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Wholesale coach purses from china. Handbags and Purses on

Wholesale coach purses from china

Good quality handbags are high-priced and as a rule not reasonable for the common individuals. One usable way to purchase hi-quality and inexpensive handbags is from wholesale suppliers.

For ladies it is simply not enough to hold just one or two trendy accessories. Ladies have a number of models of ultrafashionable accessories for fashionable get-together, shopping, everyday wear, night time, ceremonial occasions, etc. Consequently, opting for wholesale purses may best meet all the demands of contemporary woman.

Bags can be bought in the nearest wholesale markets. It can become fun, and a great way to spend a day with family or buddies.

Wholesale bags may be colorful in crimson, blue, lime green, purple, chartreuse dyes with plenty of shapes, textures, designs and styles. These days bags are created not only for practicality, but therewithal to match the wear. As a general rule online traders offer free home delivery with a feasibility to return, in case if the product is faulty. That is the favorable method of purchasing handbags, that might be done by looking over different web sites, companies and styles.

You can choose numerous styles of bags to pick out from. Wholesale purses are used as the best way to better person’s garments, match varied clothing and besides give as gift to your dear ones, as much as it is the most appropriate recipe to get good-quality purse at low costs.

Pricings of the hand bags vary depending on the materials used in producing it. Naturally, the better the materials the higher the price.

wholesale coach purses from china

You will be able to go with the prime wholesale purses by trying the hand bag preparatory to making a purchase at wholesale, realizing that the model is genuine, and keeping to the same fashion recommendations as when choosing one at a time.

You may use search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, Google to find wholesale coach purses from china and anything else you like. Learn more relative to wholesale purses here.

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real coach pursePleasing To The Eye Coach HandbagsAmazingly you could definitely make use of the coach purses in as many cultural events as you could for instance carnivals, weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, dancing events, sports matches, fashion shows, and so on. Remember the coach purse of the company won’t be deteriorated into its overall styles by any means. It will maintain its looks, colors, and uniqueness for long time. Greatly, we are offering the greatest kinds of replica designer coach bags to our most valuable customers all around the world. So, please don’t hesitate to buy our cheapest coach purses online.,

coach station bagDespite using the coach designer handbags and purses, the women can also think about using some other kinds of greatest quality purses for example Cartier purses, Mont Blanc handbags, Ferrari purses, Hermes bags, Louis Vuitton bags, Michael Kors purses, Fossil bags, Prada purses, Gucci bags, and fashion black handbags. They are unbelievably steadfast handbags of the company. Most significantly, the coach designer purses of the online bags industry won’t deteriorate your individual fashions at all. Rather they would immediately change your overall looks marvelously.The most incredible knack about the coach bag is that it would excellently please your minds beyond your mind’s eye. For example, if you want to become the Angelina Julie you will immediately need to wear the coach handbag around your shoulder. It would dynamically change your overall styles right away. The amazing knack about this kind of unique handbag coach is that it would never disappoint your individual styles at all. Rather, it would instantly change your ultimate fashions in a remarkable manner. Currently there is an immense kind of demand of the greatest looking coach bags. Therefore, if you are looking for unique kinds of coach purses cost effectively online, we can surely do your job perfectly.The most incredible knack about the coach bag is that it would excellently please your minds beyond your mind’s eye. For example, if you want to become the Angelina Julie you will immediately need to wear the coach handbag around your shoulder. It would dynamically change your overall styles right away. The amazing knack about this kind of unique handbag coach is that it would never disappoint your individual styles at all. Rather, it would instantly change your ultimate fashions in a remarkable manner. Currently there is an immense kind of demand of the greatest looking coach bags. Therefore, if you are looking for unique kinds of coach purses cost effectively online, we can surely do your job perfectly.
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clearance handbagsDespite using the coach designer handbags and purses, the women can also think about using some other kinds of greatest quality purses for example Cartier purses, Mont Blanc handbags, Ferrari purses, Hermes bags, Louis Vuitton bags, Michael Kors purses, Fossil bags, Prada purses, Gucci bags, and fashion black handbags. They are unbelievably steadfast handbags of the company. Most significantly, the coach designer purses of the online bags industry won’t deteriorate your individual fashions at all. Rather they would immediately change your overall looks marvelously.,coach bags on sale online
Despite using the coach designer handbags and purses, the women can also think about using some other kinds of greatest quality purses for example Cartier purses, Mont Blanc handbags, Ferrari purses, Hermes bags, Louis Vuitton bags, Michael Kors purses, Fossil bags, Prada purses, Gucci bags, and fashion black handbags. They are unbelievably steadfast handbags of the company. Most significantly, the coach designer purses of the online bags industry won’t deteriorate your individual fashions at all. Rather they would immediately change your overall looks factory

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black friday cheap coach handbags boots for 39.99

Understanding where you are and helping you get where you want to be.



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black friday cheap coach handbags boots for 39.99

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Are all of your products 100% new & authentic?


Yes ! We only selling 100% original, authentic, new items.We have some preloved items too.

Q: How Classic Luxury Handbags Sell At Such Low Price?

A: To ensure the authenticity of the merchandise at lower price, we purchase our merchandise directly from:

* special sales event or special promotion in retail outlet
* luxury merchandise retail outlet
* special discount coupon
* VIP discount


Q~Any warranty?

A~We not provide after sales service warranty,that means if u want any service u have back to any branded shop with charges,Because we sell at reasonable price.If u mind please buy stuff at any branded shop with more expensive price with warranty. 


Q~May i verify authenticity at counter? 

A~Yes for sure ! Because we only sell 100% authentic branded products or your money back.



Are your products come with original tags and packaging?

A: Coach come with price tag,coach card card,gift receipt, NO dust bag and paper bag;dust bag can add on with RM30/pcs.

Others Brands come with card,price tag only, some model will come with gift receipt,dust bag and paper bag,we will mention in product description.


Q~Any defect? 

A~If obvious we will mention in product description.Others such as “scratches, sew line, black dots” ,these small problems are very normal problems for Sale item._* 


Warmest Regards 





Most COACH bags have a “serial number” stamped on the inside on a square patch of leather sewn into the bag’s lining. The last 4 to 5 digits indicate the bag’s model number and it usually goes like No h2073-16153. The ‘o’ of the No should be underlined. The lettering are always stamped into the leather patch though some bags might have gold ink lined over it. On top of the serial number, you will find these words stamped into the leather: THIS IS A COACH BAG. IT WAS HANDCRAFTED IN CHINA FROM THE FINEST MATERIALS AND LEATHER. ITS SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP REFLECTS OUR COMMITMENT TO ENDURING QUALITY. These words are perfectly spaced and the word China can sometimes be replaced with other countries as well though most COACH bags are made in China now.



The zipper is either made of leather, a ring or a series of rings and the mechanism which pulls the 2 sides of the zipper together should have the letters YKK / IDEAL although the letters are very small. YKK and IDEAL are both very well known zipper manufacturers.



You will never see the COACH CC pattern on both the inside and the outside of the bag. It is always an either or scenario or a neither nor scenario.



Most COACH bags are made in China. Some are made in India,Philippines,Turkey,Thailand and Vietnam. Some used to be made in the United States and the Dominican Republic. None ever made in Korea or Taiwan.



