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The best place to purchase curtains! I would rather wait on an out of stock product than go to a box store!


The drapes are gorgeous. So much more than I ever anticipated. Beautifully made and true to color. The silk is so luxurious. Love them!

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I am so pleased with these curtain panels!! I have purchased multiple sets for my home. The quality is excellent and the material is beautiful!

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Beautiful fabric, nice weight, easy to hang, love the back tabs. Great quality and value.

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Ordered all my curtains for my new home and not disappointed! Everything is perfect even my custom Roman Shades.

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The quality of your drapes is excellent and the colors are striking. I really appreciate how quickly they are delivered to my home.

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These drapes are gorgeous, I have paid hundreds of dollars in the past for custom drapes and these are excellent quality and price point!

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So happy with my drapes. They’re so pretty. They really finish the design and dress up the room.

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Absolutely gorgeous velvet drapes. Truly look custom and are very heavy. Customer service was excellent and arrived much sooner than anticipated.

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Love these curtains! Very professionally made, fully lined with weighted corners which make them look custom made. Very rich looking fabric, true to pictures in color.

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Luxury Custom Curtains, Swag Valances, Unique Styles, Custom Made, Superior Quality

Why Celuce curtains? 

Curtains that make your home look like a million bucks. Elegant window coverings are essential to luxury home decor.

Like the cherry on the cake, CELUCE curtains add the perfect touch of luxury. Similar-style curtains are shown in Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, White House, Versailles, or other regency decor.

Increase home value. Get ready for the WOW from your guests as well as potential buyers on how beautiful your home looks with CELUCE curtains. It is your design that we execute. 

Easy installation. All you need is a regular curtain rod. Our unique rod pocket design for top treatment makes the installation like a breeze. You can DIY or hire a handyman to help. See our installation instructions.

Unique, Customize or Ready Made, Hassel-Free. 

We specialize in customizing beautiful valance curtains for luxury homes. Simply measure your window, select the styles and sizes you want online, and check out any time.

Premium fabric meets meticulous tailoring. We only select the best quality and most beautiful fabrics specially designed for high-end draperies. Our tailors are very experienced, innovative and detail-oriented. With the premium fabric and meticulous tailoring, we bring to you the most amazing and unique pieces of beauties that will add the luxury touch to your home and wow your friends.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Please refer to our shipping/return policy.

What you see is what you get. “The real swag valances are more impressive than the pictures” – quote from our customers. See what our customers say about our products.

Premium window treatments by C’È LUCE – curtains & drapes, window valances, swag curtains, swags and valances – are designed to make the lasting tradition of classic draperies accessible to modern homes.

High end quality, timeless classic design, and meticulous craftsmanship lead to these luxury swag valance window treatments, customized especially for you, to lighten up your home with a touch above ordinary—the statement pieces you’ve been waiting for.

The quality is guaranteed. You can order fabric samples at our fabric gallery before placing an order. We often recommend our first-time customers to order one set of in-stock or custom curtains first to exam our product quality. Once you are happy with the look and quality, you can easily order more curtains to fit windows of different sizes. 

Please note that all our custom orders are made to measure so they are subject to our return/exchange policy. However, if it is due to the quality of our product, we offer free exchange until you are satisfied with your order. 

12 Best Curtains for Windows 2020

12 items in this article 2 items on sale!

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

You may not appreciate the importance of window dressings — which, in addition to looks, provide privacy and block light — until you move into a place with naked windows.

Luckily, adding curtains is one of the easier — and less expensive — projects you can undertake to transform a room. To help you dress your windows with the least amount of headache, we turned to 10 interior designers for their favorite curtains, lots of which are surprisingly quite budget friendly. (If you’re shopping for curtains, you’re likely looking at rods, and this list has a bunch of expert-recommended options to choose from.)

Before we get to the curtains — which include a range of ready-made styles in different opacities, colors, and patterns, as well as a couple of custom options — some quick guidelines for how to size the drapery you choose for your space. When it comes to measuring your windows, Megan Hersch, the owner of Studio MG Interiors and online interior-design service RoomLift, says you should measure 12 to 24 inches beyond the window on either side to determine how wide each curtain panel should be, so that you have some gather.

