Celebrity makeup trends: Winter 2020 2021 Makeup Trends You Can Try at Home


Winter 2020 2021 Makeup Trends You Can Try at Home


Let’s face it: You probably haven’t been wearing much makeup this year. It’s been months of staying home, wearing loungey clothes, and covering half of your face with 2020’s hottest accessory, the fabric face mask. For these reasons, you may not have had an excuse to beat your face the way you normally do. But with the holidays upon us — arguably the most glamorous time of the year — it’s the perfect time for you to get back into the swing of your makeup-wearing ways, so you’ll need to be ready with all of the winter 2020 makeup trends to complete your looks.Holiday parties won’t look the same this year, which means the glam won’t be the same either. Whether your gatherings are of the in-person-socially-distanced variety or are completely virtual (and you’re wearing pajama bottoms under your dressy top), you can use these fun winter makeup trends to create makeup looks that make you feel like things are slightly normal. Of course, if you’re headed to a party in person, hopefully masks are required — which means you have the opportunity to put all the focus on your eyes. And if you’re celebrating from behind your webcam, then you can do a full face using some of this season’s trends. Ahead, we consulted some of the most in-demand celebrity makeup artists on what they think the biggest winter makeup trends will look like, from dramatic eyeshadow to glossy skin.

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The Ultimate Cat Eye

Daniel Chinchilla, the celebrity makeup artist behind some of Ariana Grande’s most iconic red carpet cat eyes, says the classic look will be back in a big way this winter. “Cat eyes are an easy and sexy way to play up your eyes and feel done up,” he says. “What I love is that you can go as natural or dramatic as you want.” You can even add a glitter liner on top of your traditional black, or go with a bolder color for something more fun. To get the perfect shape, he recommends starting from the end of the eye and pointing it towards the top of the ears. Then gliding liner inward. If you’re using a pen liner, whether it’s felt or brush tip, the more you press down, the thicker your line is, so you’re able to maintain full control.


Drama in the Eyes

Another holiday season classic, revamped. “As we get closer to holiday, the coming trend is going to be full-on glamour,” says Tanno. “[You don’t have to] just pick one feature to focus on — you can go for both [dramatic] eyeshadow and matte lips.” She says that Lady Gaga loves a monochromatic look from lash to brow, which you can achieve by washing an eyeshadow all over the lid and up the crease and using colors in the same family to add slight definition.”With any matte lip product it is key to make sure to prep your lips first,” she says. Matte finishes show more texture on your lips, so start by exfoliating your lips with a scrub like Lush’s Mint Julips. Next, apply a bit of any lip balm — the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm is ultra-hydrating — and blot. Fill in your lips with a matte lip crayon like Haus Labs’ Le Monster Matte, and add a bit of concealer around the mouth to have a really sharp, standout pout.


Fluffy Brows

First came the over-tweezed brows, then the Instagram-favorite blocky brow, and now, fluffy, natural-looking brows are on trend. “I like this trend because by brushing the brows up and making the hairs straight,” says celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta, whose signature stamp is a full, fluffy brow. “It changes the face shape and creates a more angled look and lifts the face.” Chinchilla also thinks this trend will be huge this season, especially since face masks will continue to be worn well into the winter. “Brows are such a focal point on the face so I love making sure they make a statement,” he says. Try out a product that tints and volumizes your brow hairs without making them appear drawn on or overly done, like the Patrick Ta Beauty Major Brow Shaping Wax or Glossier Boy Brow. Use a brow pen like Urban Decay’s Brow Blade to fill in any sparse areas.


That Glow

“Winter usually leans a little more matte when it comes to skin and makeup, but changing it up and giving the skin a glow is going to be huge this season,” says Ta. Sarah Tanno, celebrity makeup artist and Global Artistry Director for Haus Laboratories, is also sure that this will be a trend this winter. To get the look, she recommends “sweeping blush and bronzer above the cheekbones from the temple to the nose and draping a highlighter across the top to find your best light.” Topping your color product with a glossy highlighter can really add dimension and depth to your look. Finalizing the look with an ultra-glossy lip can really complete it, giving your whole face a dewy, glowy finish. For highlighter, check out Patrick Ta Beauty’s Face Gloss (launching November 6 at Sephora and PatrickTa.com) or the Nudestix Nudies Glow in Hey, Honey. Tanno loves using the Haus Labs Head Rush Blush Duo in Bouquet & Ribbon. For lip gloss, Dose of Colors has a wide array of flat and glitter glosses with high-shine finishes, or you can use the Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(cover) Hydrating Coconut Lip Oil as a clear topper over your lipstick.


Get Graphic

You’ve probably seen graphic eyeliner looks all over Instagram so it should come as a surprise to you that both Chinchilla and Ta are predicting that the trend will be huge this winter. “It’s a great way to play with a little color without having to master the art or eyeshadow blending,” says Chinchilla. “Best of all, there are no rules!” Ta adds, “I love the fact that you can play and change the eye shape. I think it’s a fun trend that you can wear year round, it’s playful and fun, and it’s a way to play with color without having too much color on the eye.”Chinchilla recommends taking a tiny detail brush to a product like the KVD Vegan Beauty Super Pomade because they’re “super easy to use and are completely waterproof. ” If you need a little more control and prefer a pencil format, the Colourpop Creme Gel Liners are hyperpigmented and easy to manipulate on the eye. Mix and match different colors and play with shapes or negative space until you achieve your desired effect.


Living in Liner

Another eyeliner trend for the season is what Tanno is calling “lived-in liner,” citing it as one of Lady Gaga’s current favorite makeup styles. Lived-in liner is a smudged, smoked-out look that you can achieve with just one easy product: a malleable eyeliner pencil. Look for a soft pencil like the Haus Labs Eye-dentify Gel Pencil or the Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner that gives you a little play time. Line your eyes with the pencil and use a smudging brush like Makeup by Mario’s E 5 Makeup Brush to create your desired shape. Pencils like the ones from Haus Labs and Marc Jacobs dry down so that you don’t have to worry about them budging all night long.

Kristin Corpuz
Kristin is a freelance beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle editor and writer based in Los Angeles, and she is a proud graduate of Berklee College of Music.

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2020’s Best Makeup Trends According To Celebrity Makeup Artists

“I’m happy to say that not even a pandemic could halt beauty from evolving and inspiring me this year,” says celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon. It’s been (needless to say) a weird year — and said weirdness has certainly impacted habits — especially when it comes to makeup. For some, quarantine presented a unique opportunity to play with makeup and create interesting, trendy looks for 2020. For others, a refreshing chance to embrace a life spent entirely bare-faced and in sweatpants. “It’s not that people are abandoning beauty rituals and makeup — but they’re certainly being more selective,” notes celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno.

Against all odds, however, some interesting trends emerged. With mask-wearing becoming commonplace (and required), the eyes became a focal point of play for some. Colorful eyeliner, whimsical shapes, and fun textures have all shown up on lids this year. And for some, quick and easy natural makeup looks that highlight one’s complexion have taken center stage. Yes, no matter how you cut it, in a year of quiet uncertainty, some clear makeup patterns still managed to emerge.

Ahead, the top looks that shone brighter than ever in 2020, according to celebrity makeup artists.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

2020’s Best Makeup Trends:

Experimental Eyes

This year has presented an opportunity to get super creative with eyeshadows and eyeliners. It’s led to an explosion of “colorful eyeliner in unusual places,” celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass says, “I’ve noticed a lot of really experimental, vivid eyeliner that often floats away from the lash line.” It is perhaps, a reflection of the ways in which everything normal was turned upside down in 2020. “I think we’ve all had more time on our hands to experiment and play, and less concern for being judged,” Bass says, “Life is crazy around us at the moment so no one is going to think twice about floating lime green eyeliner. And I think a little fantasy is welcomed right now.”

Plus, it’s just nice to have a little fun. “This is an easy way to brighten up your face — just drawing little clouds or even just a line in a bold color with a different colored tip on it,” Denno says.

2020’s Best Makeup Trends: 5-Minute


If you didn’t want to spend more than five minutes on makeup most days this year, you certainly weren’t alone. “The pandemic has led people to change their makeup routines, and in a way, they’ve started to care less about perfection,” celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder says. One of the easiest ways to do this is with makeup in stick format, something Westman Atelier excels in.

