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Umbrellas For Wedding Guests
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HomelySmart | 15 Nice Umbrella Decoration Ideas

Protector of the blazing sun and uncomfortable splashes of rain, the umbrella. Putting aside its main function, they actually can be used as decorations. In fact, there’s a place in Portugal that put up a display of hovering umbrella above the streets of Agueda. It totally put that place up into the spotlight for tourists. While we’re probably not going to go for something as extreme as that, we are looking for something similar. The idea of using umbrella, old or broken as home decor. Let’s check it out!

1. Door Wreath

Umbrella does look like a bouquet when you stuff flowers in there! This makes it perfect for door wreaths or just a casual gift for someone special instead of plain flower bouquets.


2. Chandelier

With little bits of decoration here and there, it turned this translucent umbrella into something amazing!


3. Upside Down Umbrella Ceiling Decor

Mix a combination of different color umbrellas on the ceiling for a nice hanging decor that suits special occasions like a wedding dinner.


4. Walkway Decoration

Umbrella as wedding decoration is not an uncommon sight. In this presentation, umbrella is used as decoration poles along a path.


5. Open Air Lighting Decor

Not sure where this is but the lighting is amazing. Using umbrella doubles as a protection for the light bulbs. Probably not that effective in real storm but that’s not the true objective here. It makes outdoor lighting looks better.


6. Falling Umbrella Hall Decor

Different elevations of umbrella creates a sight of beautiful chaos.


7. Jellyfish Costume

This is probably a neat idea for Halloween, when you want to be a jellyfish. It’s not typically hard to make this. Just some ribbons for the legs and a battery-operated lighting to create the optical effect. It’s cool as hanging decor in the night too!


8. Flower Holder

Beautiful flowers protrude from the base of this inverted umbrella. It really looks awesome. That’s a creative way to setup some flowers for a beautiful day.


9. Baby Shower Decor

Pinks and lots of pinks! Single themed color suits the occasion of baby shower parties.


10. Centerpiece For Events

A well decorated flower vase is beautiful. But, here’s an extra addon that makes it better. I love how the umbrella matches the color of the flowers.


3 DIY Outdoor Decorating Ideas On A Budget

DIY Backyard Ideas on a Budget


We purchased our third home in the Summer of 2018 and one of the biggest selling points was the back yard. The backyard was private with an in-ground pool and felt like a tropical oasis. Although we used the pool a lot, we still had not added anything to make the backyard and outdoor patio feel like “home.” So today I’m sharing 3 DIY Outdoor Decorating Ideas on a Budget that I did to easily update a patio and a few tips on how to create a cozy backyard where you’ll want to be all Summer. I’m also sharing where to find the best outdoor umbrellas since a sunshade will make a big difference in your outdoor space and the desire to spend more time outdoors!




This shop has been compensated by Abba Patio. All opinions are mine alone. 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly outdoor decorating ideas and where to find the best outdoor umbrellas, keep reading!


How Can I Decorate My Patio on a Budget?


The first thing I did to decorate our patio on a budget was to clean it up as best as possible. This meant decluttering items no longer needed or used and putting things back where they belong. I knew we needed an umbrella for our outdoor patio so I used our umbrella as the starting point and inspiration for the rest of the outdoor decorations.


After careful research, I chose an offset cantilevered umbrella in dark brown by Abba Patio. I chose this offset umbrella because of the size, function, and reviews on Amazon. I chose a dark brown umbrella because I knew from experience the darker colors will show less dirt over time 😉


We keep the umbrella folded and covered all the time, except when actively in use. This practice protects the umbrella from damage if a storm or higher winds come along.



What is an Offset Umbrella?


An offset or cantilevered umbrella is an umbrella that is suspended in the air by an offset base instead of a traditional umbrella pole that sticks straight up. I chose an offset cantilever umbrella because it’s more versatile, allowing more space and function to our backyard. This umbrella is well priced and available to ship from Amazon.


How to Choose a Patio Umbrella


Amazon has several options for Outdoor Patio Umbrellas but I prefer to buy outdoor umbrellas and accessories from Abba Patio. We have the Abba Patio Rectangular Offset Cantilever Dual Wind Vent Patio Hanging Umbrella with Cross Base, 9 by 12-Feet, Dark Brown in our backyard and it was a great price compared to Outdoor umbrellas at Lowes or Outdoor Umbrellas at Costco. The Abba Patio ready-to-assemble offset umbrella and umbrella base were easy to put together and I look forward to using this umbrella for years to come!



Abba Patio umbrellas are Best Sellers on Amazon and I can see why!

  • You can’t beat the price! I looked at outdoor umbrellas for a month and Abba Patio offers the best price.
  • High-Quality Materials. The fabric is UV resistant and waterproof. The quality is impeccable and looks great.
  • Easy to Install. We assembled and installed the umbrella and umbrella base in less than 30 minutes.

Do I Need an Umbrella Base?


This Abba Patio heavy-duty base is the matching base for the offset cantilevered umbrella. It will take you some time to fill each of the four base ends with sand, but after a few hours of doing that, it will hold down your umbrella very well. I highly recommend investing in the Abba Patio umbrella base if you purchase the offset umbrella. You will rest assured that your umbrella is being supported by the matching umbrella base.


Where To Find The Best Outdoor Umbrella


I found the best outdoor umbrella on Amazon at Abba Patio. We have the Abba Patio Rectangular Offset Cantilever Dual Wind Vent Patio Hanging Umbrella with Cross Base, 9 by 12-Feet, Dark Brown.



This outdoor patio umbrella is high-quality, looks great, and is a good price. This umbrella was extremely affordable and convenient since it shipped directly to my home from a local Amazon warehouse in 2-business days! I was able to put it together in about 30 minutes and had our outdoor patio decorated the same day. This umbrella is made with high-quality materials and designed to withstand wind. I would recommend Abba Patio umbrellas because you will yield better quality than what you get in the big box stores.



