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Casual Hijab Outfits – 32 Best Ways to Wear Hijab Casually

Casual outfits in summers are bound to have jeans and a light half-sleeved tee as a part of them. This combination of a blue tee-shirt over blue jeans over strappy summer sandals and a cute brown crossbody bag makes a pretty great summer outfit. The jewelry adds to the look, so don’t forget to wear a nice necklace with a tribal bracelet and rings. The choice of hijabs to go with this outfit are uncountable. You can go with the same blue theme and wear a blue hijab with the outfit or try something more unique like mustard or deep red hijab to go with the outfit. Either way, your casual summer outfit is sure to look phenomenal.

Plain jeans are the most commonly worn garment in casual styles, but printed pants can be classy on their own too. Wear a checkered printed pant with basic tee-shirt and a completely different color of hijab for a unique and trendy casual outfit style.

Ever since childhood, all grown up ladies have admired the feminity of the color pink. It is basically meant for women, and white has always been the best color companion to go with it. A pink silk blouse o’er white pants and white sneakers make a great casual street style outfit.

Teenagers are equally finicky about their outfit styles adults are and why shouldn’t they be. Where denim remains to be the first choice of teenagers for lowers, wearing different shades of jeans can often provide with unique styles. This teenager, styled in grey jeans with a white basic and peach check shirt, makes a wonderful casual outfit look for teenagers. Her hijab makes it even better.

A solid black outfit topped with an oversized grey cardigan makes one of the many amazing casual outfits look. The pastel-colored mauve-y brown hijab makes the outfit all the more exciting.

For the hijabis that are fitness enthusiasts, running is a part of their regular regime. While running is very important for the health, looking fabulous while running is also equally important, I suppose. This casual jogger pants and matching upper with a hijab makes the best casual look for running.  Pullover the hoody get in your running shoes and off you go, perfectly styled. What do you think?


↓ 23 – Sundress For A Casual Day Out

Sundresses make the perfect casual outfits for outdoorsy days and beaches especially. Sundresses also look great with the hijab as they have a style that is pretty close to that of an abaya. Hijabis often choose sundresses for their outfits, and it seems like a nice choice. Here are the Latest Abaya Styles for A Stylish Look.


↓ 22 – Casual Denim Jacket and Jeans Girl

For those of you beautiful hijabis who love to go extra casual with their outfits, this denim and fleece jacket over jeans is the best pick. Jeans obviously have the victory in casual fashion; when paired with a plain white tee, denim jacket and, a hijab this turns out to be the casual outfit of the year.


↓ 21 – Hipster Outfit With Hijab

For those who are inclined towards fashion immensely, this is the perfect hipster look to go with a hijab. Leather pants with a grey cardigan and black boots make this casual look stand out from the rest.


↓ 20 – Casual Winter Outfit

Winter fashion is kind of incomplete without a nice pair of boots and a comfortable pullover. Style your favorite casual winter looks around similar ideas. Do not miss out on the cat-eye shades and the cool college backpack. Go on with replacing the beanie with a grey hijab and flaunt the perfect casual winter look.


↓ 19 – Traveller’s Hijab Outfit

Many of our beautiful hijabis are travel junkies. While it is mostly advised to travel light, for the fashionista hijabis, the rules are reversed. Packing nice and trendy outfits with hijabs for a perfect vacation is not that difficult. See this style, for instance, where white boot-cut pants, a trendy yellow top, plain black hijab, and a traveler’s backpack bring forward the perfect hijabi traveler look.


↓ 18 – Stylish High Waist Belt Outfit

This is a must-try. Select a plain silk scarf with a long light and dark color maxi and add up a high waist belt with the dress. The ends of the hijab have been left hanging back over the shoulders, and it has been wrapped in a way to create a pointed edge at the top, this is what defines the Turkish hijab style, and it looks great with casual outfits. For more ideas, check out Different Ways to Wear Turkish Style Abaya.

↓ 17  – Elegant Hijabi Girl

For this look, you need a nice jumper in pastel shades and wear it with any light-colored printed Hijab. Look more trendy by adding heels, and you are ready for your office. You can see how plain outfits work exceptionally well with printed hijabs and vice versa.


↓ 16 – Cool Pastel Color Hijab Outfit

Here’s another example of a simple and plain outfit that has been given a very elegant look just by adding a floral printed hijab. Routine and casual dresses need not be designed very carefully. A floral printed Hijab and a little bit make up will make you look beautiful at the workplace or college.


↓ 15 – Smart Winter Hijab outfit

Just wear your jeans with a long coat, get a trendy, fashionable handbag along with any bright or pastel color Hijab, and you are effortlessly looking smart. Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Blazers would also look great with hijab in winters so have a look at 20 ways to wear blazers in different styles.


↓ 14 – Cozy Winter with Shawl On

Stay cozy with a cowboy shawl and a matching color scarf with warm clothes this winter. A very minimalist but good-looking outfit.


↓ 13 – Autumn Outfit Idea

Palazzos are every girl’s love. A polka dot shirt, with a cardigan and a statement clutch, is your pick for this fall. Add a black color hijab and look fabulous. Palazzos are an especially great choice for curvy women or those who have heavier thighs. This is because they have a slimming effect on your legs and also make them appear longer. The best solution to looking chubby would be if you could get your hands on a vertically striped palazzo pants.


