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Gold Certificate Seal 30CT

30 count 1. 75″ GoldFoil self-adhesive Paper weight: 89 gsm Great Papers Gold Star Seal is the perfect addition for a professional look to…


Gold Foil Certificate Seals – 100 Count

Gold Foil Certificate seals. 100 seals per package. Not Laser or InkJet Compatible Size 1.75″ in diameter Seals are NOT printer compatible


Gold Foil Certificate Seals – 50 Count

Gold Foil Certificate seals. 50 seals per package. Size 1.75″ in diameter. Seals are NOT printer compatible


Gold Graduation Seals – 25 Count

Gold Grad Hat Seals 25 Goil Seals printed on clear stock. Each seal is 1 X 1 inch. Perfect for Graduation Invitations and announcements


Gold Starburst Seal – 48 Count

Gold Embossed Foil Star Burst Certificate Seals 48 Seals per Package Size 2″ average.


Number Foil Seals 25Ct

Great Papers Gold Foil Seals. 25 seals. Size: 1″ x 1″. Complements 2015113 Years of Service Foil certificate


Outstanding Ribbon Foil Seal – 48 Count

Outstanding Ribbon Gold Foil Seal Size: 1.5″ x 2.5″ Qty: 48 Seals Per Pack Great for Certificates and Diplomas


Silver Certificate Seal 30CT

30 count 1. 75″ Silver Foil self-adhesive Paper weight: 89 gsm Great Papers Silver Star Seal is the perfect addition for a professional look to…


Silver Foil Certificate Seals – 100 Count

Silver Foil Die-Cut Certificate Seals Qty: 100 seals Per Package Size 1.75″ average Seals are NOT printer compatible


Thank You Copper Sticker *NEW

Great Paper Foil Stickers 250 Ct. Roll Acid & Lignin Free ONLY 8 LEFT IN STOCK!


Thank You Sticker

Great looking Easy-to-Use Stickers – With “Thank You” printed in beautiful script 1.57 inches across –Strong Adhesive – These stickers are made from…


Black Grad Hat – 25 Count

Black Grad Seal Great Papers Foil Seals. Package includes 25 seals. Size: 1″ x 1″.


Hat Silhouette – 25 Count

Hat Sihouette Seal Great Papers Foil Seals. Package includes 25 seals. Size: 1″ x 1″.


Silver Grad Hat – 25 Count

Silver Grad Seal Great Papers Foil Seals. Package includes 25 seals. Size: 1″ x 1″.


The Gold Seal of Approval and Guidelines for Use for Accreditation

The Gold Seal of Approval is proprietary to The Joint Commission and may only be used by authorized accredited and certified organizations. Compliance with the following guidelines is required:

  • The elements of The Gold Seal of Approval must remain in the same proportional relationship as provided.
  • Do not change the format of The Gold Seal of Approval.
  • The Gold Seal of Approval is reproduced using a four-color process. Reproduce The Gold Seal of Approval in that four-color process on Web sites and external signage. External signage includes billboards, outdoor banners, building signs, and corporate vehicles. The Gold Seal of Approval may be reproduced in any color on certain printed materials. These materials include newspaper advertisements, telephone directory advertisements, stationery, business cards, email signatures, fliers, brochures, newsletters, posters, tent cards and promotional items such as coffee mugs and T-shirts. There is a one-color version as well which uses Pantone Matching System (PMS) 117.
  • Do not add graphic elements or devices to The Gold Seal of Approval, including other words or slogans. You may add the following sets of words below the seal: “Accredited/Certified by The Joint Commission.” The Gold Seal of Approval must be reproduced in gold to use the following phrase: [your organization’s name] has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.”
  • If The Gold Seal of Approval is used to promote accreditation/certification, it may only be used to reference services or sites that are accredited or certified. Example: If an organization’s brochure lists five sites, but only one site is accredited, The Gold Seal of Approval can only be used if it is clearly stated which site is accredited.
  • If you are featuring the Gold Seal on your organization’s website, please link the image back to The Joint Commission’s website.

    How to link back to Joint Commission website:

    1. Download the Gold Seal image and upload it to your webserver
    2. Copy the code below in the text area and paste it on the webpage where you want the Goal Seal to appear.
    3. Replace ADD IMAGE LOCATION with the location of the Gold Seal file you have uploaded.

