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Description : So, my hard drive broke the other day and LET ME TELL YOU. ..
I lost 4yrs worth (and like 4000ish beats and samples). I sad yo.

Made this to try and cheer myself up, but as you can see, It didnt work.. just makes me miss it more. here’s a lesson, keep backups of your stuff.

Made with Kontakt.

Description : this arp is lonely and it wants some chords and drums to be its friend. cheer him up by downloading and using in your song. but make sure to send a link so i can show sad arp the song and make him happy!

Description : 4 seamless bars of wintry, Christmas-sounding bells.

Description : Just me geetar.
Some vinyl fakeness.
Was trying to do a Drum and Bass Jungle-core deathmetal bassa nova track… It went all right lol
It’s called “Cheer Up The Worse Is Yet To Come”
But anyway…
Who doesn’t love Bossa Nova guitar?!?!?

Cheers and Chants

Cheers and Chants


Current Target: staticpage

  • Stop em Block em Shut em down 3x

  • Venice beach high is for the win no one will stop our theme to the end P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S of V-EN-I-C-B-E-A-C-H this rawr is our war cry if you dare tob stop we have to say goodbye

  • Title: Move ‘Em Back (Defense)

    Interception, quarterback sack, false start, move ’em on back!

  • Hey, hey Longhorn fans
    Yell it out and rock those stands
    Yell Go Longhorns Go
    Go Longhorns Go

    Date: September 29th 2020

  • Title: Brr it’s cold in here

    brr it’s cold in here
    there must be some sharks in the atmosphere
    ohe ohe ohe ice ice ice
    break it down ohe ohe ohe ice ice
    Go Sharks


    Who rocks the house, I said the lions rock the house, and when the lions rock the house they rock it all the way down.


    Shaking in their cleats
    S-C-A-R-E-D we’ve got ‘em scared, shaking in their cleats.

  • We are dynamite! the (Winning team) gonna win tonight! we are dynamite! so light that stick and start that fight! we are dynamite! get fired up and score all right! we are dynamite! (Winning team) gonna win tonight!

  • Get up, get up, let’s go.(Clap)(Circle your arms) Go! Go Mavericks. Go Mavericks Go!

  • Sliding down a waterfall landing on a cactus
    all the other teams have no practise
    we’re strong we’re good and we’re hard to beat
    the only way to win is to cheat
    T-E-A-M R-E-D what does that spell?
    GO RED x3

  • Where R-E-D red H-O-T hot you you can’t beat that team we got, red hot (2 claps) red hey (2 claps) were on fire red hot ssssss


    Lions fans in the stands yell, GO X GO X
    Lions fans in the stands yell, FIGHT X FIGHT X
    Lions fans in the stands yell, WIN X WIN X
    Lions fans in the stands yell, GO FIGHT WIN X GO FIGHT WIN

  • Chase lets go, alright alright,”times 2.
    Burn baby, burn baby, heat, heat, heat
    “Repeat 3 times”

  • crank it up, now start it up and get that mustang spirit up yell, beat those bucks beat beat those bucks

  • get up get up let’s go, go mustangs go

  • Go! Go!
    ADS Go!
    Get the ball
    and show them how we roll
    show them how we roll

  • go big green go go big green gooo (is the first ripple) go big green go big green big(is the second ripple) go big green go big green green (is the last ripple) go big green (everyone together)

  • shoot that ball shoot shoot that ball aye aye , shoot that ball shoot shoot that ball BOOM, (stomps) aye aye, (stomps) BOOM

  • tradition continues the wildcats are back. claws are out(2,3,4,5) Step back or get scratched!
    Best in the state and we own the throne blue, gold, and white (Hit,hit,hit) We always stay strong. Stronger than ever, like never befor (dip) the crown will roar. W-I-L-D cats (clap) lexington

  • Lets get physical, get down get rough get get mean(Say what now)Lets get physical and roll right over that team GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LANCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Date: September 30th 2019

  • (Team Name) the Best of the Best. Here to shine, from now till the end. We’ve done it before we’ll do it again

    Date: September 27th 2019

  • A-t-t-a-c-k the wolves are back A-t-t-a-c-k to lead the pack a-t-t-a-c-k attack attack attack (move hips in circular motion)

    Date: September 24th 2019

  • 5678 the wolf’s are dinamite I said the wolves are dinamite and when you mess with dinamite it goes tic tic tic tic boom dinamite I said baboom dinamite

    Date: September 24th 2019

  • Title: Orange Blue and a little White

    Orange Blue and a little White, MHS is OUTTA SIGHT

    Date: September 24th 2019

  • Title: Take it to the top

    We’re fired up
    We’re sizzling
    We can’t be stop, Not
    So come on mighty Wildcats and lets take it to the top
    Alright !!!!!

    Date: September 20th 2019

  • C-H-S
    Lets’s go
    Let’s Go
    C-H-S Wildcats are here let’s go lets Go
    2 X’s

    Date: September 20th 2019

  • Jam Jam Fight Fight
    let’s do it all night.
    Get Em boys Get boys
    . Hay !!!
    lets do it again
    jam jam fight fight
    let’s do it all night
    Get Em boys Get Em boys
    Lets do it again lets do it again

    Date: September 20th 2019

  • F-I-G-HT, (school name and mascot) fight

    Date: September 18th 2019

  • Turning up the h-eat nighthawks can’t be beat!

    Date: September 15th 2019

  • L-E-T-S-G-O lets go nighthawks lets go!

