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China has been a long time catalyst of consumer product scares in the U.S. in recent years. For example, in 2015 Lumber Liquidators was the latest large U.S. retailer in a string of companies to take heat over the safety of China-imported products. Their laminate flooring contained toxic amount of formaldehyde that did not meet health standards.

In 2007, a series of Chinese-made product scandals and recalls led to warnings and bans across a wide range of industries, from toys and personal care to seafood. Toy maker Mattel issued a recall of one million toys made with possible lead paint dangers.

China has shown little concern for the safety of U.S. consumers.

As the cannabis industry explodes in growth, there are no shortage of entrepreneurs eager to get in on the green rush. Newcomers (and long time brands) are turning to China for cheaply made pipes that can be sold stateside for what U.S. pipe manufacturers are selling their wares for. Outsourcing to China, like in many other industries allows a company to maximize their profit margin and keep costs down.

In the mad dash for cash cannabis accessory companies, head shops who sell pipes and everyone in between has failed to stop and consider the consequences of getting rich off of Chinese-made pipes.

What’s Wrong With Chinese Glass

First, it’s illegal to even sell Chinese pipes in the U.S.. Companies who sell Chinese pipes have found tricky ways around getting the pipes into the country.

For glass pipes, one of the tricks of the trade is to use drill-outs. According to Ken Kulow of Chameleon Glass (a highly respected leader of U.S. glass blowers), Chinese factories can sink the bowl in the pipe without drilling a hole in the bowl. When the pipes come over, they only have two openings—the carb and the mouth piece.

Chinese factories can feed a string through the pipe and call it a necklace on the import manifest. In other cases, pipes are hidden within other shipments of products. The pipes appear on X-ray searches of imported shipping containers, however, port officials have neither the time nor resources to go after the recipient because they can’t justify the cost.

Drill out hole in Chinese glass pipe PHOTO: CHAMELEON GLASS

Later, a hole is drilled out of the bowl. Kulow says drilling the hole weakens the pipe in the bowl where it needs to be strongest. The constant heating and cooling of the bowl can cause expansion and contraction in the glass. There is a probability of glass dust or glass shards inside the pipe. Once inhaled, glass powder enters the lungs and can cause a permanent debilitating disease similar to Mesothelioma, an aggressive condition affecting the membrane of the lung’s lining.

glass shards similar to Asbestos in the lung

So when someone smokes out of a Chinese-made pipe for the first time, their friends may hear something like, “Dude, that first pull was rough.” That’s the sound of your lungs screaming out in pain from glass dust.

Aside from destroying lungs with glass powder, there’s another concern. China is famous for their lead-based paints. American glass blowers have advanced the art of glassblowing to include cool colors in integrated into cool patterns in their glass pipes. Chinese replica’s of popular U.S.-made styles emulate the look by painting the insides of the pipes with metal oxides rather than using the same technique.

metal oxide paint inside Chinese glass pipes to emulate American styles

Austin based GRAV Labs founder, Dave Daily recently admitted outsourcing his production to China on a Podcast called Torch Time. GRAV Labs claims to employ glass blowers in Austin, however, Ken at Chameleon points out the majority of products are made in China, and later “Made in China” stickers are removed and sold from Austin as the ‘point of origin’.

U.S. Glass Manufacturers Taking the Hit

U.S. glass blowing artists have essentially created the glass pipe market, and continue to drive innovation while facing cheap knock-off competition from sweatshops who go online to find and replicate the most popular styles. Companies like Chameleon and Brothers with Glass have seen their market share tumble directly from being undercut by imported cheap products.

The market for imported glass opened up after “Black Monday” in February 2003. That was the day feds launched Operation Pipe Dream, and conducted a nationwide crackdown on U.S. based glass manufacturers. Black Monday resulted in multiple arrests and convictions, including Tommy Chong, who was incarcerated for a year for his involvement in his family bong-making business. It was one of the dumbest examples of spending money to fight the war on drugs.


he cause and effect of Operation Pipe Dream set forth a series of dominoes that ultimately created a vacuum for which cheaply made imported glass could fill the demand. What the feds didn’t calculate was the impact of lost wages from lost jobs and lost revenue from tariffs and taxes that aren’t collected on pipes entering the country.

Essentially, a majority of the imported glass industry cheaply manufactures dangerous pipes that they can sell for dirt cheap by avoiding paying taxes or tariffs which makes a few select entrepreneurs very rich.

Are Chinese-made pipes bad for your health? The bigger question is about how all Chinese-made products sold in the U.S. are made and how manufacturers can be held accountable.

The surefire way to make sure the pipe you’re smoking out of isn’t going to have any potential health concerns is buy American.

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Why you should avoid Imported Glass from places like China

The market for functional glass art is at an all-time high right now, and continues on the rise. Just like in any marketplace, there will be buyers who are true connoisseurs – those who appreciate the hours upon hours of fine and wholly unique craftsmanship that goes into a piece of glass that might fetch four or five figures to the right retail customer. 

Here at The Dab Lab, we definitely can relate…we love our heady rigs too! Looking at the market more broadly, there will be many buyers who certainly appreciate quality, and recognize the importance of supporting American glassblowers and companies, but who find themselves on a tighter glass budget. Seeking bang for their buck, they know that they can find themselves great deals from places like The Dab Lab on flawless pipes, rigs, and tubes from artists and shops that they know and love, for prices that won’t break the bank.

Now that’s where the line needs to be drawn, but unfortunately too often it is not. Saving money is great, that’s no secret. That’s why we try to keep you laced up with hot promotions and coupon codes as often as possible here at The Dab Lab. But a disturbing trend in the glass market has surfaced with “deals” that seem too good to be true because of course, they are quite literally coated in lies.

These foreign-based websites act as part swap meet/part junk heap, selling everything from painted eggs, to…well… painted eggs. If you have not already come across these findings on social media yet, prepare to be incredibly disturbed by what you are about to see.

For prices that seem too good to be true (because they are), Chinese sellers are offering extremely vibrant “fab egg” style knockoff Mothership rigs, and for a good part of the Summer in 2015, U.S. customers were buying box-loads of them and flipping them to their friends, and blasting pictures of impossibly bright glass all over the web.

It wasn’t long however before seasoned American glass artists and collectors began to call people out on these fluorescent rigs, rightfully claiming that the colors used could not be achieved by honest means. Sure enough, skeptical users began soaking their rigs overnight in 91% iso rubbing alcohol and noticed the color fading, or coming off altogether. Using a stronger mixture, like lacquer thinner, took the color off completely, revealing a textured/pitted surface on the glass underneath.

We demand lab tested, safely harvested medication – so who in their right mind would trust their health to a company that would apply such a deceitful and potentially harmful coating to the devices we use to deliver that medication. Though China is by far the biggest offender when it comes to flooding the American market with counterfeit and often dangerous products, India is pumping out its own share of crude knock-offs as well. So really, any imported glass should be avoided at any and all cost.

