Cheap rock star clothes: Rocker Clothing and Stage Wear – Bring Out Your Inner Rockstar


Rocker Clothing and Stage Wear – Bring Out Your Inner Rockstar

Feel Unforgiven With Alternative Rock and Roll Clothing and Fashions

Since it’s conception, rock and roll clothing functioned as a reflection of the music and contributed to developing fashion trends that extended beyond notes and lyrics, and inspired an image for the musical revolution. For instance, the folk melodies of the 50s and 60s mirrored a paradigm transition in views of the modern society, which range from the Vietnam War to intimacy before marriages. After that emerged rock n’ roll, which was a genuine rebellion against the bland and demure generation after World War II. The later 60s, along with the commencing of the 70s, observed lo-fi audio with tension on volume, audio distortion, and electric guitars and drums.

The middle of the 70s was the age of punk, fortifying the origins of dissident. Punk rock generated a subculture and provided arrival of many sub-genres of music. To this day, punk rock music apparel, rock and roll clothing, bondage apparel, and Gothic apparel tend to make waves and is donned arrogantly by this era. Rock and roll clothing signifies a far more particular sub-genre of music along with a punk rock perspective. The tracks of this specific music style feature distinctively defiant lyrics with bold political concepts, aggressive instrumentation, and rapid rhythm.

Punk isn’t just a type of music that is performed and neglected. It becomes a part of you and inspires a lifestyle of extremes and the realization that it’s OK to question authority. Punk rockers are well-known for their design assertions, notably by way of rock and roll clothing that tends to be offensive or outrageous. Punk fashion has been known to include ragged clothing, often held together by commonly found items like safety pins. They also make use of unusual items like razor blades, spray paint, and rugged jewelry, commonly with avante garde hairstyles and colors that defined the look.

Rock and roll clothing is hostile and abrasive in these times, even though the distressed apparel now tends to be purposeful and of extremely high quality. Indulging in the fore mentioned excess and shock, the rock star appearance is certainly one that screams sex. There’s absolutely no place for modesty in rock and roll, so both guys and women dress in super-snug pants and tight fitted t-shirts.

With the style being individuality and creativity, it’s easy to show personality and attitude through rock and roll clothing. It’s a fashion scene made for those who wish to represent the music that moves their lives with the clothing that fuels the fire of change and an image that screams, “I’m not like anybody else.”

Backstage Rockstar – Cool Rock Clothing T shirts & Jewellery

Size Guide

Wornstar Clothing:

Size T-Shirt & Hoodie Work Shirt Waistcoat
XS 32-36″ (81-91cm)
S 36-40″ (91-102cm) 38-42″ (97-107cm) 38″ (97cm)
M 40-42″ (102-107cm) 42-45″ (107-114cm) 40″ (102cm)
L 42-44″ (107-112cm) 45-48″ (114-122cm) 42″ (107cm)
XL 44-46″ (112-117cm) 48-50″ (122-127cm) 44″ (112cm)
2XL 46-48″ (117-122cm) 50-54″ (127-137cm) 46″ (117cm)
3XL 48-50″ (122-127cm) 54-58″ (137-147cm) 48″ (122cm)
4XL 50″ (127cm)
Size V-Neck, Tank & Dress Boyfriend Tee & Hoodie (Unisex)
XS 32-36″ (81-91cm)
S 30-32″ (76-81cm) 36-40″ (91-102cm)
M 32-34″ (81-86cm) 40-42″ (102-107cm)
L 34-36″ (86-91cm) 42-44″ (107-112cm)
XL 36-38″ (91-97cm) 44-46″ (112-117cm)
2XL 38-42″ (97-107cm) 46-48″ (117-122cm)


 Red Chapter Clothing:


Affliction / Xtreme Couture:

All sizes are in inches and are for approximation only. Each garment will have a small variation in sizing due to the different washes we use to make each garment unique. 

Men’s Tops
Xtreme Couture tops are true to size and are a fashion fit. If you want the garment to fit looser consider ordering one size larger.

Men’s Tees and Flying V Tanks
Width (Measured from 1″ below arm hole)
S-19.5 M-20.5 L-21.5 XL-22.5 XXL-24 XXXL-26.5
Length (Measured from the top of shoulder where it meets the collar)
S-26 M-27 L-28 XL-29 XXL-30 XXXL-31

Men’s L/S Tees
Width (Measured from 1″ below arm hole)
S-19.5 M-20.5 L-21.5 XL-22.5 XXL-24 XXXL-26.5
Length (Measured from the top of shoulder where it meets the collar)
S-26 M-27 L-28 XL-29 XXL-30 XXXL-31

Men’s Thermals
Width (Measured from 1″ below arm hole)
S-17 M-18 L-19 XL-20.5 XXL-22
Length (Measured from the top of shoulder where it meets the collar)
S-27 M-28 L-29 XL-30 XXL-31

Cheap Rockstar Clothing, find Rockstar Clothing deals on line at Alibaba.


My Dad Rockstar-white infant/baby clothing with black text, 100% cotton, 7.5 knit


BigMouth Inc Shower Curtain (Rockstar)


Rockstar 48-inch Catamaran Gas Powered: RTR


Rockstar Sushi Women’s T Shirt Rockstar Print Tee


Rockstar Sushi Women’s Shirt Distressed Rockstar Back Print Long Sleeve


Rockstar Sushi Men’s T Shirt Rockstar Print Crew Neck Tee


Rockstar Sushi Women’s Shirt V Neck Rockstar Back Print Distressed Tee


Rockstar Sushi Women’s Shirt Rockstar Lady in Colors Print Long Sleeve Top


Rockstar RockStar


Rockstar Punched Energy+Punch Fruit Punch Flavor Energy Supplement, 16 fl oz


Trend Lab Baby Boy Nursery Room Rockstar 4PC Bumper Set


Mirage Pet Products 125-200 MD Rockstar Nylon Dog Collar Medium

$19. 28

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Mirage Pet Products 125-200 1006 Rockstar Nylon Dog Leash 6 Foot




Rockstar Energy Drink Roasted with Almond Milk Caffe Latte 15 Oz (12 Pack)


Rockstar Peach Iced Tea Energy Supplement, 16 fl oz


Rockstar Sushi Women’s Tunic Front Button


Rockstar Sushi Men’s T Shirt Distressed Flag Tee


Rockstar Sushi Men’s T Shirt Distressed Flag Tee

14. 99

Rockstar Sushi Men’s Sweatshirt Distressed Flag V Neck


Rockstar Sushi Women’s T Shirt Distressed Flag Tee


Rockstar Sushi Women’s Shirt Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Top


Rockstar Sushi Women’s Shirt Distressed Flag Long Sleeve Top


Rockstar Sushi Women’s T Shirt Skull Biker Scoop Neck Tee


Rockstar Sushi Men’s Shirt Skull Biker Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tee


Rockstar Sushi Women’s Shirt Skull Biker V Neck Long Sleeve Top


Rockstar Sushi Men’s Shirt Skull Biker Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tee


Rockstar Sushi Men’s Shirt Distressed American Flag V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee




Rockstar Punch Energy Drink, 16-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

$34. 11

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Heavy Metal and Rock Clothing

If you love heavy metal and rock clothing with spikes and studs and you take fashion inspiration from heavy metal bands, you’ve come to the right place. RebelsMarket caters to a multitude of different alternative fashion styles including rock and heavy metal inspired clothing. So if your wardrobe is filled with skinny alternative jeans, heavy metal-inspired pants, Metallica rock t-shirts, and slayer metal hoodies, we’ve got styles to suit your needs. While more popular styles, such as punk rock style and urban fashion, take the limelight, heavy metal clothing has a rough edge and a kickass vibe that can’t be ignored. So if you love classic metal bands, thrash, nu-metal, glam, or any other rock subculture, we have clothing to suit your style and taste.

