China cheap handbags: Elegant cheap handbags from china For Stylish And Trendy Looks Trending Picks


Elegant cheap handbags from china For Stylish And Trendy Looks Trending Picks

Whether for a sophisticated party, for office, or for a casual outing, find the perfect. cheap handbags from china on cheap handbags from china have become far more than a functional item to carry everyday items. They are now considered an essential accessory and are often coordinated with the rest of one’s outfit for a fashionable look. These. cheap handbags from china often contain many embellishments and design elements to elevate one’s style quotient. 

The. cheap handbags from china offered on are made from the finest quality leather or fabrics, to assure a premium look and feel. These. cheap handbags from china have well-designed pockets, enclosures, zips, and handles to provide the user with ultimate convenience.. cheap handbags from china come in traditional and classic designs as well as quirky statement pieces that are likely to draw attention. Fashion enthusiasts are likely to be delighted by the wide range on offer. 

cheap handbags from china come in many different sizes and shapes. They range from extremely tiny items meant for decorative purposes to larger ones with several partitions and pockets for those who need to carry many items.. cheap handbags from china are available in solid patterns as well as embellished with gems, stones, and even precious metals.. cheap handbags from china can be rigid and inflexible or made from soft and stretchy materials, depending on the needs of the user. They may be transparent or have solid colors, and can be carefully handcrafted with mirrors and other ornamentations. 

Increase your repository of looks with this lovely and tempting range of. cheap handbags from china available on At incredibly attractive offers and discounts, buy as many as you like without worrying about exceeding your budget.. cheap handbags from china suppliers and wholesalers can also grab the items that best meet their preferences at amazing offers.

Import Handbags from China, Handbags Manufacturer and Factory in China

Importing Handbags from China: The Definitive Guide

Are you importing handbags from China and you don’t know the manufacturer and supplier in China?

Don’t miss this guide it’s for you.

It offers detailed information and you will be able to know about the Chinese market.

Importing Handbags from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to profit from handbags business, then China offers a perfect market.

Whether you want designer handbags or personalized handbags, importing from China is a better option.

Today’s guide focuses on all the ins and outs of importing handbags from China.

How do you Check Quality of Handbags from China?

Figure 1 Hand bags made in China

Being able to identify a low quality handbag is truly a helpful skill when making your purchase.

First, check what material it is made of. Mostly plastic bags are of low quality and to identify one just hold a lighter next to the bag.

If it’s cheap plastic you will see it melting immediately.

Second, look at the stitching. Mostly the inside stitching is what you should pay close attention to.

A quality bag will have its fabric lying flat and the stitching is aligned to the edge as compared to a low quality bag which will have tight threads and fabric not laid flat.

Also quality bags have their lining attached meaning you can’t adjust the lining inside out.

Is Importing Handbags from China Profitable?


You can make a huge income from importing anything from China including handbags.

Handbags are a necessity to most if not all women as they are not only used to carry valuables but also complement outfits.

Owing to this, handbag business is rapidly flourishing across several regions in China.

How do you Verify China Handbag Suppliers?

It’s important to ensure that you are purchasing from genuine handbag suppliers or manufactures to avoid risking your business.

For you to achieve this, make sure to consider the following factors;

 Hand bag on Alibaba

These sites display thousands of suppliers and to add on that you are able to see whether they are verified or not. It’s actually the easiest ways you can verify handbag suppliers.

  • Check on the business license – If you spot terms like manufacture or produce the business is more likely to be genuine.
  • Lastly you can choose to work with a freight forwarder.

The reason being they are much experienced and oriented on the various know how’s in the field.

This puts them in a better position to easily make a verdict whether or not a handbag supplier is genuine.

Can you get Designer Handbags from China?


China is undoubtedly one such country with several handbag manufacturers including designer handbags.

Therefore be prepared to be spoilt for choices.

Remember, not all designer hand bags from China are genuine.

Some are just a replica of the actual products and many importers find themselves in challenging situation when deciding whether the handbag is fake or not.

The best way to avoid this is by using freight forwarders as they are oriented in this field and therefore finding a professional designer handbag wouldn’t be much of a hassle to them.

How do you Ship Handbags from China?

Shipping handbags from China can be done through several ways depending on your budget and

size of goods you are shipping.

More exactly,air, water, rail and road are the four major ways through which you can ship your handbags from China.

Most importers use sea freight to ship large amounts of goods reason being it is the cheapest as compared to other transport means.

If in any case you urgently need your handbags delivered then air freight is the ideal means for you.

Otherwise, you could also use road and rail transport if the country of destination borders China.

Choosing to work with freight forwarders will make your shipping work many ways easier as they will take care of all the shipping procedures until your handbags are delivered.

If you are newbie then I would recommend working with a freight forwarder just so as to avoid any first-time frustrations that may arise.

Which Incoterm is Cost-effective when Importing Handbags from China?

There are several Incotermsavailable for you to can use when importing handbags from China.

To single out the best you have to consider the risks and responsibilities to be met by you and your supplier.

FOB and CIF are some of the best and common incoterms used by most importers.

The reason behind this is because these two favor the importer as the freight forwarder will be responsible for most of the shipping processes.

How do China Handbag Manufacturers support OEM Business?

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM)businessrefers to a company that acquires or rather purchases equipment made by another company.

Most China handbag manufacturers allow other businesses to purchase their products and sell as their own otherwise supporting OWM businesses.

Should you Import Handbags from China through B2B Websites or Factory?

Importing directly from the factory is always the best idea not only for handbags but also any other type of import.

The reason as to why most importers prefer factory is due to the larger trade discounts.

As compared to importing from B2B websites, you have a n opportunity to effectively negotiate prices with your manufacturer on a face to face basis.

This not only boosts your bond but also your future business deals.

In as much as we are witnessing rapid growth in communication, purchasing from a B2B website won’t satisfy some of the doubts you might be having about the products produced by a certain manufacturer.

This drives us to another benefit of practicing factory purchasing.

Purchasingfrom factory will allow you to carefully assess the manufacturer and the products they produce and determine whether they are of your required quality.

In short, you can easily inspect your product.

What is the Import Duty for Handbags from China?

You are likely to pay an import duty of 14% when importing handbags from China with the global import duty rate standing at an average of 6.4%.

How can Freight Forwarder help when Importing Handbags from China?

Freight forwardersperform various shipping processes and that’s the reason why most importers opt for them.

With a freight forwarder, you are guaranteed the following;

  • Cost effectiveness – Shipping bod goods in bulk enable freight forwarders to get large trade discounts which otherwise reduces their costs.
  • First delivery – Their experience in shipping as well as the strict schedule they follow ensure that goods are delivered at expected time.
  • Flexibility – Freight forwarders are able to easily adjust to changes and this not only makes them flexible but also reliable.
  • Versatility- You don’t have to worry of any inconveniences as freight forwarders are able to swiftly sort out any arising issues regarding your shipment.
  • Freight forwarders save you the agony of having to worry about your shipment. You can continue with your daily routines without having to worry about your shipment.

Where can you Find Handbag Supplier in China?

Guanzhou and Yiwu are the most famous cities for handbags suppliers in China. Others include;

  • Guangdong
  • Pinghu
  • Zhejiang
  • Fujian
  • Shanghai
  • Shandong

Which are the Top Handbag Markets in China?

China has several handbags market and settling on the best might be quite challenging.

However, here is a quick highlight of the best handbag markets in China.

 Leather handbag from China

  • Guangzhou bags wholesale market
  • Shengyi leather market
  • Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre
  • Jinyi Leatherwear Plaza
  • Zhuolong Leather Business Mall
  • Yisen Leather Building
  • Nantai Bags and Cases Leather Products Wholesale Market
  • Leather product Wholesale market of Hehuachi
  • Leather Product Wholesale market of Yiwu
  • Baigu, Hebei
  • Guihuagang, Guangzhou

Which Types of Handbags can you Import from China?

You can import nearly each and every type of handbag you wish to from China. This includes;

  • Barrel handbag
  • Doctors handbag
  • Bucket handbag
  • Quilted handbag
  • Hobo handbag
  • Envelope Clutch handbag
  • Saddle handbag
  • Frame handbag
  • Messenger handbag
  • Baguette handbag

Who are the Best Bag Suppliers in China?

Finding the best bag suppliers might be quite challenging factoring in the presence of many suppliers available to fulfill your needs.

Nevertheless, here are some of the best suppliers you could consider working with.

  • Alibaba
  • Chinabag888
  • China brands
  • DHgate
  • Aliexpress
  • Lox handbag factory
  • JD handbag factory
  • Rosegal
  • Global sources
  • net

Which Documents do you need When Importing Handbags from China?

For any type of importation to be successful, you will be required to have legal documents.

Some of the documents you will need when importing handbags from China include;

 Shipping documents

  • Import/Export license– Certifies that the products being imported are authorized in the country of origin or delivery.
  • Bill of lading –A documents that gives detailed information about the cargo together with the terms of delivery.
  • Insurance certificate – An insurance certificate covers your goods against loss or damage.
  • Commercial invoice – A document issued by the exporter outlining the trade terms, goods being sold and the payment terms.
  • Bill of entry– A document that accounts for the goods being entered at a custom house giving details about the quantity, type and destination/origin of the goods.
  • Sales contract – Document prepared by both the exporter and the importer stipulating the terms and conditions governing delivery or exchange of the goods as well as the price.
  • Import declaration– A document that provides additional information concerning the goods being imported.

How can Chinese Sourcing Agent Help you Importing Handbags from China?

Sourcing agents help a great deal when doing any type of importation.

Especially if you are new in the field, it’s advisable to make good use of them as they will not only lessen your work but also take care of;

  • Custom Clearance
  • Quality inspection
  • Warehouse storage
  • Sourcing of handbags from China

How do you Import China Ladies Handbags?

