight because many suppliers are manufacturers and the price will be quite low. But you should pay attention to their quality.

9. Shiwan Shagang Ceramic Products Wholesale Market (石湾 沙岗 陶瓷 批发市场)

Foshan Ceramics is the largest ceramic manufacturing base in China, constantly exploring new technologies and new products.Based on the introduction of innovative foreign technology and equipment, Foshan ceramics is constantly improving and innovating, and is also at the forefront of product development and technological innovation. Its wear-resistant polished brick technology has reached the world level.

Hangzhou Wholesale Markets

1. Hangzhou Chinese Silk City (中国 丝绸 城)

Hangzhou is one of the famous places for the production and processing of silk, which is a vertical integration cluster that combines sericulture, silk unwinding, silk spinning, silk weaving, dyeing, dressmaking, etc.It is such a complete production system that ensures the quality of silk products.

2. Hangzhou Evergreen Clothing Market (杭州 四季青 服装 市场)

It is a large market with many markets: Yifa Apparel Market, Zhidi International Apparel Market, New Hangpai and others. It ranks second in the professional apparel market category with a turnover of about RMB 10 billion annually.

The market is mainly engaged in wholesales (accounting for over 80%), and the categories cover all types of clothing.In this market, you can easily find the right models that you will definitely like.

3. Huanbei Small Commodity Market (杭州 环 北 小大)

Located in Hangzhou Central Business District. The excellent geographical position and convenient transport links contribute to the prosperity of this market.

Huanbei Market is mainly engaged in clothing and consumer goods. The first floor is for clothes, and the second floor is for everyday goods such as socks, shoes, umbrellas, toys and so on.

4. Hangpai Boutique Costume Market (杭 派 精品 服装 市场)

This market has a very large assortment of clothing, moreover, the quality here is equal to that of an exclusive store.

5.Xinhangpai Leisure Fushicheng (新 杭 派 休闲 服饰 城)

This market is located in the heart of the Evergreen Clothing Block. On the ground floor, bags, men’s and women’s clothing are sold, and on the second floor there is a boutique, where you can even see some designer models from foreign fashion houses.

Zhejiang Wholesale Markets

1. China Technology and Equipment City (永 康中国 科技 五金 城)

It is the largest hardware market in China and the third largest in the world. The total area reaches 1 million square meters. Products include machinery, construction equipment, tools, finishing equipment, and other 19 categories of tens of thousands of types of equipment and related products.

2. Shanghai Hardware City (上海 五金 城)

It is a large commercial market city called China’s First Hardware City.There is convenient transportation and a developed periphery of the manufacturing industry. Gradually, it becomes Asia’s largest exhibition center for the hardware industry, a purchasing and information center, combining facilities for research and development, production and sales.

3. Datang Hosiery Market (大唐 袜业 市场)

Datang Stocking Industry Market has become the largest hosiery distribution center in China. The annual turnover reaches over one hundred million RMB.The market is divided into four main parts: textile raw materials, socks, hosiery and physical distribution.

Popular international brands such as Saint Laurent, Dunhill, Valentino and others open their branches in this market.

4. Duqiao Zhejiang Glasses City (杜桥 浙江 眼镜 城)

Duqiao Zhejiang Glasses City is one of the four largest cities in China. There are many glass factories that supply goods not only to nearby cities, but also to foreign trading companies.

5. Haining China Leather City (海宁 中国 皮革 城)

Haining is known as the “China Leather City”. It is a professional market that has a leading position in China. There are many factories and shops selling leather goods. The total building area is 1,000,000 square meters. The annual business volume is tens of billions of RMB.

6. China Textile Town (绍兴柯 桥 中国 轻纺 城)

It is currently the largest textile distribution center with the largest number of product categories in the world.The area is 778,000 square meters, over 30,000 kinds of fabrics, with a daily flow of 100,000 customers and a daily turnover of 180 million RMB. Every year a quarter of the world’s fabrics are sold here.

Jiangsu Wholesale Markets

1. China Danyang Glasses City ( 中国 丹阳 眼 镜 城 ) (中国 丹阳 眼镜 城)

Danyang Glasses City, Beijing Glasses City and Guangzhou Glasses City are the three main wholesale markets in China.Its production accounts for 55% of the world’s glass production.

2. Oriental silk market in China (东方 丝绸 市场)

This silk market is even larger and more famous than the Chinese silk city of Hangzhou. The market covers an area of ​​over 300,000 square meters. At present, it has become a major textile trading center with an annual turnover exceeding RMB 100 billion.