↓ 12 – Cool Girl Look for School

Grab your routine western dress, i.e., pants a dress shirt, pair it up with mustard or yellow color cardigan or gown and add a nude headscarf. Heels would work wonders with this look. This is great for all school-going girls, also have a look at modest hijab sports outfits combinations so you can wear a cool sporty look to the school.


↓ 11 – Play Around With Solid Colors

Don’t go in a hassle, wear a simple solid color trendy dress with Hijab, and add some bold accessories.


↓ 10- Animal Print and Denim

One can wear denim along with an animal print scarf and cover your head with a dark color scarf. This style is quite modest and easy to catch.

↓ 9 – Lace Hijab Eastern Look

Pakistani fashion is admirable everywhere. Add a studded or printed head cap with a floral lace scarf with your casual outfit to look cuter.


↓ 8 – Trendy Gown outfit

You need not be conventional while wearing Hijab. A printed front open gown with black Hijab over tapered or even flared pants and a black top will make you look stylish and trendy.


↓ 7 – College Girl Outfit

A brown color dress with the same color Hijab, bright-colored undershirt, and stylish shades, will make heads turn in a crowd. You can also get tips from this outfit on how to transform a sleeveless dress that you like into a  really modest one. Simply wear it over a full-sleeved t-shirt, and you’re all set to go.


↓ 6 – 21st-century Hijabi girl

Wear black white stripes top with a long solid skirt and wear Hijab with some style, here you are 21st-century modern Hijabi girl.

↓ 5 – Stylish Hijabi Girl look

Just wear your dress with an unconventional style, e.g., coat over shoulders, add some trendy handbag and a casually wrapped scarf will make you look very stylish.


↓ 4 – Modern Hijabi girl

Who says you can’t look stylish in Hijab. A casual dress with a light color Hijab and a flared hat, and you are ready for your day.


↓ 3 – Diva Style outfit

A white dress with a red scarf along with red lipstick, here you get this simple and easy Diva to look in Hijab. Don’t forget to add heels with your dress. For more scarf ideas to wear with this look, check out 24 modest ways to wear hijab with skirts.


↓ 2 – Simple Abaya look

If you are an Abaya girl, just keep experimenting with your scarves, and statement jewelry can also do wonders with your simple and elegant look. A solid black abaya is never out of fashion, and the best part is that it works for both casual and formal events. Wear a flowy full black abaya to everyday errands or a party and look fabulous.


↓ 1 – Trendsetter look

A flared trendy gown, with jeans and pumps along with some trendy jewelry and your confidence, can make you the trendsetter.


These were all the different ways to style casual outfits with hijabs for stunning day to day looks.

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Hijab Dress

Whether in daily use or on special occasions, hijab dresses are known as important items that women who prefer conservative clothing must have in their wardrobes. Hijab dress models allow you to have a feminine and stylish look with their nice and aesthetic designs. Appreciated for its beautiful hijab dress variations, Sefamerve offers budget friendly hijab dress prices in this collections.

Summer Hijab Dress Models

One of the first pieces that come to mind when it comes to summer outfits, the summer hijab dress allows you to create a refreshing and comfy outfit with different designs. Summer hijab clothing items designed using non-sweating fabrics models allow you to keep up with the liveliness of summer with their vibrant colors. If you are looking for a comfortable, floaty, wide cut and stylish dress to wear in summer, you can check out the summer dresses from the Sefamerve hijab dress collection and make your choice according to your style. Supported with thin belts, summer hijab dress models and prices help you keep looking stylish without straining your budget.

Summer Hijab Dress Models

Wearing hijab dresses is very popular all four seasons. That is why hijab dresses are now produced in varieties suitable for every season. It can be quite difficult to find both thick and comfortable hijab dress models, especially in winter when it`s cold. Sefamerve`s winter hijab dress collection offers you the opportunity to renew your winter wardrobe by being presented to you in warm tones and attractive designs. Winter hijab dress models in gray, powder, stone, brown and mink, save the women from the trouble of deciding what should I wear? Produced for season transitions exclusively, spring hijab dress is a life saving item for events and organisation as much as the daily life. It`s only a matter of time before you make your dress, which you can pair with a ready to wear turban or a colorful shawl, more glamorous. With these dress models, which are mainly made of wool and thick cotton fabrics, it is possible to look elegant regardless of weather conditions.

When Choosing a Hijab Dress…

There are, of course, some tricks to know when choosing hijab dresses. One of them, and perhaps the most important one, is the fabric of the hijab dress. Found in the market with options made of different fabrics such as viscone, silk, satin, wool and cotton, hijab dresses may give you different looks if you consider the fabric types when creating your outfit. For example, if you have a thin body structure, you can choose a silk or satin hijab dress, and if you are looking for a dress to cover your extra pounds, you can choose viscose, which is a more flexible fabric. Another important point to consider when you`re buying hijab dresses is the seams of the hijab dress. Thanks to Sefamerve`s quality seams, the hijab dresses you buy will serve you for many years, do not have any faulty areas and will allow you to create quality outfits. Again, when choosing a hijab dress, you should make sure that the dress does not reveal your body lines too much, ensure that it is long enough not to make you look short and that it doesn`t make you sweat or feel to tight.

