Chanel day night weekend: 28 days later. Chanel Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend


28 days later. Chanel Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend

I’ve already previewed this trio of products and today, four weeks on, I am publishing my review.  I’ve actually been champing at the bit to sing out loud about how good this stuff is, but I decided to be disciplined and give it the full month 🙂

I can understand why they are pushing these so hard.  They are bloody brilliant.

These are designed to be used as a trio to completely reset your skin.  You use Le Jour every morning, along with your usual skincare routine.  For me this has meant a cleanse and tone, then applying Le Jour, then my eye cream, my SPF and my moisturiser.  Le Jour can be used under eye cream/around the eye area if you wish.  It can be used to replace your serum or be used before it.  In the summer, I’m happy to use it in lieu of a serum, in the wintertime, I’ll likely use a light serum on top of it.  It’s a clear gel, with a brisk scent, and I’ve found that one full pump is sufficient.

La Nuit is used in a similar fashion, every evening, after you remove makeup and cleanse/tone.  Again, you use

La Nuit either before or instead of your serum in your skincare routine, same as with Le Jour.  One full pump is more than enough, and again, it can be used around your eye area if you like.

Le Weekend is slightly different.  It is only to be used at the weekend (or whatever your own “weekend” equivalent is).  It is intended to be used for one or two days maximum, both day and night.  It should not be used near the eye area, and it’s intended to be used as a single item, so no serum and no moisturiser are applied afterwards (but apply your eye cream, same as usual).  This is a bit of a leap of faith, but trust me, it manages to do the job of both products on its own somehow, leaving your skin super soft and relaxed.  It’s a gel-cream hybrid and I find that I’m using slightly more of this, around one-and-a-half full pumps each time.

What I found…

On my first use of Le Jour, I must admit that I wasn’t convinced of it – it feels slightly cooling (nice), it smells faintly alcoholic (not nice, and had me wondering if it would dry out my skin).  It was very slightly drying on my skin as it happens, so I figured I will have to wait-and-see.

And my first use of La Nuit?  Oooooh.  Gorgeous.  Soft, comforting, comfortable, smells absolutely divine, feels amazing on my skin – both refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

Day two, when I woke up, I thought that my skin looked and felt refreshed, but that could have been me wanting to see a change – it needed a few days more to verify.

So, onwards.  The second day of Le Jour and La Nuit went more or less the same… I wasn’t convinced about Le Jour, I was in love with La Nuit.  And so it went for most of the first week.  Fast-track to the end of the week, as I couldn’t wait to use Le Weekend as I’d heard great things about it.  First use, first impressions?  Yum.  Smells delicious.  Feels strange – refreshing but quite moisturising after a couple of minutes on my face.  I was sceptical about not needing to use moisturiser on top of this but it’s absolutely true, it’s not necessary at all.

Week two… hang on a second… my skin was… wow!  Clearer and brighter.  Genuinely smoother.  Makeup and products were applying much more easily.  And during week two, I noticed that Le Jour was no longer making my skin feel a tiny bit dry.  So the claims of this skincare trio to “reset your skin” seem to have some basis in reality.

Week three… my skin felt silky smooth when I washed it in the shower every morning.  My skin was softer all the time, and it seemed to need (marginally) less makeup and less moisturiser.

And so it went, with each progressive week.  I absolutely attest to the genuine efficacy of this trio.  My skin looks younger.  (I don’t look younger unfortunately but my skin most certainly does does).  My complexion looks more rested – clearer and brighter.  My dark circles are very slightly lighter.  My fine lines (I’m lucky enough in that they’re still very fine) are very slightly diminished.  My skin is smoother and it positively glows (the last time I felt this Wow Factor about a skincare product was when I was 28 and I started using CDLM for the first time – back then people used to ask me what I was using on my skin;  I’ve had the same compliments and observations about my skin while using this.  And lets just say that there have been a few years between then and now).

The trio is not cheap, and I don’t know how long the products will last, but I am absolutely loving them and there’s no way I won’t replace when they’re used up.  Also as previously mentioned, my concern about Le Jour has passed – it doesn’t appear to dry out my skin, and I suspect that this is because I’m using the trio, together, as they are intended to be used, and not just Le Jour on its own.  The fact that Le Weekend replaces all other skincare products at the weekend also makes my weekend packing (when I’m travelling, which is often), much simpler 🙂

One quick note however.  Do not use Le Weekend on your skin in conjunction with any other AHA/BHA products (BHA in particular).  It stings like a jellyfish on acid when you apply Le Weekend after any acid-related facial.  Owweeee.  It was a bit of a dim thing to do, but I wasn’t thinking (week 2).  It won’t happen again!

Look here at my previous post outlining the trio in more detail, and look here on the Chanel site where it shows you how to use this amazing stuff.

Incidentally, Chanel also have a lot of links on their site containing supplementary information (how the work, the science behind them, you name it) if you’re interested in knowing more:

  • Le Jour info here and science here 
  • La Nuit info here and science here
  • Le Weekend info here and science here

Disclaimer: I was grateful to receive these from Chanel PR for my consideration, however my opinion is not swayed by the fact that these were complimentary – when I run out, I will categorically, emphatically, purchase.  Huge recommend.  Huge.

Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare – Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend

Well. When I first read about the Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare trio I thought it was a novel idea, but I honestly didn’t expect to see it in SA. Barely a month later I learnt that we will indeed see it on our shores, and I couldn’t wait to learn what it was all about.

I’ll say upfront that I haven’t gotten round to testing Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend myself, but what I like about the concept is that it’s suitable for all skin tones, skin types and ages. I also like that Chanel didn’t play it too safe – they’ve included fairly active ingredients where they could have included fluffy, feel-good, safe ingredients that would have had similar results as the ones promised here (although it would be temporary). I don’t know what the percentages of the actives are (some details follow below), but every product doesn’t need maximum strength everything. Chanel is a brand that falls in the premium/super premium category, which means their clientele still expects luxury and comfort even if they’re using a treatment product.

Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare system in a nutshell

The Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare system is a trio of products. As you may be able to gather from the French names, the three different products have different indications for use: Le Jour is for daytime, La Nuit (pronounced noo-wee, but faster than that) is for night time, and Le Weekend is for weekend use. I had a chat with the Chanel PR Manager about them, and the moral of the trio is to get our skins resynchronized. As our routines change and become more intense; there needs to be some adjustments to compensate for fast paced lifestyles and everything that goes with it.

Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare system – Le Jour, La Nuit, Le WeekendChanel Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend


Le Jour de Chanel {Reactivate}

Le Jour is intended to prepare your skin for the day ahead; to ensure it can adapt to its environment and cope with external stressors & irritants. It’s enriched with Jasmine extract to kickstart cell metabolism and aid in controlling the proteins that regulate cell growth (That’s the very simplified version. There was a lot of big words and new terms I had to study first). A second star ingredient is good old Salicylic Acid. This continuously & gently exfoliates the skin to provide radiance.