3. Gaoyou Down Feather Economic Development Zone (高邮 羽绒 经济 开发区)

There is a saying that 70% of the world’s down jacket production comes from Jiangsu and 70% from Jiangsu from Gaoyou.Gaoyou Down Feather Economic Development Zone is the world’s largest down clothing manufacturing base with tens of tons of processing capacity.

You’ve probably heard of Bentton, Boston and so on. Most of these brands set up their own production base here, and many other international brands also come here looking for manufacturers.

4. Huqiu Wedding City (虎丘 婚纱 城)

This is the first wedding dress manufacturing complex in China.A wedding dress in this place costs between RMB 800 and RMB 4,000. But you can bargain with them and get 50 or even 60 percent off.

Wholesale Markets in Shenzhen

1 . Electronic World Huaqiang Bei (深圳 华强 北 电子 批发市场)

It is the largest e-marketplace and wholesale purchasing center for SMEs in the world. There are about 50 electronic markets in Huaqiang Bei and most of them deal with phones. It is said that you can assemble your phone here by purchasing all the necessary components.

2. Shuibei International Jewelry Exchange Center (深圳 水 贝 国际 珠 urn 交易 中心)

It is the largest jewelry market in China. This market works with silver, pearls, jade and other precious stones and metals.

Shenzhen’s gold jewelery production accounts for 60% of the Chinese market, while platinum and gold inlaid jewelery production accounts for 70%. There are over 500 gold jewelry manufacturers, and the annual industrial production is over RMB 50 billion.

Wholesale Markets in Hebei

1.Baoding Baigou Bag and Suitcase Trade Market (保定 白沟 箱包 交易 城)

China’s largest wholesale market for handbags and luggage, known as the “Luggage Capital of China”. The products are sold not only throughout the country, but also in Russia, France, Australia and more than 100 other countries.

Wholesale Markets in Jiangxi Province

1.Jingdezhen Ceramic Market (景德镇 陶瓷 批发市场)

The ceramics market is located in the western suburb of Jingdezhen.It presents various types of ceramics, most of them are household items (dishes). Prices are considered the cheapest in relation to all of China.

Wholesale Markets in Liaoning

1.Small commodity wholesale market Wuai (辽宁 沈 阳 五 爱 小天)

Wuai Small Goods Wholesale Market is the largest distribution center in the north and the second largest small goods wholesale market in China, second only to Yiwu International City.Covers over 1.2 million square meters.

Wholesale Markets in Shandong

1. Linyi Yongxing – International Toy Fair. Wholesale city (临沂 永兴 国际 玩具 城 )

It is the largest wholesale toy market in China, second only to Yiwu in Zhejiang province in annual trade.

2. City of cars and motorcycles Linyi (临沂 汽摩 配 城)

East China Automobile Parts Trade Center.Manufacture of auto parts, agricultural machinery parts, motorcycles, oils, car accessories and tires.

You can learn how to find reliable suppliers in China, build effective communication and long-term relationships, order goods under your own brand name, correctly arrange a transaction and control quality, and deliver goods to your country according to a white scheme at online training Bayer … Detailed program, options for participation packages and prices by reference

Translation of an article from the site:

90 000 latest news and analysis
19 November, Friday | Last update – 09:56 |


The tenth Tatler debutante ball was held in Moscow

The anniversary Ball of Tatler debutantes was held in the Pashkov House in Moscow the day before.The next baptism of the young heroines of the secular chronicle was the first after the start of the pandemic. In addition, Arian Romanovsky hosted the Ball for the first time as editor-in-chief of Tatler. Evgeny Tsyganov, Philip Kirkorov, Nastya Ivleeva, Yana Rudkovskaya, Polina Gagarina and other stars could not miss an important social event

Details …

Moscow covered with “long-lived fog”

Moscow declared a “yellow” hazard level due to heavy fog.More than 200 flights were delayed or canceled at Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. The traffic police recommends that motorists refuse to travel by private transport, and pedestrians identify themselves with reflective elements on their clothes

