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Cheap Cool Erasers For Kids, find Cool Erasers For Kids deals on line at

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Preschool Activities with Mini Erasers: 40 of the Best Ideas

Get free sorting mats & learn 40 preschool activities with mini erasers. You will love these fun ideas for literacy, math, & fine motor.

I hear many preschool teachers express excitement when they score some adorable mini-erasers from the Target Dollar Spot.  I also hear many preschool teachers ask, “What’s the big deal with mini erasers?” and  “What can you do with mini-erasers?

Well, I’m going to tell you ALL about mini-erasers

  1. I’ll tell you why they are so awesome and where to find them. 
  2. I’ll also help you with some storage solutions. 
  3. Most importantly, I will give you LOTS and LOTS of ideas to use mini-erasers for learning activities with your kids

…and don’t forget to pick up the free mini-eraser sorting mats at the bottom of this article.

This post contains some Amazon affiliate links for your shopping convenience. There will be no additional cost to you if you purchase something from the link, but I receive a small commission each time someone purchases through one of the links


One of the best things about mini-erasers is that they are pretty inexpensive.  I have been able to find them in ALL KINDS of styles for various themes, seasons, and holidays.

This makes it really easy to use erasers to create a learning activity to go with a thematic or seasonal unit or lesson plan

I also love that the little gems are very versatile and I can use them in MANY ways.  So can you!


Because teachers are pretty crazy about little novelty erasers, you can find them in various places.  Here are some places where I have bought some of the erasers in my collection.  Plus, check the bottom of this post for some links to fun erasers on Amazon.

  • Target Dollar Spot – Check frequently.  Sometimes they sell out quickly.
  • The Dollar Store – I often see them in the seasonal area
  • Hobby Lobby – I often see them in the seasonal area (as stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, etc.) plus check the party goods.
  • US Toy – I was lucky enough to live close to one of their stores when I lived in Dallas.
  • Oriental Trading – Watch for free shipping deals.
  • Amazon – See links at the bottom of this post


As you start to see how many ways you can use the little gems, you will soon have more mini-erasers than you know what to do with.  Here are some ideas for storing them.

Slime Containers – I pick up a few slime containers every time I shop at Michaels and I store my erasers in those.  I like them because they are clear and I can easily see what is inside each jar.

Deli Containers – Wash out and recycle your containers or you can get new ones specifically for erasers.  They stack nicely.

Photo Storage Boxes – Craft stores also sell storage cases for the photo storage boxes.  

Hardware Storage Units – You can also store erasers in hardware storage drawers


First, let me begin by saying that you know your kids best.  Mini-erasers can present a choking hazard, so do not use them with kids who put things in their mouths.


  • Fingers:  The size of little novelty erasers is perfect for pincer grasp activities.  Kids can pick them up and place them in containers, muffin tins, or ice cube trays or divided plastic containers. 
  • Tongs, tweezers, or training chopsticks:  To make the activity more challenging, ask kids to use tweezers or tongs to pick up the erasers.


Stack the erasers.  How many can you stack?


Hot glue erasers to the end of a wooden clothespin clip.  Kids can clip them onto cans, a piece of cardboard, a wooden paint stick, etc.  For a challenge, try smaller clips. 

I made this fun counting and fine motor activity by attaching number cards to floor sample squares.


Kids can hold the eraser with one finger and trace around them with a pencil or crayon.


Sounds like a genius use for an eraser, right?  Make some pencil marks, shapes, or letters on a piece of paper.  Encourage kids to erase your line.



Use mini erasers with number cards or number mats.  Kids can practice counting and comparing quantities.


Transform some ten frames into a fun thematic math game and fine motor activity.


Kids can grab a handful of mixed erasers from a bowl.  They can then sort the erasers by style on the free mini-eraser sorting mats. Which kind has the largest number?  Which has the smallest number?


Kids can sort the erasers by style, category, or color.  They can sort them in containers, onto graphs included in the free mini-eraser sorting mats.



–  Use erasers for nonstandard measurement.

Area – Provide some circles (or other shapes) in a variety of sizes.  Use one style of eraser to fill the circles.  Compare and discuss the number of erasers that fill each circle.

Weight – Fill small containers with mini-erasers and other materials.  Compare their weight using a bucket scale.


Kids learn to recognize and write numbers when they use erasers to trace large numerals on a playdough mat or number activity mat.


Use little erasers as markers for roll and cover games


Create a variety of patterns with the erasers.  You can start a pattern and ask kids to continue it, or challenge them to create their own patterns.


Work on shape recognition by tracing shapes with the erasers


Kids can work on building numbers by using two different types of erasers.


Place a small number of erasers in a group.  Show them to children and ask them to quickly identify how many are there.


Sort erasers into colored cupcake liners or onto colored pieces of paper

Sort the erasers in the Venn diagram included with the mini-eraser free sorting mats.



Kids can learn to recognize and form letters by tracing them with erasers.


Use novelty erasers to reinforce letter sounds in alphabet activities.

Kids can also sort the erasers by beginning sounds.


  • Put them in the writing center and kids can use them as story-telling props.
  • Use them for syllable segmenting.
  • Prepositions – Kids can place erasers in, on, under, behind, next to a container or prop.


Don’t forget about using mini-erasers for sensory activities.  Try these ideas:


Here are some additional ideas:

  • Glue them to a block and use them as a stamp.
  • Use them for lotto or bingo game markers.
  • Play tic-tac-toe with two styles of erasers.
  • Use them as rewards.  Kids love collecting the adorable little gems.


I hope that you try out a few of these fun preschool activities with mini-erasers.  I would love to hear your favorites.


Try out mini-eraser sorting activities with these free printable sorting mats. 

I listed some items below that you can use for the activities mentioned in this article. The links below are affiliate links. Amazon will not charge you an additional fee if you purchase something from a link, but a small portion of your purchase will be used towards the cost of maintaining this website.

10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Eraser Technology

Fact #1: Before rubber came along, people undid their mistakes using wadded-up bread.

John Russell / AP

It’s true, as Arthur C. Clarke said, that the most advanced technologies are indistinguishable from magic. It’s not true, however, that the world’s most magical technologies are all related to computers. What could be more magic, after all, than the eraser—the little wad of rubber that undoes your mistakes and changes, mark by tiny little pencil mark, human history?

Erasers as we know them today are a relatively modern invention. But erasers as a general category are age-old. The ancient Greeks and Romans relied on palimpsests and smoothable wax tablets to ensure erasability. Those gave way, eventually, to White-Out and Photoshop’s “magic eraser” tool and, of course, the ultimate undoer of deeds: the delete key. But erasers are far from obsolescence—just as writing itself is far from obsolescence. Below, 10 things to know about erasers.

1. The original erasers were bread. Moist bread.
Until the 1770s, humanity’s preferred way of erasing errant graphite marks relied on bread that had been de-crusted, moistened and balled up. While these erasers were cheap and plentiful, they had a distinct disadvantage: They were, you know, made of bread. They were susceptible, like all bread, to mold and rot. Talk about a kneaded eraser.

2. The same guy who discovered oxygen helped to invent erasers.
In 1770, the natural philosopher and theologian Joseph Priestley—discoverer of oxygen and, with it, the carbonated liquid we now know as soda water—described “a substance excellently adapted to the purpose of wiping from paper the mark of black lead pencil.” The substance was rubber.

3. Erasers were invented by accident.
Though Joseph Priestly may have discovered rubber’s erasing properties, it’s the British engineer Edward Nairne who is generally credited with developing and marketing the first rubber eraser in Europe. And Nairne claimed to have come upon his invention accidentally: He inadvertently picked up a piece of rubber instead of breadcrumbs, he said, thereby realizing rubber’s erasing properties.

4. “Rubber” actually gets its name from erasers.
It was Priestley who is generally credited for naming rubber. The erasing “substance” he described in 1770—initially referred to as “India gum”—required, he remarked, rubbing action on the part of the user. Thus, yep, a “rubber.” The name ended up generally applying to erasers’ construction material rather than erasers themselves, especially after Charles Goodyear figured out how to vulcanize the stuff in the mid-1800s. In Britain, erasers themselves are still often called “rubbers.” (Which may lead to some confusion, maybe.)

5. Erasers don’t just work manually; they work chemically.
Pencils work because, when they are put to paper, their graphite mingles with the fiber particles that comprise the paper. And erasers work, in turn, because the polymers that make them up are stickier than the particles of paper—so graphite particles end up getting stuck to the eraser instead. They’re almost like sticky magnets.

Malaysian-manufactured Pink Pearl erasers (Wikimedia Commons).

6. Pencils with built-in erasers on the tops are a largely American phenomenon.
Most pencils sold in Europe are eraser-less. Read into that cultural difference what you will.