    Date: September 15th 2019

  • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, TO H, I, G, K, L, M, N, O, P, Twice as Sasssy, TEAM UP… (with hands in the middle)

    Date: September 15th 2019

  • Title: Victory for the patriots

    victory for the patriots yell it victory for the patriots vic-tory vic-tory vict-ory

    Date: September 11th 2019

  • Hold that line *clap* defense hold that line *high kick*

    Date: September 11th 2019

  • Here we go
    Black and gold
    Let’s Go Wildcats

  • the was a little froggy siting on loggy
    cheering for the other team who had no
    sense at all fell into the water bumped his little head
    and when he came back up again this is what he said
    he said go go go, go you mighty eagles
    fight fight fight, fight you mighty eagles
    win win win, win you mighty eagles
    go fight win and do it all again

  • Hey
    Hey you,
    Get out of the way,
    Cause today’s the day that we blow you away (blow kiss to other crowd)

  • Step Back, Take Notes , We’ll take the show and run, forget all the other clap clap we’re number 1

  • Title: Hold That Line (Football)

    Hold that line
    Don’t let them through
    Hit them hard white and blue

  • Go Go G-o ( nod ) Go ( Punch down to the left) Indians ( pull up right arm like you with a bow and arrow) Go ( right arm is in the air and left hand is on hip)

  • you split that v u run that i i twist that ctory

  • Come on crowd, let me hear you roar! As we powerful Cardinals soar!

  • Porkchop! Porkchop! Greasy, Greasy! We’re gonna beat ya easy, easy!

  • Peaches, Peaches, Peaches and Cream. What’s the matter with the other team? Nothin, nothin, nothin at all. They just can’t play football.

  • Eagles are the best! Noone can do it better! And if you don’t believe us, then pffff WHATEVER!!!!!


  • Lancer fans! Get up from the ground. We are cheerleaders yell and shout. go blue -clap- white -clap- blue -clap- white -clap- win it tonight -clap- go lancers -clap- go lancers -clap- let’s go lancers -clap- We’re blue and white -clap 2x-we’re blue and white -clap2x- FIGHT FIGHT TONIGHT!

  • Title: #1 Cheer For The Black Team

    C-H-E-E-R we’re the best, yes we are. Go (Mascot)

  • Lighten up, brighten up, sparkle and shine! We’kk get ya, you bet ya, we do it all the time

  • Title: Hey All you Spartan Fans

    Heyy all you spartan fans let me hear you clap your hand (Clap clap clap clap clap clap 2x) now that you got the beat let me hear you stomp your feet (stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp 2x) now that you got the groove let me see your body move (ahowa ah ah ahowa ah ah) 3x

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Easy Cheerleader Fundraisers: 45+ Cheer Fundraising Ideas

1) Food truck party

A slightly different take on the classic restaurant takeover fundraiser, a food truck party offers the same money-making potential but with social distancing in mind.

Set aside a time and place (preferably a park) and invite supporters to come enjoy local street food fare. Ask food truck owners to donate a portion of profits in exchange for advertising the heck out of your event. Don’t forget music and decorations to give it a party feel, and make social distancing easy by painting (temporary) circles in the grass.

You can also use this opportunity to sell raffle tickets for various prizes, or hold a silent auction to boost your revenue.

2) Virtual cheerleading fundraiser show

What better way to hone your chops and get ready for cheer season while raising money than putting on a live show? Use YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook Live to stream your performance. Remember to include a link to your donation page (try a user-friendly platform such as Fundly or Qgiv).

Not only can you wow your supporters with a killer performance, you can show them some of the behind the scenes action as well. Interview members of your squad, give viewers a tour of your practice space, and talk about your goals for the season. Anything that might help create a connection with your viewers is a plus.

You can also make it interactive by creating audience polls, answering questions, and giving a basic cheer lesson. Embrace the silliness by having viewers post their own cheers online with your event’s hashtag.

Don’t be shy to mention that you’re raising money throughout the event. After all, your focus is fundraising!

3) ‘Cheer up the neighborhood’ fundraiser

Print and distribute flyers offering to perform various outdoor tasks in your neighborhood over the course of a week or a weekend. These can include mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling driveways, running errands, and anything else that can be done safely outdoors in teams of two.

Simply let residents know that you’ll be ringing doorbells on certain dates. Better yet, leave a phone or email contact so they can book in advance. You can choose to have fixed rates or make them donation-based with a recommended rate. The latter might be helpful for people who have less financial flexibility, and may also prompt those who can to give more.

4) Drive-in or outdoor movie night fundraiser

Drive-in theaters are making a comeback thanks to COVID-19. If there’s one near you you might consider approaching management about holding a fundraiser night, with a portion of ticket sales going to your group. You can also offer your squad’s volunteer services at the concession stand in exchange for keeping the profits.

If there’s no drive-in theater nearby you can simply project a movie onto a wall in a park or empty parking lot and charge admission (be sure to have social distancing measures in place). You can even make it a weekly summer event, with a different classic cheerleader flick each week!

5) Virtual silent auction

Approach local merchants and ask them to donate items to be auctioned off online. Many stores have items from last season that they won’t mind parting with, and restaurants will gladly donate gift certificates if it means bringing customers into their establishment.

There are plenty of online auction platforms, such as Auctria and BiddingOwl, to make your event go super smoothly.

The beauty of a virtual silent auction as opposed to a live one is that you can draw out the event to last several days. This means people can pop in at their leisure as opposed to a set time. You can also add new items as you go to entice bidders.

6) Car wash

Everyone loves a good car wash fundraiser, and there’s no reason to put the kibosh on it this year. Just make sure your squad wears masks and people either stay in their cars or stand at a safe distance.