2020’s Best Makeup Trends: Natural, Glowing Skin

“We’ve finally had the time to use all the oils, masks, and various devices on a regular basis and it’s showing,” says Bass of the increased attention (and time) devoted to achieving one’s skin goals this year. “More and more people are starting to embrace, appreciate, and accept their imperfections and work with them not against them,” Blunder says. She recently launched Blunder Cover, a concealer-foundation hybrid, which she says is an example of “an easy product that focuses on enhancing your natural beauty.”

2020’s Best Makeup Trends:

Bold, Fluffy Brows

“Getting through Covid has been about trying to find the silver linings, whether big or small, like finally being able to grow out your eyebrows!” Bass says. “We’re only really seeing people on Zoom, so who cares about a little regrowth? I’ve definitely noticed bigger, fluffier brows and I’m here for it!” If you’ve been thinking about letting them grow and leave them au naturel, it’s a good time to embrace an imperfect, fluffy brow. Enhance what you’ve got with a ‘brow-cara’ — a mascara for the brows.

2020’s Best Makeup Trends: Long, Lush Lashes

“For me, it has been all about eyelashes,” explains makeup artist Amber Dreadon.Without any access to lash extensions, the focus has been on growing long, thick natural lashes and making the eyes pop with a bold mascara,” she says. Time at home (and away from the wear and tear of extensions) has allowed for some repair. “Using a lash serum that conditions can really make a crazy difference in length, if used daily, and when paired with a mascara, it’s just the perfect eye for lockdown,” Dreadon says.

2020’s Best Makeup Trends:

A Colorful Lip

The easiest way to add a pop of color (even on an otherwise bare face), a bold lip presented a simple but bright way to look “presentable” on Zoom in a pinch. Celebrity makeup artist Carolina Dali calls this trend her favorite of the year — her preference is for a matte finish. “A matte lip looks so chic and opulent,” she says, adding that her favorite is the Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Color, which “has a stunning matte finish, and doesn’t transfer or bleed, so you can wear it under your mask without it smudging or coming off.”

Her tip: “I like to apply a touch of Orcé foundation using an Artis brush around my lips first — this helps my lips stand out a little more and evens out the skin tone in preparation for the lip color. Then I apply the lip color and, lastly, I perfect my lip line using a clean lipstick brush dipped in the color of choice to further define the lips and create the perfect pout.”

A Celebrity Makeup Artist Breaks Down The Best Bridal Makeup Trends & Tips



By Marissa DeSantis

Wedding season is officially upon us, and it’s working overtime to make up for all of the plans that were put on hold due to the pandemic. But even if you had to push back your wedding or scale-down on the guestlist, there are certain details—like selecting your dream bridal makeup—that never change. That’s where this guide comes in. Whether you’re looking for some bridal makeup inspiration or you selected your makeup for the big day months ago, we’ve got you covered.

Los Angeles-based celebrity and bridal makeup artist Mallorie Mason gives us an expert’s take on everything from the most popular wedding makeup looks to skincare tricks that will help your makeup last longer and essential products to have on hand for touch-ups.

Ahead, Mason answers all of your bridal makeup questions (including some questions you probably didn’t even know to ask!).

Choosing Your Bridal Makeup Look

Most brides will opt to have their makeup and hair professionally done, and Mason recommends booking with your makeup artist eight months in advance (though she does note a recent increase in last-minute requests because of the pandemic). You’ll want to have your trial makeup done within six months of the wedding, which Mason suggests timing with another one of your events.

“Book your trial on the day of your engagement photos, engagement party, or bridal shower.

That way you see how it wears throughout the day and whether or not you like it.

You’ll also want to come prepared for your makeup trial with photos of what you like, and any of your own products that you’re set on using (Mason says foundation and lipstick are common picks). While you don’t need to have your entire look planned out, the more clarity you’re able to give about your preferences helps to ensure you’re happy with your makeup in the end.

“Bring photos of people who look similar to you,” Mason advises. “So that means if you’re fair with blonde hair and blue eyes, don’t bring a photo of Kim Kardashian. You can also mix and match pictures to show an eyeshadow you like from one and a lipstick from another, for example,” Masons says for brides who aren’t quite sure what they want yet. “Seeing it in a photo is always nice for reference because if you just say you like a peachy tone on the cheeks, your makeup artist might have a totally different peach color in mind,” she explains.

Trending Looks

While bridal makeup looks tend to be more classic, Mason tells us that there are some factors that change. “I’ve been seeing a lot of smoky, bronzy eye makeup lately,” she says. “It’s not your typical bride, it’s more of a bohemian, modern look, and I love it with more of a nude lip and soft, peachy cheek.”

Mason’s other most-requested looks follow the traditional route, either focusing on a cat eye and bolder brow combo that suit any wedding or dress style, or a soft pink lip and matching cheeks that’s more classic bridal beauty.

INSPO: Bronzy Makeup with a Nude Lip

INSPO: Cat Eye

INSPO: A Fresh Modern Glam

INSPO: Bronzy Makeup with Fluffy Lashes

INSPO: Pink Lip

Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

With over 15 years of professional experience, Mason is full of helpful tips (like using waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and properly prepping the skin with moisturizer and primer). But it’s her less commonly known advice on what to avoid that will help you look your best.

First up on Mason’s list is skipping the airbrush makeup. “One out of every five inquiries I get from brides is about airbrush makeup because they think it lasts longer,” Mason explains. “Let me clear this up, airbrush doesn’t mean the makeup is any better or longer-lasting, it just makes it heavier. It’s honestly too much makeup for an in-person event,” she stresses, adding that it also has a tendency to bubble up if you start sweating and streak if you cry.

“Your makeup artist should be talented enough to give you that poreless, flawless skin without airbrush makeup.”

Another common mistake Mason sees is using full strip lashes, which she notes can be overpowering and have a tendency to be uncomfortable or lift off the lashline as the night goes on. “I never recommend a full strip of lashes for brides unless they do wispies mixed with individuals,” Mason says. “Using individuals gives you full, fluffy lashes that look more natural as opposed to a heavy, sharp effect that full strip lashes can create.”

And lastly, Mason wants you to remember to fully blend your makeup so that it matches any skin that’s showing. “A lot of people forget to blend the makeup into the neck and the chest, which is especially important if you’re wearing a strapless or low-cut gown,” she says. “I like to add a highlighting cream that glows and blends in with the rest of the face and body,” she suggests.

Your Beauty Boot Camp

You probably already have treatments like a facial or brow wax on your wedding to-do list, but Mason shares an ideal timeline for each so that you look your best—and no, it’s not cramming it all in the week of the wedding. “I always recommend brides start with hydration facials at least three months in advance,” Mason says. “Usually, you get a facial once a month, but to really see improvement by the wedding, you don’t want to wait to go just before. ” Because healthy, hydrated skin helps makeup sit better (aka no creasing or settling into fine lines) and last longer, you can have your final pre-wedding facial the week of—as long as it’s strictly hydrating.

“Don’t do anything intense like peels, acids, or lasers,” she stresses.

Any facial hair removal such as a brow or lip wax should be done at least a week before the wedding to avoid signs of irritation, while a spray tan should happen closer to the day of the wedding. “If you’re getting married on a Saturday, have your spray tan done Thursday morning, but don’t wash it off until Thursday night,” Mason says, explaining that the second or third day of the tan is always the best. “You also don’t want your face to be tanned the same level as your body or it can get blotchy, especially if you’re fair,” she warns, adding that you’ll either want to go a few shades lighter on the face or skip the spray tan on your face altogether.

Your Wedding Day Essentials

A timeline for getting ready is crucial on your wedding day, and Mason shares that you’ll want to consider a few things when coming up with your routine. “I think it’s always better for the bride to have their hair done first so the makeup is as fresh as possible,” she says. “I like to allow anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for the bride because it’s the last time she’s going to be sitting and not doing anything for the rest of the day,” Mason says. “I want to have time to really prep the skin, plus I want to make sure that the bride feels special and not rushed.”

One more thing to keep in mind is where you’ll be getting ready. Not only is this important so that you have a place to comfortably sit and a table for your makeup to be set out on, but Mason notes that good lighting is key to getting the makeup just right.

“Always say no to the bathroom—makeup needs natural light,” she stresses.

And before you head down the aisle, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set aside a small makeup bag for touch-ups. “You want to have a setting spray, translucent powder (and a brush or powder puff to apply it), mascara, and your lipstick, lip gloss, or lip liner,” Mason says, noting that eye drops and Q-tips are also nice additions.