7. Many erasers contain volcanic ash.
Those ubiquitous pink erasers, in particular—the pencil-toppers and Pink Pearls of the world—make use of pulverized pumice to add abrasiveness. And pumice is, of course, volcanic ash.

8. The little erasers on pencil ends are known as “plugs.”
Yep. And those small bands of metal that contain the plugs are called “ferrules.”

9. Many of today’s most high-tech erasers are made of vinyl.
While the pink erasers you find on pencils are made of synthetic rubber, an increasing number of erasers are made of vinyl. Vinyl’s durability and flexibility give erasers made of it “minimal crumbling,” and offer, overall, “first-class erasing performance.” Plus, obviously, the sound quality is richer with vinyl.

10. There are such things as electric erasers.
Seriously. These erasers supposedly offer “a smooth erasure with a minimum of paper trauma.”

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Top 8 Best Kneaded Eraser Reviews 2021

Beautiful artworks take its toll of hectic effort from the artist. If you’re an artist yourself, you might agree even more with that. Apart from the whole side of creating the art itself, you’ve to fine-tune your strokes with a good quality eraser.

Talking about eraser, you definitely will fall for an eraser that is unable to erase strokes and shades precisely. And that’s where the kneaded erasers come on the podium.

To fine-tune an artist’s demand from a kneaded eraser, we’ve done 14-days long research under the supervision of real artists. Finally, we’ve ended up with 8 of the best kneaded eraser of the market. Credit goes to our research team.

And afterward, it’s the writer and editor who crafted each of the detailed features of these erasers for you. Take a moment to have a look- 

Top 8 Pick of Best Kneaded Eraser in 2021

If you’ve been artworks, architecture, planner or any creative artist, you might be aware of the brand value that Faber Castell sports. Starting from pencil to larger art equipment, they’re the market dominant. And a fine example of their product excellence is the Faber Castell 2-Pack kneaded eraser. Eventually, it’s the #1st ranked pick of our list of the best Kneaded eraser.

One of the finest things that it does is, it erases strokes from your paper like some magic spells. We mean, literally!

Unlike many other erasers in the market, you don’t have to keep rubbing this eraser on the strokes to erase them. All you have to do is put it on the point, and press lightly. One or two such presses will draw the graphite/carbon materials into the eraser itself and your mark will be gone! That’s how easy it is to deal with.

Apart from erasing, it can serve you with some other ways as well. See, for oil paintings or for the sake of creating shade in your artwork, you have to lighten your arts. It involves taking a few shades from the pencil marks away.

For doing so with this Faber Castell 2-Pack eraser, all you have to press it against the drawing, and take it off quickly. Afterward, you can see a lighter shade of what it was before. For watercolor painting, this process is rather helpful.

Faber Castell had bid these kneaded erasers super flexible. What we mean is, you can bend, form, deform, twist, pinch, turn and do any sort of such actions to change it into any desired shape. It sounds fun for the kids, but when you think about professional artworks, it has quite some importance.

To make precise erasing of tiny lines/strokes without harming the other areas nearby, this is the feature that artists always look for.

The size of these erasers is quite handy. In this pack, you will have four of them and each one of them will sport a dimension like a gumball. So, they’re easy to hold with two or three fingers and 4 of them together will serve you for quite some days. In case you want fewer, there is a 2-units version as well.

It does work pretty fine on any art media like pencil, charcoal, graphite, pastel, watercolor and what not! Even in the case of darkest pencil leads, this Faber Castell 2-Pack will do a pro-level job.

Like many of the Faber Castell products, the packaging is praiseworthy, and you can use the package as a storehouse of the erasers as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 in 1 combo pack of kneaded erasers.
  • Works on charcoal, pastel, graphite, watercolor.
  • One of the best absorbing capacities in the market.
  • Cleans photographic slides as well.
  • Leaves no crumbs at all.
  • Durable doesn’t lose its elasticity easily.
  • The size is like a gumball, pretty much holdable.

2. Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser

The runners up pick of the list is the infamous Prismacolor Premier Kneaded Rubber Eraser, which had been our personal favorite for quite some years. Ask any artists who’ve been working for a few years, and you’ll get most of them to use it at least once. We couldn’t therefore, resist ourselves from awarding this eraser the runners-up-slot of the list.

That being said, let’s proceed to the details insight of the eraser-

When it’s about precise cleaning, you would like to shape the eraser as precisely as you want. And this elastic eraser will let you do so pretty easily. No matter it’s small spots, long strokes, and even dark and deep spots, it will clean them off.

Like any other artists (or user of a kneaded eraser), you don’t like it when your paper is full of eraser crumb, right? Neither do we. And that’s the reason we’ve upvoted this eraser as it leaves virtually no crumb once you’re done with erasing your lines with it. No residue to deal with, and no dirty workplace to worry about.

Cleaning the kneaded eraser is a headache that comes across every artist who uses it. Eventually, this eraser will get saturated of carbon particles, and won’t be clean anymore unless you clean the eraser itself.

But thanks to Prismacolor, the brand that they’ve made the cleaning process of this eraser pretty easy. If the outer surface of the eraser gets dirty, just knead the eraser on your palm and keep it going till the surface got ready over again.

When one talks about the virtues of a kneaded eraser, there comes the ability to deal with versatile kind of art mediums. Although, this eraser can’t deal with every medium under the sky. But it suits well with mediums like pencil, pastels, and chalks. Starting from lightly shaded pencils to deep pencils like 4B, it can deal pretty well.

The unit that we’re talking about, contains only one unit, which will provide you an eraser of 1-3/4-inch x 1-1/4-inch in terms of dimension. That should be sufficient for dealing with regular artworks for quite some days.

In case you need some more supplies for more frequency erasing, there is another version of this product that comes in a 4-in-1 pack.

The price point of this eraser is not the lowest of the market, as it’s one of the best Kneaded eraser models. But if you believe in the saying that- good things come for a good price, then this will be a bang for the bucks for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can do both highlighting and cleaning.
  • Molds easily with almost no effort.
  • Works on chalk, charcoal, and pastels.
  • Cleans with just kneading on the palms.
  • Comes in 1 and 4 unit packs.
  • Let’s you clean both small and large areas.
  • Smart dimension, easy to grab.

3. Bellofy 12 Kneaded Erasers

When you are working on with any of charcoal, pastel or pencil medium (or several of them), this eraser from Bellofy can save your day. It’s labeled as a premium bulk package and they’re quite large in size.

When it comes to erasing quite precise and detailed area without hurting the other parts of the work, it’s one of the best shots that the market can provide you with.

Let’s scroll down through the detailed perks of Bellofy 12 Kneaded Erasers-

The best part of its features is its ability to provide a beautiful finish. Instead of those flat, non-stretchable rubbers, this one can be your hand while you’re creating some serious artworks. With one of these 12 erasers, you can have firm control on which precise part of the work you want to erase.

Talking about prevision, there comes the question of how kneadable this eraser is. Well, it’s made out of an eco-friendly putty. And the property of that putty is, they can be transformed into any shape and size. They can be pinched, twisted or literally can take any form. All you have to know is what exact firm you want it to convert into.

On that note, we would like you to note that this eraser has got quite some elasticity. So, no matter how much you form or deform it into various shapes, it will lose its elasticity at all. So, you don’t have to throw it away because you can’t deform its shape anymore.

It works pretty fine on any of these three mediums- charcoal, pencil and pastel. Although these are not all kinds of materials artists and architects use to use. But if you take regular artworks into consideration, it gives you decent coverage. Most of the popular artistry you can see around, are made usually by one(or more) or these three mediums.

While working on your art, it can be with any medium. But in case you go with a puffy fluid medium like charcoal or pastel, there are some important notes to take.

See, charcoals and pastels are not so stubborn while sticking to the paper (or the canvas you’re drawing on). So, you need to have an eraser that’s meant to provide tailored erasing. Also, it has to be small, and precise for pin-pointing your works. And the good news is, this eraser that we’re talking about, has every quality to be so. 

If you are a regular artist, you might be drafting your artworks a lot. So, it would take a regular use of erasers. To save you from the hassle of buying a new eraser every time, this model from Bellofy comes as a set of 12 units. As a perk, you will have one after another eraser and won’t run out of it very soon.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of super elastic, eco-friendly putty.
  • Can be pinched, twisted or deformed into any shape.
  • Goes fine with charcoal, pencil or pastel.
  • A perfect eraser for fluid mediums.
  • Comes in a pack of 12.
  • Quite easy and effortless to knead with.
  • Each of the erasers is of 1.57” x 1.18” x 0.23” in size.

4. Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser

The last pick of the list was a 12-in-1 set that has got the same kind of perks and specs. But let’s try out something different at this point. Presenting the 4-in-1 multi-purpose eraser named as the Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser. It’s a one-piece eraser that will serve you at multiple dimensions.