The ‘C’ design should always start from the middle of the front panel of the bag and it should run symmetrically from the left to the right and from the top to bottom. The ‘C’ design should also mirror that of the opposite side of the bag. If any of the Cs are cutoff from one edge, the Cs at the other edge will also be cutoff at the same point. Also, one of the tips of the horizontal ‘C’ for all Signature ‘C’ models must touch the same tip of the facing ‘C’. Only 1 tip should touch. The other tip must not. This rule does not apply to the ‘C’ design of the newer ‘optic’ models. Also, the C must never look like a G. If it does, it is obviously a fake.



All the stitching should be in a straight line, evenly-spaced and neatly done.


*This note should only be used as a general purchase guideline. We shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies or discrepancies on the information provided. We will also not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses that you may incur due to the use of this information.





MICHAEL Michael Kors bags have date codes. They are hidden very well inside the bags. Date codes are placed on all of his authentic items. To find them, you will usually have to pull the bag inside out. They are along the lining on the inside. It is a small white/clear plastic tab with the words “made in China” or “made in Vietnam” or made in wherever, followed by letters and numbers. There will always be four numbers that represent the month and year that the item was made. The letters represent the style of the bag. For example; Jet Set Totes will have the letter “B” followed by a “-” and then four numbers. Don’t be afraid if your bag does not have a code but only has a tab that says “made in blah blah blah”. Many of the older bags do not have the letters and numbers on them but the newer ones are noticed to have them.




Both the hanging logo charm and the Michael Kors emblem on the bags are intricately crafted with perfect spacing between letters. 




Most MICHAEL Michael Kors bags use YKK zippers but not all. I noticed that the YKK zippers are used in their more expensive bags while non-branded zippers are used for their cheaper bags.




You will seldom see the MK Monogram pattern on both the inside and the outside of the bag. It is an either or a neither nor scenario most of the time but not always. I have personally seen an exception to this rule in an Michael Kors Grayson bag.




Most MICHAEL Michael Kors bags are made in China. Some are made in Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and United States. Some used to be made in Italy.




All the stitching should be in a straight line, evenly-spaced and neatly done. The stitching will also never be in a contrasting color compared to the bag. A brown leather bag will never have green stitching and a white bag will never have red stitching. All colors will match perfectly against each other. A tan bag will have tan stitching.

THE HANGING LOGO CHARM AND THE MICHAEL KORS EMBLEM Both the hanging logo charm and the Michael Kors emblem on the bags are intricately crafted with perfect spacing between letters.

THE HANGING LOGO CHARM AND THE MICHAEL KORS EMBLEM Both the hanging logo charm and the Michael Kors emblem on the bags are intricately crafted with perfect spacing between letters.

THE LINING You will seldom see the MK Monogram pattern on both the inside and the outside of the bag. It is an either or a neither nor scenario most of the time but not always. I have personally seen an exception to this rule in a Michael Kors Grayson bag.

THE LINING You will seldom see the MK Monogram pattern on both the inside and the outside of the bag. It is an either or a neither nor scenario most of the time but not always. I have personally seen an exception to this rule in a Michael Kors Grayson bag.

THE ZIPPER Most MICHAEL Michael Kors bags use YKK zippers but not all. I noticed that the YKK zippers are used in their more expensive bags while non-branded zippers are used for their cheaper bags.

THE ZIPPER Most MICHAEL Michael Kors bags use YKK zippers but not all. I noticed that the YKK zippers are used in their more expensive bags while non-branded zippers are used for their cheaper bags.



MADE IN CHINA Most MICHAEL Michael Kors bags are made in China. Some are made in Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and United States. Some used to be made in Italy.

Your Guide To Coach Bags | Care, Style and History

#2 How to clean Coach handbags

How to clean coated canvas:

Coated canvas is really easily cleaned due to its protective coating. When you notice any marks;

  1. Start by giving your bag a wipe over with a dry cloth to remove any loose dirt or dust.
  2. For a deeper clean, place a gentle fabric detergent or soap into some lukewarm water, then use a cloth to clean the exterior gently. 
  3. Leave it to fully air dry but avoid leaving the bag in direct sunlight.

How to clean leather bags:

Leather is skin so needs its own skincare routine. To keep your bag looking pristine, try to give it a deep clean every 3 months, but protect it from day one. 

To protect your bag, get yourself a leather protection spray and give the bag a thorough spray over on day one. This will help create a seal over the leather to protect against staining or damage from sun or watermarks. Also, consider using a dust bag or makeup bag to keep your things in, this will help prevent any stains on the lining.

For a deep all-over clean:

  1. Start with the interior and use a gentle, dye-free fabric cleaner in warm water. Wipe the inner lining in small circles to get a lather. 
  2. Move to the exterior. If you don’t have a specific leather cleanser, use the same formula as for the interior. Wipe this gentle across the whole bag.
  3. For any metal hardware, you can use a surface polish on a small cloth to give these details a clean and shine.
  4. Leave your bag to fully air dry.
  5. Twice a year, give your bag a deep condition with a specific leather conditioner. This is also good to use directly on any little scratches or scuffs on the surface to prevent peeling or cracking.

#3 What is the most popular Coach handbag?

With so many different styles, there’s no singular answer to this. Whether you’re after a bag to carry all your essentials, see you through a city break, or simply fit your phone and purse for an evening out, Coach have a bag for you. Here are some of their most popular styles.

The Coach saddle bags have been changed season to season but remain a firm favourite. The Coach Hutton Saddle Bag is among one of the favourite and carried by Taylor Swift, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emma Roberts and more, the Coach saddle bag is a great daily bag, giving you plenty of room for all your essentials. 

reviews about leather female models

Leather products from China are in great demand among most people. Chinese handbags for women often have the same parameters as products from well-known brand manufacturers, and are much cheaper. Moreover, why spend a lot of money on a branded item, when you can buy several items separately for each outfit, because most people cannot distinguish an original from a high-quality fake.

Women’s bags of different colors

China, in turn, is successfully producing both factory-made and cheap branded bags based on European counterparts.They are made from genuine leather. Cheap bags from China do an excellent job of meeting women’s and men’s needs in no time at a reasonable price.

Bags on the shelves

Now it remains to decide whether to go to the store on the corner of the house and calmly choose a suitable leather model or turn to Internet sources that offer a product of much better quality for the same price.

Choosing an online store

Naturally, the cheaper the better per season.The main thing is not to miscalculate with the choice of an Internet provider. The most important thing to pay attention to is not a bright cover, but how the supplier fulfills its obligations.

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Online store

Before you clog your card data and take rash actions, you can refer to consumer reviews. In particular, pay attention to negative experiences, as they often turn out to be the most truthful.

It is naturally a good idea to find a third-party secure resource that you can trust.Of course, on the selected Internet resource there are reviews of regular users, but they are not always true. They are often written by employees or specially hired people, so their sincerity is questioned.

Ladies bags

Important! When choosing a Chinese bag made of genuine leather, you can focus not only on the photos exhibited by the seller, but also on the pictures taken by buyers. If there are none, then you should think about the sincerity of the company’s intentions.