Heavy metal and rock style clothing to purchase

The style combinations are endless. If you want to update your rock and heavy metal style outfits, you can do so easily. We cater to different styles and different budgets too. Whether you pick a rock and roll, heavy metal band inspired clothing, or other high-quality pieces, the choice is yours.

If you want to add an industrial look or a biker edge to your heavy metal wear, you can shop biker rock coats and pick up some metal accessories to complete your look. Shop today to discover the different rock and heavy metal fashion, clothing, and accessories we have on offer.

Thinking about heavy metal fashion? Get that cool leather jacket rock look, gauntlets, or even spike bands for a rock and roll look, and you’ll be good to go. If you also dig deep on rock bands like Akercocke, The Vision Bleak, Queens of the Stone Age, and Lacrimosa, you will get a lot of inspiration for metalheads to style your rock roll attire. We also give you access to unique heavy metal clothing, jewelry, and accessories for men and women, from metal leather jackets, dresses, t-shirts, shirts, hats, sandals, bullet belts, tight denim, and more.   We scavenge awesome brands and products from all corners of the world, ensuring that you get closet staples that suit your style. From metal fashion accessories to metal clothing, we have it all.

The great thing about rock and heavy metal clothing is that it can be diverse and interesting. While it is the preferred style for rockers and metalheads, there is some crossover with different alternative styles.

For example, biker clothing shares similar aesthetics with heavy metal clothing, particularly when it comes to men’s styles. A cut-off denim jacket and a pair of heavy metal boots wouldn’t look out of place at a metal concert or a biker festival.

The diversity of metal clothing means that you can create different looks and still keep your metal style. For example, you could rock a pair of cut-off jeans with an oversized sweater or cardigan and a metal style tank top for a unique mix of metal and grunge outfits.

If you want to create a fusion of modern trends with an 80s rock fashion look, you can buy trendy pieces such as an 80s rocker spandex pants and pair them with metal clothing such as a band tee and a graphic rock printed hoodie for a vintage outfit look.

You can even add a metal-tinged edge to more mainstream looks. For example, you can add black metal accessories such as cuffs, leather bracelets, and studs to trendy outfits or work them into a tattoo fashion ensemble.

RebelsMarket offers a vast selection of rock and roll style outfits for men and women because we stock items from retailers worldwide. Our sellers stock clothing that you won’t find in regular stores, from metal and rock and roll fashion retailers to indie designers and brands.

This means that you can get rock outfits in fresh new styles that are rare and unique. You can also shop with confidence, knowing that we cater to other alternative fashions that are perfect for complementing your look.

The possibilities are endless, so the best thing to do is shop around. Check out our huge selection of rock and heavy metal style outfits, rockstar stage outfits, or custom clothing for men and women on RebelsMarket. We cater to your fashion needs from regular to plus size for both musicians and fans. We have clothing to suit your style and your budget. Shop today to enjoy 10% Off your first order with worldwide shipping!


5 Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Fashion Brands in 2021

As a fashion stylist, I’ve worked with rockstar musicians like Jack White, Trent Reznor, Beck, Green Day, Aerosmith, My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, and many more. Needless to say, I’ve done a lot of shopping for rock n’ roll menswear. In fact, I’ve bought so many leather jackets that when I die, I’ll likely end up in some cow-filled purgatory. But my Dante-esque fate aside, my years of experience shopping for rock n’ roll clothing has given me insight as to which companies do it best. So if you’re ready to inject your wardrobe with a little leather and leopard, and a lot of black, here’s our list of the best rock n’ roll clothing companies.

Phix Clothing

Phix is one of our favorite brands right now. It’s a British label making bold designs inspired by the glam years of Bowie and Marc Bolan, and the mod era of The Rolling Stones. Phix has a great price point for a boutique brand, and is an awesome source for print shirts and statement jackets. Be sure to hit the brand up again when the Fall collection hits and its incredible Jagger and Richards style coats arrive. Listen to Bowie’s Oh! You Pretty Things and browse the site for new fits.

Phix Lucia Polkadot Shirt

This. Shirt. I’d be fine if every rocker boy in the world wore this shirt in summer 2020. It’s that good.

Phix Mondétour Jacket

This jacket is such a Teddy Boy classic. Wear it dancing at your favorite dive bar.

Phix Midland Leather Blazer

When you’re nominated for Best Rock Album and you need a blazer for the Grammys, this is the one.

The Cast

The Cast is a New York City company specializing in leather jackets. They’ve perfected The Ramones style biker leather, and have other pieces inspired by Elvis and Green Day. You can even custom design a jacket with The Cast and choose your hardware, lining, and leather. Best song to listen to while shopping the site: The Velvet Underground’s Run, Run, Run.

The Cast T-Shirt

I love this classic branded tee that lets you show your support for good ol’ Lower East Side rock n’ roll.

The Cast Billie Jacket

The clean lines on this leather jacket make it a nice alternative to the ubiquitous biker jacket.

The Cast Sixty Eight Jacket

Everyone loves a jean jacket, so if a leather biker jacket feels like a stretch for you, go with a leather jean jacket. Handsome and totally wearable.

Straight to Hell

Chicago’s Straight to Hell apparel wasn’t messing around when it came time to think up a name for their company, and that’s the kind of energy we like in the rock world. I dig the brand’s western style shirts and bomber jackets. Like Phix and The Cast, this is a small company with big designs, and those are the best labels to support. Put on Richard Hell and the Voivods’ tune Blank Generation and head to the site to shop it up.

Straight to Hell Long Gone Shirt

Rock n’roll is a mix of old country and blues. Pay homage to those country roots with this western shirt and a devilish color way.

Straight to Hell Baron Jacket

The athletic waist band on this jacket gives it so much personality. Very 70s rock vibes.

Straight to Hell Gangway Satin Jacket

This one definitely has a Joan Jett circa The Runaways feel.

The Kooples

The Kooples is a French company founded by three brothers in 2007. It doesn’t have many stand-alone stores in the U.S. — just NY and LA — but its collections can be shopped online. The brand has a big following among fans of Saint Laurent, but The Kooples’ aesthetic is cleaner, and its price point is considerably lower than the French fashion house. Like all rock-inspired clothing companies, Fall is the best collection, but the company is in the midst of a big Spring sale right now, so throw on King Krule’s Easy, Easy and hit them up.

The Kooples Black Leather Biker Jacket

Here’s the classic biker jacket. On Sale!

The Kooples Patent Leather Derbies

Creepers have been a rock and punk staple for decades and The Kooples does this neat little take on them.

