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Black Spandex Lycra Unisex Zentai Suit

Product Code: ZSC0038
Reward Points: 29
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Price in reward points: 29

Black Spandex Lycra Unisex Zentai Suit

Color: Black
Pattern: No
Fabric: Lycra
Surface: Matte
Air Permeability: Good
Elasticity: Good
Weight: 0.32kg
Unisex Spandex Lycra Zentai Suit colored in black. The suit is adopted with lycra spandex material. Black is the most mystical color,
also it has great gloss. Gloves, feet and hood are removable, this one get many fans.
More details and how to measure,
please check our size description. Custom size will be free to made.

Male Size Chart

Standard Size XS S M L XL XXL
Male inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
155-160 5’3”-5’5” 160-165 5’5”-5’7” 165-170 5’7”-5’9” 170-175 5’9”-5’11” 175-180 5’11”-6’1′ 180-185 6’1”-6’3” 185-190
78-83 32”-34” 81-86 34”-36” 86-91 35”-37” 88-93 36”-39” 91-99 37”-40” 93-101 39”-41” 99-104
Waist 25”-28” 63-71
27”-30” 68-76 29”-31” 73-78 31”-33” 78-83 33”-35” 83-88 35”-37” 88-93 37”-39” 93-99
Hips 32”-34” 81-86 33”-35”
34”-37” 86-93 35”-38” 88-96 37”-39” 93-99 38”-40” 96-101 39”-41” 99-104

Female Size Chart

Standard Size
Female inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
cm inch cm inch cm
Height 59”-5’1” 150-155 5’1”-5’3” 155-160 5’3”-5’5” 160-165 5’5”-5’7” 165-170 5’7”-5’9”
5’9”-5’11” 175-180 5’11”-6’1” 180-185
Bust 28”-31” 71-78 30”-33” 76-83 32”-35” 81-88 34”-37” 86-93 36”-39” 91-99
96-104 40”-43” 101-109
Waist 23”-26” 58-66 25”-28” 63-71 27”-30” 68-76 29”-32” 73-78 31”-34” 78-86 33”-36” 83-91
35”-38” 88-96
Hips 29”-32” 73-81 31”-34” 78-86 33”-36” 83-91 35”-38” 88-96 37”-40” 93-101 39”-42” 96-106 41”-44”

Kids Size Chart

Standard Size XS S M L XL
Kids inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Height 39”-43” 100-110 43”-47” 110-120 41”-51” 120-130 51”-55” 130-140 55”-59” 140-150
Bust 24” 60 25” 64 27” 69 28” 71 30” 76
Waist 21” 53 24” 61 25” 64 26” 66 27” 69
Hips 24” 60 26” 66 28” 71 30” 76 31” 78

Please illuminate your detailed size requirement in the order
  1. Height (compulsory)
2.Head Size
3.Neck Size
4.Shoulder Width
5.Bust Size(compulsory)
6.Waist Size(compulsory)
7.Hip Size(compulsory)
8.Thigh Size
9.Sleeve Length
10.B.C.( biceps circumference)
11.Wrist Size
12.Ankle Size
13.Foot Length
14.Leg Length(from crotch to floor)


1. Do you accept payment by cash-on-delivery? 
We regret we cannot accept cash on delivery, we usually accept payment by Paypal, or you can pay for your order with credit card or debit card, but never by C.O.D
2. Do I Have To Pay VAT Sales Tax
When you purchase costume on our website, you can just need to pay for cost of costume and shipping cost, beyond that, there is no any other cost. You can’t need to pay any tax, when you place an order on our website, although our company is located in China.  
3. Is it safe to purchase on 
We can absolutely tell you that it’s safe to place an order on our website. 
1) If there are any cheat or security issues for your payment via Paypal, the issues are to be considered true after an investigation of Paypal, and will full refund you. 
2) It can effectively protect your order information via Paypal to pay for your order. 
Our company never leaks any customer’s information to other people by any ways. And we have a payment method that works for you, with VeriSign’s world renowned secure payment technology keeping your information safe at all times.
3) Paypal is global outstanding online-payments company, and it has best network technique all over the world to protect your safe payment. 
4). Professional technology department of our company and Paypal mesh with each other smoothly, so your payment and any information is safe. 
4. How to Cancel An Order?
We can help you cancel your order when you need. please see the detail information about  “how to cancel an order”.
5. Change Your Order After Payment
If you want to change your order, please contact us within 24 hours from placing the order on our website, we will do our best to meet your requirements.
6. Why should I provide my phone number?
In order to you can successfully receive your package in time, please provide your right and detailed phone information, your phone information is primarily used for the following aspects: 
1) If your order has any problems, in order to deal with your order immediately, we will call you and know about your opinion for your order. 
2) If there is no your phone information, the express company can’t accept the package, because the shipping information is incomplete, so we can’t ship out your package without your phone information. 
3)  When the express company dispatches your package, they will contact you via the phone number that you provide us, so you can safely receive your package in time.  
7.  How to Track Your Order? 
You can track your order status very easy on our site, please see the detail about “how to track your order”.
8.How to estimate Shipping Cost?
You can estimate the shipping cost of your order ,it’s helpful . please see the detail information about “How to estimate shipping cost”. It’s very easy.
9. Can You Ship To MY COUNTRY?
We can help you to ship costume to every corner fo the world,you can see the detail  about  the country list which we can ship to.
10. I Can’t Log In
Don’t worry we can help you to find your password back. It’s very easy and fast. please see the detail help information.
11. How to use credit card?
you can use credit card through paypal, no matter you have paypal account or not. please see the deatil How to use credit card through paypal

Cheap Blue Lycra Suit, find Blue Lycra Suit deals on line at Alibaba.

comCheap Blue Lycra Suit, find Blue Lycra Suit deals on line at

Avatar Cosplay Lycra Spandex Costume Blue Zentai Suit (Wig Not Included)


Blue Color Lycra Spandex Party Cosplay Costume Zentai Suit No Hood –S-XXL

US $26.87 – 30.99 / Piece

Full Body Blue Color Lycra Spandex Party Cosplay Costume Zentai Suit–S-XXL

$ 29.99

Sky Blue Half Length Hood Unisex Shiny Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit cosplay costumes halloween christmas Free Shipping

$ 55.0

TZ TED Wetsuit Top Lycra UV Protection Back Zip Diving Surfing Snorkeling Swimming Suit Keep Warm 308,Blue,XL


Hot Sale Halloween 2013 Blue Lycra Spandex Unisex Zentai with Horse Tail full body suit r31 #u9-LB

US $36.64 – 40.46 / Piece

Hot Sale Halloween 2013 Blue Lycra Spandex Unisex Zentai with Horse Tail latex suit r36 #u6-LB

US $36.64 – 40.46 / Piece

Pro Blue Lycra Spandex USA Flag design Youth Wrestling Pants Suit Singlets Outfit H013

US $26. 17 – 27.17 / Piece

BetterParty Second Skin Suit Light Blue Spandex Lycra Zentai Catsuit

$ 35.99

JOB Endurance compression suit lycra spandex Triathlon suit one-Piece cycling/running/swimming suit

$ 50.65

JOB Endurance compression suit lycra spandex Triathlon suit one-Piece swimming suit

$ 60.99

Summer Autumn Stinger Suit with Cap Full Diving Suit Dive Skins for Men or Women Jump Suit Wetsuit Swimwear Long Sleeve Lycra

$ 29.8

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Wholesale – Blue Color Lycra Spandex Party Cosplay Costume Zentai Suit No Hood –S-XXL

US $27. 93 – 28.99 / Piece

Halloween Blue & Purple Superman Costume Spandex/Lycra Superhero cosplay suit the classic superman superhero costume

$ 48.99

Dxdiver Long Sleeve Blue Rash Guard Large Dive Skin Warm Water Heavy-duty Nylon/lycra Spandex Dive Suit Scuba Diver Snorkel Snorkeling Sun Protection Swim Swimming Swimmer Swim Gear Triathlon Surf Surfing Rash Guard Wet Suit Wetsuit