If you don’t want to take it from us, just read these recent reviews taken directly off of the product page of a China based seller. 

Another huge reason why it makes sense to buy from American outlets, instead of trying to save cents by supporting foreign ones, is that if you find yourself upset with your purchase for any reason, like the customers shown above, gooooood luck with that “customer service”. 

Your new rig sits crooked? You get a gulp of water every time you rip it? It broke when you looked at it funny? The “waxy paint like substance” has begun to coat your hands and/or lungs? There’s a good chance that you’re on your own when dealing with these hucksters.

If you are a baller on a budget, it’s all good – you are our people! You don’t have to settle for cheap import glass that will at the very least get you made fun of by all of your buddies, and at worst could literally be harmful to your health. 

Instead, hit us up here at The Dab Lab, tell us what you are looking to spend and what you are looking to get – we’ve got a great track record of matching people up with the perfect glass for their needs and we are ready to help you too.

How to Keep Your Bong from Breaking – DankStop

It’s happened to nearly everyone: there you are, super cool with a brand new or beloved glass piece in your hand when something makes a noise or you lose your grip or there’s an earthquake only you can feel and then whoosh! Down goes the bong, the bubbler, the pipe—whatever it used to be, it’s in pieces now. There are plenty of ways to break glass, but luckily there are also just as many ways to mindfully be aware enough that you don’t end up throwing tens (or hundreds) of dollars into the trash.

The Easiest Way to Not Break Glass is to Not Buy Glass

Sure, it sounds like a Roll Safe meme. But really, if you’re worried about being clumsy then consider opting for something that’s just not made of glass. From Primitive Pipes’ Modern Jamaican Chalice Coconut Bubbler to Nucleus’ Skinny Neck Silicone Beaker Bong, there are plenty of bongs made of non-glass materials.

Silicone is a strong contender for the number one glass alternative, now available for every category of piece ranging from pipes to oil rigs. For added security, some silicone pieces come with a suction cup on the bottom to make entirely sure that they don’t end up on their sides.

Most silicone pieces still include at least some glass, usually the bowl and downstem, but for a totally unshatterable option consider the Fold-a-Bowl Silicone Bong. This water pipe folds for portability and has an anodized alloy bowl. Just keep in mind that you can still accidentally puncture it if you’re cleaning it with something sharp for some unknown reason.

Be Aware of the Kind of Glass You Do Buy

On that note, it’s important to mention that not all bong breakage is the result of a piece getting dropped. Sometimes a wrong move is made using a weird cleaning implement and snap! There goes the glass.

This is often especially the case with overseas production, or mass-market, glass rather than American-made or scientific (borosilicate) glass. Often known as “China glass,” production glass tends to be made of soda-lime glass, the same material used in windows and bottles. Unlike borosilicate glass, which is used to make oven-safe cookware, soda-lime (silicate) glass can be brittle and fracture easily under heat or physical stress.


Be Careful When You Clean

Whatever kind of glass you’re choosing to buy, make sure to treat it right. Don’t go poking and scraping around with sharp tools to clean off resin or you’ll have to learn the hard way that the only reliably safe way to clean your glass is to use a cleaner mix like Nucleus’ Alcohol and Salt Cleaning Combo. If you’re partial to dabbing and like to use sharp tools to get the residue out of a joint, consider just adding a reclaim catcher onto your nail instead and letting the unvaporized concentrate drip out for a second use.

Regularly cleaning your piece will also mean less shaking will be needed during each clean, obviously lessening the likelihood of the piece flying out of your hands or accidentally being smacked into a faucet. Make sure each part of the bong is cleaned separately to lessen the likelihood that something will slip out of place and break. If you need an extra bit of scrubbing power in the neck of your bong, just dip a toothbrush or pipe cleaner in the cleaning solution and run it along the glass.

Keep in mind that silicone bongs are not alcohol-safe, so be sure to rinse all glass pieces free of alcohol before reassembling them into a silicone setup (or any setup, for that matter).

Drain Your Water Pipe Before It’s Stored

It might take quite a bit of temperature fluctuation, but glass (especially glass that isn’t scientific) can actually end up cracked if water left inside of it gets cold and expands too much. If you’re planning on leaving the house on the colder side (going away for the winter break, for instance) be sure to empty your bong before leaving (and ideally after each session).

Adequate bong storage is essential to making sure your piece remains unbroken by a careless elbow or an overexcited pet, so make sure you have a clear, dedicated space for the bong.


Be Careful If You’re Transporting Your Bong

Many smoking devices have gotten shattered en route to a friend’s house, so if you absolutely must bring your bong with you and refuse to get a portable silicone one, consider protecting your piece in RYOT’s Destroyer Case. It might not be the most subtle case available, but with four moldable layers of styrofoam and a 12×7 inch carrying capacity you can bring along basically any mid-sized glass with you in safety and style. If you’re trying to live with a little risk, a hefty amount of bubble wrap secured with a twist-tie or rubber band should do the trick almost all of the time when it comes to keeping your bong from breaking—almost.

