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Best Wholesale Kids and Baby Clothes Sellers in China | 2021 Update

The wholesale baby and kids clothes market is a multi billion dollar business with very high margins because parents don’t mind spending on children. Also, from the age group of 0 to 10 years, parents will have to buy a lot of clothing and toys for kids.

This makes it a perfect market to get into as the frequency of purchase is high and the margin is high. If you are struggling to find the right baby clothes supplier for wholesale, then you are in the right place. Here’s a simple guide with the best wholesale kids clothes sellers in China

Best Wholesale Kids and Baby Clothes Sellers in China

Wholesale Kids SuppliersCountryKnown For
China BrandsChinaNo minimum orders
Made in ChinaChina21 years on presence
AlibabaChinaLargest supplier in the market
Kids Dream WholesaleUSAShipment reaches in a week.
KisKissingUSAKids clothes and accessories
The Hairbow CompanyUSAShipments reach in 3 – 5 business days
LA ShowRoomUSAKids clothes along with adults
Kids WholesaleUK35 years of wholesale supplying of baby and kids clothes
Wholesale DealsUKAll types of kids clothing
Trade Kids Wear
2 Business days for processing
Kids Wholesale ClothingUK1 – 2 business days for processing
India MartIndia20 years of experience
Shop4ShopsIndiaAll types of kids clothing
The Kiddie CompanyAfrica23 years of experience
The Hooligan CompanyAfrica$400 Minimum order quantity

Although we cover the individual stores that are good for wholesale. The best wholesale websites for baby clothes are listed below.

Wholesale clothes for kids – Suppliers and sellers


Alibaba has been the go to site for wholesale suppliers and they are the most popular wholesale website from China. They have some of the best buyer protection policies across all wholesale websites. Their baby clothes category is one of the best selling and is a perfect place to find baby clothes wholesale suppliers.


Aliexpress although is a direct to consumer brand, there are suppliers who do wholesale. What makes Aliexpress different is, you can find out the best selling clothing items for kids by looking at the order count. So you’ll know the best selling items and also the top sellers.

China Brands

China brands is the other platform that is really big and have been around for more than 11 years. They do drop shipping and have no minimum order quantity. The site also offers many different services to help buyers find the right baby clothing and kids clothing suppliers.

Below are some of the best wholesale baby clothing suppliers


   Bear Leader Store

It has become necessary that you buy trendy clothes for your kids also because there is a wide range of options available in the market. If you aren’t able to select the best store to buy kids clothes, then you can get fantastic clothes at Bear Leader store. You can get clothes for girls and boys with different styles.

Whether you want to get frock, skirts lower or t-shirts for your kids, you can get all types of clothes at reasonable prices.

Check the STORE out.

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#2    Orange Mum Store

Whoever is interested in buying stylish frocks for their baby girls can decide to select this store at Aliexpress.

You are definitely going to get the best quality of clothes at this store. There are different styles of frocks which come with comfortable fabric on this store.

The customers have given positive reviews of this store because the frocks are available with cute designs.

Check the STORE here.

#3    Mar & Cindy Store

This store has got options for a variety of t-shirts, suits, sweatshirts, shirts, and dresses for babies. You can also get offers and discounts on the clothes by getting coupons. There are different sizes for the babies clothing, and you can get the appropriate size for your baby from this store.

What we like about this store is it supplies a variety of products. Not just clothing, but babies things that you MUST BUY. You can buy cute accessories from this baby clothing store too.

Check the STORE here.

#4    Beloved Angel Children’s Clothing Store

Are you looking forward to buying baby boy suits? If yes, then you can get attractive and colorful options on this store. You can make your girl look like a princess by buying astonishing dresses for her. All sizes for kids are available on this store, and you are definitely going to like the designs available on this store for the kids.

Here you can get a wide range of dresses at reasonable prices. The clothes available in this store are loved by the customers, and you will also love every piece of dress.

Check the STORE here.

#5   Ya Xuan Children Clothing

It is necessary that you buy comfortable clothes for your kids who also look trendy and stylish. These days, kids love attractive attires, and you can also make your babies look more adorable by buying clothes from Vivian children clothing store.

The customers who have bought clothes from this store have loved the variety of clothes available here.  You can get the awesome quality of clothes from this store at the best discounts and offers.