Naturally purchased leather item may differ from the image displayed publicly.Looking at the image, one should take into account the dimensions in the characteristics of the products, since very often sellers expose photos of bags in a presentable perspective, where height and depth are not taken into account.

Feedback & Delivery

Another important factor is the availability of feedback. The site must have a customer technical support service. They usually answer all your questions. If there is no such connection, then you can safely leave the selected Internet resource.

Technical support

Delivery of Chinese men’s products may take up to 2 months. Therefore, the buyer should be patient to get the bag they want. It also happens when the parcel does not find its addressee. But in this case, it is very often the customs service that is to blame, and not the sender.

Chinese products

If the selected women’s leather bag from China does not correspond to the characteristics indicated on the website, then you can contact the seller and ask for a refund.

Important! Some websites have consumer protection information that you should pay attention to before making a purchase.

If it is provided, then you can try to get the money back. And if the seller openly declares that it is impossible to return the money, then you should bypass him.

Women’s brand bags

The only caveat in returning a Chinese bag is that all the costs of transporting the cargo fall on the shoulders of the consumer.Of course, the supplier will replace it with another one, but you should think about whether it is worth doing. Moreover, all the manipulations postpone the receipt of the expected bag for an indefinite period.

Positive and negative sides

Now you can delve into the nuances of the chosen method of buying over the Internet. This method has both positive and negative sides.

Chinese handbags


  1. Affordable price range;
  2. Acceptable quality of the models of the offered bags, there are practically no differences with what is displayed on the shelves in domestic stores;
  3. A fast and convenient payment method that allows you to use a bank card for payments without leaving your home.You can also pay for your purchase using e-wallets.
  4. Availability of free sending of a parcel with tracking at all points;
  5. Availability of promotions and discounts on goods that reduce the cost of the exhibited product.

Bags in the online store

Now you can illuminate the reverse side of the medal. Since many people are faced with a careless attitude towards the consumer, then you should delve into the consideration of the negative nuances.


  1. The quality of the Chinese product may differ from the expected result;
  2. The texture of the factory material of a leather bag may differ significantly from that declared on the supplier’s website.For example, a women’s bag can be made of leather, but the cheapest second-rate raw materials.
  3. Difficulty of visually determining the dimensions and ergonomics of the product;
  4. Minimum risk of not receiving the parcel at all;
  5. The return of a low-quality men’s bag made of genuine leather is carried out at the expense of the buyer;
  6. Delivery may take a fairly long period of up to 90 days;
  7. The duty levied by the customs service when the weight, size or content does not fit into the norms established by the Russian Federation;
  8. Courier delivery to your home can make up a significant part of the purchase; to save money, you still have to leave the house and walk to the nearest post office;
  9. If ​​a substandard product has arrived, which should be returned to the seller, and the desire to take a replacement has disappeared, then a refund may take a very long time.

So, as you can see from the long list, the list of minuses turned out to be more voluminous, so you should carefully weigh everything again and make a decision. Of course, the advantages of shipping from China are obvious, but do not forget about possible misfires.

90,000 What is the difference between bags made of eco-leather and bags made of genuine leather – Articles – DavidJones opt

Leather bags will not go out of fashion, this material continues to be actively used by a variety of manufacturers.It is not surprising, because leather has all the advantages – durability, strength, presentable appearance. However, the price matches, so not everyone can afford to purchase several leather handbags for each season. A more democratic option is eco-leather.

Leatherette or eco?

Confusion often arises between two materials – leatherette and eco-leather. Despite the fact that both of them are of artificial origin, there is a significant difference between them. Leatherette is made using PVC, it is quite rough and not very pleasant to the touch material.Eco-leather is softer, more elastic, it can withstand low temperatures and not crack. It is based on polyurethane (PU). Given these features, a bag made of eco-leather will be of better quality and may look like a model made of natural material, but some differences still remain.


The origin of the material can be difficult to determine at first glance, and the seller can also convince that the leather is of natural origin. However, there are several points to help you figure it out:

  • If ​​it is possible to see the seamy side, for example, where the zipper is sewn in or the trim is fixed, it should be borne in mind that the leather will have a certain type – soft to the touch, a bit like suede, but with the artificial material everything looks different – the seamy side covered with textiles.
  • Genuine leather absorbs moisture, a darker stain appears on a wet spot. But drops simply roll off artificial analogs. In addition, the leather heats up quickly, keeping it warm, while the eco-material stays cool. Hold the model in your hands to check this.
  • By its natural characteristics, leather is very plastic and not subject to deformation, so if you try to stretch the bag slightly during the test, it will quickly return to its original state.Despite the fact that manufacturers are also trying to give these properties to the eco-material, the process of returning to its original form will be slower.

Using these guidelines, you can understand what the bag that you are offered is made of. If you decide to focus on eco-leather, this option will also be a good purchase, due to its advantages.

  • Environmental friendliness and absence of possible allergic reactions.
  • It is as pleasant to the touch as natural.
  • Can withstand temperatures down to -35 degrees.
  • It’s easy to find the right shade to complement any look.
  • Does not require complex cleaning.
  • Affordable cost.

When using a bag made of eco-leather, try to protect it from damage and scratches, since in this case it will not be possible to eliminate the defect with the help of grinding or special impregnations, as can be done with natural material, and the thread base will be immediately visible at the cut site.

Women’s bags from China: order in St. Petersburg inexpensively

Inexpensive high-quality women’s bags from China are in enviable consumer demand. They attract not only by their low price, but also by their presentable appearance and quality characteristics. Solid and beautiful Chinese women’s bags are not inferior to European-made products, while being offered at loyal prices. This opens up pleasant possibilities for experimenting with the image. Affordability allows you to purchase several bags at once for different sets of clothes or seasons without sacrificing your budget.

Bargain purchase of bags from China in Baggins

Women’s bags from China are presented in our catalog with models costing from 450 to 5500 rubles. The following products are offered to the attention of customers:

  • of natural and artificial leather, textiles, suede, polyester, wool, dumplings;
  • matte, glossy, laser cut, embossed, quilted;
  • with a zipper, with a magnetic button, with a valve;
  • on short or long handles, on a chain, with a shoulder strap, waist;
  • small, medium and large;
  • with one or two compartments;
  • without elements or with additional pockets, with decor;
  • frame and soft;
  • of the most different shapes and colors;
  • for summer and all-season.

On sale youth bags from China, models for women of middle and elegant age.

Set of women’s bags TEXTURA, 5117209 brown

Certified goods are supplied out of stock, all forms of payment are provided, delivery in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg is free. We offer to purchase a bag via the Internet by placing an order on the website. There are 17 of our stores in the center of St. Petersburg, where you can buy bags, backpacks, wallets, suitcases in sets and other useful accessories at reasonable prices.

How to choose

Women’s bags from China are presented on the Russian market, perhaps in the most extensive assortment. When choosing, be guided, first of all, by the price and, within the range that is acceptable to you, consider the proposed purchase options.

Size, shape, weight

It is difficult to visually estimate the size of the bag from the photo, so be sure to study the information in the tab to the model. Measure the bag that you have in order to more accurately determine the parameters.Very miniature models can only hold small items. For example, a hairbrush, lipstick, a small wallet, documents, a small phone. Keep in mind that a flat, miniature bag will look ridiculous if you put too many things in it, even if they are small. An accessory with inflated sides will look very different from the photo in the catalog.

