Cheap jordan replicas: Fake Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Cheap For Sale, Best Replica Jordan


Fake Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Cheap For Sale, Best Replica Jordan

fake jordan looks good

Look i buy fake jordan sneakers all the time its not like i can’t afford the real ones but who is going to let you examine they sneakers if a person wants to check your sneakers that mean it looks good and they just want to confirm if the sneakers are real or fake for they own benefit Michael Jordan sneakers Nike pays factory workers to make the sneakers 25.00 a pair then put it in stores and sell it for $180 $190 2 $300 dollars a pair so i don’t mind getting knock offs for 50 to 60 dollars that look just like the ones that cost you roughly 180 200 300 dolllars

If you get fake Jordans or any shoe don’t destroy them. Please donate them to a shoe charity that provide shoes to the less fortunate either in America or around the world. I gave a couple of pairs to this one charity for children in South American who dnt have shoes to wear(not my shoes, but bought new shoes for them). At one time it’s possible a sneakerhead will get fakes. I almost threw my fake pair away, then I remembered shoe charities. It’s a little sad watching some sneakerheads destroying fakes on Youtube, possibly for views and not knowing those shoes could be useful to less fortunate.

Not for nothin but why those fakes look better than the so call real ones. Jordan quality control is horrible always have been since he left Nike and went on his own to create the Jordan empire. That’s why I don’t by them any more nor do I by fakes but damn if fakes are this good I’m all in.

I feel like the fakes look better

Real talk. I have never bought fakes jordan until about 2 months ago, and I had put my fakes against my real and I cannot tell the difference down to the minor details. I will not spend $300 if I can spend $60 for the same shoe. The main difference is the purchase order didn’t come from NIke, but from myself.

Jordan s are dope and all. i have in total 47 pairs dating back to 1995. So im happy with all of them.  But here a challenge for  Jordan and his team. how about making shoes more affordable for the less fortune. like have some shoes under $100 . I mean not on sale i mean a good pair for $59.99 I looked every where for a brand new pair. the cheapest i found was $79.99 but they were on sale. retail price was $115.99 and they were ugly and made with material from china i think……

 But i think if he open a market like this his shoes will grow even more with a even bigger market.  Now if this is ever done before then sorry my bad.
But im talking once the shoes are done and get sent to stores, there opening price should be 59.99 and they need to look fresh and dope.

if you like this idea please like and recomment i would like to here from everyone about this also

Also this will help stop people making fake jordans cause everyone can afford them.

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15 Best Wholesale Authentic Jordans Shoes Websites in UK/China/US

I will share 15 best wholesale authentic Jordans websites in China, UK and USA. Besides, some FAQ of Authentic Jordans shoes wholesale also can be find here.

Let’s start…

First, you will get details of Jordans shoes wholesale websites.

You can view information of the cheapest online shopping sites in usa

Wholesale Authentic Jordans Shoes Websites in China

Here is a list of Jordans wholesale websites in China.



Looking for wholesale of authentic Jordans in China? Then do not look elsewhere.  Aaashoechina is the place that offers incredibly accessible prices on all products on their website. Again, you are guaranteed quality of all Jordans products you buy. They have a variety of Jordans including Nike Jordans wholesale. You enjoy free shipping on orders in the region of $130. Their payment options are enviable as they accept all credit cards plus PayPal, and others.



AliExpress is, without doubt, a big brand and one of the leading competitors in the online store business. You can get cheap wholesale Jordans free shipping on AliExpress. They offer a variety of Jordans on the online store.

That guarantees you the quality of Jordans products you order on AliExpress website. The site is easy to navigate. There is no minimum order on products as you can order for as much quantity of Jordans on this website as you want.

Delivery is timely and without shortchanging, damaged or misplaced shipment. They have a variety of payment options.



Kicks Crew is a leading online store that offers lots and lots of wholesale authentic Jordans products. Be sure that at every point in time any good bought on Kickscrew is authentic Nike Jordans wholesale. You can order from anywhere and they have global appeal and worldwide coverage. They have a wide range of Jordans, and they can meet up with any amount of demands.



Chinabrands remains one of the global leading wholesaler of authentic Jordan shoes websites. They offer full categories of products, including Jordan shoes for men, women, children, and baby.

They also wholesale clothing, 3C products, toys, home decor, beauty, and health, etc. their services cover both low-end and high-end products lines at competitively accessible wholesale price. 

Chinabrands offers SEO-optimized product descriptions for customers to upload or download on their online stores such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay or any other e-shopping platforms.

Best-Selling Sneakers Wholesale on Chinabrands

More >



Buytome has built a name for itself in the last couple of years, growing to become one of the leading websites for wholesale Jordans. On the site, you buy cheap wholesale Jordans from China. They have one of the lowest shipping fees and offer huge discounts on wholesale Jordans products. Meanwhile, they do not have varieties of Jordans. They also do not offer free shipping service, but their shipping charges are very low.

Wholesale Authentic Jordans Shoes Websites in the USA

Here is a list of Jordans wholesale websites in USA.



Mallstock is one of the amazing authentic Jordans wholesale platforms in the US that offer quality services. They provide cheap Jordans free shipping within and outside the United States.

They only deal in quality products, guarantee you all confidence to for quality brands, like the Nike Jordan wholesale. They have a huge variety of stock of quality products for male and female at a very affordable price.

You can navigate their website seamlessly. Mallstock uses third party payment process PayPal and they accept different forms of payment options including MasterCard, Credit Card, and other easy-to-use payment methods.



Kicks USA deals exclusively on wholesale authentic Jordans. They pride themselves in high-quality wholesale Jordans sales at very competitive and accessible prices. Kicks USA offers free shipping on wholesale Jordans orders that are above $100. They have a very flexible return as well as an exchange policy that focuses on customer services.



Shoenet is one of the biggest wholesale authentic jordans suppliers in the USA. They only sell at wholesale prices. Their Jordans sales include huge stocks of branded wholesale supplies, distributing all over the country. They offer huge discounts on prices and free shipping within the USA. They have a minimum order of goods which stands at $250. Reviews on shoe website for Jordans show that Shoenet has huge customer satisfaction record.



Cheapnkshoes is the perfect place for your Nike Jordans wholesale and quality Jordans footwear. Goods are offered at very competitive and accessible low prices on Cheapnkshoes website. They offer a discount on products bought, giving a discount based on the number of products bought. They offer free shipping for orders above $60 to any destination across various cities and counties in the United States. Buyers can save up 70% shopping on this amazing platform. You can get cheap wholesale Jordans free shipping when you buy in bulk from this platform.



Based in California, is one of the leading wholesale-only markets for wholesale authentic Jordans in the USA. They have amazing customer service, exclusive products, and a superior experience. They offer 100 percent authentic products including Nike, Air Jordan, Nike Air max shoes wholesale, Puma, Timberland, etc. They are a Yahoo 5-star merchant. offers free shipping & returns on most items their and their payment options include all Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa Card), PayPal, Discover, they partner America Express and ensure international orders are delivered within 7 business days.

Wholesale Authentic Jordans Shoes Websites in the UK

Here is a list of Jordans wholesale websites in the UK.



Febbuy has been in the retail and wholesale trade of all kinds of shoes since 2009. They deliver the best prices, as well as a variety of shoe products. Their fine service is top notch as they provide the perfect combination of competitive pricing and an honest and reliable customer service. First-time or repeated shoppers on Febbuy are treated to special package with ease, reliability, and fun. All transactions are digitally encrypted using the latest technologies.




The Wholesale Forums (or TWF) is one the UK’s leading networking wholesale forum marketplaces, communities and independent advice forums for trade buyers and suppliers. Since 2004 when the platform started, they have grown to have well over 200,000 members across the globe. They serve as a manufacturing, distributing, and wholesaling platform that also connects all these product distribution channels directly to retailers. They partner on discussion, transactions, products, trade, networking and give technical and customer support.



Rosewholesale Company has almost all the types of sneakers you need to stock your shop. They have a team of professionals who ensure seamless free shopping. Rosewholesale gives you value for money as they offer competitive prices that save buyers of cost and money. They give discounts on some items and even discount on the shipping fee in some cases. Delivery is done within three working days, no shortchange, damage or incomplete order. They have a number of shipping methods from which buyers can choose. They pride in selling quality sneakers as they deal with high-rated shoe manufacturers. 

4. is one of the incredibly amazing shoe websites for Jordans that offer wholesale authentic Jordans. It payment options include all credit cards, as well as Western Union and Bank transfer.

In fact, there is a discount on the use of the Western Union. All transactions are secured on as the website is provided with an SSL encryption system to protect personal and payment data.

Although orders may take from 24 to 36 hours to process, once the order is processed, an email is sent to the customer with shipment tracking number. International shipping takes some days: US Canada takes 4-10 business day; Brazil takes 7-10 business day, Europe (UK France Spain Netherlands) takes 5-10 business day; while other European Union (28 Countries) take 7-15 Business Day. Countries in Asia and Africa have their shipment and delivery time stated on the website. 

They also have nice return policies that focus on improving the quality of relationship with their numerous customers while also helping buyers to save cost on purchases made.  Items can be returned for a refund or exchange within 7 days from the date of receipt of the order.



Wholesale Central is one of the top B2B websites to wholesale authentic Jordans. This represents a site for all, with suppliers meeting retailers while the latter meet buyers and resellers. Stop at Wholesale Central for consistent high-quality sneakers. This directory is secure and very easy to navigate: search for suitable suppliers, click to follow the link and Wholesale Central links you up to where you can make orders. Shopping on the website guarantees you the best deals with relatively cheap prices 

Is there any Supplier Offering Free Shipping for Jordans Wholesale? is a great supplier based in the UK that offers free shipping for Jordans wholesale. Shipping

Where can I buy first copy shoe in wholesale Mumbai?