The Kooples Light Black Slim-Fit Jeans

Every rocker needs black jeans. The blacker the better. “None more black.”

Saint Laurent

That brings us to the aforementioned Saint Laurent, originally founded by French designer Yves St. Laurent in 1961. While the namesake designer was known for elegant womenswear, Hedi Slimane took over as creative director in 2012, giving Saint Laurent a rebranding for the ages.

The rebranding worked, and Slimane made the label wildly popular. He’d already caught both the fashion and music world’s eye back in the aughts, when he designed the first skinny suits for Dior Homme. Pete Dougherty of The Libertines was a huge fan and together, the two helped popularize the skinny-slim look we all know today.

At Saint Laurent, Slimane changed the company name, logo, and price point (it went way up, which added cachet). More importantly, he created bold and chic rock designs that were beautifully executed. The quality and detail was stunning. Slimane has now moved to Celine, but Anthony Vacarello has been keeping the volume on eleven over at Saint Laurent since 2016. So, if you’re ready for an investment piece, pop on Cage the Elephant’s track Ready to Let Go and shop Saint Laurent’s boots or accessories.

Saint Laurent Lamé Embroidered Tunic

This shirt looks like Keith Richards went on vacation somewhere beachy, but he stayed in the hotel bar and drank instead, which is to say, I love it.

Saint Laurent Lukas Boots

The boots are beautifully made and insanely cool. Sixties era Bob Dylan would wear these, for sure.

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How to Dress Like a Rockstar

You don’t have to be a rockstar to dress like a rockstar

Do you know how to dress like a rockstar? Well to dress like a rockstar you need to have lots of funky fashion. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. every outfit you’re seen in should be new and unexpected to those around you. Your outfit should say that you’re not bound by any social norms or rules. Not being afraid to try unheard of combinations will definitely help in giving you the rockstart look. You have to be out and beyond with yourself.

What you have to do to look like a rockstar is to show yourself. The rockstart style is actually a bit more than just the clothing on the top layer, you’ll have to have to feel a certain confidence about what you wear even if it means going against what other people think. If you stand tall with it, it will become.

The music industry has paved the way for more diverse choices in fashion as well. Perhaps one of the most popular models of the music industry is a rockstar. People of all ages tend to emulate their favourite singers who have a distinct sense of fashion as they parade down the streets sporting their rock-inspired outfits. even if you cannot play the guitar or any other similar instruments that your favourite rockers dexterously play, anyone can party like a rockstar only if he knows what outfit to wear to become like one.

Here are some tips for you to be an epitome of cool

Get idols as inspiration

Who would be a better fashion icon than your favorite rock stars? You may emulate your most favourite singers so you can come up with an idea of how you can create your style. Look up to different rockers with great personal style, and for sure, you will fare well in your quest towards a new rocker image.

Go through your wardrobe

After you have browsed in different pictures and magazines, you may now go through your closet and hunt for possible alternatives that may let you pull off that rocker image that you always wanted to have. We might think that our staple clothing will not contribute to a new rocker image but think again. The clothes that you have ever had might be excellent choices that would let you achieve the look of a rock star. Jeans, t-shirts and sunglasses are just some of the outfits that the rockers sport. Once you have these pieces of clothing in your closet, you are one step ahead of pulling off that image.

Mix and match your attire

Most rockers tend to choose clothes which are darker in colours. You can mix your existing wardrobe to your other pieces of clothing. Perhaps you might want to have a vintage design shirt to match your torn jeans or so. Learn to be creative with your styles following your image icons and everything will go on well.


As you can see, most rockers have various accessories which complement their rugged image. Some of those apparel are sunglasses, belts and even jewellery. For sunglasses, the bigger they are, the better. This will give you the image of having a glamorous get-up. As for jewellery, rockers prefer studded wristbands or earrings. If you are in for those girly jewellery pieces, drop them altogether because they are not going to pass off for a rockstar image. If you want to party like a rockstar, you may settle for silver necklaces and earrings. For men, if you do not want to have a permanent piercing done on your ear, might as well pay for the magnetic ones. This will give you the image of a rockstar without the fear of having a permanent piercing on your ear.

Shop for clothing

If you are still unsatisfied with what you already have, it will be best to shop for new clothes in different stores which specialise in giving you that rocker image that you want to pull off. They can give you the idea of how to come up with a rock star style that everyone dreams of having.

How to Dress Like a Female Rockstar

These days, being a vocalist or a member of a rock band is not just for tough guys-it is also becoming more and more popular among girls. You will find many female vocalists these days such as Amy Lee of evanescence, Hayley Williams of Paramore, and Shirley Manson of Garbage.

These women give new meaning to the word “hot” and “tough”. It is no wonder that many young girls are following the footsteps of these “rocker chicks”. However, it is not as easy as 1-2-3 to copy their looks or their fashion. It’s not enough that you act or sing like a rock star, you also have to dress the part.
For female vocalists, it’s hard to achieve the tough, I’m-a-member-of-a-rock-band look without being too masculine. Male rock band members can wear lots of tattoos, black t-shirts with skulls and crossbones, and a spiked ‘do. For females, these might be too much.

To get that tough yet feminine rock star look, here are the things that you should do.
Look around you. Like what was mentioned before, there are many female vocalists of rock bands these days, so it will not be difficult to get ideas on what to wear. Make a list of all the female vocalists that you can think of in your genre and then search for their pictures over the internet. Take note of their usual style. You might even be surprised that their method is not as different as yours; maybe you just need to add some accessories.

Think of one piece of clothing that you can make as your trademark style. Can you still remember Avril Lavigne’s signature tie? Her tie is one of the reasons why many people noticed her. When she first came out, people referred to her as ‘the girl with the necktie’, but now, she became more popular, and she started to lose the signature piece of clothing. Other examples are Courtney Love’s babydoll top or Gwen Stefani’s clothes with patterns and bold colours.

This is also applicable to hair do’s or makeup. If you like wearing heavy makeup with green lipstick, then you can make it as your signature style. Or if you want to sport a pink hair, it will be easier for the people to remember you.

You should know where to get the clothes that you want to wear. You can find great clothes fit for a rocker chick in thrift shops and online stores. These are usually cheap and unique. But if you prefer new clothes, look for brands that offer styles such as graphic baby tees, baby doll tops, high cut rubber shoes, or colorful jackets.

Since you are just starting your career as a rock star, it’s essential to be consistent and to stick to your style. This will make people remember you more by associating you with that style. And of course, since you do not have a makeup artist, you have to do it by yourself. You have to learn how to make up artists do it.


Pictures of People Dressed Like A “Rockstar”

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How to wear a white men’s suit: examples of stars

Actor Shia LaBeouf came to the London premiere of Honey Boy in a white Givenchy suit, which caused a stir. The main reason for discussion, however, was Gucci loafers with small heels, but I would like to note that the outfit itself looked very impressive – for some reason, men rarely decide on total white.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images for BFI

Shia LaBeouf

Esquire set out to trace the history of the white suit in men’s wardrobe since the early 20th century – and find out who, when and how wore it. Suddenly this material will inspire you to experiment with this difficult color.

