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Top 15 Cat Backpacks [Updated November 2020]

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Cats love to travel, be it an impressive jump from the couch to the kitchen table, or a stealth mission to the neighbor’s porch to stare down that doggo. And as a devoted cat parent, you want to indulge that passion…right? 

With a cat backpack, you can! Take a hike, ride public transportation, or enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood, all with your felis catus safely (and comfortably) secured on your back. 

Of course, not all kitties will take to a backpack like bees to honey. You may have to do some work adjusting your fur baby to their new carrier before taking a long trip together. Start small with a short trip around the block. If possible, leave the backpack in a cat-accessible place inside your home for at least 24 hours before using it. This way, your cat has plenty of time to explore, sniff, and get comfortable with the new carrier. Another trick you can try is to feed your feline offspring some treats while they’re in the backpack. After all, there’s nothing like treats to sweeten the deal.

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How to choose the best cat backpack

Choose your cat backpack carefully. Durability is important. If it’s too flimsy, your cat might tear it to shreds (you’ve seen what those claws can do). Of course, you also want your kitty to be comfortable, so choose a backpack with soft inner lining and good ventilation.

That said, don’t pick a backpack that’s too large. Cats love cozy little spaces, and if your carrier is too big, they might get jolted around when you walk. Plus, you want the backpack to be a little snug so you can carry it easily. Another thing to consider is that cats like their privacy—just like us humans—so you may want to choose a backpack that’s not transparent all the way around.  

If you’re planning on taking your kitty for a ride in the car or on an airplane, find a travel bag that can rest safely on a floor or car seat. Make sure you can buckle it in with a seatbelt if necessary. Many backpacks are airline approved, so be sure to check for that.

Finally, for both your sakes, look for a backpack that’s easy to clean. Your cat will be much happier in a clean, healthy space. And it will be much easier for you when your fur baby makes a little mess, which is bound to happen from time to time.

15 Best Cat Backpack Carriers

You need a cat carrier that’s safe, comfortable, and convenient. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best pet backpacks on Amazon. Here are the top 15 choices for taking your feline friend out on the town.

1. PETTRIP Cat Carrier

Got a cat with some extra padding around the middle? Nothing is as cute as feline love handles. This airline-approved carrier for pets weighing up to 18 lbs is both fashionable and functional. The bubble window gives your cat a great view with plenty of privacy (plus it will make them look like a million-mile astronaut). The mesh panels and nine air holes on this carrier provide proper ventilation. Three zip-up doors make it easier to get Fluffy or Felicia in when she’s being stubborn and hard to load. There’s even a snap hook to keep them from wriggling out, like a feline David Blaine.

As an added plus, this cat backpack carrier is made from eco-friendly, durable fabric and leather, which you can wipe clean. There’s also a removable pad to keep your feline friend comfy and make the cleaning process easy. The best part? When you need to store it in a tight place, the backpack folds down flat.

If you love this style but need a smaller cat bubble backpack, try this Texsens one. 

2. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

This backpack has two side zippers, plus one in the front, making it easy to get your cat in or out, feed them, or just give a quick pat on the head. With a safety strap and three safety buckles, it’s secure enough for even the best little escape artists. Soft sherpa padding lines the inside so your kitty can ride comfortably, with mesh providing ventilation. It also has chest straps to keep weight off your back. The PetAmi backpack comes in nine colors, from bright pink to black. Our favorite part? It has side and front pockets to store cat treats and pet supplies. In fact, it comes with a collapsible pet bowl that fits neatly in the side pocket!

3. PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

This high-quality backpack is perfect for small cats that weigh 8 lbs or less. And at only $25 on Amazon, it’s a steal. Well-ventilated and lined with soft sherpa padding, it’s designed to be comfortable and safe for your beloved fur baby. Like the Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack, it comes in nine colors and includes safety straps, side pockets, and three zip-up doors. And don’t forget the collapsible pet bowl, perfect for tucking into the side pocket so you can feed and water your cat on the go.

4. Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack

Don’t let the name fool you: this cute Petsfit backpack works great for both dogs and cats up to 15 lbs. With tons of ventilation for your pet, there’s even a space for them to poke their head out at the top. But don’t worry, you can zip it shut so your cat doesn’t get loose when you’re not watching. It’s both sturdy and durable, and has a tether inside to keep your kitty belted in for safety.

5. Expandable Cat Carrier Backpack

This trendy red and white backpack has a fun space capsule design, but that’s not all it has to offer. If your cat needs to stretch their legs, you can expand the backpack to create a mesh tent. Two mesh side windows and nine air holes give your kitty the ventilation they need, and the window lets your fur baby look around. The backpack may be expandable, but it’s lightweight enough (less than 3 lbs) to carry, with padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest buckle.

6. Henkelion Cat Backpack

This space capsule style backpack comes in several fun colors. A completely transparent front makes it easy to check on your kitty at any time. Plus, the material is durable and breathable, with plenty of ventilation. The straps relieve pressure from your back. You can wear this carrier as a backpack or a front pack, making it perfect for hiking, biking, or sightseeing.

7. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

This travel backpack earns an Amazon’s Choice, and it’s easy to see why it’s a bestseller. While it’s an expendable backpack like some listed above, it’s also well-ventilated and convenient. It has large ventilation holes, mesh side zippers, and a lightweight design. The bestselling quality is that it’s also waterproof. It’s great for cats weighing 13 lbs or less; you can wear this carrier in front or back, and it’s designed to fit under an airline seat. The expandable backpack comes in black, pink, or yellow, but you can also get a non-expandable one in green or red.

8. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

Looking for a comfortable carrier bag that’s easy on your shoulders? The Pecute backpack features wide, reinforced straps, adjustable shoulder pads, and two retractable buckles to take pressure off your back. Plus, the back of the carrier is a breathable mesh elastic sponge. Four large, ventilated windows (choose mesh or acrylic), and locked zippers keep your kitty from escaping. Waterproof and environmentally friendly, it’s made of durable oxford fabric with two zippers and pockets on both sides. When you’re not using it, you can fold the backpack up to store it. And don’t forget the removable, washable plush bottom, which you can flip over in the summer for breathable oxford cloth.

 9. Morpilot Backpack Carrier

An Amazon’s Choice for dog backpacks, this should work great for cat owners as well. Recommended for pets up to 15 lbs, it has four-sided ventilation with a skylight you can cover to protect your kitty from sun exposure. With a built-in safety strap, no-stick bottom, and lock zipper, this is designed to keep your fur baby healthy and secure. Plus, it’s stylish and a great price – only $29 on Amazon.

10. Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack

Stylish and roomy, this bubble backpack comes in a few different sizes and colors. Its mesh top and sides make it breathable, while its bubble window gives your cat some much-needed privacy. A padded back and thick shoulder straps with a buckle help to take weight off your back and shoulders. The fabric is durable, waterproof, and scratch resistant, which makes it perfect for any situation. When you need to clean the window, just detach it. And when you need to store the backpack, simply fold it flat.

 11. PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier

This backpack may be a little on the pricier side ($80 on Amazon), but that’s because it has a tinted window, a built-in fan, and an LED light. Need to check on your cat at night? Simply double tap the controls and the light will turn on gradually (so as not to startle your kitty). If it’s a hot day or you’re in a stuffy place, switch on the fan for 360 degree air flow. You’ll need to carry around a power bank, but luckily there’s a hidden pocket on the back, perfect for storing a power bank. Wear it as a backpack, or carry it using the handy strap on top.

 12. Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Backpack

This practical cat carrier bag with foldable windows is perfect for taking your cat on a hike or for a walk in the park. With plenty of air circulation and visibility, your kitty should be happy and comfortable. And if your cat’s a little on the chunky side (hey, we’re not judging), this backpack should be a great fit, as it’s designed for medium and large-sized kitties. But it’s also great for you, with plenty of back support and durable, breathable material. Get it in pink, black, blue, or gray.

 13. Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier

Designed to hold a small dog or a cat, this high-quality backpack should give your kitty all the privacy they need. If you want to let your cat stick their head up for fresh air, you can use the leash strap to keep them from jumping out. Big zip-up openings on the top and front help make it easier to get your cat inside, and side pockets make it easier to travel. Durable with padded shoulder straps and weight-relieving buckles, this is a great backpack to take hiking or camping. If you have to set your kitty down for a sec and turn your attention elsewhere, the safety strap and locked zippers should keep your friend from getting free while you’re not watching.

14. BELPRO Cat Backpack Carrier

The fun thing about this backpack is that it gives your furry friend plenty of privacy. Whenever your cat needs some alone time, you can roll down flaps to cover the mesh windows on each side. Then, if you want to peek in on your kitty, roll them up again. Your cat will still have plenty of ventilation (there are six air holes and a mesh window in front), but they can curl up to sleep without getting distracted by sights and sounds. Another fun feature is the large zipper pocket in front, perfect for storing cat treats in!

15. Pet Carriers Backpacks Bubble Bag

This bubble backpack for pets 12 lbs and under comes with a special pet treat pouch. Its large front window gives you plenty of visibility on your cat, while the mesh sides and eight holes provide proper ventilation. And with soft lining inside, your cat is ready to ride in comfort wherever you go. For long walks or bike rides, the sweat-absorbing straps keep you comfortable, too.

Safe pet travels!

With so many carriers to choose from, it may feel a little overwhelming to figure out which one is right for your kitty. But the truth is, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these cat backpacks, since they’re all made from durable material and provide proper ventilation. With size options for cats small and large, you should have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your feline. And with plenty of different styles, you can choose a carrier to match your personal aesthetic.

So, ready to take your cat on some fun-filled adventures (or just to the vet)? Whichever backpack you pick, we hope you enjoy safe travels with your furry friend!

The 13 Best Cat Bubble Backpacks in 2021

The new hype is here: cat bubble backpacks! Yes, you heard it right, cat carriers that you can carry on your back just like any regular backpack, but with your cat in it! It is not only instagrammable but also a cat backpack that you can actually take with you on your flights when traveling with your cat or whenever just going out with your cat to catch some fascinating outdoor adventures.

The bad thing about this hype is that a lot of so-called “wannabe entrepreneurs” out there tries to scam other cat lovers who are aiming to get these new type of cat carriers, and the sad thing is that they find imitations or copies of these cat bubble backpacks over the internet with the lowest qualities, even on Amazon.

Basically, what happens is that sellers from China manufacture a bunch of low-quality cat bubble backpacks, generate fake positive reviews from God-knows-where, and people fall for it and buy it from them! Then, what follows is that they would naturally receive negative reviews from those consumers and what the Chinese sellers do is very simple, they remove that certain product and just sell it under a different name or brand.

In this article, we only list the best but tried and tested them beforehand and only share with you the brands that are of the highest of qualities.

Quick picks:


Best Choice

LCP Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier

Most Innovative

PETKIT Cat Backpack with Inbuilt Fan

Lollimeow Backpack With Clear Window For Large Cars

Best Choice


LCP Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier


Most Innovative


PETKIT Cat Backpack with Inbuilt Fan




Lollimeow Backpack With Clear Window For Large Cars


  • My personal favourite bubble window cat backpack I’ve been using for the past 3 years
    : LCP Cat Backpack
  • The newest and most innovative cat backpack: PETKIT
  • The best cat backpack for travelling: Lollimeow

Some travel cat bubble backpacks might have features that others might not, while some bubble bags might be the perfect ones, but the price would make you do a double-take on it.

Before we begin ticking and talking about the travel bubble bags in our list, we feel that you need to know first the important things that we factored into reviewing this packs and why we feel these are also the things that would make or break a cat bubble backpacks performance.

