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Changeable Heart Charm Bracelet – James Avery

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    Not for Me

    This bracelet is as usual great James Avery quality, but was just not for me. I ended up trading for the changeable heart necklace. I loved the way this looked in photos, but it runs fairly large & depending on what charms you use, can hang far down on your hand. I had a medium & would have done better with a small & I am not big boned. I had the sunflower charm & the small bee charm, so nothing too large. I actually bought the bracelets for myself and my daughter, and have yet to give hers to her, so she may like it. Again, very nice bracelet, but just was not my thing. Although the heart is well made, it sort of bothered me opening and closing and swapping out the charms/I was afraid I would scratch something in the process.

    A neat concept though. Hoping I like the heart on the necklace better/larger & I can move it to long or shorter chain.

    Reviewed: Do not approve; issue resolved

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    Bracelet is delicate and strong. Does not feel like it would easily break. I like that I can change out my charms for whatever my outfit may be. I love hearts so this was a no brainer. Would recommend.

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    0 out of 5 stars

    Love it

    This is by far my best bracelet ever!!! I have so much bracelets and charms but this one is my favorite!! Love it how elegant yet simple. I got this one a few weeks ago and I filled it wit charms. So I went back and got another one and I’m loving the one charm look🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • starempty_starempty_starempty_starempty_star 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Upset!!!

    I Got this on a promo. Was told that it was impossible that at any chance that a charm could fall off. Well !! 1 week later after purchase My $72.00 “Queen Bee” charm came off of the clasp of the heart. Now!! I Only have one charm dangling from the heart and I am taking that back today so they can solder that onto the link part of the bracelet. No more!! Putting charms on the heart clasp.

    Hi Neva, we’re sorry to hear about your experience. We’ve reached out to you through the email you provided. Thank you for giving us your feedback and the opportunity to make this right. – James Avery Team

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    My fav

    Very lightweight but durable bracket. Can be worn with or without charms which is what shifted me toward this specific bracelet.

  • starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Beautiful and easy to use. I love that I can change it up with my charms. I’m so glad I added it to my JA collection!

  • 0 out of 5 stars”> starstarstarempty_starempty_star 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful bracelet but!!!

    I purchased this bracelet for myself last month, beautiful bracelet but Unfortunately the clasp broke a few days ago and I don’t have the receipt anymore.

    -Hi Dayana! We’re sorry to hear you’re not completely satisfied with this bracelet! We will be sure to pass along your feedback. Please bring the piece to your local James Avery store for them to look at or reach out to our Customer Service at [email protected] to see what we might be able to do! -James Avery Team

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    In love!

    This bracelet is beautiful! I love being able to change the theme whenever I want to! Its lightweight and great for every day wear. I haven’t taken it off since I got it! #houstonstrong

  • starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Love this bracelet more than all my others,EZ to change out.

  • Twisted Wire Cable Charm Bracelet

  • starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Twisted wire cable charm bracelet

    I love my bracelet. It’s very shiny and light weight!

  • starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars


    This is my first charm bracelet and I loved it!!! It’s delicate and elegant!

  • starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful bracelet

    I’m in love with my bracelet!!!

  • 0 out of 5 stars”> starstarstarstarempty_star 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A feminine look

    My wrist is rather small and I didn’t want a bracelet that would look too chunky or overwhelming. This is dainty and sparkly and I so hope it holds up over time. A really lovely piece gifted to me as an anniversary gift. Got my 2 charms on it to get the bracelet free and added 3 older JA charms they don’t make anymore. Absolutely love it!

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    I love James Avery’s wire pieces and I decided to start a charm bracelet so this was a perfect addition. I don’t have many charms on it (4) so it’s done well.

  • starstarstarstarempty_star 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice bracelet

    This is a very nice light-weight bracelet. No it’s not a heavy chunky one. I certainly wouldn’t want to fill every ring on it with heavy charms, but for a nicely spaced out charm bracelet this one is very nice. I am very hard on jewelry and so far it has held up to my abuse. I don’t believe in giving something a bad review based on what “could happen” or “might happen”, so my review is just based on how it has help up for me. If that changes, of course I will change my review.