Check the STORE out.

#6   Davebella Official Store

Same as you find difficulty in choosing adult clothes, you will also get confused while buying clothes for your kids. At least, you don’t have to pay much attention to the fabric while buying your clothes but for kids, you need to get the clothes which are comfortable first and then you can check the styles.

On the store, you can get the awesome dresses for your kids at reasonable prices and with full comfort fabric. You kids are going to love the trendy looks of these dresses available on this store.

Check the STORE out.

#7 Mizi Terjojo Store

Whether you are looking for winter wears your girl or boy, you can find the best options on this clothing website. You are never going to regret the decision of buying clothes from this clothing store because here you can get the awesome quality of clothes with remarkable discounts and offers.

Make sure that you decide to get the clothes of the right size for your kids so that they can be comfortable in the clothes they will wear.

The customer reviews for this store are always positive because the clothes available at this store are fresh arrivals with latest trends.

Check the STORE here.

#8    Hihi Baby Store

Every mother wants to make her child look beautiful, and if you also want the same, then you can decide to buy attractive clothes for your baby boys and girls from this store. This store is connected with Aliexpress from a long time and has got positive customer reviews. You can get the best quality of clothes with nice fabric at the best discounts and offers.

Here you can buy the best quality of clothes at reasonable prices. Whether you want to buy frocks or t-shirt, you can get all kinds of clothes for your kids. You won’t get disappointed fatter getting clothes from this store.

Check the STORE here.

#9    Kiddiezoom Store  (*Highly recommended)

Are you looking for party gowns and frocks for your baby girl? If yes, then you can decide to buy these at Kiddiezoom store on Aliexpress. You can huge discounts on these clothes, and there is no chance that you will disappoint with these clothes.

Your girl is going to love the dress selected by you and customers have also given positive reviews to these dresses. 99% of good feedback stores for this young store. You can place the order for best color of dress for your baby doll.

Check the STORE here.

#10    Anniey Baby Store

If you want to buy party wear clothes for your girl, then you can choose this clothing store at Aliexpress because you can get a wide range of options on this store at reasonable prices.

The colorful frocks of girls are available with high-quality fabric which is comfortable to wear. Your princess will get a royal look after wearing these dresses. The customers of this store approve the authentic quality of these dresses.  

Check the STORE here.

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Wholesale Babywear Supplier and Factory in China

Best 20 Babywear Manufacturer in China

1. Guangdong Juai Baby Products Co., Ltd.

Juai was founded in 2005. They have 10 production lines, 200 workers, and over 1000 square meters of warehouse. Also, they have logistic management and supply over 1,000,000 PCS of children’s clothes. They offer the safest, most affordable, and comfortable children’s products to their wholesale partner and retail customer.

2. Quanzhou Bkd Kids Wear Co., Ltd.

Bkd Kids was established in 2001. They are expertly manufactured and exported baby clothes, toddler clothes as well as bodysuits, rompers, bedding products (blanket, sleeping bags, etc.), t-shirts, bathrobe suits, sweaters, etc.

3. Jiangxi Greenland Import and Export Co., Ltd.

This company covers an area of 30,000 square meters. They specialize in producing garments for more than 10 years. They have exported polo shirts, t-shirts, socks, hoodies, and all kinds of accessories.

4. Foshan Chancheng Aoli Beibei Clothing Manufacturing

They specialize in manufacturing dresses, t-shirts, and children’s clothing. They have a wide range of fabrics like polyester, 100% cotton, carded cotton, polo pique, CVC, and TC.

5. Guangzhou Fakifii Garment Co., Ltd.

Fakifii has been producing garments for 19 years, since 2001. They specialize in supplying good service as procurement agents as importers, merchandisers, and chain stores in Europe and the USA. Their products are all competing well and fashionable designs in the world market. For that, they are able to handle the quality, pricing, and delivery of goods.

6. Ganzhou Yihong Garment Co., Ltd.

They can offer ODM and OEM services. Yihong specializes in exporting and manufacturing all kinds of knitting pet clothing as well as producing children, babies, and adult clothes.


They are one of the professional manufacturers and exporters of knitwear, sweater, crochet designs, and knitted dress.

