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We stock all of the top brands

Founded in 1964 by professional racing driver Gianpiero Moretti, Momo started out by creating a range of custom steering wheels with the first ever model used in Moretti’s own racing car. Offering far greater grip than most steering wheels of the era, Momo steering wheels were soon the must-have style with drivers including John Surtees soon demanding the same style for his Ferrari – the car he went on to win the 1964 World Championship in. From that day on, Momo steering wheels and parts have led the way in terms of style and development, offering drivers across all types of motorsport the very best steering wheels, steering wheel bosses and parts. By the 1970s Momo had expanded their product offering to include alloy wheels like the now immensely popular Momo Massimo alloy wheels, available in a polished black matt finish with five spokes, Momo centre cap and a number of different sizes, plus steering wheels for road cars with Momo steering wheels available as OE and aftermarket products from their base in Milan. The Momo brand continues to be associated with quality craftsmanship, reliability and high safety standards helping to make the company the global success story that it has become since that first Momo racing steering wheel was used in Moretti’s car.

MOMO Steering Wheels from Upgrade Motoring

MOMO Steering Wheels from Upgrade Motoring


 Momo Corse
Alcantara Race Steering wheels also available. Please call us
for more information. 

Click Here
for Momo Steering Wheel Hub Adapter application guide. Standard Momo hubs are on
sale now from $84.95 each. Standard Momo Hubs purchased with Momo Steering wheel only
$79.95. All Momo Steering wheels
require a hub adapter to mount steering wheel to vehicle steering column. Hub
adapter sold separately.






CHA35BK0B Momo Champion – black w/ gray spoke 13.8″ 350mm $310.00 $279.95

MOMO Commando
CMD35BK0BU Momo Commando – black/blue w/ blue spoke
13. 8″ 350mm
CMD35BK0R Momo Commando – black/red w/ red spoke
13.8″ 350mm
CMD35BK0G Momo Commando – black/gray w/ gray spoke
13.8″ 350mm
CMD35BK0Y Momo Commando – black/yellow w/ yellow spoke
13.8″ 350mm
CMD35BK0B Momo Commando
R – 
Black/Silver 13.8″ 350mm
COM35BK0B Momo Competition – black 13. 8″ 350mm $275.00 $249.95

COR32BK1B Momo Corse – black 12.6″ 320mm $285.00

COR35BK1B Momo Corse – Black 13.8″ 350mm $285.00

DEV35BK0B Momo
Devil – Black Urethane, Black Leather insert. 350mm.
Devil – Black Urethane, Blue Leather insert. 350mm.
DEV35BK0R Momo
Devil – Black Urethane, Red Leather insert. 350mm.
DRF35BK1O Momo
Drifting – Black Leather, Orange inserts, Orange Spoke. 350mm
DRF35BK1Y Momo
Drifting – Black Leather, Yellow inserts, Black Spoke. 350mm
DRF33BK1B Momo
Drifting 33 – Black Leather, Blue inserts, Black Spoke. 330mm.
DRF33BK1R Momo
Drifting 33 – Black Leather, Red inserts, Black Spoke. 330mm.
DRG34BK0B Dragster
– 340mm 13.30″  Black Only. Colored versions are Discontinued.
DRV35BK0B Momo
Driver – Black 13.8″ 350mm
FGT35BKZB Momo Fighter – black leather & Zebrano wood
w/ silver spoke 13. 8″ 350mm

GOT35BK0B Momo
Gotham – Black Leather, Black Spoke. 350mm.
GTR35BK0S Momo
GTR2 – Black Leather, Silver Spoke. 350mm.
JET32BK0B Momo Jet
– Black Leather, Airleather Insert, Black Spoke. 13.8″ 320mm. Black/Silver
$335.00 $289.95
JET35BK0B Momo Jet
–  Black Leather, Airleather Insert, Black Spoke. 13.8″ 350mm. Black/Silver
$335.00 $289.95
JET35SSL0S Momo Jet
Silver – silver 13.8″ 350mm
MIL35BK1P Momo Millennium – Black Leather w/ Silver Spoke
13.8″ 350mm
MEVO35BK1P Momo Millennium
Evolution – Black Leather w/ Silver Spoke
13.8″ 350mm
$400.00 $324.85
MSP35BK1B Momo
Millennium Sport –  Black Leather Silver Spoke. 13.8″ 350mm
$380.00 $309.95
MSP35BK1G Momo Millennium
Sport – Black Leather Silver Spoke. 13.8″ 350mm
$380.00 $309.95
MSP35BK1R Momo Millennium
Sport – Black Leather Silver Spoke. 13.8″ 350mm
$380.00 $309.95
MCL32BK1B Momo Monte Carlo – Black Leather Black Spoke 12.6″
320mm. Most Popular Design!


MCL35BK1B Momo Monte Carlo – Black Leather Black Spoke 13. 8″
350mm. Most Popular Design!


R1909 Momo Mod.
78 – Black Alcantara 330mm 13.0″ (same style as Montecarlo but in suede
leather) Great for Racing!


R1988 Momo
Mod. 88 Black Alcantara
NER35BK0B Momo
Nero – Black Leather Black Spoke. 350mm
NET35BK1B Momo Net
Airmetal 13. 8″ 350mm Black/Polished
PI135BK0R Momo Corse Pilota 1 – Black/Red 13.8″ 350mm. Pictured all black. $180.00
PI235BK0B Momo
Corse Pilota 2 Black 13.8″ 350mm
PRO35BK0S Momo
Prototipo – Black Leather, Silver Spoke. 350mm
PRO35BK2B Momo
Prototipo – Black Leather, Black Spoke. 350mm
QRK35BK0B Momo
Quark – Black Urethane, Black leather insert. 350mm.
QRK35BK0R Momo
Quark – Black Urethane, Red leather insert. 350mm.
RCE35BK1B Momo Race – Black w/ Gray Spoke 13.8″ 350mm $315.00 $259.95
RCA35BK1B Momo Race
Evo – Alcantara 13. 8″ 350mm. Race Evo Blue also available .
RET36BK2S Momo
Retro – Black Leather Silver Spoke 14.17″ 360mm
TEA28BK0B Momo Team – Black Leather, Black Spoke 11.0″ 280mm $275.00 $249.95
TEA30BK0B Momo Team – Black
Leather, Black Spoke 11.8″ 300mm
Momo Trek
-13. 8″ 350mm
TRK35BK0B Momo Trek – Black
leather w/ black alcantara insert 13.8 inch 350mm
TRK35BK0BU Momo Trek – Black
leather w/ blue alcantara insert 13.8 inch 350mm
TRK35BK0R Momo Trek – Black
leather w/ red alcantara insert 13.8 inch 350mm
TRK35BK0G Momo Trek – Black
leather w/ gray alcantara insert 13.8 inch 350mm
TRK-R35BK0B Momo Trek R –
13. 8 350mm Black Leather, Leather insert.
TUN32BK0B Momo Tuner –  Black w/red stitch/Black
Spoke, 12.6 inch 320mm
$255.00 $229.95
TUN35BK0B Momo Tuner –  Black w/red stitch/Black
Spoke, 13.8 inch 350mm
$255.00 $229.95
TUN35BK0S Momo Tuner –  Black w/red stitch/Silver
Spoke 13.8 inch 350mm
$255.00 $229.95
V635BK6C Momo V6 13. 8
350mm Black/Polish
XAV35BK1B Momo X-Avion 13.3
340mm – Black silver inserts/Black

Click here
for Momo Steering Wheel Hub Adapter application guide. Momo Horn buttons are
$30.00 each. Corvette Telescopic hubs are $115.00. Grant to Momo adapter $45.00.

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MOMO – Universal Steering Wheels, Universal Shift Knobs

MOMO was founded in 1964 by Italian race car driver Gianpiero Moretti. The MOMO initials stand for Moretti-Monza – Monza being a town in the Province of Milan. That same year, Moretti created a racing steering wheel for his very own race car, which became the first one produced by the brand. It featured a thicker and superior grip when compared to the standard racing steering wheels offered at the time. The difference and convenience of the product were immediately recognized and it quickly became popular in the racing community. In 1964, Formula One driver John Surtees requested the same steering wheel for his single-seater Ferrari, with which he won a Formula One world title later that year.

In the beginning, MOMO manufactured products solely for race cars. However, in the 1970s, the brand began expanding its business through the development of new products like light-alloy wheels and steering wheels for road vehicles. MOMO’s product range now includes consumer accessories like hubs, shift knobs, seats, clothing, and more!

Throughout the development years of MOMO in the 1980s and 1990s, they continued their involvement with motorsports. In 1993, the team which won the Formula One championship used MOMO lightweight aluminum wheels. In 1998, their products were found on all the best cars in endurance racing events.

MOMO Today

Since 2005, MOMO has been headquartered in Milan, Italy, with a direct presence in the United States. The brand sells its products for the aftermarket and motor racing in more than 60 different countries, mainly through distributors and dealers all over the world.

While MOMO is still predominantly focused on light alloy road wheels, the company has continued developing innovative racing products. MOMO was also the exclusive supplier of MOMO steering wheels for the GP2 Championships in Europe and Asia. More recently in the U.S., MOMO has engineered a new generation of steering wheels for NASCAR, which are currently being used by many of its top drivers and teams.

For today’s consumer market, MOMO offers seat brackets, shift knobs, lightweight wheels, steering wheels, racing clothing, seats, harnesses, steering wheel hubs, and more!

MOMO Parts for Sale at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing carries a wide selection of MOMO parts to dress up your car from the inside out. This includes everything from racing seats and underwear to universal steering wheels and shift knobs. We also, of course, have an extensive inventory of MOMO wheels and hubs to suit nearly every taste. But that’s not all.

Why only upgrade the look of your car when you can get a new wardrobe too? Vivid Racing is proud to also carry MOMO body armor, headgear, gloves, socks, and full-on racing suits. After all, it’s important to dress for the occasion. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any questions about the items above, please call us at (480) 966-3040.

Ultimate Racing Steering Wheel Guide

You’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your chunky and awkward stock wheel for something a little more streamlined. It may seem simple, but there’s a lot to think about when buying a new wheel, so we’re here to help.

In a hurry? Here’s our Best Racing Steering Wheel summary

Budget Choice Winner Runner-Up
Sparco 345 Nardi Deep Corn Vertex 7 Star
🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Although steering wheels can seem rather insignificant, the truth is that they can actually completely change the feeling of how your car drives, whilst also completely transforming the look of the interior.

In our opinion, an aftermarket steering wheel is one of the first mods that you should do, particularly if you’re intending to drift your car. It really can make all of the difference when it comes to a more involved driving experience.