In determining the length of your curtain, Hersch says it depends on how formal you want them to look — and how much cleaning you want to do. “I typically measure the drapery so that it just ‘kisses’ the floor,” she says. “This way, nothing is dragging and trapping dirt, but you are sure they don’t look too short.” For a more formal look, she suggests adding an extra 1.5 inches so the drape just “breaks” on the floor. The most dramatic look is to have the panels “puddle” on the floor, which means adding anywhere from 8 to 12 inches to the length of the curtain (the type of fabric, whether stiff like taffeta or soft like velvet, will also determine how naturally it gathers on the floor).

A sheer curtain is a great choice if you want a little bit of everything from your window treatments — privacy, light, and looks — without having to commit too heavily to any one of those needs. As Megan Huffman, a designer with the online interior-design service Modsy, puts it, sheer curtains “provide the ability to allow natural light into a space and help brighten up dark rooms while still allowing privacy,” adding that, “there’s nothing I love more than a crisp, white, sheer curtain.” She recommends this pair from West Elm, which features a subtle crosshatch pattern that adds a bit of texture. If you like the look of sheer curtains during the day but also want to keep light pollution from coming through at night, Huffman says these can easily be hung on a double curtain rod with a pair of thicker, more opaque blackout curtains.

Interior designer Nicole Fuller also loves the sheer look, noting that sheer curtains made with linen in particular allow for that “gauzy feel” as the sun shines through the fabric. Linen drapes in general, she adds, “are incredibly timeless.” Fuller told us her favorite linen curtains come from Restoration Hardware’s Perennials line. But Hersch did us one better: She pointed us to these less expensive Perennials dupes from Restoration Hardware’s teen line, which she says will often have “very affordable,” premade drapery panels. (Hersch says Pottery Barn’s teen line is another source of affordable but expensive-looking curtains.) The curtains shown are made from a linen-cotton blend and cost about a third of their counterparts from the Perennials line.

For something more opaque (and still less expensive than Restoration’s regular line), try this linen-cotton style, which has the same look as the curtains above, but with a blackout lining that offers full privacy and light control.

For basic, neutral curtain panels that are less than $20 apiece, Dani Mulhearn, a senior designer at online interior-design service Havenly, recommends these curtains she uses in her own home. She says they “add a bit of softness and dress up standard window treatments in a space.” While Mulhearn cautions they are not true blackout curtains — just “room-darkening” — they still work great for privacy. She likes the pearl color, calling it “a great neutral that goes with any cool or warm color schemes.” (If pearl’s not your thing, there are 16 other colors available.) Mulhearn also appreciates the fact that they have grommets, which are “a super-functional” detail that negates the need to buy curtain rings, and makes opening and closing them easy.

If you’re looking for solid curtains with more drama, Huffman recommends using velvet ones — specifically, these light-blocking matte velvet curtains from Anthropologie that come in an array of jewel tones. The fabric’s piled texture and more substantial feel add heft to a space, not to mention color, making them a functional and stylish choice, she says. Each panel is made to order, which accounts for the price tag (velvet is also generally a more expensive material because of the way it is made).

If you want to stick to neutral colors but crave a bit more personality, consider these cotton-canvas patterned curtains from West Elm that also come recommended by Mulhearn. She told us they “have a little sheen to them,” with a “subtle enough pattern to give your windows that ‘dressed up’ feel without being super flashy,” noting that they also block most light and help insulate windows.

This curtain is Decorilla design expert Devin Shaffer’s choice. He says the panel’s raised pattern, which is made with metallic threads and kind of looks like tree bark, reminds him of the outdoors. While noticeable, the neutral-colored pattern is subtle enough that it won’t overwhelm a room, he adds.

Pinstripes add a “casual and coastal feel” to otherwise straightforward drapery, according to Modsy designer Katherine Tlapa, who says these curtains “add height and brighten a space with their simple vertical striping” while still being “clean and classic.” Interior designer Bachman Brown agrees that patterned curtains like this can do wonders for a room. “A large-scale pattern is one of the best drapery treatments you can do for a window,” he says. “It sets the tone for the room, and nothing draws your eye more than a grand-scaled fabric.”

