Cheap warehouse stock: Buying Amazon Returns Pallets Near Me


Buying Amazon Returns Pallets Near Me

Nowadays, it’s easy to forget that Amazon started its life as a humble online bookseller. From selling its first book about human thought processes way back in 1995, the company has grown into an online global retail giant that has completely transformed the way we shop for goods. What was once a humble bookshop has now grown into a global powerhouse, with over 200 million unique visitors to the site in the US alone. Those familiar brown cardboard packages are part and parcel of everyday life, and one-click purchasing and next day delivery are considered the norm today, and no longer a novelty.

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The retail model may have changed, but there’s one aspect of the business that is the same for Amazon as for bricks and mortar chains such as Lowe’s Hardware, Target, and Walmart: customer returns and what to do with them. Every year, Amazon takes back thousands and thousands of customer returns from all over the United States and Canada. These returns must be disposed of somehow, which is where specialist, big-scale liquidation companies step in.

Top-tier liquidators such as Direct Liquidation source surplus returns from large retailers such as Amazon providing small businesses access to that merchandise through their online liquidation marketplaces. With Direct Liquidation, you can find a steady source of high quality branded, unbranded and Amazon own brand merchandise at a low price.

If this is the type of merchandise your business is looking to acquire, where is the best place to buy pallets of Amazon returns near you, and what can you expect when you buy Amazon returns from a liquidation specialist?

Buying And Making Money From Customer Returns

If you run a retail business, you’ll know the importance of sourcing the stock you need for your business at the lowest price possible. Many retailers have noticed a worrying trend recently where wholesale prices from traditional wholesale sources are almost on a par with retail prices. As a result, an increasing number of retail businesses have switched to buying merchandise wholesale from top-tier liquidation companies where prices for pallets of customer returns are much lower, and the choice of goods on offer is much more comprehensive.

This wide range of choice and low price makes it much easier for retailers to source exactly what they need from a liquidator, and at a price that won’t break the bank. The low price paid by buying from liquidation auctions that take place on most top-tier liquidators’ sites on a daily basis is translated into increased profits when it comes time to sell the goods to customers.

It’s this low cost, a wide range of choice and the likelihood of increased profits that keeps retailers coming back to top-tier liquidators time and time again. When it comes to buying returns from Amazon, there’s only one place your business should consider – Direct Liquidation.

What Are Amazon Customer Returns?

People across the United States are now buying more products online than they are from physical stores. Online commerce grows year on year – it’s estimated to rise from a figure of $396.7 billion dollars back in 2016 to a staggering $684 billion by the end of 2020. This switch to online purchasing has benefitted companies such as Amazon immensely, but there’s a downside to the retailer: mounting levels of customer returns. Customers expect companies to have favorable returns policies, with 58% of those surveyed wanting a ‘no questions asked’ policy and 92% saying they would be more likely to buy from the same company again if they have a good returns policy.

Amazon knows full well that the customer is king, which is why they – like most big name retailers – try to accommodate their customers’ returns needs. And that means the company takes back huge amounts of returned products every month as a result of how easy they’ve made it to send products back.

There are many reasons why products are returned to companies such as Amazon. In the United States, the reasons why products are returned can be broken down as follows:

  • 20% of customers received damaged products.
  • 22% of the products received looked different in real life than they did online.
  • 23% of customers received the wrong items.
  • 35% of customers returned products for other reasons, for example because they changed their mind about their purchases.

Whatever the reason for the returns, the result is the same for Amazon as it is for other big-name retailers: they have a mountain of returns in a variety of conditions that they need to sell as quickly as they possibly can to prevent their supply lines and warehouses jamming up with non-new products.

Amazon solves its returns problem by selling them in bulk wholesale, usually to top-tier liquidation companies such as Direct Liquidation. The reason for this is that larger scale liquidation companies have the warehouse capacity and distribution networks capable of dealing with the sheer volume of returns Amazon needs to deal with. In turn, liquidators are able to offer businesses far lower prices than smaller scale wholesalers due to the low prices they pay for the wholesale returns they purchase from Amazon in bulk. That’s why, when looking to buy Amazon returns pallets, the best place to source them is from a top-tier liquidator such as Direct Liquidation.

The Best Place To Buy Amazon Returns

Direct Liquidation is a top-tier liquidation specialist that sources merchandise directly from some of the biggest names in US retail such as Walmart, Lowe’s, Target and, of course, Amazon, to bring its business customers the very best range of customer returns at the lowest possible prices to help their business customers maximize their profits.

On Direct Liquidation’s online sales platform you’ll find a vast range of Amazon returns in a whole host of categories. Navigate via the drop-down category menu to Amazon’s landing page, and you’ll find all sorts of returns pallets to suit most kinds of retail businesses, from Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Cycling & Bicycles and Patio & Office, to Bath & Body, Books, Lighting & Light Fixtures and even Gourmet Grocery products. You’ll also find a broad range of Amazon’s brand products, such as Amazon Basics.

The range of Amazon returns Direct Liquidation can supply your business via liquidation sales with is astonishing. That’s why more and more retail companies looking for excellent-quality merchandise are turning to Direct Liquidation to supply them with all their Amazon returns requirements. There’s simply no better place to find Amazon returns.

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Sold via live auction or for a fixed or negotiated price, Amazon returns pallets bought from Direct Liquidation are a great way of supplying your business with merchandise without spending a fortune. The proximity of the company’s network of distribution centers to Amazon’s warehouses means turnaround times are minimized. This means that your business will get the stock it purchases from Direct Liquidation in as fast a time as possible. This, in turn, means you’ll be able to start listing the goods you buy wholesale from Direct Liquidation in no time at all, and see the profits start rolling in.

Where To Buy Amazon Returns Pallets Near You

So where can you buy Amazon returns pallets from Direct liquidation near you? Direct Liquidation’s network of distribution centers are all located next to major highways. This means your chosen courier will not have to hunt out a dingy warehouse in the middle of nowhere when picking up your goods, cutting down on fuel costs and wait times.

As we’ve mentioned, Direct Liquidation’s distribution centers are also located close to Amazon’s warehouses.The centers are located across the United States and Canada, and so your business can get a steady supply of top-quality Amazon returns speedily and easily, meaning you’ll be selling the goods you purchase to your customers in no time.

Making The Most Of Your Amazon Returns Pallets

Due to the fact that customer returns come in a number of conditions, making the most out of them requires effort if you are to maximize the amount of profit you can squeeze out of each pallet. Some of the items in an unopened, uninspected pallet of Amazon returns will be sellable straightaway, but others will need some care before you’ll be able to sell them to your customers.

Pallets of customer returns can include untouched, unopened products, products that have been opened by customers and are now missing components, nonfunctioning products, damaged products, fully functional products with damaged or missing packaging and any combination in between. The trick when squeezing as much bang for your buck out of a pallet of returns is to add as much value as you possibly can. Let’s take a look at what you can do to maximize the profits from a pallet of Amazon returns.

Sort and Bundle

If your pallet of returns does not come with a manifest, you’ll need to carefully go through it to see exactly what you’ve got. Some products will be immediately sellable, while others will need to be repaired or refurbished. Some products might naturally sell well together, so make sure to note these down so they can be bundled up later.

Refurbish and Repair

Because these are returns, a number of products in each pallet will be faulty and / or damaged and in need of repair or refurbishment. Some products are easy to fix, while others will require more work, either by yourself or a third party. The more faulty products that can be repaired or refurbished back to factory spec, the more value can be added.

