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10 great American TV movies of the 1970s

Fifty years ago, Duel barrelled on to TV screens across North America. From the comfort of their own homes, millions of viewers watched in thrilled terror as that now-iconic truck menaced poor Dennis Weaver. The ratings were so impressive that the film received subsequent theatrical distribution throughout the rest of the world. And the success of Duel started its director – a 24-year-old Steven Spielberg – on one of the leading Hollywood careers of the last half-century. Not a bad result for a humble TV movie.

TV movies were still a relatively new phenomenon at the time of Duel’s debut. Movie studios had been charging US TV networks increasingly large amounts to air their features, so from the mid-1960s the networks decided to start making their own, and the 1970s saw the nascent form properly find its footing. With many millions of TV sets and only a few major channels to choose between, audience numbers could dwarf those of even the most popular cinema releases. Big stars, controversial subjects and dramatic narratives were key to luring viewers and keeping them tuned in. 

From their infancy, TV movies have struggled to shake off a reputation as a second-tier product – the cheap and cheesy cousin of the theatrical feature. While that might be an accurate description of the majority, it also doesn’t take a lot of digging to find entertaining, artful TV films that are well worth tracking down – even if they can be harder to find now than major theatrical releases of the time. Here are 10 of the very best that the 1970s had to offer.

Brian’s Song (1971)

Brian’s Song (1971)

Based on true events, Brian’s Song follows the friendship of two NFL players, the avuncular Brian Piccolo (James Caan) and the more reserved Gale Sears (Billy Dee Williams), as they navigate the pressures of elite sports, and later, Brian’s terminal cancer.  

Brian’s Song deftly sidesteps the schmaltziness of many terminal illness films, and doesn’t labour over the unusually progressive nature of Piccolo and Sears’ friendship (the two were the first interracial NFL teammates to also become roommates). Instead it finds a simple, affecting power in depicting the relationship between two men who grow to love each other. Warm performances from Caan and Williams and a witty Emmy-winning script from William Blinn rightfully earn the film its reputation as one of the most enduring of all TV movies. Brian’s Song was remade in 2001 (again for television), but the original remains the must-see version.

See the Man Run (1971)

See the Man Run (1971)

When struggling actor Ben Taylor (Robert Culp) receives a ransom-demand phone call meant for someone else, he – at the encouragement of his callous wife Joanne (Angie Dickinson) – decides to insert himself as a middle man, intending to manipulate a profit from the hostage’s terrified parents (Eddie Albert and June Allyson). Unsurprisingly, his plan backfires. Many times over. 

See the Man Run is an excellent example of the TV movie at its most unabashedly fun. A ubiquitous presence in the genre for his entire career (notably in the Columbo features, where he was the murderer on three separate occasions), Robert Culp plays his antihero as a pitiable, pathetic figure, ripe for manipulation from his Lady Macbeth of a wife – and Angie Dickinson’s villainous turn as the film’s cruel mastermind is deliciously overblown. That combination of bombastic acting and a plot that won’t stop twisting make See the Man Run a gleefully good time.

The Night Stalker (1972)

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey

The Night Stalker (1972)

Veteran reporter Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin) is on the scene in Las Vegas for a string of grisly murders, all of which involve bites to the neck and exsanguination. He comes to the obvious conclusion – the murderer is a vampire – while the officials in charge of the case call him crazy. Determined to prove himself right and catch the killer, Kolchak goes it alone on his investigation. 

Adapted for TV by screenwriting legend Richard Matheson (who also wrote Duel), The Night Stalker scored such high ratings on its original airing that it inspired both a sequel – The Night Strangler (1973) – and a short lived supernatural detective series with McGavin reprising his lead role. McGavin’s weather-beaten appeal as Kolchak is in large part why this original film is so appealing, but a supporting cast packed with 50s B-movie legends such as Ralph Meeker and Charles McGraw, and some evocative Las Vegas location shooting, certainly help too.