  • starstarempty_starempty_starempty_star 2.0 out of 5 stars


    I’m adore James Avery and am very happy with all my other purchases. Except this one. I purposefully bought this bracelet because I like delicate rather than chunky pieces, and this looked interesting. But it feels very flimsy and cheap, although the workmanship is good. I worry that it won’t be able to support my heavier charms, or a substantial charm collectio, that it might break under the strain. It’s pretty but not as much as it seemed in the photo. I definitely wouldn’t have bought it if I’d tried it in a store.

  • Viola Shipman | The Charm Bracelet

    Lose Yourself to the Magic of 
    The Charm Bracelet

    Through an heirloom charm bracelet three women will rediscover the importance of family and a passion for living as each charm changes their lives.

    For every birthday Lolly’s mother gave her a charm with the advice that there is nothing more important than keeping family memories alive and Lolly’s charm bracelet would be a constant reminder of that love.

    Now seventy and starting to forget things, Lolly knows time is running out to reconnect with a daughter and granddaughter whose lives have become too busy for Lolly or her family stories.

    When Arden, Lolly’s daughter, receives an unexpected phone call about her mother she and granddaughter Lauren rush home.   Over the course of their visit Lolly reveals the story behind each charm on her bracelet and one by one the family stories help Lolly, Arden and Lauren reconnect in a way that brings each woman closer to finding joy, love and faith.

    A compelling story of three women and a beautiful reminder of the preciousness of family The Charm Bracelet is a keepsake you’ll cherish long after the final page.

    Foreign rights sold in 10 countries and counting! (Germany, book and audio, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania.)

    Selected as a GR Reads! by the Grand Rapids Public Library

    Selected by
    Reader’s Digest for their July 2016 Condensed Volume

    “Shipman’s charming story of finding peace in oneself, listening to your heart, and remembering all those who came before you will be welcomed by fans of Cecelia Ahern and Debbie Macomber.

    Library Journal

     “Shipman compellingly depicts the bonds of family, revealing that the moments of trials and tribulations are part of lives filled with hope and faith.”

     Publishers Weekly

    “Three generations of women share the tradition of wearing charm bracelets to honor the big moments of their lives. Debut novelist Shipman—a pen name chosen by memoirist Wade Rouse (It’s All Relative, 2011, etc.) in homage to his grandmother—pulls out all the emotional bells and whistles here; his book reads like a fictionalized guide to living the good life (“Live! Love! Laugh!”) and checks all the boxes—family, friends, God, love, and simple living—designed to warm the heart and fill the tear ducts. Smooth writing, unabashed sentimentality.”

    Kirkus Reviews

    “Like a rare jewel that will be passed down one generation to the next, and from one book club member to the next until everyone has read this heartfelt story of love and forgiveness.

    —Adriana Trigiani,
    New York Times bestselling author

    “Rich in character and story, The Charm Bracelet is utterly charming!”

    —Debbie Macomber, #1 
    New York Times bestselling author

    “This tale of three women finding and sharing their paths and their stories is as sweet as three scoops of Dolly’s ice cream. It’s packed with gorgeous scenery, time-honored wisdom and all kinds of charm.”

    —Nancy Thayer,
    New York Times bestselling author


    “I honestly cannot remember the last time I fell in love with a book as much as I have with The Charm Bracelet. This book is pure gold.”

    —Matt Norcross, McLean & Eakin Booksellers, PW Shortlist Bookseller of the Year

    “When you read Viola Shipman’s The Charm Bracelet, you feel as if you are at the hands of a veteran writer with a keen sense of observation and a knack for explaining the ways one generation knowingly and unknowingly informs the next. What might surprise you is that this writer is popular memoirist Wade Rouse, and that he’s both paying homage to and channeling his grandmother Viola in using her name as his own. Prepare to be charmed.”

    —Jill Miner, Saturn Booksellers and the Coffee Cabin MI Retailer of the Year, Winner of the Golden Pineapple, Best Bookstore and Best Store Staff Awards

    “Sometimes it takes a book to remind us to recall the memories of childhood places, people and objects to our current day lives. The Charm Bracelet is just this book. The Charm Bracelet is a touching story told by the significant events specific to each charm on the bracelet. Each Lindsey woman has a bracelet that holds the memories special to her. For Lolly, as her memory fades, her bracelet is her tool to tell her memories to her daughter and granddaughter. Lolly’s stories also lead her daughter and granddaughter to the realization of those things important in life. The Charm Bracelet is a lovely book with engaging characters that gently reminds the reader of the ingredients to those things that bring joy to life.