Also, if there are several of the same products in a pallet and they’re all faulty, try taking components and accessories from one unit to use in another to return that to factory spec. This will also add value. And don’t forget to keep hold of products that aren’t in any condition to ever be sold as these can often be used for spares and repairs in the future.


Some of the products in a returns pallet will be missing accessories. In the case of electronics, for example, you might find chargers or headphones missing. These missing accessories are usually easy and cheap to replace. By re-accessorizing products, you will add to their value.


If any of the packaging on the products in your pallet is damaged, make sure you replace it either with undamaged original packaging, or with good quality replacement plain packaging. Customers aren’t attracted to damaged packaging, and having good packaging adds value to products.

Inspect and Sort

All items you are going to resell need to be inspected thoroughly and advertised with the correct condition the merchandise is in. These are the merchandise conditions that we use:

  • New factory-sealed – These are brand-new products in pristine condition. They have never been opened and are in their original boxes, sealed in factory plastic wrapping.
  • New open-box – These items are new and in perfect condition. The packaging, however, has been opened.
  • Refurbished – These are items that have been inspected, repaired if necessary, accessorized, and repackaged.
  • Used – These are functional items. However, you may see signs of wear and tear, such as scratches and/or dents.

Finally, always remember to look for and discard any original warranties you find in products. Original warranties are not valid, so make sure none are accidentally left inside packaging.

Buying Amazon returns pallets through Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace is the best way of ensuring your business gets the best of what Amazon has to offer. With a steady stream of wholesale merchandise being listed on Direct Liquidation’s site every day, there’s always something new to discover.

This steady stream of goods and the ease with which you can buy and ship your Amazon returns pallets from Direct Liquidation means you’ll always have something new to offer your customers, and the price savings you’ll make on buying wholesale from Direct liquidation means you’ll be able to offer your customers great-quality merchandise at a very attractive price. It’s a win-win situation.

Looking for the best source of Amazon liquidation returns pallets? Look no further than Direct Liquidation.

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Jordan currently works as a sales representative for Direct Liquidation, assisting businesses with product sourcing of liquidated merchandise from the largest retailers in the world. Whether you are looking for a pallet or a truckload Jordan is here to help you grow your business.

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Top 10 Wholesale Liquidation companies in The USA (2021)

Major chain-stores and online brands tend to stock their own inventory. This allows them to dispatch it as soon as an order is received from a customer. Therefore, supermarket chains like Walmart and online retailers like Amazon purchase goods (or inventory) in bulk from manufactures and keep it in their warehouses.

Depending on the demand for some of the goods, these retailers choose to sell off the excess inventory that they have to make space for other goods. The space at warehouses has a cost attached to it so these companies prefer to optimize it with inventory thats fast-moving.

What happens to the excess inventory then? The companies cannot, of course, return it to the manufacturers. What do they do then?

This is where best wholesale liquidation companies step in. What these companies do is purchase this excess inventory from the large retail chains and website for a discount. As a result, they’re able to sell off these goods at a discounted rate to their customers.

These customers could be small businesses or mom-and-pop stores. Buying from one of the top wholesale liquidators allows them to get these products cheaper than their market price.

When purchasing from retail liquidation sites, buyers aren’t required to have a resale certificate. As a result, it makes it very cheap and convenient for small businesses and stores to purchase inventory from liquidators and that allows them higher profit margins on resale.

Sometimes, a large chain store might decide to shut down or relocate. In some cases, they also clear out their older seasonal inventory in order to make space for new products. This happens, for example, after Christmas or Black Friday where stores tend to clear out some of their inventory after seeing the response of customers and tracking what sells best.

There are companies known as closeout liquidation companies that purchase this inventory from the big retailers and sell them to small business owners and stores at wholesale prices.

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Purchasing your goods from a wholesale liquidation company can, therefore, help your business save a lot of money. Moreover, you can also be assured that the goods you’re purchasing are legitimate and their quality is assured.

Here’s a list of the top 10 wholesale liquidation companies in 2020:


Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Read QuickLotz’s Customer Reviews

Headquartered in Rutherfordton, NC, and with warehouses in Laredo & Arlington TX, Quicklotz is by far the best wholesale liquidation company of 2020.

The main reason behind the rising popularity of Quicklotz is that they offer a massive and exclusive inventory that cannot be found with other wholesalers. That along with their high level of customer support make it an extremely popular option for small businesses and retailers.

Quicklotz also has a unique concept: rather than run auctions, they sell the merchandise at set prices, either by the truckload or pallet lots. The smaller lots listed on Quicklotz come with free nationwide shipping and you always have the option to pickup the goods in person or with your own freight carrier from their warehouse in Rutherfordton, NC.

The other strong point in favor of Quicklotz is that they have exclusive contracts from retailers that the other companies dont, this means you get everything at the lowest liquidations prices. The diversity of retailers ensures that the merchandise available is amongst the best available in the market.

Unlike other online sites, Quicklotz also offers the chance for buyers to come and personally see the goods before purchasing. For a lot of retailers, this is important as it gives them the option to touch and inspect the merchandise that they wish to purchase.


Read Bulq’s Customer reviews

Based out of Washington D.C., Bulq is owned by Optoro: a reverse logistics company. Founded in a small garage in 2004, Bulq has grown on to become one of the top names in the wholesale liquidation industry.

The principal promise of Bulq is that the customer will receive the exact goods that they ordered for. The company allows online credit card payments from the convenience of your house and ensures doorstep deliveries. Moreover, Bulq also promises a 98%+ accuracy on manifests. In case this accuracy is not met, the company promises to refund the difference in price.

For customers nationwide, Bulq offers a flat-rate shipping to absolutely anywhere in the contiguous United States. This ensures that you can conveniently place your orders from the comfort of your home without needing to travel anywhere.


Read Liquidation’s Customer Reviews

This website is the online platform of the Washington-based company Liquidity Services. claims to have over 3 million clients spread across 200 countries around the world. Since the holding company is involved in liquidations as its core business, the website promises to ensure some of the cheapest rates for its buyers. has both open as well as sealed bids. On the website, the goods are listed with an expiry date by which a bid needs to be made. For open bids, you also have the option of seeing what the current highest bid is. However, with sealed bids, all you can do is try your luck and wait.

The company offers a diverse range of goods including jewelry, fashion apparels, computers and periphals, along with consumer electronics goods.


Read Bstock’s Customer Reviews

Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Bstock works together with 8 of the top 10 retailer chains in order to get a diverse range of liquidated merchandise for its buyers.

The company positions itself as a technology-driven online marketplace for bulk purchases of liquidated goods. The key USP of Bstock is its proprietary software that can be easily adopted by buyers.

This software platform allows buyers to track their orders, scour the marketplace for the best deals, engage with dedicated customer support teams and to also analyze their potential profits and savings.

Bstock claims to have successfully listed over 100,000 auctions online since its inception. The fact that the company promises retails chains a recovery rate of 30%-80% automatically means that buyers can be assured of having access to an extensive and comprehensive inventory.

#5 Mid Tenn Wholesale

Based in Gallatin Tennessee, Mid Tenn is a reverse logistics wholesaler who maintains many high-level relationships with retailers. Originally an eBay seller, the founders decided that their success selling online could be paired with real-world relationships. By doing so they are able to offer many exclusive truckloads of merchandise to the market. Operating an email signup system, most if not all of the merchandise offered by Mid Tenn is provided on an email list basis.