8. Xiamen SMX Trading Co., Ltd.

Xiamen SMX has 14 years of business experience. They welcome both ODM and OEM services. This company has a professional QC team that conducted a strict inspection to ensure its products are meet AQL standards and requirements.

9. Foshan Wilboss Textile Co., Ltd.

This company has a dye factory, setting factory, printworks, and knitting factory. They have been exporting their products for more than 15 years.

10. Shandong Yikang Dingtai Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

This company has been building a standard workshop of more than 1600 sq meters including 100,000 classification cleaning workshops. They have been manufacturing and exporting babywear to more than 500 companies around the world.

11. Dongyang Ouwang Industrial Co., Ltd.

This company specializes in exporting and manufacturing a wide range of customized accessories. Dongyang Ouwang is a leading domestic manufacturer and exporter of the scarf, bandana, multifunction seamless bandanas, headband, baby bib, cap, and many more.

12. Guangzhou MoonYao Kids Clothing Factory

Moonyao is a leading manufacturer and trader company with 47 numbers of employees. They have been manufacturing children’s clothing for over 10 years and exported to different countries and regions.

13. Qingdao Robroad Textile Co. , Ltd.

Robroad is a leading manufacturer and trading company that specializes in children’s clothes, baby clothes, hoodies, t-shirts, legging, jacket, pants, etc. This company covers an area of 501 to 1000 sq meters. They are conforming to management system certification such as ISO9001.

14. Guangzhou Tianyue Children’s Clothing Co., Ltd.

Tianyue is a trading company that specializes in producing sweaters, children’s clothe, dresses, christening clothes, princess dresses, and many more.


Xiamen Xinstar was established in 2009. As a leading trading company and comprehensive manufacturing company, they equipped with an excellent team of managerial personnel, designers, and processing staff.


Topsun was established in 2000 at Xiamen City China. They specialize in manufacturing, designing, and exporting kids, babies, and adult garments.

17. Fujian Junqing Trade Co., Ltd.

Jungqing was founded in 2009 and now a professional trade company. Their main products are jewelry, mask, babywear, yoga sports, cake accessories, and transfer paper. All of their products are conforming to the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO 13485.

18. Guangzhou YWTS Clothing Co., Ltd.

YWTS company covers an area of 3000 sq meters and 100 workers. They are a leading manufacturer and supplier of apparel & accessories, arts, and design, children dress, girl dress, boy clothes, kids wear, etc. They can expertly export their products for more than 10 years.

19. Jinan Yuanshou Knitting Co., Ltd.

This company is one of the largest top-grade state-owned enterprises and has 2000 employees. Their products are imported to Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and other countries and regions around the world.


Just like many manufacturing companies, Zibo Mulun adheres to management principles of quality first and customer first. They are a professional trading company that specializes in producing baby clothes in China.

Wholesale Diaper Bags: Suppliers, MOQs, Wholesale Price

We have received many new customers for importing diaper bags from China in the last two years. Many of them don’t know how to import diaper bag from China. They encounter a lot of problems when purchasing a diaper bag. This article helps customers who want to wholesale diaper bag in China. It also helps people who want to start a diaper bag business.

We list the few points that importers are most concerned about:

  • Some popular types of diaper bags.
  • What is the wholesale price for diaper bags in China?
  • The shipping cost for importing diaper bags from China.
  • How to customize diaper bags?
  • Quality issues you should know about diaper bags.
  • How to find diaper bag manufacturers/Suppliers in China?
  • Where are diaper bag manufacturers located in China?

Please note that we will not disclose our client’s design or product information. All the product photos are from Google and Amazon.


1.Different Types of Diaper Bag You Can Import from China

3. The Shipping Cost for Importing Diaper Bags from China

Our company previously had helped many customers source lots of diaper bags. Although the different styles of diaper bags vary in size and weight, there is not much difference in the shipping cost. So, I take a diaper bag that we help our customers purchase before as an example.

Usually, 500 diaper bags are about 400KG, 3.5CBM. Their dimensional weight is about 670KG. (For some lighter weight, but larger volume goods, express/air freight will charge according to dimensional weight. To know more about dimensional weight, click here)

3.1. The cost for shipping by express/air freight

Following table can help you roughly calculating the shipping cost of each diaper bag to different countries by express delivery.

(Please note that different courier companies have different prices. The express price may change at any time in a year. The price in the table below is just for your reference.)