If you really want to go contact-free, you can hold a mobile car wash fundraiser, where you invite people to book ahead and pay in advance via Paypal or e-transfer. Simply ask them to park their car in their driveway during their designated time slot, and to leave their garden hose accessible. Then, split up into teams and have mini car wash parties all across town.

7) Virtual fitness challenge

This cheerleading fundraiser lets your team members showcase their fitness in a fun and profitable way. Have your squad prepare a series of increasingly challenging workout videos to stream each day. Not only can they ask their friends and family to donate to their cause, they can encourage them to join in and collect donations too!

Make it fun by posting videos to social media documenting your struggles, soreness, and of course, and your progress. Encourage your supporters to do the same. You can even offer a reward for most improved at the end of the challenge, most enthusiastic, and most money raised.

8) Fundraiser un-gala

For a surprising number of people, the only thing they’d rather spend more money on than attending a gala is, well, not attending one. Advertise your event as you would a normal fundraiser gala, with a set date and time, and sell tickets. The catch is that attendees can dress however they want, and do whatever they feel like.

Create a hashtag for your non-event and encourage supporters to post pics of whatever they end up doing, whether it’s gowns and cocktails in the backyard, or PJ’s and ice cream on the sofa. Offer prizes – donated by local businesses – for most creative night and most uncreative. And most importantly, let them know that their donation is needed and appreciated.

Cheerleaders are inspirational and persuasive by nature, and this gives them an advantage in fundraising. With a positive attitude and competitive spirit, any one of these cheerleader fundraiser ideas is sure to be a smash hit.

Check out our step-by-step fundraising guide for helpful tips and tricks on how to plan the perfect cheerleading fundraiser. Gooooooooo team!

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Free speech, Bullying, and the Complicated Case of the Pennsylvania Cheerleader

The story of Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L. began when Brandi Levy, a high-school freshman in eastern Pennsylvania, was passed over for the varsity cheerleading team. Levy took to Snapchat to express frustration, posting a photo of herself and a friend giving the middle finger, with the caption “Fuck school fuck softball fuck cheer fuck everything.” She added, in another post, “Love how me and [another student] get told we need a year of jv before we make varsity but that’s doesn’t matter to anyone else?🙃 ” Levy was apparently referring to the fact that an incoming freshman was put on the varsity team. According to a coach, some students who saw the posts were “visibly upset” and found them “inappropriate.” Levy was suspended from cheerleading for a year for violating the team’s rules, which require that students “have respect” for the school, coaches, and teammates, avoid “foul language and inappropriate gestures,” and refrain from sharing “negative information regarding cheerleading, cheerleaders, or coaches . . . on the internet.” The coaches as well as the school district also maintained that she violated a school rule that athletes must conduct themselves during the season “in such a way that the image of the Mahanoy School District would not be tarnished in any manner.” Levy, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, filed a lawsuit, alleging that her suspension from the team violated the First Amendment. Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case, which the Justices understood not only to raise the question of whether public schools may discipline students for speech outside of the school-supervised setting but also to implicate public schools’ power to punish students for discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

The precedent for the current limits of speech in schools was set in 1969, after a group of students and adults in Des Moines decided to wear black armbands as a silent protest against the Vietnam War. Public-school administrators learned of the plan and banned the wearing of the armbands at school. The handful of students who defied the ban were suspended. The Supreme Court, in Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District, held that disciplining the students violated the First Amendment. After all, the Court reasoned, the students’ expression of opinion did not cause “disruption” to the school—that is, it didn’t “substantially interfere with the work of the school or impinge upon the rights of other students.” During the Cold War, the Court saw the school’s disapproval and punishment of the dissenting students through that era’s lens, stating that “state-operated schools may not be enclaves of totalitarianism.” In 2007, in Morse v. Frederick, the Court, with four liberal-leaning Justices dissenting, found that an Alaska public school did not violate the First Amendment in suspending a student who displayed a “pro-drug” banner stating “BONG HiTS 4 JESUS,” at a school-supervised event. Only Justice Clarence Thomas took the view that “the First Amendment . . . does not protect student speech in public schools.”

Levy’s snaps were posted on a weekend and off-campus, while at a convenience store. It’s easy to opine that the coaches overreacted and should have been more tolerant of a student blowing off steam about school-related disappointments, the normal rough and tumble of being a teen-ager. But schools and the Court also have to take into account that, these days, students tend to do that online, whether they are at school or at home. The past year of remote school has further unmoored students’ communicative and interpersonal lives from a physical campus. If schools may discipline students for speech that is “disruptive” only when it happens to occur on campus or in a school-sanctioned setting, this may weaken their ability to address discrimination, harassment, and bullying. This is why the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice argued in the Court on the same side as the school and against the punished student. The Administration’s brief emphasized schools’ need to comply with federal civil-rights statutes, including Title IX, that require schools to address speech that is harassing on the basis of sex, race, or disability, because that speech may interfere with equal access to education.

What makes this case much harder than it looks is that ideas of what harassment and bullying are have been expanding, to include even single instances of unwanted sexual comments, name-calling, or giving offense. (New York eliminated “severe or pervasive” from its legal definition of workplace harassment in 2019; Governor Andrew Cuomo called the “severe or pervasive” standard “absurd.”) Rules requiring “respect” for others, sanctioning “inappropriate” conduct, and prohibiting “negative” online comments about other students are common in school policies against harassment and bullying. In this environment, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Levy’s snaps were inappropriately aggressive toward her team, coaches, and teammates, particularly the rising freshman student who made varsity, and caused them distress, detracting from the educational process. Online, I’ve seen adult public figures refer to social-media posts that are, perhaps, less aggressive or vituperative than Levy’s teen-age posts as bullying them. (Melania Trump once said that she was one of “the most bullied [people] in the world.”)