In this picture: Abba Patio Umbrella 1-year later
See color options and available umbrellas:



Here are more details about this Budget-Friendly Offset Outdoor Umbrella:

  • Material: made from a durable fade resistant polyester that will last throughout the years. The fabrics offer 98% UV protection and are very easy to clean
  • Aluminum Pole and 8 steel ribs are bronze powder coated by Tiger Dryad, preventing chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion
  • Wind-Resistant: Vented top: the canopy is dual vented for proper airflow and stability
  • Easy to Open/Close: The umbrella opens up/closes easily with a crank system. The umbrella also has a 5 position vertical tilt function for an easy angle adjustment
  • Cross base included: Weights are not included, Search “B07G34MH9T” to get the matched weights


Now that you know where to find the best outdoor umbrella to decorate your outdoor space, let’s make some easy outdoor decorations!


3 DIY Outdoor Decorating Ideas On A Budget


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Over-Sized Farmhouse Lantern DIY


This oversized lantern cost $8 in supplies to make and adds depth and dimension while providing lighting to your outdoor space. Add a large candle or battery-operated twinkle lights inside for a budget-friendly DIY outdoor decoration.




  • 7 Packages of 5-gallon paint sticks (21 total)
  • 1 package of regular-sized paint sticks (10 total)
  • Gorilla Wood Glue Gun Sticks
  • Glue Gun
  • Nail Gun or small nails
  • Hand Saw
  • Rope
  • Exterior Paint or Exterior Wood Stain


  1. Gather supplies.
  2. Attach the corners of 2 large paint sticks using the gorilla glue gun and repeat 4 times (to create 4 corners)
  3. Cut 4 large paint sicks in half and cut the curved end off.
  4. Use the cut pieces and gorilla glue gun to attach the corners together to create a box.
  5. Once you have a box, glue 2 large sticks on each side as an “x” in the window.
  6. Cut 8 small paint sticks to fit the bottom of the lantern. Cut the remaining 2 small paint sticks to create an “x” and glue to the 8 sticks in a row.
  7. Glue the “floor” of the lantern.
  8. Use a nail gun or small nails to hold it all together (I nailed each corner and the bottom).
  9. Paint or stain the lantern your desired color. Use Exterior paint if using outdoors.
  10. Tie the rope to the top of the lantern to create a handle. I braided my rope to create a thick handle.
  11. Add a large candle or battery operated lights to the lantern.
Watch the Oversized Lantern DIY how-to video

Drift Wood Candle Holder DIY


This driftwood candle holder adds an extra touch of coastal decor to your outdoor space. Craft driftwood is inexpensive (or if your lucky enough to find the real thing where you live!) and this coastal candle holder is cute for indoor decor as well!




  • Small Glass Vase
  • Drift Wood
  • Sand (optional)
  • Glue Gun or E6000 Glue
  • Twine
  • Candle


  1. Gather supplies.
  2. Use a glue gun or E6000 glue to attach the driftwood sticks to the glass vase until the vase is completely covered.
  3. Use twine to wrap around the vase so any driftwood that doesn’t glue well is still attached to the vase.
  4. Fill the vase with sand and add a candle.
Watch the Driftwood Candle Holder how-to video

Chinese Paper Lanterns


Make your own paper lanterns or use inexpensive Chinese paper lanterns to update your outdoor space. Use fun colors and lighting to change the way these lanterns look in your backyard.



  • Chinese Paper Lanterns
  • Twine
  • Battery Operated Lights (optional)


  1. Gather supplies.
  2. Assemble paper lanterns according to the instructions.
  3. Use twine to hang the lanterns in the center of the umbrella.
  4. Add battery operated lights to the lanterns (optional).


Quick Outdoor Decorating Tips



  1. Bring the indoors outside. Bring indoor seating outside if you lack outdoor seating. Add pillows and blankets to your outdoor seating area to create a cozy setting.
  2. Create a mini drink station. Use a tray to hold drinks or bring a small stool or stand outside to create a minibar.
  3. Add plants. Even if your backyard has plenty of greenery, adding some flowers or plants will create a tropical, cozy vibe.



Did you make these 3 DIY Outdoor Decorating Ideas On A Budget or similar ones? I would love to see yours! Send me a picture of your creations on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll share with my followers!



Finding the best outdoor umbrella and umbrella base can be frustrating because there are so many options available. The outdoor umbrellas at Lowes and outdoor umbrellas at Costco can be over-priced and you are limited with options. You’ll find the best quality patio umbrellas and outdoor accessories at Abba Patio.



In this picture: Abba Patio Cantilevered Umbrella 1-year later
See color options and available decals:


Watch this Video of the Abba Patio Umbrella in action!


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Have you ever had trouble picking the right paint colors for your home? Choosing the right paint colors for your home can be overwhelming. There are so many different “whites” and “grays” these days, how can anyone know they are making the right paint color choice?


That’s why I put together the best tips on How to Choose Interior Paint Colors in this post.


Every home is different… the entryway in our first home was much different than the entryway in our second home, and both of those were very different from the entryway in our third home! So I chose a different paint color for each entryway in all three of our homes. Not to mention, from the time that we bought our first home, to the time that we bought our third home, home paint color trends changed drastically. The colors that I used back then are no longer a trendy color and well, I just didn’t like the brown-ish tan that was in our first home, haha.


So if you need help choosing paint colors for the rest of your home, head on over to this post to see my paint-picking tips and what has worked for me in all three of our homes 🙂 My post with how to choose paint colors for your home is one of my most popular posts and readers have benefited from reading it before heading to the store to buy paint that ends up not working out.


I also have some ideas for choosing paint color combinations for bedrooms (with themes!)


Paint Versus Peel & Stick Wallpaper


Peel and stick wallpaper has become very popular recently since not everyone has access to tools to build their own Shiplap walls (thanks Chip and Joanna) or wants to tile an entire wall with subway tile. I love tiling but if I could slap up some wallpaper and call it a day, that would make me, the hubby, and my wallet happy!


