Cheap uv gel nail polish: gel nail polish – Buy gel nail polish with free shipping on AliExpress


gel nail polish – Buy gel nail polish with free shipping on AliExpress

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My Favorite UV Gel Nail Polishes of 2020 ❤️ Top 5 Revealed

Treat Yourself To A Bright, Beautiful Manicure That Lasts for Weeks

While there are many styles and methods to get your perfect manicure, for the most part, the choice is between UV gel nails vs Acrylic nails. 

What Are Gel Nails?

There’s a good reason why UV gel manicures have become a modern beauty mainstay. They’re virtually indestructible, impossibly glossy, and offered at most nail salons.

Gone are the days when digging through your bag to check your phone ran the risk of chipping your manicure. The UV gel grips on to the nail tighter than traditional polishes which is why it lasts so long.

How To Do UV Gel Nails?

Whether you’re doing UV gel manicures in a nail salon or in the comfort of your own home, there are a few essential tips that will help you achieve the perfect manicure:

  • Apply the UV gel polish in thin layers. If you apply too much, the polish will bubble under the curing lamp, leaving the manicure uneven.
  • Ensure that you’ve sealed the ‘tip’ of the nail with the polish. After all, this is where the gel polish is the most likely to chip.
  • Cure the UV gel polish using a nail dryer or a UV nail lamp.

How To Remove UV Gel Polish?

Finally, removing UV gel nail polish is just as important as applying it. So, take your time! A good method is to wrap cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover (with acetone) and secure them to each nail with aluminum foil. This will place just enough pressure on the nails to let the gel polish come off gently and thoroughly.

There are countless UV Gel nail polish brands, as well as UV gel nail polish kits.

With all this said, which UV gel polishes made our list this month?


What Makes It Great

These Gellen gel polishes apply so smoothly with only a couple of strokes. They come in a great range of colors. Optimized for fast curing, these nail polishes only take minutes to set under a quality nail lamp. I also give these gel polishes points for their staying power – they lasted for a few weeks without a chip or mark, looking just as good as the day I applied the polish. Removal was quick and easy, and my nails looked great underneath. Finally, these polishes are made with mostly non-toxic ingredients – making it a safer choice.

Where It Could Be Improved

The palest pink color is very subtle. It’s perfect if you like a “barely there” look, otherwise, you may wish to apply a few more coats of this shade.

9.8Expert Score

This gel nail polish set offers a lovely range of colors, a beautiful finish, and good staying power. Almost everything you could wish for in a quality set of gel polishes.


What Makes It Great

This pretty AIMEILI packet contains a gel base coat and topcoat. Both coats went on really well and took no time to cure to a rock hard, and high shine finish. The gel topcoat retained the glossy finish for over three weeks. I love that you can use other polishes in between the base and tops coats, like a “polish sandwich”. Doing this doesn’t affect the finish or durability and opens up a wealth of possibilities for colors and effects.

Where It Could Be Improved

If you’re having trouble curing your nail polish, make sure you wipe over the base coat, not just the top.

9.7Expert Score

Words can’t express how glossy these are – mirror shine doesn’t cover it, and the almost 3D depth to the coats is amazing. They last for as long as 21-days, so I’m very happy to recommend this little set.

AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish No Wipe Top and Base Coat Set Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Lacquer – 2…

  • 21 days high-gloss wear. Mirror shine finish. No Nicks, Chips or Smudges.
  • Requires drying under UV or LED Lamp. Apply the polish in thin coat. Thinner – Stronger.
  • BEWARE: May cause ALLERGIC REACTION. Please take SKIN TEST EVERY TIME before doing manicure. Stop using immediately once feeling uncomfortable! Also, please DO NOT over file down the nail plates or scrap off old polish with a sharp tool! The trauma required to remove the gel nail polish is quite significant. Once it occurs, infection can set in and cause problems.