Let’s figure out how-

See, there are many mediums of artworks starting from too liquid to too strong. In case you’re stuck in search of a good eraser for hard mediums like graphite, this Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser can be the best companion of yours. It’s strong enough to erase deep graphite lines when it’s best version is unleashed.

If you talk about the way it deals with soft lines drawn by charcoal on an ever softer paper, the Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser will make a good fit as well. So, you don’t have to buy another new eraser for the soft mediums only.

They said that it’s a multi-purpose eraser, and they said it well.

Moving forward, we have a very important spec in mind, which is how it deals with the crumbs. As you know, crumbs come as a by-product of almost all erasers. And very few are there which doesn’t create any of these annoying crumbs. And this product that we are talking about, is one of those few.

It can literally clean up itself once you put it against any graphite or charcoal lines. So, you don’t have to deal with piles of eraser crumbs and take them away by hand. This also rescues you from damaging your paint by hand-rubbing it while you’re removing crumbs. All you will be left with the picture-perfect artwork of yours.

Apart from cleaning unwanted lines and strokes, you can put some more expectations from the top quality kneaded eraser of the market. As an example, you can expect it to erase lines under the ink strokes, to blend charcoal and pastel mediums, to tidy up the colored pencil works, etc. And once again, we have good news that this Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser is able to do that all.

So, the four in one eraser is really something that any article would love to have on his/her desk. In terms of dealing is a different variation of media, it will serve you at its fullest capacity. Starting from charcoal, colored pencils, graphite, pastels- name anything and it will work fine on it.

After reviewing all of the eraser on the market, you might ask why it’s only 1 piece of the eraser to buy. Can’t it be a set of 5-10? Well, with all due respect, let us assure you that you won’t need more than one of them for several weeks (regular work rate considered). The size of this rubber is 2 1/2″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″, which is large enough for a series of artwork sessions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works on graphite, charcoal, pastel, colored pencils, etc.
  • Can take off sharp and deep lines.
  • Works on both strong and soft(liquid) art mediums.
  • Can clean up sketches without any smearing.
  • Can rare lines under the ink.
  • Also, can tidy up colored pencil works.
  • Doesn’t produce andy crumbs.
  • Sized as 2 1/2″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″.
  • Pretty much durable.

5. PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser

There are kneaded erasers which are small in size but comes in bulk amount. Also, there are erasers which come in a single unit pack but are large in size. So, what would you go with?

Or you would rather prefer something that’s neither too large nor too small and comes in a 3-unit pack? Well, that’s what this PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser is all about.

As the name suggests, it’s finest strength is to erase Prismacolor pencils. These pencils are buttery and vibrant if you look at it. But it has also the bad spec not to get erased easily.

So, not just any random kneaded eraser will be able to do this job. But as long as you have PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser in hand, you’re good to go.

We mentioned in the first paragraph that; this eraser is neither too small nor too large in size. It has a thickness of about 1 inch, the length is about 1.5 inches and the thickness of it is 1 inch. Of course, that’s not the largest available kneaded eraser in the market. But we are not even talking about it either. All we want is a decently sized eraser that will last for a good number of days.

Like any good quality kneaded eraser, it can be molded into any size. No matter you need a pin-point erasing end or a flat type- it will be there for you. And over a long time of such molding, it is not supposed to lose its elasticity.

Next question, please? Oh yeah, it’s the medium compatibility.

Of course, you can not purchase individual erasers for erasing different art mediums, right?

You don’t need to. Because this eraser itself will be able to deal with mediums like pencil, chalk, charcoal, etc.

It might not be so good at erasing hard strokes of mediums like graphite. But unless you stick to soft style mediums, it should be sufficient.

A significant feature of this kneaded eraser is, it’s extremely satisfying price-quality ratio. You can avail the 3-unit pack for such a low price that we can hardly find any alternative of it. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 in 1 kneaded eraser pack.
  • Suits best for erasing Prismacolor pencil strokes.
  • Applicable on pencil, chalk, pastel, and charcoal.
  • Medium in size, good for time-efficient using.
  • Stays in a shape and doesn’t break down.

6. General Pencil GEN-140E-BP Jumbo Grey Kneaded Eraser

Kneaded rubbers are chemically manufactured products. And that does indicate that there are chances of including harmful ingredients like PVC and Latex to boost the durability and functions.

But every conscious person knows that these couple of elements are quite harmful to health, even if you just touch them. And if you go otherwise, and would love to stay away from them, then this General Pencil GEN-140E-BP Jumbo Grey Kneaded Eraser can be a fine start.

The General Pencil GEN-140E-BP Jumbo Grey Kneaded Eraser is made in the USA and the whole manufacturing process is taken care of under the supervision of experts. It comes in a 1 unit version and 2 unit version. But if you seek the bulkier amount of it, you have to make several purchases.

It can deal fine on highlights, chalks, pastels, charcoals, etc. Rest of the three mediums are quite common. But when it’s about removing highlights, it’s one of the best picks that you can ever find.

Elasticity is another of its a virtue that we would like to mention at this point. These are made out of the moldable silly potty, but they have a number of rubber-like properties into them. So, overall, it is a good choice as an eraser.

But that being said, there is a pretty significant difference between rubber and the eraser that we are talking about. And that is, it doesn’t leave your paper with any crumbs. So, you don’t have to end up with a dirty desk while you are done with drafting your sketch, or project blue map.

As this kneaded eraser set comes in a plastic wrapper, you might have to face a hard time in unwrapping them in the first place. But once you are done with opening it up, it’s all between you and your eraser. Comparing to the other perks that it provides, it is not that much of a problem to care about. And we hope that you’d agree with us.

All that being said, let’s focus on what sort of users should be the ideal users of it. Although the brand claims it to be a perfect companion to professionals, artists, planners, architectures. But our belief is the kids will be better users of this eraser.

When we were going through the real-time reviews of this product, we got plenty of data to prove this claim of ours.

There are two versions of this eraser. These two versions don’t’ vary from each other in terms of quality. All that matters is the number of erasers you would have in the pick. However, as we said, they’ve got a 1-pack version and a 2-pack version for uses.

Highlighted Features:

  • No PVC or later included as ingredients.
  • 100% of the USA made.
  • Can erase highlights, chalks, pastels, charcoal.
  • Best for kids and similar users.
  • Comes in 2 versions.
  • Quite budget-friendly.

7. Raymond Geddes Wacky Whiffs Scented Kneaded Eraser

Life is a box of chocolates, and you never know what is there for you- heard of this saying from Forrest Gump, the movie? Well, we’ve got not a box of chocolate, but a box of erasers here, where you’ll get to have 72 of the Raymond Geddes wacky whiffs kneaded erasers. Eventually, this stands at our #7th position of the list of 8.

As there are 72 of the kneaded erasers, you can already assume that they are meant to be used in a bulky manner. As an example, if you are a school teacher, and want to provide surprise gifts to all of the kids in the class, it can be a perfect pick. If you’re a parent of 3-4 kids, that can also be a nice idea to gift this box of erasers to them.

These Raymond Geddes erasers are scented, which is a pretty rare feature if you talk about typical kneaded erasers. There are smells embedded of crispy bacon, popcorn, marshmallows, cinnamon rolls, pine tree, hominy, pizza, fudge brownies, lilac, cotton candy, and a donut. All 12 of these flavors will come with 6 units.

So, each of the smells will be 6 erasers in the box. And right on the lid of the box, it’s labeled that which eraser set is scented as which flavor.

So, the overall idea of this arrangement is to interact with its drawings, writings with fun. Look at the list of smells that they come with, and you will understand how it will be fun to play with these erasers for your kids.

Moving forward, there is a good chance that all of these erasers will mix up their scents while they are in the same box. But have a closer look at the product image and you will see that, each of them has their own boxes as well.

So, the beautiful smell of each eraser will be locked there until your baby opens it up for use.

The version of the eraser set we’re talking about is called Wacky Whiffs. But there are other two variations called the Mash-Ups and the Snack Attach. Each of them has their unique selling points, and we can bet that your kid will fall in love with each of them.

All that being said, there is a small drawback that we would like to talk about. Actually, there are two. The first one is, it will leave with residue. Like many of the top-rated kneaded erasers, it will leave the paper with crumbs. And as the user, your kind has to take care of that as well.

The other drawback is, its inability to be a professional artists companion. And we have got a feeling that a professional won’t be interested in such scented erasers as well. It is well-made for the kid’s only in school, or at home and everyone will be aware of the fact before paying for it.

Highlighted Features:

  • 72 units of kneaded erasers.
  • Comes at 12 different smells.
  • Each smell contains 6 units of erasers.
  • Sports a decent dimension that’s palm-friendly for the kids.
  • A good price point.