Must-Have Features For Cat Bubble Backpacks

Photo Texsens Backpack // Amazon

There are 5 MUST-have features you should pay attention when picking a cat backpack:

  • Vents
  • Support
  • Materials
  • Cushion
  • Look and Safety


Photo Amazon

All bubble cat backpacks featured here have been considered for vents and their placement. We don’t necessarily think that there is a specific number or size of vents for a single bag, what is more, important is are those vents big enough to let air pass through with considerable ease? Will your little fur baby be able to breathe easily? Will your cat not suffocate and die through the heat? And another thing, will it be small enough to not let their paws catch on it or worse, they might be able to slip their heads in there accidentally and get it stuck.

We have considered these and all cat bubble backpacks featured here have enough holes and vents for environmental control within the bag and to make sure that enough air and oxygen passes through that our little four-legged family member is safe.


Photo Amazon

When we use a bubble backpack for a cat or any type of bag for that matter we wear it one way or another or we carry it. A large part of that wearing and carrying means that our bag should have proper support. The same is true for cat bubble backpacks for our furry family. May it be the back support that you get from carrying a 5 pounds to 11 pounds of live family member all-around half of the day, to making sure that your straps have enough padding on them so that they do not dig into your shoulders the whole day when you are wearing it, down to the materials on the handle or if it even has a handle on it. We made sure that all cat backpacks with bubble window featured in this list are a good balance of support and functional usability that benefits both the pet and the owner.

After all, they get to live in it, while we get to carry it all day.


Photo Amazon

We touched on how important the material is for the support because that basically affects how hard or how soft the support on the user is. But material consideration when checking out a cat bubble backpack is important because of two things. One is how it will affect the cat carrier bubble window of the bag which is the human. Second and more importantly is how will the material affect your cat. Synthetic leader or real leather might be durable and easier to clean but they can be hot for your furry family and it can dig on your collars if it’s the strap. Mesh might be breathable and washable but if not executed right it can be the reason why you have to but another cat backpack with bubble window at least twice a year. We made sure that all the cat bubble backpacks that made it to our list strikes that good balance between materials that serve their purposes, does not increase the price, elevates the user experience both for the carrier and the little love bundles that we carry along in it.


We felt that considering the cushion in picking the cat bubble backpacks are important because it is where our pets would spend most of their time on. No bag featured in the list below had no cushion, everyone had one. And most if not all of them feature a cushion that is removable and washable. No same cat is built the same way, knowing that, we all know one cat might not be properly potty trained as another so we made sure that that is factored in into our choices. Even if your little cat is trained and you can safely carry them in a cat bubble backpack, we still need to clean the cushions at least one time or another right? So having one that is removable and washable was a no-brainer. (More on this later.)

Look and Safety

Looks are for Instagram and a design feature that we factored in because of the cat who wants to have cute pictures for their cats. The safety design feature is mainly for the riders in the cat bubble backpacks. Safety design features like hard plastics, extra-strength mesh, bubble backpacks that had huge and safe holes or vents quickly made the consideration and a lot have stayed during the elimination and deliberation process. We did not want any furry family member to be in an accident so we reviewed carefully putting a premium on the safety and welfare of our little cats who would be using the bubble carriers.

Having said that, here are the seven travel bubble bags that your cat would like you to look at before your next travel based on the considerations that we mentioned above

Now, let us talk about cat backpacks quickly and one-by-one so that we can see their basic features, dimensions and why your cat would love you to consider these next cat bubble backpacks in your next travel.

What Cat Bubble Backpack To Buy in 2021?

PETKIT Cat Backpack with InBuild Fan (Released in 2021)

This cat backpack from PETKIT is probably the most innovative out of all cat backs on the market. It has been recently released and I ordered right away to test it with my cat. Not only it has top-quality materials, amazing ventilation, and a stunning look. It also comes with an inbuilt fan which I find extremely awesome!

My cat absolutely loved it. Oh well, I tried and tested so many backpacks so she is used to them already.

It is not only high-tech, PETKIT made it as comfortable for your cat as possible. I EXTREMELY loved the fact that the window on this cat backpack is tinted. I always worry about my cat during sunny days.

Besides sleek design, the best part about it is its inbuilt fan and light. I do not find the light feature handy but the fan is awesome. It is quiet and my cat was not scared whatsoever. Keep it mind

I was quite skeptical about the price (relatively cheap compare to other cat backpacks)… and it was one catch! In order to make the inbuilt fan and light work, you will need to buy an external power bank separately. However, I was still quite cheap and I was not disappointed. You can check the current price here.

I am so happy PETKIT released their hi-tech cat backpack and it seems to be a game-changer in the industry. It is available on Amazon and based on the reviews I am the one who loves it. You can check it here.

LCP Expandable Cat Backpack Carrier (Airline Approved!)

LCP cat backpack is sort of Apple on the cat bubble backpacks world. So I can certainly say that it is the best and I mean it when I say that it is the number one cat backpack on the planet as it is created by very dedicated cat lovers. I bought one myself for my furbaby and both he and I absolutely love it. It’s the most convenient of them all.

I love traveling and I always take my cat anywhere I go; I have traveled across six continents and surprisingly, I’ve never had any problems checking in all the airlines that I flew with, with regards to its dimensions.

This backpack, if I may insist, is very convenient, not just for me, but most especially my cat. He is very comfortable while lounging in it. Not only is its aesthetics good, but also its functionality is quite exceptional. Most importantly, it’s well-ventilated and expandable!

It has so many more features than the regular, conventional cat bubble backpacks. One of which is the big transparent window with multiple holes, which is my favorite, because it not only allows me to check in on my cat whenever I want without having to open and close the backpack, but also lets my cat have a nice view of the scenery.

You can also extend the backside of the bag so it becomes a tent bed which is convenient because I can just use it as a traditional cat bed.

Not to mention that even if the sides just mesh, they are durable and they even boast that no cat has ever broken through that mesh yet. So they can attest to it.

Lastly, do not worry about your cat not being able to breathe properly while in it, thinking the window attachment might suffocate them; no need to worry because there are air holes in front of the backpack that make it so that your cat will still be able breathe properly while lounging in their cat backpack. Check the current price here.

Pawsome Cat Bubble Backpack

The Pawsome Cat Carrier is one of the best cat leather bubble backpacks I ever had. In fact, I switched my Jackson Galaxy backpack over Pawsome recently because it has more ventilation holes and more color options (it’s available in pink, yellow, grey, and blue). It is a top-tier cat backpack which we highly recommend to order directly from Wagtopia because there are many fakes out there that imitates this brand because of how fantastic and functional this cat backpack is. It has the most excellent quality with large holes for great ventilation. One more lovable feature of this brand is that it has top and side entries that gives you more convenience and better access to your cats.

U-Pet Innovative Bubble Cat Carrier

U-Pet Cat Backpack Key Features:
  • side and back entries
  • can carry a cat up to 16 pounds
  • premium leather and mesh material

The U-Pet Innovative Bubble Cat Carrier is unique because aside from being a carry bubble backpack it is also a mobile pet bed and car seat. Its design and dimension are generally approved by most major airlines.

The U-Pet Innovative Bubble Cat Carrier also features a side and back entries – not all bags here can do that, and its vents are bigger and a lot more than the Avopuppy Bubble Pet Carrier. It is 13.4 inches in length, 13 inches wide and about 17 inches high. It’s leather strap design can carry a cat as heavy as 16 pounds. And because most of it is either leather or mesh, it can withstand deformation, scratching, and is very, very durable.

It also features a hard covering at the front for maximum protection of our fur babies. Because of the premium leather and mesh, and design, the U-Pet Innovative Bubble Cat Carrier is possibly the most expensive bubble backpack on this list depending on where you get it.

One quick story about the makers of this is that they are fairly new but they have been making waves in innovating products that are already in the market. In fact, U-Pet’s Bubble Pet Carrier is some of the most popular in the market today.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4. 1/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 150 Reviews: here at Amazon

Pettom Cat Bubble Backpack

Photo Amazon

Pettom Backpack Key Features:
  • has wheels
  • airline approved

Next is the Pettom cat bubble backpack, it is the only bag on the list that has wheels. When they said that they need a mobile cat carrier, Pettom said, “we gotcha fam,” and released the Pettom cat bubble backpack.

More than a backup, the Pettom Cat Carrier is an actual mobile bed and carrier for your pets. It has wheels and footpegs like travel luggage. As the name suggests, it is also airline approved by most air carriers and has removable pads for easy cleaning and comfort. It is 12.6 inches long, 11.4 inches wide and stands at around 16.9 inches in height, minus the long handle.

The Pettom cat bubble backpacks perfect for summer travels where you sometimes get tired of carrying things on your back and you decide to just wheel your little buddy around.  Most of my friends who have the Pettom cat bubble backpack have the same experience that their cats tend to want to go in it even if they are not travelling or even if the bag is just lying around.

Their cats would paw and play begging them to open it and the moment they do, their fur babies would climb in it and just lay there.

  • Amazon Reviews: 3.8/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 50 Reviews: here at Amazon

Best Choice Bubble Window Backpack

The Best Choice Bubble Window Backpack Key Features:
  • Large vents
  • High-quality materials

The Best Choice Bubble Window Backpack is like the other three at the top of the list when it comes to design minus the tires on the Pettom Cat Carrier. Hard plastic outer covering for cat’s protection, large vents on the side, the clear and aeriated dome on the center so you can check on your little love and he can also enjoy the view while you travel.

The Best Choice Bubble Window Backpack though boasts of unique colors that are not common on some of the other bags featured here. They come in blue, black, pink, light pink and green. This cat backpack with bubble Window is 13.5 inches in length, 11.75 inches wide and about 18.5 inches high, and can carry an 11 pound four legged bouncing furry love.

This is really best for small to slightly medium cats as it is very handy and can be easily stored and tucked into corners. Full medium to bigger cats would have a problem in fitting inside the Best Choice Cat Bubble Backpack.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4.1/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 30 Reviews: here at Amazon

MASVIS Cat Bubble Backpack

MASVIS Cat Bubble Backpack Key Features:

In my opinion, the MASVIS Cat Bubble Backpack is one of the most fashionable in this list. It deviates from the other designs here in the sense that utilizes a boxier approached as opposed to sleek, hard plastic futuristic look of the others. It is made out of hard leather, the holes are ringed by a hard shiny metal to protect your cat, big zippers for easy access and adjustable straps.

The MASVIS Cat Carrier Bubble Window Backpack also features a huge side entry (both sides) as well as a top entry for cats. It is quite roomy for your pets but surprisingly small, coming in at 12.6 inches long x 8.7 inches wide and 15.7 inches high. I do not know if it is just my eyes playing tricks on me but it looks quite bigger than most bags featured here.

Quite possibly the most comfortable one that I have experienced base on this list alone. The MASVIS Cat Bubble backpack lives up to the “hiking” part of its brand name.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 20 Reviews: here at Amazon

Blitzwolf Bubble Cat Backpack

Blitzwolf Backpack key features:
  • semi-sphere bubble window design
  • different ways to carry

The Blitzwolf Bubble Cat Backpack just like all the bubble backpacks featured here is has a semi-sphere window design. It is quite common looking when to design features and can easily be mistaken as half of the bubble backpacks listed here. The reason mainly though is because this particular design is fashionable and has that new age cute feel.

It is 13.8 inch in length and 10.6 in width with a height of around 16.5 inches. It can easily fit and carry a small or medium size cat that weighs around 8 pounds to 14 pounds. Make sure to check your cat’s weight with pet scales before trying the backpack. It is perfect for travel because it has vents, different ways to carry it and it has a hard top covering the outside of the bag for your furry family’s protection in case of emergency bumps and collisions.

