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Hitachi Magic Wand Massager | OBGYN Newport Beach, CA

Since its introduction, products of all shapes and sizes have come and gone, but none have had an impact like the Magic Wand’s. It has been included among the most iconic inventions of the twentieth century, dubbed the “little black dress” of massagers, and remains the best-selling massage wand of all time.

Lynn Comella, author of Vibrator Nation: How Feminist Sex-Toy Stores Changed the Business of Pleasure, explains via email: ” Maybe more than any other vibrator, the wand has gained a kind of cult status as a icon of female sexual empowerment, with a following and popularity that spans generations.”

As soon as you get a hold on to the Magic Wand you know it’s a high-end quality product.

Anniversary of 52 years in 2020, Hitachi has been manufacturing the Magic Wand to excellence since 1968. Their reputation for using high-quality components and producing a personal massager that is built to last still holds true today. The Magic Wand Rechargeable can confidently claim to be the highest quality and safest massager in the world.


The Hitachi Magic Wand Original 

This is the legendary Magic Wand Original, the one that started it all. Back when every phone had a cord and “going viral” meant something COMPLETELY different, women around the world were discovering the mind-blowing pleasure of the Magic Wand. Cosmopolitan Magazine called it the “little black dress” of massagers, and Time Magazine named it among the top ten “Most Influential Gadgets of All Time.” Even at fifty, the Magic Wand vibrators are still turning heads as the most recommended and best-selling massage wand in America! But what makes this wand so magical is no big secret: power. Its six-foot cord plugs into the wall for continuous use and an OMG-worthy 6,000 RPM top speed. It features a soft, vinyl head for external stimulation, an intuitive control that lets you select high or low power, and the protection of a one-year warranty.

The Hitachi Magic Wand rechargeable promise

  • Genuine Hitachi product 
  • 1 year replacement warranty
  • including certified power recharger


The Magic Wand Plus 

The Magic Wand Plus is the “Just Right” massager. All the power (and then some) of the Original paired with high-end features of the Rechargeable all rolled into one value-packed wand. Ready to make history again, the Magic Wand Plus is a full-size, corded massage wand that delivers the same magical pleasure women around the world have enjoyed for more than fifty years. It features a soft, silicone head, flexible neck, and the continuous power you can only get from a plug-in massager. The intuitive controls make it easy to select one of four mind-blowing intensities – ranging all the way up to 6,300 RPM! And, when it’s time to put the Magic Wand Plus away, the cord detaches for easy storage.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable 

The Wand Rechargeable vibrators from Hitachi are truly an evolution in pleasure. Thanks to its cordless convenience, you can now bring the legendary power of these vibrators anywhere you go – but that’s just a piece of what makes this wand so magical. Similar in size and shape to the corded Original, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is a brand-new take on the classic version. It features a soft, silicone head, flexible neck, and a long-lasting battery that delivers power up to an unbelievable 6,300 RPM! Putting you in control, the Hitachi Rechargeable offers four intensity levels as well as four different vibration patterns that are easily selected using the intuitive buttons. And it can even operate while plugged in, so the party can keep going and going. This winning combination of features has earned the Magic Wand Rechargeable a place at the top of everyone’s list.

A Brief History of the Magic Wand

When you think iconic vibrators, you have to think of the Magic Wand. Often colloquially referred to as “The Hitachi,” the toy has a storied history going back to the late ’60s and is known to be symbolic of the sex-positive feminist movement of the ’70s. While I only knew of the Hitachi as an uggo hunk of plastic often found in friends’ moms’ bathroom drawers, I was shocked to discover that the Hitachi actually had a pretty badass feminist backstory and was

way more than just a silly “””sports massager”””.

Initially marketed as a general body massager for sore muscles, the Magic Wand quickly gained a cult following in the early ’70s for the off-label use as one of the best vibrators for clitoral stimulation. While the popularity as a vibrator eventually caused Japanese electronics giant Hitachi to take their name off one of their most recognizable products, the success of the Magic Wand would be impossible without its early roots in the appliance industry. Its discreet appearance as a household item is perhaps the reason for much of its early success amongst women-in-the-know, and the fact that it wasn’t overly phallic freed it from perpetuating the belief that women needed a dick inside them to feel pleasure. Not only was it easier for women to buy (What if they

really just wanted to soothe their sore necks?) but the type of orgasm the toy provided was all about a woman’s pleasure and not the “yeah-if-you-keep-jamming-that-there-it-sort-of-feels-good-for-me-I-guess?” kind of penetrative sex that is unfortunately so often the norm when women learn about sex from men.

As Lynn Comella, author of Vibrator Nation: How Feminist Sex-Toy Stores Changed the Business of Pleasure, explains over email, “perhaps more than any other vibrator, the Magic Wand — formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand — has achieved a kind of iconic status as a symbol of female sexual liberation, with a fan base and popularity that has spanned generations.”

Here, a few key players in the popularity of the Magic Wand over its nearly 50 year history explain the fascinating backstory behind the little appliance that could. Read on, and don’t be surprised if you run out and buy a wand just out of respect for the history immediately afterwards.

1968: Hitachi Files a Trademark for Magic Wand
An early Hitachi model from the 60s

Good Vibrations

On May 20, 1968, Hitachi files a trademark for “Magic Wand.” Dr. Carol Queen, staff sexologist and historian at Good Vibrations also adds that for a long time, the toy was just called The Hitachi. Ironic, considering all the hullaballoo that would later follow with Hitachi taking their name off in the 2000s.

Carol Queen

The Workout model from the early-to-mid 70s


Good Vibrations

During the early years from the late ’60s to the mid-’70s, there were several iterations of the wand. Early editions of the Magic Wand featured a quilted black head — different from the iconic off-white soft head normally associated with the Magic Wand — as well as availability with a bright pink body. After switching to the softer head, the massager was also re-packaged as “The Workout” during the early-to-mid 70s.

Late 1960s–Early 1970s: Betty Dodson Introduces Magic Wands to her Bodysex Workshops
The packaging of the Hitachi Magic Wand circa 1975–1976

Courtesy of GoodVibrations

Sex educator and artist Betty Dodson had been teaching her famous Bodysex workshops in New York City since the late 60s. These women-only workshops focused on teaching women how to masturbate. Dodson was a pioneer and advocate for the use of vibrators, ever since her lover in the late 1960s introduced her to an electric vibrator originally used for scalp massages.

While Dodson originally used a vibrator from Oster and the Panabrator by Panasonic, in the 70’s, Dodson started teaching her workshops with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Dodson, who is now in her 80s, explained over the phone, that the reason she originally used the Magic Wand was that she had tried several and felt it was the best.

While Dodson is widely credited with popularizing the Magic Wand, she received no compensation for her endorsement of the toy. Dodson added, “it’s really shitty of [Hitachi] to not acknowledge my efforts and give me a percentage.”