8. June Gold Kneaded Rubber Erasers

The last pick of the list is called the June Gold Kneaded Rubber Erasers, and it’s pretty new in the market. But with our utter surprise, we’ve noticed how drastically it is gaining popularity among the users.

This unit that we’re up to right now, is a set of 6 erasers. Each of them comes with a size of 4 x 3 x 0.5 cm but you can mold them into any shape based on your erasing requirement.

Unlike the previous product of the lot, it’s not a kids-only eraser that professional artists can not use. It is rather made for dealing with both light and deep art mediums. The materials that it can absorb is- charcoal, chalk, colored pencils, pastel, highlights, and of course graphite. If you think about conventional erasers in the market, it’s hard to get such a material-compatibility in one eraser.

Moving forward from it’s compatibility to its elasticity, we’ve got some more good news. It is made of standard putty, which lets it showcases some deformations like bending, twisting, turning, pinching and stretching. But remember, it’s not a product with an infinite amount of elasticity. So, you have to be careful enough while changing the shape of this eraser frequently.

The shape of this eraser will let you grab it in between your fingers and apply the right pressure on the strokes of lines that you want to remove. However, if the pressure is light enough, you can use it to take shades off your artworks as well.

In the same manner, it also seems to be a good fit for works like smoothing up your arts, correcting shades of the art, brighten your sketches and many more. Truly, it’s a professional artist’s companion.

In this pack, we have got 6 of the erasers in one pack. And all of them comes in a beautiful packaging that’s waterproof as well. So, no need to worry about any kind of transporting damage while carrying.

The last thing that we want your attention to be drawn at, is the price point. Well, we’ve got a number of 6-unit packs that come with cheaper price than this. But as it’s becoming more popular day by day, users are of course finding the investment worth it. In case you’re not too much limited within budget, it can be a nice pick for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 in 1 kneaded eraser pack.
  • A wide range of absorbent materials.
  • Deals fine with charcoal, chalk, graphite, pastel, colored pencil, etc.
  • Nicely deformable with infinite shapes.
  • Comes in waterproof packaging.
  • Has got a size of 4 x 3 x 0.5 cm.
  • Easy to clean by gently kneading on the palms.

Things to Consider Before Buying  kneaded eraser

Done with checking out all the 8 best Kneaded erasers of the market? It’s time to hone up your buying precision by the extensive buyer’s guide that we’ve exclusively crafted for you-

The Medium Compatibility

You have the liberty to use any medium on any sort of paper while creating arts. But the big question is, is your eraser supports them all?

For precise crafting, you need to make sure that the best pick you choose, is able to deal with pencils, graphites, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils and any other medium that you paint with. Otherwise, you have to end up with different erasers for different mediums. And nobody would like to do that anyway.

The Precision in Erasing

It’s quite important that how much effort you have to put in order to erase a certain stroke of the medium. If you have to keep rubbing with the eraser to do that, that’s quite unlikely. Good erasers come with such a capacity that it can erase shades of pencils just when you press it against the mark.

The Mold-ability

Kneaded erasers have a surprising capacity of being super-elastic. What we mean is, you can mold them up with bending, pinching, twisting, turning, stretching, etc. And that will give you the liberty to make the eraser either pin-point or flat or literally any shape you want.

So while you’re being the kneaded eraser for your works, make sure it has the capacity at the fullest.

The Size

Although these erase are elastic enough to form and deform into any size. But the initial dimensions carry a lot of significance. As an example, how good you can hold this up, how flat or narrow the active erasing surface is and so on.

The Crumb Creating 

Crumb is something that every artist hate. You never want to end up with a dirty piece of paper full of crumbs created by the eraser. And the good news is, there are many models in the market that don’t come up with these crumbs. Make sure that your model is one of them.

Number of Units

When you have selected the right eraser for your purpose, you don’t want to buy one piece at a time, right?

So, there are models that come with 2, 4, 5, 6 and even 72 pieces or erasers in one box. In case you are going to make regular use of them, buy the set altogether. Instead, if you want to end up with one single eraser for occasional use, there are choices in our list as well.

Best kneaded eraser brands in the market 

Faber Castell

This ancient brand was established in 1761 by the veteran cabinet maker Kaspar Faber. And so far in 2019, Faber Castell has been one of the oldest, and most infamous industrial companies in the globe.

They don’t only produce erasers (that we’ve talked about), they have a wide array of products like pencils. Writing kits, drawing kits, creative design kits, decorative cosmetics and many more.


If you talk about brands that provide professional and non-professional artist’s supplies, Prismacolor will lead the list. It was established by Berol, more than a century ago(1899). Over time, the company had been handed over to Newell Brands.

Items that Prismacolor use to produce is colored pencils kneaded eraser, art stix, watercolors, alcohol-based art markers, etc. We’ve got a good collection of Kneaded erasers that the brand can produce.


Bellofoy had given us one of the top three erasers of this list. But the company is not as big as the first two brands that we’ve talked about. It’s a small misc art supply store that has got competitors like Displate, Ikonick, Society 6, etc. 

Apart from kneaded erasers, they product professional drawing kit, sketch board for artists, sketchbook, dwarfing pencils, sketching toolkit, painting pads, paper pad, mechanical pencil set and many more. Their product inventory is pretty rich, we have to agree.


Among all the brands that we’ve talked about in this list, Sanford is the one with the richest product lineup. They produce white goods such as air cooler air conditioner, home appliances such as alarm clocks, garment steamer, heater, electric collections, kitchen collections, luminous collection, personal gadgets, and even office gadgets.

The company is owned by the Dubai-based company named Sanford Middle East DWC, and they’re going to come up with more in the future.

Final Word

Wow, you’ve made it till the very bottom. Well, pat your back because you’ve just read 5000 words article in search of the best Kneaded eraser on the market. And we’re hopeful that you’ve already made your buying shortlist. Well, the last piece of advice will be to keep an eye on the health factor and not to end up with an eraser that’s chemically harmful to your skin and health.

Good luck!