La Nuit de Chanel {Recharge}

According to studies done by Chanel, not only are we sleeping less and less; we’re also not sleeping as well as we can. La Nuit contains a Frankincense extract, which is very soothing due to naturally occurring boswellic acids. Soothing ingredients are essential even if you don’t think you have a sensitive skin – often our skins are in a chronic, undetectable state of inflammation. This may not be visible to the naked eye, but persistent inflammation leads to pigmentation, amongst other things. The second active ingredient is micro-encapsulated Hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump.

Le Weekend de Chanel {Renew}

Since weekends very seldom equals rest; Chanel’s finding a way to give your skin a break with a purpose. Le Weekend de Chanel focuses on skin’s basic needs – balance, hydration and comfort and gentle purification. La Weekend is enriched with May Rose Water to calm, soothe and relax; and Glycolic acid to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells (thus refining skin texture) while providing hydration. Can be used morning and evening.

Chanel Le Weekend. Note the bottle and pump – I’ love this instead of a dropper, mostly for hygiene. I feel like sending this pic to every brand that tells me their serum is in a clear bottle with a dropper/their cream is in a jar because ‘their clients favour a more luxurious/premium look’.

I’ve unfortunately chucked the boxes away so I can’t say anything with regards to which other ingredients these guys contain. They’re intended to be used intermittently, as your skin needs a boost, for a few weeks at a time. I’m planning to trial the complete Resynchronizing System for a week or two, I must just get my ducks in a row. Will the products ‘work’ separately? Absolutely, there’s nothing here that forces you to use them all – you can always pick a specific product for your needs; and I’ve heard that Le Weekend is a favourite.

Lastly, it’s very important to use an SPF with these as the various acids can make your skin more receptive to sun damage – even if you’re only going to use La Nuit, you’ll still need at least an SPF20 during daytime.

Chanel Le Jour 50ml (R970), La Nuit 50ml (R970) and Le Weekend 50ml(R1160) are already in stores. You can also buy the full set for R2900. I had an internal debate with myself regarding product prices, and then I figured we all know our own budgets, and you can either afford it or you can’t – I don’t believe arguing for or against a product’s price is really part of my job.

C xx


Beauty: Smooth Operator… refine your complexion

At this windy and chilly time of year, we can tend to think that it’s all about the moisturiser, but even the best moisturiser won’t make much difference to a moon-like skin surface. Before you can put back in the moisture leached out by the cold and the central heating, you need to slough off dead skin cells and generally refine the complexion. Scrubbing is one way to go at it, but nightly (and/or daily) application of fruit acids, retinoids and AHAs is also an option. And if you don’t believe me, check out the website of skincare guru Caroline Hirons, who believes that an exfoliating toner should be part of your daily regime.

hen it comes to these products, starting out with a relatively gentle exfoliating treatment is key. Thinning of the skin is not likely to occur with at-home-strength products, but protect your skin with an SPF – which you use anyway, right? These are the warnings, but the rewards are more perceptible and satisfying than almost any other product you’ll use. Regularly exfoliated skin will be brighter; skin that is being treated to retinol or fruit acids will have a softer texture and softer lines, and you’ll quickly see that smoothed skin is far more easily moisturised.

Best Overall

SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.3 Refining Night Treatment, €58, for stockists, see

Unless you’re a seasoned user of retinol, go easy with this product to start. The brand recommends using it every third night to begin with, building up to a nightly application of only a pea-sized amount. Significantly, the pump-action packaging of this product guarantees stability, because this ingredient deteriorates easily. “I saw results and saw them fast,” said a panellist. “A definite smoothness boost, and a pronounced softening of my lines. A great start to my new year.”

Best Serum

Chanel Le Weekend de Chanel, €90.50, Chanel counters nationwide

This serum is one of a trio from Chanel. The two others, Le Jour and La Nuit, are for use all week, before switching to this at Le Weekend. This cream, which has a glycolic acid base, is for use morning and/or night, according to tolerance. Glycolic acid is a great ingredient to gobble up dead skin cells, and it makes skin more receptive to hydrating ingredients such as the included rose water. “I like a product that gives a reassuring tingle, which this does,” said a panellist. “I saw an improvement in uneven skin tone and winter roughness.”

Best Smart Soothers

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, €26.95, see

Without a doubt, these are a knacky way of getting your skin a dose of glycolic and lactic acids, both of which will exfoliate and refine. Each pot contains 60 pads, which are well soaked in a solution of complexion-smoothing acids, as well as extracts of cucumber, gooseberry and licorice, which promise to tone and soothe. “There’s more than enough product on each pad to cover face, neck and decollete,” a panellist said. “My skin looked brighter and bouncier.”

Best Eye Option

Avene YstheAl Eye and Lip Contour Cream, €26.99, selected pharmacies nationwide

Most products with a retinol base or fruit acids will recommend that you completely and utterly avoid applying them around the eyes, which is a shame, given that this is where we see the earliest and most persistent wrinkles. This brand is aimed at sensitive skin, which informs this product for the eye area, whose active ingredient is retinaldehyde, a less irritating variation on retinol, with good plumping and smoothing results. “Gentle and utterly non-irritating,” a panellist said. “The results are not dramatic, but I think my crow’s feet looked less harsh.”

Best Fruity Toner

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, €31, Clarins counters nationwide

Think of this toner as a great starting point for the introduction of exfoliating ingredients into your routine, as it gently smooths skin with fruit acid that’s extracted from tamarind. It’s gentle enough to use every day, morning and night, but it makes a nice option as a morning toner, if you’re using retinol or something more heavy-duty at night. “This definitely makes my skin look that bit brighter, I reckon,” a panellist said. “I also like that it feels like an old-school toner, but it doesn’t have the paint-stripper effect of one.”

Email [email protected]

It’s Hollykins!: PR – Chanel LE JOUR, LA NUIT, LE WEEKEND

Please enjoy the following press release from Chanel which introduces their brand new Limited Edition travel size set of skincare.



Launching 6th June 2014

Three complementary skincare products that restore the skin’s fundamental functions and resynchronize its natural rhythms every day.

CHANEL introduces a limited edition travel set of its award-winning range of targeted skincare.



The first skincare product of the ritual, LE JOUR DE CHANEL gives skin the energy it needs and helps it continuously adapt to its environment. 

The jasmine complex reactivates a fundamental mechanism of energy and cellular vitality. 

It helps skin adapt to its environment. Micro-dosed salicylic acid provides gentle and gradual exfoliation. 

Pores are tightened and the complexion looks even. 

Skin is smooth and luminous.



The second skincare product of the ritual, LA NUIT DE CHANEL envelops the skin in a soothing cocoon. 

Every night, frankincense extract calms cells excited by the assaults of the day. 