Hijab Dress Prices

Hijab dress is an aesthetic clothing item that should be in every women`s wardrobe whether they are young or old. So, it is possible to see many hijab dress models and designs in this context. In addition, hijab dresses are appreciated with their wide size ranges, which are also appealing to plus size wearers. Thanks to Sefamerve`s hijab dress collection, it is now very easy for women of all sizes, styles and tastes to find a product that suits them. The prices of the hijab dresses you will see here will not strain your budget and are offered to you in ranges that you can easily afford. You can view all the hijab dress models here whenever you want, and complete your wardrobe or renew your dress collection from top to bottom. Hijab dress models that you can buy without straining your pocket, come to your door with just one click thanks to Sefamerve. All you have to do is to show off your stylish and aesthetic style wherever and whenever you want! If you want to take a look at hijab evening clothes, you can visit this page.

Hijab office Wear – 20 Ideas to Wear Hijab at Work Elegantly

Formal Office Wear For Muslimah- Are you an office going lady who is looking for some hijab office look ideas? If you are a true lover of the hijab and want to carry it well with the professional look, then this post is for you.

There are several ways on how the hijab can be styled. There is a variety in hijab looks — for example, Turkish hijab look, wedding hijab look, casual hijab look, etc. Hijab is famous around the world and not just in Muslim countries. Hijab styling can be done according to personal choice and preference. Office going ladies can style the hijab by wearing it very neatly with a cap on the head (under the hijab) to avoid the scarf from slipping off their head all day long. The beauty of the veil can be multiplied by wearing brooches or clips on the top, but since an office going lady has to carry a professional look, therefore, she should preferably avoid over-accessorizing. Instead, a light tone hijab with the dress would be more appropriate and can give a very graceful look.

In recent years, we saw many hijabi girls make breakthroughs in all fields of life. Whether it was in the business sector or on the ramp, or even in sports, Muslim women have proven time and again that their hijabs will not stop them from moving forward. So you, too, should never be confused about how to wear your hijab for work since there are thousands of ways to look great every day in your veil while being appropriately dressed for work.

Turkish style is one of the most famous office’s hijab style. It is very tidy and neat. Selecting the best hijab style will also help you climb the ladder to success. You need to look classy and elegant at your workplace to keep up with the competition. Here a few tips for you!

  • While you start practicing different styles, make sure you go for the one that suits your face shape.
  • Don’t wear a hijab that is too fancy or embellished.
  • Don’t use extremely large broaches. Try using a small broach or bin.
  • If you don’t know what hijab to wear with a particular outfit, then blindly go with neutrals. They will never disappoint you.
  • To be stylish, you do not have to buy branded outfits or hijabs. You should know how to carry whatever you wear.
  • Shop smartly. Go for neutral colors for the veil as it will give a very professional look rather than going for a dark one.
  • You can wear accessories or carry cute, coordinating handbags.
  • Pay attention to your complete look that includes your makeup, purse, jewelry, and footwear. Do not miss out on anything. Your appearance can win people’s hearts. If you are well presentable, you will surely get more and better opportunities at work.

Here are some images for the Muslimah corporate look and video tutorials on how to wear a hijab for office.  You will get more than enough ideas about the hijab office attire styling by the end of this post. Do make sure that you try different looks and then go for the best of all.

You’ll find below 20 amazing looks to carry for work, and these modest outfits are sure to make you the star at work. Undoubtedly, when you look good, you feel good, and you perform even better. So we’re sure these outfits will help you look even more beautiful and perform at your very best.

↓ How To Choose Ideal Hijab Style For Office Wear

The office is a place that you go to 5-6 days a week and spend 9-12 hours there every day. So it’s imperative to dress up in a way that’s not just stylish but comfortable as well.

Here we have listed a few points for you based on which you should pick your hijab for an enchanting appearance.

Face Shape

  • If you have an Oval Shaped face, then wear your hijab higher up on the forehead.
  • Round Shaped Face people should prefer wearing a little bit loose hijab around their cheeks
  • Square Face Shaped people should wrap the hijab a bit higher up as their forehead is shorter.

↓ Best Hijab  For Office Wear

Women like to wear hijab as it adds grace to their personality, but choosing the right hijab style is very important. Choosing the best way to style your hijab is essential. If you want to boost your image and personality, then try different hijab looks on alternate days. A variety of hijabs and scarfs are available. You can get hijabs in stitched form as well, and for rest you can buy the pure material. You need to look modest yet professional when you go to the office. You need to consider the perfect colour coordination and a good style of hijab when choosing the outfit. We have some options for you that might help you. Some of are various factors based on which you should select your hijab fabric.

  • Season
  • Special Meetings
  • Seminars/Presentation day
  • Office lunch/dinner

↓ 20 – Elegant Boss Style

Whether you are the CEO, Supervisor, Manager, or Subordinate, you all are bosses in your own capacity. So, you must dress and act like a boss lady. For a great week’s start, on Monday, wear a captivating outfit that compromises of black flared pants.