The Coolest 2021 Makeup Trends


After a year with beauty on most people’s back burner, predicting which makeup trends will take the stage in 2021 is no easy task. “It’s kind of hard to say with makeup trends—they’re so unpredictable,” says Jackie Aina, a Nigerian-American beauty content creator, activist, and social media sensation. “I think we could go either way. People could be so comfortable and used to where we are now and keep moving forward in the ‘less is more’ lane. Or, there could be a resurgence in doing full heavy glam.”

But while both options are on the table—and you can always choose your own makeup adventure on any given day—there are some predictions from the pros who keep their finger on the industry’s pulse. Below, we got the 2021 makeup trend scoop from Aina, makeup mogul and Artist Couture founder Angel Merino, and Fenty Beauty global makeup artist Hector Espinal.

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Expressive Eyes

As long as face masks continue to remain incredibly important to wear, beauty fans will adapt by pulling out all the stops with eye makeup. “We’ve all been forced to really use our eyes to show off our personality and emotions—even the way we communicate!—and it has been fun [to] experiment with colorful liners and textured shadows and slick lashes,” notes Espinal.


Expressive Eyes

It might be time to finally master the art of popping on a pair of false eyelashes, too. “We’ll still play up whatever is visible and can still show off,” says Merino regarding above-mask makeup. “I see eyes and lashes having a major moment in a fun and creative way.”


Nostalgic Makeup

“Soft, pale pink has been popular for quite some time now, but I feel like we’re now moving into more muted colors like tans, sage greens, pistachios, and baby blues. Everything is also really nostalgic right now, so I’m seeing a lot of graphic liner looks, white eyeliner, and baby blue eyeliner,” says Aina. “People are also moving away from shimmers, too. They’re amping up mattes and making everything look like an ode to the ’90s.”


Nostalgic Makeup

But don’t count out other throwback decades such as the ’60s, and the return of its lid-hugging cut crease. “I see a nod to the ’60s being a major trend. Look at Ariana Grande’s new ’60s-inspired era happening right now,” adds Merino. “Creating graphic shapes with eyeshadow and liner are a great way to make you like bright-eyed and fresh.”


Natural Foundation

You heard it here first: “Full-coverage foundation is not going anywhere,” says Aina. How you apply it might change, though, as a natural-looking complexion—with varied tones, freckles, and moles—takes the wheel. “As long as there are people who don’t always have the most perfect skin, someone out there is going to be looking for coverage and that’s okay; those products are still going to do well.”


Natural Foundation

So, how does glass skin and dewy highlighter play into a natural base? Meet demi-matte, a dewy and semi-matte combo, which Aina calls the best of both worlds. “You get beautiful, enhanced texture in the skin, but you get the benefits of a matte foundation that’s long wearing and oil-controlling,” she explains. “I feel like people are looking for products that kind of do both.”

“I think next year we’ll see a lot of complexion that’s not simply matte or dewy—instead it will be all about a natural, skin-like finish,” adds Espinal. “When Rihanna creates Fenty Beauty’s complexion products, she wants products that allow skin to still look like skin. Soft matte, radiant and not shiny—that’s what it’s about.”


Uplifting Color

Find yourself reaching for far-out shades you never would’ve before, like a baby blue lid or a sparkly purple lip? “Color has such power to uplift us,” explains Espinal, who predicts that there will be a “broad spectrum” of color trends in 2021.


Uplifting Color

“There’s been a big focus on being more minimalist and just enhancing natural colors and features—so think beautiful neutrals and earth tones ranging from chocolate browns to sage greens—but there are also those who are really turning to bright bold colors as a moment of self-care and fun,” Espinal continues.


Supporting Smaller Brands

Mass consumer support for Black-owned beauty brands and smaller, indie makeup companies spread throughout 2020, and that momentum connected shoppers to new-to-them lines and game-changing products. “I’m glad that Black-owned brands are finally being pushed to the forefront in the mainstream more than they were previously and I hope that we can keep the same energy,” says Aina. “Keep an eye out for the indie, up-and-coming brands like UOMA Beauty and Mented Cosmetics—they make amazing complexion products.

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I Tried ’90s Makeup Trends To See If They Would Hold Up Today

I grew up wanting to be a cool ’90s teen. I used to beg my mom to buy me magazines that were basically just pictures so I could cut out the makeup looks, hang them on my door and fantasize about being a teenager who wore chokers and frosted lipstick—not the dorky 8-year-old I was. I was too young to actually rock the ’90s makeup trends myself but looked up to celebs (hi, Spice Girls!) who were pushing boundaries with their strong makeup looks.

To make my dream of being a ’90s icon come true, I decided to re-create iconic beauty looks to see if they’d hold up. According to Janice Kinjo, a New York-based groomer and celebrity makeup artist, the ’90s were all about overly plucked, thin eyebrows, brick-brown lipstick lined with a dark brown lip liner. Frosty lip gloss was paired with frosty eyeshadow.

I wasn’t so committed to this project that I’d pluck my eyebrows (I made that mistake back in the early ’00s), but I decided to go hard on the matte and frosted trends that dominated the era.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

AP Images/Brittany Leitner.

Trend: Too-light foundation with blue-grey shadow

Kinjo did her best to explain this unexplainable trend Angelina Jolie rocked in 1998. “The ’90s were influenced by the grunge/goth look, so having a lighter/white foundation was accepted,” she said. “However, people with darker complexion didn’t have many options for foundations and powders, therefore makeup looked gray.” It seems, people also didn’t know about a thing called flashback.

To get my complexion this light, I mixed the Manic Panic Dreamtone Flawless White Liquid Foundation ($13.95 at Amazon) with my It Cosmetics CC+ Cream in Light ($39.50 at Ulta). Can you imagine being as beautiful as Angelina Jolie and letting your makeup artist do this to your face for the red carpet?

For my eyes, I used About-Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint in Matte Midnight Blue ($24 at About-Face). I put a few dots on my lids and tapped them upwards with my finger. Then I dabbed the shade Lava Stone from the KKW Beauty Crystalized Eyeshadow Palette ($45 at KKW Beauty) to intensify the matte effect. I finished with black eyeliner for the wings.

My favorite part of the look was using my most-complimented lip shade, the ultra-affordable Wet N’ Wild Megalast Matte Lip Color in Mochalicious ($2. 59 at Target). I dabbed some highlighter in the middle of my lips for that frosty effect.

AP Images/Brittany Leitner.

Trend: Cut-crease and nude lips

The iconic cut-crease eyeshadow look on Naomi Campbell was created by celebrity makeup artist of the ’90s, Kevin Aucoin. Although it’s decidedly the most adaptable for today’s trends, it wasn’t easy to create and it took me a few times to get it right. You’ll probably find the trend easier if you’re already a cut-crease pro.

First, I used the shade Buzzing from the KKW Beauty Matte Honey Pressed Powder Palette ($45 at KKW Beauty) all over my eyelids up to my brows. Then, I applied the darker brown color Stung on the top half of my eye only, blending upwards. With makeup remover on a cotton swab, I created an exaggerated cut in each crease before filling it in with more of the lighter shade to set the contrast.

Kinjo has an alternative method that’s a little easier. “Cut crease placement and shape can be confusing since all of our eyes are shaped differently,” she says. “The simplest method for me is to line your eyes a little bit thicker than you normally would, furrow brows and then look up, eyes to the ceiling.” This transfers your eyeliner to your eyelid naturally and voilà—cut crease line.

Continuing the ’90s contrast, I lined my lips with KKW Beauty Honey 3 Lip Liner ($12 at KKW Beauty) and used the same shade to create a fake beauty mark. I filled in my lips with the shade Honey 1, a lighter nude lipstick. I finished by dusting my cheeks with KKW Beauty Honey Blush in Honey Pot ($24 at KKW Beauty).

Brittany Leitner.

Trend: White eyeshadow and glossy lips

Because contouring wasn’t a trend in the ’90s, this look, favored by Reese Witherspoon in 1997, made me feel like my face looked round. Even though I don’t contour on the regular, I do cut my cheekbones with blush that brings my bone structure upwards. But the ’90s was about putting blush on the apples of your cheeks, which I felt instantly transformed me into an 8-year-old.

For that ultra-light eyeshadow, I grabbed the About-Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint in White Noise ($24 at About-Face). The formula is easy to blend all over your entire lid and stays put once dry. I lined the corners of my eyes and on my lower lashline About-Face Pearly Shadow Stick in Pearly Cloud Blue ($21 at About-Face).