Free shipping

Last update was on: April 5, 2020 7:05 pm

in stock


What Makes It Great

This is a lovely, attractively boxed set of gel polishes. The bottles are small, but the colors are so pretty, especially the glitter ones. The smaller sized bottles help you use up the product before its expiration date, which means these gel polishes won’t around for long enough to go clumpy. The good news is, they’re very pigmented and provide high coverage so you only need a little bit of product for a good application. These Modelones polishes don’t smell, cure quickly, and last nearly three weeks. The glitter gels are so pretty that I’m going to keep using them regardless of the season.

When the time came for removal, the gel soaked off without leaving a trace, and my nails looked completely unharmed underneath. You get 6 amazing colors in this packet, including 3 shades of rich reds, which I love.

Where It Could Be Improved

My only complaint is that the staying power isn’t as good with Modelones as with some of the other gel polishes reviewed on this page. However, if you combine the gel polish with a great gel top and base coat, you can enjoy these pretty polishes for weeks.

9.7Expert Score

With a good range of colors, easy application and great durability this is a superset of UV gels, and the box they come in makes it into a thoughtful gift for someone, or yourself!

What Makes It Great

This neat little gel base and top coat set arrived ahead of schedule. The set looks very professional. The user instructions are clear and concise, and the brush seems a good shape for creating nice, even strokes. The first thing I noticed was the almost pleasant floral smell, not the usual eye-watering chemical odor we’re all familiar with. It went on very smoothly, and the curing time was minimal. A quick wipe over and I was done. Shiny, tough wearing and lasted over two weeks.

Where It Could Be Improved

I ended up using more of the topcoat than the base, so it would be handy to have larger bottles, but this isn’t a deal-breaker for me.

9.6Expert Score

Lagunamoon has created an amazing set here – smooth and easy to apply, very long-lasting and at a good price.

What Makes It Great

I love the design of this bottle – it looks adorable on my dressing table, and I’m looking forward to trying it out. The essie 2 step system appears simple to follow, and the instruction includes some tips for nail care too. This went on really nicely over a different brand of polish and cured to a rock hard shine. The colored polish acquired a gorgeous depth with this as a top coat and lasted nearly three weeks. I was able to remove it quickly leaving a perfect nail surface underneath.

Where It Could Be Improved

The bottle could be larger as you go through it quickly, other than that, nothing to pick up on!

9.8Expert Score

I was really happy with this UV gel top coat and will definitely be getting more. The depth it gives to a base of color is stunning, and everyone admired my beautiful nails!

How Long Do Gel Nails Last?

On average, and depending on your nail care routine and other lifestyle habits, your gel nails will likely last anywhere from two to three weeks. UV gel nails are entirely different from regular nail polish because they need to be cured under UV light in order to dry and harden. Drying and hardening the gel polish with UV light creates a bond between the gel and your nail, making it adhere better and last longer.

Get more gel nails inspiration here or check out my other cherry-picked reviews below:

The 4 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits of 2021

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our
review process here.
We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Nails have really upgraded over the last few years. From traditional polish to gel manicures to out-of-this-world nail art, expressing yourself through the tips of your fingers almost feels necessary now. These days, we’re hardly the only ones obsessing over dip powder manicures. The name comes from its unique application—an adhesive base is applied onto a clean, dried nail, then dipped into a powder color, made of a highly pigmented polymer, of your choice. Several coats can be “dipped” and then coated with a glossy sealant.

The best part: It lasts much longer than a gel manicure, feels stronger, and requires no curing time under LED or UV lights. When applied correctly, a dip powder manicure can last for three to four weeks and can even add strength to your natural nails, says manicurist and salon owner Anastasia Totty, a LeChat Nails Educator. Lucky for us, achieving this nail look is easy, thanks to at-home kits that are simple-to-use and affordable.

Below, find our favorite dip powder nail kits for use at home.

Final Verdict

The Red Carpet Manicure Dip Color Kit is our pick for the best dip powder nail kit overall, offering 21 days of wear time, even for those whose nails may not be in tip-top shape. The Nicole Diary Starting Kit makes it easy for nude mani fans to get a great manicure. And if you prefer a bold red mani, check out the Honey Joy Dipping Powder Kits, which also boasts a very non-damaging formula.