If you want to splurge on custom drapery, interior designer Betsy Burnham, who also prefers “clean, unfussy treatments,” recommends the Shade Store. She likes its solid linens, opting for those with “inverted pleat drapery,” like this one, “for its tailored feel.” If you don’t like the linen fabric, Burnham says these curtains can be customized with a range of other materials.

For custom curtains with a more classic pleated look, designer Alyssa Kapito suggests going with a pinch pleat. “I like a classic pinch pleat with no trim. It’s not too traditional and not too modern,” she says, adding that the simple silhouette of pinch-pleat curtains goes well with a streamlined bronze curtain rod. —Additional reporting by Miranda Agee

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Top 5 places to find affordable luxury curtains for living room

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. My opinion still remains true and honest. Please read the full disclosure here.

Are you on a budget but looking to elevate your living room with some luxury curtains? Here are the 5 best places to get luxury curtains for living rooms without spending your last dollar. We also give you our best tips for making your curtains look their best.

If you’re going to add some curtains to your living room, I say go for some that look expensive. Curtains really dress up the room in my opinion, they can make a whole room. Curtains that look expensive will surely make a whole living room look that way.

In this post you will find out the top 5 places to shop for luxury curtains for living room but also how to get inexpensive curtains and make them look expensive by using a few hacks and tricks. If you want to find out how to get inexpensive luxury curtains for your living room, keep reading.

Best hacks to make your curtains look expensive:

Get more curtain panels to create a fuller look:

When it comes to curtain panels and making them look expensive, less is definitely NOT more, You need MORE! If you find curtains that are within your budget, feel free to get a couple more curtain panels to get them to look fuller. So, for example, instead of getting 2 panels, you would get 4.

Wash your curtains before you hang them up:

Before installing your curtains, you must wash them. Washing them will remove any weird factory smell and leave them wrinkle free. They might also shrink a bit before you pin down the hems.

Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling and as close to the floor as possible:

You can make your curtains look custom-made by making sure you take all measurements of your window area before you start shopping. Get curtains that are a bit longer than needed. If you have crown molding on your ceiling, you want to place your curtain rod right below it.

After washing your curtains, they might shrink. Put them on the curtain rods to pin down the hems so that they are flush to the floor. Once you are done, take them to a seamstress or do the job yourself if you own a sewing machine.

Hang your curtains on the walls adjacent to your window:

If you have walls next to your windows, hanging your curtain rods further than the window will give your space and your windows a magnitude effect.

If you own a steamer, use it on your curtains:

After you’ve hung up your curtains, if you own a steamer, use it to remove any remaining wrinkles or unevenness in the curtains. You can also create a slightly pleated look to your curtains, it will definitely give a more expensive feel to them.

Here are my Top 5 stores to shop for inexpensive luxury curtains for a living room:

1.Pottery Barn:

If you are looking for trendy, neutral, luxurious curtains, Pottery Barn certainly has it. They have different lengths for you to choose from and a great selection of linen curtains.


If you want to add color and pattern to your living room, Anthropologie has such a big selection of them. They have very unique yet trendy curtains.

3.West Elm:

For a style that is more modern and simple, west elm is the way to go. They still offer some beautiful colored curtains that can make any living room pop. I love their velvet curtains!


The website offers a great selection of curtains. The best thing is how easy it is to search for what you are looking for with their many filters. The prices vary and you can certainly find luxurious looking curtains that are quite inexpensive. There are so many customer comments as well.

5.H&M Home

H&M Home has a very small selection of curtains but you can surely find some expensive looking curtains there for a fairly low price. Most of their curtains are perfect for tall windows with panels measuring 47X98 inches.

These are our best tips about luxury curtains for living rooms. Now go and create your dream living room that looks like a million bucks!