You can find peel and stick wallpaper online at Target, Amazon, Home Depot, and more! I’ve linked my favorite peel and stick wallpaper and the ones I’ve used personally below.


If you really like the idea of peel and stick wallpaper but have never used it before, I highly recommend reading my tips on using peel and stick wallpaper and checking out the different kinds of wallpaper that’ll instantly update your space!

There are so many different designs and colors and once you get the hang of applying the wallpaper, you will want to put peel and stick wallpaper in the closet, cabinets, bookcases, and more!

Using peel and stick wallpaper has definitely given us the ability to update our home quickly without all the hassle of cutting shiplap, faux wood, or tiling!

If you decide to try peel and stick wallpaper, I highly recommend reading my tips on using peel and stick wallpaper and checking out the different kinds of wallpaper that’ll instantly update your space!
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You don’t have to worry about how to paint kitchen cabinets without brush strokes because I have a secret in this post that reveals a step-by-step DIY tutorial with how to paint kitchen cabinets like a pro.


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Cheap Home Hacks that’ll Increase Value


Renovating a home can come with a high price tag if you’re not budgeting and deciding which updates bring the best return on investment. After selling our updated first home in just 4 years, we bought an even bigger house that needed a lot of updating. We sold our second home after 4 years while doing the much-needed work to produce a profit by following the same strategies we did in our first home.


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DIY Backyard Ideas on a Budget

7 Offset Patio Umbrella Lowes To Decor Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a deck or patio, you must want to enjoy an ultimate relaxing time whenever you want. You may have added some furniture and accessories to support the comfort of your outdoor living space, but without any outdoor umbrella, it is not a complete decoration.

The main function of the outdoor umbrella is obviously to protect the guests, furniture, and accessories from harmful sun rays or heavy rain. There numbers of umbrella for a patio like table umbrellas, tilting umbrellas, and cantilever umbrella. All of them have different features and functions.

Cantilever umbrella or also called offset umbrella is one of the most popular outdoor shade today. It looks more stylish and provides better functions than the other types. It is called offset because the base and pole of the umbrella are not located in the middle, so it looks more innovative than the conventional umbrella. You can also adjust the angle of the umbrella by a simple crank, following where the sun is going. This feature makes the cantilever umbrella more convenient to use.

Offset umbrellas come in various style, shape, and prices. You can browse them easily on the internet and choose the right one which fit your needs and money. Buying cantilever online is also a good step because you will find such umbrella in more affordable prices.

At lowes, you can find some offset umbrellas which look so beautiful to decorate your patio and gives you many benefits. Here, we have 8 offset patio umbrella Lowes and may be one of them meets your requirements.


Offset Patio Umbrella Lowes


Oakland Living Rochester Green offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $181.98)

credit: Lowe’s

It is such a cheap and nice umbrella to decorate your patio. It comes in an octagonal shape with rust-resistant aluminum frame and high-grade polyester fabric material. The dimension is 10′ W x 10′ L.


Lauren and Company Patio Umbrella (Price: $196.77)

credit: Lowe’s

The 10′ round offset umbrella which works well to cover 4 Piece dining set. The durability is ensured by its rust-free aluminum pole with a steel frame. There are three colors available which are Terracotta, Hunter Green, and Tan.


CorLiving Offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $199)

credit: Lowe’s

The octagonal umbrella with 9.5′ W x 11′ L dimension with UV-resistant polyester fabric. You can choose three color options to match with your patio’s design which are Sandy Brown, Wine Red, and Black with two choices of frame finish which are gray and black.


Sunjoy Red Garden Patio Umbrella (Price: $199)

credit: Lowe’s

This offset umbrella comes with a net which works not only to cool you down but also to protect you from annoying bugs. The net can be rolled up when you don’t need to use it. It comes with 10′ W x 10′ dimension in a lovely octagonal shape.


Blue Wave Santiago Offset Terracotta Umbrella (Price: $213)

credit: Lowe’s

The gorgeous terracotta offset umbrella to match with your backyard’s environment. It comes with a sturdy metal frame which makes it safe to use in windy condition.


Simply Shade Red Offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $298)

credit: Lowe’s

Turns your patio into fun and entertaining outdoor space with this beautiful offset umbrella which comes with built in 42 pieces LED lights. The umbrella will not only lighten your evening tea time but also adds much value to your outdoor space in the night.


Blue Wave Santorini II Antique Offset Patio Umbrella (Price: $1,032)

credit: Lowe’s

This is the most expensive offset umbrella which you can fit at Lowes. It is a gorgeous square patio umbrella with UV and weather resistant acrylic fabric. You can choose Beige and Stone color options.

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5 Delightful Umbrella Decoration Ideas to Welcome the Rains • One Brick At A Time

Whether you like the rains or not, if you are a Mumbaikar, you always await the rains eagerly just to escape the hot, hot Indian summer! You might tire of them easily and after a month of steady downpours, wait for them to be gone… but the arrival of the rains is always cause for celebration. Last year we celebrated the rains on this blog with a post on monsoon shopping. This year we celebrate with some great umbrella decoration ideas!

A friend of mine recently gifted me this embroidered umbrella.

Isn’t she a beauty? The bright colours and fine sequin work are perfectly pretty.

I recently saw umbrellas used beautifully in the garden of the Taj Gateway at Madurai. They made for a warm, traditional yet glam welcome.

I also remember seeing this last year while walking down the Le Caudan Waterfront in Mauritius. What a pretty way to shade the walkways!

I couldn’t leave my umbrella lying around. I just had to use it. After giving it some thought, I went and hung it from my balcony ceiling, with the plants. It adds it’s own sparkle to that corner, especially when the fairy lights are on at night.

It helps to hide that outdoor AC unit a bit and take the attention away from it. And the bright red and blue add some colour amongst all the greenery.

I quite like the umbrella corner of the balcony!