That Certain Summer (1972)

Director: Lamont Johnson

That Certain Summer (1972)

Hal Holbrook almost turned down his lead role in That Certain Summer; not because he’d be portraying a gay character – a perilous career move in 1972 – but because he worried too little happened in the story. He plays divorced dad Doug Salter, whose son Nick (Scott Jacoby) comes to spend the summer. Gradually, Nick discovers that Doug’s friend Gary (Martin Sheen) is actually his romantic partner. That’s it. 

Still, that scantness of narrative belies the import of the production, which is considered to be among the first positive mainstream on-screen depictions of homosexuality – indeed, shamefully, it would not be until the following year that homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association. Despite a raft of strict restrictions on the central relationship from a nervous network (Holbrook and Sheen weren’t even allowed to share ‘lingering eye contact’), the sensitivity of the lead performances and the heartfelt screenplay from Columbo masterminds William Link and Richard Levinson have helped That Certain Summer age with surprising grace. 

Reflections of Murder (1974)

Reflections of Murder (1974)

At a private boys school near Seattle, the wife Claire (Joan Hackett) and mistress Vicky (Tuesday Weld) of cruel fellow teacher Michael (Sam Waterston) have had enough of his unrelenting malice. They decide to team up and murder him. Once the deed is done, however, guilt and paranoia threaten to destroy the women and their unlikely friendship. 

A classy remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s classic Les Diaboliques (1955), Reflections of Murder transposes the action from Paris to the Pacific Northwest, a move that gives the TV movie its own eerily damp, autumnal identity. The three central turns are all strong, particularly Hackett as the overwhelmed, rapidly unravelling Claire. Even when you know what’s coming, the legendary climax loses none of its terrifying impact. Two more remakes of Les Diaboliques were aired in the 1990s – House of Secrets (1993) and Diabolique (1996) – but neither was as creepy or compelling as Reflections of Murder. 

Hustling (1975)

Director: Joseph Sargent 

Hustling (1975)

Inspired by the real-life reporting of Gail Sheehy, Hustling tracks journalist Fran Morrison’s (Lee Remick) investigation into prostitution on the streets of New York City and the corrupt, powerful men who illicitly control the industry. During her enquiries, Fran becomes close to several of the women she interviews, especially canny Wanda (Jill Clayburgh) and naive Dee Dee (Melanie Mayron).

Hustling is notable for its lively, grimy atmosphere, with director Joseph Sargent bringing the same eye for the gritty colour of NYC that he’d shown the year before on The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. More than anything else here though, it’s the performances and rapport of the predominantly female cast that give Hustling its emotional heft. Melanie Mayron’s sweet naif is a forerunner of the character she’d play in Girlfriends (1978), and Jill Clayburgh was nominated for an Emmy for her complex portrayal of a feisty but conflicted sex worker.

Griffin and Phoenix (1976)

Griffin and Phoenix (1976)

Clayburgh followed Hustling with Griffin and Phoenix. She stars as the terminally ill Sarah Phoenix, who – in the last few months of her life – falls in love with the similarly fated Geoffrey Griffin (Peter Falk). As they try to fill their remaining time with as many adventures as they can, each chooses to keep their deadly diagnosis a secret from the other. 

Terminal illness is a risky proposition on screen, all too easily resulting in mawkishness or cliché. Griffin and Phoenix – much like Brian’s Song – evades those traps by establishing a central relationship that transcends the obvious narrative contrivance: essentially, Clayburgh and Falk share such a warm and genuine chemistry that they make it easy to overlook the inherent emotional manipulation of the screenplay. And on the back of its enormously successful TV airing, Griffin and Phoenix was released in select cinemas later that year. 

Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)

Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)

Right in the middle of his run as James Bond, Roger Moore took on another iconic character of literature and film: Sherlock Holmes. Together with the ever trusty Watson (Patrick Macnee), Holmes heads off to New York City for his latest attempt at defeating Moriarty (John Huston). Along the way, he falls for the beautiful, mysterious Irene Adler (Charlotte Rampling).