At oral arguments, the Justices probed the limits of critical, unpleasant, unkind, or offensive comments that might be understood to harm students’ rights. Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked whether a school could discipline a group of classmates who say to a female student outside of school grounds, “You’re so ugly, why are you even alive?” Justice Elena Kagan queried whether a school could ban the Confederate flag or a shirt saying “homosexuality is a sin.” She also wondered about boys who create a Web site ranking girls on their appearance and discussing their “sexual activities.” Justice Thomas asked about student comments on “Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or Proud Boys.” Justice Samuel Alito probed whether a school could discipline a student who “believes that someone who is biologically male is a male” and who uses male pronouns to refer to a transgender-female student. (He may have had in mind a recent Sixth Circuit decision that a public university violated the First Amendment when it disciplined a professor for discrimination under Title IX after he refused to use a transgender student’s preferred pronouns in class.) If any of these incidents made students feel harmed and discriminated against, would the school have power to punish the offender?

Of course, the A.C.L.U. does not wish to undermine civil-rights and anti-discrimination laws in the name of free speech under the First Amendment. In the cheerleading case, it has taken the position that there is no real conflict between free speech and equal access to education. While insisting that schools may not discipline student speech off-campus and online merely because it may cause “disruption,” the A.C.L.U. also explained that schools may indeed do so if the speech is harassing or bullying, so long as the definitions used make clear that, in order to count as harassment or bullying, the conduct must be “severe or pervasive” and “interfere with access to education.” This sounds reasonable as a matter of principle. But it is also striking that, in proposing a balance between robust freedom of speech and anti-harassment principles, the A.C.L.U. is effectively advocating drastic limits on the range of conduct that public schools may treat as harassment or bullying for discipline purposes. As Justice Sotomayor said, “The level at which speech has to arrive to meet those standards is very, very high, and I’m dubious that most of the conduct that teen-agers engage in would fit any of our traditional categories,” which include legally defined threats and harassment. That is, most of what we routinely call harassment or bullying today in most contexts does not meet the high standard of “severe or pervasive.” A one-off comment on social media expressing the idea that transgender athletes shouldn’t be on the girls’ team or use the girls’ bathroom likely would not cut it. Nor would a snipe about the “Chinese virus.” (Though we’d likely see claims that even single offensive comments about race, sex, or gender identity are severe enough to affect a marginalized student’s access to education.) Schools want the power to discipline students for behavior before it becomes severe or pervasive, and “disruption” is a lower bar. But several Justices seemed skeptical that Levy’s profane comments even met the “disruption” threshold.

The cheerleader’s case is ultimately not just about high schools. It has implications for the relation between free speech and discrimination policies at universities, where students and faculty, as adults, are assumed to have even stronger free-speech interests, including academic freedom, and are, perhaps, even more attuned to the need to be free of harassment. As schools at all levels have expanded what they consider to be discrimination, harassment, and bullying in order to promote equal access to education, it was only a matter of time before that unfettered growth came up against the First Amendment, forcing a conscious compromise between values that sometimes threaten to collide.

Because Brandi Levy’s posts didn’t offend people on the basis of race, sex, or disability, the Court has the option to say, for now, only that schools aren’t categorically barred from disciplining students for online messages just because they hit Send while off campus—a proposition with which both sides and the federal government agree—leaving for a future case the harder problem of what disciplinary definitions of harassment and bullying sufficiently respect free speech. Judging by the Justices’ questions, though, they know the problem needs untangling, on and off campus, and soon.

Got Cheer Music

We build styles for each particular coach and team! You tell US how you want your mix to sound and we will do the rest!

*Please note that instead of watermarking we have adjusted the quality and eq.

Compliant Samples

Flames All Star Embers
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Belen High School
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Dolphins COED5
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Xtreme Athletics Secret
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POM – Cypress High School
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POM – The University of Iowa
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HIP HOP – Leaders Unified Seniors
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HIP HOP – Slovenia
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Non-Compliant Samples

Viqueens Amazing
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Vibe Studios Pythons
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Fighters Cheerleaders Smash Queens
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JNS Falcons
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Female VO Samples

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Male VO Samples

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Mic Wonder
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Cheerleader Application – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank

Comments and Help with printable cheerleading forms

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing cheerleader application

Instructions and Help about cheerleader applications form

what’s up so first of all I want to thank you for going along on this road trip to discover the top ten terrible audition mistakes that you obviously want to avoid this all came about because I wrote a blog post and by far it has been the most popular article that I have written and the download that’s provided on the blog has been downloaded the most out of any of my freebies so what I decided to do is go into detail on all ten of these terrible audition mistakes that you obviously don’t want to make and so in this video we’re going to talk about mistake number four not taking the application and the interview processes seriously all right so when I started to prepare for this video and really started to take my notes on some tips for you for audition mistake number four not taking the application and interview process seriously I started to become extremely overwhelmed and it’s because I was trying to condense so much information into like a three to seven minute video we have a sideline application course that you can take online that is well over an hour as well as a sideline interview virtual train that you can take this over an hour so I was trying to take two hours of great content and boil it down to what five minutes and I was starting to get stressed and extremely overwhelmed so what I decided to do was to break this audition mistake into two parts so for this video I am going to focus on part one which is all about the actual application now keep in mind that the actual application itself is normally in two parts so you normally have the actual form that you need to fill out and most team ask that you submit a picture as well now I recently did a video on how to take breath taking photos for your application I’ll be sure to include a link below for that so you definitely want to check that out as well but for this video I’m going to focus on the actual form itself so that you can make sure that you properly prepare for that so keep in mind that normally the application itself along with your picture is the first impression it kind of sets the stage for the audition process most teams require you to submit your application before the day of auditions there are some teams that allow you to come in on the day of auditions and turn in your application but I highly encourage you to get that application in early so why first of all some teams use that to assign numbers so those that turn in their application first will get numbers that are later in the process so instead of being number one and number two you could be number 150 which means you have a little bit more time to practice the choreography in the material and kind of get your mind right also because the directors the judges the coaches all that have the opportunity to review your application and to organize it they normally organize it either in a federal order or by when you submitted your application and they do take the time to read these…