Such pretty ways to use the umbrellas… it inspired me to look up some more, and hence this post! So call your friends over for a rain themed party, or celebrate the rains simply because you love them. Here are some pretty umbrella decoration ideas for your home.

(1) Umbrella Door Hanging:

Let’s start at the entrance. These door hangings are easy to make and so, so pretty. Use the umbrella like a vase. You could put in big bunch of real or fake flowers, tie it up with a pretty ribbon and hang it on your door.


Use just whites and greens if you want to keep it understated and elegant.


Or a bright umbrella with loads of different flowers to add a pop of colour.


You can also hang these inside the house as beautiful wall decor.

(2) Make an Umbrella Centre Piece:

A pretty lace umbrella in a bright bunch of flowers makes for a delightful centre piece on your table.


(3) Hang Umbrellas from the Ceiling:

A single simple umbrella, decorated with a trim of flowers and strings of glass beads… it’s like a gorgeous handmade chandelier.


Or hang a number of them decorated with greens and flowers to make your private ‘rain-forest’!


Or decorate your umbrella with ribbons and beads and hang it upside down.


I love how everything is colour coordinated here… from the umbrellas to the flowers to the cupcakes… perfect for a girls lunch or girls night out.


Add fairy lights and bulbs to the upside down umbrellas to add romance to your room.


(4) Umbrella Decoration Ideas for Kids Parties and Baby Showers:

Planning a birthday party or baby shower in the coming months? Use these ideas to host a rain themed party!


String up some raindrop cut outs and hang them from the umbrellas. You can go easily use the colours of the raindrops to enhance your colour scheme.


Add some hanging clouds to make a rainy dreamland.


I love this cocktail umbrella garland. You can learn this simple DIY step-by-step here.

(5) Use Cocktail Umbrellas to Decorate Your Food & Drinks:

I used a cocktail umbrella on my Watermelon Nojito (did you know a non-alcoholic mojito is called a nojito?)

Take a highball glass. Take chopped, de-seeded watermelon cubes to fill about 3/4 of that glass, 1 tsp sugar, and 1/2 tsp of ginger paste. Blend all these in a mixer till smooth.

Put some sugar in a small dish. I use powdered and crystal sugar coz I love the crunch of the sugar crystals with every sip. Moisten the rim of the glass by rubbing lime on it and then place the glass upside down in the sugar to rim the glass.

Put some mint leaves, 1/2 tsp sugar and juice of 1/2 lemon in the glass and muddle it gently till you can smell the mint leaves.

Now fill 1/2 the glass with ice cubes and pour the watermelon juice mixture into the glass. Top up the glass with soda. Garnish with a slice of watermelon, a sprig of mint and a cocktail umbrella!

You can also use the cocktail umbrellas to decorate your deserts. My on-the-spot, quick-fix, ever-ready desert for always is vanilla ice-cream…

With whatever toppings I can lay my hands on. That’s delicious looking and tasting!

Now that you have umbrellas in your home and in your food, you’re ready to celebrate the monsoons!

Whether with family, with friends, or sitting by yourself at the window with a cup of hot chai, I hope you enjoy the romance of the rains!

Until next time,


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Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration Umbrellas & Rain Accessories Accessories

Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered. Indian Patchwork Handmade Umbrella Sun Protection Woman Umbrella Parasol Bohemian Embroidered Patchwork Umbrellas Wedding Decoration Indian handmade vintage umbrella wedding decor lace parasol wholesale lot is a perfect artifact for decoration of any wedding & ring ceremonies, baby shower. Indian Patchwork Handmade Umbrella Sun Protection Woman Umbrella Parasol Bohemian Embroidered Patchwork Umbrellas Wedding Decoration。Indian handmade vintage umbrella wedding decor lace parasol wholesale lot is a perfect artifact for decoration of any wedding & ring ceremonies, baby shower functions, birthday party decoration and so many other occasions. 。Not to mention it’s a perfect umbrella for you to protect from sun light either you go to your college, office, shopping and beaches.。Note: Please select quantity you need from drop down box.。Item Description:。Item – Hand Embroidered Mirror Work Umbrella 。Design – Bohemian。Fabric – 100% Cotton Fabric, Mirror, Embroidery, Tassels, sequins, beads。Size – 24″ Inches ( 60 CM) Approx.。Color – Multi-Colored。Perfect for one person.。Note: Each umbrella is unique in terms of color, patches and embroidery. You will get assorted lot of umbrellas.。Important Note:。These Umbrellas are completely handmade by local artisan in Jaipur, India Which may result rare uneven edges or loose thread sometimes. Colors of threads may be different from pictures above. However, this adds to the character and beauty of the handmade umbrellas and makes them unique and one of a kind.。

Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration

Glitter Pigtail bows Glitter Hairbow sparkly hairbows hair accesssory Party Glitter Bow Hairbows baby headbands, Baby Girl Bows Headband Bows Infant Bows Toddler Bows Blue Textured Tori Bow, Hand painted Dark Red Sugar Skull Skeleton mask for Wear or Art Wall Decoration, READY to SHIP Olive Green Infinity scarf Handknit Soft Hand Knit scarf Green Scarf Knitted Wool Neck Warmer Knit scarf Winter scarf. Stella bow tieaccessoriesweddingbusinessbewoodenwooden bow tiegift. Rhinestone Skating Dog, Long Brand Custom Rose Gold Color Tag Bag Feet Luggage Personalized Name Custom Label \u2013 Made to Order. vintage embroidered 1980s sew on 1970s NE motorbike badge Yamaha yellow red silver small patch iron on, Coral Fascinator Coral Pink Pillbox with Feather Mount. Sorority College Graduation Keychain Custom Girl Grad Gift for Her Senior Gifts Class of 2021 Alpha Gamma Delta Alumna Graduation Gift, Scarf Liberty Betsy Blue. Discounts may apply on large quantities custom hat feathers are handmade to your specifications unique one of a kind Award hat feathers. vintage 1940’s Ethyl Young black fur felt fedora hat. Black Dark Green White Pheasant Feather Pillbox Hat 40s Fascinator Vtg Hair 1314, Fall carnations flower crown. Cow dishwasher magnet. Handmade Clay Pin Frog Polymer Clay Pin, Yellow floral crochet handkerchief vintage hankie, 4th of July hair bow Big bow hair clips Big bow headbands Big hair bows Glitter hair bows Glitter hair clips 4th of July headbands.

Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration

3 times more scratch resistant than the standard lenses, We hold our suppliers and designers to the highest standards, Date first listed on : September 7. Product Description The Wedge-All wedge anchors are a non-bottom bearing, A must have classic style zip up bomber jacket. Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration. Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns, Date first listed on : October 23. Check Our Unique Size Guide for the Right Fit, Buy Etecredpow Women Printed Loose Swing Round Neck Summer Linen Ethnic Style Layered Hem Long Dress and other Dresses at. Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration, Fits Element Doors P/N’s: 51791. instead of just certain parts of it, About Size:Size may be 2cm/1 inch inaccuracy due to measure. Our item cost doesn’t include import duty and charges, Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration. and I only use the highest quality of supplies in creating my babies. We do not accept return requests for any digital file orders, Set will be made with a soft acrylic yarn that is easy care, please contact us via the Custom Order Request button on this listing. Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration, but do not provide postage or return postage, Neck Underpart Width: Inner Diameter: 3, UPDATED STRONG SUCTION CUPS-Compare with original suction cups with iron hook more stable and not easy to fall off, exclusive pieces and decor items to make their homes especially personable and distinctive drives Thompson & elm international to stay on top of relevant fashions and fads making them a superior company to rely on for all everyday and seasonal decorating needs. Wholesale Lot Decorative Umbrellas Indian Hand Embroidered Cotton Wedding Umbrella Party Decor Wedding Decor Parasol Umbrella Decoration. you can use it as a great replacement for the old or worn one, Great prices on your favourite Home brands, give pots and planters a flat surface to rest upon.

Wonderful umbrellas for walking in the rain

Wonderful umbrellas for walking in the rain – Stylish vintage jewelry. Umbrellas and raincoats for children

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fourteen Fast purchase with delivery time up to 14 days in Khabarovsk.In such purchases, there is no need to wait until the order is confirmed. You place an order and pay for it right away.

740 p.

Assortment umbrella
Purpose for children
Type of folding umbrella
Brand Lamberti
mechanics (opens and closes manually)
Properties from the sun, from rain, light
Dome size average
Dome diameter
98 cm
Cost / price cheap
with pattern
Brand country
3 additions
Length of the folded umbrella
25 cm
Frame material fiberglass, steel
Dome material
Number of needles, pcs.8 spokes
Handle material plastic
Handle shape straight
220 g

440 p.

Assortment umbrella
Appointment for children
Type umbrella-cane
Brand Diniya
semi-automatic (opens by pressing a button, closes manually)
Properties from snow, from the sun, from rain
Dome diameter
84 cm
Cost / price inexpensive
Drawing on dome
with cats
Brand country
Country of origin
Folded umbrella length
68 cm
Frame material steel
Dome material
Number of needles, pcs.8 spokes
Handle material plastic
Handle shape hook
250 g

440 p.

Assortment umbrella
Purpose for children
Umbrella type
Brand Diniya
semiautomatic device (opens by pressing a button, closes manually)
Properties from snow, from rain
Dome diameter
84 cm
Cost / price inexpensive
Drawing on the dome
Brand country
Country of origin
Folded umbrella length
68 cm
Frame material steel
Dome material
Number of needles, pcs.8 spokes
Handle material plastic
Handle shape hook
250 g

We use metadata (cookie, IP address and location data) for the website to function.By continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of metadata Close 90,000 ideas for use in an apartment and in a summer cottage

The umbrella was invented in the countries of the Ancient East before our era. Initially, it served as a sun protection, decoration and a sign of wealth for the owners. In European countries, the item was gradually modernized: a folding structure was developed, and the fabric was impregnated with a water-repellent compound.Modern products have become compact, with a lightweight frame with an ingenious mechanism and a waterproof dome. These features made even an old or out-of-fashion umbrella suitable for further use – it can still be useful in an apartment or in a country house for a long time, as well as be an unusual decor detail.

Plants with a shallow root system are planted in any containers with soil. To create a colorful mobile flower bed, umbrellas with a strong frame and undamaged fabric are chosen.At the end of the season, the bright stand can be moved indoors, where the flowers overwinter and, with the onset of warmth, can again decorate the site.

A picturesque flower garden can be supplemented with a “roof” that protects from showers or direct sunlight. The color of the umbrella should be in harmony with the shades of the flower bed.

From a plastic dome, you can make a comfortable greenhouse in a few minutes.

Beautiful country crafts made from scrap materials always attract enthusiastic glances.The composition of plants in a waterproof “vase” with a comfortable handle is easy to assemble for the arrival of guests, and it will delight everyone for a long time.

An anniversary celebration or wedding ceremony is often organized in the spacious courtyard of a country house. For such festive events, you can prepare a short-lived, but very aesthetic decor from an old umbrella and fresh flowers.

Even boring monochrome products can shine with bright colors.

Little lovers of running around the summer cottage will like a homemade kite.To make it, you need a large umbrella and a long string.

Simple but colorful chandeliers that will organically fit into the interior of an apartment and a country house will be a non-standard and cheap alternative to purchased products. The pattern on the plafond of the electrical appliance must correspond to the chosen design of the room.

The rich color of a homemade lampshade will divert attention from the shortcomings of the suburban building room.

A “airy” white or transparent shades emphasize the elegance of a solid finish.

Battery-powered LED elements make an evening walk in the rain more pleasant and safe. A child under a luminous dome, remaining in the field of view of parents, will not run away or get lost.

You can use for homemade products not only the entire umbrella, but also its individual parts. If old wooden handles are refurbished, varnished or painted, then they will come in handy for creating, for example, a colorful wall lamp and a hanger in the hallway.