Early 20th century: weekend outfit

At the beginning of the last century, when the technologies for creating clothes and caring for them were not at all the same as they are now, a suit made of white fabric became a thing for going out, which was worn only for official events, holidays or photo shoots (then it was an infrequent and solemn matter) … The writer Mark Twain poses in exactly this one in an archival photograph of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Getty Images

Mark Twain

The difficulty of caring for light-colored suiting can be seen in the 1951 film The Man in the White Suit, a comedy drama by Alexander Mackendrick, starring Alec Guinness, about an attempt to create a fabric that never gets dirty or worn out.

However, this did not prevent white suits from becoming an iconic part of the style of famous men. The journalist and prose writer Tom Wolfe made them his calling card back in the sixties and did not change his style until the end of his life: the writer was remembered by his contemporaries as that very man in white.

Sam Falk / New York Times Co./Getty Images

Tom Wolfe, 1968

Late 1960s – early 1970s: stars on stage

At the end of the sixties, a white suit entered the big music scene – it became almost a uniform for most of the outstanding musicians of this period.

The king of rock and roll Elvis Presley had countless variations of this costume: with a short jacket and bell-bottoms, with rivets and rhinestones, with wide belts and colored inserts.If you pay attention, to this day most of the Elvis-like carnival costumes are white. But our favorite is the less repetitive and very elegant classic white two-piece suit with a double-breasted jacket, which Elvis wore at the 1968 concert. This looks relevant now.

Frank Carroll / Gary Null / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Elvis Presley, 1968

In the same 1968, John Lennon not only performs in white suits, but also opens the John’s Joke Art exhibition in one of them (by the way, adding sneakers to the suit). His partner Yoko Ono was also at the event completely in white – and barefoot.

Ballard / Daily Express / Getty Images

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1968

An even more famous pairing white exit is the wedding of Mick and Bianca Jagger in 1971. The Yves Saint Laurent jacket and skirt suit worn by Bianca became a turning point in the history of wedding dresses – it still leads the list of “best celebrity wedding dresses”, although, in fact, there was no dress: for its time Bianca’s choice became very daring.Mick’s costume, of course, was less revolutionary, but it also went down in history.

Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Mick and Bianca Jagger at their wedding, 1971

Elton John is also a total white lover. However, since he cannot imagine his outfits without sequins, embroidery and feathers, a white suit in his reading is no longer just a jacket and trousers. The suit with feathers on his shoulders, which the musician put on for his performance in 1973, has become iconic – if you remember, it also appears in the biopic about the life of Elton John “The Rocketman”.

Rex / Fotodom

Elton John, 1973

In 1973, an all-white outfit – from a sculpted jacket to a satin tie – was chosen by David Bowie for a London concert. A year before the photo below was taken, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was released – thus Ziggy Stardust was born. A white satin suit with a narrow waist, with a shirt and tie to match and a boutonniere turned upside down, perfectly got into Ziggy’s universe (remember, Bowie forbade calling himself by his former name and said that he was now Ziggy Stardust).

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

David Bowie, 1973

The same all-white three-piece suit, paired with a white shirt, bow tie and hat, we see on Alice Cooper performing in Connecticut in 1975. A couple of years earlier, he and other members of Alice Cooper wore all-white outfits in the promo for the Billion Dollar Babies album. But 1975 was a difficult period for the musician: his group broke up, he launched a solo career – and was forced to begin treatment for alcoholism. As we can see today, it was not in vain: Cooper turned out to be a successful solo artist and defeated his demons. We can imagine that this white suit symbolized for him the beginning of a new chapter in his creative life.

Fin Costello / Redferns / Getty Images

Alice Cooper, 1975

Late 1970s – early 1980s: cult cinema

The history of the white suit in the Seventies would not be complete without the appearance of John Travolta in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever.Yes, it’s not total white, but the suit became so famous that it was even exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum as “the most famous white suit in the world” and a classic example of polyester suiting tayloring that began to gain popularity in the seventies.

The costume for the film was bought in a cheap men’s clothing store in Brooklyn, and after filming it was auctioned off at Christie’s for $ 145,000. According to the buyer, who wished to remain anonymous, his attitude towards clothes forever changed the way Travolta’s character chooses an outfit for a Saturday party after a hard work week – it is as if he changes his whole life along with a suit.Judging by the fact that the film has become a cult, the anonymous admirer of the white suit is not alone in this.

Collection Christophel / Legion Media

Saturday Night Fever 1977

Another legendary white suit in the movie was worn by Al Pacino in the 1983 film Scarface: his character Tony Montana, entrenched in gangster circles, willingly put on dapper suits with shirts unbuttoned at the collar, including a white one. For the role of Tony, Al Pacino was nominated for a Golden Globe, which he did not receive, but this does not diminish the importance of the film in modern culture (by the way, the actor himself considers it the best in his career).

Collection Christophel / Legion Media

Scarface, 1983

Nineties and zeroes: return to the red carpet

Perhaps it was the fame of the “rock musician outfit” that temporarily replaced the white suit from the men’s wardrobe, but in the mid-nineties it returns again – already as an outfit for the red carpet. The classic men’s suit with rather wide trousers was going through a renaissance at that time, which began largely thanks to Richard Gere in American Gigolo (the actor wore Armani in the frame).The film, released back in 1980, literally re-invented the classic costume and glorified both Gere and Giorgio Armani – in the nineties the influence of the film on men’s fashion became especially evident.

Actor Laurence Fishburne, best known for his role as Morpheus in The Matrix, came to the 1996 Golden Globes in a white suit. He balanced the black shoes with the same tie.

Getty Images

Laurence Fishburne at the Golden Globe, 1996

Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, opted for a white – but pin-gray striped – suit for the 2005 Met Gala.That year, the celebration was dedicated to the fashion house Chanel, so perhaps this is a reference to the codes of the French brand: it is no secret that Coco Chanel appreciated black and white the most, and the horizontal striped vest became one of the revolutions that the Great Mademoiselle has performed in the fashion industry.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Pi Diddy at the Met Gala 2005

By the way, Karl Lagerfeld – the permanent creative director of Chanel over the past decades (recall, the designer died in February 2019) – wore exclusively black and white things, and total white also appeared among his public appearances more than once.

Best Images / Legion Media

Karl Lagerfeld in Saint-Tropez, 2005

Returning to the musicians in white: the singer Seal came to the 50th Grammy ceremony in 2008 in just such a suit – and in white sneakers instead of classic shoes, which 11 years ago was not yet common and was fraught with inadmissibility to the event. A new time is just around the corner!

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Seal at the 2008 Grammy

Modernity: both in the feast and in the world

A white suit might lose much of its “character” these days, but it remains a rather rare and still spectacular fashion statement.Among the fans of the catchy combination is Brad Pitt, who, for example, arrived in Cannes in white in 2011, and in 2017 appeared in almost the same suit (and also wearing a simple T-shirt instead of a shirt) at the premiere of the film War Machine »In Tokyo.

  • Mike Marsland / WireImage / Getty Images

    Brad Pitt at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, 2011

  • Jun Sato / WireImage / Getty Images

    Brad Pitt at the premiere of War Machine, 2017

Another fan of dressing up in white from head to toe is Kanye West.He often wears plain white T-shirts with white jeans and white trainers (Yeezy, of course), but for the Givenchy Fall / Winter 2013 show, he complemented the look with a jacket.