Luxurious Window Curtain, Velvet Rocks – Victorian – Curtains – by Ulinkly

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54″W/96″H package includes:1 valance, 2 pleated panels(pair) with black-out lining, each panel has luxury embroidered trim, each panel is 54″/96″, non-pleated panel width is 54″, with pleat, each panel covering width is around 37″, length 96″ is from top edge of installed rod to bottom drapes will cover.
Valance and drapes (54″W/84″H package) can cover window width no more than 54 inch, panel length 84″ is from top edge of installed rod to bottom drapes will cover.
Valance and drapes (76″W/96″H package) can cover window width no more than 76 inch. panel length 96″ is from top edge of installed rod to bottom drapes will cover.
Valance and drapes (100″W/96″H package) can cover window width no more than 100 inch, panel length 96″ is from top edge of installed rod to bottom drapes will cover.
This Product Has Been Described As:
  • curtains
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  • window lining
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At Houzz we want you to shop for Luxurious Window Curtain, Velvet Rocks, 54″x84″, 2 Panels With Valance with confidence. You can read real customer reviews for this or any other product and even ask questions and get answers from us or straight from the brand. When you buy Luxurious Window Curtain, Velvet Rocks, 54″x84″, 2 Panels With Valance or any product product online from us, you become part of the Houzz family and can expect exceptional customer service every step of the way. If you have questions about or any other product for sale, our customer service team is eager to help.

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25 Amazing DIY Curtains Anyone Can Make

Beautiful curtains are one of the best ways to pull a room together and make it feel finished. Unfortunately finding great curtains at a great price is a nearly impossible task. These 25 amazing DIY curtain ideas will give you tons of inspiration to update your home without spending a lot of money. 

I’ve always been frustrated with the curtain options available in most stores. We’ve been told for years that we need to hang our curtains high and wide to let as much light as possible into our homes. So if every home design expert says to buy extra long curtains, why in the world are most curtains still only 84 inches long??? It makes no sense! 

And when you actually manage to find extra-long curtains, they are either way too expensive or boring and bland. 

Thankfully making your own curtains is an easy, affordable way to add designer style to any space. Even better, when you make them yourself, it’s easy to create gorgeous, custom window treatments in any style, color, and size you want.

25 Amazing DIY Curtain Ideas

These 25 DIY curtain ideas include ideas for making your own gorgeous curtains from any fabric, updating old curtains you already own, and even making fabulous no-sew curtains.

The absolute easiest way to sew DIY curtain panels that look like a million bucks! 

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You can make a gorgeous, no-sew fabric window valance with this tutorial.

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See how I made DIY ombre curtains using Tie Dye. It’s easier than you think!

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These Ballard inspired curtains are just stunning!

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You can actually paint curtains to give them a totally different look.

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Check out these easy DIY tips to make cheap curtains look expensive.

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These DIY vintage airplane toddler curtains are so sweet for a little kiddos room.

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Make your own easy DIY blackout curtains using these steps.

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Easily add trim to store bought curtains with this no-sew DIY tutorial.

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Make beautiful lined curtains in a striped pattern with this DIY tutorial.

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If you can’t sew, you will love this no-sew option for trendy buffalo check curtains. This includes a valance and drapery style curtains.

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Make pretty DIY curtains that are perfect for French doors. Use any fabric and colors that you like.

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This tie-top DIY curtain idea is genius!

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These DIY lined grommet top curtains are a classic look and so easy to make.

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Create your own custom lined DIY curtains for a budget-friendly look.

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Here is another option for DIY no-sew curtains with grommets. This fabric is beautiful!

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Learn how to stencil curtains for a unique and stunning DIY curtain option.

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Follow these simple DIY steps to make Ikea curtains look custom.

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Learn how to make a DIY roman shade, or valence using a shower curtain. So creative!

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These DIY curtains are super simple and so inexpensive to make.

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Create custom DIY curtains using inexpensive drop cloth.

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We all love a good no-sew project and this one is amazing!

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If you have hard to decorate two story windows, you will love these easy DIY curtain panels.

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Make pretty DIY curtains to completely change the look of your room.

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This DIY window valance looks custom and is so easy to make!

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And there you have it, 25 amazing DIY curtain ideas. Have you ever made your own curtains, or have you seen any good DIY curtain hacks? 

I’d love for you to pin this post on Pinterest!


Need some fabulous curtain rods to go with you DIY curtains? I’ve got you covered!

20 Inexpensive DIY Curtain Rods that Anyone Can Make

3 Steps for Hanging Luxury Curtains and Drapes

I used to stare at my computer studying images of perfectly styled homes on social media. I’d glance around my living room, noting the furnishings and décor, and look back at the screen and ask myself, how did they do that? I had all the same items — a good rug, plush sofa, pleated curtains — but the similarities ended there. The spaces in the pictures looked elegant and high-end. My room fell short by comparison.