You may have seen a wheel you want and decided that it’s going to be perfect for your needs, but there are several things that are worth considering before you splash the cash.

Wheels come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are far more ideal for a specific purpose than others, so we’re going to help narrow down the perfect wheel for you.

Now, you’ve probably realized that an F1-style racing wheel isn’t going to be the ideal choice for your drift car, but the most basic requirement when looking for a drifting wheel is to not go too funky with the shape, a simple round wheel is always best.

When you’re allowing the wheel to spin or moving it quickly in either direction whilst using the full lock range, the last thing you want is a wheel with a flat bottom running through your hands.

Your next consideration will be the size. Typically, the most commonly used sizes for drifting are between 330-350mm. Although the 20mm difference sounds minimal, it actually plays a big role in additional feeling when you drive.

When turning a wheel 90 degrees, you’re going to have less travel with a smaller wheel, meaning that you need to move your arms less and you’ll get the steering effect quicker. Think of doing a manji on the highway with a bus wheel compared to a 300mm.

Along with that, 330mm wheels also allow for some additional clearance when you’re getting in and out, which can be particularly useful if you have a fixed hub instead of a snap-off or similar. This can also be useful for those of you with abnormally long legs!

You may be thinking that we’re trying to steer you in the direction of the 330mm, but there are also many benefits to a 350mm, so it all really does boil down to personal preference.

Not only can 330mm wheels look and feel a little small in larger cars, but they can also feel like a bit of a leap if you’re used to driving with an OEM wheel, which is likely to have been substantially larger.

A 350mm wheel will also provide you with lighter steering feedback, where the 330mm will likely feel slightly heavier in comparison.

Your next consideration will be material. Although suede is often preferred for drifting, particularly when wearing gloves, it can also provide too much grip, not allowing the wheel to glide nicely through your hands.

Some people prefer a combination of gloves with leather, or no gloves with leather, but we’ve generally found that suede wheels with bare hands on a daily driver to be the worst combination, and you’re likely to see wear on your wheel way too quickly.

Whether you’re after a thin or chunky wheel will be the next thing to think about. Some wheels, Nardi for example, are known for being on the thinner side. This is completely down to your own personal preference.

Finally, the last consideration is whether a dish or flat-faced wheel is best for you. When it comes to looks, this often boils down to personal preference once again, but there are several factors that you should also consider.

Depending on the amount of dish and the boss you’re running, a deep-dish wheel can sometimes sit too close to the driver. This is particularly true if you’re using a larger snap-off kit along with an adapter. Having the wheel in your face whilst driving isn’t an ideal scenario!

In the opposite end of the spectrum, having a flat-faced wheel with a thin hub could potentially move the wheel too far away. In some ways, this is better since there are steering wheel adapters on the market, but you also have the option of considering a nicer-looking deep-dish wheel.

When it comes to drifting, deep dish is often the preferred choice, as it keeps the spokes away from your fingers. It sucks enough to crash, but if your front wheels take a blow then a flat-dished wheel can deliver a rather unpleasant blow to your thumbs!

Oh, and did we mention it can also help to save the embarrassment of turning on the wipers or blinkers when you’re flapping about at the wheel? Don’t ask us how we know that one!

Now that you’re fully clued up with what to look for and what’s going to suit you best, let’s take a look at our steering wheel selection.

Best Racing Steering Wheel selection

To find out more about any of these products just click on the product name or photo.


Our comment: Our first option is from one of the industry leaders, MOMO, with their steering wheel which has been designed specifically to provide you with the very best grip and handling when drifting.

Featuring a typical three-spoke design with finger notches on the back and thick grip sections, this black suede rim also features upper yellow centering stripes and an 88mm dish.

This could well be the perfect choice for drifting, but might not be quite so useful for daily driving due to the suede material, which will likely wear quickly when using bare hands.

For competitive use with gloves, you can expect this to be one of the best wheels on the market, with a reasonable price to match.

Manufacturer description:Living up to it’s namesake, the Momo MOD. Drift steering wheel is designed to provide the perfect interface for driver to car for those moments that control is everything.

The ultra-deep 88mm dish place the wheel in an optimal position for the quick steering adjustments required in Drifting, while the 330mm diameter is perfectly sized for these high performance cars. A generous, round 30mm grip helps keep things comfortable, while the dual yellow markers provide quick reference guides.

MOMO Ultra

Our comment: We love the look of this wheel for something a little different. From the modern laser engraved ‘MOMO’ text on the center-spokes, right the way through to the subtle silhouettes of some of the world’s most famous racing circuits around the edge.

Featuring a high-quality Alcantara wrapped around the aluminium spokes, this is a stylish choice for those of you that are looking for something that’s certainly going to stand out in your cabin compared to the more subtle alternatives.

Alcantara is a great material for driving feel, but can still get a little dirty. If you’re careful enough not to put greasy or dirty hands on it with every drive, it’ll undoubtedly serve you well. Many manufacturers such as BMW have frequently has successfully used Alcantara in their race models.

Manufacturer description:Elaborately etched with the MOMO logo through an innovative laser engraving process, the MOMO ULTRA steering wheel makes a bold statement. The Alcantara wrapped grip features silhouettes of the most famous racetracks from around the world: Monza, Nurburgring, Monte Carlo, Sepang and many more.

The double leather inserts provide a stark contrast and serves as quick reference for extreme driving.

Vertex 7 Star

Our comment: We’re not going to lie, although they may be an acquired taste, we absolutely love JDM tuning legends Vertex’s unique wheels that they bring to the market.

Their 7 Star wheel is one of the most common designs which has become hugely popular in the JDM scenes, although admittedly more so in the VIP scene rather than drifting.

Vertex is well known for putting out some of the highest quality products on the market, and this leather wheel with red and blue stitching is certainly no exception. With a 90mm dish, this is certainly one of the deeper wheels on our list.

This is an ideal wheel for your daily driver and occasional drifting, but for competition use, we believe that there are better alternatives on the market.

Manufacturer description:The Vertex VERTEX 7STAR Steering Wheel made the front upper part red and the back side blue, with ‘Vertex’ embroidery on both sides of the steering wheel.

Constructed from genuine suede air leather with the typical Vertex attention to detail.

Vertex Forever

Our comment: We just couldn’t leave the Vertex Forever wheel off our list! With another classic design, this is another of their timeless wheels that have maintained popularity over the years.

With a simple, clean look on the front, it features 15 silver and gold embroidered stars on the rear.

This is the same construction as the 7 Star above, with a varied design for those of you that are looking to collect the highest possible JDM scene points!

As with the 7 Star, we feel that this is an ideal wheel for a daily driver and occasional drifting, but for competition use we believe that there are better choices on the market.

Manufacturer description:The VERTEX FOREVER Steering Wheel is labeled ‘VERTEX OF VERTEX’ on top of the steering wheel with gold embroidery and ‘FOREVER’ on the bottom with silver embroidery.

On the back of the steering wheel they embroidered 15 stars to give a glorious feeling to your vehicle.

Nardi Deep Corn

Our comment: We believe that Nardi firmly holds the crown for the best steering wheels on the market, and their Deep Corn wheel has seen increasing popularity in recent years. Despite being an Italian brand, they have also found huge popularity in Japan.

You can find Nardi wheels in just about anything across the world, from OEM race wheels right the way through to the highest-spec D1GP cars.

Built to the highest possible standards, Nardi’s Perforated Leather wheels offer a medium grip which is also perfect for daily use and also extremely comfortable as friendly as it gets even if you have sweaty, greasy hands. If you’re building a competition car, the suede is fantastic for use with gloves.

We have personally run their leather wheels long term on our daily drivers and they have stood the time fantastically well and come highly recommended.

Manufacturer description:Nardi has been developing the highest quality steering wheels since 1932.

Nardi steering wheels are extremely prestigious and represent for many, the ultimate finish to the interior of a race or prestige car. Italian made with excellent quality materials, they enjoy an exemplary finish and are acclaimed worldwide. Used as OEM pieces by Mazda, Subaru, Ferrari, Pagani and many more.

Nardi Classic

  • Manufacturer: Nardi
  • Material: Perforated Leather, Suede or Wood
  • Diameter: 330mm, 350mm or 360mm
  • Value for money:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Buy your Nardi Classic wheel here

Our comment: For those of you that love the look of the Deep Corn wheel above, but could do with having less dish, the Classic wheel is the answer to your prayers! They’re not completely flat, but they have minimal dish.

With the same timeless design, the classic is available in a range of sizes and materials, from suede to mahogany wood. Whether you’re looking for a competition wheel or an old-school look for your retro ride, Nardi offers something for everyone.

We could sing the praises all day for Nardi, and for those of you that are running a snap-off boss or similar which is bringing the wheel a little too close for a deep dish wheel, this is the ultimate choice.

Manufacturer description:Nardi has been developing the highest quality steering wheels since 1932.

Nardi steering wheels are extremely prestigious and represent for many, the ultimate finish to the interior of a race or prestige car. Italian made with excellent quality materials, they enjoy an exemplary finish and are acclaimed worldwide. Used as OEM pieces by Mazda, Subaru, Ferrari, Pagani and many more.

NRG Painted Wood

Our comment: NRG has been offering reasonably priced, attention-seeking products to the market place for quite some time now, and these painted wheels are certainly no exception!

With some seriously funky colors, these are undoubtedly going to stand out in your car! Painted wood wheels are commonly found in drifting, and drivers such as Naoki Nakamura have often opted for them in both their street and race cars.

These wheels are completely flat-faced with no dish at all. If you’re looking for something a little different, these are a great choice at a reasonable price that will be great for daily or occasional track use.

Manufacturer description:NRG Innovations has increasingly improving their steering wheel quality for the past few years. Sponsoring multiple Formula D drivers with our newest reinforced steering wheels.

These units provide the best in both quality and styling. Many comes from different sizes and designs available for classy smooth luxury look, or bold and sturdy for maximum control. NRG steering wheels are sure to give your vehicle that extra edge of control and styling.

NRG Classic Luminor White

Our comment: Just when we thought the NRG wheels couldn’t get any wilder than the options above, they pulled it out of the bag with this insane glow in the dark wheel!

This would be sure to turn heads at the local meet or cruising down the strip and comes in a variety of center-spoke colors.

This features more dish than the previous Painted Wood model, which could make for the ultimate look if you’re often heading to night-time track events!

Manufacturer description:Rule the darkness with the NEW LUMINOR SERIES. The Luminous wood made from high quality materials will set you apart from the crowd and the aggressive 3 spoke center in Neochrome, Black and Chrome finish to match your ride.

