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Vibram Five Fingers Shoes | Vibram Toeshoes at Moosejaw

So, I was going to write all about how Vibram FiveFingers are shoes, but looking at them, I don’t think they’re shoes. They might be gloves. Like foot gloves. And they remind me of panda bears for some reason, but I don’t think this is the place to get into that. So, anyway, getting right on to Vibram Five Finger shoe gloves. They’re kinda awesome. Here’s why:

The whole point, I guess, of Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoes is that they allow you to basically be barefoot, but with a sole, so you don’t get rocks and stuff stuck in your feet. That would suck. Being barefoot, they tell me, alters your whole stride, helps put your body into natural alignment, and strengthens the muscles in your legs and feet. That whole muscle strengthening thing is why the fine folks at Vibram say you should slowly work in to your Five Finger shoes. Footgloves. Whatever.

Your muscles will have to adapt and strengthen to your new barefoot stride. Plus not being all crammed into regular shoes makes the muscles in your feet work a lot harder. When you run in FiveFingers, your stride will naturally move from a heel strike to a mid-foot or forefoot strike: you get increased stability, optimum balance less impact, and greater propulsion. I like adjectives.

So, that was pretty much my disclaimer that says don’t get these sweet shoes and wear them all day every day right out of the box. You might hurt yourself. I think I’m the official writer of “you might hurt yourself” disclaimers at Moosejaw now. That is a sweet promotion. I’m totally making signs for the office.

There’s a pair of Vibram Five Fingers for just about any activity you can think of. Of course, they’re all about barefoot running, so if you want to be all about barefoot running, most of the Five Fingers styles are for you. Check out the, Bikila, Sprint, Flow, KSO, TrekSport, KSO Trek, or Komoda Sport for running. Of course you can do other stuff in them, too, besides running. The FiveFingers KSO, KSO Trek, and TrekSport made really great trekking and hiking shoes. The FiveFingers Flow KSO, and Sprint are unparalled in the water.

If you’re working out in the gym, you’ll really dig FiveFingers. Vibram FiveFinger shoes can help improve your stability while weight lifting, or doing yoga or pilates. Check out the Classic, Jaya LR, or Jaya for fitness. The Performa and Performa Jane are like made for yoga.

Barefoot Junkie The Home Of Vibrams Fivefingers Barefoot Running

Experience it barefoot, the way it’s meant to be, the Vibram Fivefinger way!

Vibram FiveFingers are the leading brand of Barefoot shoes offering a fantastic range of shoes for all sorts of uses:

 • Outdoor and trail
 • Training and fitness
 • Running
 • Water sports
 • Sports casual
 • Casual

Versatile minimalist footwear

Vibram’s Men’s FiveFingers shoes offer a versatile minimalist footwear solution. Created with individual toe pockets for flexibility to replicate the barefoot experience, these lightweight alternatives to average athletic footwear allow your feet to engage the strength of natural foot motion, yet remain stable with the construction of contoured grip-driven soles that only Vibram can offer.

The feel of being barefoot, but with protection

Vibram’s Fivefingers shoes offer all the protection of a shoe with the feel of walking barefoot through the dynamic lifestyles of today. With designs, styles and colours to suit both Men and Women.

Whether bouldering or surfing, kayaking or running, Vibram Five Fingers give you the feel of going barefoot, yet give that protection you’ve always needed, without losing your fundamental touch. Our Trek and Trail range includes the best selling Vibram Fivefingers V-Trek, V-Alpha and new V-Trail 2.0.

Barefoot shoes with great innovation and style

Set yourself away from the crowd with the cutting edge in design, style and pure magnificence, the Vibram Fivefingers.

And they are loved by others!

As seen in Vogue Magazine and the Gadget Show, Time Magazines Invention of the Year, is here for you at Barefoot Junkie; Official stockists of the Vibram Fivefinger Classics such as the KSO EVO and EL-X, retailers of the latest FiveFinger V-RUN running shoes and stockists of the precision engineered Vibram and Injinji Toe Socks. 

Vibram Five Fingers V-Alpha Shoes | Review

They’re not for everyone though. For some people, that midfoot landing just won’t suit them. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can’t just run out the door with these and expect you’re running gait to be transformed for the better in an instant. It takes time, and you certainly need to get your feet and calves used to the barefoot style, easing yourself in gradually.