Prakash footwear in Kurla West is regarded as one of the top best places to buy 1st copy shoes. The shoes are of top quality and are above first copy quality. The shop sells Nike, Adidas, Puma, Skechers, Vans, Hidesign, and many good brands. Nike Air Max shoe range start from 2500. The company is right opposite the Kurla station.

What are some good websites to buy men’s designer brands for cheap in the US?

Here are some websites:







You can add this list of 50 wholesale companies to your business plan,

Where is the best place to buy good quality, but fake, replica shoes such as Adidas or Nike? is the best place to buy good quality, but fake, replica shoes such as Adidas or Nike. They are based in China and are open to all models of shoes. They maintain the secure fee method. Their client service very fast responds also. Their products are very nice and of high quality. 


What are you waiting for? The ball has been set rolling with the amazing tips offered in this article. You now know the first step is to understand the market and know the website that gives the best value for money. From the article, it becomes very clear that Chinabrands offers the best services in wholesale authentic Jordans. 

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Best Replica Shoes 2021 | Best Replica Sneakers 2021

Best Replica Sneakers 2021

Store Name: Sneaker_Seller

Store Description: One of the most popular sellers online for replica shoes is the Sneaker-Seller store. From their pricing to their collection to everything else.

Price range: $40 – $100

[ Check it out here ]

If you are a sneaker lover like me, then you’ll probably love to collect sneakers of all types. But more often than not, we can’t afford them all and that’s why replica sneakers came about. Now every brand has their own version of replica sneakers. Some of the popular ones being Nike replicas, Adidas replicas, Yeezy replicas, Balenciaga replicas, Air Jordan replicas and more.

If you are looking for the best replica shoes or best replica sneakers in 2021, then you are in the right place. We also answer important questions like. 

  • Is DHgate good for replica shoes? 
  • Which is better for replicas, DHgate or Aliexpress? 
  • What is the best replica sneaker site?

If you are looking for terminologies for replica shoes, then knockoff shoes, fake shoes, first copy shoes are used interchangeably.

And so on! 

Best Replica Shoes

Here you can find the stores on Aliexpress and DHgate that sell the best fake shoes for cheap.

Store NameRatings and Reputation
Sneaker_SellerStore Rating : 98.9%,  Transactions : 24,350 
Airmax_720 StoreStore Rating : 97.5% , Transactions : 26,749 
Free Shipping StoreStore Rating : 97.8%, Transactions : 54,238 
Sports ShoeStore Rating : 97%, Transactions : 28,983 
Basketball ShoesStore Rating : 97.3%, Transactions : 24,543
Men TrainersStore Rating : 97. 8%, Transactions : 18,417
SLN Sports StoreStore Rating : 96.1%, Followers : 1,833
Looktop StoreStore Rating : 95.9%, Followers : 3396
QZHSMY StoreStore Rating : 97.7%, Followers : 12,645 
Chinese Shoes StoreStore Rating : 97%,  Followers : 9,697
PUAMSS StoreStore Rating : 98%, Followers : 75,641 
JoomraStore Rating : 97%, Followers : 269,000
SentaStore Rating : 96%, Followers : 9,800
DKRUCAK StoreStore Rating : 97.4%, Followers : 1,800
Sports 101Store Rating : 94%, Followers : 5,400
720 Running Shoes [Top Rated]Store Rating : 96.7%, Followers : 29,400
Flight Club SneakersStore Rating : 97.6%, Followers : 7,322
Hemmy StoreStore Rating : 94.3%, Followers : 955

Best Replica Sneakers 2021

Yeezy Replicas 

If you are looking for fake Yeezys that look real, then here is a list of stores that deal with Yeezy fakes. 

Store 1

Yeezy Eremiel 700

Yeezy 700 V3

Balenciaga Shoes Replicas

There are Balenciaga shoe replicas on Aliexpress and DHgate as well. Here are the top stores that deal with these replica sneakers. Balenciaga is one of the best replica shoes.

Store 1

Nike Sneakers Replicas

There are a lot of cheap Nike shoes in China. But you don’t want your run of the mill, low quality fake shoes. Replicas these days have a certain class and here are the stores that sell Nike replicas online. Aliexpress is where you can get nike copies for sale.

Store 1

Air Jordan Replicas

Air Jordans are super popular in the replica market. So if you are looking for the best fake jordans, we got you covered. Check out these stores here. 

Store 1

Adidas Sneakers Replica 

Adidas replica shoes are dime a dozen, but picking the right one is important. Here are a list of stores that sell the best fake adidas. 

Best Replica Shoes Online

DHgate Replica Sneaker Sellers 

DHgate is one of the top replica sneaker sites online. They have an amazing collection stores and you can get balenciaga replicas, Nike replica, Yeezy replicas, Converse replicas, Adidas replicas and more. If you are searching for ‘DHgate Balenciaga’ and not able to find the right stores, then here’s a list of stores that you could check out. Dhgate is one of the best replica shoes website.


Store Rating : 98.9% 

Transactions : 24,350 

The sneaker_seller store has replicas of Yeezy’s, Balenciaga and Air Jordans. This store is one of the most popular shoe sellers on DHgate and has an amazing collection of sneakers. They have over 180 varieties of shoes to choose from.

  • Actual Products
  • Actual Products

Check out the store here

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Airmax_720 Store

Store Rating : 97.5% 

Transactions : 26,749 

The Airmax_720 store as the name suggests has Nike replica shoes. They have Airmax 720 replicas, Yeezy replicas and more. They have more than 500 pairs of shoes in their store! 

Check out the store here

Free Shipping Store 

Store Rating : 97.8%

Transactions : 54,238 

The Free Shipping Store is in their 4th year of running and they are veterans in replica shoes. They have a good collection of designer replica shoes. They have over 250+ shoes in their store. 

They have basketball shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes and more. 

Check out the store here

Sports Shoe 

Store Rating : 97%

Transactions : 28,983 

The Sports Shoe Store is a direct from factory seller and that’s why they have some of the best rates in the market. They sell Nike and Adidas replicas. 

They have almost 300 shoes in their store. 

Check out the store here

Basketball Shoes

Store Rating : 97.3%

Transactions : 24,543

One of the biggest Dhgate shoe sellers, this store has more than 300 pairs in their collection. They have Air Jordan Replicas, Balenciaga Replicas and other brands. 

Check out the store here

Men Trainers 

Store Rating : 97.8%

Transactions : 18,417

One of the most versatile shoe sellers on Dhgate. They have over 400 shoe options and they sell Adidas Replicas, Balenciaga replicas and they sell amazing basketball shoes. 

Check out the store here

Ultra Boosts 

The Ultra Boosts store has been around for 3+ years and they have a positive rating of 97. 4%. Their Balenciaga replicas are one of the most popular replica shoes. They also sell Jordan fakes and Nike replicas. 

Check out the store here

Designer Sneakers 

If you are looking for a wide range of yeezy fakes and balenciaga fakes, then check out the Designer Sneakers store. They have 3 to 4 different versions of Yeezy’s. They are a very popular store with a 98.9% rating and 25,000+ transactions. 

Check out the store here


The Surprises store has an awesome collection of designer shoes and replica shoes. Their most popular replicas are Balenciagas. Apart from that, they sell Off White Chicagos, Nikes, Air Jordans and more. They have a 97.6% rating with 37,000+ transactions. 

Check out the store here

720 Running Shoes

The 720 Running shoe is a dream destination for reps lovers as it has Yeezy replicas, Nike replicas, Adidas replicas and Air Jordan replicas. They have a 96.7% positive feedback and over 29,300+ transactions on their store.

They have a bunch of hidden links on their top selling page. So whatever you want in terms of a replica shoe, you can contact the seller and place your order.

Check out the store here

Aliexpress Replica Sneaker Sellers 

If you are looking for Fake replica shoes on Aliexpress, then you need to be prepared to search a bit more as finding replicas on Aliexpress is a bit more harder than DHgate. It still is one of the best replica sneakers website online because you can get fake Nikes, Adidas replicas, Yeezy fakes and more.

But we’re here to help you find the right replica shoe sellers on Aliexpress.

SLN Sports Store

Store Rating : 96.1%

Followers : 1,833

One of the up and coming Aliexpress shoe sellers is the SLN Sports store. They might have lesser followers now, but that number is bound to change. They have running shoes, basketball shoes, football shoes, hiking shoes and tactical shoes. If you are looking for replica shoes, that’s there too. 

Check out the store here

LookTop Store

Store Rating : 95.9%

Followers : 3396 

The laptop store is the ultimate Balenciaga replica store. They have all the styles and design. This store has a lot of shoes dedicated to women. So if you are looking for replica shoes for women or designer shoes for women, you can check out the Looktop store. 

Check out the store here


Store Rating : 97.7%

Followers : 12,645 

If you are looking for shoes of all types like casual shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes and more, Then the QZHSMY store will deliver. They have shoes of all types and they have super cheap shoes that barely costs anything. 

They have some awesome plain white sneakers, if you are interested in that. 

Check out the store here

Chinese Shoes Store

Store Rating : 97% 

Followers : 9,697

The Chinese shoes store has an amazing collection of shoes. They have designer shoes that have these funky and cool designs if you are keen on finding shoes like that. Most importantly they are known for their casual sneakers which look pretty futuristic and can be a perfect addition to your collection. 

