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Q. What are TY stuffed animals?
A. TY is the maker of such adorable, plush animals as Beanie Boo’s, Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies, Teeny Tys, and much more! As well as a large original selection of animal friends to choose from, characters from some of the hottest movies and television shows like Marvel and My Little Pony are also available!

Q. Are there collectibles?
A. TY plush animals and characters are highly collectible! Since Beanie Babies took the world by storm in the 1990’s, new collections such as Beanie Boo’s and Teeny Tys have emerged and continue to be sought after and adored by fans.

Q. What are Beanie Babies?
A. Beanie Babies are a line of stuffed animals by TY that rose to popularity in the mid 1990’s. Featuring adorable designs and the signature TY heart swing tag, they were sought after favorites among collectors. New lines of Beanies from TY, such as Beanie Boo’s and Teeny Tys, continue to be popular collectors’ items among fans.

Q. Who invented Beanie Babies?
A. Beanie Babies are made by TY, which was founded by H. Ty Warner. Beginning with Beanie Babies, the company now produces other favorite collections such as Beanie Boo’s, Beanie Buddies, Teeny Tys, and more.

Q. How are Beanie Babies made?
A. Beanie Babies, as well as all TY stuffed animals and plush, are made with a combination of traditional stuffing and plastic pellets or “beans.” This gives TY stuffed animals and plush characters a super soft, flexible look and feel that fans adore!

Q. When did Beanie Babies become so popular?
A. Beanie Babies have been around since the early 1990’s, but they experienced a drastic surge in popularity in 1995 due to stock shortages, limited quantities, and retiring designs.

Q. What are Beanie Babies filled with?
A. Beanie Babies, as well as all TY stuffed animals and plush, are filled with a combination of traditional stuffing and plastic pellets or “beans.

Q. How do you store Beanie Babies?

A. Beanie Babies can be stored in breathable containers in areas that do not get too hot, too cold, or too humid. Keep away from moisture and humidity, as well.

Q. How do you clean Beanie Babies?
A. Hand-scrub softly with a damp cloth. Do not saturate Beanie Babies fabric. A few drops of mild soap may be used if it is very soiled, as well. The key is to be gentle and to make sure not to leave any soapy residue that could damage the toy’s fabric.

Q. Do Beanie Babies make good birthday gifts?
A. Beanie Babies and other Ty stuffed animals make wonderful birthday gifts! All Ty stuffed animals even have birthdays of their own, making them extra special birthday gifts.

Q. What are the different types of Beanie Babies?
A. Beanie Babies is its own line of Ty stuffed animals, and they are unique. However, there are many different kinds of plush from Ty. in addition to Beanie Babies – Beanie Boo’s, Teeny Tys, Peekaboos, Beanie Buddies, Beanie Ballz, Ty Classic, and more!

5 Best Beanie Boos – Oct.


It comes as no surprise that Beanie Boos are Ty’s most popular plush toys at the moment. These cuddly creatures have big, glittery eyes and oversize heads, making them simply irresistible to kids and adults alike. From everyday animals to mythical beasts, you’re sure to find a new friend in a Beanie Boo.

If your kids are asking you for Beanie Boos, it’s a good idea to read up on Ty’s extensive collection of creatures. Here’s our buying guide with an overview, plus we’re sharing some helpful buying tips so you can build your Beanie Boo collection in no time.

Key considerations

Popular creatures

If you’re looking for your favorite animal, there’s at least one Beanie Boo iteration of it. There’s a wide variety of jungle animals, sea creatures, dinosaurs, insects, pets, mythical beasts, and even holiday-themed creatures like goblins and skeletons. 

It should be noted that “mythical beasts” is a bit of a catch-all term when it comes to Beanie Boos. This category includes fantasy creatures like dragons and unicorns, as well as sparkle-horned animals. Basically, you’ll find “unicorn” varieties of Beanie Boos for virtually all animals, running the gamut from sloths to giraffes to owls. 


Small Beanie Boos are 6 inches tall, and their medium counterparts are over twice that size at approximately 13 inches. There are some taller ones as well. Keep in mind that not all creatures are available in all sizes. A quick visit to the Ty website should answer any questions about availability.

Part of the appeal of Beanie Boos is their affordability. They’re great budget-friendly gifts, or, even better, kids can save their allowance to buy themselves one. Small Beanie Boos cost $7 to $10, while medium Beanie Boos cost around $12 to $18. There are some outliers that are more expensive, mostly due to the bump in value once a Beanie Boo is retired or becomes highly collectible.

“Generally speaking, Beanie Boos are recommended for ages three and up. It’s best to remove the hang tags prior to giving them to young children.”




Plush type

Beanie Boos are made with several types of plush, which mostly depends on the style of the creature. Some Beanie Boos feature Ty’s signature soft, low-pile polyester plush, while others have fluffy, long-haired fuzz. There are also Beanie Boos with iridescent textured plush, which is most frequently seen on Ty’s dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. 

Hang tags

If you remember the Beanie Baby craze of the 1990s, you know that hang tags were a defining feature. Ty continues the tradition with Beanie Boos, and even stays true to its roots by embracing the original tag design. 

The inside of the hang tag includes the Beanie Boo’s name, birthday, and a short poem that elevates the creature into a character. The front of the hang tag features the Ty and Beanie Boo logos, and the back features manufacturing information and the SKU code.  

Other Beanie Boo varieties

In addition to the traditional 6- and 13-inch Beanie Boos, Ty also manufactures Clip Beanie Boos, which are around 3 inches tall and have plastic carabiner clips. The new Flippable Beanie Boo line has creatures covered with sequins that when brushed over, transition between two shiny colors.


Q. How do I clean my Beanie Boos?
A. The plush on Beanie Boos can be spot cleaned with a diluted mixture of water and white vinegar. If you need to use soap, make sure it’s a gentle, non-bleaching laundry detergent. Keep in mind that Beanie Boos shouldn’t be placed in the washing machine, so if they’re very soiled, you might be better off buying a replacement. 

Q. Will Beanie Boos be worth a lot of money one day?
A. It’s always hard to predict trends in collectibles. There are people who still have their 1990s Beanie Babies, some of which are worth a fortune, while others are worth a few bucks apiece. Certain retired Beanie Boos are desirable to collectors. If you do your research and are willing to part with your Beanie Boos, you might make a small profit.

Q. What are the most popular Beanie Boo varieties? 
A. At the moment, Flippable Beanie Boos are top sellers. Trending animals like llamas, sloths, and narwhals are also popular. As a result, it can be a bit harder to find these than other Beanie Boos. 