This confidential approach allows them to provide the lowest prices on items that the retailer wants to be kept secret. In the reverse logistics business, there are often offerings containing highly branded goods, this leads to retailers like big-box chains wanting to keep quiet about the discounts. This is generally to protect the brand integrity of the items sold, but for you, it provides an opening to save thousands of dollars.

From general merchandise to sporting goods, furniture and more; they are a solid option for the buyer who has a bit more to spend but in the process gets the best deal possible.

#6 Merchandize Liquidators


Located in Miami Gardens, FL, Merchandize Liquidators has been in the wholesale industry since early 2003. By working directly with manufacturers and large-scale retailers (clothing, general merchandise, HBA) this company established itself as a dominant player in the space.
Catering to eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, and small retail stores; they meet the needs of wholesale buyers who have a low to mid-range budget for purchasing. Things you can expect to find on their site include overstocks, surplus, salvage goods and refurbished offerings. Even earning the right to Inc.Magazines as “fastest growing companies” for the USA in 2012.

While they originally came to light as a brokerage firm for buyers and private sellers, they decided to expand in 2005 and opened their new warehouse in the city of Hallandale, FL.

The user-friendly site has a wide range of categories to choose from, with loads in many sizes it’s a great option for resellers who are just starting out and want to test the waters without risking a full truckload purchase.

#7 Continental Wholesale


Headquartered in Hampton, IA, Continental Wholesale is yet again another solid option for your wholesale needs. Ranging from Groceries, Sporting Goods, Toys, Rugs, Hardware and more; their offerings tend to touch every category. Unlike many of the other competitors on this list, Continental provides small lots (~$300-$500) all the way up to huge truckloads or half truckloads.

The big benefit with their business model is the “ease of purchase”, being much like an eBay listing the website boasts a user-friendly interface with a wide category list. Allowing you to click and view each
individual product offering, you can easily build a plan of action regarding what merchandise words best
for you.

Some of the items you can expect to find are LG Fridges, CVS goods, Walmart goods, “As Seen On TV”
products and more.

The quality can vary from scratch and dent all the way to full salvage, however, the price can be rock bottom for items in the lower grade tiers. Overall Continental proves itself to be a formidable contender, catering to the whole spectrum of buyers they are certainly one to check out.


Read Amlinc’s Customer Reviews

Based in Alabama, amlinc is operated by a company called the American Merchandise Liquidators. With a business track record of over 25 years, Amlinc primarily works with large buyers who purchase by the truckload.

The categories of goods offered include home wares, furniture, and toys along with the standard stuff offered by liquidation brands.

The biggest drawback of this company is the lack of being able to make purchases online. Therefore, as a buyer, your only option is to visit one of their warehouses or corporate offices. This is in stark contrast to major liquidation companies which allow you to complete the entire bidding or purchasing process online.

The one good offering by Amlinc, however, is that the company provides financing. All you need to do is fill up a little form on their website which immediately shows you your credit rating. Based on that, Amlinc provides buyers with attractive financing options so that a shortage of cash flow doesn’t hinder your ability to stock up on the inventory thats necessary for your business.

Amlinc also has a special section for online/dotcom returns which deals exclusively with goods liquidated from large online retailers.


 Read GencoMarketplace’s Customer Reviews

As the name suggests, GencoMarketplace is a division of GENCO: the logistics company which is now owned by FedEx under the rebranded name FedEx Supply Chain. The platform has traditionally been targeted towards large retail chains to help them liquidate their returns inventory and to recover their costs. Over the years, the GencoMarketplace works together with small businesses and stores to offload this inventory are a discounted price.

Thanks to its legacy, GencoMarketplace is efficient at optimizing inventory and logistics. This ensures that buyers get a real-time view of the available stock and can enjoy easy and convenient shipping. Their customer base includes large businesses as well as independent retailers who resell the stock on websites like eBay.

GencoMarketplace also offers an Android as well as iOS app to help buyers conduction their bidding in real-time and to see the entire inventory of goods on offer. Along with electronics and consumer apparel, GencoMarketplace also maintains a large inventory of liquidated sports goods and merchandise.


Read Viatrading’s Customer Reviews

Via trading sources the bulk of its goods from wholesale overstocks as well customers returns. Often, products are returned by customers because they have second thoughts or for personal reasons (such as “Its not my favorite color”). Such goods are in perfect condition, and thanks to companies like Via Trading, you can purchase them at discounted prices.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Via Trading claims to have fulfilled retail value liquidations of over $5bn since its inception. Via Trading also lays stress on working with small business owners such as those who set up at flea markets. Indeed, the company is even a preferred supplier of the National Flea Market Association (NFMA).

The significant USPs of this company include no minimum purchase restrictions as well as a dedicated online buyer platform that helps you with all your invoicing requirements while letting you calculate your potential profits and savings on shipping.


What types of lots can I buy?

If you are just starting out into the liquidation retailing business then the units might be confusing. Of course, as you go on with the business and the number of years you put in increases this will be second nature to you. Since you are buying from a liquidation wholesaler you will be buying products in bulk. . The units will be either in truckloads, pallets, cases or boxes. You do understand the concepts of boxes ( I assume) so let’s take a look at pallets and truckloads. Look, most of the wholesalers you make a deal with will be dealing in pallets. A pallet is basically treated as a sort of unit load in terms of storage. A pallet may contain a lot of products packed into it. For example, if you are buying a clothing pallet from a wholesaler it may contain 20-25 items in it. If you are a bigger business and have a steady flow of customers then you can go for a truckload. Which usually includes around 20-30 pallets. But don’t go directly to the big load because it is cheaper. Crunch your numbers, do some math before you buy.

How do liquidation companies offer such low prices?

It’s easy. Things cost more if they sit on shelves rather than being sold. This has to do with increased demands and lots of traffic in the big stores like Amazon, eBay or Walmart. Every day hundreds of thousands of customers buy things from these e-commerce giants. So, they need to stock the products to the brim. But sometimes this leads to overstocking. Also, the increased demands mean that more mistakes are being made and more returns are being filed. A survey says that 10% of all the products bought are returned. So, yeah lots of stuff comes back. Many of these stuff goes back on shelves other are sold off. Now, the market is tough and competitive so companies want to catch the latest trends and stockpile on that. Which is why they need to free the storage space and this is where the liquidation companies come in. The bid for these stocks or some even has special deals with these big companies. These companies sell the overstocks, shelf pulls or returns to the liquidation wholesalers at much less price because space is very important and is of a lot of value. To sit on these products waiting for them to sale will be a loss. So, they sell it at a very low price.

What kind of shipping is offered?

Look, depending on the company you choose to buy your truckload or pallet from the shipping arrangements will differ. But most companies follow a general set of shipping arrangements. Before you finalize your deal it is suggested that you look into the shipping information about the company. What rates they are providing? Do they ship overseas? Many times if your order isn’t big maybe just a pallet then they are shipped to you by couriers like FedEx. Also, Less than Load carriers or LTL carriers are used to ship your orders. But if you have a truckload or more then a full shipping container or truck can deliver you your order. The shipping rates will be calculated accordingly. But if you live near the warehouse of the company and think you can arrange for your own pickup then many companies do give you that option too. Also, if you are a merchant who does not have a warehouse with a dock then a lift gate delivery is possible.

What is the difference between a broker and a direct contract holder?