Dodson maintains that her endorsement of the wand was never about money back then and still isn’t, but that doesn’t mean she’s without regret about how it all went down. “That’s one of our traits [as women].” she said. “We’ll do a job and then we’ll try to negotiate the pay…because I was an artist, not a business person, I promoted it because I liked it. And I was never acknowledged. The company appreciates the free endorsement, but if I had to do it all over again, I’d charge.”

1970: Dell Williams Meets Betty Dodson at a Yoga Retreat

Sex educator Dell Williams wrote in her memoir, Revolution in the Garden, about meeting Betty Dodson at a yoga retreat in 1970 by chance when the two were assigned to bunk together. Williams, a shy woman in her 50s working in advertising, knew of Dodson’s masturbation workshops, and waited months after their meeting to work up the nerve to sign up for one.

When Williams finally did sign up for a workshop, she was introduced to the Hitachi Magic Wand through Dodson, who used it in her demonstration for the second day of class.

1973: Dell Williams Has a Humiliating Experience Trying to Buy a Magic Wand, Accidentally Sparks a Revolution

Lynn Comella says that in 1973, Dell Williams allegedly went to Macy’s to buy a Hitachi Magic Wand after hearing about the vibrator at one of Betty Dodson’s workshops. The salesman creepily asked her what she planned on using the vibrator for, and the resulting gross experience lead Williams to found Eve’s Garden, the first major feminist sex toy store, in 1974. Eve’s Garden was first a mail-order company run out of Williams’ New York City apartment, though she later sets up shop in an office suite of a high-rise building in midtown Manhattan where her store has been ever since.

1976: Joani Blank Features the Hitachi Magic Wand on the Cover of Her Book,
Good Vibrations


Sex educator Joani Blank publishes her guide to vibrators with the very succinct title: Good Vibrations: Being a Treatise on the Use of Machines in the Indolent Indulgence of Erotic Pleasure-Seeking Together with Important Hints on the Acquisition, Care, and Utilization of Said Machines and Much More about the Art and Science of Buzzing Off. And she featured the Hitachi Magic Wand on the cover of her book.

Dr. Carol Queen explains that part of the appeal of the Hitachi Magic Wand was that it looked like an appliance, and not an über-phallic sex toy. Queen explains, “Joani, aware of the limitations back then of trying to distribute a book with a sexy cover, would have appreciated this twofer. She got to represent a vibrator she thought was great, and her book was less likely to be flagged as a problem in a bookstore.”

1977: Good Vibrations, the Sex Store, Opens Its Doors
Good Vibrations’ founder Joani Blank in 1977 with the Hitachi Magic Wand and various other sex toys.

Joani Blank

Blank opens her first Good Vibrations store in San Francisco and starts selling the Hitachi Magic Wand from the beginning. Just as Dell Williams sought to create a safe, comfortable, and non-creepy space for women to shop for vibrators in New York City, so too was Joani Blank’s mission on the west coast.

Comella says that in the early days of Good Vibrations business, Blank used to buy Hitachi Magic Wands in bulk in San Francisco’s Japantown at a very small discount, and then resell them at Good Vibrations for the same price they were being sold at in Japantown, making a profit of only $2 on each vibrator. “What’s notable about this story,” Comella explained, “is that for Joani, who prided herself on being an unconventional businesswoman, it was never about making a lot of money, but about making vibrators accessible to as many people as possible at a price point they could afford.”

1992: Hitachi Recognizes the Use of Magic Wand as a Vibrator for the First Time

Prior to 1992, Hitachi never acknowledged publicly that their massager was so popular as a sex toy. However, in 1992, when Good Vibrations set out to plan a party celebrating 15 years in business, Hitachi employees from their Atlanta headquarters chipped in to fund Magic Wand-shaped chocolate molds for the party, and ordered 500 chocolates from Good Vibrations for their annual sales conference. This seems to be the only record of Hitachi acknowledging the Magic Wand’s NSFW popularity.

1999: No More Magic Wands

At this time, the Magic Wand was being distributed by a U.S. company that handled business for several of Hitachi’s small appliances like rice cookers, fans, etc. Shay Martin, owner of Vibratex, which is now the distributor for Magic Wands (and also famous for distributing the first Rabbit vibrator in the U.S.), alleges that when the previous company stopped paying their bills, Hitachi stopped selling to them, leading to a dearth of Magic Wands in the market.

Dan Martin, General Manager of Vibratex, says at this point, eBay was just starting up and retailers were driving across state lines to buy up whatever Magic Wand stock they could find, and then selling them online for around four times the price.

2000: Vibratex Takes Over Distribution
A Hitachi Magic Wand circa 2000s

Good Vibrations

When it became clear that consumers were desperate for Magic Wands but no one was selling them, Vibratex tried to get in touch with Hitachi to see if they could take over as Hitachi’s import agent.

Vibratex tried unsuccessfully at first, to persuade Hitachi to let them sell just the Magic Wand, but Hitachi was already in negotiations with another company who would be selling the Magic Wand and all other small appliances. Vibratex then offered to pay upfront for a cargo container of surplus Magic Wands to sell in the meantime, which they assumed would be a one-time deal, and Hitachi agreed. After Hitachi discovered that the other company they were in negotiations with was no longer interested in selling any of their small appliances besides the Magic Wand, they decided to go with Vibratex, who had been upfront about wanting just the Magic Wand from the start.

Sex and the City Shows a Magic Wand


In Season 4’s “My Motherboard, Myself” episode, Samantha can be seen trying to “find” her lost orgasm with a Hitachi Magic Wand.

2002: Sex and the City Calls Out “Neck Massagers” as Vibrators

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The next season of Sex and the City, Samantha tries to return a vibrator to a Sharper Image store for failing to get her off. What follows is a particularly memorable scene in which Samantha schools the clueless sales guy about the real reason women are buying his neck massagers. Nearly thirty years after Dell Williams’ embarrassing retail experience, Samantha Jones proudly lifted the veil on euphemistically named “body massagers.” While this episode didn’t show a Hitachi Magic Wand specifically, the iconic shape and story behind the wand made it pretty clear, it was an homage to the Hitachi Magic Wand.

In the same episode, Samantha winds up donating her new wand-style vibrator to Miranda’s son Brady, as the movement of the wand in his chair keeps him from crying.


2012: Hitachi Drops Their Name from the Product

In mid 2012, Dan Martin says Vibratex was contacted by Hitachi saying they were going to stop making the Hitachi Magic Wand. “They finally caught up to how it was being promoted and sold in the States,” Dan explained. Knowing what a huge loss it would be if this product came off the market, Vibratex asked Hitachi if they could continue selling the Magic Wand without the Hitachi name, and Hitachi agreed.