Check out the store here

Sports Online Flagship Store

Store rating : 97.4%

Followers : 206,740

The Sports Online Flagship Store is one of the top brands on Aliexpress and they are uber popular because of one thing and that’s Converse. If you live and love Converse products, then you’ll love this store. All types of Converse shoes, caps and more. 

Check out the store here


Store Rating : 98%

Followers : 75,641 

THe PUAMSS Store is a unique store with a lot of formal shoes. If you are looking for first copy of Salvatore ferragamo or other types of leather shoes, you can find it in this store. 

They also have rugged mountain shoes and other type of formal shoes that look pretty awesome! 

Check out the store here


Store Rating : 97%

Followers : 269,000+

The Joomra store is one of the latest Aliexpress replica shoe sellers. If you are looking for simple Nike sneaker lookalikes like the Airforce 1, you’ll find it in this store.

They have a massive collection of sneakers that are reasonably priced and look great. The average cost of a sneaker in this store is $14, making it one of the cheapest replica sneaker seller online.

Check out the store here


Store Rating : 96%

Followers : 9,800+

The Senta store is one of my newly favourite shoe sellers on Aliexpress. Their shoe designs are OUT of this world. They look super stylish and are ridiculously cheap. Their designs are post modern and are super unique. You don’t have to wear branded when the shoes look this good.

check out the store here


Store Rating : 97.4%

Followers : 1776

The DrKucak Store is a special store for Women Nike’s Replica shoes. It’s very hard to find quality replica shoes from China, especially Nike’s for women. This store has the Airmax 270 replica, Airmax 720 replica.

Check out the store here

Hemmyi Store

The Hemmyi Store is a replica shoe seller on Aliexpress that is known for its Air Jordan replicas. They are one of the popular jordan replica sellers on Aliexpress. They’ve been around for 3+ years and they have a positive rating of 94.6%.

They have basketball sneakers, casual sneakers and more. If you love Nike Air Jordan’s, then you’ll love this replica store.

Check out the store here

What is the best website for fake shoes?

There are a lot of websites for fake shoes and my pick would be DHgate. Why? 

It’s a legitimate e-commerce site. 

Unlike a lot of standalone websites that are owned, managed and controlled by a single company, DHgate has been around for more than 10 years. They will not want bad sellers on their platform that can affect their reputation. 

Buyer- Seller- Marketplace relationship 

It’s a marketplace and that means Dhgate will interfere if there are issues in the transaction. When you deal with standalone websites who sell fake sneakers, then it’s your word against theirs and refunds in case of a bad transaction or bad order becomes hard to get.  

Refunds and Returns 

According to DHgate’s policy, they do issue refunds and returns. So you can buy blindly. 

Legitimate Reviews

Reviews on marketplace sites cannot be faked easily. Platforms like DHgate don’t allow fake reviews or deleting of reviews. 

What are replica shoes?

There are different types of Replica shoes and what they mean. Here they are 

Unauthorized Authentic Replicas 

Most of the time, when companies like Nike or Adidas or Balenciaga give an order to make a bunch of shoes, the authorized manufacturing unit, produce slightly more shoes than required. Why?

They do this because sometimes there are defects, sometimes items get lost in shipping, sometimes the colours go wrong and so on. 

When these extra pairs are made, they cannot be sold back to Nike or Adidas. They have to be sold elsewhere. These factories, in turn sell it to sneaker sellers on Aliexpress or sneaker sellers on DHgate.

This is how you get your replica shoes. They are authentic, but cannot be bought from the main brand. 

How good are Dhgate replicas?

DHgate is probably the best website for replica shoes. They have a wide collection and numerous sellers who deal with a lot of products. They have a better collection of replicas than Aliexpress and they do have a better system of communication compared to independent replica websites. 

So DHgate replica shoes are one of the best! 

Are Nike shoes on Aliexpress real?

There are two types of Nike shoes on Aliexpress. One is real and the other is fake. It all depends on the pricing. If you look at the pricing and compare it to the original Nike shoes and if the price difference is too much, you are likely dealing with a fake. 

If the price difference isn’t much, then you are likely dealing with real Nike shoes. If you want to check, you can message the seller and ask them if the product is genuine or not. If they advertise it as genuine and they sell you a fake product, then you can request a refund from Aliexpress.

You can also check with the SKU number. If the SKU on t

he shoes matches the one on the box, then it’s likely to be legitimate. 

Where to buy the best replica yeezys?

The best replica Yeezys can be found on DHgate.

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21 CRAZY [Bad] Fake Air Jordans #WhatAreThose

My buddy Snapped me this pic when he was at Marshalls:

After that I started doing some research to see how many different fake bootleg Jordan sneakers I could find.

There’s more fakes out there than you can imagine. I’m not even talking about the cheap fakes you buy from China, I’m talking about the fakes that pop up right here in American chain retail stores.

This list is my 45 favorite BAD fake Jordans.

1. High Heeled Jordan WMNS Fakes

I don’t even know where to begin with these ones. It looks like they took a cowboy boot, fake Jordan sneaker, some cheap high heels and a moon boot and smashed them all together.

It’s hilarious because the toe box is all scuffed up, which means someone ACTUALLY wore these…A lot.

Image credit: Fake Files

2. Big Booty Jumpan on Fake Bred 11s

They made the Jumpman logo look like Kim Kardashian.

These fake 11s went a little overboard trying to recreate the stitched Jumpman heel logo, giving him a deep butt crack with thick cheeks.

Image credit: Nike Talk

3. Concord 11 / Air Max Fakes

I love the Concord 11s. I also love the Air Max 97s. But together, in the same sneaker?

Hell na – pass. These are terrible.

Image credit: Paul Swagger

4. Cheetah Print Jordan 13s Gone Wrong

I’m going to give this dude the benefit of the doubt and pretend like these are just a bad choice in customization.

But then I saw his pants – can’t let it go. Congrats friend, you made the list.

Image credit: Xiam



I wonder if Drake has seen what these people did to his special edition sneakers.

Not sure if they decided to spell it “OYO” instead of “OVO” for copyright reasons or if they were just morons. I’m going to assume it’s the latter, because the entire shoe is copyright infringement!

Image credit: James Crick

6. Floating Man Fake XIIs

Look at the Jumpan logo on the tongue – looks more like E.T. floating into space.

The rest of the sneaker doesn’t look TOO bad though (from what we can see).

Image credit: Thaillest1

7. Jordan Vs / Air Max 97 Fakes

Sooooo it’s looking like those Concord / AM 97 combos weren’t a one time thing.

This style savant mashed together some all red 5s with some Air Max 97s to create these beauties.

Image credit: Fake Files

8. Coach / Gucci / Jordan 13 Knockoffs

I didn’t really know what else to call these…

It’s definitely not Gucci, Coach or Jordan Brand, but it looks like that’s what they were going for.

Image credit: Benny Bambino

9. Jordan XIII x Guccis

The previous sneakers were confused about which direction they wanted to head in – at least these ones are focused on knocking off Gucci.

Image credit: Fake Files

10. WMNS Concord 11 x High Heels

Unlike the previous fakes, at least these did a pretty good job detailing what the XIs actually look like.

What would your girl say if you came home with these?

Image credit: Fake Files

11. WMNS Spikize High Heels

Who would’ve known there would be so many women’s sneakers on this list?

I’d love to see the shit hole strip club these are dancing in.

Image credit: Benny Bambino

12. Bred 11 x Air Max 95 Fakes

Yes! Yet another Jordan x Air Max collab.

I’m particularly impressed with how they misspelled JORDAN as JORObAN?

Image credit: Fake Files

13. Concord

Jumpman Running Mans

They got the Jumpman logo on these “Concord 11” fakes looking like a “caution – wet floor” sign.

These ones are actually pretty hilarious – I might wear these just to [email protected] with my friends.

Image credit: Fake Files

14. Jordan 1 / Jordan IV Heeled Fakes

As if 1 paid of shitty fakes wasn’t enough, this girl has TWO and looks like she’s deciding which ones to wear out tonight.

Please don’t date girls who wear fake Jordans.

Image credit: Fake Files

15. Nike Shox x Concord Rip Offs

There’s a reason Nike stopped making the Shox.

They weren’t a popular sneaker – this further proves that point.

Image credit: Fake Files

16. Gucci x Jordan 18

I decided to leave the caption on this picture to further shame the owner.

Also, not sure why people think that Gucci and Jordan is a good look together.

Image credit: Fake Files

17. Concord 11 Football?

I wasn’t quite sure what to call these ones. I dubbed them “football” because it looks like they got Adrian Peterson running warm ups where the Jumpman should be.

Would you rock?

Image credit: No Way Girl


18. Jordan V Galaxy / Grape Fakes

In all seriousness though, does anyone know how it’s legal to blatantly knock off a sneaker and sell it?

These are clearly being sold in a store of some kind – shady shit.

Image credit: Fake Files

19. Jordan 11 Dancing Mans

Again, I had to make an educated guess about which sneaker they were trying to rip off (I think they’re 11s?).

But I’m calling them “dancing mans” because the little Jordan logo looks like he’s about to break it down.

Image credit: Fake Files

20. Fake Jordan 13 Carpets

I’m calling these “carpets” because they’ve got some sort of weird, felt / velvet / carpet thing going on.

They look like the backseat of my mom’s ’92 Mercury.

Image credit: davidblack415

Do you have any to add to the list?