M006 PRIA Fee Category | Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act of 2018 (PRIA 4)

A request for a Certificate of Registration, commonly known as a “gold seal letter”. The gold seal letter certifies that the product being exported is legally registered in the U.S. with the Agency. The company must submit a written request to the Agency, identify the company name, the EPA Registration Number and the country in which the product will be exported. The fee for this category will cover up to five (5) gold seal letters for one product. 

Distributor products are not eligible for gold seal letters.  Due to the low fee and short time frame for this category, this category is NOT eligible for small business waivers.

Digital Gold Seal

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Agency began issuing gold seal letters electronically because it was not possible to produce the traditional, paper gold seal letter with an embossed seal. Neither the letterhead nor the content of letters has changed. The seal, now digitally rendered rather than embossed, still appears in the lower-left corner of the letter. The signature block is the same, with the letters now signed electronically by the product managers, consistent with signature practices for other actions such as notifications, amendments, petitions, new uses, new product registrations, etc. The electronic gold seal letters are emailed to the registrants rather than mailed.

Following receipt by U.S. companies of the electronic gold seal letter from EPA, for those companies that need to seek further authentication of EPA’s gold seal letter for foreign governments, the U.S. Department of State (DoS) Office of Authentication has provided the following:

  • Send hard copy documents in color. Black and white prints or scans will result in a rejection of your submission. 
  • In addition to the hard color copy of the digital gold seal signed by the EPA Product Manager, include a postage pre-paid return envelope with the package.
  • Send documents, preferably with mail tracking, directly from the U.S. company making the request. The use of couriers, as opposed to mail services, are not encouraged as they may slow down the response time given the level of personnel and physical State Department closings in response to the current COVID environment.

Note: While DoS previously provided certifications within 7-10 business days, certifications may take 6-8 weeks due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

For more information on State Department requirements, including mailing addresses, contact information, and processing fees, please visit https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/records-and-authentications/authenticate-your-document/office-of-authentications.html or send an e-mail to: [email protected]

An example of a digital gold seal letter can be found here

The Value of the Gold Seal Mark

As a manufacturer or service provider, you understand the value of having the quality of your service or products verified by a third party. Has anyone ever doubted the quality of the products or service you provide?

Consumers today need to be assured that the products they purchase will meet their needs and are not only worth the money invested, but will perform as the product literature says they will.

Stamp of Approval

Once a product has endured a thorough review by the Gold Seal Certification department (including rigorous testing and literature reviews), met all requirements, and is granted “certification,” the WQA will authorize use of the Gold Seal Mark as a “stamp of approval.” The Gold Seal Mark not only stands for compliance with industry standards, but also for quality and excellence. To consumers and regulators, the Gold Seal Mark identifies products that meet or exceed the requirements of industry standards and perform as the literature depicts they will.

The Gold Seal Program prides itself in providing high-quality product certifications. The effective quality control activities that govern the program allows it to produce certifications that are accurate and reliable. Quality control activities, which include consistent internal audits, help promote consumer, regulator and manufacturer confidence in Gold Seal certifications.


WQA’s dedicated Quality Department helps to ensure that the certifications will provide a variety of benefits for certified customers, regulators and consumers. Benefits of the Gold Seal Mark include:

  • Products listed in the Gold Seal Program meet or exceed industry standards. As a result, certified products are more easily accepted in Canada and by all states in the U.S., especially Massachusetts, Iowa, Wisconsin and California, than non-certified products.
  • Products bearing the Gold Seal Mark are quickly identified, assuring consumer and regulator confidence in the product’s performance. It also guarantees consumers and regulators that a product has been certified by an independent third-party organization.
  • Well-organized internal procedures guarantee good customer service and quick turnaround time.

To validate the quality of the Gold Seal certification, the program has obtained accreditations from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC). ANSI and SCC audit the WQA accredited laboratory annually, in order to observe and validate the efficiency and effectiveness of the program’s quality control activities—one of which is the protection of the Gold Seal Mark.

Protecting & Monitoring

WQA’s Quality Department is responsible for helping the Gold Seal Program enforce the proper usage of the mark to ensure that those who are authorized to use it are doing so in compliance with the Code of Ethics and other WQA requirements, and those who are not authorized to use the mark are notified and corrected. The program takes the necessary precautions to prevent misuses by reviewing literature using the Gold Seal Mark including brochures and installation manuals, educating users on how to properly use the mark and auditing authorized users.