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Browse online for free printable coloring pages, DIY videos and many more! SA: Safety warning over sweet-smelling scented erasers. John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar. Visit Kmart today for irresistible prices on kids pencils & crayons. Unique and Whimsical these erasers will decorate any desk and bring a smile to your face. These kids Temporary Tattoos are perfect for party favours , party prizes, etc . Warehouse Stationery With a range of styles and colours for girls and boys, you will find the perfect pencil case at Smiggle Australia. 14 Sep 2015. A must-have stationery to keep handy, these erasers will clear off those pesky mistakes. Monday – Saturday: 9:00AM–7PM Sunday: 10AM–7PM Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas. Perfect for lifting out tone and colour Mould the eraser until soft, pull into a point to remove areas of colour or graphite Can be used for artistic techniques such as highlighting stippling and ghosting. Find the LOWEST Prices on Gumball Machines for Sale at See if you can find any holiday-themed erasers to pop in as small and practical gifts. The majority of my accessories are made from fun-shaped erasers, and there’s a few reasons for this. Shop Fun Express for the best assortment available in wholesale & bulk party favors. 99. Wholesale jewelry, costume jewelry, fashions accessories and gift items offered at below wholesale prices. Kmart Australia Ltd — Anko Light Up Wand Unicorn and Dino … Safety inspectors give showbags the thumbs up. John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar. Free delivery over $55 and free Click and Collect. Temporary Tattoo Directions. Ages: 14 years and up. Spread warmth & well wishes with Zazzle’s Giant birthday cards & greeting cards! Visit Tide for the greatest in laundry products. Free worldwide shipping available! Then my seven-year-old boy, to my total surprise, came back with the least expected item. Marketplace at is a community of sellers working with Kmart to provide you with thousands of additional items. Buy Whiteboard Erasers online and in store at Officeworks. Afterpay & free shipping over $60. Metal PensValue Metal Pens Premium Metal Pens. CHRISTMAS WORLD, your One Stop Christmas Shop, is Australia’s Leading Christmas Store! Hold your important files on one of our Science USB flash drives. One being that they are really easy to find as almost everyone is a proud stationery lover these days. Kmart home … Rhode Island Novelty Present Time co Rhode Island Novelty Silly For Big Mistakes Eraser. See more ideas about kmart, friends in love, cupboard storage. So I transferred to Rite Aid from Kmart this month to and got a $25 Rite Aid Gift Card for free. A BOOK. Security & Privacy; Terms & Conditions; FAQs; Benefits Materials. Party, household & cleaning supplies, as well as home decor & seasonal products. Perfect for friends & family to wish them a happy day on turning one year older. Free Click and Collect. KONG’s selection of dog and cat toys provide natural enrichment and play for animals. Buy Large Whiteboards For Office use here. As you might remember from my last post, 2 weeks ago my study nook looked like this. I also made two I-Spy bottles using some cute novelty erasers I found in Kmart and The Reject Shop. Some are a little shorter or longer but this is the perfect collectible size for pencil cases and collectible tins. For example: novelty erasers, rain forest frogs (Dollar Tree), art foam (WalMart), Creepy Crawler Creatures (Dollar Store), golf ball markers Visit the sports section at Target; Multi-colored Post It notes for … 4.7 out of 5 stars 86. Get your large greeting cards from Zazzle. Pencil boards, or shitajiki in Japanese, are placed underneath the sheet you are writing on to provide a smooth surface and prevent leaving marks or dents on pages underneath. Visit the KONG Company website to learn more about our products. We also had novelty disguise glasses and silicone flying superhero toys as well as homemade rock candy Kryptonite Lollipops made using this Rock Candy Tutorial. Save at least 20% with free shipping on orders over $125. Shop Fun Express for wholesale & bulk card game sets. Stop in for deals on decor, food and more. Posted: (6 days ago) These puzzle animal erasers set come with a variety of animals individually-wrapped, at least 30 different animal erasers included. Vintage 1980s-90s Lot of Kawaii Novelty Collectible Erasers KitschyKitschyYAYAYE 5 out of 5 stars (160) CA$ 45.00 FREE delivery Add to Favourites Vintage 1980s-90s Lot of Kawaii Novelty Collectible Erasers … Kmart stretch burgandy pantyhose new old stock vintage dark blood red nylon 80s size small underwear lingerie accessories for her 200 Pieces Mini Erasers Assortment, Colorful Cake, Digital and Animal Assorted Eraser Mini Novelty Erasers for Party Favors, Homework Rewards, Gift Filling (Style 2, 200 Pieces) $19.54 $ 19. While I love finding meaningful gifts for YOUR parents & meaningful non-toy ideas, I also love to find creative gifts that the kids can laugh about, have fun with, and be surprised by… My stocking stuffer list isn’t any different. Check out GEDDES School Supplies today and take a look at our outstanding selection of writing supplies, like this The Elf on The Shelf® Little Notebook! 100% safe online checkout. From cool t-shirts to custom mugs to DIY invitations, Zazzle is the place to unleash your creative side. Ideal for writing notes on and sticking to flat surfaces, whether it is your desk, to a wall or to a memo board. Sort … Dollar General Office Jumbo Little Book – $1 Strong Neodymium / Rare Earth Magnets . Sold by Craftutopia. Pencil cases are a fun and exciting stationery accessory. FREE Delivery on Prime international orders over $49. Spread the joy this Christmas with a great range of gifts at the lowest prices from BIG W. Available on orders $70 to $2000 Learn More. 0 0 1. Shop for Vibrators and other Sexual Wellness Products. 16,000+ satisfied customers. Perth, the largest city of Western Australia is home to sandy beaches and riverside parks. One-stop-fun-shop for everything from party supplies & holidays to crafts & toys. Warehouse Stationery Sew-on snaps are snaps sewed onto garments to fasten the edges together. Welcome to my brand-new study space! View our weekly school supplies discounts. Unzip your Backpack to reveal 6 cute stationery surprises! Enjoy everyday low prices and pay with Afterpay and Zip. Find tiny colored pencils, cute candy markers, micro glitter rulers, small stickers, little novelty erasers, weeny foil notebooks, novelty pens, and sweet sticky notes!There’s even a tiny sticky tape dispenser! Shop Dollar Tree and view our $1 bonus size products, closeouts, and smaller-quantity Pick & Pack items for even more amazing deals. Shop online or in-store. Trading since 2003, Vivid Promotions Corporate Image Consultants Australia is one of Australia’s leading promotional products distributors. Wiki User Answered 2012-03-25 02:02:59. michles. Columbia’s Bahama® II short-sleeved shirt is a fisherman’s dream. New Toothbrush I just filled a plastic Voss bottle with rice and the erasers and attached a photo so Paige knows what she’s looking for. Offering you more variety and more profit. They’re also really cheap, and often come in packs of different designs for only a few dollars. We had superhero themed stick on tattoos, Stickers, Erasers, Wristbands, notepads and pencil. Best of all, we offer a complete gift wrapping service, so you can personalise your fun gift and have it delivered straight to their door. Shop online or find out more about us. Welcome your guests with colorful and durable fabric hibiscus leis, natural and synthetic hula skirts for kids and adults, and beach-themed straw hats and novelty sunglasses. Although Christmas 2020 is over, the joy of the holiday season continues. Now this is surprising as he is also my reluctant reader. HDI is a leading wholesale distributor of toys, school supplies, housewares for NPOs, charities, retail & online stores, schools and more! add to compare compare now. Game pieces that are appropriate for a particular game you’ve made. Shop by Sanford,Sanford at for Erasers including brands like Pentel,Ashley Productions,Panda Superstore,Blancho Bedding,East Majik Skip Navigation. Faber-Castell Kneaded Art Erasers. ALTERNATIVE PARTY BAG AND FAVOUR IDEAS FOR KIDS. Creating an account has many benefits: See order and shipping status; Track order history 2 Pocket Poly Portfolio – 2/$1. China Stationery manufacturers – Select 2021 high quality Stationery products in best price from certified Chinese Promotion, Promotion Gift suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Thanks for stopping by! … Rhode Island Novelty Present Time co Rhode Island Novelty Silly For Big Mistakes Eraser. 27 best advent calendars for kids: Disney, toys, chocolate and more options to get children excited The single unit price is for plain stock and only charged if the item is not available as a free sample. What stores sell gomu erasers? Enter your vehicle’s info to make sure this product fits. Big clean out! When it comes to fun, we’re all business. WA: Warning after asbestos found in crayons. Bulk Toys from A&A Global. Do they like farm animals, butterflies, sea life, fairies, or even creepy crawlies? Get great deals on discounted school supplies and save 20% – 50% with GEDDES Weekly Specials! Shipping charges apply (please see the shipping tab). Find stickers, notepads, tattoos and the bags and boxes to go with. Saved from The materials needed are all obtainable at local novelty stores, dollar stores, or something similar to Walmart, Kmart or Target, or even your local toy store. SA: Safety warning over sweet-smelling scented erasers. Bulk lots of Assorted kids Temporary Tattoos – Heaps of Designs – Great Stocking Fillers or Party Favours. Pretty Letter Paper ~ Let Sets Any Kind ~Pretty Envelopes ~ Hand Made envelopes ~ Sea Shells ~ Stickers ~ Washi tape ~ Pens and Pencils ~ Rubber Stamps ~ Walmart gift Cards ~ Kmart Gift Cards ~ Target Gift Cards ~ Starbucks Gift Cards Anything Religious ~ Lip gloss ~ Tea ~ Fuzzy Socks ~ book Marks ~ Candles ~ Marilyn Monroe Stuff ~ Madonna Stuff ~ Elvis Stuff ~ Postcards Asian … The single unit price is for plain stock and only charged if the item is not available as a free sample. WA: Warning after asbestos found in crayons. Welcome to WHSmith. All paint by number kits feature unique and realistic designs on printed canvas boards with options for all ages. Very unique and novelty sticky notes pad in the shape of 3D cupcake. 14. Items as in pics, including: Pencils ️ Pens Twistable Crayons, pencil case filled with Coloring pencils, 2x cute pencil cases, zip lock bag full of erasers. Yes, yes, it’s practically Kmart meets Hot Dollar, only a million times better. Add to wishlist. Shop for bulk vending and redemption toys & novelties, plush, merchandiser kits, candy and gum. Community driven bargain hunting with thousands of free discounts, promo codes, freebies and price comparisons. The type of artwork you supply will depend on the printing process used for … Welcome to my brand-new study space! Impulse & Novelty Toys; … 5 Pack Rainbow Erasers $ 2.00 4 Pack Monster Erasers … Get it as soon as Tue, Apr 20. 25 Aug 2015. Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. check_box_outline_blank Art Sets (14) Refine by Product Type: Art Sets ; check_box_outline_blank Baby Sleeping Bag (1) Refine by Product Type: Baby Sleeping Bag ; check_box_outline_blank Bags (34) Refine by Product Type: Bags ; check_box_outline_blank Balloons (134) Refine by Product Type: Balloons ; check_box_outline_blank Boards (73) Refine by Product Type: Boards Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Love! 60-day money back guarantee. $1.46. .If you experience any accessibility issues, please contact us. Shop our selection now for wonderful thumb drive designs! Buy kids pencil cases online at Smiggle. When it comes to fun, we’re all business. Impulse & Novelty Toys. Newark evening star and Newark advertiser. Bring creativity to a whole new level with Scentos scented markers, colored pencils, gel pens and many more!
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Best Erasers for School to Use While Drawing and Writing –

Mistakes happen; that’s why pencils have erasers. Before rubber erasers were invented in 1770 and made more durable via a process known as vulcanization in 1839, people used everything from pumice to crustless bread to expunge their errors. Now, erasers are available in a variety of formats and materials. Choose the classic pink eraser, a white artist plastic eraser, or an eraser cap for your pencil, and leave no trace by using the best products the market has to offer. Browse our selection of the best erasers below.