Along with this, a neutral blazer and vinyl heels will be a great choice. For a decent look, we recommend you wear a hijab that is one shade lighter than your blazer and finish off the look with a simple handbag. Have a blessed Monday, boss lady!

Shop Similar Items Below

Bright Vinyl Heels (25) $32.00

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Dojo Flare Jeans 7 FOR ALL MANKIND

Essential Silk Hijab – Pearl Dust $65USD

↓ 19 – Floral Outfits With Hijab

Florals are the girl’s favorite. Isn’t it so? They fit in every season and situation. The vibrant floral prints of summer are eye-catching, but aesthetic prints in autumn have the hearts of many of us as well. A light beige floral dress looks beguiling when combined with knee-high boots in brown. A chiffon beige hijab and bracelet leather crossbody bag complete this look in a way that no other accessories can.

Shop Similar Items Below


Small Nile Bracelet Leather Crossbody Bag CHLOÉ PricePKR 286394.16

Hilton Knee High Boot SAM EDELMAN Original PricePKR 38120.93


↓ 18 – Checkered Blazer With Hijab For Office

Ladies, hurry up and grab these aesthetically pleasing Gemini pants and Caldwell blazer before they are gone and you are left with nothing but regret. The checkered print, the black and white contrast is something that you can wear in every season.

It’s an imposing outfit that you can wear to business meetings. You can go with either a black or white top with this suit. Don’t let your outfit look boring and add a pop of colors with the help of a colorful hijab and a vibrant pink envelope-shaped purse. Well, wait! Where are your shades, Ma’am?

Shop Similar Items Below

Envelope Sleeve USD 250

Chevron Chic Hijab $20USD

Veronica Beard ADD TO HEARTS Gemini Pants $425

Veronica Beard ADD TO HEARTS Caldwell Blazer $650 retail

↓ 17 – Tucked In Tops

Is it your first day at the office after graduating? Young, passionate, and enthusiastic you are, we assume. So all young girls, dress up stylishly and smartly and start your new journey by boosting your own spirits. Outfit trends recommends that you wear something like a long neck full sleeve satin top with wide-leg pants. A hijab is a better option than dupatta or stole, so go for it. Pumps or heels are going to be an excellent pick for your first day to the office.

Shop Similar Items Below

Essential Silk Hijab – Vintage Gold $65USD

Jeans flare Wideleg REF. 53020884-WIDE LEG-LMCurrent price$59.99

ASOS DESIGN long sleeve high neck satin top with shoulder detail $18.00

↓ 16 – Hijab Outfits With Jeans

Jeans are an everyday staple and require minimal effort. Wear it with any top, be it short Kurti or a shift dress, and maintain your style. For office wear, you need to step out of college-style that is sneakers and joggers and wear Footwear that looks formal. Put on your hijab and grab your bag. You are ready to go.

Shop Similar Items Below

Silk hijab 65$

Madison Heeled Sandals $69. 90 $69.90

V-neck Tunic $29.99

BDG High-Waisted Cropped Kick Flare Jean – Light Wash $29.99

Here is another elegantly chic look that you can create with jeans.

Shop Similar Items Below

Translucent Open Toe Block Heels

Longline Trench Coat (8) $34.99

Pearl-Embellished Ankle Jeans (2) $32.00

Dream In Silk With Our New Silk Hijab 65$

↓  15 – Shrugs, Kimonos, And Overcoats

Now you need not worry about what to wear to the office or how to wear your cropped shirts without looking too bold. Get yourself some shrugs and kimonos and wear them to your office modestly. These pieces help you create unique outfits and cover your body as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself this printed turtle neck top and tuck it in high white waist wants and throw over a white kimono. Plus don’t forget your vintage gold hijab and white pumps.,

Shop Similar Items Below

Melania Regular Price $90 Sale Price $29. 98 $90

Slinky Midi Kimono 16$

Modal Turtleneck Top $9.99

Essential Silk Hijab – Vintage Gold $65USD

↓ 14 – Black Outfit With Hijab For Work

Black is a color that every girl needs to have in her wardrobe. When you have days when you can’t decide what to wear to the office, just take out your black outfit and pick any hijab. You can wear almost any colored scarf with a black dress and rock your look. Avoid wearing a black hijab with a black outfit though as it creates a very monochrome or rather a very boring look.

↓ 13 – All-Time Favourite Hijab Color

Ladies, don’t ever forget to have neutral-colored hijabs in your wardrobe. They are a must in every girl’s wardrobe. When you can’t think of a matching or contrasting shade, then neutrals will play the game safe for you.

Shop Similar Silk Hijab Below

Essential Silk Hijab – Pearl Dust $65USD

↓ 12 – Hijab With Embroidered Abaya For Office Lunch/Dinner

For formal business meetings, choose outfits with simple but elegant embroidery. You can go for embroidered shirts or abayas. Have a look at these 18 Fancy Abaya Designs & Ideas On How to Wear Abaya Fashionably.