12 Rarest Beanie Boos Ever Sold

Following the wild success of Beanie Babies, the Ty toy company released Beanie Boos—wide eyed, adorable companions perfect for hugging. The production and reach of Beanie Boos are impressive, with plenty of examples of country and store exclusives. This list looks at a fraction of the Beanie Boo family and showcases some of the rarest and cutest toys the line has offered over the years.

  • First Edition Slush
  • Year Released: 2009
    Notable Characteristics: White ears
    Country Released: UK

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Slush is a husky puppy that was first released in the UK as part of the original Beanie Boos. While newer versions of Slush are easy to locate, the older versions are much more difficult to come by. The second-generation Slushes feature rounder faces with blue accents on their tails and ears. In contrast, the first Slush had white ears with a white-tipped tail.

    Did you know?

    The later versions of Slush included small, medium and key-sized Beanie Boos

  • First Edition Kiwi
  • Year Released: 2009
    Notable Characteristics: Yellow chin and belly
    Country Released: UK

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Kiwi the frog is one of the original Beanie Boos released in 2009. Like Slush, the later versions of Kiwi are quite common, but the early iterations are rare. The first-generation Kiwi features a yellow chin, belly and feet, whereas the second Kiwi has pink accents. He was retired after only a year and a half of production.

    Did you know?

    There are over 300 Beanie Boos in existence

  • First Edition Waddles
  • Year Released: 2009
    Notable Characteristics: Orange feet
    Country Released: UK

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Another one of the original Beanie Boos, Waddles is a cuddly penguin who was ultimately retired in 2013. While the blue-footed version of Waddles is easy to find today, the one with orange feet is much more valuable. Like many of the original Beanie Boos, Waddles went through a redesign—making the first edition a collectible.

    Did you know?

    The most expensive Beanie Baby costs $500,000.

  • Bubblegum
  • Year Released:

    Notable Characteristics: Name change
    Country Released: UK

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Bubblegum the koala is another one of the first Beanie Boos ever released. Like its brethren, it has gone through significant changes since its debut. Rather than appearance, Bubblegum’s namesake changed shortly after its release. Ironically, Kooky, the newer version of Bubblegum, is also rare as it was discontinued in 2010.

    Did you know?

    Unlike the other original Beanie Boos on this list, Bubblegum’s appearance remained consistent.

  • Treasure
  • Year Released: 2012
    Notable Characteristics: Sparkly hooves
    Country Released: USA

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Treasure is a USA-exclusive Beanie Boo only sold at participating Justice stores. Sparkles features an aqua blue body and lots of sparkles, especially on her horn, hooves and on her eyes. She also has a bright, multicolored mane and matching tail.

    Did you know?

    Ty Warner, creator of Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos is now a billionaire, according to Forbes.

  • Elfie
  • Year Released: 2014
    Notable Characteristics:

    Country Released: USA

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Elfie is another Justice stores /USA-exclusive. Elfie is a small elephant with a bright array of colors, including a pink and blue body, green belly, sparkly green inner ears, and blue eyes. The toy’s associated poem talks about how much Elfie loves peanuts, friendship and sharing.

    Did you know?

    Unlike cuddly Elfie, real life elephants are the largest land animals in the world.

  • Hennie
  • Year Released: 2019

    Notable Characteristics: Red accents
    Country Released: USA

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Hennie the chicken is an exclusive to Rural King, a farming store with about 125 locations across the USA—most of which are in the Midwest and the South. Hennie is marketed as a white chicken, but she features a red comb and wattle, two characteristics found on roosters. Additionally, her birthday, July 6, is on National Fried Chicken Day—sorry Hennie!

    Did you know?

    Hennie’s poem says, “July sixth is national Chicken Day… I think we all should celebrate”

  • Switzerland
  • Year Released: 2013

    Notable Characteristics: Switzerland heart
    Country Released: Countries of the EU

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Released in 2013, Switzerland is a polar bear Beanie Boo only available in the EU. He has sparkly yellow eyes and white fur with brown accents on his paw pads and inner ears. Endearingly, he holds a fuzzy red heart with “Switzerland” written across it— either an act of patriotism or self-love. In any case, this rare Beanie Boo is a great addition to any collection, especially ones outside of the EU.

    Did you know?

    According to, 8,707,920 people live in Switzerland.

  • Loy
  • Year Released: 2020
    Notable Characteristics: White and yellow fur
    Country Released: Japan

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Loy is a Japanese exclusive, making the toy quite rare outside of the country. He is a blonde akita with white accents who is known for his loyalty to his owners. He also features orange sparkly eyes and a black stitched nose and mouth. Akitas were originally bred in Northern Japan and, for a long time, could only be owned by the imperial family—making Loy a great find indeed!

    Did you know?

    When a baby is born, it’s tradition to gift the parents with an Akita figurine in Japan.

  • Rasmus
  • Year Released: 2020
    Notable Characteristics: Checkered details
    Country Released: Denmark

    photo source: Ty Toys

    Rasmus, along with companion Beanie Boos  Egert, Väinö, Birger and Harald, is a Danish exclusive design with checkered details. Rasmus features red accents as well as the Danish flag on his chest. While he seems like a Christmas-themed Beanie Boo, Rasmus was released in March 2020, celebrating the deer’s lasting presence in Denmark.

    Did you know?

    Roe deer are the most common deer species in Denmark, with evidence of their existence tracing back 8,000 years.

  • Dory
  • Year Released: 2016
    Notable Characteristics: “Finding Nemo”
    Country Released: Unclear

    photo source: Ty Toys

    While the character of Dory from the Disney films “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” is anything but rare, this special edition toy is a different story. To obtain one of these Beanie Boos, kids had to collect four bread loaf wrappers from Nature’s Harvest and turn them in to the company during the promotional period. Notably, Ty sells its own Dory Beanie Boo, but that toy features a slightly different design.

    Did you know?

    “Finding Nemo” made over $70 billion opening weekend but “Finding Dory” blew it out of the water—making over 1 billion dollars during the weekend of its release.

  • Penguin Show Exclusive
  • Year Released: 2013
    Notable Characteristics: Pink fur
    Country Released: Germany, Switzerland and Austria

    photo source: Ty Toys

    This sparkly pink penguin is the rarest Beanie Boo on this list. While it was released in more than one county, it could only be obtained at the 2013 Nuremberg Toy Fair. The penguin includes a pink body with orange details, pink sparkly feet and pink sparkly eyes. The poem on the tag thanks the customer for visiting the Ty Toys booth and mentions that the doll is a limited-edition item.

    Did you know?

    The Nuremburg Toy Fair is one the largest toy-centered events in the world and has existed since 1949.

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    Complete List of All Beanie Boos Ever Made: Track Your Collection

    Here is a complete list of all Beanie Boos. The first Beanie Boos were released in the summer of 2009: Peanut, Kiwi and Bubblegum (Koala Bear). They were quickly followed in the fall by Kooky, Bubblegum (Lemur), Bamboo and Waddles. And the rest, my friends, is history.   Find your Beanie Boo’s birthday, tag phrase, release date and discontinue date if it is retired.