Glass pipes cheap

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Bee themed bong

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When you’re ready to party, detach the hose from the side, plug it into the bottom, expand, and slam your beer. 5 mm joints. Typhoon Water Pipe by Ch. They’re a Burt’s Bee lip balm, tucked inside a purple card. A beautiful milky blue colored glass band can be seen on the bongs straight tube, just above the three ice notches. com Personalized glass bongs and pipes with your own inscription. Quality, affordable glass bongs, dab rigs, ash catchers, quartz bangers, and carb caps for sale online We carry a large selection of bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and smoke essentials for the every day smoker or glass connoisseur including herb grinders, silicone bongs, and rolling papers. 4 mi Directions. 8 out of 5 stars. 5″ diffused downstem and 14mm male bowl piece. 27 / Piece We have a variety of super thick glass bongs to choose from that either have 7mm or 9mm thick glass. Like alcohol and prescription medication, cannabis should be treated seriously. Often referred to as smoking a “bowl” our borosilicate . Glass water bongs and water pipes have been around for centuries and are a . As of December 2019, they even launched their very own signature wedding bong line. The most popular characters and recognizable faces, all in your favorite bong types! With everyone’s favorites like Mario and Hello Kitty, these cartoon bongs are more than just a novelty. Typically the larger the joint size, the larger the hit you will get from a bong. called The Bee Dynasty, in Colorado. 5 inch mini beaker bee-hive & honey drip themed bong water pipe was made right here in the US and features an incredible heady worked honey-drip and bee design. Bongs 11 Products Slides. 20 Priority: $20. Are you looking for mini or small bongs, water pipes, and or dab rigs. 8mm > 14. *** Water Pipes and Bongs: The Ultimate Way to Toke Ancient humans got stoned. Report Save. $52. Engraved Cannabox logo. 28 – 33. Then, light your dry herbs and enjoy. Bongs are a healthier way of smoking as well, filtering all of your smoke through water creating a smoother, purer hit. Sing along to the ‘Zoey 101’ theme song! Watch more at www. unique gift ideas, and . Online Shopping at JupiterGrass. the picture may . 66 out of 5 stars from 428 reviews. 95. Shop silicone pipes, bongs, rigs, downstems, ashtrays and more from brands like Piecemaker, Eyce, and NoGoo. They are all made from solid, hard Pyrex glass, which is absolutely health safe. NEW. Buy cheap glass pips online from China today! Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. We pride ourselves on fast shipping, sweet deals and quality products at the cheapest prices. $ 19. Get premium blue bongs from USA’s #1 online headshop – shop the most awesome blue bongs from the very best hand-blown glass brands. 00. 99 × Scan Small Bong $59. 5″ Bent Neck Glow In The Dark Honey Bee Decal Beaker Water Pipe This bong has a cool bee hive decoration with an ice catcher, funnel slider and a bent neck on this glow in the dark beaker bong. 4″ tall. All bongs have either a 10mm, 14mm or 18mm joint size. It is one of our premium designs for 2020 and sure to wow you and your smoking buddies. Baby Stoner · 4 Inch · Tiny Cartoon Themed Glass Bong. This captivating piece features honey bees, seeping nectar, and beehive . Only 10 left in stock – order soon. The Honey Bee is blown from extra thick 7mm heat resistant and durable Borosilicate glass, This conveniently sized Beaker Bong is guaranteed to pack a punch, the chilled smooth kind. Bongin. Features a revolving Perc. From tiny silicone bongs to hefty silicone beaker bongs, there’s a huge variety for anyone’s preference. Shop the coolest cartoon bongs for sale from the USA’s #1 online headshop. Enjoy. Made by artist GlassHole. All of these benefits make silicone last much longer than any other type of bong or pipe. The mouthpiece is thick and rimmed, making it highly comfortable to use for extended periods. It’s no surprise that their exquisite glass . Glass water pipes (“Bongs”) have been a popular choice among smokers and tokers for more than 2400 years! Unlike traditional hand pipes, bongs use water to filter out ash and particles from smoke, while also cooling the hot smoke to a more comfortable temperature that’s easier on the throat. 95Inc. Our products are handmade in our own workshops by experienced glass blowers. Fancy Pot ⋇ 3 Colors ⋇ 7″ Cute Themed Glass Bongs. Smoke Cartel offers a gorgeous variety of glass pipes, hand pipes, and spoons for your smoking pleasure. Contains a showerhead perc. Finding cheap bongs for sale that will still treat you right is not an easy task. Toker Supply offers a wide variety of dab rigs for sale. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $10. Functional Glass Art is an online gallery for the Glass Blowing Community. You have to check it out! Take a trip into outer space with this Astro-themed ice glass bong! Introducing the 12. Welcome to Dankstop. 3 mi Directions. 00 USD Bent Tube – $52. Upgrade your smoke sessions to the next level. This particular spoon features a bee hive. Friends Themed Party Favors. Our girly glass bongs for sale also include heady pieces from local glass artists. XVAPE. 7. All the products in this category are under 10 inches in height. First, the bowl (often called a slide) is packed with your smoking material. Honey Bee – Honeycomb Dab Mat – All in one Dab Station Bong Pad Rig Coaster Artisan Dabbing Stations Cannabis Accessories – Weed Decor . Sale Price $25. We all need a special spot to stash our weed. I love special orders and would love to create something unique for you. Heady glass or “headdies” are perfect for anyone who wishes to start their own collection of dab rigs or hand pipes. Professional and discrete shipping worldwide. The bong is a bright yellow and has a beaker bong design, characterized by its wide base, and long neck (which can be bought in the straight tube or bent tube . 44. Vibes. Soil. Galveston 77550 Houston USA. MHGP. Its small size makes it easy for on-the-go use, while the beautiful beehive theme is guaranteed to make this piece of glass art stand out in your collection. The couple now own a cannabis company, The Bee Dynasty, which sells custom bongs including wedding bongs. Size Isn’t Everything is the twentieth studio album by the Bee Gees, released in the UK on 13 September 1993, and the US on 2 November of the same year. 0. 99 Coupon: Apply coupon Update cart Cart totals Subtotal $159. The Honey Bee Holographic Ice Glass Bong is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality bong at a reasonable price. 99 Scan Small Bong quantity $59. Few people have a gas mask lying around so building this bong may take a fair amount of searching and a bit of work. Silicone bongs, water pipes & dry pipes are the best sellers at Aqua Lab Technologies. Bongs, Vaporizers, Rolling Papers, Dab Rigs, Grinders, Pipes, Adult Toys, & much more. Each bong is made differently, designed with thought and creativity, adding ice-catches, percolators, while maintaining different sizes, shapes and colors. Add to your smoke collection with smoking accessories from bowls, to weed grinders, to rolling trays, and more. com!Subscribe if you love Nickelodeon and want to see more! https://at. Here are 20+ weed stash boxes ranging from Find cheap glass bongs, dab rigs , bubblers and everything else you need at Bong Outlet! Bong Outlet is an online head shop located in the USA and Canada, providing water pipes and smoke accessories you need at incredible prices. Bowls for smoking. Growing bee balm is fairly easy as long as you keep the soil moist. 99 Save 43%. Get the best deals for wax bong at eBay. The main purpose of a bong is to filter and cool your herb smoke through water diffusion before inhalation. 5mm slitted diffuser downstem 14. Owl Pack Themed after the precious, vibrant ecosystems that make our earth unique, each one perfectly depicts and emphasizes the conservation of a specific at risk habitat or endangered species. This heats the combustable material, and smoke is created. 28. This it measures 18 by 20 not including hanger or antenas. Custom Bachelorette Party Beer Bong, Dong Bong, Dong Beer Bong, Willy Bong, Funny Bachelorette Gifts, Bachelorette Favors, Bachelorette Game. Hand crafted by skilled artists from all over the world, these pipes contain intricate details and fun characteristics that are sure to be a conversation starter in any sesh. TATAOO Glass Dab Rig, Honey-Bee Themed Dab Rigs | Lookah. Each and every one is selected especially for its hard-wearing . Winston the Whale. level 1 · 1y. 99 Default Title Bongs work by allow the user to effectively and efficiently smoke dry herbs, tobacco, or cannabis in a better format. So try to catch them all while they last. Honey drips all the way from the top of the water pipe, down the body while worked bees are featured on the dripping honey. Listen to GFM Salvador live and more than 50000 online radio stations for free on mytuner-radio. Stoner Wishlist is a one-stop platform to order branded smoking accessories that includes a 3-In-1 cleaning tool kit, grinder, stoner, bong at affordable rates. She went on: “I was planning my wedding and was thinking wow, it would be so special to have a bong made just for us on that day. WELCOME TO THE DAB LAB! We offer glass bongs, as well as dab pipes, dab rigs and all other supplies you will need for dabbing! We believe in offering our customers the very best products at the best prices. A weed pipe collection with glass hand pipes and more glass pipe favorites! Whether you use medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, you will find a great selection of weed bowls. We specialize in a wide range of Glass Items, Vaporizers, Grinders, Bongs, Pipes and other fine smoking accessories like Hookahs, Shisha, Rolling Papers and much more. Securing Cannabis Safely Medical marijuana is legal in more than half the United States, but, that doesn’t mean it should be treated casually. The beaker bong: The beaker style bong consists of a base which has a beaker or “pyramid” design that manifests into a long straight tube and mouthpiece. Matching glass bowl included. I made a Minecraft themed . Share. Glass Art by the greatest Glass blowers in the world are showcased in this site and many are for sale. 5mm male joint Fits 14. Silicone Dino Egg Mini Bong – 5in 4 reviews $37. Put it under a UV light and watch the honeycomb and borders light up before you! Online shopping a variety of best bee bong at DHgate. With an amazing iridescent/rainbow glass design that spans from top to bottom and all around the piece . We carry just about every style and color you can think of! The Honey Bee 2-in-1 Bong / Dab Straw combines the luxury of water filtration with the convenience of a hand held dab straw. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass and an 18mm female joint included, this is a piece you’ll want to keep in your rotation. He’ll fly side-by-side with your hit, guiding it through the bottom chamber as it funnels into Weed Bongs – buy the best weed bong & water pipe at the cheapest price! FREE Shipping 120+ Weed Bongs Starts at $19. $5200. You can buy bongs online from Canada’s trusted source for water pipes, glass bongs and silicone bongs. It features a lovable long neck which is known to be the friendliest kind of dinosaur there is. com. Tobacco Head Shop in Denver, with stores in Colorado Springs and Boulder, Freakys has all types of glass pipes, vaporizers, bongs, oil rigs, silicone, . Apr 20, 2021 – Explore Carol Etchison’s board “bee bongs” on Pinterest. 5” 14mm Bowl Bowl has a Funnel Slider Bent neck Ice Catcher for smo Our selection of unique bongs really stands out compared to your average bong. We know this because archeologists have found bongs thousands of years old made from gourds, rocks, and even skulls! Over our evolution, people have . Pick from Green, Pastel Pink and Purple. 22. Dope girly bongs and pipes for stoner chicks. com/playlist?. Read more Discover the best bongs in 2021, and the brands behind them in our top 10 list. 06 / Piece Free shipping 1 Order The 5. MAV Glass offers a variety of high quality hand pipes, water pipes, rigs and many more. Minecraft Server The World Of David The Gnome – Opening ThemeThis is the opening theme to The World Of David The Gnome. Using silicone smoking pipes and accessories are easy to clean and are less likely to break than glass pipes. Dab Rigs are a filtration device used to consume concentrates or “dabs”, and are designed specifically for concentrates. 46. Multi-tone tinted glass. In order for your bee balm to thrive, you should plant it in soil that is rich, moist, and has a pH level of 6. Their work is based on a lot of popular culture and genres, and they like to incorporate dichroic glass in their creations. Then, by inhaling through the mouthpiece, air is drawn while a flame is ignited. Inspired theme, this beaker bong comes fully equiped like no other. What more can you buzz for? Specifications: Height: 7. the long neck makes it among the most common and popular style of bongs for their ease of use and simplistic designs. Feel free to browse and choose from our catalog of Mini Bongs, Water Pipes, and Dab Rigs. Results 1 – 24 of 39 . Camp Bow Wow Katy 1515 Vander Wilt Ln Building 5 Katy Texas 77449 US. TIGER BEE – ELECTRIC GRINDER – BLACK. They provide better flavor and vapor consistency compared to a bong or dry pipe. Quartz Banger Cleaners. You won’t find a bigger array of quality American . In late fall, cut the bee balm down to just a few inches (5 to 10 cm. Try to get the water between 1″ and 1/2″ above the end of the downstem. At 15″ tall this glass bong features hand drawn bumble bee designs along the outer glass. These bongs and pipes are made from Medical Grade Silicone providing a safe and sturdy alternative to glass bongs, pipes, or dab rigs. (440) $27. While comfortable and smoother hits are sure with the bong, it’s vital to know how you’re able to get these! The Grappa Dab Rig – 5in 12 reviews $57. . VAT. Material: 100% Glass. WarmerHomes. Writing is put on the tube part. Add percolation, dial in airflow, and build your bong as tall as you want. Our online smoke shop carries a massive variety of bongs, dab rigs, and vaporizers in addition to extraction supplies, apparel, and smoking accessories from . “I am truly in love with it. If you want a bushier plant, pinch off the stem tips as new growth appears in the early spring. Listen now only on Spotify: With Baron Barber, James Isley, Celeste Legaspi and more. Don’t worry, bee happy! You’ll quickly see this handheld bong fits perfectly in your hands when you wrap your fingers around the honeycombs and is easy to carry around. 99 Default Title Main Features Buzz Little Bee Beehive Themed Save the Bee Recycler Bong Approx. This Save The Bee’s Beaker is our favorite and combines simplistic function with inspiring artistry. 20 FREE SHIPPING. The base has the honeycomb artwork while the neck features a honeybee. See more ideas about bongs, pipes and bongs, glass pipes. 5mm male herb bowl with removal arm Honeycomb and honey bee themed design Ice notches Available in a selection of colors Select color in dropdown menu Easy to clean and maintain This themed mini bong by Empire Glassworks has the perfect combination of artistry, functionality, and portability. SKU: EG-2386. Packages usually arrive in 3 days within the USA. Best beehave yourself around this piece or you might get stung! The Empire Glassworks Beehive Mini Bong features highly detailed bee-themed artwork with an . See more ideas about dab rig, glass pipes, bongs. Bring some fun to your next sesh with this bumble bee themed beaker bong! Design ideas and inspiration. 14mm 19mm Alan Balades Bubbler . This is a glass blown Spray can Bee themed Rig. Empire Glasswork’s new nano rigs are a testament to their lampwork mastery. 5 out of 5 stars. Its up to you if you choose names, significant date and others on your custom glass bong. The straight tube bong: Just as it sounds the bong follows a straight tube design from base to neck . We have an extensive selection of quality glass bongs for sale, as well as bubblers and all things water filtration—free shipping over $79 & quick, discreet shipping. 1x glass bong water pipe. All Bongs. Buzz your way into Spring. Beaker bongs take a little extra time after the bowl is pulled to clear the chamber. Apr 6, 2021 – Explore Angel m’s board “Bongs and pipes” on Pinterest. Bongs can also work through gathering a lot of smoke in the chamber. 1 FREE SCALE (Canada & USA) for orders $75 and more Glass Pipes, water pipes, heady bongs, heady glass, vaporizers, C-Rig, concentrate Rigs, titanium nails, Toro, HiSi, Medicali, and much more. Mini Bongs, Small Bongs, Water Pipes, and Dab Rigs for Sale. Based out of Placentia, CA, Empire Glassworks creates highly detailed and intricately crafted by their team of highly skilled glassblowers. Main Features Buzz Little Bee Beehive Themed Save the Bee Recycler Bong Approx. Advanced EVA foam keeps your beer colder than any other koozie on the market. Milkyway Glass brought the always popular bee theme to their expert design to create the Bee Hive Beaker. $69. Yo Dabba Dabba. Glass on Glass Bong Slides 36 Products Bong Pull Slides 2 Products Dabs. 120+ Cute Bongs By Fairies, for Fairies Free Shipping. GST. This glass bong features an 8-arm tree percolator, a pinch ice catcher and a removable downstem! The surface of this bong is colored with various colors, . Choose from best sellers by Grav Labs, Diamond Glass, DankGeek, Sesh Supply, UPC, and more! These bongs are considered the best due to their . 5″ Space Dust, which has all the main functions of the bong minus the basic clear glass, and enter the electroplated outer space themed patterns covering this bong all over. Decored with a beautiful and limited edition design of metalic gold plated Honeycombs & Bees. (Note: 18 mm joints are slightly less common, in the bong world, than 14. The 14″ The Honeycomb is one of many cartoon-themed bongs we have in our collection. Bee Bong. 45 Degree Joint. This rig is the bees knees for your favorite trees. The MAZE has the perfect draw, it stays lit longer, perfect for windy days. Featured in our May 2020 Bee Happy package, this shirt is perfect to just bee happy in! Bob Marley made some points when he sang “ Oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh don’t worry, be happy”. Even though they’re called rigs, you can still use them as bongs! To smoke dry herbs, make sure you’re using a dry herb bowl with the correct joint size, and not a dab nail. Typically dab rigs are much smaller than water pipes designed for smoking herbs. 15. Stuttgarden 111 23rd st. 4. Featured in our May 2020 Bee Happy package. The bong works with the principle of water diffusion and percolation for making rips a lot smoother. Moreso, kick back, relax and hit like a pre-historic freak. Hello 🙂 This is an ASMR channel, which hopefully helps you either fall asleep or just feel relaxed ^__^ ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which can feel like a tingling . On the front of the card, I printed a picture of the frame that surrounds the peephole on Monica’s apartment door. It features a whimsical glass honeybee perched on the downstem, . Ice bongs are just as durable as regular bongs, if not even more so as they’re designed to maintain their quality while experiencing cold temperatures. Sweet looking Beehive themed glass bowl Made in the USA Individually hand-crafted Beehive with honey and bee’s theme High-quality borosilicate glass construction Roll stopper style handle 14. Mini bongs and small bongs can range in price depending on the quality of the materials, brand and features but a simple glass mini bong can go as low as $19. This honeybee themed recycler is one of the sweetest water pipes we carry! With the perfect combination of artistry and functionality, the Empire Glassworks . Black on yellow print. 