↓ 11 – Simple And Elegant Work Wear For Hijabi Girls

Straight pants and shirts make the most straightforward and most elegant outfits for work, and they can be paired with almost any colour or style of hijab. The color of the veil can be kept a tone darker than your pants for a glowy look on your face.


↓ 10 – Floral Spring Time Work Outfit For Hijabis

Spring is the best time to wear floral outfits, so pair your printed floral maxis or abayas with plain solid colored hijabs, and you’ll fall in love with the fresh looks that can be created with these combinations.


↓ 9 – What To Wear When Travelling For Work

If you’re planning to travel for work, then stripes will be your best friend. They are stylish, trendy, and you can always find a modest outfit in striped prints. However, always make sure to wear only one clothing item in stripes, and the rest should be kept simple. You can also have a look at these cute Outfits with Striped Shirts-10 Ways to Wear Striped Shirts



↓ 8 – Grey Hijab Outfit For Work

Grey is an excellent color for work because of the professional and decent vibes that it gives off. So for your next meeting, try pairing together different shades of grey color for a timelessly elegant outfit.


↓ 7 – Corporate Attire For Hijabis

Have a look at this fantastic corporate attire and try it someday for your office as well.

↓ 6 – Casual Hijab With Abaya Office Wear Style

↓ 5 – Islamic Corporate Wear

↓ 4 – Business Abaya Wear

Step By Step Video Tutorial For Beginners – How To Wear Hijab For Work

↓ 3 – Business Wear In Long Coat

Long coats are not just extremely comfortable to wear on cold days but they are also incredibly classy, making them appropriate for work.

↓ 2 – Hijab And Blazer Combination

Blazer is one of the most official items of clothing that you can add to your attire. Black, navy blue, powder pink, nude, and white are the top colors that you should have in your closet. And if you like bold colors, then we highly recommend investing in a red blazer this year. You should also have a look at these Best Hijab Styles for Short Height Girls to Look Tall.


↓ 1 – Printed Hijab With Abaya For Winters

Winter outfits can be annoyingly uncomfortable, so add a touch of color in them through a sweet and funky printed hijab.

↓ Best Brands To Shop Hijab/Scarves From

Finding the best and most reliable places for online shopping is one of the hardest things these days where there are replicas of almost everything. We have collected some genuine brands for you that will provide you authentic pieces.

Long Dress Casual Muslimah

Pair casual tunics with your favorite denim and wear our professional blouses to the office.

Long dress casual muslimah.

ZANZEA Muslimah Women Muslim Plain Solid Basic Long Sleeve O-Neck Kaftan Maxi Dress.
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Up to 10 cash back Casual Dresses.
May 29 2019 – Chic Black Long Modest Muslim Midi Tunic Dress.
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Muslim Maxi DressIslamic Arab Caftan Robe Trumpet Sleeve Elegant Casual Soild Long Dresses.

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In fact Islamic clothing for women can be just about any kind of modest dress which becomes Islamic attire when it covers the body according to Islamic clothing guidelines and rules of modesty.
Mengenai baju casual tidak terlalu banyak yang menyerupai jenis long dress ini.

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Islamic clothing for women can be something as simple as a long caftan dress a long tunic top a jelbab or a long button down shirt with an ankle length long skirt and a headscarf also called a hijab in Arabic.
Long and modest loose tops are a Muslimah must-have.
Long backless dresses for women bandeau under dress beach maternity bohemian toddlers bow evening pink fishtail flare bell sleeve cocktail baby girl irregular sequin mermaid ted mini cute one shoulder halloween party womens summer with pockets princess girls cheetah print ruffle sleeveless sunflower sling satin snake pakistani stitched striped sweet neck t shirt stripe bridesmaid high low.

Abdul Nasir Jangda – Pursuit Of Knowledge 04 • Muslim Central

Disclaimer: Transcripts are auto-generated and thus will be be inaccurate. We rely on volunters to edit.
No part of this transcript may be copied or referenced or transmitted in any way whatsoever.



You’re listening to polam Institute podcast, visit us on the web at Palm And join us
on [email protected] slash Gollum Institute smilla Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa and he was
he admiring Santa Monica, Morocco warahmatullahi wabarakatuh



shala, continuing with our sessions on AWS and the etiquette of seeking knowledge, the next thing I
wanted to address and talk about very briefly before we move on to the bulk of what we’ll be
discussing today.



And this might again seem unnecessary. This might seem assumed like obvious, it might seem very,
very obvious.