A time-released hyaluronic acid helps skin recharge all night long. When you wake up, features are rested. 

Skin is supple and plump.



The third skincare product of the ritual, LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL resurfaces the skin weekly. 

May Rose water, combined with a high-tolerance glycolic acid complex specific to CHANEL, exfoliates and lastingly hydrates. 

Cellular renewal is stimulated within the epidermis. Skin texture is refined. 

Skin is replenished, softer and more luminous.

Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend de Chanel 15ml kit RRP £60.00 (Limited Edition)

Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend

This is possibly the first time I am posting about a product/launch the same day I attended the event.  I was rather surprised that these products would make its way to Malaysia so soon, when it had only launched in the States a few weeks back. 

As I previously wrote, I was particularly interested in this range as it can be incorporated into any existing regime and the ingredients used sounded okay for my sensitive-acne prone skin. This concept of regenerating the skin is a first for Chanel and in my opinion many other brands as well, and should definitely be embraced given our increasingly hectic lifestyles which in the long run would put a strain on our own skin/body’s capability to regenerate itself.
“Where beauty begins…”
Venue was classy and well set-up with attention to detail, as at all Chanel events

No surprises that I came home with all 3 products as I felt they addressed most of my current skin’s needs. While I’ve tried Chanel skincare on and off, I have actually never invested in a full range nor used them all at the same time. This is a first for me with Chanel (not considering their makeup launches).

All 3 products have a different and beautiful scent derived from flowers. When I read that Le Jour (50ml, MYR250) had Jasmine in it, I cringed a little as most perfumes or lotions with this flower in it didn’t sit well with me. I sniffed it expecting to find the same explosive Jasmine but to my surprise it was more of a dried, subdued, Jasmine instead which was nice. Sorta like how roses and dried-roses have a same yet different fragrance to it. It pumps out clear and a little thick but when applied has a very light texture and absorbs well. Le Jour can be used under any serum as it works by reactivating the skin and helps boost the following products used. I currently already use 2 different serums in the morning and was informed it is completely okay to use Le Jour underneath them. 

La Nuit (50ml, MYR250) has soothing Frankincense fragrance, very much like those used when meditating but lighter and is a perfect scent for unwinding at the end of the day. The creamy texture is heavier than Le Jour but totally necessary in my opinion as night products should always be more nourishing. It helps regenerate the skin and is meant to be used as a last step of your nightcare, after serum and moisturizer.

Out of the 3, Le Weekend (50ml, MYR313) sounds the most promising and it also reminded me of the Alpha-H Liquid Gold which I have just started to use. The texture is velvety and has a light rose scent (again, not the usual Rose found in most skincare/fragrances) and works during the weekends to renew skin with the 6% glycolic acid content. There is no need to use a serum or moisturizer with this treatment- just apply it after your toner and top it with SPF, once a week, day and night. 
If I had to pick one, it would probably be Le Weekend but I find that my skin would benefit from Le Jour and La Nuit as well. Considering that I don’t have to spend much for skincare these days (due to work and gifts), this is actually a good investment and can be used with my current products. The price may sound a little steep but considering that it comes in a 50ml bottle and you don’t need much, it should last about 3 months (I go through a 30ml bottle of serum in 2 months when used once a day, everyday).

Am waiting to clear off a few more products on my vanity before breaking open these lovelies, will update again in a few months!

For all Malaysians, these products will be available early August onwards at all Chanel counters.

*On a side note, there will also be limited pieces of the coveted black Chanel eyelash curler for sale. I managed to pick up a few boxes years back, and I stocked up a few today too. They make great gifts. The curve fits my eyelids better than Shu Uemura’s legendary curler and MAC’s, check it out as they sell out in a blink!

Face of the Day: Simple Smokey Eye with Chanel Winter Nights Quad

This week I received some nice e-mails asking about the smokey eye makeup I wore to my lil’ brother’s graduation last weekend. This morning, I thought I’d try the full face look again.

As far as complete looks are concerned, this one is quick and easy to do. I used shades from the Chanel Winter Nights Quad, a versatile set with four basic, but pretty shades of pink, peachy gold, green and light brown. The look works well for the office or for things like family functions or semi-formals.

The first layer of eye makeup…

  1. MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot on the browbone and fully into the crease
  2. MAC Quite Natural on the lid and barely into the crease

The second layer of eye makeup…

  1. Peach-gold shade from the Chanel Winter Nights Quad on the browbone and on the lower lash line (layered on top of the dark green shade mentioned below)
  2. Light brown shade from the Chanel Winter Nights Quad on the lid and barely into the crease
  3. Dark green shade from the Chanel Winter Nights Quad on the lower half of the lid and the lower lash line (layered on top of the Lancome waterproof liner mentioned next)
  4. Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting Liner in Noir on the upper and lower water and lash lines

The corresponding shades from the Chanel Winter Nights Quad (Note: For this look, I didn’t use the pink shade):

To finish the look…



Dark circles (trust me, they’re pretty bad today!)

  • MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW 25
  • Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder #2



  • Redpoint Airbrush Effects Blushwhip in Glow


Good morning, beautiful! I hope you slept well. Last night my brother came over and we hung out for a spell; I gave him yet another bottle of conditioner along with a good lecture about post-college job hunting, LOL. I have to take care of errands today in preparation for the trip tomorrow. I like to carry my makeup with me onto the plane (to protect it from evildoers!), and I need to get some big, clear Ziploc bags to store everything in. I should also pick up a travel sample size of Bumble & Bumble Super Rich conditioner.

Are you ready for Friday? Let me know how you’re doing.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


For more fun beauty bits, try your luck with my random post generator. Click for a totally random post.🙂

90,000 largest watch brands leave Baselworld – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The largest watch brands – Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Chanel and the actively growing brand Tudor, the “younger brother” of Rolex, have refused to further participate in the international exhibition Baselworld. They decided to create an alternative event in Geneva in collaboration with FHH (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie). The name of the new exhibition is still unknown. It will be held in April, in parallel with Watches & Wonders (until last year it was the SIHH showroom), in the same Palexpo complex.It would seem, what the end consumer cares about these purely industry-specific events? Let’s try to explain.

A watch is a rather complicated and expensive product. It is difficult to sell it simply as a “fashionable pretty thing.” Therefore, the bulk of the visitors to the exhibitions are dealers and journalists who can turn the presented watch in their hands (tactile sensations are important), ask specialists many questions and competently tell a potential buyer about new products – so that he can comprehensively evaluate the models and make an informed purchase decision.

This year, due to the cancellation due to the coronavirus of all global watch exhibitions – Basel, Geneva and the Time To Move show organized by the Swatch Group for its brands – we will see a noticeable decrease in the total number of new products. Someone “holds” premieres until full-fledged presentations in 2021, someone has not yet developed a strategy for alternative (and effective) communication of information, and someone has switched to online mailings in the hope that the Internet will start selling somehow by itself: it development dictates its own, as yet not always clear, laws.