2013: The Debut of the Magic Wand Original The new packaging for the Magic Wand Original


Buy Now Magic Wand Original, HITACHI (Available at Babeland), $60

In June of 2013, after eight months of marketing, branding, and re-designing, the massager went from the “Hitachi Magic Wand” to the “Magic Wand Original.” Not only did the toy get a new name, but Hitachi also added improvements to the components, circuitry, the vibrating head, and to overall improve durability. According to Dan, this was the first major update to any of the technology of the toy since Vibratex took over distribution in 2000.

2015: The Rechargeable Magic Wand The new rechargeable Magic Wand Original.


Buy Now Rechargeable Magic Wand Original, HITACHI (Available at Babeland), $125

Dan Martin says that prior to the 2013 name change, there had always been hesitation to ask Hitachi for upgrades because of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” nature of their relationship. After the cat was out of the bag and they realized Hitachi was still down to do business with them, knowing how their toy would be used, there was more room to ask for updates in technology.

Dan says that despite the introduction of the rechargeable version, the corded Magic Wand Original is still just as much of a hot seller. Lisa Finn, Sex Educator and Brand Manager at Babeland, says that the launch of the rechargeable version lead to a 63% increase for Hitachi-related sales at Babeland.

2017: The Magic Wand Today

Since 2010, the Magic Wand or the Magic Wand Rechargeable (or sometimes both) hasn’t left the top 5 spot for sellers at Babeland. The Magic Wand still accounts for over 75% of Vibratex’s total sales as well.

Shay Martin says it’s not unheard of for people to use the same Magic Wand for 10 or 15 years. “If you don’t wrap the cord around the handle and take care of it, like taking care of your hairdryer or whatever, it should last a long time.” She says.

Part of the reason why Magic Wands are so sturdy compared to some other sex toys? With roots in GD kitchen appliances, it’s no surprise that the product is well made. Shay says, “Whenever you buy sex toys now, they usually have some kind of verbiage on the package that says, ‘Sold as a novelty toy’ whereas this thing is an actual appliance, so it’s well made, it’s gonna last a really long time, and it’s not just like a cheap little thing you can pick up at the dollar store.”

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Carina Hsieh Sex & Relationships Editor Carina Hsieh lives in NYC with her French Bulldog Bao Bao — follow her on Instagram and Twitter • Candace Bushnell once called her the Samantha Jones of Tinder • She enjoys hanging out in the candle aisle of TJ Maxx and getting lost in Amazon spirals. 

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6 Best Personal Wand Massagers on Amazon (with Reviews)

Have you been looking for a personal massager to help you find sweet release after a long day of work? Or maybe one that you can take on a business trip when your partner won’t be on hand to work that certain sore spot that needs attention? These 6 massagers are specifically designed to relieve tension and leave your once stiff limbs loose and limp by your sides.

The Original Magic Wand from Vibratex (with Travel Massager)

The Hitachi Magic Wand was, for a long time, considered the gold standard in handheld devices designed specifically and solely for at-home massage purposes. The design has since been taken over by Vibratex, who sells this model with an accompanying travel massager, and the reviews are excellent:

“Because everyone needs to relax. And sometimes you don’t have time to relax in a leisurely manner. And this item will help you relax quickly and with great intensity … It’s not too loud unless you are the sort of person who cannot relax quietly.”

“Good product. Very relaxing. Very, very relaxing. You should buy one.”

“Kept ‘seeing’ these around & wanted to give her a treat. They are everything you have heard about & more in my experience. You can’t put a price on what happens by spending a few lousy bucks on this magic scepter of cosmic bliss.”

Yarosi Cordless Curve Therapeutic Device

The Yarosi curve takes the traditional massager form and adds some ergonomic design and a flexible massage head. Despite its cordless design, the reviews suggest that it’s more than powerful enough to work through your tension and actually finish the job:

“I have barely left my apartment in two days. #blessed”

“My new best best friend!!!!! If you know what I mean! I have a really hard time you know…. (Finishing the race)… Due to Medical issues… I’ve tired a bunch of different types and things. This is the best X10!”

“Good Vibrations Is An Understatement … the Yarosi is fricking phenomenal. More vibration options, better speeds, and the handle really helps. So far the charge time is less than the, ah, play time which I cannot say the Pheiho could match. That said, it does not sound quiet when in use and I keep thinking the rest of the house can hear it. The air conditioner and blankets do a well enough job of masking its sounds…I hope.”

“Holy hell, I woke up cuddling this thing and don’t even remember falling asleep. 100/10”

Snawowo Wand Massager

Snawowo’s wand massager is a more compact massager for travel purposes and improves on other massagers by isolating vibrations to the flexible massage head. It is also waterproof for bathtub massages. It has fewer reviews than other massagers, but they are enthusiastic. Some users seem to use it for religious purposes as well as therapeutic:

“Wow, wow, wow!!! Amazing! Brings whole new level of enjoyment to a ‘massage.’ Don’t hesitate on this one.”

“I swear I saw jesus. This just melted my pain away, that is for sure. It’s soft and quieter than I expected. When things say quiet, I usually second guess them but they mean it. I just…phew.”

Magic Wand Massager with free Wand Essentials Speed Controller

Another entry from Vibrtex, this model comes with a special speed controller that reviewers really seem to enjoy. Once again it seems to have religious uses:

“The cord is long enough to not be a problem to me and when it’s doing it’s job…. one tends to forget about the cord, the sky… their bills etc. I don’t know too much about the durability because I can’t use it often as it tends to consume large parts of my day and I have other adult responsibilities to tend to… like the things I forgot about while I was using it. It is loud so if you want something discreet, this is not your product. However, you’ll be loud as well or whomever you gift it to. I didn’t attach pictures because that would be obscene.”

“Got it 30 minutes ago and gave it a test run … I *think* I was speaking in tongues, but I’m having trouble remembering stuff now.”

“Overall rating: OhmyGodyes … You won’t need to use it that long. ;)”

Original Magic Wand Rechargable Cordless HV-270

One more Vibratex wand, but this one is cordless and still packs enough power to handle even the aches and pains of older users. Like some of the other wands, some reviews seem to suggest that it can tap into religious or occult forces, though it may have issues with leaking:

“If it blows an 80 yr – old woman’s mind, think what it will do for you.”

“The floor was drippy. recommend.”

“When it was charged and ready to go I invited my husband to come and help me ‘review’ our new friend. As we anxiously got started we both knew right away from the curling of our toes and the intensity of the ‘pain release’ that blew him clear off the bed and threw him against the bedroom door, this was not your normal run of the mill ‘Massager.’ This thing really does have Miraculous powers! Luckily no one was hurt.”

The Luvkis Cordless Wand Massager with 12 Speed Vibration Modes

Lastly, the Luvkis Wand Massager is another cordless, waterproof charger. It’s a bit larger than Snawowo’s entry, but many users seem to like its ergonomic design. Unfortunately some reviews seem to suggest that it may leak fluids, and it may have some strange hypnotic effects:

“Very strong and loOng lasting on a single charge!”