What to Look For in a Dip Powder Nail Kit

A bonder

Also known as a non-acid primer, you’ll definitely want a kit that contains one of these as it’s an essential prep step that will ensure subsequently good application, says Totty.


Similarly, you’ll also want to make sure your kit comes with an activator, a chemical that’s used to dry the dip base and greatly speeds up the process, Totty says.

A variety of colors

Totty suggests choosing a kit that comes with a variety of colored powders. Not only does this give you more options to play and experiment with, but it’s also a good way to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

10 Best Gel Nail Polishes of 2021


When you want long-lasting nail polish that can last through just about anything, regular manicures just don’t always cut it. Enter: Gel manicures which use a gel-based polish and typically cured with a UV or LED light to seals the polish to your nails for a long-lasting, chip-free mani.

Of course, there are also drawbacks to getting a gel manicure in a salon, which is why many brands have come up with at-home polishes that are just as shiny and gorgeous as a salon shellac without needing a UV light in most cases. Bonus: The gel removal process for these at-home picks is not as difficult or time consuming as the in-salon versions, and they are also generally less damaging to nails.

Below, the best gel nail polishes you can buy, according to Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab experts and online reviewer favorites. These gel nail polishes come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you can make sure your nails are always on trend. Make your experience even more salon-esque by lighting your favorite candle, using a cuticle oil, and slathering on a luxe hand cream.

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Best Overall Gel Nail Polish

Miracle Gel Nail Polish

This gel nail polish is a GH Beauty Award winner and at an incredible value. Unlike most gel polishes in a salon, this lacquer doesn’t require a light to cure. When tested, the Beauty Lab found that it dried quickly, resisted chipping, and lasted much longer than normal nail polish.  


Best Quick-Dry Gel Nail Polish

Gel Couture

Essie’s Gel Couture line comes in a wide range of shades and this no-light gel nail polish is easy to apply and feels professional. “This nail polish has changed my life! It  … dries completely within 5 minutes and looks amazing,” says one reviewer. “It lasts at least a week with minimal to no chipping and the colors are beautiful too. It looks exactly like a professional gel manicure!” 


Best Nourishing Gel Nail Polish

Gel Lab Pro Nail Color



Not only does this nail polish stay on your nails, it’s also formulated with good-for-you ingredients like biotin and keratin that contribute to your overall nail health. “This is by far the best nail polish I’ve ever used,” says one reviewer. “It dries fast and smooth.” 


Best Luxury Gel Nail Polish

Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer



This Dior polish may be a bit more expensive than most, but the shade range and wearability are worth it. “I love Dior polishes,” raves one reviewer. “They glide on easily, last a long time, and the brush makes doing my own nails quite easy. Also, the quality products have actually improved the texture and strength of my nails.”


Best Gel Nail Polish for Shine

Infinite Shine Long Lasting Nail Polish

An iteration of the top-performing OPI traditional polish, OPI Infinite Shine polishes make your nails look glossy and professional with a longer wear than the original formula — up to 11 days, according to the brand. “It holds up to its name,” says one reviewer. “Great shine and extended wear.” 


Best Gel Nail Polish for Working Hands

Gel Effect Polish

Nails Inc

This polish stands up to activities that lend themselves to chipping (reviewers said it lasted through lifting weights, excessive hand washing, and gardening). “I can get about six to ten days out of one application of two coats, just depends how busy I am,” says one reviewer. “I’ve had it on for five days now and it looks like I put it on yesterday.”


Best Gel Nail Polish with UV light

Soak Off Gel Polish

This is a favorite of beauty editor, Dori Price. “It lasts really well and doesn’t chip,” she says. This polish requires a light to cure, but the payoff is well-worth it — you’re left with chip-resistant color that lasts two weeks or more.


Best Gel Nail Polish for Easy Removal

ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish



This polish lasts as long as an in-salon gel manicure, but it comes off just as easily as normal nail polish. It doesn’t require a light to cure and also has a built-in base coat, which helps the color lock onto your nails and erases additional steps. “My polish lasted almost 2 weeks without chipping and then it just started to wear out,” says one reviewer. “No more shellac polish for me with the soaking time and damage to my nails.” 