And especially for those of you who are a little bit older, those of you who have worked
professionally, but nevertheless, it is important to still mention simply because of the unfortunate
culture that revolves around religious activity, religious knowledge, religious places of worship,
and that is dress and appearance. That part of the etiquette of for the student of knowledge is the
appearance, how a student of knowledge presents him or herself. It’s extremely important. And
there’s a lot of professionalism that’s required in terms of that. And this is something that goes
all the way back to, you know, I can give you even less power to Allah in the Quran. When he Basu



takua Delica faith, Allah subhanho wa Taala actually makes mention of how people dress and who
luzina Takuma in the cul de Masjid. Right that take your beauty near them massage near near each and
every single place of worship. And that has many, many different meanings. But one of the meanings
of that is also to make sure that you are very presentable. It’s from the Sunnah of the Prophet
alayhi salaatu wa Salaam that whenever he approached worship, whenever you approach a Baba and
religious activity, like we have working clothes, you have clothes that you specifically only wear
to work, the profits, a lot of busted clothes. And when you would actually come there’s a there’s a



whole chapter in the sun, another Buddhahood in the sun in the sun, and every bit of abida would
bubble et Mammon Levy, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be Salah, the chapter about the care and
consideration and the preparation that the process that I would have for the prayer. And part of
that what some of those ahaadeeth actually mentioned that when you would come home, just like when
you get back from work, when you get back from the office, you take off your clothes, and you put on
your home clothes, because you’re going to be sitting around and eating and sleeping and things like
that, and you don’t want to mess up your clothes. So the profits a lot of a sudden when you would



come from the machine, you would take off and hang up his clothes and he would have home clothes.
And when the van would be called or the time of the van would come. He would prepare for the slot
put on his magic clothes and then go to the prayer. Even though that the distance between the house
of the profits allowed him in the masjid was this.



The other side was his house decide was a mustard It was a door.



But there were that was still the care and consideration that he offered. So seeking of knowledge
and also an act of very bad and you should be given that same due respect. First of all, the prophet
alayhi salatu salam saw a man who had the means to be dressing a little bit more,



if you will, respectfully like to be dressed a little bit more appropriately, but the man was
wearing tattered dirty clothes, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reprimanded him and told
him in a lie you hibou a year I thought on the matter here Allah,



Allah subhanaw taala loves to see the sign to see the semblance of his blessings upon his slave,
meaning dress appropriately, in alborada. Terminal Eman simplicity is from him on simplicity. So no
extravagance Absolutely not. But nevertheless to be appropriate to be cleaned, to be presentable, to
be professional. So that is straight from the context of Quran and Hadith sooner. But I wanted to
present to you also what the scholars of the past would say about this issue. And this, this topic
of when you throw him a hula, he used to tell his students of the moon



of the moon, I’m not even joking. It was part of the culture and the tradition also is from the son
of the prophets, a lot of them as well. But it was a predominant dress of that time that they would
wear imama they would wear turbans, that’s the closest translation we have in English, they would
rather they would tie the cloth on their head like turban what we know as a turban today, so they
would wear that. But there was a little bit of a distinction in terms of how you wear your turban
that the lower lower class people are more uneducated people more unsophisticated people in society
would typically wear like a smaller turban would just have like a little piece of cloth wrapped



around their head and people have educated



And nobility and dignity and honor and leadership would typically wear bigger turbans. Abu hanifa
Rahim Allah used to tell students to wear big turbans



are the more I’m not you, Michael? Well, what’s the economical?



I’ll come refers to sleeve. So again, in the culture of that time in the traditional cultural dress
of that time, big sleeves, was something that was, was part of usually the dress code again, of
leadership, more educated, more sophisticated type people, no normal, dignified people in society,
they would, they would often when they got their clothes tailored, they would have big sleeves made.
And so behind him, Allah told his students as students of knowledge, as to lab and even allameh of
the future scholars of the future, he would tell them what to economical, make sure your sleeves are
very broad and very wide like big sleeves, big turbans, big sleeves, and he explains why not to be



vain, not to be superficial, not not to conform, for the sake of confirming, conforming but rather
he said, Well, you know, my father Danica, the Allah is Allah Allah.



He rather said this and he gave this instruction so that the people the knowledge itself, and the
people of knowledge, would not be demeaned would not be degraded, would not be looked down upon. So
people of knowledge were told to conduct by their teachers. Mr. Malik Rahim, Allah at his time, the
you know, typically how do we wear a turban how men wear a turban, you’ve probably seen that it has
like a tail, it has like a piece of cloth that hangs out the back. So that tail of the turban again,
people have leadership and people of education, nobility and dignity would have longer tails to
determine, say my mother, grandma likes to tell students make sure the tail of your turban as long



have a very be very presentable, be very dignified in your presence.



Other are the more Mr. McComb was co economical.



And so he used to tell them that be very dignified in the way you present yourself. Because that
directly will reflect in and the people of you are representative. Now, you officially represent
that. And so I know that in the dress code, they’ve talked to you about it being a professional
building in a corporate setting. And so they expect you to dress professionally. But that definitely
needs to be taken into consideration. But I’m talking about even a more broader level I’m talking
about even when you go to the masjid then



even when you go to the masjid, I don’t want to see anybody showing up even to the masjid, in like
torn sweats and a torn up jersey, because you’re representative at that point. So you need to be
extremely presentable. Because you represent something, you represent this item, you represent this
knowledge and you represent where you’re getting their end from as well. So it’s very, very
important. So that was real quickly, I wanted to talk about that very briefly about being
presentable and how it’s an overall embodiment of your admin, who you are and what you’re



The next thing I wanted to dedicate the majority of the time today



talking about



and that was the relationship with the teacher.



Um, first of all start off at the very, at the very top, if you will, like I’ll start off very like



aim is something sacred. And I think you all understand that.