A great addition to any car for added style and look that glows in the dark. Available in 350mm.

DRIVEN Motorsport 13.5

  • Manufacturer: DRIVEN Motorsport
  • Material: Suede
  • Diameter: 13.5″ (343mm)
  • Value for money:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Discontinued

Our comment: DRIVEN Motorsport has gone against the norm with their sizing on this wheel, as they believe that 13. 5″ is the perfect diameter for drifting.

These wheels are extremely popular within the drift scene and are also used in several top-tier Formula Drift cars. Featuring a dish of 89mm, the wheel features a suede finish which is accented by red stitching, an embroidered DRIVEN logo and a red centering stripe at the top.

This wheel represents incredible value for money and will undoubtedly be perfect for your drifting needs, whether you’re an amateur or pro. If you’re not looking to spend the extra cash, this is certainly one of the best choices out there for the money.

Manufacturer description:The DRIVEN Motorsport 13.5″ deep dish steering wheel is a favorite amongst the drift community. It is made using ultra-lightweight aluminum and features an embroidered Driven logo complemented by durable red stitching, and a laser-engraved Driven logo on the spoke.

This deep dish steering wheel is currently used by Formula Drift Pro drivers Mats Baribeau, Nate Hamilton, Kyle Mohan, Alex Hellibrun, Andy Gray and more! Countless more pro-am and grassroots drifters around the globe get sideways using the Driven deep dish steering wheel.

It features a lightweight aluminum core for a total weight of 2.35 lbs. The outside diameter is 13.5 inches / 343 mm and it has a 3.5″ / 89 mm dish. The black suede finish is accented by red stitching and a matching red centering stripe at the top.

Sparco 345

Our comment: Sparco’s 345 wheel is one of the most common choices in motorsport. Featuring a semi-dish of 65mm, this represents a great choice for those of you that don’t want a flat wheel or too much dish.

Conveniently, Sparco has made this wheel available in either Suede or Leather, depending on which one suits your preference best.

It’s easy to see why this simple design has been so popular among various forms of motorsport, and we have no doubt that it’d be a perfect wheel for drifting with.

Manufacturer description:Sparco 345 3 spoke steering wheel. Dish 65mm (depth of steering wheel from boss to top of the wheel), 350mm diameter. Available in black suede and black leather with black spokes.

Sparco 215

Our comment: This less typical 2-spoke design from Sparco actually works extremely well for drifting, since there are fewer spokes to attempt to chop your thumbs off!

We’ve witnessed an increase in popularity for these wheels in professional drifting in recent years, and many drivers swear by them being far more efficient for the task than the typical 3-spoke wheels.

Given the design and use of Suede, it’s clear that these are marketed towards the competitive side of the market. This wheel could be a great option if you want something a little different, or if you’re a bit too clumsy and often catching your fingers and thumbs in the wheel!

Manufacturer description:The stylish Sparco 215 Steering Wheel features a premium grip manufactured from high-quality materials as well as aluminium spokes and has been specially designed to provide the most comfortable & accessible driving experience possible with a custom steering wheel.

Sparco Piuma L777

Our comment: Our final Sparco offering is their sleek L777 Suede wheel, which features a stylish look that will undoubtedly look great in any modern interior.

This suede wheel offers a 65mm semi-dished look, which is perfect if you don’t want the wheel to stick out too far. If you decide later on that you want it a little closer, you can always consider purchasing an adapter.

Another solid choice from Sparco, which will undoubtedly be the perfect finishing touch to your modern competition interior.

Manufacturer description:The Sparco Piuma L777 is a range of steering wheels in a choice of leather or suede, and a choice of finishes on the spokes. Semi-dished (65mm) for shorter reach and greater leverage. Silver center position marker at top of wheel rim.

BridgeMoto GTX

  • Manufacturer: BridgeMoto
  • Material: Suede
  • Diameter: 350mm
  • Value for money:🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Purchase link: Discontinued

Our comment: BridgeMoto is quickly increasing in popularity across the motorsport scene and it’s easy to see why when you see their exceptional products and fantastic prices.

Their GTX wheel not only offers great value for money but also comes in unique colors for those of you that are looking for something a little different for your competition car. They’ve even been 250lb weight forced tested, proving that they won’t bend or break under stress.

Each wheel is hand-made and baseball stitched using the finest materials. They’re on a limited production run with a unique model number for each one crafted, so if you think this could be the wheel for you then we recommend purchasing it soon to avoid disappointment!

Manufacturer description:BridgeMoto’s Grand Touring Xfinity wheel is the perfect balance driver wheel for Road Racing, Rally, Drift, and Street use.

Reverie Eclipse 315 Carbon

Our comment: We’ve decided to keep our most insane choice until last. Ever wondered what a fully-carbon steering wheel would look like? Think no more! Reverie s brought the ultimate wheel to the market, weighing in at just 0. 5lbs! (0.2kg)

For those of you that want nothing but the best for your car, whether it’s in daily or competition use, look no further! Not only does it look incredible, but this weighs up to 75% less than an equivalent-sized alloy steering wheel.

We appreciate that this wheel isn’t for everyone, but we’ve tried our best to provide a wide range of variety with our list, and this one would add the perfect finishing touch to the ultimate drift build!

Manufacturer description:The Reverie Eclipse 315 Carbon Fibre steering wheel is Autoclave cured as a single piece, improving stiffness & reducing inertia. Weighs up to 75% less than an equivalent size alloy wheel.

The steering wheel features a solid center with hollow spokes and rim with a 32.3 x 28.3mm oval section (grip areas bulge to a max of 32 x 32mm at 10 & 2 o’clock) with 16.5mm set back. The PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) center drilling is 50.8mm and consists of 3 holes placed at 10, 2 and 6 O’Clock.

Our winners

So, you have seen our steering wheel selection, but which is the right wheel for you?

Best Racing Steering Wheel Choice

We’ve personally run these wheels for many years on our daily drivers and competition cars, and when we’ve been at the track or at meets the wheel has always been complimented or had fellow owners express how delighted they are with theirs. Not only do they look fantastic, but the quality speaks for itself and their durability is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry.

Our Best Racing Steering Wheel winner has to go to the Nardi Deep Corn wheel.

Whether you’re looking for a perforated leather wheel or suede, 330 or 350mm, Nardi has got you covered. If you’re looking for a subtle touch with some color, you can opt for a variety of colors in stitching to match your car or interior perfectly. If you’re not looking for such a deep dish wheel, the Nardi Classic will undoubtedly be a perfect choice.

We also love both of the Vertex wheels, but they are just a little too expensive to compete with the Nardi. If you feel that they’ll be more suited for your JDM-loving needs, then you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Nardi Deep Corn

Our Budget Racing Steering Wheel Choice

If the Nardi wheel isn’t ideal for your budget, we highly recommend checking out the Sparco 345. This wheel is extremely hard to beat for the price, which is no surprise since so many drifters opt for Sparco wheels.

Our Budget Racing Wheel winner is the Sparco 345.

Alongside its fantastic price point, Sparco offers both Suede and Leather options, making this 65mm semi-dish wheel an excellent choice for both the road and the track.

Sparco 345

Thank you for reading our Best Racing Steering Wheel guide!

We hope that you’re now confident in choosing the perfect racing steering wheel for your needs for the perfect feedback, response, and comfort whether you’re cruising the streets, or hitting up the track!

So you’ve got the perfect wheel picked out, how about scooping up the perfect set of racing gloves? Your gonna need something nice to sit on, so why not update to a racing seat?

Photography credits

We would like to thank the following sources for the use of their images:

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Written by Joe Terrell founder, motoring journalist and all-round car enthusiast. Read more about Joe and the Drifted team on our about us page.

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Five Of The Best Auto Racing Steering Wheels

By Winding Road Staff

August 29, 2020


One of the most crucial aspects of the race car is its steering wheel… yes we realize this is very much a “duh” statement. What we mean is, in addition to the basic necessity of turning, there are other aspects of steering wheels that affect the car’s operation (i. e. wheel diameter) and fit the driver’s preferences in grip, material, etc. Picking the right wheel based it its diameter, feel, material, comfort, dish, etc. can be a little daunting as there are so many to choose from! There are different wheels for different types of race cars, interior dimensions, driver dimensions, and more, though we’ll save that aspect for a more technical article. To get folks started in the right direction, we would like to highlight a few of our best-selling wheels, of which all come in the very-universal 6-bolt design. In no particular order:



  1. Momo Mod 88 and Mod 78 – $229.95 – We grouped these together because they’re quite similar, the 88 just comes in a flat bottom for better leg clearance. They both have a comfortable oval rim, come in both 350mm and 320mm, and have a nice, classic racing wheel look. The 78 has the option of coming in wrapped leather or suede, too.



  1. MPi F-13-A and GT-13-A – $199 – Like the Mod 88 and 78 above, they are very similar, except the GT is the flat bottom version and the F is a full round wheel. Customers really like the suede grip and larger, oval rim with good positive feel. They come in 320mm and have very durable construction. Plus: MPi wheels have an inner U-channel and rivet construction, so under extreme g-forces, such during a crash, they will break and not cause damage to drivers’ hands.



  1. Sabelt SW-633 – $250 – The Sabelt SW-633 is a sturdy, well-made wheel with excellent grip and feel. Coming in at 330mm, it’s ergonomics are quite good and is an excellent accompaniment to other Sabelt products.



  1. Sparco R323 – $250 – Sparco’s great product line includes great wheels, and the R353 is the best-selling model in their wheel lineup. Like the Sabelt it also comes in 330mm, and also has a slight dish of 39mm to bring it a tad closer to the driver (depending upon drivers’ steering columns, 39mm might be all they need to put the wheel in the perfect spot).



  1. OMP Corsica – $259 – This deeper wheel has a dish of 95mm and is made of quality suede with chic yellow stitching. The spokes are anodized for longevity and come drilled to not only shed weight, but to also give it a classic racecar look. If you’re in need of a wheel that comes in nice and close, the deep dish is certainly a great option.


Check out our full line of auto racing steering wheels from MPI, Momo, OMP, Sparco, Sabelt, and more.

If you’re unsure about fitment, shape, pricing, accessories, or any other option, call our product specialists at 512-994-0656, email us at [email protected], or stop by one of our three retail locations in Austin, TX, Southern California, or Braselton, Georgia.

Renown USA — FAQ

 Hi Friends,

We’ve been getting lots of of the same questions, so here is a list compiled into a FAQ to save everyone some time.  Email us with any questions not found at [email protected]

Thanks for the continued support!