    —Suzy Takacs, owner of The Book Cellar, Chicago, and past president of the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association

    “A lighter, sweeter tale in the vein of multi-generational stories of women like Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, this book is sure to have readers raiding their memory boxes for all of the treasures connecting them to their loved ones. The Charm Bracelet will especially strike a chord with moms missing their daughters and daughters missing their mothers, whether the separation is due to geography, emotions, or the downside of old age. An absolutely perfect pick for a mother-daughter book club!”

    —Danielle Borsch, store manager of Vroman’s Bookstore, Hastings Ranch


    “Viola Shipman, a.k.a. the brilliant Wade Rouse, touches our hearts with laughter, goodwill, and inspired kinship via The Charm Bracelet. In fact, this masterful first novel is a charm in and of itself, written in the tradition of such great storytellers as Eudora Welty, Fannie Flagg, Dorothea Benton Frank, Nicholas Sparks and Alexander McCall Smith.”

    —Teresa Miller, executive director of the Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers (part of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries), Oklahoma State University-University of Tulsa

    “This book looks like it’s going to be a hit! I cannot wait to get this novel into the hands of my library patrons. I know they are going to love it! I always love to put Wade Rouse’s (a.k.a. Viola Shipman’s) books on display because they fly off the shelf! (I’m picturing Ashley Judd somewhere in this movie in my mind.)”

    —Jeannie Kays, library director of the Palm Springs Public Library

    “Viola Shipman’s The Charm Bracelet sparkles. With sharply drawn characters and a great sense of place, this debut novel will be the beach read of 2016. Moreover, this story of family relationships and the memories that bind us embraces the humor, heart and family ties that one expects from bestselling memoirist Wade Rouse (whose pseudonym pays tribute to his grandmother). Highly recommended for library collections. This debut novel will be a hit with library patrons.”

    —Kristen Kruger-Corrado, marketing and communications manager at the Grand Rapids Public Library, MI

    The Charm Bracelet is a beautifully written ode to the moments that become memories, and a graceful reminder to cherish the family elders whose stories made our own possible. The characters stay with you long after the story has ended. Wade Rouse’s Viola Shipman alter-ego will be at the top of our patrons’ Must Read lists!”

    —Vickey Bloom, director, and Danis Houser, reference and technical services librarian, Grosse Pointe Public Library, MI

    How to Make Charm Bracelets

    I love charm bracelets. I love how they dangle and jingle. So I decided to make some personalized charm bracelets for my daughters. They have to wait for their birthdays to get them though. It’s a surprise – don’t tell them!

    Charm bracelets are perfect for beginner jewelry makers. Unless you make some of your own charms the only thing you need to know is how to do is open and close a jump ring and cut chain. Pretty basic.

    You will need:
    Lobster claw clasp
    Jump Rings
    {most of the supplies were provided to me by Prima Bead}
     I got the “girly charms”pack. And check out the alphabet charms.  

    And look at this charm. I didn’t realize it until I got it, but it’s a mini picture frame.

     Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures small enough to fit inside, so I used scrapbook paper. They turned out so cute!

    For the chain, I used an old necklace that I didn’t want for two of the bracelets. For the third, I had an empty charm bracelet in my stash from who knows where.

    For my 3 and 5 year old, I cut the chain to 6 1/2″
    My 10 year old’s bracelet was 8″ long.

    Then attach the lobster claw to one end with a jump ring. To wear you can just clip it to the chain, so it’s adjustable.

     Remember how I’m trying to add color to my jewelery? So I asked my girls to look through my beads and choose their favorite colors.   They know I made them something, they just don’t know what. I made a few charms out of the beads they chose.

    Then I figured out the order I wanted the beads to go in. It worked out that I put a charm in every other link.

    Just attach them with jump rings. Super easy. I made sure to attach them all on the same side of the chain and made sure the charms were all facing the same direction.

    Here’s a look at how they all turned out.