Dominique Charriau / WireImage / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, 2012

Chris Brown chose a boiled white suit for the 2013 Grammy red carpet.

Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Chris Brown at the 2013 Grammy

And Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, five years later was not afraid to wear trousers and a jacket in optically different shades of white, and even with black loafers – and looked great at the same time.Additional proof that all these shade compatibility tables are complete fiction. Charisma is more important.

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

Donald Glover at the 2018 Grammy


Mick Jagger’s Rules of Life

David Bowie’s Rules of Life

Al Pacino’s Rules of Life

18 / 46cm Circle Doll LOL LOL Rock stars

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90,000 Rock style clothes.10 things to try on this season

The last seasons for me, as a fan of heavy music trends, turned out to be just a holiday! Rock chic is one of the most popular trends;) Today I want to share with you my love for rock style clothes, and, of course, I have a selection of interesting things that you should include in your wardrobe to add drive and youthful enthusiasm to your everyday outfits. ♥

Rock style clothing.10 Things To Try On This Season

I’ll start, as always, with a selection of designer looks from the catwalks. I won’t be lying if I say that in almost every fifth collection of the last shows there were elements of rock chic in various proportions. By the way, there is also a trend for leather clothing in all its variations. And also thorns and rivets that adorn clothes of almost any style … Spring collections of designers are distinguished by greater lightness of materials, and a brighter and lighter palette of shades.The images from the autumn collections, those with a lethal dose of grunge (a la Saint Lourent, Versace, Chanel, John Galliano ) look much more gloomy and brutal. Some silhouettes, by the way, migrated from the autumn brand lookbooks to the spring ones, without transforming at all. But, okay, I will not torment you with my boringness, let’s take a look at everything with our own eyes. : D

Well, in fact, without leaving the checkout, let’s look at the very 10 items of clothing in the style of rock, which I would advise to buy in your wardrobe.Personally, I would buy them all: D But for those who do not adhere to such radical rocker views as I do, you can limit yourself to some interesting detail with a rocker or grunge touch. My “secret love” from this collection are boots from Saint Laurent , with straps and spikes. I know that such purchases do not shine for me yet, so I quietly admire the pictures and images with this beauty. Separately, I will also note the brand Killer Star – I discovered it for myself during the preparation of this post.It seems to me that this brand store is just a Mecca for rockers and metalheads! Romwe has separate lines of clothes in the style of rock chic , ate to rummage around, there is plenty to choose from (cheap and cheerful, the quality of their clothes suits me quite well, if you buy not the cheapest items, of course). Well, a hat from Truffle Shuffle . The same hat in which (or there were two, I don’t know: D) friends Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora appeared in public.Let’s take a look at these 10 cute gizmos!

Do you like rock style clothes?

Daring grunge style

Grunge (grunge) – American slang, meaning something untidy, repulsive, dirty, for example, grunge work – black work.

The grunge style is an example of how the protest against fashion has become one of the brightest fashion trends, which has not lost its relevance for more than a dozen years.Constantly transforming, in each new time period, grunge goes through its new life stage, consonant with the modern context.

Grunge is originally from the USA. This is the style that the youth subculture that emerged in the 1990s gave birth to. The younger generation loves to rebel. Sometimes, as a result of such protests, new forms, images, ideas are born. Daring grunge style ridiculed the love of luxury, pretentiousness, bourgeoisness and praised the culture, or rather the anticulture of street teenagers.

But first there was the music that appeared in the American Seattle. American alternative rock bands became the founders of the musical direction, many of which began to demonstrate a new musical style back in the 1980s. Grunge music was characterized by a “dirty” guitar sound, the term grunge was addressed precisely to the style of playing, with an abundance of specific musical effects, contrasting dynamics of alternating loud and quiet sounds, dark texts on the theme of alienation, loneliness and apathy.

The brightest representatives of music in the grunge style were American rock bands such as – Melvins, Soundgarden, Malfunkshun, Skin Yard, Dinosaur, Green River, Mudhoney, Alice in Chains ”,“ Pearl Jam ”,“ Nirvana ”, and many others. The soloist of“ Nirvana ”Kurt Cobain in the early 1990s became, in the opinion of journalists and music critics, not just a musician, but“ the voice of a generation ”.

Compared to other forms of rock music in the 1980s, grunge aesthetics was emphatically democratic, denying the ostentatious stylistic orgy of the decade.The musicians appeared in public in ordinary clothes, often wrinkled and shabby, they avoided stage theatricality, demonstrating their focus on their own life-musical worldview.

Both the musicians and their followers wore cheap second-hand clothing, especially flannel shirts, ripped jeans, oversized clothes, stretched sweaters and T-shirts.

Grunge musicians did not set themselves the task of becoming the creators of special fashion.A certain appearance was an organic part of their existence. Music journalist Charles R. Cross said of the legendary Kurt Cobain, “he was too lazy to use shampoo,” emphasizing that a certain look was not a fashion, but a lifestyle.

The new musical direction was getting more and more widespread, becoming widespread. The group “Nirvana” literally blew up the youth audience with their album “Nevermind”, released in 1991, and grunge music became the property of a multimillion audience, and Kurt Cobain, a kind of style icon.The lyrics of his songs about the hopelessness of provincial life, human stupidity, the cruelty of the world around them served as life mottos for young people.

As a musical direction, grunge existed for a relatively short time, in 1994 Kurt Cobain passed away, after that some of the musicians canceled their performances, someone changed their creative style. By the end of the 1990s, grunge music had faded away, but the fashion that it gave birth to remained eternal.

Admirers of the new style also appeared outside the United States. The grunge style is popular with young people all over the world. In many ways, the rebellious style had points of contact with the paraphernalia of hippies and punks. Grunge adherents wore long hair, elongated sweaters, ripped jeans, second-hand clothes, rough boots, army shoes, or orthopedic slippers from the German company Birkenstocks, long baggy skirts, ripped tights, black leather motorcycle jackets, sheepskin coats, earflaps, famous as well as Russian hats, small knitted hats, sporty corduroy jackets, fingerless gloves, etc.etc.

To this were added – careless haircuts, with the effect of matted, unwashed hair, torn dresses and shirts, faded T-shirts, wrinkled trousers, loose cuts, large metal jewelry, jackets made of wrinkled, cracked leather, or rough fabrics of “dark” colors. All clothes had to look washed and worn out. Soon this style was noticed by the fashion industry, and began to penetrate the pages of glossy magazines, being presented as “marginal chic”. On the catwalks there appeared the image of a beggar roofing felts tramp in strange, as if accidentally collected, shabby clothes with a defiantly sloppy hairstyle.

American designer Marc Jacobs, who in the early 1990s became the founder of grunge in big fashion, was very fond of visiting nightclubs in New York, where he enthusiastically studied the style of modern youth and various marginal characters. And during the day, he could watch for hours what passers-by were wearing and with interest discussed his observations with friends. After the death of legendary American fashion designer Perry Ellis, Marc Jacobs was invited in 1988 to take the place of the creative director of the women’s line of the Perry Ellis brand.