Where are you located?

We are in San Francisco, CA.

Do I need anything else besides the wheel to mount to my car?

Yes, you need to buy a MOMO steering wheel hub adapter or any hub adapter designed for your car with the same 70mm PCD 6-bolt pattern.  

Does a Renown steering wheel fit my car?

Yes, they will fit your car.  Our wheels have a six bolt pattern that is universal with other popular steering wheels like Momo, Sparco, OMP, NRG, Sabelt, Isotta.  Therefore you can fit our steering wheel to any car equipped with a MOMO hub adapter.

You can see if MOMO offers a hub for your car here: 

What materials are used to make a Renown steering wheel?

The frame of the steering wheel is 6061 T6 Aluminum – from there we use genuine leather, genuine suede or perforated genuine leather on the rim.  

Note: Suede is often desirable for track use because it offers exceptional grip.  Therefore, it is usually used with driving gloves.  Using a suede wheel without driving gloves, results in a very short lifespan to the suede because the oils in our hands break down the suede.  Instead of having a smooth finish, it becomes flat, rough and downright ugly.  

If this is going on a car that you only use occasionally, the quick wear without gloves isn’t as noticeable.  But if on a daily driver, the suede will wear much faster than a leather wheel.  We recommend the use of driving gloves to help increase the lifespan of your Renown grip.  

Perform a quick google search for more info on how other drivers feel about suede vs. leather. 

Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

Best Deals on Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

Marshev Ilya, 11/06/2018

Well, cho say!
good recoil, leather steering wheel, excellent grip, buttons in a convenient location !!!

generally Toko 1 !!!
gearbox is not like the real one

Comment: I use
only for a week !!!
steering wheel works great !!

Garick, 08. 01.2018

Rubber-covered steering wheel, comfortable to hold, large steering angle, paddle shifters, gear selector, secure mount, comfortable pedal pad, pedals with different pressing forces, compatible with RBR and GTR2, quite good recoil force, although in RBR you need to increase it a little. MOMO lettering.

Very few buttons (8), uncomfortable paddle shifters, no mounting instructions (because of this, you can break the mount), the drivers are uncomfortable, the pedals are a little uncomfortable, rather large, you cannot print on the keyboard, the diodes are still rather bright (already in low light, they beat in the eyes).There were reviews about stretching due to too strong recoil.

I’ll start with the painful one – fastening. In order not to break it, you need to: 1) tighten the screws by hand and do not overtighten 2) turn the middle screw only until the central protrusion from below begins to BEND !!! (this screw is not for fastening, but simply so that the steering wheel does not tremble too much) 3) after the end of the warranty we glue electrical tape, self-adhesive or other elastic band, it is well glued to the moment, on the legs, fastening to the table and it will no longer slide. Now about the drivers. Rollback to older versions is far from always possible, you either have to manually clean the registry, or something else like that. Buttons. There are really very few buttons, if there are still enough in RBR, then in LFS, GTR2 there is not enough at all, you have to press from the keyboard, and since the keyboard is far away, you cannot put it on a visible one, then I think you understand. Here is a fat minus. Compared to the cheaper Force EX model, it has just perfect buttons, it even has an 8-way joystick.And its size itself is so small that there are no problems with the keyboard either behind or below. Paddle shifters. If, again, to compare with the Force EX, then the cheaper model is generally perfect, all the fingers are tightly gripped into the steering wheel and only when necessary, we press on the petal, but with MOMO, either hold the steering wheel with only two fingers, or constantly drive widely protruding the middle in short, I also put a minus. The steering wheel upholstery is comfortable, it didn’t stick to my hands, I don’t know why others have it. The diodes of the eyes are gouged out with mounting tape, pre-painted with a black felt-tip pen.As a result, the work of the diodes is visible and the design is not damaged. I personally didn’t like the pedals a little, but this is my own, IMHO, the footrests would be for them, and the foot gets tired, and without the footrest, I constantly press the brake a little because of this, the time drops. But on the other hand, the effects are very well conveyed in RBR, GTR2, LFS. Actually, I took it for them, so I’m glad. But the final score 3-4 can be put. Still, Thrustmastera has problems with RBR, which means it is inferior, despite the large number of advantages at a comparable price.

Shpiruk Sergey, 01/04/2018

I have been using this steering wheel since 2008, until now everything works perfectly and without glitches.
1. A real top quality device, it works for 7 years
2. The recoil is divine, there is no other steering wheel like this, except for the G27
3.The steering wheel is firmly attached in three places, the pedals are also fixed to the floor
4. Convenient buttons and petals
5. There were no problems with the drivers, all games support (problems were only with TDU2)

Perhaps someone can seem a little noisy, but you get used to it easily

I can’t help but rejoice in them, already 8 years together. This is the only normal steering wheel for this price. If possible, you can buy G27, there are more goodies, but the price is much higher, there are no other steering wheels better than MOMO!

pospelov igor, 21.08.2017

the steering wheel is very good sits in the hands like a glove good 3D effects nice braid convenient box

260 degree backlash the box could be made for 4 gears
and something I didn’t like at all this red strip on top of the steering wheel slipped off all paint and it is not red but silver

is certainly not g27 or g25 but the steering wheel is just excellent I advise everyone this steering wheel, I fucking advise playing it in the mafia modern mod

Fedorov Igor, 22. 11.2016

Quality / Durability
Ease of use
Simple software
Determined by 99.9% of games

Insufficiently strong pedal set

I took it when it just appeared, in the year 2005 somewhere. During this time, a slight backlash of the pedals appeared, the software is simply corrected by setting the dead zone.There was no lack of motor power. Anyone who finds it difficult to turn the steering wheel or do not like knocks when driving in a straight line is my advice: do not scold the device, scold yourself! For example, remove the recoil from the engine speed in the GRiD settings and it will not be sausage =) The steering wheel just does what the game tells it, in the settings of this very game and you need to dig first. The response is also completely satisfied … who does not like changing the interface from usb 1. 1 to 2.0;) It has been actively used for all 5 years and there has not been a single call to the service.Perhaps the perfect steering wheel to buy handheld.
Play the first mafia on it … buzz …

mirr47, 1/14/2016

1) Price;
2) Reliability;
3) Convenient pedal set;
4) Fixing to the table (reliable clamps).

1) The steering angle is small;
2) Weak design of the pedal unit;
3) Quite noisy.

The steering wheel has been in operation for more than 3 years (purchased at the beginning of 2006). During this time, it was actively used in simulators (nKp, LFS, RBR). During this time, only one significant problem arose. This is the backlash of the gas pedal (it is the weak design that affects, the backlash appeared already in the first year of operation). The solution is to put something on your feet that glides perfectly on plastic (read, socks).
Overall, the steering wheel is excellent for its price. There have been no other problems for the entire time. There can be no problems with firewood either. For arcade races like Grid and NSF – perfect. Also suitable for formula simulators (eg netKar). For the rest – insofar as. But if there is no money for Logitech DFP or G25, you shouldn’t think for a long time. 🙂

Bolshakov Andrey, 12.10.2015

Excellent price, comfortable steering wheel, all the necessary options, a sufficient number of keys

Quite loud noise, especially on uneven surfaces, for example in DiRT. The steering wheel itself does not move, and only noise is heard. But on larger bumps, the steering wheel just starts to pull out of the hands)) (you can reduce the power)

For its price – an ideal choice.Of course the G25 is better, but paying over $ 10,000 for a gaming wheel … that’s too much. And this choice is perfect, plus all functions are supported by a huge number of games.

Zamaletdinow Ruslan, 08/15/2015

1) Price
2) Quality
3) Vista support (I have it)
4) The presence of a steering wheel profile in all “racing” games, except for the oldest ones (but you don’t play them :))

1) plastic
2) angle of rotation
ZY this is all fixed in G25, but it is more expensive than Saitek X52Pro (!)


Ruchka Pavel, 30. 06.2015

1) what can I say the steering wheel is excellent) there are no other words

Not very good mounts for the steering wheel. Not all tables fit (((


Guest, 30.06.2015

– It makes a lot of noise when turning the steering wheel

Sometimes the centering is lost (if you turn the steering wheel sharply), it gets better by turning the steering wheel to the end in any direction.

Musin Timur, 06. 03.2015

Comfortable steering wheel, pleasant to the touch, connects the hand with the car.

They are not!

Qwert Wasdx, 02/21/2015

The steering wheel turns, the pedals are pressed, there is even recoil, what else is needed?)

When rotating, the feedback drive is felt even if it is disabled and is quite noisy with active taxiing.

The power of the effects is decent. There are no complaints about the operation of the pedal unit, if you put it on a carpet or something similar will not slide exactly (there are thorns below that cling well to the pile). In terms of fastening the steering wheel: the left and right clamps are located well and fix the steering wheel securely, but the central clamp can be broken by negligence if you tighten it, although without it the steering wheel is held tight, I checked it. The steering wheel itself is quite comfortable and hands do not slip, there are no questions about the location of buttons and switches.The software, in principle, sane enough to customize for yourself once and forget, and the nuances of the steering are usually configured in the game. In general, the impressions are pleasant, the thing, as they say, inspires confidence, in this price category the product is undoubtedly worthy of attention.

Ambartsumov Gleb, 04/21/2014


Angle of rotation

For your money – one of the best options. It is a pity that they are not being sold now. Brother in about 11th year. I liked it very much. You can drive in all sorts of races. But now this model is outdated. And if in the 11th year I did not pay attention to the angle of rotation, now it stands out.

Zhigalkin Sergey, 03/30/2014

Very successful steering wheel model!
I’ve been playing it for 4 years now, no problem!


Determined in all games!
excellent feedback, not significant backlash in 4 years!
Satisfied very much I advise everyone!

Karimov Alexander, 12.02.2013

excellent, reliable, high-quality, convenient


This is the case when a thing speaks for itself very clearly.
I have been using it for several years.
I recommend.

Guest, 04.02.2013

Comfortable and reliable steering wheel, good vibration feedback, durable body.

for 5 years of operation did not find any shortcomings

I probably bought the steering wheel about 5 years ago and since that time I use it almost every day. for all the time I have never failed, the only problem is that the USB plug began to move away from time to time, but it does not matter, but in a nutshell this is the best steering wheel !!

Valkovsky Dmitry, 21.01.2013

Excellent steering wheel for any race. Great track feel, smooth handlebar surface, powerful engine inside for great bounce. Available: 6 buttons in the center of the steering wheel, two shift paddles, gearshift lever. All this variety is quite enough to control the main functions of a virtual car without being distracted by the keyboard during the race.