A broker is a sort of a middle man who gets a commission for every transaction that happens through them between a business and consumer. Since the question is concerning liquidation business let’s try to approach it with that mindset. A broker will not be viable for you since they just tend to make sure that their business does a huge profit. They simply try to resell the products i.e. the truckloads and pallets. They mark up the price and then make a deal with the buyers and earn a lot of profit. This might not be fruitful for your business as your profit margin will drastically decrease. On the other hand, a direct contract holder has a direct relationship with the businesses and gets the products at a lower price. They directly work with retailers to ensure that they pay a good price for the truckloads and pallets without cutting deep into their profits. The direct contract holders will provide you with the highest quality merchandise at a very low price so that you can start generating sweet revenue and earn some profit.

What is the difference between manifested and unmanifested loads?

As you get into the liquidation retailing business you might end up hearing terms like manifested loads or unmanifested or non-manifested loads. This might be very confusing for new entrepreneurs. So, let’s see what is the difference between these two terms and which one should you buy. Manifested loads are basically shipments of products that you purchase from a company and get a list of all the items that have been delivered to you via the shipment. You know the details of all the items that you have purchased. Non-manifested loads basically include shipments of truckloads or pallets from companies where you do not get a lost of items delivered to you. So, yeah you don’t have the exact idea what you have bought. You can expect what you will get while surfing the liquidation wholesaler’s website and get an idea about what the products are but there is no way to knowing exactly what you will be getting. Non-manifested loads are cheaper than manifested loads as there is a certain uncertainty involved. So, you might be thinking that you should go for manifested loads as it wi be cheaper and you will know gets you are getting into beforehand. But that is not the case. First of all unmanifested loads are a lot cheaper and also you get a good mix of items in them. This is because the liquidation companies buy truckloads of products from the big firms and they don’t really have much control over what they get. Don’t worry the products are of good quality. Let’s say you are buying a clothing or apparel pallet. If you get a good mix of brand, style, and size for a much lower rate then isn’t it more profitable. But of course, it will depend from business to business.

Will liquidation items be damaged?

To understand the answer to this question you have to go through the FAQ 2 which talks about what constitutes liquidation items. These items are basically shelf-pulls, overstocks and customer returns and most of them are in brand new condition with the original packaging. The doubt that people have about this item is very legit as it is logical to think that since the companies are selling their products to liquidation companies for such low prices. There must be something wrong, right? But go through FAQ 2 to understand why the prices are so low. Now, let’s get to customer returns. Many people think that the items returned by customers are defective and the companies sell them at a lower price because of that but that is not the case. Customers return items for various reasons and one of the reason is that the item is defective but there are other reasons which are more likely to make a customer return the product. Maybe the size of the clothing they bought does not fit. The colour does not look as they thought it would offline. Many of these returns are gift items and customers return this because they might already have what they were gifted. The only way you can ensure that you don’t get short-changed and stuck with defective products is to work with a reputed and good supplier. Check out customer testimonials and buy a small unit first to see if the company is helping you make a profit on retailing.

How do I pay for liquidation merchandise?

The payment options for liquidation merchandise do vary from company to company but in general, they do remain the same. The payment options are similar to other online e-commerce businesses. You can pay via debit card or credit card. You can also use net banking to securely conduct the transaction and procure your purchase. A PayPal account can also be used to make payments.

How much money should I invest when starting out?

Before you go through this answer keep one thing in mind- It is not going to make you rich overnight. You have to put in a considerable initial investment to start your business and then pay off all your expenses before you start making a profit. But yeah once you have started making some profit you can experiment with your purchases and increase your profit by a lot. Some retailers even generate double the revenue of their investment. So, how should you put in? There are certain costs that you need to keep in mind to start the business. You have to get your business license first and the cost may vary from state to state. But you can look in the range of 100-200 bucks to set you up. Next, you have to decide on whether you want to have a physical brick and mortar store or want to work from home online. The cost will vary according to that. Next is warehousing which will cost based on how big your pallet is. Once you have decided these and some other expenses then you can focus on the truckload or pallet that you will be buying from the wholesaler. The bigger the size of the lot you buy the less is the price per item and more is the profit you stand to make. But if you are just starting out buying a whole lot of products might be detrimental. Check the descriptions of the pallet and calculate the expected profit that you can make and consider your expenses too.

How can I trust a liquidation company?

It is very legit and logical to doubt the liquidation suppliers since you are spending lots of dollars to buy products from them. If you don’t end up making a good profit then what is the use of buying truckloads or pallets of products. So, it is very important to find a good liquidation company and develop your trust with them. Also, if you strike a balance with one of the companies and make a good profit then you can do business with them for a long time. So, before you make a deal with any company be thorough with your background checks. The first thing to do is to Google the company and check out their website. Go through the interface and check how easy it is to buy products from them. Next, check the customer testimonials and reviews of the company. Don’t just go through the positive experiences, go through the negative ones too. This will give you an overall idea about the company. If possible try to visit the company physically and meet the owners. This will help you get to know them better and help alleviate any doubts that you might have had. The customer service and support will be very important while you conduct your business with the company so do discuss about that. Also, try to find other retailers like yourself who are doing business with the company and listen to their advice.

What kind of paperwork do I need in order to buy in bulk?

Look, getting into retailing of liquidation merchandise or goods can be very lucrative but you do have to be legit. There are a few legal documents that you need to fill and procure to become a legal retailer. Since you are buying in bulk and resealing you will need a resale certificate before suppliers or liquidation wholesalers start selling you stuff. This may vary from state to state. Check the law about reselling in your state and get a certificate issued. Also, you first need a tax identification number or employee identification number from the IRS and use that to set up your bank account for the business transactions. Next is the state tax license. Look, this might seem like a lot of work but you have to follow the rules and regulations so that you don’t get into any trouble. Also, many of these permits and licenses can be applied for online from the comfort of your home. Next, you need to register your business name and the type of business you are going to conduct. Once you have all the legal documents you need to find a wholesaler. The wholesaler might make you fill a buyer form before selling you the truckloads or pallets.

Therefore, make it very easy and cost-affordable for small retailers to source their inventory. For absolutely zero effort, you get brand name goods on these platforms at wholesale rates.

Overall Rating


Especially, with websites like QuickLotz, you not only have the option of picking up goods for cheaper but can also choose to have the “touch and feel” element by visiting their warehouse. With cheap shipping and the option of online auctions, wholesale liquidation companies are indeed a boon to small retailers and independent stores.

Where to Buy Pallets of Returned Merchandise | Small Business

By Wanda Thibodeaux Updated March 01, 2019

Stores frequently have items that are closed out, returned or overstocked, but because they dislike throwing away any of these items that remain serviceable and have no damage, stores work with wholesale pallet companies to get rid of what they can’t sell. However, where can you buy these pallets of returned goods? The wholesaler picks up the merchandise, packs it onto large pallets and sells it to customers in bulk at a cheap rate. Finding reputable pallet wholesale companies, however, is a bit of a challenge.

The Problem: Scams

People looking to buy pallets of merchandise can, unfortunately, find themselves repeatedly scammed. Often, the buyer receives a pallet only to find that a high percentage of the goods cannot be sold due to much higher than expected damage. The most reliable way to separate the scam companies from legitimate pallet companies is to look up the company through the Better Business Bureau. If you cannot do that – often the case for new companies – try to gain insight through customer reviews.

Never buy a pallet until you have a clear idea of the satisfaction rate and the quality of customer service.