1. Pentel Block Eraser

Build your supply of block polymer erasers with this pack of 10. Pentel’s set includes high-quality, latex-free erasers that cleanly remove pencil marks from the page with little pressure. The block has sharp edges that are ideal for working in tight areas. These erasers won’t harden or crack with age and won’t tear the paper. Each eraser comes with a protective sleeve to keep both your fingers and the eraser clean. The boxed set is easy to store in an office desk or studio supply drawer.

Buy: Pentel Block Eraser $7.99

2. PaperMate Pearl Erasers

Stock up on a classic with Paper Mate’s set of 12 iconic Pink Pearl erasers. Perfect for exams, essays, and everyday writing, these large erasers are dependable at eradicating marks without tearing or pilling your paper. The eraser’s sharp edges and flat face work well to cover both large areas and hard-to-reach places.

Buy: PaperMate Pearl Erasers $5.47

3. Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser

The go-to tool for artists, Prismacolor’s kneaded eraser is meant for use with drawing materials like charcoal and graphite. It is easily molded into different shapes for making highlights or erasing small areas, and it is crumbless, meaning you won’t smear your drawing by brushing off little bits of eraser.  To clean it, just pull and knead the rubber until all the erased material has been absorbed. Like most kneaded erasers, this one does not erase colored pencil lines entirely, but it will fade them.

Buy: Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser $4.39

4. Mr. Pen Pencil Top Erasers

If you’re in the market for an eraser cap rather than a block eraser, go with Mr. Pen’s pack of 120 pencil toppers. Available in a bright array of orange, purple, green and pink, these tops fit perfectly over standard pencils. They erase marks with ease, and they won’t scratch or tear paper. 

Buy: Mr. Pen Pencil Top Erasers $5.99

5. Tombow Mono Eraser

Tombow’s set of five white block erasers are made to remove marks without damaging your paper. Erase marks cleanly by applying little pressure with this super-strong tool. Great for both everyday writing and for fine art, these erasers satisfy a host of needs. Each eraser is encased in a protective paper sleeve that keeps the eraser clean and in good form. 

Buy: Tombow Mono Eraser $4.58

KOH-I-NOOR Pebble Eraser 50 gr. in a plastic bag

The best deals on KOH-I-NOOR Pebble eraser 50 gr. in plastic bag

Name is hidden, 07/29/2020

Commentary: Simply the World’s Best Erasers

Name hidden, 29.12.2019

Commentary: Pluses:
Unrealistically cheap, a lot of things in a pack, unless the colors cheer you up, wash very well. And what else is needed for such erasers? 🙂

Not found 🙂

Pts cool! WITH:

Name hidden, 21.12.2019

Commentary: Advantages:
Cheap, many pieces

Wash poorly

Multi-colored washing machines

Name is hidden, 07.12.2019

Comment: Good quality durable erasers

Name hidden, 15.11.2019

Commentary: Advantages:
ha and real norms

and urakov4a norms

well normarrosh

Name is hidden, 10/16/2019

Commentary: Advantages:
a bunch of erasers of different colors, shapes.very cheap, I took a pack for 20 rubles. I bought it 2 years ago, I still use

very good weasels

Name is hidden, 03.10.2019

Commentary: Lots of good erasers. Enough for a long time

Name hidden, 13.09.2019

Comment: Advantages:
Good packaging, many erasers and generally cool stuff)

2 years ago I bought it and still use it!))

Svetlana E., 08/14/2019

Pluses: Erasers are normal

Minuses: Didn’t come like in the picture

Name hidden, 02.08.2019

Commentary: Pluses:
Delicious erasers!

Chew for a long time, lasted for 2 days

Good erasers!)

Name is hidden, 04/30/2019

Commentary: Advantages:
Enough for a long time and with appendicitis, it seems, no one was taken away)

Awesome erasers

Name hidden, 23.03.2019

Commentary: Excellent erasers erase everything

Name is hidden, 03/22/2019

Commentary: Advantages:
Enough for a long time

A lot, cool

Name hidden, 09.03.2019

Comment: Advantages:
Different erasers in the package

Varieties of bags are few

Bought for the first time

Name is hidden, 05.03.2019

Commentary: Very good quality erasers

Name hidden, 04.03.2019

Commentary: Advantages:
excellent graters rub well

Poor packaging

Bought in the store for end goods

Name is hidden, 02/28/2019

Commentary: Advantages:
Cheap, a lot, there are unusual colors

Orange traces remain

I don’t know what to write here

Name hidden, 21.02.2019

Commentary: Very good erasers and lasts for a long time! Once and mister! The pack is not expensive!

Name is hidden, 02/15/2019

Commentary: Advantages:
Many different colors and varieties

poor packaging

Washes well, still Kohinoor

Name hidden, 09.02.2019

Commentary: Good long lasting erasers. Sometimes they turn black.

Name is hidden, 01/08/2019

Commentary: Advantages:
Can be taken from the store

Caught a couple of times

Had to sit out

90,000 Whycheck’s Box: Getting Ready for School.Choosing an eraser. According to the encyclopedic dictionary, an eraser is a piece of specially treated rubber for erasing what is written. Of course, an eraser is a stationery. It is rightfully referred to as stationery, since there is an eraser in almost every workplace and certainly every student in a backpack. In ancient Rome, wax-coated planks were used. They wrote on them with the sharp end of a drop-shaped stylus, and erased what was written with its blunt, rounded end.
Today, erasers of various shapes, rigidity and quality are used to erase pencil notes.It is better to choose erasers not in appearance. Most often, colored erasers do not erase, but smear the pencil, leaving dirty marks on the paper. It is best to choose the best erasers, soft, white or light gray. Do not forget to brush the eraser on a hard surface, then they will erase better and leave no residue. The main producers of cheaper and lower quality erasers are the countries of Southeast Asia, China and Turkey. More expensive and high-quality products are supplied by European firms (Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Czech Republic), as well as South Korean (such stationery is cheaper than European ones, but of sufficient quality).
Erasers are made of natural, artificial rubber, plastic (or synthetics).
The choice of eraser depends on what we are going to erase (black lead, crayon or ink) and on the quality of the paper.
Erasers intended for erasing black lead pencil must have good absorbent properties, must be very soft and crumbly, since small particles of the eraser must come off during erasing. Thanks to this, the eraser always erases with a clean “fresh” surface.The small particles of the eraser are slightly sticky, so they can easily catch the lead particles. The choice of eraser also depends on the hardness of the black lead pencil.
Crayons are more difficult to erase than black and graphite pencils because the grease and wax in the pencil lead will penetrate deep into the fibers of the paper. For this reason, it is better to use harder and more abrasive erasers.
Ink erasers should remove ink-tinted fibers from paper.For this reason, erasers contain more particles (eg pumice) that affect the quality of friction and are therefore harder. These erasers must be used very carefully, as too much friction can damage the surface. Low-quality thin paper can tear.

Major eraser manufacturers:

• “Koh-1-Noor” (Czech Republic)
• “Factis” (Spain)
• “Swan Stabilo” (Germany)
• Faber Castell (Germany)
Natural rubber erasers are flexible and ductile, have abrasive properties, i.e.That is, they are erased by removing a layer of the surface, therefore they are used for erasing from thick paper and whatman paper. Best used for erasing black and graphite pencils, crayons and ballpoint pens.
Synthetic rubber erasers are soft, break and crumble easily. Significantly reduce the abrasive effect during use, have good adsorbent (absorption) ability. Suitable for use on any paper of various weights, and can be washed repeatedly in the same place without fear of damaging the erased surface.
Rubber erasers dry and crust over time. This process is accelerated by improper storage of erasers.
Best used for erasing black and graphite pencils.
Plastic erasers , or synthetic, are made from soft vinyl, which contains very few particles responsible for the quality of friction. They are often replaced with softeners that increase elasticity. Plastic erasers have good absorbency and will not damage the erased surface.These erasers are designed for lightweight paper, transparencies, and tracing paper. And when they are used, less static electricity is generated, which reduces the likelihood of the removed particles attaching back.
Vinyl erasers containing softeners may transfer some of the softening agent to other plastics when in direct contact with them. To prevent this, vinyl erasers are sold wrapped in special cardboard strips. Unlike rubber erasers, vinyl erasers do not deteriorate over time and therefore last much longer.
I hope that my advice will be useful to you and you will find an eraser that will serve you for a long time. 90,000 The 19 best primers that turn even a cheap foundation into a super product

Urban Defense Complexion Primer SPF 30, Urban Decay


It is a pleasure to apply it to the skin: the delicate gel texture leaves no stickiness or a film-like feeling! And the composition itself makes the skin smooth and prepares for the application of foundation, minimizing irregularities and pores.You can be calm about your skin, especially in spring and summer: with this primer, care and protection from the sun are provided.