Since faux eyelashes were less popular in the ’90s, I applied just a coat of No7 The Full 360 Mascara ($10 at Target). I completed the look with Paint-It Matte Lip Color in Ask Nicely ($22 at About-Face) and swiped Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip Gloss ($18 at Ulta) on top for that juicy look.

And yes, I had a tattoo choker at the ready to complete my look. Maybe I’m not so far off from a ’90s teen after all.

The 2021 Winter Makeup Trends You’re About To See Everywhere

Summer was all about faux freckles. When it came to fall, blue eyeshadow was it. But what do 2021’s winter makeup trends have in store? Well, turns out, they involve a little bit of everything — especially when it comes to the eyes.

Bustle spoke with celebrity makeup artist and Emmy winner Deja Smith, Maybelline New York U.S. brand ambassadors and celebrity makeup artists Jenna Kristina and Erin Parsons, Lady Gaga’s makeup artist and global artistry director for Haus Laboratories Sarah Tanno, M.A.C senior national artist Fatima Thomas, and celebrity makeup artist and chief artistic officer of Beautycounter Christy Coleman about what to expect in beauty as the temperatures get colder. While they each had different trends in mind, there was one clear theme — it’s going to be all about going big with your eyeshadows.

From bold colors to sculpted brows and jewel-toned shimmer, 2021’s winter makeup looks will focus heavily on the eyes with a few complexion and lip trends thrown in for good measure. If you’ve been thinking of grabbing that bold eyeliner you’ve had in your cart for months or debating stocking up some Euphoria-inspired jewel tones, you’re already a few steps ahead on this season’s buzziest makeup trends.


Floating Eyeliner

Ariana Grande has become the queen of floating eyeliner, the long-lasting 2020 makeup trend that’s slated to continue into winter 2021, according to makeup artist Jenna Kristina, Maybelline’s New York U.S. brand ambassador.

“People are really exploring and having fun with funky styles,” Kristina tells Bustle. “I think people are in need of things that bring them joy, and makeup is always going to do just that.”

To get the look, Kristina recommends first outlining the shape you want with an eyeliner shade that’s close to your skin tone. Once you’ve got your placement nailed down, apply a darker or brighter color over the top. Pro tip: Kristina typically uses a liquid liner for more precision. Try Fenty Beauty’s Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner for the look.


Strong Brows

Christy Coleman, celebrity makeup artist and chief artistic officer at Beautycounter, see more natural-looking trends coming into style for winter 2021. While she does see the eyes as a focus for the season, she specifically points to bold brows as a way to emphasize them. The brow grooming “frames the face and creates a finished and polished look,” Coleman tells Bustle.

To get the look, she recommends a duo of products: a brow pencil to create hairlike strokes and a brow gel to get fuller-looking arches. Try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer pencil and Glossier’s Boy Brow gel for the job. Using both will make the brows pop.


Gold Leaf

Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Celebrity makeup artist Deja Smith tells Bustle that this winter will be all about bringing joy through makeup, since wearing face masks is still a safety protocol. To her, this means ample eye ornamentation, like the gold foil trend she’s already used on actress Laverne Cox at the American Music Awards.

You can find the delicate gold leaf at any craft store, but you’ll want to be careful applying it since it’s not a traditional makeup product. But Smith says it’s simple to use. “Using two tweezers, tear your gold leaf into small pieces on a palette or clean surface,” she tells Bustle. “With a clear duo brush-on adhesive, dot your desired pattern onto the skin. Move quickly to place the gold bits onto the adhesive and press gently into place with your ring finger.” Then, voila: You’re rocking the look.


Metallic Eyes

Celebrity makeup artist and Haus Labs global artistry director Sarah Tanno predicts a more is more approach to winter makeup, featuring bold metallic eyes. Her take? “Do what makes you feel good, powerful, and sexy,” she tells Bustle, noting that everyone will look good rocking it.

“Try shades you wouldn’t normally wear together,” Tanno suggests, recommending something like Haus Labs new 4-Way Eyeshadow in 4-Disco on the eyes. “The bright purple and metallic gold is perfect for feeling sexy and powerful, and is also a more modern take on holiday glam.” You can also play with shades from ColourPop’s Truly Madly Deeply Eyeshadow Palette.


Euphoria-Inspired Jewels

While gold leaf is Smith’s favorite eye ornamentation for winter 2021, it’s not the only one she sees becoming popular. The makeup artist specifically called out HBO’s Euphoria — and the show’s makeup artist Doniella Davy — creative use of eye jewels. Smith recommends looking to Davy’s creations on the show for inspiration for your own look.

“Self-adhesive jewels are a fun and fast addition to the crease of your eye or lash line that can be worn alone or to enhance a larger makeup look,” she tells Bustle.


Mascara, Mascara, Mascara

Fatima Thomas, M.A.C. senior national makeup artist, agrees that the eyes have it, but for her that means a lot of mascara. “Because we’re often covering our noses and mouths with masks, eye makeup is becoming more desirable, especially mascara,” she tells Bustle, adding that it’s a quick, one-step way to enhance your eyes.

For the look, go with a volumizing mascara like Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real! Lengthening tube. Her pro tip? Always curl your lashes before applying to make them appear even longer.



Coleman’s prediction of strong brows isn’t the only way she sees the eyes popping. She also predicts that shimmery lids will be everywhere. “The makeup focus will be on bright and awakened eyes with a bit of shimmer and mascara to make the eyes pop,” she tells Bustle. She recommends using a single cream-based shimmer shade — like Sunstone from Beautycounter’s Winter Warmth Palette, or you can try e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette — all over the eye and in the inner corner to brighten up the eyes, and then to follow up with mascara.


Glowing Skin

In addition to bright eyes, Coleman also predicts that a fall 2020 trend — glowing skin — will continue throughout the winter. According to her, everyone looks great with radiant, glowing skin, as it provides a “natural and versatile” canvas for all skin tones. To get the look, she recommends applying lightweight foundation (like CoverGirl’s Clean Fresh Skin Milk) with a sponge, not a brush, to get a more “skin-like” finish.


Bold Lips

Tanno’s bold approach to winter makeup doesn’t just apply to metallic eyes. She’s also into a good, strong lip color, and she’s totally on board with breaking the rule that you shouldn’t wear it with a bold eye. “More is more,” she tells Bustle. “Do whatever that means for you personally.” She suggests mixing it up with a bright coral shade — try the NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Red Square.


Single Colors

Thomas sees another simple but impactful way to make eyes pop this winter: with single eyeshadow shades. “Everyone should have what I call ‘one-color-wonder’ eyeshadows,” she tells Bustle. “This is a shadow that’s neutral-ish and can be a bit deeper or a bit brighter than your skin tone that adds some pizzazz and beauty to your eyelids.” You can go with either a shimmery or matte finish — your call. An eyeshadow like L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Cafe Au Lait works. To apply, Thomas recommends doing a quick sweep over the lids for an “effortless, put-together look.


Unique Eye Art

Celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons, who’s a Maybelline New York global brand ambassador, predicts a more individualized approach to winter makeup via unique eye art. “I feel people are craving originality, explosions of color, and purely unique beauty,” she tells Bustle, noting that Instagram is the perfect outlet for showcasing a done-up character. “It’s not like you’re in neon eyeliner to go to the grocery store — instead, you’re just doing your makeup for the ‘gram,” she says.

As for getting the look, Parsons says there isn’t one right way. “The great thing [about this trend] is that it’s not a step-by-step. This is you creating your art on your face, whatever it may be in that moment. Makeup has now become more than just a way to make you feel pretty: It’s an empowering force of artistic liberation.” So have fun with it.

Trend Alert: Mermaid tears is the latest celebrity approved makeup trend & it is surprisingly EASY to recreate

Makeup trends come and go but only the good ones stay back. Here’s the surprisingly easy one that has our heart! Check it out

Written By Priyanka Mody

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Updated: June 29, 2020 07:55 pm

Trend Alert: Mermaid tears is the latest celebrity approved makeup trend & it is surprisingly EASY to recreate

We love makeup looks that are versatile and can be easily created in a jiffy. While tedious looks and glamorous touches make you feel like you own the world, it’s not always practical to pull off a full face of makeup. Here’s where easy and doable makeup looks come into the picture. 