Speak to a Retailer

Pallet companies operate by getting goods from major retailers. The goods may be overstocks, returns or salvage items, most of which are completely serviceable. Retailers work regularly with pallet companies because they constantly need to move unsalable merchandise out of the store and storage facilities to accommodate new sale items. Consequently, sales managers for the retail companies usually have a list of pallet companies with whom they do business on a regular basis.

These pallet companies have a track record of providing good service. If you find merchandise from a retailer you’d like to buy in pallet form, ask the manager which pallet companies the retailer uses and how to get in touch with those companies for pallet purchases. This is the best way to find pallets of very specific goods.

Pallet Company Examples

Pallet companies operate across the United States. Examples to try, however, include Genco, TDW Closeouts, Via Trading and Bargain Report. Major online pallet companies include Warehouseone. com and Typically, these companies buy goods from high-end retail or major department stores, then divide the goods into category-specific pallets.

Of these companies, Via Trading probably has the most specific categorization, which is useful if you are a small business wanting to sell a few target items. Some companies may require that you buy a minimum of one truckload of pallets, so always check the policies of each company before trying to place an order.

A Few Things to Consider

When looking for pallet companies, concentrate on companies within driving distance. Pallets may weigh hundreds of pounds, depending on the merchandise involved, meaning that you’ll have to pay considerable shipping fees if the company is located beyond your local area. It’s always a good idea to buy just one or two pallets from a company initially. This permits you to get an initial, first-hand grasp of what the pallets are like.

Additionally, good pallet companies should offer you some kind of return option, provided you are able to get the pallet back to the company in the same or better condition than when it was shipped. If you find good merchandise at a company that doesn’t offer this option, you still can work with them, but you must be more careful about whether the quantity you buy meets the demand you have, and you must be prepared to take a loss if you get a pallet with a higher-than-average percentage of unusable merchandise.

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Retail Tips for Purchasing Wholesale Merchandise and Running a Store

Having a successful retail business depends greatly on offering the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Therefore, it is paramount to the success of your business to locate the best sources for those products. Once you know what products or product lines you want to sell, you can then locate the right wholesaler.

Starting Steps to Wholesale Merchandising

Before you buy wholesale merchandise for your store, visit a competitor or a store selling a product line similar to yours. Browse the store’s product selection and note the brands they carry. Try to determine what products are selling well and which are in the clearance bin. If you visit a similar store located too far away geographically to be a competitor, that retailer may be willing to share with you the source of their wholesale merchandise.

Retailers can often find products to sell in their stores by searching online, joining buying groups, using library resources, and attending trade shows or buyers’ markets.

Once your store is open and doing business, it will be easier to find wholesale merchandise to sell because suppliers will solicit you rather than you having to seek them out. Customers can also play a large role in finding suppliers as they can recommend products they would like to see in your store. Building a relationship with customers and seeking their feedback is crucial to ensuring that you are meeting their needs.

Trade Shows as an Information Source

A trade show is one of the best places to find a wholesaler. Retailers can find many suppliers serving the same markets with a range of product offerings. The biggest trade shows are held annually in Las Vegas and California, but there are local trade shows also.

Conduct an online search for tradeshows in your industry to find the nearest event. Websites like Trade Show News Network will have listings for shows happening in most states. However, trade shows are not open to the general public so be prepared to show proof that you are an established business. A resale certificate, tax id, business card, or some other form of license or permit should suffice.

Manufacturer Suppliers

Some manufacturers will sell their products at wholesale prices directly to the retailer. If they do, they may sell their products in large quantities or at a high minimum order. If you have a particular product you want to sell, contact the manufacturer and ask if they sell directly to dealers. If not, ask what distributors they sell their products through so you know where to buy the items.

Buying From Importers

Globalization has made importing products much easier. Retailers can purchase from importers or buy the products directly from a foreign company. Before using this type of supplier, do your homework. It is important to understand all the aspects of the paperwork, shipping time, product lifecycle, and all of the costs involved.

Distributors as Suppliers

A distributor generally sells a large variety of a certain classification of products. They must make a profit too, so their prices may be slightly higher than if the item was purchased directly from the manufacturer. Retailers can buy lower quantities with little or no minimum order. Some even offer free freight on orders over a certain amount.

Wholesalers and Liquidators

In searching for products at wholesale prices, you may find wholesalers that don’t sell just one type of merchandise but many different products. Some wholesalers will act as liquidators and will sell closeouts, truckloads, and pallets of merchandise and even damaged goods. Before buying wholesale merchandise from this type of supplier, be sure you completely understand the condition, price, and terms of the sale.

Buying at Auctions

Retailers can find many bargains on eBay, the world’s largest auction site. Just browse the Wholesale Lots category according to the type of store you have and you’ll find tons of merchandise. Not all product prices on eBay are truly wholesale, but if you spend time watching the auctions and learn how to buy effectively, you are sure to find a deal. Don’t miss out on live auctions for bargains on merchandise for resale.

Choosing a Vendor

Once you’ve located several sources of products, evaluate each vendor on a variety of factors. To offer the best merchandise to your customers, you’ll need to buy from someone offering quality products, reliable delivery, and superior customer service. This information can be gathered through references, marketing materials, or by simply asking the sales representative how they conduct business.

Price and Other Considerations

One of your primary considerations, as you start your wholesale business, will center around price. Keep accurate records and review them regularly to track your costs and the prices you set to sell your goods. Stability exists when average prices are constant over time, or when they are rising at a very low and predictable rate. The retail price of a good or product is the cost when it is sold to the end-user for consumption and not for resale through a third-party distribution channel. While costs are a primary concern, there are other items you will need to consider as well.


Consider the space you lease for the selling of goods to consumers. When it comes to business, retailers have one overall goal, to sell merchandise—hopefully at a profit. That’s why they focus on sales floor space, adequate parking for customers, and an overall image that draws in customers. Think about your hours of operation or business hours. This is the time of operation when the retail store is open to the public for the purchase of goods. Your hours of operation should match the buying habits of your customers.

Shipping Options

This is the cost to the consumer to deliver goods. Generally, retail outlets ship by FedEx, UPS, and USPS (the least expensive and least common). The cost varies by location, product size, and how quickly the consumer wants the product. Some upscale boutiques will messenger goods.

Customer Payment and Conditions

Consider how convenient your payment system is and if you need a policy for processing refunds and returns. Also, think about your any terms you may set for higher-priced items such as lay-away. These plans should be as clear to your customers as they are to you.

Customer Service

No two retail stores have identical customer service. To provide excellent customer service you need to get the desired item into the customer’s hand, give them the tools they need to decide to purchase quickly and enable them to purchase without effort.

Handling Returned Merchandise

Some returned goods will be resold by the same retailer for the full cost, but many will not. More likely, they’ll end up in the mark-down bin selling for a fraction of the cost. Try to avoid returns in the first place by doing everything you can to make sure the customer is satisfied. Provide as much information as you can upfront regarding your products.

Good Planning Equals Good Results

Don’t get discouraged. It may take some time, research, and several vendor negotiations to find the best merchandise to sell in your retail store. Starting any business will not happen overnight, but nothing beats being an independent business person. Finally, as a new business person, be sure you have an understanding of the laws in your state for your type of retail business and also understand how to go about filing an paying your taxes on your merchandising storefront.

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A1 – Stock

All of We Sell Cellular’s A1 grade devices have passed all key functional tests.
They can be described as flawless or like new.