Jumeirah Al Qasr | Dubai Beach Palace Hotel

Our policies are designed to make your stay at Jumeirah Al Qasr as comfortable as possible. In this regard, we ask you to pay attention to the following rules:


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Until 12:00 pm (Late check-out is available for Jumeirah One members)

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For guests with disabilities, we provide a range of escort services.For more information, please contact our concierge.

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  • Citizens of GCC member states can register with a passport or government issued ID.
  • Residents of the GCC member countries can register with a passport.
  • Citizens of other countries can present a passport to confirm their identity at registration.

Pets allowed

Out of respect for other travelers and for safety reasons, pets are not allowed.


Smoking is allowed in smoking rooms. If you would like to book a smoking room, please let us know when booking so that upon check-in we can accommodate your request.

Credit cards

All major credit cards are accepted for payment.


Please note that the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has declared Madinat Jumeirah a no-fly zone.In this regard, drones are officially banned for use throughout the resort and, in the absence of a permit for their use issued by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, may be seized by representatives of the administration.

Custom Made Plastic Glitter Dance Cheerleading Pom Poms With Ring Holder

Ao Wei Gift Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of custom favors, promotions, events / awards and gifts. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best combination of service, price and quality.We believe that Wei AO offers many advantages over our competitors, including the following:

1) US / China pricing
We manufacture in China, but we are US owned and have an office in Tennessee. We offer very competitive prices, but we can ease many of the problems in dealing with a Chinese company. Our US office will assist with any communication issues that may arise, answer questions during US business hours, consolidate shipments and handle all import / customs issues when necessary, and process payments.

2) high level of service
We offer unrivaled service. Our sales team works day and night and you never have to wait for a response from us. Our US office is also available all day. We update the status of your orders regularly and show you a picture from mass production so that you can see the quality of the products before shipping. We stand behind the products and we will work hard to find a solution if you are unhappy with anything after you receive your order.

3) Free Artwork
We have a staff of artists and can offer you assistance with the design and unlimited editing of artwork.We never charge for art services.

4) With a surcharge of
We can offer rush service when needed for both samples and mass production.

5) Sourcing Service
We have a supply department and source for virtually any type of product for you.
We’re thrilled and able to prove our value to you and we’ll work hard to make your business profitable.

Questions and Answers

Q 1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: both.We have our own factory. We have been in this field for over 5 years. Therefore, the factory price can be kept for our customers. And the quality of our products and after-sales service is better than others.

Q2: How can I get your product price?
A: Please feel free to contact me on the trade manager online or send us an inquiry, tell me your specific requirements and individual needs, then we can design and customize the price and get more information for you.

Q3: What’s your best price?
A: Because of the products has a fairly wide range of prices for different types and different customer requirements. So contact us freely, we will be happy to give you an offer after receiving your detailed requirements.

Q4: Can I get a free sample?
A: of course. There is a sample in stock to check the quality, you just need to pay for the shipping cost.

Q5: How long is the lead time for a sample?
O: For existing samples, this takes 1-3 days.

Q6: What’s your MOQ?
A: Usually our MOQ for a new customized type is 500 pieces. for each design option. Also, 100 pcs is ok, but just need a little higher unit price.

Q7: What is the freight cost?
A: Shipping depends on the weight and size of the package and your region.

Please contact us

Email: jessica (at)
Mobile phone number: + 86 137 2376 2297
WhatsApp: 0086 137 2376 2297
Via Trade Manager: cn1520038466wxom

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Glow sticks industrial grade, 6 ”, 1 piece, ultra-bright emergency glow sticks
High Quality Plastic Glittering Cheer Pom Poms for Cheerleading
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90,000 Unyielding, 1959 – Movies – watch online legally on MEGOGO.RU

Tolik Grachkin and his friend Vitya Gromoboev join the youth brigade at the plant. Due to the irresponsibility of the guys, production figures are steadily going down. Tolik and Vitya do not cope with almost any task, which they do not worry about at all. The management of the plant at the next planning meeting raises the question of their dismissal. None of the staff are opposed to this idea, except for the little girl. Nadia Berestova, who enjoys authority, stands up for her friends, and the Komsomol members instruct her to take them under their control.At first, the girl is afraid of her task, but after a while she is so keen on re-education that she forgets about something no less important.

A year after the premiere screening, the film was presented at the Minsk All-Union Film Festival, where it was awarded a prize. The film’s box office ranks among the highest marks in Soviet cinema. The director of the film Unyielding Yuri Chulyukin is famous for his work on films I Don’t Want to Be an Adult and Girls. For his contribution to the latter, Chulyukin was awarded a diploma of the Cannes Film Festival in 1962.The role of Nadia, played by Nadezhda Rumyantseva, was recognized as the best female role by the All-Union Film Festival. Later, Rumyantseva continued her collaboration with the director in the Devchata project.

Tolya Grachkin was played by Yuri Belov, famous for his film projects Girl without a passport and Aleshkin’s love. As part of the Minsk Film Festival, he received an award for Best Actor. After a while, Yuri Belov again played in tandem with Rumyantseva in the movie Queen of the Gas Station.