Best Gel-Like Nail Polish

7-Free Nail Polish

Olive and June


Looking for a regular nail polish that doesn’t chip and stays on until your next at-home mani? This polish is it. It goes on smoothly, is chip-resistant, and free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. 


Best Professional Gel Nail Polish

Shellac Gel Nail Polish

For salon-like gel, beauty editor, Dori Price likes Shellac because she says it’s the easiest to remove without damaging your nails. A salon favorite and cult classic, this lamp-cured polish has zero dry time, lasts up to two weeks, and leaves nails glossy and even. 

Katie Berohn
Katie Berohn is the Beauty Assistant at Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day and Prevention magazines, all part of the Hearst Lifestyle Group.

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Gel Nail Supplies | Gel Nail Polish

Do you remember when acrylic nail supplies was all the talk? Well, even though they’re still used in salons everywhere, gel nail polishes and gel nail supplies are swiftly becoming product favorites for nail techs and clients. For nail techs, the fact that gel nail applications go on as easy as nail polish, is equally easy to use and soaks off fast, makes them a major time saver. And for clients, getting a gel nail service means getting amazing strength, a mirror-like shine, two weeks or more of no chip protection- and a more natural look than what traditional acrylic nail applications can produce. All of which is to say that gel nails provide your clients with a dream list of everything they want and love in a nail service. We know that transitioning from the traditional acrylic nail applications may be a challenge but imagine losing clients and valuable income just because you’re not offering a gel nail service? Now, imagine a place where you can get all of the most innovative and superior gel nail supplies in one place, for amazingly low prices, AND somewhere that you can get totally free expert tips and how-to videos that’ll guide you along the way to becoming a gel nail master? Well, it may sound like a lot but that’s exactly what you’ll get here at The Nail Superstore! We have color soak off gels, gel nail brushes, gel nail polish, gel nail powder systems, gel nail sealers, gel nail kits, gel nail removers and cleanser solutions, sculpture builder gels, top and base gels, UV gel nail lights and countless other gel nail supplies you need to offer one ‘gel’ of a service. Take a look at the gel nail supplies we have now!






























































Gel Nail Polish for Sale

Gel Nails

Gel nails are a popular option for women looking to achieve a professional looking manicure. There are two different types: hard gel and soft gel. Hard gel is used in artificial nail extensions and soft gel is applied like a nail polish for a long lasting shine that is often gentler than other alternatives.

Applying gel nails for a professional, high quality finish

Gel nails are great for women who want to achieve a professional looking, high quality manicure with their own nails. The gel is applied in layers like traditional nail polish, starting with a gel base coat, then adding two or three coats of the desired nail colour and finishing with a single gel top coat.

Each gel layer is hardened under an ultraviolet, or light emitting diode lamp for a few minutes and a coat of cuticle oil is usually applied at the end to soften the cuticles.

Gel nails are a popular choice for stylish women

One of the main advantages of gel nails is that they dont have that strong chemical smell that other products can have. They feel natural, wont cause damage to the nail bed and can be easily removed. Gel nails can last for several weeks without chipping or peeling and retain their shine throughout. When you are ready to change your colour, to a red gel nail perhaps, simply use gel soak off nail polish .

Gel nail design: the possibilities are endless

Gel nails can be finished in a wide range of different styles and colours from nudes to reds and black, a green gel is a popular choice, but the choices are endless. With glitter, shimmer, matte and even marble finishes, heres plenty of scope for experimenting with different styles and techniques.

Whatever a womans preference, from powdered, patterned or textured, to neon, retro or floral, gel nails are a flexible, fun and often fascinating way to bring individual personality to your nails.