 USWest EuropeMiddle EuropeAfricaSouth AmericaMiddle East
Express Price(US$/kg)$5.4$7.8$7.8$21.5$17.3$6.9
Express Price(US$/unit)$4.7$6.8$6.8$18.8$15.1$6

3.2. Cost for shipping by sea freight

Sea freight is more complicated. You need to transport goods from China to your warehouse in your country. It involves Chinese export process, shipping on the sea, import process in your country, custom clearance, and domestic shipping to your warehouse. Better find a professional freight forwarder that will help you handle the shipment from China to your warehouse.

Shipping a full container load is cheaper (FCL). But many of the importers’ first purchase in China are not enough for one container. Some just purchase thousands of packages each time. So, they usually ship less than container load (LCL).

I will give you some shipping LCL prices for all included cost as a reference.

(This price is for goods at 3-5 CBM. If the number of goods is more than 5 CBM, the price is cheaper.)

 USEuropeSouth AmericaAfricaSouthest Asia
Sea Freight(US$/CBM)$250-$330$300-$350$300-$400$300-$400$100-$200
Sea Freight(US$/Unit)$1.75-$2.31$2.1-$2.45$2.1-$2.8$2.1-$2.8$0.7-$1.4

4. How to Customize Diaper Bag?

In fact, most of the importers select diaper bags from the ones already produced by the factory. However, more successful and experienced importers will customize diaper bag by their own design. They make your personalized diaper bags, unique from many of your competitors.

Importers usually have these changes on the diaper bags:

  • Print/embroider your own logo on the backpack. Most of the backpacks are made of canvas. You can send some good patterns to the factory and let the factory print them on the canvas material.
  • You can add more multiple compartments on diaper bags.
  • You can change the bottom material of the diaper bag to leather. With this, even if you put the bag on the ground often, the bottom will not get dirty. (See the following picture.)
  • You can add USB line on the diaper bag and facilitate charging anywhere.

Just like the picture show below,

Most Chinese factories have a minimum order quantity of at least 500 or 1000 units for a personalized baby diaper bag. To buy only 200 or 300 pieces, you can just get your logo printed on diaper bags. You can’t do more customization for an order of less than 500 pieces.

5. Quality Issues You Should Know about Diaper Bags

We have identified two primary quality issues that may arise with your diaper bags. Generally, customers ignore these issues.

The first one is the zipper part of the diaper bag, which is very easy to break during use. So, pay special attention to the texture of the zipper. You have to test it by hand and look at the metal material. Many factories use some bad zippers to save costs. A bad zipper is not smooth to pull and breaks easily after a period of use.

The other one is where the body and the strap are connected. It is easier to get off the line if it is not very strong. So when purchasing from suppliers, let them sew more lines in this area or make this part with thicker cloth.

6. How to Find Diaper Bag Manufacturers/Suppliers in China?

6.1 Find Diaper Bags Wholesale Suppliers Online 

You can find diaper bag suppliers on Alibaba, Made-in-china, Global source, DHgate, AliExpress or on an independent website on Google.

Vendors on Alibaba generally have higher requirements for MOQ, usually above $2,000. First time buyers and those who want to buy only 100 diaper bags or less should choose DHgate or Aliexpress. 

But, if you want to sell this product for a long-term business, I recommend Alibaba instead of DHgate or Aliexpress. It’s because most of suppliers on both sites are not factories. Usually, they buy products from different factories and resell them to you. So, it’s hard to guarantee that the quality of the bags you buy every time is the same.

6.2 Find Diaper Bag Manufacturers in China

If you have your own business plan and want to customize diaper bags according to your own ideas, find a reliable manufacturer. Communicating your ideas with suppliers on Alibaba is difficult. Moreover, it’s also difficult to a supplier who understands and meets your requirements.

Suppose you already have a supplier on Alibaba. But you are unsatisfied with the quality of diaper bags manufactured by your current supplier. In this case, I suggest you come to China to participate in some exhibitions. You can find some suppliers of diaper bag at the exhibition. You can communicate face-to-face with them and choose a supplier that is most suitable for you.