“Works great although after I showed my family how much I love this and how this helps with my back pain, they all looked at me weird and got me more guy friends :/”

“Works great, tons of power, keeps the missus happy. Can’t keep the sheets dry.”

Comment below to tell us what you think of our list and please include your personal favorite if we didn’t cover it here!

Why I’m Obsessed With My Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator

In search of a super orgasm that really clears the cobwebs? Look no further.

For my 43rd birthday, I got the present to top all presents: an instant orgasm machine. My husband bought me a Hitachi Magic Wand, the legendary two-speed “back massager” that’s been used on other body parts, to great effect, since it was first released in 1968. I’m no vibrator virgin—I have a very close relationship with my Lelo Gigi—so I can’t believe it took me all this time to discover just how earth-shatteringly, mind-numbingly, toe-tinglingly amazing the Magic Wand is. I’ve seen them discussed in internet forums and on the shelves in sex stores my whole adult life (one of my first retail jobs was in an upscale adult store), but I always thought they looked a bit scary.

Let me give it to you straight: The Magic Wand isn’t some cute and discreet thing that fits in the drawer of your bedside table. (I’ve got mine shoved in behind a pile of sweaters on the top shelf of my closet.) It’s big and industrial looking, like a drill or a miniature version of something used to extract crude oil from the ground. Until very recently, the only option available required that you plug it into the wall. But none of those things matter once you try it.

Before you do, please note the Magic Wand is used differently than a lot of other vibes: you don’t insert it anywhere, but instead just hold the massive round vibrating head against your lady parts. The vibrations are so strong that you don’t even need to put it directly on your clitoris, just in the near vicinity. You’ll come off at an almost alarming and intense rate—I’m talking a minute or two, tops.

As for the resulting orgasm? It’s intense. Incredibly intense. Like a super orgasm. One that really clears the cobwebs. But don’t just take my word for it. One highly satisfied Reddit user, on a long and glowing thread about the Magic Wand, describes the orgasms it produces as “angry” and I get it; there’s no slow build-up, no “I’m coming… I’m coming.” Instead, it’s more like, “Holy shit, I just came.” This perhaps isn’t the orgasm you want every single time you’re feeling horny, but when you just want the job done, this is how to do it. It’s the mechanical equivalent of a quickie.

Because the Magic Wand is so intense, sex educator Rachele Manett, who works at sex-positive shop Venus Envy in Halifax, says it can also be a hugely helpful tool for folks with decreased sensitivity or decreased libido (something that is common as women get older and our estrogen levels drop). “It can be something that is really helpful to sort of speed things up and rev things up. Sometimes it’s hard to get in the mood and kissing isn’t necessarily going to do that,” she says. “You can use it over clothes, or run it up your legs and still feel those rumbly vibrations, you can even feel it through a pillow.” (She also notes that the rechargeable model is just as powerful as the corded one, something I wish I had known before my husband bought mine.)

As for any concern that the turbo oomph of the Magic Wand might just be too powerful? “My gynecologist colleagues tell me that it’s simply not possible to experience desensitization or hypersensitization as a result of vibrator use,” says Dr. Lori Brotto, director of the UBC Sexual Health Laboratory in Vancouver. “You would have to be directly stimulating the clitoris for hours and hours for that to happen.” The thought of doing so with the Magic Wand is honestly too much to handle. (So is the thought of using the vibe’s stronger #2 setting, which I can’t deal with for more than a few seconds.)

You may be wondering what my husband got out of buying me such a powerful sex toy. Admittedly, after we used it for the first time, he quipped that he might as well just leave the room. But, we’ve since found that using it together is pretty awesome. Being penetrated while holding the Magic Wand on my general pubic area is explosively good, and the vibrations are so strong he can feel them too. I mostly use it when we’re together, barring the odd bit of near-instantaneous afternoon delight.

A Magic Wand is a fantastic present for yourself. If you have trouble getting off, this might fix it. If you have no trouble getting off but want to add a bit of zing to your sex life, this is the mighty toy to do it. As much as you can love an inanimate object, I’m in love with my Magic Wand. Buy one, and I’m pretty sure that after one two-minute session you’ll feel the same.

This piece was originally published in 2020, and updated in 2021.

The Original “Hitachi” Magic Wand Review


Get ready to be acquainted with the one, the only, Original Magic Wand (formerly the Hitachi) aka: the one vibrator to rule them all, the holy grail and Cadillac of vibrators, and an untamed beast who’s unrelenting vibrations refused to be silenced or subdued. The authentic Hitachi Magic Wand scoffs at other vibrators, maintaining its position as the all-powerful, while other vibrators merely quiver in comparison. If my toy box was a cheesy teen movie, all my vibrators would stop talking and turn to stare as the real Hitachi massager slow-motion buzzed into the room.

This is the best magic wand vibrator for when you’ve already hit the highest speed on your favorite bullet, grabbed the next most powerful vibe in your drawer, finally reached for your imitation faux-tachi, and still have yet to be satisfied. The Hitachi vibrator is the vibe for when you’ve already had a LOT of warm up and are ready to pull out the big guns for a finale with a standing ovation.

The Hitachi Magic Wand now comes in an updated version that is rechargeable, has a silicone head, and several speeds and patterns! Read the rechargeable’s review here!




How Good is the Hitachi Magic Wand?

The Hitachi Wand is, in a word, insane. It is a full foot long, nearly the length from the top of my palm to my elbow, with a vibrating head that is 2 inches tall, 2.5 inches across, and 7.5 inches around – about the size of a tennis ball. It’s not meant to fit inside you, but rather, to externally massage your sore muscles, shoulders, back, and… oh yeah, and if your vulva and clitoris happen to be sore, it’s really great at that, too. At nearly 2 pounds, the Hitachi is by far the heaviest vibrator I’ve come across. You also plug it into the wall, which means it’s not only incredibly powerful but also possibly considered an appliance. (Seriously, insane.) The cord is 6 feet long – which is perfect for me to hold on to bedside (or couchside… or deskside), but may be tricky if you’re far away from the wall or have a tall bed. It’s entirely made of plastic on the outside, aside from a small metal rim along the handle, which your hand doesn’t even have to touch to control the vibrations. The last of these benefits is the vibration and power… which, oh my GOD. How is this even legal?



How to Use the Hitachi Magic Wand

The controls on the Hitachi vibrator are simple. After all, this is a classic vibrator that’s been around for decades… the one our slutty ancestors swore by. A button on the handle controls the only two speeds – high and HIGHER. The lower speed is incredibly rumbly, and more powerful than every vibrator I own. The higher speed is still rumbly (though slightly less) and indescribable. Seriously, words fail me. Their website helps a bit… the lower speed has 5,000 vibrations per minute. The higher speed has 6,000 vibrations per minute. For comparison, the highest level on a washing machine is 1,600 rotations per minute. The vibrations are so powerful that the Hitachi actually needs a cool down period of 30 minutes after just 25 minutes of use. (Not that you’ll need to use it that long to orgasm… I christened it with its first orgasm within a minute… and then another… and another after that.)