Possibly a little noisy in neutral.

Recognized leader among game wheels – what can I add?

Mikhailovich Ivan, 27.10.2012

Steering wheel pleasant to the touch.Looks nice. Fastening.

Power supply, software!

A lot of hemorrhoids with this steering wheel! I downloaded and installed all the drivers and programs and still this steering wheel works every other time. It doesn’t work on some games, or it’s a very confusing setting. I do not recommend buying it, your nerves are more expensive! Connected to two laptops and one computer, all Windows 8, it works disgusting!

Starikov Vladimir, 20.10.2012

1) Price-quality ratio
2) Comfortable paddle shifters
3) The box lever on the side is very convenient to use as a handbrake (towards yourself)

1) Two pedals. In serious simulators, it is highly desirable to have grip as well.
2) Buzzing. With a sharp and / or fast rotation by a large degree, the gears of the motor make quite a lot of noise.But after 10-12 hours of playing you get used to it =)

If you play on an automatic gearbox or without a clutch simulation, everything is fine. Determined by all games without problems, does not lag, well conveys all the bumps / bumps in the road. The best steering wheel in its price range.

Kovalenko Den, 14.10.2012

View, angle of rotation, price tag

The brake pedal itself broke

Used for 3-4 years 10-20 times (the brake itself broke as a result) the steering wheel played good on it in 3D instructor, test drive unlimted.
The steering wheel should be taken as for me, but the current is used well, it’s natural. Well, when I played I was 5-6 years old, so as for me they were stable. By pressing the average (to be honest, I forgot what they were when pressed). The steering wheel rotates with a sound, which is not pleasant enough if you play on speakers and not in headphones …

Radchenko Ilya, 03/11/2012

Comfortable steering wheel, profiles for popular games, pedals do not slip on the floor or carpet, vibration feedback works.

Little things, but unpleasant: the fastening of the steering wheel itself is unreliable, you need to refine it (I used a small thing with a rubber coating). Otherwise, in the midst of the race, it can whistle off the table and remain in your hands – with all that it implies. There is also noticeable resistance to rotation even without vibration feedback. Perhaps this is realistic, but as you understand, it hinders life a little.

Ryabushin Vasily, 18.02.2012

+ feedback
+ comfortable steering wheel, gearshift shifter and button arrangement
+ tight brake pedal

-on ASUS motherboards during the race the center of 2-3 degrees sometimes gets lost (live for speed)
-the angle of rotation

is a model worthy of attention,
does not have enough money for Zh25-27, buy MOMO, the effect is the same only degrees less than

Pankov Pavel, 21.01.2012

All cool, I play all races without problems. !!!

had to remove the keyboard from the mountings

Excellent steering wheel for games, better than g25 (IMHO)

Ilyinsky Maxim, 06.01.2012

Feedback, and powerful enough, everything is configurable and regulated.

Sometimes a more relistic turn of the rudder is missing.

To tell the truth, this is a toy for a couple of days, after that it lies idle 🙂
Alas, not many games with a steering wheel are more comfortable than with a keyboard. In some, there is no way to associate the steering wheel with control at all.

Shishkin Maxim, 11/17/2011

Design, convenience, material, a lot of buttons

Perhaps a mount. But that depends on the table.

A wonderful steering wheel, the reaction is instant, the recoil is very realistic, you can determine with your eyes closed where the car is: on the asphalt, wet asphalt, sand, in flight, on gravel, in a ditch…
Naturally, a lot depends on the game. For example, in CMR DIRT everything is implemented in the highest class, but in GRID, in my opinion, it is the feeling of the road that is not very good.
About fastening. Not suitable for every table. If you have a keyboard tray, the distance to it should be at least 100mm. The fastening bolt is very strong. It performs its function 100%, but it is difficult to twist it by hand. The child will not be able to cope with it. Even not so much because of tightness, but because of the fact that it is difficult to grasp, it is 6-sided, under a wrench.I wrench and tighten. Treat the coating with love, do not play with dirty hands, otherwise it will be all sticky. Rubber is rubber.

Gosha Gosha, 30.09.2011

Feedback, quality and for the steering wheel of 2003 it’s just a fly away.


I wanted to take it at a higher price and with 900 or more degrees, but then I suddenly thought I wouldn’t like it all. I’m not a racer, but sometimes I’m hunting and it was just interesting, because I’ve never played on the steering wheel. I decided not to take a steam bath and took a boomomo, before that I hadn’t played on the steering wheels at all, I’m going through the races that I played on the keyboard again and as if I’m playing for the first time with new sensations.

Alexandrov Alexander, 07.05.2011

comfortable in the hand.

slow response to a turn.

power supply burned out. I can’t find it anywhere.

Guest, 28.03.2011

– Convenient steering wheel, and only

– 100% defective pedals – the potentiometer is not fixed in any way and quickly falls out (you can fix it yourself by opening them and filling them with glue, but this is not entirely simple)
– Very large rudder base
– 270 degrees maximum

Due to defective pedals, only suitable for arcade toys.Where there is no traction control and abs can not be played. Need G25.

Elkin Alexander, 06.03.2011

works 6 years after purchase. at first I used it a lot in Richard Burns Rally, Shift, Grid, Pro Street, Shift 2, Dirt… the return from the wheels is adequate. after 6 years of use, I decided to disassemble – lubricate, which I recommend, since the main sliding bearing of the steering shaft mount is plastic, when I disassembled it it was completely dry, there are signs of wear. I advise you to lubricate with anything odorless, otherwise I greased CV joint 4 (I was in a tube at hand), so now it always smells like this grease on the table under my nose, I used the EP2 mobile better – it smells less, in general, any grease – it doesn’t matter for plastic. Having disassembled, I saw that there was a magnetic type positioning sensor on the steering wheel, rheostats – potentiometers on the pedals

on the gas pedal turned off the rheostat – in the WRC4 game the pedals were not detected for this reason.the zero on the pedal for vrs4 was in the region of 36% of pressing on the sensor, in order for the pedals to work, it was necessary to plug the yusb a couple of times at the start, which infuriates.

solved the reason easily – refused brs4. I began to drive in normal online rallies RBR, which I always dreamed of doing, but was distracted by the type of race (which is more beautiful and simpler), where the steering wheel with pedals still works.
Should I buy one now? probably no longer on sale. and so he has a price of 4 tons. R. 2007 worked. good steering wheel
p.from. – changed the lubricant to ip2 from the mobile. now it doesn’t smell and spins easier)

Lvov Alexandra, 06.03.2011

great steering wheel, I drive it in all simulators, never broke, excellent feedback, in general there are no drawbacks.

(if you want to buy – just forget about any nfs – they are stupid: ()
and if there is no clutch pedal here, but this is on the contrary good, because it will rarely be used

in general logitech rule

The best sports steering wheel for a car

Almost every car owner strives to improve and improve his own vehicle. Someone starts with the exterior, while others are closely involved with the issues of finalizing the interior.

Momo Competition 350 sports steering wheel

One of the common interior tuning ideas is the installation of a sports steering wheel. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a comfortable and ergonomic steering wheel. Thanks to him, the driver can control the behavior of the car, confidently maneuver and overtake.

If the car provides a solid amount of horsepower, or the tuning is aimed at a sports theme, then the new steering wheel must be chosen from the sports category.

Only when choosing such an element, you should not rely solely on external aspects, and buy a sports steering wheel only due to its attractiveness or matching the style of the car’s interior. It is important here to pay attention to quality, usability, ergonomics, tactile sensations and functionality.

Requirements for a sports steering wheel

When choosing a steering wheel for your car, be sure to take into account personal preferences and characteristics that such an accessory must meet.

By choosing the right size for the sports steering wheel you are purchasing, as well as a diameter that matches your grip, arm length and the design nuances of the car interior itself, the driver will feel as comfortable and confident as possible. But when the purchase of a sports steering wheel is approached purely from the standpoint of appearance, the motorist begins to have problems with the further operation of the vehicle.

There are several top-priority recommendations that must be followed when buying such an accessory:

  • The steering wheel should not obscure any of the steering column switches.Access to them must be kept as convenient as possible. Therefore, preliminary fitting will never be superfluous.
  • If your standard steering wheel was equipped with an airbag, this will no longer be available in the sport versions. This is important to consider, since it is a matter of your personal safety.
  • It is not recommended to take a handlebar with a too small diameter. Especially if there is no power steering or electric booster on the machine. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to rotate the steering wheel.

Ergonomics, comfortable grip and correct size are considered key selection issues.

Various materials can be used to cover the sports steering wheel. Let’s present the most popular and common ones.

  1. Leather. Natural material with a wide range of benefits. Expensive, prestigious and noble. But it is important to choose products based on automotive leather, which has increased durability and wear resistance. Thin material wipes and tears quickly, cracks and other signs of low-quality material appear on the handlebars.
  2. Leatherette. A substitute for natural leather is actively used in the production of sports bagels. At the same time, the material is perforated, has a pleasant texture, has the properties of natural leather, but is inferior to it in price. Really good leatherette will be an excellent alternative.
  3. Alcantara. Not afraid of cigarette smoke, dust, the material is resistant to wear and tear. Alcantara also does not fade in the sun, does not overheat and gives a pleasant sensation when it comes into contact with the driver’s hands.
  4. Plastic and rubber. Suitable for a child’s sports steering wheel, but not for an adult man and his car, under the hood of which there is a whole herd of horses. It will not be possible to control the movement with a plastic steering wheel. Materials slip in your hands, so you can easily lose control.
  5. Combination of materials. A modern and very common approach to sports steering wheel upholstery.

It is impossible to save on the material of the steering wheel cover. Such a purchase is made once and for many years.

There are no complaints about the leading manufacturers of car accessories, as they always try to use only the best materials, carefully adjust them and create the most pleasant sensations for the driver.

What can not be said about dubious firms that seem to produce sports-type steering wheels, but in the end they quickly wear out, lose their original appearance.

On domestic cars without power steering, sport steering wheels with a diameter of 35 centimeters are often installed.If there is an amplifier, regardless of its type, then it will be possible to maneuver along narrow streets and take up places in a limited parking space with ease even with a wheel diameter of 33 centimeters.

In some situations, a special adapter is required to fully replace a standard steering wheel with a sports one. It guarantees a high-quality connection, and will also allow you to fully control the situation, feeling the true advantages and purpose of a steering wheel with sports parameters.

