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Can I buy wigs at Spotlight?

You sure can. Spotlight has all kinds of wigs that will support and complete your fancy dress outfit. We’ve got wigs for clowns, mermaids, grannies, rock stars, pirates, hippies, mad scientists, sorcerers and much more. We even have wigs in everyday hairstyles that would match just about any costume or outfit. Wearing a wig can make a costume go from good to great. Hair is a big contributor to someone’s looks and style and we often put a lot of time and effort into making sure it’s silky and smooth, curly and wild or at least combed and well groomed. Check out our awesome selection of fun, fabulous and far-out wigs.

What is a wig?

A wig is like a cap of hair that you wear on your head. Traditionally, it is worn by people to conceal baldness but it is also a great way to disguise yourself. Dressing up for Halloween or a fancy dress party is all about tricking people into thinking you are someone else. It’s fun, and finding the right supporter items and accessories for your chosen costume theme is all part of the journey. Wearing a wig can add humour and pizazz to your costume. Wigs come in all different hairstyles and colours and Spotlight is sure to have the perfect one for you.

Why would you wear a wig?

Wigs are worn on your head to cover baldness, to disguise your appearance or simply for a change of hairstyle. Costume wigs can be worn to fancy dress parties, birthday parties, charity events, sports games, Halloween or any occasion that requires you to dress up or look unlike yourself. Wigs are a playful wardrobe addition to your weekend nightclub garb – wear a glittery wig on the dance floor and boogie the night away. Spotlight’s collection is chock-full of crazy and fun wigs that will help you lose your inhibitions and be the life of the party.

Which wig is best for a fancy dress party?

Choosing the best wig to wear to a fancy dress party will depend on your costume. And sometimes, your costume will depend on the theme of the fancy dress party. Not all parties have a theme, but it is common for hosts to set a party theme so everyone dresses up to suit a topic. Let’s say the theme is Rockers and Pop Stars. Hair is an important part of a rock star’s image so having the right wig will really make your costume shine. Spotlight has many wigs that will take your rock or pop star costume to the next level. Choose from our Amscan range which includes: 90s Rock Star Wig, Love of Rock Wig, Mullet Head Wig, Disco Hound Wig, DJ Wannabe Wig and so many more.

Which costume wigs are the most popular?

There are a few wigs that are always in demand at Spotlight, especially around Halloween time in October. The Amscan Jumbo Clown Wig is a classic clown wig in rainbow colours, perfect for any clown-themed outfit or for playing the role at a birthday party. The Amscan Pirate Bandana with Dreads Wig is also a popular choice as it really fits the bill when dressing up as Jack Sparrow’s long lost cousin. Kids love the fairy princess locks based on their favourite characters like Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid and Elsa from Frozen.

How many styles of wigs does Spotlight carry?

Spotlight has over 50 wigs in a range of different cuts, colours and styles to choose from for your next fancy dress outing. We also have many hair accessories that can be worn with or without a party wig to add colour and flair to your costume.

Wigs, Wig Caps & Hair Extensions

Find Out How To Make Synthetic Wigs From Spotlight Look Natural

Synthetic wigs are undoubtedly more affordable than those made from real hair, but they can look less than real if you do not know how to handle them. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight. Not only can you count on us for synthetic wigs for the sharpest prices, you can also count on some additional tips and tricks to make your synthetic wig look like real hair.

How Long Can I Wear A Synthetic Wig And Make It Look Real?

Despite the fact they are not made from genuine hair, synthetic wigs usually have a lengthy lifespan of minimal six months. In most cases, customers do not have to replace their synthetic wig until a year has passed. Therefore, investing in one of the affordable wigs at Spotlight is certainly not a bad investment.

If you have owned a synthetic wig for a considerable amount of time and notice that you cannot style it no matter how hard you try, or if you notice the loss of a significant amount of hair, then it is time to replace the wig. Of course, you can increase the lifespan of a synthetic wig by maintaining it properly.

What Do I Do If The Colour Of The Synthetic Wig Looks Unnatural?

The problem with hair colour is that it is never one even colour. In fact, real hair always consists of various colours, which gives it that natural appearance. Most synthetic wigs on the other hand, have on single colour. Therefore, adjusting the colours of your synthetic wig can make the wig appear more natural.

To make your synthetic wig look more natural, you should always work with gradients. For example, making the roots darker than the rest of the hair. You could also use a blend of two colours and work away from the root of the wig. It does not have to be overly complicated.

Most synthetic wigs take to colouring quite easily, but there are a select few that may be resistant to hair dyes. Therefore, always check if the synthetic wig can be coloured with some hair dye, even the cheapest wigs.

Are There Some Synthetic Wigs That Look More Natural Than Others?

As you may know already, some synthetic wigs can look more natural than others. If you are looking for a natural look, then it is important to be informed about the different types of synthetic wigs that could be used.

The lace front wig – One of the synthetic wigs that is relatively easy to turn natural is the lace front wig. Lace front wigs are designed in such a way so that they resemble a natural hairline. With other synthetic wigs, you usually have to pluck hairs until you can get a pronounced hairline.

The monofilament wig – A monofilament wig is quite similar to the lace front wig, as it also provides a relatively natural looking hairline. Synthetic monofilament wigs are made by hand, which does mean they can be a little more expensive than other synthetic wigs.

How To Manipulate A Synthetic Wig To Look Natural?

There are various things you can do yourself to make a cheap synthetic wig look natural. Below, you can find our top tips for maximum effect.

Don’t make it too perfect – Synthetic wigs often look perfect. While there is no problem with that, genuine hair is never completely perfect. Therefore, it is best to tweeze out a couple of strands of hair to make the wig appear less perfect.

Mimic grow out – To make your synthetic wig look less like a synthetic wig, it is a good idea to mimic the illusion of hair grow out. To achieve ‘the-grow’ out look, you can trim your wig with some layers or some uneven edges. Of course, you probably do not want to pay a hairdresser to do this, but you can find plenty of tutorials online on how to achieve this look.

Get the size right – While it is not the first thing you think about, the size of the wig is important to get a natural look. To ensure you get the right size, measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure.

Wig Shop & Stores Perth

People wear wigs for many different reasons. Wigs certainly aren’t the taboo items they once were; they offer a host of benefits for people with different hair loss needs or who just want to try out some different looks. When you invest in a wig, you want to make sure to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Wigs aren’t hard to care for, but it is essential to care for them properly so that they last a long time and continue looking great.

Learn the differences between caring for synthetic and human hair wigs

Care and maintenance are slightly different for synthetic and human hair wigs. For example, synthetic wigs are more prone to tangling and can melt with heat styling unless they are made of heat-resistant synthetic hair. Learn about the wig you’re buying and be sure you know how to care for it correctly for the best results.

Invest in the right products…

When you shop for wigs in Perth, you should also buy the correct shampoo and conditioner for your particular wig. These products are specially designed to be gentle and effective for wig hair, which can be more delicate than natural hair. Regular hair products can be too harsh and damage the texture of your wig or tangle it badly. So, be sure to invest in the right products, and wash and detangle your wig gently, allowing it to dry completely. A wig brush can help with any tangles.

…and avoid the wrong products

Avoid using unnecessary products such as hair spray or shine spray. Adding too much product to wig hair can cause build-up that will leave your wig greasy or otherwise unmanageable. Whether your wig is synthetic or made from human hair, it’s best to avoid these types of styling products.

Limit heat

Just as with your natural hair, heat can damage your wig hair. Some synthetic wig hair can melt with exposure to heat styling tools. If you need help styling your wig the way you want it, consult a stylist for advice. One simple way to produce curls in a straight wig is to use curlers rather than a curling iron. There are often ways to achieve the style you want without heat, and this is a better option for your wig.

Remove your wig when sleeping or showering

You have to wash your wig, of course, but try to keep it dry as much as possible other than that. When you shower, swim, get caught in heavy rain, or go to sleep, remove your wig to protect it from becoming too wet or tangled. You can also pay us a visit and take care of your natural hair in one of our private rooms while a trained technician cares for your wig.

Find Wigs in Perth WA at Modern Techniques Hair Studio

If you’re looking for a great wig shop in Perth WA, Modern Techniques Hair Studio is here for you. We offer synthetic and human hair wigs, extensions, hair pieces, and inlays to suit a variety of needs.

We are also one of only two wig stores in Australia to offer cyber hair, an amazing alternative to traditional wig options. If you’re choosing between wig stores in Perth, rest assured that Modern Techniques Hair Studio delivers exceptional products and excellent customer service. Contact us today for a private consultation.

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Wholesale curly wigs Up To 90% Off

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human hair wigs

锘縏here is excessive hydration. If you treat deeply overnight and often do corrosion and greenhouses, your hair will become a sponge. This can be improved by combining deep protein-based conditioning treatments. Learn more about deep protein conditioning factors.

These hair discount wigs high quality wigs clips are an ideal way to increase the extra length and size you need. Whether you have short hair or add small volume to your hair, you can quickly change the look. Although these bristles are straight, wigs online these eight hair extensions are made custom wigs of synthetic thermo fibers and you can use your favorite tools to complete your styling.

the wig 2005

2.1.1 It is cheaper to install QuickKnit, but it is cheaper to search for and install some tutorials yourself. No need for a professional mens wigs and costly hairdresser to install quick knitting.

u shaped wigs

锘縁ix sprains. Attach the twisted wire to the back of the head using several horizontal pins. I don’t want the flexibility to hide the connection and make it look like an ongoing development.

Hot and humid weather in summer lace front wigs cannot be ignored. Nothing is worse than trying to cook a delicious family home in a heated outdoor environment, and turning on the oven doesn’t help. Thanks to the autumn, you blue wigs can find me half wigs in the kitchen and try to complete some new recipes for vacationers.

Hair extensions often cause coarse wrap. Especially if the section is exposed from the scalp, or if the color does not exactly match with custom wig other hairs, or if the length is similar to Rapunzel’s hair. Obviously, even at a low cost. However, with a higher quality, there are many natural hair and innovative applications that can be expanded to solve the biggest hair problems. wigs wholesale blue wig The most effective part: After completing operations correctly, no one even needs to know that you are wearing them.

Women who want a bigger and more perfect look prefer to add some hair extensions. Human hair wigs are a cheap costume wigs popular hair extension that is becoming increasingly popular with women.

When I added rose water to my daily beauty for a few weeks, I discovered that due to its variety anime wigs (including soothing and cosmetic effects on the skin), the skin was significantly changed and improved. . Keep clicking to see the 5 different methods of rose water.

锘縒hen it comes to men’s natural wigs, the lace front wigs are a good option as the delicate lace at the front has subtle features that create a smooth look. If cheap lace front wigs you mix the bands in front of the wig, the end will not be completely known and the u part wig hairline will look natural.

My Naughty Child Dexter \\ u0026 Cocoa pixie cut wig Training So I did this most of the time in 2016 and really need an explanation. It’s been almost two years, and some might say it’s a little late, but that’s enough. They may be nice, but it won’t be confusing again, I’m the boss!