Foundation for a perfect complexion Le Blanc de Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base, Chanel


This make-up base is indispensable for a flawless look, as it suits all skin tones, hiding visible imperfections and gently illuminating the face.In addition, the product contains caring elements (witch hazel extract, licorice extract and moisturizing complex) that help preserve the beauty of the skin.

Multifunctional primer Naked Face Balancing Primer, Holika Holika


This product is pleasing even externally: inside the bottle there are capsules of three different shades, which, when mixed when the dispenser is pressed, give a base that adapts to the color of the skin.The mixture is dense enough to even out the micro-relief of the face and hold out for several hours. Another plus – you will need significantly less foundation, because the primer provides the necessary undertone.

Cellular Perfomance Brigtening Make-Up Base, Sensai


This base instantly deeply moisturizes, smoothes and brightens the skin, leaving it firm and radiant – so wrinkles and unevenness become less visible.A special complex of apricot essence, OH-neutralizer, hyaluronate and collagen stimulants helps to fight the first signs of aging. They prevent loss of tone and neutralize pigmentation.

Makeup base concealing pores Master Prime, Maybelline New York


This primer from Maybelline perfectly evens skin texture for a delicate glow.And at the same time pleases with a very democratic price!

Waterproof face primer You better work! Gym-proof Primer, Essence

Thanks to a special water-resistant formula, this primer not only masks imperfections of the skin, but also prevents the make-up “float” from sweat or heat – ideal for holidays or active loads if you need to look “in parade”. Bonus: UV filter with SPF 20.


Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base, Catrice

The lightest texture of this primer provides the perfect combination with any foundation and extra durability.No unwanted shine or enlarged pores!

Makeup base, concealing redness, Base Full HD 16 hours, Eveline


Are you worried about redness, vascular network and manifestations of rosacea? Then you need the Eveline Full HD Base 16 Hours – the perfect camouflage tool. By the way, she also mattes.

Prisme Primer Color Correcting Base, Givenchy

This make-up base has a light velvety texture, easy to apply and easy to blend.The coating is quite dense without the “mask effect”. Moreover: this primer not only masks imperfections (it is especially good at fighting against dark circles around the eyes), but also gives the skin elasticity over and over again due to the vegetative


x extracts in the composition.

Perfect Glow Primer with reflective particles, Thalgo

Marine spring water and verbena extract, together with reflective particles and color correcting pigment, give a stunning effect.First, the caring components really take care of the skin – and its natural color is evened out over and over again. Secondly, the tone becomes radiant, as if glowing from within.


Primer for flawless facial skin Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, Jane Iredale

This primer of a transparent pale pink shade on a mineral basis is practically invisible on the skin, but this does not prevent it from effectively narrowing pores, smoothing skin texture and giving it luxurious matte finish.In addition, the formula is enriched with herbal ingredients that have an anti-aging effect. Namely – extracts of grapefruit, apple, green and white tea, algae and olive leaves.


Aqua Foundation Prelude in the Clouds, Rouge Bunny Rouge

This moisturizing base is 70% water and literally hydrates skin all day long.Ideal as a makeup base! It contains extracts of buckthorn and Florentine iris root, bisabolol and vitamins A and E. With regular use, you will notice that your skin becomes softer and more elastic, and inflammation and irritation diminished.


Primer for face Encre de Peau All Hours Primer, YSL Beauty

This base makes the foundation easier to apply, makes it more durable and helps maintain the matte finish until evening.All-day instant perfection!

Instant Poreless Pore-Blurring Matifying Primer, Clarins


Despite its light texture, Instant Poreless Matte Base “erases” pores like an eraser! Thanks to its versatile shade, this product can be used as a makeup base or solo.Perfectly smooth porcelain skin is guaranteed anyway.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Smashbox


With this primer, you don’t need Photoshop or Facetune, because it not only prolongs the hold of your makeup, but also visually fills in pores and wrinkles, evening out texture and skin tone.

Leveling and shining makeup base Radiant Boost Face Base, Kiko Milano


This base visibly improves and refreshes the complexion thanks to its delicate pinkish tint.The lightweight formula helps the product absorb quickly, smoothing imperfections and giving the skin a subtle shimmer.

Makeup base UV Master Primer, Giorgio Armani

Ideal if you are worried about enlarged pores and uneven skin texture in general. The base will smooth out unevenness and give a soft, natural glow, as if you had just returned from vacation. Speaking of vacation, this foundation comes in handy there too, because it contains UVA and UVB filters that provide sun protection with an SPF 40 factor.


Aqua-fluid for the face Moisturizing Genius, L’Oreal

Innovation guards your beauty! This product, enriched with aloe juice and hyaluronic acid, immediately turns into a liquid upon contact with the skin and is instantly absorbed, moisturizing the skin, normalizing the hydro-lipid balance and preventing the appearance of oily sheen. An amazing combination of moisturizer and primer!


Hydro Priming Cream InBetween, Blithe

This product is not just a primer, but a complete care that is suitable for both morning and evening use.Thanks to its elastic formula, this cream is suitable for all skin types, effectively smoothing its texture, correcting shade and mattifying. Bonus: nice lavender scent.