Petforu Space Capsule Cat Travel Bag

Petforu Space Capsule Key features:
  • S Shoulder Straps design
  • Good ventilation

Price-wise? The best bang for your buck in design and looks in this list for me hands down is the Petforu Space Capsule Cat Travel Bag. It is actually huge coming in at 12.60 inches long and 10.24 inches wide at a whopping 16.54 inches in height. The sleek leather and polyester design give it a clean look and the grey colourway is straight fire for me. Very suitable for medium dogs and larger cats and the straps on it are wide and very comfortable. Check my full review for Petforu here.

This cat bubble backpack straps are S Shoulder Straps design, which is quite comfortable and they are so wide, you would have no slipping issues even if you wear it in front of you so you and your little baby can enjoy the same view together. It has two zippered sides, a boatload of vents at 15 holes and two huge mesh vents on the side. It also has a plastic/rubber pegs at the bottom, a carrying handle and just a very sturdy and solid look to it.

Go check online, and you would be surprised at just how many clients are satisfied with the Petforu Space Capsule Cat Travel Bag. Usually, people have varying reviews of a single product with people having been blown away and some that are really not impressed by it, this one is a bit different. Do not take my word for it, go check online and see the reviews.

Texsens’ Bubble Backpack for Spring Outing

Photo Amazon

Texsens’ Bubble Backpack Key features:
  • lightweight
  • made out of mostly canvas

First of all, there are a lot of different types of Texsens’ Bubble Backpack, so do not confuse the Texsens Transparent and Breathable Cat Bubble Backpack for Spring Outing.  The typical Texsens’ Bubble Backpack actually looks like most of the bags featured here, but the Texsens’ Canvas Transparent and Breathable Capsule for Spring Outing is different.

The Texsens Transparent and Breathable Cat Bubble Backpack looks lighter and it is quite unique in the sense that its bubble view is not located at the top part. The bubble viewer is quite bigger and sits in the front with a flat mesh on the top. The mesh is very “spring-like” in its feel because it is quite open and airy and best for your cats to enjoy the season.

Texsens Transparent and Breathable Cat Bubble Backpack is 12.4 inches long and 9.1 inches wide and 14.6 inches high. It can fit a cat as heavy as 8 pounds but is best for cats who are medium to small like around 5 or 6 pounds.

It is made out of mostly canvas which is breathable and quite easy to wash. The airflow on the Texsens backpack is simply amazing for something that has only three holes on the front both side. The breathable mesh on the top really facilitate the airflow, and the ribbing really lends a strong and solid foundation for it. Don’t worry, my cats have scratch tested the mesh on top and none so far have made any dent in the material.

Read our full big review on Texsens Cat Backpack.

Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Bubble Backpack

Giantex Key Features:
  • Semi-sphere design
  • With fixing buckle strap interior
  • Large space with 9 big air holes and mesh
  • Made of high-quality oxford cloth & food grade PC

Giantex’s cat backpack with clear Bubble sophisticated look can make your travel less hassle. Whether you ride through public transportation or have your own car, no one will feel disturbed when you accompany your small cat. This backpack can carry up to 15 lbs. and has a product size of 15.7 x 11.8 x 11 inches. It comes with fixing buckle strap interior to prevent your cat from running away and being kidnapped. There are 5 colors to choose: Golden, Golden Rose, Leopard, Light Blue, Light Green. Because of the premium materials, this kitty bubble backpack is scratch-resistant and suitable for long-term use. Might be the best cat bubble backpack that you can use.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 300 Reviews: here at Amazon

PETRIP Cat Carrier Backpack with Bubble Window for Large Cats

PETRIP Key Features:
  • Foldable
  • Made of durable and eco-friendly materials: oxford fabric and PU leather
  • Airline-approved
  • Folding cup included

Available in Ash Black and Coffee colors. PETRIP’s foldable leather cat backpack with clear bubble can carry a large cat weighing up to 24 lbs with a product size of 6.9 x 12 x 13.4 inches. You can fold it and place in another bag or cabinet when you have not picked up your furry friend yet. Since it is airline-approved, you would not need to worry when airport or security personnel checks it. PETRIP includes a folding cup as a gift so cat lovers can let their cats conveniently drink water. Just remember to ventilate this cat carrier backpack for 2-3 days before use to remove the slight synthetic leather odor.

  • Amazon Reviews: 5/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 200 Reviews: here at Amazon

AntTech Breathable Cat Backpack with Bubble Window Space Capsule

AntTech Key Features:
  • Cute red and white backpack design
  • Made of oxford fabric and food grade PC
  • Fit for small cats
  • 3 mm. thick transparent cover material

AntTech’s kitty bubble backpack’s size is 11.3 (l) x 8.2 (w) x 16.5 (h) inches and can carry a small cat weighing less than 10 lbs. With adjustable pads and shoulder straps, cat lovers would not have back and shoulder pains. The soft velvet pad will make your cat’s stay in the backpack cozy and comfortable when you go to an adventure. Its high-density acrylic material will make his or her stay safe. No problem for small cats when it comes to spaciousness.  AntTech’s cat backpack package contains backpack, thread lock ring, semi-sphere transparent cover, mesh cover and velvet pad.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4. 5/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 100 Reviews: here at Amazon

Scurrty Xpect Cat Carrier Bubble Backpack

Scurrty Xpect Key Features:
  • Airline-approved
  • Made of solid ABS plastic material
  • Wider shoulder belt
  • Comes with a collapsible bowl

Never hesitate to bring a Scurrty cat backpack to airports or public transportation terminals. It is waterproof and anti-scratch thanks to its oxford cloth and ABS plastic material. You can carry a cat weighing up to 14 lbs. with less shoulder and back pains. It comes with red & white, light green, light pink. With a wide shoulder belt, you will be assured that your cat is always with you in every trip. This cat backpack with bubble window comes with a gift: a collapsible bowl so you can feed your car conveniently. With the help of the mesh back pad, your cat will still smell good and stay comfortable. Let your cat explore and have an adventure with you!

  • Amazon Reviews: 4/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 60 Reviews: here at Amazon

LEMONDA Portable Cat Travel Carrier

Lemonda Key Features:
  • Modern space capsule design and lightweight
  • Made of high-density acrylic material and selected canvas

Cat lovers who are space and sci-fi enthusiasts will love this kitty bubble backpack. With built-in lock and large ventilation holes, your cat can breathe and at the same time cannot escape the capsule. This cat backpack’s dimension is 12.6 (l) x 11.5 (w) x 16.5 (h) inches. You can take a cat up to 14 lbs. to accompany you in your journey. Since the weight of the cat carrier backpack with bubble window is only 2.7 pounds, bringing your feline friend will not be a burden. The colors to choose are black, coffee, silver, sky blue and white. You can choose 2 models for the 17 cm. diameter transparent acrylic dome: 3 holes or multiple holes. This transparent dome can let your cat see the world including the stars and the moon at night.

  • Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5
  • Where to Buy and Read Over 800 Reviews: here at Amazon

Lollimeow Large Cat Carrier Backpack with Bubble Window for Fat Cats

Lollimeow Key Features:
  • Backpack designed for fat cats weighing up to 26 lbs.
  • Airline approved
  • Easy to take off bubble or mesh window
  • White padded mat to reduce weight

Large and fat cats need love too. With two colors to pick: Large Grey and Large Khaki, you will surely love this classic or casual style cat backpack when you wanted to let your furry friend join your travel even on the plane. Your cat will not feel being cramped inside because of its large and spacious size of 17.7 x 11.4 x 15 inches. With plenty of ventilation, he or she can breathe comfortably. When your cat sees something, out of curiosity, he or she can head out. Worried that your cat will jump out? A latch hook will prevent your cat’s escape.

Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5

Where to Buy and Read Over 80 Reviews: here at Amazon

Bubble Cat Backpacks Comparison Table

Our Top Pick For Cat Backpack

Without a doubt, our TOP pick for the best cat backpack is Texsens. We followed the criteria that we mention in the begginng:

  • Vents
  • Support
  • Materials
  • Cushion
  • Look and Safety

Texsens cat backpack has an innovative vent system, great back support, high-quality materials, comfortable cushion and nice design. Pricewise it’s fair as well. As a matter of fact, people love this cat backpack the most. Just check other reviews!

Summary on Cat Backpacks

The list we carefully compiled and curated here are not arranged in any ranking or list at all, these are just some of the best that are out there in the market that if your cat can talk to you about, they’d probably tell you to pick one out. When choosing the best cat bubble backpack for your furry partners take into consideration their size and their characteristics.

Then look at yourself on what are your tendencies as a traveler, combine those two would give you an idea as to what is the best bag would be for you and your little furry family member. Make sure that you also take into consideration the things that we also considered when making our choices mainly the vents, support, materials, cushion, and look and safety; not because we are the experts in travel cat bubble backpacks, but because this is for the wellbeing of your little furry little four-legged family members.

One quick note before we go, most cats if trained properly at home will not soil their personal space especially when they are at home in whatever cat bubble backpack you choose, so remember to bring a short lease when travelling, and let your fur babies out once in a while so they can relieve themselves.

Happy travels!

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The 10 Best Cat Backpacks In 2021

Our Review Process

Our reviews are based on extensive research and, when possible, hands-on testing. Each time you make a purchase through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll receive a percentage of the proceeds. Read more about how we’re supported here.

Dogs make great travel companions because you can simply snap on a leash and head out. Cats are a bit more challenging. They can be skittish and averse to leash-training, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take them with you when you adventure outside the house.

All you need is a cat backpack. It may sound a bit silly, but cat backpacks are a safe, comfortable way to travel with your cat. After all, your cat deserves to see the world too!

There are plenty of cat backpacks out there, but they aren’t all worthy of your consideration. We’ve done the research and read the reviews to bring you our top picks for the best cat backpacks on the market.

Why You Should Trust Us?

We are lifelong cat lovers and devoted cat owners, so we’ve had plenty of time to learn what it takes to make a great cat product.

We’ve done extensive research on cat carriers, read hundreds of customer reviews, and tested several options ourselves to get a feel for what it takes to make a cat carrier truly great. We did additional research on cat backpacks and have read reviews for all the most popular models on the market.

Based on extensive research and customer reviews, we’ve selected the following 10 cat backpacks as the best options currently available on Chewy and Amazon.

At A Glance: 10 Best Cat Backpacks To Buy

In the comparison table below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important features of each product. You’ll find more detailed information about each cat carrier backpack later in the article.

Best for Small Cats


Picked by 25 people today!

Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier
  • Strong ventilation and easy visibility
  • Spacious interior with two external storage pockets
  • Built-in safety strap and locking zippers



Picked by 21 people today!

Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack Carrier
  • Sturdy construction and large size
  • Bubble window for visibility
  • Durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant materials



Picked by 18 people today!

Midwest Day Tripper Cat Backpack
  • Durably constructed from lightweight materials
  • Airline approved, plenty of ventilation
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist buckle


8. 8

Picked by 18 people today!

Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier
  • Three large mesh ventilation panels
  • Folds flat for storage when not in use
  • Padded shoulder straps and chest buckles

Before we jump into the individual product reviews of the 10 best cat backpacks, let’s take a moment to learn about cat backpacks and what you should be looking for when you start shopping.

What To Look for In A Cat Backpack?

A cat backpack is a safe and comfortable way to carry your cat whether you’re traveling to the vet, going on vacation, or taking your cat for a hike.