Dxdiver Long Sleeve Blue Rash Guard Xlarge Dive Skin Warm Water Heavy-duty Nylon/lycra Spandex Dive Suit Scuba Diver Snorkel Snorkeling Sun Protection Swim Swimming Swimmer Swim Gear Triathlon Surf Surfing Rash Guard Wet Suit Wetsuit


Man’s lycra cotton thin type thermal underwear suit,Navy Blue


2015 Mens Tight One Piece Triathlon Waterproof Shorts Suit Women Diving Surfing Snorkeling Suit Lycra Clothes For Wetsuit XL XXL

$ 58.66

BLue Zentai Full Hood Lycra Spandex Zentai Body Suit

US $26. 38 – 31.85 / Piece

Men and Women Super Elastic Lycra Floatsuit Scuba Snorkeling swimming suit Long sleeve top Surf Diving suit UPF50+ Free Shipping

$ 25.88

Wholesale new Unisex blue Zentai Full Hood Lycra Spandex Zentai Body Suit

US $25.06 – 29.89 / Piece

M4U Blue Spider Man Lycra Spandex Super Hero Zentai Suit


Colorful watersports wearing suit wetsuit set for lovers lycra UV wetsuit

$ 30.0

Dxdiver Long Sleeve Blue Rash Guard Xxlarge Dive Skin Warm Water Heavy-duty Nylon/lycra Spandex Dive Suit Scuba Diver Snorkel Snorkeling Sun Protection Swim Swimming Swimmer Swim Gear Triathlon Surf Surfing Rash Guard Wet Suit Wetsuit


Details about Blue Lycra Zentai spandex Unisex suit Metallic S-XXL

$ 27.99

UPF 50+ high quality Women and Men Lycra Suit Rash Guard Diving Wetsuit Surfing, Windsurf and Snorkeling Suit

US $34.68 – 35.99 / Piece

Gray with Blue Lycra Spandex Unisex Zentai Suit

$ 36. 99

Red/Blue Suit Lycra Spandex Zentai Spiderman Hero Zentai Catsuit Costumes #309

$ 56.0

Sapphire UPF 50 high quality Women and Men Lycra Suit Rash Guard Long Sleeve Diving Wetsuit Surfing, Windsurf and Snorkeling Suit Anti-UV

US $33.23 – 34.49 / Piece

2015 New arrival Special Flesh Color Lycra Spandex Unisex Zentai Suit Zentai Suit Lycra Spandex Zentai LS039

$ 39.99

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4 Signs Of A Cheap Suit In 2020 – Sene

Suits are one of those things that can vary wildly in terms of quality. Not a knock on cheap suits, but it’s important you understand exactly what you’re buying. 

The internal components are glued together in a fused jacket.  

You’ll see a hard-creased line on the lapels, whereas half-canvassed or fully-canvassed jackets have an elegant curve. Also, fused jackets start to bubble over time.

At Sene, our jackets are all half-canvassed, which allows us to deliver fantastic quality at a great price point.


2. Plastic Buttons


If the buttons look cheap, they probably are. You’ll know right away by the touch. 

Bullhorn buttons are generally seen as a sign of quality. Additionally, resin buttons are sometimes used to achieve a certain decorative effect.


3. Cheap Fabric Blends


In general, we are not fans of a suit that is a wool/polyester blend. If you’re going to buy a wool suit, go with a premium weave that is at least Super 110s and as a high as Super 140s. Once you go above Super 140s, the weave is too fine and is not sufficiently durable.

A big misconception is that synthetics are bad across the board. The truth is there are actually high-end synthetic fabrics that are actually quite expensive to produce and perform extremely well.

At Sene, our FlexTech Suit is made with an athleisure fabric from one of the top performance mills in the world. Cheap synthetics are typically made with a single fiber and has a low-end form of mechanical stretch with terrible recovery.

Spandex is actually not great for suits, since it makes the garment much heavier and traps moisture.

Our FlexTech fabric is a bi-component yarn, made of a blend of upcycled polyester. It recovers better than other stretch fabrics, is anti-odor, anti-wrinkle and breathes well.

Beware of cheap blends masquerading as performance blends (i.e. 50% wool, 50% polyester). 

Shop The Ultimate Travel Suit Custom-Made With Athleisure Fabric

How To Spot A Cheap Suit

When looking for a new suit to add to your wardrobe, it is crucial that you know these eight visual hallmarks of a bad suit, so you don’t ever waste money on them.  I want to provide you with a checklist so you can spot a cheap suit especially when you’re at the store.

8 Visual Hallmarks Of A Bad Suit

regular stitches mean machine made

1. Collar

You’ll need to flip up the collar and look at the seam underneath. In a cheap suit, this seam will always be machine made. So how can you tell it’s a machine made stitch? Usually, it’s like a very regular triangle versus a handmade stitch is irregular. So take a closer look and see if the stitches are the same or if they’re irregular and handmade. Of course, there are variations, so you have to train your eye, but it’s a very easy way to identify a suit that way. If it has a handmade stitch, it’s not a cheap suit. If it’s machine made, it’s likely cheap.

fraying buttonholes is usually a sign of an inferior quality suit



To most people, a buttonhole is just that it’s functional; but to the connoisseur, a buttonhole tells you a lot about the suit. It can even tell you where a suit was made, so the big distinction is handmade buttonhole or machine sewn buttonhole. If it’s a handmade buttonhole, it’s not a cheap suit. You can identify handmade buttonhole by flipping over the buttonhole from the back, and if it’s irregular, it is handmade. If it’s machine made, it is very regular, and it looks about the same as it does in the front. That being said, you can also have a poorly sewn handmade buttonhole which doesn’t make for a nice suit. A frayed buttonhole is usually a sign of a cheap suit, as well as a closed buttonhole. There are also buttonholes where you can see the fabric on the inside. It’s the cheapest way to sew a buttonhole, and you will likely have a cheap suit in your hand when you see that.

fabric reserve

3. Fabric Reserve

Why would you need one? If you want to alter your garment; it’s always good to have extra fabric. Otherwise, you cannot make anything bigger. On a cheap suit, the three and a half yards of fabric is probably the most expensive part of the entire suit, and so manufacturers try to cut corners and minimize use of fabric wherever they can. The easiest way to find out if there’s a fabric reserve is to look at the pants. Take the pants inside out and look at all the side seams as well as the cuffs on the inside. If there is half an inch, an inch, or two inches, that’s great, and chances are, it’s not a cheap suit. If there’s very little fabric left and it’s just an overlock stitch that keeps the fabric from fraying, you’ll likely have a cheap suit in your hand. If the suit has cuffs, you can also take a look at that because a proper cuff is long and folded and in theory, you can take out the stitching and elongate your pants. A cheap cuff is cut and then just attached which saves fabric manufacturer, but it prevents you from elongating the pants at all.

4. Stitching

First, I look at how the lining is sewn into the sleeve at the end of the sleeve, if it’s sewn in by hand it’s likely a quality suit, if it’s sewn in by machine, it’s different. There are two kinds; on the one end, you can have it sewn in so there is no flexibility and that’s a very cheap suit. On the other hand, you can sew it in by machine with a stitch it is very loose, and it’s a better way, and it’s also what you get with a handmade stitch. Since handwork can be very different and so can machine work, it may be a little harder for you to determine what is machine made and what is not. In general, if you have a high consistency it always tells you it’s machine sewn. Also, if there’s no flexibility, leave it behind it’s going to be a cheap suit.

cheap plastic buttons

5. Buttons

Most cheap suits have plastic buttons. Sometimes the buttons look painted, and it’s because they are, on the other hand, I have also seen higher-end plastic buttons that are made to look like horn buttons, and it’s much more difficult to determine the difference. Sometimes you can take two buttons together and look for a specific sound, I find that works quite well with mother-of-pearl for example, but that’s rarely used for suits. Horn is usually a little heavier than plastic and has a nicer, smoother feel and a natural shine. Plastic, on the other hand, is bad because it breaks very easily and then you have to sew on new buttons, and it’s always hard to find any exact matching button, and then you have to do it for all of them which costs a lot of money. Another quality option for buttons are corozo buttons; they come from a palm tree, and they have a slightly inconsistent color, and they’re not regular like a machine made button so you can distinguish them. The big advantage for them is that they could be colored in basically any color so if there’s no natural horn button, that’s what quality manufacturers use. Plastic buttons are always for cheap suits.