    How Many Beanie Boos Are There?

    There are 334 Beanie Boos. How many do you have? Download our Beanie Boo Checklist so you can record and track your own collection.

    How Many Beanie Boos are Released Each Year?

    The number varies. The 2017 Beanie Boo New Releases currently number: 36. We expect to see more released before the end of the year.

    Complete List of Beanie Boos

    Complete List of Beanie Boo Names



























    Boom Boom




    Bubblegum Lemur








    Candy Cane





















    Cuddly Bear

    Cutie Pie






























































    Honey Bun

    Hope for Japan


    Ice Cube




























































































































    Sky High




















    Sugar Pie































    Twinkle Toes















    Zig Zag




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    90,000 “In Moscow it cost 25 thousand dollars to kill a person, but we worked cheaper”

    Killer “Zhilki” about the era of the 90s, his orders, as well as why he turned in the leaders of the organized criminal group, and converted to Islam in the zone

    “Zhilka” was a small state within a state with its own “institutions,” recalls the recently freed Alexei Snezhinsky, who has a series of contract killings behind him. In an interview with “BUSINESS Online” he told how he was drawn into the criminal world and how he felt after the first “client”.Now Danila Bagrov, as the investigators called him, sells clothes in a store and is jealous of those who sold chocolates in the 90s.

    Alexey Snezhinsky: “I cannot rewrite the past, I can only ask for forgiveness in front of everyone to whom I have done evil” Photo: Alexey Luchnikov

    July 26 Alexey Snezhinsky , better known in the criminal world as Snezhok, left the wall of Solikamsk IK-9 . From Solikamsk ( a city in the north of the Perm Territory approx.ed. ), Snezhinsky was brought to Kazan by the same operative who was collecting evidence of his involvement in mass contract killings throughout Russia. “We talked a lot after the arrest, became friends, now he is retired and found time to follow me,” Snezhinsky said in an interview with the correspondent of “BUSINESS Online” the image of a stylish hitman killing his victims in an elegant tuxedo and bow tie.


    – Alexey, what brought you to the Zhilka OPS, what pushed you to a criminal lifestyle?

    – I was born and raised in Kazan, grew up just at the time that is now in Albert Kravchenko’s textbook “Sociology. Textbook for universities ”is described as“ Kazan phenomenon ”. Hats – “rolls”, trousers – “shirachi”, in a pocket a steel ball, in the hands of a fitter. The whole city is divided into unspoken areas, where young people united in structured organizations, called gangs in law enforcement agencies, and by us, boys, the street. The time for children 14-15 years old was terrible. If the boy is alone, not from the street, then this “chushpan” has no protection and no rights. Such children were “jackalized” and their money and clothes were taken away, but on the “street” you were under protection. So the youth went to the groups, and this fate did not pass me by.

    In the fall of the house I was solving my lessons, threw my pen, went out onto the porch, took a deep breath and, was not, went to the “training camp” – the place where the groupers gathered.And in the group, two commandments were hammered into the snotty boys with their fists. First: “The elder is always right.” And the second: “If the elder is wrong, remember the first commandment.”

    So they lived, they played football, mom will buy some fashionable thing, you already know that they will not take it away from you. And you can take a walk with the girls, they didn’t look at the Chushpanov either, they liked the successful ones, and if the grouper, then he’s a successful kid, he fights for the district, he is the “main”, he is in the local fashion, he will not be touched, and they will not dare to offend.

    I dreamed of the sky, I wanted to go to Kherson, to the flight school, but my mother did not let go … Then the collapse of the USSR, the country was in complete chaos, the coup of 1991, the coup of 1993, deputies in the White House were shooting from tanks, factories were standing still , the factories are down, there is no work. Back in the USSR, we were taught that speculation “buy and sell” is bad. I remember those times.

    I lived in the Admiralteyskaya Sloboda, a district of such Sady – the locals know. Three houses, all their own, like one family. Mom calls home, and there snickers on the table cut into three pieces.Me, myself and my grandmother Marya Ivanovna. We tried it, and my mother says: “We will try for the next salary of the bounty. ” All the neighbors drink together and chop wood together. And our neighbor Zhenya Fedotov – in a mink hat, in a sheepskin coat, on the 99th cherry, is generous to the neighbors. Our three houses all respected him, were proud of him, called him “our racketeer”, knew that the guy was involved in crime, however, did not know what. Eugene was with ideas, in our yard there are 9 guys, and not a single girl, and Eugene has plans for us on the model of the film “The Godfather”.It all started so unexpectedly, he will ask us to wash his car, then to throw her products home from the market, and put the change in his pocket. And so, out of the blue, he will shove us money, and we are happy to have a freebie.

    I began to communicate closely with Fedotov since the summer of 1994, he drove to his wife Irina to the dacha, and, as it turned out, he drove me to the dachas nearby. On the way to the cafe, we will stop by, treat us with something, throw in some food, and get some money. I will come to the dacha – a full package of food, my mother is proud of me, and our boys, they were already jealous of me. Zhenya became like an icon for me, I thought he was speaking only the truth, doing the truth, thinking the truth. He became such an ideal in my boyish heart.

    And then it began. In the fall of 1994, Zhenya and Haider ( Haydar Zakirov, creator and leader of the Zhilka OPS until 1996 approx. Ed. .) Met, and Zhenya himself, or Zhora, together with Andrei Perevitskikh, Arnold, killed people like it turned out, and they decided to support Haider.

    – Against Sevastopol? How did the conflict arise?

    – Yes, Haider is a separate history of Kazan.He was a serious man, he wanted power, but the authorities among the criminal circles, and not all of his views shared. There were people in the city, also from the street, lads, but they looked at life differently. If Haider with “Zhilka” took away factories, shops, enterprises with blood, then another organized crime group “Sevastopolskie”, as they were called, began to engage in business, commerce and did not share Haider’s views. Haider wanted blood, looked for a reason to start a war and found it.

    Lenar Rechapov, nicknamed Uzky, the leader of the Sevastopolskys, suggested that Haider should do things together in Moscow, and this bit him: “They broke me in the garbage zones, and you stood at the beer tap.And you, huckster, offer me joint business, but I have to get money from you in my life. ” This was the starting point from which massive wars began within the Kazan organized crime groups. The city was divided into two parts: “Zhilkovskaya” and the groups that joined them, which supported Haider, and “Sevastopol”, supported by young people interested in Rechapov’s successful legal business. These were two different worldviews: the first built relationships on fear and blood, and the second – on respect and money.