Women of short stature are better off buying medium-sized bags or small horizontal bags. A large model can be disappointing due to the fact that it will look out of proportion to the figure.However, with a good choice, the bulky bag emphasizes the refined taste and fragility of the image. Capacious bags are convenient because you can put in them not only personal belongings, documents, but also small purchases from the store.

Ladies bag David Jones 5706 coral

Remember that frame models made of genuine leather, suede, with a protective impregnation from moisture are quite heavy. If you hike a lot, it is worth getting a lightweight polyester or textile bag.


Bags with a large number of additional pockets are much more functional than models without elements.However, the latter look more elegant. Please note that there may be one or two compartments inside the bag. In rigid frame models, the partition really provides separate storage, helps to quickly find the right thing. In soft bags, the wall is not as functional as in frame ones.

It is important to take into account when choosing the number and length of handles, the presence of a shoulder strap. If you are not sure if you will carry the bag over the shoulder, but still prefer the complete package, buy the model with a detachable shoulder strap.It can be fastened if necessary.

Waist Bag David Jones 6227-1

Design color

The design of handbags from China is very diverse. Models differ in shape, decorative details, color. When choosing a bag, decide with what clothes, shoes, hats you plan to wear it. The accessory is matched to tone or contrast. Imagine, see how this or that bag looks on the model girl, evaluate its compatibility with the image.

How to open a suitcase if you forgot the code

Without knowing the password, it is impossible to open it in a few minutes, so it is only important to keep an eye on the luggage.But sometimes such foresight creates problems for the owner himself, if he forgot the password on the suitcase. The main thing is not to panic, but to take the situation calmly. The first thing to do is assess how much the items stored in it are needed in the next few hours. If, after a few minutes, important negotiations begin, and the documents that need to be presented to the partners are locked, you can try to remember the code, carefully open the lock, or use more rude methods. If there is just a fresh shirt, it is cheaper to buy it and solve the problem later in a special workshop.

How do I remember my password?

There are special techniques that help someone who has forgotten a combination of numbers. You need to calm down, not replay the negative consequences of this unpleasant situation and not scold yourself. An important question that every owner knows the answer to is whether a random or meaningful combination of numbers was used. Most people prefer to use a combination of numbers and dates that are meaningful to them, which greatly facilitates their memorization and selection. You just need to remember such significant dates, numbers, events, lucky numbers.Often enumeration of less than 10 options gives the desired result, and the problem is solved in a few minutes.

The answer to the question of how to open the combination lock on a suitcase can also be suggested by the motor memory. You just need to distract yourself and type the code without thinking about anything. Often the fingers remember better than the head under stress.

Specify the type of lock

If you could not quickly remember the combination of numbers, go to the next step – determine the type of lock.

Most often, combination locks are installed on travel accessories:

  • mounted – they are used by manufacturers of inexpensive models.The external location increases the likelihood of a break-in. To dismantle cheap locking devices, an ordinary screwdriver or wire cutter is often enough. And hotel staff or employees of the station, and even passengers nearby can often quickly perform the necessary actions. It is only important to confirm that the property really belongs to you;
  • built-in – the latch is built into the upper side, on the sides there are two buttons, pressing which unlocks the system when the digital password is entered correctly.

Samsonite equips its products with embedded devices. Opening them is much more difficult; special tools are required.

Enumeration of combinations

It is also possible to open the suitcase combination lock by enumerating all possible combinations. Most often, manufacturers, including such well-known ones as Samsonite, use built-in locks with three digits, that is, they have 999 combinations. And the likelihood that you will type the right one in the last hundred is not very high.

It is important to work methodically, successively trying the codes in ascending order:

  • dial 000;
  • simultaneously press the side opening buttons;
  • if the sliders are not free, dial 001;
  • simultaneously press the side opening buttons;
  • if the sliders are not free, dial 002.

This is the cheapest, most reliable and effective way to open a suitcase if you forget the code, if you have 1-1.5 hours of free time and a lot of patience.

How do you come up with a code you won’t forget?

Code devices require the right attitude – they must ensure the safety of things, but not create problems for their owner.

It is advisable to change the code symbols as rarely as possible, and not to do this without special need. The combination should not be too simple, for example, three identical numbers “111”, “333”, “777”. But, it is desirable that it be significant for the owner: the last three digits of the phone, the year of birth of the grandmother, the number of the room in which he lived in the student dormitory, etc.d.

You should set the code when you are not in a state of stress, do not rush and are ready to memorize it.

90,000 bow ties and belt bags from a resident of Kazan – Realnoe Vremya

Realnoe Vremya’s special project about entrepreneurial initiatives of Tatarstan citizens and recommendations of SMM specialists. Part 176

The history of the bow tie dates back to the 3rd century BC.e., when China was the reign of the first emperor of the Qing dynasty. Almost the same as it is worn today, the neck accessory appeared in the 17th century at the court of the French king Louis XIV. Then he underwent several transformations, styles. If before it was a strict classic and black and white, today there are no boundaries for the creators of butterflies. In 2013, a resident of Kazan, Nadezhda Kharitonova, created her personal brand Swallow blue, which offers customers custom-made bow ties and belt bags. Her business account on the Instagram network has become another participant in the Realnoe Vremya special project, within the framework of which experts from the leading SMM agencies of the Volga region give recommendations on how to maintain an account on the social network.

To be different from everyone else

A resident of Kazan, Nadezhda Kharitonova, began to sew bow ties almost immediately after graduating from Kazan Federal University, creating her own brand Swallow blue. She is not an adherent of the classics: she herself dyes fabrics, applies prints using silk-screen printing techniques, for example, with heroes of popular films, cartoons or TV series. The return to fashion of belt bags from the 80s diversified the range of handmade products – they have the same bright prints. For almost 10 years that Nadezhda has been sewing, she has formed a circle of regular customers, and some of them have a whole collection of bright handmade accessories that no one else has.In addition to private orders, Nadezhda sews for corporate clients – employees of cafes and restaurants flaunt her butterflies.

Today, an analytical analysis of the account of a butterfly sewing master was carried out by the content manager of the communication agency “Without water” Daria Maksimenko.

When creating a profile header – take the place of the buyer

Hand made in Instagram is a rather competitive and difficult niche. The main difficulty lies in explaining to a person why he needs something handmade, if you can buy a similar product from a factory, but cheaper.Let’s figure out how to do this.

Search string. Here you need to indicate how you can be found. Imagine that your account is lost and for the police to find it, you need orientation. It’s just that “bags and ties” won’t work because there are too many of them. But “belt bags and ties in Kazan” are already better. Thus, you designate the location and flesh out the bags.

All “orientation” will not fit in the search line, because there are only 20 characters. Therefore, the main USP (unique selling proposition) is written in the profile header.

Profile head. Let’s take the buyer’s shoes and ask 2 questions: how does this product differ from another product and why should I buy this particular product?