I’ve told you before that I built my own home, and before that I decorated a few others from scratch. I put my heart and soul into making each a lovely place to live, and I learned a ton each time I did it. I refused to settle for lackluster design. Instead, I took the time to learn design basics, source good-yet-affordable materials and ask for help if I got stuck.

I built my own home

Without doubt, the most important lesson I learned was how to hang curtains and drapes so they look luxurious, not like big-box store disasters. Some things I learned along the way:

  • There is no such thing as a standard window size.
  •  All homes are different; each requires a unique window treatment solution.
  •  Correctly hung curtains look more expensive, no matter how much they cost.

Through my passion for decorating and my work as a window treatments specialist, I have uncovered the formula for hanging elegant curtains and draperies. It couldn’t be simpler. Just follow my three-step method.


Always hang draperies as high as possible

Hang curtains and draperies at the ceiling or, if you have it, just below the crown molding. Placing drapes at the same level as the window visually shortens the space; but, placing the tops of your curtains as high as you can makes the room feel taller and larger. It also compensates for a lack of architectural details, making any space feel instantly grander.

Photo credit: Courtney Bishop


Always hang draperies so they cover the entire window

The curtains in your home should be wide enough to cover the entire window when pulled closed without looking taut. To achieve this, multiply the width of the window by a minimum of 1.5 to find the finished width of the draperies. For a richer, fuller look, multiply by as much as 2.5 or 3. In general, draperies in modern interiors are less full, draperies for transitional or traditional decor are moderately full, and luxe rooms feature drapes at their fullest. I like to mix fullness with fabric weight to get the perfect balance for every aesthetic.

If space allows, choose curtain rods long enough to extend 6 ­to 10 inches beyond the sides of the window frame. This gives you the maximum amount of light possible and grants full access to your view. Tip: pair your draperies with a privacy shade and you’ll only need to raise and lower the shade each morning, leaving the curtains untouched and perfectly arranged.

Photo credit: Courtney Bishop


Don’t overlook the hem of your curtains

This is one of the hardest aspects of drapery hanging to get right, but there is a big payoff if you do. The three generally accepted options for drapery length are:

The slight float. The curtains or draperies end an inch or less above the floor. The hem is still technically above the floor, but the space between the two is almost visually imperceptible. This curtain length is the most tailored style option.


The kiss. This length barely touches the floor and features a slight break of about 2 to 4 inches in the curtain hem. It’s best to get a professional to help with this one, because the measurement from the rod to the floor must be precise.

Photo credit: Marcia Todd

The puddle. Easily the most feminine and romantic curtain hem length, this style allows several extra inches of fabric to billow onto the floor. The effect is even better when you choose a luxe, high-end fabric such as velvet, linen or silk.



I told you it was simple. Creating a room that looks professionally designed is all about applying the right techniques. If you’re ready to take your decor to the next level, contact us here and we’ll bring our showroom to you.

See you next time,


90,000 everything you did not know before

The world saw jacquard fabric back in 1801, it was then that José Jacquard designed and created the first machine capable of producing fabrics with complex patterns and performance properties that could not compete with any kind of existing in those times of textiles.

Jacquard curtains in the interior

Since then, the situation has not changed – jacquard has been and remains the best textile materials for curtains.

Fortunately, now many types of jacquard are produced, including its budget options – jacquard curtains, which were previously a sign of the elite and a luxurious standard of living, today have become available to all segments of the population.

Advantages of using jacquard

The properties of jacquard used for sewing curtains differ greatly depending on what materials it is made of.

Jacquard fabric is made from synthetic threads (polyester fiber) or from natural textiles – cotton, silk, woolen or linen threads.The thicker the threads used for sewing the fabric, the higher the strength and durability of the fabric.

Jacquard fabric for curtains, from whatever material it is made of, has a pleasant, soft-touch texture, while the patterns on such fabric are embossed, which makes them stand out against the background of the canvas.