    Haider unleashed a war, Zhora and Arnold supported him.Zhilka wanted to devour the Sevastopolskys and clean up the business for itself. And they began to kill. Zhilka at that time had 600 people who could pull the trigger – an entire army. This is the dashing 90s. Real power was with the criminals, the cops were practically inactive. Information was only collected for the future. The country was gone, everywhere there was blood, everywhere there was shooting. Remember the classic poll results: every girl dreams of becoming a prostitute, every boy a hitman.


    – Were you drafted into the army?

    – Yes, the summons came.The first Chechen war began in 1994, I think, since it did not work out in the sky, I will go to Chechnya, fight for Russia, a man must go through the war. And Zhora says: “There is a war here in Kazan,” and did not let me in. The media, with the filing of the cops, made me something like Solonik ( Alexander Solonik , legend of the underworld, Russian killer, on whose account dozens of murders ed. The elders put their hands in the pistol and sent them to fight for the “small” homeland, not two or even three. In the Zhilka court, out of 16 people, I personally know about five perpetrators, each of whom had four or five episodes of murder.

    – Fedotov and Perevitskikh by that time were part of the Zhilka killers’ brigade?

    – Yes, and it was headed by Islamey ( Islam Galimzyanov , one of Haider’s close associates, “Zhilkovsky” brigadier approx. Ed. .), The leader of all the killers of “Zhilka”. He himself shot and sent people to kill. I was still young in those years; I ran around discos with the girls.I knew, of course, that in Kazan the war was going on between Zhilka and Sevastopolskie, so the whole city talked about it. And the cards went so bad that I was there then. Orders, of course, had to be carried out for the past “shanezhki” from Zhora and Arnold. It seems like a trifle – hide a bag with a weapon in a barn or watch the cars, but then for this 105th (Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Intentional Murder”) was attributed. The grown-ups decided to bury each other, let them bury, what is it to me? Hearts are cruel in their youth, and even now, I see, not really people mourn the Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians.And how many children and women die there, civilians. And then the bandits wet each other, so be it.

    Then he got a term – two years for hijacking a bus. Stupid story, nothing to tell. While I was sitting, the war between “Zhilka” and “Sevestopolskie” ended, the Almighty saved me from participating in it. He was released in the fall of 1997, and on New Year’s Eve Zhora came to visit. He gave me 1,500 dollars for a lawyer, money was big at that time, and I owed him. We talked in his car, I honestly told him: “Zhora, you kill people, it’s not good.”This did not bother him at all. He replied: “The war was, now it’s all in the past. Now we have a company, a business, everything is legal. There is no crime, after the New Year we will meet, I will show you, you will see everything yourself ”.

    I believed, calmed down. Indeed, the firm was the Society for the Disabled of Afghanistan. Zhora gave me a job there, everything is cool – office, renovation, computers, secretaries in short skirts. I’ve only seen this in the movies. And then it started again, “Zhilka” after the murder of Haider began to fight among themselves – Zhora and Arnold are back in the ranks.For them, as for killers, showdown is a business, they earned money on it. And everything has already become serious, they dragged me head over heels into business. I counted on them as a springboard for my business, I opened a carpentry workshop, I wanted to make furniture. With the Zhilkovsky merchants it was possible to move through them, they would not refuse to do business with me with such support. I myself knew that I would take out the business, there is a commercial streak, but only Zhilka brought criminal adjustments to my plans.

    From working with Fedotov-Perevitskikh, bright moments remained in my memory.Once at night I sleep at home, a pager with a message from Zhora: “Alexey, come to me, take a bottle of“ Old Kazan ”. I came, Zhora, who had already drunk, said to me: “There is such and such a courtyard, there is a car, there are weapons, things, a car in the parking lot there, erase all prints, burn things, destroy weapons”. This is again Article 105, 100 percent complicity, and then at the trial for me this episode really went like 105th. But could I refuse? Probably he could, but he could not. And, to be honest, I’m not the one who kills, it’s the life of Zhora and Arnold, their choice.

    Another time we went swimming. Two watermelons, flip flops, swimming trunks, we sunbathe all day, and in the evening suddenly Zhora and Arnold fuss. I see they are looking out for the guy who came to the beach with the child. They say to me: “Quickly in the car, warm up the engine.” Sasha comes running ( Alexander Troshkin , member of the Zhilploschadka organized crime group approx. Ed. .), He says to me: “Twist the numbers.” I cannot understand anything, it is only clear that this is a delugue ( crime approx.ed .) anyway. I drove the car, where Sasha pointed to me, and there, in the bushes, someone’s legs were sticking out. Next to Zhora, a 4-year-old child has his hand over his mouth and does not know what to do with him. A man was returning from the beach, they shot him right in front of a child. Arnold and Sasha take the corpse into the car in the back seat, they ask me: “Can you take the child away without a kipish?” I stayed with the little boy, calmed him down, he told me how these two uncles killed his dad. I asked where he lives, caught a car on the highway and brought him to Kazan.He brought me to the door, knocked and ran away. As it turned out, for the sake of this, Zhora and Arnold went to the beach, and the rest was a cover.

    I came home, Arnold says to me: “You see, it’s not scary to kill.” And after such cases, can you jump aside?

    Then the time really came. Zhora gave me a gun and said: “We must do it.” Seriously said. That was the first time I killed. The water wears away the stone, and they ultimately undermine me. I came home, I look in the mirror, I look into my eyes and I think that nothing seems to have changed, but my soul has died.Today is the day I killed myself. That day I gave up on myself, okay, I think I’ll live like the last time. It was the easiest way to ruin yourself: he shot him – he earned 10 thousand dollars.

    In 1998, the default, Zhora and Arnold had a serious conflict over money, and in 1999 both went missing. They were killed in the Reseda restaurant. After that, I sighed freely, deeply, nothing else connected me with crime. I have a wife, a little daughter, it’s summer outside.And in the fall, a man came to me from Zhilka and said that Islamey was being released and promised to take him to the forest. Help, he says, to get rid of Islam, I will provide you with money and support. And if not, then, they say, see for yourself, I Islam will tell you what is horrible about you.

    I decided to go to Zhilka. I knew that they had killed Zhora and Arnold, and then I was a danger to them, but I still wanted to dot all the i’s and close the question. They will kill, so they will kill. They greeted me surprisingly cordially, offered to resolve the issue with Islam.He was also out of their depths – they divided the entire business before his release from prison and were afraid that he would take everything away from them. We decided to get rid of him with my help. They called me in advance from Moscow and warned that on September 1, 2000, he would take the children to school. I and my accomplices drove up to the indicated place. We dressed in white shirts, ties, business suits so as not to stand out from the crowd of young people. And then this story, thanks to the media, was overgrown with rumors, they say, Snezhok is the staff killer of Zhilka, his corporate style is to go to business in a tuxedo with a bow tie.

