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14 Best Makeup Organizers 2019

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of organizers before — including jewelry organizers, closet organizers, and desk organizers — here, we’ve rounded up the best makeup organizers, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

With nearly 5,000 five-star reviews, this acrylic makeup organizer “makes me feel like I have my life together. Even though I’m still struggling with contour and matching wings, at least my makeup is organized,” one reviewer puts it. Another reviewer typically “just throws all of my makeup into a plastic food container or Ziploc baggie,” but she says, “It was just becoming very annoying.” She found this “gem” and writes, “It isn’t gigantic by any means but it is the perfect size to keep all of the makeup I use regularly. Everything has its place now.” A few warn that this actually is on the small side, so serious makeup gurus might need two of them to fit their full collection But for one reviewer, “I am not an everyday makeup wearer kind of girl or a girl that buys tons of makeup, so for me it was perfect. ” Another thinks this is “simply a life-saver for makeup junkies.” She adds that she owns more makeup than the average person and says, “This is my favorite makeup organizer hands down. It is so useful and holds so many products.”

This makeup organizer may be advertised as an eyeliner and lip-liner holder, but reviewers use it for more than just that. One reviewer keeps “all of my Urban Decay 24/7 eye and lip pencils as well as my Kat Von D Everlasting Lipsticks,” in it, calling it, “great addition and helps to clear up the drawers or makeup bags. I like that you can see what you’re looking for and they can be displayed for ease of use.” Another customer is “actually using it for makeup brushes,” and explains “It works perfectly if the handles are slim enough.” One reviewer with “a huge collection of makeup” loves this so much that “after receiving the first one, I ordered a second one. It holds pencils, eyeliner brushes, eyebrow brushes, tubes of concealer, tubes of highlighter, eyeliner that comes with fiber tips … and more! They hold securely, and it is so well designed that it doesn’t take up tons of room on my makeup table.” Another says she “honestly would never have gotten these” if it weren’t for the “great price,” but is glad she did and is looking to invest in a mascara holder now.

And now for some micro-picks for every type of makeup organizer you might be looking for.

One husband bought these clear drawers “for my wife’s million and one make-up products,” saying he couldn’t quite stand the clutter anymore but also didn’t want something bulky and unattractive sitting on their counter. “This holds a lot of stuff and it looks amazing,” he writes.
“The clear plastic looks and feels really high quality and it makes her life very easy with so many different products in one case.” And many more are impressed with the quality and size. One more reviewer convinced herself that these “wouldn’t fit my Urban Decay Naked and Too Faced palettes,” but after getting these, she writes, “Oh, I was wrong. They fit perfectly even with a little additional space. Now I can display the things I need to use most instead of storing them away and forgetting about them in a drawer.” A third reviewer bought these to stack on her counter and says they hold “sooooo much stuff,” adding, “It held all 16 of my foundation bottles in just TWO drawers. I was very skeptical when I bought these because I have a ton of makeup but trust me, so worth it.”

Makeup lovers understand how difficult it is to find a way to store palettes due to the awkward shape and occasional bulkiness. But lots of reviewers found this organizer to be a great solution. One reviewer keeps palettes from brands like Laura Mercier, Sonia Kashuk, NYX, and Too Faced in here and writes, “If you have a really slim and portable palette, two can fit in one slot. In general, one palette fits per slot.” Another person used finally being organized as an excuse to buy more palettes, writing, “It’s wide enough to hold my Lime Crime palettes and holds others too. Now I’m out of control. I’m buying more palettes. Soon I’ll need a third.” Aside from holding a lot of product, reviewers appreciate the design and construction, including one reviewer who writes, “It’s very sturdy, and I LOVE how the product is from taller [from the back] and works its way down in height for multiple palettes at different sizes — wonderful to keep track of and store properly.”

“I am not one to fall for the hype of Instagram and YouTube ranted and raved-over products, but this right here? This is such high quality,” writes one reviewer who says the best part of this palette organizer is that she “can remove the dividers to make the space larger, if needed. ” And that ability to customize the size of the openings is what attracted a bulk of customers. “I have been looking for something to compactly contain and organize my eye shadow palettes for easy access and this is absolutely perfect,” writes one reviewer who was fed up with her DIY organizational solutions. To get the most out of this organizer, she recommends “using it lying down, not standing up. I can fit 24 eye shadow palettes of varying sizes using the nine divisions provided. The dividers are also removable if more space per section is needed.”

The main appeal of this large organizer is that it fits a lot of makeup, just like the more expensive options at stores like Sephora and Ulta do, as one reviewer puts it. She even thinks this is better than the $200 options she saw in Sephora, explaining, “I love that it’s clear so I can see where everything is. The box is sturdy, well built and it holds just about everything.” Another reviewer says her “makeup collection is not a mess anymore thanks to this product.” She can fit everything needs, but the subtle nuances surprised her: “I like that it comes with drawer lining that grips to make up so they are not moving around in there as you open and close drawers.” One more “beauty junkie” who owns “tons of cosmetics” kept her makeup in cleaned-out glass candle jars for the aesthetics, but she “really needed something for less cylindrical shaped items that would stack up and save space.” She writes, “It’s easy to pull out the drawers and find my makeup with the clear acrylic, and I think I’ll probably get another one.”

For those reviewers who need even more room, this organizer provides a generous amount of space. “It’s a great size, and it helped me to finally organize my makeup. I love how many drawers it has and that there are a few different sizes,” writes one reviewer who actually plans “on buying another,” because she says, “I still have a lot of makeup to organize.” Another reviewer wanted to “give my vanity a little face-lift,” writing, “These made a huge difference. My vanity looks so much nicer and organized now.” And another reviewer calls her makeup collection prior to purchasing this organizer “scary and overwhelming,” but after buying this and organizing her products, she writes, “Now I can actually see what I have and it’s organized and accessible. And this holds SO MUCH STUFF.”

Nail polish can be a tricky thing to organize because in large quantities they can take up a lot of room, and the bottles are oddly shaped. But reviewers say this organizer that fits up to 60 bottles made a big difference. “For my amateur self, I’m really feeling like a nail tech adding this stand for my nail polishes. It really looks nice and holds so much,” writes one reviewer. Another used to keep her nail polish in a box, but just ended up using what was on top. Now she loves that she can see everything: “It was sooo satisfying organizing all my nail polishes and it looks sooo good on my desk. It fits a variety of polishes including Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, Seche Vite, Orly, etc.” One more even says this organizer “makes it 1,000 times easier to find the color I want each time I do my nails.” She notes that you have to assemble it yourself, but she did it “in less than five minutes with no problems.”