All cat backpacks are not created equal. It’s important to evaluate the design of the backpack, the quality of the materials, and the level of safety and comfort it affords your cat. Here are a few things you should look for:

  • Materials – Consider the materials used for the body of the backpack as well as the straps – you want to make sure your cat will be safely contained. The material should be durable and thick enough to hold up against sharp cat claws but not so heavy it becomes difficult to carry.
  • Support – A good cat backpack should have a sturdy base to support your cat’s weight and heavy-duty straps for use in carrying the backpack.
  • Comfort – Make sure you pick a cat backpack large enough to comfortably accommodate your cat and look for interior padding as well. You should also consider your own comfort – check to make sure the straps are wide and adjustable. Check for ventilation as well!
  • Durability – Not only does the backpack need to support your cat’s weight, but it should be durable enough to last through many uses. If you’re taking your cat hiking, it may also need to hold up against inclement weather and spot-cleaning as needed.
  • Convenience – Check the zippers and other closures to make sure it’s easy enough to get your cat into and out of the bag. It also doesn’t hurt if the bag has extra pockets for things like treats and a collapsible water dish. Your cat backpack should be functional.
  • Security – Finally, make sure your cat is going to be safe inside the bag. That means reinforced seams, locking zippers, and maybe an internal leash to keep your cat restrained.

As you start shopping around, you’ll find that many cat backpacks look alike. Looks can be deceiving, however, so be sure to consider the factors listed above when making your selection.

The Top 10 Cat Backpacks Reviewed

Buy On Amazon

Our top pick for the overall best cat backpack is the Travel Cat “The Fat Cat” backpack. We’ve included several Travel Cat backpacks on this list because their products are high-quality, thoughtfully designed, and well-liked by cats and cat owners alike.

The Fat Cat backpack is an enclosed backpack with mesh ventilations panels on both sides, three airholes along the bottom, and an interchangeable bubble on the front. If your cat likes to keep cozy or prefers to keep his distance from the outdoors, the bubble attachment is ideal. For cats who prefer the see and smell the outdoors – or for days when a little extra ventilation might be appreciated – swap it out for the screen attachment.

What we really love about this cat backpack is the thoughtful design. Generously sized, this roomy backpack accommodates cats up to 25 pounds or even two medium-sized cats. It features a clip and bungee attachment so you can attach your cat’s leash and there are storage pockets on both sides.

To make sure you’re comfortable as well, The Fat Cat comes with adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap to evenly distribute your cat’s weight for optimal support and comfort.

What We Liked:

  • Designed for larger cats up to 25 pounds
  • Plenty of ventilation on three sides
  • Interchangeable bubble or screen attachment
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps for comfort

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Fairly expensive
  • Limited space for storage

Buy On Amazon

You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a cat carrier – this PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack is proof of that. Priced around $25, it’s a total steal.

This cat backpack comes in nine different colors, all perfectly sized for small to medium-sized cats. It is well-ventilated for your cat’s comfort and has a soft Sherpa lining in the bottom of the carrier as well. Plus, it comes with a collapsible pet bowl you can hook to the outside of the bag for convenience.

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack comes with both waist and chest buckles for maximum comfort and support. You’ll also find side pockets to store your necessities.

This cat backpack is durably constructed from 600D high-grade polyester and equipped with a safety strap to keep your cat secure. You’ll have a hard time finding a better cat backpack at such an affordable price point.

What We Liked:

  • Affordably priced under $25
  • Plenty of ventilation to keep cat comfortable
  • Available in nine different colors
  • Comes with a collapsible water bowl

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Zippers don’t lock for added security
  • May not be big enough for very large cats

Buy On Amazon

If you have a small cat, there’s no sense in buying a giant cat backpack. The Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier is a great choice because it has plenty of space for a smaller cat without making the backpack large and cumbersome to carry.

This cat backpack is durably constructed from eco-friendly polyester materials that are lightweight, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

What we really love about this cat backpack, however, is the ventilation. This backpack features a large ventilation panel in the front, on the top, and on both sides of the carrier. This helps keep your cat cool and comfortable while also improving visibility from inside the carrier.

The Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier features adjustable straps for the shoulders, chest, and waist. This makes it easy to adjust the straps for your own comfort and your cat’s support.

It also comes in a built-in safety strap and lockable zippers for an added degree of safety. The bottom of the carrier is sturdy and covered in a cushion for your cat’s comfort. Plus, it is double-sided and removable for your convenience.

What We Liked:

  • Plenty of ventilation and visibility for your cat
  • Spacious interior with two external storage pockets
  • Built-in safety strap and lockable zippers

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May not be supportive enough for large cats
  • Mesh materials could be more durable

Buy On Amazon

When you have a large cat, you need a backpack that is big enough not only to hold your cat but to give him space to stay comfortable. The Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack carrier is generously sized and can support cats weighing up to 26 pounds.

This cat backpack is made from durable materials that are surprisingly lightweight. These materials are scratch-resistant and waterproof as well, which makes cleanup easy.

The Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack carrier features a top opening to easily get your cat into and out of the bag as well as a plastic bubble for added visibility. The sides of the backpack are mesh for ventilation, and you can replace the transparent window with a mesh cover if you prefer for added air circulation.

This Lollimeow pet carrier backpack may be a little more expensive than many models, but it is well worth it if you have a bigger cat. You’ll appreciate the added support and durability as well as the adjustable shoulder, waist, and chest straps for your own comfort.

What We Liked:

  • Sturdy construction and large size (cats up to 26 pounds)
  • Bubble window for visibility, side ventilation
  • Durable materials, waterproof and scratch-resistant

What We Didn’t Like:

  • More expensive than some models
  • Zippers don’t lock, security leash may break easily

Buy On Chewy

If you like to travel with your cat by plane, you’ll need an airline approved carrier. Though many hard-sided and soft-sided carriers will do the trick, they can be difficult to manage on top of your luggage and carry-ons. That’s where this Midwest Day Tripper Cat Backpack comes in handy.

This cat backpack is durably constructed and airline approved. It comes in three colors as well, so you can choose the one that best matches your luggage.

The Midwest Day Tripper Cat Backpack is generously sized, though the manufacturer recommends a top weight of 10 pounds, and the travel carrier itself is very lightweight. It features front and top access doors to easily get your cat into and out of the carrier, and it folds flat for storage when not in use.


In terms of comfort, the inside of the carrier is lined with a reversible cushion and the backpack features padded straps and a waist buckle. Plus, it has an exterior storage pocket and a water bottle holder. You can carry your cat and everything he needs at the same time.

What We Liked:

  • Durably constructed from lightweight materials
  • Airline approved, plenty of ventilation for comfort
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist buckle

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only recommended for cats up to 10 pounds
  • Somewhat more expensive than other models

Buy On YourCatBackpack

The next time you head out on a hiking trip, you no longer have to leave your cat behind. With the Travel Cat “The Navigator Convertible Cat Backpack, you can bring your cat along in comfort and safety.

This cat backpack is pretty pricey, but it’s uniquely designed for outdoor adventures. Constructed from durable materials, the backpack itself is incredibly lightweight and features sturdy, breathable mesh windows on all three sides. Despite being so lightweight, this backpack holds up to 25 pounds of cat.

The Navigator is thoughtfully designed for hiking as well as travel. With two flexible side pouches and a zippered pocket with three interior compartments, there’s plenty of room for your cat and his essentials. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of a water reservoir pocket so you can easily keep yourself and your cat hydrated during your trip.

Like all Travel Cat models, this versatile backpack includes adjustable chest and shoulder straps but has the addition of an adjustable waist strap. You’ll also find two clips inside to tether your cat’s harness or leash as well as locking zippers and a removable, foldable mat.

What We Liked:

  • Lightweight but durable design
  • Plenty of storage with room to keep your cat comfortable
  • Adjustable shoulder, chest, and waist straps
  • Locking zippers and multiple clips for harness or leash

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Fairly expensive
  • Light grey color may stain easily

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When you have your cat in a backpack, you want to make sure they can see out, but you don’t want to compromise ventilation. The LEMONDA Portable Pet Carrier Backpack hits the mark on both with its transparent bubble centered on the back of the backpack.

With this cat carrier, your cat will enjoy total security inside the bag but will also be able to see out. You can use the transparent bubble cover for maximum visibility or swap it out for the mesh cover for added ventilation. The bubble has three air holes in the bottom as well, so you really don’t have to worry either way. Your feline friend will get plenty of fresh air.

The LEMONDA Portable Pet Carrier Backpack is made from canvas and high-density acrylic materials, so it is incredibly durable but still surprisingly lightweight.

What we really love about this cat bubble backpack, however, is the built-in safety features. The bubble has a thread lock ring to keep the bubble or mesh cover in place, and there is a built-in lock to keep your cat from getting out when you’re not wearing the backpack.

What We Liked:

  • Made from lightweight but durable materials
  • Swap out the bubble for a mesh cover
  • Built-in safety features like thread lock ring and internal lock

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May retain heat more than other models
  • Not recommended for very large cats

Buy On Amazon

Being able to carry your cat around on your back is great, but there may be times when you want to put him down. The KOPEKS Deluxe Travel Cat Carrier Backpack is our recommendation for the best roller cat backpack. It comes in two colors: black and gray.

This roller backpack is made from oxford fabric for durability and has three large mesh ventilation panels for breathability and visibility.

In addition to the wheeled platform, this cat backpack has two front legs that keep the backpack level when you put it down. It comes with a telescoping handle for convenience as well as padded shoulder straps and a carrying handle. Plus, it has two large storage pockets to hold everything you need.

You’ll also be glad to know this carrier is approved by most airlines.

What We Liked:

  • Three large ventilation panels
  • Wheels and telescoping handle for convenience
  • Made from durable oxford fabric

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Somewhat pricey compared to other options
  • No waist or chest straps

Buy On Amazon

When choosing a cat backpack, you want to find one that’s large enough to comfortably carry your cat. Unfortunately, the larger the backpack is, the more awkward it may be to carry. That’s where expandable cat backpacks come into place.

The Lollimeow Bubble Pet Carrier Backpack comes in an expandable model which opens into a large tent bed you can use when you’re not wearing the backpack. Basically, the back of the backpack folds down into a mesh tent to give your cat some extra space.

This cat backpack is made from durable but lightweight materials that are waterproof and easy to clean. The front of the backpack consists of a clear plastic bubble that gives your cat maximum visibility with large ventilation holes on the front and sides.

The Lollimeow Bubble Pet Carrier Backpack also features a mesh zippered entry on the side for added ventilation and to make it easier to get your cat into the backpack without having to unzip it completely.

What We Liked:

  • Expands into a tent for added space
  • Lightweight but durable materials, easy to clean
  • Available in several different colors

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May retain heat more than some models
  • Zippers don’t lock in place

Buy On Amazon

When you’re traveling with your cat, it’s important to keep him safely contained but he still needs plenty of air circulation. The Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier is our top pick for the cat backpack with the most ventilation.

This cat backpack features three PVC mesh panels on the sides for optimal airflow and maximum visibility. You don’t have to worry about your cat overheating in this backpack.

The Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier is very lightweight but made from durable materials that resist scratches and stains. It is designed to fit medium-sized cats up to 18 pounds and it has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap.

This cat backpack is comfortable to wear and easy to use. You can unzip the top to get your furry friend into or out of the carrier or unzip the entire side. When you’re not using the backpack, it conveniently folds flat for easy storage.