Preventing Misuse

One of the many challenges WQA and other certification bodies face is protecting the integrity of its certification mark and preventing misuse of any kind. Occasionally WQA observes misuse of the Gold Seal Mark seen in advertisements, company websites and product literature to promote products or claims that have not been certified. These types of infringements are often quickly corrected; however, misusage can cause confusion and doubt within the industry and for regulators and consumers.

WQA controls and monitors misuse internally through its complaint system in order to quickly and efficiently respond to incorrect use of the Gold Seal Mark. While WQA is able to monitor and catch many occurrences on its own, it is difficult to identify all instances. For this reason, it is extremely important for consumers, regulators and anyone else within the industry to be vigilant and educated about how to properly use the Gold Seal Mark and to notify the WQA of any mishandling of the mark.

Enforcing Proper Usage

Any misuse of the mark poses a threat to its true validity and symbolism. This reason alone demonstrates the importance surrounding WQA’s consistent efforts to guard the Gold Seal Mark and its use. Preserving and protecting the integrity of the mark results in preventing doubt and boosting consumer confidence in product certification. The WQA Gold Seal Program and Quality Department are committed to providing education that supports continued awareness and enforcement of proper usage.

It is also important for manufacturers, regulators and consumers to be able to easily identify what products are certified and properly using the Gold Seal Mark, and conversely those products that are not certified and/or are improperly using the mark. When a product is certified and authorized to use the Gold Seal Mark, the product must identify the standard and any contaminant claims for which it is specifically certified. Another way to easily identify if a product is currently certified is to check WQA’s product listings at www.wqa.org. A certified product must have a current authorized certificate of approval from the Gold Seal Program.

Choosing to certify your products and enforcing proper usage of the mark means choosing quality.

For more information, please contact Tina Fischer at the WQA Gold Seal Certification Department at 630.505.0160, ext. 533, or by e-mail at [email protected].

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Overview : Gold Seal Certification Program

General Information

What is Gold Seal?

The CCA Gold Seal Certification Program is a national certification program for construction Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators and Owners’ Project Managers. Certification is based on the candidate’s education, experience and their ability to satisfy the rigorous standards of the Program. This may mean the successful completion of a Gold Seal exam. The Gold Seal Certificate was developed by the industry for the industry and is a voluntary certification program for the individual. The Certificate signifies that the individual has attained a nationally recognized level of experience and competence as a Project Manager, Superintendent, Estimator or Owners’ Project Managers.

For the individual – the Gold Seal Certificate is a declaration of skill and competence that is recognized by the construction industry across the country. The Certificate will enhance mobility and professional development of construction managers.

For the contractor – employing Gold Seal Certified managers is a statement regarding the professionalism and commitment of the firm to construction management excellence. A Gold Seal Certificate assists employers in recruiting capable construction managers.

Background on Gold Seal

The Gold Seal Certification Program can trace its roots back to 1973 with the release of an extensive construction management study by an industry advisory body to the Federal Ministry of Industry Trade & Commerce. The national study pointed out shortcomings of construction management development and made several recommendations to improve management effectiveness through education.

As a result, the Construction Management Development Institute (CMDI) was established in 1981 to coordinate the necessary activities to improve management effectiveness. The Institute operated for 10 years undertaking several initiatives in pursuit of this objective. A key objective was the development of a national set of standards for construction management occupations. The project became known as the Gold Seal Certification program.

The program was handed over to the CCA and in 1993 the CCA launched the national Gold Seal Certification Program at the Convention in Victoria, British Columbia with presentation of Gold Seal Certificates to the first twenty graduates of the program.

The designation of Gold Seal Intern was established in 2001 to recognize candidates with at least three years’ experience who have registered in a Gold Seal-recognized educational program and are proceeding toward their certification.

While Gold Seal Certification continues to focus on three occupations (Estimator, Superintendent and Project Manager), the designation of Owners’ Project Managers was added in 2005 to recognize the clients’ sector in addition to general contractors, Electrical, Road and Heavy, Mechanical and Specialty Trades. Gold Seal introduced the Construction Safety Coordinator designation and the P.GSC designation in 2007.

To date, there have been more than 7 500 certificates issued under the Gold Seal Program.