Not all reviewers have space on their desk or vanity for a nail-polish rack, so they chose this wall-mounted option instead. “It honestly has made such a difference in my room. It makes my nail polish collection look adorable,” says one reviewer. Another calls it the “perfect little nail polish holder” and fit over 35 bottles of polish on her shelf. One mom even appreciates that it keeps her kids organized. “My kids have actually been putting the bottles back after using so that’s a plus.” And a fourth reviewer says if you accidentally spill a polish “it’s very easy to wipe down.”

The height of this organizer stood out to reviewers with limited counter space but a lot of products. However, most bought it because of the rotation. “I have a small bathroom vanity. Between my stuff and my husband’s it was getting crowded and we needed an answer fast,” explains one reviewer. After purchasing this, she say she found a solution, writing, “I saw that it rotated as well, and I was sold. The thing that I found the most novel about this item that you don’t see with others is that it’s super adjustable, so if you change around the products and types of makeup you use every so often as I do, you will really appreciate this feature.” Many more say it rotates smoothly and holds a surprising amount. “It’s a space-saver and I easily rotate it to whatever product I need, all at my fingertips,” says another. One even questions why she didn’t purchase this earlier, writing, “I assembled it in less than 5 minutes and now our bathroom counter is organized and not cluttered anymore.”

“I’m a lipstick addict and wanted a better display for my collection. This is very sturdy and holds a good variety of different sized tubes. I like that I can see all my options now,” writes one reviewer. Another says it fits her “30+ lipsticks, three concealers and a few other items.” She does warn though (as do dozens of more reviewers) that Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick does not fit “because it has a wide, spiky tube, but everything else fits well.” And one more “organization freak” is just thankful that her “lipsticks have a home now.”

With lip gloss making a comeback and liquid lipstick still popular, this holder can organize any budding collection. “I love that it is tall enough to keep them from falling over the way they can in some organizers meant for lipsticks. I also keep lip liners in it,” writes one reviewer who now owns three of these. “The only problem I have with these is that they make me want to buy more lip gloss, so I will need a fourth eventually. ” Another reviewer owns “72 lip products in addition to 48 MAC lip products that were small enough to fit in two at a time.” She “went from two vases of lip glosses and stains to three acrylic trays to keep everything organized.” She notes that this made a huge difference, writing, “Best of all I can see every color and quickly grab the one I am looking for! The bumper feet are a nice touch because it keeps it from sliding around in the drawer.”

Compacts typically need to be stacked during storage, which makes it difficult to see what types of products you actually have. So reviewers appreciate the size and depth of this organizer, which one reviewer describes as, “definitely more generously sized than a lot of compact organizers.” Another “can fit double, even triple of some compacts in a slot and it fits large products like my Physicians Formula butter bronzer. ” Another agrees that it fits a lot of thicker powders, and writes, “It fits the majority of my large, more bulky compacts, which soothes my organizational anxiety. This tiered organizer fits my Benefit boxed blushes, Too Faced Soul Mates compact, larger MAC compact, Milani baked bronzer, and some of my skinny face palettes.” And one more notes, “They fit my drawer perfectly and make me feel so much more organized.”

“I have 97 brushes of all different sizes in this thing,” says one reviewer who thinks “it definitely might break” if she adds more but notes that people with a more modest collection will find it perfect. Another reviewer “bought it to clean up my bathroom counter.” She says this organizer makes “finding all my makeup brushes easier so I actually use them. ” Another just moved in with her boyfriend and needed to organize her makeup now that the space is shared. This organizer helped her contain everything. She writes, “I was scared at first because I have A LOT of brushes needed to fit in an organizer but after reading the reviews I figured it was cheap enough so why not. It’s made of thick plastic and it even has grips on the bottom to make sure it doesn’t slip and slide everywhere, and the best part is that it fits ALL OF MY MAKEUP BRUSHES.”

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15 Best Makeup Organizer Ideas

If you love makeup, then you probably also love organizing (and re-organizing) your stash. After all, you’ve spent years building your collection, and so you want to show it off effectively. Unfortunately, organizing makeup isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If you’ve got a ton of products, you could wind up stacking them or storing them deep inside a drawer — which means you can’t always find everything you need.

This weekend, tap into the joy of tidying up with these simple makeup organizer ideas that you can buy or DIY. These fun storage vessels — from cute cookie jars to rolling carts with shelves — will organize all of your lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and perfumes in the most efficient and beautiful ways possible. Before you know it, your vanity will be neat as can be — and you’ll be ready to add more of the best makeup products to your collection.


Bring your fave kitchen tool to the vanity.

The #1 bestselling spice rack on Amazon is about to solve all your makeup organizing dilemmas. Declutter your cosmetics cases and put them on display using this set of tiered shelves. Even better, the non-slip lining will keep your products from falling everywhere. 


Stack your products on a Lazy Susan.

This carousel organizer does it all by transforming your makeup drawer into a spinning device that lets you find whatever you’re looking for in a flash. 


Put lip colors in glass jars.


Tuck brushes in a glasses case.

You’ll never lose your eyeshadow blending brush again when you keep your entire brush set in the same adorable case. Another perk? This tip also makes your collection at-the-ready for last-minute travel.


File makeup like papers.

Desk organizers are the ultimate vanity organization stations. This storage item, traditionally used for filing paperwork, features four different drawers that are plenty big for all your essentials.


Store nail polish in a cookie jar.

While nail polish isn’t quite as sweet as a chocolate chip cookie, it is a treat. This adorable container is transparent, so the colorful shades can peek through the sides and brighten up your vanity. 

RELATED: 30 Best-Selling Organizing Products on Amazon 


Use an ice cube tray.

If you prefer to purchase your eyeshadows by individual shades (versus a big palette), then you probably have jars and jars of colors to sift through every day — unless you line ’em up by shade in an ice cube tray. These silicone trays will fit everything you need, and they’re so easy to wash if things get powdery. 


Stack your products on a cupcake stand.

A pretty cake tray is the perfect way to organize smaller makeup products like nail polishes and perfumes. You could also place cups of products like lipstick and eyeliner around the tray. Find one that spins for ultimate accessibility. 


Roll items around with ease.

Some mornings you like to get ready in the bathroom, while other days you might prefer your bedroom. Instead of lugging your essentials back and forth, fill up an IKEA Raskog cart with your stash so everything you need is just a quick reach away. 


Corral your things on a tray.

Put an old serving tray on your vanity and use it to keep your products in one place. Add a few mason jars to hold things like eyeliners and makeup brushes. 


Organize products like silverware.

Kitchen utensil organizers are just as useful when tucked into drawers in your bathroom or vanity — just replace the knives with a straight iron, the forks with makeup brushes, and the spoons with eye liners. 


Hang your overflowing collection.

blue page

If you just can’t find enough drawer storage for all the palettes you’ve collected over the years, look to the back of your door for more space. Here, a pocket organizer provides 36 bonus slots for makeup. 