Details …


own news

NEWS OF THE HOUR: Moscow mufti says there is a shortage of mosques


Merkel pointed to “completely different views” of Moscow and Berlin

Refusal of the INF Treaty

Moscow announced the risk of a new crisis in Europe over short-range missiles

bad habit

Named fruits and vegetables with nicotine to help you quit smoking

Daily News

09:56 Armenian Defense Ministry announces six dead during border battles
The Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported six dead during the battles on the border with Azerbaijan on November 16.
09:42 British Defense Minister accused Russia of spying on aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth
Russia is paying close attention to the British aircraft carrier group led by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said.
09:31 A number of Russian regions have introduced compulsory vaccination for students
Compulsory vaccination against coronavirus for students over 18 years old was introduced in 16 regions of Russia, in five other regions students will need vaccination only for practical training outside the walls of an educational institution.
09:23 The hematologist named the reasons for the appearance of “fatty blood”
Why blood can be “oily” and how dangerous it is for a person, said a hematologist, head of the transfusion department of the N.I. Dmitry Rogachev “Ministry of Health Pavel Trakhtman.
09:19 In Kiev announced the “intention” of Russia to destabilize Ukraine through anti-vaccination
Russia wants to destabilize the situation in Ukraine through opponents of vaccination and “dissatisfied for various reasons,” said Kirill Budanov, head of the main intelligence department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.
09:11 The timing of the completion of tests of a long-range projectile for TOS-2 has been determined
State tests of a new long-range rocket projectile for the TOS-2 “Tosochka” heavy flamethrower system will be completed by the end of this year, said the general director of NPO Splav. A.N. Ganichev “(part of the Tekhnodinamika holding of the Rostec state corporation) Alexander Smirnov.
09:05 Moscow mufti says there is a shortage of mosques
3-3.5 million Muslims live in Moscow, of which 2 million are local residents, the rest are migrants, there are four mosques in all, said the mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia, the chief imam of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, Ildar Alyautdinov.
08:59 Roskachestvo found violations in light beers
Roskachestvo, following a federal study of light beer, found that one-sixth of the samples tested were produced in violation of regulatory requirements, the organization said in a statement.
08:57 It became known about the state of hospitalized after the fire Marina Khlebnikova
Russian singer Marina Khlebnikova, injured in a fire in a house on Ratnaya Street in Moscow, was hospitalized at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, she is in serious condition, an emergency source said.
08:48 Several convicts attacked FSIN officers during checks in Saratov correctional facilities
Some of the convicts in the colonies of the Saratov region obstruct inspections carried out by the central apparatus of the FSIN after reports of torture, and several people attacked the inspectors, the press service of the department reports.
08:38 Rostec began serial production of guided missiles for MLRS “Tornado-S”
NPO Splav them.A.N. Ganichev “(part of the Tekhnodinamika holding of the Rostec state corporation) has begun mass production of the latest adjustable rockets for the Tornado-S 300-mm multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), said Alloy CEO Alexander Smirnov.
08:33 There was a video of the brutal detention of a schoolgirl by police in St. Petersburg
A video appeared on the Internet in which several police officers roughly push a schoolgirl into an official car because of her violation of traffic rules.
08:26 Oil prices rose in anticipation of cold weather
World oil prices rise on Friday morning in anticipation of additional demand due to cold weather in the world, according to trading data and analysts’ comments.
08:18 For the first time, the Ministry of Defense showed the full text of the ultimatum to Paulus
The Ministry of Defense published unique archival documents about the final episode of the Battle of Stalingrad – the defeat of the Nazi group at the beginning of 1943 and the capture of the commander of Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, and for the first time the full text of the Soviet ultimatum to Paulus on surrender was shown.
08:14 The percentage of Muscovites revaccinated from COVID in six months has become known
Only 50% of Muscovites who were vaccinated against coronavirus more than half a year ago underwent revaccination, said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.


French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

How Berlin and Paris “got” Lavrov
“You can say – got it.”With these words, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained an act that was atypical for his ministry – Lavrov’s correspondence with colleagues from France and Germany was posted on the agency’s website. The subject of their disagreements is Ukraine and Donbass, but such correspondence had not been publicized before. What has changed now? Details …

In epidemically “red” regions, the rules of QR codes should be stricter

For QR codes in Russia the “traffic light method” was proposed
QR codes in the regions and antikidny restrictions should be applied taking into account the level of the virus threat according to the uniform standard for the whole country.This will make it clear that restrictive measures are introduced or removed in a certain territory. The optimal method for ranking territories by risk level, according to experts, is the “traffic light principle”, which is already used both abroad and in a number of regions of the Russian Federation. Details …