And now let’s look at the current profile header and try to give answers:

  1. “I sew for you and for myself” (by the way, you need to write with a small letter). There is no answer to the first question, as well as to the second. Well, factories sew for me too. And what does “for oneself” mean is completely incomprehensible. Talk about wearing your bags and ties?
  2. “I love old school and liquid art.”There is no answer to either the first or the second question here either. From the point of view of commerce, information is generally unnecessary. It is also difficult, because old school is still all right, but buyers do not know about the second. I, by the way, too.
  3. “Lots of bow ties available.” This is also useless information that does not answer the buyer’s questions. When you come to the store, there are also a lot of things in stock – a whole showcase.

The question arises: “How then to do it?”

To answer this question, you need to think about why there are still people who buy handmade things:

  • because they want such things to be in a single copy;
  • they want the product to be something unusual;
  • they want it to be done just for them;
  • they think handicrafts are better than factory ones;
  • they believe that there is a “soul” in every thing;
  • want something “natural”.

From here we dance and look for our advantages.

  • author’s work in your image;
  • bags and ties of any size and design;
  • free shipping worldwide.

These are examples. In general, let’s play. I love belt bags and I wear them, but I bought them in the store. I will say that I am annoyed with them, and you will try to find advantages in yourself and convince me to buy your bags.

  • I don’t like flimsy locks.If they are plastic, then they are unreliable, and the iron ones close very badly.
  • I don’t like the fact that over time they seem to stop holding their shape. They also lose color. I bought a burgundy one, and it became a little lighter.
  • Belt bags are too small, if they come across large, then with some kind of ugly design. And I want my phone to fit in my bag too. And house keys, a huge bunch.
  • I don’t like the fact that I can only wear the belt bag with sportswear.I want leather or leather substitute, but very nice and nice. So that I can combine the bag with something else. Or maybe there are bags that I can even carry with a dress? I have not seen such.

Taplink. I love him with all my heart, but here they don’t seem to be used. Links and buttons are needed:

  1. Select: let the person choose his color, style, size, and then you contact him.
  2. Order: for those who immediately know what they want.
  3. Terms of delivery and pickup
  4. The phrase “welcome to the page” can be removed.I would add the information “about the company”, for that matter.
  5. Instead of talking about bags and ties, it is better to attach their photos. A person clicks on the “printed” ones and sees them with his own eyes – super.

Highlights and Stories. Nice design, but for some reason the last three highlights are the same colors. It’s uncritical, it’s just not clear why, if everyone else is different.

Now I open each of them:

  • Colors. I see available, everything is clear, we count.But it would be better if you showed a color and a bag of that color. Because the color is a color, and the product may then look differently.
  • Designs. In principle, it is also clear, but I would clarify. Are these already finished works and have you given them to someone? Or is it what’s in stock?
  • Bow ties. You have a Russian audience – let’s write in Russian. With butterflies, too, everything is clear.
  • Cost. It is also clear, but I would make a price list with a photo. A bag with a print looks like this, and a bag in plain color looks like this.
  • Forms. Everything is clear, super.
  • Details. We do not post horizontal photographs in history, or we make a nice background for them.
  • Again highlights in English. Surely there are also Russian reviews? Can we add them?
  • Dimensions. And here by. That’s good, but we’re worried about what this bag will fit in. I would recommend making a video. We take the bag, designate the dimensions and directly show what fits there. This will make it easier for the buyer to make a choice.
  • The process is again in English.Here I recommend adding more videos with the processes.

I have not yet found information on how to place an order, but I really need it.

A common mistake of those who make hand-made is to demonstrate the product not in public

The tape is bright, interesting, I like it. The images are of good quality, you are working on different formats, which is cool. But there is a mistake, which is often made by those who sell handmade items – demonstrating the goods not in public.

By itself, a bag doesn’t mean anything, nor does a bow tie.Everything goes through the prism of questions: “How does this look?”, “Will this suit me?”

I recommend holding a photo session with different people: girls, guys, women, men. To show how the product looks on different people and with different styles.

Absolutely the same story with ties. They are not needed on beautiful craft cardboard, they are needed on a shirt. We take all the butterflies and show how they combine with shirts of different colors. Especially with whites.

I liked the video with the process of creating a butterfly based on the animated series “Gravity Falls”.Everything is great, interesting, but do not show how you process the edges with a lighter from the grocery store: the buyer does not need to see and know this.

Texts. There are few of them, but it is fixable. It is desirable to divide all texts into categories:

  1. Stories about products: what kind of fabrics, accessories, where is all this bought. Plus an emphasis on quality.
  2. Stories about products in public. Look, this is a versatile bag. It is combined with a dress, a shirt, and a T-shirt. See how it looks.
  3. Stories about yourself: People love stories. Tell us why you like doing this, what difficulties have you faced or are still facing? Why didn’t you stop and keep doing it? What inspires you?
  4. Care stories. How to wash? Is it possible to wash at all? And how to store so that it does not crumple or fade?
  5. Product-specific stories. Look, I made a butterfly with yellow and red flowers, I was inspired by the rye field and the sunset red.This is how nature helped me to make an individual thing for you, by the way, in a single copy. Again, people love stories.

Promotion. To increase your audience reach, you can use promotions for helpful, selling posts and targeted ads. The promo is launched on Instagram, and the targeted one is launched on Facebook.

Angelina Panchenko

BusinessServices Tatarstan 90,000 journalist Elena Hanga – Moskvich Mag – 20.10.2021

About the equal leisure of Moscow and New York old women, about the fact that Moscow cannot be turned into Shanghai, and about his project “Hangost”.

I was born …

In Moscow, in Cheryomushki. Then each house had a small garden in which marigolds and other wonderful flowers grew. The inhabitants of the first floors were engaged in it. It was a paradise for me.

The area has not yet been built up like this. We lived on the second floor, the trees climbed right up to our window. I loved being on the balcony.The children and I were hooligans: we lowered the strings and pulled out the flowers. We walked all day, bathing in these flower beds. Indeed, it was a very pleasant area, in which many wonderful Muscovites lived.

But in fact, my Moscow then was not even Cheryomushki, my city was much more thanks to the metro – for me the Moscow subway is more important than for most of the inhabitants of our capital. From the first grade I went from the Cheryomushki station to the Dynamo for tennis training. It took me more than an hour to travel just one way.Therefore, the subway became my second home: I read there, did my homework, chatted with my friends, dreamed … I knew the subway by heart, because I often sat in front of the map, looking at all the colored lines; I remembered how many lights there were on the tracks; I slept, but always felt at what moment to open my eyes. I have lived in this mode for eight years!

And in winter I had to pass a couple of stops by trolleybus or tram from the Dynamo metro station, and then for a long time, fifteen to twenty minutes, walk through the park.I remember the dog’s cold, trembling so that there is no strength, and in the distance you can see a beautiful building that is already burning – you come up, the doors open, a warm wind hits you, and you say to yourself: “I’m at home – I’m on the subway.” You had to know when and how to go in order to sit down and do your homework. I can talk endlessly about this country called “Moscow Metro”.