5 inch mini beaker bee-hive & honey drip themed bong water pipe was made right here in the US and features an incredible heady worked honey-drip and . Feel the Buzz in this Ice Glass Bong 18 inches tall Sandblasted & electroplated Pick between 4 colors Honey bee themed 7mm extra thick glass Ice carbs . The bong comes in various vibrant colors, including pink, white, and blue. However if you prefer as much smoke as possible, you can go for an 18mm. Zen. Smoking accessories delivered discreetly at a fraction of the cost. Check out our lineup of hand- blown glass bongs for sale. Pineapple Express Bong – 10in 32 reviews $74. 15 $27. $37. Most of the cool bongs have a higher price than regular bongs. 5mm female ground joints Easy to clean and maintain One Thick Beaker Bong, at 9mm thick glass wall, this beaker is strong and heavy. We carry a variety of novelty pipes to help pay tribute your favorite sport, food, show . Based in Los Angeles, California MAV has been in the industry for over 10 years making sure our customers get the highest quality smoking accessories at the best possible price. Themed after the precious, vibrant ecosystems that make our earth unique, . 95 incl. A glass bong can come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and percolators. 5″ tall, this beehive-themed mini oil rig doesn . Custom glass bongs are bongs handmade by our own glassblowers so every piece is an original. Straight Tube – $52. societal discrimination, societal constructed ideas associated with blackness, nor the exclusion of blacks from a competitive wage economy. Browse our collections to find hand pipes, glass bongs or vaporizers that matches your preferences. Waxmaid. Dab rigs, or vapor rigs, are water pipes designed for vaporizing dabs (oil extracted from a plant). anywhere else! At Smoking Outlet, we make it easy for you to find the best piece by offering a huge selection of cool glass and silicone bongs under $50. We have a great selection of local glass pipes and bongs, as well as import glass. WorldofWondersGfts. Meet the Empire Glassworks – Bee Hive Mini Dab Rig. Fits perfectly in your hand! Includes 10mm flower bowl. The Kong Beer Bong is the newest drinking device designed for beer lovers. ly/PeppaPigYT #Peppa #PeppaPig #PeppaPigEnglish ️ Watch the latest uploads here! https://www. At a portable height of 12. The percolators are the biggest game-changer, they provide additional filtration and diffusion by breaking up the smoke into tiny bubbles and force more of the smoke’s surface . Often referred to as water pipes, glass bongs are remarkably similar to glass pipes. 14mm Male Flower Bowl. This honey bee-themed bong makes for faster cooling of the smoke than a straight shot and offers exceptional stability. From Cannabox comes our May 2020 “Bee Happy” package which is inspired by bees and their honeycombs! This box includes: Honey Swabs 100ct. Holiday Inn. Please note, the main stem is now a 90° angle, so it will vary a little from the picture. courtesy of WoGP, made for the practical smoker at the most practical price. Not only is this piece fun to look at, but it has a 2 inch wide tube that flares out to the 5 inch base for a large beaker chamber. 99 and a silicone bong even less. Genie In A Bottle Dab Rig – 9in 7 reviews $67. 20. But for those of you who want a heavily diffused dab rig, we have those too. 99 Expedited Parcel: $11. 5″ tall, this beehive-themed mini oil rig doesn’t only come with bees and honey, it also comes with a 14mm Female Joint plus a 14mm Male Banger Nail. Ever heard about the buzz around this beehive? Meet the Empire Glassworks – Bee Hive Mini Dab Rig. 99 Louis Vuitton theme Gold Beaker Bong quantity $99. Here at Puffing Bird we have the coolest cheap glass bongs! Get your bong today with discreet FREE Shipping for all orders! Buy Glass Bongs online under $100/$50 for sale! Enjoy a filtered and chilled hit with every hip in this classic beaker bong with a cartoon-themed print. 10 FREE SHIPPING. Starting with a 5 arm downstem, in shape of a honey comb, it also includes a second backup downstem. Every piece is an original, every glass bong, bubbler and pipe is a true glass art for your maximum smoking pleasu Bongs – Tagged “bee bong”– Owl Pack . Shoprite Smoke Shop is an online Smokeshop and retail Convenience store is located in the heart of Vancouver, BC. Girly bongs for those lady glass collectors and smokers in your life. $49. Provide a good, multi-purpose fertilizer, and work it into the soil around the bee balm plant. Bongs. 98 Shipping Free shipping Flat rate: $4. Glow in the Dark. price $429. Dab Straws 6 Products Product Tags. 5″ tall. 0 to 7. Travel back to the land before time with this dinosaur-themed heady recycler bong. We pride ourselves on fast . 12) Gassed Mask. Standing at 5. This gigantic and huge bong measures up to 18″ tall serving you the strongest and the most powerful hits you can ever imagine. It should be low enough so that it doesn’t spill out of the carb, if you have one. From shop WorldofWondersGfts. The best part of the straight shot bong is that it is very easy to clean because of their shape and little to no features . ) tall. The Busy Bee Bong stands at a foot tall and features a whimsical hand painted display of buzzing bees. No reviews. bing bong bing bong. Bumble Bee FULL SET: 4 Inches Glass Smoking Pipe, Herb Grinder and Airtight Glass Jar. We have the best bongs for females and cute girly smoking pipes! Heady glass bongs, rigs and smoking pipes are unique and often one-of-a-kind. The bottom coil has holes that face down and provide bubbles until you are ready to clear. It features a cyclonic water filtration, air cooling, and swirling vortex smoke show that smokers love. $25. Ideas of blackness that were constructed to justify the system of slavery such as Blacks being lazy, unproductive, savage, overly sexualized, and unintelligent continued to prevail and unequal job Cartoon Bongs. Add to Wish List. This bee has been glazed with an exterior glossy finish so it will work great outdoors under a porch of over hang. Emma Taylor Feb. Silicone Bong: If you’re a bud-smoker looking to delve into silicone, a silicone bong is a great place to start. On the bong you’ll see cute bees buzzing around tending to their honeycombs. See more ideas about bongs, dab rig, pipes and bongs. Empire Glassworks may be a young company, but their artists and owners have over 40 years of experience creating beautiful hand crafted glass. The bong is decorated with honeycomb and honey bee themed engravings throughout. Tobacco Head Shop in Denver, with stores in Colorado Springs and Boulder, Freakys has all types of glass pipes, vaporizers, bongs, oil rigs, silicone, just to name a few. Hand pipes are the classic, old school smoking device used by your parents and grandparents. Bongs have been a favorite of smokers for a long time for a good reason, and today it is just as true! Bongs provide water-cooled smoke that is easy on the longs giving an incredibly enjoyable and smooth experience. The Typhoon Bong is a perfect example. View full details Straight tube bongs contain a basic but highly effective design from top to bottom as well as a diffused down stem for ideal percolation. The better care you take of your ice bong, the longer it will last, too. ca – Canada’s Favorite. Aqua Lab understands and supports girls who toke and offer a variety of Girly glass bongs, dab rigs, and spoon pipes that feature beautiful feminine colors and themes. Free worldwide shipping available! The Empire Glassworks Beehive Mini Bong features highly detailed bee-themed artwork with an overzealous amount of dripping honey and various glass worker bee accents throughout. It features a whimsical glass honeybee perched on the downstem, and it’s no wonder he’s all over it– your dabs will be sweet as honey. 95 PayPal Payment All bongs have either a 10mm, 14mm or 18mm joint size. Our ice bongs are made from hand-blown scientific glass, making them very durable. Find the best bongs for 2021 from our entire collection. Add a little sweetness to your next smokesesh with the all NEW Honey Bear Mini Bong! These 6” minibongs are extremely heavy for their size because they are . Medical Marijuana Glass Pipe Bong Secure . Visit Aqua Lab online to find your perfect glass bong, water pipe, or dab rig. Bongs Under $50. Empire Glassworks Chocolate Cookie Sundae Rig – 8in $294. 2. Sale! in stock. com/Subscribe. 28, 2020, 10:20 PM. Whether you are searching for a beaker base, straight tube, mini, or a large piece, you will find the best bong for your needs here. Empire Glassworks. Easy to use internet radio. Smokeday. Results 1 – 12 of 300 . Chameleon Glass makes some of the highest quality glass you can find, not to mention awesome designs on every piece. If honey bee orange is not your color then you might want to check out the 14″Blue Honeycomb. Pink Bee Honey – 50 Single Serving Honey Sticks – All Natural, Sticky-Free, Pure, Low Calorie Crystallized Honey Sweetener For Tea and Recipes, Convenient and Easy to Carry for Office and Home. The MAZE works perfectly with any 8-9 mm filters to offer . bee themed bong