Flat direction excludes this feather-light take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous creation from the top tier of films about the famous detective, but there’s a lot of fun to be had with the starry cast. Moore’s charming urbanity proves as comfortable a fit for Holmes as it is for Bond, and Macnee’s take on Watson gives him an enjoyable foil. It’s the inimitable John Huston who runs away with the picture, however – though his screen time is minimal, whenever he does appear, his maniacal Moriarty commands all your attention.

Someone’s Watching Me! (1978)

Director: John Carpenter

Someone’s Watching Me! (1978)

Originally written as a theatrical movie before being reformatted for television, John Carpenter’s Someone’s Watching Me! follows Leigh (Lauren Hutton), a TV producer who’s just moved into a lavish new apartment. She immediately starts being menaced by threatening phone calls from a man who professes to be watching her. With the help of new friends Sophie (Adrienne Barbeau) and Paul (David Birney), she sets about trying to discover her stalker – before it’s too late…

Carpenter made Someone’s Watching Me! straight before Halloween (1978), and Lauren Hutton’s Leigh is every inch as smart, brave and formidably capable as Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie. In fact, watching her magnetic performance today, it’s hard not to feel a tinge of regret that Hutton’s heroine never got to lead a similar franchise. Her charisma aside, Someone’s Watching Me! sees Carpenter riff on Alfred Hitchcock – most obviously Rear Window (1954) – to tremendously entertaining effect. His slick direction belies the project’s modest TV movie status. 

Hollow Image (1979)

Director: Marvin J. Chomsky

Hollow Image (1979)

After a hardscrabble upbringing in Harlem, Harriet (S. Pearl Sharp) has become a buyer for an upmarket Manhattan clothing store. After a visit back home to see her old boyfriend Danny (Dick Anthony Williams), she’s distressed to notice how little has changed since she lived there. She decides to use her new wealth to try and help her old neighbourhood, but her good intentions don’t prove as welcome as she’d hoped. 

Lee Hunkins’ thoughtful screenplay contends with still-pertinent issues around code switching and the difficulties of upward social mobility for Black people in America. The location shooting around New York City gives the film additional grounding in reality (the sequence set in Coney Island is a particular highlight). Among a strong supporting cast, it’s a pre-fame Morgan Freeman – still a whole decade out from his breakthrough role in Driving Miss Daisy (1989) – who proves the biggest scene-stealer, as a starry-eyed, ill-fated addict. 

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Liverpool | BBC Sport

Phil McNulty, BBC Sport

Liverpool’s sporting director Michael Edwards, who has announced he is to leave the club at the end of the season, is credited with being a key figure in the Reds’ successful recruitment over recent years.

So – who and what has been some of his best business under Jurgen Klopp?

Mohamed Salah – Salah was never given a chance at Chelsea but after resurrecting his career in Italy in a loan spell with Fiorentina, then at Roma, it was Edwards and his back-up team that provided the evidence to manager Jurgen Klopp, already a fan, that this would be a bargain deal at £34m in June 2017.

It has, in fact, proved to be a stroke of genius, with the Egyptian’s goalscoring brilliance helping to win the Champions League and the Premier League, ensuring he will go down as an Anfield legend.

Sadio Mane – Mane was another £34m signing from Southampton in summer 2016 that has proved a snip at the price. Regarded as something of a gamble, in terms of the fee at least, Mane has repaid every penny as part of Liverpool’s world-class frontline alongside Salah and Roberto Firmino.

Andy Robertson – How good does an initial £8m for Andy Robertson from Hull City in July 2017 look now? Almost buttons in Premier League terms but Liverpool acquired someone who would develop into one of the game’s foremost left-backs, formidable in attack and defence.

Fabinho – Fabinho was one of the more unsung members of the Monaco side that reached the Champions League semi-final in 2017 but since signing for Liverpool in a deal worth about £40m a year later, the Brazilian has proved to be one of the world’s best defensive midfielders and key to everything the Reds do. Cheap at the price and a huge miss when he is not playing.