锘縒hen the hair is wet, the hair is open. Since there is no ammonia, semi-permanent hair dye on hair dried with cheap wigs a drying towel will help absorb the color. It also helps to achieve a more wigs near me balanced application (reduces stain spots) and allows you to use less pigment.

First, take a fine white wigs comb and use it to form a blind spot curly wigs while separating the straight centers. Alternatively, it can be replaced by the side separation if desired, but it should be red wig stylish. For most women, styling can actually be easier if the hair is a little dirty. So if you don’t have enough time, you what is a monofilament wig might miss https://www.babwigs. org/ out on shampoo day. Natural oils enhance shine and vitality. It also acts as long black wig a natural heat shield from design tools.

锘縏oday lolita wigs I am using Anita Car Design. I first found Anita’s beautiful Instagram work. best wigs She is the wig store new Perth best synthetic wigs designer, creating a unique series afro wig of headwear and headbands. cheap human hair wigs She was completely self-taught (just like what she liked), and recently with two children, she returned to babwigs her artistic creativity. Some of its patterns have an old feel and a great palette. I love soft and pink gold perfect for this season.

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Headwear, wig and eyelash suppliers

Disclaimer: Breast Cancer Now does not approve or endorse any specific suppliers of wigs, headwear and accessories. However, you may find the following list useful. You can find other suppliers in the phone book or via the internet.

Please also note that not all suppliers have a shop, and some of the addresses given below are not intended to receive visitors. If you intend to visit, please contact the supplier first to confirm whether this is possible.

A & A Studios

8–10 Tanfield, Inverleith, Edinburgh Eh4 5HF
Telephone: 0131 556 7057

Offer a wide range of wigs, hair pieces and hair replacements solutions. They stock ready-to-wear NHS wigs, as well as custom-made real hair wigs, and offer a wig fitting service at their Edinburgh hair clinic.


1 Ashe Cottages, Axminster Road, Musbury, Devon EX13 8AE
Telephone: 01297 553 747

A range of handmade, fitted headscarves, headwraps, sleep caps and bandanas.

Penleigh House, Tedburn St Mary, Exeter EX6 6AD
Telephone: 01647 270257
Email: [email protected] com

A wide range of headwraps, Buffs and bandanas to order online or by phone.

Bohemia Fashions Headwear

32 Buchanan Drive, Luton, Beds LU2 0RT
Telephone: 01582 750 083
24 hour secretarial service: 0845 056 8817
Email: [email protected]

Comfortable headwear for people experiencing hair loss. Fitted headscarves, bandanas, turbans, swim caps, sleep caps, soft hats, fringes and wig accessories. Many items also available in petite size.

The Chamomile Suite

Telephone: 0207 622 3999

Specialise in partial and full wigs (for both NHS and private patients), and hair replacement systems. 

Chemo Headwear

Telephone: 01798 861 501

Chemo Headwear make award-winning, handmade headscarves, hats and turbans in wonderful cottons, silks, bamboo and cashmere fabrics. To claim a 10% discount, enter the coupon code “breastcancercare” at checkout. Alternatively, mention Breast Cancer Care when ordering by telephone.

Hats 4 Heads

Telephone: 0845 576 4287

A range of hats and headwear designed especially for people who have lost their hair through illness.


41 High Street, Burnham, Berkshire SL1 7JD
Telephone: 01628 660527
Email: [email protected]

A hair salon specialising in hair loss and hair thinning solutions, including hair replacement systems.

Jennifer Effie’s Hair Solutions


Offers bespoke wigs and hair replacement systems for people experiencing hair loss because of chemotherapy. Based in London.

Live Better With Cancer


An online shop with a range of hats and headwear. They have remedies for sensitive scalps and hair growth products, as well as makeup to create the illusion of eyebrows.  

Lucinda Ellery


A hair loss consultancy that provide a range of hair loss solutions. With consultancies in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and Solihull.

Merchant wigs and hair 

Healthcare Europe (Scotland) Ltd, 15 Camperdown Street, Dundee DD5 3AA
Telephone: 01382 520866       
Email: [email protected]

Wig and hair replacement specialists. Based in Scotland, provide NHS wigs. 

NHC Necessity Headwear Collection

NHC at The Caring Hair Studio, 5A Middle Row, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 3AN
Telephone: 01438 311 322

An online and mail-order shop offering a range of specifically created headwear for women with hair loss.

Simply Wigs

Telephone: 01484 844557

Wig supplier. Also offer a range of stick-on eyebrows, including human hair eyebrows.

Suburban Turban

Suburban Turban Ltd, TurbanTowers, MastersYard, Guildford Road,Surrey Rh5 3NG
Telephone: 01306 640123

Contemporary, specially-designed headwear for hair loss to buy online.


Sheridan House, 114-116 Western Road, Hove BN3 1DD
Telephone: 01273 774 977
Email: [email protected]

Wig suppliers with mail-order service and salons in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Hove, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Nottingham.

Trends Wigs & Hairpieces

337 Glossop Road, Sheffield S10 2HP
Telephone: 0114 276 8676
Email: [email protected]

Specialists with a wide range of wigs available by mail order or appointment in Sheffield

Violet & Wren Ltd 

Registered Office, Charter House, Leigh on Sea SS9 1JL
Telephone: 07557 132 033
Email: [email protected]

Luxury sleepwear specialists who also produce luxury silk turbans.

Wig Bank

Wig Bank, 40 George Street, Perth Ph2 5JL
Telephone: 07831 763 062
Email: [email protected]

Sell and hire second-hand wigs that have been washed, conditioned and disinfected. Based at a network of locations around the UK, full details are available on their website.


Hair World, Algores Way, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE13 2TQ
Telephone: 01945 587584

Specialists with a range of wigs and accessories available by mail order or appointment.

Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs: Which one should you get?

With an unlimited range of styles and colours to choose from, it’s no wonder that more people are looking to add wigs to their wardrobe. Whether you have an existing hair loss issue, or simply love to experiment with your look, a stylish and long-lasting wig can be a great investment.

The biggest question is whether to opt for a human hair wig or a synthetic hair wig. The truth is that it depends on a persons’ own requirements and preferences; from how realistic it looks and how durable it is, to the price involved. So, let’s break down the differences between human and synthetic hair wigs to find which one is right for you.

What are human hair wigs?

True to their name, human hair wigs are made from real human hair that has been sold or donated. With a natural look and feel, human hair wigs can look just like real hair. The texture makes it incredibly realistic and easy to style, although it’s recommended to have any changes like colouring or perming done by an experienced stylist to avoid damage. When treated with care, carefully washed and conditioned like real hair, they can last for up to and over 10 years with correct care by the wearer. Human hair wigs are hand made and as such are more costly. It’s easy to buy a cheaper wig online however the purchaser should also be aware of the ethics of labour costs, most online wigs are made in China, India, Cambodia and similar countries, the labour is cheap and often workers are underpaid and exploited. The ethics of the sourcing of the hair is also difficult to track. Having a custom made wig made here in Perth with donated or ethically sourced human hair not only gives you a better fitting wig but also means you are not buying into labour exploitation.

What are synthetic wigs?

Made from a variety of strong artificial fibers, synthetic wigs are created to look and feel as similar to human hair as possible. While they cannot be changed – no colouring, or restyling – this can be a real timesaver as their set look needs no maintenance. In many cases you get what you pay for with synthetic wigs, and it can be worth investing more to get a more realistic look, and a longer life span. The other thing that should be considered is the pollution aspect as human hair wigs are synthetic (plastic) they do not break down in landfill and they cannot be repurposed as the fibers are not useful for anything else. When you consider the millions of synthetic wigs sold worldwide each year it becomes an important choice for those caring for the environment.

Which one should you get?

Choosing between human hair and synthetic hair wigs means looking at your needs and lifestyle, to see what would suit you best. For those who have low energy or limited time, buying a well-styled synthetic wig can be a good option. A cheaper price tag makes it easier to buy more wigs in different styles and colours to swap between when you feel like it. For those living in a warmer climate, synthetic wigs are hot and sweaty as they do not breathe at all, whereas a human hair wig allows the scalp to breathe.

For those who love changing their look and enjoy styling hair, human hair wigs can be a good investment. With their realistic look and feel, those who want a genuine look or are self-conscious about their hair, human wigs are best. Another thing to consider is allergies, or sensitive skin. If you have a concern about irritation from a wig then human hair wigs are the safer choice thanks to the lack of synthetic materials.

Why Choose Chilli Couture

So if you want to choose a custom made human hair wig then Chilli Couture is the plcae to go, Chilli couture has a strong environmental stance and as such does not deal with synthetic wigs. Chilli’s director is one of Perth’s only custom wig makers where all wigs are made to fit. Chilli Couture is on hand to help bring your hair dreams to life. With a highly trained team of passionate hair experts, each of the talented stylists loves to work closely with every client to achieve their hair goals. To learn more about what Perth’ best hair salon has to offer contact us online here, or for more information or to book an appointment contact us on 9328 8814.


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Get Your Halloween Costume Sorted At Perth’s Best Costume Stores

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re big on the spooky season here at Perth Is OK!… But whether it’s Halloween or any excuse for a dress up, these costume stores will have you decked out in a show-stopping outfit – or a onesie inspired by your favourite Netflix show?

Party Town

With thousands of costume and party pieces in stock, Party Town really is your one-stop-shop, no matter the theme. Their costumes cover every age, with everything from a simple pair of Harry Potter glasses, to a head-to-toe superhero get up. They’ve got heaps of other accessories, too – like wigs of just about every colour and style, or a subtle fake moustache to complete the look. If you need decorations? Boy, do they got ’em – from balloons to tableware and everything in between.

208 Stirling Highway, Claremont

Costumes In The Valley

As well as their comprehensive selection of adult and children’s costumes, family owned and run Costumes In The Valley have heaps of accessories for you to take your look to the next level – or complete your DIY efforts! Wings, wigs, boas and boots are all on offer, as well as customised accessories.

30A Hooley Road, Midvale

AJ’s Costume Hire

AJ’s has been kitting out the people of Perth for over 20 years in all their costuming needs. They’ve got a huge variety of costumes, props, accessories and more – as well as a touch of old-school service to match. They’re also happy to help you mix and match items from across their range to create a perfect look.

Unit 5/1808 Albany Highway, Kenwick


Whether you’re hiring or buying, you’ve got to stop in at Doyles for your next party. With two locations, they’re WA’s biggest costume hirers – plus they’ve been established for over 70 years. High quality costumes, they’re professionally laundered between each hire – so you know you won’t be getting a nasty surprise reaching into any pockets.

1/54 Prindiville Drive, Wangara
14/386 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park

Walk The Plank

With years of experience and tip-top customer service, Walk The Plank are a must-visit for your costume needs. From full-blown costumes to special FX makeup, accessories and decorations – you’ll be looking your fabulous, spooky best.

12/11 Milford Street, East Victoria Park

Party Frenzy

Party Frenzy have a practically astronomical range of costumes available for purchase – not to mention oodles of accessories, from hats to glasses to scars, and everything in between. These guys are also balloon experts, with over 10 years of experience creating some pretty impressive and super-sized balloon decorations (utilising eco-friendly latex balloons).