polyester lining

6. Lining

Another great way to spot a cheap suit is by identifying if it’s a polyester lining or not. Quality suits have linings made out of sometimes viscose which is less expensive. A higher-end option would be silk, sometimes you also see cotton, but very cheap suits have polyester lining or blends with polyester. By law, manufacturers are required to tell you what material the lining is made of, so look for tags inside the suit to tell you what the lining is made of. Polyester linings are not only cheap but they also make you feel hot and they don’t breathe very well which makes for a very uncomfortable suit wearing experience. On top of that, they wear out quickly. So not only are they bad, but they’re really great in helping you to identify if you have a bad suit in front of you.

cheap interlining

7. Outer Fabric Material

Most quality suits are made out of a hundred percent wool, the problem is, manufacturers can sometimes add one or two percent of an artificial fiber and still call it a hundred percent. In that case, you have to rely on the brand and look for a brand label. If you look for Vitale Barberis Canonico, maybe Holland and Sherry, Wain Shiell, Loro Piana, you name it Zegna, if you see a tag like that, chances are you have a higher end suit in front of you. Of course, those tags can be faked and especially if you get suits made out of Asia that may be the case, so buyer beware. Quality suit materials can also be made out of wool and cashmere blends. Sometimes, they have silk, sometimes they have linen, seersucker suit is made out of 100% cotton but overall, you want to make sure that the suit doesn’t have any artificial fibers, no nylon, or polyester, or anything else that is not natural. If it’s unnatural on the tag, chances are it’s a very cheap suit. On top of that, artificial materials often have a tendency to make the suit shiny which is very undesirable unless it’s a sophisticated natural fiber such as mohair.


8. Glued Or Fused Interlining?

Quality suits have a sewed interlining which is either hand sewn or machine sewn, and we talk about the details in our $100 versus $1000 and $500 versus $5000 suit videos. When you have the suit in front of you, what you can do is you can take the upper layer of the fabric and pinch it with your finger. Sometimes, a fused garment is also a lot stiffer especially if it’s a cheaper suit so if something doesn’t drape well and feels very plasticky and thick, it’s probably a cheap suit.


If you follow all of these eight steps and you go to a store, I guarantee you, you’ll be able to spot a cheap suit, and you won’t make a mistake and pay for something that is not worth it. Even if you use those eight hallmarks and you end up with a quality suit, it matters that it fits you. Otherwise, it looks bad and it will reflect poorly on you.

Nedal Women’s Gorgeous Tiger Costume Halloween Zentai Bodys Spandex Lycra

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MAAJI | Shop Online | Made in Colombia with Love – Maaji

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Halloween Costume Accessories 2021 | Party City

Find the Right Halloween Costume Accessories for Your Character

Transform yourself! The right costume accessories create all the difference between ordinary and eye-popping, and make your character stand out from the crowd. The vampire wig you wear, the beaded flapper jewelry you drape around your neck, the pirate sword you brandish — all these costume props are an indispensable part of the impression you make, whether your goal is to scare, seduce, or provoke a hearty laugh.

No Halloween costume is complete without the right costume accessories to go with it. Spooky or silly, resplendent or ragtag – whatever your costume theme, our Halloween costume and cosplay accessories help tie it all together. Ready to complete your look? Explore our huge collection of Halloween accessories and get ready to make your next ensemble truly epic.

Find Classic Halloween And Cosplay Accessories

What fun is an Elvis costume without the Elvis wig and glasses? A knight costume without the helmet, sword and shield? A witch costume without the witch hat, broom, shoes, and a little green makeup to frighten the trick or treaters? Or a ninja costume without accessories like a hood, gloves, throwing blades, and state-of-the-art ninja sword, especially one that lights up in the dark? Costume accessories can make or break your look, so be sure to stock up on the right costume props for your outfit. Our collection of classic Halloween accessories includes everything from weapons to wigs – explore and find the right pieces to complete your costume!

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At Party City, we offer thousands of Halloween accessories that take you from costume to character, transforming your look into something truly extraordinary. Our collection of costume props includes exclusive licensed accessories featuring your favorite characters from TV and film. Whatever look you hope to achieve, you’ll find the right costume accessories to finish the look.  Need makeup to help you look like an otherworldly character? Want wearable cosplay accessories to help you look like your favorite live action or anime hero? We’ve got everything you need.

Level Up With Video Game Costume Accessories

Every video game hero needs something to help them get by. Whether you need a sword, a laser gun or some other essential, our collection of Halloween costume accessories and props includes plenty of pieces inspired by your favorite gamer gear. Find everything you need, then get ready to save the world while trick or treating or attending your favorite convention.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our Halloween costume accessories and recreate your favorite look today!

Costumes and dress fabrics in bulk from a warehouse in Moscow.

The modern suit is becoming more and more comfortable.

Manufacturers use lighter suit fabrics, the same tendency is characteristic of adhesive, cushioning materials that help the suit keep its shape, and the shoulder pads have become less rigid and massive.

However, there are still significant differences in the weight and thickness of the material used depending on the purpose of the suit.Where will the suit be worn: in a cool northern climate or a mild Mediterranean one. Whether its owner will go to a stuffy office from his comfortable home in a warm car, without feeling a special temperature drop, or will he reach his workplace after making a long journey through wind-blown streets.


Pure-woolen fabrics are considered the best for a suit, always and everywhere, the processing technology of which is becoming more and more perfect (here Italians are ahead of the rest).

Properties of wool

Natural wool fiber has a great advantage over synthetic and artificial fibers. It lies in the fact that natural wool fiber is hollow inside, unlike chemical fibers. This is what allows fabrics made from natural fibers to “breathe” and keep warm perfectly.

Also, woolen fabrics have a natural property to quickly absorb and evaporate moisture. Woolen fabric possesses such unique properties due to the crimp of wool fibers and the formation of air voids between them.

Also wool is a low-wrinkle fiber. The creases formed on the suit after a long sitting will disappear rather quickly when the suit “hangs down”.

Woolen fabrics have sufficient resistance to abrasion, light and dry cleaning, elasticity, hygroscopicity, high thermal resistance, increased wear resistance.

Depending on the way the wool yarn is made, fabric manufacturers have the opportunity to produce both “super” thin woolen for summer clothing collections – “Cool Wool” (“Cold wool”), and warmer winter fabrics.Woolen fabrics with Send Wash treatment are used in the suit and jacket groups, giving the wool a “polished” effect.

And it should also be taken into account that wool is a delicate fiber, it is not recommended to iron woolen products often, let alone steam them. If the coupon says dry clean, the suit must not be exposed to steam at all, otherwise the fabric will lose its shape.

Fabrics of complex composition

In addition to pure wool, fabrics of complex composition are also used: wool / cashmere, wool / silk, linen / wool …

Cashmere gives the fabric real softness, tenderness, smooth surface and nobility.High quality cashmere, light and soft, rescues both heat and cold equally well, which allows you to wear one suit both in summer and in winter.

A small addition of flax fibers (about 8%) to the wool – the effect will be absolutely linen, but in terms of gloss you will look from the lapel to the heel.

Mixed fabrics are better suited for casual wear: 55% wool and 45% various additives. For stability, synthetic fibers are added – lavsan, polyacryl, polyester, sometimes elastane, which allows the fabric to recover its shape after stretching (for example, on the elbows and knees).

The composition of suiting fabrics often includes viscose – this is a conditionally natural fiber that is produced from cellulose and has good hygienic properties.

Wool with lycra combines the natural comfort of natural wool fiber and the elasticity and resilience of synthetic lycra fiber, and as a result, it eliminates the trousers from stretching at the knees, and the whole suit from the need for everyday ironing.