Smart outgoings – Edwards has proved equally adept at negotiating outgoings, with the £142m Coutinho deal thrashed out with Barcelona in January 2018 a prime example, allowing Liverpool to finance the game-changing moves for Virgil van Dijk and Alisson.

He has also helped Liverpool’s attempts to balance the books as Sheffield United paid £23.5m for striker Ryan Brewster, and then Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe also paying £19m for Dominic Solanke and £15m for Jordon Ibe. None of this trio would have been Liverpool regulars but Edwards ensured a lucrative return.

Men’s jackets |

Jackets for men

Modern jackets for men are distinguished by stylish design and excellent quality. The fabrics from which they are made have high strength and resistance to wind and moisture. Such jackets will always be comfortable. You will find a wide range of men’s jackets in different styles in our online store.

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Online shop offers high quality men’s jackets of various styles, small and large, for any season. Famous brands such as Aeronautical, 4F, Blend, Columbia, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Geographical Norway, Geox, Helly Hansen, Jack & Jones, Only & Sons, S.Oliver, Tom Tailor, Tommy Hilfiger, Wrangler and many others, there are demi-season and winter jackets, made of genuine leather and suede, short and long.

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Hotels Hackett

19 Hotels near Hackett

Filtercard locations

AmericInn by Wyndham Baudette

1179 Main Street West BodetteHotels



50 reviews

13 km. SE from Hackett

AmericInn Lodge and Suites is located 2 minutes’ drive from downtown Bodette and Lake Woods County Museum. Guests are provided with a daily hot breakfast. An indoor pool is available. All rooms at this Beaudette hotel have…

Hampton Inn Warroad, Mn

109 State Ave NWarrodHotels



8 reviews

45 km. NW from Hackett

Hampton Inn Warroad, Mn is located in Warroad.All rooms in the hotel are equipped with a TV. All rooms are equipped with a microwave. Staff at the front desk at the Hampton Inn Warroad, Mn can provide information on the surrounding area.

Muskie Bay Resort

2740 Muskie Bay RoadSioux NarrowsMotels



21 reviews

70 km. NE by Hackett

Musie Bay Resort is located in Nestor Falls. It offers air-conditioned rooms. It offers a sun terrace, free Wi-Fi and free private parking.The motel rooms are equipped with a coffee machine. Each Musie room has…

North Country Inn & Suite

902 3rd St NW RozoHotels



67 reviews

78 km. NW from Hackett

North Country Inn & Suite is located in Roseau. It features a hot tub, indoor pool and free private parking on site. All rooms are equipped with a TV and some have a seating area.Own…

AmericInn by Wyndham Roseau

1110 3rd Street NorthwestRoseoHotels



30 reviews

78 km. NW from Hackett

This Minnesota hotel is less than 2 miles from Roseau Oakcrest Golf Club. It offers free Wi-Fi and a 32-inch flat-screen TV in every room. A continental breakfast is served in the morning. All rooms…

Super 8 by Wyndham Fort Frances

810 Kings HighwayFort FrancesHotels



80 reviews

98 km. SE from Hackett

Super 8 by Wyndham Fort Frances is located in Fort Frances. It features an indoor pool, 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi throughout. All hotel rooms have air conditioning and a private bathroom.…

Copper River Inn

700 Stewart StreetFort FrancesHotels



83 reviews

98 km. SE from Hackett

Copper River Inn is located in Fort Frances.It features an indoor pool, free Wi-Fi throughout and a 24-hour front desk. The rooms are equipped with a work desk, flat-screen TV and a private bathroom…

The Nomad Motel

10 Riverview Boulevard International FallsHotels



108 reviews

98 km. SE by Hackett

Nomad Motel is located at International Falls. It offers air-conditioned rooms. It offers free Wi-Fi and private parking available at an additional cost.The hotel’s rooms have a seating area, …

Voyageur Motel

1210 3rd AvenueInternational FallsMotels



72 reviews

100 km. SE by Hackett

Voyageur Motel is located in International Falls and features a shared lounge. It offers an American restaurant and free private parking. The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, microwaves and…