Party Source

Canning Vale’s Party Source really is the source for everything you need to get the party started. This costume and party super-store stocks a huge range of supplies, whether you need the perfect cake topper, or confetti in any shape imaginable – or, of course, costumes! They’ve got hundreds to choose from, from Grease-tacular ’50s inspired getups, to the spookiest skeletons.

Unit 7/259 – 261 Bannister Road, Canning Vale

Hurly Burly

For all things goth, steampunk, rockabilly or otherwise alt: Hurly Burly is here to help you stand out. This huge selection or alt-fashion as well as costumes, means they can find you a unique outfit no matter your theme – they also have a vast selection of deluxe wigs on offer, to really take your outfit to the next level!

141 Barrack St, Perth

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90,000 The difference between a wig and a braid

Main difference: A wig is a hair covering made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibers. It is often worn for fashion or other reasons, including cultural traditions and religious practices. Braiding is a form of hair extension. While a wig is used to completely cover the hair, hair extensions are used to add length and volume to the hair.

When it comes to hair, there are many hairstyles that go in style and just as quickly go out of style.However, from time to time there are certain things that persist over a generation, even if their popularity is constantly changing. Wig and braiding are two such things. Some use them for fashion and some use them out of necessity. However, one thing is certain that they are two different things, even if it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between them.

A wig is a hair covering made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fiber. It is often worn for fashion or other reasons, including cultural traditions and religious practices.The term wig is an abbreviation for the wig, which first appeared in English around 1675. However, the wig itself dates back to Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians wore wigs to protect their shaved hairless heads from the sun. The Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans also often used wigs as a daily fashion.

Wigs can be used for fashion or to hide baldness. This baldness can be natural; a side effect of medical treatment such as chemotherapy; or it may be self-inflicted due to religious or cultural traditions.The wig is quite popular for these purposes, as it is much cheaper and less intrusive than other types of hair substitutes, such as hair restoration or braiding medications.

Braiding is a form of hair extension. While a wig is used to completely cover the hair, hair extensions are used to add length and volume to the hair. Extensions are often made from artificial or natural hair that is harvested from others. In braiding, the hair extensions are braided and / or tied with natural hair.These hair techniques are advanced and are used to reshape hair without looking unrealistic.

Weave is often used mainly for aesthetic appeal and fashion. Compared to wigs, the wave is more expensive and longer. This also requires more care. The wig can be put on and taken off as long as required. Weaving usually requires training and advanced technology to put it on. Depending on the weave, this can last from several weeks to several months.However, during this time, the weaving will require treatment and care to last longer and look good. Some types of weaving do not even allow you to wash your hair.

Comparison between wig and braiding:



Definition according to

Artificial hair covering for all or most of the head, head synthetic or natural hair to be worn stylish or attractive.

For weaving (threads, yarns, stripes, fibrous material, etc.) to form a fabric or material.


Hair coverings are often made from synthetic or natural hair.

The hair extension is woven directly into the hair.


Hair Covers

Hair Extensions

Used for

Fashion, Cultural and Religious Practices


00 Types

  • Natural Wigs
  • Synthetic Wigs
  • Costume Wigs
  • Custom Weave
  • Sewn Weave
  • Fusion weave
90,000 Fashion under Peter I: French robe and German dressing gown

All clothes were usually embroidered with gold and silver thread, the width of the sewing should not exceed nine centimeters.The ceremonial costume was especially decorated – and this was its only difference from everyday clothes.

At the same time, special clothes for the house – a dressing gown – came into fashion. A dressing gown was a dressing gown that boyars and noblemen wore at home over a shirt and a culotte. Judging by the name (from the German Schlafen – “to sleep”, Rock – “clothes”), the dressing gown was originally intended for sleeping. Most often, such a dressing gown was made of velvet and silk, but in rich houses dressing gowns were made of expensive fabrics, and in winter they were insulated with fur.

Corsets in lace and robes in stones

While men were rather reluctant to change into new suits, the transition to European fashion was even harder for women. Accustomed to long and wide sundresses, to multi-layered outfits, now the girls had to wear a narrow European dress that opened the shoulders and chest.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the clothes of the capital’s noblewomen began to resemble the French dress of the end of the 17th century. The ladies’ suit now consisted of a skirt, a bodice and a swing dress – all of which were worn over a linen shirt.The corset, which had been worn in Europe since the 16th century, was particularly inconvenient for women. For wealthy ladies, it was always covered in silk and lavishly trimmed with buttons, lace and ribbons. The corset could not be put on independently – the lacing on the back of the girls was tightened by the maids, it was difficult to breathe and relax in it, or to bend the back. Out of habit, many ladies, being all day in a tight dress, fainted. In addition to the inconvenience, the corset was also harmful to health: in it, the body became vulnerable to gastric and pulmonary diseases.However, overcoming the torment, the noblewomen obeyed the trends of fashion – all the more, they had no other way out under the strict decree of Peter.

Like a narrow corset, an integral part of a woman’s dress was a very wide skirt, which looked especially contrasting against the background of an elegant top. To keep the skirts in shape, frames were put on under them – figs. Such skirts, which came from Europe, were suitable for the warm French climate, but the Russian winter required warmer clothes, so in the cold season the skirts were quilted with batting.

Swan’s Down @ Museum and Exhibition Complex in Lesnoy

The history of powder began in time immemorial, when women in different countries bleached their faces to show their high origins. It was believed that pale skin is a sign of wealth and nobility, because its owners did not tan. Commoners, on the other hand, spent most of their time in the sun, doing work, and their skin acquired a tan, which is so appreciated in our time.

To keep the skin light, women used a powder based on mineral or plant components.For example, in Ancient Greece and Rome, white clay and white lead were used, and in the East, finely ground rice flour.

Wheat flour was used to make powder in Europe. By the 17th century, powder was used everywhere not only by women, but also by men. Powder gave the face an aristocratic pallor, masked age and traces of disease. Powder consumption increased dramatically when powdered wigs came into fashion. Peter the First brought this European fashion to Russia, where it lasted for almost 100 years.

The fashion for powder returned at the beginning of the twentieth century thanks to theater and film actresses who powdered their faces in order to hide skin imperfections, and ordinary women imitated their idols. At the beginning of the 20th century, the composition of the powder changed – talc became its basis, replacing the lead white, hazardous to health.

In the Soviet Union, the flourishing of the perfumery and cosmetic industry took place in the post-war period. Soviet loose powder was produced in several varieties, depending on the size of the particles and the presence of odorants.The most expensive of the highest grade is “Ballet”, “Velvety”, “Vostok”. The powder of group A was of good quality – “Skazka”, “Ellada”, “Krasnaya Moskva”, “Kremlin”. Group B of average quality included “Chypre”, “Camellia”, “Mask”. Group B, which included powders “Violet”, “Lilac”, “Carmen”, was distinguished by a low price (8 kopecks), but its quality also left much to be desired. Powder was produced in our country in only five standard shades: white, yellowish (rashel), flesh, pink and peach. Powder was applied with a cotton swab, because puffs were not included in the kit, but were sold separately, and were very rare on sale.

In the 1950s, they produced metal powder boxes and compact powder boxes with a mirror that could be carried in a handbag. They were made in factories that produced metal haberdashery along with cigarette cases, caskets and other beautiful products. Cupronickel, silver and brass items were decorated with enamel and relief designs. These could be ornaments, landscapes, views of Soviet cities and memorable places.

Since 1958, the perfumery factories of the USSR began to produce, in addition to powdered powders, compact ones, and heavy metal powders were gradually replaced by lighter and cheaper plastic ones.

Powder “Swan’s Down”, factory “Novaya Zarya”, Moscow, USSR, 1950-1960s.
Powder “Kremlin”, factory “Novaya Zarya”, Moscow, USSR, 1950-1960s.
Powder “Lilac”, perfume and cosmetic factory, Kharkov, USSR, 1950-1960s.
Powder box “Moscow.Palace of Congresses “, cupronickel. Metallodetal plant, Moscow, USSR, 1960s.

Powder box, textiles, embossed leather. China, 1950s
Powder box, plastic, leatherette. Research and Production Association “Burevestnik”, Leningrad, USSR, 1980s.
Tabletop powder box, aluminum, hand-painted.USSR, 1960s

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Materials: Silicone
Motorcycle care products: dishwasher with soap, water and air (if dried with a towel, the mold will pick up the lint from the towel)
China code
To use, knead a small amount of lipstick or gum paste until smooth, dust from the corn starch, then press it into the mold (do not flame the molds themselves, as this will result in a loss of detail).Pop the molded fudge or gum paste, gently holding the mold with your thumbs on the top and finger to the bottom of the mold and arching it up and up. For Deep or highly detailed molds, place the filled mold in the refrigerator or freezer for 15-30 minutes to allow the fondant or rubber band Insert set firm and make for easy de-MOLDING
Note: The dimensions of the cavity (where marked) are approximate and generally refer to the dimensions of the cavity; the product obtained from the mold may be smaller or larger than the marked dimensions, depending on the shape and style of the cavity

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Humor: Humor: other: The problem came out …: Egon Fine: read online

The problem is out …

Prospecting happiness

As a child, the Englishman Mark Creasy read books about gold miners. At the age of 23, without a penny in his pocket, he went to Australia and began looking for gold. He worked in five different states, and he was incredibly lucky.Wherever he hit the pits, gold was everywhere. Finally he collected a considerable fortune, and there was still gold on the purchased land. Creasy sold most of the land for 210 million marks (in German terms) and became one of the richest men in Australia. When a reporter asked him what he was going to do with so much money, Mark replied modestly: “Nothing. Unless I’m going to swap my old battered Land Cruiser for a new all-terrain vehicle. But only if I can get decent money for an old car. “

Frozen weapons

Fifteen Australian Aborigines (Indigenous people) bought frozen kangaroo tails from a store in Perth. On the way home, they decided to take a break right on the freeway, because the road surface was warm and pleasant to sit on. However, a passing patrol car forbade this “rest”. This angered the natives so much that they pelted three police officers with frozen kangaroo tails. But the trial over them did not take place due to the fact that it turned out to be impossible to present the “instrument of crime” as evidence.After the fight, 15 indigenous people and their families ate kangaroo tails that had thawed during this time.

New Job

A young man from the city of Perth protested that he could not find a job anywhere. He walked through the streets, shouting and loudly expressing his protest, and two policemen followed him. Luckily for him, they lost track of him: the young man turned into a dark alley and entered a brothel. There he cooked food, washed staircase floors and windows. The women were delighted and left the diligent young man.Now, at last, he had the right job: housekeeper in a brothel. He was given only one condition: to wear women’s clothing.