What We Liked:

  • Large mesh sides for ventilation
  • Folds flat for storage when not in use
  • Padded shoulder straps and chest buckles

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May not stand up to heavy scratching/chewing
  • May tip over when sitting upright

Tips For Using A Cat Backpack

Once you’ve chosen your cat backpack, you may think the hard part is over. Unfortunately, that might not be the case.

Not all cats take to cat carriers and cat backpacks. If you’ve had a hard time getting your cat into a carrier in the past, you’re likely to have the same struggle with a cat backpack. The good news is you can work with your cat to get him used to the backpack, so he doesn’t put up such a fight.

Train your cat using positive reinforcement.

Cats respond well to positive reinforcement training – the trick is to find something your cat wants that you can use to motivate him. For the most part, some tasty treats will do the trick, or you might try using your cat’s favorite toy.

Here’s how to teach your cat to like the backpack:

  1. Place the cat backpack on the floor in a room your cat tends to frequent.
  2. Open up the backpack and place a few treats or your cat’s favorite toy inside.
  3. Give your cat the freedom to come over and sniff the backpack.
  4. Praise your cat verbally and offer more treats when your cat gets close to the backpack or goes inside.
  5. Once your cat has gotten comfortable going into the backpack on his own, start zipping it closed a little with your cat inside.
  6. Pause for a few seconds before unzipping it and releasing your cat.

Using this training sequence, you can gradually get your cat used to spending longer periods of time in the cat backpack. Hopefully after a few training sessions your cat will no longer be nervous about the backpack, and you won’t have a hard time putting him into it when you need to.

The New Trend in Feline Transportation

Why are Cat Backpacks All the Rage?

Thanks to specially designed backpacks, cat carriers are no longer the only pet transport option. Cat backpacks just may make trips more pleasant for you and your cat.

Backpacks Offer Comfort and Convenience

Pet carriers help you get your cat from one place to another, but they aren’t always the most comfortable choice for either of you. A simple change in position can send your cat skittering from one end of the carrier to the other as you desperately fight to keep the carrier level. Holding the carrier with one arm can strain the muscles in your arm and neck, particularly if your cat is large or could stand to lose a few pounds.

Cat backpacks eliminate both of those issues. The packs distribute weight evenly over your back and don’t move even if your furry friend decides to turn around. Padded straps keep the back firmly in place without digging into your shoulders. Many backpacks also include waist or chest straps to ensure that the back doesn’t bounce or move while you wear it.

Backpacks are ideal if you want to take your pet for a walk around the neighborhood or make the trip to the veterinarian’s office for your cat’s checkup.

Specially Designed Backpacks Provide Plenty of Ventilation

You’re probably wondering how your pet will breathe in a backpack. Cat backpacks aren’t exactly like the standard backpacks you use to hold books or your laptop. Some packs feature mesh screens that allow your cat to view its surroundings and get a little fresh air. The fabric packs are lightweight yet offer plenty of room for your furry friend.

Others offer transparent bubbles that give your pet a clear view of the world. These packs contain ample ventilation openings for easy breathing and feature soft inner liners and waterproof exteriors for your cat’s comfort. Bubble backpacks are made of polycarbonate, the same material used to make hard-shell luggage.

How to Convince Your Cat to Use a Backpack

A cat backpack may sound like a good idea to you, but will your pet agree with your opinion? Most likely, it will take your cat a little time to adjust riding in the backpack. A slow, steady approach is the key to convincing your pet that the backpack offers an excellent way to see the world.

These tips can help speed the adjustment process:

  • Choose the Correct Size. Your pet won’t enjoy riding in the backpack if it’s too small. Your cat should be able to stand and turn around easily in the backpack while you’re wearing it.
  • Start Slowly. Put your new backpack on the floor and let your cat sniff it. Your pet may be more interested in the pack if you wear it a few times to ensure that it contains your scent.
  • Offer a Reward. Hide a few treats in the inner compartment of the backpack to encourage your feline friend to spend a few minutes inside. After he or she willingly spends a little time inside the backpack, close the opening for a few minutes.
  • Try Short Walks. Once your cat is comfortable in the backpack, walk around your house or yard. Be sure to offer a treat or two at the end of the walk.
  • Hit the Road. Gradually increase the time your pet spends in the backpack. As your cat becomes more comfortable riding in the pack, you can use it for hikes, bike rides, or air travel. If you plan to keep your pet in the backpack for several hours, bring water along and offer frequent breaks. Attach a harness to your pet to keep him or her safe during food and water breaks.

Veterinary visits can be stressful for cats due to the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells. Backpacks may enhance feelings of safety and security and help your pet feel less anxious during visits. Vet visits offer the perfect opportunity to try out your new backpack. If it’s time for pet’s next visit, contact us to schedule a convenient appointment.


Cat Life Today: The Best Cat Backpacks

Pet Life Today: The Best Cat Carriers Step 2 – How to Train Your Cat to Use Their Cat Backpack

The 8 Best Cat Backpacks and Bubble Backpacks (2021 Reviews)

Last Updated: April 11, 2021

Cat backpacks are the perfect bridge between totally indoor cats and full-on adventure cats. They allow you to take your cat with you outside, but in a secure and comfortable way.

So of course I had to learn about the best cat backpacks since I’m always looking to enrich my Maine Coon’s life.

After careful consideration, the Petsfit Carriers Backpack for Cat is our overall winner for its security, build quality, and comfort for both you and your cat.

Petsfit Carriers Backpack for Cat

– Stylish, maintains shape on your back
– Durable, tough, lightweight
– Adjustable pop-up window
– Great ventilation and visibility
– High hardware quality: mesh, zippers, straps
– Internal leash

If you’ve seen cat backpacks on social media and think they are cute, but not serious products, keep reading.

Let’s take a look at the best cat backpacks that actually have your cat’s well-being as a priority – and not designed just to look cute.

These are the products we review in this article:

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack

Best Overall Runner Up

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Best Budget

PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

Best for Large Cats Best Bubble

Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

Best for Hiking

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack

Dear reader: This article contains links to products that I may be compensated for as an affiliate, at no extra cost to you.

Overall Best Cat Backpack

Petsfit Carriers Backpack for Cat

Well-built, security, and attention to detail describe the Petsfit Carrier Backpack, making it our overall best cat backpack.

First, I love that the body has such a firm design without feeling stiff. Its rigidity is key because it maintains its shape on your back with your cat inside. In other backpacks, the top smashes down, and presses on a cat’s head. Not fun!

My favorite detail is the little mesh pop-out window at the top of the backpack – it really makes your cat feel like they’re perched in front of a window with place for their little paws. Plus it’s extra ventilation.

Speaking of all-important ventilation, the mesh sides and top do a fantastic job of providing ventilation and views. They also open up completely as extra entrances.

This pack is constructed from an eco-friendly EVA material and non-toxic mesh, and it feels like a high quality luggage. It’s soft, rubber-like and gives a little bit. Zipper hardware, buckles, and mesh are great quality.

There’s no flex even with larger cats, as it has a weight limit of 15 pounds.

Overall, this backpack providing a protected, comfortable space for your cat (it even comes with a leash secured to the backpack, so you can open up that top mesh window).

And for owners, this backpack is also very comfortable on longer walks. If you’re worried about awkward carrying, the straps at the chest and waist really help to give you balance.

  • Stylish, maintains shape on your back
  • Durable, tough, lightweight
  • Adjustable pop-up window
  • Great ventilation and visibility
  • High hardware quality: mesh, zippers, straps
  • Internal leash
  • May not fit extra large cats

Runner-Up Cat Backpack Carrier

Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack 

The Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack is a fitting runner up, because it checks every box of things you’d need in the best cat backpacks.

In fact, the Petsfit model is preferable for me only because of its pop-up window feature and I dig its look more.

This model is a full system that is more than just a backpack. Generous side and rear pockets are great for fitting in food, water and treats for both human and cat.

They even throw in a collapsible water bowl that tucks right into the pocket. The little name badge on the front pocket is also a cute touch.

Like our overall winner, the backpack itself has a structure that keeps its shape when worn. It’s well ventilated with mesh on top and sides.

I’m also a fan of the way the four-sided access on this backpack makes it easy to enter. Once inside, your cat is comforted by a sherpa-lined, ultra-soft interior bed paired with plenty of headroom.

On the safety front, you can secure your cat to the inside of the backpack with a tether too and flip the top open. And there are buckles to prevent zippers from opening while in use.

On the human end, the high-grade polyester material is tough and lightweight. The back and straps are padded, and chest and waist buckles do a great job of adding extra support and balance.

The Pet Ami Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack is available in 7 colors and fits pets up to 18 pounds.

  • Keeps shape while worn
  • Fits pets up to 18 pounds
  • Great pocket space
  • Safety buckles
  • Tether to inside
  • A lot of different exit points for a cat to Houdini it out of
  • Shape can feel a little bulky on your back

Best Budget Cat Backpack

PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

On a budget and have smaller cat? Then this PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack is for you!

This extra well-ventilated backpack, with breathable mesh on the sides, front, and top, does a lot of things right, like one of the best cat backpacks should.

It has an internal strap that secures kitty to the backpack, and a sherpa-lined interior bed for their comfort.

Made from polyester, this backpack is lightweight, breathable and easy to carry due to the chest and waist buckles. Deep side pockets will easily accommodate your water bottle and cat essentials.

The backpack also comes with a collapsible water dish that fits nicely into the pockets.

The design is so stylish and understated that most people who pass you will just think it’s an ordinary trail pack instead of a moving cat house!

One note: this backpack best for smaller cats since the weight limit is 8 pounds, and because the top of it collapses like a regular backpack while on your back. The low price does have its compromises.

This backpack comes in 8 colors.

  • Affordable
  • Stylish and simple
  • Large side pockets
  • Good ventilation
  • Top of backpack is not rigid and collapses while being worn
  • Weight limit is 8 pounds.

Best Cat Backpack for Large Cats

The Fat Cat Your Cat Backpack

The Fat Cat Your Cat Backpack is definitely in category of its own in size and build quality. It’s even described as the best, most luxurious cat backpack on the market. And with it’s price, it’s easy to see why.

So this finally looks like the typical “bubble” backpack we all saw on social media. And what a pack it is – featuring a removable bubble window, and able to accommodate cats up to 25 pounds!

This large backpack can technically accommodate two cats at once. However, I’m skeptical about the comfort level in that. But, if your cat is big boy or girl, this is one of the few models where they can lie down and be comfortable in all positions.

This futuristic-looking bubble pack is made from high-quality, claw-resistant material that’s designed to take abuse from large paws and teeth.

The build quality on buckles and hardware is notable, and it feels very sturdy. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable to wear for an extended amount of time.

In addition to breathable mesh sides, it also comes equipped with large air holes. You can even pop the top and let your cat hang out, knowing that they are secured via tether to the backpack.

The bubble attachment on the front is optional and you don’t have to use it, like in warmer weather. (Or if you don’t want the attention.) Remove it and use mesh instead.

  • Very spacious
  • Quality construction
  • Internal tether
  • Bubble or mesh option
  • Very well ventilated
  • Top and front entrances

Best Cat Bubble Backpack

Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack, Bubble Backpack Carrier

If you want that true bubble backpack look, with a few extras for comfort, this is your best bet.

Yes, this cat bubble backpack is a real conversation piece. Designed to look like what can only be described as a futuristic cat pod, this carrier provides cats (and other people) with uninterrupted views. Not for shy cats!

This carrier does not have a small bubble window for that rocket ship look. No, the entire enclosure is a rather sterile, 100% clear transparent bubble.

Except for the bottom removable soft mat, there’s no mesh and padded plastic here…

At least not at first glance.