Men’s suits in wool SUPER 120’S with lycra are very popular, as they satisfy men’s need for comfort and great appearance of the product.

Being only an additional fiber, Lycra does not change the properties of the wool, but improves them. This means that the clothes retain their shape and quality, the products have a perfect fit, provide maximum comfort and virtually no wrinkle.

Suit fabric can have up to 5-7% elastane, but not more: if the label indicates 20%, then this is an overestimated figure or a fake, since elastane is a rather expensive fiber.

Wool blend fabrics with polyester look simpler than pure woolen fabrics.They are cheaper, but stronger than pure wool, but they are inferior to the latter in terms of thermal insulation properties. By the way, a half-woolen suit is not necessarily always cheaper than a woolen one. Often, a high-quality fabric made from a blended fiber of expensive wool and expensive polyester is more expensive than a low-quality pure wool fabric made from cheap raw materials.

Recent developments of pure polyester fabrics are outwardly indistinguishable from semi-woolen fabrics. Suits made of polyester fabrics are breathable, very durable, lightweight and relatively inexpensive.Their disadvantages include lower thermal insulation properties compared to wool, as well as the fact that outwardly it is still visible that the suit is inexpensive.

Synthetic fibers of poor quality (you cannot recognize them by eye either) are very prone to the formation of peeling or “pellets”.

How to choose a spearfishing suit

AQUADISCOVERY Wetsuit Ataman V2 with lycra coating and ultraspan

Diving suit for spearfishing differs from other suits by a special design, consisting of a jacket with a hood and pants. Since dirty tricks often dive in very cold water, such a wetsuit design, along with an open cell, better retains the warmth of the trick.

Diving suits for spearfishing are distinguished by their outer coating. Most popular among beginners, cloth-covered wetsuits. Such suits are more durable, not afraid snags, seashells. The elasticity of the wetsuit, which gives comfort to the hunter, depends on the type outer cover. Nylon is a cheap loose fabric that does not have high indicators.Lycra is a more elastic and durable fabric that works equally well stretches in all directions. Lycra protects well from ultraviolet radiation. On lycra it is excellent looks like camouflage. But the best elastic fabric is ULTRASPAN.

In addition to fabric coverings, trick pros love to dive in naked wetsuits. (smooth skin). Naked wetsuits are incredibly flexible and comfortable. In addition to diving You will feel comfort in such a suit after diving in a cold windy the weather. Water drains instantly from the smooth skin of the wetsuit, keeping the hunter warm.


Naked wetsuits, however, are easier to rip if caught on a snag. When choosing a wetsuit, you should remember that neoprene can be of different quality and rigidity. Soft, flexible neoprene retains warmth and is more comfortable. Have a hard neoprene has poorer elasticity and more heat loss. But hard wetsuits have the best neoprene memory and shrink less when diving to greater depths.Elite Japanese neoprene is never used in standard wetsuits due to their high cost.

If you are offered a Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit by low price – be careful it’s fake!

Foreign brands do not always offer good, high-quality wetsuits. Famous brands do not have their own production. Having a large number of intermediaries in order to reduce the price, they forced to use cheap Chinese neoprene.

A good test of the quality of a wetsuit is quality, tight seams. Have of a good wetsuit, the seams are double taped and double blind stitched.

double blind-seam

Manufacturers who are responsible for their quality give a good guarantee. For example, the well-known the Russian company AQUADISCOVERY gives a maximum 3-year warranty. In addition, good wetsuits have a high-quality anatomical cut, good seals and knee protection from mechanical damage.

The best wetsuit is made individually, according to your measurements and your design.

Buying a wetsuit in IM, you cannot always try it on. For the right choice suit size, refer to manufacturer’s size charts. If you bought a wetsuit and made the wrong size, don’t despair. AQUASUB only exchanges free of charge (link to article free exchange) a wetsuit purchased from us.

Shipping both ways will be paid by us.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of polyester, lycra and other synthetic fabrics

When choosing a new dress or a well-cut pair of tight trousers, you should pay attention not only to the appearance of the thing, but also to its composition. He can talk about how the clothes will behave when washing and ironing, whether they will last a long time or will stretch quickly. True, with all the variety of artificial and natural materials, it is easy to get confused in names like “nylon”, “polyurethane”, “viscose” and “polyester”.

Product Manager Oh, my Nadezhda Koltsova told The Village what materials to watch out for, why a low percentage of synthetics in woolen things is not scary, and natural cotton is good at any time of the year.

Synthetic fibers appeared at the peak of scientific progress in the 30-60s of the last century. Then such clothes seemed stylish and modern, but now comfort and environmental friendliness are valued first of all, so the choice most often falls on clothes made from natural materials. Nevertheless, synthetic additives are essential: they increase the life of the clothes, prevent creasing and retain their shape during washing. Therefore, if there is no more than 30% synthetics in clothes, there is nothing to be afraid of.

It is important to remember that synthetics are made from refined petroleum products with an abundance of various chemical components. The process uses volatile toxic components that can remain in the material forever. Neither washing, ironing, nor drying will completely clean the fabric. Therefore, synthetic clothing is contraindicated for allergy sufferers suffering from asthma, eczema or psoriasis. Moreover, a cheap 100% synthetic fabric can cause dermatitis even in an absolutely healthy person.

Synthetic fabric is breathable. Therefore, it should not be worn in summer: in hot weather you will sweat even more. In addition, static electricity is generated from tissue-to-skin contact. This, in turn, can lead to increased irritability and fatigue.

The most commonly used synthetic fabrics

Polyester (or polyester fiber)

Films and plastic are made of the same material, only of a different density.Outwardly, polyester is a bit like thin wool, but its properties are closer to cotton. The 100% polyester fabric is wear-resistant and durable, does not need special care (can be washed at 40-60 degrees in a machine), dries quickly after washing, holds color well and practically does not shrink. But it is extremely harmful for people with sensitive skin. Therefore, when choosing clothes for everyday wear with polyester, take models with large cutouts, free and not restricting movements.

What are they sewing? Polyester is often used in the production of casual trousers, dresses, knitwear and outerwear (raincoats, windbreakers), as well as in the production of sportswear, where it is practically irreplaceable.

Lycra (the second name is elastane)

Invention of the American chemical company DuPont. The material resembles rubber, therefore it is highly durable and stretches perfectly. 100% Lycra is a very durable material that quickly returns to its original shape. It is extremely difficult to leave folds on it. Lycra is very thin and is often included in cotton and linen garments. In everyday life, you are unlikely to find clothes made of one hundred percent lycra.But Spider-Man’s suit was made of elastane.

As a rule, the lycra content in basic clothes is not more than 8%. It is better to wash things with lycra at a high temperature (from 40 degrees), but with a mild detergent (for example, a liquid powder concentrate). And to iron – on delicate fabrics mode.

What are they sewing? Lycra allows you to create elegant lingerie models (almost all push-up bras are from Lycra), stockings and leggings. Elastane is often added to tight trousers and jeans.


Acrylic is a synthetic material obtained from natural gas. Literally clothes made of thin air. Acrylic is made in the form of a thread. You can get both smooth and very bulky yarns for chunky knitted sweaters. Such yarn is much lighter than ordinary wool, which makes it possible to knit long enough things that will not then weigh two to three kilograms. Acrylic yarn is often called faux wool. The material does not wrinkle well, does not absorb moisture well, which is important for outerwear, but ideal for dyeing.

What are they sewing? Acrylic is often used as a substitute for natural wool in sweaters, cardigans and turtlenecks. Mittens, socks and warm tights are knitted from it. If you see that the color of the sweater is very rich and bright, and it itself is much lighter than it seemed on the hanger, then most likely it is acrylic. Remember that an acrylic sweater will never warm you better than a woolen sweater.


Nylon appeared as an alternative to natural silk. It is also a DuPont development.The fabric is prized for its light weight, incredible strength, resistance to damage and even some chemicals. Thanks to the smoothness of the fibers, nylon is very easy to wash: any dirt is washed off without effort, and the detergent does not settle on the fabric.