Here’s how Outdoors Magic editor Will Renwick has found his pair of Vibram Five Fingers V-Alphas…

Tester’s Verdict

Will Renwick, Outdoors Magic Editor

“I’ve been wearing these quite a lot since I got them a couple of months ago. I’ve walked in them, worked in them, and run on roads and trails in them. I even took them on holiday with me for a week as my only pair of shoes. And I’ve really, really enjoyed wearing them.

“I know they look strange, and they’ve certainly brought a lot of amusement to my friends and colleagues, but running in these feels absolutely brilliant. On trails, that sensory perception adds a whole new dimension, you get such a feel and connection with the ground below you, and generally feel much more agile and nimble.

“On one of my more notable runs in these, I covered about 10 miles of coastal path in Pembrokeshire, and felt fully protected the whole time, even while running over sharp rocks, brambles and roots. I even jumped in the sea while wearing them then carried on running and they dried out really quickly. Vibram have a specialist version of the Five Fingers for that kind of thing though mind.

The difference in gait, compared to that of cushioned running shoes takes time to get used to. Photo: Chris Johnson

“As I expected, when I started out in these, I did find it was a bit of a shock to some of my muscles, getting sore feet and calves after each run, and also a sore backside for some reason! That’s all gradually gone away and my body has got used to the different running style.

“Over the past year, I’ve developed a sore lower back from what I suspect might be running in high drop trail shoes too often. From what I can tell from reports from other reviewers online switching to these might help. It’s too early to tell at the moment, but I’ll update this review with my verdict in a few months time.

“A little niggle that I found with the Vibram Five Fingers was that they were quite hard to get on when I first started using them, though it does eventually get easier as the toes stretch and shape to your feet. I’ve also found that they do start to smell after a number of big runs. Fortunately you can stick them in a washing machine (on a cold wash), and wearing them with Vibram’s special socks will help with this also.

How Can Vibram FiveFingers Fight Counterfeiters?

In the spring of 2010, a pair of shoes arrived at the Franklin, Massachusetts, warehouse of Vibram USA. A customer was demanding a refund for a pair of the company’s popular Five-Fingers running shoes. But the shoes, which were marred by split seams and separating soles, were fakes. Over the next two weeks, the warehouse received 50 more pairs of bogus shoes, all with the same problems. It wasn’t hard to see how customers had been fooled. The counterfeits almost perfectly mimicked Vibram’s colors, styles, and logos; they even arrived in Vibram boxes with perfectly rendered return-shipping labels. Tony Post, CEO of Vibram USA, did some investigating and learned the extent of the problem: More than 100 websites had flooded the market with phony FiveFingers. It was clear he had a huge problem on his hands.

1. The Backstory

An unlikely trend: barefoot-style footwear

FiveFingers aren’t like other shoes. They fit the feet like gloves, with individual slots for each toe. The idea is to let hikers and runners move more naturally by mimicking the feeling of going barefoot. Vibram, an Italian company best known for making soles for high-end hiking boots, released FiveFingers shoes in 2006, after acquiring the idea from a design student. (Post runs FiveFingers as an independent, U.S.-based subsidiary.)

It didn’t take long for FiveFingers to become a phenomenon. In 2007, Time named the shoe one of the year’s best health inventions. In 2010, the journal Nature published a study showing that barefoot running reduces foot stress. Meanwhile, Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run, which touts the benefits of barefoot running, hit the top of the bestseller list. People were going nuts for bizarre-looking, barefootlike footwear.

Post, a former college cross-country runner who gave up the sport because of knee problems, wasn’t entirely surprised. In fact, he was able to start running again, thanks to FiveFingers. He expected the shoes, which retail for $75 to $160 a pair, to be a tidy $20 million business. But that’s not what happened. Instead, says Post, “we hit $50 million in sales without a single advertisement.”

2. The Problem

The black-marketers make their move

The rapid growth blindsided Vibram. Retailers continually ran out of the shoes, and the company’s factories in China couldn’t make new ones fast enough. Unfortunately, when Vibram couldn’t meet demand, counterfeiters were more than happy to do so. As more bogus shoes were returned to the warehouse, Post began to fear that knockoffs could do lasting damage to Vibram’s reputation. “We were concerned that there were people out there who didn’t even bother to return them and just said, ‘I tried those FiveFingers, and they were crap,'” he says. What’s more, competitors were looming. Nike and Terra Plana already had similar shoes on the market, and New Balance and Merrell had plans for their own. What if duped customers quit Vibram for good?