Tolik Grachkin and his friend Vitya Gromoboev join the youth brigade at the plant.Due to the irresponsibility of the guys, production figures are steadily going down. Tolik and Vitya do not cope with almost any task, which they do not worry about at all. The management of the plant at the next planning meeting raises the question of their dismissal. None of the staff are opposed to this idea, except for the little girl. N

Theatrical novel (Powieść teatralna). Notes of the deceased – Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov, Michaił Afanasjewicz Bułhakow – ebook

Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov

Theatrical novel (Notes of the deceased)

Warsaw Chapter 2017


Chapter One

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Chapter X

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIV

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI

Part One

Chapter I


The storm washed over Moscow on April 29, and the air became sweet, and the soul somehow softened, and wanted to live.

In my new gray suit and a rather decent coat, I walked along one of the central streets of the capital, heading for a place that I had never been to. The reason for my movement was the suddenly received letter lying in my pocket. Here it is:


Sergey Leontyevich!

To the extreme I would like to get to know you, as well as to talk about a mysterious case, which may be very, very interesting for you.

If you are free, I would be happy if you would come to the Independent Theater Training Stage at 4 o’clock Wednesday.

With greetings K. Ilchin. ”

The letter was written in pencil on paper, in the left corner of which was printed:

“Ksaveriy Borisovich Ilchin, director of the Educational Stage of the Independent Theater”.

I saw the name of Ilchin for the first time, I did not know that there was a Training Scene. I heard about the Independent Theater, I knew that it was one of the outstanding theaters, but I had never been to it.

The letter interested me extremely, especially since I did not receive any letters at that time.I must say, a small employee of the newspaper “Shipping”. At that time I lived in a bad, but separate room on the seventh floor in the Krasnye Vorota area near the Khomutovsky dead end.

So, I walked, breathing in the refreshed air, and thought that the storm would strike again, and also from how Xavier Ilchin found out about my existence, and how he found me, and what business he could have with me. But no matter how much I hesitated, I could not understand the latter, and finally settled on the thought that Ilchin wanted to exchange a room with me.

Of course, Ilchin had to write to come to me, since he had business with me, but I must say that I was ashamed of my room, the environment and the people around me. In general, I am a strange person and I am a little afraid of people. Imagine, Ilchin comes in and sees the sofa, and the trim is open and a spring sticks out, the lampshade on the lamp above the table is made of newspaper, and the cat walks, and Annushka’s cursing comes from the kitchen.

I entered the carved cast-iron gate and saw a little shop where a gray-haired man was selling breastplates and spectacle frames.

I jumped over the calming muddy stream and found myself in front of a yellow building and thought that this building was built a long time ago, when neither I nor Ilchin had ever been in the world.

A black board with gold letters announced that the Training Stage was here. I went in, and a small man with a beard, in a jacket with green buttonholes, immediately barred my way.

“Who do you want, citizen?” He asked suspiciously and spread his arms out as if he wanted to catch a chicken.

“I need to see the director Ilchin,” I said, trying to make my voice sound haughty.

Man has changed enormously, and before my very eyes. He dropped his hands at the seams and smiled a fake smile:

—Ksaveri Borisych? This very minute, sir. Please, coat. No galoshes?

The man accepted my coat with such care, as if it were a precious church vestment.

I climbed a cast-iron staircase, saw the profiles of warriors in helmets and menacing swords on the bas-reliefs beneath them, ancient Dutch ovens with air vents polished to a golden shine.

The building was silent, nowhere and no one was, and only with buttonholes the man was trailing behind me, and, turning around, I saw that he was giving me silent signs of attention, devotion, respect, love, joy that I came and that although he walks behind, he leads me, leads me to the place where the lonely, mysterious Xavier Borisovich Ilchin is.

And suddenly it got dark, the Dutch women lost their oily whitish sheen, darkness immediately fell – a second storm began to rustle outside the windows.I knocked on the door, entered, and at dusk I saw at last Xavier Borisovich.

“Maksudov,” I said with dignity.

Here, somewhere far beyond Moscow, lightning ripped open the sky, illuminating for a moment Ilchin’s phosphoric light.

“So it’s you, dear Sergei Leontyevich!” Said Ilchin, smiling slyly.

And then Ilchin carried me away, hugging me around the waist, onto such a sofa as in my room – even a spring in it was sticking out in the same place where mine was – in the middle.

In general, to this day I do not know the purpose of the room in which the fatal meeting took place.Why a sofa? What notes were lying disheveled on the floor in the corner? Why were there scales with cups on the window? Why was Ilchin waiting for me in this room, and not, say, in the next room, in which a grand piano was dimly drawn in the distance, in the twilight of a thunderstorm?

And to the grumbling of thunder, Ksaveriy Borisovich said ominously:

— I read your novel.

I shuddered.

The point is …

Chapter II


The fact is that, serving in the humble position of a reader in the Shipping Company, I hated this position of mine and at night, sometimes until dawn, I wrote at yourself in the attic romance.

It was born one night when I woke up after a sad dream. I dreamed of my hometown, snow, winter, civil war … In my dream, a soundless blizzard passed in front of me, and then an old piano appeared and near it people who are no longer in the world. In a dream, I was struck by my loneliness, I felt sorry for myself. And I woke up in tears. I turned on a light, a dusty bulb suspended above the table. It illuminated my poverty – a cheap inkwell, a few books, a stack of old newspapers. My left side ached from the spring, my heart was seized with fear.I felt that I would die now at the table, the pitiful fear of death humiliated me to the point that I groaned, looked around anxiously, seeking help and protection from death. And I found this help. The cat, which I once picked up at the gate, meowed softly. The beast became alarmed. A second later, the beast was already sitting on the newspapers, looking at me with round eyes, asking – what happened?