Actually, the rear of the backpack unzips and expands via airy mesh into a much larger (about 1.5 times the ground area) tent area. This allows for your cat, to totally spread out and lounge during rest periods instead of being cooped up in one position the whole time.

It’s such a cool feature and definitely contributes to why it’s the best cat bubble backpack.

One concern with the plastic bubble is airflow, but you don’t have to worry as this cat backpack is fitted with nine ventilation holes and two ventilation nets in total.

There is a security leash inside the pack to secure your cat’s collar too.

For cat owners, a chest buckle helps to keep this backpack secure and padded straps make it comfortable to wear.

This pack has a 12-pound weight limit for cats and is available in 4 colors.

  • Affordable
  • Expandable tent for stretching out
  • Provides good views for cats
  • Internal leash
  • Not ideal for shy cats
  • Small to medium size cats only
  • No waist buckle

Best Cat Backpack for Hiking

Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier for Small Cats

Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier is simply the most ventilated and agile back pack, a wonderful choice of hiking and trekking, especially in hotter places.

The open-aired mesh design on this backpack really lets your cat feel like she’s enjoying the sights, sounds, smells of the great outdoors. It’s comfortable and spacious too, accommodating cats up to 18 pounds.

That mesh used on all sides makes it very light and easy to carry, and the panels can be unzipped to open from the top or sides for stress-free loading and unloading of Fluffy.

Design-wise it’s very non-threatening, so much that cats crawl inside and stay there for hours even in the house. They must like the cozy, removable mat on the bottom.

When heading out, attach their collar to the tether on the bottom, and open the front roll-down door. Your cat can now hang out of their little balcony for even more immersion outdoors.

The chest straps make it easy to keep the pack in place when your cat shifts. After the outing is done, you can collapse the whole thing for easy storage. Or not – since your cat might be snoozing in it.

  • Affordable and spacious
  • Super breathable, lightweight
  • Multiple entrances
  • Internal tether
  • No waist buckle
  • Might be too “open” for shy cats
  • Some users complain bag digs into lower back

Looking For The Best Cat Backpack For Two Cats?

I really recommend the The Fat Cat Your Cat Backpack as the best cat backpack for two cats. It is large, well ventilated, and built with tough materials.

While my large Maine Coon would never agree to sharing this backpack with another cat, smaller cats who don’t mind being together on a road trip fit nicely in the The Fat Cat Your Cat Backpack!

What About The Voyager Cat Backpack?

The Voyager Cat Backpack is the original bubble cat backpack and a great premium backpack choice.

The Your Cat Backpack brand is quality and trusted, and their Voyager model offers full visibility, comfort for cat and human, and sturdy construction.

This backpack is good, it inspires copycats! (You might notice it looks like the Lollimeow Bubble Backpack.)

What’s the Best Cat Pod Backpack?

Texsens Traveler Cat Backpack

I did not have room for a separate cat pod backback in my list above, but the premium-feeling leather Texsens Traveler Cat Backpack is definitely one of the best cat pod backpacks.

Cat pod backpacks can be a stuffy and cramped, but this Texsens model allows for plenty of air and circulation while in use and opened up. Abundant airholes and mesh help while the backpack is moving.

At rest, the top-front area and sides of the backpack open up. As aways, you can attach a leash to the inside of the pack and keep your pet safe.

The backpack keeps it shape in use, so no smashing your pet while in motion! Humans will have no complaints too, due to its thick shoulder straps.

Want a Backpack for Your Cat to Wear?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any available backpacks for your cat to wear on the market to buy currently. Shucks, I know that’s disappointing.

The only way is to do it yourself. As displayed by this sewing blogger, who designed and created a custom tiny backpack for his cats!

As you can see, it’s totally adorable and maybe if you pester him enough, he would consider coming out with a product!

Why Use a Cat Backpack?

If you have an indoor cat, you’ve probably felt guilty sometimes as you watch them staring out the windows of your home.

Your house cat comes from a long line of wild, free-roaming felines, so to keep them cooped up inside is, while safe, denying them their best lives, right?

However, seeing data from the Animal Human Society showing that the outdoor lifestyle reduces a cat’s lifespan by as much as 10 years makes me know that you’re doing the right thing by making her an indoor cat!

Cat backpacks give indoor cats a taste of the exciting outdoor lifestyle in a controlled manner, while improving the bond between you and your cat.

(Alternatively, you can use a portable outdoor cat enclosure to let them play outside, and stay protected!)

On a more mundane level, cat backpacks are another type and shape of cat carrier, to use when going to the vet or groomers.


The Adventure Cat Lifestyle

In recent years, a movement has been #trending on social media: the adventure cat movement.

Basically, it’s about letting your house cat into the outdoors in a safe manner, by taking them walking on a leash and harness or a cat backpack.

If hashtags are any indication, this movement is huge, with more than 400,000 posts with #adventurecat on Instagram alone. It is a driving force why cat backpacks went so viral on social media.

But not all cats will accept a leash and harness. That’s why a backpack can be a great, less threatening alternative for your potential adventure cat.

Necessary Disclaimer

Like any group 400,000 strong, some of those cats probably don’t like adventures and prefer to be indoors only. Cat backpack adventures either are or aren’t for you and your cat. Not every cat loves the experience.

You can’t “force it” if your cat seems stressed, irritated or resistant when you try out a backpack. If your cat happens to find backpacks both cozy and exciting, go for it!

How to Choose the Best Cat Backpack

Before I dive into what to look for when trying out specific backpacks, I want to go over some basics for comfort and safety.

First, don’t make the mistake of focusing on a “cute” backpack. I’ve seen some people use really impractical backpacks that don’t offer support or security.

Second, do look for a supportive frame that’s balanced by plenty of window space and ventilation holes.

Comfort for Human

As far as materials, you need to find something that’s both durable and lightweight. A high-grade polyester with some plastic or leather reinforcements in key areas is a nice pick.

If your cat is a chewer, something as durable as Oxford may be a better option.

Don’t forget that you’ll be hauling the pack on your shoulders. Wide, padded straps are best. Also, backpacks with a chest strap or ones that you can wear in front of you are great options as well.

Comfort for Cat

For your cat, a big concern is head room. Assume that your cat will be shifting positions while inside the backpack.

Is there enough room for them to stand up and look around without feeling like their head and neck are being restricted?

A lot of bad quality backpacks have a top that smashes and slopes down when you wear it. Avoid these.

Ventilation is the next huge concern. Ensure there is enough ventilation throughout the cat backpack in the form of holes or mesh. It can get hot in there and your cat needs to breathe!

Safety and Security

It’s important to anticipate your cat’s habits when selecting a backpack that can be used safely. Look for features like locking zippers or internal leashes that attach to the backpack.

For instance, a backpack with an opening and a zipper positioned right where your cat will focus their weight or reach is never the best idea.

Of course, we never want a thrashing cat in a backpack in the first place, but if something does surprise your cat while inside, the backpack should hold up to it. Ensure the seams are well-constructed with no flaws.

Ease of Access

A cat backpack is another cat carrier, and a regular feature on those are multiple entrances and exits. Choose one with multiple entrances and exits.

If your cat is feeling feisty and won’t get into the backpack from the side, and you absolutely need to transport them, you can pick them up and drop them into the backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cat backpacks cruel?

Cat backpacks are not considered cruel. Generally, the best cat backpacks are considered a safe and comfortable way to bond with your cat outdoors.

Every pet owner must make the decision regarding whether or not to use a pet backpack based on what they know about their own pet.

A backpack is another form of a carrier, and they are supposed to make the animals feel comfortable, secure and safe. Cats who have histories of being confined in tight spaces may have adverse reactions to carriers.

However, a cat with no traumatic history who is properly introduced to a carrier, is very likely to enjoy a cat backpack.

Are cat backpacks OK?

Cat backpacks are considered mainstream to use in today’s day and age.

When using a backpack, it is important to “check in” on your cat frequently to ensure that they are getting enough food, water, or breaks. Ultimately, your cat will let you know if it’s okay for them.

If you trained your cat to walk on a leash or harness, do let them out of the backpack to explore and enjoy the new environment. Like with the use of any carrier, backpacks are considered appropriate for shorter walks over longer treks.

Can you carry a cat in a backpack?

Cats should only be carried in special cat backpacks that are designed specially for animals.

The best cat backpacks offer the structure, weight capacity and ventilation necessary to keep your pet safe and comfortable. You should never try to carry a cat around in an ordinary backpack.

Let your kitten see the world with this cat backpack

Despite growing up with a veterinarian for a mother, I have never been much of an animal person. Unfortunately, Mom’s also a neat freak who preferred to leave the hairballs and drool at work. My younger brother and I finally wore her down and we adopted a poodle in my teen years, but by this time I was more preoccupied with siphoning illicit booze from my parents’ liquor cabinet than learning how to care for a new pet. And certainly I’ve never been a cat person, a descriptor I’d always regarded with equal parts disdain and horror. (Side note: Cats and their people get a bad rap. In ancient Egypt, felines were worshipped!)

So, it came as a shock to everyone—myself most of all—when my boyfriend and I adopted a kitten this past November. One of my mom’s colleagues and her husband found an abandoned litter of kittens in the woods bordering their property on Thanksgiving Day. One brave scout led them to a shivering ball of fluff—six tiny kittens huddled together for warmth beneath a bush. The rescuing couple kept three. After meeting the remaining kittens with zero plans to do anything other than take some cute cat selfies to send to animal-loving friends, I decided to bring one home to live with me and my boyfriend in Brooklyn. [Insert fearful face emoji here.] We named him Roger.

Naturally, my pandemic shopping habits went from embarrassingly frequent Saucey deliveries and enough athleisure wear to put the Kardashians to shame to attempts to find the best odor-eliminating litter and autofill subscriptions of cat treats from Chewy. Which brings me to the Cat Backpack.

What is a cat backpack?

Credit: Tucker Murphy

The Daley Breeze Pet Carrier from Wayfair comes in two colors, white and green.

I’d seen cat backpacks around. From my understanding, they were a cuter, hipper alternative to a cat carrier. An Instagram-ready statement piece tailor-made to provide a steady stream of semi-ironic photo ops, it seemed like an item designed more for its human wearer than its feline occupant. I had to have one. (More of a dog person? There are options for your pup, too.)

After browsing a variety of cat backpacks online, I settled on the Daley Breeze Pet Carrier. from Wayfair. It comes in two colors, white or mint green. I chose the green, which was slightly on sale (6 percent off) at $74.87. It’s a bit pricier than many of the more traditional, boxy cat carriers I’d found online (most fell in the $15 to $50 range) but I figured, hey, you always pay extra for style.

My first impressions of the cat backpack

As with all Wayfair products (in my experience), the backpack arrived seemingly overnight. In person, it looks exactly as advertised. Featuring a hard bubble-like shell with a tinted plastic window through which Roger can peer out—and passersby can peer in—it resembles a tiny spaceship. Ground control to meow-jar Tomcat!

The backpacks inward-facing side is soft and features breathable padding for comfort, as do the two backpack straps. I unzipped the top and placed the bag on the floor. Roger hopped right in. Cats, as I’ve come to learn, love enclosed spaces in which they can explore and/or hide, hence all the many cardboard boxes that have yet to make it to the recycle bin from our apartment. The backpack provides more than enough room to serve as both transport and a snug play space for my 3-ish pound kitten. At about 12.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 17.5 inches, it will also fit Roger at full size (and could work for small dogs up to about 18 pounds, as well).