If you’ve got any more fake Jordans you’d like us to add to this list, PLEASE leave it in the comments and we’ll get it posted!

Meet the Sneaker Collectors Who Intentionally Buy Fake Shoes

SANJEEV DAS wanted a pair of sneakers. Well, not just any sneakers: a pair of uber-rare Nike Air Jordans, made in collaboration with rapper Travis Scott. The problem? When the shoes were released earlier this month, they sold out at Mach-10 speed and are now fetching many times their $130 retail price on the secondary market. Mr. Das, 26, a graphic designer in Frederick, Md., wasn’t about to shell out a stomach-turning sum for the sneakers, so he bought “replicas” from a shadowy website instead.

In sneaker world, the term “replicas” connotes the tippy-top class of “fake” sneakers, copies of the original so meticulous they can fool all but the most fastidious collectors. These are not the shoddy rip-offs peddled for $20 or $40 on street corners, half-hearted fakes that might use crackly vinyl instead of premium leather or can be marred by glaring imperfections like off-kilter Nike swooshes or shoddy stitching. The much more careful clones known as replicas can go for $150 and up, making them roughly as expensive as many authentic sneakers at retail.

They’ve proven tempting. Today, unless you have a spare 24 hours to camp outside a store overnight or lightning-quick computer reflexes, it can feel next to impossible to buy some of the small-run sneakers that Nike and Adidas sling out. “Ridiculous” is how Jeff Hou, 26, a data scientist in North Potomac, Md., summed up the retail sneaker experience. After trying to buy his chosen shoes via Nike’s SNKRs shopping app, and coming up dry again and again, he took refuge in the world of replicas. “I saw how good the fakes were and I was like, ‘Wow this is crazy,’” said Mr. Hou. He still tries to buy authentic sneakers, but most of his recent purchases have been from replica manufacturers.

It seems a startling number of shoppers are prepared to go the replica route. On Reddit, the “Repsneakers” page boasts over 176,000 members, demonstrating considerable interest in the possibilities of circumventing the legal market. Different manufacturers produce different “batches” of replicas, which users scrutinize on such online forums in their quest for the closest-possible copy. On the Reddit page, would-be replica buyers post photos of the sneakers they’re considering purchasing—photos sent by the manufacturers via Wechat, Whatsapp or email—and ask other members of the community for a crowdsourced quality check, or “QC.”

“If you’re not in the community you would see these photos [of the shoes] and think they’re real,” said Mr. Das of the best replicas. He also noted that early batches—those released immediately after a sneaker’s retail debut—are often inexact, because manufacturers have not had enough time to study the real deal. In time, he added, these factories can get “really, really close” to an original sneaker. If, based on a worrying QC, a buyer concludes that a replica falls problematically short of matching the original, he can veto that pair before it is shipped and ask the replica manufacturer to send them a different pair from a later batch.

Hong Kong Jordan Suppliers

Of course, when you deal with replicas it is very important that you understand that this is not the original you are buying – so you will not have exactly the same features that you get with the originals. However, the Hong Kong Jordan Suppliers can provide you with great quality at a very nominal price. In fact the sales of these replicas are so high in places that local manufacturers are trying to make replicas of these replicas!

There are many advantages when you buy the replicas over the original – though I am not in any way saying that you should choose the replica over the original. The advantages are that first of all you get it at a much reasonable rate – it is affordable. The Hong Kong Jordan Suppliers have duplicated it well with the local raw- material which makes it viable for them to sell these sneakers at a fraction of their original cost.

This is indeed great news for those who have limited finances and still want to look trendy. It takes a really well trained eye to differentiate between these lovely replicas ( and the originals.

The other advantage is its availability. These shoes, unlike the original Jordans, are available in most shoe shops where anyone can pick up a pair. The Hong Kong Jordan Suppliers ( supply these shoes as replicas – and not under a fake name or something – which makes it completely comfortable to be sold anywhere. Like the sale of a copy of Channel dress or an Armani replica. They are available and saleable as Jordan sneakers. It is important to know in this case that the replicas are genuine. And this is not as easy as you would think because the replicas are not really a brand name. And anyone can replicate these shoes and not all the replicas are good replicas.

The companies that produce good replicas are mostly based in China and one amongst the best there are the Hong Kong Jordan Suppliers who not only produce great quantities but also very good quality shoes. So you need to go to only genuine shops on line or off line who can to a certain extent guarantee a certain level of quality. Otherwise, you will risk investing in bad quality shoes – which will not serve to any purpose.

Hong Kong Jordan Suppliers are among the best replica suppliers in the market today. There are few places which boast of direct contacts with these Chinese suppliers and you are lucky if you get in touch with them – as only then you can get good looking Jordan replica sneakers, which are almost as good as the originals.

90,000 Best Jordan Replica Sites 2021 | Best replica Jordan

Store Name: Xueqiao Store

Store Description: Based on our research, this is the best store on Dhgate for all Air Jordan Replicas.

Price range: $ 30 – $ 70

  • Rates
  • Quality
  • Delivery


Looking for Jordan replicas? Check out our article.

There has been a lot of collaboration with the player and the brand in sports history. Roger Federer with Nike comes to mind, but there is nothing more and nothing more than a collaboration between Nike and Michael Jordan. In 1984, Nike made a pair of shoes specifically for Michael Jordan, which got quite furious and dubbed the Air Jordan’s .

Over 34 years of this cooperation, we have received some of the best boots in the world. Air Jordans are so popular that they are sold on the secondary market at high prices.

The only problem with Air Jordans right now is the price. They are expensive and can dent your wallet. The only alternative is of Jordan’s replica. There are other names such as Air Jordan knockoffs, Air Jordan replica shoes, 1: 1 Air Jordans and Knockoff Air Jordan , etc.

Today we cover some of the best Jordanian replica sites with the best Jordanian replica available in the market that look great and come at a fraction of the cost.

Where did you get the best Air Jordan replicas?

The best Air Jordan replica shoes can be found on Dhgate and Aliexpress and we cover all the top sellers and best websites that sell Air Jordan replica shoes.

Best Jordan Website Replica 2021 – Where to Buy?

The best replica sites of Jordan are Aliexpress and DHgate. They specialize in replicas at a lower cost without compromising on quality.The advantage of using Aliexpress and DHgate for Air jordan Replicas is the support and return and refund policy not available on other third party replica sites. The availability of replicas is also another reason why Aliexpress and DHgate are perfect for buying Jordan replicas.

Check our

ALiexpress replica list

List of DHgate shoe replicas

Best Air Jordan Replicas Links
Nike Air Jordan 11 Fake Link
Classic Air Jordans Replica / Knockoff Airjordan 1 Link
Jordan 4 Copies Ref
Air Jordan 9 Replica Ref
Air Jordan 13 Replica Ref
Air Jordan
Jordan 3 Retro White Valor Replica Ref
Jordan 5 Fiery Retro Replica Ref

Buy Jordans from StockX vs Dhgate vs Aliexpress or third party representative 05

  • StockX deals with original Jordans and is too expensive.
  • DHgate IS THE BEST for Jordanian replicas in terms of price, variety, quality and accuracy. Since they make a huge amount of shoes, they are very good at the smallest detail, with boxes.
  • Aliexpress is the second best Jordan replica due to price, variety, quality. But they lack an assortment of
  • Third-party sellers are a risky option because there is no middleman to resolve any disputes, and since they do not make shoes to scale, they do not have a replica with finer details.

Air Jordan’s Best Copy Sneakers

# 1 – Nike Air Jordans Replica

Some of the finest Air Jordan replicas are super affordable. You can buy many pieces of the same shoe and use different pieces for different days of the week.

This Nike Air shoe says Air in a neat format and looks pretty chic. It has a 4.3 rating and is available in numerous colors such as red, black, white, blue and more.These are some super affordable Air Jordan replicas. It is available in many sizes that include Asian and European sizes.

Price – $ 22.68

# 2 – Nike Air Jordan 11 Replica – Legend Blue


Nike Air Jordan’s 11 Blue is one of the popular shoes in the Air Jordan series for its minimalist finish. This is a predominantly white shoe with a blue sole at the bottom. There is also an Air Jordan logo on the side. This shoe is perfect for basketball or even wearing it on a daily basis as a casual shoe.

They come in numerous free sizes and overall, they are super awesome. These are exact copies and they come at least $ 40-50 cheaper than the original. They have a 5 star rating. Best Air Jordan 11 Copy!

# 3 – Nike Air Jordan Whites Replica

These shoes are the same as the first shoe on the list, but come with a difference in color. They are completely black with the text Airy Stamping on the shoe. These are some of the prettiest Air Jordan replicas you’ll come across.

They look super stylish and are perfect for playing basketball, running, walking, running or even casual wear. There are strong cushions at the base to reduce impact, which helps protect your knees.

If you’re looking for a stylish Air Jordan replica without breaking the bank, then this is the perfect shoe for you. They are rated 4.6.

Price – $ 21.35

# 4 – Nike Air Jordan Cushioning Replica

When you look at these shoes, you know they are a copy.Jordan’s logo is slightly different, but they look great nonetheless. In terms of finish, quality, color and design, they are right there at the top of the best Air Jordan replicas.

This shoe features a mesh material on the top that makes it breathable and the base has those white dots on a black background that looks like space. One of the most stylish shoes.

They are available in various colors. Stand-outs are multi-colored shoes, red and black combination.It has a rating of 5.