I have developed independence. I went to trainings with a friend who lived in Belyaevo. At first my grandmother accompanied me, but she got tired of it very quickly.She realized that she could not go on for so long – it was hard for her to wander for an hour and a half back and forth. And she did this: she told me that I would go alone, and she herself got into the next car and watched. For about a month she traveled with me – until she was finally convinced that I would not go astray. Once she caught me and her friend doing a terrible thing: we loved ice cream, but no money was given for it, because after training it is impossible. And we were cunning: we approached men, as it seemed to us, of elegant age, that is, 20 years old, and, no, we didn’t beg, but asked to change 5 kopecks, because we urgently needed to call our mother.As a rule, no one exchanged, but gave a kopeck piece. Five men – 10 kopecks, and 10 kopecks – ice cream with a waffle for 9 kopecks, which can be enjoyed by breaking it in half; and if you get hold of and collect more, you can buy it for 11 kopecks on a stick, but you have to put it somewhere. And then my grandmother caught us when my friend and I competed, throwing sticks into the bags of carefree naive Muscovites. God, what a banging I got at home from her! “If you do that again, you won’t go to training.”I just couldn’t understand how she declassified us.

Of course, all this disciplined me extremely. When you are exhausted after training, and you have this bag with a racket behind you, and at home there are textbooks, you need to get together and do everything, forgetting about fatigue. Returned at rush hour – you never sit down. Of course, it’s hard. Yes, the character was forged.

Youth …

When I was in the eighth grade, we moved to Krasnaya Presnya, the Ulitsa 1905 Goda metro station. And there I already have other memories.We lived on Antonov-Ovseenko Street – the place became historical for me. When my mother got married again, my stepfather, a famous writer, invited his friend to the wedding, who was the son of that very Antonov-Ovseenko, an internationalist and Soviet party leader.

There was a railway near our house. So gloomy that it felt like we didn’t live in Moscow. A very depressing place. Naturally, now luxurious skyscrapers were built there, but then there were only pitiful sketches.I really didn’t like it there. You also had to go to the store through these paths, and my grandmother was very worried that someone would be hit by a train, and one day one scattered person was under a locomotive. In general, unpleasant memories from the place where I lived.

And then we moved to the center – to Novoslobodskaya. God, what a beautiful metro station there! I think in stations – by God, like from a village. We settled next to the Catherine Park and the theater of the Soviet Army – I was surprised to learn that from above it looks like a star.It is very pleasant to walk around: Suvorov, small museums, and the most beautiful is the lake where swans swam. I pretended to be running around the pond – then jogging started to be fashionable. After that you could sit on a bench and enjoy ice cream – that’s it, happiness. And how great it is now! There are still cozy tennis courts – my daughter plays on them. Very good, clean, at the same time in the old-fashioned way: the dance floor remains as if from a movie of the 1940s – even “Rio Rita” is playing; you walk around and imagine people still in military clothes …

Students …

As a rule, we ran from journalism lectures (the journalism department of Moscow State University is located on Mokhovaya Street) to Red Square, so I knew it by heart, and also to the ice cream parlor “Cosmos “Right at the beginning of Tverskaya Street, opposite the National Hotel – we hung out there and thought that we were so cunning and no one knew about it.When we were supposed to have an exam in Portuguese, and no one had prepared, we decided to skip it with the whole group. The teacher came to the “Cosmos” and said: “Since we are all assembled, then here we are examining you!”

They loved to walk along Herzen Street (now – Bolshaya Nikitskaya), reached the Conservatory. I always liked the boulevards: starting from TASS (Pushkin got married in a church nearby) and upstairs – Tverskoy, Strastnoy, Petrovsky, which was always very dear and domestic. We did not walk along Tverskaya Street – it was uncomfortable, there were many visitors.For me it was absolutely tasteless – such an “foreign tourist”. But the boulevards are another matter! ..

I have always loved to walk with the dog along the boulevards. By the way, I have a history of the formation of femininity connected with them. I remember showing up on my first date in the then fashionable denim overalls – very impressive. And my boyfriend served in the navy (mind you, he was an officer) and was dressed in a very nice uniform. He was indignant: “Have you come to the construction site? Go change your clothes! ” I was very embarrassed to walk unloaded, but he took my arm, as in pre-war films, and said: “Don’t hide your eyes, straighten your back – you’re beautiful! – I was cunning, of course, but it was nice, I understood everything about my appearance.- We will walk back and forth along the boulevard until you stop being shy! ” Our couple was weird: he, stately and spectacular, and me, barely dragging my feet in heels. We are still friends.

In Moscow I am concerned about …

I love small courtyards. But, unfortunately, now there are barriers everywhere. I understand that one cannot do without them: the inhabitants are suffocating from other people’s cars and from the fact that their yards are becoming walk-throughs. But the abundance of barriers and fences is a forced necessity that spoils our city so much.It turns out segregation: do not go there – it is closed there. For ten years in a row I walked with my Yorkie in a small courtyard next to an old estate near the house. I loved to sit on a bench in the shade while the dog played in the grass. Suddenly, some organization drove into this mansion and kicked me out of the courtyard, saying that neither I nor the dog had the right to enter there anymore. They just kicked out disgustingly and put up a fence. In general, it is incomprehensible: I walked there for ten years, and now I have gone from here.

I want to change …

I don’t like the fact that Chinese joys are hung in my beloved and dear Stoleshnikov: lanterns, something shiny on top.Shanghai – everything is on fire! You walk past the theater. Nemirovich-Danchenko along Bolshaya Dmitrovka, and – what is it from above? When they hung up the decorations once on New Year’s Eve, I thought: let’s say! Wild, but let’s say. But they left, and now it hangs from year to year. Hangs, shimmers and so spoils the street. No coziness.

Old apartment buildings, thank God, are in excellent condition. But how can they be vulgarized with these ornaments? Someone, perhaps, will say that this is how they master the budget, but then do it by consulting with professional designers who have a heartache for the city.In the end, put on cast-iron lanterns – something that would resemble old Moscow: at Christmas, the first snow would gently whirl in the light of these old (I understand, a remake) Moscow lanterns.

Maybe this Shanghai is appropriate for other cities – hang shiny garlands there. There is Little China in America – it’s organic, people go there specially because they want to buy cheap tinsel as a souvenir and go to Chinese restaurants. And in New York, I really like it.But we don’t have a small China in the center of Moscow. Maybe there are other, more suitable areas – so let’s do it there and do it.

Now I live …

In the center. I am still only a city dweller, although I really like to go to my friends’ dacha. And even we have a dacha, but I haven’t been to it for ten years. It is not interesting to do it myself: I like to come, hang out and leave. Digging, rejoicing that potatoes have grown is not mine. Friends also love to take tours of the site, and you can’t say you’re bored.You still need to react: “Oh, what kind of cabbage you have!”

Comparing Moscow with other cities …

Moscow reminds me terribly, you won’t believe which city in the world is New York. In 1987, I first went to America for an internship in Boston – the cultural capital of the United States, where the famous orchestra, museums, theaters, Harvard – everything is fine. Yes, a beautiful city, cultured, clean, but alien. Then I went to Chicago – that’s power. Power and empire are felt in Washington. But my heart absolutely did not flinch anywhere.Then I arrived in New York, from which I was supposed to fly to Moscow, and it was as if I was electrocuted. It seemed to me that I was at home. When you live in your hometown, you don’t even need to look around – you feel, understand with your spinal cord how people can behave. And then in New York I felt exactly the same: I walked and used Moscow skills.