Place your tubes in clear drawers.

Vandue Corporation


Find a freestanding clear organizer to stow your eyeliner pencils, makeup brushes, lipsticks, and anything else you can think of. The sliding drawers on this container make it even easier to locate your go-to products. 


Pack your pencil case in your carry-on.



Chances are, there’s an old pencil case lying around somewhere in your home. Before a big trip, fill it up with your must-have makeup products. It’s small enough to fit into your carry-on, and the various compartments will keep you organized to and from your destination.  


Tuck your products in chic drawers.

Project Tidy


These layered drawers will conceal your products from prying eyes, but allow you to see everything perfectly. Plus, this set would look perfectly chic on any bathroom or bedroom shelf. 

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Ultimate Review of the Best Makeup Organizer in 2021

Makeup organizers sound like something you really don’t need, but it can save you a good amount of time and space.

I know what you’re thinking; why would I need a makeup organizer when I’ve a makeup bag?

See, makeup bags are great for on-the-go makeup applications, or for those who need a quick touch-up at work.

But when you’ve to rely on your makeup bag to go through your morning routine, you’re likely to get frustrated pretty fast.

On the other hand, makeup organizers can save you time in the morning, and you won’t waste any more time rifling through your bag, desperately searching for your skincare products.

Beyond saving time, a good makeup organizer keeps all your products in one place, letting you sort your cosmetics properly and allow easy access to cosmetics you need without much thought.

An organizer condenses your collection, encouraging you to keep the products you actually use and dispose of those you’ve not used in years and likely expired.

Now, if the idea of a makeup organizer sounds good to you, here is a list of the best makeup organizers in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!

Best Top 7 Makeup Organizers in the Market for the Money 

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer – Editor’s Choice

A good makeup organizer organizes your cosmetics while providing easy access to them, and this is what Jerrybox Makeup Organizer does exactly.

It’s a carousel organizer, keeping all your cosmetics within your hands reach, as opposed to storing them in drawers.

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer features seven layers of adjustable trays, so it’s easy to fit cosmetics of different heights.

Sure, it might not look that big, but it has a generous space and can accommodate at least 30 brushes, 2o bottles of skincare, and other accessories.

And the best part is the 360-degree rotating swivel, letting you simply spin the organizer to access all your products.

As a freestanding option, many users are concerned about the stability of the organizer. Fortunately, Jerrybox Makeup Organizer has a steady base, and durable trays can hold heavy cosmetics.

Unfortunately, the organizer isn’t dust-proof since there’s no covering. It’s not a deal-breaker, though, since it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, so occasional cleaning isn’t a big issue. If anything, it serves as a wakeup call to go through your collection and dispose of what you don’t need.

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer is a versatile option, available in different color shades, hues, and even shapes. So, it’s always easy to find an option to complement your existing space.

Even better, it has a modest dimension, so it’ll fit even in the smallest of your rooms, or where space is premium.

As far as the downsides go, they’re few and far between.

Besides the lack of dust proofing, some of the reviewers claim Jerrybox Makeup Organizer looks cheap and say it can’t hold palettes and cosmetics well.

Nonetheless, the consensus between many users is that the organizer has a functional design and is easy to use.

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Easy access to cosmetic
  • Swivel design
  • Quality of the material isn’t the best

Check Jerrybox Makeup Organizer Price on Amazon

STORi Premium Quality Clear Plastic Makeup Palette – Best for Big Palettes

Palettes are among the popular items in any makeup collection, but unfortunately, they’re notoriously challenging to tuck and store because of their large and awkward shape. Often, they don’t fit comfortably in drawers, shelves and compartments.

So, rather than cramming them into cramped space, you can opt for Stori Palette Organizer.

It’s a handy organizer built for storing the palettes in an easy-to-reach position.

This organizer features three compartments capable of holding a large number of palettes. It also features two smaller compartments for holding all the other accessories and brushes.

Most of the users are generally impressed with the large holding capacity of this organizer. The large compartments are ideal for large palettes as well as tall bottles.

The palette organizer is big enough that whatever product clutters up the counter at the end can finally have a place to rest and be out of the way.

And for the creative minds, the organizer can go beyond the traditional role of holding cosmetics, but can also hold pens, pencils, and notepads.

The material is equally durable, with the crystal-clear sturdy plastic that doesn’t shatter like glass, offering a reliable construction. The plastic is also easy to clean, and a simple wipe with warm water is sufficient to keep the organizer sparkling clean.

Stori Palette Organizer also promotes easy access, with the angled sides encouraging ease placement and retrieval of your cosmetics.

  • Large
  • Stylish
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean

Check STORi Clear Plastic Palette Price on Amazon

SONGMICS Makeup Organizer 

Songmics Organizer is a high-end makeup organizer from a reputable brand in the skincare industry.

It comes with a host of desirable features, aiming to promote easy access to your cosmetics and improved organization.

For starters, this makeup organizer comes in three stackable pieces, to suit your organizational preferences.

Your organizational preferences are further given a wild roam, thanks to the removable drawers, which slide out smoothly during use. The six drawers are perfect for storing small accessories such as hairpins, tweezers as well as the cosmetic samples.

Songmics has a generous capacity, capable of holding plenty of items, and the manufacturer claims the organizer can hold 15 brushes, 15 lipsticks, 10 nail polishes, 10 eyeliners and 5 eyeshadow palettes.

Despite the generous space, this makeup organizer occupies little counter space, and you’ll hardly notice its presence in the bathroom.

  • Durable
  • Plenty of spaces
  • Plenty of compartments

Check SONGMICS Makeup Organizer Price on Amazon

Sodynee Jewelry and Cosmetic Organizer – Premium Option

The Sodynee Organizer is a premium option, and a bit more expensive than most of the organizers on our list.

However, it offers real value for every penny because it’s durable, versatile, and practical.

It comes with a thick and clear acrylic material, strong enough for holding all your cosmetic accessories and a dozen other makeup products ranging from lipsticks, eye shadow, mascara, and wipes to brushes.

Beyond durability, the construction is easy to clean, since a simple wipe with a clean, damp cloth is sufficient to restore its beauty.

Similarly, the black mesh padding is also easy to clean when it gets dirty from dirt, dust, and loose powder.

The Sodynee Organizer set is small, yet big. It has a dimension of 9½” x 5½” x 7¼”, and so, it’s a suitable option for a makeup collection which can fit in your bag or a medium-sized drawer. Think of the organizer as the perfect option for those starting to build their collection.

However, as we had mentioned earlier, don’t get fooled by its size. Sodynee Organizer can actually be expanded in size as your cosmetic collection grows. When expanded, it has generous space, capable of holding the more volume.