    In fact, Islamey is not my deluge, I generally sat in the car as a driver, and my accomplice was shooting. From Zhora’s words, I heard about Islam, internally respected him and did not want to shoot at him. I even wanted to meet with him, to warn him, but did not dare.


    – What was the “Zhilka” from the inside during its heyday, how was the organized criminal group’s hierarchy and structure built?

    – It was a small state within a state with its own “institutions”.The perimeter of the Living Space was guarded by the younger members of the group. They notified the communications center about other people’s cars and their license plates. The role of “border guards” was played. There was a radio station, Haider bought it in the days when there were no cell phones or pagers. They kept in touch by radio, there was a dispatcher. Information important for the grouping was obtained by their “operatives”. There was a block of merchants, they were engaged in the control and management of the captured enterprises, then they all went into business. Some were involved in charity work – they bought sports suits, built sports grounds for the children of the region, bought New Year’s gifts.

    “Zhilka” designated its territory and established its own laws within these boundaries. For example, it was strictly forbidden to sell drugs in our country, for this they were very severely punished. The spins were all under control, the women’s handbags were not taken away, the wheels were not twisted.

    – How was the Zhilka business built? They also controlled Kazanorgsintez and other large enterprises.

    – I know how it was at KOS, I think at other enterprises the scheme was the same.Haider came to the director: “Do you know who I am?” “Yes, I know, a local authority.” “Now this is how the work will be done.” “No, it will not”. Then he met with the deputy, with the chief accountant: “You will be the director, you will move like that.” “So we have a director.” “The director was there, he was buried. Is it clear how you will move? ” “Clear”. Everything, that’s how he did business. He put up his people and brazenly took everything away. Then there was no state, it collapsed. Ships, steamers, motor ships, factories stood, all this was sawed and handed over for metal.

    When I was imprisoned, the investigator told me: “We are not imprisoning you because you shot each other. We put you in jail because you have built your own state within the state. ” And the authorities don’t like it, so we were removed.


    – Are your victims only participants in gang violence? But what about the murder of lawyer Oleg Kim in Rostov-on-Don?

    – Kim was the chairman of the Koreans of the Rostov region and the chairman of one of the law firms in Rostov.But the local cops knew very well that he was also the leader of the Rostov organized criminal group, and his elimination was the result of an internal showdown of the bandits. I was warned that Kim was being guarded, it was difficult to approach him, in the village where he lived, the perimeter was guarded by special services, he himself did not go without security. I chose the moment when Kim drove up to the office, the guard came out to meet him with a weapon. I fired twice at Kim and twice at the guard without aiming. I didn’t want to kill him, I thought to scare him so that he wouldn’t start shooting at me.When he fell, I decided that he deliberately lay down on the ground from the bullets, but it turned out that I was hit. He became an accidental victim.

    The second accidental murder occurred with the brother of Islam’s wife. They were very similar, even in court, the deceased’s mother said that the only difference was that Islam did not smoke. And this brother of his wife came out of the entrance where Islam lives, in his clothes, got behind the wheel of the Islamic car. I was sure it was him, which is why I killed him.

    – It is generally accepted that the killers earned decent money. What did you spend your money on?

    – I did not even think about money, I lived only with the expectation that today or tomorrow they would kill me or go to jail, I spent money on trifles, for pleasure.

    – Were there other groups of killers in Zhilka?

    – There was a brigade of Islam, there were others, there were enough people. They took orders from various groups throughout Russia. The shooters were half Kazan then, just whistle. I knew perfectly well why people came to me from Moscow.In Moscow, it cost 25 thousand dollars to kill a person, but they came to me because it was cheaper, we worked for 8-10 thousand. This is a business, everything is decided by the commercial benefit for the customer. And I saw it this way: the person who made the decision to kill someone, he will still find an executor, and the only question is how it will be done. For example, they ordered me to kill the largest drug dealer in Orsk (Orenburg region, 1000 km from Kazan), who, according to official figures, addicted every fourth inhabitant to heroin. He didn’t just sell drugs, he was the godfather of the city. We arrived, local boys say: “Let’s put TNT in the wall of a five-story building, and after the explosion, his car will be covered with debris, and we will run up and shoot.” I say: “Guys, how many children live in this house! This will be viewed as a terrorist attack, the FSB will deal with this, you will all sit in prison for a long time. ” I did it differently. He watched him in the city, but a woman was sitting in the car with him. I approached, thrust a pistol with a silencer into the slit of the half-open glass and fired several times.During the investigation, I told you, pay attention, where did all the bullets go? I tried to shoot so as not to hit the woman. It has nothing to do with it, right?

    There were episodes where we generally ordered the order. For example, one important person did not like the behavior of a guy, he, you see, did not respect him properly. I said that I was taking the order, but I deliberately pulled it, I did not want to kill the boy. And then the clouds cleared away, everything settled down by itself, the boy remained alive.

    If a person is to blame for something and a decision is made on him, then even if he is responsible for his affairs alone, others should not suffer.If they want to kill a person, his fate has already been decided, I am not a key figure here, a “pistol” by and large. The “ordered” one will die anyway, but either someone will blow up a five-story building for the sake of his murder, or it will be a subtle surgical intervention.


    – After the murder of Zhora and Arnold, who did you receive orders from?

    – There was a man from Zhilploschadka in Moscow, several orders came from him, but then everything quickly ended – the Zhilploschadkovskys themselves began to be closed.And they took me away on suspicion. I thought then, thank God, it was all over. By that time I had already been warned: “They want to kill you.” I said: “God, make it so that if a murderer comes, show him to me, at least I will ask you for forgiveness in the end. I know where I am going, that everything is in hell [to burn]. This is my fate, you ordered that I was born in Russia, this year, there were other options, but I went this way. ” But the Almighty ordered otherwise, and I was locked up in prison.

    – Who ordered you?

    – It doesn’t matter, this person is now alive and is in prison.It is important that I wanted to leave the “Zhilploschadka” and wanted to use the Shark for this ( Artur Yakupov , Haider’s right hand). The Zhilkovskys had handed him over to the cops before, he served time and was released, everyone in the gang was afraid of him. I wanted to use this moment, I knew that the Zhilkovskys would want to get rid of the Shark and turn to me. I thought I would say: “Give me 50 thousand dollars, I will” fulfill “the Shark.” And he figured it out himself: they won’t give me the whole amount right away, I’ll take an advance payment of 20 thousand, I’ll meet with Arthur and hand over the customers to him, and let them sort it out among themselves.And with this money I will go to Orenburg, buy an apartment and live there. I warned Arthur, told him who passed him and how, so that he could draw his own conclusions.

    – Did you expect that Yakupov would kill all the Zhilka brigadiers?