Days Inn by Wyndham International Falls

2331 U.S. Hwy 53 SouthInternational FallsHotels



56 reviews

100 km. SE from Hackett

Days Inn by Wyndham International Falls is located in International Falls. It features a fitness center, free Wi-Fi throughout and a 24-hour front desk. A continental breakfast is served in the morning. In about…

Men’s shirts |

Men’s shirts on the Internet

Unfortunately, even men’s shirts from famous brands are short-lived and wear out over time.If you need to update your wardrobe and add a new shirt to it, check out the offers of our e-shop. There is a large selection of men’s shirts in a variety of styles, both classic neutrals and bold bright colors for any occasion.

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White or blue men’s shirt made of high-quality cotton in a classic cut – a versatile option in combination with both a business suit and jeans.

Slim fit shirt – for slender men, straight cut shirt – a versatile cut that suits most men.

Summer shirt in a free style with short sleeves and a bright pattern is ideal for relaxing, helps to create the appropriate carefree mood.

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Goods on the road – Cars – Kommersant

Traditionally stylish

Two British companies cannot just take and sign a long-term global partnership agreement. First, a relationship must be formed, a certain tradition must be developed.The collaboration between Aston Martin and menswear brand Hackett has been going on for many years, but indirectly, through the Aston Martin Racing racing team, which partners with the fashion brand. Building on this solid foundation, Aston Martin decided it was possible to continue building friendships. And here’s the first result – the exclusive Fall / Winter 2016/17 capsule collection by Aston Martin by Hackett. In total, it includes 14 items, which include outerwear, knitwear, shirts, trousers and accessories.Each piece, of course, is the quintessence of British values, which are not alien to innovation, luxury and style. The collection will be on sale from September in all Hackett branded stores, including the online boutique.

Sports Support

The Omologato watch brand is more than young, especially by industry standards. The company was formed in 2015 and produces exclusively models dedicated to racing, pilots and sports cars. Omologato has about thirty models in its range, priced from £ 250.The new Omologato Official Mission Motorsport chronograph was created in partnership with a charitable organization that helps war-wounded soldiers rehabilitate themselves through motorsport. The watch case with a diameter of 45.5 mm is made of stainless steel and has an ion-sputtered coating. The Mission Motorsport logo is placed on the glossy black dial, and the organization’s motto can be read at the bottom of the dial: Race, Retrain, Recover, and the British flag is also placed as a design element.The watch has a leather strap with double color stitching. A total of 100 units will be produced at a price of £ 265, all proceeds from the sale of this model will be donated to Mission Motorsport and go to charity.

Bed with motor

The children’s room is known to be a place not only for games and sleep. This is a space for wild fantasies, bold dreams and magical journeys. The Portuguese company Circu is ready to add a little more fabulousness and magic to all this.They do this using original children’s furniture. Today they have a seashell-shaped bed, a balloon-shaped sofa and a space rocket posing as an armchair in the price list, but we were struck by the “bully”, which is here, however, called Bun Van. On the one hand, it’s just a bed, but on the other, it’s quite suitable for a whole room. Because inside there is not only a sleeping place, but also a TV, several compartments for storing important things, a table, a chair and even a minibar.The exterior of the Bun Van is made of fiberglass, while the interior is finished with wood. The steering wheel, engine and other mechanisms befitting a car are missing here. But this is for adults only the necessary equipment to go on a trip. Children solve the problem of moving around fairy-tale worlds easier and faster.

Second skin

When the BMW Group Design team presented the GINA Light Visionary Model to the world, the designers were immediately warned: this is not a concept, but an object of study, in which they tried to find the limits of the possibilities of modern materials and production processes of the future.The main feature that struck everyone in 2008 was the almost seamless outer skin, which was made of flexible textile material stretched over a movable frame. This car is likely to be a source of inspiration for a long time to come. We can say that it was after watching it that Designworks, a subsidiary of the Bavarian concern, in collaboration with Puma, created the original X-Cat Disc sneakers. These sneakers use an unusual internal lacing system developed by Puma called Disc: you just need to turn the disc located on the tongue a couple of times and the sneaker will be laced up or, conversely, unlaced.Above, the same material is used that served as the GINA body, but here it covers a person’s leg, like a second skin. Puma BMW X-Cat Disc is already on sale in some stores of the sports brand, in the US it costs $ 135.