While the internet is filled with makeup hacks and easy looks to recreate, it’s always mind-boggling to see newer trends come up like it’s literally nobody’s business. This time around we have a Kardashian-Jenner favourite makeup look that is surprisingly effortless to recreate. Apart from your usual base makeup and eyeliner, all you will need is a bright coloured eye shadow of your choice. 

Start by doing your usual neutral-toned makeup. Top it off with a nude lipstick and a black eyeliner. Once that is done, you can simply elevate your look by grabbing a bright coloured eyeshadow of your choice. Our personal favourite is yellow and pink but you can even match your dress with the same. Now, start by applying the eyeshadow over your tear duct and gently blend it and voila you’ve literally turned your look into a glamorous one with this easy step.


Mermaid tears as the look is popularly known is perfect for summers or even to elevate all your dull and boring dresses. Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian have already given this look their stamp of approval. Moreover, quite a lot of beauty bloggers and fashion influencers are making a statement with this effortless beauty look. 

What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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90,000 Best makeup 2020: trends from Instagram stars

Our moodboards and wishlists have overflowed this week – we have already talked about the main eye makeup trends of Fashion Week and shared the latest cosmetic news in October. Don’t forget about Instagram: the last seven days, the tape was full of bright beauty images of Dua Lipa, Chiara Ferragni, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry and Rita Ora. We have collected the best of them below.

Chiara Ferragni

Pregnant Chiara, as always, continues to lead an active life: the other day she starred in a video for her husband, Italian rapper Fedez. For the music video Bella Storia, with a mind-blowing pile and perm, Ferragni chose makeup in the best traditions of the 1990s, where she combined two bright accents at once – on the eyes and lips. Ideal for an evening out or a themed retro party!

Kylie Jenner

Hands in red tones – a hit of Fashion Week, which looked especially great at the Salvatore Ferragamo show. But Kylie took a step further and instead of a calm beige base, she applied neon yellow to her eyelids. Feel free to adopt a new color combination if you want to add colors to your usual makeup.

Dua Lipa

In the song Levitating there are lines “glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes” – that’s why the video for this track has a make-up with a shock dose of sparkles in the color of the dress. Make-up artist Samantha Lau was responsible for the brilliant result: she did not regret shimmering shadows on the upper eyelid and false eyelashes with rhinestones, which were in fashion back in the distant noughties.

Rita Ora

Following the fresh footsteps of Lady Gaga, who skillfully combines blue and pink in her makeup, another singer, Rita Ora, has also gone.She suggests drawing massive blue arrows, and a thin pink liner to emphasize the crease of the upper eyelid. For the integrity of the image, the lower edge of the eyelashes and lips can be emphasized with the same shade of pink as on the eyelids.

Katy Perry

Star makeup artist Michael Anthony demonstrates a cool technique on Katy Perry – a contrasting eyeliner for the lower eyelid. In combination with classic arrows, this makeup will become much more interesting. And if you cover your face and body with crystals, as Michael does, you will definitely not be able to remain unnoticed in the light of a disco ball.

Makeup trends based on the Oscars 2020 stars

One of the main events has died down in Hollywood: “Oscar 2020”. The stars are trying to stand out among the same successful colleagues, and the stylists who help the celebrities get together are guided by trends: both in clothes and in makeup.

In our selection there are the most successful make-ups of star beauties.

Natalie Portman is the ideal of thousands of women around the world and it is not surprising: the actress looks after her appearance.The trendy makeup of the star favorably emphasizes her appearance: thick wide eyebrows, a light arrow and lipstick in the color of the lips. The makeup looks natural and complete.

Penelope Cruz is not ashamed of her wrinkles and does not seek to get rid of them: the 45-year-old star believes that aging can be beautiful. Although the star has abandoned the arrow, her makeup looks quite worthy: an even complexion, light contouring and combed eyebrows. Makeup artists believe that such makeup is universal: you can wear it to work and to the Oscar red carpet.

29-year-old actress Margot Robbie chose a bright red lipstick for her release, but the rest of the makeup looks nude. It’s good that Margot didn’t focus on her eyes: a black arrow would look vulgar in combination with red lipstick. Makeup artists believe that such makeup is suitable not only for young girls: red lipstick is timeless.

Western media call Salma Hayek’s makeup the most stylish among the stars of the red carpet. This is due to the fact that the star used a gradient of two lipstick colors: in the center – a shade lighter than in the corners.This gives the lips volume without injections. And light shining shadows on the eyelids only add shine to the eyes.

22-year-old actress Camila Morrone, it seems, came to the Oscars with no makeup at all: she just combed her eyebrows. However, stylists assure that the make-up is made flawlessly: the secret of a trendy make-up is to emphasize its natural beauty so that it is not noticeable. The playfulness of Camila’s image is given by a slight blush on her cheeks.

Scarlett Johansson is one of the few who decided on lip gloss, which many makeup artists do not like now.However, lip gloss was just an addition to her shiny look. Makeup artists also pay attention to the color of the actress’s eyebrows: this is exactly what the eyebrows of blondes should be.

In general, we can safely say that natural beauty is in fashion, and makeup is needed only to hide small flaws and emphasize advantages. Make-up artists assure that now it is better to take care of the skin than to try to hide fatigue.

Whose makeup do you like the most? Which one would you like to apply to yourself?

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90,000 fashion trends, current trends + 111 photos of make-up novelties

Pastel hands, lip gloss with a vinyl coating effect, the return of draping and other promising trends that are worthy of attention this year

Make-up trends in the modern world are a rather conventional category.Nowadays, it is impossible to do makeup that would cause universal censure – the most controversial beauty solutions find their fans. But for those who are accustomed to keeping their nose downwind, we tell you what textures, shades, techniques and tools will be especially popular among makeup artists, celebrities and beauty gurus in 2021.

Convenient product to add to your cosmetic bag. Find your perfect palette!

Makeup-2021: fashion trends and novelties

Judging by the latest Fashion Weeks, make-up artists are thrown from one extreme to another.One thing is clear: it won’t be boring in 2021. Here are the top 10 makeup trends for the coming months.

  1. 1

    Lilac eye makeup

  2. Lanvin, Cividini, Fashion East, Rick Owens, Iceberg – these fashion brands have completely different philosophies, but the models at their shows walked in lilac shades together. Coincidence? We don’t think so. We take note of the new trend, especially since it only suits everyone’s hand: purple tones are suitable for blondes and brunettes, they perfectly emphasize brown, green and gray eyes.

    Fashion East © fashion_east

    Cividini © itscividini

    Lanvin © lanvinofficial

  3. 2


  4. This trend cannot be called the newest – bright flashes of neon makeup have been illuminating the catwalks for several seasons.Recently, however, make-up artists have become more modest, ceasing to accentuate half of the face with neon. In 2021, to create a fashionable look, it is enough to highlight the corners of the eyes with a drop of neon shadows or leave a neon stroke on the upper eyelid, as in the Helmut Lang show.

    Helmut Lang © helmutlang

  5. However, no one forbids anyone to go all out like make-up artists who prepared models for the Nicole Miller show. Save this photo for the summer festival season.

    Nicole Miller © nicolemillernyc

  6. We admit: neon is with us for a long time, so it makes sense to get the appropriate eyeshadow, eyeliner or lipstick. Moreover, we have already prepared detailed instructions for creating makeup with a neon accent. Look for them here, here and here.

    Ulla Johnson © ullajohnson

    Versace © versace

    © lorealmakeup

    © Makeup. ru

    © Makeup.ru

  7. 3

    Fuchsia on the lips

  8. “Zero” eye makeup plus bright lips: the trend loved by makeup artists is reborn in 2021. Scarlet is replaced by juicy pink. To find out which pink shade is best for you, this article will help.And if you are too lazy to go into details, just buy any bright lipstick with a cold bluish undertone – you will not go wrong.

    Giorgio Armani © Giorgio Armani Beauty

    Self-Portrait © mrselfportrait

  9. 4


  10. If the chart contains neon, then pastel will appear on one of the following lines. Clear arrows, as if drawn with crayons, are an absolute must of this year. At the same time, they do not have to be strict and minimalistic at all – draw a fantasy pattern on the eyelid and add bright shadows or sparkles. And you can do both, as at the Anna Sui show – you can’t imagine better for the summer.