A garment made of cotton, linen, wool, cashmere will be stronger if 5–30% nylon is added to it. It is better to wear things with nylon if it is windy or cool outside, as it does not allow air to pass through.

What are they sewing? Stockings and socks, used in the manufacture of dresses, sweatshirts, sweaters, windbreakers.

A big mistake

Many people mistakenly believe that viscose is a synthetic material. In fact, this is not the case. Viscose is a product of cellulose processing. It is created by the breakdown of cellulose products in an alkaline solution of NaOH (sodium hydroxide). If you set fire to a rayon thread, it smells like wood. Viscose is very soft to the touch, perfectly retains heat and allows air to pass through. Lightweight viscose clothes can be worn in summer as well.

What you need to know about synthetics and natural fabrics

Pay attention to the tags with information about the composition and care.In addition, it is always worth looking at the appearance of the thing. For example, to understand the quality of a woolen garment without trying it on, pinch it. Are there hairballs on your fingers? This means that the clothes are of poor quality. A few lint? Take it boldly.

Almost all cotton items shrink after washing, as it is a living fiber. If a thing is washed or boiled during production, then it is likely to retain its appearance.

A woolen sweater can be rolled into a felt boot if it is machine washed at a high temperature.To eliminate these shortcomings, synthetic fibers are added to wool. Therefore, you should not be afraid if there are not many of them (up to 30%).

If the thing is 100% synthetic , then the manufacturer decided to save money without thinking about the consequences for the skin. You shouldn’t buy it.

Natural cotton is good at any time of the year . In summer, it breathes well, removes moisture, preventing the formation of irritations on the skin. In winter, it works great as an inner layer between the body and a woolen sweater or sweatshirt.

It is pleasant to wear natural silk in the heat: it does not conduct heat well, therefore it stays cool to the body for a long time. A good substitute is flax or hemp.

Cotton fabric is suitable for the off-season. It can be textured (with fleece) and dense – this will give softness, warmth and comfort. For cool spring and late autumn, woolen suit and coat fabrics are well suited. They perfectly warm, remove moisture to the outside and let the required amount of air inside.

Raincoats made of nylon or polyester with a special waterproof and windproof coating provide excellent protection from rain and bad weather. But it is better not to wear them as an alternative to a light jacket on sunny days: you will sweat harder.

The best choice for winter – multi-layer. For example, the first layer (the one closer to the body) is a cotton longsleeve or T-shirt; the second is a thick shirt made of viscose or the same thick cotton; the third is a wool sweater or cardigan.

Basically in winter we are warmed by the air , which heats the body. And it circulates under the clothes and between the fibers of the fabric. Therefore, the fabric must hold it, and it is natural wool fibers that do the best with this, since they were created by nature for this very purpose.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4 via Shutterstock

types of materials for men’s and women’s suits

Suit fabric – material for sewing business clothes: jackets, skirts, trousers or jackets.Natural, synthetic and artificial fibers are used for its manufacture. The modern textile industry offers a variety of suit fabrics that combine a respectable appearance with durability and ease of care.

Contents of article

A bit of history

The classic men’s suit first appeared in England at the beginning of the 19th century. In addition to the usual trousers, jacket, shirt and vest, a headdress and gloves were considered its main attributes.

Fashion changed, the need for gloves gradually disappeared, felt hats, bowlers and straw boaters appeared instead of prim top hats. But the basis of a business suit – trousers, a jacket and a vest – has remained unchanged to our time. Interpretations of a men’s suit can be called a tailcoat, a tuxedo or models in an informal casual style.

The turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is considered the era of female emancipation. In 1870, the Russian Tsar Alexander II even issued a decree allowing ladies to serve in various state and public organizations.

By the beginning of the new century, women’s employment became widespread, and there was a need for business clothes for women. The English tailor John Redfern made the first costume for emancipated women. It consisted of a long skirt with a comfortable cut and a frock coat that looked a bit like a man’s jacket.

Trousers as a part of a women’s business suit appeared only in the early 60s of the last century . Yves Saint Laurent and Cristobal Balenciaga were the first to introduce them into their collections.

Modern corporate culture allows women office workers to be creative in their choice of clothing. It can be formal trouser suits with jackets in a masculine style or romantic fitted jackets a la 50s of the last century. There are both a classic pencil skirt and flared styles made of light flying fabrics.

The approach to the selection of materials for costumes has also changed. If 100-150 years ago, woolen fabric was mainly used, then with the advent of synthetics, business clothes are sewn from mixed fabrics.This also affected its weight: a modern men’s suit weighs about 1.5 kg, which is half the weight of its pure-wool “progenitors”.

Requirements for costume materials

The choice of fabric depends on many factors: the gender of the wearer of the costume, the purpose of the event for which it is intended, the season, climatic conditions of the area, etc. In any case, the material must be of high quality and meet the following requirements:

  1. Form stability.In addition to the main fabric, lining materials, style and auxiliary accessories – glue pad, shoulder pads, etc., also affect good shape retention.
  2. Peeling resistance. During operation, in “problem” places – under the sleeves, near pockets or buttons – there should be no pellets or tears.
  3. Reliability of staining. Since suits are most often dry-cleaned, it is important that they do not lose their original color.
  4. Low creasing of materials.Trousers, skirt or jacket should remain presentable throughout the working day.
  5. Durability. In most cases, costumes are designed to last more than one season, so it is important that they look like new for as long as possible.
  6. Strength. Materials must be resistant to various kinds of mechanical stress.

Thermal conductivity of fabrics for tailoring suits is also important. In cold weather they should keep warm and warm, and in summer they should let air in freely and not “soar”.

Assortment of suiting fabrics

Materials with various compositions are used for sewing costumes. The largest share falls on woolen and semi-woolen textiles.

Woolen fabric

Natural wool fibers have a hollow structure inside, which allows materials made from them to breathe freely and maintain warmth. In addition, wool has the following advantages:

  • Ability to absorb and evaporate excess moisture.This becomes possible due to the presence of numerous air gaps between the threads;
  • crease resistance. Even if folds and creases are formed on a jacket or skirt from prolonged sitting, they will disappear after the product “hangs down” for several hours;
  • abrasion and UV resistance;
  • wear resistance and durability.

Interesting to know! The modern textile industry has mastered the production of very thin woolen fabrics with the effect of “cool wool”, which means “cool wool”.They not only do not “float”, but they pleasantly cool the body and are often used for sewing demi-season and summer business clothes.

Wool blend fabrics

Synthetic or artificial fibers are added to add new characteristics to woolen fabrics. Polyester threads of lavsan are usually used as additives. Their content can range from 30 to 60% of the total mass of raw materials. In addition, viscose or nylon fibers are used to give the fabrics shine and silkiness.

With the addition of polyester yarns, woolen fabrics get new properties. Their strength and wear resistance are significantly increased, but the materials become more rigid. Other characteristics of half-woolen cloths include:

  • crease resistance;
  • no shrinkage;
  • the ability to maintain ironed folds;
  • ease of maintenance.

In order to prevent stretching of trousers on the knees, and jackets on the elbows, which is what pure wool materials “sin”, lycra is added to the canvas.Thanks to its elastic fibers, suiting fabrics become more elastic and retain their shape better. Stretch wool is great for sewing office skirts or trousers.

Woolen and semi-woolen suit fabrics are subdivided into worsted with a clearly marked weave pattern and fine-woven fabrics, in which a small pile covering hides the threads. The latter are distinguished by higher thermal insulation properties.

Worsted suit fabrics

The range of modern worsted materials includes over 400 articles.Let’s dwell briefly on the most common ones.

  1. Boston. All wool fabric with twill weave, which features small ribs running at an angle of 450. The material is very warm, hygroscopic and resistant to deformation, which ensures a long service life. The disadvantage is the ability to shine over time on the elbows and knees.
  2. Cheviot. Semi-woolen fabric with the addition of cotton or viscose threads as a warp. It has a lower cost compared to woolen materials, therefore it is often used for the manufacture of uniforms or school suits.
  3. Crepe. This lightweight, pliable in cut and tailoring and at the same time dense fabric can be woolen or semi-woolen. The material holds its shape, can be easily painted in various colors. The elastic fabric stretches well and fits the figure without hindering movement. Suitable for sewing inexpensive office or school suits.