    – I don’t know what I was counting on. I somehow internally respected Arthur at that time, I knew the Zhilkin guys and thought, let them sort it out among themselves. But times have already changed, Putin gave the order “OPS to smash. Shaimiev was summoned to Moscow: “What’s going on with an organized criminal group in Tatarstan? Close them however you want! ” “Zhilploshchadovskih” cops began to close for a month, shake and release.This is what they do when they are looking for an informer. And then they took me on April 4, 2001. When they were closing it, the head of the police department, Belyaev, told me: “I am not trash, I am a cop, three people testified against you, they will pass as encrypted witnesses in the case. Here’s some information for you to think about. Yours have surrendered you. ”

    Well, they handed over and handed over, during the investigation I wanted to take on one or two episodes and go to jail. I thought the Zhilploschadovskys would find a lawyer for me, they would send programs, they would help my mother, my wife, I’ll sit for 20 years.I know approximately who passed, I do not hold a grudge against this person, this is a business, a chess game in which he decided to donate me. But the cops took one person, he gave testimony against me, which led me to life imprisonment. And after that I realized that I didn’t owe anything to anyone from Zhilka, at 24 I didn’t want to go for life. Moreover, I knew that these guys got rid of me themselves. All that remained was to fight. They played chess with me, and I also started my game – I made a deal with the investigation.

    – By the way, there are versions that in prison Arthur Yakupov did not die a natural death …

    – Yes, the man had a stroke, no one helped him. It’s just time. I was in touch with him, talked, we have good relations with Arthur. Arthur, like me, converted to Islam, in addition, Ilsur and Vitalik became Muslims ( Vitaliy Tsarkov , nicknamed Van Damme approx. Ed. .). I am sure that none of us will now definitely return to crime.


    – What charge have the investigators brought to you?

    – 9 episodes of murders. But I did not in all cases “execute” myself, as the investigators insisted, on me only five murders: the very first, the brother of Islam’s wife, a drug lord in Orsk and Kim with a bodyguard in Rostov. Somewhere I only watched the car, but it was hanged on me as a murder, in another episode I handed the weapon from hand to hand – again they slapped 105 as an accomplice.

    – How did you agree with the investigation?

    – I have testified against the leaders of the community, as they had for me before. The cops suggested that we all meet in the department, talk, share the responsibility. They said: “Guys, resolve issues among yourself culturally, competently. Go to jail with less blood. If you don’t want, we will put you in jail, as it will be beneficial for us ”. We did not meet. Those who sat with me said: “How can you trust the cops?” I said: “We will sit down anyway, you let it out of your head that they will let us go somewhere, this is political will.You orient yourself a little, Haider is not the strongest, there are other rulers on earth here. ” In general, I told them that I would testify, I would not go to the pezhe. Enough, time has passed, let order be in the country.

    We could not agree, and as a result, the investigators and the court put us in jail as they wanted. Everyone was tried at the same trial. As a result, two of them went free ( Timur Khaidarov and Alexander Troshkin received 9 and 10 years probation), Marukhin received a life sentence ( leader of Zhilka and the Khaiderovsky Dvor gang Yuri Marukhin approx.ed .), Garipov was given 25 ( Marukhin’s closest assistant Ilsur Garipov approx.edit .). The rest received from 17 to 22 years.

    Investigators later told me that they had been studying my psychological profile for six months. They even gave me the nickname Danila Bagrov. And if we talk about chess, then in our criminal party they considered me an elephant.

    – Why were you called Danila Bagrov?

    – This is a question for them, maybe they’ve seen enough films “Brother” or “Brother 2”.As the hero of the film removed the top of the St. Petersburg group, so I killed only bandits.

    – You say there were half of the city like Danil.

    – But at that moment they became interested in me. While they were looking for me, while they studied me, they gave me such a nickname.

    – Why couldn’t the investigators get close to Zhilka for many years?

    – This question is better to ask the investigators. I asked him, he said: “Such murders are always disclosed in 10, 15, 20 years, because years pass, people start talking, share something, information leaves.How do you know? If there are no fingerprints and no evidence, how will you solve such a crime? It’s just waiting in the wings. ”


    – How did the events develop after the trial?

    – In prison, when I was already 2 years in prison, there was a pause, silence. I thought it was time to change something in my life, I began to read literature, it was interesting for me to talk to the priest, listen to him, ask questions.Was in search. In prison, who could help me? Only to God and it remained to turn, no matter how dirty I was. I say: “Supreme, I have done so much, but you created me. I have no one but you. The way I lived is the path of destruction. I don’t want to live as you say. Change me, make me want to live the way you want. Give me your religion. Make me a good person. ”

    I began to read the Bible, then a cellmate suggested reading the Koran in Russian. I read it, closed it and said, “This is my religion.”Something inside me opened up. I had such a moment when I was asleep, I wake up, and my body is shaking like an epileptic. I can’t figure out what’s going on. Then, where the solar plexus, an elastic ball appears, it is warm, pulsates, as it were, and I feel so pleased, and then it spread over the body, and such lightness, bliss came, I lay there and enjoyed myself. I understand that it was the Almighty Iman who gave me, real faith appeared. Then I say: “Allah, I want to learn how to read the Koran,” and a person appears who teaches me this, and I begin to read the Koran in Arabic.

    – That is, as a Muslim, you perform namaz five times a day, keep your uraz?

    – Yes, and this year they held the post. Now, at 40 years old, I understand what I have done. If I could return and change everything, I would choose a different fate, so that from the age of 12, adult uncles would put me on prayer, I want to pray to Allah Almighty. I would never want to smoke or drink alcohol in my life, and instead of shooting, I would be engaged in some kind of business. At that time there were guys who sold chocolates.They bought them in Moscow, and sold them in Kazan a little more expensive. They have a luxurious life now – country houses, very good cars. And I was many years late. They started with chocolates, and I don’t know if they can start with that now. I feel this commercial streak in me, but when I was young, I was surrounded by completely different people who only thought about crime.

    Even though I was a bandit, there was also a showdown between us bandits, and they dragged me into the crime. All the victims at my hands are not ordinary citizens, not ordinary people.Ordinary people suffer from other crimes – drug trafficking, theft, drunken hooligans, and not from the showdown of serious people who divide the business. And the police did not interfere in this. Not because she didn’t want to, but because she had neither the resources nor financial support. Then the bandits really had power and dealt with each other. Now this is all in the past, we have a completely different power, Putin holds everything tightly in his fist.