But over the past two or three years it has become clear that the formerly unshakable exhibition system is becoming an anachronism. Watch exhibitions are in a fever. In 2018, the Swatch Group refused to participate in the world’s oldest Baselworld, and since 2019 the main pavilion has lost more than a dozen of its brands. Among them are three companies with a turnover of over 1 billion Swiss francs (Omega, Longines and Tissot) and famous brands with a glorious history (Breguet, Blancpain, Jaquet Droz, Rado, Harry Winston). The Swatch Group organized its own Time to Move event, which it held in 2019, and Baselworld, in addition to image damage, suffered tangible material losses in the amount of several tens of millions of Swiss francs in annual rent.

Photo: Baselworld

Following the Swatch Group, Dior, Seiko, Corum, Raymond Weil, Fendi, Swarovski, Festina, Maurice Lacroix, Movado and others disappeared from Basel. A large company Breitling announced its refusal to participate in 2020. Many complained about the unjustifiably high prices for space and the discrepancy between the results of the exhibition and the costs of it. The head of the Swatch Group, Nick Hayek, saying that he sees no more sense in traditional watch events, added that he is not obliged to pay for the new palace of Herzog and de Meuron (in 2013, a global reconstruction of the exhibition complex was completed by the project of these two architects, Pritzker Prize winners worth CHF 430 million – approx.ed.) and said that “MCH Group (Baselworld management – ed.) is too busy depreciating the new building instead of mustering the courage and making real change.” The MCH Group verbally acknowledged the need for change: “With the development of the Internet, Baselworld is no longer the communications and ordering platform it was in the past.”

Reconstructed complex in Basel with an area of ​​141,000 sq. m, architectural bureau Herzog & de Meuron.Photo: Baselworld

Anchors that still kept Baselworld afloat remained such giants as Rolex, Patek Philippe and the brands of the LVMH concern (Hublot, Zenith, TAG Heuer and Bvlgari). It was believed that as long as they exist, the exhibition also has chances. However, LVMH held its own LVMH Watch Week in Dubai earlier this year, after which the Bvlgari brand announced its abandonment of Basel.Solutions of other brands, it seems, should be expected just for the sake of interest.

Baselworld is the largest watch exhibition held in Basel, Switzerland since 1917 and successfully survived not only the Great October Revolution, but also World War II, during which it remained regular. This year’s cancellation is the first ever, and next year could be disastrous for Baselworld.

Now we are witnessing a rapid development of events.The watchmakers and the Baselworld management could not find a common language. The demarche was loud. The main subject of the quarrel was not only the decision taken by the MCH Group to postpone the exhibition, but also the conditions for refunding money for the failed event, with which the participants did not agree. As a result, Rolex and its “junior” brand Tudor, as well as Patek Philippe, Chanel and Chopard stated that “this departure follows a series of uncoordinated and unilateral decisions taken by the leadership of Baselworld in the hope of saving the existence of the exhibition – such as the postponement to January 2021, and the recent failure to meet the expectations and needs of brands. “You can retell this florid quote in one Harms phrase: “The theater is closing, we are all sick!”

In response, MCH Group expressed “great surprise and deep regret”. In her statement, it is said that the transfer of the fair to January was approved by all interested parties, including the management of Rolex, that the desire of brands to move to Geneva was never expressed, from which MCH Group concludes that the demarche was conceived in advance and disputes about financial conditions serve only as an excuse.

Photo: Baselworld

What’s next? In Geneva Watches & Wonders (until last year, the salon was called SIHH), brands from the Richemont group (Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Piaget and others) traditionally participate, as well as brands from the Kering group (Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux) and several independent brands.The organizer of Watches & Wonders is the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH). Since its foundation in 1991, this salon has been a constant competitor to Baselworld – it took not in quantity, but in quality of participants. However, the level of brands that have now left Basel for Geneva is so high that they cannot exist in the position of “newbies” and will not be integrated into Watches & Wonders: in the same Palexpo exhibition center, their spaces will exist in parallel.

It is gratifying that, unlike the Basel organizers, FHH not only did not quarrel with the participants of the canceled Watches & Wonders this year, but also managed to convince new partners that it can offer them “the best professional platform, applying a common vision to successfully solve tasks in the watch industry “.Other brands that have not yet announced their participation are expected to join this new “double” exhibition in April 2021.

Update from April 17, 2020. Rossiyskaya Gazeta has just received an official press release from the watch division of the LVMH & Bvlgari group. He fully confirmed our assumptions: these manufactories also decided to leave Baselworld and “join other flagship brands of the Swiss watch industry in Geneva from 2021”.They leave “in order to preserve their image and their relationships with clients and also with the media.” “This is an opportunity for us to rethink the format and content of one of the key moments of our watchmaking business,” said Stefan Bianchi, CEO of LVMH Watch Division (Hublot, Zenith, TAG Heuer). “We look forward to traveling to Geneva in April 2021, although we still need to decide on the terms of our participation, which we will clarify in the coming weeks,” confirmed Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bvlgari Group.

Rolex Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouate. Photo: Rolex

Jean-Frédéric Dufour, CEO of Rolex (this company was the initiator of the “exodus”) and member of the Tudor board: “We have been participating in Baselworld since 1939. Unfortunately, given the developments and recent decisions made by the MCH Group and despite the great affection we had for this watch show, we decided to leave. After discussions initiated by Rolex, it is only natural to create a new event with partners who share our vision.This will allow us to join forces and better serve the interests of the industry. “

Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe. Photo: Patek Philippe

Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe:” The decision to leave Baselworld was not easy for me as I am fourth generation the Stern family, traditionally participating in this event every year. But life is constantly evolving, everything is changing, and people too – be it at the level of watch fair organizers, brands or clients.We constantly have to adapt and rethink what we do. What was right yesterday does not necessarily remain so today! Patek Philippe is no longer in line with Baselworld’s vision, we had too many discussions and unresolved issues, no more trust. We must meet the needs of our retailers, customers and the press. They should be able to discover new models every year, at the same time, in one place, presented in the most professional way.That is why, after several discussions with Rolex and in coordination with other brands, we all decided to create a unique event in Geneva together. ” who started at the Basel show in 1964 with a stand of only 25 square meters, explained his decision as follows: “After careful consideration, our family decided to support the Rolex initiative. This is a painful decision.But creating a new watch show in Geneva, in parallel with Watches & Wonders, will enable us to better serve our watchmaking partners and our customers. Through this alliance, great watch houses will be able to work together to advance the interests of Swiss watchmaking. “

Frédéric Grangier, CEO of Chanel Watches & Fine Jewelery:” Like our partners, Chanel maintains independence and a commitment to protecting and promoting our values, know-how, highest quality and precision.The new exhibition will allow us to present all of our creations in a high standard setting. “

Jerome Lambert, speaking on behalf of the FHH Council, was short:” Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie is pleased to welcome a new showroom that will reinforce the historic appearance of Watch & Wonders in Geneva early April next year. “

Henri Guidel. Book reviews

What do we usually expect from biographies? A detailed story about the circumstances of the personal and social life of the person we are interested in, the attitude of contemporaries towards him, a careful consideration of all facets of his outstanding personality, the disclosure of his secrets and mysteries.The biographer Henri Guidel coped with this difficult task.
Coco Chanel became a legend during her lifetime, which, by the way, she created in many ways, telling half-truths about herself, which only confused. Called a different date and place of her birth, incorrect information about her family. Chanel’s own attempts to write her biography failed – they were insincere, lacking vivid details, and therefore could not arouse the interest of readers.