What you need to know when installing a sports steering wheel

When installing a sports steering wheel, it is important to remember that if a normal steering wheel is fixed to the steering shaft, then a special adapter is required to install a sports steering wheel. With regard to direct communication with the wheels, in the specific case, the steering shaft will be connected to them with pencil-type hinges or an elastic coupling. And this design has a lot of advantages. Including, it will help real safety in the event of an accident.Usually, the standard steering wheel does not fold in a collision and is extended towards the driver. In most cases, it is the steering wheel that causes the death of the motorist. This is not the case with the sports wheel. It has the ability to fold on impact and not move towards the driver.

High-quality sports steering wheels produced for cars from leading manufacturers are thoroughly and comprehensively tested. For this, various vehicle tests, tests and analysis of the behavior of the product in various driving situations are carried out.

Not only changes in vehicle behavior and driver experience are assessed, but also safety issues. A sports steering wheel must comply with strict rules and regulations that prevent it from causing injury or death in an accident. Therefore, the engineers think over the design in detail, not forgetting about the issues of comfort and pleasant sensations, as if driving a real racing car.

Advantages of installing a sports steering wheel

The steering wheel provides a subtle connection between the motorist and his vehicle.Only the steering wheel can provide an understanding of how the car behaves and in what condition it is.

Not surprisingly, steering wheel replacement has become such a popular and sought-after tuning procedure. But before changing the standard steering wheel to a sports steering wheel, you should carefully study the strengths and weaknesses of such a solution.

It is worth highlighting several obvious advantages.

  1. Appearance and modified interior design. No special explanations are needed here.Even in an ordinary city sedan from the budget category, the interior will look completely different than when using the standard steering wheel. Moreover, quite often, a simple replacement of only the steering wheel leads to a significant improvement in the perception of the interior.
  2. The most comfortable grip and comfortable fit. Sports steering wheels are specially designed to provide these qualities. There are places for the fingers, creating a comfortable and secure grip. Also, the upholstery and the optimally selected diameter play a role.
  3. Pleasant and comfortable driving. Reducing the radius of the steering wheel allows you to get rid of the need to wave your arms in different directions, maneuvering among other cars, or bypassing any obstacles in the form of puddles and pits. The sports accessory provides the ability to make a small but fast and confident movement. As a result, it is possible to maneuver better, moving at high speed.
  4. Increase free space. Since the sports steering wheel is usually smaller in size than the standard one, it will take up less space, while simultaneously freeing up space around it.This is especially important for small cars or large drivers. Landing in the driver’s seat, when the steering wheel is compact, but provides confident maneuverability, is significantly better.

These are strong arguments in favor of removing the factory steering wheel and replacing it with a quality sports steering wheel.

But there is no need to rush into a decision. You also need to look at the counterarguments or just the disadvantages of such tuning.


There are also weaknesses in the installation of a sports steering wheel.And they should be taken into account when planning to carry out a similar tuning of your vehicle.

Reducing the radius gives not only pluses, but also certain minuses. The driver may find it difficult to turn the steering wheel. Although this is more true for cars without an electric or hydraulic amplifier.

The frame of a sports steering wheel is often based on metal. Hitting it can cause serious injury. In terms of injury risk, sports models are noticeably inferior to standard steering wheels.

The design of the standard steering wheel, thought out to the smallest detail in terms of safety. It provides for special deformable zones that can crumple and fold at the moment of impact in collisions and accidents. This is done in order to reduce injuries.

Sports models were originally designed to be used in racing. Sports cars are equipped with appropriate seats, special seat belts and, in addition, a helmet. This eliminates the possibility of hitting the steering wheel.In a civilian car, all this is not, and therefore the risk of injury from hitting the steering wheel increases, installing a more solid sports model.

Although lately, active production of sports steering wheel options, more adapted for ordinary city driving, has begun. They have become softer, more elastic, and have similar deformable elements. But at the same time, they remain faithful to the design features characteristic of a sports steering wheel.

The big problem is that there are so many fakes on the market.By purchasing an initially high-quality steering wheel from a leading manufacturer, in practice it turns out to be a cheap and extremely poorly executed knock-off. The lack of certificates and compliance with state standards leads to dire consequences in accidents and road accidents.

Considering the design features of sports steering wheels, you should not expect an airbag in them. This is another reason to be wary of accidents and collisions.

There are some models that, due to their design and design solutions, can obstruct the view of the dashboard, interfere with switching the steering column units, etc.This is more a matter of wrong choice, but can also be considered a disadvantage.

And one more problem. This is a technical inspection. The presence of a sports steering wheel in a civilian car often leads to the fact that maintenance cannot be completed, and experts force the steering wheel to be replaced by returning the standard product.

Objectively, sports steering wheels have significant drawbacks, although they also have advantages. Whether or not you install such a product in your car is a matter for everyone personally. But the driver should definitely evaluate all the pros and cons, choosing wisely between the appearance of the cabin and his own safety.

Current rating

No one will argue with the fact that the sports steering wheel looks great in almost any car. But even here it is important to observe a sense of taste and proportion.

If you buy a similar accessory, then choose only among the best and trusted manufacturers.

There are several current favorites that have earned high places in the ranking of the best sports steering wheels.

  • OMP Corsica. Three-spoke sports steering wheel from an Italian manufacturer.The upholstery is suede. The 95mm deep hub is worth noting. and a diameter of 350 mm. In total, there are 5 versions of such a steering wheel.
  • R333 manufactured by Sparco. An excellent model in a suede case with an overhang of 39 mm. and a diameter of 330 millimeters.
  • OMP Rally. Another representative of an Italian brand that is actively conquering the market. Offers an original two-spoke steering wheel with a classic 350 mm diameter. The hub can be black or blue.
  • R383 from Sparco. Similar to the previous version, a three-spoke steering wheel with a diameter of 330 mm. Has a more interesting design, according to consumers themselves. There are no significant differences in terms of characteristics.
  • GTR2. Universal sports steering wheel manufactured by Momo. The diameter of the product is 350 mm. Made of black leather with silver needles. Additionally, Alcantara inserts are provided.
  • L550 Monza. An extremely interesting version of the sports steering wheel with an offset of 63 mm.and a diameter of 350 mm. Enclosed in leather, has a white hub with a black rim. In addition to its stunning looks, the handlebars provide excellent grip and a pleasant tactile feel.
  • Sparco Drifting Model. The model name perfectly matches the purpose of the accessory. A specially designed drift version of the steering wheel. The hub is black anodized. There is a special silicone coating that guarantees a firm and confident grip. The diameter is 350 mm and the projection is 78 mm.
  • Sabelt GT. Suede sports steering wheel with a diameter of 330 millimeters and zero offset. Has an original design reminiscent of the device of racing cars.
  • L360 Ring. A steering wheel designed for circuit racing and highway driving. An excellent choice for owners of fairly powerful cars. The manufacturer is Sparco. The steering wheel diameter is 330 millimeters. The model is presented in leather and suede versions.
  • Competition 350.Developed by Momo in the form of a black three-spoke sports steering wheel. The upholstery is made of high quality leather. Extremely comfortable grip that creates a strong contact between the handlebars and the driver’s hands. The mount is made on the basis of stainless steel. From the name of the model it is already clear that the diameter is 350 mm.
  • Trecento. OMP compact leather sports steering wheel. The diameter is only 300 millimeters.
  • Sardinia SW699.Excellent version of the sports steering wheel made by Sabelt. The upholstery is made of suede material, and the diameter is suitable for most cars with electric or hydraulic booster and is 330 mm.
  • Quark Black. Another worthy representative of the Momo brand. This is a steering wheel with a diameter of 350 millimeters, made on the basis of polyurethane with black leather upholstery, complemented by color inserts.

These are just a few of the range on the market in the sports steering wheel segment.But these brands managed to declare themselves, form a good reputation and justly gain the trust of consumers.

If you still decide to buy a sports steering wheel for your car, do not skimp on such a product, buy only high quality devices from certified sellers.

It is worth understanding what positive and negative aspects are fraught with the installation of a sports steering wheel. Therefore, be careful, carefully weigh all decisions. It is much more correct to put such a steering wheel in the cabin as needed, leaving on specialized tracks, additionally wearing a seat belt and even putting on a helmet.In everyday life, a sports steering wheel is not essential. Even at the design stage, each automaker tries to think over the design of a standard steering wheel in order to provide all conditions for a comfortable and safe ride. The choice is yours.

Supported Wheels and Devices – Forza Technical Support

IMPORTANT: Before playing Forza Horizon 4, make sure your wheel has the latest drivers and firmware. The steering wheel might work just fine in games that came out a year or two ago – even in previous Forza games – but that doesn’t mean that the new game will be okay.This isn’t just for PC: if you’re playing on Xbox, you should take care of that too by connecting the wheel to your PC or laptop and downloading the latest drivers and firmware from your device manufacturer’s website.

For Fanatec devices to work, you will need to install the appropriate Fanatec driver from the manufacturer’s website, and manually update the firmware following the instructions.

Fanatec Clubsport V1

Xbox Fanatec Clubsport V2

  • Fanatec P1 Xbox (Xbox One only)

Fanatec Clubsport V2.5

  • Universal HUB (PC only)
  • BMW GT2 (PC only)
  • Formula Rim (PC only)
  • Porsche 918 rim (PC only)
  • Mclaren GT3 (Xbox One only)

Fanatec CSL E XBOX (Xbox One only)

  • Fanatec P1 Xbox (Xbox One only)

Fanatec CSL E PS4

  • Fanatec P1 PS4 (PC only)

Fanatec CSR wheel (PC only)

Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel (PC only)

Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2 and GT3wheel (PC only)

Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V1, V2, V3 (PC & Xbox One)

Fanatec CSL Pedals (PC & Xbox One)

Fanatec Shifter SQ 1.5 (PC & Xbox One)

Fanatec Handbrake 1.5 (PC & Xbox One)

For Logitech devices — especially the G920 and G29 — you will need to install the Logitech Gaming Software from the manufacturer’s website. It is important; If you do not install it, the G920 steering wheel may be recognized by a different identifier (VIDPID), which negatively affects the operation of the feedback, buttons and switches.

Logitech DriveForce GT (PC only)

Logitech DriveForce Pro (PC only)

Logitech G25 (PC only)

Logitech G27 (PC only)

Logitech G29 (PC only)

Logitech G920 (Xbox One only)

Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel (PC only)


MadCatz Pro (Xbox One only)

MadCatz (PC only)

Thrustmaster devices require the latest drivers and firmware.