210 days on a tree

Only by tricking the police managed to persuade 45-year-old Manfred Stephens to go down to earth. The environmentalist spent 210 days in a virgin forest in the branches of a huge tree, which was planned to be cut down. The police posed as TV journalists who wanted to interview him. When Stephens realized that he had been deceived, he wanted to return to the tree.But halfway through, he was greeted so enthusiastically by a flock of monkeys that he voluntarily descended and let the police take him home. During the time that Stephens sat in the tree, the monkeys recognized him as their leader. When he left the tree to speak to the alleged TV reporters, the monkeys raised a plaintive howl. They were afraid of losing their “leader”. The more their joy was when he returned. But Stephens himself, after 210 days on the tree, was already feeling uncomfortable with the attachment of animals.He preferred a voluntary return to civilization, but did not abandon his struggle to preserve the virgin forest. After persistent negotiations with representatives of the Australian authorities, he eventually managed to save not only the tree on which he spent 210 days, but also the surrounding forest.

Painful jewelry

Already in the Bronze Age (2000-800 BC) those who wanted to be beautiful had to suffer: people were so “chained” into rings, chains and bracelets that they could never take them off.Especially great difficulties arose during sleep. Since the Bronze Age was the heyday of artistic crafts and everyone who paid attention to their appearance wore jewelry, rich people slept especially badly. Therefore, they often ordered recesses for decorations to be cut in their boxes.

The first cuckoo clock

After many peasants in the Black Forest had made a wooden clock for themselves in the 17th century, Franz Ketterer from Schonwald invented the first cuckoo clock in 1730. With the help of small bellows, he imitated the cry of a cuckoo.When he demonstrated his invention to friends and guests for the first time and the wooden cuckoo rushed out of the house with a noise, people got terribly frightened and ran away. They thought it was witchcraft.

The ridiculed silhouette

The origin of the word “silhouette” in the meaning of “outline, outline” remained unclear for a long time. In France, there was a statesman named Etienne de Siluet (1709-1767), who was very disliked, especially by the nobles, because of the drastic austerity measures he carried out as Minister of Finance.Therefore, the counts and barons sarcastically called all cheap “silhouette”, including the portraits made in the form of a contour, which were then already a hundred years old, because they were much cheaper than paintings painted with paints. Then this word gradually began to be used to designate contours in general.

When teeth burn …

As early as 2600 years ago, the Etruscans made artificial ivory jaws, in the 17th century rich people ordered precious teeth from gold, silver and agate, and the Italian dentist Giusepangeli Fonzi made teeth from porcelain in Paris around 1790, which were attached to gold and platinum plates.And suddenly, at the end of the 20th century, an inexplicable idea arose to make teeth from celluloid. The results turned out to be quite risky: when smoking, patients set their own teeth on fire, because celluloid is highly flammable. Horror gripped the guests of a wealthy merchant in Bremen, when flames suddenly burst from the mouth of the talkative host.

Bare-handed tooth extraction

In ancient China, tooth extraction was not a pleasure. The so-called tooth-pluckers did this with their bare hands. They developed the amazing strength and dexterity required for their profession by training on large, thick wooden planks with nails driven into them.

Great-grandfather – Charlemagne

Emperor Charlemagne (742–814) was not only the creator of Europe, but also a man who attached great importance to offspring. From five wives and even more mistresses, he had 18 children. From them, the ruler of the Franks for 13 generations grew more than 5000 descendants. Their children, in turn, made sure that today almost half of all Germans and practically all nobles descended from Charlemagne.

Missing Water in Niagara Falls

In 1848, the world famous Niagara Falls on the border of the United States and Canada stopped, for 30 hours not a single drop fell from the cliff, from which 425,000 cubic meters of water usually fall down every minute.The blame for this was the hurricane, which cracked open the ice sheet of Lake Erie and piled ice blocks right in front of the waterfall’s drain. As you know, water from Lake Erie flows through the 40-kilometer Niagara River and the waterfall of the same name into Lake Ontario, located 107 meters below.

Chess was a War game

The ancient Chinese game “wei-qi” has turned into today’s chess in India. The Chinese Emperor Yao (c. 2300 BC) invented this game to train his son in strategy. Wei-kwi had thousands of figures that depicted soldiers and weapons.Yao’s son was in awe of the game. He played it so often that he really became a brilliant military strategist. Then the game came to Japan, where it was called go, and then the Indians made our chess out of it.

India and Australia were once the same continent

Using radar surveys of the earth’s crust in the Indian Ocean, scientists have established that India and Australia, which were once the same continent, separated from each other about 8 million years ago and today are moving in opposite directions.Thus, the existence of the thirteenth lithospheric plate of the earth’s crust was proved. Before that, 12 plates were known on which the earth’s crust floats. For hundreds of millions of years, they have been moving on soft, hot mantle matter at a speed of up to 10 centimeters per year, and the continents resting on them move with them.

Ready to sacrifice a servant

When the Persian Shah Nazir Addin visited Munich in August 1889, he viewed the aging princesses and maids of honor with undisguised skepticism and politely expressed his regret that the owner “did not have a more attractive harem.”Once there was no lamb at a gala dinner, then the shah ordered his grand vizier to slaughter a lamb right in the hotel room. At the end of the visit, the Shah expressed his wish to take part in the European execution. In the absence of a suitable criminal at the moment, the shah was ready to provide one of his servants with pleasure. The owners politely but flatly refused.

Stingy Romans

In relation to its 150,000 soldiers, the ancient Roman state behaved extremely stingily. The soldiers were strictly forbidden to marry, because the state did not want to support the widows and orphans of the fallen soldiers.Legionnaires served 20 years, and then they could retire, receiving a one-time cash reward in the amount of 13 annual salaries.

Final rest

British philosopher Jeremy Bantham (1748–1832) ordered a strange form of burial in case of his death: his friends had to cut his body, mummify his head, fill his skeleton with straw, put clothes on the Bantham doll thus created and put it in a mahogany cabinet in his former institute. There, a figure resembling a garden scarecrow was supposed to sit until the end of the world.Already during his lifetime, Bentem was an extraordinary person, at the age of five he spoke excellent Latin and Greek.

21 – an unlucky number

The French king Louis XVI could safely bet that on every 21st of any month, something unpleasant would happen. Even when he was a child, one astrologer predicted to him that 21 is his unlucky day. On June 21, 1770, during a fireworks display in honor of his wife Marie Antoinette, a rocket fell into the crowd, panic arose, 1200 people were crushed. On June 21, 1791, the royal couple were captured in Varenie when they fled from the revolutionaries.The monarchy was overthrown on September 21, 1792, and Louis XVI was executed on January 21, 1793.

A meteorite does not come alone …

In the middle of the night, a meteorite fell into the house of the Cassarino family in Weathersville, Connecticut. Fortunately, the celestial body was small. It punctured the roof and broke several pieces of furniture; no one was injured. As soon as Cassarino recovered from fright, the next meteorite hit the house of their neighbors Donahue. There, too, everything went relatively well: with a broken truss and a fireplace.But real fear gripped them when they heard from the experts. Both meteorites, experts said, are parts of the same celestial body, and one can expect that several more “hits” will follow. The rest of the exploding meteor somewhere in space is already flying towards Earth, presumably in the same direction as the first two meteorites. The families of Kassarino and Donahue moved in panic for a long time to live with relatives.

Nightmare hour in the garbage chute

When the young Marseille was throwing garbage into the garbage chute of a multi-storey building, it seemed to him that the bag was stuck.He bent down to push it through and fell himself into a shaft eight stories high. He was lucky: his shoulders were stuck in the shaft, his legs were sticking out. He screamed for help with all his might, but no one heard him. Only an hour later, a janitor who accidentally passed by freed the unfortunate man from his painful captivity.

Wrong address

On the Würzburg-Frankfurt highway, a sports car overtook the car in front of it on the right, and then turned so sharply to the left that the driver behind him barely had time to brake and honked loudly in protest.In response, the impudent driver of a sports car, who had just violated the traffic rules and created an emergency, put a slate board out the window with the inscription: “Pig”. He was unlucky: a policeman was driving the car, which he so dashingly overtook. He quickly stopped the unbridled driver and gave him a hefty fine.

The chief of the criminal police must not be stabbed

For a whole year, the Shanghai police unsuccessfully searched for a man who, in city buses, was engaged in stabbing women with a knitting needle below the back.More than 30 women have already suffered. Finally, the search yielded results, albeit by accident: the man whom the police had been looking for for so long chose the head of the criminal police department as another victim as she rode the bus to the police station. It turned out to be a 36-year-old electrician who amused himself with the “screeching” of pricked ladies.


A 21-year-old woman was apparently bored in a bar in the Lower Saxon town of Gifhorn. She poked her finger through the hole in the wooden post until her finger was stuck.For two hours she was embarrassed at the counter and tried to hide this stupid nuisance. But then the finger was so swollen that she had to ask for help. The rest of the guests and the owner tried all means to free the finger, and with it the woman. When all was in vain, the firemen were called. They had to saw through the entire beautiful rack. For a young woman, this evening was a little expensive.

Treachery of the Sea

British architects celebrated World Architects Day with a party on the shores of the North Sea near Cromer.The culmination of the evening was a competition in the construction of sand castles. Within a few hours, the most beautiful works of art towered on the beach. But Messrs Q. the architects did not take into account the treachery of the sea. When the jury arrived the next day to determine the winner, the ebb and flow had already destroyed all the work. Nothing remained of the beautiful castles, the sea washed everything away.

Dangerous alluvial sand

There is a museum of alluvial sand in the Danish town of Ruddbjerg Rude Fir.Every year more than 30,000 visitors learn here about how alluvial sand is constantly changing the coast of the North Sea. And just behind the museum, a huge sand dune has formed, which seriously threatens the museum. Museum director Paul Friis says: “If the dune does not change direction soon, alluvial sand will fill our sand museum within a year.”

Too Cold for Prayer

During the cold weather in the United States, the water pipes burst in the apartment of a 91-year-old woman in Chicago, the rooms were flooded, the heating did not function.This did not stop the believing woman. At minus 18 degrees, she knelt down for prayer – and froze. The neighbors found an old lady and called the police and firefighters. The old woman was “frostbitten”. And she immediately knelt down again to give thanks to the Lord for her salvation.

Lightning is to blame

In Düsseldorf, a sales agent parked his car in reverse at a train station. When he returned an hour later, only a pile of metal remained from his car. The car was completely burnt out.The cause was lightning, she hit the car and turned on the ignition. The car backed straight onto the rails and caught fire.

The radio was playing too loudly

In Strasbourg, a 38-year-old man who had to go to work very early in the morning begged his neighbor for a long time to turn the radio down at night, otherwise he could not sleep. But the requests didn’t help. One night, a 38-year-old man was fed up with all this. He rang the doorbell of a neighbor, burst into the apartment and threw the radio out of the third-floor window.The neighbor wanted to save his beloved device, leaned out of the window – and also fell. In the fall, he broke both legs and collarbone. His first question to a nurse at the hospital was, “Will I get a radio?”

Inappropriate name

The administration of the English city of Leicester has entrusted the company “Zita” with garbage collection. Cars of this company had the inscriptions “Zita” visible from afar. No one remembered that this was the name of the Indian goddess of purity. A little time passed, and the secretary of the World Council of Indians issued an indignant statement.“It is an unbearable insult for every Indian to see the word Zita on garbage trucks,” he said. The city administration faced a choice: either to change the company, or to ask the company to change the name.