It is also a sturdy option, and though it comes in two separate pieces, both have an interlocking design, so the upper part sits securely on the drawer. When locked, the organizer doesn’t slip or slide but instead stays put, keeping all your accessories safe.

Even better, it’s possible to detach the upper piece for other purposes. You can either use the piece as a separate organizer or even stack additional drawers atop the base for your growing makeup collection.

  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Generous storage space
  • Expensive but worth every penny

Check Sodynee Jewelry and Cosmetic Organizer Price on Amazon

Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer – Most Durable Option

Aptly named Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer, this organizer is made from thick clear acrylic, and so, it should withstand years of abuse and use without breaking down.

It offers a safe and convenient place to organize your makeup accessories from lipsticks, lip liners eyeliners to palettes.

It’s a suitable option for those with a small to medium-sized collection.

Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer consists of two parts. The upper part comes with multiple slots, while the lower part has four drawers.

The top is detachable, so you can as well use it separately if you desire.

The lower part with the drawers, on the other hand, is suitable for storing the long, yet small items such as lipsticks, mascara tube and lip, and eyeliners.

The good thing with the drawers is they all feature a back lining offering a slip-resistant surface so that your items don’t slip around too much. The black lining also serves to catch the stray debris, including the loose powder for easy cleaning.

Though the acrylic material has numerous benefits, some users complained of minor scratches upon opening the package.

Save from that minor flaw, Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer is a wonderful makeup organizer that stores all your cosmetic accessories and makes it convenient to access all your skincare products.

  • Durable
  • Detachable
  • Solid construction

Check Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer Price on Amazon

Mirrotek Deluxe Makeup Organizer – Best Space Saving Organizer

If you don’t have counter space to spare for storing your makeup, Mirrotek Deluxe is a godsend option, offering a plethora of makeup storage space.

Mirrotek Deluxe is uniquely designed, and contrary to a majority of the makeup organizers, it doesn’t require any counter, dresser, or even cabinet space.

At the same time, it doubles up as a vanity, though it can’t fit in your bedroom.

Finally, Mirrotek Deluxe triples as a full-length mirror, holding many products.

Mirrotek Deluxe is a wall-mounted organizer, hooking right over any door.

It’s spacious, with the interior compartments offering additional space. The compartments are also customizable with easy snap shelving. On the other hand, the cabinet door discretely hides your cosmetics, while doubling as a full-length mirror.

The major benefit of Mirrotek Deluxe is perhaps it’s the only organizer that doesn’t limit your makeup storage by the size of your cosmetics.

The built-in holes along with the interior, plus the fitted shelves and rods are a cinch to operate and offer the perfect layout to accommodate your entire makeup collection.

The exterior also sports hooks going over the door, so it’s always easy to adjust the height of the full-length mirror to meet your storage needs.

Inside the Mirrotek Deluxe cabinet, you’ll find multiple undivided shelves, a plastic compartment, deep cups, and a vanity mirror with a fold-down table.

Despite offering ample storage space, the cabinet is ultra-slim, only sticking out eight inches so that it won’t gobble much of your space.

Additionally, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it’s available in oak, cherry, or white finish, so it’s easy to complement your décor.

Overall, the reviews for this makeup organizer are positive, with many users sharing stories of how easy it is to further customize their cabinet.

For instance, some mounted the organizer on a wall, while others added a tiny stick-on light to the top of the organizer.

  • Easy to customize
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Double as a full-length mirror

Check Mirrotek Deluxe Makeup Organizer Price on Amazon

Ikee Design Jewelry Makeup Cosmetic Storage Organizer – Budget Option

Like the Mirrotek option we’ve reviewed above, Ikee Design Organizer is also a highly customizable organizer, letting you add as many storage compartments as your space and budget allows.

Even better, the organizer is a budget option, so it’s within the budget range of many.

Back to customization, this option comes in 13 different styles, so it’s easy to tailor your setup, depending on your needs.

The different Ikee Design Organizer styles come in different color options, drawer numbers, drawer size, top-shelf design, and an option to add a mirror.

All the boxes on the organizer are crafted from high-quality and shatter-resistant acrylic to prevent damage.

All the styles are easy to use, with each organizer featuring removable drawers that slide in and out for a hassle-free cleaning, which is vital for preventing discoloration.

The ability to customize this organizer is a real game-changer as it doesn’t force you to decide how much makeup storage you need.

Customization of the organizer makes it easier to work with your makeup collection than the other way around.

  • Affordable
  • Premium material construction
  • Customizable

Check Ikee Design Cosmetic Storage Price on Amazon

Best Makeup Organizer Buying Guide

With plenty of options in the market, choosing a makeup organizer can feel intimidating.

However, you won’t feel intimidated anymore!

In our buying guide below, we shall highlight the crucial factors to consider when purchasing makeup organizers.

But before I share with you, let’s look at the different types of makeup organizers.

Types of Makeup Organizers

  1. Makeup Trays: The makeup trays are typically partitioned into sections, allowing several tiers of storage. They require more room like a counter or drawer space, but they hold more items. However, since they don’t have a cover, cosmetics stored on the tray need regular cleanup.
  2. Makeup bags: These are more like holders as opposed to organizers. They’re ideal for those on the move, or those with few cosmetics.
  3. Makeup Caddies: They’re the most popular option, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. However, most of them consist of small boxes/drawers for holding various cosmetics.
  4. Makeup Carousels: They’re a fashionable organizer, consisting of bins for holding stacked items. Typically, they feature a tree-like shape and often swivel.
  5. Makeup cases/boxes/trains: They’re a lifesaver option for the gurus and professionals who need to hold a lot of cosmetics. They feature shelves for easy storage and access to items.

Important Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Makeup Organizer

A makeup organizer should have few essential features.

Here’s what to consider when selecting the right makeup organizer:

The best makeup organizer should allow you to arrange and access the various types of cosmetics with ease.

It should have some form of drawers, compartments, or shelves for cosmetic classifications and easy identification.

The capacity or rather the amount of cosmetics an organizer can hold depends on your skincare needs.

If you normally use large amounts of cosmetics, you should opt for the organizers with a large holding capacity.

If your room is prone to dust, you need an organizer to protect your cosmetics from dust.

Exposing your cosmetics to dust and other elements might affect your skincare product’s integrity, and they might even become terrible for your skin.

While it’s nice for your cosmetics to get protection from dust and other elements, you still want to be able to use them regularly.

So, the right organizer should allow easy access to your cosmetics. You don’t have to struggle to get to your brushes or nail polish.


We’ve reviewed the best makeup organizers in the market.

All you’ve to do is simply select an option you feel will address your cosmetic storage needs.

