Cat nun costume: 50+ Insanely Cute Halloween Costumes For Cats That You’ll Love


50+ Insanely Cute Halloween Costumes For Cats That You’ll Love

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Are you looking for cute Halloween costumes for cats that will make your kitty look beyond adorable? If so, you have to see these ideas!

If you’ve ever wanted to see what your cat would look like as a wizard, a pirate, a nun, a pilot or even Pennywise, now is the perfect chance for you to find out. After all, Halloween is the season where all kind of goofing around is allowed, and that extends to dressing up our pets. 

Although your kitty may not be the most willing participant of these shenanigans, I bet that after you’ve dressed up your feline once, your Halloween will never be the same again.  

In this post, I’ve featured 50+ of my favorite cat costumes that are absolutely hilarious and beyond adorable.

Most of these costumes retail for less than $15, but if you’re on a budget, some of them can be DIYed quite easily as well. 

Now, let’s jump into the costumes!

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The Best Cute Halloween Costumes For Cats:
1. Doctor Cat


Image Via @Fancymeltd


2. Cat Maid


Get the costume on Milanoo


3. Chill Cat


Image Via Pinterest


4. Mario Cat


Image Via Costume Works


5. Lion


Image Via Curbly / Amazon (You can get the costume on Etsy too!)


6. Catbus From Totoro


Image & Tutorial Via Sweet Ipomoea


7. Witch 


Image Via Pinterest


8. Nyan Cat


Get the costume on Etsy


9. Grumpy Witch Cat


Image Via @Marcxxp


10. Pumpkin 


Image Via Pinterest


11. Pirate


Image Via

Amazon / Also available on Etsy


15. Elf


Get the costume on Etsy


16. Purple Hat Witch’s Cat


Get the costume on Etsy


17. Nun


Image Via Instagram / KittyCatter


18. Pennywise


Image Via Instagram / KittyCatter


19. French Baker


Get the costume on Etsy


20. Leprechaun


Get the costume on Etsy


21. Orange Hat


Get the costume on



22. Batman Cat


Image Via @LunaAdventureCat


23. Pope


Image Via Instagram / KittyCatter


24. Little Red Riding Hood 


Get the costume on Etsy


25. Teddy Bear


Get the costume on Etsy


26. Robin Hood


Get the costume on Etsy


26. Batman Cat


Get the costume on Etsy


27. Marshmallow Man


Get the costume on Etsy


Get the costume on

Etsy (Image Via Sara Shields)


28. Dracula


Get the costume on Etsy (Image Via Sandra)


29. Gangster Cat


Get the costume on Pawsmeme


Get the costume on Pawsmeme


30. Fancy French


Get the costume on Etsy


31. Bunny 


Get the costume on Etsy


32. Santa 


Get the costume on Etsy


33. Black Cat / Witch Costume


Get the costume on Amazon


34. Stylish Fashionista


Image Via Chasing Dasies


35. Sailor Moon


Image Via Chasing Dasies


36. Sushi


Image Via @King_George_Cat


37. Toast


Get the costume on Etsy


38. Chef Cat


Get the costume on Etsy


39. Cat In The Hat


Image Via Your Tango / Get the costume on Etsy


40. Bat Cat


Image Via Gringostar2


41. Mario


Image Via Cute Stuff


42. Cat In The Hat


Get the costume on Etsy


43. Wednesday Addams


Get the costume on Etsy


44. Pirate Boy


Get the costume on Etsy


45. Baker Boy 


Get the costume on Etsy


46. Pumpkin Hat


Get the costume on Etsy


47. Witch’s Cat


Get the costume on Etsy


48. Taco 


Get the costume on Etsy


49. Cat Hair Curling Hat


Get the costume on Etsy


50. Wizard


Get the costume on Etsy


51. Unicorn


Get the costume on Etsy


52. Pumpkin Pie


Get the costume on Etsy


53. Aviator / Emilia Earhart


Get the costume on Etsy


Which of these cute Halloween costumes for cats was your favorite? Let me know in the comments if you end up choosing any of these costumes for your furry best friend!