    Anna Sui © annasui

    Cividini © itscividini

    Pamella Roland © pamellaroland

  11. 5


  12. Makeup in the style of the heroes of the youth series “Euphoria”, which conquered the world in the second half of 2019, will remain among the favorites in 2021. This is confirmed by the latest shows. And keep in mind: glitter on the face can be scattered anywhere – for example, under the lower eyelid, as in the shows of Fendi and Marc Jacobs. A great way, by the way, to hide dark circles under the eyes.

    Marc Jacobs © marcjacobs

    Fendi © fendi

    House of Holland © houseofholland

  13. 6

    Unexpected reception

  14. Who said that the shadows on the right eyelid should be the same color as on the left? Nobody said that.This means that nothing prevents us from creating a truly fashionable and stylish eye makeup – 2021. If you are not yet ready for such radical actions, approach from the other side. Mix colors in any order – for example, orange and blue, inspired by the Oscar de la Renta show.

    Oscar de la Renta © oscardelarenta

    © lorealmakeup

  15. The same trick, by the way, can be done in lip makeup (take an example from the Vivetta models).

    Vivetta © vivetta

  16. Another effective technique is to paint up only one eye with bright shadows, as in the Jamie Wei Huang show.

    Jamie Wei Huang © jamieweihuang

    Jamie Wei Huang © jamieweihuang

  17. 7

    Light haze

  18. No heavy smokey eyes! In 2021, the top features an airy, translucent veil that barely covers the eyelids. The most fashionable colors are gray and blue. You don’t have to look far for examples, just look at the spring-summer shows of Max Mara and Marc Jacobs. The main advantage of this make-up is that it can be created in a matter of seconds, even if the level of your beauty skills tends to zero.

    Marc Jacobs © marcjacobs

    Max Mara © maxmara

  19. 8

    Elegant eyebrows

  20. Makeup artists continue to feel nostalgic for Marlene Dietrich-style eyebrows (see the Mugler show), but this is more of an artistic gesture: outside the catwalks, the “strings” never caught on.In 2019, the arrow was leaning towards i woke up like this makeup, and many fashion girls stopped using eyebrow products altogether. In 2021, natural, but neatly styled and only slightly accented eyebrows are in vogue. So at least the eyebrow pencil and the fixing gel should be returned from the link.

    Emilia Wickstead © emiliawickstead

  21. 9


  22. According to the forecasts of the national makeup artist L’Oréal Paris in Russia, Roman Mokroguzov, matte textures will gradually fade into the background in 2021.This is evidenced by fashion shows. If you’re planning on investing in lip gloss, go for a vinyl-effect product. Firstly, it is beautiful, and secondly, with eye makeup in this case, you can not be smart: vinyl will pull the blanket of attention to yourself.

    Prabal Gurung © prabalgurung

    Courreges © courreges

  23. 10

    Fancy cat eyes

  24. Makeup artists experiment with cat eye shapes every season, but the latter has given a particularly rich beauty crop.Draw the arrows not strictly along the lash line, but departing from it by 1–2 mm, as in the Moschino show. Or give the arrows the shape of a raven’s wing and decorate them with silver glitter, just like the Halpern show.

    Halpern © halpernstudio

    Moschino © itsjeremyscott

    Gucci © gucci

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We advise you to read:

Spring / Summer Makeup – 2021

Makeup artists practiced nude for so long that they themselves got tired – looking at the makeup of models at the spring-summer shows was just as exciting as the clothes.From this luxurious material in its variety, we have chosen five looks that will make the warm season even brighter and more interesting.

  1. 1

    Colored eyelashes

  2. Bright eyelashes have become an all-season trend, and all respected beauty brands have already included colored mascara in their permanent collections. But in 2021, brown or even blue mascara is no longer enough, more extravagant shades are used: pink, green, gold. If you have never used colored mascara before, we advise you to start small – let the bright tips of the eyelashes be the main accent in the image.When you get used to it, start to act more boldly: paint over the upper and lower lashes with mascara in different colors and complement your makeup with cheeky lipstick.

    © Makeup.ru

    © Makeup.ru

    © Makeup.ru

    © Makeup.ru

    We advise you to read:

  3. 2


  4. Conservatives from the world of beauty remember about gold, silver and other “precious” products closer to the New Year holidays.But trendy girls know to keep them close at hand all year round. For example, a golden haze in Bibhu Mohapatra style will look great on tanned skin in summer. And bold lipstick, like the Dries Van Noten show, will make you the star of the beach party.

    Bibhu Mohapatra © bibhumohapatra

    Dries Van Noten © driesvannoten

    Anna Zavgorodnyaya
    Winner of the second season of the show “Makeup”, national makeup artist L’Oréal Paris in Russia

    Metallic lip products are especially popular now.L’Oréal Paris supported the trend with interesting novelties. The Rouge Signature Metallics line includes six radiant shades (from warm nude to rich coral), and the limited collection Gold Mirage includes all shades of gold – yellow, white, pink. Plus, add a festive glow to any lipstick or gloss with a gold or silver Rouge Signature topper.

  5. 3

    Focus on the inner corners of the eyes

  6. To make your look truly fashionable, it is important to place the right accents.In spring and summer, accentuate the inner corners of your eyes with shimmery eyeshadow, eyeliner and loose glitter. You probably do it with a highlighter, but be more daring this season. Follow the lead of the makeup artists at the Fyodor Golan and Jeremy Scott shows.

    Fyodor Golan © fyodorgolan

    Jeremy Scott © itsjeremyscott

  7. 4

    Bright blush

  8. It seemed like the time for dripping had passed, but in 2021 it returns triumphantly.And this time, the makeup artists took up blush with tripled strength, forgetting about naturalness. Bright blush, applied in the Japanese technique Me no shiita shiiku (that is, in the eye area), was seen at the shows of Jason Wu, Valentino, Sies Marjan.

    Jason Wu © jasonwu

    © lorealmakeup

    Valentino © maisonvalentino

    Sies Marjan © siesmarjan

  9. If these examples seem too daring for you, it’s time to return to 2016 and remember what classic draping is.

  10. 5

    Yellow Shadows

  11. Until recently, yellow shades in makeup were used only in art photography for glossy magazines. The expansion began in 2018, when the “sun” eyeshadow began to be applied instead of blush (remember this trend?), And today this color is found in daytime makeup (it was included in the popular line of Color Queen shadows from L’Oréal Paris). Moreover, in 2021, bright yellow claims to be the first in eye makeup.

    Jonathan Cohen © jonathancohenstudio

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Fashionable makeup for the fall-winter season – 2021/21

Makeup that will be in vogue next winter, you can try on this one. Want to join the trendsetters club? Don’t ignore these beauty trends.

  1. 1

    Brown lipstick

  2. Nostalgia for 1990 dragged on: for several seasons, designers and makeup artists have been exploiting the images of young Britney and Christina.But no one seems to mind, so take pride of place on your table with brown creamy lipstick – one of the main symbols of the last decade of the last century. How not to miscalculate when choosing, read here.

    Aigner © aignermunich

    Mugler © muglerofficial

  3. 2


  4. Makeup with a single product or in one range is a noticeable trend in recent years.It is equally suitable for those who like catchy accents (how about a make-up in red tones?) And those who prefer nude. For the latter, we advise you to look up to the look from the fall-winter Sacai show, made in soft beige shades. Fresh, simple, elegant.

    Sacai © sacaiofficial

  5. You will learn more about how to make beautiful makeup with one tool in our video.

  6. 3

    Contour Stroke

  7. Black eyeliner, like Bella Hadid at the Lanvin show, makes any look fatal (note that the rest of the makeup is done in neutral shades). For the summer, such a make-up is perhaps too dramatic, but in the fall and winter it will be just right.

    Lanvin © lanvinofficial

  8. Have an idea? Check out our tutorial on circle strokes of the eyelid.

  9. 4


  10. We have already noted that makeup in the spirit of the series “Euphoria” will be relevant throughout 2021, but perhaps closer to autumn it will become more restrained and even a little gloomy, like on the Enfants Riches Déprimés show. To repeat the look, you will need two sizes of liquid eyeliner: regular black and transparent with large silver glitter. The first one can be found in any brand, and the second is recommended to look for in the Heavy Metal collection from Urban Decay.

    Enfants Riches Déprimés © enfantsrichesdeprimes

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Makeup 2021: fashionable eye looks based on their color

Trends are universal, but when adapting them to real life, it is worth taking into account not only the reason and appropriateness, but also the nuances of appearance – for example, eye color.Let’s dwell on this point in more detail.