In particular, choose an option with sufficient storage space. Even better pick options with customizable shelves and storage options to tailor the entire storage to meet your needs.


Is it advisable to put makeup in the bathroom?

Areas with humidity can turn out destructive to your makeup. With many bacteria growing in humid areas, the makeup can develop mold and bacteria hence spoiling quicker. Additionally, the direct light in your bathroom can damage your makeup, and that is why you’ll need to find an adequate storage facility to ensure you prevent your expensive makeup from damage.

Are makeup organizers worth it?

If you’ve ever damaged your makeup because of an accidental knock, then you’ll understand the need for a makeup organizer. When you buy a makeup kit, accessing the different products can be daunting, and you’ll need an organizer to help you locate the specific product quicker. Additionally, a well-arranged place gives you peace of mind. 

15 Best Makeup Organizers of 2021

Abby Silverman

I used to take a very long time to get ready. It wasn’t because it took me a long time to put my makeup on (I can do a fire cat eye in, like, 6.5 seconds, tyvm), it’s because I could never find the products I needed when I wanted to use them. I would spend literally forever searching for that perfect lip stain or that one highlighter in my unorganized mess of products. It was a waste of time and low-key stressful. Then I discovered makeup organizers and my life was legit changed. They help keep my collection organized, make sure that everything is in the right place, and look really good on my vanity too. So instead of shoving all your makeup into Diptyque glasses like every other human on Instagram does, try out one of these makeup organizers below. You’ll never waste time looking for a product again.

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Best Makeup Organizer for Eyeliners

Hblife Clear Acrylic Makeup Eyeliner Holder

Because of their shape and size, eyeliners can be really freaking hard to keep organized. Instead of tearing apart your makeup bag to find that one black liquid eyeliner you love, keep them all handy and easy to find in this pretty makeup organizer. There are 26 slots, enough room to even add your lip liners.


Best Makeup Organizer for Lipstick

Hblife Lipstick Holder

I mean, how cute would this lipstick makeup organizer look on your vanity!? It is only $8 and has space for 40 lipsticks, perfect for anyone who is obsessed with having a bunch of different lip colors to choose from.


Best Makeup Organizer for Nail Polish

Home-It Nail Polish Holder

I used to keep all my nail polishes in a bag. Then, one night when I was trying to find my favorite polish that was stuck somewhere at the bottom, the entire bag fell over….It was a messy disaster, to say the least. Thankfully, I’ve avoided any spills since, thanks to this makeup organizer. This acrylic case holds up to 60 bottles (!!) and makes your nail polishes way easier to reach.


Best Rotating Makeup Organizer

Basicwise Rotating Cosmetic Storage Tower

If you want to get a little fancy with your makeup organizer, look no further than this rotating tower. It not only spins, which is way cool, but it’s also a great use of space and gives you access to your makeup from all sides. Plus, the tiers are all adjustable, which is perfect for fitting all your differently sized products.


Best Makeup Organizer for Brushes

byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Beauty Brush Organizer

Sure, you could messily store your makeup brushes in a cup…or you could keep them organized in this makeup organizer. It’s great for keeping brushes of all different shapes and sizes organized, and it doubles as a drying rack (because you should be washing your brushes regularly!!).


Best Makeup Organizer for Travel

Calpak Hard Side Cosmetics Case

If you are like me and love to take your entire makeup collection with you wherever you go (lol), you need this makeup organizer. With two large zip-up compartments, it’ll be able to fit your entire routine. Plus, the case is sturdy but still lightweight, making it perfect for traveling.


Best Makeup Organizer for Palettes

byAlegory Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Organizer

Palettes can be hard to keep organized, especially when they differ in size so much (exhibit A: this Morphe palette vs. this Urban Decay palette). But don’t stress, this makeup organizer has you covered. It’s basically a filing cabinet for your eyeshadow palettes—there are 10 individual spaces with removable dividers, just in case you need some extra room.


Best Makeup Organizer With a Mirror

Shany Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror

If you have a ton of makeup but are lacking in the space department, you’re going to want to try out this makeup organizer. There are two extendable trays, perfect for keeping your foundations, highlighters, and palettes in place. Plus, there’s a mirror, which is clutch for when you’re applying your makeup on the go.


Best Makeup Organizer With Drawers

iDesign 3-Drawer Plastic Vanity Organizer

Even if you’re a makeup minimalist, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a makeup organizer. This one is cute and simple, with three deep drawers that’ll hold all your products and keep your small collection nice and organized.


Best Long-Lasting Makeup Organizer

Sorbus Cosmetics Makeup Storage Display

This makeup organizer has more than 2,800 5-star reviews on Amazon, and for a good reason. Not only can it fit a TON of makeup (shout-out to the six drawers that are included), but it’s also made of a strong acrylic that is durable and won’t fall apart after a couple of months.


Best Makeup Bag

Joy Mangano Beauty Case

amazon. com

This makeup organizer is here to replace the makeup bag you’ve had since middle school. It comes with four zip-up clear compartments that are also leak-proof (#blessed), making getting ready in the mornings so much easier.


Best Makeup Organizer for Compact Cases

Hblife Clear Compact Organizer

The round shapes of your compact powders and blushes used to be hard to find a home for…until now. This handy little makeup organizer comes with eight storage placements for blush, powders, and highlighters—basically anything in a compact.


Best Makeup Organizer for Lip Gloss

Mordoa Lip Gloss Holder Organizer

Love lip gloss? Then you’ve gotta get this makeup organizer. It comes with 24 holders for all your glosses so you can just grab, swipe, and go. P.S. This would also be a great makeup organizer for your mascaras, just saying.


Best Makeup Organizer for Your Desk

Mebbay 6-Pack Acrylic Drawer Organizer

Sometimes, you need to get ready for happy hour (or a date) at your desk. Don’t stress about lugging your makeup bag from home—get this makeup organizer instead. It’s just the right size for your work desk and it’ll hold everything you need to get ready in less than 15 minutes. Bonus: You can stash other products you’ll need during the day in there, too, like blotting papers for when you get a bit oily.


Best Makeup Organizer for Perfumes

Moosy Life Rose-Gold Perfume Organizer

I looove to put my fragrances on display—they’re just so pretty and luxe!—and this is the best makeup organizer for that. The stadium-style organizer allows you to clearly see all the bottles, won’t take up too much space, and will make you seem way fancier than you actually are.

Ama Kwarteng
Ama Kwarteng was previously the associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan.

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25 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas That Will Save Your Time

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t find your favorite lipstick when you need it? Well, if that seems to be the problem, it’s the sign that you need makeup storage ideas to make your own makeup organizer.

It is never a simple task to safely keep all your magic tools (read: makeup) in one place because you only use them a couple of times.

Spring may be over, but it won’t hurt you to organize all your important day-to-day essentials.