She did not want to talk in detail about her sad childhood.And completely in vain! Ten years in the monastery, where his father gave the Chanel sisters after the death of their mother, neither strict manners nor a sister’s cane could bring up humility and humility in young Gabrielle. On the contrary, they only strengthened her firmness of character and an irresistible desire to break out of poverty and obscurity. An observant girl remembered everything unusual. The harsh walls of the church monastery and the strict clothes of nuns will in the future bring severity and asceticism, laconic simplicity into the unique style of Chanel.Hence, probably, her love for the contrast of black and white. At the same time, often looking during the service at the intricate interweaving of the stained glass pattern, she admired the beauty of its lines, and then one of the weaves that stuck in her memory became the personal logo and brand of the Fashion House. Those very two intertwined letters C. In the mysterious signs on the floor of the monastery hall, she read her favorite number 5, which she considered happy for herself since childhood.
Here, young Gabrielle was taught to sew, and although the sewing in the monastery was of a purely utilitarian nature, the grain, as they say, fell on fertile soil.And the aunt, to whom the sisters came on vacation, showed her how to apply the acquired skills, taught her to sew ladies’ hats.
Gidel does not forget to tell in detail how and when ideas came to Chanel, which were later embodied in her collections. Having become independent, Koko became interested in horse riding. She was madly in love with the clothes of jockeys, and this beautiful solemn ritual of the beginning of the competition, which later resulted in the use of elements of men’s clothing in women’s models. There is, of course, the history of the creation of Chanel No.5, and a little black dress, and a short haircut from Chanel when she cut her long braid in March 1917 to match her new look. A little more detail about Diaghilev’s “Russian Seasons”, which laid the foundation for the Slavic style in the collections of the trendsetter. Colorful embroidery, folk style shirts, sundresses. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, multiplied by brilliant music and choreography! To implement the ideas, Coco needed a greater scope and she significantly expanded her staff.50 skilled embroiderers were hired to work. During this period, Chanel somewhat deviated from her style, which her competitor Paul Poiret unkindly called “poverty de luxe”.
The war years and the story when, out of good intentions, according to some historians, Coco almost became a disgrace to France, is told quite sensibly, albeit without proof.
The book is replete with the names of famous Chanel men – Etienne Balzan, Sergei Diaghilev, Igor Stravinsky, Duke of Westminster, Walter Schellinberg… I don’t think it can be said that she prudently used her acquaintance with them for her career. It was a creative union of equals. If the ardent Koko fell in love, then she loved it seriously. She could do that. how she knew how to be grateful and generous. All her life, remaining “frightening, attractive, human”, she lived with her feelings, hard to bear the loss.
And yet, the main thing in her life was work, her vocation, which she served until the last days. When Paul Irib suddenly died, she was in severe depression and work, which had always been the salvation and meaning of life, helped her to get out of this mental devastation.She then said to her close acquaintance: “Do not forget, Raymond, that even if you find yourself at the very bottom of grief, if you have nothing left at all, not a single living soul around, you always have a door on which you can knock. is work. ” And so it happened …
The beginning of the book was interesting, but from the middle it began to tire me. Wading through numerous descriptions of castles, beautiful things and interiors, names from the fashion world and all their intrigues, I missed, but endured, knowing that there should be a big surprise in the end.The surprise that Coco Chanel showed everyone with her triumphant return to the fashion world after a long absence. At 72, she managed not only to regain the title of one of the best fashion designers in the world, but also to give a new direction to fashion. A stunningly bright and strong final chord of this unique woman’s life!
I can’t resist putting

at least a few photos

90,000 Basques showed their beautiful kitty Chanel Nikolaevna

Basque showed his beautiful kitty Chanel Nikolaevna @nikolaibaskov

01:25 02.08.2020 Singer Nikolai Baskov showed what kind of beauty he lives with now. He showed the Russians the beautiful kitty Chanel Nikolaevna.

Singer Nikolai Baskov showed his new favorite Chanel Nikolaevna on Instagram video.The beauty kitty appeared with the artist recently. He now represents her “My Chanel”. Fans congratulated Baskov on the replenishment.

In a new video that he published, Basque communicates with a cat. At the meowing Chanel, the singer is trying to find out what she wants. The artist himself noted that he had already fed and drunk the kitten, and even played with him.

But observant subscribers noticed that he forgot to stroke his beauty. They suggested to Baskov that the kitten wants to “get on the hands”.Some also added that Chanel is still getting used to the house and misses her cat mom.

Earlier, NEVSKIE NEWS wrote, Nikolay Baskov, invited to the new show of Nastya Ivleeva, publicly insulted her. “Golden Voice” of Russia compared the famous presenter with prostitutes.

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Partner materials:

90,000 “Night at the Manege”, the history of Russian performance and a concert by Sean Nicholas Savage – Archive

Cinema and Theater

“Grandmothers” in “Practice”
An attempt to reconstruct the outgoing nature

Photo: Praktika Theater

The performance is based on the book “The Russian Village in the Stories of Its Inhabitants” and audio recordings and videos collected by the staff of the Institute of the Russian Language of the Russian Academy of Sciences.Actresses do not copy real people, but construct characters from the “workday”, “creep” and “kolshevya” collected by ethnographers. Well, God would be with him, with the verbatim. These “grandmothers” look universal and reliable, and from their stories, word for word, the cosmos of the disappearing village with its rituals and customs is formed.

  • Where “Practice”
  • When October 17, 20.00

Downey a film about a family tragedy

Photo: Karo Premier

A successful and highly self-confident lawyer arrives in his hometown for his mother’s funeral and discovers that his own father, a local judge with thirty years of experience and a difficult character, is suspected of her murder. Drama by David Dobkin (Targets) starring Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall and Billy Bob Thornton.

Beat Weekend 2014
One of a Kind Music Film Festival

Photo: Beat Film Festival

Once again, the curators of the Beat Film Festival have compiled an impressive selection of documentaries about music and cultural processes associated with it.The regional version of the festival will show seven films: “The National: Mistaken for Strangers” – a chronicle of the tour of a famous band, a chronicle of the rave culture “Old School Renegades”, the Pulp live album, a phantasmagoric day in the life of Nick Cave “20,000 Days on Earth” (prize for Sundance Festival), Blur’s magnificent No Distance Left to Run tribute, Alice Cooper’s favorite Jekyll & Hyde biography, and David Lynch’s Duran Duran film.