In China, you can find diaper bag suppliers from these fairs:

7. Where Can You Find The Best Diaper Bag Manufacturers In China?

Our team has a lot of experience in helping foreign clients find diaper bag manufacturers in China. The majority of these manufacturers are found in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, QuanzhouFujian, Yiwu Zhejiang, and Hebei. Each of these areas produces diaper bags with different quality and price.

If you are looking for the best quality diaper bags, then go to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These areas contain a lot of raw materials. Therefore, manufacturers in these areas are able to manufacture diaper bags of a higher quality. However, you will have to spend more cash on your diaper bags.

Quanzhou, Fujian also has a number of diaper bag manufacturers. There isn’t much of a difference in terms of quality. The prices in Quanzhou are a bit lower than in Guangzhou. So the suppliers in Quanzhou tend to be the most cost-effective ones.

If you are looking for an affordable diaper bag, then Yiwu is the place to be. However, the quality may not satisfy you. In Yiwu, the quality of diaper bags depends on the production capacity of the factory you are buying from. Therefore, you need to learn how to distinguish the good quality from the bad one. If you do not have this kind of experience, then you should find a purchasing agent that you can trust.

We advise you to find a diaper bag supplier in the above areas. But one place you shouldn’t consider is Hebei. Though the diaper bags in Hebei are the cheapest, the traders there are not as professional as those on the East Coast. Hebei is quite inland and you may have problems communicating with most of the manufacturers there. Therefore, they may not be able to customize diaper bags according to your specific requirements. 

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Chinese toys wholesale orders the whole world

The whole world is playing with Chinese toys.

China is a brand.

Toys made in China bring joy to millions of toddlers around the world. The most famous companies, whose names every parent knows, produce children’s toys in the PRC. For example, the best educational toys from TinyLove, FisherPrice, Gulliver, which have become a brand in all European countries, the United States and Russia, are manufactured at factories located in China.

The Russian market for children’s goods is represented mainly by Chinese products: 2/3 of the toys that can be found on the shelves of children’s stores are originally from China. Today, thanks to the tightening of control over products imported into Russia, buying Chinese toys in bulk, you do not run the risk of purchasing low-quality goods that do not meet hygienic standards.

The advantages of Chinese toys over toys from other manufacturing countries.

Certified baby products manufactured in the PRC meet all the needs of a Russian buyer:

  • They are focused on our children, made specifically for Russia, taking into account our traditions and cultural characteristics. Classic painted Matryoshka, Cheburashka, Dunno, Leonov’s Winnie the Pooh and other heroes of Soviet cartoons and Russian fairy tales, made in China, can be found on the shelves of a children’s store.
  • They always keep up with the times. The assortment is updated several times a year: as soon as a new cartoon comes out, there is no doubt: its characters are already waiting for their little customers in the store.
  • The assortment of Chinese toys is simply huge, each buyer will find his own toy.Wooden and plastic, rubber and plush; miniature dolls and huge animals the size of an adult, puzzles and constructors, dolls and cars – children’s toys made in China are so diverse that a simple listing of their names can take many hours.
  • They are bright, colorful, and very popular with children.
  • Factory-made Chinese toys undergo strict quality control. They meet all hygienic and sanitary standards, therefore they are absolutely safe.These are the products that our online toy store for children offers from the manufacturer.
  • They are affordable. All other things being equal, they can be several times cheaper than their famous counterparts.

Thanks to all these advantages, when buying Chinese toys in bulk, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. Even after a significant mark-up in retail stores, children’s products from the PRC continue to delight the parents of babies with their low prices and very good quality, which makes them the bestsellers in all cities of Russia and the CIS countries.

  • Popular Products:

Chinese toys based on “Transformers”

“Transformers” for two decades have been the favorite heroes of children of all ages. For each new film that young viewers are so eagerly awaiting, excellent Chinese toys are released – the characters of the series.

Chinese Remote Control Toys

Trade House “Petraline” was one of the first in St. Petersburg to sell toys on the remote control. Both boys and girls are delighted with the ability to control their own equipment. These Chinese toys not only ride, but also fly!

Chinese toy – musical wheel “Cars”

Musical Chinese toys play an important role in the development of our children.Thanks to them, the guys memorize the melody sequences and the principles of interaction with the first mechanisms in their life.