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Handmade Doctor Who Halloween Costumes!

i have always loved halloween. In the past i would dress up every year, always making my own costume.  Now that i have kids i make their costumes almost every year.  Sometimes the costumes are easy to put together and sometimes they really challenge me!  This year both kids wanted to dress up as characters from the BBC show Doctor Who.  My daughter’s first costume choice was a Weeping Angel, and i admit i was a feeling a little stress on how i was going to pull that one off. Thankfully for me, i knew she would change her mind several times before deciding on a final costume choice. 

i was right. She bounced back and forth between a few different ideas before deciding on a Sister of Plenitude (Cat-nun) from the New Earth Episode of Doctor Who.  

This is an image from the episode.  The costume is pretty straightforward. A gray dress/robe, white apron, white gloves, a headscarf and a flying nun’s hat.  The most challenging part of the costume would be the cat nun’s hat. Lucky for me, i found a tutorial for a Sister of Plenitude hat online. You can view it here and  here.
   i had a really hard time following the tutorial, but still managed to come up with something that resembled the hat. 

Here is our finished costume!  i’m super pleased with how well it turned out!!  i need to work on the face paint a bit, but this was just a test run and i didn’t want to use it all up before Halloween.  Her costume was made from a mens xl dress shirt. i cut up and sewed into a dress/robe. The apron was made from Sequoia’s Saruman robe from last year, that was made from a sheet. Lots of recycling and repurposing around here! 

My boy’s costume choice was the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith).  He wanted to go for this look, with the ‘Silence’ eyepatch which is from the Wedding of River Song episode.  He always wanted a fez which isn’t in this episode, but is often associated with this doctor. 

First thing we did for his costume was hit the thrift store. We were able to find a tweed jacket, black skinny jeans and suspenders!  He borrowed the dress shirt from his dad, and already had the Sonic Screwdriver which can be purchased on amazon or at Hot Topic.

 Next we needed a faz!  although they can be purchased online, i knew it was something i could easily make. i found the burgundy-red felt at Joanne’s craft store, and lined it with stablizer. i did a quick search online for a ‘how to make a  Fez’ tutorial and found this one which included a pattern. The first one i made was too small for my son so i gave it to my daughter. i made another just a little bit bigger, and it was perfect for my boy.
i’m pretty excited about the costumes this year (total Doctor Who nerd  🙂 )! i really think they turned out great and the kids love them! i’m just hoping it’s not so cold that they have to totally bundle up to go trick or treating.  🙂

Sexy cat, sexy nurse, sexy angel, sexy nun: Must be Halloween — The

I remember my first encounter with a “Hoochie” Halloween costume. I had just started high school after being home schooled, yes HOME SCHOOLED, for five years, and I was hanging out with my girlfriend Sara after school discussing what to be for Halloween. “Last year I was a devil,” she said. “Want to see what I wore?” She went to the closet and pulled out four items: a black pair of heels, lacy booty shorts, a red corset, and devil’s horns. “Oh? What else did you wear?” I asked. “Nothing.” She said with a mischievous smile.

My jaw dropped. How out of the loop could I have been? The past four years I was busy being an innocent glitter-throwing fairy, a costume made by my crafty mother.  As a shy fifteen year old it had never occurred to me to be sexy. What was it and what did it mean?

It’s seems as though Halloween has become a time for girls to cast aside their inhibitions and dress in revealing and provocative costumes. There is of course a fine line between sexy and trashy, but girls everywhere should not be fearful of expressing their sexual sides.

Ladies, I know how it is. Everyday we are faced with struggles that undermine our sexuality. Other girls and guys say and do hurtful things that bring us down. In addition, our own insecurities almost always get in the way of our own self-confidence.

It’s reassuring that when Halloween comes around each year it becomes ok to acknowledge our sexuality and say, “Well this is kind of revealing, but it’s Halloween. Everyone dresses up like this.” The question then becomes, why do we need a reason to feel sexy only once a year? Shouldn’t it be possible to be comfortable in our own skin everyday?

Looking back, what I admired most about Sara was her confidence. It reminded me of the celebrities I saw on TV, who seemed to be perfect. Girls everywhere from the Playboy Mansion to my small hometown were embracing their thigh-high fishnets and stiletto heels. But I couldn’t help but wonder is it lingerie or is it a costume? Are you trashy or confident?

Either way it really is just a matter of personal preference.  Do whatever makes you feel confident, sexy, safe, and happy. After all, Halloween is about having a good time. As for me, this year I hung up my fairy wings in favor of a pair of devils’ horns and just a touch of glitter.