Top Products in Gel Nail Polish

  • LAGUNAMOON GEL Nail Polish Base Coat and No Wipe Top Soak off UV LED Varnish Man
  • Soak off GEL Nail Polish Set 6 Colour Glitter UV LED Manicure Varnish Kit 8ml
  • Bluesky Top & Base with Mylee Prep Wipe & Remover UV LED Kit Nail GEL Polish
  • Indigo Removable Protein Base 7ml Official UK Distributor Fast 1st Class
  • Silcare Base One Primer With Vitamins 15ml UV LED GEL Nails Acrylic Acid
  • Nail GEL Polish Kit 4 Bluesky Colours Top Base Coat UV Lamp Starter KI
  • The 10 Best UV Gel Nail Polish Reviews 2021

    Looking to find the best UV Gel nail polish for your next manicure? It is important to note, what you should be looking for to make sure it is best for your nails and keep them shiny all the way until you need to change the color. Whether you need to wear on dark colored gel polish or nude nail polish, it is necessary to have a mirror-like shine, gloss and long-lasting coverage on the nails. In addition to that, you should know that UV light gel polishes are the best because of their quick soak off and prep time needing no more than a few minutes to get your nail ready to rock your looks.


    Top 10 Best UV Gel Nail Polish


    1. Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish 6 Colors

    This is a great set of 6 latest trend colored Gel polish for those who love pink and nude colors. The soft looking and shiny gel nail polishes are perfect for daily wear and for special occasions. There is also a set of top and base coat so that you get your nail polish finished to its perfection. Each bottle comes in 8ml packaging so you will not have to replace them sooner. This gel nail polish is cured under UV or LED light lamp. UV light takes 2-4 minutes to get your nails ready.

    The gel nail polishes are easy to apply and give smooth and stroke-free finish for a glossy shine. The nail polish stays on the nails for up to two weeks and you can easily experience the no-chip application without early wear and tear issues.


    2. Gel 7 gel Red Delicious Nail Polish UV / LED Manicure Polish

    Gel 7 Red Delicious gel nail polish is the color of your dreams. It is vibrant, rich colored, the deep red effect in the gel base that assures long-lasting wear and makes sure you get the perfect shine. It gives the alluring red color in a mirror-like finish on the nails. It takes on 60 seconds under the UV light to cure and make sure your nails are ready with the perfect gloss on them. It can be paired with Nano powder for a richer color.

    The gel nail polish is very smooth and easy to apply on the nails and no need of sanding or cleanser is needed to get the perfect look. It also offers a smell free and no-chip wear so that you stay worry-free when you have it on your nails.


    3. Maphie UV and LED Soak Off Gel Varnish Gel Nail Polish Glitter

    This is a 6 Pcs set consisting of colored nail polish and glitter gel nail polishes. Whether you need nail color with a perfect mirror-like finish for your daily wear or you need attractive nails for your date, all of these are here in this set of six gel nail polishes.

    Maphie UV gel nail polish gives long lasting, shiny and no-chip finish that you can wear more than 2 weeks with no damage to your nails.

    The gel consistency offers the smooth and easy application on the nails. The gel nail polish can be cured under UV for 2-4 minutes and under LED for 30-60 seconds.

    Glitter gel nail polish is a bit thick so you need to be sure you should apply a thin layer of gel nail polish to avoid chipping, peeling and smudges.


    4. AIMEILI UV LED Soak Off Nail polish gel

    For an effortless finish and nail polish wear, this AIMEILI UV soak off gel is easy to wear, can be applied within seconds and give a perfect finish on the nails. The red nail polish gel is free of smudges, and chipping or peeling issues and stays on the nails for up to 21 days and more.

    With no issues on the gel polish coat, the mirror-like shiny finish assures your nails stay well protected and in good shape with a perfect shine and rich color for weeks. The nail polish gel is cured under the UV lamp or you may also use an LED lamp.

    For perfect shine and finish you need to apply the gel polish thinly that makes it smoother and finer and stay longer on the nails.


    5. Sexy Mix Nail polish gel for Nails UV Pink Gel

    This is a pink innovation in the nail polish gel kits. This set consists of 6 small sized pink nail polish geles that are easy to carry anywhere. The different shades of pink make sure you have a pink shade for every occasion and as per your mood of the day. Whether you need a nude pink or a dark pink, baby pink or shocking pink, all of these are here.