These fashionable Do-It-Yourself ideas of makeup organizer and storage will help you to avoid being late for a meeting.

Shoe Hanging Makeup Organizer

Makeup and beauty tools are not always placed in a nice countertop.

A low-cost shoe organizer, which is hanged at the back of your closet or bathroom door, can also be used to keep your entire make up essentials.

Even leave more spaces than you need!

DIY Makeup Storage from Old Plant Pots

Taking care of plants can be a handful, but if you have adorable pots lying around because the plants have died, you should tidy it up using some ribbons and Washi tape.

Then, you can hang them all and voila! Now you have a hanging makeup brush holder!

Bookcase Makeup Organizer Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a spacious bedroom, you need to immediately find an old bookcase, some clear storage containers to build an impressive makeup closet.

You can find the materials on online platforms such as Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon at various prices.

DIY Makeup Storage from Old Candle Jar

This innovative makeup storage idea helps you to save money and time. Moreover, it helps you to tidy up your room too.

You need to grab at least six old candle jars that have been cleaned properly and strong glue.

Then, stick the jars on top of one another until it can stand firmly without rolling around.

This is impressive, right?

Read more about DIY Jewelry Display Case Ideas

Old Dinnerware Makeup Organizer

Have you ever bought or had classic plates and bowls?

You must agree that the vintage cutlery you bought is now used as displays rather than used for its function.

So, there’s no better reason to not change the cutlery into an extremely valuable makeup and fashion jewelry holder!

Let’s be sincere, the classic cutlery looks better for organizing makeup and jewelry rather than for serving foods!

Magnetic Board Makeup Storage Ideas

Make-up items are usually put on top of each other because you always in a rush when using them.

This will no longer be a problem, because of the magnetic board.

Yup! With a magnetic board, you can neatly order your make-up items, so you can quickly discover exactly what you’re trying to find.

Moreover, if you combine the magnetic board with a beautiful patterned background and an artsy frame, your make-up organization becomes an amazing wall art in your room!

Organized Makeup Brush Display

We fall in love with our favorite brushes and we want to see them neatly displayed in the most stylish way possible. Don’t you agree?

The tools you need are three or more glass bowls, a lot of glossy ornamental stones and your favorite makeup brushes to create this stylish brush display bowls.

You can add cute ribbons to make them look even cuter.

Painted Mason Jar Makeup Storage

Mason jars show a simple and ordinary design, but this impressive make-up storage concept would turn it into an elegant jar that looks pricey and limited.

The process begins with a simple paint on the outside. Then, you can put almost anything that fits!

Cool Chalkboard Jewelry Organizer

Beads and chains are tangled up very easily when they are placed in a cabinet drawer.

Don’t you just hate it when it happens?

Well, you can avoid tragedy and save some space by crafting your unused jars for jewelry organizer. You can paint it with a pink color like these ones.

IKEA Star Makeup Vanity

If you collect make-up essentials from a lot of different brands, small cabinet or small boxes would never going to suffice.

Rather than adding more boxes or cabinets, why don’t you buy a star-like make-up vanity? You can buy all the parts from IKEA.

DIY Hanging Jar Makeup Organizer

This do-it-yourself idea is designed to look simple, but elegant. The concept requires you to have some strings, containers, and ornamental material.

Using these materials, you can style your very own hanging vanity case as creative as possible.

DIY Flannel Makeup Box

The materials needed for this project are vibrant foam, studs, glue, imagination, and creativity.

Glue the foam together until it creates a box-shaped foam. Add some studs to add a dare to the style!

Simplified Makeup Brush Storage

Do you have a lot of make-up brushes? Then, you know it is hard to keep them together because you often forget where you put them.

Use these basic, yet elegant storage bowls to manage your collection of brushes. Add some beans decoration to add a little depth to the style.

Glittery Makeup Brush Holder

How incredible it is that you can magically turn inexpensive jars into stunning make-up brush holders.

It is simple, because you only need mod podge—a kind of glue, and glitters to shine them out.

Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder

Do you have a lot of make-up brushes? Then, you know it is hard to keep them together because you often forget where you put them.

Use these basic, yet elegant storage bowls to manage your collection of brushes. Add some beans decoration to add a little depth to the style.

Other DIY ideas to try:

  1. DIY Computer Desk
  2. DIY Plant Stand
  3. DIY Hat Rack
  4. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen
  5. DIY TV Stand

Makeup Vanity with Glass Countertop

This customized make-up vanity is to die for!

But you can build this exact same idea with an old table and a see-through glass top. Don’t forget to measure the size precisely to display your make-up collection.

DIY Make Up Storage from Plate

To have your make-up, perfume, and jewelry on display is an intriguing idea. If you’d love that, use a plate and a small bowl.

The bowl should be flipped at the bottom and the plate would be placed at the top. For decoration, use some scrapbook papers.

DIY Moving Rack Makeup Storage

To add wheels to your make-up racks is a fantastic idea. It is very suitable for you who are very mobile. Even the moving rack can be moved to a corner when done.

For convenience, you can include a container on the side to store everything you’d need for dressing up!

DIY Makeup Box Drawer

If you’re the kind to keep your beauty containers, then you can build this cute little drawer system to keep all your makeup tools and item cool and neat.

It is made out of boxes, colored papers, and glue. A great way to keep all your make-up items neatly for daily make-up routine! Big thanks to creativity!

DIY Nail Polish Display

Nail polish can get easily mixed up or lost in a table full of make-up items. The best way to manage these items is to put them on display, so you can see the colors clearly.

So, reconstructing an old frame appears as one of the most efficient choices.

IKEA Nail Polish Rack

Your colorful nail polishes should be put on display, so you and your friends can see how beautiful they are.

As a matter of fact, IKEA offers you small racks that are suitable for keeping nail polishes.

Then, put up all of the racks on your walls. This way, you have both storages for nail polishes and vibrant wall art. How amazing is that?

Bead Organizer Makeup Storage

Have you ever collected beads?

If you have stopped collecting, instead of letting your old bead organizer gather dirt in your closet, use it to gather your eye shadows.

The outcome would be a clear, light-weight, and flattering eye shadow combination container.

Travel Brush Holder Storage

A traveling, make-up addict knows how hard it is to manage the brushes while traveling.

Worry no more, because you can make this DIY makeup storage which is suitable for traveling!

This make-up organizer is made of sewn flannels which make it convenient for traveling.

Moreover, an average sewing ability and some efficient time are already enough to make this innovative brushes holder.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Makeup Storage

Do you know that recycled plastic bottles can be used as remarkable storage containers?

  1. Take advantage of the bottles by cutting them open in your desired size.
  2. To make the edges smoother, iron them gently.
  3. Then, make them stand out by some decorative complimentary touches.