Celebrated too long

At a wedding in Rostock, a 25-year-old guest, already drunk enough and not quite in control of his actions, refused to go home, although the newlyweds had already kicked him out of the house several times. Finally he climbed onto the roof, with difficulty climbed into the chimney and decided to fall on the guests in the form of a freshly smeared chimney sweep.But he suffered a fiasco: halfway through he got stuck in a pipe, and the firemen had to pull him out. When he finally got down to earth, he even refused to drink. His thirst was gone.

The funeral is to blame.

For more than 16 years, three retirees from Liverpool have bet on the same lottery numbers. Finally they won: six correct numbers. Two of the three playmates were very happy and sat down to celebrate the win. Unfortunately, a little early. Their 75-year-old partner, Bill Smith, for the first time in 16 years did not turn in his ticket because he needed to go to a funeral.At the same time, the prize was buried.

Blind behind the wheel

The head of the traffic department in the Philippines was fired without the right to reinstatement: for a large bribe she issued a driver’s license to a blind man. It was a double mistake: the “blind man” turned out to be a reporter who wrote an article “on corruption among officials.” Already his first attempt was successful.

Teeth fell out of fear

In the English city of Blackpool due to urgent repairs it was necessary to dismantle the attraction “Russian Mountains” in one of the parks.The technicians made an unexpected discovery. Under the attraction, they found more than a hundred dentures, which fell out of the screaming visitors. It is strange that none of the “toothless” ones reported their loss.

Got up on the wrong foot

It was a rainy day for 35-year-old mason Steve Partridge from Sherbourne (England). The amateur footballer was afraid to be late for the game in which he was supposed to play defense.

In a hurry, when leaving the garage, he took a sharp start and ran over his terrier Jaco, backed up and ran into the Chivers cat, and then during the game he still managed to miss the perfect penalty, which cost his team a victory in the game and in the championship.It’s good at least that the dog and the cat escaped with minor wounds.

Dangerous Operas

Italian tenor Fabio Armiliato loves to sing in operas, but he still hasn’t had much luck. Initially, during the opera Carmen, he was wounded by the sword of his stage rival, because he was not very attentive and inadvertently struck. Then, at the play Tosca at the Arena theater in southern Italy, in the execution scene of Armiliato, a rare misfortune befell: 14 soldiers took aim, as it is written in the libretto, and fired at the tenor who was playing the part of Cavaradossi.To the enthusiastic applause of the audience, Armiliato, as expected, fell, but did not get up again. He grabbed onto his left leg, which was bleeding. The doctor took him to the clinic, the police checked the stage weapon. It turned out that too much gunpowder was put in the guns, so the usually light felt bullets became very heavy and inflicted a real gunshot wound on the tenor. But Armiliato did not give up. He has not yet had his cast removed, but he has already performed at Puccini’s Tosca, this time in Genoa. The audience was delighted, but the tenor suddenly stumbled, fell and broke his right leg.

The end of the profession

The Dutch entertainer Peter van Doren left his profession because it began to seem too dangerous to him. During the concert, Peter swallowed his harmonica and, after unsuccessful treatment in the ER, had to undergo a three-hour operation in the hospital. With every movement, the accordion in his stomach made a sound. It was too much. Peter van Doren was afraid that this might happen again, and he did not want to endure another difficult operation.

Expensive Check

North York City Police Officer Tom Merron has decided to check to see if the owner closes his Huntsten Inn on time. To do this, he changed into civilian clothes and, in order not to attract attention to himself, drank hard – as it turned out, too hard. In total, he drank 18 beers, several servings of vodka and one scotch. The conscientious policeman did not notice the closing of the bar: he fell to the floor 10 minutes earlier. The owner had to pay a large fine for serving alcohol to a drunk.

“Recklessness” at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour

To her great amazement, 81-year-old Erna Dankersen from Bossel on the Lower Elbe received a fine of 150 marks. The notice said that on January 16, at 10:30 am, she was driving along the A7 highway in the direction of Hanover at a speed of 114 kilometers per hour, and thus significantly exceeded the permissible speed of 80 kilometers per hour. As evidence, the police indicated the license plate STD-D 91. Old Dankersen did not understand anything.Firstly, she did not drive a car at all, and secondly, the indicated number belonged, as it turned out, to an old tractor, which could hardly “accelerate” to 20 kilometers per hour. The embarrassed policemen answered her questions: “We will figure it out.”

Walk to the scrap yard

A young Italian from Bochum decided to secretly drive his father’s car. Unfortunately, within 10 minutes he ran into a car parked by the side of the road. The damage was not great, much more was the young man’s fear that his father would find out everything.He drove his father’s car to the nearest old dealer and ordered the car to be scrapped. For several days the father was looking for his car in despair, and only when he reported to the police about the “theft”, the son decided to tell him the bitter truth. Father immediately rushed to the merchant, but it was too late: a heap of tin remained from the beautiful car.

Wounded twice

A housewife from Reichertshofen in Bavaria scalded her hand with boiling water and ran outside to call for help. Fortunately, her husband was on his way home.But this is the only thing in which she was lucky that day. After the husband took his wife to the doctor, where she received the necessary assistance, the couple returned home. But almost nothing remained of their house. The apartment was on fire. Running out of the house in panic, the woman forgot to turn off the stove. The damage amounted to 300,000 marks.

Trumpet in the throat

The Munich trumpeter did not breathe with difficulty, but with a sharp whistle. The fact was that the musician had swallowed the mouthpiece of his trumpet, and now, with each breath, a loud whistle was heard from his throat.He could only be helped in an otolaryngological clinic.

Bad luck with cars

A priest from Warsaw bought a car from a man from his parish, whom he knew well and therefore trusted, to visit his friend in Venice. But at the border, the Bavarian police abruptly interrupted the journey, because the car had no identification number, and the engine and chassis numbers were interrupted. In short, the car was stolen and the police confiscated it. But the courageous priest did not abandon his plan and continued the journey, as he was in full attire, hitchhiking.Unlucky with the car and Wall Wiles from Doncaster (England). Shortly after the purchase, in a rage, he returned his Russian Lada to the seller. The brakes did not work, the signal turned on by itself, as if a ghost was pressing on it, oil was leaking from the engine in liters, there were slots on the dashboard through which the muzzle was blown, the window lifter handle was broken, after each pothole, the taillights turned off, and the varnish peeled off.

No can opener in the Atlantic

French swimmer Guy Delange decided to swim across the Atlantic.He easily coped with the sea element, but could not cope with his own food supplies. Since he did not want to give up his favorite dishes in the ocean, he took on board the escort boat a bottle of champagne and several cans of goose liver. Unfortunately, Guy forgot the can opener at home in France. He injured his hands and was forced to stop swimming at the 1086th kilometer.

Seven in one fell swoop

A 75-year-old woman from Karlsruhe managed to crash eight cars in one motion.Leaving the parking lot, the old lady accidentally pressed the gas. And since she had already managed to turn the steering wheel, the car turned around several times. In doing so, she touched seven cars parked around the spinning car, and inflicted significant damage on them. A completely new car of the pensioner turned into a heap of scrap metal.

Two hours upside down

At the annual fair in La Coruña, Spain, at a height of 20 meters, a loop carousel suddenly died out. The motor failed – and 28 people ended up hanging upside down.They had to endure in this uncomfortable position for two hours, until they were finally freed by firefighters. No one was hurt, but all had crimson faces.

Railways Can’t Be Relied upon

John Walsby has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of the British Railways. On his first business trip, he was to go to Paris, where he was to meet with the managers of the railways of other countries. As befits a railroad chief, Welsby naturally took the Eurostar along the canal under the strait.It was an unfortunate decision: immediately after departure, the train’s electric motors failed. The chief of the British Railways was forced to travel to Paris by plane, which he wisely concealed from his foreign colleagues.

When clairvoyants cannot predict the future

The famous French clairvoyant Sonia Montaron turned to the police station in Lyon and embarrassedly announced the theft of her crystal ball. Without this important tool of production, she could not predict the future for customers.True, Sonya could not predict the theft of the ball. And in the salon of the American clairvoyant Hera Jayenandrea in Los Angeles, a fire broke out, because the magic crystal ball in the window focused, like a magnifying glass, the sun’s rays and set fire to a shawl.

165 kilometers with alarms on

Financier Andrei Bolado from Bristol got into his car in the morning to go to the office. The alarm went off unexpectedly. No matter how hard Andrei tried, he could not turn off the deafening howl. They drove him out of the parking lot in front of the office, because no one could work with such a noise, he was not even allowed to enter the paid parking lot, the builders wanted to beat him up, and three workshops were unable to fix the breakdown.Only in the fourth workshop did he finally get lucky. By this time, the unfortunate man had been driving for 5 hours and covered 165 kilometers.

Everything is different in Texas

In the city of El Paso, Texas, Denis Sevell started an independent business as a pedicurist. Within two weeks she had to declare bankruptcy. The fact is that very old Texas law prohibits women from giving pedicures to men. The officials did not know this law, when they issued permission to Denis, Denis also did not know anything.But the residents of Texas remembered this ban and did not visit her salon. Denis waited in vain for clients.

Incomprehensible advertisement

An American sports shoe company has shot one hundred Maasai warriors [11] running across the East African steppe for its new TV commercial. At the same time, the Maasai had to sing warlike songs in their own language, which no one understood. Sly African warriors knew this and arranged for themselves entertainment from their work as advertisers. Their supposedly military cries in translation meant: “These boots are worthless.They are too tight and chafe feet. ” This became clear only when one African translator listened to the “battle songs”. The commercial was filmed immediately.

Difficulties in divorce

In Mein-Spessart, a 24-year-old woman, on her way to a divorce proceedings in a court in Lohr, drove a car into a ditch. She did not hesitate to report this to her still husband, who was due to appear in court by the same time. “He really drove for her. The young lady reported the accident to a new friend. In the meantime, he could take care of the car.Moreover, it was his car.

Two weeks of Tyrolean folk music

A two-week cruise in the Caribbean was a nightmare for a German couple. On board the ship were 500 members of the Swiss Folk Music Union. Folk melodies and Tyrolean songs did not stop all day long. For all my love for music, it was too much. After returning from the forced music cruise, the couple sued and won. A third of the cost of the trip was refunded to them.

Weekend in the safe

In Calcutta, India, a 52-year-old woman on Saturday decided to look shortly before the bank closes in her in the safe.They forgot her there, the light went out, the safe was automatically locked. The woman was locked up for 58 hours because Monday was also a day off. When bank employees found the hungry and unhappy woman on Tuesday morning, they did not want to release her. She threatened to sue the bank. Only when she gave a receipt promising not to do this was she released.