20 DIY Dog Costumes & Cat Costumes for Halloween

Fluttering Fairy or Butterfly

Last-Minute Lion’s Mane

Groovy Rasta

Court Jester

French Chef

Ready for Business

Black Bat

Little Bo Peep and Her Sheep

For HGTV fan Sara Alavi, dressing her girls up in Halloween costumes is a tradition. She chooses a new look each year based on pop culture trends or her pups’ personalities. For this look, she was inspired by Jelly Bean, initially a timid rescue, who followed Sara’s older pup, Darci, around like a lost little sheep. To create Darci’s Little Bo Peep costume, Sara stitched up the dress herself then topped it off with a curly blonde dog wig (yes, there’s such a thing) she bought online. Sara also crafted Jelly Bean’s sheep costume using faux fur for the body and hood and pink felt for the interior of the ears. Velcro strips added to each costume ensure easy on and off should either pup become overheated.

Pretty as a Posy

Sea-Worthy Celeb-U-Pup

Not only is Eli the Chihuahua a ship-shape sailor, he’s also a canine celebrity who starred in the reality series Doggie Moms on NYC life. His mom and HGTV fan, Karen Biehl, capped off Eli’s sailor costume by adding star stickers, a bit of white ribbon and a thin elastic band to a paper ice cream cup to craft his diminutive sailor’s hat.

Low-Sew Pinata Pup

Little Ladybug

Pooches From Far, Far Away

Leather shoelaces and a bit of brown felt are all HGTV fan samiam405 needed to dress her two pups up like the furry Ewoks of Star Wars fame. Cutting holes to accommodate their ears ensures her furkids are comfortable.

Royal Wedding Attendees

The fashion-forward hats sported by Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding weren’t just a hit in royal circles, they also made quite an impression on HGTV fan Sara Alavi who began work on her pups’ elaborate Halloween costumes soon after the royal wedding. To construct Princess Eugenie’s blue hat, Sara used craft foam sheets secured with hot glue. Stretch cording keeps the hat comfortably on pup Darci’s head while wispy white feathers and a purple rosette complete the look. For Princess Beatrice’s fascinator, the trick was finding a flexible material that’s also lightweight enough for pup Jelly Bean’s small size. Sara used pipe cleaners, covered by a stitched tube of gold fabric, to replicate the twisting ribbon shape. An elastic band wasn’t strong enough to prevent shifting so Sara stitched the ribbon to a fabric-covered disk that’s sewn directly onto a blonde dog wig.

Arrgh, Me Kitties

Dressing your cat for Halloween is a rite attempted by only the bravest of pet owners — but, if your cat is willing, take a cue from HGTV fan Queen1Cat and turn your landlocked kitty into a seafaring rogue with a custom-stitched puffy shirt and felt pirate’s hat. Just be sure to sleep with one eye open for a while.

King of the Beasts

A Great Dane is sure to turn heads any day — but add a furry lion’s mane and tail and you can literally stop traffic. HGTV fan FriscoChick put her sewing skills to work to stitch up a thick, faux fur mane to slide over her pup’s head. A soft, fabric covered band over his nose attaches to the inside of the mane to prevent it from shifting.

A Pack of Pugs

Many owners of pugs will tell you: You can’t stop at just one. Clearly, HGTV fan bratlaw feels the more pugs, the merrier. She outfitted her 5 pups to resemble a favorite candy that’s also better by the bunch. To make the costumes, she sewed colorful fabric remnants, filled with a thin foam circle, into round pillows that she then embellished with iron-on letters. A small fabric loop that attaches to their collars plus a wide strap that velcros under each pup’s middle keep the pillows from shifting.

Count Kittula

HGTV fan Debbie Richmond is one of those souls brave enough to dress her cats for Halloween. To ensure the Halloween costume doesn’t cause them to overheat, she chooses lightweight fabrics, like this nylon cape, that can easily be removed.

Headless Horseman

Trick-or-treaters will definitely do a double-take of this clever Halloween costume that uses toddler-size clothing on a well-crafted body to resemble the Headless Horseman and his horse, Daredevil. HGTV fan newfy1_5226167 is the creative genius behind this amazing pet costume that actually weighs in at less than 5 pounds total and even includes a custom-stitched saddle and bridle to accurately recreate the look.

Cute as a Bug

Get the step-by-step instructions >>: Pet Halloween Costume: Little Ladybug

Nun Habit – AbracadabraNYC

$ 14. 95

A nun habit great for your DIY nun costume, naughty or not!

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