These vibrations are INCREDIBLY pleasurable for me… but it’s not something I can just jump into without warm-up. I need to use about 5 other vibrators before using it… or use it over my underwear (hell, even my pants). But once I get going, this is the ONLY vibrator that can give me massive orgasms in rapid succession, with hardly any work on my part. It just doesn’t stop. My partner used it on me, and gave me so many unrelenting, tormented, and forceful orgasms that I cried… cried… from the shock of that much pleasure. That’s never, ever happened to me before. The Hitachi not only gives me the ability to orgasm at will – but the ability to orgasm AGAINST my will when we’re having a bit of BDSM play. The vibrations are truly incredible, unforgettable, and beyond all of my expectations. Surprisingly, this isn’t a vibrator that makes your hand shake and go numb while you use it (unless you’re shaking from orgasm…). The vibration is most strongly felt in the head, and can barely be felt along the handle, even at the highest speed.


Can You Hear the Hitachi in Another Room?

Of course with powerful toys tends to come some noise. The Hitachi is loud, and definitely the loudest thing I own, but I was honestly expecting it to be a lot louder. It can absolutely be heard through your door, and maybe even in the next room if your walls are thin, but it sounds more high pitched and electronic. It’s loud enough that you may need to turn up your porn to hear it, but you won’t be cringing and reaching for earplugs. It’s not the invasive sound I expected, though you’ll want to save your quality time with the Hitachi for when you know you’re going to be alone for a while.

The Magic Wand now comes in an updated version that is rechargeable, has a silicone head, and several speeds and patterns! Read the review here.


Can Vibrators Desensitize You?

Those with vulvas have wondered many things about vibrators – and specifically the Hitachi. Questions like, will it make you go numb? Can it ruin your clitoris / orgasms / sex forever? Can it make you unable to orgasm other ways? Will it damage you forever?! The short answer is no. Vibrators cannot permanently damage or desensitize you permanently (unless it’s a really terrible faulty vibe that has some kind of explosion on you or something). But, just like any other sensation, your body and mind can get used to vibrations – so much so that you “re-train” your brain to get off with them. Just like Pavlov’s dog (drooling when a bell rings at the thought of food) – vibrators can act as a trigger for orgasm, and orgasming with other things may be difficult… especially after you’ve been holding the Hitachi to your clit for a few minutes. But this sensation is only temporary, and goes away after your vagina has some time to rest, or you snap yourself out of your masturbatory routine and try something new to get off. At the end of the day, if you’re orgasming – it’s a good thing, whether it’s from your fingers, your partner, or the vibrator of all vibrators.



How Intense is the Hitachi?

For some people with vulvas, this vibrator will be way WAY too much. From the high-intensity level of the vibration alone, I would say that this vibrator is definitely not meant for beginners. I can imagine that as a virgin to sex toys, my vulva and clitoris would have had quite a shock if this was among the first toys to touch their sensitive little bits. If you’re a person who’s iPhone is about the level of vibration you can handle, steer clear of the almighty Hitachi.

BUT, I think this vibe has wonderful potential for beginners – IF and only if they have tried other vibrators before, and continually find it difficult to orgasm. This classic vibration has been known to make clits orgasm over and over again, at will, with hardly any effort at all. In fact, many folks with vulvas who have never had an orgasm before in their life – thank the Hitachi for giving them their very first orgasm, and continue to help them for years to come. For many, orgasm is a struggle – and having the Cadillac of vibrators at your disposal can bring that mythical fantasy into reality if you’ve been struggling to reach it. If you’re the kind of girl who’s become frustrated with your fingers, and even toys, the powerful vibrations of the Hitachi just may be enough to finally bring you over the edge.



Pros & Cons


  • The most powerful vibrator you’ll ever try
  • Batteries or charge will never die


  • Definitely too powerful for most people
  • Material is not 100% body safe
  • Only two settings
  • Beware of cheap fakes!


Buy a Real Magic Wand

Before you go out and get the first Hitachi you see on sale, remember to BEWARE OF FAKES. Some sex toys are the real deal (even on Amazon), but the Hitachi is the most famous and sought after vibrator ever, so there is a lot of (poor) imitation. The Hitachi’s on Amazon are significantly cheaper – for the exact reason that they are cheaper – in quality, performance, speed, and power. The quality difference is noticeable; their vibrations feel cheap and weak. It’s definitely worth the extra $10 – $20 to get the real thing, and have the 1-year warranty in case it breaks. Of all the vibes I’ve ever tried, the Hitachi is one that is worth every single penny – and it’s definitely not worth wasting those pennies on something that is much lower quality.



The Magic Wand now comes in an updated version that is rechargeable, has a silicone head, and several speeds and patterns! Read the review here.


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How the Hitachi Magic Wand Desire Dial Turned Me Into an Orgasm Scientist

One of the most iconic vibrators of all time remains the Hitachi Magic Wand, and trust us, it’s intense. But, did you know that you can add a special attachment to your vibrator to decide exactly what intense means to you? That seems like an option that should be available for everything. How intense do you want meeting your partner’s parents to be? How intense of a mood will your boss be in tomorrow? Unfortunately, even witches can’t control such things. With the Desire Dial Variable Speed Controller attachment you can at least control the intensity of your wand vibrator.

What It Is

Anyone who owns a Hitachi knows that the “massager” comes with two speeds: “intense” and “oh my fucking god.” Sometimes, when you’re close to coming, it’s fun to flip the switch to the high setting and blast off to Mars, but sometimes, it can feel like you might vibrate your clit off. The Desire Dial changes all that in a major way. The original Hitachi Magic Wand plugs into the wall, which can be cool if you suck at remembering to recharge things or find such assets classic. Cordless Hitachis are now commonplace, which are handy if you want to use one but aren’t near an outlet.

Let’s get this out of the way: The Desire Dial (available on Amazon, for your convenience) is not a small teeny modern sex toy that looks like a jump drive. It looks like something Dr. Frankenstein uses to bring his monster to life. Like the Hitachi, it’s bulky and comes with a cord. You plug the dial into an electrical outlet and then plug your wand into the attachment. Once the two are joined, rather than two speeds, you can adjust the speed of your wand to any pace you like with the literal turn of a dial.