It’s important to note that this is not the same as throwing your cat in an old Jansport. (Don’t do that—they won’t be able to breathe or see and will be very angry with you when they emerge.) This backpack features mesh lining and what the company calls a “smart ventilation system” for optimal air circulation. A teeny-tiny, battery-powered fan built into the backpack’s interior serves as central air conditioning for your traveling companion.

Even better, the backpack comes equipped with its own lighting system—fancy! A tiny lamp inside features a gradual illuminating system, just in case your furbaby is afraid of the dark or, ya know, likes to read a book on-the-go.

Basically, this backpack is the cat equivalent of a chichi studio apartment—an ultra-luxe mobile home for cats. If it was listed on StreetEasy or Zillow, you probably couldn’t afford it.

What it’s like to use the cat backpack

Credit: Alexandra Cavallo

A cat backpack is more than just a cuter cat carrier.

It was all well and good to admire the backpack’s bells and whistles from the comfort of our apartment. Taking it to the streets, however, might be a different experience. Sure, Roger loved his new accessory when he could hop in and out on a whim, with his mountains of toys (yes, we have become those cat parents) and food dish within paw’s reach. But I worried: What if we got him outside and he starts screaming like a banshee and attempts to claw his way out of the backpack like that scene in Alien? (You know the one.)

There was only one way to find out. As it happened, we had rented an Airbnb upstate for the weekend, one of the few COVID-safe ways to escape the city for a few days. A friend in the neighborhood had agreed to cat-sit for the weekend at her place.

I zipped Roger into his backpack, along with his favorite stuffed “piggie,” hoisted a tote filled with his litter, food, and dishes onto my shoulder, and stepped out into the world to embark on the roughly 15-minute walk.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the backpack was extremely comfortable for me to wear. The padded straps didn’t dig into my shoulders—Roger only weighed about 1.5 pounds at the time—and I didn’t feel weighed down, despite the extra tote I was also lugging. It was so lightweight in fact, that I kept stopping to make sure that Roger hadn’t somehow figured out the zipper and escaped into the streets of Brooklyn, never to be seen again.

Despite a few plaintive mews here and there, Roger was quiet. Could he be enjoying the ride? I’d adjusted the backpack so it fit snugly to my back so that he wouldn’t be jostled or bounced around as I walked. When we arrived—after forcing my friend to take photos for Instagram—I took off the backpack and took a look at its passenger. Roger was sitting inside, calm and content. After hearing horror stories from other cat-owning friends traumatized by car trips spent listening to a carrier-trapped cat howl for hours, I couldn’t believe it had gone so smoothly. Roger was now officially a traveling cat.

What I like about the cat backpack

The comfortability, aeration system, and interior light all make for a pleasant, safe experience for both cat and owner. And the cute design doesn’t hurt. I’ve since received numerous compliments on the bag just as a style item—you wouldn’t necessarily know it was a pet carrier until you spotted Roger’s eyes peeping out from behind his tinted window panel.

As for its Instagram-worthiness? The post chronicling our maiden voyage garnered 134 likes, which is not too shabby, as I am not, sadly, an influencer. Breaking three digits on a post? For me, that’s Instagram-approved.

What I don’t like about the cat backpack

The one glaring con is that you need to purchase separately an external battery to serve as the power source for the fan and light, something I was not aware of when I got the backpack. (I spent far too long trying to figure out how to turn on the light before my boyfriend explained it lacked power.) This wasn’t made clear in the product description and would have been good to know, as I would have bought both at the same time. I ended up purchasing a portable, rechargeable battery pack with USB ports that hook up easily to the backpack (and fits in a sleek side pocket for travel) on Amazon for about $25.

Is a cat backpack worth it?

The cat’s out of the bag: I’m a fan of putting mine into one. If you have a cat (or a kitten, who will acclimate more quickly) that you want to take along wherever you go and you prefer a more fun, stylish alternative to a boxy carrier, then yes! And if you’re looking for Instagram content, make that a “heck, yes!” The backpack has since served as an easy, hands-free way to bring Roger with us wherever we go. And he continues to not only tolerate it, but seemingly love it. Win-win.

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

Do cats like cat backpacks?

Cat backpack carriers are no better or worse than any other carrier you’ll see advertised. As always, it largely depends on the cat’s personality, the owner’s needs, and what the carrier is being used for.

Fabric cat backpacks won’t be suitable for all cats. We’d be nervous about putting an aggressive or difficult cat into a carrier  like that as teeth and claws can make light work of thin material. If your cat hates being put into a carrier, then a cat carrying backpack may not be the best option.

We think cat backpacks are good for calmer cats with a natural curiosity.  They’ll be able to see more things sitting higher up in a backpack than being in a carrier at the end of a handle. This can be a great option for indoor cats or cats recovering from an operation or illness. Owners who like to take their pets with them when they travel may find a cat carrying backpack useful. The pet might appreciate traveling with the family more than being left behind alone in the house or left at a boarding cattery.  There is an obvious element of risk in taking your cat out of their territory.  For example, if they were to get lost would they find their way home again?

Some cats won’t like being in a backpack at all.  They may be frightened of the things they’re seeing outside the window, and it’s far easier to cover over a cat carrier when traveling than it is to put a blanket or towel over a backpack.  Backpacks tend to have a smaller internal space for lying down, too.  This won’t bother some cats but it may be uncomfortable for others.  It means you have less space for treats, toys and bedding. Again, it’s not so much a criticism of cat backpacks but it does depend on how your pet responds to carriers and traveling.

One thing we will add is that when asking are cat backpacks good for cats? It’s also worth asking whether they’re good for the owners, too.  Traditional carriers can be heavy to carry and can put a lot of pressure on the wrists and shoulders. Backpacks may be more suitable for owners who prefer carrying the weight more evenly.  It’s also ideal for hands-free traveling which is not possible with other hard and soft cat carriers

Backpack for carrying a cat: what are there and how to choose the right one?

So what is the best way to transport your pet? The days when cats were carried in their arms are long gone. Pet stores now offer an undoubtedly luxurious selection of various means for carrying animals, from simple soft bags to special hand-woven baskets. Why, from all this sea of ​​proposals, it is worth choosing carrying backpacks, why are they so convenient?

Pros and cons of carrying backpack

Carrying backpacks have recently appeared on the pet goods market, but have already gained popularity among cat owners.Particularly interesting are not ordinary fabric backpacks with zippers and ventilation windows, but models with the use of plastic and a porthole, which can be replaced with a special metal or plastic insert in the warm season.

Without a doubt, the main advantage of the backpack is that both hands remain free when carrying the pet. This is especially important when flying and traveling long distances, when, in addition to your pet, you have to carry or carry a bag (or even several) with things.Thanks to the window, the cat has a better view of the world around him, and she is less nervous.

The disadvantage of such backpacks is the constant rocking of the pet when walking, which can cause discomfort.

What to look for when buying?

So that trips and walks for the cat and the owner do not turn into a nightmare in reality, you need to very carefully and even meticulously choose a carrier backpack. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the material from which the backpack is made.If it is plastic, then it should be odorless, not scratched, especially from the inside, be light and at least look reliable. If this is a fabric, then the weaving should be dense, reinforced. All areas that the cat may chew on (such as vents and viewing windows) must be securely reinforced. The fabric or plastic next to them should be undamaged.

Pay special attention to the fittings. All zippers, rivets, carabiners must be reinforced and vandal-proof. The task of the backpack is to keep the cat inside, even if it is not going to be there and rushes out.The straps should also be made of sturdy fabric, stitched and reinforced so that they will not break, even if the cat starts raving behind your back.

It is best to have the bottom of the backpack made of plastic, which can be easily washed in case of embarrassment. In addition, cats feel much more confident if under their paws they do not have crumpled tissue, but something relatively hard. There should be enough ventilation holes in the backpack so that the animal can breathe calmly.

Review of space backpacks for cats »MURKOTIKI

By Felinolog Ekaterina Yugosh Read 4 min Views 164

The review is a must-read before buying a space backpack for cats.It is easy to be disappointed in the product!

In other words, these models of carriers are called “space backpack” and “backpack cat-astronaut”. I also bought such a fashionable thing for my cat. I chose for a long time, looked at different models, looked for the most capacious, tk. the cat is not small – 5 kg. And she was still wrong. I want you, unlike me, to choose the right one.

Continuation of the article – after advertising


Astronaut backpacks come in several modifications, among them it is important to choose the one that suits you and your pet.And within each variety, there are also many designs.

These backpacks are attached to the back and are convenient, for example, if you ride a bike with your cat or go on a hike. Put it on and forget. Although no, I have not forgotten. The general attention of passers-by is guaranteed to you. Even children already know what an astronaut cat is and will greet you with enthusiastic cries. But the good news ends there.

Now about the functionality of the backpack. I tried this particular variety on my cat and I can make the following verdict: the backpack, although convenient for the owner, is still not very convenient for the cat.The reason is that there is not enough space in the backpack.

We ordered a backpack with a depth of 25 cm, but a backpack with a depth of 20 cm came. We made a claim on AliExpress – and the store allowed the backpack to be returned and get the money back, so if something inappropriate came, returning is not a problem.

As a result, we did not use such a backpack, because I feel sorry for the cat: at the slightest opportunity it comes out of the backpack when it is opened, although sitting inside, it does not resent it. For 15-minute walks, such as walking or cycling, the backpack is great.Moreover, for such situations, it is irreplaceable. But for long walks in your own and cat’s pleasure, you need to find something more comfortable.


Personally, these backpacks remind me of a vacuum cleaner, not a rocket. Although, of course, the taste and color … Those choosing such a backpack want to look original. And they do it. At one of the fancy-dress balls for cats, the owners put on a cosmonaut-style suit on their pet and put it in such a backpack – success was assured.

In terms of functionality, the backpack is the same as the previous version, only with a dense plastic cover. The advantages and disadvantages of such a spaceship are similar. There is not enough room for a big cat: these models are already massive, so if they were even deeper, they would be simply huge. But the cat is trying in every possible way to look into the window – this detail is certainly cool and deserves attention. Plus, whatever the weather, the cat is always protected and can look out the window.


The most convenient option for a cat, in my opinion, is a space bag. And not any, but a special configuration. If you consider the options, you will notice that there are bags with a porthole in the middle (in the sidewall), there are bags with a porthole at the top and at the end. It seems to me that the butt is the most convenient place. If the window is located in the sidewall in the middle or at the top, it is inconvenient for the cat to look into it, because again you have to bend. And when the window is at the end, the cat can lie down – and the window will be right in front of her nose.But all the same, you still need to choose the right size: do not buy the model end-to-end – let it be better to have a margin of several centimeters in length and width.

Article continuation – after advertising

Space backpacks are original and convenient for the owners. The porthole is an ingenious invention: it looks interesting and the cats like it.
If you are planning to go on a hike or ride a bike with your cat, then a backpack is an indispensable piece. Otherwise, it is better to take a space bag.
The choice must be taken seriously: first measure the cat in height, length and width (when it sits on the bottom).If something does not suit the product, it is better to return it.

Where to buy a backpack?

Cat backpacks are sold at many pet stores on the Internet. We bought in the Chinese online store AliExpress, from where all our pet stores take the goods. That is, if you see backpacks on sale in other places, you should know: they are from China, but they are sold with a 100-300% markup. Therefore, ordering is cheaper on AliExpress.


Xiaomi Petkit Review: Cat Carrier Backpack

Many people can hardly imagine life without pets.Despite all the benefits of keeping cats, they can be a hassle, especially when transported. Cats are very curious and active animals, and therefore will not stay in one place for a long time. When traveling, this can create additional difficulties, as the cat will tend to get out of the uncomfortable and uncomfortable carrier. To make the conditions for transporting cats more comfortable, a convenient Xiaomi Petkit Fresh Wind Cat Backpack was developed. It is designed with all the habits of cats in mind.The large viewing window will open up a wide viewing angle for your pet and satisfy his curiosity, while the reliable material will protect him in case of danger.