Chinese game set “Funny Roulette”

If most of all your kid loves communication and games in a company, a set with playing cards and dice will be interesting both for him and for you. This Chinese toy is inexpensive, but captivates for a long time if you know a lot of card games!

90,000 Deliveries of children’s goods from China to Russia

Toys from China for the delight of parents and children

The popular expression that Greece has everything has long been paraphrased by successful businessmen into the phrase “China has everything”. Here you can buy absolutely any product, both technically complex and the easiest to manufacture products. And children’s toys are no exception.

Supplies of children’s toys from China to Russia are as widespread as to other world markets. Why reinvent the wheel when Chinese toy factories are ready to provide their resources and finished goods, or make your own to order.
Numerous programs on Russian television often frighten parents with poor quality Chinese materials.The specialists of our company will select only the best manufacturers for your business, which:

  • guaranteed to produce sanitary and hygienic products, passed control,
  • work according to European standards, including supplies to the prim market of the “old world”.

Why cooperation with Contact Asia is beneficial?

Despite the fact that absolutely the entire range of toys existing today is represented in China, it is best to purchase them for sale in Russia through companies specializing in commercial contacts with this state. Contact Asia offers its services in this market as a reliable partner with a good reputation.

Thorough knowledge of the Chinese market, the nuances of conducting commercial operations in the Asian region, finding reliable partners, the specifics of customs clearance of goods and organizing delivery to Russia – all these are important issues that may be too tough for entrepreneurs starting to work with China. The supply of goods from China is a very specific area.For seven years of working with Chinese manufacturers, we have accumulated not only invaluable communication experience, but also collected a unique database that allows us to select profitable partners for our clients, taking into account their reputation in the market.

For wholesale supplies of toys from China:

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How to order goods from China in bulk

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The main questions of entrepreneurs looking for goods in China at a bargain price: “How to buy goods directly without intermediaries? Is free shipping available for bulk purchase. The size of customs duties, limits, etc. “.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the issue of organizing wholesale purchases in China and give examples of popular B2B sites on the Internet, where you can find a number of potential suppliers of quality Chinese products.

How to wholesale in China

It is easier for legal entities to place a bulk order from China, since many companies require a legal address, account number and details of the bank serving you. Next, you receive a payment order and pay for your order.

If you are an individual, it will be easier to place an order in small wholesale on the Chinese trading platform Aliexpress. You can also try to find an intermediary company that deals with the purchase and supply of wholesale products from China.

If you do not trust intermediaries and have not found any suitable solution for yourself, please contact the suppliers directly. One call or letter to the email address, and you will understand whether you have the opportunity to purchase a small wholesale in private ownership. However, keep in mind that communicating with the Chinese side is a rather complicated process, especially when you are dealing with small manufacturers. They do not always speak English, and if they do, then very poorly. As a result, this leads to huge misunderstandings.Therefore, in some cases it is better to communicate via e-mail, this undoubtedly has its advantages.

The largest wholesale marketplace in China is Alibaba. This site is designed to work with foreigners, so the site interface is available in English. When placing bulk orders on Alibaba, it is recommended to require suppliers to submit documents such as business license, id manager, product certificates, etc.

You can buy goods in small wholesale on Alibaba’s subsidiary website – Aliexpress.Since the site is aimed at retail trade, it is not very convenient to make bulk purchases here. The site interface is not flexible enough for bulk orders, so it is better to discuss each case with the seller individually. You can find out how to order in bulk on Aliexpress here – Shopping on Aliexpress in bulk.

Customs restrictions and duties

Each state sets its own duty-free import limits for international mail. If the volume, weight and value of the goods have exceeded the permissible limit, the customs duty is collected from the recipient.More information about the scheme for calculating the customs duty can be found here – Subtleties of customs legislation for different countries.

In this case, we are talking about goods intended for personal and family needs, not related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activities.

A parcel containing 5 or more goods of the same name can be recognized as a commercial lot. But in practice, this norm is not strictly observed, it all depends on what exactly you are carrying.If we are talking about small items – jewelry, phone cases, socks, etc., you can bring in more, the main thing is to prove at customs that all these goods are intended for personal use by you and your family members. If you ordered 5 mobile phones, it is very difficult to prove that they are intended for personal use.