Why I Loved It

The Hitachi Magic Wand, by itself, really is magic. And not just for its iconic feminist history and life-changing orgasms (sorry, your boyfriend will never make you come harder, but he can use the wand on you, which is ultra-hot). My last Hitachi was at my boyfriend’s when we broke up. He offered to mail it to me, but in all my relationships, I’ve never had the “post-breakup returning of belongings” go well. It is incredibly depressing to come home to a box filled with sex toys that not only remind you of your failed relationship but likely are literally covered in your ex’s bodily fluids. As a witch, I believe objects, and especially bodily fluids, contain energy.

Story continues

So after a breakup, if you have the budget, it’s best to start fresh and just mutually throw each other’s shit out, unless your ex happens to have your grandma’s ring or something. But not long after the breakup, I got this sex toy review assignment, and not only a new Hitachi, but a dial that makes for an even more enjoyable experience. Sometimes the universe is nice to us.

I found it hot to feel like a mad scientist as I controlled my orgasm.

To be nice to myself, I laid in bed, put on some hot group sex porn, and connected my magic wand and new Desire Dial. Oh, it was so fun and felt so good. I wasn’t limited to the slowest speed, but I also needn’t worry about buzzing my clit off. You know when you’re about to come, but don’t want to stop masturbating yet? Just turn the dial down to zero. When I was ready, I turned the dial about two-thirds of the way up and was overcome with a relaxing, blissful orgasm. Not to mention, none of this dial turning was a buzz (lol) kill, rather the opposite. I found it hot to feel like a mad scientist as I controlled my orgasm.

You know Ollivander’s, the wand store in Harry Potter? I often think how for some witches, we’d be handed a Hitachi. Phoenix feather is cute, but can it make me come? Orgasms are powerful releases of sexual energy, and make you feel good, so by nature masturbation is casting a spell. And, with the wand speed controller, you can perfect your spellwork exactly to your liking.

If all this sounds up your alley, you can snag both the Original Magic Hitachi Wand and the Wand Massager Speed Controller together for $80 on Amazon right now. You won’t regret it.

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Brief history of the creation of the “magic wand” – the cult vibrator of all times

The material is not intended for persons under 18 years of age.If you are under 18 years old, please leave this page.

When you are asked to name a cult vibrator, you immediately imagine the Magic Wand in your head. Often colloquially referred to simply as Hitachi, this toy has a long history dating back to the late 1960s. The vibrator has even been described as a symbol of the sex-positive feminist movement of the 1970s. We tell a fascinating story of this little thing.

Originally marketed as a body massager that relieves muscle pain, the

Hitachi Magic Wand (later renamed Magic Wand Original) quickly became a bestseller in the early 70s.Moreover, they used it not for its intended purpose, but as one of the most powerful existing vibrators for stimulating the clitoris.

Perhaps it became so popular because of its rather restrained design (no hint of a phallus, as was fashionable in those years). Not only was it easier for girls to buy a sex gadget because of its modest appearance (what if they really just wanted to relieve muscle pain?), But also the intensity of orgasm was at its maximum! Many experts consider this to be quite symbolic – the myth that women need penetrative sex to have pleasure has finally sunk into oblivion.

As Lynn Comella, author of Vibrator Nation, explains, the Magic Wand achieved a kind of cult status as a symbol of female sexual liberation and became a favorite of several generations.

There are several key factors behind the popularity of The Magic Wand with nearly 50 years of history. Let’s talk in more detail.


The main part of the device is a rubberized head (6.4 centimeters in size), which provides stimulation of nerve endings.The attachments can be changed, they come in different materials, colors and designs. For example, the G-Spotter turns it into a G-spot stimulator, the Fluffer Tip Wand Attachment into a vacuum stimulator and cunnilingus simulator.

Moreover, the gadget can be used by men without attachments at all or with the G-Whiz attachment, designed for prostate massage. There is a nozzle in the form of a cap, which is put on the top of the device and adds piquancy during masturbation. “Cadillac” among vibrators, “vibrator-legend” – as soon as this miracle device was not called.

1968: Hitachi registers Magic Wand

This was the year in which Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were killed, and for the first time people photographed the Earth from space. This has been a year of great innovation. American traditional values ​​were going through hard times, and the sexual revolution was in full swing, challenging outdated stereotypes. It was in this environment that the Magic Wand was born.

Hitachi registered Magic Wand with the US Patent and Trademark Office on April 25, 1968.Sexologist Carol Queen explains that for a long time the toy was simply called Hitachi. Ironically, given the scandal that would ensue when Hitachi removed its name from the gadget’s name in the 2000s.

In the early years, from the late 60s to the mid 70s, there were several versions of the Magic Wand. The early models had a hard black “head”, later it became softer and white. The gadget itself has changed into a hot pink outfit.

Late 1960s Early 1970s: Betty Dodson used it to teach women masturbation techniques

Sex educator Betty Dodson has taught her famous masturbation workshops for women in New York City since the late 60’s.Dodson has been a pioneer and supporter of the use of vibrators since her lover introduced her to the Magic Wand electric vibrator in the late 1960s.

Although Dodson originally used a vibrator from Panasonic’s Oster and Panabrator, she soon swapped them for a Hitachi gadget, believing it to be the best vibrator she’s ever tested. She held seminars called Bodysex, during which fifteen naked women tested the Magic Wand and, as you might guess, had guaranteed orgasms.

Betty Dodson

It was with this sex gadget that Dodson taught thousands of women to achieve orgasm.

It is believed that it was the sex education activist who made the gadget so popular. That being said, Hitachi did not give Betty any percentage or bonus for advertising Magic Wand.
This is one of our traits as women. We’ll do our job first and then try to negotiate a fee. I was a teacher, not a businessman, I advertised him because I liked it.Although my efforts were never acknowledged, – she recalled.

1970: Dell Williams meets Betty Dodson at yoga retreat

Dell Williams, founder of the first feminist sex toy business in the United States, Eve’s Garden, opened it after meeting Magic Wand in the early 1970s. Dell met a sex toy at Dodson’s courses. In 1973, she went to Macy’s to buy an appliance from Hitachi.

Dell Williams

A salesperson poured her into paint, asking exactly how she planned to use the gadget, and then Williams decided to open Eve’s Garden, the first major feminist sex toy store.In 1974, the sex shop was located in a small apartment, and now it occupies almost an entire floor in a building in downtown Manhattan.

In 1976 Joanie Blank opened the first Pleasant Vibration store in San Francisco

Blank opened her first Good Vibrations sex shop in San Francisco and began selling a Hitachi device there.

Joanie Blank

Early Years of Good Vibrations Blank bought Magic Wands in bulk from Japantown in San Francisco at a very small discount and then resell them for almost the same price, making a profit of just $ 2 per vibrator.

What is remarkable about this story, for Joanie, it was not about making a lot of money, but about making vibrators available to as many women as possible.