    In prison, I took a closer look at what was happening in the world.I learned that there are Rothschilds, Rockefellers, that the driving force of the world is fuel resources, oil and gas. We have a huge, rich country, and there are people who want to bite off big mouth-watering chunks of it. In the 90s, they already partially succeeded after the collapse of the Union, they chewed, came for a new portion. And if 100 years ago these people used ideological students, who were dusted with ideas about the revolution, and eventually destroyed the empire, now they use Muslims for their own purposes, who do not have knowledge of the purpose and essence of their religion.As Abu Hanifa said: “It is better to live 100 years under tyranny than one day under complete anarchy.” We have a wonderful country, we have a strong government, whether someone likes it or not, but our state institutions work, pensions and salaries are paid, people are taken care of. But all the “Rockefellerites”, “Ritschildites”, “Baruchs” – to them Russia is like a bone across the throat. And they deliberately use Muslims to rock our state. I urge all Muslims to conduct a dialogue with the authorities, and not sit in corners or withdraw into themselves.And certainly not to help the demons from the West, who want to return the dashing 90s and use for this illiterate Muslims, who are given weapons and explosives in their hands, are sent to fight on the side of terrorists in Syria.

    – What was the attitude towards Muslims in the Perm prison?

    – They don’t understand Islam at all. They are very distant, they do not know religion, neither Christianity nor Islam, both in the zone and free. Even the police officers. There are a lot of unbelievers. But obstacles are not fixed, you read, well, read.

    – What did you do in prison?

    – He worked all the time. I am a cabinetmaker, a master of carpentry furniture production.

    – How did your relationship with the thieves go?

    – Relations with thieves were good, but they know that I am not with them, and I know that I am not with them. All the same it is necessary to communicate, in fact in one circle. Still, we are people, in any case there are points of contact, we intersect. 2000 people live together, and you communicate with cops, and with “roosters”, and with “men”, with everyone.

    – How many years did you spend in prison?

    – 15 years and 4 months. He was released on July 26. He took his spouse, child and left for Kazan.

    – Have you and your wife officially signed?

    – We have read the nicknames, and we are officially scheduled.

    – Russian wife?

    – Russian. She accepted Islam. We have a child with her, we are waiting for the second. I parted with my first wife after the verdict. The term is long, why bind the girl? I myself told her to find a good man and get married.I communicate with my daughter, and my wife is married, has given birth to her second child, everything is fine with her, a good family.

    You can learn more about Snezhinsky’s bloody adventures in the chapter “Criminal Vein”, published in the book “Gangster Kazan”


    – As a person who has been released from prison after a long period of imprisonment, have you felt the care of prisoner rehabilitation services?

    – At the exit to Perm they asked me two questions, they asked if I was leaving and when.In Kazan, I was introduced to Azat ( Azat Gainutdinov , head of the rehabilitation and adaptation center ed. ). He offered a job at an official dealer of a foreign clothing manufacturer. I’ll be a seller in his store, and then we’ll see. The center provided me with financial support, they gave me money for clothes and medicine. Now I’m doing paperwork, I need to draw up documents.

    – Has the city changed in 15 years?

    – You talk to the guys, they say, people have become kinder, they smile.Previously, even at discos, there were massacres, but now it is not so.

    – Won’t you take up the old?

    – I will never return to the past, my wife is pregnant, the child is 2.5 years old, my mother is sick, I need to take care of them. Although the prosecutor’s office wants to send me back to prison, they believe that I have not corrected myself, and that I have remained a bandit who must rot in prison. But how long can you live in the past, maybe it’s time to think about living people? I believe in the principles of humanism of our state, I cannot rewrite the past, it remains only to ask for forgiveness in front of everyone to whom I have done evil.

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    – Boris Petrovich, now there is a lot of talk about the interpenetration of IT and marketing, especially in the banking environment.For example, you started out as a systems engineer, and now you are deputy chairman, and you are also filming commercials for the bank. In your opinion, who in the bank should determine what technologies are needed, how should the process of technological development be built in general?

    – Yes, I myself came from IT specialists and still actively participate in the development of technologies. This is a favorite ex-key competence that helps to look at IT not as the implementation of some hardware or software, but as a systematic process of creating value for customers.Let me give you a simple example. There is such functionality as text robots, which on the site answer the client’s questions automatically. New and seemingly interesting technology. Worth several million. I tried to use it to get answers to my questions on other sites – Russian and English. The program does something, but far from the way we would like it. Answers to simple questions, but no to complex ones. Despite the fact that the bank needs interactive, it turns out that it is much cheaper to train people.We now have one of the most popular services – an online banking consultant, that is, a chat built into the bank’s website. It is very convenient. Firstly, as employees advise, it is easier to check in the chat than to listen to calls. Secondly, there is no pressure or irritation: “I was hanging on the line while you were thinking.” This simple example shows that technology needs to be approached wisely, and before implementing it, you need to understand what functionality you need in the end. Sometimes smart automation might be to put a lot of girls and a couple of boys among them.
    Naturally, major changes in IT strategy are decisions that must be understood and made by shareholders. We have reasonable shareholders, and they are very interested in IT. It used to be that IT people cried that they could not explain why they needed a new piece of hardware. Now either those for whom it was a problem to correctly explain the need for implementation have changed, or the shareholders who did not understand have already gone out of business.
    Neither top management nor shareholders intervene in technologies simply related to maintaining current productivity.There is a professional team, there are forecasts for the growth of the client base, forecasts for the number of transactions. Consider, buy everything you need. Over the past year, we have significantly renewed our equipment fleet, and as a result, based on the transaction and the cost of servicing one client, this internal service has become cheaper.
    Business, on the other hand, is betting either on something that cannot be earned, but that will help attract a client, or on services that provide additional profit. This determines the functionality of the systems.

    – Mobile banking for you – from the category of services that can attract a client, but on which the bank does not earn?

    – On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, among our profile client base, more and more clients go to the Internet. Among entrepreneurs, it is very difficult to imagine a person who does not have the Internet at work and at home. At the same time, no one wants to press the big “pedal”, wait for the computer to boot up. People use the Internet between business, when there is time – from the phone, from the tablet.The problem of banks is that in most cases their applications are inconvenient and not very functional for all these mobile devices.

    – Do you also include yourself in the number of banks with such applications?

    – In their segment, I think our applications are the best on the market: for our segment of entrepreneurs, they are very good in functionality. They allow you to do what other banks cannot. But, in my opinion, even for us, before the creation of a sane mobile information system, it’s like before the Moon.

    Now either those for whom it was a problem to correctly explain the need for implementation have changed, or the shareholders who did not understand have already left the business

    – Why do you think? What is hindering innovation? Why are Russian banks not in the forefront, but follow Western ones in terms of technology?

    – This is not always the case. But in the case of mobile applications, it is still true. It seems to me that within a year we will catch up with them. Now on the Internet banking market there are solutions of our own design, and there are box-based ones.It is clear that the best internet banks are custom development. We use our own solutions, and therefore lead in Russian ratings. If there is still someone who can compete with us in servicing individuals, then in the segment of legal entities we are definitely in the first place.
    The problem with boxed solutions for mobile banking is that the people who are involved in their architecture think in the ideology of standard computer applications and only import these applications onto mobile devices. And this, in my opinion, is a fundamentally wrong approach.