Price – $ 19.66

# 5 – Nike Air Jordan 13 Replica Shoes

Replica Air Jordan 13, this shoe is a super copy of the original. They look beautiful and have a distinct shape that hasn’t been seen before. The upper part of the shoe comes with a clean dot design with leather patches on the upper, and there is a mixture of black and white at the base.

These are super attractive shoes with strong soles. Also called black and white Panda sneakers, they are perfect for basketball or even casual wear.If you want some new bangs that look good, go ahead!

Price – $ 23.42

# 6 – Nike Air Jordan 11 Laceup Replica Shoes

Replica “Nike Air Jordan 11 Laceup” – one of the best. This is one of those shoes that immediately grabs the wearer’s attention. The upper has a mesh trim with lacing up. The base is a super tough rubber that has a shiny red finish.

This is one of the strongest shoes out there and it is a replica of the Air Jordan 11.It is rated 5 and comes in numerous sizes. It has the Air Jordan logo on the side too, if you have an eye for those things.

Price – $ 42

# 7 – Nike Jordan 1 / Off White Chicago Replica

Nike Off White Chicago is one of the most recognizable and iconic Air Jordans styles. There are many copies of this particular model. But the problem is quality.

Most often, colors are off or Nike swoosh is not everywhere.We dug through tons of resources to find the one we were looking for and found this amazing Dhgate copy that I bought myself.

It’s smart what these sellers are doing – advertising the product like children’s shoes, when in fact it is for adults. So follow the link below, choose the size you want and get the best white Chicago replica on the market.

Price – 49 , 40 $

# 9 – Nike Air Breathable

One of my personal favorites is Nike Air Breathable.These are some of the coolest kicks in the world. They have a clean black finish with “Air” written on top. The soles are finished in gold, and the back of the outsole is perfect for basketball and high intensity sports like basketball as it has extra cushioning and shock absorbers.

For $ 20, they are super affordable and look great. The soles are also anti-slip.

Price – $ 23.89

# 10 – Nike Air Jordan Retro Replica

If you are looking for some amazing casual kicks that have a shiny design and style, the next boot on the list will help you.They feature black and white leopard prints and come in colors like black and white. These shoes are perfect for basketball, running and casual wear.

Price – $ 34.

# 11 – Nike Air Jordan 11 Gold Copy Shoes

Some of the best Nike shoes out there are simple ones with very fine details. The Nike Air Jordan 11 replica is a perfect example of this.

This copy is much cheaper than the original. It comes with a white mesh top and the sides have a gold finish that glitters.Gold takes it from casual shoes to extraordinarily stylish shoes. These beats come in numerous sizes.

These shoes look great in casual wear.

Price – $ 42

# 14 – Nike Air Jordan Breathable Sneakers Replica

Last on the list is one of the most popular Air Jordan replicas. This shoe has a honeycomb print on top with a mesh material. The outsole is also red with a white stripe across the shoe at the base.These are super beautiful shoes that are perfect for basketball, running and other sports.

Price – $ 21.92

# 15 – Jordan 3 Retro White Valur

Jordan 3 Retro has a distinctive style unlike other Jordans. In the past, it was an exclusive shoe that only a few college students from North Carolina had. But these replicas and originals are available to everyone.

It is predominantly white, with a characteristic elephant pattern and organ of valor, green, black details.$ 350 for the original, available for $ 49.

Price – $ 49

# 16 – Jordan 5 Fire replica retro

Jordan 5 Fire Retro is the latest edition. This is a new era for Jordan. This is an iconic design that was made for the 30th anniversary. The replica has all the details, including the fire shark teeth, black midsole. It comes in a variety of other colors too!

Price – $ 53

What is the best shoe counterfeiting site?

The best fake shoe site in my opinion would be DHgate as they still have many replica shoes and replica sneakers to look for.

Are Real Air Jordans Made in China?

Nike has factories in Vietnam, Thailand, China and other Asian countries, so it is likely that the real Air Jordans are made in China.

How can you tell that Jordan 1 is fake?


Nike swoosh in fakes is very different from the original. The Air Jordans logo is also very different in the sense that some counterfeiting manufacturers use the term “basketball” instead of “Air Jordans”.

How can you tell the Jordans are fake?

You can determine this by the usual shoe tongue check method and look up the production number and match it to the Nike website.

Where is the best place to buy replica shoes?

Best Website for DHgate and Aliexpress Fake Replica Shoes. You are protected from corrupt sellers, there is a return and return policy, there are reviews, and there are clear sequence numbers and star ratings to help you make an informed decision what is wrong with independent sellers of replica shoes.

Can I buy Jordans from China?

Of course you can, but if you are looking for legitimate Jordans and if you find prices from China to be super cheap, they are most likely fake or replicas or first copies that look the same but work to be much cheaper.

Also Read:


Today we cover some of the best Jordanian replica sites with the best Jordanian replica available in the market that look great and come at a fraction of the cost.

Product SKU: 833000383

Product brand: JordReps

Product currency: USD

Product price: 30

Price valid until: 2022-06-18

Product in stock: InStock

Editor’s rating:

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90,000 Types of copies of paintings | Art workshop “World of Art”

A copy in fine art is a repetition of a work of art (painting), in the same manner, material and size, which may be smaller or larger than the original.
There is such a thing as a replica, this is the author’s repetition of his painting, in which there may be differences from the original in size, some details and elements of the composition. For example, Perov’s painting “Hunters at Rest” are in the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum.
You can order any modern artist, the repetition of the author’s picture of which he does not have due to the sale, etc., the execution of such a picture will be called the author’s replica.
In the preservation of works of art, copies played a huge role, for example, works of Greek art have survived to this day as copies made by the masters of ancient Rome.Many outstanding artists were engaged in copying, it was both a way of training and improving their professionalism, for example, Rubens, being in Italy on a diplomatic mission, copied paintings by Italian artists. There was a practice when artists traveled outside their country to learn from experience, copied paintings and sent them home in order to introduce them to foreign art.
Nowadays, copies help to preserve the most valuable works from various damages, and also copies are made for sale and interior decoration.
In the old days, art was available at first only to the aristocratic class, then to the bourgeoisie. In modern times, art has become more accessible to the general public, and if you like a painting, you can order a copy of it.

What are the copies of paintings:
1-Copies of paintings made in oil on canvas
Such copies are written by the artist by hand, and the higher the level of professionalism of the artist, the higher the level of execution. An experienced copyist will convey the maximum resemblance to the original canvas, in which there will be color, the texture of the stroke, the technique of execution is close to the author’s painting.Such a copy is an independent work of art, including material value. The cost depends on the level of execution of the copy of the painting. There are auctions that sell such copies of paintings. The difference between a copy of a painting made by an original artist from a professional one is that such a copy conveys only a superficial, external resemblance.

2- Compilations.
There are also free copies of paintings, or so-called compilations.Such a picture may have a common plot with the original, but changes have been made to it in color, technique of execution, some details or elements of the composition. Such copies can be very interesting to buyers. The level of craftsmanship and execution determines the value and artistic value.

3-Reproductions of copies of paintings:
a- “Print”, “giclee” is the application of an image using inkjet or laser printing on canvas, fabric, it is possible to add texture gel to imitate strokes and texture of painting.No matter how accurate it is with the original, the seal remains a seal, it is far from the original, over time, the paint fade, the gel dries. Such paintings have no artistic value. The purpose of such copies of paintings in the design of institutions, offices, etc.
b – “Mixed technique” is when the artist applies oil paints over the printed layer of “print” imitating painting. Sometimes this kind of painting is passed off as hand-made paintings, in order to reduce the cost, “original” artists are involved in such work with the education of the level of an art school.The artistic value is questionable. They buy mainly for gifts, the price is not expensive, the more such a painting is positioned as a handmade painting, which it is not.

• It should be added that at the present time there is such a practice when the author himself prints his paintings, signs and sells as an “author’s” print. The image in the picture is a seal, and the signature is author’s, so the cost is cheaper than the original, but more expensive than just a print.

• The practice of printing on canvas has a long tradition, and a hundred years ago the so-called “Wreaths” took place (at the place where production began.Vienna), color print on canvas by machine, which was painted on top by artists. Those who are engaged in antiques are well aware of this, such paintings (wreaths) are sometimes passed off as works of one or another famous artist. Sometimes restorers are faced with such a phenomenon. Such paintings were covered with varnish, over time it darkens, turns yellow, surface dirt, scratches appear, all this creates an antique look of the painting. An inexperienced lover of antiquity or just a collector of painting cannot distinguish such a picture from a real one, which is sometimes used by sellers.

90,000 How to search for brands on Aliexpress? (how to find cheap branded items) –

On the well-known portal “Aliexpress” you can buy both ultra-fashionable branded items (the same ones that are sold at exorbitant prices in boutiques) and their inexpensive replicas. However, finding them on “Ali” for a novice buyer is somewhat difficult, because in order to avoid legal claims, sellers do not mention the original brand names on their pages.To find stores on Ali that offer replica brands, you should use the algorithm below.

Briefly about what we will talk about below:

Secrets of the correct search

First of all, we decide on the product. On Aliexpress it is worth looking for: a) replicas of clothes and shoes; b) jewelry and watches; c) accessories. It is these goods that are most widely represented and are of decent quality.

The success of the search depends on the correct query. 3 approaches are possible here:

1.We enter the distorted brand name, for example, “Diezel” instead of “Diesel” or “Enciaga” instead of “Balensiaga”. The name of the required product in Russian or English is added to the brand.