Importing ladies handbags from China shouldn’t be quite a difficult task as you might have thought.

With proper planning everything should roll out smoothly.

First, you need to ensure you have a plan.

By this I mean, your budget, documents, transport system and other underlying factors need to be in check.

Looking for your desired supplier has been made much easier with the presence of several online platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, and DHgate and Global sources among others.

Thereafter you can go ahead and negotiate prices with your manufacturer or supplier.

You can as well request for samples and most suppliers will be willing to send them.

Samples will enable you to know if the handbags are of the same quality you wanted.

Shipping your products from China will be the next step. There are four modes of transportation available for you to use including; air, water, roads and rail.

Depending on urgency you could choose either of them and your freight forwarder will take care of your shipment process.

What Specifications should you Consider when Importing Handbags from China?

There are certain considerations you need to put in mind when importing handbags from China.

Some of them include;

  • Legal documents required –Yu will be requires to have documents such as bill of lading, import license, commercial invoice and insurance certificate just to mention a few,.
  • Custom procedures– You can have this done by a freight forwarder.
  • Mode of Shipping – In our case, handbags can be shipped via all the four modes of transport(air, water, road and rail)anf therefore it’s upto you to decide which one best suites your preferences.
  • Quality of the handbags you are purchasing
  • Where to purchase handbags in China
  • Intercoms applicable – To be on the safer side, choose intercoms that will favor you more than the exporter.
  • Types of handbags to import – Assess your market first then find the types of handbags that are high on demand.

How can you Import Handbags from Alibaba?

How do you get Best Prices when Importing Handbags from China?

Before embarking on shipping handbags from China, you would want to soak yourself in knowledge on how you can get great deals on quality handbags in order to achieve high-profit margins.

First, purchasing directly from the manufacturer is much cheaper.

This is due to the fact that you will not only get large trade discounts but also get to communicate with your manufacturer on one to one basis for the benefit of your future importations.

Secondly, learn how to bargain.

In as much as the price might seem quite affordable, you might be surprised at how much cheaper you can buy the same handbag after bargaining.

Nevertheless, be cautious when dealing with manufacturers offering too good to be true prices as they might be dealing with low quality handbags.

You could as well land on great deals if you make bulk purchases.

Most if not all manufacturers will be willing to sell to you at relatively affordable prices when you buy in bulk as compared to making small purchases.

On the other hand, making use of freight forwarders and sourcing agents might be of much benefit especially if you are new in this business.

Have you imagined realizing that you purchased low quality handbags and to add salt to the injury you get scammed during shipment processes?

This is the worst ordeal any importer would face.

Freight forwarders have spread networks with different companies and therefore are able to secure best deals for their clients.

Can China Handbag Manufacturers offer Free Samples?


Most if not all Chinese handbag manufacturers are willing to offer free samples upon request.

However, some might require you to pay a small amount of cash just so as to assure them you are a serious buyer.

Best 20 Handbags Manufacturers in China


Specializing in manufacturing handbags, wallets, and backpacks, SLBAG became one of the best manufacturers in China. All of their products are crafted in finest-quality material. The company has more than 300 workers able to make 3,500 handbag styles. SLBAG provides a one-stop solution and quick production times to meet every need.

2 J.D Handbag Factory

J.D Handbag Factory is also one of the leading handbag manufacturers in China. Focusing on manufacturing various fashionable handbags, this company provide the best solution for their customers. Also, they have professional management and development team to do so. Their monthly turnout reached 80,000 units.

3 Versse

Established in 2004, Versee Bags Factory s developing and manufacturing all types of fashionable handbags. Their main products are shoulder bags, tote bags, hobos bags, satchel bags, bowling bags, women purses, and wallets. Versse can do OEM and ODM service. This company produces monthly output of around 60,000 pieces. They are selling products around the world.

4 LOX HANDBAG Co. Limited

LOX Handbag Co. Limited is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of 6,000 sq ft with more than 180 employees. This company is equipped with advanced production equipment and a talented team to manage production. Include in their offers are fashion bags, cosmetic bags, shopping bags, computer bags, sports safety equipment as well.

5 Orient Handbag Manufacture Co., Ltd

Orient Handbag Manufacture Co., Ltd was established in 1983. They are providing excellent workmanship and the best customer service to their customers around the world. Orient factory has been certified by ISO9001 and also passes SA8000. Their production line includes backpacks, tote bags, laptop bags, makeup bags, and promotional items.

6 Boshen Leather Goods

Established in 1993, Guangzhou Boshen Leather Goods Co., Ltd is providing genuine leather products including leather handbags, women’s bags, men’s bags, wallets, and belts. This manufacturer has been one of the top 10 manufacturers of leather goods in Guangdong, China. Over 25 years of focusing on a high-quality leather handbags, they are able to export products countries around the world.

7 Ceso April

Guangzhou Ceso April Handbag Factory was established in 1999. This company is located in Huadu, China. They are one of the leading handbag manufacturers with 220+ workers, wide showrooms, and talented design teams. Specializing in producing all types of handbags, they offer high-quality bags like lady bags, backpacks, men’s bags, fashion bags, and more.

8 Guangzhou Zhong Ding Company

Based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, Zhong Ding has been in this field for over 5 years. Specializing in manufacturing high-quality handbags, they offer a wide variety of bags including crossbody bags, shopping bags, tote bags, gift bags, and more. Guangzhou Zhong Ding Company became one of the leading handbag manufacturers not just in China but also in overseas countries.

9 Xiamen Benshine

Specializing in manufacturing custom bags, Xiamen Benshine turns to be one of the leading factories in China. Since 2013, Xiamen Benshine got the Import and Export License issued by PRC. Their main products are medical bags, crossbody bags, drawstring bags, guitar bags, diaper bags, and more. They are exporting products to American and European markets.

10 BagGo BinGo

BagGo BinGo is a manufacturing expert in China. They offer custom-made bags, bespoke leather purse, and other handbags effectively. They are providing the best solutions in terms of bag projects. BagGo BinGo is offering the product at a reasonable price. Also, they provide fast turn-around and professional services.

11 Yun Qing Leatherware Co., Ltd

Yun Qing Leatherware Co., Ltd is located in Huadu, Guangzhou, China. They are one of the expert suppliers, retailers, distributors, and importers in fashionable bags. Yun Qing fashion bags include handbags, backpacks, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, and more. The company main businesses are OEM and ODM.

12 Dreamway Tote Bag Factory

As a professional handbag factory in China, Dreamway is making bags that can be custom-made and offer wholesale bags with a custom logo. This factory has 15+ years of experience in the industry. They are manufacturing and exporting all kinds of fashion bags in the world. Dreamway has provides a one-stop solution for their customers.

13 Guangzhou Gionar Leather Co., Ltd

More than 18 years in the service, Guangzhou Gionar Leather Co., Ltd has been leading manufacturer and trader in China. This company provides wholesale service – OEM and ODM all over the world. Their main products are leather handbags, clutch bags, wallets, backpacks, belts, and other cases. They have two production factories and 10 cooperative factories. With highly trained professionals, the company offers professional design products.

14 Autron Leather Industry Co., Ltd

Autron manufacturing facilities are located in Huadu, Guangdong Province. They are providing products all over the world. Autron produces fashionable bags utilizing recycled and renewable materials. They provide a one-stop solution for their valued customers, from designing to finished the process of manufacturing.

15 Brenton Asia

Driven by creative and advanced manufacturing technology, Brenton Asia became a leading specialist in handbags in China. With its rich experience in the fashion handbag industry, they work together to create, develop, and produce handbags providing a high impact on the market. This company can also tailored-made products as request.

16 ABC Handbags Manufacturing Co. Ltd

ABC Handbags is a manufacturer of lady bags and leather purses with 10+ year factory experience. With strong knowledge and expertise, they are offering superior quality bags considering their own specifications. Their factory covers an area of 3000 sq m plus they have independent designing and making divisions. ABC Handbags Manufacturing Co. Ltd offers a vast range of bags with different patterns.

17 Badi Industry Co., Ltd

Badi Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1995. They are a professional manufacturer for all kinds of bags and wallets in China. They are exporting their products all over the world plus they are cooperating with several brands. Incorporating skillful workers and design teams, their offered bags have been popular in the world market.

18 Guangzhou New Leather Bags., Ltd

Guangzhou New Leather Bags., Ltd specializing in producing and designing handbags for coupled of years. Included in their products are real leather bags, straw bags, luxury evening bags, PU leather bags, cosmetic bags, and a lot more. This company is located in Guangzhou, China. They have an excellent production team, production equipment, and eco-friendly bags. Their products are exported in the US, Canada, Italy, South Korea, and 30+ countries around the world.

19 Evergreen Leather Goods., Ltd

Established in 2003, Evergreen Leather Goods., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in lady bags. With many years of development, this company has now 80+ employees and a wide factory workshop. Their main products include leather handbags, clutch bags, evening bags, travel sets, wallets, purse, and more. They are exporting products over 50,000 pieces monthly. Evergreen Leather Goods., Ltd is exporting products to the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Russia, and other markets.

20 Kelvin Corp

Kelvin Corp was founded in the year 2007. They are one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers in China. They stand out providing OEM and ODM service with rich expertise. Kelvin is producing a wide variety of bags including storage bags, organizer and kid’s bags, cooler bags, diaper bags, and more. Over the years, they are providing quality bags with 100% fully inspected.

Top 10 Website to Buy Cheap Handbags Wholesale Online (UK/China/Australia)

Where to find buy wholesale cheap handbags online? 

Well, this article will tell you everything about buy wholesale handbags online, especially 10 cheap handbags online website, some tips and FAQs.