Thrustmaster TS-XW (Xbox One only)

Thrustmaster 458 Spider (Xbox One only)

Thrustmaster T150 (PC only)

Thrustmaster T300RS (PC only)

Thrustmaster T-GT (PC only)

Thrustmaster TMX (Xbox One only)

Thrustmaster TS-PC (PC only)

Thrustmaster TX (Xbox One only)

  • 458 Edition
  • Leather Edition
  • 599XX
  • F1
  • GTE

Note: If you are using a Thrustmaster TX rudder, the 458 Edition scheme (first in the list) will be active by default, since all Thrustmaster TX rudders use the same VIDPID.Select the required model manually so that all buttons are defined correctly.

Thrustmaster RGT (PC only)

Thrustmaster T500 RS (PC only)

Thrustmaster TH8A (PC & Xbox One)

Thrustmaster Sequential Shifter / Handbrake (PC & Xbox One)

Thrustmaster pedals T3PA and T3PA pro (PC & Xbox One)

Multiple USB connections
Fh5 supports USB hubs.If you use several different devices with their own USB ports, the game may not automatically recognize them (or only recognize one). For example, the steering wheel will work, but the pedals will not. If you plan to use multiple devices or connect devices to different USB ports, you will have to manually create a custom steering wheel profile; the game automatically detects only directly connected devices.

We do not recommend using USB hubs and plugging devices directly into USB 3 connectors.0 of your PC. Please note that if you disconnect and then reconnect the steering wheel to the USB 3.0 connector, the game may detect it incorrectly by assigning an incorrect VIDPID. This will lead to management difficulties.

Standard set of parameters
If you connect a device using the standard Windows driver to your PC, it will act as a steering wheel for the Xbox – you will not get access to the advanced steering wheel settings panel. However, we cannot guarantee that your wheel will behave exactly like the Xbox One wheel.The jogs or switches on some devices may not work. This problem will not affect only steering wheels, in which all additional controls are implemented as buttons (as, for example, on the G920), and devices designed for the Xbox, but also suitable for the PC (for example, Madcatz).

Test of the Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback game kit

It’s no secret that every gamer’s dream is a comfortable manipulator with which he can successfully and enjoy his favorite games.For example, for walkers you need a comfortable keyboard, mouse or gamepad, for air simulators – a joystick resembling an airplane steering wheel, and for car simulators or, more simply, “races”, you need a steering wheel, and preferably with pedals and feedback, what is usually called Force Feedback. Indeed, modern car simulators provide such a real picture and dynamics that sometimes you start to forget that you are sitting in front of the monitor. A modern steering wheel, or rather a set consisting of a steering wheel and pedals, allows you to further expand the sense of reality.The user begins to feel not only vibration when driving over bumps or gravel, impacts from different sides, but also realistically feel the difficulty of performing some maneuvers at high speed (sometimes the steering wheel is so difficult to hold in his hands that real physical fatigue occurs).

In this article, we will look at the Logitech MOMO Racing kit, which, despite its honorable age (1 year), is still a hit. This high popularity of Logitech MOMO Racing is due to the unique relationship of features, construction, design and price.

External features …

Traditionally, we start considering the device with the design and construction features. As you can see, the steering wheel itself is designed by MOMO, which designs equipment for real racing series, and has a rubberized coating, which makes it much more pleasant to work with than a regular plastic steering wheel. The steering wheel has a steering angle of 240 degrees, which is more than enough for most games.

There are six programmable buttons on the steering wheel that can be configured to perform various game functions, as well as two LEDs to indicate power status and feedback activity.

There are two additional programmable levers under the steering wheel. Usually they are used for manual gear shifting, however, for this, Logitech MOMO Racing has a special lever that allows you to increase or decrease gears. For ease of operation, this lever can be placed on the right or left side. The gearshift lever is also made of rubberized material with a plastic pad on top.

Under the decorative cover, made of lighter plastic, there are two screws for attaching the steering wheel to the table top.

Unlike cheap handlebars, Logitech MOMO Racing uses a reliable triple mount system, which is very important when using feedback.

Now we turn to the pedals. On a fairly large and weighty platform, there are two pedals: gas and brake, which, like in a regular car, have different rigidity. A 7-pin connector (similar to a COM port) is used to connect to the steering wheel.

Due to the large area of ​​the platform, it does not require special fixation on the floor, i.e.It is really not easy to move it. However, for additional fixation, there are retractable spikes at the bottom that can be extended if necessary.

Connecting and configuring Logitech MOMO Racing

The process of connecting Logitech MOMO Racing is reduced to connecting the pedals and the power supply to the steering platform, after which you can connect the steering wheel to the USB port of your computer. In this case, the driver installation window will appear on the screen. We usually do not use the automatic installation and use the included CD.

So, besides the driver, there are some not very useful applications on the CD. Therefore, the software installation process is limited to the installation of the driver and service utilities.

After installing the driver, the user can check and adjust the operation of the steering wheel. To do this, you need to open the properties of the device, where, as you can see, you can check the operation of the steering wheel, pedals, gear selector, all eight programmable buttons, as well as feedback technology.Those who connect and adjust the steering wheel for the first time can really get scared when, during the check, the steering wheel starts to turn, twitch and shake.

Depending on user preferences, feedback effects can also be set here. For example, you can reduce or increase vibration, shock, or steering resistance.

And the last useful utility is the Logitech WingMan Profile. This utility turns out to be very useful for those who play various car simulators.With its help, you can individually, for each game, customize the action of all programmable buttons.

Logitech MOMO Racing in in operation

To be honest, it is not easy to describe the operation of the Logitech MOMO Racing kit. As they say, it is better to try it yourself once, than to listen to other people’s feelings. But still I will try. I tested Logitech MOMO Racing in Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit 2. Before I got to know Logitech MOMO Racing, I played this game with the keyboard, and to be honest, I learned how to perform difficult maneuvers well.The first experiments with Logitech MOMO Racing were not very successful. The fact is that it is necessary to get used to shock and vibration, as well as the dynamic resistance of the steering wheel. In addition, depending on the game used and the chosen car, it is necessary to set the most convenient sensitivity of the steering wheel and pedals.

Once I set the desired sensitivity and level of feedback effects, the situation changed dramatically. Feelings are difficult to describe, the only thing that can be said with confidence, thanks to the feedback effects, you begin to feel the behavior of your virtual “iron horse”.And this, as you understand, is very important. According to users already using Logitech MOMO Racing, this wheel behaves equally well in all games. For example, when driving an SUV on difficult tracks, the impacts are not felt so much, and when driving a racing car, any small problem on the road pulls the steering wheel out of your hands.

Specifications Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

* Check with your dealer for exact specifications.

General characteristics

Handlebar diameter 28 cm
Compatibility PC
Bar casing material rubber
Wire connection Wire connection USB
Vibration feedback


Steering angle 9060

gas, brake

* Check the exact characteristics with the seller.

Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

Thank you, your review will be posted soon.

Even for many avid gamers, a steering wheel with pedals is an unaffordable luxury. And the point here is not so much in the price, so much in the stereotypes that have developed in the minds of the consumer. It’s okay to buy a good mouse, keyboard. These devices are necessary not only for games, but in general for working at a computer.Therefore, the better they are, the more pleasant it is to interact with the mountain of iron that occupied the table. A joystick is an indispensable attribute of old game consoles, a gamepad is an indispensable attribute of new ones. Also, in general, no exotic. It is also worth considering that any joystick / gamepad will suit a lot of games without question – it will not be idle.

But the steering wheel is different. Steering wheel with pedals – even more so. It is clear that you can play with such a kit only in car simulators of varying degrees of arcadeness. The degree of application is rather narrow.And therefore, joystick steering wheels are more of a luxury item than the usual devices for every home, for every family.

However, these devices are still in demand, and quite good. They are purchased by those gamers who one day realize that driving a car using a keyboard is still a perversion. And with a steering wheel it is more pleasant, and more convenient, and more interesting. And the results can be achieved much greater.

The main difference between the steering wheel and pedals from the keyboard from a technical point of view is that the keyboard understands only two positions of each key: “pressed” and “not pressed”.There is no third. You cannot press the “slightly” key and you cannot press it to the limit. Therefore, in any car simulator, for example, when cornering, you have to quickly tap the right arrow on the keyboard with your finger so that the trajectory of cornering is closer to the ideal one. Likewise with the throttle and brake buttons. As a result, an outside observer has a chance to contemplate a fascinating spectacle: the player knocks on the keyboard like an avid pianist.

Of course, when using the steering wheel-pedal kit, these problems do not arise.The steering wheel can be turned to a certain degree, the pedal can be pressed to a certain level. This is no longer a binary yes-no. Here, normal, full-fledged control of a moving vehicle in the game.

And God bless them, with the technical details! After all, it is obvious that it is much more pleasant to feel a normal steering wheel in your hands, and two pedals under the table.


Moving on to the topic of the article. In the arena in the spotlight today, as you might have guessed, a set of steering wheel-pedals from Logitech.Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback is the newest one just brought to Russia and kindly provided to us. As the name suggests, the device is equipped with Force Feedback technology – that is, feedback. I’d like to point out that feedback in car simulators is much more important than, for example, in flight sims. If you can fly the IL-2 without feeling every shot (by the way, I would not say that playing becomes more boring – on the contrary, it is much more interesting), then driving a car without feeling the steering wheel is the best way to fall asleep.

In a rather large red box, the following were found: • Directly the steering wheel – on a stand that is attached to the edge of the table. • Two pedals mounted on a common base. • Adapter for connecting the device to an electrical network • CD with drivers and some additional software

Hold tight to the driver, ram

There are no complaints about the steering wheel design and cannot be. According to the established tradition, Logitech uses the developments of the Momo company, which, in fact, is engaged in the manufacture of steering wheels for various racing series.Formula-1, Formula-3000 and many other popular motorsport competitions – wherever you look, steering wheels from this company are everywhere. So someone, but they know a lot about this matter.

The surface of the steering wheel itself is covered with rubber. In general, among the Logitech steering wheels there are models in which genuine leather is used for this purpose. However, I don’t see much difference. The coating does not slip, does not scratch hands – this is the main thing.

There are six programmable buttons in the middle of the steering wheel.They are intended in order to use them to perform various actions that are usually performed during driving. Let’s say, look around, turn on / off the headlights, or something else. “Under the steering wheel” there are two large buttons, which are convenient to press with free fingers of both hands. They can be customized too. Usually they are used to change gears – after all, using a special lever is much less convenient. Especially considering that the feedback is trying with all its might to pull the steering wheel out of its hands.

What settings I used, I will tell you a little later, when I talk about the experience of using the kit with various games.

The only criticism is the way the handlebars are attached to the table. The device is installed using the supplied large plastic screw, which, being screwed all the way into the hole on the bottom of the stand, presses it against the edge of the table. The diameter of this screw is approximately one centimeter. If you assume that this is not enough for a secure hold, you are one hundred percent correct.A fairly massive device is still a little, but it slips.