The Options

Stop the fakes. And get more legit shoes on the market

Vibram, in Post’s view, had two issues to confront. It needed to stop the fakes. And it had to get more shoes into stores. With regard to the former, Post looked into hiring China-based investigators. He also considered alerting U.S. trade officials.

To get more shoes into stores, Post considered an overhaul of Vibram’s production and distribution systems. It was a risky proposition, one that would require hiring dozens more workers. If the company overestimated demand, it would be stuck with inventory. It also might have to shut down factories and lay off workers, moves that could damage relationships with its manufacturers.

Curious what others had done in his situation, Post contacted executives at Deckers Outdoor, which had been plagued by knockoffs of its popular Ugg boots in 2008. Deckers’s response, said Leah Evert-Burks, the company’s director of brand protection, was to use its website to help keep people from being fooled. “There is a lot of loyalty with the Ugg brand—and with Vibram as well,” Evert-Burks says. “I told him to get consumers involved.” Post knew that Vibram owed its growth to word of mouth. Perhaps the same thing could stop the counterfeiters.

4. The Decision

Post decided to do a little bit of everything. The company alerted U.S. Customs and Border Protection. He spent $100,000 on lawyers and investigators to pressure Web-hosting companies in China and the United States to shut down sites that sold bogus FiveFingers. He got Google and Facebook to stop serving ads for fakes. In terms of manufacturing, Post went all in. The company expanded from one to six factories, hired 50 people to manage production and quality control in China, started shipping shoes by air, and updated its software systems.

Meanwhile, Vibram reached out to people who had been scammed, offering them 50 percent discounts on real FiveFingers. The company also launched an aggressive online campaign, providing lists of authorized FiveFingers dealers, as well as of knockoff websites. It also offered tips on how to spot fakes—instructing shoppers to be wary of sellers with Gmail accounts, no phone numbers, or that used broken English. Vibram also ran full-page ads in footwear trade publications, showing a FiveFingers shoe with the middle toe extended. The text read, A message to anyone thinking about infringing on any of our 200+ patents and trademarks.

5. The Aftermath

Who saves the day? The customers

Investigators in China didn’t have much luck. They would shut down 10 sham websites, and another 20 would pop up. The same was true with factories: They shuttered one operation, and another opened down the block. U.S. Customs officials intercepted only a few small shipments of counterfeits.

To minimize the risks to the new factories, Post gradually increased production at each factory. Instead of all six factories making all 15 FiveFingers styles, each factory was responsible for production of just one or two styles. As for the 50 percent discounts, they weren’t cheap. But Post sees the sum as an investment in customer loyalty.

But if results from officials were lackluster, Vibram’s fans embraced their policing jobs. Justin Owings, an Atlanta market researcher and blogger who owns 40 pairs of Vibrams, continues to update his blog,, with lists of fraudulent websites and tips on identifying knockoffs. “It made me mad,” he says.

6. The Takeaway

Act fast. And get customers involved

By the end of 2011, the number of returns had dropped to one or two a week. “Either the counterfeiters are making better products, or people aren’t buying as much,” Post says. The fakes, he adds, did no harm to Vibram’s reputation. In fact, Advertising Age named Vibram one of America’s hottest brands in 2010, and sales doubled, to $100 million, in 2011. Post’s advice: Act fast, and don’t underestimate the power of your customers. “If you allow them to participate,” he says, “they’ll be your greatest ally.”

The Experts Weigh In

Post’s quick action, from production efforts to legal engagement to consumer outreach, was exemplary. I particularly liked the way he gave counterfeiters the middle toe and educated consumers. That’s a new approach to fighting fakes. Marketing departments, rather than trying to pretend the problem doesn’t exist, are working with legal departments to mobilize customers to defend the brand. With seizures of counterfeit footwear topping $25 million in 2011, other companies should follow Vibram’s lead.

Susan Scafidi | Academic Director | Fashion Law Institute, Fordham Law School, New York City

Despite difficulties in China, Vibram should continue its efforts there. Post should build a network of investigators, authorities, and legitimate suppliers, and keep the pressure on counterfeiters by joining forces with other brands on enforcement, lobbying, and consumer outreach. Vibram could also incorporate brand-protection processes into its business operations—for example, by affixing holograms to licensed merchandise, which would assist in raising consumer awareness and help distinguish licensed products from fakes.