With the increasing demand, cheap handbags wholesale is getting huge popularity. That’s why we bring to you the best-of-information to buy handbags online.


Before going straight to the main part, let’s take a trip back in time to discuss a bit about the evolution and acceptance of handbags…

Why consider wholesale handbags?

“The oldest known purse dates back more than 5000 years, and was a pouch worn by a man, Otzi the Iceman”, says Wikipedia. We can say that right from the earliest stages of civilization; bags were a part of everyday articles.

Why consider wholesale handbags? Do you know buying in wholesale and selling can bring big bucks? These days’ wholesale handbags are gaining popularity because of its huge variety and inexpensive price. Though fashion business is quite difficult, if you start with bags you may be able to make a good entry and stay strong.

When buying from wholesalers, you don’t have to worry about the capital because you can start in budget. Also, there are some suppliers that offer warehouse facility where you can keep your order and get it delivered right at your door step as and when required. Apart from this, you can buy an assortment of products in one go.

How wholesale help:

  • – You can make large orders and save more money.

  • – You can expand your reach by offering a good variety.

  • – Wholesale orders get delivered on time.

  • – Buying latest arrivals grows your business.

  • – You spend less on buying and get more on selling.

Handbags have got a rich history and with every new era, came new bags. Today, bags are extremely popular among men, women, and kid. With that said, let’s discuss the top 10 website to buy handbags online…

Top 10 Website to Buy Cheap Handbags Wholesale Online(UK/ China/Australia)

If you want to cut cost and make more potential profits, these wholesale websites can be a great place to start:

Recommend index: We are based on price, product quality, logistics, etc.

1. Chinabrands

One of the most popular names in the wholesale industry, Chinabrands is a global drop shipping wholesaler from China. If you are wondering where to buy great bag, Chinabrands is one of the best websites to look forward as it offers a wide range of cheap handbags online. Whether you are looking for premium handbags or basic ones, you will get everything at a very competitive price at Chinabrands.

What makes Chinabrands different…


– Diversity of Products – It offers an array of products to choose from and you can easily find what you want. Also, every single product sold on the website is inspected to make sure that every piece you buy meets the highest standards of quality.


– No Risk – You can start your business at no risk with Chinabrands as the drop ship services set you free from risks and capital problems. You can get your bulk order shipped right to your doorstep.


– Hot Selling products – It gives you the opportunity to invest your hard-earned money on the right product and, therefore, offer the latest arrivals at the best price. All you have to do is know the latest market trends and search your item.


– No Trouble – When you choose Chinabrands, you don’t have to think about SEO because you get SEO optimized product descriptions that you can download and use on your website. This will help you save time and have a trouble-free experience.


– Fast Shipping – In today’s highly competitive world, time is money and that’s why Chinabrands provide express delivery of orders. With the help of the worldwide warehouses and sound logistics system, you can get your order within 24 hours.


– Reward Points – If you are a retailer, you will definitely want to save money and make more profits. Every purchase in this site gives you CB points as rewards that you can use in your next purchase and get discount. Isn’t it great? 

What’s more?

  • – It offers extra valuable services.

  • – It helps to choose trendy products.

  • – It has highly trained QC teams to ensure the best quality.

  • – It has an advanced ordering and tracking system.

  • – It promises best value for money. 

Best-Selling Bags Wholesale on Chinabrands

More >

2. AliExpress 

One of the popular online platforms offering a wide range of products to the global buyers. It is a marketplace that connects small businesses to worldwide customers. You can buy a diverse range of handbags for sale at a good price from independent vendors.


You can enjoy offerings like good customer support, worldwide delivery, safe payment, and the app.


3. Handbag Wholesale India 

It is one of the India’s leading cheap handbags online suppliers and also offers a great range of accessories. Whether you want to purchase in bulk or just a few pieces, you can do whatever suits you as there is no quantity restriction. However, the online store provide discount on shopping in bulk.


You can easily find hundreds of designer handbags and the store ships across the world at nominal shopping fees. It offers 48 hour dispatch, COD on 2000+ pins, and easy returns.


4. Allbags4u 

Well, if you are looking for some quirky handbags with unique designs, this website is just the right choice. The company deals in the wholesale, import, and export of a wide range of handbags and other bags. However you need to send an inquiry to see the prices for every item you choose. 

Some considerable features include 3-20 days delivery, unique designs, secure payment, registered logistics, and quality assurance. 

5. Wholesale Bags Online

If you are looking for cheap handbags online shopping in UK, it offers a good collection of bags. It provides a great variety of bags such as handbags, travel bags, backpacks, school/college bags, purses & wallets and more. The company supplies to boutiques, retail shops, and retailers in the UK and globally.


Though there is a minimum order value of £150.00, you can enjoy many features like intricate details, trendy products, good service, and secured payment gateways.


6. Rose Wholesale

It is one of the renowned names in the cheap handbags wholesale market and offers some of the most competitive prices on a wide variety of products. Though the company specializes in wholesale clothes, it offers a good variety of handbags. You can find some trendy designs at the factory low price.


Some of the perks you can enjoy include extra discount for new sign-ups, free reward points, and professional dedicated service.


7. Wholesale Handbag 4 Less 

If you are looking for a website that exclusively deals in women’s handbags, this can be your right choice. The online store offers a great variety of bags including fashion inspired handbags, animal printed handbags, tote handbag, hobo handbag, and more. It ships to retailers across the US and globally.


Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt and orders less than $100.00 are assessed a $20.00 handling fee. The average shipping time is 2-7 business days.


8. Strandbags

If you are looking for cheap handbags online but do not want to compromise on quality, this can be your right destination. The store has an array of products to offer including fashion handbags, designer’s inspired handbags, evening bags, and more.


You can search different categories for your favorite product and enjoy secured payment and fast shipping.


9. Sale Hoo 

This is one of the largest platforms for wholesalers and retailers for a variety of products including cheap handbags online shopping. You can register to find dropship and wholesale suppliers easily and buy handbags in bulk. With easy search options, you can find and source suppliers that ship domestically and internationally.


The website allows you to start your drop shipping business without any large capital or minimum orders. You can find suppliers that offer low or no minimum orders and save.


10. Wholesale Designer Bags 

If you are looking for authentic wholesale designer handbags, this is the right place to look for. This is the platform you can find the legitimate suppliers of designers good at a very competitive price. When a lot of suppliers are selling replicas, you can find genuine products.


While dealing with this company, you can expect genuine products, reliable sources, and up-to-date information.

So, now you know from where to start. But that’s not enough because there’s a lot to start a retailing business. For those who want to start their own business and looking for best bags online, here are few tips to purchase a chic collection:

Tips for Buying wholesale cheap handbags online

Choose the Right Style – Pick your handbag style for purchase and they vary by form and function. Some popular categories include hobo, drawstring, clutch, tote, beach, messenger, shoulder, and framed. It will be good to buy a mix of different styles and designs.


Research Current Prices and Trends – Check out some leading fashion publications and other magazines to know the current wholesale prices and hot-selling trends. As the difference between the wholesale price and retail price is going to determine the final cost of each handbag, you need to pay close attention.


Know Your Supplier – If you want to buy genuine wholesale handbags online, know your supplier. There are many types of suppliers such as manufacturer, importers, distributors, auctions, and others. This will help you understand their offerings better and do the best deal.


Shipping Options – The cost of shipping varies by location, product size, and duration. You should try to work with vendors having warehouses in different parts of the world such as Chinabrands, as this will enable them to deliver orders fast. Also, this will make the cost of shipping less.


Quality & Cost – No matter what type of handbags you are buying, it is important to consider quality and have control over the cost. By forming strong relationships with reliable wholesalers, it is easier to ensure good product quality and genuine price. 

Where can we buy cheap luxury handbags online?

There are so many stores offering cheap luxury handbags online these days. If you are looking for a reliable platform, some of the best options are:

The above-mentioned stores take care of quality, genuine price, and finished seams. You need to decide on the type of handbags you plan to sell as this will help you choose the best platform. 

What are the cheapest online shopping sites?

There are hundreds of cheap handbags online shopping sites where you can find everything ranging from the basic designs to the hottest selling trends.

Chinabrands, AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay are some websites that offer cheap handbags. However, you need to do your own research before dealing with any wholesaler.

Also, consider top search engines, trade shows, and supplier directories to find some great online shopping sites. 

Where can I buy good quality fake designer handbags online?

If you are looking for good quality fake designer bags or replicas of designer bags, there are many wholesalers that provide a great range of products.

Though a lot of people will suggest you sites like eBay or AliExpress, they are not as good as the boutique wholesalers because quality is not assured. Some of the popular boutique wholesalers are:

  • – Replica Bags Sales

  • – IndiaMart

  • – DHGate

  • – Luxuries VIP

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Which is the best place for buying designer bags online?

Designer purses and Chinabrands are two websites where you can find a good variety of designer bags online. Though you will find a lot of websites on Google and Instagram, it’s always good to consider the following things:

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A note in a Walmart purse from a prisoner in China goes viral

When Christel Wallace found a piece of paper folded up at the bottom of her purse in March 2017, she threw it in the trash. She hadn’t yet used the maroon bag, made by Walmart and purchased from one of its Arizona stores months ago.

But after a few minutes, she got curious. She took the paper out of the wastebasket, unfolding the sheet to reveal a message scrawled in Mandarin Chinese.

Translated, it read: Inmates in China’s Yingshan Prison work 14 hours a day and are not allowed to rest at noon. We have to work overtime until midnight. People are beaten for not finishing their work. There’s no salt and oil in our meals. The boss pays 2,000 yuan every month for the prison to offer better food, but the food is all consumed by the prison guards. Sick inmates have to pay for their own pills. Prisons in China cannot be compared to prisons in the United States. Horse, cow, goat, pig, dog.