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China straight glass fluorescent glass water bongs from manufacturers, suppliers – factory direct price

product information
product name Fluorescent glass ice bong
item number at0004 Materials High quality borosilicate glass
Ice storage yes


Height: 10.12 ″ / 257 mm

Bowl size: 0.55 ″ / 14 mm

Base diameter : 3.54 inches / 90 mm

Weight 355 g
color Blue
Payment T / T, L / C, Western Union, Alipay, PayPal


This ice bong made of fluorescent glass maximizes The volume of water is increased due to the wide bubble bottom.It comes with lugs on the stem above the finger bubble when you hold the bong. This carbon bong comes with a glass bottom tube and bowl, as well as a stable glass base.

A great, durable bong that delivers a smooth hit every time. The fluorescent glass body is easy to clean and maintain, with no sharp edges. This bong can be used alone or with friends.

Avantage We offer a very competitive price, because we have our own factory, we can better control the quality.

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Q: What is the MOQ? Can I mix different designs / colors?

A: 1ctn for our own designs available, can mix designs or mix colors.

Q: Which 39 is your main product?

A: Mill, smoking pipe, cigarette rolling / filling machine, hookah and many smoking accessories.

Q: Can I get a lower price if I order a large quantity?

A: Yes, lower price is available for larger quantities.

Q: What transport company do you use?

A: We can ship by express (DHL / FedEx / UPS / TNT / SF Express), by sea, by air.