Ayala Deutsch | Chief Intellectual Property Counsel | NBA Properties, New York City

By the Chinese government’s own estimate, counterfeit products outnumber legitimate ones 2 to 1; in some retail markets, close to 90 percent of all merchandise is fake. Vibram did the right thing by galvanizing U.S. consumers into action, though I don’t believe the company would have been as successful if the fake shoes were even remotely up to par in quality with the genuine ones. To Chinese consumers, a counterfeit fashion statement is a statement nonetheless—as long as it doesn’t break apart in a matter of days.

Xingjian Zhao | Associate Attorney | Diaz Reus & Targ, Shanghai

Vibram Five Fingers vs. Xero Shoes huaraches

Barefoot running is becoming more popular every day.

And, with the growing number of people throwing away their shoes comes… shoes!

Barefoot shoes, that is.

Chris McDougall’s book, Born To Run, featured the Vibram Five Fingers shoes (sort of like a glove for your feet) as well as the low-tech, traditional Mexican huaraches, which the Tarahumara Indians would sometimes make by cutting a strip of rubber off of an old tire and lacing it to their feet.

The Xero Shoes huaraches are a hi-tech update, made with a 4mm Vibram Cherry sole, which gives great protection from debris and dangers, and the most barefoot-like feel you can possibly get (short of just gluing the sole to your foot).

Comparing the Vibram Five Fingers to the Xero Shoes huaraches is a bit tricky. Obviously people will have individual preferences.

Nonetheless, some comparisons are obvious:

The Xero Shoes are more minimalist.

They’re much lighter.

The soles on Xero Shoes are even more flexible and give a more barefoot feel.

Xero Shoes are easy to slip on and off, even if your feet are swollen or sweaty.

They’re less expensive.

There’s no fabric to tear.

FFs give more protection to the fronts and sides of your toes (though, I’ve never had a problem while wearing my huaraches).

Xero Shoes will fit any foot since they’re made just for you (whether you DIY or buy custom shoes) whereas some people find the toes on FF have either too much or not enough room for their particular toe shape.

You can get them (FFs have been sold out in a lot of places).

You can wear Xero Shoes without people thinking you’re a monkey-boy (or girl). 😉

I know I can sound biased, and I have no doubt some people will comment about why FFs are better than huaraches. But the bottom line is that whatever works for you, depending on your situation and desires.

Vibram – Buy Vibram Five Fingers Shoes & Soles

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People who bought these Vibram FiveFinger shoes may be entitled to a refund

Even if you’re not a runner, you probably know what happened next. The brilliant book “Born to Run,” which celebrated a band of Mexican ultra-runners who lived in a hidden canyon and ran huge distances in sandals made from old tires, came out about the same time. A Harvard anthropologist, among others, launched a rigorous study of “barefoot running,” concluding that the way people have been locomoting for hundreds of thousands of years is better for you than the raised sole of the modern running shoe.

The “barefoot” or “minimalist” boom was off and running, so to speak. Nike, Brooks and other major shoe companies jumped in with both feet, and soon you had an enormous choice of barefoot running shoes, with soles that ranged from totally flat to a few millimeters high at the all-important heel. Last time I checked, such footwear made up 10 percent of the $588 million U.S. running shoe market and had grown by 303 percent between November 2010 and November 2012, compared with 19 percent for running shoe sales overall.

Story continues below advertisement

Well on Wednesday we learned that Vibram has moved to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by a woman who claimed that the company deceived consumers when it claimed, without any scientific backup, that its shoes could decrease foot injuries and strengthen foot muscles. The company agreed to put aside $3.75 million to pay refunds of as much as $94 to anyone who had bought a pair since March 21, 2009, according to Runner’s World.

Technically, Vibram has admitted nothing, “expressly” denying “any wrongdoing” or conceding “any actual or potential fault…or liability,” according to court papers. This is like Rosie Ruiz refusing to admit that she took the subway to her victory at the 1980 Boston Marathon, but agreeing to let someone else be declared the winner so we can all move on.

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. In 2012, Skechers agreed to pay a whopping $40 million in refunds to people who had spent $60 to $100 for a pair of their Shape-ups, swayed by the claim that they would promote weight loss and cardiovascular health better than other brands. Not long before that, Reebok agreed to pay $25 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it misled people about the benefits of its toning shoes.

Story continues below advertisement

I tried the FiveFingers in 2009 and knew within a quarter mile that they were not for me. Yes, they forced me up onto the balls of my feet, where running coaches want you, because smacking your heels on asphalt roads without any padding to protect them will do that. That’s the idea. It’s self-preservation.