Won 17 million, didn’t get a pfennig

Police Officer Scott Wenner matched six numbers in the lottery and won 17 million.He was happy until the Austin, Texas lottery management informed him, “You do not live in Texas and therefore are not eligible to play the lottery in our state. The winnings will not be paid to you. ” Wenner bought a lottery ticket from a hardware store in Pennsylvania and played in Texas. Now he is going to get his winnings in court, because 17 million is not a trifle.

Explosion due to pullover

Due to an incredible combination of unfortunate circumstances, an explosion occurred in the English city of Eastbourne, which led to serious consequences.A 51-year-old housewife was walking on the floor of her house and accumulated a large charge of static electricity, unaware that gas had accumulated under the floor due to a faulty gas pipe. And when the woman took off her synthetic fiber pullover, such a strong tension formed in the fabric that a strong electric spark was generated, which ignited the gas under the floor. There was an explosion that blew up the floor, destroyed the house to the ground and badly injured the housewife.

Only one mistake – and 300,000 marks of damage.

For more than 50 years, the merchant David Tees from the British city of Cy-Renchester drove without any violations – without a single scratch.But then misfortune happened to him, and all because of one wrong move. Before entering the car wash, he confused the gas and the brake. His jaguar shot forward like a rocket, catapulted the polo in front of him 20 meters into the air and landed with a crash on the car wash. Total damage: 300,000 marks (in German terms).

Clumsy President

Former US President Ford was considered very clumsy. He constantly touched all corners, stumbled over the smallest objects and dropped everything. So one day on the golf course, the kids who interviewed him for a TV show asked, “Are you really as awkward as they usually say?” The ex-president smiled softly.But before he could reply, he tripped over a garden hose and fell.

Classic false start

At the Duren airfield, the 64-year-old pilot made a false start that can only be seen in the movies. The battery had run out, so the engine of his Beechcraft sports plane would not start. The man got off the plane and began to wind the propeller manually. Then the engine suddenly started, the plane began to move, and there was no one at the helm. The pilot watched helplessly with the others as his car crashed into a hedge.False start price: 100,000 marks.

Why are bananas not straight?

A British food firm has announced a competition: it has promised every customer who can show a straight banana 3,000 marks. Tina Prochman really found a straight banana, took it to the supermarket as quickly as possible, slipped, fell right on the banana, which bent and became as crooked as everyone else. Tina was very upset, ate a spoiled banana and did not receive a penny.

Triple misfortune

A Hamburg businessman returned by plane from America. In the airport parking lot, he discovered that his car had been robbed. He rented a car and went to the police to write a statement. On the way, a tractor ran over him – the rented car was almost completely broken. When he finally got home by taxi, he almost got hit. Burglars ransacked his apartment.

70 marks of fine per kilometer

The motorist from Alsace could not understand anything.He received a notice of a fine of 70 marks, although he traveled only 79 kilometers per hour on the highway between Forbach and Metz. He turned to the police for an explanation. There he was told: “You were driving too slowly. A minimum speed of 80 kilometers per hour is set on French roads. ” One way or another, the slow driver had to pay 70 marks for one kilometer per hour.

Unsuccessfully stopped

It was his first trip from Birmingham to London, when in the middle of the city a driver of a company ran out of gas.The driver, who didn’t know London at all, stopped his small truck by the side of the road, took the canister and went to look for the nearest gas station. The poor man had no idea that he had left his car in the center of the government quarter, just opposite the intersection with Downing Street, where the residence of the British Prime Minister is. When he returned, he found a pile of wreckage at the site of the car. The police blew up his truck. They feared a terrorist attack and thought that a bomb had been planted in the abandoned car.

Sold the contraband tobar to the customs officer

A short trip to Denmark cost one Pole 3800 marks (in terms of German currency). As soon as the ferry docked, he offered the first passenger he came across seven liters of smuggled schnapps and twenty cartons of cigarettes. However, the alleged buyer pulled out not a wallet, but a certificate: it was a Danish customs officer. The Pole was arrested and was able to leave Denmark only after he paid a fine of 3800 marks.

“Arrested” by submachine gun

Ian Hartley wanted to buy lemonade from a vending machine in a parking lot near Derby in England.He was unlucky: the machine did not give out cans of water, but instead slammed shut and pinched the young man’s hand. For an hour he could not free himself, and everyone who passed by took his desperate attempts for a good joke.

The artist did not come

The Art Gallery in Hamburg sent out invitations to the exhibition and sale of paintings by the artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi “in the presence of the artist”, as it was written in the invitation. True, Piranesi lived from 1720 to 1778. Nobody noticed the mistake, only three visitors asked where the master was.The owner of the gallery, who herself noticed this misunderstanding only when the catalog was printed, answered embarrassedly: “Unfortunately, Mr. Piranesi fell ill.”

Tower of 28,000 teeth

Chinese dentist Yun Kwang quite vividly reminded of the need for daily dental care: he built a 2.5 meter high tower in front of his clinic, made up of 28,000 diseased extracted teeth. They say that his patients were delighted with the unusual monument. Since then, they have always come on time for a routine check-up.

Residential racing trailer

Englishman Robin Hamilton drove a residential trailer behind his car at a speed of 201.02 kilometers per hour. Thus, he set an absolute world record, which, however, is not recommended to be repeated. Hamilton was driving the British Aston Martin, an ultra-fast car with a racing engine.

The typist in the toilet

An administrative employee of the American University in Cincinnati should have been chosen as the most disgusting boss of the year. For seven months, he forced his secretary to retype all the letters he dictated to her in the closet.The clatter of a typewriter interfered with him.

Parts record

Taxi driver Eric Bosworth from Manchester, England changed 53 batteries, 600 spark plugs and 14 starters in his car in six years. In the end, he bought another car.

The letter went on for 76 years.

When Anna Steele from Bowling Green, Kentucky, was 35, she sent a letter to her sister-in-law Mary Turnbow. She lived 24 kilometers from Bowling Green. When the letter arrived 76 years later, both women had long since died.The letter began with the words: “You probably think that nothing has been heard from me for a long time.” How, however, Mrs. Steele was right.

The longest tie

8 Lille (France) students decorated the city hall building with a huge tie. It was 195.74 meters long and 9 meters wide. Later they made tents for the homeless from it.

400 kilometers on a lawn mower

73-year-old Alvin Straight from Iowa wanted to visit his brother Henry, who lived 400 kilometers away in Blue River, Wisconsin, because Henry suffered a stroke.But Alvin did not have a driver’s license – due to poor eyesight, he could not pass the exam. So he just sat down on his lawnmower, hitched a trailer with a supply of fuel to it and hit the road. After 33 kilometers, the lawn mower went on strike for the first time. Spare parts cost $ 250. After another 150 kilometers, Alvin made a forced stop: he ran out of money. But the cheerful pensioner was not embarrassed by this. He patiently waited for the next retirement check to arrive. Then he drove slowly on, but exactly three kilometers before the goal, the car finally gave up.A farmer took Alvin, who had been on the road for six weeks, to Henry’s brother. He recovered a long time ago. The brothers duly celebrated the meeting, and Alvin set off on the return journey – on the lawn mower, which by this time had been repaired.

Cars on the wrong train

On the way from Düsseldorf to Munich, 35 vacationers’ cars disappeared without a trace. When the train arrived in Munich, the freight car with the cars was gone. After a long search, it turned out that there was a misunderstanding on the way during the formation of the train.While the passengers, suspecting nothing, dozed in their sleeping cars, the freight car was uncoupled and attached to the train bound for Berlin. Only in the evening did the missing cars arrive in Munich. The railway apologized to the vacationers, paying each of them 100 marks for the lost day of the vacation.

Lunch break during surgery

43-year-old John G. from Fayetteville (USA) was admitted to the clinic with a blood clot in his brain. The doctors decided to operate on the patient immediately, Dr. Raymond S.started the operation. In the middle of the operation, he felt hungry, and it was time for lunch. Dr. S. left the patient with an open skull on the operating table and went to eat. After 25 minutes, he returned and completed the operation. The patient survived, the doctor’s license was revoked.

Changed completely after being struck by lightning

During a thunderstorm, Rick Hendrick left his home in Greenville (USA) to watch the thunderstorm. Lightning hit him in the thigh and threw him 9 meters away. Rick miraculously survived, the doctors found no damage.However, Rick, who most of all loved to eat meat and listen to country music, since then could no longer eat meat and did not want to hear country music. All his previous attachments disgusted him. “After a lightning strike, I feel like a stranger in my body. I have become a completely different person, I have completely changed. ” Psychologists and psychiatrists who tried to help him were helpless in the face of this riddle.


After the death of the Chinese dictator Mao Zedong in 1976, his personal physician was ordered to preserve his body “forever.”The doctor took from an American magazine a recipe for an infusion for embalming. To be sure, the anxious doctor took a fourfold dose. The results were dire: Mao’s body swelled four times, only his ears were the size of a balloon. The experts had to use ancient Chinese methods and massage to shrink the body to its natural size.

Chest crunch

An agitated woman consulted a doctor in Frisco (Colorado, USA) with a complaint of strange sounds in her chest. “There is something crunching and rattling,” she said.On x-rays, the doctor discovered that the woman had an implant in which air bubbles had formed. The doctor explained why: “Our city is located at an altitude of 2834 meters. In the air at this height, the bubbles expand, a crunch and noise appear. In the lowland everything will pass again. ” The doctor was right: when the woman returned home to Los Angeles, the strange sounds in her chest stopped.

Toxic Green Hair

An unexpected effect was produced on patients in California by the use of the Brazilian remedy for strengthening sensitive hair.In 1,800 people, their hair was dyed in a poisonous green or dark blue, they looked like they were preparing for a carnival. Some have only a short hedgehog left, some have lost their hair completely. The “miracle cure” was banned.

Trial Operation

For over 17 years, Nurse Valerie Tomlinson has assisted in operations at Truro Hospital, Cornwall, England. During the operation for appendicitis, the surgeon decided that she had seen this operation so often that she could already operate herself.He gave her a scalpel and Valerie tried it herself. She cut open the patient’s stomach, removed the appendicitis and sewed it up again very professionally. If the offended assistant doctor had not complained, probably no one would have known about the nurse’s “trial operation”. The patient underwent surgery without complications. He sent Valerie flowers.


700 000 workers and employees of state enterprises in Turkey are constitutionally not entitled to declare a general strike. When one day wage negotiations failed for several weeks, everyone in the public sector came up with a particularly ingenious method to protest.They all unanimously went to the doctor at their place of residence and declared that they were sick.

Hooks in the head

To make the wig completely wind-resistant, plastic surgeon Anthony Pignatero from New York invented a wig that will never slip off the head. To do this, several metal hooks are screwed into the head, which after three months are overgrown with skin and bones. You can conveniently attach a wig to them in the morning, and take them off again in the evening. Such a wig does not fly off the head even in a hurricane.Bald Pignatero wanted to test his wig on his comrades in misfortune, if, of course, there were volunteers. Pignatero himself describes his feelings after the operation as follows: “For the first months I had the feeling that someone was hammering nails into my head.”