Brown eyes

Try a fiery Euphoria makeup (eg with the Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay). Accentuate the lower lid with gold eyeliner, or draw an arrow on the upper. If you are planning to make a fashionable accent on the inner corners of the eyes, choose shades from blue or purple: they will brighten the eye color even more.

© maybelline_ru

© nyxcosmetics_russia

© nyxcosmetics_russia

© urbandecayrussia

© urbandecayrussia

© urbandecayrussia

© urbandecayrussia

© urbandecayrussia

© urbandecayrussia

Green eyes

Do you like the idea of ​​unusual cat eyes? Experiment not only with shape, but also with color: replace black eyeliner with copper-colored eyeliner – and you will see how the image will sparkle in a new way.If you decide to create neon makeup, take a closer look at fuchsia and cobalt shades. Well, don’t forget about orange eyeshadow with shimmer: if you have green eyes, then this is a win-win choice.

© lancomeofficial

© maybelline_ru

© maybelline_ru

© urbandecayrussia

© urbandecayrussia

Gray or blue eyes

Try on trendy mono makeup using soothing beige shades.Apply a creamy light coffee lipstick to your lips, and blend the same range of shadows with a delicate shimmer into the lids. When creating evening makeup, do not be afraid to use bright saturated colors – for example, azure or indigo.

© armanibeauty

© maybelline_ru

© urbandecayrussia

© urbandecayrussia

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Modern Lip Makeup Ideas

In 2021, cream and glossy textures will be especially honored, although matte textures will not give up their positions.The conclusion follows from this: fashionable lip makeup – 2021 – is the one that you personally like. Our photos and links collected at the end of the section will help you find inspiration.

© armanibeauty

© maybelline_ru

© maybelline_ru

© nyxcosmetics_russia

© yslbeauty

Roman Mokroguzov
Winner of the second season of the show “Makeup”, national makeup artist L’Oréal Paris in Russia

All shades of red are in fashion, from berry to classic burgundy and scarlet.The texture can be any, but in the cold season it is better to give preference to glossy lipstick or gloss.

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Everyday nude makeup: fashion ideas

Nude makeup, like a little black dress, is always in place. He is timeless and fashionable, good in any situation and emphasizes the dignity of appearance, regardless of specific features. But judging by the latest shows, the nude make-up – 2021 has one feature: the face should look not just well-groomed, but polished.Modern nude requires not only good cosmetics, but also a lot of effort plus imagination. Your task is to present the face in the most favorable light. Choose between a gym skin look like the Jacquemus show with chiseled cheekbones like Paul Smith and Acne Studios, or a feminine peach look like Amiri. In general, nude is not easy, not easy at all.

Acne Studios © acnestudios

Amiri © amiri

Jacquemus © jacquemus

Paul Smith © paulsmithdesign

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Wedding Makeup – 2021

A rare bride chooses an experimental outfit or provocative makeup for the main event.Designers and makeup artists are in no hurry to change the situation, so a white floor-length dress and a delicate feminine make-up are still considered the gold wedding standard. But if you look closely at the shows of bridal fashion weeks and brand lookbooks, several conclusions can be drawn. What bridal makeup will be in fashion in 2021? We have three assumptions.

  1. 1

    Luminous Skin

  2. Pay attention to the image from the Danielle Frankel show: it seems that the bride flew to her own wedding in the Maldives and did not even have time to disassemble the cosmetic bag.Tanned radiant skin and well-groomed natural eyebrows – that’s all makeup. This image has several advantages at once. Firstly, nothing will distract guests from the dress, and secondly, nothing will distract you from the holiday: you will not have to worry about leaking mascara or worn lipstick.

    Danielle Frankel © daniellefrankelstudio

  3. 2


  4. The echoes of orange makeup fashion have also touched on wedding trends.Makeup artists actively used muted shades of orange in the models’ makeup – amber, coral, peach. Important: in order for the image to look harmonious, choose a blush from the same range. Or follow the rules of monomake-up and create the entire make-up with one tool – tint or lipstick.

    Amsale © amsale

    Anne Barge © annebarge

    Inbal Dror © inbaldrorofficial

  5. 3

    Emphasis on eyebrows

  6. It seems that the modern bride can do without even mascara if she uses mascara.At least this is the conclusion that suggests itself when you look at the photos from the shows of Givenchy, Amsale and Anne Barge. And it’s true: if the eyebrows are naturally thick and expressive, why not emphasize this unconditional advantage in makeup for a wedding?

    Amsale © amsale

    Anne Barge © annebarge

    Givenchy © givenchyofficial

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Creative make-up – 2021

For New Year 2021, have you promised yourself that you will be bolder in your approach to makeup? Fashionable make-up artists support your desire and offer art-make-up options that are more interesting than the other.Drawings on the face, large glitters, sweeping smokey – see photos of creative makeup options and get inspired.

Anais Jourden © anaisjourden

Ann Demeulemeester © anndemeulemeester_official

Valentino © maisonvalentino

Ralph and Russo © ralphandrusso

Simone Rocha © simonerocha_

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How to make fashionable makeup?

Attractive, trendy makeup can be created in a thousand different ways.We offer only four – but the correct ones.

Fashion Day Makeup – 2021

Nine Easy Steps – and Trendy Daily Makeup 2021 Ready. Follow the step by step instructions.

  1. 1

    Prepare your face for makeup. Cleanse your skin, apply moisturizer and lip balm.

    © Makeup.ru

  2. 2

    Use Infaillible Primer and Alliance Perfect Foundation.You can apply the tone in any convenient way: with your fingers, a sponge or a brush, but you should always move from the center of the face to the periphery. And make sure there are no streaks, spots or streaks on the skin.

    © Makeup.ru

  3. 3

    With Alliance Perfect The One, treat the area around the eyes to hide blue or fine spider veins under the eyes.

    © Makeup.ru

  4. 4

    Apply Glow Mon Amour Highlighter to temples, bridge of nose, upper lip and center of neck. But don’t overdo it, or the shine will turn into a greasy sheen.

    © Makeup.ru

  5. 5

    Use the Alliance Perfect Blush to blend lightly along the cheekbone and blend down.

    © Makeup.ru

  6. 6

    With the Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Liner, accentuate your brows. With the Infaillible Shade 3 Eyeliner, line up the upper lid and gently blend the line.

    © Makeup.ru

  7. 7

    Use the Infaillible Eye Paint 101 to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.This simple technique helps to instantly make your look fresher and more rested.

    © Makeup.ru

  8. 8

    Paint the upper lashes with mascara, but so that they do not stick together: eyelashes a la Twiggy, rather, are appropriate in evening make-up.

    © Makeup.ru

  9. 9

    Highlight your lips with light creamy lipstick. We used Rouge Signature in shade 110. The daytime look with a twist is ready!

    © Makeup.ru

For those who find it easier to repeat the make-up by video, we have prepared a detailed step-by-step video instruction.

Fashionable evening make-up – 2021

Shining evening make-up with a purple accent is a choice that will adorn any girl, regardless of the individual characteristics of her appearance. Anna Zavgorodnaya, the national makeup artist of L’Oréal Paris in Russia, shows how to replicate this look exactly.

  1. 1

    Using a brush, spread Alliance Perfect foundation all over the face.

    © Makeup.ru

    © Makeup.ru

  2. 2

    If necessary, work on individual areas with Infaillible concealer. Keep in mind that in makeup with bright accents, the skin should look flawless, so it’s best not to skip this point.

    © Makeup.ru

  3. 3

    With Alliance Perfect Liquid Highlighter, go along the top of the cheekbones, and apply it to the bridge of the nose, over the upper lip, center of the chin and around the inner corners of the eyes. This will add a delicate glow to your skin that will help you to appear in the most favorable light – including in photographs.

    © Makeup.ru

  4. 4

    Use Paradise Pomade Extatic in the shade of your choice to highlight the brows.

    © Makeup.ru

  5. 5

    If you want to do a light sculpting, but you don’t have a special tool at hand, you can use a matte shade in a taupe shade.For this purpose, for example, Color Queen in shade 06 “Almighty” is perfect. Apply under the cheekbones, along the hairline and on the temples. Blend it well.

    © Makeup.ru

  6. 6

    With Color Riche Le Khôl Eyeliner in Shade 111 Rainy London, sweep along your upper and lower lash lines.On the upper eyelid, blend the pencil to the crease of the eyelid so as to “capture” a little and the sweetest area. Spread the Color Queen eyeshadow on top in the Extraordinary shade.