Gold Seal Certificate | SAIT, Calgary, Alberta

What is the Gold Seal Certificate?

The industry created the Gold Seal Certification program, for the industry. It has quickly become a standardized program supporting the development of skilled Canadian Construction & Heavy Civil management professionals across Canada. In 2015, Gold Seal Certification passed the 10,000 certificate holder mark.

The Gold Seal Certification program upholds Canadian Construction & Heavy Civil management professionals with expectations and standards of excellence. All Gold Seal certified management professionals have been assessed and meet the Gold Seal standard requirements of industry knowledge, experience, education and training. Gold Seal is a national construction standard of certification, displaying a desire to uphold and distinguish one’s competency in Construction or Heavy Civil management above all others.

Why earn a Gold Seal?

Gold Seal Certification program certifies Canadian construction management professionals, for example, estimators, superintendents, project managers, owner’s construction managers and safety coordinators involved in general, electrical or mechanical contracting, roadbuilding and heavy construction or specialty trades. Applicants require a combination of industry experience, education and training to challenge the Gold Seal exam and, if successful, to become Gold Seal Certified (GSC).

In 2015, Gold Seal Certification passed the 10,000 certificate holder mark! Many GSCs want to stay current and register as Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) which is a biennial designation requiring the certificate holder to gain a certain number of credits in five activity categories.

How to earn your Gold Seal at SAIT

  • If you have less than 5 years of experience in your designation, you must first register as a Gold Seal Intern (GSI) or Gold Seal Intern (Safety). You’ll have up to five years to meet the Gold Seal Certification requirements and to challenge the Gold Seal exam to become Gold Seal Certified (GSC).
  • If you have over 5 years of experience in your designation, you may apply for Gold Seal Certification (GSC) or Gold Seal Certification (Safety). If your application meets the requirements, you can challenge the Gold Seal exam and, if successful, become a GSC.
  • If you already have your GSC and want to stay current, you can apply for Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC). Every two years you will need to demonstrate that you are still working in the designation in which you were certified and that you have done professional upgrading activities.

Contact the School of Construction

For more information about our courses that will contribute towards your Canadian Construction Association (CCA) Gold Seal Certification, contact the School of Construction at 403.284.8367. 

Printing of certificates – the price for the production of gift certificates in Moscow

Attention! in the box “quantity”, which indicates the circulation you need – the quantity of one type is indicated, and not the total number of all types of gift certificates you need.
If you need to place an order from several types (several layouts) of gift certificates, then you need to order the required number of types of gift certificates in one order (in one basket).
The minimum cost of each type in the order is 500 rubles (if the order amount is less than 500 rubles, the price of one type will automatically increase to 500 rubles), please pay special attention to this.

A small instruction for the convenience of using our calculator for printing and making gift certificates. To make a calculation in an online calculator, find out the cost of printing gift certificates and order them online on our website, you just need to click a few buttons in sequence. It’s really simple, but if you don’t want or find it difficult, we will always be happy to help you calculate and order gift certificates by phone, e-mail or in person, in our office.You can also click on the “Quick order” button on the slider above, enter your wishes and we ourselves will contact you with a ready-made calculation.

“Ordering method” – to start working with the calculator, choose from the following three ordering method options

  • “Create a design using a template online” – by choosing this item, you can use our free gift certificate templates, add your information to them, create your own design and order diplomas and certificates, as well as create a layout from scratch.
  • “There is a ready-made layout” – if you have your own layout of gift certificates, you need to select this item, we will check it for free on our website online or directly in our printing house before printing.
  • “I will order a design at Digital-Printing.ru” – if you need to create or order a design of gift certificates, and you do not want to do it yourself, then select this button, the cost of the design will be indicated below when choosing this ordering method.
  • “Size of gift certificates” – to select the size of gift certificates, for your convenience, the sizes in the calculator are indicated up to a certain format and up to including the same format, i.e.That is, if you need the size of gift certificates, for example, 200×290 mm, then you need to choose A4, and if you want gift certificates in A4 size, then you also need to choose A4
  • “Choose paper for gift certificates” – in this section, you will be asked to choose the material from which diplomas and certificates will be made

  • “115 g – 300 g” – this is coated paper, UPM factories, Germany, MAXI – cellulose, glossy and matte coated paper, chlorine-free bleached
  • “Designer” – these are various papers, with embossing, metallic effect, craft or tracing paper, parchment or cardboard.In general, everything that is non-standard is in this section.
  • “Cover with a protective and decorative film (lamination)” – in this paragraph you can choose for gift certificates glossy lamination (makes images brighter), matte lamination (smooths out the brightness of colors, adding solidity and rigor to products) and, of course, innovative super-premium software -tach lamination, creating a tactile effect of a latex coating.