Jacobs was made famous by the women’s clothing collection in the grunge style, which he made for Perry Ellis in 1992 and became a real fashion explosion. After that, the designer was asked to leave the Perry Ellis company and in 1993 he began to produce clothes under the Marc Jacobs brand.

Scandalously – the famous 1992 collection consisted of small-flowered sarafans, similar to clothes from an orphanage, combined with heavy boots, elongated shapeless holey sweaters, baggy plaid jackets, flannel shirts, and many complex models, collected in quirky sets that do not fit between yourself in the usual sense.It all looked like it was bought in a second-hand store. Fashion critics commented on what they saw as: “The style of Harlem bums dressed up for a trip to Manhattan.”

Such reviews sounded like a compliment to the fashion designer. Through his protest against haute couture stereotypes, Marc Jacobs has become one of the leading designers in the United States and Europe. Fashion magazines filled with “marginal chic” headlines and photos of models clad in in grunge style, wearing ripped tights and second-hand clothes.Jacobs won the honorary place of one of the world’s most influential designers.

Later, many designers began to experiment with grunge. Of course, the fashion catwalks greatly transformed the ideas of the musical rebel of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The style lives on, develops, changes and remains in demand.

The main signs of grunge style are too large or too small, scanty sweaters, ripped and skillfully frayed jeans, uneven edges, raw seams and hems, asymmetry and deformation of clothing details, knitwear with loose loops, mixing of seemingly incompatible fabrics, for example jeans and lace or chiffon, organza and coarse knit.There are a lot of fans of the grunge style among world celebrities.

Grunge is an unusual way of wearing things, for example, a small romantic dress in a flower is worn with a denim jacket and bulky boots, or “Cossacks. A typical grunge technique is layering – a skirt worn over trousers, and several thin jumpers, one on top of the other, a T-shirt, a jumper and a jacket of different lengths, looking out from under each other. A black sheath dress can be combined with a shapeless chunky knit cardigan and heavy shoes.A coarse jacket and army boots can be worn with a light dress or chiffon skirt, and a tattered men’s T-shirt with a fluffy skirt.

If we talk about grunge as a fashion, then, of course, to create a modern grunge look, you need to think over the details, choosing all the elements of the future outfit. The seeming sloppiness of grunge is created artificially! The grunge style frees you from formalities, but does not propagandize the style – “put on everything that comes to hand”. Many modern stars are happy to try on a variety of grunge looks. Grunge – a style that preaches the trend of democratization of clothing. He changes, becoming now more calm, now defiant again. Grunge stubbornly does not leave the fashion collections, bribing with the opportunity to fantasize, a little hooliganism and ironic over fashion. The relaxedness and versatility of style allows you to achieve unexpected effects. Renowned fashion houses with enviable consistency transform and complement this style, showing new grunge ideas in their collections.

grunge style should be treated with a grain of irony.After all, this is a style – a game, a style – a fantasy, originally conceived as a form of protest, and not as a fashionable dogma, subject to strict canons.

– Reproduction of this material is prohibited –

List of things for mothers and babies that you can not spend money on

Lena Averyanova : No oil, even the most sophisticated, does not guarantee that stretch marks will not appear. Here the “survivor’s mistake” always works: I bought oil for 5 thousand, smeared, stretch marks did not appear – it means that it helped.In fact, the appearance of stretch marks is largely due to genetics, and also depends on fluid intake and the rate of increase in body volume. The main problem of a growing belly is itching! A shower and coconut oil removes it well – it can also become an alternative to an expensive remedy.

Ksenia Danilenko : For the first trimester, a complex of vitamins is not needed at all. During this period, it is enough to drink folic acid and iodine. Some doctors believe that if you eat right, you don’t need any multivitamins at all throughout your pregnancy.

Olga Kulakova : The gynecologist insisted on stockings and a bandage, and even gave me a brochure of a store where all this is sold. According to the booklet, I was entitled to a discount, but the gesheft did not work: the prices in the recommended location were such that the discount was equivalent to a profit of 0000.1% when buying a Mercedes. As a result, I bought not compression stockings, but socks. In addition to financial, it was also a weather compromise: it was summer, and I even put them on four times. In them, the legs really get tired less, but everything else gets tired: it is wildly difficult to put them on when you have a big belly.

I wore a bandage during my first pregnancy, when I was young and walked a lot. He was actually useful and relieved the back. True, for the bandage to work correctly, it must be worn at home and while lying down. When you sit, the bandage is not just useless, it crushes. Yes, you can relax it, but then, getting up, you will have to tighten it again, and for this you need to lie down. Doing this, for example, in the office is ridiculous.

Katya Policheva : I looked for a bandage for a long time, chose – and in the end I spat, and without it it’s okay.And I haven’t bought clothes for pregnant women yet: I just bought oversized dresses, which I still wear now. I only bought leggings, jeans with an elastic band and a corduroy dress.

items for the nursery

Lena Averyanova : The bumpers for the crib, although they seem cute, are actually not only useless, but also dangerous. In the crib, in addition to the baby, only a mattress and a stretch sheet are allowed. This is enough for him. It seems like it’s time to switch to the Finnish box system for children.Yes, really, sleeping in a box saves babies’ lives – there is nothing superfluous in it, and its size does not allow babies to spin and sleep on their stomachs, which is also extremely undesirable in the first months.

Olga Kulakova : All these Louis-style bumpers and pillows turned out to be unnecessary. I put the laundry in the crib, since the elders slept with me until the age of three, the younger also sleeps and, it seems, is not going to his bed (although I secretly dream about it).

Olga Kulakova : I managed to push in twice with the swing: every time it seemed to me that it would perfectly replace my hands and give me the long-awaited 15 minutes of respite, and each time it turned out to be an illusion.Children were afraid of sounds, toys, the movement of these devices, and I resold the swing to the following experimenters. Although I know families where these things have taken root.

Katya Policheva : Almost all the things for the child were given or presented to us by friends, and what I decided to buy myself ended up on the list that was really useless. For example, a plastic bath slide. Stepan was uncomfortable sitting in it, and the slide almost immediately went to the friend’s child. As soon as the baby was three months old, I purchased an inflatable bathing ring: it is put on the neck and the baby walks freely in the water.In fact, everything turned out quite differently: my husband and I somehow hoisted this circle with rattles on the little man, but he immediately burst into tears – his plump second chin did not fit into the circle. Having suffered a fiasco with a slide and a circle, we did not set up more experiments with bathing, but bathed in the old fashioned way – with our hand under our head: for free swimming in the bathroom, this method was the best fit.

Ksenia Danilenko : Bathing a child in a big bathtub is a better activity than anything else.In it, he very actively moves in his natural environment, while in a small bath he cannot even really turn around. Do not be afraid that the child will drown in a large bathtub: I have two sons, none of them had a bath, and all the bathing went well.

Ksenia Moskaleva : The bathing tub was used exactly twice, because the child likes a lot of water at a comfortable temperature, and not a puddle that cools quickly. A hammock for a large bath did not suit us either: children like their parents not to be lazy and “swim” them in the bath, and not stuff them into some strange thing to make their life easier.