The Smoky Skinny Beast was interested in nothing happening. Indeed, who will feed this old cat?

“This is an attack of neurasthenia,” I explained to the cat.- It has already wound up in me, will develop and flatten me. But you can still live.

The house was sleeping. I looked out the window. Not a single one in the five floors was shining, I realized that this was not a house, but a multi-tiered ship that flies under a motionless black sky. I was amused by the thought of movement. I calmed down, calmed down and the cat closed her eyes.

So I started writing a novel. I described a sleepy blizzard. I tried to depict how the side of the piano gleams under a lamp with a lampshade. It didn’t work for me. But I became stubborn.

During the day I tried about one thing – to spend as little energy as possible on my bonded work. I made it mechanically, so that it did not hurt the head. At every opportunity, I tried to leave the service under the pretext of illness. They didn’t believe me, of course, and my life became unpleasant. But I endured everything and gradually got involved. Just as an impatient youth waits for the hour for a date, I waited for one in the morning. The damned apartment calmed down at this time. I sat down at the table … An interested cat sat down on the newspapers, but she was extremely interested in the novel, and she strove to change from a newspaper sheet to a sheet of paper covered with writing.And I took her by the collar and put her in place.

One night I looked up and was surprised. My ship was not flying anywhere, the house stood still, and it was completely light. The light bulb did not illuminate anything, it was nasty and annoying. I put it out, and the disgusting room appeared before me at dawn. On the asphalt courtyard, multicolored cats were marching around like a thief’s soundless gait. Every letter on the sheet could be seen without any lamp.

—God! It’s April! ”I exclaimed, for some reason frightened, and wrote coarsely:“ The end ”.

End of winter, end of blizzards, end of cold. During the winter I lost my few acquaintances, became very worn out, fell ill with rheumatism and became a little wild. But he shaved every day.

Thinking about all this, I let the cat out into the yard, then came back and fell asleep – for the first time, it seems, all winter – a dreamless sleep.

It takes a long time to edit the novel. It is necessary to cross out many places, replace hundreds of words with others. A lot of work, but necessary!

However, I was overcome by temptation, and after straightening the first six pages, I returned to the people.I called the guests. Among them were two journalists from the “Shipping Company”, workers, like me, people, their wives and two writers. One – a young man, who amazed me by the fact that he wrote stories with unattainable dexterity, and the other – an elderly, well-worn man who, upon closer acquaintance, turned out to be a terrible bastard.

One evening I read about a quarter of my novel.

The wives became so disheartened from reading that I began to feel remorse. But journalists and writers turned out to be strong people.Their judgments were brotherly sincere, rather harsh and, as I now understand, fair.

“Language!” Cried the writer (the one who turned out to be a bastard), “language is the main thing! The language is no good.

He drank a large glass of vodka, swallowed a sardine. I poured him a second. He drank it, ate a piece of sausage.

“Metaphor!” Shouted the one who had eaten.

“Yes,” the young writer confirmed politely, “the language is poor.

The journalists said nothing, but nodded sympathetically and drank.The ladies didn’t nod, they didn’t speak, they completely refused to buy specially for them port and drank vodka.

“How could he not be poor,” the elderly man cried, “the metaphor is not a dog, please notice that! Naked without her! Holo! Holo! Remember this, old man!

The word “old man” clearly referred to me. I went cold.

After leaving, we agreed to come to me again. And a week later they were again. I read the second batch. The evening was marked by the fact that the elderly writer drank with me quite unexpectedly and against my will brotherhood and began to call me “Leontyich”.

– The language is not to hell! But amusing. It’s interesting that the devils tear you apart (that’s me), – shouted the elderly man, eating the jelly prepared by Dusya.

At the third evening, a new person appeared. He is also a writer – with an evil and Mephistophelian face, a slanting over his left eye, unshaven. He said that the novel was bad, but expressed a desire to listen to the fourth and last part. There was also some divorced wife and one with a guitar in a case. I learned a lot of useful things for myself at this evening. My humble comrades from the “Shipping Company” got used to the growing society and expressed their opinions.

One said that the seventeenth chapter was stretched out, the other said that Vassenka’s character was not outlined vividly enough. Both were true.

The fourth and last reading took place not with me, but with a young writer, skillfully composing stories. There were already about twenty people here, and I met the grandmother of the writer, a very pleasant old woman who was spoiled by only one thing – an expression of fright, which for some reason did not leave her all evening. In addition, I saw a nanny sleeping on a chest.

The novel was completed. And then disaster struck. All the listeners, as one, said that my novel could not be published for the reason that the censorship would not let it through.

It was the first time I heard this word, and then I only realized that, while writing a novel, I had never once thought about whether it would be missed or not.

One lady started (later I found out that she was also a divorced wife). She said this:

— Tell me, Maksudov, will your novel be missed?

“No, no, no,” exclaimed the elderly writer, “in no case! There can be no question of “missing”! There is simply no hope for it.You can, old man, don’t worry – they won’t let you through.

“They won’t let you through!” The short end of the table responded in chorus.

“Language …” began the one who was the guitarist’s brother, but the elderly man interrupted him.

“To hell with the tongue!” He cried, putting salad on his plate. “It’s not the language that matters. The old man wrote a bad but entertaining novel. In you, rascal, there is observation. And where does that come from! I never expected it, but! .. content!