Plus fifty

To release an exclusive version of an exclusive item seems to be overkill. But not for Rolls-Royce. The philosophy of the brand, which sounds like “exclusivity is an inalienable attribute of an item of true luxury”, does not leave the craftsmen in the field of creating especially luxurious cars and accessories for them idle.As announced, production of the Phantom VII will culminate in the production of fifty Phantom Drophead Coupe and Phantom Coupe in the Phantom Zenith version. Each vehicle will come with a limited edition Bespoke picnic set, which will also receive a unique identification number. The body of the set will be made of American chestnut wood and the finest leather with a natural texture. The basket compartments will store handmade crystal wine glasses, stainless steel cutlery, snow-white napkins with an embroidered Rolls-Royce monogram, a cutting board made of American chestnut, and unique tableware decorated with black and platinum edging.The basket itself will be equipped with folding tables that recline on aluminum hinges. Their hinges will be decorated with special engraving. One will show the Villa d’Este, located on the shores of Lake Como, where the experimental 100EX, the predecessor of the Phantom Drophead Coupe, was first shown, the other – Lake Geneva, the site of the 101EX, the concept of the future Phantom Coupe.

Waste-free consumption

TMB Art Metal is known for making original cufflinks.Usually, spare parts from legendary vehicles act as material for them. The new model is notable for being made from the front wheel disc of one of the Veyron supercars. This car with a legendary name, but without a legendary history: the only thing known about the “donor” is that he lived his automotive life in Monaco, but why it came to an end is not reported. The cufflinks recreate a Bugatti Veyron wheel with a twelve-spoke rim made of the same “donor” high-quality aluminum and a tire made from polished bronze, there is also a version with black chrome “rubber”, which looks more like a real wheel.The cost of a pair of cufflinks is £ 295, the edition of the product is not limited, so it can be assumed that TMB Art Metal had at its disposal not one, but all four wheels from Veyron from Monaco, and maybe also a spare wheel.

Investing in the future

A children’s car, on the one hand, is just a toy, on the other, it is the cultivation of brand-loyal customers. Therefore, it is very important which model will form the basis of this vehicle. Peugeot Design Lab chose a rather rare Peugeot as inspiration, namely the 1935 402 Darl’mat coupe.The children’s car, modeled after him, is available in two colors. Blue pays homage to a model that competed in Le Mans before World War II. And white is meant to remind that modern Peugeots continue to be stylish and dynamic cars. And in some places and not cheap. The cost of this vehicle is € 149.

Red and Black

Italian companies Ducati Motor and FTG Safety Shoes decided to continue their long-term cooperation and released another collection of shoes for motorcyclists.The boots of the Ducati Corse series differ, according to the designers who created them, with an aggressive look. We do not see aggression here, but sports casual. The colors used mainly black and red are traditional for Ducati, as well as the high quality of the materials used – textiles and leather. And what is important, the next “must” for lovers of Italian motorcycles is not only stylish, but also has a high degree of protection.

Close at hand

The bag that a motorcyclist takes with him on a trip is as important as his equipment and the bike itself.Comfort and even safety of the entire trip depend on its ergonomics. Victory brand has renewed its collection of accessories with new models. Among them are two backpacks, large and small, 50 and 38 cm high, respectively, made of durable nylon, zippers are made in such a way that they can be used without removing gloves. The inner compartments also have zippers to keep things secure. The large backpack is equipped with a special rain cover and adjustable shoulder straps as well as for the belt.The belt bag is convenient in that it provides quick access to a mobile phone, wallet, passport and money directly during the trip. The new Victory collection also includes a duffel bag with a shoulder strap and a small carry-on suitcase with two wheels and a pull-out handle that you can take with you on board the aircraft.