    “Add a seal in gold, silver or white (for some products)” – we offer you a unique service – we can print in gold or silver on the surface of your gift certificates.It is very difficult to explain how it will look within the framework of a short description, but, believe me, it is very cool and not expensive at all, if you need something unusual and premium – this option is for you.

    “Numbering and personalization” – this parameter is intended to select an additional service for personalization (printing variable data) or numbering of gift certificates

  • “Numbering” – in order to number diplomas and certificates, for example, in the range from 1 to 100, you must select this option and in the future, when ordering, indicate in the comments to the order in your personal account what range is needed
  • “Personalization (including numbering)” – if it is necessary not only to number or to print variable data, such as – full name, recipient addresses, or promotional codes, you must select this option and attach the file in Excel to the order in your personal account (after placing the order) with variable data.
  • “Order execution time” – specify the period when you need a ready-made order, which directly affects the final cost of the stickers – from several days to 24 hours and even 2 hours. The term refers to working days and hours.

    “Creasing” – a special operation to create a groove (creasing) in the paper, which in the future will allow the paper to fold and not break, not crack at the fold. For example, folded gift certificates have just such a special groove. If you do not do this operation on thick papers, and try to fold, then the paper will break at the fold.Creasing is usually used for paper with a density of 170g and more.

    “Fold to format” – Some types of printing, after printing and performing the “creasing” operation, can be folded into a finished format by the printing house. Unfolded products take up less space during transportation and some types of products are more convenient and cheaper to receive unfolded, such as invitations or postcards, and fold them directly when signing or wrapping them in envelopes.

    Production of gift certificates and cards

    Sample Gift Certificates

    Plastic certificate with coding

    Gift certificate with signature strip

    Gift certificate silver

    Large gift certificate for the presentation

    Snowboard gift voucher

    Huge gift certificate MegaCheck

    Personalization card with unique access code

    Gift voucher / certificate made of foam board

    Paper certificate with envelope

    Plastic card with a scratch layer

    Gift card for a regular guest

    Gift certificate with magnetic stripe

    Printing certificates | Gift certificates to Novosibirsk

    The cost of printing a certificate in A4 format

    paper 300g, two-sided full-color printing

    Cost of printing a certificate of A5 format

    paper 300g, two-sided full-color printing

    Cost of printing a certificate in euro format, 210-100 mm

    paper 300g, two-sided full-color printing


    Format in spread A4

    Paper 250 gr lamination 30 mkr

    Foiling, tape

    layout development 2000 r


    Format A6 plexiglass 1.5mm
    the envelope

    layout development 2000 r

    without envelope

    envelope with seal

    envelope (design paper)

    10 pieces

    150 RUR

    200 RUR

    300 RUR


    120 RUR

    180 RUR

    280 RUR

    100 pieces

    90 RUR

    130 RUR

    270 RUR


    Certificate 15x15cm
    with foiling, lamination 30 mkr
    development of the layout 2000 r


    Format 10x10cm
    Paper 250g lamination 30mkr or linen
    development of the layout 2000 r

    envelope with seal

    envelope (design paper)


    Certificate 15x10cm paper 300gr
    lamination 30 mkr
    envelope design paper, ribbon
    layout development 2000 r


    Certificate 15x10cm plywood 3mm
    craft wrapping, bandaging with a tourniquet
    development of the layout 2000 r


    Parameters you need to know for order calculation

    Material: paper from 115 to 300gr, design paper

    Circulation: 10, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, further multiples of 100

    If there is no layout:

    1) Desired text (services, promotions, contacts)
    2) Logo in vector format
    3) The existing corporate identity, if there is one in the graphics program.

    Didn’t find the required certificate format?