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A: We accept T / T, PAYPAL, L / C, Western, Union.

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Bong B-47 SmokeGlass with ice spikes for smoke cooling

Glass Bong B-47 SmokeGlass Handmade Borosilicate glass
Manufacturer: SmokeGlass
Article: B-47
In stock: To order

245 hrn.

Fast delivery; 90 140 14 days for exchange;
100% product guarantee; Convenient payment.

We work with legal entities and individuals.

Bong B-47 “triple pleasure”

A distinctive feature of the presented bong model is the presence of three through tunnels in the mine, located at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.Thanks to the clever design of the B-47 glass bong, whose height is 27 cm, the maximum convenience and comfort of the smoking process is ensured:

– high-quality mixing of smoke until a homogeneous state occurs thanks to partitions created by through tunnels in the inner cavity of the bong

– the mutually perpendicular arrangement of the tunnels allows them to hold the desired amount of ice in the bong shaft to cool the smoke to a comfortable temperature of

– the location of the upper part of the shaft at an angle makes the process of inhaling smoke as comfortable and convenient as possible.An excellent bong in functionality with an interesting, eye-catching design.

Description glass bong B-47:

  • Ice spikes.
  • Kick hole.
  • Through holes, used to filter smoke.
  • Bent shaft.
  • Handmade.
  • Height 27cm.
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine

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90,000 pros and cons of Kia Bongo