2. Enter the original brand name. Oddly enough, sometimes this approach works, and “Aliexpress” offers a variety of sneakers with the characteristic three stripes on request “Adidas”, and on the request “Braccilaini” – recognizable bags at first sight.

3. We are looking for a specific category.If you are interested in replicas of Dolce / Gabbana fashion dresses, for example, try typing “italian dress” in the search bar. You can add the current year to find new items.

Since replicas of brands are sold in most cases by stores specializing in them, it is worth taking a look at the home page of the store in which you find the product you are interested in. The likelihood that you will find dozens of replicas of the same brand there is very high.

Verification of goods

As a result of a successful search, a potential buyer is bombarded with dozens and even hundreds of offers.Those looking for replica brands are primarily concerned with two questions:

– How does the replica match the original?

– what is its quality?

First of all, do not look for the name of the brand in the photo: even if the item is 100% identical to the original item, it will either be overwritten or distorted. At the same time, the complete identity of the replica and the original is a relatively rare phenomenon. Replicas reproduce the most recognizable features of the original or copy a model with minor changes.For example, replica Braccilaini handbags may have different colors, individual applications, etc., and the brand name will be embroidered with errors.

If you have doubts about the accuracy of reproduction of a branded item, you should compare the replica with the original by looking at the official website of the brand.

As for the quality of the replica, here, as in other cases, it is worth focusing on customer reviews (especially with a photo).

Price question

Replicas, of course, are cheaper than the originals, otherwise there is no point in buying them on Aliexpress, but does it always make sense to look for the cheapest product? In the case of branded items, yes, because all replicas of one brand are made at the same factory, but each seller sets up trade markups on his own behalf.To find the cheapest option, copy the full English name of the item you like and type it into the search. Or look for a similar item in competing stores.

Looking for originals

Genuine brands on Ali are of two types: a) Chinese; b) European / Japanese with used things. If you are not interested in Chinese brands, try to search for originals in the TOP Brands section, or by typing a query like “refurbished Nokia”, “refurbished Samsung” and so on. In the latter case, sellers offer refurbished smartphones / iPhones, the quality of which no one can guarantee.

Key phrases for finding branded items on Aliexpress

  • Abercombrie & Fitch – AF
  • Adidas – Adey, Adi, Addas, Adida, Adidas
  • Apinestars – A Stars
  • Asics – ASKS
  • Burberry – Bur, Berry
  • Calvin Klein – CK
  • Chanel – CC
  • Columbia – MBia, colu
  • Diesel – Die, Dies, Diezel, Dsl
  • Ecko – Rhino
  • Emporio Armani – AX, EA, ARMA
  • GAP – G A P, GAP
  • Hollister – H C O, Holistes, Hollistans
  • Lacoste – Crocodile, Croc, Lac
  • Louis Vuitton – LV, LV Mizuno, MZ
  • Mizuno – MZ
  • Michael Kors – KORSS
  • New Balance – N Shoes
  • Nike – NK
  • Oakley – OK
  • Prada – Pra, Prad, Prd
  • Puma – P-I-M-A, PM
  • Ralph Lauren – Horse, RL, LAUR
  • Ray Ban – RB, Ban
  • Reebok – rbk
  • Tommy Hilfiger – Tommis
  • Victoria Secret – VS, V Secret, Secret, V S
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Y S L, YSL
  • Zara – Zar, Za

Chinese tourist watch with altimeter compass, etc.useful functions

A watch with an altimeter in the mountains is not just a luxury, but a very convenient tool both for planning a travel schedule based on the climbed climb, and for navigation, since altitude is one of the convenient landmarks, and you cannot do without a compass, of course, in the absence It is not always possible or desirable to constantly pull the GPS navigator and the navigator out of your pocket, sometimes it is not there at all. And in principle, it is not very convenient to hike without a watch, especially for the group leader.

The Finnish company Suunto entered the market of tourist watches with ABC sensors (altimetr, barometr, compas), which is still one of the market leaders. A little later, the Japanese Cassio got involved in the battle, whose Protrack series is notable for the presence of a solar cell for powering the watch, and as a result, there is no need to replace the battery. And more recently, the Chinese have burst into the market with numerous Suunto replicas. In this article, I want to draw your attention specifically to the Chinese market for ABC watches.

The price for such a watch starts at $ 20. I got the impression that some cheap models are produced at the same factory, since they are practically indistinguishable in appearance and function, only the logos are different. But there are unique and rather interesting specimens for each brand.

Functionally they are also different. You won’t find a compass, much less a pedometer, on the cheapest watches. In expensive models, you can find Bluetooth and even GPS. But here it is worth making a reservation that the last two functions in a tourist watch will be more harmful than good, since they will not have a positive effect on energy consumption.In my experience of using the Garmin Fenix ​​2 GPS, they are only useful for monitoring workouts, but not for navigation. I tried to use GPS for orientation on the terrain, the map in them is absolutely useless due to the low resolution of the screen and its monochrome. The maximum that is possible is to navigate by a pre-drawn track or distance and direction to the point. And in GPS mode, the watch’s operating time is comparable to that of a conventional navigator, so this usefulness is questionable.
You can even find sapphire crystal on expensive (70-100 $) watches. There are also unique models with a titanium case.
With water resistance of almost all brands, things are bad, well, how bad – they will certainly withstand an accidental immersion, but you shouldn’t get into a hot shower, let alone a bathroom. And on all models, without exception (at least I did not find others), it is forbidden to press buttons under water, in order to avoid getting it inside the case.

Of the brands, one can single out such as Ezon with a rather original outwardly line.

Spovan, which produce a fairly inexpensive watch in a titanium case and with a sapphire crystal Spovan Bravo II, which are unique for their market. An overview of this model can be found here.

Sunroad, which makes the cheapest altimeter watch, true pocket watch.


North Edge also boasts very interesting models, including the model with a sapphire crystal and a steel bezel, which I want to present in this review.

I also met such brands as Bozlun and TTLIFE, but they do not do anything original, and the price tag is higher than competitors.

North Edge Range 1 watch review

The watch was purchased from an authorized dealer on Aliexpress. The price for them sometimes jumps up to $ 283 in order to then sell them at a “discount”. At the time of writing the review, they cost $ 68, having stood for a couple of days for this price, again rose in price to the standard $ 82, for which I purchased them. I think that this model is well worth the money spent.

It looks like a very high quality replica of the Finnish Suunto. They look pretty stylish. They are suitable not only for dragging in the mountains, but will also look good on your hand in the city.The watch has a shock-resistant plastic case and a steel, non-rotating bezel. On the light version of the watch, the strap is sewn from 2 layers of nylon sling, quite tough, and most importantly, it can be replaced with a non-specialized one, as on many watches of this class, the 24 mm wide belt you like will do. It saves you a lot of headaches down the road. For the same Suunto, one of my acquaintances, over many years of use, bought straps for an amount exceeding the cost of the watch itself, and the Finnish price tag for straps is a horse, by the way.The glass, according to the sellers, is sapphire, so it should scratch less than the standard mineral glass, it is slightly recessed into the bezel. Specially asked the seller how much sapphire it is, they give a hand to cut off that it is.

What we have by purchasing this model:

  • Time functions : time, date, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, automatic daylight saving time, world time.
  • Altimeter with a graph of the altitude change over the past 24 hours, calculating the climb and the difference from a certain point.
  • Barometer with a graph of atmospheric pressure recording for the last 48 hours.
  • Compass.
  • Thermometer.
  • Predict weather based on barometric pressure.
  • Pedometer , which counts the distance traveled and calories burned.
  • Sunrise and sunset times.
  • Backlight electroluminescent.

On a relatively large male hand, the watch looks quite proportional.

For a small or feminine pen, they are suitable only for lovers of large dials.

Compared to many Casio Protrack models with digital readouts and the same Garmin Fenix ​​and Tactix series, the display seems simply huge, with the same outer case diameter of 50 mm.

The strap buckle gets in the way when the hand is on the table and the hand is parallel to the table. But you can change the strap at any time to whatever you like.

A little later, I bought a silicone strap for Suunto Core, which was purchased specifically for use on water trips.I like the way the watch looks with him even better. The first ring of the strap retainer is held near the buckle by two tabs. It is unexpected that the second retainer does not fly off the fixed system, but it is held due to the elasticity of the belt – the tip of the strap tries to straighten, and the retaining ring is pushed back to the buckle.

The device is powered by one CR2032 lithium battery, according to the manufacturer, it should be enough for a year of moderate use. The manufacturer did not save on it and immediately installed a decent Japanese battery in the watch, so you can not rush to change it right away.Naturally, before a serious hike, it is worth insuring yourself.

With a relatively deep discharge of the battery, the clock begins to signal this with an indicator on the display. Changing the battery is quite simple – you need to carefully unscrew the lid with a coin of a suitable size. When reinstalling the cover, be careful not to damage the O-ring rubber.

The contrast of the display can be adjusted from 0 to 10. I like the value 3, when the information is already clearly visible, but inactive pixels are not visible yet.

In clock mode, the time is displayed on the screen, below it is the date, the upper information field can be changed to display the day of the week, sunset / sunrise time or world time.

Pressing the Mode button 2 times will enter the stopwatch mode.

Pressing the Mode button again will set the watch to timer mode. Unfortunately, the countdown time can only be set from the menu within the range from 0 to 100 hours without one second. It would be much more convenient to do this in the timer mode itself.

You can set two alarms in your watch, without the ability to choose the days of the week on which it will ring. So don’t forget to turn them off on weekends if you get up to work hours. The alarm signal is rather short (to save battery), so if you sleep very soundly, then two alarms to guarantee wake-up may not be enough.