A1 – Stock

They do not have any signs of use.

A2 – Stock

All of We Sell Cellular’s A2 grade devices have passed all key functional tests. They appear flawless at first glance.

A2 – Stock

They have a few, very minor blemishes that are only uncovered upon close inspection and / or rotating them under the light.

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They may either have several faint, small scratches or a few longer, faint scratches on the screen.

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They may have light scuffs on their housing.

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They may have small dings, blemishes, and / or nicks which are often found near ports, corners or edges.

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They may have numerous scratches on their screens.

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They may have dings, small dents and heavy wear on their ports, corners and edges.

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All of We Sell Cellular’s C2 grade devices have passed all key functional tests. They appear heavily used at first glance.

C2 – Stock

They may have more pronounced, deeper scratches on their screen or housing they can be felt easily with a fingernail.

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Their housing may have numerous scuffs, scratches, dents or other abnormalities.

C2 – Stock

They may have dings, dents and heavy wear on their ports, corners and edges.


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These devices will vary in terms of cosmetic grade.


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They vary in terms of cosmetic grade.


These devices power on and have a good LCD but have a functionality defect (ex. mic, speaker, port, button, etc.) that requires repair.

While they can vary in terms of functionality and cosmetic grade, all units have:

– A Good Touch ID
– No ID Lock
– No Apple Activation Error
– No iTunes Image
– No LCD blemishes (see FFLB or PLB for definition of LCD blemish)
– No cracks on the screen


These devices power on and have a good LCD, but have a crack in the glass. They also have a functionality defect (ex. mic, speaker, port, button, etc.) that requires repair.

While they can vary in terms of functionality and cosmetic grade, all units have:

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These devices power on but have a bad touch ID sensor (finger print recognition). Some devices may also have a functionality defect (ex. mic, speaker, port, button, etc. ) that requires repair. A small percentage may have an LCD blemish (white spot, yellow spot, discolored LCD, or burned image) or a crack in the glass.

While they can vary in terms of functionality and cosmetic grade, all units have:

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90,000 The government asks retailers to estimate food stocks

The Ministry of Industry and Trade on March 13 asked the Association of Retail Companies (AKORT; unites the largest federal networks) and the Union of Independent Chains (SNS; unites the largest regional chains) data on how many days the retail stores will have enough stocks of socially important goods and how quickly – in case of unforeseen circumstances – they can increase the supply of these goods.

AKORT and SNS must provide data by March 16.The Ministry of Industry and Trade refers to the order of the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. Her spokesman declined to comment.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade requested data on raw smoked sausages, canned fish and meat, beef, pork, chicken, sunflower and butter, milk, eggs, sugar, salt, rice, millet, buckwheat, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, breast milk substitutes and other

On March 15, Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade, held a meeting with retail on the situation in the food market, two participants in the meeting told Vedomosti. One of them says that officials wanted to know if there is enough food in the warehouses and how to avoid a shortage.

Due to the coronavirus, the demand for durable goods increased in early March. At first, the excitement went through large online stores, by the weekend of March 14-15, federal chains also felt it. In some places, the shelves with cereals are empty, there are no popular and cheap goods, Vedomosti journalists were convinced in several dozen outlets in different parts of Moscow.

Products disappeared from the shelves in Europe as well.In Italy, there are few or no non-perishable foods, toilet paper and disinfectants in stores. A similar situation is in Spain, Austria, Finland, France, etc.

“Taking into account what is happening in foreign countries, we certainly monitor the situation in the consumer market and we do it jointly with regional authorities and networks,” said a representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade …

The federal government, retail chains, local administrations are in control of the situation, says Sergei Belyakov, chairman of the AKORT Presidium. There are no problems either with stocks, which are formed on the basis of increased demand, or with the prompt delivery of high-demand goods to stores, especially where storage facilities are small and where goods need to be transported from distribution centers. Warehouse stocks will be enough for several weeks of work, stocks continue to form, Belyakov assured.

Director of SNS Sergei Kuznetsov said that he had not received information about the absence of any products.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade emphasizes that no one plans to close grocery stores of any format.Retail chains began to create a stock of goods in advance, says a representative of the ministry, even if an empty shelf is found somewhere, it is not because there are no goods, but because the display follows a certain pattern: the goods can be in the back rooms, on the way, in car, in the distribution center of the trade network.

“In some stores we are now seeing an increased demand for certain goods,” confirmed a representative of X5 Retail Group, which owns Pyaterochki, Perekrestok and Karuseli. Therefore, the network, he says, is establishing additional deliveries from warehouses in all regions: large quantities arrive at the store, shelves are replenished more often. “This requires additional staff effort and may take longer,” he warns, but manufacturers deliver goods on time and in sufficient inventory.

O’Key also noticed an increase in demand in Moscow for products with a long shelf life, in particular for canned food, cereals, pasta, water, as well as disinfectants.”In other regions, the situation is calmer so far,” – assures the representative of the retailer. A similar situation is with the small wholesale centers Metro, confirms her representative.

“We see a definite growth in demand for long-term food products, there is no excitement or shortage of goods,” says a representative of Magnit. – We buy [goods] in large quantities, we keep an increased stock of basic goods in stores. The warehouses have stocks of food (groceries in the first place), personal hygiene products, household chemicals, baby food, animal feed. If necessary, we are ready to increase the intensity of deliveries by our own and hired transport. ”

3-10 times

this is how applications for the supply of groceries from some retail chains increased, the president of Mistraltrading (supplier of Mistral cereals) Beslan Agrba said , it grows much faster than usual, seasonal, for household chemicals, hygiene products, groceries, chilled meat, tea and coffee, frozen foods.The growth in demand for delivery from the online store over the past two weeks amounted to 5-10%, and for Friday and Saturday it increased by 60% compared to the average, the retailer’s logistics service is overloaded. “We associate the growth in demand with the reaction of the population to the information background with the themes of the coronavirus epidemic and the quarantine regime, as well as with the growth of exchange rates,” says a representative of the network.

Azbuka Vkusa and its suppliers have stocks, which, taking into account the shelf life, will be enough for 3-5 months, a representative of the chain reassures: “We do not plan to introduce any restrictions on the quantity of goods in one hand yet”.

Warehouses and the entire Metro chain, according to a company representative, are also ready to meet higher demand, such as during the New Year season.

Manufacturers of products for which demand has grown sharply have already begun to increase shipments, their representatives said. Demands from retail have sharply increased over the past week – for cereals, pasta and flour, mainly supplies to Moscow, says a Makfa representative, while the company is coping with the increased demand, it may have to increase production in the future.

An application for a supply 10 times larger than the usual demand came from a Moscow chain, an employee of a large grocery supplier is surprised.

The excitement is connected with two reasons, says Beslan Agrba, president of Mistral-Trading (Mistral cereals). First, consumers understand that they may have to be quarantined at home and stock up on goods. Secondly, the dollar has grown and this will inevitably affect the price of food.

It is not possible to satisfy the demand that has grown several times from some chains, Agrba admitted: “The company is still supplying products in the same mode as before.Otherwise, they will run out and some shops will not have enough. ” But, he continues, the company buys more cereals and increases production. Agrba expects that in 2-3 weeks the excitement will subside: consumers will make stocks and, possibly, the spread of the virus will decline due to the measures taken by the states.