1992: Hitachi brand first recognized Magic Wand as vibrator

Until 1992, the Hitachi brand did not publicly acknowledge that their massager was popular as a sex toy. However, in 1992, when Good Vibrations set out to host a 15th anniversary party for the business, Hitachi employees from Atlanta headquarters took part in funding Magic Wand chocolates for the party, thereby indirectly confirming that the toy was all – not only for back and neck massage.

1999: problems with distribution

In 2000, Hitachi had a disagreement with Appliance Corporation of America, which distributes Hitachi products in America, including the Magic Wand. Sales of the device in the United States temporarily stopped, but every year there were more and more people who wanted to buy a toy.

In June 2000, Hitachi entered into an agreement with the California-based sex gadget company Vibratex to sell the device in the United States.

2001: Magic Wand featured in Sex and the City episode

In one of the episodes of the fourth season of Sex and the City, Samantha Jones tries to “find” her lost orgasm using the Magic Wand. However, some experts insist that she still uses a different vibrator, similar to the cult “magic wand”.

Shot from the TV series “Sex and the City”

Then Samantha wants to return the vibrator to Sharper Image.What follows is a particularly memorable scene in which the heroine tells a “goofy” salesperson about the real reason women buy neck massagers.

2013: name change

Hitachi decided to end production of the device in 2013, fearing that the company’s name would be associated with sex toys. Vibratex convinced the company to continue producing the vibrator under the new name Original Magic Wand, removing the word Hitachi.

In June 2013, after eight months of rework and rebranding, the massager was renamed Magic Wand Original. Not only did the toy receive a new name, but the “filling” was changed: the motor and the vibrating head.

2015: Magic Wand released on batteries

Previous versions worked exclusively from an outlet, but in 2015 the Magic Wand was released on batteries. However, the wired Magic Wand Original is still popular. Lisa Finn, sex educator and brand manager at Babeland, says the launch of the rechargeable version boosted sales at Hitachi in Babeland by 63%.

2020: Magic Wand Today

Since 2010, Magic Wand (both wireless and wired) has been on the list of the best vibrators of all time. The Magic Wand still accounts for over 75% of Vibratex’s total sales. And this despite the fact that the product, so to speak, for centuries. It’s not uncommon for people to use the same toy for 10 or 15 years, experts say.
This item is a real device, so it is well made, it will last a very long time.It’s not a cheap trinket, says Shay Martin, owner of Vibratex, which distributes Magic Wands and Rabbit vibrators in the US.


Magic Wand is not what you would expect from a modern sex toy. He is quite noisy, for which he was even nicknamed the jackhammer. It weighs almost a kilogram, is bulky and has a convex “head” the size of a tennis ball. The gadget is made of hard plastic, has only two speed modes – high intensity (6,000 vibrations per minute) and low (5,000 vibrations per minute).

The old version, which is still selling with a bang, only works when plugged into an outlet. The toy is neither waterproof nor water resistant and sometimes overheats after 25 minutes of use. Despite all these shortcomings, the “magic wand” leaves far behind the technologically advanced competitors and has been ranked among the best sex toys ever invented for more than 50 years.


Magic Wand doesn’t care if you’re in the mood – it just gives you an orgasm.Hardly anyone can stand it longer than three minutes. Apply the head of the massager to the clitoris, and that’s it,

– Tatiana Nikonova writes.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is truly magical in itself. And not only because of its legendary history and life-changing orgasms (sorry, your boyfriend will never make you cum more enchanting, but he can use this gadget with you). Orgasms are powerful bursts of sexual energy that make you feel good, so masturbation is, by its very nature, a spell.And with the help of this “rod” you can conjure yourself a wonderful orgasm,

– American Allure editor Sophie Thomas admires the gadget.

The vibrations of this toy are not at all like the vibrations of an electric toothbrush, but more like a prototype of a miniature jet engine. After all the standard preludes, I handed the “magic wand” into the hands of my husband and asked him to be careful. He listened. But it didn’t matter. This thing was something of a beast, and my clitoris could hardly bear it.The Hitachi vibrator can work wonders for women who find it difficult to reach orgasm, but girls with a sensitive clitoris are better off using it through their clothes,

– Written by Emma Austin, editor of

The 6 best vibrator types every woman should try at least once (best vibrators and sex toys for women)

Rotating and vibrating tip
  • 5.5 ” insertion length
  • Affordable price
  • If you want to -Really massaging the G-spot in the right way, this inexpensive toy from LoveHoney will give you many opportunities to explore.

    Besides the many vibration settings, the shaft head has 3 rotational speeds, so you can massage this inner pleasure point in the right way.

    You can even CHANGE direction!

    This rather large toy boasts a soft silicone shaft with vein details that resemble a penis and 5.5 inches of plug-in length , so there are more than enough to fill you up well.

    Affordable, customizable, quality … really one of the best vibrators around.

    Best Bullet Vibrators

    Many people’s first sex toy, bullet vibrators are small cheap sex toys that are usually made of hard plastic or silicone.

    These small toys should be placed on the outside of the clitoris or vulva, causing the clitoris to be slightly stimulated by their high-frequency vibrations.

    They are very easy to use.

    Most people use bullet vibrations with some kind of water-based lubricant to increase pleasure, although some people just apply them directly to their bodies.Personally, I would recommend using a high quality lubricant for maximum comfort.

    12. Lelo Mia 2 Lipstick Vibrator – Best for discreet play

    Disguised as Lipstick

  • USB Rechargeable
  • 6 Vibration Patterns
  • As you probably guessed from the name, this funny little sex is The toy resembles a lipstick, so it is ideal for women who want to be careful when traveling.

    If it falls out of your bag, nobody gets wiser!

    This little toy, also 100% waterproof with 6 fun settings, is one of the best vibrators for playing in the bath, shower, bedroom or even in public if you’re feeling naughty enough.

    13. Love Honey Dream Bullet – Cheap 10 Function Vibe Bullet

    Price: $ 14.99

    • Ideal for Newbies
    • 100% Waterproof – Can be used in Bath or Shower
    • 3 Speeds and 7 Patterns

    Cheap, small and high quality, this bullet vibrator from LoveHoney is perfect for newbies and young girls (or guys) who want to play with a bullet vibrator for the first time.

    100% waterproof , you can take this bullet in the bath or shower for sexual underwater stimulation. Take a bubble bath, light candles, play lo-fi beats and submerge this little one!

    This is a very pleasant bath.

    14. We Vibe Tango – The most powerful bullet vibrator

    Price: $ 79

    • VERY powerful toy
    • USB rechargeable
    • 2 hours of battery life

    Announced as the world’s most powerful mini vibrator We The Vibe Tango is an expensive product, but for good reason – it’s extremely powerful and quiet.

    Plus it’s 100% waterproof, which is an added bonus!

    We Vibe Tango with USB charging, long 2-hour battery life and multiple stimulation modes is essentially the cream of bullet vibration.