Integrated ventilation system

In order for the cat to breathe clean air, the backpack is equipped with an active air circulation system. A built-in 5 volt turbofan is used to supply fresh air to the inside of the backpack. The submission procedure is carried out at intervals of once every 30 seconds. The temperature sensor adjusts the air flow rate depending on the ambient temperature.It can work in both automatic and manual modes. Manual mode offers a choice of 2 levels of airflow rate. The first level is suitable for work in medium temperatures, and the second is recommended to be turned on only in hot weather. There are additional ventilation holes on three sides of the backpack.

Wide viewing window

The observation hatch is thought out to the smallest detail. Its size is sufficient for monitoring the condition of the pet, but not too large for the cat to be comfortable inside the backpack.Since a completely transparent window can be a nuisance for a cat, it is specially tinted in the Petkit Fresh Wind Cat Backpack. To prevent your pet from accidentally opening the zipper and escaping, a self-locking fastener is used. If you do not apply external force, the zipper will lock and will not open.

Thoughtful design to the smallest detail

For ease of carrying, the back of the backpack is made of lightweight shock-absorbing materials. It has a floor, mesh structure due to which it is well ventilated.To make the cat feel good, the back panel has a folding design. The straps are made of soft materials, do not dig into the shoulders and distribute the mass evenly, which reduces pressure on the back. The center of gravity is well balanced and allows the pet to take any comfortable posture. And the transparent wide solid polycarbonate window provides excellent visibility and reliable protection.

Integrated lighting

The backlight is automatic and can be dimmed or dimmed based on natural light conditions.Now your pet will never be left in the dark, and you can watch him even at night. The entire technological system of the backpack is powered by an external battery, which is placed in a special pocket. The advantage of this battery is that, if necessary, you can easily recharge your phone from it.

Ideal means of transportation

Xiaomi Petkit Fresh Wind Cat Backpack for cats is a technological and convenient means of transporting a four-legged pet.With its help, you no longer have to leave the animal to friends or relatives and you can easily take it on trips. The carrier provides everything you need: a ventilation system, a comfortable design and a strong wide window. Everything to make your pet feel at home.

Xiaomi Fresh Wind Cat Backpack White (WindCatBackpack)


Cats are very curious animals, so when traveling they tend to get out of the carrier.The Xiaomi Fresh Wind Cat Backpack is designed specifically for the habits of cats. A large observation window will allow the pet to contemplate the world around it without endangering itself.

Ventilation system

Built-in 5 volt turbofan, which supplies fresh air every 30 seconds. Active circulation allows your cat to breathe clean air freely.

Ventilation rate

The built-in temperature sensor automatically adjusts the air flow rate based on the ambient temperature and provides two manual adjustment options.It is recommended to start the flow rate in 2nd gear only in hot weather. There are additional ventilation holes on three sides of the backpack.

Inspection hatch

The transparent hatch can make your pet feel anxious, which is why the Fresh Wind Cat Backpack has a tinted surface. The size of the hatch is thought out to the smallest detail. It is enough for the owner to observe the condition of the pet, but also not too large for the cat to be comfortable.

Self-locking zipper

A self-locking fastener is used to prevent the cat from accidentally opening the zipper.If no external force is applied, the zipper always locks, preventing the cat from escaping.


The bottom has a large flat area. The front is made of solid polycarbonate. The center of gravity is evenly distributed. The pet can take any position.


Ergonomic shock-absorbing backrest made of lightweight materials, shoulder straps are evenly spaced to reduce pressure on your back, and the hollow mesh structure is ventilated to keep your back from sweating.The back panel has a foldable design for more convenience for placing the pet inside.


The built-in lighting system is automatically increased and decreased depending on the external conditions. Your pet will not be left in the dark. The lighting system is convenient for the owner to observe the pet in low light conditions.


The ventilation and lighting system is powered by an external battery for which there is a special pocket.You can also recharge your phone from it. (PowerBank is not included in the package)

“Venxuis” Backpack-carrier for dogs and cats Large up to 8kg

In the manufacture of carriers, only high-tech materials of the highest quality are used that are safe for animals and their owners. Animal backpacks will be convenient for carrying animals on long trips or walks in parks.
The carrier can be worn in two versions: on the back and on the stomach.The backpack is equipped with instep supports for additional comfort when the owner of the dog walks – they perform two functions: vibration is damped when walking inside the backpack, which gives additional comfort to the dog; and they also create a snug fit of the backpack in the wearer’s body, while maximally unloading the muscles of the shoulders and back.
Also included in this pet carrier is an optional lower, adjustable strap that fastens around your body. Due to these functions, it will be comfortable for you to carry the animal for a long time, ride a bicycle or ride a motorcycle, and it is absolutely safe for you and your pet, i.e.because the shoulder straps and the lower strap will securely and comfortably fix the carrier-backpack on your body.
In a backpack, as in most models of carriers, the animal clings to the collar with a carabiner. Additionally, for the safety of your pet, it is fixed with a collar that tightens around its neck and does not allow it to jump out. The shoulder straps of the carrying backpack are adjustable in length and are made using the airflow technology (the instep supports on the side adjacent to the body are also made using the same technology) – this promotes good air circulation between you and the carrier, and removes the discomfort from overheating in hot weather.
Due to the special double mesh from which the carrier is made, good air circulation is carried out inside the backpack, so the animal does not overheat and feels comfortable.
An additional bonus for the owner of the dog is two convenient pockets on the sides of the backpack

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I am reviewing a backpack for a cat with ALIEXPRESS: api_ano – LiveJournal

Here is an overview of a cat backpack with Aliexpress, of which there are a dime a dozen in all stores in the country.On Aliexpress, by the way, they now cost from $ 8 !!, and in the stores of the country, according to my not too careful research, from 3000 rubles.

Backpack with porthole.

Looks cool in my personal opinion. There are different colors.

Hard, which is comfortable, because the cat does not wrinkle. At least, when kind children point a finger at her from fullness of feelings, the cat does not deform.

A small window (there are models with a window in the entire outer wall of the backpack) – as a result, a plus. Because when the cat needs it, it sticks its head from the plastic hemisphere and stares at will.Only the ears are curled up. So it’s probably easier to look through a porthole for a Scottish Fold than for an Oriental long-eared. And when the cat is fed up with everything, it lays down on the bottom in a ball and, as it were, in a burrow. With a full-wall window, there will be no mink. There will be an Amsterdam brothel. Not sure if this is what your cat needs.

Ventilation is available and quite good. On the sides there are nets and round holes. If it’s hot, it’s still hot, of course. But at least he will not die, because it is ventilated there. And if it’s cold, then it’s not too cold, unlike backpacks, where the entire back wall is made of mesh.

The straps are uncomfortable as hell. Thin and fall off the shoulders. If you go with a cat on a hike in the Himalayas, you need to sew a jumper on the chest. On my chest, not on a cat. Sew to the straps of the backpack, not to the chest. But for a hike to Pyaterochka it will do.

It is very convenient to stuff a cat into such a backpack. The fact is that before I had a banal bag, where one of the ends opens. Oh, how dramatically the cat rested with all its paws on the edges! Agony and torture. This backpack opens wide, the cat pokes in there almost without resistance, closes quickly and easily.In general, the packaging process is as humane as possible both in relation to the stuffed and in relation to the stuffing.
Pockets on the sides. Mimimi, water and harness are coming in. For me, water, the cat is not up to water at such moments.

Plastic feet, stand. Plastic handle, holds. Well done backpack with Ali. Well, or okay. It’s not disgusting to take it in your hands. And put it on your shoulders.

Whether pissing is washed away, I do not know. I have a mentally balanced cat, stress-resistant.She is not pissing into a backpack.

Further controversial point. I don’t know if you need it. But he is provided for you. A furor on the ground. They pointed fingers at us, took pictures of us, discussed us. From a positive point of view. Nobody asked why we put the cat in the restaurant. Everyone was trudging away from the backpack.
Why a backpack and not a bag? Well, because going for a walk with a bag over your shoulder is not convenient. On the other hand, if, in addition to the cat, you also want to take a chair, champagne and a baby pot, then maybe two backpacks will not fit on your back.Then, in addition to the cat, it is recommended to take a man.

Is the space backpack suitable for a rabbit? I don’t know who else besides cats it is needed for. It should be good for the rabbit. The rabbit is also round like a cat. What to do with small breed dogs? It seems to me long in this “land in the window” will be uncomfortable. Conventionally round is better.

Why, bitches, do you even drag an animal to people, and why not leave it at home? Why would he do in a store, a restaurant, on a walk and in a movie? If you don’t have a cat, just keep your nose out of your business.And if there is, you will not ask why you need a carrier for an animal.

UPD It’s not very big! An adult coon will be cramped! Not a kunu, but if the cat is big and fat, in general – large – too! In short, size decides. As always.

Friends gave me another UPD to drive, bought 3-4 years ago, so the exact link is not known. On Ali is searched for by the Russian words “a backpack for a cat with a window”.

all the pros and cons of the device

Sooner or later, every owner of the mustachioed – striped will have to take it outside the house or apartment.There can be many reasons: routine vaccination at a veterinarian, an exhibition, mating, moving to another house, or just walking on the street. By the way, this also includes the sale of kittens: it is very inconvenient to deliver a baby to the other end of the city without a special carrier. So, a completely logical question arises: what to carry your cat? it is very difficult for those owners whose pet has a restless character: heart-rending scream or scratched hands: what do you choose? …

Know – how for owners: backpack – carrying

barbaric (moreover, more for the hands of the owner) times.The modern pet market offers a huge selection of carriers for cats: soft bags, wicker baskets, plastic containers. We suggest you consider a not very familiar, but no less convenient option – a backpack – a carrier for cats. This is a product that has appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to win the trust and love of consumers. The most popular are fabric backpacks with zippers, with built-in ventilation windows.

The second most popular use is a backpack with the use of plastic and special windows for ventilation.When it’s warm outside, you can replace the mesh on the window-porthole or even leave a simple metal or plastic insert. The main advantage of such a product is that when you carry a cat in such a backpack, you have free hands. This is very important and convenient when flying, traveling long distances, because in addition to the cat, you will have to carry suitcases and bags.

Thanks to the built-in porthole, the cat sees everything that is happening around and is less nervous. There are, of course, weaknesses: when you are on the move, the backpack constantly rocks from side to side.There are pets who get seasick at such moments, they feel very uncomfortable.

How to choose a good backpack

Experts recommend being very careful about choosing a backpack – carrying, because the comfort of the cat depends on it. Pay attention to the material from which the product is made: plastic should not study a sharp unpleasant odor, there should not be sharp corners. In addition, durability and reliability remain a priority. If your choice is fabric, go for a denser and stronger fabric in certain areas.For example, where a cat can chew it: a viewing window, ventilation holes.

Accessories – the second important item when choosing. Rivets, carabiners, zippers must be vandal-proof and reinforced. The main task of this carrier is to keep the cat inside, even if he interferes with it in every possible way. The straps should be well stitched, reinforced so that they cannot break, even if the cat tries with all its might to get out.

The best option is a plastic bottom. If an unpleasant “wet” incident has occurred, such a product is the easiest to wash and clean.An interesting fact in favor of a plastic bottom: cats feel much more confident if they have something hard under their paws, rather than crumpled tissue.

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