So here is my review about the car KIA BONGO FRONTIER, two-cabins, diesel 3 liters, manual transmission, 4WD, also known as KIA K2500 II, KIA K2700II, KIA K300II. Ownership period: from April 2008 to this day. Fuel consumption: 7-10 liters, in the city, on the highway. I can’t say more precisely, as the odometer broke in the first week of ownership and I still haven’t fixed it.Why I bought it: I live in Vladivostok, and from the very beginning of my car life I have been dominated by the Japanese car industry. But when I decided to buy a dvuhkabinik, I chose for a long time, the price among the Japanese was very biting. A Korean truck caught sight of, sunk into the soul, was bought. The benefits in comparison with the Japanese were obvious: the year of manufacture (2003), the cost (324t.), The comfort in the cockpit. For this money, I would have bought a Japanese for myself no earlier than 1995, with all the consequences. So I bought it, and now I went. Of course, I was very unusual on the left hand drive, because I had been driving for 12 years on right-handed Japanese women.But, as they say, you get used to good things quickly. First impressions of the car were very positive. Not yet turned on 4WD. The front axle did not turn on, or rather, the bridge turned on, the pneumohabs did not work. I drove the car to the Dealer, it seems like they fixed it. Although, as it turned out later, this was not a repair, but just an emergency option, after their repair the hubs were always closed to the drive. They achieved this by placing the spring inside the hub not in front of the spline part, but behind it, deep into the hub, thereby forcing it to be constantly closed.As a repair, of course, this is nothing, but as an emergency option – very much even nothing. Although there are no hubs on the KIA BONGO III, and instead of them, the washer spline flaunts, that is, the front axle always turns. But this option did not suit me, this is both extra fuel consumption and wear of the transfer case, the front universal joint. By the way, Bongo 3 has a front universal joint because of this weak point, they fall apart. Having removed the hubs, and after disassembling the hubs, and something else, I found the reason for the hubs not working: 1. The solenoid valve supplying vacuum to the hubs did not work, it soured, was cleaned up and worked.2. Vacuum tubes supplying vacuum to the hubs were cut off in the area of ​​the hubs and were replaced. There were signs of the life of the hubs, they began to click, but did not hold, they bounced back. 3. After disassembling the hubs, it became clear that all the oil seals in the hubs had died. 4. It also turned out that the roller bearings supporting the CV joint root in the hub were killed. GOT! That’s all I thought then. In 2008 in Vladivostok it was very tight with spare parts for Korean cars, with the exception of large buses and trucks, I did not find anything suitable here.Fortunately, then I had to fly on a business trip. In the city I bought everything, cheap and a lot, everything is in double stock. Now with spare parts it is already better, and on the Internet I know where, what to find. The hubs were moved, everything was replaced, and the oil seals and all the bearings. The hubs started working normally. BUT, once, driving backwards, loaded, up the hill, I pressed the brake, the vacuum was discharged and the hubs snapped off. I was left without all-wheel drive on a slippery slope. I found out the reason, the vacuum receiver of a very small volume for this machine, on my SUZUKI JIMNY it was three times larger.In short, I was offended by all this, bought mechanical locks from MAZDA BONGO, installed them instead of pneumatics and am very satisfied so far. Although I have to go out to manually connect the locks, everything works 100%. Immediately after that, my left front brake caliper jammed. To be honest, I’ve already started tossing me up: I bought a Korean pancake … avno. The reason for the jam is that the boot on the brake piston has torn, as a result – corrosion around, the result is a wedge of the piston in the brake cylinder. But then everything was resolved very quickly.At the car market, the seller picked up all the rubber bands from some NISSAN, the rust was cleaned up, everything worked. It’s time to change the filter and oil. Then I stepped on a rake again, there were no catalogs with Korean equipment, no one could sell me a filter. The oil filter was selected by the selection method, in the catalogs it is known under the number C-306, with an air filter it is more difficult, I did not find it, I bought it in an online store. Two weeks later I received and delivered. But later I found out that the air filter fits from the new GAZEL, I myself have not yet verified it.I poured synthetics into the transmission, and into the bridges too. The engine was filled with semi-synthetics. All oils are Mobil. This is where all the troubles with the technical side ended. But the needle bearings that support the CV joint in the hub, I have already changed 4 times, they are falling apart, apparently such a quality came across. Now I put my relatives with the KIA marking, it seems like they are holding on. I had a factory at 14 and a size 6.70R14, which is very uncommon in our city. The maximum that I found and bought was 195LTR14, but they not only looked scanty on the car, but were also small.When checking by GPS, it turned out that if the speedometer is 100 km / h, then in fact it is 89 km / h. A long search for rubber yielded no results. I decided to put the wheels on 15 inches, it turned out that the Japanese rims, so common in our country, do not fit in any way. I had to buy new 15-inch rims from KIA BONGO III, 1600 per disc, and 6.50R15 tires at 3500. for 1 piece, tests showed that the speedometer readings coincide with reality. Although the car accelerated very quickly on small wheels, even when loaded. Of course, after Japanese cars, Korean technology frustrates with its paint and varnish coating, and in general with a metal weak to corrosion.Now there are a lot of small paint chips on the car, and each such chip is filled with rust, you need to polish the machine constantly and preferably with wax. It seems that Koreans do not prime the metal before painting, or their primer is so weak. There is also corrosion on the frame, where it is of a film nature, not deep at all, superficial, right under the paint. But all would be fine, but she climbed on the frame number, and the Koreans’ frame numbers are punched very weakly, not very deeply, for them this is not an important attribute of the car at all.In my case, the number can still be read. I cleaned it from rust with all kinds of solvents, rust softeners to a shine and covered it with a very thick layer of grease. Approximately once every two months I inspect what’s what, wash off the old grease, apply a new one. So be attentive to your cars in this plan. I once noticed that when braking, especially on descents, something clicks very strongly in the legs. Spent a lot of time to find the reason. Along the way, I found out that the steering column is injected, and it is obligatory every 2 months approximately, and only with synthetic grease.This softens the speaker and improves ride quality. But my cab clicked, one bolt on the front fastening of the cab to the frame unscrewed, and when braking, the cab tapped on the bolt. In general, I pulled it up, and all the others to a heap, but I pulled one, which led to creaking on the bumps. While I was looking for something that creaks, I saw cracks in the cab under the rear seat in the area of ​​welding of the mounting bracket to the frame, the cracks were drilled, welded, reinforced. While climbing, I was looking for something knocking in the front, I noticed that the fastening of the bridge to the springs was loose, I tried to tighten it – I broke the nut.As a result, I picked up the brackets in a car shop – they came from the Volga. I don’t really like the brake system in the rear circuit, it is done like this: it comes to the control valve under the body (it regulates the braking forces in the rear circuit, depending on the load of the car, is designed to avoid skid braking rear wheels, it copes well, to be honest, but the Japanese are not very good either), after the valve it goes to the rear left wheel from it to the rear right, as in the ZIL. My right rear wheel is chronically skidding when braking, pump it, don’t pump it, the left one is normal, the right one goes into a wedge.At the KIA BONGO III I looked at how it was done, everything is human: after the valve there is a tee, from it to the wheels separately. I am thinking of buying pipes, tee and brake cylinders from a three, change at home. I don’t see any other way out, and no one can tell. The fuel consumption suits, rather small, taking into account the 3-liter diesel engine. It was a little more, it decreased after turning off the EGR system, drove with it turned off for two years, then decided to try to turn it on, compare, but after I saw a cloud of black smoke behind me, I decided that it was ecologically sound, our fuel is not of the same quality, to use it and drowned it out again.On the highway, the consumption is the same as in the city, and in some places it could be more, it would be in sixth gear. In general, it goes on the highway quite tolerably and gently, not a passenger car, of course, but for example, the same distances on SUZUKI JIMNY were much harder: and the back ached, and the fifth point ached. But the truck of course on the highway is a noisy car. And the air cuts with a blunt muzzle that there is already a whistle and a whistle from the mirrors, well, in general, a truck. Partially it turned out to be soundproofed with insulation for air ducts. Such a foil backing with an adhesive layer.I took it on the floor with a thickness of 10 mm, on the walls and doors – 6 mm. The heating of the cabin, as in all two cabins, suffers. Behind it is cool, feet are freezing. I saw how they put the stoves back under the seat, cut them into the cooling system. It seems good, but I use the space in the back, fold the seat and move loads, this option does not suit me. I looked closely at ceramic car heaters, but they have a consumption of 15-200 W, too much for a car, the generator will be too loaded. But I found a wonderful thing, a film like a warm floor, but for 12 V cars, I already got a film, I will soon mount it.She has a consumption of 24 W per 1 sq. m., I think it’s better not to come up with it. I’ll roll it under the carpet, especially since I already have foil heat and noise insulation there. The truck’s permeability is not bad, of course, the weight distribution between the front and rear affects. The front is very heavy, it gets stuck, it is not very noticeable in the snow, but very much in the sand. But still rides and rides well. There is nothing to catch on the rear-wheel drive on snowy and even more icy roads, the car slips not only from a place, but also on the move, even in 5th gear.So in winter, especially with our road workers, almost all the time on a full drive. Consumption of course increases by 2-3 liters, but it is safe. Also, on the ice, the car very quickly loses grip and flies wherever it wants, it’s just that winter tires do not really save even at a speed of more than 40 km / h, it is better, of course, to put a spike, which I found out for myself a little late, after buying new tires. My advice: spend a little more money and buy a spike – it will make driving on slippery roads very much easier.Just like on a wet road or on a slippery one, the braking of the car is disgusting, the rear wheels immediately go into a skid, the front still stretches. For this reason, I ride in the winter with three bags of sand in the back at the tailgate, and the weight may come in handy suddenly. Although I think that there may be a problem in the front pads, since I installed some kind of analog, not KIA. I need to order my relatives and see how the car will behave. The engine of the car is good, in my case it is a JT engine, a 3-liter naturally aspirated diesel engine with a capacity of 90 hp.s., timing on gears, with an ordinary high pressure fuel pump and conventional nozzles, in short, all iron and very simple. There have been no questions to him so far (pah-pah-pah). The KIA BONGO III has a J3 engine, a volume of 2.9 liters, a turbocharged diesel engine, with an Intercooler, a power of 129hp. with., it is on a timing belt, with electronic injection and an electronic fuel pump. This engine has problems with the fuel system due to our poor quality fuel. I advise those who have such a car and those who want to buy one, install fuel separators, it is much cheaper than repairing your fuel system (about 70,000 75,000).Chassis. At the front, it is a two-wishbone independent system with torsion bars and an anti-roll bar. Simple, reliable and robust system. Rear axle with leaf springs. During operation, I changed the rubber bands on the stabilizer and shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are suitable from MAZDA BONGO microtrucks, but they are thinner and weaker. Not a bad transmission, not noisy, the gears are turned on gently. 4 WD is engaged with a lever, there is a low gear. The interior of a car of this class can be said to be rich, in Japanese trucks everything is wooden and there is little space.And here you have a super salon, and leather-like seats, not the cheapest plastic is used, a lot of glove compartments. The cockpit is wide, three in a row to sit relaxed, even in front. The seats are soft. In winter, the truth of the priest freezes to leatherette. The salon is designed for 6 people, two rows of 3 seats. In the first row, the middle seat is folding, when folded it is a glove compartment, when unfolded it is a seat. Carrying capacity: from different sources – different numbers, I have 800 kg written on my body, 1 ton in all catalogs. I drove a ton, the car pulls normally.Body dimensions (WxHxL) 165 * 40 * 185cm. The tailgate can be folded back and fixed with chains in a horizontal position. Then the body length turns out to be 225cm. It turns out that it transports sheets of gypsum fiber board, gypsum board, chipboard (120x240cm) without any problems. Metal profiles and everything longer than 2 meters I drive with a refill on the front side, a la rocket launcher. Well, that seems to be all. In general, I am satisfied with the car, no more trouble with it than with the Japanese women that I had, and after MAZDA BONGO FRENDEE, and much less. In 2008, when I was looking for information on this machine, I found nothing, no forums, no links.

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