If you plan to order goods in small wholesale and transport them through customs, as goods for personal use, please note that the customs scanner does not distinguish between the same goods among clothing and footwear, therefore, mainly parcels exceeding the established limit in volume, weight and cost (weight over 30 kg, cost over 1000 euros).

How to deliver goods from China in small wholesale, bypassing customs declaration?

The best option for the delivery of goods from China in small wholesale without customs declaration is to send goods in small orders to different addresses and names of recipients. In this case, you will significantly save on delivery (it may be free) and avoid customs problems. All the nuances must be discussed with the seller in advance. And since this is a fairly common scheme for small entrepreneurs, suppliers willingly agree to such terms of transactions.

If you have a need to order goods in China for more than 1000 euros, and the value of previously made orders has already reached this limit, place an order for one of your relatives. In order to invest in the amount of 1000 euros, ask the seller to understate the cost of the parcel when sending. Some vendors do this by default. But in this case, it is very important to observe the measure, since if the customs authorities recognize the indicated cost of the parcel as underestimated, an expert assessment of the value of your goods will be carried out.

Thus, if you agree with five or more recipients, you will be able to order monthly for the amount of 5 thousand or more, bypassing the customs declaration.

Purchase of groupage cargo in China through third-party companies

If you need to transport a small cargo that cannot be sent by mail, but at the same time it is too small for full-fledged cargo transportation, then groupage cargo is what you need.

Consolidated cargo delivery is the transportation of small-sized cargo of various customers in one direction on one vehicle.Such a transportation scheme is very convenient for small entrepreneurs, because it is an opportunity to receive a small batch of various goods at a minimum cost.

In order for the cargo to be accepted for groupage shipment, it must not exceed 1/3 of a 20-pound standard container.

For example, you found a product you are interested in in China, bought it, now you need to bring it to your city. First of all, you choose a transport and logistics company that delivers groupage cargo from China (for example, CARGO), send a request for delivery.The transport company picks up your cargo from the sender and sends it to the consolidation warehouse for groupage cargo, where container shipments are formed around the world, including to the Russian Federation.

As soon as the cargo is delivered to Vladivostok (the place of international postal exchange), customs brokers will draw up all the necessary documents, and your cargo will be sent to you in any way convenient for you (by rail, by plane or by mail and baggage wagon).

Supply of goods from China in bulk

What problems can you face when ordering products?

  • Delivery times are not met.This situation comes to light due to the fact that in a rush for orders, manufacturers cannot manage to process all orders on time, and as a result, the deadlines are disrupted, that is, unnecessary troubles for the client;
  • Some Chinese resellers resell the product, referring to the production of it, although this is not the case. Therefore, this seller has no right to guarantee the high quality of the goods and the non-violation of the delivery time;
  • Products that have been in use. Such cases occur during the supply of equipment;
  • As a rule, the Chinese satisfy all the customer’s requirements for the goods, but when the deadline for its execution comes, the customers face problems, for example, non-compliance with the requirements;
  • Buy a pig in a poke. It so happens that the factory provides a finished product that does not correspond to the samples provided in advance.

It is clear that such moments do not apply to all sellers without exception, but in order to protect yourself from many problems, you need to cooperate with reliable suppliers. Control the timing and shipping process.

We will warn you against many similar problems. For their extensive experience in supplying from China, they have assembled a huge supplier base.

We will help you find suppliers, draw up all the necessary documents and deliver any goods and cargo from China in bulk. Among the most popular goods: cheap clothes, shoes, children’s toys, household appliances, electronics, furniture from China in bulk from manufacturers.

The advantage of working with us:

  • A young, promising team, each member of which works in its own region: Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
  • Office is located in g. Shenzhen (Shenzhen, China), central region (Luohu).
  • Work experience over 5 years.
  • Fluent languages: Russian, Chinese, English.
  • We deliver any goods, cargo, products, equipment from China in the required quantity according to a bilateral agreement.
  • We work directly with suppliers, so our prices are lower than on Chinese trading floors.
  • We value a trusting relationship with a client, we do not transfer orders to third parties.

Turnkey delivery of goods from China includes:

Search for goods, manufacturers, legal, logistic support

Delivery of goods from China throughout the territory of the Customs Union “to the door”

Customs clearance, certification, sanitary and hygienic examination of goods from China

Delivery of toys from China to Russia in bulk

Delivery of toys from China to Russia is a very popular service in our logistics company. Every day we are approached by people who want to organize the sale of children’s toys in their city. Looking for reliable suppliers? It has long been no secret that 90% of children’s toys on the Russian market are imported from China.