Jacquard curtains are famous for their extraordinary color fastness – they retain it for a long time, without fading either during washing or under the influence of sunlight.

There are two ways of dyeing jacquard fabric: the first is laborious, used in the manufacture of textiles for expensive curtains, it consists in pre-dyeing the threads, the second is a budget option, often used when creating inexpensive synthetic curtains, involves weaving the canvas from unpainted threads, application of a printed pattern and subsequent coloring of the curtain by means of impregnation with a dye composition.

Let’s highlight the main advantages of using jacquard fabric:

  • Density – jacquard fabric has a density of 250 g / m 3 , it does not let direct sunlight into the room, providing a cozy twilight in the room even in the daytime;
  • Durability and durability – ready-made jacquard curtains have an unlimited service life, they do not fade, do not stretch and tolerate washing well – this material is afraid only of gross mechanical damage;
  • Ease of maintenance – the jacquard curtain is hygroscopic, it does not absorb water, any dirt from such a fabric can be removed with a damp cloth, and serious stains can be easily washed in the washing machine;
  • Luxurious appearance – it is not for nothing that banquet halls and living rooms of expensive restaurants and hotels have been dressed up with jacquard curtains for a long time, even cheap jacquard curtains look aesthetically attractive and are a real decoration of any room.

Types of jacquard curtains

Due to the practicality of the material and the widest variety of colors and patterns, jacquard is the most demanded textile product used to create all types of curtains.

Jacquard curtains are traditionally popular. A luxurious jacquard curtain will perfectly fit into the design of any room – a bedroom, living room or study.

Curtains, even if they are decorated with additional elements – lambrequins or grabs, are not characterized by massiveness, they will not overload the interior of the room, and in terms of comfort of use, sliding curtains are much more convenient than any type of vertically raised curtains.

Classic jacquard curtains

In addition to curtains, the following types of jacquard curtains are recognized by designers and aesthetes: using strings. The overlap gives the curtains an exquisite and unusual appearance, the most advantageous is the bishop’s sleeve curtains in the interior of the living rooms, made in the style of classicism and neo-baroque;

  • Roman blinds are an equally beautiful version of jacquard curtains. It consists of vertical canvases of draped fabric, gathering along the edges of the window in vertical sections. A must-have addition to French curtains is lush tulle, which gives the curtain a luxurious look;
  • Roller blinds are simple curtains ideal for hallways, kitchens and offices. When closed, the fabric of such curtains is rolled into a roll on a drum guide fixed above the window, thereby saving free space in a small room.
  • Panel “Japanese” curtains – jacquard fabric for panel-type curtains is used quite rarely, this option is chosen by those who appreciate the combination of simplicity, functionality and elegant appearance. Panel curtains fit perfectly into the interiors of living rooms, bedrooms and lounges, made in the style of minimalism and futurism.
  • Features of the use of jacquard fabric in the interior

    When using jacquard curtains in the interior, it is important to take into account the original direction of the room design.Correctly selected curtains can become a real decoration of a room, emphasizing its merits, visually adding space and shifting the emphasis from existing flaws.

    First of all, attention should be paid to the color and pattern of the fabric, because if you choose the wrong shade or use an overly saturated pattern, the canvas will overload the interior, as a result of which the room will “put pressure on your brains”.

    For small-sized rooms, it is better to choose light jacquard fabrics with any gradation of brightness – from warm to cold tones.These shades expand the room, making it visually more spacious.

    It is important to take into account the combination of the shade of the curtains and the color orientation of the interior – in light rooms, red or blue curtains, contrasting with the color of the walls and furniture, will look most advantageous.

    Do not choose curtains identical to the color of the interior – such a solution will turn out to be boring, and after a few months you will want to revive the design by replacing the bored curtains.

    Give preference to cream, coffee, blue or yellow shades – these are the ones most people associate with a feeling of comfort and coziness.

    It is also worth paying attention to the presence of additional decorative elements of the curtain, the same ready-made jacquard curtains with lace and lambrequin will look much more luxurious and refined than bare vertical curtains.

    httpv: //

    When choosing a canvas pattern, be moderate – cut jacquard curtains with an overly saturated and bright pattern will attract all attention in a calm interior.