  4. Gabardine. It can be made of 100% wool or with the addition of synthetics. The fabric has characteristic small scars, which are more visible in natural canvases.Gabardine is considered an all-season material: it will be warm in winter and cool in summer. The fabric is resistant to getting wet and unpretentious in care – various stains can be easily cleaned from it.
  5. Leotard. Woolen or semi-woolen fabric with finely patterned weave and striped pattern. Available in melange, multi-colored or one-colored. The material is easily cut and sewn, but it may shrink slightly during washing, which should be taken into account when buying a skirt, jacket or trousers.

Interesting fact! Recently, for women’s jackets, more and more often choose jacquard fabrics with a beautiful convex pattern or double-sided materials with contrasting colors.For men’s office suits, the most demanded are canvases with a herringbone pattern or shangjang effect.

Fine woolen fabrics

Fine woolen fabrics are also available in pure woolen and blended fabrics. Unlike worsted canvases, they have a pronounced fleecy cover, which makes the materials soft and makes them pleasant to the touch. The following canvases deserve special attention:

  1. Tweed. Classic English suiting fabric. It has a slight soft pile on the front side, it is distinguished by its high density and strength.The traditional tweed jacket has a three-button closure and leather elbow pads. Tweed suits, warm and cozy, are present in all the latest collections of the Chanel fashion house.
  2. Cloth. Pure woolen or half woolen fabric with plain weave. Has a dense pile cover that completely covers the threads. Possesses significant wear resistance and durability. Due to its high thermal characteristics, it is used for sewing warm jackets and frock coats for both men and women.
  3. Cheviot. In contrast to the felt, the cheviot is less elastic and more susceptible to diagonal stretching. It has a light pile coating through which the weave is visible, it can be dyed or melange. The material is inexpensive and is mainly used for sewing uniforms for railway or subway workers.
  4. Tricot-cloth. This is a multi-colored half-woolen fabric with a plain or twill weave and a small pile. Often used in trousers or skirts.The material is unpretentious in content, easy to cut and sew.

Important to know! All pure wool fabrics need delicate care . Read the label description carefully before washing your pants or skirt. If it says “dry clean”, then the suit should not be ironed and steamed at all, as the product may lose its shape.

Wonderful fabric – cashmere

Woolen diamond, diamond fabric, gold of the East – so many names give this truly royal material.Cashmere yarn is obtained by combing the back of mountain goats that live in Mongolia, East China and Nepal. The name comes from the Indian province of Kashmir, where this amazing canvas was first born.

First, the fluff is carefully sorted according to the thickness of the fibers, and then the finest yarn is spun, from which the fabric is made. The material is striking in its properties:

  • airiness and weightlessness. A cashmere scarf can be easily threaded into a wedding ring;
  • environmental friendliness.The material does not cause allergies, bacteria and microorganisms do not start in it;
  • practicality. The fabric does not form pills;
  • wear resistance. Cashmere is as strong as silk and wool;
  • thermal conductivity. The fabric has high heating properties.

Interesting to know! Doctors say that the constant wearing of cashmere products can heal diseases of the joints and spine due to the dry heat they generate. In addition, the micromassage of the skin with cashmere fibers has a calming and relaxing effect on a person.

Cashmere suits are the standard of unrivaled taste and elegance. Despite the fact that the material is fabulously expensive, products made from “diamond fabric” are always in fashion trend.

Cotton suiting fabrics

In its pure form, cotton fabric is practically not used for sewing suits, because it does not have sufficient strength, elasticity and resistance to wear. The introduction of polyester, viscose and elastane threads reduces the crease and shrinkage of the material, increases its durability and elasticity.

Cotton suiting fabrics have a twill or plain weave of threads. The main varieties are denim and pile materials.

Denim suiting fabrics

Today it is hard to imagine that only half a century ago, denim was worn only by American workers and farmers. Now this practical fabric is used to sew a variety of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing.

When creating costume fabrics, lavsan is added to natural cotton fibers.This gives the material elasticity and makes it practically indestructible. The following types of jeans are most often used for sewing suits:

  • jeans-silk. Thick and lightweight fabric with a pleasant shine. Suitable for a jacket, dress pants or baby jumpsuit;
  • jeans-linen. As a rule, contains equally flax and cotton fibers. A great option for women’s demi-season suits;
  • jeans luxury. The material is distinguished by a uniform shiny texture and the absence of characteristic “denim” ribs.Elegant men’s and women’s jackets, trousers and skirts are sewn from it;
  • jeans-stretch. Fine fabric with good drape. Mostly used for sewing tight-fitting youth clothing.

Important to remember! Suiting denim clothes require careful maintenance. It should not be dry-cleaned as the material can shrink significantly. Jeans do not like frequent ironing; from the iron it loses its color and shine.

Pile suiting fabrics

Like denim, these materials contain not only cotton, but also synthetic fibers – lavsan or polyester.A characteristic feature is the presence of a light cannon on the surface, causing a feeling of softness and velvety.

The most common pile cotton fabrics are:

  1. Velvet. Dense but soft material with a dense, low pile. Elegant women’s suits and men’s jackets are sewn from it. Stretch velvet interspersed with lycra stretches and fits perfectly. Chameleon velvet changes color depending on the location of the pile during cutting and lighting.The most expensive type is considered to be panne velvet with compacted pile.


  2. Corduroy. Cotton pile fabric with interesting longitudinal ribs. It has good strength, elongation and non-staining properties. Distinguish between corduroy-cord with thick stripes, from which thick jackets and jackets are sewn, and corduroy-rib, most suitable for spring-autumn suits, skirts and trousers.


  3. Covercut. The fabric has excellent water-repellent qualities, is slightly wrinkled and does not require ironing.Covekot jackets are practical, durable and comfortable to wear.

Suit cotton fabrics – ideal for sewing office wear for the warm season . They are not susceptible to static electricity, hypoallergenic and hygienic. Suits for men and women, made of cotton materials, look stylish and elegant.

Linen suiting fabrics


The assortment of clean costume fabrics is not large. Linen fabrics are mainly used with the addition of a small percentage of polyester or viscose fibers. This provides them with strength, resistance to mechanical damage, crease resistance and durability.

Linen fabrics can be harsh, bleached and dyed. All of them are distinguished by good hygienic properties, absorb moisture and allow air to pass through .

Due to a variety of weave patterns, linen suit fabrics can have embossed surfaces, imitate hemstitching, be openwork or with a jacquard effect. The advantages of all these materials are high environmental friendliness, inability to cause allergies and other hygienic qualities.Perhaps the most common for sewing costumes is matting.

Matting fabric


Despite the unpresentable name, this material is popular with manufacturers of men’s and women’s clothing. Its feature is the characteristic checkerboard weave of fibers, resembling burlap in texture. Although cotton, woolen or silk threads are used for matting, fabrics made of linen are especially beautiful.

Polyester or elastane fibers are woven into the fabric to make the fabric durable, which affects its basic properties:

  • high strength;
  • resistance to odor absorption;
  • crease resistance;
  • antibacterial;
  • dimensional stability.

But it should be borne in mind that the matting causes certain inconveniences when cutting and sewing, as it is prone to “shedding”. In addition, hooks and elongated threads are easily formed on loose material.

Interesting fact! The mat was a favorite fabric of the famous Coco Chanel, who introduced fashion to suits, jackets and skirts from this fabric. Until now, many business women in Europe love clothes made from this attractive material.

Thanks to the rapidly developing textile technologies, new suit fabrics appear.This means that men’s and women’s suits will remain one of the most elegant, stylish and fashionable accessories of the modern wardrobe.