Cost of all-inclusive delivery of toys from China *

Delivery method Minimum weight Delivery time Price per 1 kg
Sea from 500 kg 35-55 days from 0.45 $
Air (economy) from 100 kg 7-10 days from 5 $
Railway from 500 kg 18 -30 days from 0.75 $
Express (direct flight) from 10 kg 1-3 days from 15 $

* These prices are indicative for a more accurate calculation you need to fill out the form for the cargo or contact the company by phone, where the manager will calculate the exact cost of delivery of your cargo.

Why are Chinese toys so popular?

There are several reasons:

  1. Optimal prices.
  2. Huge assortment.
  3. Excellent product quality.

Recently, many, including world famous companies, have moved their production to the PRC. Over the past few years, Chinese manufacturers have come to grips with the modernization of production. If earlier the word “bad” was synonymous with “Chinese”, now Chinese goods receive only a positive assessment.

Technological processes are improving every day, only high-quality ecological materials are used in production. The production of baby products in China is closely monitored.

How to order delivery of toys from China?

The right decision is to contact our company. We are a logistics company that provides services for the complex delivery of goods. Trust the professionals and you will be satisfied!

Our employees are not random people, but a team of professionals who know their business 100%. We provide services for the selection of the route of the goods, we help to arrange customs and accompanying documentation. From the moment of your call to receiving the goods “on hand” – we are in touch! You can always call us and clarify the details.

Find out the cost of shipping

How is the delivery of toys from China to Russia?

There are 4 ways in total: plane, train, car, sea . The choice of this or that option depends on the weight of the cargo, the remoteness of your city, your financial capabilities and the urgency of the order.The cheapest way is by sea, and the longest. The goods can take up to 50 days. The most expensive, also the most efficient, is air delivery. Wholesale delivery of toys from China is your profitable business investment!

Other useful services:

Wholesale of children’s clothing and footwear from China

When purchasing children’s clothing and footwear, one cannot but be moved by what charming things Chinese manufacturers offer to customers. Original design, interesting accessories and jewelry, and at the same time, practicality and low cost – we note such features in Chinese products.At the same time, it seems that the range of children’s clothing and footwear from China is not limited. Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, coats, capes, hats, scarves, shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, clothing for dancing and sports vests, boleros, costumes, smart clothes, overalls, outerwear, socks, tights, pajamas and underwear, swimwear, swimming trunks, children’s bandages, bibs with sleeves – children’s clothing for every taste and for any occasion. The same wide range of manufactured products applies to children’s shoes from China: leather shoes, summer, insulated, sandals and sandals, boots and boots, including rubber, sneakers, children’s sneakers and other sports shoes, slippers, slates, footwear for beginners to walk.

Transport company YugTransLogistic supplies children’s clothing and footwear from China in large and small wholesale. Our clients in this segment are mainly retail stores that want to reduce the margin of the assortment they buy to a minimum. The difficulty of independent work with Chinese suppliers lies in ignorance of the business customs of this country and the absence of 100% reliable information about all suppliers, in addition, most of the sites of Chinese manufacturers are not translated into English.

Leave a request

The YugTransLogistic company was created to solve similar problems of our clients at the most professional level. All the necessary services and expertise in this area are at your service.

Firstly, our specialists are well acquainted with suppliers and know how to establish relationships with the management of promising factories and plants. The main attention is paid to the quality of the supplied goods, since this indicator remains unstable without proper control, not only in different factories, but also when products are manufactured at the same plant.Our main office in China is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, one hundred kilometers from Guangzhou, the world center for clothing and footwear production.

Secondly, we are experts in the field of transportation and logistics, support of foreign economic activity. We have set special prices for the category of children’s clothing and footwear, since it is these goods that make up a large share of our cargo turnover.

Thirdly, our main task is to provide you with a tangible difference between purchasing in the domestic market and purchasing children’s clothing and footwear from China directly. Therefore, we aim at a flexible pricing policy for our services.

Leave a request

Contact us for preliminary advice on the purchase of children’s clothing and footwear from China in bulk.


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