Festivals and fairs

Moscow Cultural Forum
The last part of the forum about the new culture of Moscow


On Saturday, a cultural forum ends at the Manezh, where they discussed for almost the whole week how museums, theaters, parks are being renovated in Moscow and what will happen to them next. On Friday, guests will have lectures and round tables. So, for example, you can visit a round table with Sergei Kapkov and Peter Mansilla-Cruz about the creation of a single information center for Moscow libraries or a discussion about where to find experienced culture managers. The fourth and last day of the forum will become a festival: there will be no serious conversations and lectures, instead there will be performances by musicians, performances and stories of cultural activists in Moscow about their projects.The program includes a gala concert of the Jazz Manor participants, the Estrorama design laboratory, a presentation of the Kidsout school of babysitting and a choreographic performance Frozen Laughter.

  • Where Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”
  • When 15-18 October

“Night at the Manege”

Concert On-The-Go, Stay Hungry Backyard party and Kvyatkovsky’s “Normansk”


The most interesting part of the forum for the townspeople will be “Night at the Manege”, it will begin at 21.00 on Friday and end late at night. At 21.15 they promise to show “Normansk” by Yuri Kvyatkovsky, at 22.00 – the performance “Flowers” by the Liquid Theater team, at 1.00 – an On-The-Go concert and almost all day – a Stay Hungry Backyard party with street food, shots and music.

  • Where Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”
  • When 17 October

Beer Day at Entuziast
15 sorts of craft beer in a pleasant company

Photo: Egor Slizyak

The motor workshop “Enthusiast”, which we recently wrote about in the review of places with craft beer, is organizing a beer festival.They promise 15 types of this drink, DJ sets and, in general, a pleasant pastime.

  • Where Motorcycle workshop “Enthusiast”
  • When October 18, from 16.00

Luxury Garage Sale

Chanel and Dior collapse in favor of children with developmental disabilities


For those who dream of acquiring louboutins and at the same time doing a good deed on Sunday, they hold a good sale with the stupid name of Luxury Garage Sale.The proceeds from the sale of Chanel wallets, Givenchy shoes and other items at discounts from 50 to 90% will be donated to the Center for Curative Education, which works with children with various developmental disabilities. Men have nothing to do – there will be only women’s clothes, they promise a little nursery, entertainment is also planned for children, such as a master class on making chocolates on a stick and painting gingerbread. The sweets will be immediately sold, and the money will be transferred to the same fund.

The second Luxury Garage Sale will take place on Sunday 19 October from 13.00 to 20.00 in the very center of Moscow, in the recently opened restaurant “Orange 3” by Maison Dellos (Tverskoy Boulevard, 26/2).

  • Where Restaurant “Orange 3”, Tverskoy blvd, 26/2
  • When October 19, 13.00–20.00

Concerts and parties

Girl Unit in Solyanka
An excellent British producer who undeservedly remains in the shadow of his colleagues

Photo: promo

Philip Gamble has long been noticed on the electronic scene – back in 2010 he released two excellent EPs, “Wut” and “I.R.L “, but since then he has been somewhat latent and mostly hones his craft on remixes. They are, of course, good, but it’s a pity that his colleagues on the labels Night Slugs and Fade to Mind, who are practically in no way superior to him, have already released albums (some not one by one), and he still releases very little. However, he did not lose any of his skills, which can be seen thanks to his production on Kelela’s last mixtape – and at the next performance at Solyanka.

  • Where “Solyanka”
  • When October 17, 23.45

Sean Nicholas Savage
A humble, sweet-voiced multi-song singer from Canada

Photo: Maya Fuhr

In the summer, the Canadian singer has already come to Moscow, but this time he will also visit St. Petersburg – and the organizers say that not everyone could fit in the Garden last time. For six years, Savage has released ten albums, which differ from each other only in the degree of gloom and low-fidelity – but when was this loyalty to the chosen method a disadvantage? Sean Nicholas’ songs are more reminiscent not of his friends and colleagues like Mac DeMarco and Majical Cloudz, but of Lionel Richie and other sweet-voiced singers of the eighties – and so much the better.

  • Where Powerhouse
  • When October 17, 21.00

Ghetto Kingdom Party with French Fries
Parisian producer with a good sense for rhythmic house – and in good company


Valentino Kanzani Mora, known by his uncomplicated pseudonym, comes to Moscow only with a DJ set, but, despite his production work, it is precisely this hypostasis of him that is obligatory for acquaintance – to watch how he jumps through various subgenres of house, forcing it is a pleasure to dance to the audience.Local support is no less good – here are OL, who performed at the first Moscow Boiler Room, Nphonix, Moscowtraxx member Fisky, St. Petersburg house and techno lover Dildodino, and the party hosts Ghetto Kingdom, Solo * and LOL123.

  • Where “Solyanka”
  • When October 18, 23.00

Deep Fried Friends Birthday Party 2 in #LOL
Birthday of one of the most notable parties in the capital

Photo: / pages / Deep-Fried-Friends

In two years, Deep Fried Friends from a get-together of five friends and their acquaintances has grown from a small event at Strelka into one of the main Moscow parties – and for the birthday of Marko Mikhich-Eftic, Artur Semkov, Arseny Shlykov, Ivan Popov and Alexei Morozov move to #LOL; as they say, there will be even more space. In addition to the DFF star team, on the second dance floor there will be the so-called “Pussy Bar” – the female version of the main cast: Dasha Yastrubitskaya, Olga “OMMA” Maksimova, Vera Kholmova, Diana Duban, Alina Kvirkvelia and Yulia Ardabyevskaya; even if most of the aforementioned names do not tell you anything, then know that on Saturday night it will be there that you can dance until you drop.

  • Where Bar #LOL
  • When October 18, 22.00


“Performance in Russia: Cartography of History”
Chronology of performance in Russia from the beginning of the 20th century

Photo: Press Service of the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture

This is the first in-depth study of the performance tradition in Russian art.Despite the fact that performance seems to us to be a modern invention, its roots go back to the early 20th century, when avant-garde artists mixed together theater, painting, architecture and sculpture in search of a synthesis of arts. Chronologically, the visitor will advance through the century-old history of the use of acting practices in art – from the avant-garde to Soviet unofficial art. The peculiarity of the exhibition is not only a scientific approach, but also a special interactivity, which will allow viewers to choose their own route of inspection.Each work will be marked with several tags, with the help of which the visitor can choose what is more interesting for him – to look at costumes or landscapes, and independently study the exhibition by topic.