    My youngest is my little princess, so I used the crown and the princess shoe.

      My 5 year old is my dancer so I gave her the ballet shoes and the tutu.
    My oldest is not into all that girly stuff anymore so I looked through my stash and found a key and butterfly that I thought she would like.
    I think these charm bracelets turned out super cute. I hope my girls think so too!

    Check out Prima Bead for all your jewelry supply needs. They have everything you’ll need for your next jewelry project. Click the button below to order supplies. Did I mention they have free shipping to the U.S.?

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    DIY Jewelry Organizer

    {I am an affiliate with Prima Bead. All opinions expressed are mine.}

    Shop 31 Elegant Options That You’ll Keep Forever

    To some, a charm bracelet may feel like a dated item to be forgotten in your childhood jewelry box, but the truth is, they are a classic and timeless accessory. (Think Grace Kelly in Rear Window.) Charm bracelets can tell a story, growing larger and more eclectic with each accomplishment and milestone. Today, designers are creating new offerings, that have the same vintage feel and sense of nostalgia with a modern twist. So, whether you lost your own charm bracelet a long time ago or are simply looking for a fresh start for yourself or a loved one, here are 31 chic options that you’ll wear now, and keep forever.

    Photo courtesy of Everett Collection

    A portrait of Grace Kelly, 1954.

    This Lulu Frost charm bracelet includes a mix of one-of-a-kind charms from 1890-1980, but if you happen to be in New York City, you can stop into their showroom and create your very own unique bracelet from their selection of various bracelet and charm options. Lulu Frost, Vintage Charm Bracelet #3, $395,

    This sterling silver bracelet provides a variety of inspiring symbols and words to give yourself a boost each time that you wear it. Efva Attling, Symbols Bracelet, $415,

    This is a true vintage piece from 1965 that comes with a selection of unique charms–so you can attach your own meaning to them. Beladora, Mid-Century Charm Bracelet in 14K and 18K, $3,550,

    A true “modern heirloom,” this charm bracelet features symbolic diamond-adorned medallions. Foundrae, 18-Karat gold diamond charm bracelet, $10,050,

    Diamonds, pearls, onyx, malachite, turquoise and pink opal charms adorn this luxe charm bracelet. Dior Rose des Vents Bracelet, price by request,

    A rainbow of precious gem stones make this a truly unique and timeless heirloom. Mallary Marks Mixed Gem Jubilee Bracelet, $31,304,

    This adorable charm bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. Scosha Easygoing Moon Charm Bracelet, $95,

    This gold charm bracelet features shell-inspired green, purple and gold charms. Tiffany Elsa Peretti Cat Island Beach Shell Charm Bracelet, $3,900,

    This celestial-inspired bracelet includes lightning bolts, stars and moons. Andrea Fohrman 14-Karat Gold Sapphire Bracelet, $2,400,

    Feel lucky while wearing this charm bracelet by Ben Amun. Ben Amun Royal Charm Princess Gold Bracelet, $295,

    Cool shades of purple, turquoise and auburn combine to make this charm bracelet truly one of a kind. Grainne Morton Found Objects Charm Bracelet, $825,

    This dainty charm bracelet mixes gold, rose gold and silver so you can wear it with anything and everything. Alex Monroe Mrs Potts, Plumette, Lumiere, Enchanted Rose & Chip charm bracelet, £240.00,

    With diamonds, emeralds, opals and more, this bracelet is a work of art. Irene Neuwirth One-Of-A-Kind Multi-Stone Bracelet, $15,900,

    This sterling silver bracelet is the perfect addition to your daily wrist bling. The M Jewelers The Multi Medal Bracelet, $100,

    Garland Collection has an amazing selection of charms to create the charm bracelet of your dreams. Garland Collection charm bracelet links, starting at $1,950,

    Add a pop of color to your wrist with this beaded bracelet with disc charm accents, available in three color options. Tai Beaded Double Strand Bracelet with Mini Disc Charms, $80,

    This adorable bracelet features a crown, heart, bow and butterfly charms, but Alex Woo also offers a seemingly endless selection of charms to create a charm bracelet that is uniquely yours. Alex Woo Mini Moments Princess Bracelet, $248),