Christel’s daughter-in-law Laura Wallace posted a photo of the note to Facebook on April 23. The post first went viral locally, getting shared and liked several hundred times, mostly by fellow Arizonans. After a few days, local media outlets picked up the story; a week or so after that, dozens of mainstream publications like USA Today and HuffPost followed suit. One video report on the incident accumulated 2.9 million views.

Shares of the note provoked shock and outrage. Even those who were skeptical of the note’s provenance were incensed, pointing to a wider issue. “Who cares if it’s a marketing stunt?” read one comment on Facebook. “If it made five people rethink buying cheap crap, then it’s a success.”

At the time, a Walmart spokesperson told a reporter in Arizona it was unable to comment because it had “no way to verify the origin of the letter.”

You may remember this story or one like it. It follows a long line of SOS-style notes found by shoppers. They crop up a few times a year, and each story follows the same beats.

First, a shopper in the US or Europe finds a note in the pocket or on a tag of a product from a big retailer — Walmart, Saks, Zara. The note claims the product had been made using forced labor or under poor working conditions. The writer of the note also claims to be in a faraway country, usually China. The shopper takes a photo of the note and posts it to social media. It’s reported on by all sorts of publications from Reuters to Refinery29, where the articles reach millions of readers.

Then the hysteria cools, and the story falls into the viral news abyss. There’s no real attempt at verification. There’s no meaningful corporate gesture. There’s no grand reckoning with the system of global production from which this cry for help is said to have emerged.

As for Christel’s particular Walmart note, there are a number of possibilities regarding who wrote and hid it, and its contents are difficult to fact-check. A Chinese prison called Yingshan may exist, or it may not. Forced labor may be practiced there, or it may not. A prisoner in China may have written the note, or maybe a Chinese activist did, or maybe an American activist instead. The note may have been placed in the bag in a prison factory, or somewhere else along the supply chain in China, or perhaps in Arizona.

The only way to make sense of this puzzle — one with actual human stakes that can help explain how what we buy is made — is to try to trace the journey backward, from the moment a note goes viral to its potential place of origin. Which is how I find myself in rural China, outside of a local prison, 7,522 miles away from where Christel first opened her purse.

Guilin is a city in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of southern China, and a tourist haven, renowned for the tooth-like karst peaks that rise from the banks of the Li River. Its limpid lakes and limestone caves draw tens of millions of visitors every year.

To reach Guilin, it takes me two international flights, two taxis, a one-hour bus ride through border control, and three hours on a high-speed train. I travel from London through Hong Kong on to Shenzhen and then Guilin via the Guangshen Railway. There, I meet Channing, a local reporter hired to help me find the prison.

We’re in Guilin because of the first and only concrete lead in the Walmart note: the name of the prison. The note writer says the prison is called Yingshan, and several weeks of research has led me to believe it’s located in China’s Guangxi region, home to many manufacturing factories because of the area’s cheap labor and low taxes.

The very few details I can find about Yingshan prison come from a 10-year-old report on prisons across China written by a human rights group. The report suggests the prison may be in the suburbs of east Guilin, and so the plan is to explore the neighborhood, talk to locals, and look for signs — barbed wire, security cameras, anything.

But before we embark on our prison scouting, we have something else on the agenda: a visit to the city’s only Walmart store. It feels important, given the note was found in a Walmart, albeit one on the other side of the globe. Perhaps a Chinese Walmart close to where the note supposedly originated can provide clues, or at least context.

The Guilin Walmart is a 10-minute drive from the center of the city, spread across two floors in a shopping mall, on a road lined with scooter repair shops. Walmart is the world’s biggest retailer; it owns 11,700 retail units in 27 countries around the world, including Brazil and South Africa, under various banner names. In China, Walmart owns 389 Walmart Supercenters, in addition to 21 Sam’s Clubs and 15 Hypermarkets.

A note on Walmart’s Chinese site reads: “Walmart China firmly believes in local sourcing. We have established partnerships with more than seven thousand suppliers in China. Over 95% of the merchandise in our stores in China is sourced locally.”

The Guilin Walmart sells athletic shorts made in Vietnam, girls’ T-shirts made in Bangladesh, and sports jackets made in Cambodia. But for the most part, the store’s clothing is made in China, some of it just a few hours away. There are England football shirts and women’s purses from Guangdong, World Cup Russia sandals from Fujian, Frozen and Mickey Mouse tees from Shanghai, and baseball jerseys and Peppa Pig sun hats from Jiangxi.

Countries the world over encourage citizens to “buy local,” so why would China be any different? Still, necessarily, what is local to one place — local practice, local perspective — is foreign to all others. To those in the country, “made in China” means items produced by their fellow Chinese that contribute to the robust economy. Elsewhere in the world, particularly in the US, the phrase draws ire, conjuring images of goods mass-produced in factories with questionable conditions by workers who have supplanted their own country’s workforce.

Walmart in the US has tried and tested the homemade idea. In 1985, founder Sam Walton voiced a commitment to “made in America” products, launching a program called “Bring It Home to the USA” to buy more US-made goods. Around that time, according to reporter Bob Ortega’s book In Sam We Trust, Walton estimated 6 percent of his company’s total sales came from imports; a Frontline report found that number may have been closer to 40 percent. Bill Clinton, then the governor of Walmart’s home state of Arkansas, described “Bring It Home to the USA” as an “act of patriotism.” The program failed.

It’s easy to understand why. The “made in America” ideal comes second to finding the cheapest sources of production — this was true in the ’80s, and it’s true now. A study released in 2016 found that three in four Americans say they would like to buy US-made goods but consider those items too costly or difficult to find. When asked if they’d buy an $85 pair of pants made in the US or a $50 pair made in a different country, 67 percent chose the latter.

To those in the country, “made in China” means items produced by their fellow Chinese that contribute to the robust economy

Today, Walmart outsources the majority of its production around the world. According to a 2011 report in the Atlantic, Chinese suppliers are believed to account for around 70 percent of the company’s merchandise. A 2015 analysis from the Economic Institute, a progressive think tank, found that Walmart’s trade with China may have eliminated 400,000 jobs in the US between 2001 and 2013.

This is something Walmart says it’s trying to change. In its 2014 annual report, the company pledged to spend an additional $250 billion on US-made goods by 2023, saying it believes “we can drive cost savings by sourcing closer to the point of consumption.” Research from Boston Consulting Group projected this could create a million new US jobs.

At the initiative’s 2018 halfway point, though, it’s unclear how many jobs have been created or how much money has actually been spent. Additionally, in 2015, the Federal Trade Commission initiated a probe into Walmart’s mislabeling of foreign goods as “Made in the USA.” Walmart took action by removing inaccurate logos and making its disclosures more transparent, only to come under fire for deceptive “Made in the USA” labels yet again the very next year.

Forced labor is commonly practiced in the Chinese prison system, which the Chinese Communist Party first established countrywide in 1949, modeling it on Soviet gulags. The kind of crimes that land someone in the Chinese penal system range widely, from murder and bribery to saying anything remotely bad about the government. Freedom of speech isn’t a reality for Chinese citizens, who can face decades in prison for publishing articles about human rights online.

A tenet of the Chinese justice system is that labor inside prisons is good for the country. The government, as well as many of its citizens, believes it helps reform corrupted people — and China is far from the only country to use prison labor. The US legally benefits from labor in its prison system, and while not every US prison practices penal labor, hundreds of thousands of American inmates work jobs that include making furniture and fighting fires. In August of this year, prisoners from 17 states went on strike to protest being forced to work, characterizing the practice as “modern slavery.”

Peter E. Müller, a leading specialist at the Laogai Research Foundation, and his team extensively document the human rights abuses inside China’s prison system. This work includes identifying prisons and camps that employ forced labor, tracking the inmate population, and gathering personal testimony from those who have experienced forced labor.

He says prisoners in China, the US, and elsewhere are sometimes paid for their labor. (In the Walmart note, the writer describes forced labor and beatings, as well as low pay for long hours and health care deducted from payment.) The amount depends on the financial situation of the prison; the average pay in American state prisons is 20 cents an hour. Müller says the monthly salary specified in the note (2,000 yuan, or $295) is “unusually high,” but speculates that it may be because the prison “makes good money because of high-quality workers.”

Human rights organizations, such as the Laogai Research Foundation and China Labor Watch, say the biggest problem in stopping the export of products made in prisons is that the supply lines are “almost untraceable.” Supply lines, in general, are very difficult to trace due to the enormous complexity of supplier networks, a lack of communication between actors, and a general dearth of data that can be shared in the first place. The result is a frustratingly opaque global system of production.

Li Qiang, the founder and executive director of China Labor Watch, explains that American companies that manufacture abroad place their orders directly with factories or sourcing companies, and that those factories and companies can transfer the orders to prisons without the company’s knowledge. In fact, some of these relationships are formalized to the point where prisons that use forced labor have a sister factory that coordinates the prison manufacturing.

It’s essentially a front, as sister factories will use a commercial name for outside trade, intentionally mislabeling products that are made in prisons. Prisoners are never physically sent to the sister factories; the main bulk of the production happens on prison grounds. Once nearly complete, items are then sent to the sister factories, where they are prepared and labeled for international delivery. This system isn’t easy for companies to monitor. Suppliers conceal these practices from clients, and supplier checks are not frequent, especially for large corporations like Walmart, which use a large number of suppliers and subcontractors.

Qiang says the issue can feel intractable. “Even if shoppers in the US understand that the items are being made under poor working conditions, there is nothing they can really do,” he says. “Multinational corporations will not invest in improving their supply chain if there are few laws to protect workers whose rights are being violated, and no successful lawsuits against brands, companies, or their factories for violating them.”