The West is conducting an aggressive policy, not Russia at all

Why mantras about “Russian aggression” are dear to the West
In recent days, Western leaders have noted a new series of highly anti-Russian statements.Moscow is now accused not only of allegedly building up troops near the Ukrainian borders, but also of provoking a migration crisis. As political scientists say, the real meaning of these statements is not at all what it appears on the surface. Details …
The United States decided to bring down oil prices at the expense of China
Joe Biden is persuading China to push down oil prices together by printing out safety stocks. Washington is ready to agree to such an alliance after Russia and Saudi Arabia, within the framework of OPEC +, refused Biden to increase production beyond the plan.Why are Americans so nervous about $ 80 oil and will the US have the strength to carry out its plans? Details …

Tikhanovskaya considers herself president, but Lithuania already doubts it

Baltics tired of feeding political refugees
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who emigrated to Lithuania in the status of a fighter against the Lukashenka regime and the “real president” of Belarus, is now openly accused of eating bread for free in the country that has sheltered her.Lithuania and other Baltic countries have more than once become a refuge for those who declared themselves Belarusian or Russian political emigrants. Why are the Balts tired of democratic “guests”? Details …

Anti-vaccine users see another violation of citizens’ rights in the appearance of QR codes

QR codes concern the main right of Russians
The laws on QR codes, the first readings of which should take place in a month, have caused a discussion in the society.Opponents saw in them a violation of their rights of movement. Their opponents are sure that the right to life is basic, and the laws do not prohibit moving anywhere without a QR code. The legislators do not see any contradictions between laws and the Constitution. In the meantime, there are disputes, Russia continues to lose more than a thousand lives per day. Details …

A new war almost broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Blood feud brought Armenia and Azerbaijan to the brink of war
The Russian leadership was forced to intervene in a new, sudden exacerbation of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.Perhaps it was possible to avoid a new war only with the help of the arguments presented to Yerevan and Baku by Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu. And, as it turned out, a single grenade could ignite a new fire of war in Transcaucasia. Details …

Checkmate is actively offered to foreign customers

Who will be the first buyer of the new Russian fighter?
Judging by a number of hints and reservations, the promising Russian Su-75 (Checkmate) fighter is being created primarily for sale to the Middle East.What kind of buying country can we talk about, what opportunities are Russian manufacturers luring the customer with – and will this aircraft be in service with the Russian Air Force? Details …

Europe is driving itself into a gas trap

New obstacle for Nord Stream 2 may turn out to be good luck
The halt by the German regulator of the Nord Stream 2 certification gave rise to conspiracy theories about the reasons for the incident.However, assumptions that this is Germany’s response to the migration crisis and the threat of Belarus to shut off the gas valve are clearly far from reality. What actually caused Berlin to delay the launch of the Russian gas pipeline? And what is the positive moment in this story for Gazprom? Details …

Azerbaijan and Armenia cannot see the border between themselves in any way, which leads to shootings

How Russia is ready to help Armenia in a new aggravation with Azerbaijan
Yerevan appealed to Moscow with an appeal to protect the territorial integrity of Armenia.In Yerevan, they claim that columns of Azerbaijani armored vehicles invaded the country. Fight broke out, killed and prisoners appeared. Under the 1997 treaty, Russia indeed agreed to defend Armenia. Is the moment to fulfill the obligation? Details …

Kiev sought to tighten the economic stranglehold around the neck of Donbass.Moscow destroyed this plan

Donbass will become almost a Russian region
Vladimir Putin signed a decree that the residents of the DPR and LPR have been waiting for for several years. Russia has fully opened its markets to goods produced in the Donbass, which will help it reverse economic degradation and population outflow. Before our eyes, Ukraine’s strategic plan for the return of the rebellious region is crumbling. The only bad thing is that Kiev can react radically – right up to the start of a new war. Details …

At the beginning of the negotiations, Xi called Biden an old friend. And

had the right to do so
USA has learned Chinese power
The long-awaited and first-ever talks between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have shown that now America is forced to reckon with the might of the Chinese state.It was Xi who looked to be the master of the situation, and Washington’s alleged boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics only confirms this. Details …

Battleship “Pervenets” Russia was forced to build in Great Britain

“The ugliest ship.”How battleships returned Russia’s sea greatness
On November 16, 1861, exactly 160 years ago, the Russian fleet ordered its first full-fledged battleship for construction. The ship received the appropriate name – “Firstborn”. How did ships of this type first inflict a terrible defeat on Russia, and then helped to restore the power of our country as a world power? Details …

The head of NASA accused Russia of creating a threat to the ISS

US invented a space provocation against Russia
The Pentagon, State Department and NASA have accused Russia of “reckless and dangerous” testing of anti-satellite weapons that destroyed an old Soviet satellite.The resulting space debris, according to Washington, threatens the safety of the ISS. How real is this threat and what is behind the claims of the Americans? Details …