    Pyrrha offers a unique selection of talismans to wear and be inspired by. Pyrrha New Beginnings Talisman Chain Bracelet, $154,

    This delicate charm bracelet is the perfect accessory to add to your daily wardrobe. Zoe Chicco 14K Pave Diamond Celestial Itty Bitty Dangle Bracelet, $725,

    This yellow gold charm bracelet with a diamond and platinum heart is the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve. Cathy Waterman Scalloped Heart Charm Bracelet, $2,600),

    With diamonds, platinum, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, this luxe charm bracelet is a true vintage treasure. Fred Leighton Art Deco platinum multi-stone charm bracelet, $22,500,

    This 14 karat gold bracelet features one disc charm with gorgeous diamond, ruby and sapphire accents. Fox & Bond, Victorian gold link charm bracelet with rubies, diamonds and sapphire, $2,460,

    Feel lucky while wearing this gold and diamond bracelet with a heart, wishbone and four-leaf clover charm. Jennifer Meyer Multi-charm bracelet, $3,350,

    Select a diamond initial charm on this classic charm bracelet style. Jennifer Creel Diamond Name Charm Bracelet, $2,150,

    19 Cute Charm Bracelets for Women

    Getty Images

    The Tiffany charm bracelet—or the knockoff I owned—was the accessory to have in middle school. Nowadays you don’t have to wait until your next dance recital to add a miniature silver ballet slipper to your collection, and you can even buy a bracelet with all its charms intact. It is a subtle throwback that doesn’t scream ’90s nostalgia (but we’re into that too). Click through our roundup to curate your own meaningful charm bracelet with a classic style, take the easy route with campy embellishments, or cop the runway version seen at Alexander McQueen. Either way, all of your friends will still be totally jealous.

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    Tiffany Return to Tiffany® Medium Heart Tag Bracelet in 18 Karat Gold, $3,550;

    Ann Dexter-Jones Guitar Pick Charm Bracelet, $1,500;

    Cathy Waterman Gold Chain Bracelet with Blue and Green Boulder Opal, $2,030;

    David Yurman Lock and Key Charm Bracelet with Diamonds, $850;

    Erickson Beamon Copacabana Gold-Plated, Enamel and Acrylic Bracelet, $265;

    J. Crew Classic Pavé Link Bracelet, $125;

    Justine Carreon Justine Carreon is the market editor at covering fashion, Dutch ovens, and fashion again.

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    90,000 Read “Lord Charm (LP)” – Robinson Susan – Page 1

    Susan Robinson

    Lord Charm

    To the reader

    This book is dedicated with love and admiration to a woman of great courage, style and intelligence, my aunt, Barbara Sodi- Pieper.

    The thought of you is like bread that life gives,

    Like a downpour for the earth, replacing the heat;

    And I am like a miser, who leads

    A continuous dispute with my treasury.

    That possession is proud, then I am afraid,

    That the vile century will steal the priceless treasure;

    That I want to be alone with you,

    That is to make the whole world admire.

    To see you is a feast for my eyes,

    That, and when they are satisfied, they again yearn for a gaze.

    I have no other joys;

    Everything from you is both flour and a reward.

    Now I am languishing, now I am invited to the feast;

    I own everything, then I am deprived of everything.

    William Shakespeare,

    translated by Alexander Sharakshane

    Dear Readers,

    For me, part of the magic of the past lies in discovering small, everyday details of life from another time.I suppose we can never visit this world in our imagination without these details. However, since knowledge is passed from one generation to the next, we have a legacy of those who have lived long ago. Part of this heritage is cooking, which until recently was an exclusively female area.

    The kitchen is a direct and compelling example of our heritage from the past, one that is unique to women. As a special gift to my readers, I have included several recipes related to the story of the Lord of Charm.This is my way of trying to convey to you some of the magic that I felt while writing the Pan and Morgan story.

    Please savor the charm with me.

    Suzanne Robinson


    I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for the two works that made the writing of Lord of Charm a truly delightful discovery. The first is a book of advice and instructions called The English Housewife by Gervas Markham (1568? -1637), edited by Michael R.Besta. This wonderful book covers everything from the virtues of being a good housewife to making ale. The second is Maggie Black’s beautifully illustrated Medieval Cookbook, which contains both original and modernized recipes, as well as descriptions of historical ingredients and the cooking process. I highly recommend both books to any reader interested in the history of the kitchen and household.