90,266 90,000 International corporations are hiring fewer accountants, HR and IT specialists

Five years ago, 80 employees and salespeople of the roadside complex operator Pilot Travel Centers spent a total of 3,200 hours a week filling and completing orders for thousands of items. from sugar to diesel.They entered these orders into a common system and printed thousands of receipts for payment to suppliers. They stuffed them into envelopes, glued stamps and carried them to the post office. “It was exhausting,” recalls Pilot Travel Centers Treasurer David Clozier. No wonder the company operates more than 500 Pilot Flying J-branded gas stations and roadside cafes across America.

Now, instead of a person, it is all done by a robot, or rather, by software. Suppliers send e-invoices to Pilot Travel. There the computer pays for them and enters them into the database.As a result, only 10 employees are engaged in payment, spending about 400 hours a week on this.

Robots successfully squeeze finance departments, replacing entire departments. Those in charge of invoicing, payment, inventory control, and credit risk assessment are at stake. Among those who have entrusted their money to the software are giants like Pilot Travel, Verizon Communications and GameStop. Since 2004, the average number of full-time employees of financial departments of large companies has fallen by 40% – about 71 people for every $ 1 billion in revenue from the previous 119, according to the data of the consulting firm Hackett Group.

Verizon, with $ 127.1 billion in revenue in 2014, has reduced the number of records it employees manually enter into Excel each year by a quarter, from 14,000 to 10,500. By the end of the year, each Verizon employee will be adding 1,400 less records and the reduction will be 35%.

Accountants won

US companies have outsourced simple and manual operations to countries with cheap labor. Now outsourcing companies are also automating and cutting people off.

Cutting back on back office spending has been a long-standing corporate mania. And after the financial crisis, their leaders began to think more about cutting operating costs, says Michael Armstrong, a senior employee at Deloitte Consulting: “Companies are becoming more and more curmudgeons.” Large corporations are hiring 44% fewer IT staff and 20% fewer personnel than 10 years ago, according to the consulting firm Hackett. This is partly due to the increased level of automation.

Now even outsourcing companies are turning to automation to cut costs.Retail chain GameStop has contracted Ecova to verify and pay for communications and electricity services for 4,400 US GameStop stores. Ecova uses automated bill-paying software and is constantly looking for new ways to cut costs. The GameStop network has cut about 15-20 jobs in the departments responsible for bill payment, inventory control and auditing, says the company’s chief financial officer Robert Lloyd. In total, the retailer with an annual revenue of $ 9.3 billion employs 18,000 people, 120 of them in the finance department.

IT services company Wolters Kluwer uses Oracle Hyperion software for quarterly reporting. Previously, this process took 10 days. Now – half as much. Collecting financial information requires fewer employees. But instead, Wolters Kluwer is hiring more analysts who study financial information in an attempt to improve planning and forecasting. The company’s chief financial officer, Kevin Entriken, complains that companies are competing fiercely for the right analysts, making the profession an increasingly high-paying profession, and good candidates are hard to find.

In universities like Brigham Young University or the University of Denver, in addition to the usual disciplines, they now teach work in SAP, Oracle and Microsoft programs. In the short term, automation does not threaten job losses, says Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere, which specializes in front and back office automation. But in the long term, it will allow the business to work more efficiently: “When you think like a person, you can do a limited number of things.But when you think like a robot, there are many more possibilities. ” Pilot Travel Centers employs about 200 people in the finance department, as it did five years ago. But during this time, the number of gas stations and cafes at the company has grown from about 300 to 500. “Our motto is to hire computers, not people,” jokes the company’s treasurer Klosier.

WSJ, 05.05.2015, Anton Osipov

Hot tours in Russia Krasnaya Polyana from Shushenskoye

For several years now, tours to Krasnaya Polyana, which is rightfully considered the best ski resort in Russia, have been very popular among tourists.He became widely known after the Sochi Olympics and a large-scale infrastructure renovation. New tracks, lifts, tourist complexes and much more were built. With the end of the competition, construction continues, but this does not interfere with comfortable rest in Krasnaya Polyana.