—Yeah, content …

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Freebie Friday: Lounge Deck – All 2021

What do you like best: making holiday gifts or making holiday decor? We’ve got decor on our mind this year, from jewelry to stockings and more.This super-sized collection of free templates and tutorials will get you started.

1 Calendar of the Coming of the Heart

Help the young people count their days (you know they can hardly wait!). This adorable Christmas adventure calendar features 24 heart pockets for healing or sweet feelings.

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2 This is a season

pop-up container

Embroider Santa or Reindeer as a delightful gift basket to store baked goods, movies, craft supplies or other thoughtful gifts.

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3 Santa Christmas apron

Easy assembly and fusible appliqués make this quick project sure to be a holiday favorite. The template can be adjusted to fit most sizes for large quantities of cookie baked goods.

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4 Hex Skirt

This tree mini skirt can be carved or paper cut. It is the perfect butcher and can also be used as the centerpiece of your holiday table.

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5 little Christmas stockings

Knit these adorable stockings and hang them on a tree. They are just the right size for gift cards, jewelry or chocolates.

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6 Christmas tree warmers

Knit a pair of cute hand warmers and decorate the trees with buttons for a gift that’s as fun to wear as it is!

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7 Crochet Christmas decoration

Sew in this crochet ornament in less than an hour.Use decorative thread and decorate with beads and baubles to complete.

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Christmas Elf Template 8

Be the party life with this party hat. Add some bells and ornate earrings for a starter project that’s hard to miss!

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9V Hope Christmas Suction Cup Holder

They serve both as decoration for the tree and as special treats.They are embroidered and assembled entirely in a hoop for stunning accents effortlessly!

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10 bells Christmas tree Decorations

Felt is a fantastic medium as it does not require edge finishing. Add ric-rac, beads and some embroidery for a decoration that will surely become a heirloom.

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11 Christmas Button Charm

This tutorial shows how to add sparkle to any jewelry or gift in about an hour using Swarovski crystals and beads.

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12 Scrapbook Cloth Christmas Ball

Collect your holiday scraps of fabric and turn them into gorgeous antique pieces. Glue and wrap the pieces, add clover glue and decorate.

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13 20 days of Christmas gift

Presence is everything! This 72-page guide shows you how to create your own gift boxes, gift bags, handle bags, nested boxes, and more!

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14 Labels

These cute gift tags are easy to make – just print and cut! Originally designed for knitted projects, the included wash symbols are handy for any handmade gift!

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15 Cookie name

Monogram Sugar Cookies create unique name cards for your next holiday collection.They are also great for storing stockings and jewelry.

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16 Delivery of bakery products

Can’t spend your vacation together? This does not mean that you cannot share love. Learn about the best types and methods of delivering baked goods.

Get your FREE


Novosibirsk State Circus – official site

Dear viewers!

The Novosibirsk circus takes care of the health of each of you! Our employees comply with all sanitary protection requirements.And we, in turn, ask you to take care of your health and the health of other viewers!

Please, when entering the circus, put on a protective mask on yourself and the child, treat your hands with special means, and also undergo non-contact thermometry.

During the performance, do not take off the mask, because it is the main means of protecting your health and the health of your family members, keep your distance and take seats, according to the tickets purchased.

We have made every effort to make your stay in the circus as safe as possible, and have developed several new rules for attending performances:

one.As part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we recommend paying for tickets purchased directly at the circus box office using a contactless payment method. You can also purchase tickets on the Novosibirsk Circus website using a remote payment method.

2. When visiting the performances, you must have a mask, gloves and wear them during the entire period of your stay in the circus building.

3.Citizens aged 65 and over, as well as citizens with signs of SARS and / or with chronic diseases, please refrain from attending performances for your health and safety.

4. All spectators attending the performances must take a body temperature measurement before passing the ticket control. If an elevated temperature (over 37.2 °) is detected, the viewer will be directed to the staff doctor of the Novosibirsk State Circus, who, after examination, will decide on the possibility of attending the performance.

5. For your safety, hand sanitizers will be located in the control area and at the entrances to the hall.

6. Please keep a social distance of 1.5 meters and do not join groups.

7. Please do not change seats in the auditorium without the administrator’s permission.

Ticket control starts 45 minutes before the start of the show. Entrance to the auditorium 30 minutes before the start. ATTENTION!

Tickets are available on the Novosibirsk Circus website https: //, as well as at the box office of the circus.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

We also draw your attention to the fact that according to clause 7.6 of the “Regulations on the procedure for selling tickets for entertainment events and visiting branches of FKP“ Rosgoscirk ”, children under 3 years old have the right to free admission to performances accompanied by an adult without providing a separate seat.

FARM STAY Collagen Water Full Moist Luminous Foundation

5 free samples will be provided ”
Collagen base with super hydrating effect.After application, it looks natural and refreshes the complexion.
And also due to the content of collagen extract beta-glucan,
hyaluron and centella asiatica, gives the skin elasticity, moisturizes, controls
secretion of sebum and protects against external factors harmful to
Thanks to its beneficial ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types, including
very sensitive and oily skin.
Collagen moisturizes and nourishes the skin in the deepest layers of the epidermis,
creation of an invisible protective film on its surface that prevents moisture ingress
from evaporation, improves skin turgor, smoothing and smoothing its surface,
increases elasticity and elasticity, fights fine wrinkles, brightens pigmentation,
eliminates traces of fatigue.Has a wound healing, regenerating and soothing effect, has a visible anti-aging effect
effect, restores the structure of the skin; Centella asiatica extract – stimulates
collagen and elastin synthesis, has anti-inflammatory effect, improves blood
microcirculation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels; Hyaluronic acid – moisturizes,
nourishes and smoothes the skin, improves complexion, adds shine.

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