    Get an individual quote

    Printing of certificates in Novosibirsk

    According to statistics of recent years, one of the most popular gifts is a certificate; you can order any kind of printing of this product in our printing house.Regardless of what service you provide or what product you are promoting, we are ready to develop a unique layout for you, reproduce it on the most attractive, high-quality material.
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    Huge selection

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    The advantages of gift certificates are obvious:

    • Any cash equivalent on the account
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    This type of printed matter is popular for a reason. At the current pace, there are not always opportunities for long searches for a presentation, it is much easier to buy, say, a ticket to a beauty salon or some kind of master class.They order gift certificates for certain events, which is more valuable than giving a person not something material, but sincere real emotions and memories for a lifetime.
    It is because of the popularization of such gifts that the service is in great demand.

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    Diplomas, certificates. Production of certificates, printing of honorary diplomas in St. Petersburg – Multi-profile printing house “Bystry Tsvet”

    Duo 300

    Single-sided cardboard 315

    Creato 350

    Watercolor Avorio 300

    Aquarella Camoschio 300

    Woodstock Betulla 260

    Galaxy Vanilla 300

    Galaxy pearl 300


    Gold collection Hoarfrost 310


    Gold collection Treasure 310

    Ispira Puezza (white) 360

    Keyicolor Antique white 300

    Keyicolor Camel 300

    Kirius metallic white frost 300

    Kirius dull gold 300

    Kirius steel gray 300

    Constellation linen 350


    Constellation Jed Riccio 215


    Copenhagen White diamond 300

    Majestic White Marble 290

    Majestic Walsh.candle 290


    Majestic Delicate carnation 290

    Majestic Shine of gold 290

    Nettuno Bianco Arctico 280

    Prism Felt white 250

    Prism Felt Ivory 250

    Reeves Design Ivory Mesh 250

    Splendorgel 340

    Splendorgel Avorio 350

    Tachkover white 301

    Tachkover ivory 301


    Colorplan beige 270


    Colorplan white 270


    Colorplan natural 270


    Colorplan cold gray 270


    Pergraphic high white 300


    Pergraphics natural white 300


    PlanetEko craft 300


    PlanetEko craft beige 270


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    Remake Eco craft turquoise 250


    Torito matt gray 270


    White cotton 300


    Keyicolor warm white 300 (Antalis)


    Keaykolor white porcelain 300 (Antalis)


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    Leather ivory 350 one-sided

    Craft 350

    Kraft Eco 285

    Linen one-sided 310


    Nettuno Grigio 280

    Verger light gray 300

    Gelaxi blue 250 i

    Kirius asphalt 300 i

    Kirius cognac 300 i

    Kirius red 300 i

    Kirius mandarin 300 i

    Kirius steel gray 300 i

    Kirius blue 300 i

    Kirius dull gold 300 i

    Kirius black 300 i

    Majestic shine of gold 290 i

    Natural turquoise 320 i

    Natural green 320 i

    Natural brown 320 i

    Natural red 320 i

    Natural gray 320 i

    Natural black 320 i

    Tachkover beige 300 i

    Duplex Tachkover b / w 300 i

    Tachkover green 300 i

    Tachkover brown 300 i

    Tachkover gray 300 i

    Tachkover blue 300 i

    Tachkover plum 300 i

    Tachkover dark red 300 i

    Tachkover black 300 i

    Torito blue 270 i

    Torito black 270 i

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    produce products of any other format – 2/3 A4, A5 or Euro.
    Printing is carried out digitally or offset, depending on the circulation.We take into account all the wishes of our customers and always offer the best production option.

    Today almost any printing house can produce diversified printing products.
    But if you need high quality printing of certificates – please contact us!
    Years of work on the market have proved our right to be considered one of the leaders in the printing business.Printing house “Moskovsky Dvor” guarantees an individual approach to each customer and strict adherence to
    terms of issue of circulation.

    With us you can not only order the printing of certificate forms, but also use the services of creating and
    finalizing the design of the document.

    Our printing house also performs post-printing processing: lamination,
    foiling, embossing, selective varnish, etc.P.

    Stylish certificate will allow your company to favorably distinguish itself from competitors and will make your offer
    the service market is more noticeable and tempting.

    The size of the gift certificate

    The gift certificate is a cardboard (plastic) card that is equivalent to a certain amount for the purchase of goods or services in a specific place, with some degree of protection.(signature, hologram, stamp, etc.). For example, a gift certificate is issued by a beauty salon for the purchase of salon services or its partner store for visiting the services of a partner salon.