Danone’s specialized nutrition (baby and medical) division also faced increased demand at the end of last week, says Marina Balabanova, the company’s regional vice president for corporate relations in Russia and the CIS.Some distributors receive orders equal to their purchases over several months. So far, the increased demand has been met.

JSC Progress (producer of Frutonyani and Malysham) did not receive a request from the networks to increase supplies, but its capacity will allow meeting the increased demand, says a company representative.

Retailers have not yet contacted Prodo and Cherkizovo, their representatives said.

Elizaveta Bazanova participated in the preparation of the article

Warehouses of flash memory manufacturers overflowed

According to analysts at DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, the NAND flash market continues to see a decline in vendor contract value.According to forecasts, the trend will continue in the fourth quarter of 2020.

“Despite the traditional peak of sales in the consumer electronics market and the release of new iPhones from Apple in the third quarter of 2020, the average selling price of NAND flash is likely to fall by 10%. The reason for this is the surplus stock of chips in the suppliers’ warehouses, which was formed against the background of the pandemic ”, says the DRAMeXchange report.

Analysts predict a decrease in the cost of memory in the fourth quarter of this year.

“As vendors continue to improve the manufacturing process for 128-layer NAND flash, excess stock of chips in stock will continue to increase in the fourth quarter of this year, leading to even more significant cost reductions” , experts add.

According to sources of the resource DigiTimes, in the fourth quarter of 2020, there may be a decrease in contract prices for flash memory by up to 10%. At the same time, the decline will continue in the first quarter of 2021.

Micron and SK Hynix reported weak demand for chips. Deutsche Bank analyst Sidney Ho notes that at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many corporate clients stocked up on large amounts of memory in advance due to fears that there will be a shortage of memory in the future. As a result, there is currently low demand for NAND flash products.

According to experts from DRAMeXchange, in the fourth quarter of 2020, memory may fall in price even more, up to 15%.For an ordinary consumer, this can mean the following: the cheaper the memory from the suppliers, the cheaper the products based on it will be. In other words, in the coming months, according to the forecasts of experts, we should expect a decline in prices for SSD-drives.

In an effort to contain the fall in prices for memory, manufacturers have tried to reduce the volume of its production in recent months. But as practice has shown, this measure was only temporary. In addition, with the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning up stocks has proven to be difficult.

“In the current quarter, the warehouses were overcrowded. Therefore, reducing the contract cost for memory turned out to be an obvious and inevitable step ”, explains DRAMeXchange specialists.

The first results of a fall in the contractual cost of memory are beginning to be seen now. True, so far only in the West. For example, one of the most popular American computer component retailers, Newegg, offers terabyte-class SSDs for under $ 100.The same 960GB ADATA SU630 SSD can be purchased for $ 85, and the Team Group GX2 1TB SSD is available for $ 90. Faster NVMe drives are more expensive, but not by much. The same 1TB Western Digital Blue SN550 is offered for $ 105, as is the ADATA XPG SX6000 Pro model of the same size.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

90,000 CCTV Retail: A Burden or an Unplowed Field?

Posted in “Editor’s column” | To the list of headings | To the list of authors | To the list of publications

M. Yu. Arsentiev
Editor of the section “Video surveillance”

Video surveillance – B2B market of wholesales of technically sophisticated equipment, where there is no place for amateurs. The “manufacturer – distributor – installer” chain includes exclusively specialists. And only the customer has the right to be a little “off topic” of technical details, but at least is a specialist in the field of security in general. However, we are forgetting the low-cost segment of retail buyers from individuals and small entrepreneurs.For such clients, a typical set is a video intercom or a pair of cameras with a cheap recorder. The purchase is carried out on the market, where at quite decent “Korean” prices the consumer often gets the cheapest handicrafts, which not that do not work at all, but …

Attempts to self-install are the reason for canceling the warranty, and the person is left alone with a pile of rubbish, spoiled by the impression of video surveillance and an unfulfilled task.

If the poor fellow decides to drop into some trading house “… -SB” for a civilian purchase, managers, immediately assessing the potential of the client, scatter in different directions, like car service locksmiths at the sight of “Moskvich”.At best, he will be billed with payment at Sberbank in three quarters and received in three days. And more often a person is confronted with: “We do not trade at retail!”

Meanwhile, many adjacent markets have long established an efficient retail sales system. I’m talking about computer stores. Sales rooms with dozens of managers and storekeepers, online stores, an electronic queue, a serious warehouse stock allow you to get a decent turnover.

Someone might say – you cannot compare consumer goods and our industry.I bet. Installing and connecting the camera is not more difficult than assembling and setting up a computer. Under retail, you can import long-known, but not yet very popular sets of cameras with ready-made wires and connectors and recorders-monitors-power supplies “all in one”. I’m not talking about intercoms. Of course, you need to take all the low current into the assortment.

It’s time to turn around to face people, otherwise this large, though not too sweet piece will float away to computer scientists in five years.

Published: Journal “Security Systems” # 6, 2011
Visits: 6502

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XI Scientific and technical conference “Secondary power supply systems (IVEP) and element base for them (ECB, ERI)”

Attention, all materials on the site are presented for informational purposes

Decision of the XI annual scientific and technical conference

“Systems and sources of secondary power supply
and element base for them”

m.Moscow October 12, 2012

Representatives of more than 100 enterprises and organizations took part in the work of the scientific and technical conference “Systems and sources of secondary power supply” held by JSC “GC” Electroninvest “in the period from 11 to 12 October 2012.
In the speeches of the conference participants, the achievements of the leading domestic developers and manufacturers of IWEP were noted (JSC GK Electroninvest, JSC NPP ElTom, JSC SKTB RT, LLC Alexander Electric Don, LLC AEIEP, etc.).
The conference notes that the enterprises of JSC “GK” Electroninvest “, JSC” NPP “ElTom”, JSC “SKTB RT” in recent years have achieved significant success in the development and serial production of modular IVEP, created entirely on the domestic electronic components of the quality category “VP” … Key characteristics such as efficiency 90-95% have been achieved, specific power over 3000 W / cm3 for AC / DC and over 4000 W / cm3 for DC / DC , conversion frequency up to 500 kHz, which corresponds to the modern world level.
Modular IVEP produced at the domestic electronic components of the “VP” quality category at a cost of 10 or more times cheaper than similar products of foreign manufacture of the military quality category and 15-20 times cheaper than products of the space quality category with almost complete compliance with the main electrical and specific parameters and the corresponding characteristics of resistance to VVF, SVV and reliability.
The conference draws the attention of EEE manufacturers to the instability of characteristics during the release of certain types of products, the absence of a wide range of capacitors with low equivalent series resistance (ESR), ceramic capacitors with high values ​​of specific charge, high-precision trimming resistors, semiconductor devices with a low drop in the voltage of the transition and a number of other products (OJSC Elecond, OJSC Girikond, OJSC VZPP-S, OJSC VZRD – Monolit, OJSC Angstrem, OJSC Kremniy Group, OJSC Optron, etc.), complete absence of MOS transistors produced by Trench and CoolMOS technologies, Schottky diodes and MOS transistors on SiC, domestic ferrites corresponding to the parameters of N97 materials (Epcos f.), as well as components with increased resistance to special factors. In some cases, an unacceptably long delivery time and breakdowns of contractual obligations are noted.
The Conference considers it necessary to note the positive efforts of enterprises (OJSC VZPP-S, OJSC Angstrem, OJSC VZRD-Monolit) to expand the range of electronic components for secondary power supplies and point out to them the need to intensify such work, in particular with regard to products quality category “OS”.
The interest of a number of enterprises in micro-miniature pulse voltage stabilizers in modular and integral design with a range of output voltages 1..5 V, output current up to 10 A and increased resistance to UHV is noted.