First of all, people come here to go skiing and snowboarding in one of the ski resorts:

  • Mountain Karusel is located in the northern part of Mount Aibga.10 cable cars are delivered to 15 tracks, laid at different heights.
  • GTZ Gazprom offers tracks of three difficulty levels, some of which are equipped for evening skiing. The resort has a water park, cinemas, health centers, an ice arena, grounds for organizing entertainment and business events of any level. Perfect for a vacation in Krasnaya Polyana with children.
  • Laura is one of the largest and most comfortable ski and biathlon complexes in the world.Located on the Psekhako ridge. For holidaymakers on the territory there is a year-round pool, kids club, spa center, bike rental.
  • Rosa Khutor is a resort with first-class service and modern equipped tracks stretching for more than 70 kilometers. In addition to skiing for athletes and amateurs, there is a freestyle center and a park for snowboarding.

Many travelers go to Krasnaya Polyana in summer to breathe fresh air, see and photograph stunning landscapes, go for a walk in the mountains or through chestnut forests, chat with friendly locals, learn the intricacies of making famous honey, live near the sea, but not suffer from suffocating heat.

Entertainment on last minute tours to Krasnaya Polyana

In addition to winter sports in Krasnaya Polyana, many other interesting entertainments are organized for vacationers:

  • Visit the center of culture and ethnography “My Russia”, where in themed pavilions there are expositions telling about the traditions of different peoples of our country.
  • Have fun at AJ Hackett Sochi High Altitude Adventure Park.
  • Take a ride at the attractions in the Sochi Park.
  • Visit one of the museums, such as the flora or fauna museum.
  • Explore the tombs in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana.
  • Look at the process of raising trout in the largest fish farm in the region.

How to get to Skypark

If you arrived by your own car or used car sharing, there is free public parking on the territory of the park.


From Adler’s side:

– along the old road towards Krasnaya Polyana, at the junction turn right to the exit to the new highway, then left and along the new highway towards Krasnaya Polyana, after the first tunnel, turn left at the junction to exit to the old road, then left along the old road (back towards Adler) to:

1) Trout farm, turn right onto Trout Street and after leaving the main road, move right 6 km.

2) either before reaching the Amshensky Dvor restaurant, turn right at the “Skypark” stella and drive 6 km along the main road. GPS coordinates of the exit from the new road to the old one: 43.542020, 39.999674

– on the new highway towards Krasnaya Polyana, take the exit to the left onto the old road, after crossing, move left along the old road until the turn in front of the Amshensky Dvor restaurant to the right and drive 6 km. along the main road.
GPS coordinates of the exit from the new road to the old one: 43.542020, 39.999674

From Krasnaya Polyana:

– along the old road towards Sochi, before reaching the Amshensky Dvor restaurant, turn right uphill near the “Skypark” stella and drive 6 km. along the main road.
– on the new highway towards Krasnaya Polyana, take the exit to the right onto the old road, after crossing, move left along the old road until the turn in front of the Amshensky Dvor restaurant to the right and drive 6 km. along the main road.
GPS coordinates of the exit from the new road to the old one: 43.542020, 39.999674

Turn at the Amshensky Dvor restaurant in front of the stella and drive through the village of Kazachy Brod

NOTE! The diagram shows the passage THROUGH THE VILLAGE OF KAZACHIY FORD, but the road through the village of Galitsino is also available.

ROUTE DETAILS via Galicino:

From Adler’s side:

– along the old road towards Krasnaya Polyana, after the Amshensky Dvor, another 5 km.until the intersection A148 and Tbilisskaya street, then turn left to Galitsino and drive 6 km. along the main road.
– on the new highway towards Krasnaya Polyana, take the exit to the left onto the old road, after crossing, move right along the old road until the Galitsino turn to the left and drive 6 km. along the main road.

From Krasnaya Polyana:

– along the old road towards Sochi, reach the intersection A148 and Tbilisskaya Street, then turn Galitsino to the right and move 6 km.

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