Rustic Tray Makeup Storage Ideas

Do you feel bored with your current make-up storage?

Well, try this idea!

Use a natural wood tray to place all your make-up essentials. The rustic and vintage looks of the tray would give you a chic sensation.

11 best makeup organizers and storage ideas of 2021

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist with a rather substantial collection of products or have a minimalist approach to cosmetics, you could probably benefit from organizing your at-home kit. An easy way to help simplify your spring cleaning and organization routine is by grabbing a few makeup storage bins and containers from specialty home good stores like Wayfair, The Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond. Shopping reader favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target also carry makeup storage essentials, ranging from acrylic bins to lazy Susans. Beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta sell makeup organization and storage options, too.


Best makeup storage and organization ideas

Although there are makeup organizers designed for specific products like lipsticks, you can also find multipurpose organizers designed to house various types of cosmetics.

iDesign Signature Series by Sarah Tanno Cosmetic Organizer

Sarah Tanno, who is Lady Gaga’s go-to makeup artist, teamed up with iDesign to create a 28-piece collection of makeup storage options exclusive to Amazon. Each product from the line is available in either Clear & White or Smoke & Black. According to the brand, this makeup organizer is made from BPA-free recycled plastic and it features two small drawers and one large drawer. It earned a 4.5-star average rating from more than 30 reviews on Amazon.

Sigma Beauty Brush Cup Holder

Rather than storing your makeup brushes in an old candle jar, you can utilize this chic, faux leather brush cup to help keep your tools organized at home and on the go. After you unsnap the lid, you can store up to five large face brushes in one end of the cup and 25 detail brushes comfortably in the other half. When traveling, you’ll need to condense your brushes and snap the lid back on to help protect your makeup tools during transit. This brush cup holder received a 4.5-star average rating from 210 reviews on Amazon.

Foraineam Compact Organizer

If you own plenty of blushes, bronzers and pressed powders, then you can organize your collection in these four acrylic storage trays — each one holds up to eight compacts. You’re not limited to only storing your compacts in these trays, of course. You can mix and match your small eyeshadows and lipsticks if you prefer, although there are other options on this list made specifically for those products. Foraineam’s compact organizer received a 4.8-star average rating from more than 300 reviews on Amazon.


byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Organizer

Eyeshadow fiends can store 10 palettes in an upright position using this palette organizer that boasts a 4.6-star average rating from more than 1,700 reviews on Amazon. You can organize palettes of various thickness and size, though you’ll need to remove the accompanying clear dividers first. You also have the option to order a two-pack of the palette organizer if you prefer.

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display

You can store your favorite makeup and beauty tools, like the popular Beautyblender, in this clear 11.25-inch-tall makeup case. This case boasts a 4.8-star average rating from more than 18,800 reviews on Amazon and it features four small and three large pull-out drawers. The brand also makes a similar makeup storage case with four large drawers and two smaller top drawers. Both the makeup cases are available in multiple colors, ranging from Diamond to Purple.

byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Pencil Organization Container

If you own plenty of eyeliners and lip liners, then you understand how tricky it is to store your makeup pencils. Although you could stash your liners in a zippered makeup pouch, it is a minor inconvenience to rummage through the bag to find the products you’re looking for, especially when you’re in a rush in the morning. Enter byAlegory’s acrylic pencil organizer that can fit up to 26 pencils of your choosing. If you have a more extensive collection, the brand makes two- and three-packs, as well. It received a 4.7-star average rating from more than 750 reviews on Amazon.


byAlegory Acrylic Lipstick Organizer

If you’re a lipstick fiend, then you can display your products in this acrylic organizer that holds 24 lipsticks. And if you have a rather substantial lipstick collection, byAlegory also sells two- and three-pack of lipstick organizers for more storage space. These lipstick organizers received a 4.7-star average rating from nearly 960 reviews on Amazon and are available in five colors, like Pink Clear and Black Clear.

HBlife Lip Gloss Holder Organizer

If you’re more of a lip gloss person, HBlife created a similar acrylic organizer to house up to 24 lip glosses. The brand says you can also store brushes in any empty slot if you don’t mind mixing up your makeup storage options. This organizer boasts a 4.8-star average rating from nearly 2,060 reviews on Amazon.

YouCopia Divided Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a rotating tray that is typically found in a kitchen, but can also store beauty products like compacts, makeup tools and makeup remover. This acrylic lazy Susan features clear, removable dividers, allowing you to organize your collection of makeup and accessories easily. This organizer received a 4.9-star average rating from 16 reviews on Walmart.


Caboodles On The Go Girl

If you grew up in the ‘80s or ‘90s, then you likely remember Caboodles, the popular makeup storage case company known for its colorful products sold at a relatively affordable price. This Rose Gold Caboodles train case is exclusive to Ulta and it received a 4.1-star average rating from nearly 100 reviews. (You can find other colorways at Target, Walmart and Macy’s, among others). It features large storage space at the base and a pull-out draw that reveals three smaller dividers and a mirror.

Caboodles Neat Freak Acrylic Train Case

Caboodles also makes a larger, more sophisticated train case. This clear acrylic model sports a Black trim and six square-shaped interior trays. It received a 4.3-star average rating from nearly 40 reviews on Ulta. The brand also makes a similar train case that includes six black and multicolor trays featuring the Caboodles logo if you prefer.


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14 Brands for Glamming Up and Going Green

*Note: Most Nudi Goods contain beeswax.

About Nudi Goods Makeup

Nudi Goods may be small, but they aim to give people an affordable way to start voting with their wallet, “to take the risk for creating a new normal for our planet”.

Products include lip balms, mascara, highlighter sticks, and brow taming wax, either packaged in compact metal slide tins or compostable cardboard tubes.

Nudi uses only natural and non-toxic ingredients that are cruelty-free and palm-oil free. 

Some of the most common ingredients you’ll find are bentonite clay, activated charcoal, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, and sustainably sourced mica in makeup.

While not everything is certified organic, this is due to the fact that Nudi knows that often “the organic label is just that: a label, and therefore it’s not our highest priority to be able to say all our products are organic.” 

They prefer to support smaller suppliers that still adhere to organic practices but maybe just can’t afford to pay for the official certification.

About Nudi Goods

Nudi Goods is a new zero waste makeup brand, founded just a few years ago in a cabin in the Marin Headlands on a marine mammal research voyage.

Founder Jaime Boddorff started actually developing products while working at a wildlife hospital and ocean conservation non-profit. Today, she is still the main maker, only sometimes hiring an assistant or two during busy times.

Jaime lives zero waste herself, and her company also uses no plastic, in either packaging or shipping. 