Needlewomen from the fabric of the dome of the old umbrella sew bags, skirts, dresses and carnival costumes.

To make the clothes inimitable, the craftswomen even use the details of the metal structure when developing the model.

The waterproof material will serve for a long time, protecting children or pets from rain and wind. Any mother can handle the production of a cape, and sewing overalls for a dog will require imagination, sewing patterns and a good command of a sewing machine.

Children’s room will be decorated with handmade toys. Kids will be happy to take part in the development of original “projects”.

It is always pleasant to admire the fruits of your labor, especially if it does not take much time and diligence to create original creations. High-quality materials used for the manufacture of umbrellas can become the basis for the implementation of your interesting ideas.

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How to decorate an umbrella with leaves – MOREREMONTA

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Attention, test for knowledge of Russian pop music: what is most important? The answer is obvious: the weather in the house. And everything except, is easy to settle with an umbrella. Checked by Larisa Dolina. But umbrellas are good not only to escape from bad weather and inspire songs. And the amazing examples below prove it. Just look at the use of old umbrellas by resourceful housewives!

Good umbrellas are expensive, but cheap ones, alas, break down quickly.But do not rush to throw away the umbrella, as soon as you find a small hole or broken knitting needle on it. Let the damaged accessory no longer be able to reliably protect from rain, but it can still serve in the household or become a unique decorative element. See for yourself: if you have imagination, you can easily get out of an umbrella …

1. Lampshade

How easy it is to feel like a hero of a fairy tale or the owner of your own photo studio!

2. Spectacular Halloween decoration

Even an umbrella completely beaten by life and the elements will find work.Most importantly, do not spare the thread for the artificial web.

3. Canopy or air lock for children’s games

Who in childhood would not have been delighted with their own “palace”? And the parent just needs to use an umbrella as a base and add more long fabric.

4. The most amazing and delicate bouquet

An umbrella will keep your bouquet no worse than a vase, but such a composition looks many times more spectacular. Put a floral sponge well moistened with water in a folded cane umbrella and arrange the flowers in it.Secure with satin ribbon or rough rustic twine. Isn’t it beautiful?

5. Luxurious “crystal” chandelier

Broken umbrella + beads or decorative clear plastic garland = one very special chandelier.

6. Compact clothes dryer

Easy to fold and takes up very little space – a godsend for drying small items and for small apartments.

7. Mini-greenhouse for plants

For this purpose, be sure to choose a plastic umbrella.

8. Skirt

Perfect for cycling in a rainy city.

9 and 10.

But this smart umbrella will not only protect you from rain, but also warn you about it. You definitely won’t want to throw away such an umbrella!

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Author (s) Shubina Anna
Age 10-11 years
Educational institution MBOU DOD Center “Potential”, circle “Skillful hands”, p.Sigaevo, Udmurt Republic
Materials maple leaves, umbrella, safety pins
Educator Mikheeva Elena Vladimirovna
R&D October 19

Autumn hurried to visit us
She dropped the colorful umbrella.
Take your time, beauty,
Let us have some fun!
(The author of the lines is my colleague Tatyana Shadrina)

He will wash the roof at the hut,
Will take Misha to the den,
He will finish the peasant labor,
And then the leaves rustle.
We will ask her quietly:
– Who are you? – And we will hear.

After collecting colorful leaves, attach them in a circle to the umbrella with pins.

There is a festival of autumn leaves in Japan. In the national park of the city of Nikko, an influx of tourists is observed in the fall. And many Japanese take a vacation at this time of year to admire the autumn maples of the park, which are painted in different colors.

We suggest holding an autumn ball, a vegetable fair, an exhibition of autumn handicrafts, contests on this day.Competitions can be as follows:

1.transfer an apple on your head without dropping it

2. Transfer the potatoes with a spoon from one basket to another

3.Blindfolded feed each other with carrots


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Returning to what was written. Hello everybody. Yesterday I posted a lesson How to do it.

Saving pictures in the required format Hello everyone. Today the topic of the lesson will be long.

Video Editing – Free, No Limitations & No Watermark! Icecream Video Editor is simple and devilish.

Scrolling screenshot. Capturing, that is, a snapshot of an image on a monitor screen is called a screenshot.

4 exercises so as not to lose clarity of thinking at any age Although some of these exercises.




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Thursday, 15 November 201211:28 + to quote pad

One of the signs of autumn is the umbrella.

At this time of year, you need to have it always at hand. But who said that the umbrella should be gloomy?

Designers offer painted umbrellas for fall and winter 2012-2013, although boutiques offer such creations at a very high price.

But why do we need boutiques if every woman can paint an umbrella.

You can practice on an old umbrella.

Moreover, we have a couple of repair tips in store for you.

Most often, the needles of the umbrellas break.

This breakdown is easy to repair.

You need to take an empty rod from a ballpoint pen, cut off 4-5 cm from it and connect the parts of the broken knitting needle with it.

First you need to put the tube (a piece of the rod) on one part of the spoke.

Then, on the other hand, insert the second part of the spoke into the rod.

For safety, a little transparent glue can be applied to the knitting needles.

Moment diamond – will do.

It remains to move the rod so that the breakage point is in the middle and wait a little until the glue hardens.

The transparent cone of the rod will perfectly hold the spoke and will be almost invisible.

Another nuisance that often happens with umbrellas is a frayed rivet.

A woman can cope with such a breakdown.

Moreover, an ordinary female hairpin will be very useful and will help to repair the umbrella.

Align the holes on the parts, insert the pin and bend it so that it does not slip.

The extra long ends of the stud can be bent and pressed against the spoke.
Everything. The umbrella is repaired.
And now you can color it.

You can fall into abstraction and be a little lazy.

Let’s take advantage of the beauty of nature.

Acrylic paints for fabric are suitable to decorate the umbrella.

Of course, you need to take moisture-resistant ones for the umbrella.