    – In addition to the convenience of the applications themselves, there is another question: to what extent are traditional banking systems ready to support technological innovations? ABS first of all.

    – We have ABS, which is very rare for the Russian market. Most of the Russian banking systems are not business automation systems, but automation systems for numerous requirements of the Central Bank. It is clear that now everyone has written in advertising brochures that they are automating the business. But we must understand that in architecture and, ultimately, in the heads of the people who have been developing these systems for thirty years, almost nothing has changed.Therefore, we decided on a daring experiment, introducing the Western system back in 2009. The solution that we used before just stopped developing and we had to change it.
    We basically did not want to have a system like everyone else. If there is a system like everyone else, then the products will be like everyone else’s. And if the bank wants to do something special, it will take a lot of time: first, it will take a long time to persuade the vendor, explain to him the expediency. Then all this will be developed and implemented for a long time.
    First of all, the bank considered systems with a Western approach. Russian vendors of banking systems boast of how convenient it is to make transactions in their systems. In Western systems, the work is built on the basis of the deal. The deal is primary, and only at the lower level the transaction appears. Accordingly, it is very difficult for accountants to understand how the transaction goes through accounting. However, logically, the client and the transaction are more important than accounting.
    In addition, it was important for us to build a round-the-clock bank.And in the banking system, it is imperative to carry out the procedure for closing the operating day. And Russian banking systems simply did not allow working with clients at that moment. A technological window appeared for two, three, four hours. And in the system we have chosen, it is possible, independently of the user’s work with clients, to carry out the closing of the day in the background. This helps us a lot in fulfilling our obligations to our clients. For example, we always work on holidays. The system itself, by the way, was launched on January 3rd.We started on a rolling principle: we started from one office, then moved on to the next. However, customer service was not affected in any way. And on the third of January, when not a single bank is working in Yekaterinburg, all people came to us – to change currency and replenish accounts.
    As a result of the implementation of the system, we have significantly optimized the product line. Operators, of course, did not get used to it right away. But compared to the old system, the new one is like Windows compared to MS-DOS. Therefore, as a result, their work became more efficient.The system has the ability to customize, optimize the process, and redo forms. And we managed to collect everything in one window. Now the process of applying for a loan, which previously took up to 40 minutes, is completed in 14 seconds.

    – One of the reasons why Western systems are not implemented in Russia is that it is difficult to modify them to meet the requirements of the Central Bank. How did you solve this problem?

    – We were helped by the fact that this system had already been implemented in Kazakhstan earlier. Therefore, there were no problems with documents and postings.It was necessary, of course, to refine the functionality for the formation of regulatory reporting, but this is not even a problem of the system, it is just that each bank has its own nuances – its products, its own databases.

    Most of Russian banking systems are not business automation systems, but automation systems for numerous requirements of the Central Bank

    – What forces do you develop?

    – A large share of development is carried out by the bank’s own resources. For us, the key competence is the development and provision of services through a remote access system.Therefore, we develop the Internet bank for individuals independently. In IT we employ about 70 people.
    Of course, there are big problems with IT specialists now – both in the Moscow market and in the Urals. Finding qualified people for reasonable money has become simply impossible. Some banks are buying entire IT companies. We try to outsource as much as possible everything related to non-core activities, if this does not contradict security requirements. You have to find a balance.We do not have IT specialists inside the branches located in Moscow and St. Petersburg – there IT is served by people who cooperate with the bank under an agreement and can come at any time. We also outsource part of the development of web pages.
    This ideology goes much further than IT. For example, we sold the bank’s own cars – we use a taxi, it’s cheaper.

    – Did you also develop the system for legal entities yourself?

    – For legal entities, we have two systems – the old one, which was introduced initially, and the new one, which started last year.This is an Internet bank that combines work with legal entities and individuals. At one time, this system was developed in the bank “Severnaya Kazna”, and then people left there and made the same Internet bank. We just bought it.

    – You call yourself “The First Like Bank”, apparently betting on the development of the social media channel. Why should people like you?

    – At one time Steve Jobs said well: “Make the icons so that you want to lick them.”Judging by how people like our bank, we managed to do it. The style of communication, the style of creating a product is important here. For example, every month we summarize how many improvements we have made in Internet Banking, what services we have introduced, and what benefits our clients receive as a result. This is a completely different style than posting the news: “We inform you that the growth of net assets for the period amounted to so many percent, we took such and such a place in the rating.” Clients do not pay us money to take some place in the rating.Relatively speaking, coming to an institution from the service sector, a person pays not to become the second in terms of revenue, but the chairman of the board of this institution dressed in a suit and gave an important interview that a team of professionals has been providing stability and confidentiality for many years. A person wants to be good. And the nature of the consumption of banking services is not much different.

    – How do you understand what exactly people want? Does the crowdsourcing platform help?

    – Our Copiny crowdsourcing platform is just one of the communication methods.This is not to say that we do everything perfectly. Recently, a client asked why he was not credited with money on the card, and one of the employees answered him that they are credited in accordance with the regulations. The client specified with what regulations, he was told that this schedule is governed by clause 6.2 of the regulations of such and such with a link. It is clear that the employee was not praised for this. You can, after all, write in a human way, make a “copy-paste”, after all. To speak hard, it is enough to be an idiot. You just need to be able to talk about difficult things.It doesn’t work out right away, but we gradually teach our employees to do it.

    – Many banks fear that in connection with the entry into force of the Law “On NPS” on January 1, the RBS direction will be severely affected by the expansion of opportunities for fraud. As a bank focused specifically on RBS, are you not afraid that this will significantly affect your business?

    – There is such an anecdote about Little Red Riding Hood. When she once again goes into the forest in a mini-skirt, she is told: “It’s night, it’s dark, you get lost, you get lost, the Gray Wolf can see, attack.”And she replies: “Well, I know the road, I love sex.”
    We became the first bank in Russia to certify the range of services for settlement services for clients via the Internet in accordance with the international information security standard ISO 27001: 2005. This happened back in 2008. Since then, our security system has been constantly evolving, at the moment we have implemented, I believe, the best international system for preventing fraud operations, semantic analysis. In fact, this is artificial intelligence that looks at the client’s transactions and compares them with typical ones, determines whether they look like fraud.
    Banking is by definition a risk. It is generally impossible to find a risk-free area of ​​activity. Even if you are a Buddhist monk, you have gathered your legs in a ball and sit in the sun, you will get sunstroke. If we are in business, then whether we are successful or not depends on how we are able to manage risk. We know the way, we love sex. What else is needed?

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