They reuse everything (even the removed backs form labels!) as long as possible:

We currently have two waste containers that are approximately 2ft by 1ft on site: one for paper which all gets reused, and one for landfill waste, which we have only had to empty out once since June [as claimed in December].”

They’re very transparent about their ingredients and sourcing which is awesome.

For instance, they specify their Mica and other mineral pigments are either USA-made via high pressure mineral creating technology (no mining invovled) or “purchased from suppliers providing a child-labor free guarantee”. 

They also try to source from plastic-free or low waste companies

Their beeswax, too, is about as sustainable as beeswax gets.

In September 2019, they switched from a large supplier that could not provide traceable apiaries or guarantee plastic-free shipping (despite Nudi’s pleas) to a small, family run apiary that, while not certified organic, follows organic practices. No hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics.

They do nothing potentially stressful for the bees, like moving hives.  

They also explain why they opt to use beeswax as opposed to a vegan alternative:

“We want to know where our ingredients are coming from, and many vegan alternatives are tropical plant products that come from a large supply chain where we cannot trace who is sourcing of the ingredients. This means we don’t know if laborers are paid fairly, if the sourcing is ethical, if the sourcing displaces animals in the wild or causes deforestation, among other concerns.

Since our beeswax is currently sourced plastic-free and closes the waste loophole, switching to an alternative that is shipped in large plastic bags or buckets would mean moving backwards.”

Available: Etsy

LED Lighted Makeup Box Portable Desktop Mesh Red Cosmetics Storage Container

Brief Introduction

Attention: The price and post cost are only for a small number of samples. If you need a shipment, please contact us, place a MOQ to get the FOB price.

Simple Name Moisture Proof Cosmetic Container
Type Default
Item No. 5999
Texture ABS
Per piece
Single Weight (g) 2700
One size includes packaging if any has (cm) 33 * 23 * 42
Packing method for one product Carton for each
Packaged Quantity 1
Package size (cm) Carton for each
Package weight (g) /
Bulk packed (m & sup3;) /

Colors and sizes

Questions and Answers

Q: Are you a trading company or a factory?
A: We have more than 5 factories.And we sell products through various channels. We don’t just sell what we do, we also sell partner products!

Q: Can you provide a sample?
A: Of course. We are glad to offer you samples. That we just take the freight cost for the sample.

Q: How long can I receive the products after I paid for it?
A: If the order is a sample, it will be delivered by fast express. if it is a consignment, it depends on the delivery method.We ship as FOB in most cases. you can also choose the shipping method as you like.

Question: Can I order a product?
A: Of course. We support service from lighter custom logo or custom color to design plastic production and OEM. It may just need some other cost.

Q: How can I get a catalog or other product instructions?
A: Leave us a message, we will email the catalog to you or contact us when we are online.

Q: What about the price, can they be cheaper?
A: It depends on the MOQ. You can contact us to supply the MOQ to get the FOB price of each product.

Please Contact Us

50ml Empty Cosmetic Bottles, Makeup Containers with Gold Liquid Cap, Square Refillable Oil Bottles, Food Grade …

Payment for goods

You can pay for your purchase using most popular payment methods (payment operator Alipay):

Bank card

QIWI Account

Mobile payment

Online banks


Wire transfer


Your money will be transferred to the seller only after you confirm receipt of the goods or after the expiration of the Buyer’s Protection period.

If you pay by credit card or other electronic payment system (for example, Alipay, QIWI Wallet or Yandex.Money), the payment will be accepted within 24 hours.

If necessary, you can request cancellation of the order after payment, if it has not yet been sent to you. To do this, you need to click “Cancel order” on the order page. Please note that the seller must confirm the cancellation of the order before a refund will be issued.

Delivery of goods

Estimated delivery times:

  • Delivery from Russia: from 2 days;
  • China Post Standard Shipping: 15 to 50 days;
  • EMS delivery: 10 to 20 days;
  • SPSR Express: about 7 days;

Check the available delivery options with the seller for a specific product.

AliExpress Seller Warranties

  • Basic warranties for all products:
    • On-Time Delivery
      Every AliExpress seller has a responsibility to ensure that the goods are delivered on time.
      If you purchased an item on AliExpress, but did not receive it within the time period specified by the seller, you are entitled to a full refund;

    • Returns of goods and payments
      If the product does not match the description or is of poor quality, you can apply for a full refund and return the product to the seller, or keep it and agree on partial compensation with the seller;

  • Additional guarantees for a part of the goods:
    • Return Guarantee
      The Return Guarantee automatically applies to all items shipped locally.Products covered by this warranty are subject to return to the seller if they are in proper condition and original packaging;

    • Guarantee of Authenticity
      If the item covered by this guarantee is found to be counterfeit, you will receive a full refund including shipping costs;

Disclaimer: All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, company names or their logos are indicated for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.The LikeMall service does not sell goods and does not provide paid services (clause 3, Terms). Information materials are used on the basis of partnership agreements and from verified sources. If you believe that your rights are being violated, please contact us. 90,000 Why does the head itch after dyeing hair and how to choose a safe paint

A woman at any age wants to look beautiful and spectacular, so she carefully selects her wardrobe and accessories, while not forgetting about makeup and regularly dyes her hair.However, after carrying out such a procedure, the scalp often begins to itch, redness appears.

Similar problems with the epidermis usually occur if you have to dye your hair frequently. What is the reason for this and how to avoid a similar reaction of the scalp to paint.

Why the head may itch after painting

Due to regular staining, the skin can become dry, severe itching appears, and after scratching the skin, small wounds may even appear.

This can be an allergy to a certain paint, but there are other reasons why the head itches a lot after staining:

  • if hair coloring was not carried out according to the rules and the corresponding instructions were violated, then dandruff may appear on the skin, which itself does not disappear over time and can cause severe itching. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to purchase appropriate anti-dandruff products and begin to fight it. It is good that there are effective shampoos and other drugs on sale in pharmacies that can get rid of the problem in a short time;
  • often a woman may have an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients in a particular paint, so her head will itch all the time.To avoid such a negative effect of the dye on the scalp, you should first apply a little dye to the bend of the elbow or other inconspicuous place and see if an allergic reaction occurs. If redness and itching do not appear, then the paint can be safely used for hair;
  • If the dye contains ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, then they can severely dry out the scalp. Because of this, severe itching often occurs. Therefore, it is better to purchase hair dyes that do not contain these ingredients, use henna or special dyeing shampoos for coloring;
  • Women often believe that the longer the hair dye is kept, the better the hair color will be.But this is a misconception. If you keep the dye on your hair for longer than the prescribed time, then you can ruin the hair itself, as well as dry out the epidermis.

To avoid itching on the skin, you should purchase high-quality paint that does not contain ammonia or other similar products; when painting, follow all the rules for its use.

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