Migrants break through to the European Union – and the political fate of Lukashenka depends on their fate

Why Lukashenko believes in victory over the European Union
Lukashenka, it would seem, achieved what he wanted – the German Chancellor spent almost an hour discussing the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border with him.Does this mean that the European Union has finally recognized him as a full-fledged Belarusian leader? Was Lukashenka really able to split the European countries? And how real are his threats to cut off Russian gas to Europe? Details …

Ukraine is on the verge of a blackout and hopes for Russia’s help

Than rolling blackouts threaten Ukraine
In Kiev, they are preparing for power outages for the population, when the light is given on schedule.There is catastrophically little coal accumulated, and this problem drags down the entire energy system of the country. In Ukraine, the frost has not even hit, and the entire energy sector is already running out of steam. The “aggressor country” will again seek salvation, but this time Russia’s response may surprise. Details …

The first official data on the new S-550 anti-aircraft missile system appeared

How the S-550 missile defense system differs from the S-500 “Prometheus”
A week after Shoigu announced the existence of the S-550, the first official data on this anti-aircraft missile system appeared.It is assumed that the Russian army will receive a novelty in four years. What are the advantages of the S-550 air defense system and which foreign countries can get it in the first place? Details …

Blinken has reason to fear for his chair

The head of the State Department begins to go crazy
The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border is growing from a humanitarian to a political one.The EU has agreed to introduce a new package of sanctions against Minsk, Lukashenka promises to answer “extremely harshly”. For his part, the head of the US State Department not only named Russia the culprit of the crisis, but also attributed to her a fantastic motive – “to divert attention from Ukraine.” What can this accusation mean? Details …


The crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border somewhat confused the Europeans’ cards, forcing them to distract themselves from the potentially more serious Afghan problem, but at the same time it allowed Germany and the EU to test new instruments of migration policy.

Putin’s call to create “a certain tension” in the West to ensure stability and security captures the de facto situation of a new Cold War with NATO.

For Russia, the publication of diplomatic correspondence with Germany and France regarding the Normandy Four is not a gesture of despair or an attempt to call partners to more moral behavior, but the preservation of a clear conscience.

President Erdogan looks more and more like a cyclist who cannot stop under the risk of falling, but he no longer has enough strength to race forward.

When White finally dealt with the internal squabbles, it was already too late. They had only 1919 left for the campaign. But by this time, the war had to be waged against a full-fledged army, into which the Red Army was able to be soldered.

It is understandable why Moscow is in direct negotiations with all high-ranking US officials who come into contact. Today you cannot say in advance who in Washington will make foreign policy decisions tomorrow.

What do you think, how many days off and holidays does a Russian have in a year? I specially conducted an experiment, asking my family about it. Well, a month, they said.

It would be great if Lukashenko finally recognized the territorial integrity of his partner in the Union State, and also publicly disowned the so-called multi-vector policy.

Russian people can feel sorry for the Martian proletarian, and the Grenadian peasant, and the unfortunate carrier of one of 154 genders.But for this we have to find what the Germans call Selbst ourselves.

That man walked for the electricity and the bus, the machine and the warm toilet. Where does this one go? And he goes “to himself.”


“You can say got it.” With these words, Sergey Lavrov explained why the Russian Foreign Ministry published his working correspondence with colleagues from Germany and France, which is usually not done.Why did Russian diplomacy take such a radical step? What is interesting about the correspondence of the three ministers? What were Paris and Berlin trying to get from Moscow?

The deputy of the Seimas of Lithuania Remigijus emaitaitis was outraged by the behavior of the ex-candidate for the presidency of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. “I have not seen such a shame that Lithuania was so humiliated,” he wrote on Facebook.According to the deputy, the maintenance of Tikhanovskaya costs the budget 400 thousand euros a year, and she cannot even say “good evening” in Lithuanian. Why does Tihanovskaya really need Lithuania?

Photo of the day

The anniversary Ball of Tatler debutantes was held in the Pashkov House in Moscow the day before. The next baptism of the young heroines of the secular chronicle was the first after the start of the pandemic.Evgeny Tsyganov, Philip Kirkorov, Nastya Ivleeva, Yana Rudkovskaya, Polina Gagarina and other stars could not miss an important social event

In your opinion

Are you afraid to eat genetically modified foods?

Do you have the QR code of the vaccinated or recovered COVID-19?

How long after COVID-19 vaccination are you ready to get boosted?


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