  • Where Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
  • When from October 17

“Facts and Fictions”

An entertaining exhibition of photography of different genres and eras, collected by topic

Photo: Multimedia Art Museum / MDF

This exhibition is a typical example of a solid commercial project, and so what, it’s not every day in Moscow that you see such a variety of styles, genres and subjects.Facts and fictions, as the organizers explain, are two main concepts, the totality of which defines the essence of photography as art. At first, the photographer was an artist and the pictures imitated painting, then the reporting genre came – and the person with the camera turned into an impassive observer of reality. Today photography is moving towards creating new images that arise from seemingly ordinary photographs. This is no longer propaganda, but also not photojournalism, not an imitation of other forms of art, but also not a fictional reality, but rather a transformation – both of photography itself and of its goals.

  • Where Museum Multimedia Art Museum
  • When until November 9
90,000 Alexander Vasiliev in Kaluga. Day and night of fashionable unity. Part two

Alexander Vasiliev: “I never look at the crowd either in Moscow or even in Paris, because I am a free person, I have no complexes: I do not evaluate others, and I do not care how they evaluate me.” …

Well, our rubric, on the contrary, is engaged in the fact that every week peers into the crowd of Kaluga residents. We try to avoid ratings, however, we are always ready to mark those who, in our opinion, are dressed with taste, and to reward those who turned out to be the most stylish in the opinion of the portal visitors. For example, Denis Sotskov, walked around the square of the World, casually throwing his scarf over his shoulder, and quite deservedly (according to the results of your vote) received a prize.

By the way, the scarf as such, and the ability to wear it, especially in the autumn-winter period, is almost the only original replica of a man that speaks of the degree of his elegance.The tie, as an invariable wardrobe attribute, according to the fashion historian, remained in the 20th century. Alexander Vasiliev himself, a well-known wearer of scarves, and Kaluga journalists appeared with this magnificently knitted accessory. See how imposing a person who tied a scarf in the manner of Vasiliev can look like.

And here are a couple of examples of the most popular ways of wearing a scarf among Kaluga residents:

Of course, women came to the performance that Alexander Vasiliev showed in our city. However, in the hall we saw literally a few representatives of the stronger sex, and they must be given their due, their appearance in every possible way tried to correspond to the event.

From the stage, meanwhile, there was an exciting story about the path to fame of the legendary personality. And we, before learning the riddle of Coco Chanel in the interpretation of Alexander Vasiliev, walked around Kaluga in November and its environs. Our photo impressions:

About her childhood in the village …

About the origins of her love for simplicity, black-white-gray …

About the inability to sew or draw, but the ability to use other people’s ideas and raise them to the rank of their own inventions …

About relationships with women and men, about never realized dreams of marriage …

About the rivalry with Elsa Schiaparelli, colorful, surreal and daring …

About Russian influence on corporate identity …

About the Russian spirit, which is actually contained in the bottle of Chanel No.5, and this is not nonsense:

“And then there was a financial crisis and a great depression …”, with these words, as if by magic, the electricity ended, and the audience, along with Alexander Vasiliev and residents of several quarters of Kaluga, plunged into darkness on the Day of National Unity. The performance continued by candlelight, which made the atmosphere intimate … The Night of Fashionable Unity has come.

In the night, by the way, we met the leader of the vote for the most stylish Kaluga resident of the beginning of autumn, but he disdained our enthusiasm for his appearance and preferred to remain incognito.

Very soon we will open the last autumn vote for the title of the most stylish klookzhian. We advise you to timely recognize your friends and acquaintances, and maybe yourself, and indicate names and surnames in the comments. And then the title will be not only proud, but also well-fed, since a friend of our section is the restaurant “The Seventh Ocean”.

Your LooK24

90,000 8 successful people who didn’t get up (and don’t get up) at five in the morning

Actually, the best option is to listen to your circadian rhythm.This is what scientists say – for example, physiologists Michael Young, Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey Hall, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 2017, and Catharina Wulff, a biologist at the University of Oxford, who studies chronobiology and sleep.

It is also important to get up at about the same time every day – even on weekends and during holidays. Again – so as not to break your biological rhythm.

And just getting up early – without an appropriate daily routine, planning, goals and actions – will not make a brilliant entrepreneur out of a person.

1. Alexis Ohanyan, co-founder of Reddit

Internet entrepreneur and investor

What five in the morning – this millionaire doesn’t even start an alarm clock. Ohanyan gets up when the cat picks him up. And first of all, he does not parse the working email, but feeds the same cat. Of course, an entrepreneur does not wake up late in the afternoon, and even less so in the evening – but tries to get up by about 10 o’clock in the morning. That didn’t stop him from co-founding the social news site Reddit and making millions of dollars.

2. Albert Einstein

Scientist, theoretical physicist

The Nobel Prize winner in physics believed that you need to sleep well and a lot. Adequate rest, in his opinion, is generally an important component of success (and, it seems, he can be trusted in this matter). Einstein slept about 10 or even 12 hours a day. Would anyone try to tell a scientist that getting up at five in the morning is the key to success!

3. Winston Churchill

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

We know the schedule of the British politician practically from their first lips – he wrote, created his own memoirs and even received the Nobel Prize for Literature.And this man was asleep at five o’clock in the morning. He got up at 8 in the morning, but worked for three hours straight from bed. Moreover, at 5 pm Churchill had an “afternoon” one and a half hour nap. And it was his prime minister who considered it a very important part of his daily routine, which gave strength and energy for effective work. True, the politician went to bed only at three o’clock in the morning (but it seems that this brings many of us closer to Churchill).

4. Aaron Levy

Co-founder and CEO of Box

Half past ten.This is how much a person gets, on whose account there are millions of dollars and successful projects. Like Churchill, the American entrepreneur snoozes at about 6 or 7 pm – but only about 25 minutes. Levi is in no hurry to go to bed early – he only stops business closer to midnight or even one in the morning. But the incredibly early rise is not about him. It seems that Aaron Levy’s daily routine is as close as possible to that of most of us – although not everyone is capable of running a large cloud company (but maybe still to come).

5. Paul Koger

millionaire, owner of Foxytrades

© press materials

The millionaire gets up later than many schoolchildren – at 9:15.

“Most successful people promote the idea of ​​getting little sleep, getting up early, and working incredible hours. But in reality, it is more important to understand what works for you – and adjust your workflow to this schedule, ”says Koger himself. It seems that the person who has already founded his company can be trusted in this matter.In addition, his view coincides with the opinion of scientists.

6. Karl Lagerfeld

fashion designer

© Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

The fashion designer who has worked with Chanel and Fendi has his own rules. He rested seven hours a day – so the time to get up depended on what time Lagerfeld went to bed. And we think this is a great approach. The designer knew very well how many hours of sleep his body needed, and he kindly allowed him to rest that much.