Text: Svetlana Antonova

Photo: Shutterstock

The cat stole the eraser: txt_me – LiveJournal

That day the cat stole the last piece of the eraser.
Well, okay, Sim said. Well, okay. I still can’t draw.
First, he rummaged around the table, trying to find even a small piece of those that fell out of the pencil case when he opened it a week ago.Look for a black eraser on a black table … especially when it’s not there. Oh yes, in the original it is also about a cat. About the cat, of course. But Sim had a cat, and cats, as a rule, do not have the annoying habit of throwing off and flirting small objects from tables and shelves, as cats do when they are unhappy with the behavior of their owners.
Naturally, neither on the table, nor under the table, nor under the armchair, nor under the sofa, nor in the hallway, nor in the kitchen, the last piece of the eraser was found.
Sim returned to the room and demonstratively – for himself, not for the cat! – fell into a chair with a mournful sigh.
Now he is simply forced, even obviously doomed, not to draw today, that is, today, on his legal day off, for which he began to postpone the act of drawing immediately, at the very moment he opened the pencil case and shook out the ringing canes of pencils and liners from it , a round sharpener, and a few pieces of black eraser.
It happens so – suddenly you want to do something that you haven’t done for a hundred years, but really never. So you want to, it will buzz in your head, you climb to pull out the boxes unpacked from the move (a year ago) from the cold loggia, rummage through them, turning the contents over, discovering the necessary and missing items, as well as completely unnecessary trash, which you thought you had got rid of long ago.And you will climb, and you will pull out, and you will dig and turn over. And you will find this bright, not childish, no, for adults playing in childhood, such a specifically bright pencil case, a stack of funny notebooks with a pretense of sophistication, put everything on the table, sit in a comfortable chair, shake out colored pencils and a sharpener from the pencil case, pieces of eraser … the greedy glance of the treasure.
That’s all.
That is, absolutely everything.
Nothing else was needed.
So one day Sim bought an accordion.
No, not so big, in chrome shine and pearlescent tints, with interweaving of letters and a fragile accordion of fur, No.The same, only small and old. For quite tangible money, but ten times cheaper than the present. And also real, only very old and childish.
I bought an accordion, because sometime in the first year, while still at school, a music teacher came to their class and began to play the accordion beautifully, and then invited those wishing to go to classes in a circle. And two months later he quit.
Sim already had an accordion, he went to classes, knew how to play “Groundhog” – only with his right hand and not very confidently. And only those who knew how with both hands were taken to the music school near the house.
And then one fine day a completely adult Sim, who for a hundred years did not think and did not remember the bone (actually plastic, but! But!) Keys under his right hand, about belts and melodious sighs, about the unexplored territory of the buttons on the left, about that terra incognita, a magical country that was waiting for him and never waited … – an adult and completely sober Sim climbs into the Internet, jumps on links, finds this little gray accordion, the belts of which will not fit on his shoulders, and understands that he owes him buy immediately and learn to play it.And he buys.
Follows him to the suburbs, waits for the seller at the appointed place on the vacant lot, leaves, hugging a small, small accordion-quarter with both hands. He brings home, discovers that the belts will not fit on his shoulders, writes in the diary: change the belts.
That’s all.
And other similar stories and projects.
And here are the pencils a week ago. The fact that a pencil case with pencils lay for a year on the loggia in a box that had not been disassembled from the move suggests that once, even earlier, even longer than a year ago, Sim already acquired pencils, and a pencil case, and now – notebooks, eraser, even liners.Proof, Sim thinks. I really want to paint. At least I wanted more than a year ago. And I wanted it a week ago. But there was no time. And now the cat has stolen the eraser. She does that. He pushes small objects off the table when he does not wake up for a long time in the morning and does not go to feed her. All right, such a creature, came up, scratched the pillow, sniffed the face, like other cats do. I would stick my paw with claws under the blanket and grab the toes – there was once such a cat with Sim, it was painful, but the remedy for this was simple and reliable: tuck the edge of the blanket tightly under the heels – and sleep on.
And it was impossible to do anything with the cat. The cat found small objects at a sufficient distance from the bed and, with a disgusting sound, drove them around the table, threw off the floor and rolled around the room. The sprinkler did not hit the cat. To get up and drive out into the hallway and close the door – you have to get up! And it is not so easy to drive out of the room a naughty creature that perfectly knows all the moves and manholes under the armchair, under the sofa, on the rack and back. So you wake up, driving out.
Leaving her in the kitchen overnight wasn’t a good choice either.Sim had a shameful secret. From childhood he was painfully afraid of the dark. I expected everything to pass with age. But it didn’t pass. The presence of a cat in the bedroom made the darkness almost safe, at least Sim was no longer alone with her. He had an ally – a living creature, warm and calm, in the sense that the cat would be worried if some otherworldly evil really entered the room, and since she was calm, then Sim could calmly turn off the night light and fall asleep. And not to kick the cat out at night solely because she will be bored and lonely there in the hallway, in the kitchen.
So he turned out to be a hostage of her whims and in the morning he was forced to put up with the knocking and rustling, the falling of valuable small objects, the dashing leap of the impudent creature.
And in a week the cat gradually pulled away all the fragments of the eraser, from the largest to the smallest, from a third of the nail, a piece, Sim’s last hope to cope with the gray lines on white paper.
For some reason, now, when both the cat and the circumstances were strongly opposed, Sim was especially keen to draw. Something. He couldn’t do anything, but at least some kind of cube, probably, could.And paint it creatively. It will turn out to be very relevant.
But the cat stole the eraser. It turns out that now it will be impossible to correct a curved line, shorten a too long one, move to the right or to the left – only one chance, only one attempt. But he doesn’t know how.
Maybe get dressed, get out of the house, there was a stationery store somewhere nearby, you can buy an eraser there, two, three … a lot. But Sim felt or guessed that this would be another attempt to escape. Something light and dense stood between him and the crayons scattered on the table.Perceptible. Vulnerable. Important.
As if with one side glued to it, and the other to the pencils. Or even, maybe, grown, leaning out of him to the pencils. Or one of them – to him. Or, at the same time, at this moment of freedom and completely valid reasons not to draw, they exhaled so harmoniously at once towards each other – he and the pencils? And mingled with each other.
It was a stupid thought, but Sim did not dismiss it. There was something in her, if not real, then very important, more important than the truth of everyday reality.He really felt something between himself and the pencils, because there really was something between them.
In a past life I was an artist, Sim thought. But that was not it. It was something now, between this one and these very pencils. And a sharpener. And a notepad. And even the lost eraser played a very important role in this matter – if not for him, not for his loss, Sim would have looked again and found a weightless, insignificant excuse not to draw. And now there were no excuses – there was one pure and cruel truth.No eraser. We’ll have to draw like this.
Sim opened the notebook on a random spread, thought, took a black-black liner. I looked at the white-and-white sheet. Of course, it would be good to first outline with a simple pencil. But he won’t be able to erase it later, can he? We’ll have to take risks. One try. One chance. Forward.
Sim licked his lips and, sticking out the tip of his tongue and moving it after the movements of his hand, he drew several lines, connecting them with corners, so that a curved, asymmetrical polygon was obtained. Sim took a breath and drew another one.Not better. But it’s not worse either. After the fourth, he felt more confident and screwed up a little. However, in the general irregularity of the figures on the sheet, this jamb almost did not stand out. Sim gathered his courage, concentrated and continued to cover the sheet with polygons.
When almost the entire sheet was relatively evenly covered with crooked bristled figures, Sim took a yellow-yellow pencil and began to paint over them from the inside. When the pencil lost its sharpness, Sim stuck it with a point into a sharpener, scrolled it impatiently, but anxiously, fearing to break the fragile lead, and continued to paint.Then he took a blue-blue pencil and, with the same concentration and speed, painted over all the gaps between the yellow figures.
He put the notebook on the table in front of him and sighed with satisfaction. I wanted to turn the sheet over, but realized that it was wrong, but right – like this: he tore out the painted sheet from the notebook, left it on the table in front of him and began to cover a new page of the notebook with sharp-angled figures.
When the whole table was covered with painted sheets, Sim still could not stop. He got up, found a roll of duct tape and pasted the finished sheets on the walls – but not all together, but in different places throughout the room.He sat down and began filling the pages with yellow and blue. He hung new fragments between the first sheets, gradually filling in the empty spaces. When the notebook ran out, he laughed and put his hand into the box – he still had several blank notebooks of different formats and with different papers, and one very large, A3 size, and also, he remembered, there were several sheets of Whatman paper behind the cabinet, well yes, they are probably covered with dust, but these are trifles, such trifles …
He painted sheet by sheet. The pencils have worn off.He took yellow-yellow pencils of different shades and blue-blue pencils of different brightness and color depth. First, a special holder for short stubs of pencils helped, which he once, more than a year ago, acquired, because he read somewhere that it would be useful. Then she stopped saving too.
Sim frowned, threw it away and started to rummage through the boxes. There were a few more pencil cases, and in them – other sets of pencils, and Sim pulled out of them all the yellow-yellow, all blue-blue, as well as dark purple, pale orange, white, gold and silver.
The cat came, rubbed against its legs, tried to rub against its hands, but Sim did not give it. You are hungry, he said. Be patient. But the cat did not tolerate it, she climbed on her knees, on the table, in a notebook.
Shem got up and went to feed her, poured fresh water, straightened the bedding in the house. Now you have everything, he said sternly. Come on, be smart.
I poured water into the kettle, but forgot to turn it on. However, he no longer remembered the teapot, returning to the pencils. He drew curved polygons, painted them yellow-yellow, or silver, or white, or light orange, or gold.The gaps were filled with blue-blue, dark green, deep purple, in the end – everything that came to hand. All the walls, all the wardrobes and their mirrored doors, dark windows, the ceiling – everything was pasted over in blue and blue in the stars shining brightly in contrast. It was light from them. Sim only now discovered that he did not turn on the light when it got dark, because darkness never came in his room, no.
Sim touched the sheets on the wall. They were definitely paper covered with dry, slightly sticky slate powder.And something else. They were definitely something else that Sim couldn’t find and didn’t want to look for a name.
He understood and felt that now everything is very simple, and then – nothing at all. Not at all. And this can then come at any time. Not even on the next breath, but on the same one. Without waiting for an exhalation. No time. Not yet. But it will appear at any moment, which will become the starting point.
Sim simply shook off his hands and stretched himself all over there, into paper, into slate powder, into what they really were now.
The cat dropped the pencil from the table.
Sim turned around, almost shaking with rage: not now! Well, how is that? Will this damn thing ruin everything? He would have been there already … And now he will stay here.
And yet, to be completely honest, he was a little ashamed in front of the cat. She protected him from the darkness for so long. And he is ready to leave her in a locked apartment. One. She will be bored and lonely, and then hungry, and then she will die.
Sim sighed, grabbed the cat under the belly and prepared to leave.But something held him back again — he realized when he focused his gaze on the mother-of-pearl-gray spot in the corner on the shelf. Oh yes. Well, okay, Sim said. I’ll change the belts somewhere. He put the stupid cat on one shoulder and the strap of a small accordion on the other.
What, he said to the cat, which immediately tried to climb onto his head. Are you going to throw off the stars there? You are such a creature.
And he went.

I was given so many wonderful topics, and it’s a pity to see how the cone of history narrows and does not come out to write about everything at once.Well, here are the ones that stayed with us until the end.
the main thing is to remember how your music sounds
no, not so
treasures bought for a pittance
If you see a cat on a neutralization 9000 But I can’t help but write a big thank you for the themes that gave me drive and sweetness.
found an anchor in a cave, with a piece of chain and a very strange mark
a pot of honey

a doll made of raven feathers and a golden fork
all these glass things 904, paper beetles 9000 kattrend
Probability church, airship and three ducks
I ate jam, laughing and crying
I’ll give you – chubby! I’ll give you – with wings!

They created that necessary degree of madness, set too many necessary and excessive vectors in which I lost control, and what else is needed, in fact.

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