1. To approve the initiative and practice of JSC “GC” Electroninvest “for holding annual conferences. Conferences allow you to regularly get acquainted with the latest achievements, coordinate the work of developers IVEP , taking into account the wishes of consumers.The conferences are organized at a high level and all conditions for effective and fruitful work have been created.

2. To recommend from 2013 JSC “GC” Electroninvest “and the Association” Power Supply “to combine efforts to organize and hold annual conferences on power supply.

3. Apply to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with a request to exclude from the list of MOP 44 . .. book 18 of the product marked “IK”, tk. they do not have any advantages over the corresponding products made entirely on the domestic electronic components.

4. Associations Power supply to generalize and prepare proposals of developers and manufacturers of IWEP on the development of electronic components and transfer to the relevant working groups of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for R&D.

5. To draw the attention of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to the need to finance work on the technical re-equipment of enterprises – manufacturers of electronic components. These works should be delivered ahead of the ROC on the development of EEE.

6. To draw the attention of the management of electronic components manufacturers to the need to carry out work to reduce the delivery time of products.

7. Apply to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with proposals to allocate funds for the development of IVEP and EEE for them into a separate working group.

On behalf of the conference participants

Chairman of the organizing committee E.M. Polyansky

The original conference decision can be found here


Technical metal doors

It is often necessary to install a metal door in technical rooms for which there are no regulations, there are no indications for the installation of a fire, burglary or soundproof door, in such cases we are ready to offer simple, not certified technical metal doors.Depending on the wishes of the customer, such a door can be completed according to individual needs.

It is possible to manufacture technical doors with glass, or heat-saving double-glazed windows, with an additionally opening hatch, or a cash register (window + tray for transferring valuables), louvered grill, with decorative overlays both from the outside and from the inside.

The advantages of metal doors over other structures are that the steel door is much more burglary-resistant than all others, it suffers less from vandalism, the service life is much higher, in comparison with wooden structures it does not swell and does not crack under seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, the frame of a steel door stiffer than aluminum or plastic structures, it can additionally strengthen the doorway in frame and other lightweight structures.

Various designs of technical doors are possible, depending on the wishes of the customer, it is possible to manufacture a corner structure or a folded profile with reinforcing ribs, or, on the contrary, a lightweight cheap version.

The price of technical doors very much depends on the product configuration, most often it is on technical doors that they strive to save money. Depending on the needs of the customer, it is possible to reduce the cost of the door due to the lock, handle, interior decoration, insulation, painting of the product.So, for example, according to the general opinion, technical doors with both internal and external finishing with a sheet of metal are the cheapest option, in fact, this is not the case, such a door is more difficult to manufacture, requires more metal to manufacture, and the painting of this additional sheet is not cheap. It is much cheaper to manufacture a technical door with interior decoration from the cheapest materials such as fiberboard, HDF or laminated panels.

Considerable money and time will help to save the production of openings for a standard door size.The constantly replenishing warehouse stock of doors made without changing technology, but according to standard sizes, allows you to sell doors 15-20% cheaper than producing a door for a specific opening, which differs by 1-2 cm.

Interested in technical doors?

Send a request to e-mail [email protected] – and our specialists will answer you as soon as possible!
We guarantee you excellent quality, full compliance with standards, fast and accurate delivery, clear documentation, and, most importantly, LOW PRICES!

Technical doors are almost always available in sizes:

850×2050, 850×2100, 880×2050, 900×2050, 900×2100, 950×2100

Right and left, painted in the most frequently requested gray color, or not painted (painting period 2-3 days), standard set: insulated, 1 lock, lever handle).

Double-sided technical doors are also available in the warehouse, but the range of sizes on them is much larger, you need to check with the manager that is closest to your opening size.

Butterfly valve flanged, disc n / a, pneumatic actuator DN 100 PN 10/16 Series 23A 23A.100.12115

Butterfly valve is a type of shut-off pipeline fittings, the shut-off element in which there is a disc. Butterfly valve disc is the main working element that is in direct contact with the working medium and its nature, working pressure.
PURPOSE AND APPLICATION OF BUTTERFLY DAMPER Disc damper is designed to work with clean and light types of media, such as: water, air, steam, oil products, chemical liquids. Often, disc dampers are installed for cement powder, paint, hot air, and the like. For such media, disc butterfly valves are most often made of stainless steel and with coatings such as FKM

  • Use valves with a custom working medium
  • % of clearance for temporary pressure surges in the pipeline system
  • Correctly selected valve polymer (EPDM, NBR, VITON, SILICON, PTFE, FKM, MTTAL)
  • Install disc valves with collar flanges without gaskets according to the standard that must match the valve connection standard;
  • Replace damper seals in good time;

ADVANTAGES OF BUTTERFLY dampers BEFORE other types of shut-off valves

  • Oversized and light
  • not expensive
  • Possibility of mounting horizontally and vertically
  • Large selection of manufacturers

Do not withstand dampers on discs disc

  • Do not give 100% tightness if improperly installed
  • Do not work with dirty substances, dirty water, sewerage, showers
  • WHERE TO BUY disc dampers AT THE PRICE OF THE MANUFACTURER? The PROM-YUA GROUP company offers disc dampers from the manufacturer of the successor brands: XUROX Spain, SMO Spain, JENEBRE Spain. In the warehouse of PROM-YUA GROUP, disc dampers with a cast iron and stainless disc of the following sizes are always available: DN 50, DN 65, DN 80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN 150, DN 200, DN 250, DN 300, DN 350, DN 400, DN 450, DN 500, DN 600.
    We offer the best prices and the largest stock in Ukraine of butterfly valves, butterfly valves, flanged butterfly valves, knife gate valves, cast iron wedge valves, soft wedge valves with soft wedge valves , cast iron gate valves with a metal wedge, check ball valves, flanged sewer valves, flanged disc valves, ball valves, compensators, vibration compensators, coarse filters, plungers, welded steel flanges, cellular flanges further.90,000 The Czech press complains that Putin did not call Prague after accusing Petrov and Boshirov of an explosion at a military warehouse

    The Czech press is discussing the statements of the authorities about the guilt of Russia in the bombing of a military warehouse in 2014. Recall that, according to the Czech version, which for some reason was announced only 7 years after the incident itself, “Russian intelligence officers Petrov and Boshirov from the GRU” were involved in the explosion – the very ones that Britain is already looking for in the case of the alleged poisoning of Skripals by the Novichok BOV . ..

    The Czech edition Denik complains that the Russian president has no plans to hold talks with official Prague in connection with the accusations against the Russian address. Vladimir Putin really does not have such plans, which was confirmed by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov. According to Peskov, the actions taken by Prague are destructive for bilateral relations.

    The Czech edition draws attention to Russian statements that in its own words about the guilt of “intelligence officers Petrov and Boshirov” Prague “wants to move in the mainstream of the Anglo-American policy, which does not provide for constructive relations with Moscow.”

    Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, noted a paradox: for seven years the Czech authorities were silent, and now they decided to blame Russia for the explosions in warehouses. It turns out that either the top leadership of the Czech Republic all these years was not aware of the materials of the investigation (if such materials exist at all), or “they knew everything, but were silent”.

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