On a Tuesday morning in late May, Channing and I sit at a table in our hotel lobby. We browse message boards on Baidu, one of the country’s most popular search engines and social networking sites, to see if the issue of prison labor is discussed on Chinese social media, or if it’s a subject the government censors.

In a matter of seconds, Channing is able to find discussion boards filled with suppliers looking to outsource labor to prisons. The conversations are quite ordinary — there is no coded language, and full addresses and contact numbers are included in postings. We also find dozens of posts from people offering the services of prisons they work with to mass-produce items for overseas companies, including “electronic accessories, bracelets, necklace bead processing, toy assembly, and shirt processing.”

One post in Chinese reads: “Because our processing personnel are from prison, it has the following advantages. The prison personnel are centralized and stable, and they are managed by the prison. There is no need to worry about the flow of people and the shortage of labor. The processing price is low: Since the processing location is in prison, there is no need for manufacturers to provide space and accommodation; and the prison works in the principle of serving the people, so the processing price is guaranteed to be absolutely lower than the market price. If your company needs it, please contact!”

In an effort to verify not only that Yingshan prison exists but also that it’s one of many Chinese factories that use forced labor and contract with manufacturers, Channing and I drive toward the suburbs in the eastern part of Guilin.

Channing asks our driver to drop us at a high school so we can remain undetected. Nearby, I’d marked a spot where I believed the prison to be according to the human rights report I’d found before arriving in China. But the prison isn’t there. In its place is a crossing, though there’s reason to believe the prison is closed — a dilapidated sign pointing left reads: Yingshan.

We walk down the road and find the area under heavy surveillance. Security cameras are hitched onto poles on every corner of the pathway. The farther we walk, the more literal the warnings that we shouldn’t be there. Three different signs hammered into a tree read: “DO NOT APPROACH.”

Yingshan prison, described in a note found in a Walmart handbag thousands of miles away in the US, does exist — and we are standing in front of it.

Though it had been difficult to find, it actually doesn’t seem so hidden after all. It is integrated into the neighborhood, just around the corner from a driving school, near leafy streets and apartment blocks.

The prison doesn’t look like an archetypal prison you’d see in the US. If it weren’t for the two security watchtowers, Yingshan could be mistaken for a modern residential building. Thick bushes cover dark blue metal fences lined with barbed wire. The high walls are painted cream with decorative white lines demarcating each of the building’s five floors. Each window has a neat white frame, with a metal air vent attached.

Several guards in uniform are standing in the parking lot of the building next door. We don’t approach them for fear of being detained. The Chinese government treats both domestic and foreign journalists hostilely. Reporters are often banned from entering the country, and they have also been detained for their work. Our safest bet for gathering information is to speak to people in the area who may have ties to the prison.

Walking down a second pathway that runs alongside Yingshan, the village of Sanjia comes into view. Sanjia is a small village that abuts the prison grounds. In the village, crumbling homes stand alongside gated, modern ones painted gold. Locals say this is because the land is being bought out, and that the village is grappling with redevelopment.

Each person we speak to has a personal connection to the prison. They know people imprisoned, have a family member working inside, or have worked inside themselves. They tell us that guards who work in Yingshan are housed with their families in an apartment complex next to the prison. We realize this is the building with the parking lot filled with uniformed guards.

Zhenzhu, who asked that her surname not be used for fear of retribution from the government, can see the prison from her front door. A jovial woman, she has lived in the village for 14 years, moving to the area right after she was married. As we talk, we hear pigs squealing. Zhenzhu explains that those are her pigs, 100 of them, next door in a slaughterhouse she runs with her husband.

When the building of the prison commenced in 2007, Zhenzhu was three months pregnant, and her husband was employed as a construction worker on the project. By the time their daughter turned 3, the building was complete. Zhenzhu has visited the prison before, to see an inmate; Yingshan allows visits from family members under heavy security. She says its walls are buried so deep into the ground that “even if the prisoners want to break out by digging an underground tunnel, they can’t dig through.”

Yingshan prison, described in a note found in a Walmart handbag thousands of miles away in the US, does exist — and we are standing in front of it

Zhenzhu recounts much of what her husband told her about his experience at Yingshan. For years following the construction, he would visit for maintenance checks and additional building; trucks were always driving fabric in and out of the prison. The trucks, he told Zhenzhu, were from factories located in the Guangdong province. Guangdong is home to an estimated 60,000 factories, which produce around a third of the world’s shoes and much of its textiles, apparel, and toys.

Everyone we speak to, Zhenzhu included, says they’ve seen labor inside the prison or have been told about it directly by inmates. None were familiar with Walmart goods being produced there, but some could confirm that women’s fashion is manufactured inside.

To those in the village, prison labor is not just common knowledge; it’s also necessary. They consider the prisoners “bad guys” who have committed horrible crimes. In their eyes, the labor is a good thing: It helps rehabilitate inmates and gets them to understand the value of work. But that work can come at a great cost. According to local hearsay and furthered by a published account from a woman who was married to a Yingshan prison guard, inmates have been known to kill themselves because of the poor conditions and forced labor.

Zhenzhu leads us around the edge of the village, to get a side view of the prison. She points to the building we first passed and tells us that’s where the inmates eat and sleep. She then points to a building farther in the distance on the left that looks almost exactly the same. It’s also painted cream, but with slightly larger white window frames; a yard obscured behind the prison wall separates the structures. The second building, she tells us, is for “the work.”

The Walmart note followed a tradition of hidden messages found by shoppers. In 2014, shoppers found labels stitched into several items of clothing in Primark stores across the UK. The labels, written in English, read: “forced to work exhausting hours” and “degrading sweatshop conditions.”

As the notes spread across social media, the fast-fashion company conducted an investigation and found the labels were fake. The company said the items were all made by different suppliers, in different factories, on different continents. They stressed it was impossible that the same labels, especially those written in English, would appear on all the items and that they believed the labels were part of an activist stunt carried out in the UK.

Though no one claimed credit for the labels, activist groups had been waging campaigns to protest Primark’s labor practices in the time leading up to their discovery. War on Want led a 2013 campaign against the company after more than 1,100 people died as a result of the Rana Plaza collapse. Primark, along with J.C. Penney and Joe Fresh, was among the retailers whose products were made in the Bangladeshi complex.

Almost all the messages that have been found in stores have come under public scrutiny, as they’re often suspected of being written and planted by activists. The handwriting, the language, and even the paper used for notes have pointed to activist work. For example, several notes and labels, like the Primark ones, were written in English. Many inmates and factory workers in China, as well as Bangladesh, come from poor backgrounds and are unlikely to have had the chance to learn English in school.

There have been, however, at least two instances in which actual workers have claimed the notes. In 2011, a shopper bought a box of Halloween decorations at an Oregon Kmart. She found a note inside the box, allegedly from a prisoner in China explaining that he had made the item under forced labor conditions.

Two years later, Zhang — a man who asked newsrooms to only use his surname for fear of being arrested and imprisoned again — claimed to be the writer of the note. He said he planted 20 such notes during the two years he spent in prison, with hopes they would reach American stores. His handwriting and modest English language proficiency matched those of the note, but even then, it wasn’t feasible to fully corroborate his story. As the New York Times wrote, “it was impossible to know for sure whether there were perhaps other letter writers, one of whose messages might have reached Oregon.”

The second instance came in 2014, when a shopper in New York found a note in a Saks shopping bag she received when purchasing a pair of Hunter rain boots two years earlier. The note, written in English, claimed to have been written by a man in a Chinese prison; it also included his email address, photo, and name, which led to the finding of the alleged author, Tohnain Emmanuel Njong. Originally from Cameroon, he said he’d been teaching English in China when he was arrested in May 2011 and wrongly jailed for fraud charges.

In both cases, the final step of verification would be to confirm with the prisons mentioned in the notes that Zhang and Njong served sentences at their facilities and that forced labor occurs there. But since Chinese prisons refuse to provide comment on such stories, there’s little way of definitively confirming the prisoners’ accounts.

In 2017, the validity of hidden notes came into question yet again. Shoppers in Istanbul found tags inside clothing items in a Zara store that read: “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.”

It turned out Turkish workers, who produced the clothing for Zara in an Istanbul factory, planted the notes in protest. The factory where they had been employed closed down overnight, leaving them suddenly without jobs or a source of income. The workers wrote notes urging shoppers to pressure Zara into giving them the back pay they were owed. They then went to a Zara store in the center of Istanbul and hid the notes in the pockets of clothing being sold inside.

“When we think we’re not getting movement from companies, we turn to confrontational tactics like this”

The Turkish workers didn’t come up with the idea of the notes on their own. The Clean Clothes Campaign and its alliance partner Labour Behind the Label (LBL), an organization that campaigns for garment workers’ rights, helped plan the action.

LBL and other campaign groups have organized “note droppings” like this in retail stores like Zara for many years. The notes describe how poor labor practices are behind the store’s items; LBL gathers information about these practices through its own reports and interviews.

“Dropping notes is an extension of leaving leaflets in stores,” says LBL’s director of policy Dominique Muller. “When we think we’re not getting movement from companies, we turn to confrontational tactics like this.”

LBL doesn’t worry that the notes they plant in stores could overshadow any potentially real notes found in stores. “These notes are just a drop in the ocean. They’re still new” — as an activism tool, that is — “and they will continue to have an impact.”

As of this June, the Turkish workers had only received partial payment.

Finding Yingshan brought some answers about the validity of the note. For one, the prison named in the Walmart note exists. We heard firsthand accounts from locals who said forced labor does occur inside the prison as the note described. What we were told about the work is that the hours are long, the work is done indoors, and the labor involves manufacturing fashion items, which might include bags like the purse Christel bought in Arizona.