    If your goal is to shift the emphasis in the design of the room to the window, this is a good option, but if you do not want to make drastic changes to the interior, choose calm patterns, the color of which does not strongly contrast with the overall shade of the canvas.

    Curtains from expensive fabrics for luxury lovers

    Everyone wants to use a quality product. Window textiles are no exception. What is the advantage of expensive fabrics, what types of them exist – our article is devoted to this.


    Expensive curtains made of quality fabrics. Such fabrics are thoroughly tested for compliance with European quality standards.

    Elite curtains can be identified by touch.They have natural fibers, smooth threads, durable surfaces.

    When choosing fabric for curtains, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

    • Composition of matter.
    • Ability to drape.
    • Resistance to washing, exposure to sunlight, dry cleaning.
    • The ability to absorb odors.
    • Flammability.

    Remember that curtains made from expensive fabrics will not be cheap. The 50% discount should put you on your guard.

    If the fabric is impregnated with a special chemical composition, it will acquire additional properties:

    • Water resistant.
    • Protection against burnout.
    • Wear resistance.
    • Crease resistance.
    • Non-flammability.

    Also, when choosing curtains from expensive fabrics, one should take into account the shade of the fabric, the size and strength of the textiles.


    Specialists distinguish the following types of natural fabrics from which elite curtains are made:

    Elite fabrics can be embroidered with gold.This will especially work well with magenta.
    • French jacquard has a two-layer pattern, which is made by weaving threads.
    • Velvet is a heavy fabric with a short pile on the front side.
    • Brocade.
    • Atlas is a fabric with a very shiny surface with a special weave.
    • Lace.

    Colors and patterns

    By color, materials are divided into monochromatic and colored. Commonly used colors:

    Drawing, embroidery can be applied to the fabric.

    In rooms with a low ceiling, lambrequins will look very cumbersome.

    The color of such curtains will also depend on the style of the interior. For example, the Art Deco style is characterized by the use of the following colors:

    For the English classic style, color is not as important as patterns :

    Monograms and fancy patterns on fabrics are also appropriate for elite curtains.

    Interior Applications

    Living room

    In the hall, the window is decorated with a thick heavy curtain along with a light transparent curtain.It is important to choose the right colors, taking into account compatibility with the rest of the interior.

    Velvet curtains are good for a modern living room interior. They can be striped, checked, flowered. But they will ideally support the English style of the decor.


    Austrian curtains can be used for this room. They represent a flat window-sized canvas with a control cord. At the bottom there is an ornament with a horizontal shuttlecock.

    For such models, choose a jacquard with a muted pattern.Curtains are hung from above.


    If the room is spacious enough, then the windows can be decorated with white linen curtains with embroidery along the bottom edge.

    Roman shades made of high-quality curtain fabrics are used for small spaces.


    Curtains in this room should be hypoallergenic, thick enough, pleasant to the touch, interesting enough bright colors.

    It is not recommended to overload the child’s room with excessive textile decor.Lambrequins, swagas will only collect dust. Both sliding and lifting models can be used.

    Types of premises where applicable

    Curtains made of expensive fabrics can be seen in such public places :

    • Office and study. High-quality, expensive fabric can emphasize the status of a director and attract the attention of clients or associates. You can take Roman, Japanese, eyelets or hinges.
    • Country house. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the fabric should be well protected from the sun’s rays. So, two materials are used in the bedroom: dense and transparent.
    • Cafe. According to its characteristics, the fabric should not only be beautiful and impregnated with a special composition against fire, but also be able to withstand frequent washings.
    • Restaurant. Matter cannot look simple in this room. Lambrequins, hooks, beautiful, rich draperies are welcome.
    • Hotel. When choosing curtains for hotels, remember that they must meet such characteristics as strength, durability, practicality, beauty.
    • Store. Linen or cotton curtains can be not only on the windows of the store, but also cover the entrance to the fitting rooms.

    Experts advise not to save on the design of the window opening, because the overall perception of your apartment will depend on the quality and appearance of the curtains.

    Luxury curtains:

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    102 photos of room drapery and window decoration

    Modern curtain showrooms and textile markets offer a huge assortment of ready-made curtains for a room designed in absolutely any style.It is not at all necessary to be distracted by the choice of material and order tailoring from the master.