The knowledge of the Quran the knowledge of the life of the messenger Salaam, simply something
absolutely sacred, and I think you understand that. But understand that we also have a principle
within our Deen that anything that is a means anything that is a will sila, anything that is a means
to achieving something to accomplishing something good. Also, by virtue of that becomes something
that is also sacred, something that is also respected, will do will do is not just a means to the
prayer will do is an act of about itself by virtue of being a means to the prayer.



That’s very important that we understand that. So everything that is a channel that is a means of
you reaching this element, this knowledge that you come here for, it automatically deserves the same
amount of respect and consideration that the knowledge itself deserves from you.



So talking at a very broad level, and then I’ll get to the root the most important part of it. The
pen that you write with deserves your respect.



Students of knowledge will not throw their pens. They wouldn’t they thought it to be a tool and
Allah tala a tool of seeking knowledge,



notebooks and pens, and they could have that they would have even so much so that from the other end
we’ve even been taught how to stack our books on top of each other.



The books of the sciences such as fear canoe school and things like that, they are the first books
that are put on the board books of even basic tools. I got like



I’ll be in southern Ohio, there on the bottom, then the books of the sciences like Filipinos who
then come to books of the sinner books of Hadith. And then the Quran is put on the very top, we were
even taught this type of other.



And if this is very extreme levels of other Dhamma tell you about, and even though that might not be
expected of us, but I would just want you to understand the aura, the over respect that revolves
around the element other than everything that’s associated with the area. And there are classical
scholars, if you ever see a classical text, a classical manual, it used to be handwritten



wouldn’t when our teachers would teach us classical texts, even though there’s like computerized
prints of everything, they were very, it was still part of their tradition, they would make a study
from the handwritten manuscripts that are photocopied. And so when you look in those handwritten
manuscripts, and I’ll maybe I’ll even bring one in so that you can take a look at it, they would
have how ashy, they would have footnotes, what we consider footnotes, except they’re all around the
border notes. And what basically happens is just like a footnote works, the scholar who came along
later on, you would put a one over here, and then on the side, or on the top, he would write one,



and then he would write his little explanation of this word, a little extra note of information. So
classical text, oftentimes, the text is only covered by like this much in the middle, and everything
around it, are all these notes, and inscriptions and all these added notes by scholars throughout
the generations and centuries. So one scholar, when you would, he had the he was doing notations,
like adding the shear notes on the side margins of the most half doctrine. So what he would do is he
had to put on here in front of him, and when he would be adding side notes, and when he would have
to write on the top part of the page. So what would we typically do? Because you can’t write like



that. So what would we do? You turn it right, and then you can write like this, what he would do is
he would get up from his place, he would come sit around on the other side, and then write, and then
we have to write on this side and get up again, come to this side, and he would write. So somebody
asked me is what’s going on, you know, it moves, it turns, right. And so he said that this is the
book of Allah, this is a forum.



It’s a lot more appropriate for me to move from my place than to move the book of Allah subhanaw
taala again, and again.



And again, I’m not saying that that’s what we should do. I think it’ll probably create a lot of
havoc here in the classroom if you start doing that. All right. So But nevertheless, I just want you
to get that understanding. I want you to understand that. Mr. Malik Rahim, Allah one time I heard,
he’s teaching these to the students. And sort of flipped the page, like we flip a page, like, you
know, I don’t have any paper here. That’s a bad thing by using an iPad. So but so he just flipped
the page, roughly, like where it makes noise.



And immediately stop the deaths. Start the lesson. And he said, No, that’s not how we treat it.
That’s how you flip a newspaper.



That’s how you flip a page of paper on the page of the hobby. And even talk them carefully, with
respect with dignity.



So everything around the enemy deserves our respect. Mr. Mulligan, this goes back to the first
point, my mother grandma would shower would bathe would put on clean clothes would apply perfume and
ATAR and then come and teach the words of the prophets Elisa.



And when somebody has that level of other that level of respect, how does Allah bless that person?
I’m teaching you Hadeeth here sitting in Dallas, Texas, in a classroom. All right. Hamdulillah, but
I’ll be teaching you Hadith here. Imam Malik had that level of other than respect. And he used to
teach Hadith to people sitting next to the grave the resting place of the Prophet salallahu alaihe
salam, he said sit right next to the grave of the Prophet salami, so and when you would go through
the Senate of the Hadith and fula and unfold and had the Santa Fulani had death and Sudan and Sudan
and Sudan. And he would finally get to the profits along the time and he would say, like we were



going to say Allah tala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah Peace and
blessings upon him said, instead of that he would literally point to the grave of the prophets a
lot, he said and gesture towards the grave. And he would say, Father, Sahaba hadn’t cover



the dignified person who lays in this grave. He has said, he was granted that honor in that
distinction by Allah



to sit next to the grave of the prophets alongside him and narrate a hadith from the prophets of



So, Adam, you know, there’s our old Farsi proverb, you probably especially the desease, amongst you
probably grew up listening to this from your parents, but it’s very profound, but abundancy by



somebody who has etiquette and respect, that person will be blessed with a lot. And somebody who
lacks etiquette and respect will not be blessed with anything. And that needs to be remembered.
That’s very, very important. So respecting all of those things that serve as a channel and as a
means of bringing your knowledge



So in terms of you, the books, like I don’t want to see books lying around, I don’t want to see like
notes like just scattered on the ground thrown on the ground.