Five new organs at once

In Miami (Florida), doctors transplanted five organs to the Italian Leonardo Chioko during a 36-hour operation in a row. He received a liver, pancreas, intestine, stomach and one kidney transplant. After the operation, Chioko said in confidence, “I have been completely refurbished.”

Lost his hand on the highway

Don Traian Culioli from Corsica showed himself as a man with iron nerves. In the south of the country, he fell off his motorcycle with such force that his arm was blown off. He put a bandage on the wound, got to the side of the road and hitchhiked to the nearest hospital. There he said to the dismayed doctors: “I lost my arm on the highway. Would you be so kind as to go after her and sew for me? ” Culioli was even able to describe where it happened. An ambulance car rushed to the scene, the orderlies actually found the hand, froze it and took it to the hospital.The operation lasted 10 hours. The arm was successfully sewn on.

“Breast mat

A hairdresser from Hollywood offers his help to men who complain of insufficient hair on their chest. He invented the easy-to-attach chest wig. The cheapest front wig costs 3,000 marks, the Sylvester Stallone model costs over 8,000 marks.

Shot in the back

In Aschaffenburg, an agitated woman called the emergency services and said that her husband was shot in the back. Three police patrol cars, an ambulance doctor and a rescue car rushed off the call, assuming the worst.The police believed there was an assault or attempted murder. True, the search for the instrument of the crime did not yield any results. The “severe wound” turned out to be an attack of sciatica – a lumbago. When rescuers reproached the woman for raising the alarm so frivolously, she innocently replied: “But I said that he had a shot in the back, I meant a lumbago.”

Rescued by lifting roll

In a small town in southern France, a 48-year-old man suffered a heart attack. It was necessary to immediately take him to the nearest hospital, but the ambulance doctor did not know how to do this.The patient weighed 300 kilograms and could not get through the door. Urgently called firefighters put up a window and pulled the fat man out using a crane with a lifting platform. He was taken to the hospital in a small truck – the ambulance was too small.

A little lost on the way

Grandfather (72 years old) went fishing with his 16-year-old grandson on a lake in central Sweden, about a hundred kilometers from the town of Sundsvall, where they lived. On the way back, grandfather could not find the right road. He drove, drove and drove – unfortunately, in the wrong place.This went on for three whole days. Finally, Norwegian police found them in a ditch near Kirkenes in Northern Norway, 600 kilometers north of Sundsvall. When asked by the police, the grandfather said that he was not far from his hometown. It was absolutely impossible to dissuade him. ”Only in the hospital, where he was able to get enough sleep, the“ world disorientation champion ”believed that he was in Norway.

“Freed” from a small fortune

g 71-year-old American from Newark (New Jersey, USA) decided to free her house from old unnecessary things.She took the old books and furniture to the flea market. She sold one of the books for five marks, unaware that her recently deceased husband had hidden $ 10,000 in it. This was his “secret savings bank”. The pensioner predicted to the buyer: “Thanks to this book you will get rich” – because the book was called “How to Become Rich?” Only a few weeks later, she found a letter from her husband, where he said that it was in this book that he had hidden 10,000 dollars. She did not know the name of the buyer.

Little Erna is a hundred years old

Frau Erna Schnoor from Marne in Schleswig-Holstein received a letter from the city health insurance fund.There it was written: “Dear Erna, now you are already quite a big-a-th girl,” and then an invitation to a preventive examination for young children followed. True, the letter was a hundred years late, because Frau Schnoor was just celebrating her birthday: she turned 102, and she was honored as the oldest resident of the city. The computer mistook the date of birth by exactly one hundred years. The cheerful pensioner showed a sense of humor and went for a routine examination. Among the many babies, she aroused everyone’s interest.The health insurance fund has apologized.

A tree calls

In Switzerland, a retiree filed a complaint because he suddenly received a phone bill twice as large as he always had. At first, the postal workers did not want to believe him, then they searched for the reason for such a high bill for a long time and unsuccessfully. Finally, the pensioner remembered that at the time to which the bill relates, there was a strong hurricane and it knocked down a lot of trees. And indeed: during the hurricane, a linden tree fell, its branches touched the long-distance communication line and activated the telephone connection.On the whole, the tree “rang out” for 250 marks.

An Expensive Joke

Tommy E. from Cornwall was very upset by the words of his dentist. “Eight teeth need to be drilled, three teeth removed,” the doctor said. Tommy had no choice but to sigh playfully: “For me, delete everything at once.” With these words, he fell asleep under the influence of anesthesia. When he woke up, he didn’t have a single tooth. The doctor took his joke literally. Toothless Tommy was not helped by complaining that it was just a joke. It was too late.The court awarded 12,000 marks as damages. With this money, Tommy was able to order himself a prosthesis.

Murder 3700 years ago

Alarm in Tel Aviv police: a passer-by reported that he had found the body of a stabbed man. Three patrol cars rushed to the scene, but they were exactly 3,700 years late. The skeleton, found at a construction site with a knife in its chest, belonged to a man who had been stabbed back in the Bronze Age. Workers dug it out while repairing the road.

Ride in a container

In Antwerp, three Romanians climbed into an American container with toilet paper.They felt soft and comfortable, and they hoped for a cheap ticket-free trip to America. When they decided they were already in Boston, they started banging on the wall of the container. Then, to their great disappointment, it turned out that they were wrong: they were in the courtyard of the US Army barracks in the Palatinate, where they were eagerly awaiting the arrival of toilet paper.

Poor protection

“With a good alarm, you have nothing to fear at all,” the representative of Harry Smith in the English city of Bristol praised his anti-theft system.”Come on, I’ll show you in my car how it works.” Smith was wrong: during this time, thieves managed to break into his car, and the alarm did not work, and steal 39 completely new devices from the trunk that he was going to sell.

Millennial Woman

In Karaganda (Kazakhstan) Ekaterina S. received a new passport. The year 948 was entered in the “Date of birth” column, but the passport officer forgot to enter the number 1. Ekaterina was indignant and pointed out the mistake to the official: “It turns out that I am over a hundred years old. What nonsense! ” But the registry office employees stood their ground: “We checked, the year 948 is indicated in the birth registration book as the year of your birth.We cannot change anything. ” Complaints to the Karaganda City Council did not help either. They confirmed: “All documents are correct.” A mistake that someone made in the previous recording could not be corrected. What is registered is registered – and Ekaterina has been living for more than 1000 years.

Almost suicide

In Puccini’s opera “Tosca” in one of the scenes, the heroine must commit suicide and throw herself out of the window, made in the scenery. At the Saint-Paul Theater (Minnesota, USA), 35-year-old soprano Elizabeth Printy performed this part.She did what the director told her, but she was wrong with the window, and theatrical suicide almost turned into a real one. Elizabeth didn’t fall on the soft foam, but outside and broke several of her ribs. For a whole week the theater did not give “Tosca” until the management found a new singer.

Sharp Shot

Not far from the city of Dillenburg, the hunter got into a power line instead of a fleeing roe deer. At the same moment, the whole block was plunged into darkness. As a result, an accident occurred, one of the participants broke his leg, and one 71-year-old woman fell in the dark.A well-aimed shot cost the hunter dearly, he had to compensate for the damage.

Revolver at the bedside

Vicky Childress (38) from Boca Chica, Florida always had two things on her sleeping table: asthma spray and a revolver. Vicki served in the army, it was her service weapon. One night she had an asthma attack, half asleep, she mistakenly grabbed a revolver, pulled the hook and got into the spray. The medicine from the broken bottle was sprayed around the room, the attack passed. Worse was Deputy Sheriff Todd Rollins from Oregon.Always ready to take office, he also put his pistol on the night table. In a dream, he chased a criminal, grabbed a pistol, pulled the hook, and fell into his bed. Fortunately, he was slightly injured.

Out of voice

Tony Geir (21) from London had an incredibly ugly, raspy voice, but she loved to sing. One evening, while taking a shower in the bathroom, she loudly “sang” the song “Help!” group “Beatles”. It was only possible to understand the word “help”, it sounded so creepy that the neighbors decided that someone had attacked Tony and called the police.When the misunderstanding was cleared up, the policeman grinned and said: “Indeed, there was a complete impression that someone was being tortured.”

Bavarian parking

In the town of Mere in North Rhine-Westphalia (FRG), drivers were desperately trying to get a ticket for a paid parking lot. It was August 15, and the vending machines did not issue tickets. The mystery was quickly resolved: all Moers machines were produced in Bavaria, where the Assumption of the Virgin is celebrated on August 15, and therefore a day off. All machines were programmed for this day off and did not issue tickets.

Easy money

A huge crowd of people gathered in front of an ATM in Cardiff, Welsh. The policeman checked what was the matter and found out: due to some technical problem, the ATM was giving out twice as much money all the time. Later, the bank tried to establish using the codes of the recipients of the “donated” money – but to no avail. The error was never corrected.

Agreed …

One businessman from Rosenheim cost dearly his habit of using slang words in his speech.When paint began to peel off on his golden Mercedes, he drove to the workshop, where the following dialogue took place between him and the master:

– What color to paint?

– Metallic gold. How much does it cost?

– How will you pay?

– Nalom.

– 2800 marks.

– And what if “black”?

– 2200.

– Good.

But when he came to pick up his car, he was dumbfounded: the Mercedes was painted black.He paid the agreed 2,200 marks, but went to court. Judge’s decision: “black” means color, not “tax evasion”.

Profitable error

The hairdresser from Munich filled in two new lottery tickets by mistake, even though the two old ones were still valid. The mistake paid off: there were six correct numbers on the tickets, the lady won four million instead of two.

Expensive Crate

On their way to a flea market in Adelaide, Australia, Margaret Wilson and her friend saw a quadrangular crate on the side of the road that looked like a microwave oven.They put it in the car to sell it on the market. The police patrol car managed to catch up with them in time: the police wanted to get back their radar.

“I’m not a maniac”

English newspapers reported in big headlines about the arrest of a maniac killer and cannibal in Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin, much to the annoyance of the Englishman Mick S, who was like two peas in a pod similar to a criminal. He received anonymous threats and insults. At night, unknown people called him and promised to kill him.In the end, Mick was forced to defend himself through the ad department of London newspapers and did so with a typically English sense of humor: “I admit that there are some similarities between me and the maniac. But I cannot be a cannibal, if only because I am a vegetarian and I can prove it. ”

Hot stash

The banks were already closed, so the Englishman, the store owner, took the day’s receipts home. He put 10,000 marks in the microwave so that potential burglars would not find them. But, unfortunately, his wife did not find them when she came home.Suspecting nothing, she decided to cook the vegetables and turned on the microwave. The banknotes were burnt.