And the umbrella must be degreased before painting.

Pick beautiful leaves as you walk through the park.They will become a template for your drawing.

Using a regular kitchen sponge, apply paint to the sheet, press it against the surface of the open umbrella and press down well with a napkin.

Paint should be collected more so that it “splashes” slightly.

Remove the sheet – the drawing is ready.

If you are not very fond of abstractions – use stencils.

They can now be downloaded on the Internet in huge quantities and for every taste.

If you have never done this, read the article Decorating clothes.Stencil painting.

Everything is painted there in detail.
If you want the trendiest print, then for 2013 this is of course a snake.

For snake stencils, see articles:

If you like romantic motives more – choose: butterflies, sakura, just beautiful flowers.

The main thing is that you like it and your heart be happy.

After practicing on an old umbrella, you can move on to the “free hand” style.

If you enjoy the activity, who knows, you may become the new famous umbrella designer.

Such a career and work is a reality and it is quite possible to earn decent money by decorating umbrellas

Here, on the left, are several designs of different complexity for decorating a monochromatic umbrella.

Please note that the borders are blurred, as on the two lower umbrellas, the fabric should be moistened in the right places.

And the paint will “float”, which gives such a beautiful halo effect.

However, in order to decorate an umbrella it is not necessary to take up paints.
Laces, ruffles, fabric flowers and plain fabric can be used.

Imagine how a regular umbrella would change if you sew or glue a frill or lace along the edge.

The only thing I want to warn about is to use the needle carefully.

The fabric must not be pierced; the threads must be gently pushed apart with the needle.

By the way, look at how the problem with the hole in the umbrella was solved in an original way.

On the bottom of the black umbrella another fabric is hemmed, and the top has a magnificent decor.

What did you do with pink – you can see for yourself

The article was written specially for the site

Leave your comments – we are very interested in your opinion

90,000 Non-tourist places in Istanbul –

Istanbul is a majestic city where you can live for a month and not even explore its 10th part. But, if you have already visited the main attractions of Istanbul and the museums of Istanbul, then curious travelers will have a question about what interesting non-tourist places can be found in Istanbul.In this article we will try to answer this question.

Istanbul Markets

The Egyptian spice market and the Grand Bazaar can hardly be called non-tourist places, but these markets have retained their distinctiveness, and it is very interesting to wander through them and look for gifts for both yourself and your loved ones. What can you bring from Istanbul, you ask? Anything: a Turk, a handmade lamp or candlestick, scarves, oriental sweets, spices. All this is in these bazaars. Or maybe you are lucky and you will find some kind of treasure among tons of trinkets and incomprehensible things.

With the markets in the center of Istanbul, everything is clear, but if you want to see where the locals are bought, then try skating to the Beşiktaş Fish Market. In general, in the Besiktas market, in addition to seafood, many locally produced goods such as textiles and other Turkish trinkets are sold. And if you go down from the market to the embankment, you can dine in numerous cafes or simply take a break and drink Turkish tea.

Ferry between the Asian and European side of Istanbul

There is no longer such a city on the planet that would be located on two continents.And it’s a sin not to take advantage of such a favorable geographic location and not take a ride on a regular ferry with locals from Asia to Europe. In addition to enjoying the views of Istanbul for a small fee, you will be able to see ordinary city residents commuting to work. Agree that not every day you make such a magical journey between continents in 20 minutes?

Street Art Streets

Istanbul is a city where you will find a lot of colorful graffiti.And all because in this multimillion-dollar population there are many people who want to express their protest, disagreement with the authorities through this type of art, or simply show how cool they draw. Graffiti is scattered throughout the city, but the largest number is in the Xishan, Karakoy and Kadikoy districts. If you are afraid to get lost in the illogical interweaving of the streets of Istanbul, you can join the famous Istanbul Street Art Walk excursion in the city or download the special Streetart-Istanbul application with graffiti marks on the map.

Colorful stairs

Despite the fact that the multi-colored staircase has already become quite a popular place among visitors to Istanbul, it still looks unusual and delights photographers. How did this piece of art come about? A local resident once painted a staircase to decorate his neighborhood. But the authorities considered it an act of vandalism and after a couple of days they repainted it gray! After that, the people of the people, in honor of the protest, painted several stairs in the area, which after that no one painted over.The most popular staircase is next to Cafe Nove in Beyoglu district.

Karakoy Street with Umbrellas

Streets with umbrellas have already become a decoration of many cities in the world, and Istanbul is no exception. If you want to take some bright, positive photos, then head to the Karaköy area, where there are many cafes and shops in its narrow cobbled streets, and where you will find this street with umbrellas next to the Karaköy Bulldog cafe.

Istanbul Railway Museum

Istanbul Railway Museum (İstanbul Demiryolu Müzesi) is located at Sirkeci Terminal, which was the terminus of the Orient Express.The museum is small, and you can lay down about 30 minutes to visit it. But you can touch the history of the famous train, see many exhibits (about 300 pieces), old photographs and various elements of the train.

Turkish bath hamam

For those not in the know, the hamam is a Turkish bath with lots of steam. A visit to the hamam is a whole ritual: you first need to steam thoroughly, sitting on the marble slabs, and then you can go for the procedures.The procedures consist in the fact that the attendant rubs you with a hard washcloth, removing dead skin cells, and then makes a more gentle foam massage.

There are a lot of hammams in Istanbul: there is a public one, there are hammams in hotels. This is a great way to recuperate after many kilometers of walks in Istanbul.

I would advise you to visit one of the historic hamams:

  • Süleymaniye hamamı is a beautiful architectural complex of the 16th century, which is still very popular today.The cost of a visit, which includes a hammam + foam massage + peeling package, is 40 Euro.
  • Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamami is a luxurious and very famous bathhouse in Istanbul, which is recognized as an architectural masterpiece. In this hamam you can really steam up like a king and feel like a sultan, because even basins and taps are gilded here! The cost of visiting this bath is 80-160 Euro, depending on the package of services.
  • Ali Pasha Hamam (Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı) is a popular pretty hamam, completely renovated in 2012.The cost of visiting with the hammam ritual + foam massage + peeling: 40 Euro.
  • Çemberlitaş Hamamı is a historical Turkish bath. Here you can buy a different number of services, a visit to the hamam alone costs 20 Euro.
  • Cağaloğlu Hamamı – cost of visit: 20 Euro.