Does Vibram being caught flat-footed mean there’s no merit to barefoot running? Absolutely not. There is conflicting research on the subject, but I’ve met dozens of people who gave up the sport because of leg injuries suffered in traditional running shoes, only to have their exercise regimens revived by the minimalist variety. In fact, I’m married to one. There’s a niche for flatter-soled running gear, just as there’s a market for people who prefer to drive Maseratis instead of Mazdas.

Any shoe that gets you moving is a good thing, even if it doesn’t strengthen your feet, firm your butt or tone your legs. You can do that all on your own.

Expensive-cheap No. 22

Agree, if five fingers on our hand hurt, we treat everything without hesitation – maybe it is worth curing only one? At the same time, take into account that the presence of at least one disease entails a deterioration in the work of the entire dentoalveolar system, and therefore it is very important to identify all diagnoses, divide them according to their complexity and start treatment.

Logic chains

If we cure only cariogenic processes, but do not touch on periodontal diseases, after a certain period of time we can state the fact that all healthy teeth with cured caries will have to be removed. It may turn out that the teeth are not fixed or are in high-quality articulation with the alveolar ridge and the periodontium does not hold them, therefore, they will have to be massively separated from them. In addition, without identifying and curing periodontal disease, we expose the body to the most powerful influence of the microbial flora.It is known that this entails a huge number of diseases of a general nature, from the heart to the gastrointestinal tract. On the other hand, if you cure periodontal diseases, but do not cure cariogenic processes, it will still lead to tooth decay and their removal due to the development of pulpitis or periodontitis.

If we do not correct the dentition, then we do not eliminate the problematic moments in the correct distribution of the load on the teeth and, accordingly, we get more and more caries diseases, periodontal diseases, which inevitably turns into a large expenditure of both time and money.

Failed practice “one visit – one diagnosis”

The poorly proven practice of “one visit – one diagnosis”, which existed in Soviet times and led to the fact that 90% of the elderly population wear removable dentures, is far in the past. The lack of comprehensive treatment and the elimination of all diagnoses with the restoration of the dentoalveolar system sooner or later lead to failures in the operation of this system, arising one after another.

Today the concept has changed: all diagnoses are identified and eliminated according to a comprehensive treatment plan.

Comprehensive examination, diagnosis and treatment may seem superfluous to the patient, can be perceived as information only to attract him to the clinic. However, if we compare the result that the patient receives at the end of the spot treatment with the result of complex treatment, it turns out several times cheaper, and this allows you to maintain the health of the dentition for a long time.

The later – the more expensive

The problem is that when a previously unnoticed diagnosis is nevertheless made, the treatment will be more expensive.Time is lost, destruction has occurred under the gum structure, and unfortunately, it is impossible to restore the tooth, as is often the case. And its removal and restoration with an implant and a crown already affect several aspects of both surgery and orthopedics, and this is a rather expensive treatment, and again with a less favorable prognosis than preserving your tooth at the stage of initial caries.

Remember, any diagnosis must be described. It is impossible not to believe the initial overdiagnosis, confirmed by visualization, photography, a description of the diagnosis in a card, X-ray studies.This is the evidence base. The doctor who makes a certain diagnosis can, on the basis of additional research methods, convey this important information to both the patient and the specialist, leaving no doubt about the need for treatment.

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    Jan 09.2021

  • Beck

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    While I don’t expect these to last terribly long, I am pleasantly surprised at the quality. I’ve been out twice in the them. And have walked 5+ miles – these shoes are really lightweight and very comfortable out of the box.

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    I bought these shoes for hiking.Today, I wore them on a quick 12-mile hike, and they performed far beyond my expectations.

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    This is the best shoe that I have ever worn. Very comfortable with a soft insole. Perfect width for my foot

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From his workshop located on one of London’s rooftops, Peter Bellerby can visit every corner of the world, look into the most secret places.He makes handmade globes and knows the map of the world like the back of his hand. He also knows the history quite well and can tell how the names and borders of different countries have changed since the 1800s and even earlier, when the art of creating globes was experiencing its golden age.

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In this space, Peter created his own world, where each stage must go without a hitch without a hitch – this is the only way to get the perfect modern globe. Peter does custom work, creating each globe according to the wishes of the customers. He made globes for movie decorations, especially for paintings by Martin Scorsese, in addition, Peter Bellerby’s products decorate many private homes around the world.