    Chapter 1

    PAJMA [1] – an egg dish – something between an omelet and a pancake.

    … To create the best tansy, you must take a certain number of eggs, according to the size of your pan and break them into a dish, removing the protein of every third egg; then using a spoon, peel the yolks from small white nodules; and then whisk together with the cream; then take green wheat leaves, violet and strawberry leaves, spinach and chicory, each in equal amounts, and some walnut kernels; chop and mix all this, then squeeze out the juice, and, mixing with a little cream, combine with eggs and beat all the ingredients well; then put the mass in a small amount of bread crumbs, fine bread grated with cinnamon, nutmeg and salt, then put a little butter in the pan, and as soon as it melts, pour the tansy into it and fry until brown, stirring occasionally; then, when the dish is done, sprinkle a lot of sugar on it before lowering it.Some put the tansy itself in the dish, but walnut kernels give the best taste and smell; and therefore, when you prefer to use one component, do not use the other.

    Isle of Repentance, 1565

    Peng Fairfax leaned out of the loophole of Highcliff Castle and felt a tingling sensation all over her skin, as if she were wearing a hair shirt. There was no reason for her to act so crazy, but, nevertheless, leaving her tansy, bread and ale, she chose to climb to the top of the Saint’s Tower and scan the horizon.

    She was on pins and needles, looking out over the sea. Leagues [2] and leagues of azure, crowned with a sky without clouds, met her gaze, and the sea foam burned her ruddy cheeks like a teasing breeze.

    The glare of the sun, sea moisture and ice breeze mixed, so that the air was almost silvery. Far below, by the steep cliffs on which the tower towered, the surf foaming and breaking against the sharp black tops of giant teeth was the only thing that could be called a coast on the island.

    And again needles pierced the flesh of her hands.Shielding her eyes from the sun, Peng studied the sea. She didn’t even turn when Nany Boggs climbed the last step and, panting, walked across the roof of the tower, carrying a goblet of ale. Nany’s lush chest heaved from climbing the spiral staircase. She straightened her precious burden, swaying at the sudden stop, and took a long gulp. Then she wiped her face with her apron and tucked a stray strand of gray hair under her cap.

    Before Nany started cursing, Peng raised her hand and pointed to the sea.

    – The storm is gathering.

    Nany Boggs looked at the perfect sky, at the calm sea, at Peng.

    – Please, how did you know this?

    – We have to bring grain and hay inside and drive the animals. No threshing this morning.

    Peng avoided her old nurse’s gaze as she breathed in the fresh sea air. The breeze caught a lock of her hair and played with it while the girl examined the blue expanse of water that stretched from the island to the horizon. She shivered violently and rubbed her shoulders.

    – Aha!

    Peng lowered her head and looked angrily at Nany, but the nurse only put her hands on her hips and stared with an angry look.

    “I knew it,” Nani said. – I saw how you entered the hall and flew out like a frightened hedgehog. Not even touched the dish with tansy, which I made especially for you. You have those visions again, don’t you? Listen to spirits and fallen magic creations.

    Peng sighed.

    – No spirits and creatures …

    – Listen to me, Penelope Grace Fairfax.If you continue to drive back and forth like a crazy harpy, then your secret will be revealed, and we will all perish.

    Peng took a deep breath of the cold air, spread her arms wide, and lifted her face towards the sun.

    – God be patient, Nani, I just warned about the storm.

    – Under a cloudless sky, madam.

    – You always complain that I too often give up common sense, taking into the house those who are unlucky, and when I issue cautious warnings and think about protecting those who are under my responsibility, you are unhappy here too.

    Never let logic stand in its way, Nanie drained her goblet and shook her fat finger at Peng.

    – You have become like out of this world again.

    Peng gave Nani a pained smile and touched the nurse’s red nose with her fingertip. Nani swung, but Peng whirled around and escaped her grasp. She left the loophole, but kept her gaze on the serene water.

    And the closer she gazed into the sea, the more her anxiety grew. Needles of foreboding prickled her palms.Suddenly she realized what that feeling was. She had tested him before when danger approached – a concrete and formidable danger. If she was right, then she needed protection like never before. She must prepare for disaster.