    The nail polish gel is easy to apply in thin layers causing no smudge and is also chipping free. For a quick and easy curing, you need to use a UV lamp or LED lamp. For deeper color affects you may apply 2-3 layers, but make sure you have thin layers.


    6. Perfect Summer Nail polish gel Set

    Looking for a soft pink, nude nail color, glitter or light brown for your office, Perfect summer gel polish has got you covered with 6 nail polish gel kit that promises perfect gel cover on your nails.

    The set consists of high quality, no-chipping, no-peeling nail polish geles that assure to give glossy shine upon finishing for perfect manicure look. It is very easy to apply so you just have to apply thin gel polish layer on your nails and soak off under a UV lamp or an LED lamp and you are good to go with perfect nails that stay on for 2 weeks.

    The nail polish gel is non-toxic and offers no awful smell and make sure it is harmless for nails as well. You may also use a base coat and top coat for more professional finishing and longer wear of the nail polish gel.


    7. Perfect Summer Temperature Colors Changing Chameleon UV LED Gel Nails Polish

    Perfect summer color changing Nail polish geles are perfect for modish looks. This one offers color changing properties with the temperature. At 31 degree centigrade, the color starts changing.

    Along with the color changing properties, the nail polish gel offers mirror-like nail polish finish with its glossy shine and long wearing properties.

    The application of the nail polish gel is effortless and it assures staying on nails for 2-3 weeks no matter if you have a busy routine at home with washing clothes and tableware etc.

    No peeling, no chipping, and no damages can be seen for up to two weeks so that you stay worry-free and get perfect nails ready to go anywhere. The nail polish gel is perfect to pair with UV nails, acrylic nails, and natural nails.


    8. Modelones Fashion Soak Off UV Colorful nail polish gel

    Modolones UV soaks off nail polish gel offers high-end finish with mirror-like shine and easy to wear attributes making it perfect for any occasion. The nail polish gel is easy to apply and make sure to provide complete coverage on nails without leaving fine lines or ridges behind. Its use is effortless as you can put on and take off the nail color without damaging your nails.

    The nail polish offers superb color for two weeks’ time and makes sure you will not be facing chipping and peeling issues at all. It provides a perfect coat for the nails with rich color and shiny finish so that you stay worries-free all the time. The neon gel is cured using a UV lamp for a few minutes.


    9. UV-NAILS Mood Changing Gel Polish Colors

    UV nails nail polish gel with color changing properties offer a modish look on the nails with a shiny finish. This nail polish gel changes colors with temperature and makes sure to provide salon finish on your nails without many efforts.

    The nail polish gel is perfectly finished with UV lamp or LED to make sure it stays on the nails for longer and better use.

    The color changes with body temperature so that you get a unique look on your nails with a perfect glossy touch on it.


    10. Coscelia Gel Polish UV LED Soak Off Varnish nail polish gel

    This is a 6 pieces set consisting of 6 colored nail polish geles of 10 ml each. The gel polish applies smoothly and effortlessly so that you get complete nail coverage with one coat. The thin layer on your nails assure mirror finish on the nails and keep it perfectly finished for up to 2 weeks.

    It is better to cure the gel polish under the UV or LED lamp for better and long-lasting application. You may use the top and base coat for a salon like finish without any smudges and ridges on the surface


    Here we have reviewed the top 10 best UV gel nail polish, sets and colors that make a perfect fit for every girl to wear on any occasion they need. You may choose the color of your choice but make sure the UV nail polish gel cures and soak off best under a UV lamp to give the shiny and long-lasting finish.


    8 best lamps for drying gel varnishes and nail extension – 2020 Rating (Top 8)



    The hybrid lamp is designed for the polymerization of gels, gel varnishes, permanent varnishes, biogels and other materials.The device is stationary, stable, with a high dome, removable bottom and a fan built into the center of the “dome”. There is a light indication of turning on the device and switching modes. The timer is optimal: for 10, 30 and 60 seconds. The lamp is designed strictly for the salon, because all buttons and indicators are brought out “back”, which is very convenient for the master, but not suitable for independent use. There is a nuance – sometimes the lamp buzzes, which is associated with the inclusion of the fan.