Luxurious holiday

Not far from Oberursel (Hesse), a peasant was about to apply fertilizer on a field, when suddenly beer cans flew into him. It was in a neighboring meadow that a group of drunken people was sitting, having arranged a merry holiday there. The peasant did not say anything, turned his tractor around and doused the stereo equipment, cars and motorcycles of the “vacationers” with a foul-smelling slurry. When the police arrived, he just grinned and said, “A little wrong.Sorry, I just couldn’t handle the clutch. ”

Like in a movie

6 A 7-year-old pensioner from Lübeck performed a trick when trying to start a car in a garage, which can only be seen in a movie. He opened the garage door and wanted to engage first gear, but engaged in reverse. The 129-horsepower car broke through the gate of the opposite garage and hit two concrete pillars and two cars parked there. In a panic, the pensioner turned on the forward gear, but pressed the gas too hard, drove at full speed into his garage, but forgot to brake.The car flew through the garage wall, flew over bushes and a metal fence, and finally overturned another car. Total damage: approximately 120,000 marks. The pensioner surrendered his driver’s license the next day.

Deep sleep

Berlin police vacated a house occupied by homeless people, checked every corner from the basement to the attic, and nevertheless overlooked the sleeping couple, who settled down behind the stove. Young people also did not notice that the house was being evacuated. To prevent the possibility of new tenants appearing, the police walled up all the entrances, and therefore the still sleeping young people, who woke up only a few hours later and realized that they could not leave the house.In response to their cries for help, firefighters came and freed two sleepers down the fire escape.

Noisy grave

Silence was not established at the cemetery in Nazareth, an incomprehensible ringing was heard all the time. Cemetery workers spent hours searching for the source of the sound. It was not so easy, because at times the ringing stopped for a long time, and then began with renewed vigor. Finally, the reason was found: the ringing was heard from the grave of Rabbi Pinchas Miller. During the funeral, a radiotelephone fell into the grave. The rabbi found eternal peace only when the batteries ran out of the telephone, because the workers of the cemetery did not want to dig the grave for religious reasons.

Sweets turned to dust

In Dresden, unknown persons tried to break into a machine with sweets using an improvised explosive device. But the criminals, apparently teenagers, probably did not study physics well in school and made too strong an explosive mixture. The action far exceeded their expectations, because not only the machine gun itself shattered into thousands of fragments, but the candy they wanted to get disappeared without a trace – the explosion turned them into dust.

Discarded exhibit

The director of the Fort Lauderdale Science Museum in Florida collected cigarette butts for several months until he had exactly 14,000.He collected them in a glass container, which he wanted to display in a museum. This exhibit was supposed to become a symbol of the average consumption of cigarettes by one smoker during a lifetime and to scare away visitors from the bad habit. On the eve of the opening of the exhibition, cleaners came to the museum and simply threw out the container with cigarette butts – the clean women mistook it for rubbish.

“Raging” trousers

“Come immediately! A man from Darmstatt called the police excitedly. “I saw through the window how someone hanged himself in the next house.”The police car drove out immediately and found wet trousers on the clothesline.

Got expensive gas

At a petrol station in Preetz near Kiel, an absent-minded driver forgot to take a gas pistol out of his car’s tank and drove off. The car tore out the entire gas station and dragged it along. True, the driver noticed his mistake after 10 meters and stopped, but it was too late: his 30 liters of gasoline cost him 5,000 marks.

No dog attack training

Regensburg Post Office was forced to respond to the increasing number of dog attacks on postmen.Postmen were taught how to behave when dealing with aggressive dogs. “In case of danger, it is better not to deliver correspondence, health is more important,” the instructions said. In addition, senior postmen handed out cards to their subordinates, on which were recorded houses with dogs. Practice has shown that they were right: only 5 postmen suffered from dog bites, and 13 in the previous year.

Panic fear of the police

Excavator Josef from Traunstein began to have heartbeats and sweat all over him every time he saw the police.When one day he was stopped by patrolmen and asked to show his documents, he again became very noticeably agitated. He got out of the car, staggering, went to the police and nearly fell. “Well, this one must have drunk too much,” thought the police and took the unfortunate man for a blood test. As it turned out, he did not drink a drop, and his fear of the police was rooted in the past: when Joseph saw the police, he recalled a serious accident when he was undeservedly injured.

Caution Radar!

A 68-year-old Frenchman, who has long been annoyed by the fact that motorists rushed past his house at an insane speed, resorted to harsh methods.So he took a cognac crate, some paint, a couple of wooden pegs and made a speed radar. It turned out that most of the drivers braked fearfully. But somehow the police found this “apparatus” and dismantled it with a laugh.

A drunken old woman

In Frankfurt, an 84-year-old woman crashed her new car straight into the railing of a bridge. When the police arrived, they immediately felt that she smelled of alcohol and brought her to the police station. There, she behaved quite unreasonably and aggressively when her driver’s license, which she had used for more than 64 years, was taken away from her.She announced that she would take the license exam again.

A Brief Joy

David Matterson from York, UK took countless driving lessons, enriched several driving schools and made many instructors maddened, but still failed the exam 12 times. At the first attempt he was 17 years old, then the attempts continued for another 36 years, until he finally got his driver’s license. To celebrate the day, he went to a pub and washed them with a few beers.After that, he proudly drove his used car, turned a corner – and ran straight into the police control. He lost his rights for at least a year.

Judge without a robe

Judge John Rogue on the British Isle of Wight almost had to administer justice without a robe and a wig. His son took his father’s service attire to school to perform at his rock band’s concert. Fortunately for the poor judge, all court hearings were canceled that day.

Dear Birthday

For friends of the Koos family from New York, July 26 is a dear date: father, mother and daughter were born on the same day.According to statistics, this happens only in one of 133,225 families.

Better to live next to antelopes

One refugee from Bosnia found himself an unusual home: he settled in the Copenhagen zoo next to the antelopes, hung pictures in the hayloft and made a bed for himself. “There are so many people in the refugee hostel that I couldn’t take it any longer. The air in the zoo is better, ”explained the Bosnian when he was accidentally discovered by the police. He was taken back to the hostel, but soon he escaped from there again.

I lost my car

For more than three weeks a desperate man from Brandenburg was looking for his car in Berlin. He was in a big city for the first time, got lost and parked his car somewhere near the metro station. After a long search, he gave up further attempts and placed an advertisement in the newspaper. He was lucky, the car was found.

Not a single soldier with a bald head

Spaniard Francisco Galindo suffered from chronic hair loss since the age of four. When he was drafted into the army, no one cared about his bald head.Galindo liked the army, he decided to become a professional soldier. But this was not allowed by the authorities – due to the lack of hair. The Spaniard filed a lawsuit.

Too fat to go to the cinema

American Deborah Bairdwell couldn’t watch the movie “Jurassic Park” because of her overweight. A woman with a height of only 1.63 meters and weighing 163 kilograms simply could not fit in a cinema chair. And the owner of the cinema forbade her to bring her own large chair into the hall. She filed a lawsuit against the cinema because of discrimination.The court’s decision is unknown.

The door of the town hall was walled up

As a sign of protest, employees of four companies walled up the door of the town hall in Feldberg (Mecklenburg). They were unhappy that their firms were bypassed in the distribution of construction orders.

Fell asleep in the cockpit of the helicopter

The pilot of the helicopter probably confused the cockpit with the bed. On a circular flight over England, he fell asleep shortly after takeoff. Fortunately, the co-pilot took control. The firm fired the tired pilot indefinitely, and at the labor court he complained: “I was completely exhausted after many hours of quarrel with my wife.”

Flight dispatcher tired

Pilots of three private planes were in despair: Miami control room simply did not answer. For 39 minutes they tried to contact someone on the radio, then landed without guidance. The summoned police finally found the flight controller sound asleep at his workplace.

Grandmother on Highway

73-year-old Granny walked calmly along the dividing strip of the A52 highway near Ratingen, where there were a lot of cars. She walked with two bags and did not respond to the signals of the drivers.“It didn’t seem particularly dangerous to me,” the woman said after the police took her off the highway. The cheerful pensioner used to be a race car driver.

Short Divine Service

A good idea for today’s times, when everyone is in a hurry, came from a priest in Greenwich (USA): the express service. It lasts only 22 minutes, no sermon, only a greeting, two prayers, a Bible reading and one psalm. The number of parishioners in his church has grown.

Funeral for hunters

A funeral company in Des Moines (USA) offered a peculiar burial procedure for hunters and sports shooting enthusiasts.The ashes of the dead are loaded into shot cartridges and a shot is fired from a hunting rifle.

Fax to the Lord God

A new type of service for believers emerged in Jerusalem (Israel). The mail accepts faxes with prayers and requests and then puts them on the Western Wall. However, the firm does not guarantee the execution of requests.

Thrill seekers at risk

The passion of the bank clerk Ang Lu Hop and his girlfriend Ling Mai from Taipei was so intense that they could not make it to their home bed. They made love right in the open paternoster elevator.[12] But here’s what they didn’t think about: the number of spectators increased with each floor, until a real crush arose. The result is a breathtaking sight: two heart attacks, one broken leg and seven broken ribs. However, the couple arrived downstairs healthy and happy.

Another nude

American student Andrew Martinez probably had something special about nudism. He went to lectures dressed only in socks and sports shoes. The police still closed their eyes to this. But when he naked began to do gymnastics in the park of the university, the law enforcement officers decided that this was too much, the student was summoned to court.He also appeared in court in the costume of Adam and was sent to prison. Judges and police were hoping for the easiest way out of the situation: the onset of winter.

Dad was also drunk

Noticeably drunk, a young man from Hamburg was zigzagging along the highway. The police forced him out of the car and took him to the police station. Since the young man was too lazy to walk home, he called his father and asked to pick him up from the police. When dad staggered into the station, the police immediately noticed that he too had drunk too much.Both had to walk home.

Looking for a job with wine bottles

French winemakers have a good idea. To reduce youth unemployment, they put on the market a million wine bottles with the biographies of thousands of unemployed printed on the back of the label. Thus, young people were able to find work very quickly.

The tree grew here before

The six-meter rowan in Augsburg has become the most expensive tree in the world. She grew up next to a new private apartment building and interfered with one of the apartment owners, because her branches gave too deep shadow.The man, who felt deprived of the sun, referred to urban building regulations that allowed green spaces around houses only up to three meters high. He sued and obtained a positive decision in a lower court. But the owner of the other apartment did not like this decision. He appealed, the case was referred to the Supreme Court of the Land, and the judge made a very different decision. The tree may remain, because by the time construction began it was already six meters in height, and therefore, the rules of urban construction are inapplicable here – this is how he substantiated his decision.And the one who nevertheless chops down the six-meter mountain ash will have to pay a disciplinary fine of 500,000 marks.

115,000 marks for a burnt finger

A defective electric kettle cost the Australian government 115,000 marks. Jane Murray, the wife of the former Minister of Tourism, burned her fingers on this teapot. The kettle was part of the equipment of the minister’s office, so she decided to get money for the damage from the government. The government offered only 20,000 marks, but this seemed insufficient to the belligerent lady.She went to court, and the judges ordered damages in the amount of 115,000 marks.

Keep quiet in the basement

During a Heavy Metal concert in a youth cellar in Trier, a 15-year-old visitor received an auditory shock. He had to be treated for four weeks. As a punishment, the youth affairs department had to pay the teenager 1,600 marks for physical damage. Substantiation of the court: “The architectural features of the basements are not quite suitable for the noise generated during Heavy Metal concerts.


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