    Guest house “Charm”. Photos, prices, descriptions, reviews of vacationers.

    Guest House Ocharovanie (mini-hotel) is located in Loo-Mountain Air on the seashore, next to the famous Aqua-Loo Aqua Park and the Magadan sanatorium.Winter holidays are possible here. Rooms from economy to luxury category, for every taste and budget. Right from the doorstep, you feel a wonderful atmosphere of hospitality, and from the windows and loggias there is a beautiful view of the sea and mountains, the sea in 10-12 minutes of a calm walk along a flat shady asphalt path along the Sochi National Park. And what is important for your rest – you will not be disturbed and woken up at night by the roar of trains and the noise of the highway. This is a place where eternal happiness reigns, hidden from the rest of the world – a place where time slows down and life becomes carefree, even for a moment.

    All the necessary infrastructure in the immediate vicinity: stops of electric trains and minibuses, pharmacies, ATM, shops and markets, cafes and canteens, bars and restaurants, beach shops and sea attractions, there is even an “oriental strip-bar”. There are medical sanatoriums nearby (800m) – a relic forest, mountain streams, tea plantations and the famous Byzantine temple of the 8-9th century. The territory of the guest house is protected and surrounded by picturesque nature. The center of Sochi can be reached very conveniently by electric trains for 14 rubles, by minibuses for 40 rubles

    The beach is the largest and cleanest – small pebbles – this is the best beach all the way from Lazarevskoye to Adler.

    Please book in advance due to full occupancy and you will have the opportunity to relax here!

    Guest House “Ocharovanie” is a modern small mini-hotel on the seashore, superior comfort, located in an amazingly beautiful park area. Near the sanatorium Magadan, where you can take walks and, if you wish, undergo examination and treatment. The territory is guarded, free parking, a large garden with gazebos, benches, barbecue.

    Rooms are comfortable, with a separate entrance, balcony. The charm of nature is combined with quite modern amenities – in the room – hot shower, toilet, washbasin, hygienically clean new bed, two towels, air cooling fan or air conditioner, TV, comfortable furniture, Internet WiFi.

    The guest house has a tour desk – interesting excursions – to Krasnaya Polyana, Arboretum, Oceanarium, Riviera Park, 33 waterfalls, Paradise Delight, Jeeping and many others.others are organized directly at the guest house with delivery to the place of departure. In this area of ​​the Sochi coast you are guaranteed complete safety !!!

    Reservations provided

    Free drinks tasting. First aid is provided.

    Traveling in China Charm of Huangshan Mountains – China Radio International

    download audio file

    Hello dear friends! The program “Travels in China” is on the air.Host Li Zhongqing is at the microphone. Today we will visit the Huangshan Mountains together and admire the enchanting landscapes of this nature reserve.

    ?? A tourist from the Australian city of Melbourne Christina has traveled to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China more than once, but this is her first visit to mainland China. The Huangshan Mountains made a deep impression on her.

    “In the Huangshan Mountains, you can see natural attractions and very beautiful landscapes everywhere.I think it’s better to take the excursion on foot, you can see a lot of interesting things along the way. Huangshan Mountains attract numerous tourists with their charming landscapes. ”

    Mount Huangshan rises in the south-central part of China. Her area? is 1200 sq. km. Bizarre peaks rise here, adjacent to bottomless abysses. In the Huangshan mountains there are often thick fogs, humid air and a lot of precipitation. There is a saying in China: “If you have visited the five sacred mountains, then you can no longer go to the mountains at all.And after visiting Mount Huangshan, you can no longer go to the other four mountains. “

    In December 1990, UNESCO officially inscribed Huangshan in the List of World Natural Heritage Sites. According to the World Heritage Committee, Mount Huangshan is sung in literary and artistic works China For travelers, poets, painters and photographers from all over the world, Mount Huangshan has a timeless charm

    Darius Shroff from Bombay He had long wanted to visit the Huangshan Mountains and came here specially from Shanghai.