New Yorkers are extremely similar to Muscovites. All the very best come to our capital. By the word “the most” I mean the most talented, the meanest, the most promising and assertive, the most educated and at the same time the most uneducated (if we are talking about guest workers), people with the best intentions and the worst.So it is with New York, but the “most” come there from all over the world. Both Moscow and New York are the center of passionaries; although the architecture of both cities is different, the energy is the same.

New Yorkers, like Muscovites, have learned to behave in a certain way: they are used to tourists and visitors. They are not ready to mark one place, they are always in motion, they are always in a hurry. And also those, and those have a special accent. Sometimes they ask me: “You, probably, ma-a-askvichka, if you say so?”; the residents of the Big Apple are always recognized by the New York accent.

At the same time, there are different Muscovites, as well as different New Yorkers. There is old Moscow – these old women who lived in communal apartments and would never leave them, even if they were offered an apartment a hundred times better in another area. No, I don’t want to, I won’t, I’ll never leave, even if I’ll be in the same room, but my ancestors lived here. And these intelligent grandmothers with curled curls go out and buy a bun in a coffee shop in the morning – they cannot afford much. These grannies go to theaters and the Conservatory.They specially dress in the best for the day out: an obligatory string of pre-revolutionary pearls. When in frosty weather they come to the Conservatory, they must bring a change of shoes with them. “Will Berezovsky be there today?” – “Yes Yes!”

They have no money for a ticket to the ground, often very wealthy people sit in the front rows, and they are in a gallery in delight demanding that their favorite singer be invited for an encore. These grannies are happy! Then they leave the Conservatory, rarely, but they can afford to go into “Coffeemania” and, putting their finger aside, tell them how much they enjoyed it.And in New York there are such grandmothers who go to Carnegie Hall – if you agree to stand God knows where, you can buy a ticket for a penny, and there are also special discount systems for old people and students. I look at these old ladies who dress the same way and admire in the same way and everyone knows – “Today is mostly Mozart!” – and I think: Christmas trees, sticks, to introduce them – they would definitely find a common language. They are exactly the same. The city roars around, tourists gallop, and old women walk arm in arm with old people and are absolutely happy.

Of course, young people and young people are universal everywhere: we have these hipsters, and in New York, young people on Wall Street are the ones that are absolutely correctly shown in American films. A generation has grown up that studied in different countries, travels continuously – these are the citizens of the world. Thanks to the Internet, teenagers watch the same films, travel the world, they no longer cling to their apartments – they do not need living space, because they are mobile themselves. It was a dream in Soviet times to graduate from the university, start working, buy a Lada-Kalina and an apartment, but now you don’t need a car – carsharing, an apartment – an apartment.

There are also a lot of migrants in both cities: they smoke and eat something on their knees. In New York, guest workers are a little more sociable – I could always understand when I looked good: if I went out and in my back, as a rule, Latin American guest workers shouted: “Hey, baby, you look good today!” – the day was a success. And if I walked past the builders and no one said a word, then I understand – it’s not that: I have to go back and paint something or put on a shorter skirt. Our guest workers, of course, are not so talkative and cannot afford such comments.

If not Moscow, then …

Of course, New York. I lived there for 15 years. I know the whole city by heart, thoroughly. Each district has its own recognizable aroma. For example, in Little Italy it smells like garlic, pasta and pizza – everything is crazy. In the Indian quarter there is a persistent smell of paprika, street barkers are persistently fighting for customers. Little China has an endless bazaar where you are persuaded to buy everything. To the west, there is a Broadway show, French restaurants serving delicious duck and sophisticated desserts, and a dominance of Japanese restaurants – a Mecca for seafood lovers.Not to mention the soul food and jazz in Harlem! Lovers of incendiary salsa, Latin American music and spicy high-calorie national dishes will surely disappear there. Anything can be found in this city.

A friend of mine lived near Central Park, where luxurious concerts were held, which she and I often attended. I was lucky, then great people came to perform in Central Park: the best artists and singers. Whom did I not listen to!

I can tell you how 30 years ago in this city you could live on $ 5 a day and not feel slighted.Naive years: eat only corn and milk and scrambled eggs, go to the cinema for the whole day, buying a ticket for one session, and then running from hall to hall. The times of Clinton, when you could get the same from cultural life for 10 dollars as for 100.

Unloved districts of Moscow …

New districts are depressed. It is a pity that luxury apartments are empty in skyscrapers – they are not sold out, which means that the quarters themselves are not alive: there are no small restaurants, no cafes, no dry cleaners, no shoe shops, no kindergartens, no schools – everything that makes the area warm …No matter how much I drove past Moscow City, it’s uncomfortable there, I don’t want to walk. Although everything is austere, powerful and modern, there are doormen on the doors, but there is no life – sterile, like in a hospital.

I live in one of the old districts of Moscow in a low apartment building, where the neighbors know each other well. And when I go to a cafe, they ask me: “As usual?” That is, a caffeine-free cappuccino with a cookie. And as a child, all the faces in the yard were familiar. Even if I lost money while running to the bakery, they still sold me bread, because they knew me.I would like to believe that all the old Moscow districts still live this way. Or maybe I am already old myself and live with memories in which the grass was greener and the sun was shining brighter.

Project “Hangost” …

When I worked on television, I invited those whom the management wanted. Now I can finally invite those who like me. My heroes are like media people (of course, experts in their field: show business stars, popular and beloved artists, writers, journalists, politicians, psychologists, financiers, stylists, tutors, doctors, cosmetologists, clothing and interior designers, entrepreneurs) as well as unknown girls who married foreigners and talk about their different parts of the world much more interesting than any guide.Our conversations are similar to those old conversations in Moscow kitchens.

During self-isolation, I began to conduct my first live streams on Instagram from the kitchen. You know, although this was the format of sincere friendly gatherings over a cup of tea, hot discussions on acute, topical topics always flared up. Irina Romanova, my commercial director, producer and managing partner of the digital agency, helped me to organize them. Irina came up with the name of the # Hangost section. Who we just didn’t have during this pandemic year: Yana Poplavskaya, Mikhail Labkovsky, Tatiana Tolstaya, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Alexander Tsypkin, Dina Rubina, Nikolai Valuev, Arina Sharapova, Stanislav Sadalsky, Zhanna Agalakova, Evgeny Komarovsky, Oksana Fedorova, Yegor Konchalov Sergey Sosedov, Daria Dontsova and many other wonderful interlocutors.

Then the project grew: we wanted to keep these wonderful conversations in the kitchen, and we decided to duplicate it on YouTube, which many of you could see in the feed. This is how a more capacious version of the #Hangost column appeared, where I meet my guests face to face in an offline format. And all of you, dear readers of Moskvich Mag, I invite you to remember the atmosphere of that very old Moscow with endless conversations and disputes on my channel.

You can watch all the episodes of the # Hangost project on the YouTube channel of the same name.

Photo: from Elena Khanga’s personal archive

How the first “outhouses” appeared, why whole families settled in them and other facts from history …

The legendary toilet pavilion at the corner of Kamennoostrovsky and Kronverksky avenues has not survived. / Photo:

In large cities, the toilet topic has always been a problem, especially in the absence of sewerage systems. The Kremlin and the entire center of ancient Moscow suffered from a strong smell of sewage, and after the 1930 parades, washing the entrances was tiring and very unpleasant.Many rulers of Russia faced a toilet problem, and it was finally possible to solve it only in the last decade. And it’s not up to the end.