Anna Santl

Globes by Peter Bellerby adorn many private houses

Prepared with the contributions of the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship:

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Behind this, at first glance, a simple photograph, there is a story about a lifetime.

Perhaps, this character needs to be told in detail. His name is Makar. Why Makar is not clear. It seems like Seryoga, but still they call him Makar. The first time I saw him was about six years ago. He scourged harshly. Erysipelas like a tarpaulin boot, a torn eyebrow in caked blood, a purple bubble under the eye. It looks like 65 years old. It turned out to be 46.In a word, Makar. They brought him, along with other Arkharovites, to work as a cheap labor force in the summer cottage of my friend. He took pity on him and took him as a guard. A roof over your head (trailer), food and fresh air (taiga all around), well, and not a penny. I deeply regret that I did not shoot him then – the character was colorful. At first, by inertia, I squinted, of course. The motor from the boat in Kama drowned due to drunkenness, got drunk a couple more times and calmed down. Now he gave up drinking – not a drop for six years. Dressed up, overgrown with fat.Master. “Makar, how many times have you been in prison?” – “Three or four times …”. Actually, they didn’t jail for the first time. Out of stupidity, he robbed the military commissar, who was in revenge against the BAM in Zheldorbat for two years. “Komsomol members … singing songs by the fire, and we are dying of hunger. There was not always water in the flask – I had to drink from the puddles ”. Well, then it started. The first term – he shot the dog. A strange story, but got three years for keeping a weapon for being weird. He served time, went out, took a walk and shot the guard at the dance. 8 years for murder.”Duc, Lech, I went to jail, how was it to go to school.” Then he robbed the neighbor and distributed all the loot to the neighbors. “Yes, he was a goat!” 4 years. Well, and something else was there. In my opinion, I myself have already forgotten. “Makar, who did you vote for?” – “Lech, after I was deprived of my voting rights during my imprisonment, fuck when I vote!” A fisherman, a hunter, the taiga is like five fingers … An ordinary biography, nothing special. In the nearest village there are still thirty such people. And so it goes around.

Technical side.Filmed with Makar in a trailer, where the light source was a fire from the stove. Illuminated with an off-camera flash. In this situation, the 50mm lens worked perfectly, perfectly tracing the dark areas of the face. The psychological side. In order to shoot people like this person, for real, without the extra bravado and posturing with which they usually defend themselves from society, you need to win them over. We knew each other well enough, so he allowed himself to relax. Opened up for me. A series of portraits with Makar is very dear to me.I consider her to be one of the best in my portrait clip.

90,000 Sony showed controllers for the second version of PS VR – Iron on DTF

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Kazakhstan is ready to surprise the world with horse meat dishes

Photo caption,

burgers found horse meat.Horse meat is taboo in many countries, but not in Kazakhstan.

In this Central Asian country, where nomadic traditions are still strong, horse meat is a national dish. More than 100 thousand tons of horse meat are produced here annually.

Although horse meat has been eaten in Kazakhstan for many centuries, Mexico and China hold the leading positions in the production of horse meat. However, only in Kazakhstan have special breeds of horses intended for slaughter been bred.

“Melts in your mouth”

They graze all year round on pastures with a wide variety of grasses.Their meat is distinguished by its taste.

“Such horse meat just melts in your mouth,” says 40-year-old Olzhas Bekbulatov, licking his dry lips. “We buy horse meat at least once a month. We drop off with close relatives or neighbors and take a whole carcass. It turns out cheaper.”

You need to know how to handle this meat properly. Horse meat is added to the traditional Kazakh dish, besbarmak, a thinly rolled dough with cold cuts. Sausage – kazy is also made from horse meat.

It is made by stuffing natural horse intestine with fatty horse meat with spices and spices.

It is believed that horse sausage raises pressure, therefore it is also used as a general tonic. Kazakh athletes planned to take this high-calorie product with them to the London Olympics, but they refused at the last minute due to possible problems with customs.

“I don’t know a Kazakh who doesn’t eat horse meat. There are probably no such people.But what are Kazakhs – Russians, when they come to visit me, the first thing they ask is – will there be Kazakhs? “- smiles Olzhas.

” Now I have about five kilograms of horse meat left at home. I’m going to tell my wife to cook besbarmak. And you come, lick your fingers. “

” Besbarmak “in translation from Kazakh means” five fingers “- it is customary to eat this dish with your hands.