7. Ross Andrew Puckett

Founder and CEO, Maropost

© Press Release

This person gets up somewhere between 9:00 and 9:30 am.And I am convinced that you need to sleep when you sleep – and work when you work. There is a chance that this philosophy works better than the unconditional prescription to jump up at five (or even four) in the morning and work to the utmost.

8. Brian Clayton

GreenPal CEO

Clayton should definitely finish this collection. The fact is that he tried to get up at 4 or 5 in the morning. But over time, I realized that this “advice” did not work at all for him, such an approach for Clayton was simply ineffective.Then he began to wake up between 8 and 9 o’clock – this is a comfortable time to wake up and start work (of course, for Brian Clayton).

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Chanel is a girl’s best friend • DARSIK travel & lifestyle

26 December 2013

The day before yesterday evening we celebrated Christmas and New Year with our friends.In the morning, I got the idea to call the Chanel beauty boutique in the Moscow Hotel and ask if it is possible to get a make-up artist for make-up. I was lucky and I got to the very last remaining free time. After the photos that I posted on Instagram, I was asked a lot about makeup, so I decided to tell you more about my love for Chanel.

Of the decorative cosmetics, I love Chanel most of all, and it is the products of this brand that I have the largest amount of in my cosmetic bag.Love for Chanel is strongly promoted by the brand’s beauty boutique operating in the Moscow Hotel. This is a unique space, from where, to be honest, I don’t want to leave. I would live there! All lines of the brand are represented in the boutique, it is there that all limited products and collections are sold, even those that are generally not available in Europe, for example, Asian launches. The store employs great consultants who simply treat each guest with extreme friendliness. If I buy something from Chanel, I buy in 90% of cases from this store and I sincerely think that this is the best cosmetics store I have ever seen.Branded bags, beautiful ribbons, samples for any product you are interested in – these are all Chanel beauty boutique.

There is also a make-up artist who is ready to make up for you for any event. Makeup is free, but after that you will be asked to purchase several products from the brand’s assortment. I have already been to Chanel makeup, but I will tell you about my last experience.

This is how I was dressed that day, only I ended up replacing the bag with Chanel. For this photo, the makeup was done by me (arrows + red lipstick), but I came to the makeup artist washed.Agnessa immediately suggested drawing arrows and making red lipstick too! It’s great that my vision of makeup is so aligned with hers. I really liked that she commented on her every action, talked about the products, their characteristics and, in general, was very nice and disposed towards me. She eagerly answered every question. Did you know, for example, that it is better to draw arrows (I mean the tip itself) by moving the brush not from eye to ear, but vice versa? I always did it differently and the arrows always came out uneven.It was interesting to see what shades the makeup artist chooses and how and with what brushes he applies the products. Most of the products and shades used are missing in my cosmetic bag, but I realized that in terms of color and makeup, I was doing a lot right.
This was the final version. First, they cleaned the face, applied a serum and an eye cream, then a foundation, powder 2 shades darker than I usually wear to sculpt my face, then Agnes made my eyebrows (these were eyebrows!), Then drew an arrow with a black pencil, blending with a brush, on top of the pencil I passed black creamy shadows with glitter, then smoky shadows were added to the crease of the eyelid.Then a concealer, curling eyelashes, black mascara on the upper and shiny (from this Christmas collection) on the lower ones, a little pink blush (and I always use beige with red lipstick …), a little powder, plus glitter powder, plus red pomade. The makeup lasted an hour. I will not write the names of the products, but I will say that all of them are entered into your profile, where, among other things, all information about your purchases is stored. It is very convenient to send your husband there for a gift: he just needs to remember his wife’s surname, and the girls in the boutique will choose suitable products.
These are my purchases – Sycomore scent, lipstick used in makeup, eyebrow shadow set. Well, and a nice present from the brand – a scented candle and a very beautiful Christmas card. And a bag with a ribbon! Agnessa noticed that I already smelled like Sycomore, praised my choice and suggested that I try Jersey. I took a sample, but I haven’t had time to add my opinions.

Now let’s move on to the collection! I immediately ask you to forgive me for the boxes that are not too glossy, and I urge you not to rely on the accuracy of the shades.I have provided links to products that will help you better understand the shade of a product.

1. Blush is one of my favorite makeup products and it is the blush in Chanel that I love the most. The most frequently worn ones are Pink Explosion and Orchid Rose. An indispensable product is the limited edition Notorious face sculpting product. One of the most recent acquisitions is the Accent shade. Frivole is good in summer, Rouge is good for winter festive makeup (the effect is as if you were straight out of the cold!), But I hardly use striped blush, I should love them again.Creamy in the shade Fantastic on me in the photo in the topmost post in the magazine. Nice blush, but I like powdery ones more. I apply most of the blush with the supplied Chanel brushes.

2. Powders and highlighters. My favorite powder now is Les Beiges in shade 10. Next to it is the old edition of Vitalumiere Eclat, but I haven’t used it for a long time, I remember that it was good for the winter. The tool on the far left is a highlighter from last spring’s Poudre Signee collection, the only highlighter I use.

3. Products for the eyelids and eyebrows. Favorite Le Volume mascara, a new Brun eyebrow set, shadows from the last Christmas collection Harmonie du Soir and Taupe Grise single shadows from the 2010 collection. Ebloi cream eyeshadow is my must-have for the evening. Of the pencils, my favorite is Khaki Precieux, I generally love khaki shades on the eyelids. I don’t use the second Peche Cuivre pencil – it seems too hard to me and, besides, I don’t see it on myself at all.

5. Lipsticks and gloss. Light shine (# 707) was presented to me and I hardly use it. Ever Red Double Intensite was used for the makeup I showed above. I liked it: you can create both a matte and glossy effect, the durability is good, the lips do not dry out. Of the two Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, I tend to use # 88, and # 71 seems too light for my lips, but sometimes it still falls into my hands. Dark cherry gloss # 176 is one of the most popular makeup products with an emphasis on lips.If I focus on the eyes, I often use Rouge Allure in Troublant. This, in my opinion, was the limit.

6. Nail polishes. The shades are very beautiful, but they don’t stick to me at all. Maximum – one and a half days. That is why I rarely paint my nails with Chanel varnishes and hardly buy new shades.

7. Fragrances. I use # 5 to go out with black dresses and heels. Sycomore from the exclusive collection is also worn out.Awesome smell! The candle (as well as the cosmetic bag from the first photo) was presented in a boutique in the Moscow Hotel. What I love Chanel for is the gifts! I also have a sleeping mask in a beautiful case, the most comfortable one, it is with her that I fly.

8. Care 90 100. Le Weekend is my new must-have, a great remedy, after which you wake up as if you were at a resort. I use it during the day, and it works well with light weekend makeup. I also liked the other 2 products in the line, but I have only one face, and there are too many cosmetics.I have not tried the other 2 products yet, they were bought for the Australian vacation, but I read only good reviews.

What kind of cosmetics do you like the most?


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