    © Makeup.ru

    © Makeup.ru

  7. 7

    Use the Amazing shade from the same eyeshadow collection to soften the upper eyelid blending.

    © Makeup.ru

  8. 8

    Apply Paradise Extatic Blue Mascara.

    © Makeup.ru

  9. 9

    With the self-explanatory Glitter Fever in shade 01, duplicate the dark line on the upper eyelid, along the lash line.

    © Makeup.ru

  10. 10

    Apply a shimmering gloss from the Gold Mirage collection in 01 Gold Quartz. Makeup is ready!

    © Makeup.ru

    © Makeup.ru

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You will find another version of fashionable evening make-up in our video.

What are your favorite makeup ideas for 2021? Or maybe we missed something? Share your comments with us!

90,000 Celebrity Beauty Tricks: Celebrity Makeup Secrets

  • Funds
  • /

  • How to

They learn a lot of tricks on the set from make-up artists, and are not yet shy about using “folk” means.What useful tricks can you learn from the stars?

90,026 read 90,735 2 minutes

Text: Alina Kharaz

© GettyImages

  • Not everyone knows how to urgently make a pimple that just jumped up invisible.For Cameron Diaz, this is not a problem: she treats the skin at the site of inflammation with eye drops – the very ones that save after a night without sleep and relieve redness in no time. This product also soothes the skin, making it less red. This advice can be trusted: its effectiveness is confirmed by the makeup artist of the star Gucci Westman.

© GettyImages

  • Jessica Alba is fighting the same problem in another way.The star covers the pimple with a layer of primer under the shadow. This remedy, firstly, helps to soften the unevenness of the skin relief, secondly, it hides redness and thereby makes the inflammation invisible, and thirdly, it fixes the effect for the whole day – the base, unlike a conventional concealer, does not wear off and holds firmly on the skin for a long time. We have already written in more detail about primers in this article.

© GettyImages

  • An ordinary creamy lipstick creates the best natural glow.This is what Joan Smalls thinks: it is the lipstick that the model applies to her cheeks when creating a make-up. The advantages of this trick are as follows: firstly, there is no need to look for a blush to match the color of lip makeup, and secondly, lipstick with a creamy texture perfectly “fits” on the skin, is easy to shade and moisturizes well.

© GettyImages

  • Another use for lipstick was found by the lover of matte red lips, Rita Ora.With the help of lipstick, she neutralizes the blue under the eyes. And then the red spots are covered with a layer of dense concealer. This is the secret of her cheerful and fresh appearance.

© GettyImages

  • Beyoncé’s solution for those who need thick, lush and voluminous lashes without the use of mascara: The singer uses a transparent lip balm and curls the lashes with a curler.

© GettyImages

  • In order not to waste time applying the primer during the morning rush, actress Olivia Munn just sprinkles her face with cold water – this technique is enough to “close” and visually reduce the pores before applying the foundation.How to choose the right foundation for your skin type? We have already talked about this here.

© GettyImages

  • Actress and designer Ashley Olsen uses a straight cut toothbrush to apply the transparent gel to neatly “style” the eyebrows or, conversely, to fluff them up to the desired extent. According to the star, she copes with the task even better than the brushes of cosmetics manufacturers.

© GettyImages

  • Model Chrissy Teigen recommends keeping the eye cream in the refrigerator. Then, after application, it will be better to tone the skin, and it will also help to wake up in the early morning – even before applying makeup.

© GettyImages

  • Beauty secret from actress Catherine Zeta-Jones: the star brushes her teeth from time to time using mashed strawberries.Fruit acids, which it contains, perfectly whiten enamel.

© GettyImages

  • And Emma Stone shares this trick for those who just can’t find the right product for their sensitive skin. Spoiler alert: cosmetics stores don’t have it. Behind him – to the supermarket: this is ordinary olive oil.

© GettyImages

Which beauty tricks of the stars did you find most useful? Write a comment.

Ideas from celebrities: 11 festive makeup options

Festive make-up options!

The most stylish celebrities always look chic and flawless when it comes to makeup and wardrobe, right? Dear stylists, makeup artists and assistants help them. Their images are always harmonious and attract attention.

Check out this selection: 11 Celebratory Celebrity Makeup Ideas and get in the mood! But, be careful: if you have chosen a “theatrical” red lipstick or bright eyeliner, a dramatic version of smoky eyes makeup or crazy about glitter – this is already a bright makeup accent.Don’t overwhelm your rest of the holiday look.

Karlie Kloss

The emphasis is on the eyes – gold sequins add mystery and festive mood to the image.

Emma Stone

This makeup can be referred to as universal, the emphasis is on the luscious color of the lips. Beauty!

Cara Delevingne

The makeup perfectly emphasizes Cara’s beautiful eyes.

Hailey Baldwin

The star focused on laconic makeup, and emphasized the festive look with things with shimmering sequins.

Emma Watson

Emma highlighted her eyes with pearlescent copper eyeshadow, a fresh blush echoes the tone of her lips.

Constance Jablonski

The model made a choice in favor of bright lipstick and was right!

Elle Bomber

Fiery hair color is chicly combined with bright eye makeup.

Emily Ratajkowski

The American model focused on the eyes. The color of the make-up is ideally combined with the chosen palette of the outfit.

Gigi Hadid

Natural makeup enhances the natural beauty of the model. Add shine: sequins are perfect for New Years!

Alessandra Ambrosio

Self-contained look, makeup with an emphasis on brown eyes and perfect lip shape.

Alicia Vikander

She accentuated the depth of her brown eyes with a bright blue eyeliner, which is amazingly combined with a festive outfit.

See also: thick but well-groomed eyebrows, star eyebrows! Examples.

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Fashion trends in makeup of the early 2000s, which we have long forgotten about

Jessica Simpson, 2000

Lilac eyeshadow + too much lip gloss

Alicia Keys, 2001

Purple eyeshadow + brick red lipstick

Nicole Richie, 2002

Shimmering white eyeshadows + a huge amount of blush

Christina Aguilera, 2001

Very dark shadows + eyebrow strings + brick-colored lipstick + flashy blush color

Tyra Banks, 2004

Thin eyebrows + super-shiny lipstick

Jessica Simpson, 2000

golden blush too much

Rihanna, 2005

Green eyeshadow + pearlescent lipstick

Jessica Alba, 2000

Blue eyeshadows + thin eyebrows

Gwyneth Paltrow pomade 9000



Gwen Stefani, 2000

Eyebrow strings + burgundy lipstick

Ashley Simpson, 2004

Flashy eyeshadow + false eyelashes

Britney Spears White Eyeshadow + Shiny Lipstick

Taylor Swift, 2006

Shimmery Eyeshadow + Messy Eyebrows

Mariah Carey, 2003

Dark Lip Liner + Overkill with Self-Tanning

Miley Cyrus, 2006

Pearlescent eyeshadows + translucent shine

Britney Spears, 2000

Lilac eyeshadow + too much blush

Christina Milian, 2000

up to

White eyeshadows active blush

Paris Hilton, 2001

Pearl lipstick + purple eyeshadow

Sarah Jessica Parker, 2000

Lilac eyebrow shadows + a lot of blush





Thin eyebrows + too shiny lips

Beyoncé, 2000

Lips circled in dark pencil + orange blush

celebrities choose looks from the 60s – Womanarium

Since the beginning of the season we have seen the best looks in poppies even, hair and nails, and they all belong to the glorious sixties.Let’s see!

Apparently Dua Lipa is becoming the standard of fashionistas. In her most recent Instagram post, the singer confirmed her status as a beauty insider by picking up some of the top fall fashion weeks makeup trends like 60s eyelashes and a pop-key cat look. But this image was also recreated by several other celebrities.
1. Eyeshadow blue and turquoise with eyelashes XL .

The color of the season not only complements the look without makeup, but also plays a prominent role in it.Here are vibrant eyeshadows in turquoise, blues, blues and lilacs paired with long eyelashes and a feline look for a sixties look.

2. Smoky gray eyes and contoured lips.
This look is reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot’s makeup. Super pink cheeks, smoky eyes in shades of gray and champagne to add depth, Twiggy eyelashes and lips outlined in a shade darker than the lip color itself.

3. Pastel eyeshadow and colored cat-eye eyeliner

The makeup look used by Jane Birkin is now present in Kylie Jenner’s boldest makeup.

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