Olga Kulakova : I bought the bath with my first child and refused it literally in the first weeks. It turned out to be more convenient to bathe in an adult bath, and it does not take up additional space, striving to fall on your head.

Olga Kulakova : Our table was with a chest of drawers. The chest of drawers, of course, came in handy, but changing clothes, washing and examining the child is much more convenient on the sofa – you don’t have to stand above it, and there is more space around. To change diapers, I started something like a mattress, on which I put a disposable diaper, and kept diapers, napkins and all that in a soft basket from IKEA.The result is a mobile changing kitchen that is easy to carry anywhere.

With the first child, the “swaddler” stood in the middle of the apartment. At first I used it. And by the time the child was four months old, this became impossible: the son stood close to the length and constantly strove to knock on the side, because he was already actively turning over. In general, I think that changing tables are good for clinics, but for the home they are cumbersome and not particularly necessary.

Ksenia Danilenko : It’s manic to weigh the baby after each feeding – additional stress for the mother, completely unnecessary for her, especially while lactation is being established.If a child has full diapers and is gaining weight normally, it is absolutely not necessary to measure his weight gain every two hours for 20 grams.

Ksenia Moskaleva : Baby scales turned out to be absolutely useless for me. The children were getting better so that it could be seen with the naked eye. I think that there is no point in buying them right away. If a child has a problem with weight gain and needs constant monitoring, then they can always be rented from companies specializing in the rental of children’s goods.

Ksenia Danilenko : It is far from a fact that in a month or two you will immediately need to leave your child for a long time. Therefore, you should not buy tons of bottles and a sterilizer in advance. At first, you can simply pour boiling water over them. Many do not do this and live normally. In a word, not an essential item, at least in the first months of a child’s life.

Olga Kulakova : I did not buy a nipple disinfector, because I buy MAM nipples, which have a disinfector container.Although she did not use it, but just washed them under the tap. If you do disinfection, then you need a disinfectant for the whole apartment and the people in it, because everything is in the child’s mouth. It is enough if there are no clods of dirt on it.

Ksenia Moskaleva : I liked the sterilizer, although it was more used as a place to store bottles and nipples. Of course, you can do without it, but it is convenient that they are sterile in it for 24 hours. Although, in my opinion, absolute sterility is harmful to the baby.

things for the baby

Olga Kulakova : Children’s clothing is a ruinous story from the very beginning. Scratch-romper caps – these cute little things you want to put on a child who has not yet appeared. But when it appears, practicality comes to the fore: it is important that the clothes are easy to put on, just take off and wash without problems. In addition, babies grow and get fat monstrously quickly, and clothes for height 56 ​​are suitable only for the first week.Therefore, for the second and third children, I bought everything at once for the height of 62–68. These were slips, bodysuits and knitted pants without “paws” – such clothes are convenient to put together, and they last for a long time. But I still did not understand why the caps popular in our country are needed: it is stupid to walk at home in a hat if you are not a rapper (my children are not).

Katya Policheva : I would not advise expectant mothers to buy a lot of clothes for newborns: they grow at the speed of light, so the baby will only need a couple of replaceable bodysuits and slip-ons.

Lena Averyanova : Booties and all kinds of shoes for babies in general are the most useless garbage in the world. Not only are they not needed on their own, but they are constantly falling off, lost, salivated with saliva (yes, babies love to put their feet in their mouths). Well, that is, booties are very cute, but completely pointless. In the life of young parents, there are enough all sorts of meaningless things like boiling pacifiers or ironing diapers and clothes on both sides, so that at least booties can be safely abandoned.

Olga Kulakova : Rounded-edged scissors are so safe that they don’t seem to cut anything at all. I cut everyone’s nails with regular manicure. An adult with normal motor skills is able to cope with this.

Olga Kulakova : I bought reusable diapers for my third child, because by that time I learned that a diaper decomposes like rubbish for 500 years. I felt bad when I imagined a diaper island organized by my offspring.But, alas, the first three months of our youngest son’s life, we continued to increase this island, because the child wrote and pooped continuously, and, accordingly, these diapers had to be changed continuously, which caused not only troubles, but also a nightmarish amount of washing. In addition, cloth diapers did not fit very comfortably on the newborn, although they were chosen by size. But now, when our son is one year old, we use them quite successfully.

Ksenia Danilenko : I didn’t use after shower creams, lotions and so on with both sons.If the child’s skin is okay – it does not flake off, it is not overly sensitive – it does not need additional care products. From the same series – tummy massage oil; any oil that the mother uses herself is suitable for the child. After all, the main thing is the massage itself, not the oil.

Ksenia Moskaleva : The apotheosis of meaninglessness is feeding bottles with an anti-colic system. I had two, different firms. I do not know what suction power a baby must have in order to drink at least something from it.In our family, no one succeeded. Neither of the adults.

Katya Policheva : In the first month and a half of life, when the baby was artificially fed, I could not find a bottle from which he could eat normally. I tried about a dozen: a glass one with a sloping nipple, with a natural flow (deciding to try this flow on myself, I almost choked with the contents), an anti-colic bottle, a bottle-spoon for weaning from a bottle and learning to breastfeed – in my arsenal there were, it seems, all types on the market.Only an ordinary, the cheapest bottle of a Russian manufacturer “came in”, and a bottle-spoon also came in handy.

Anna Kannabich

gynecologist of the mobile clinic DOC +

From week 20, the load on the woman’s body is rapidly increasing. Although it is not necessary to wear a bandage, it is recommended: it reduces the load on the spine and is the prevention of prolapse of the pelvic organs.Indeed, to sit down, the bandage must be removed. Therefore, for convenience, I recommend wearing it directly on your clothes (sweater, shirt, turtleneck). Do not hide it under your underwear: it is absolutely natural to wear a bandage during pregnancy.

Irina Belyakina

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Women’s Diseases and Reproductive Health of the N.I. Pirogov National Medical Center, Leading Gynecologist Real Clinic

nothing but folic acid and iodine is needed.Nevertheless, according to the WHO, from 20 to 30% of people who eat rationally are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. There can be many reasons: these are the peculiarities of the assimilation of micronutrients by a particular woman (in many respects they depend on the state of health), and a decrease in the concentration of vitamins and trace elements in modern products. To get everything you need only with food, you need to eat huge portions of food – sooner or later this will affect weight.

Another important point: before pregnancy, many women monitor their figure, their diet is usually below the recommended daily calorie intake.This means that already at the stage of preparation for conception, they have a deficiency of certain micronutrients, if, of course, they do not take them additionally.

Ideally, in order to select a complex, a pregnant woman needs to undergo blood and urine tests for vitamins and microelements. True, few women do this. If we talk about complexes for pregnant women, then there are not so many vitamins and microelements in them. These are vitamins C, group B, folic acid, iodine, nicotinamide, biotin, vitamin E.In the third trimester, it is recommended to add omega-3 fatty acids, they are important for the development of the baby’s nervous system. Vitamin D, calcium, iron are prescribed as necessary in the form of monopreparations.