    Article content:

    Basic rules for selection

    Before you buy ready-made curtains for a particular room, the first step is to measure the size of the window opening. When shopping, this information must be ready, no matter what type of curtain you want to buy. In addition to the size, it is recommended to grab a piece of wallpaper or fabric from the upholstery of upholstered furniture, which will help determine the color and pattern.

    When changing the decor in the house, first you should first make repairs: paste over the walls, and purchase pieces of furniture. This is necessary for a general presentation of the color scheme and interior.

    The advantages of buying ready-made curtains at home are the following important nuances:

    • no need to spend extra time choosing the material and sewing the drapery;
    • product quality can be assessed directly on the spot at the time of purchase;
    • ready-made curtains will cost much less, which will significantly save the family budget.

    Having an initial idea of ​​the type of curtain, you can easily choose the right material along with the accessories.

    Living Room Drapery

    When choosing a set of curtains for the living room, you need to know the style, size of the room and the degree of natural light. It will not be superfluous to take into account the family habits of the household: age, preferences, the purpose of spending time in the hall.

    There are a number of simple rules for choosing:

    • Vertical patterns visually increase the distance from floor to ceiling, while horizontal patterns make the room more voluminous.
    • As a rule, light shades visually enlarge the room, expanding the free space, while dark ones work the other way around. For example, light curtains are suitable for a small-sized living room.
    • A fairly shaded room will not tolerate dark curtains.

    But, of course, the choice of color scheme directly depends on the preferences and desires of the apartment owners.

    Current trends

    The most stylish solutions of the current season comply with the following rules:

    • traditionally preference is given to environmentally friendly natural materials;
    • canvas is as functional as possible: nothing superfluous, a minimum of accessories;
    • Japanese direction is appropriate: roller, Japanese curtains without any frills.

    Curtains are designed with natural motives, original marine themes, small accessories (artificial stone, beads, varnished cones).

    As before, a large number of consumers prefer a large number of textiles in the interior, as a lot of fabrics add charm and comfort to the room. In addition, dense fabrics really keep the room warm, serving as additional thermal insulation.

    The classic version assumes a straight curtain sliding in different opposite directions.Blackout curtains are in perfect harmony with a thin curtain.

    Curtains with lambrequin, fringe, tassels – all these are elements of a luxurious classic style, which can be quite varied.

    The trend is modern high-tech style and minimalism, which allow straight ordinary curtains, but without any decorations. In addition, strict roll-up, Japanese panels or modest blinds are allowed. The canvases are made in light warm colors, without patterns.

    The presence in fabrics of metal threads hung on eyelets, rounded cornices, which are painted in chrome color, is actual.

    The photo of finished curtains shows many options, styles, combinations and additional elements.

    An interesting solution would be to change the shape of the canvas, that is, it does not have to be straight. The drapery is in the form of an arch, has a diagonal cut, or wavy curved edges. There can be several tiers of canvases.

    Window decoration in the kitchen

    The kitchen is perhaps the most important place in the whole house, where all households and guests gather for a celebration.Of course, curtains for the kitchen differ in color, size and material, but they are united by the following parameters:

    • The kitchen is a work space, so the curtains get dirty pretty quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to buy thin, light options (tulle) that can be easily washed in a washing machine. In addition, they perfectly let in fresh air, ventilating the room;
    • dark canvases visually significantly reduce a small kitchen. But light shades give a positive and do not fade in sunlight.

    Dense materials suffer faster from dust, dirt and soot. If, of course, households spend the evening in the kitchen, then, as an exception, you can purchase exactly a dark canvas that completely closes the window from unnecessary extra eyes of people who accidentally pass by.

    Would you like to buy a curtain with a picture? An excellent interior solution would be the harmony of the curtain and tablecloth pattern. Most consumers, nevertheless, opt for the classic window design: two fabric canvases (tulle and sliding curtains).

    When purchasing curtains, there is always a huge selection of finished products, provided by a network of online stores, salons and markets.

    Photo of finished curtains

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    Delivery and Payment

    Delivery methods

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    Delivery time

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    Shipping costs

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    Payment methods

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    Seller guarantees

    Return Policy

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