The problem is solved by placing a thicker piece of rubber or, say, a hard eraser under the screw. You can, of course, take a wrench and screw this screw into the stand so that it doesn’t seem like a little. Only then is there a chance either to break the thread (plastic, ordinary plastic), or to scratch the table. Of course, the scratch on the bottom of the table is invisible, but still …

The steering wheel is not a luxury! Testing of “steering wheel + pedal” sets

Lately many car simulators and racing arcades have been released – GT Legends

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
ToCA Race Driver 3
.It’s time to think about the right controller, especially since the manufacturers of joysticks, gamepads and steering wheels have recently updated their lines. In this regard, we present you an overview of the four newest sets of “steering wheel + pedals” and another old friend …

Steering wheel Genius TwinWheel

– the device is relatively simple and relatively inexpensive. It does not have a full-fledged feedback system
Force Feedback
, but it does have two vibration motors.The track is felt with your fingertips, especially in times of accidents and when driving on uneven roads.

The block is fastened with suction cups and two removable clamps. The decision to use rubber suction cups seems logical – they will not scratch the table. But if you limit yourself to them, the structure will ride on the table. The steering wheel is plastic and thin, the quality is average. There are 12 programmable keys on the steering wheel, 8 of them are collected in a group in the form of a gamepad – it is somewhat reminiscent of a manipulator from PlayStation 2

.And for good reason, because the steering wheel is compatible with this console.

The pedal block is simple, the small platform and the weak spring resistance when pressed will take getting used to – it will be difficult to keep the pedal in the middle position.

The steering wheel is connected via a USB port and does not require an external power supply. It is understandable – vibration feedback works due to two simple motors, no large loads are expected. The pedals are connected to the steering wheel from the front, which is very inconvenient.

When you operate this steering wheel, there is no desire to switch to the mode from the cockpit, but this is inherent in all kits without feedback.It is necessary to monitor the behavior of the car visually, vibration does not allow you to subtly feel the car.

The steering wheel is aimed at novice users and is inexpensive. The pleasure of the game is incomparably greater than that of using the keyboard, but … there are also more interesting options with full impact.

Estimated cost of Genius TwinWheel – $ 65.

Genius TwinWheel is the first step towards great sport. TwinWheel pedals are too small and light.
Thrustmaster Rallye GT PRO FFB is a good choice for all types of racing.

Finally we got to the new hi-end product from Thrustmaster – Rallye GT PRO FFB

. The box contains a steering wheel, pedal assembly, a small manual and a software CD.

The steering wheel design looks technologically advanced. The entire surface is rubberized – no matter how you grip, the hand will not slip and sweat during prolonged play.The central part is made of ordinary plastic. On the left side there are buttons for controlling the view from the cockpit, on the right there are four programmable keys, in the lower part there are three more. In the middle there is a metal insert with the company logo. There are two levers under the steering wheel and a couple of analog ones. On the right side of the steering unit there is a gearshift lever, just below there are two programmable buttons. To be honest, using the checkpoint is not very convenient.

The pedals hold firmly and reliably.

The location of the buttons is well thought out – it will not be difficult to reach them during the game.The design of the fasteners is quite decent, although excessive force can damage the thread – it is plastic.

Pleased with the pedal assembly. The base is large, the aluminum inserts on the pedals look impressive. The pedal travel is moderately smooth, moderately tight – you don’t get tired with a long game.

This set has set a new record – it has five independent axes! They can be configured for gas and brake as well as handbrake and clutch. This opportunity will appeal to lovers of maximum realism.

The software was satisfactory. The installation went smoothly; you can select the number of active axes, test the recoil effects and adjust their strength.

The recoil effects are strong, there is practically no play during operation, which made the steering wheel stiff and a little mean in collisions. In most cases, the kickback force should be weakened in order to control the machine more clearly. Otherwise, you will not see records and trophies as your ears.

The overall impression of the Rallye GT PRO FFB is good.The kit has a number of unique positives – decent pedals, five independent axes, and ample programmable buttons. Disadvantages – the mounting system does not look as convincing, the gearbox is not as practical as we would like.

Estimated cost of the Thrustmaster Rallye GT PRO FFB – $ 135.

Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 2 IN 1 FFB fully justifies its price!

Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 2 IN 1 FFB

repeats the older model in many ways.Surprisingly, this set belongs to inexpensive products, despite the logo
. An unexpected move, you won’t say anything!

The delivery set did not surprise with anything – everything is standard. In many ways, this model is identical to the older and more expensive Rallye GT PRO FFB. A distinctive feature of the Ferrari GT 2 IN 1 FFB is its versatility – it can be connected not only to a computer, but also to a PlayStation 2. For this case, a corresponding connector is provided. The button labels match what you see on your PS2 controller to make your game easier to navigate.There are four additional buttons on the steering wheel, and they are located very well. The sides of the handlebars are made of rubberized plastic, while the top and bottom are made of regular plastic (alas!). Here, the developers clearly decided to save money. At the core is a prancing horse – the symbol of Ferrari. The location of the main buttons is identical to the older version. There are only two levers behind the steering wheel, but this loss is not critical. The checkpoint has also disappeared, but given that its usefulness is questionable, we will not grieve.Handlebar installation and hardware are identical to the Rallye GT PRO FFB.

The pedal assembly has undergone cosmetic changes – it has lost its aluminum inserts. This is the only difference.

Despite all its similarities, this model behaves a little differently in games. The steering wheel is looser, but the feedback is still strong and the road effects are clearly felt. It’s hard to say why, but it felt like the Ferrari GT 2 IN 1 FFB liked it better. The lack of additional axles, aluminum inserts on the steering wheel and pedals, manual gearbox turned out to be not so significant.Another thing is that the steering wheel is not completely rubberized – this is a minus. But the price is significantly lower, and the overall quality of materials and workmanship is at the same high level.

Estimated cost of Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 2 IN 1 FFB – $ 80.

The pedals are firmly on the floor.

Formula Force EX

– another novelty, this time from
. The compact steering wheel has a full Force Feedback effect.

The steering wheel is thick and rubberized at the grip. The ergonomics are not bad, but nothing more. The oblong additional buttons are not so convenient, some of the buttons on the steering wheel are poorly located. Fortunately, the view joystick is conveniently located just below the left thumb, and there are four additional buttons on the right. The conventional gearbox is replaced by the steering column buttons – they are too hard and not sensitive.

The pedal assembly is rather weak, the gas and brake actuation is uneven – at the beginning of the stroke the characteristics change slightly, at the end we get a sharp jump.This is especially confusing at first. The base of the pedals is small and unsteady.

Now about the fastening. Two plastic clamps securely fix the steering wheel to the table. The pedals are connected using a COM connector. However, there are no tightening screws on it, so it sometimes comes off, so the brake and throttle sometimes do not work.

Nevertheless, I liked the kit with its feedback system and elaboration of details. The steering effort feels very good when cornering.The hard shift buttons left an ambiguous impression, the pedal block turned out to be too light, and the gas was uneven.

Estimated cost of Logitech Formula Force EX – $ 90.

Logitech Formula Force EX – high quality and inexpensive steering wheel. The gas pedal takes some getting used to – it’s too light.

The first thing to note about LogitechMOMO Racing

is design and ergonomics. The steering wheel is completely rubberized, every detail is thought out.On both sides of the central part there are six buttons (sparsely), they are located optimally. The paddle shifters are large and practical. There is a ring in the center of the rim. They installed it so that in the heat of the struggle for the first place it was possible to determine the position of the steering wheel by touch.

MOMO Racing is another kit that has a gear lever. In the standard position, it is on the right, as befits any decent European and American car.But it can be rearranged in a minute to the left side – lovers of Japanese and English cars will be pleased.

The large torpedo is attached to the table with two traditional clamps and an additional mounting screw at the bottom. The result is a reliable three-point mount.

The pedal block is commendable – the platform is large and stable. The brake travel is realistic – light at first, tight at the end. The gas pedal is uniform throughout the entire depression range.

In racing, the recoil is very realistic, but definitely worth adjusting beforehand – too strong.The steering wheel performed equally well in arcades and serious simulators. It was a pleasure to work with gas – you can dose the effort with high precision. Despite its advanced age, Logitech MOMO Racing remains the top choice for car simulator enthusiasts.

Estimated cost of Logitech MOMO Racing – $ 120.

Logitech MOMO Racing is the best choice at the moment. The pedal unit has a large base.
Success Story MOMO
The story of MOMO

dates back to the 1960s.
Giampiero Moretti
(Italian amateur driver) asked a friend to help him create a new steering wheel for his car. As a result, the steering wheel turned out to be smaller than usual, but, oddly enough, it turned out to be more comfortable. This design was liked by
John Sartis
, team driver
. In 1964, he won the league title, and from that moment Moretti’s career went up sharply. In 1969, a plant for the production of steering wheels was opened – this is how the brand
was born.The logo came from the first two letters of Moretti’s surname and the name of the track “Monza”. All Ferrari racing cars were equipped with MOMO steering wheels. Later, a division of MOMO Design was opened, which extended the label to watches, helmets, clothing, eyewear, bicycles and even golf accessories. MOMO-mania has sunk to gamers. Steering wheel
Logitech MOMO Racing
was developed in collaboration with this renowned atelier.

We have crossed the start-finish line, and we can sum up the results of our race.To this day, Logitech MOMO Racing remains the best choice for virtual racers – the design of the wheel, to which the hands of the wizards of the MOMO studio, remained the benchmark. The force of the kickback effects is sufficient, the pedals left only positive impressions. The only thing that can keep you from buying is the high price.

Thrustmaster Rallye GT PRO FFB is a classmate of this veteran. The set is generally good, but many of the features – gearbox, additional axles – have proven to be impractical.The younger model, the Ferrari GT 2 IN 1 FFB, seems to be the best choice. It is comfortable, practical, besides, the steering wheel can also be connected to the PlayStation 2.

The Logitech Formula Force EX has a well-designed steering wheel, but some buttons are inaccessible, others are too hard. And the pedal assembly turned out to be too light.

The Genius TwinWheel is as simple as possible. It turned out to be the cheapest in our test. It can hardly be recommended for playing serious simulators like GT Legends or F1 Challenge 99-02

, but it will be enough for simple arcades.

We thank the following companies for providing the equipment:

( – Logitech Formula Force EX, Logitech MOMO Racing;
( – Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 2 IN 1 FFB, Thrustmaster Rallye GT PRO FFB;
( – Genius TwinWheel.

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