No hourly signal function.

To work with the world time function, you need to select a city in the clock settings, to which the time will be shown:

Code City GMT Other cities in the same time zone
LON London 0 Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Dakar, Abidjan
PAR Paris +1 Milan, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Algeria, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Stockholm, Berlin
CAI Cairo +2 Athens, Helsinki, Istanbul, Beirut, Damascus, Cape Town
ANK Ankara +2 Ankara
JED Jeddah +3 Kuwait, Riyadh, Aden, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Moscow
THR Tehran +3.5 Shiraz
DXB Dubai + 4 Abu Dhabi, Muscat
KBL Kabul +4.5
KHI Karachi +5 Male
DEL Delhi +5.5 Mumbai, Kolkata, Colombo
DAC Dac +6 Chittagong
RGN Rangoon +6.5 Rangoon
BKK Bangkok +7 Jaka Rta, Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Vientiane
HKG Hong Kong +8 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Taipei, Manila, Perth, Ulaanbaatar
TYO Tokyo +9 Seoul, Pyongyang (SEL Seoul)
ADL Adelaide +9 , 5 Darwin
SYD Sydney +10 Melbourne, Guam, Rabaul
NOU Noumea +11 Fri Villa
WLG Wellington +12 Christchurch, Nadi Nauru Is
PPG Pago Pago -11 Pago Pago
HNL Honolulu -10 Papit
ANC Anchorage – 9 Nom
LAX Los Angeles -8 San Francisco, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma, Dawson City
DEN Denver -7 El Paso, Edmonton
CHI Chicago -6 Houston, Dallas, Worth, New Orleans, Mexico City Winnipeg
NYC New York -5 Montreal, Detroit, Miami, Boston, Panama, Havana Lima, Bogota
CCS Karaca s -4.5 La Paz, Santiago, Port of Spain
RIO Rio de Janeiro -3 Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Montevideo

There is also a function of automatic changeover to summer and winter time (suddenly our rulers will cheat again)

Altimeter mode is now available for quick access.For me, this is the next most important function of the clock, after the time and the alarm clock.

In the altimeter mode, you can set the zero mark relative to which the device will show the altitude – the ascent altitude, view the graph of the climb for the last day, the readings in which are recorded once every half an hour, as well as the accumulated climb and reset of the altitude for 24 hours. Do not forget to periodically calibrate the altimeter either by GPS altitude from your navigator, or by pre-known points. But as for me, the accuracy of 50 meters, which can be achieved from the barometric altimeter, is quite enough.

The mountain barometer will help you navigate the trend of the weather. This, in conjunction with folk signs, allows you to adjust your plans at least slightly in connection with the upcoming weather changes. As one landscape photographer said: in the morning, long before the sun appears, it is enough to look at the pressure change graph and understand whether it is worth sticking your nose out of the tent in the cold, to shoot the dawn, or you can sleep further, because if the sky is overcast , then in this case nothing good can be expected from photographs either.
In the barometer mode, the pressure taken from the sensor is displayed, and the pressure adjusted to that at the moment at sea level, taking into account the difference in altitude. You can also switch to the view of the pressure graph for the last 24 hours. The readings, as in the case of the altimeter, are recorded every half hour.

Based on pressure, the device makes forecasts of the weather for the near future. In watch mode, the display shows the icons “sunny”, “partly cloudy”, “cloudy”, “rain”.According to the manufacturer, the relevance of this forecast is about 70%.

The watch has a built-in compass. I would not blindly rely on its accuracy, but it will help to orient the map on the terrain and choose an approximate direction of movement. You can enter the magnetic declination for a given point in the compass, you can calculate it, for example, here. The declination is entered to the nearest degree. For example, for St. Petersburg in 2016 it was 10.52 ° E ± 0.44 °, and changes by 0.15 ° E per year. Also remember to calibrate the compass periodically. The location of the compass call button is not very successful, in my opinion, since quite often, during active physical work, this very button is accidentally pressed. Which very actively eats the battery, fortunately it quickly goes into energy saving mode – it simply turns off, so that it will be difficult to drop the battery to zero in this way. Although, considering that the design of the watch is stealthed with Suunto, let’s hope that this was not done with ease.

You can see the thermometer readings on the screen of the barometer or altimeter. Please note that to accurately measure the temperature, the watch must be removed from your hand and wait about 20 minutes until the temperature of the case equals that of the environment.

Pressing the Mode button 1 time, you will get into the pedometer solution. In the settings, you must first set the stride length and your weight to calculate the distance traveled and calories burned. The pedometer tends to underestimate the readings, so you can simply increase the stride length by 10 percent in the watch settings.Do not be alarmed that the steps do not tick like a clock, to save energy, the readings are updated every few minutes.

The watch can calculate sunrise and sunset times. To do this, in the settings, you must select a city from the list of preset ones, or set the city “USER” and enter the latitude, longitude and time zone. The accuracy is on the order of a minute. For special pedants – the time of theoretical sunsets and sunrises is indicated. Even when at sea, it will not match what was actually seen due to optical distortions that allow the sun to be observed over the theoretical horizon.

The backlight is quite economical and you cannot shine it like a lantern. But in the dark, the display is quite readable. By the way, on the version of the watch with a positive display, it will be much easier to make out the information at dusk, but not so much as to fundamentally abandon negative displays.

If the adapters for attaching the strap suddenly fail, the seller wrote to me that he could send them separately, so try to write a personal message. Or you can order them separately, adapters for Suunto Core are suitable, but for this you will need to drill a hole in the watch by about 0.2 mm.

In general, the watch turned out to be quite good and balanced, it definitely costs its money.

But there are some disadvantages, in particular, the inability to change the bottom data field in clock mode. It would be nice to display an altimeter or pedometer there. Yes, they would eat the battery much more, but that would be convenient. And as I wrote above, to get to the timer time settings, you will have to climb into the menu. In the timer itself, this feature is absent. And why there is no hourly signal is not entirely clear.Also, for convenience, it would be possible to make it possible to calibrate the altimeter from the altimeter screen, as it is implemented for the compass. It is not very convenient to display world time without knowing the abbreviation of the city and the time zone in which this city is located. There is no decoding of cities in the instructions.

But, as for me, there are much more advantages. For quite reasonable money, we get a chic tourist device, which, judging by the reviews, will serve you for a long time. At least, watches of this class do not differ in flimsy.Once again, I note that the declared sapphire crystal, which I was especially interested in from the seller, and how much it really is sapphire, let’s leave it on the conscience of the manufacturer, practice will show resistance to scratches. They look stylish, and not as rude and brutal as the fashionable nowadays, G-Shock and their replicas. I think that analogs from competitors and the North Edge itself will not differ much in functionality.

Good luck to you.


The water resistance of the watch was not that high.After I rolled over in the kayak and swam in the icy water, there was water inside. Opening the battery compartment, drying them for a day, the water evaporated, and the clock continued to function. Maybe, of course, while I was swimming, a button was accidentally pressed, which in no case should be done under water. But the fact remains the same. The watch is not suitable for use on water trips!

It was hoped that the watch flows through the rubber band under the bezel, as it is attached to the main case of the watch only with four miniature screws.Dismantled the watch, applied silicone sealant under the bezel around the perimeter.

But no, the miracle did not happen. They flow through the buttons. Even with active use in the rain, condensation appears inside.

The glass turned out to be not sapphire in any way! Scratches like regular mineral. So the Chinese are brazenly lying .

It was also revealed that when measuring negative temperatures, there is no indication of the minus sign.

That is, this watch model is not particularly suitable for extreme conditions.Of course, there are reviews that people swim in them without consequences, but I, like some other owners, were not lucky. Very sorry. In the future, I will use Casio watches. You can already read the review for the PRW-7000 premium model. I also recently reviewed the relatively low-cost PRW-3100, which looks great on a woman’s pen, as well as the PRW-3510, which I took in order not to feel sorry for the rocks and in the mountains.

90,000 7 reasons to go to Palestine

The Palestinian state consists of two regions: the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.The first one is absolutely inaccessible for tourists, but the second one is visited by thousands of foreigners every year. And even more would come if the image of Palestine was a little more positive. Of course, over time, this place is also occupied by Chinese tourists with selfie sticks. But for now, you have a chance to get ahead of them, and here are seven reasons to do it.

Apart from charter flights to Egyptian resorts, Palestine is the most accessible Arab country for residents of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. There are no airports in Palestine itself, so you will need to get there through visa-free Israel.From Kiev, Moscow and Minsk there are direct flights to Tel Aviv airport, from there you take a shuttle to Jerusalem, take a bus right outside the walls of the Old City and in half an hour you will find yourself in Ramallah or Bethlehem. Just upon arrival, do not tell the control that you are going to Palestine: the security service of Ben-Gurion Airport is known for its paranoia and can arrange an interview for you for several hours.

An alternative option is to fly by low-cost airlines from Europe to Uvda.It may even come out cheaper, and the controls are not so insane there. You can still go to the West Bank from Jordan, but it is more expensive to fly there, and a Jordanian visa costs money, and you will have to pay a fee to cross the Jordanian-Palestinian border.

Israeli border guards are conducting checks at the entrance to the West Bank. When entering Palestine, they may ask a couple of questions, but often they do not even check the documents. On the way back, the control is stricter, but mainly concerns luggage and the contents of pockets.

Traveling in the West Bank is very easy because the distances are short and the transport links are well organized by both Israeli and Palestinian carriers – it all depends on the route. There is no need to change money – Israeli shekels are circulating in Palestine.