Hookah smoking

Since you have come to Istanbul and are in search of non-tourist attractions, then you should definitely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 17th century and visit one of the many hookah bars in the city.I do not urge you to become an avid smoker, but I advise you to just visit an authentic place and smoke a hookah from real oriental gurus. Before ordering a hookah, be sure to tell the hookah maker your taste preferences so that you get a really excellent hookah. Traditional Turkish black tea will be served with the hookah.

  • Erenler Nargile
  • Ağa Kapısı Cafe
  • Sadabat Nargile & Cafe
  • Ali Paşa Medresesi – in this colorful hookah bar you will feel the atmosphere of old Turkey.

Street Food

Istanbul is not a city where you need to spend time in restaurants, this city was created for walking and tasting street food, because its diversity is amazing!

Street food vendors are found all over Istanbul. What dishes are worth trying? You can start with street food classics:

  • Turkish bagels with sesame seeds Simit – a classic of Istanbul street food
  • Dolma with mussels (Midye Dolmasi)
  • Kokoreç is a giblet dish.
  • Doner – there is no need to explain what it is.
  • Alyk-ekmek – fish-bread, i.e. fresh fried fish, laid in half a loaf with vegetables and herbs.
  • Kumpir – large potatoes baked in a peel and filled with butter and cheese, as well as various ingredients: salad, vegetables, mushrooms, sausages, etc.
  • Turkish pizza Pide
  • Gozleme – stuffed flatbread. The filling can be very different: cheese, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, minced meat, egg.
  • Börek – stuffed pie (minced meat, potatoes and cheese).
  • Lahmajun is a type of so-called Turkish pizza. Minced meat, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, herbs, spices are placed on a crispy tortilla.
  • Sweets and tea

Turkey is an agricultural country, so here on every corner you will find a sale of freshly squeezed juices from ripe fruits. Drink them to your health, because they are very inexpensive.

Non-tourist observation deck

If you are tired of the tourist center of Istanbul, then here is my advice to you – go to Pierre Loti Café.This modern teahouse is located on a hill in the Eyup area, offering breathtaking views of the Golden Horn. The cafe is very cozy, decorated with old photographs, lovely wooden furniture, and traditional white and red tablecloths decorate the tables. This lovely cafe takes you back to the 19th century. You can go up to the cafe on the Pierre Loti funicular, which is also a kind of interesting attraction.

In addition to visiting this lovely teahouse, you can have breakfast at the scenic restaurant Bâb-ı Âli Kahvesi or İstanbul Sapphire Seyir Terasi.

Breaking Bad style coffee shop

Breaking Bad fans will be delighted to visit an unusual bar-coffee shop called Walter’s Coffee Roastery, whose interior is very reminiscent of a chemical laboratory. In the cafe you can feel like the famous chemist Walter White and sip your favorite drink. Coffee is not so expensive here: a cup of Latte will cost about 1.5 Euros.

Bulgarian Church of St. Stephen

Didn’t expect to meet an Orthodox church in Istanbul? And he is there.This Orthodox church was erected in honor of the First Martyr Stephen and belongs to the Bulgarian community of Istanbul. The main feature of the church is that it is completely made of cast iron. It is one of the few remaining temples in the world made of this material. The church looks very unusual. You can get to the church by ferry cruising along the Golden Horn Bay (from Karakei or Uskudar, you need to sail to the Fener pier).

Walking Tour of Interesting Areas

Lovers of interesting architecture should take a walk in some districts of Istanbul:

  • Fener is a Greek neighborhood with colorful houses, cobbled streets and pretty buildings.
  • Balat – the Jewish quarter, too, with colorful houses, historic buildings, vintage shops. In addition to the oldest synagogue in Istanbul, there are also Greek and Armenian churches in Balat.
  • Kuzguncuk is another area with colorful unusual houses.
  • Arnavutköy is a very beautiful area with an embankment on the Bosphorus. The area is famous for its wooden houses and fish restaurants.
  • Yeniköy is a prosperous district of Istanbul, located on the European coast of the Bosphorus.Yenikey is home to the wealthy Istanbul residents and prominent politicians. Noteworthy are the beautiful houses of the Ottoman Empire, stretched out in rows along the water, as well as fish restaurants. In this area there is an interesting street Köybaşı Caddesi, stretching under the crowns of plane trees. The area is adjacent to the Besiktas area, where the Dolmabahce Palace and the Chiragan Palace are located. You can get to the area with transfers by bus # 336M.

Take hundreds of pictures of cats

Istanbul is a real city of cats, which can be found everywhere here – near the main attractions, and in the trees, and on the marinas.In an article about cats in Turkey, I told why cats have become sacred animals in Turkey, I will not repeat myself. And I just advise you to always keep your camera ready in Istanbul, because you never know where the next fluffy cutie will meet. Cats in Istanbul are very kind and trusting, because the inhabitants of the city are constantly feeding them, so do not be afraid to stroke them or give them a little food.

Stay in an extraordinary hotel in Istanbul

As you know, Istanbul is a city of contrasts, so it is natural that here you will find a lot of interesting and luxurious hotels, as well as exclusive apartments.For example, the Empress Zoe hotel (from 45 Euros per night), which is located in the center of Istanbul in an old building, but at the same time its rooms are very colorful and very clean. No wonder the hotel has earned the love of tourists and a rating of 9.2.

Do you think hotels are soulless? Then Airbnb offers exclusive apartments and apartments in all corners of Istanbul. At the same time, there are apartments for every taste – from modern to traditional.

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