    Best G-Spot Vibrator

    While many sex toys for women (and people with vulva) are designed to hit the G-spot, this section contains adult toys that are made with the explicit purpose of massaging the G-spot to orgasm.

    If you don’t know, the G-spot is the point of internal pleasure found in people who were assigned a woman at birth. It is located 1 to 2 inches in the vagina, located on the top wall next to the navel on the front of the body.

    Those internal orgasms are INSANE.

    Due to the unusual location in many women, this area is never stimulated by regular sex or masturbation. If you want to explore inner stimulation that you may have never experienced before, buy yourself one of these toys and get ready to feel like a real goddess.

    fifteen. Fun Factory Tiger – The Most Well-Designed GSpot Vibrator

    Made in Germany

  • Ribbed Flexible Shaft
  • Curved Tip for G-Spot Pleasure
  • If you’re not in the know, Fun Factory is a great German company that develops sex toys for all genders. If there is anything that Germany has known for in recent years, it is perverse sex and engineering – a marriage made in heaven.

    The tiger has a flexible ribbed body made from medical grade silicone, so every time you move the toy inside you, a ripple sensation radiates through your pussy, making you feel VERY vulnerable.

    Of course, sexually.

    Fun Factory engineers really think about everything with simple controls, illuminated buttons and a looped grip base that is easy to grip even with grease on your hands.

    While not the most elegant and attractive toy in the world, the Tiger is built to last. Powerful vibrations, curved tip, flexible body and ribbed shaft all combine to provide you with an insane night of pussy bliss.

    16. LoveHoney Extra Quiet GSpot Vibrator – Inexpensive G-Spot Vibrator


  • Focused Lamp Tip
  • 10 Vibration Settings
  • This LoveHoney toy is very quiet for discreet play and has a focused light bulb tip that ideal for gently caressing your inner points of pleasure without feeling too intense or aggressive. Great for beginners.

    Coated with silicone (always a plus for sex toys), this vibrator has a 5.5 “insert length and 5” circumference, so it will satisfy even the most demanding size queens.

    10 vibration patterns are operated by one button on the base, making this product easy for those who are not familiar with this type of intense stimulation.

    This is a safe, sexy toy at a great price.

    17. Lelo Gigi 2 – Waterproof G-spot Vibrator

    Flattened tip

  • 8 vibration settings
  • Use in bath or shower
  • If you find it difficult to achieve your inner sweetness, the Lelo Gigi has a unique wide tip that covers large surface area, increasing your chances of reaching that critical pleasure point!

    100% waterproof, the Gigi 2 is ideal for a small bath or shower.

    Although expensive, Lelo is a luxury adult toy brand known for its velvety silicone exteriors that grease feel good as they slide easily inside you, stroking your inner nerves with ease.

    What’s not to love?

    18. Carter Vibrating Dildo – Make your own vibrator!

    Price: $ 169 (more with some extras)

    • 10-stage bullet vibration (detachable)
    • Silicone construction
    • Seat belt and suction cup options

    If you’re looking for something a little different and don’t mind splashing money, why not try making Carter on the New York Toy Collective website?

    This unique tool allows you to customize the color, style and optional accessories for this vibrating dildo – a vibrating dildo that also fits perfectly in shape. hit the G-spot .

    You can attach your seat belt for binding, lesbian sex or FTM packing. You can also order a high quality silicone suction cup to attach the Carter to a wall or floor, exploring different positions until you reach the desired location.

    Best Remote Control Vibrators

    When it comes to sex toys, the remote control may not be the first phrase that comes to mind.

    However, these remote controlled vibrators allow you to have amazing hands-free orgasms, whether you’re using them in the bedroom or sneaking in line at Starbucks!

    Yes, these things are great for low-key public play – vibrating panties galore.

    Many remote control fluids also allow long distance lovers to sexually tease each other from opposite sides of the world using a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to send signals back and forth from thousands of miles away .

    We are truly living in the future.

    Remote control vibration uses both dedicated remote controls and smartphone apps depending on the company that makes them.

    19. Lovense Lush 2 – Best for long journeys and camgirls

    Price: $ 119

    • Smartphone app management
    • Answers tips on Chaturbate, Cam4, etc.D.
    • Wi-Fi control your partner’s toy!

    This egg-shaped toy, widely regarded as one of the best vibrators ever made, is often found inside girls (and some camboys) on popular webcams sites like Chaturbate and Cam4.

    This is because it can vibrate with different strengths depending on how much the audience is tipping, creating a great show!

    In addition to the camera, Lovense Lush 2 can also connect to the Lovense Remote app on you and / or your partner’s smartphone, allowing you / them to control the strength and nature of the vibration by simply swiping your fingers across the phone screen.

    Made of Pink Medical Silicone This silent egg vibrator can make girls tons of money and can bring you a hot night of screaming hands-free orgasms from a distance.

    twenty. We vibe chorus – Vibrator for couples for sex

    Price: $ 199

    • Worn during penetrative sex
    • Controlled via app or dedicated remote control
    • 10 intensity levels of clitoris / penis pleasure

    If you didn’t know We Vibe is a Canadian company that makes adult toys intended for use by couples, hence the name We Vibe.

    Chorus is one of their most popular products. Basically, it is a clamp on a vibrator that is placed between the clitoris and penis during sex, giving additional pleasure to both partners.

    As you might have guessed, it’s also a remote control!

    Operated via the smartphone app OR its dedicated remote control (whichever you prefer) We Vibe Chorus offers 10 different vibration settings, making it one of the most versatile and versatile products on this list.

    At Vibe, we really think about everything.

    21. Lovense Hush – Remote Control Butt Plug That Vibrates

    Price: $ 119

    • App Controlled Butt Plug
    • Discreet Public Anal Play for All Sexes
    • 2 Sizes

    Lovense Hush is an app controlled butt plug that allows you to control your anal vibrations (or partner vibrations) directly from your smartphone via the Lovense Remote App.

    People love to use this toy for casual, discreet public wear. Why?

    Because it has a unique spiral neck design that keeps the lubricant inside your butt, keeping your butt beautiful and lubricated all day. It also has 90,039 120 hours of standby time, meaning the toy can sit in your anus for several days, waiting for instructions.

    As soon as it starts vibrating, it will last for 2 hours!

    In addition to all this, Lovense Hush comes in two sizes so you can find the one that suits you best.

    Once connected, you can swipe your finger on the phone or download user-created templates to enjoy different anal vibration sensations.

    Conclusion – the best vibrator overall

    There is no single best vibrator … it all depends on your needs, preference, budget and the type of vibrator you want to use. One person may love massage sticks while another prefers vibrator bunny toys…

    You have caught the drift!

    However, excluding the price, here are our recommendations for the best vibrators out of each category:

    Whether you decide to try clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, mixed orgasm or something else, we hope you find the perfect combination for your body and sexual needs.

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