Horse meat is also used in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Yakutia. life and were engaged in cattle breeding.

Horse meat for export

Photo caption,

In Kazakhstan, sausage is made from horse meat – kazy

According to official data, there are more than 1.5 million horses in Kazakhstan.

“I believe that over time, Kazakh horse meat will take its rightful place as an export item due to its incomparable taste and nutritional qualities,” said Grigory Sizonov, a representative of the Kazakh Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Feed Production.

According to the expert, Kazakh horse meat is different from the one used in Europe. The point is in the special properties of fat, which does not contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol.

“A dozen and a half of medicines are produced from such fat. Over time, I am sure, our kazy will be appreciated in the West. We can produce horse meat for every taste,” Sizonov assures.

At the end of last year, one of the Kazakh companies announced the creation of a horse breeding enterprise in cooperation with Italians.

At a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, a representative of the Italian delegation, project manager Antonio Rovida said that the Central Veterinary Service of Italy is ready to provide all the necessary documents for the certification of Kazakh horse meat.

Thanks to this project, Kazakh horse meat will enter the EU market for the first time.

At first, it is planned to create a feedlot for 10 thousand heads.

How to Choose the Right Football Boots – Football Boot Tips

Football boots – special footwear for playing football.On sale you can find a huge number of models of famous brands, made of various materials – from plastic to kangaroo leather, with and without spikes. What is the difference? Let’s figure it out together.

Upper material for football boots

The longevity, durability and comfort of a boot depends on the material of the upper.

Synthetic leather is most commonly used for inexpensive boot models. Although they are in many ways inferior to genuine leather boots, the demand for them is quite wide, especially among young footballers.Synthetic leather is very durable, lasts a long time, is resistant to deformation and does not get wet.

Polyurethane is a practical and lightweight synthetic polymer. It is wear-resistant, frost-resistant and relatively cheap. Polyurethane cleats do not get wet, but, like any synthetic footwear, they do not “breathe” because they do not allow air to pass through.

Flyknit. This comfortable and practical material (developed by Nike) is used for the production of boots and trainers.It is made of polyester and resembles hand-knitted fabric in structure. Flaynit is placed on top of the boot. In areas where there is a strong load, the density of the material is higher, where the load is low and where ventilation of the leg is important, there is a freer weaving.

Interlaced with Flywire yarns for better support in selected areas. Flynite is lightweight, does not rub, provides good air exchange and flexibility of the foot, securely fixes the foot. It feels like running across the field in flaynite boots – like wearing comfortable socks.Usually, flinite is combined with a polyurethane layer with a Nikeskin waterproof layer and a carbon outsole.

Genuine leather. Any leather footwear is better than synthetic and, of course, more expensive. The cleat with a kangaroo leather upper (k-leather mark) is flexible and lightweight. It is a worthy choice for professional footballers. An inexpensive analogue, similar in quality and characteristics, is calf leather (full-grainleather marking).

Any genuine leather is breathable, so your feet don’t sweat in boots.Due to its good elasticity, the leather boot quickly “sits” on the foot, providing the player with comfort and the ability to control the ball. Of course, natural leather wears out faster than synthetics and gets wet, so playing in leather shoes on a wet field is not comfortable.

The above classification is rather arbitrary because:

Manufacturers often use combined or mixed materials, which, thanks to modern production technologies, have improved characteristics.

Waterproof performance depends not so much on the material itself as on the quality and tightness of the seams, especially where the upper meets the outsole.

With proper and timely care (cleaning with special products, waxing the seams, proper regular drying), both synthetic and leather boots can last a very long time.

Comparison Chart of Upper Material and Stats:

Polyurethane Flynit Genuine leather
Wear-resistant –
+ +++ +++ ++
All-weather – ++ +++ ++ ++
Comfort + ++ +++ +++
Ball control ++ +++ +++ +++
Lightness ++ ++ +++ ++
Cost + +++ ++ +++


The choice of sole depends on the type of surface on which the game is to be played.Shoes with spikes


are chosen by footballers for playing on natural or soft artificial turf, and without spikes


– for playing in halls on a hard, even floor.

Different manufacturers have their own boot model markings. Consider the Nike lineup:

IC Marking (Incourt)

Soles for hall are made of non-marking materials. Strong molded rubber for traction, flexibility and durability.Elastic grooves in the tread and zig-zag outsole provide a comfortable ride and stability.