    Main pluses:

    • 10 juicy colors, including chameleon;
    • High-quality drying of various materials;
    • Sensor activation;
    • There is a fan;
    • Removable base.


    • Sometimes there is a hum during operation;
    • relatively heavy – 870

    / 10



    I liked the lamp, it is beautiful, I have already received so many compliments for it! Dries everything, there have never been any flaws.I like that it is roomy. Sometimes it buzzes, but not critical.

    Gel polish without a lamp – how to dry, reviews

    In the world of beauty in recent years, many new, interesting technologies have appeared, including in the field of manicure.
    Sometimes technologies develop so rapidly that the beautiful half of humanity does not always keep up with the news in the field of nail design. To solve this problem, our site tries to provide timely and detailed information about all new products.
    Gel polishes or, in other words, shellacs have received universal recognition. They are loved for being able to enjoy perfect nail designs for a long time.

    Interesting: how long does the gel polish last.

    But there is a significant disadvantage – the use of an ultraviolet lamp.To the popular question whether it is possible to dry gel polish without a lamp, we answer – no. Classic gel polish can be dried only in a UV or Led lamp. Just in the air, like a regular varnish, it does not dry. Plus, you need to follow the coating technology.

    Therefore, many girls do not want to bother and use ordinary varnish, which lasts 3 days in a good scenario. But the desire to wear beautiful nail designs for a long time remains. In this regard, manufacturers of products for nail art began to produce nail polish gel without a lamp.Within the framework of this article, we will talk about its advantages and how to use it correctly.

    What is gel polish without a lamp?

    Varnish with a gel coating effect – a tool for creating nail designs, which is based on a gel formula. This achieves durability and perfect gloss.

    Lacquer gel without a UV lamp was immediately appreciated and recognized by business women who are busy with work and household chores all day. They often simply do not have enough time and energy for frequent manicure or visiting salons.

    Gel varnishes are close to shellac varnishes in terms of coating quality. They are less durable, but otherwise they are in no way inferior to them. In this case, a trip to the salon is not at all necessary. At home, any woman can make herself a wonderful manicure without using an ultraviolet lamp. A very durable coating lasts up to ten days without renewal, and vitamin A and extracts of medicinal plants nourish and strengthen the nail plate. The nail polish gel without a lamp is conveniently applied, dries in 2-3 minutes, does not flake or chip.

    Here are its main advantages:

    • Rich color palette.
    • High wear resistance (higher than conventional varnish).
    • Does not require the use of a UV lamp.
    • Simple application technique (like a regular varnish).
    • Removes in a couple of seconds with a simple nail polish remover.

    How to use gel polish without UV lamp

    It is easy to use gel nail polish without a lamp. You need to wash your hands, degrease your nails and first apply a base coat with a firming effect, which dries in 30 seconds.Then the nails are covered with a thin layer of colored gel polish. This is done in a couple of movements, since the brush of these varnishes is wide, which is why there are no stripes, the coating lays down evenly. Dries in 2-3 minutes, for greater durability can be reapplied. The top layer is applied – the fixer – the protective coating also dries for 2-3 minutes. A wonderful manicure that will last 7-10 days is ready. It is removed with a liquid with acetone. You do not need any special foil or additional compounds to properly remove shellac from nails.

    A little trick. Shake the tube well before applying and drying the gel polish without a lamp. This will distribute the gel formula evenly throughout the composition.

    Reviews of gel polish without lamp

    And in confirmation of what we have said, we suggest reading reviews about gel polish without a lamp, taken on the popular website

    Limoni brand gel polish:

    Julia: great varnish! I have been using it for several years!

    Gel polish by Brigitte Bottier:

    Nina: the shades are amazing!

    Lara: quality never fails, I won’t trade for anything.

    Gel polish without UV lamp is suitable for all types of manicure, including painting. Glossy effect, many shades, ease of application, quick drying, affordable price – this type of varnish has no drawbacks! Hands look neat and well-groomed for the entire work week and even longer.

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