Against the background of expensive Israel, Palestinian prices seem scanty. Especially for food and fruits and vegetables. And those Israelis who live near the West Bank have taken this fact into account and ride to their Arab neighbors to shop on the cheap.But the point is not only in saving, but also in the fact that …

As you know, most of the population of Israel is Jews, and therefore the Sabbath is celebrated throughout the country, when believers are prohibited from working. Shops, cafes, museums are closed on Friday evening, city and almost all intercity transport stops working. Some of this will be available only on Saturday evening, and some on Sunday morning at all – it all depends on how religious the population is in a particular area, but in general the cities look pretty deserted.So if you ended up in Israel on Friday, and wandering around the empty streets in search of food is not part of your plans, then Allah himself ordered to go to Palestine for a couple of days.

Even if you have never read the Bible, you must have heard something about the star of Bethlehem and the trumpets of Jericho. So, the cities of Jericho and Bethlehem are just the territory of the Palestinian state. A huge number of Christian pilgrims come to Bethlehem, because it is believed that this is where Jesus Christ was born.The Basilica of the Nativity of Christ was built over the place of the alleged birth in the 4th century. And now this church, along with a ten-kilometer pilgrimage trail leading from Jerusalem, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Bethlehem is also dear to the Jews, because the king of Israel, David, was born there. It is also believed that Rachel, one of Jacob’s wives, is buried here.

20 kilometers south of Bethlehem is the city of Hebron, divided by a fence into two unequal parts: the Israeli and the Palestinian.In the historical center of Hebron, there is a structure that the Jews call the Mahpela Cave, and the Muslims call the Ibrahim Mosque. It is believed that the biblical Abraham, aka Ibrahim, Isaac and Jacob, as well as their wives Sarah, Rebecca and Leia are buried here.

There is even a Russian Orthodox monastery in Hebron. A century and a half ago, a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church announced that he had found an oak in Hebron, under which, according to the Bible, the Lord appeared to Abraham. He bought the land, and on the acquired site they began to receive pilgrims, and later a monastery and a temple were built.

Makhpela Cave or Ibrahim Mosque

In 2005, a British artist came to the West Bank. On the separation wall between Israel and Palestine in the region of Ramallah and Jerusalem, he left several of his works dedicated to this very wall. Two years later, he returned to Palestine and painted several more graffiti already in Bethlehem, forming a whole trend for his less famous followers.

After his visit to Bethlehem, shops called Banksy’s Shop opened, selling lousy souvenirs with replicas of the artist’s work.Obviously Banksy has nothing to do with this. One of the shops was built right against the wall with the work “A Girl Searching a Soldier.” That is, you can look at the graffiti only by going inside. Above the entrance is a sign that reads “Exit Through the Gift Shop” – a nod to a documentary produced by Banksy himself, which looks pretty derisive when the store’s doors are closed to visitors.

Seeking to draw attention to the problems of the Palestinians, Banksy left several more of his works in the Gaza Strip.And this year in Bethlehem, near the border crossing point between Israel and Palestine, he opened The Walled Off Hotel. All the windows of the hotel rooms deliberately overlook the dividing wall, and the phrase “the worst view in the world” has even become the hotel’s slogan. The hotel rooms and lobby are decorated with art by Banksy and other artists. This place is not budget housing: a dorm bed costs 60 bucks. But even if you are not going to spend the night there, you can come to sit in the bar, shop in the gift shop and visit the art gallery.

The Israeli-Arab conflict attracts not only activists to Palestine, but also just curious citizens. Basically, of course, those who sympathize with the Arabs in this situation. Local travel agencies took the lead and, among their other tours, also launched excursions dedicated to the current geopolitical situation. They will tell you – from the point of view of the Arabs, of course – about the history of the confrontation and the division of the region, take you to the camps of Palestinian refugees and familiarize you with the manifestations of the Israeli occupation.Going on such an excursion is probably worth it: it is very interesting and informative. The main thing is to include critical thinking and do not forget to familiarize yourself with the point of view of the other side of the conflict.

Read on: Very Bad Attractions: How to legally and safely visit refugee camps, slums and favelas

Palestinian food is incredibly tasty, varied and inexpensive (see point 2). Even if it is fast food, it will be the freshest, and not prepared from semi-finished products.The local cuisine in general is quite bloodthirsty and has a lot of meat dishes, but vegetarians are not in danger of starving to death: there are wonderful olives, cheese, fruits with vegetables and hummus. The author of this text traveled a little around the Middle East and ate different foods there. So, he had a chance to taste the most delicious kunefe in the historical center of Nablus, and the best falafel in the so-called capital of Palestinian terrorism, Jenin.

Local Christians also brew quite good beer. The owners of the most famous Palestinian brand, Taybeh, are very proud to be the first craft brewery in the Middle East, bring their beer to themed events in Europe and even host their own small Palestinian Oktoberfest every year.

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Cruises on the replica of the Titanic will begin in 2022

The Australian company Blue Star Line plans to launch and start cruises on the replica of the Titanic.The head of the company, Australian businessman Clive Palmer, voiced his idea to recreate the legendary liner and repeat its route back in 2012, in the year of the centenary of the journey and the wreck of the historic Titanic. However, at first it was announced that the ship would be launched in 2016, then the dates were postponed until 2019. The reason, according to RBC, was payment disputes between the companies. What is interesting – the company itself is the Australian company “namesake” of the White Star Line company, the author of “Titanic”.

Note that another copy of the liner is being built by China, but this version “does not pretend” to travel by sea.In Sichuan, Seven Star Energy Investment is building a “Chinese copy” of the Titanic. It will be “laid up” in the resort area on the Qiqiang River and will be a shopping and entertainment center for tourists. The first of which are planned to be launched there in 2019. At the same time, outwardly, the copy will be similar to the original – the Chinese will reproduce all the details of the original liner.

As for the project of the Australian businessman, he is launching not only a working version of the Titanic, but also with a kind of “historical reconstruction”.In particular, he stated that the passengers would be given costumes of the early 20th century and the entertainment on the ship would repeat everything from the original Titanic. “Millions dreamed of sailing on this ship, seeing it in port and feeling its unique grandeur. “Titanic II” will be able to fulfill these dreams, “- said Clive Palmer in an interview with The Guardian.

Social network users, however, have already wondered if a meeting with the iceberg is envisaged and what about the number of lifeboats on the liner? At the same time, the shipbuilders even answered – more than 2,000 units – enough for all passengers.

However, doubts about the launch of the project still remain despite the announcements of the first flight of the liner in 2022, representatives of Blue Star Line are in no hurry to disclose exact dates. Also, no contracts have yet been concluded with shipbuilding companies.

90,000 Matt Damon’s Martian Chronicles – Around TV.

14:50, 06.10.2015

The actor spoke about the filming of the movie The Martian.

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On the set of Ridley Scott’s space drama The Martian, Hollywood actor Matt Damon tried to find out if life is possible on the Red Planet.

– As a child, did you dream of becoming an astronaut?

– I remember that my friends and I played a similar game, but I never dreamed of space. It seems to me that people who choose this path are endowed with a special mindset and temperament, they are born pioneers. Without them, our civilization would not have been able to develop. But I myself am of a completely different type. I am one of those who see off travelers from the shore with the words: “Ok, guys, then tell me how it was.”

– How did you get the lead role in The Martian?

– My job is not to fly into space, but to convincingly play the person who was there.Before “The Martian” I hadn’t filmed anywhere for 18 months. Do you know why? I couldn’t find a project that would really interest me. The format that has fed me for 20 years is gradually leaving Hollywood and moving to television and serials. There is very little real cinema – there are cheap fakes around. Therefore, you must grab a good script right away.

– How convincing does the story of the film seem to you?

– It’s hard for me to judge this, but Andy Weir , the author of the novel of the same name, assures that every fact stated in the book has a scientific basis.He spent an incredible amount of time researching. I think this is one of the reasons for the sensational success of The Martian. It is no coincidence that screenwriter Drew Goddard called his text “a love letter to science.” This definition seems very accurate to me.

– And yet there is one moment in which it is difficult to believe: your hero, left on Mars all alone, never falls into despondency. Just some kind of Robinson Crusoe!

– Mark is a pioneer in spirit, a pioneer, he cannot afford to sit idly by.In addition, irony and sarcasm save him. The Martian is a very funny film: when I read the script, the smile never left my face. And this is very similar to the truth. Surely you, too, have come across people whose profession is to constantly cheat death. They have a special sense of humor, with a bitter aftertaste, a kind of gallows humor.

– What was the most difficult part of working on the painting?

– Play without partners. I have never done anything like this before. Usually there is always someone nearby who can pick up the line, play along.And here – emptiness. But I managed to grow potatoes ( laughs ).

– Did you really grow it? This is not a props?

– Of course not. How else, if we had to constantly remove these shoots during the growth period. The easiest way is to plant real potatoes. So now I’m not only an actor, but also a bit of an agronomist.

Three facts about the film

1. The author of “The Martian” Andy Weir at first could not find a publisher for his novel and posted the text for free on the site, and then, at the request of fans, made a version for electronic devices, which he sold only for $ 0.99.He soon became a millionaire.

2. Martian landscapes were filmed in the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum, for the unusual landscapes nicknamed the Valley of the Moon.

3. Actress Jessica Chastain, who played the commander of the spacecraft, constantly communicated with NASA specialists and astronauts in preparation for the role.

Watch the movie “The Martian” at the box office from 8 October.


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