Sewerage system against unsanitary conditions, stench, epidemics

By the decree of Peter I of April 9, 1699 “On keeping cleanliness in Moscow” … accessible toilets were created in the Kremlin. But the members of the Colleges and their staff used the innovation without due diligence, as reported in written reports. The stench from sewage continued to spread throughout the Kremlin and the rest of the capital.One decree failed to remake the consciousness of the townspeople.

Over the next centuries, the Russian rulers paid much attention to the issues of the arrangement of accessible toilets, but there were never enough of them.

After the invention of toilets, warm and comfortable latrines appeared in wealthy houses, and only the servants of the owners and their guests used the wooden or stone buildings in the courtyard. Moreover, janitors, street vendors, passers-by were allowed in them.

And only the cholera epidemic in 1870 turned out to be stronger than the prescriptions and decrees – the very next year the first accessible toilet appeared in St. Petersburg.The house, designed by the famous architect I.A. Merz, was located next to the Mikhailovsky Manege and was heated. Cheap open urinals of the Western design are impossible in Russia due to the harsh climate: it is cold and the water for flushing freezes.

In Moscow, from the middle of the 19th century, the authorities ordered to allow passers-by from the street into the toilet houses in the courtyards, and at the end of the 1890s, stone structures appeared in the center, near railway stations, markets. They were called retirades, from the French word for refuge.The authorities obliged the owners of apartment buildings to have an appropriate establishment in the courtyards. The word “restroom” was not used in the documents. “Nuzhnik” also remained in oral use. But the estimates and reports bashfully mentioned the number of places for “small and large needs.”

Ordinary townspeople, peasants from the market and even students did not use the new name and the institution itself, although they looked at the pompous buildings with respect. Women also bypassed the retreats, preferring to use portable pots in the old fashioned way.The newcomers were looking for a familiar wooden structure in the courtyards.

It was still a long way from the creation of a normally arranged sewerage system. At the beginning of the 20th century, out of all settlements in the Russian Empire, only eleven had floatable sewers. Among them was not even St. Petersburg, and Moscow had branch structures only inside the Garden Ring.

There were about a dozen well-equipped toilets in Moscow. The public toilet at the Alexander Garden had forced ventilation.An automatic flushing device was also used. The toilet on Bolshaya Sukharevskaya was heated; on Teatralnaya Square, a separate toilet with lighting and two compartments – with and without payment – was opened. Soap and a towel were provided for the money.

How apartment sealing defeated the sewage system

Lesok is always nearby, unless you live in a large city. / Photo:

After the October Revolution of 1917, a mass of people from the provinces rushed to both capitals.Stone public toilets have been widely converted into apartments due to housing shortages. Wooden booths were simply dismantled for firewood. The converted housing was even considered enviable: one family had all the conveniences, while in “compacted” apartments with 30 tiny overcrowded rooms there was only one toilet. Not everyone managed to visit it in the morning before work.

And in the 1930s, parades began to be held in Moscow. Their participants were trained for hours in the very center, fed and watered.After the very first event, it was barely possible to clean the entrances in the center. There were no locks on the common entrance doors, and the few concierges available did not even try to keep people in shape.

The nomenklatura people who lived in the center quickly realized that the outrages would become regular. The Moscow City Council was immediately instructed to build toilets in the most crowded places. They were built without much scope during all the years of Soviet power.

But the notorious housing issue had an extremely bad effect on the moral qualities of the general population.The fight for the meters was serious. There was no time for sanitary culture. Hygiene issues had to be discussed at the highest level. They urgently launched an impressive propaganda of cleanliness and rules for the use of household goods. There were films, obligatory lectures, posters, poems:
“Water –
don’t be afraid,
wash every day.

wash your hands with soap and water

before eating. ”
Vladimir Mayakovsky

In 1922. restored the Public Toilet Service.By 1925, Moscow had 16 free latrines with sewerage and modern equipment. This amount was absolutely not enough for the rapidly growing population. To speed up and reduce the cost of building new facilities, they began to use the places at the foundations of destroyed chapels and churches.

System change in 1991 – a new round of the toilet problem

Without partitions: it’s cheap and you can discuss a match. (Volgograd-arena) ./ Photo:

After the next revolution of the 90s, the city toilets were again unlucky: there was no money in the budgets for schools and hospitals, there was no time for outbound needs.In Moscow, they were massively re-profiled, and dozens of them were closed every year. Instead, shops, offices and even cafes appeared.

In European countries, the law orders the owners of cafes, restaurants and shopping centers to let people from the street into the toilets for free. In England, shopkeepers put booths outside at night to keep the entrance area clean.

In Russia, in large shopping centers, toilets are often paid, and at night there is absolutely nowhere to go. Just like two centuries ago, you can find a 24-hour toilet only at railway stations.It is hard to imagine, but in the 70s of the last century it was possible, in case of need, to ask for housing in apartment buildings. Doors also admitted decent-looking citizens into Moscow restaurants.

A search on the Internet for “problems with toilets in …” gives a lot of forums, articles and pictures on the topic in all major cities. In small towns, the solution is traditional: there are many bushes and fences.

The sanitary services of large cities of Russia, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg, insist on observing hygiene standards – even cafes for a couple of tables are required to have a toilet and a washbasin.The situation is improving from year to year: most gas stations have free toilets, and fast-food chain restaurants are also helping out.

The situation was slightly improved due to the installation of plastic booths, which were also mostly paid and not as convenient as stationary ones. The novelty did not enjoy the love of the population because of the smell and inconvenience of use.

But the meager amenities were still lacking. A big sports event came to the rescue – the 2018 FIFA World Cup.Toilet cubicles have become prettier, and most importantly, more numerous. True, after the World Cup, many of them were removed or closed for repairs.

Tourists and toilets – guests cannot understand Russia

The faint of heart should not enter: a toilet is above an abyss at a weather station in the Altai Mountains. / Photo:

There will be no good toilets – there will be no visitors from all over the world, they believe in the Union of Architects. And it seems the city planners are right. Although the Russian way of life is worthy of close attention.

The scanty number of public latrines worries not only the townspeople, but also tourists. And more and more of them are going to Russia. In addition to people in good physical shape, groups of foreigners often include pensioners of the very old age, disabled people – including wheelchair users, families with many children, including babies.

There are also incidents: numerous tourists from China come with large families. There were rumors and messages in the electronic media: an elderly man relieved himself right next to the temple in the Kremlin, and mothers and grandmothers give pots to small children right in the halls of museums.True, there are many conversations, but there is no evidence or official complaints. But it is easy to believe in these stories: foreigners – and not only from Asia – are not used to enduring for hours, like seasoned Russians. In addition, our people after 80 years do not go on long trips.

Is it good when the flow of tourists grows? Probably not bad, but the convenience will have to be urgently developed. Without prosaic toilets, interest in cultural objects falls.

While there are not enough sanitary points, Muscovites, St. Petersburg residents, Voronezh residents compile – most often on a voluntary basis – electronic and mobile lists-applications of the necessary addresses with the operating hours, prices, reviews.It is possible that printed versions of such reference books will be in great demand.

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