Tales about a deuce – Money – Kommersant

There are not enough women for fashion houses, they have taken up men as well. Some time ago, “men’s gloss” came to Russia, in which the culture of consumption of expensive clothes, shoes and accessories is actively instilled in gentlemen. Business people have not passed this cup either, which, in general, is not surprising – after all, this is the most well-earning public. Maxim Chernigovsky collected the most common myths from the world of men’s fashion and tried to refute them.


Myth one: a business person must be in a suit

Until the end of the last century, such a rule really existed. However, the times are not the same. Oleg T., owner and head of a PR agency (39 years old, personal income – about $ 7 thousand per month): “I meet with my clients both in a suit and tie, and in ordinary clothes, for example, in a sweater, jeans and sneakers.The only partner who was somehow bothered by this was a large structure that dealt with pipelines. “
In much the same way, in jeans, sneakers and a sweater or T-shirt (according to the season), CEOs of large information technology or telecommunications companies go to work. Alexander I., mid-level manager of the Russian representative office of a large Western company (34 years old, salary of $ 9,000 a month), is always dressed fashionably, but even he admits: “Most of the people with whom we have to communicate are either anti-fashion or they don’t care. Deliberate wealth can scare them away or set them up aggressively. Even with me this happened, without suits of 7 pieces ($ 7 thousand – ‘Money’ ) I drank with them before I began to perceive normally. “
Even a fashion model looks like a business person in a good suit
In companies engaged in industrial production, including production units of large international concerns, a different dress code. It is considered decent there that the entire management responsible for production, including the director of the plant, should dress in work overalls (of course, clean and tidy).In a suit, the heads of such companies appear at work only a couple of times a month. This practice is especially common in Japan, because the teams of large companies there are almost the same as their own family. And the head of the family does not seek to stand out among the younger members of the clan.
As for Western companies, in most of them there is a clear division into those employees who communicate with clients or other organizations (front office), and those who are involved in supporting the activities of companies (back office). The dress code of the former is much tougher than the latter. In particular, in most companies, the requirements for the appearance of IT specialists (programmers, system administrators, etc.) are liberal. They don’t have to work in suits, even if their salaries are much higher than front office employees.

Myth two: a business suit cannot be cheap

This myth is strongly supported by glossy publications for obvious reasons: if no one buys expensive suits, sellers of menswear will not have the money to advertise them.
The suit is comfortable for a resident of a large city, although it is still better to change clothes for cycling
In fact, another important requirement is imposed on a business suit – it must be solid, of high quality. In the production of a classic men’s suit, there is a lot of manual labor, for it you need to select high-quality, mainly natural fabrics (only recently, fabrics with the addition of lycra or other synthetics have begun to be allowed). It is clear that for these reasons, the cost of a good suit cannot fall below a certain level. But do not confuse cost and sales price. Oleg T: “I have two suits of a well-known company, bought in Vienna at a sale. One was bought for € 40, the other for € 70”. Dmitry N., leading specialist in yacht insurance for a large Russian insurance group (27 years old, salary of $ 3 thousand per month): “For the second year now I have been going to a specialized shopping center in the vicinity of Cologne, Germany. There is a whole city of outlet stores where you can buy costumes of many premium brands for a reasonable price.Of course, these are things from the last year’s collections, but in Moscow boutiques they are often passed off as a new collection. The suit, which costs € 1200-1500 in Moscow, is 5-10 times cheaper in European outlet-centers. “
Men’s fashion is quite conservative, so few people will notice if you show up for work wearing a suit from last year’s collection. Marina Prokhorova, a fashion columnist for the Kommersant publishing house: “Male sales are generally very profitable. Costumes change their proportions very delicately, gradually and not every season.”Moreover, many experts in the fashion world advise certain categories of workers, such as bankers and lawyers, to buy slightly old-fashioned clothes. Customers expect trustworthy conservatism from these professions, so the slight old-fashionedness of their suit is more a plus than a minus.
By the way, the myth about the high cost of a good suit is readily used by some chain stores of men’s clothing that sell suits (more precisely, imitation suits) of very mediocre quality.Such surrogates are not cheap, although they are cheaper than the costumes of premium brands. Their manufacturing technology is based on replacing labor-intensive manual operations with large-scale use of adhesive materials. Outside, the difference is almost invisible, except that when trying on, a trained eye will pay attention to bad patterns, because of which the jacket hangs like a bag, and the trousers form an unaesthetic fold in the back. But after the very first cleaning, you will find that the jacket begins to wrinkle, and the shoulders do not keep their shape.

Myth Three: The Half Salary Rule

Some glossy publications indicate exactly how much a good suit should cost: about half the monthly salary, but not less than € 500.
An expensive suit inspires respect, but at the same time it can scare the interlocutor
Alexander I .: “For each season I have two suits: ‘there is a meeting with clients’ and ‘there are no meetings with clients.’ It is clear that in the first case the suit is newer or more expensive. 5 thousand, depending on where to buy. Of course, I could afford costumes and more expensive, but why? I am a middle manager, so the customer’s attitude towards me is based on understanding whether it is possible to find justice for me and put pressure on my boss if I do not give what he wants.If he understands that there is someone on top of me and it is really possible to reach him, then neither a watch of 7 pieces, nor suits of 5 will help. “Valery Ch., Editor-in-chief of an automobile magazine (36 years old, salary $ 5 thousand): “On average, on a working day, I wear and shoe … well, somewhere around 20-30% of the monthly salary. It can be more expensive, but why? “
Let’s calculate how much the dress code will cost according to the recipe of glossy magazines. You should not wear the same suit every day – at least a day away you should “rest”, hang on your hangers in the wardrobe.Wearing a warm winter suit in summer, as well as in winter – a thin summer suit, to put it mildly, is impractical. In addition, in addition to office suits, you need special ones designed for certain events. Therefore, a man must have at least eight suits in his wardrobe, of which three or four are suits for the office. If we add to the cost of only office suits the cost of shirts (at least a dozen), ties (three to five for each suit), shoes (at least four pairs for the office) and accessories like cufflinks, watches, etc.etc., it turns out that it will take him up to half of his annual salary to comply with the corporate dress code. Let’s not forget that the same glossy magazines constantly remind readers which cars “correspond to their status”, which furniture “corresponds to their status”, etc. According to the version of men’s gloss, a man’s life is an endless race for status things.


What is a men’s business suit really for? Maybe it makes sense to give it up? If you forget about myths and take a sensible look at things, it turns out that it is very functional.
An expensive suit inspires respect, but at the same time it can scare the interlocutor

Function one, ergonomic

Contrary to the opinion widespread among men, a well-tailored men’s suit is comfortable to wear, you feel, perhaps, more comfortable in it than in other casual clothes. The classic suit in its modern sense first appeared in Britain with its very difficult climate. Therefore, a business suit in combination with other classic clothes is very comfortable in almost any weather.It is warm in the cold, but not hot in the warm. This is important in case of significant daily temperature fluctuations or when moving around the city, when the microclimate around you changes hourly, depending on where you are – in the office, on the street, in the car, in a public place. Natural fabrics breathe well, so even sudden temperature changes do not cause discomfort. Of course, this is not always the case. Those two weeks of the year when Moscow is unbearably hot, if there is no air conditioning in the office, it is uncomfortable even in a summer suit.But the rest of the time, the suit is convenient both for use in the office and for moving around the city.
In addition, a good suit does not impede movement, you can engage in almost any intellectual activity in it. Of course, it is difficult to plow, lay asphalt (or bricks), box or ride a bike in the rain. But at work, as a rule, you are not forced to do this. As a last resort, there are special clothes for such occasions: one for laying bricks, the other for cycling.

Function two, rationalistic

An evening suit should be fundamentally different from an ordinary worker
If you are ordered to go to work in a suit, this, of course, is a terrible tyranny. But do not think that a free style, the absence of a dress code at work will make your life much easier. After all, you do not need to think about the choice and combination of different colors: office suits, as a rule, are dark blue, various shades of gray and occasionally brown.Due to this circumstance, the choice of the color of the shirt, tie and other details of the toilet is greatly simplified.
In addition, the one who wears a classic men’s suit is spared the agonizing thoughts of whether the colors of his shirt (T-shirts, sweaters) are too cheerful for work and whether he looks too rustic in these corduroy trousers or jeans. Not to mention the fact that it is quite difficult for the average man to combine all the colors of leisure clothing.
All other things being equal, a man in a suit looks better than in casual clothes. Indeed, thanks to the jacket, you can slightly hide figure flaws, for example, a stoop or abdomen, and, on the contrary, emphasize advantages, for example, a wide chest and shoulders. Some men who wear a jacket even have a waist!