TF marking (Turf)

The Centipede is a boot for playing on dry hard surfaces (turf, trampled ground, dry artificial turf). They have a hard-wearing hard rubber outsole with many small studs (5-6 mm) for maximum traction on the field.

Marking MG (Multi Ground)

This model has 24 pins and is best suited for training children.Due to the large number of spikes, the pressure is evenly distributed over the foot. They can also be used by adults as they are well suited for playing on hard pitches.

Marking AG (Artificial Grass)

Football boot for soft artificial turf . The outsole has a variety of tapered studs of varying lengths for perfect traction on the field.

SG marking (Soft Ground)

Football boot for natural turf with soft ground (wet turf and soft ground surface).The outsole has cast or removable studs for good traction on the ground. These boots are especially loved by defenders and goalkeepers. These are the boots that goalkeepers use as they do a lot of jumping and sideways movements and require very good grip on any surface.

Marking FG (Firm Ground)

Shoes for playing on natural grass (dense, slightly damp, hard ground that rarely turns into mud). Cast conical and blade-shaped FG cleats provide traction and comfort by evenly distributing the load across the entire foot.The FG is built for high speeds and is considered versatile by the pros.

Nike boots deserve special attention with an elastic toe that tightly wraps around the ankle, forcing it to work together with the foot. This increases the level of comfort and provides additional support for the foot.

Marking JR (Junior)

Many models exist in children’s size and are marked JR (Junior).

Football boot insoles

Even in the highest quality boots of famous brands, the available insole may not be very comfortable


, since it does not take into account the individual physiological characteristics of the player’s foot.It is worth considering the option of making individual insoles that accurately repeat the contours of the foot



The Territory of Running specialists in Sportmaster stores will help you carry out the necessary testing and make individual insoles.

Correct fitting

Trying on football boots has its own peculiarities. Boots with synthetic upper are tried on according to the same rules, boots made of genuine leather according to different rules.

Polyurethane. Due to its elasticity, shoes made of this material wear out quickly, so the foot should sit tight during fitting, but so that there is a small gap between the tips of the toes and the toe.

The boots from the Flynite can be chosen according to your size. The material does not stretch, the shoes remain the same as when trying on. Flaynite is quite elastic, it fits the leg anatomically.

Boots made of synthetic leather and polymer material are best taken with a small margin – half a size or a size larger.During a match or training session, the legs may become swollen under heavy strain. If you buy a size-for-size synthetic leather boot, your legs will quickly get tired during the game.

The thin and soft kangaroo leather can be bought even if it is a little tight. After the first two games, the foot will feel like a sock.

Calfskin cleats are usually bought exactly in size.

Thicker leather models take longer to wear – it is better to consult the seller when buying.

Fitting any footwear, including sports footwear, is an individual matter. The main criterion is the level of comfort.

It is better to lace up shoes during fitting while standing


, when the leg takes the most natural shape. In a seated position, the foot is subject to less stress, and the leg decreases slightly in length and width.

Trying on boots in the store, walk and even run in them, jump


and sit down several times. If you plan to play in the cold season in open areas, it is better to measure boots with an additional sock.

The choice of professionals

World renowned football boot manufacturers produce special editions of footwear with improved performance that are suitable for players with a particular playing role. As an example, consider Nike’s boot line:

Football shoes Nike Mercurial

Speed ​​Strikers

A thin synthetic upper that allows
to maximize the shape of the foot while providing
excellent ball grip.Studs are designed to provide
maximum effective
forward acceleration.

Narrow / standard

Cristiano Ronaldo,
Neymar De Silva JR

Football shoes Nike Tiempo

Defenders, midfielders

Classic silhouette. A tight synthetic / genuine
leather upper provides a cushioned fit and improved
ball control. EVA insoles provide
low-profile support and lightweight

Standard / Wide

Jerome Boateng,
Leonardo Bonucci.

Football shoes Nike Hypervenom

Creative Forwards

Side lacing increases the impact area for improved
ball control. Embossed upper with
geometric micro-embossing enhances ball control. Studs in the forefoot
provide grip for
in all directions.

Standard / Wide

Robert Lewandowski,
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Football shoes Nike Magista

Midfielders, playmakers

The streamlined silhouette provides an optimal fit without weighting
.Asymmetric lacing and
synthetic leather upper for superior ball control. Internal heel
locks the foot for cushioning.
Combined cleat design for traction and
efficiency in all directions.

Narrow / standard

Kevin De Bruyne,
Andres Iniesta.


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