    “I read a lot about Huangshan on the Internet, I saw a photo of Huangshan. Whenever I opened the China Tour Guide, I always stopped my gaze on the article on the Huangshan Mountains. ”

    ?? Huangshan Mountain is considered to be the focus of all the elements that make up the picturesque Chinese mountains. In fact, Huangshan Mountain is known for four main attractions: pine trees, rocks, clouds and mineral springs.

    Huangshan pine? a unique phenomenon in botany.Growing on incredible steep slopes, pushing stones apart with powerful roots, this tree has tremendous vitality. The boundless fantasy of nature has given the century-old pines (and there are tens of thousands of them here), the most bizarre shapes. The most famous is the “Pine that welcomes guests”. No less fabulous images are conjured up by heaps of rocks. The figures of animals, birds and the faces of ancient people are guessed in them. The increased humidity of the air (due to heavy rainfall and many mountain streams) has caused a rare phenomenon: most of the time in the year Huangshan is wrapped in fog.It seems that he and the mountains form a single whole. A dense white mass sometimes covers the peaks with an impenetrable veil, then reveals them again. And also near the Huangshan Mountain there are mineral springs that are always ready to treat the traveler with crystal-clear, warm water. The water contains useful trace elements that are very beneficial for human health.

    ?? The Huangshan Mountains have difficult natural conditions, but the sustainable and balanced development of the ecological system remains. There are forests, mountain bogs and alpine meadows.The forested area of ​​the mountain exceeds 56%, and the area of ​​vegetation is almost 83%. Here you can find many types of medicinal plants and ancient trees.

    ?? A tourist from Washington named Chad Pattee is in China for the first time. He shared his impressions of the Huangshan Mountains.

    ?? “There are very beautiful landscapes here. I think that all the best landscapes in the Middle Kingdom are concentrated here. Unfortunately, it is foggy here, and I could not see Huangshan as a whole. The Huangshan Mountains are quiet, calm, I like it.I advise everyone to come here and enjoy the natural and cultural attractions in the Huangshan Mountains. ”

    In the Huangshan Mountains at different times of the year, in sunny or cloudy weather, completely different types of landscapes are observed. Huangshan Mountains always attract tourists with their original, changing landscapes. Tourist Xu Mingli came from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It was raining while she and her friends went on an excursion in the Huangshan Mountains. This is just a surprise for her.The Huangshan Mountains were completely different at that moment.

    “The Huangshan Mountains look different in different weather. Today it is foggy, everything is hiding in fog, clouds are floating around the pines, it is very beautiful, as if I were in paradise on Earth. Therefore, I want to say that the originality and variability of Huangshan’s landscapes impressed me deeply. I especially like the view of the pines in the clouds. You can hardly see such a beautiful landscape often. ”

    Besides the beautiful natural scenery, Huangshan Mountain also has a long and rich cultural heritage.It is not for nothing that Huangshan attracts numerous artists and poets who come here in search of inspiration. Innumerable works of art have been published that brought out the beauty and grandeur of Mount Huangshan from every angle.

    ? Huangshan tea – “Huangshan Maofeng” and the valuable medicinal plant “Huangshan Lingzhi” are famous all over the world. And the most famous of the local valuable trees are Huangshan pines. Mount Huangshan is still an ideal habitat for rare species of fauna.

    After visiting the Huangshan Mountains, a tourist from Paris Jean-Marc et Martine said:

    ?? “I am very worried. The fact is that I noticed that modernity and tradition are harmoniously combined here. In the beginning, I thought that here I can only see villages, architectural monuments and beautiful landscapes. However, we were surprised by many other things. It is a combination of modernity and tradition. It is very good. We will advise that even more French tourists travel to the Huangshan Mountains.Everything is well organized here, I am pleased here. The locals are hospitable. ”

    Dear radio listeners! This concludes our program “Traveling in China”. Write to us! Our address: PRC, Beijing, postal code: 100040, China Radio International, Russian Language Broadcasting Service, CRI-26. Email address: rus @ We are also waiting for you on the Internet at the website of the Russian service of RTOs. The address of the Russian-language portal of the International Radio of China: The addresses of the blogs of the Russian service of RTOs:, and also: Visit them, and you can not only listen to all our programs, but also read various and interesting information about China.

    Host Li Zhongqing was with you, thank you for your attention, stay with us!


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