    Frequent sizes of certificates:
    A6 (148 x 105 mm),
    210 x 99 mm,
    100 x 70 mm,
    A5 (200 x 140 mm)
    Euro (210 x 100 mm)

    Order a layout (printable file) of the gift certificate itself can be found on Instagram @mybrendlist

    See examples of gift certificates.

    Today, gift certificates have become a new and popular trend. This circumstance is due to many reasons. Firstly, it is quite difficult to predict which of the purchases is now most needed by the buyer. Secondly, it is useful, since a gift of this kind gives you a choice. For example, having a certificate with minimal financial costs allows you to achieve the desired result. In this way, receiving a gift from you, a person looks forward to the acquisition of the thing he needs, while you, as a donor, do not contribute a financial amount, but are the reason for receiving an unexpected pleasant surprise.

    A gift certificate is an unusual, original gift that is widespread throughout the world. With this gift, you can’t go wrong with color, size or style, and it certainly won’t be unnecessary! A gift certificate is a universal gift. It will suit a man and a woman, a colleague or boss, a loved one or a distant relative. It is also a great way to reward employees or a gift at a corporate event. (corporate gifts) A gift certificate is a document confirming an advance payment and giving the right to receive goods and / or services in an amount equivalent to the nominal value of the certificate or the right to receive the service specified in the form of the gift certificate.A gift certificate can have the following details: face value, series and number, validity period and the name of the organization in which this certificate can be exchanged for a product or service.

    1. The amount of money deposited by the holder of the Certificate is a deposit or advance payment for goods or services provided by the organization that issued this Certificate.

    2. Acquisition of the Certificate indicates the conclusion between the organization that issued this Certificate and the holder of the Certificate of a preliminary agreement with the obligation, during the validity period of the Certificate, to conclude a retail sale or contract for the provision of services from the range of the organization that issued the Certificate and at prices for the day conclusion of the contract.

    3. A retail sales contract or service contract may be entered into by any Certificate holder presenting the Certificate.

    4. If the nominal value of the Certificate is less than the value of the selected goods / services, the holder of the Certificate can pay the missing amount in cash.

    5. Warranty service, exchange, return of low-quality goods or services purchased using the Certificate, is carried out in the general procedure provided for by the current legislation.

    6. The certificate cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

    7. The Certificate cannot be exchanged for a product / service after the expiration date specified on the Certificate.

    8. Damaged Certificates or Certificates, in the authenticity of which the representatives of the organization have doubts, are not accepted for exchange for goods / services.

    Do you need to order the production of a certificate layout? Click on the button below:

    Order printing certificates in Moscow

    Printing of certificates has become a fashionable trend in various areas of service provision and production of various goods in Moscow and other Russian cities.A custom-made gift certificate can show respect and care for the recipient. Our company is engaged in the manufacture of such products and provides a full range of services.

    What is


    Why is the printing of certificates so demanded and popular today among business owners, managers and administrators of various companies? Because a certificate is a kind of paper expression of respect and care for customers, a kind of promise to give a nice gift, provide a service or provide goods for free or with a big discount.A certificate is a surprise or a present expressed in a certain corporate equivalent – in the form of a specialized service or product.

    Certification printing on order is used by many companies to increase competitiveness, and it is a really working, efficient and customer-friendly way of promoting a company and distinguishing it from competitors.

    What are gift certificates

    Printing of certificates to order is a service that covers various types of products.Gift certificates are commonly used, for example, for the birthday of customers or employees. Also, certificates are prize, awarded as prizes to the winners of various competitions, lotteries and other similar events.

    The certificate may have a certain denomination – the exact amount for which the recipient will be able to order goods or services. But it is also possible to order a digital print of a certificate with a specific position in the company’s catalog or with several predefined or selected positions by the addressee.Also, the product sometimes indicates the rights of the recipient and the conditions for using the certificate.

    Printing of certificates to order is in demand in various areas of business. They are used by spa salons, hairdressers and beauty salons, sports clubs and fitness centers, grocery stores, cosmetics and other goods stores, travel agencies and other organizations.

    Benefits of Printed Certificates: Why You Should Use Them

    Some companies are replacing the printing of paper-based certificates on demand by sending electronic files.On the one hand, it saves money. But, on the other hand, an electronic certificate is unlikely to be able to fully fulfill all its functions. Firstly, it may simply not be delivered, received and studied by the recipient in a timely manner, for example, due to the lack of access to an e-mail or social network account, or due to the impossibility of accessing the Internet. Printing certificates allows you to hand them directly into your hands.