After Walmart issued its statement about there being “no way to verify the origin of the letter,” the company launched an internal investigation. It was found that the factory that made the purse didn’t adhere to Walmart’s standards, which stress the need for “labor to be voluntary” and state that “slave, child, underage, forced, bonded, or indentured labor will not be tolerated.” As a result, the company cut ties with the supplier, a decision the company only disclosed after it was contacted for this story. Walmart declined to clarify whether the supplier in question had contracted with Yingshan prison.

In a statement to Vox, a Walmart spokesperson wrote: “Walmart has strict standards for our suppliers, and they must tell us where our products are being made. Through our investigation into this matter, we found the supplier’s factory sent purses to be made at other factories in the region that were not disclosed to us. The supplier failed to follow our standards, so we stopped doing business with them. We take allegations like this seriously, and we are committed to a responsible and transparent supply chain. There are consequences for our suppliers when our standards are not followed.”

One last question did remain unanswered. Was the note written by an actual prisoner, or by an activist with knowledge of the conditions that produced the bag? Müller of the Laogai Research Foundation believes the note is indeed real.

The description and details referenced in the note, he says, mirror much of what he’s heard in interviews with former prisoners. He says the language, the style of writing, and the use of the phrase “horse cow goat pig dog” — a common expression in China that compares the treatment of prisoners to that of animals — add to its authenticity. He believes the writer of the note certainly risked his life to send his message.

Even if the note is real, though, what’s come to light during the reporting of this story is that the Walmart note won’t end forced labor in China. The government is not going to release a public statement condemning human rights abuses inside its prisons because of stories like this one. It doesn’t see forced labor as a human rights abuse; Chinese citizens who don’t support the practices risk arrest if they speak out, and so most won’t.

The pitfall of pinning reform on awareness is expecting a bad thing to end if enough people know about it. Very rarely does mass attention on an issue result in a tangible shift in how things work. If merely sharing information were enough, the countless viral stories about forced labor recounted here would have already resulted in widespread reform.

Still, the incremental change the Walmart note led to — however impossibly small, however seemingly inconsequential — is a step. It has to be.

Additional reporting by Channing Huang.

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Here you’ll find quality leather goods in latest styles and with very competitive prices. Our produc >>>

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Where to buy Designer Inspired Bags? 13 stores with the best collections!

This market is getting bigger and bigger. With the biggest brands like Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and many other companies vying for attention. 

But the thing is luxury bags are getting more expensive. Like Louis Vuitton Bags on average retail for $2000. It’s the same with the other luxury brands. 

If you are in the market for designer inspired bags, then join the queue. In 2020, the world is obsessed with fake luxury bags and more. But fake is different from designer inspired, which we’ll get down to below.

We’ve covered articles relating to luxury replica bags on Dhgate and branded replicas on Aliexpress. 

Now if you are looking for designer inspired bags or look alike hand bags and wondering which is the right place to buy these bags, then we’ve got you covered.

I’ve been in the designer inspired bags market for more than 4+ years. I know the in’s and out’s of what makes a good bag and what makes a bad one. 

Based on my experience, the best place to find designer inspired bags is

Dhgate is the go to destination for designer bags. They sell a wide range of bags inspired from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Chanel among others. They cost around $40 to $100 for a designer handbag.

Where to buy Designer Inspired Bags

All these stores do designer look alike handbags in wholesale. So if you are looking to start your own designer inspired look alike wholesale business, all the stores below can help you out.

Designer Inspired Bags vs Replicas

A replica is a blatant rip-off of the original design with the logo and the branding of the company like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc.

A Designer inspired bag on the other hand does not replicate the logo, but only replicates the design in a certain sense. It looks very similar without being a rip-off.

In my experience, knowing the right seller can reduce your searching time looking for the right designer inspired handbags.

One of the best sources for finding designer handbags are Aliexpress and DHgate. But over the past few years, Aliexpress has really clamped down on inspired bags, although, it can still be found. 

The best bet is DHgate. DHgate is a growing platform based out of China and they ship all over the world including the US, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

They are a legitimate platform with 10+ years of existence. They do have customer service and strong refund policies in place.


One of the biggest replica bags sellers on Dhgate is Handbagstore888. They have more than 31000+ happy customers with a 98% rating.

If you check out their store, you can see Louis Vuitton Bags, Michael Kors Bags, Yves Saint Laurent Bags and Gucci bags. 

One of their most popular bags is the Hermes bags and the numerous clutches. 

Check out the store


As the name suggests Louisbag deals with ALL louis vuitton products. That includes tote bags, handbags, clutches, shoulder bags.

The Louisbag store also sells YSL handbags, which are amazing replicas. This store has a 96% rating and more than 6000+ happy customers. They have really good customer service.

Their Prada lookalikes are pretty decent as well. The only concern with this store is their shipping time, it might take a bit of time to ship. 

Check out the store

Ace Seller

The Ace Seller store on their homepage openly sell Louis Vuitton replicas. They deal mostly with Louis Vuitton and Gucci replicas. They have a 99.9% positive feedback.

The best way to deal with this store is to contact the seller and ask them for the pictures of the bags you are looking for. They have special links you can use to make the payment for your bags. Be rest assured, these are trusted stores.

Check out the store


The Mango89711 store is one of the most popular designer inspired handbag sellers because of their customization work. You can purchase any bag and get a custom logo embossed on it. They do patchwork and logos work on handbags, shoulder bags, clutches and more. 

They have a 98% positive feedback with over 22000+ happy customers. The store sometimes takes more than 60 days to ship out the bags.

You get the biggest designer bag brands in this store. Givenchy, Prada, Gucci, Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Coach and more. 

Check out the store

Designer Handbags

The Designer Handbags store is on its 6th year running and has 16,000+ transactions with a 98.3% positive feedback. Its easy to identify the replica bags on this store because of their impeccable design.

They have Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel and more.

Check out the store


The LadyBags888 store is another store with an amazing collection of designer inspired bags. In the product catalogue you can see they sell the replicas of top bag brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and more.

Check out the store

Sarah Bags

The Sarah Handbags store is another top designer bag seller. They are a Top Seller with a 97% rating and 5880+ happy customers. Their best selling items are replicas of Prada, Yves Saint Laurent among others.

They even have Balenciaga bags. 

Check out the store


The PonCleero store is an allrounder store that has bags, clutches, fanny packs, mini bags and more. They also have backpacks. They are a Top Brand with a 96.6% rating and 2000+ happy customers. 

They have more than 500+ luxury handbags on offer. In terms of variety, the Poncleer store wins hands down because they have totes, cross body bags, backpacks and more. 

Check out the store


The VannoGG is a relatively new seller on DHgate who deals with Designer inspired bags. They have a high rating of 99.6% and have more than 400 happy sellers.

In their product category itself you can see they sell products of brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Hermes and more.

Their Chanel bags are the most popular. The original Chanel costs about $2000 and you can get the replicas for $200. 

Check out the store

Luyo Official Store

The Luyo official store on Aliexpress is the best Louis Vuitton bag seller on Aliexpress. They have an amazing collection of handbags, leather bags, small bags, clutches and more. They have more than 5300+ followers. 

They deal with big brands like Coco Chanel, Gucci and more. 

Check out the store

PB Specialty Store

The PB Specialty Store is a one of a kind store that deals with Designer Inspired Bags. What makes this particular store interesting for replica bag lovers is, you can get your own custom logo for any bag that you buy in the store.

They have 96.5% positive feedback and have 7800+ followers. Based on their capabilities of customization, you can get LV bags, Gucci Bags, Chanel Bags, Balenciaga bags and more. 

Check out the store

LeftSide Store 

The Leftside store is arguably the biggest handbag store on Aliexpress. They have many designer handbags and luxury handbags. They are a Top Brand with 163,000+ followers. 

The prices of the bags start at $4 and their average is about $10. They sell tote bags, clutches, cross body bags, handbags and more.

This store is also known for their unique patterns and designs. Their best selling products include Rivet Chain small crossbody bag and leather bags.

Check out the store

YILIJAOREN Official Store

This store has a 98.1% positive rating and 17,500+ followers. The store has been around for one year and they are known for their leather tote bags.

The deal with all sorts of patterns and designs such as crocodile leather prints, hand woven bags, leather bags and luxury handbags.

Check out the store

Designer Inspired Bags from China

So why are designer inspired bags from China, the best? China has had a reputation of being able to replicate look to a T. They’ve done it with electronics and now they are doing it with designer handbags.

China also has economies of scale and they are able to produce the designer handbags for much cheaper than any other country.

All the designer inspired handbags you see on Amazon are all from Chinese sellers. Buying from there, you pay a higher price because of the extra commission that Amazon charges compared to platforms like DHgate which barely charge their sellers commission.

The customer service of DHgate is astounding and they do have a return/replacement policy and your money is safe even when you buy a designer inspired handbag.

Look Alike Bags Wholesale

If you are looking for Look alike bags or designer inspired bags for wholesale, then you need to find a good supplier. It’s not always easy, but we can make your life a bit easy.

The best designer inspired bags for wholesale can be purchased from Dhgate, which is the ultimate designation. The best designer inspired bags sellers are listed above. These are the best look alike bags wholesaler.

The best way to start off is to chat with them, ask them for a sample and get it shipped to you, check out the quality. Make sure to deal with the seller only on DHgate.


This is one of the best designer inspired bag sellers in Dhgate. It has 100% positive feedback. It’s a new store but has caught up really well in the competition of providing amazing bags. They have completed 119 transactions and have also received about 970 positive feedback comments. Their bags are amazing and of great quality. Their bags are inspired by top brands like bags from LV, Gucci, Chanel etc. Do check out this store. 

Check it out here


If you’re looking for designer inspired bags then you should definitely go and get yours from this store. Wzweizhi has a 97% positive rate with a 9588 review score in total. It has an awesome collection of bags and they are also of great quality. 