Basic function, communicative

Narrow office colors make it easy to match ties and shirts to suit
We do not wear suits with inescapable price tags and labels, so most of your interlocutors are unlikely to guess how much your suit costs and how cool you are.Studies show that most men are mistaken when trying to determine the price of their interlocutor’s tie, let alone their merchandising ability in the field of business suits. However, what you are wearing has a certain communicative function. Conduct an experiment: walk around public places in a suit and casual clothes and chat with those around you (even if only with pretty saleswomen or waitresses). You will notice that the attitude towards you in a suit is completely different.Men in suits and ties are sometimes even allowed into decent restaurants (although sometimes completely in vain). Therefore, when meeting unfamiliar people, it is better to look a little better than you really are. This is where a well-tailored suit will help you.
However, I have not bought ready-made classic clothes for a long time, but order them in one good atelier from one good master. But I’m not a fool to advertise it.

Victorian Poisonous Socks – bracatuS

In films about the events of the Victorian era, the “bloopers” can be easily identified by the modern-bright elements of clothing, because in those years the colors were unstable and unsaturated.But people at all times tried to get away from the pallor of natural colors, and it was in the Victorian era that this began to work out, but … the new fashion demanded new sacrifices!

When aniline dyes began to be used for a wide variety of garments in direct contact with the skin, some experienced painful reactions and even severe consequences. Sweat soaked the dyes, which gradually dyed the skin, causing those who wore gloves to get stains on their hands – a phenomenon called the “dyer’s hands.”But the biggest and most unexpected problems were caused by humble knitted garments on male and female legs. In the 1860s, the fashion for men’s socks and women’s stockings replaced traditional dyes with bright synthetic fuchsin and coral striped products.

For example, the fashion of those years was socks colored with alternating black and almost fluorescent orange and purple stripes.
In 1861, the Lady newspaper wrote: “The sudden appearance of multi-colored and varied stockings, the shades of which were so bright and sharply contrasting that at first glance one could assume that their owners must be going to take part in some fashionable ball … Red and black, red and white, mauve and gray dance in front of amazed eyes in all shop windows “, drawing the viewer’s attention to the” rainbow patterns “peeking out from under the frilled skirts.

In England these “shiny” and “gorgeous” new styles of striped and plaid socks and stockings were very popular with the public, and 250,000 pairs of cottons and 125,000 woolen worsted were exported each year. While these colors “were designed to grab attention” in store windows, many of their colors were intended only for personal enjoyment or subtle display. The bourgeois man’s bright socks only appeared as a flash of color between his boots and black trousers, or were otherwise hidden in his shoes and under his clothes.Regardless of their actual appearance, they soon became a frequent news item in the media and the subject of medical debate. The news quickly spread around England that a member of the British Parliament was chained to his home for several months: he was forced to lie on the couch due to painful inflammation of his feet. In Le Havre, a Frenchman dressed in imported socks with purple and red stripes that he bought in London and wore “for 12 days” suffered from sore feet and painful eczema on the ankles, which appeared in the form of red inflamed stripes and resembled cross-section socks. strip.

One of the doctors named the socks the cause of the inflammation after chemically analyzing them. He discovered that the color red was magenta, which had not previously been used to paint objects “in direct contact with the skin.” Interestingly, the British medical journal The Lancet declined to publish the French doctor’s report on the imported poison, possibly due to a particular sense of nationalism.

Following these incidents, a “very respectable city firm” withdrew an order for more than 6,000 pairs of spoiled “money-losing” socks and reverted to traditional dyes, losing £ 1,000 in profit.

But not all manufacturers were so conscientious, however, not everything depended solely on them, and new cases continued to appear, including the memorable incident that took place in 1971 when a pair of purple and yellow men’s socks caused inflammation of the legs, which described as “inflammation of the tiger” and “flared stripes.”

Despite all these problems with fancy socks, one doctor sarcastically remarked, “But what does it matter? They look attractive and last long enough for the fabrics we make these days! ”
Chemical burns to the skin continued to occur in France and England, followed by outbreaks of panic. One caustic Times correspondent calling himself “Barefoot in Taunton,” suggested that the obvious antidote would be to follow suit and stop wearing socks and stockings altogether.

Doctors wondered why only a small fraction of the owners received chemical burns, while others looked normal, including the poison sock judge who himself “had a habit of wearing colored socks,” but without negative consequences.While some men unwisely continued to wear toxic socks without first washing them, some dyes seemed to be released from cotton, silk and wool only when heated to high temperatures in summer due to tight shoes pressing into the skin, or when reacting to individual chemical composition of the sweat of the socks wearers.

In 1868, chemist William Crookes tried and failed to determine the exact chemical composition of the substance in “several hundred dozen pairs of chromatic torpedoes already fired into society.”He identified this substance as a new orange dye that had only been used eighteen months earlier. When mixed with magenta, it could also give a bright scarlet color. Workers using this aggressive paint were forced to “retire” after 6 months with ulcers on their hands. Another problem arose when the dye came into contact with the sweat of a small number of consumers. Most sweat has a slightly acidic pH, but the new orange-colored dye seemed to dissolve in the more rare alkaline or neutral sweat, thereby causing poisoning.Crooks suggested that instead of loud incriminations, socks should be washed with soap and soda beforehand, and then they “lose their inflammatory effect.”

The problem of English reds, oranges and purples also affected working-class men, soldiers and even children, who wore brightly colored socks more often than the bourgeoisie who preferred stockings. In December 1868, a French naval captain called “Captain B.” moored at Yarmouth, England, without clean clothes after several months at sea.For 10 shillings, he bought a beautiful shirt in amaranth-red or carmine color with dark purple stripes in the store and wore it for 5 days without washing it first. He took it off before sailing to France, because it stained his skin, his hair and his mouth inside was stained with an indelible red color that could not be removed with hot soapy water or alcohol. However, after contracting pneumonia, he put on his shirt again, and this caused a fever and profuse sweat, in fact, almost killing “a man in his prime and excellent health.”Although the doctors hoped the incident would serve as a lesson and the sailors would no longer be tempted by the gaudy red English cloth, four years later, one article described further incidents, including the story of a soldier who fell ill and refused to throw away his red shirt because he could not believe it. that such a beautiful thing was the cause of his illness.

All of these cases prove that widespread consumer craving for vibrant colors, constant chemical production and marketing of new shades, and increased medical knowledge of their potential dangers competed for public attention throughout the second half of the 19th century.

At the 1884 International Conference, the Health Expo took advantage of consumer fears by selling products such as “famous” handcrafted flannel from Galway, Ireland, dyed with vegetable dyes such as madder red and indigo.

By the end of the 19th century, chromophobia had become well known. In 1892, Ada Ballin, an expert on women’s and children’s health, stated unequivocally: “No dyed clothing should ever come into contact with the skin.”All colors, not just green, purple and red, were considered potentially hazardous. Although the color has not faded out of fashion, the Edwardorian fashions for white cotton dresses and modernist “clean” walls painted white may have been the product of medical knowledge and the result of decades of campaigning and public speaking about “sanitary solutions.” The new understanding of toxicology has also fueled the pursuit of white, undyed fabrics that can be washed and bleached and boiled away from infectious agents.Hazard ratings for green and magenta were reduced by the 1890s; however, new dyeing technologies have flooded the market with other cheap but highly toxic by-products of aniline production, such as nitrobenzene, including shoe polish, dyed furs and cosmetics.


The density of a pantyhose or stocking indicates the density of the knit, and the higher the density level, the stronger the fabric; den – the weight of the thread, the higher the den number, the coarser, heavier and stronger the stockings.

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