    Secondly, an electronic certificate sent without a seal, even if it reaches the addressee, can be viewed superficially and not fully studied.But sometimes the details are important. Printing custom certificates on paper allows you to put everything on paper. And if leaflets fall into the hands of the addressees, then they are necessarily carefully considered and studied thoroughly, comprehensively, with an analysis of all the little things.

    Thirdly, the printing of certificates to order allows you to present them physically, without the use of smartphones or other gadgets. And for many, it is much easier and more convenient to present a printed certificate on paper than to search for it on a phone or tablet, open it in full format on a full screen and show it to an examiner.

    Our services

    Our company specializes in high-quality digital printing, and not only certificates. We also offer the manufacture of other products such as flyers, catalogs, banners, tickets, charts, price lists, brochures, instructions and other printed products.

    Printing on order of certificates, leaflets, catalogs and other products is not the main specialization of the printing house. We not only print various products, but also deal with post-printing processing: lamination, numbering, applying variable personal data of recipients, creating decorative or security elements such as embossing and holograms.

    Here are the works performed in the printing house:

    • High-quality digital printing of various products: certificates, catalogs, instructions, leaflets, tickets and other products. For printing, you can provide your own layout, choose a ready-made template, or order the design development of an exclusive layout.
    • Lamination – covering with a special glossy protective film. Custom printing of laminated certificates makes the products durable and pleasant to the touch.Glossy lamination increases the intensity of colors, while matte lamination, on the contrary, smoothes out bright shades, gives the certificate austerity and solidity.
    • Seal on the surface of the certificate in silver or gold. The production of gold or silver embossed inscriptions or images makes the products luxurious, status and premium.
    • Personalization and numbering. On request, after the main printing, we can number all the certificates, put on them the personal data of the addressees (if the production of personal certificates is required).You can either individually number or personalize the products, or order the option of numbering with personalization.
    • Creasing – production of a certificate with a so-called groove, which in the future will allow you to form a clear and even fold without deformation, cracking and tearing.
    • Adding to the format. After printing and creasing, the certificate can be folded immediately (the printing house will do this), so as not to do it yourself later.

    All of these options must be specified prior to ordering so that our company can print certificates that meet your requirements, requests and expectations.

    How to create your own unique certificate in a printing house

    Printing certificates after ordering in our printing house will allow you to embody any ideas and ideas of clients. Moreover, it is possible to independently determine all important manufacturing parameters:

    • Design. You can provide a ready-made, already developed layout (all layouts are checked before printing, since certain requirements must be met), create a design online using a template, and also order a design project from us.If there is a mockup, upload it and wait for verification. If you have no ideas, create a layout format from scratch, use ready-made free templates or get an exclusive design after ordering a designer’s services.
    • Size. Please indicate the size in which your certificates will be printed after ordering.
    • Paper. You can choose from standard paper coated matt or glossy material. And for the manufacture of non-standard certificates, designer sheets are better suited, for example, with embossing, metallic effect, tracing paper, parchment or craft.
    • Lamination will provide durable and presentable certifications.
    • Printing in white, silver or gold is available for some products. And such techniques not only diversify and complement the printing of certificates, but also guarantee the manufacture of premium and eye-catching products that can meet the requirements of the most selective and discerning customers.
    • Numbering and personalization will allow you to number certificates after printing, as well as add personal information of recipients to them.Such products will demonstrate an individual approach to your customers, which is undoubtedly pleasant.

    How to place an order for printing certificates

    To order the printing of certificates in our company, you need to take a few simple steps:

    1. Pre-calculate the cost of your order using a convenient and understandable calculator. In its columns, you need to enter printing and manufacturing parameters: ordering method (your own layout, free template or custom design layout), certificate sizes, content orientation (vertical or horizontal), paper type (standard or design), additional post-printing options processing (lamination, creasing and others), personalization and numbering, terms of order execution, as well as the number of one type of ordered products.
    2. If you don’t have your own printing ideas, then use a ready-made certificate template in a free designer or get a custom-made job from our designer.
    3. After calculations and selection of work parameters, you can proceed to placing an order and paying in one of the proposed convenient ways.

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