Wzweizhi has been in business for 2 years and has received very few negative reviews. They also have offers and discounts running on their products quite often. You’ll definitely be satisfied with their products. 

Check it out


This is my absolute favourite store to buy designer inspired bags on DHgate. They have been on Dhgate for about 17 years now and have a positive feedback rate of 97.8%. Their service is commendable and you’ll definitely be satisfied with their bags as they’re so good. 

The quality and the design is top-notch and they also have good customer service. Handbagshow bags are reasonably priced and worth buying. Do check out their store on DHgate if you’re looking for designer inspired bags. 

Check it out

Difference between Knock off and Design inspired bags

Knock-off bags are replicas of the original and pretend to be the same as it. There are so many first copies and replicas in the market that are sold at dirt cheap prices but aren’t real ones. There are a lot of ethical issues with knock-off items and are not recommended for purchasing.

However, Design-inspired bags don’t pretend to be the same as the original ones but have a similar design or feature. They are basically copy cats of the original. For example: Dressing up as Joker for halloween where you look exactly like Joker but everyone knows you’re not the original Joker. They are also known as dupes. 

Are Design inspired bags fake?

Design inspired bags are not fake as they don’t pretend to be the replica of the original bags. They are legal to buy and sell. Counterfeit bags are illegal due to ethical issues. 

Where can I buy authentic designer bags for less?

It’s not possible to find authentic designer bags for lesser except when the big brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Givenchy have a sale. The only option is to look for lookalike designer bags, there are bags that look similar to the original brand, but don’t have the logo in some cases. If you want something exact, then you need to look at replica bags.

Are designer inspired handbags legal?

Designer inspired handbags aren’t illegal when the logo isn’t displayed. If the logo is displayed then there is the copyright and trademark infringement of the logo.

Where can I buy Preloved designer bags?

Preloved designer bags or Pre-owned designer bags are pretty pointless because you will be buying quite a big sum for it, instead you could go for a designer inspired bag.

 Is it safe to buy fake designer bags?

Yes it is safe to buy fake designer bags, but know that you get what you pay for and the quality will not be bad but not as good as the original.

Where can I buy Louis Vuitton look alike bags?

Louis Vuitton replicas are available on online websites like AliExpress and Dhgate. Look for sellers with good reputations and reviews.

Things to consider before buying Designer Inspired Bags online 
  1. Always choose middleman platforms like Dhgate than direct platforms because the middleman always will protect your money. When you deal directly with a 3rd party website, there is nobody to contact when you want to raise a dispute. 
  1. Don’t contact the seller directly and always pay via the platform like DHgate or Aliexpress to avoid any fraud 
  1. Ask the seller for sample images before engaging and check out their response time and how communicative they are. 
  1. Sometimes a seller will give an indirect link to purchase the products and that’s normal. This is done to avoid flagging the system that they are dealing with replica products. 
  1. Although the image in the product description might not have the logo, the actual replica will have the logo as they don’t explicitly show the replica with the logo. 
  1. Discuss the shipping time with the seller before you purchase. Some sellers take 30+ days to ship out a product. 

How to find replica designer bags

  • When you are typing the name of the bag you are looking for in the search bar on AliExpress, add additional tags such as luxury or designer, for example if you are looking for a Gucci bag, type Gucci luxury bags or Gucci designer bags instead of just Gucci. If no results show up for the brand keywords, just write luxury bags or designer bags. For example, if you are looking for Burberry replicas, it’s straightforward, you get the brand products immediately. This way you can find bag brands as well.
  • When you search for a particular brand you are looking for, look through the whole list of results and you will find other brands with similar products as well.
  • Once you add something you like to your cart, look for the sellers recommendation tab, similar looking products will be listed there.
  • If you find something close to what you want but not exactly it, try adding it to your cart to look at other similar bags and see if you can get the right one.
  • Some sellers have links to external online stores of their own where they have other replica items, you may find better quality replicas sometimes, but keep in mind that this can be risky.

Lastly, take time to search for and pick out what you want to buy, don’t rush, and look through a few different sellers and their catalogues before deciding on something.

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Louis Vuitton Replica

This market is getting bigger and bigger. With the biggest brands like Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and many other companies vying for attention. 

Product SKU: HFJJD87

Product Brand: Louis Vuitton Look Alike

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 30

Price Valid Until: 2022-12-17

Product In-Stock: InStock

Bags wholesale from China from the manufacturer. Branded, female.

Advantages of buying Chinese products

You can buy branded bags from China in an online store without any problems: goods from this country are firmly entrenched in the Russian clothing and footwear market. Well, the demand for cheap wholesale glasses from China in the season reaches impressive numbers. This is due to a number of advantages for the buyer:

  • Below market price. This is a big plus in favor of Chinese products, since goods from Europe are more expensive.Even the cost of similar Russian-made models is much higher;
  • Possibility to purchase online via the Internet. Another reason why products are cheaper than market and store products: the owners of online sites do not need to pay for the rent of a retail space and hire sellers. The buyer can choose the models he likes and make an order for wholesale bags from China in two clicks;
  • Large assortment. The variety of colors, materials and styles amazes even seasoned shoppers.In the Celestial Empire, models are produced for every taste;
  • Opportunity to purchase a quality replica for a cheap price. The price of the products of world brands such as Christian Dior, Chloe, Chanel sometimes reaches the cost of a car or apartment. This is not a reason to be upset: buying wholesale bags – copies of brands from China can be ten times cheaper.

These advantages have made Chinese products famous and in demand all over the world.

Are there any disadvantages?

Goods from the Middle Kingdom have some drawbacks that you should familiarize yourself with before purchasing them.First of all, buyers often complain about poor quality: the product can be sewn from low-grade material, which is quickly revealed in the process of using the item.

The second drawback is the discrepancy between the photo and the description of reality, Russian suppliers of covers from China often talked about this. Unscrupulous suppliers of bags for an online store from China may indicate incorrect information, which often leads to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, you should shop at trusted sellers.

Selection criteria

There are four factors to consider before purchasing a product:

  1. Material. It must be natural. For example, if you want to buy a leather suitcase from China, you should give preference to real material, not leatherette: the product will delight you longer and will not fade after two to three months of use;
  2. Dimensions. In the description of the model, its dimensions must be indicated.To find out if its sizes are right for you, you can take a ruler and evaluate them. Photo of the product on the model girl will also help;
  3. Presence of gilding. Give preference to products without gilded elements: poor-quality paint is quickly erased, which makes them look worn;
  4. The presence of an additional handle. If you like to carry items over your shoulder, you will need a detachable strap. Almost all European models have it. Keep in mind that not all leather bags from China are equipped with an additional handle: this point should be clarified in the product description.

Before buying, it is important to carefully read the description and view all available photos: this way you will reduce the risk of purchasing a low-quality product to a minimum.

Quality handbags wholesale from China

We offer factory and brand bags for ordering wholesale directly from China

We offer factory and brand bags for ordering wholesale directly from China

The SilkWayChina online store is the easiest and most inexpensive way to shop in China.We offer a huge range of bags made from 100% genuine leather and leatherette. The catalog contains thousands of models, both branded and simply high-quality factory products. By deciding to buy bags in bulk from China through our company, you get a lot of advantages, including delivery, quality control, return of marriage.

Start cooperation with an individual consultation on the selection of tools and services.

Order service


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Purchasing goods in China in small batches is a sore point for many businessmen. Yes, it is possible to find anything here and at low prices, but in order to find a truly high-quality product and at the same time avoid deception, you need to try. For example, when you buy cheap bags from China through well-known online trading platforms, you run the risk of fraud.

Often sellers send products of poor quality, which will be very difficult to sell later. Going to China and looking for a supplier on the spot is a more reliable option, but also quite costly, which is especially costly for novice entrepreneurs. We offer an easier way to purchase goods – the SilkWayChina online wholesale store. With us, you can purchase products without extra charges and directly from factories.

How does the SilkWayChina online shop work?

We permanently reside in the Middle Kingdom and have established cooperation with local factories.For work, we select only those manufacturers who supply high quality goods. If we talk about bags, then these are models made of excellent materials, with smooth seams, good fittings. SilkWayChina employees regularly visit showrooms and find new products for the catalog. But our main advantage is that we have created comfortable conditions for entrepreneurs. Namely, we ourselves consolidate, pack the goods, deliver them to the Russian Federation and the CIS, take upon ourselves the solution of any problems with the manufacturer, if a defect is found, we return the products to the factory.The volumes of batches are also unlimited – we will directly deliver bags from China to you from the manufacturer, both in small or medium-sized wholesale, and in a large batch.

In general, SilkWayChina is the company that makes you:

  • Expand your assortment by adding high quality goods.
  • Start a new business with minimal investment.
  • Purchase products without traveling to Asia and finding suppliers.

Why is it profitable to buy wholesale bags from China through SilkWayChina?

  • You do not spend money on an expensive flight to another country, accommodation and intermediary services.Buying from us, you pay only for the product itself (all prices from the manufacturer), delivery and our commission (10% of the order amount).
  • You don’t need to worry about quality. We are focused on long-term cooperation and value our relationships with customers. Both regular and branded bags we wholesale from China are of great quality. After watching our video reviews and photos from the catalog, you will see for yourself.
  • You don’t have to deal with additional issues.We will check your cargo, pack it and send it in a convenient way to the specified address.
  • You will not pay for the marriage. We return defective products to the manufacturer.

What products does our company offer?

The assortment of the store is very large and includes the following categories:

  • Products made from 100% natural leather. To order wholesale from China, we have a variety of leather bags – backpacks, clutches, bags with a strap, female and male models.Prices – from $ 20.
  • Eco-leather goods. Also sewn at a high level, cost from $ 10 per piece.
  • Factory models. Beautiful and high quality products without logos.
  • Replica branded bags is another category of goods that we supply in bulk from China. Please note that the replicas are made at a very high level and match their originals one to one.