Alexandra Dorf

Creator of the Cher! Crowdsharing service

There are three reasons why the peak of littering with all kinds of devices, gadgets and toys occurs in the first year of a child’s life.First, these are not always useful gifts from relatives and friends. Secondly, it is in the first year of life that children grow the fastest – and often things bought or donated in advance simply do not have time to be found and put on in time, and it is impossible to use gadgets. Thirdly, in 80% of cases when the first child is born, unnecessary accessories are bought under the influence of advertisements or the advice of friends: for the first time you always want to buy the best.

Crowdsharing service “Cher!” appeared on the basis of the community of mothers – about 30% of all ads concern clothes and accessories for babies.True, not everyone is ready to take clothes from strangers: in Russia there are strong prejudices in relation to second-hand things, in contrast to the countries of Western Europe and North America. Unlike used clothing for babies, which is essentially illiquid, expensive and durable accessories (strollers, infant carriers and car seats, swings, walkers, playpens) are always in demand: young parents are happy to take them from us for free. Moreover, used goods are taken not only by people with a limited budget, but also by quite wealthy representatives of the middle class.This is a good illustration of the trend of rational consumption and economy coming to us from the West.

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10 unobvious, but cool films for a while quarantine – Lecture Hall PRAVDA

Now, when everyone is forced to limit contacts and stay at home, I want to somehow cheer up. In our opinion, the best way to do this is with a good movie.

Therefore, we have created a list of 10 little-known and half-forgotten films about music that will definitely brighten up your evening.

Let’s go!

This is Spinal Tap

There is such an interesting genre in cinema – mocumentari. I mean, a pseudo-documentary about fictional people and events.
Here and here it is told about the rock group from England “Spinal Tap” and its tour in the United States with all that it implies.
Based on the results of the film and the released soundtrack, many thought that Spinal Tap really existed.
An entertaining and extremely funny sight.


It is now Lasse Hallström who is filming sentimental melodramas like Hachiko or Chocolate.
And he started with the ABBA group.
According to the plot of the film, the main character, an Australian journalist, tries to interview a visiting group. But sometimes it does not keep up, then the musicians themselves do not appear for interviews.
All this is accompanied by concert performances and documentaries with the legendary Swedish quartet.
A film depicting one of the main symbols of the 70s.

Corps de ballet

What do you think, if the whole film takes place within four walls, is it interesting to watch? Think not?
A film by Richard Attenborough will convince you otherwise.
So this is a movie … about casting. Throughout the film, the dancers are casting, dropping out one by one. And Michael Douglas, as a strict choreographer, weeds out the guys, singling out the best of the best.
Beautiful music, beautiful choreography: highly recommended for viewing!

Return of Bruno

Who is Bruno?
A great musician, a man of legend, mysteriously similar to Bruce Willis during the period when he still wore his hair.
Another mock documentary on our list that introduces Willis’s talents as a musician. We find out how he performed in a Beatles-style band, was a hippie, smelled tons of … sugar, performed with a harmonica and a band of 4 bassists, lit up at Woodstock …
All this fun is interspersed with real interviews with Barry Gibb , Elton John, Ringo Starr, Jon Bon Jovi and Michael Jay Fox as fan of Bruno.
If ​​you need to have fun and only have an hour to spare, this movie is perfect for you.

Rock for the ages

Can you imagine Tom Cruise as a rock star with long hair and tattoos all over his body? Then this movie will help you.
Epic adaptation of the musical, named after a song by Def Leppard. And besides Def Leppard, there are tons of good music: Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Guns’n’Roses, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Journey.
A lot of silly humor accompanied by excellent musical numbers. Plus, the actors perform the musical parts themselves.
So if you love Tom Cruise and adore the music of the 80s – this movie is just made for you.


In 1979, the King made a film about the King. Yes, it’s about John Carpenter’s Elvis.
Who would have thought that a horror master could direct a great musical drama. But he succeeded brilliantly – this is the best film about Presley.
No dirt, no slippery biographical facts.
Robert Zemeckis liked Kurt Russell’s performance so much that he even invited Russell to play Elvis in Forrest Gump 15 years later.


Have you heard of Motley Crew – a crazy band from the Sunset Strip, famous all over the world for their debauched adventures, as well as for their music?
This film is an adaptation of the scandalous book of the same name, which was written by the musicians themselves.
Netflix undertook to film this shocking story.
In general, take children away from screens. And enjoy. The film is bold, edgy, but honest and engaging. It’s definitely worth seeing, especially if you love the 80s.

Rock Star

Imagine that your favorite rock band has invited you as their vocalist.
This is exactly what happens to the hero of Mark Wahlberg, who sang in a cover band dedicated to the Steel Dragon team. And after a few days he goes on stage with them.
A film with a moral as simple as two fingers, excellent actors, professional musicians and striking hits from Bon Jovi, KISS, Rainbow and other mastodons of the era.
If ​​you love the 80s, then you must like this movie.


A music school student dreams of finding the last, unreleased song by Robert Johnson, a bluesman who, according to legend, sold his soul to the devil. And goes on an adventure.
A little music, a little mysticism …
A classic film from the 80s, which is worth seeing, if only for the guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.

August Rush

The rock musician and cellist spent the night together.But her father didn’t want them to be together. When she gave birth to a child, he ordered to send his grandson to an orphanage.
Years later, August Rush grows up. He has an innate gift for music. And he knows that only music will help him find parents.
A beautiful musical melodrama that brought many to tears. Highly recommended.

Men’s T-shirts: history and selection rules

For a long time, men’s T-shirts were underwear – one of the types of underwear.Over time, this category of clothing has transformed into an independent one. Today, in the summer, you can meet many men in T-shirts both on the beach and in the city. Moreover, in the fashion world there is a whole classification of these products.

Men’s T-shirts used to be worn as underwear. This garment has evolved from a women’s swimsuit with wide straps.

The first T-shirts were made exclusively from cotton. Today on the market you can find models from a wide variety of materials.Cotton and other natural fabrics are still a priority according to dermatologists.

Since this garment is worn on the naked body, and the number of people susceptible to allergies is increasing every year, it is very important that men’s T-shirts are made from natural and safe materials.

Such clothes have become an independent part of the wardrobe, largely due to rock culture. Rock stars often wore regular white jerseys to their concerts.

Fans, of course, could not ignore this and followed the example of their idols.So men’s T-shirts began their triumphant march across the planet. These products have become popular among athletes – cyclists and track and field athletes.

In some countries, T-shirts do not see anything shameful, they are worn for going out into society. In others, this clothing is associated with an informal home sports style, which is unacceptable in a civilized society.

An interesting version of the T-shirt is the “alcoholic”. A white T-shirt and stretched tights – just such in the minds of the masses was a typical Soviet alcoholic.

Why did men’s T-shirts become so popular?

Firstly , they are light and breathable. On some particularly hot days, this is practically the only piece of clothing that can cope with the heat and high temperatures.

Secondly , they can be actively used when creating a casual style, putting on sweaters and jackets under the bottom. Third, low cost. Such products are quite cheap, so men are not particularly worried about ruining the product.

The decor and design of the product can be very diverse.

Sports models have various designs and slogans, and casual designs are adorned with vibrant prints and logos.

In addition, today in the sea there are bright acidic shades – crimson, yellow, coral, purple, etc. Not all men are ready to risk wearing such clothes.

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