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Terms of cooperation

  • 100% prepayment in effect
  • Delivery to Moscow by plane or by road. A transport company transports cargo from the capital to your city.
  • There is a possibility of insurance (2% of the value of the cargo). Then, in case of damage or loss of products, the money is returned to the customer.
  • Payment options both in rubles to a card of one of the Russian banks, and in dollars via Western Union money transfers.
  • Minimum order amount – 500 $,

Order women’s and men’s bags, brand copies (replicas) in bulk from China on favorable terms! Contact us and we will answer any of your questions, as well as tell you how to place an order.

SEE THE FULL CATALOG OF BAGS WITH PRICES IN OUR VK GROUP: https: // / chinadeals_gera (Don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned)

Here is our video review of the bag market in Guangzhou (Subscribe to our Youtube channel)

90,000 Quality bags from China are a reality! | Taobao CN.RU

Bags and clutches are a favorite topic. Any fashionista strives to choose her own accessory for each festive outfit. Therefore, we decided to devote a whole section to bags for our most beautiful visitors.Here are the main links to shops taobao , bags are classified by type, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the search for a suitable item.

No woman or girl will refuse an extra bag, because there is simply no extra bag! The presented catalog contains links to bags with taobao and has a very convenient classification. If initially you are looking for a small handbag with two handles or a clutch for your evening dress, there is no need to spend hours browsing the pages of the Chinese site.

We have selected for you links to the most visited pages of the Chinese online store. Now you can impress your friends and loved ones not only with a stunning toilet, but also with impeccable accessories. If you want to save as much money as possible on your purchase, visit the Sale section, which shows the models of the past season and products that qualify for promotions and special offers from various sellers.

“Backpacks” will be an interesting section for the athletic and energetic.For incendiary party girls and ladies who frequent receptions, details such as clutches are important – little cute handbags decorated with sophistication. Therefore, we decided to post a separate link to the corresponding section.

There are also such things on tao bao as bags for plastic cards. They are especially important for those who have accumulated an impressive supply of discount and bank cards, business cards. You can find bags on taobao made from genuine leather, textile and other polymeric materials.A separate section is devoted to spacious travel products, which are presented in a huge variety. You can purchase both the cheapest roomy things and models made under the name of well-known brands. If you are interested in beautiful bags from taobao, we are ready to provide links to the most popular items. You can find the perfect items for your taste!

90,000 Wholesale Chinese bags – why are Chinese bags so cheap?

The question of the quality of bags made in China worries many.However, in a situation where bags from well-known brands, whose quality undoubtedly cost as much as a person with an average Russian salary cannot afford, bags from Chinese manufacturers are quite a worthy solution. In addition, let us tell you a secret, a significant part of expensive models are still produced in Chinese enterprises, since brand owners prefer to open production in third world countries in order to save money.

So Chinese-made goods are not at all synonymous with lack of quality.Foreign enterprises opened in China have requirements for quality standards in production established by their owners, foreign technologists and designers usually work in the staff, and the process of creating bags is under strict control.

So the quality of the bag will ultimately depend entirely on the company that made it. And the low price of a Chinese bag is determined by the following factors:

1. Low wages of Chinese workers with large volumes of work performed.The ethical assessment of this factor may be different, but the result does not change – the lower the worker’s salary, the lower the producer can lower the price of his product.

2. China has less developed bureaucracy than a number of other countries. This allows you to minimize the time spent on the preparation of the necessary documents.

3. Since a significant amount of raw materials used for production is produced in China itself, the cost of raw materials is minimal.

4. The system of transport and sea transportation is well established and quite economically profitable.

So the cost of manufacturing bags in China is much lower than in Europe or Russia.

The company “Jethison” draws your attention to the opportunity to purchase wholesale bags of Chinese production, whose quality is checked and confirmed by all the necessary certificates.

China Laminated PP Tote Bags Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory – Price List & Quote

Product Description:

4 Material: Handle :

Product Name:

Laminated PP Tote Bags

(body) 80,100gsm non woven fabric lamination

(handle) non woven fabric, water repellent, durable


30X 35X8CM, or any custom size

heat seal, stitching machine, X stitching, sewing


as needed Pantone color, CMYK (customizable), or send us your samples

Stamps :

9000 2 Silk Screen, Heat Transfer, Offset, Machine Rolled Printing, Sublimation, Laminated Printing

Reinforced Process

Piping / X-Stitch / Edges Turn Back / Metal Hole / Bottom Carton


packaging, promotional gifts, advertising, food storage, purchases

Production time:

5-30 days against qty

Delivery time:

5 -10 days selectable


5000pcs Customized No Woven Bag

Craftsmanship-Accessories: 908198 9000 Style Color




Certificate: 9000 903

9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 Laminated non-woven bag

Reusable shopping bag, here is the best choice.The bag is made with an automatic ultrasonic machine, which is why someone calls it “ultrasonic bag” or “sealed bag”. There is only one person taking care of the machine, but the machine can produce one bag around every second. Thus, there is no labor cost involed. In other words, you are just paying money for a non-woven fabric! But what you need to know is that the bag is not as durable as the sewn reusable bags. You may be looking for cheap

First of all, coated nonwoven fabric is produced by melting plastic with equipment and then spraying it onto the surface of nonwoven fabric, which has the advantages of fast production speed and low cost.The film covered with non-woven fabric is produced by joining the production of PE film and non-woven fabric in high-temperature equipment. The thickness of these two materials can be determined by the raw material.

Company Information:

Hot Tags: laminated polypropylene tote bags, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, price, price list, quotes, in stock, made in China

TOP 10 brands bags – women’s bags on aliexpress

If you are looking for a trusted seller to buy a good bag, then this article is for you.The list includes only those stores that position themselves as a brand. Some of them are promoted, and some are just gaining popularity. The price category is very diverse – from cheap to very expensive. But no matter which brand you choose, any of them will offer the best quality of service and product.

In the TOP there are only those sellers who have more than 3,000 sales and a rating above 97.0%. These two factors are responsible for the order of the brand position.

10. Toposhine Official Store

Diverse and high quality assortment of goods.The seller has been working for Ali for 8 years, not just not giving up positions, but on the contrary, only improving them. Here you can buy bags, backpacks and sometimes wallets. Youth models predominate, but there are a few classic options that you might like.


9. Unishow Official Store

This store can be interesting for its prices. They are quite attractive. After examining the products and reviews, we realized that he was worthy of attention. Mostly youth models of bags and wallets prevail.Also, there are always interesting and trendy models that are popular.


8. Diinovivo 2017 Store

Shop from the “bags as I love” line. Very memorable and unusual. Many of them are punk and grunge styles. Calm classic models are also there. Buyers praise the quality of the goods received, as well as the service.


7. Zocilor Official Store

Do you want a beautiful, high-quality and inexpensive bag? Then come here.There is a huge selection of models in a classic style. They are mostly made of artificial materials, but they are in no way inferior to leather bags, which, by the way, can also be found here. The store started its work in 2016, but already breaks all sales records. More than 70,000 items sold.



A distinctive feature of this brand is oriental motives. Lovers of peonies and lotuses will appreciate it. Many handbags are in the Moscow showroom. If you are from Moscow, do not be lazy to go and see them.The product is of high quality, the main material of the products is genuine leather. The prices are high, but, judging by the reviews, they correspond to the quality.


5. Memories Of ContactS Store

A smart seller with a great product. Its niche is bags and wallets made of genuine leather. Thanks to its attention to the client, it maintains a high rating for many years. There is not so much choice among the bags, however, the models are beautiful and of high quality. Perfect for business meetings.


4. Diehe Official Store

Here you can find many good bags and backpacks, including branded ones. The choice is wide enough. Presented youth models, but also in a classic style.


3. FOXER official store

If it were not for the small number of sales compared to other stores, we would have put this brand in the first place. Very cool product. The quality is high, but the prices, unfortunately, are not affordable for everyone.


2. ContactS Official Store

The brand makes leather goods mainly for men, but to be honest, these bags look more unisex. For leather goods, the price relative to the market is average.


1.lemon kitten Official Store

Shop more for backpacks. Especially raggy, but sometimes there are super cool models with good designs, as if they just came from a Parisian catwalk.The seller has been working since 2015, despite this rating is still high. This suggests that the product is of high quality.


You can pick up shoes for these bags from my other TOP with women’s shoe stores. Just be careful. The range is so good that it might leave you penniless.

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China Customized Backpack School Bags Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory – Wholesale Price

Backpack School Bags

907180 oppbag
Keywords Backpack School Bag
Price USD1 …88 / pc more quantityi cheaper
Product school bag
Shipping BY express or sea
materirals polyester oxford
Moq 1pc
Delivery time Asap
Stock Yes
Size 43’30’12cm

How to do?

Lighting School Backpack Find the right one for your body.Invest in a well-fitting, quality backpack. Consider special features such as lightweight and breathable materials. Take everything from your pack once a week. Use e-books and e-planners if allowed. Cut back on personal supplies and writing utensils.

How to cover the backpack?

Take a plastic sheet, trash bag, or some other similar waterproof material, and place it between your back and your backpack.Pull the material so that part of it is secured between the back and the bag, but the rest of the material is draped over the back of the bag to protect it. The plastic trash bag is a great on-the-go lid

How to make a makeshift bag?

Create an impromptu bag lid. Take a plastic sheet, trash bag, or some other similar waterproof material, and tuck it between your back and your backpack. Pull the material so that part of it is secured between the back and the bag, but the rest of the material is draped over the back of the bag to protect it.

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