Some other types of dignity and respect. So all the books and everything that becomes a means of you
taking your knowledge respect that.



All right, this classroom, this facility deserves your respect, aside from just respecting the
organization, and respecting your classmates and the administration here in terms of your lead, even
spiritually speaking, you should be you should be inclined to respect even where you seek.



Because it is a means of bringing you this, this blessing knowledge, so respective in the facility.



Risk and then most importantly, respect the people that you take your in from.



Now, this part of it, honestly, very honestly, because I haven’t held back anything from you is part
of talking about this part of it feels very awkward, because I will be one of the people that will
be teaching you but I guess what makes it a little bit easier to talk about is I won’t be teaching
you for quite some time. So I can try to objectify the discussion as much as possible.



But respecting the people that you take your alien from, is extremely important. extremely
important. There are



the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam in a hadith narrated by mama Timothy Rahim Allah He says, Lisa
Mina, that person is not from us. He does not belong amongst us. Madam you are clear Kabira Anna,
who does not respect our elders, we are him Selena and does not have mercy on our youngsters.



Way out if the IE Menaka who



we are Fei Li Mina Haku. And he does not recognize he does not identify he does not acknowledge the
rights of our scholars.



So somebody who doesn’t respect our elders have kindness on our incident doesn’t recognize and
realize the rights of our scholars. That person isn’t from amongst us, meaning his character, his
behavior, automatically he himself is excluding himself from the oma muslimah because that behavior
is unbecoming of Muslims. So it’s very important. There’s another narration another Hadith and I was
a bit hesitant because this narration has some weakness in regards to it. But nevertheless, what we
learn from the sulev Hadith is that for the purposes of virtue, for the purposes of virtue, like
virtues of deeds, and to motivate us to do good deeds, the classical scholars, the majority of them



have ruled that it is permissible to mention weaker narrations for that purpose. I want you to
listen and pay attention. The Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam is narrated to have said to
Allah Allah I seek knowledge, learning knowledge, what to Allah moolah, who is Sakina, voila. And in
order to seek knowledge, you must learn sakeena



peace and tranquility, to learn to be calm, to be reserved, what are what are and you must learn to
be dignified. So learn knowledge but to learn knowledge, what you have to learn before you learn
knowledge is number one, composure. You have to be able to compose yourself, you have to have some
type of self restraint, self control. And number two, you have to learn to be dignified and respect,
respectful, very important. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam says, and then he says, what are the
only men that are alone I mean, who, and learn to humble yourself from the people that you learn



work on humbling yourself before the people that you take your knowledge and you’re in from.



So it’s very, very important. I’ll give you a few more quotations and I’ll put into some more
practical terms what I what I’m exactly referring to here.



Sure, but to be a judge Rahim Allah, great scholar of our histories as Mesoamerican I hadn’t had
eaten in the controller who abdun



Never did I hear a single Hadith from someone never meaning Never did I learn a single Hadith from
anyone, except that I became a slave for that person. Meaning I was devoted dedicated to that
person, I had the utmost respect for that person.



If not ambassador, the loved one whom he says more only more natural hate to stop for Allahu Allah
hedin filbur says the people that teach the teachers, people who teach humanity who teach mankind
good, even the fishes in the sea, even the fishes in the ocean, they make so far and they ask
forgiveness for that person, that teacher of knowledge, how to proceed. How to Know Rashid, who was
very instrumental in establishing a lot of infrastructure within, you know, the Muslim society at
that time he established schools. him and his wife were very famous for establish



Schools and places and centers of learning. When he was at the inaugural ceremony for many of the
schools that he had established and he had open, he said



ugly Sufi, new fusi, Abner bommali me him, we’re after army him. He said deeply ground deeply plant
into the hearts of your children, love and respect for their teachers. What odd him Come my father,
son of Anna, can my father Salah una salia or Hama, whom Allahu taala. And he said, so deeply ground
deeply plant within the hearts of your children, respect,






love, and admiration for their teachers, just like our predecessors used to do that this was a
practice of our previous generations. They respected they loved and they admired their teachers. And
that’s why they got so much from what they learned from their teachers. So now to get to the basic
to the practical implementation of this, I’m going to put it very clearly, again, typically
Alhamdulillah. Within this type of environment of learning people are usually are respectful people
to put it shortly. We have older, more mature, more sophisticated people here. Respect is
automatically expected from such folks. At the same time many of you like I asked you yesterday,



many of you have been through different programs of learning at one point or another in your life.



So again, that is something that you’re already acquainted with something that you’re comfortable
with showing respect to your teachers.



But what I want to say very, very briefly, is



when you many of you have come from different programs of learning, you’ve experienced different,



different, you know, educational programs, where they were shorter and shorter in duration, or it
was a part time study type of thing. When you learn full time from someone, and you spend an
extensive amount of time with someone, it’s natural that you will also start to see, you will become
aware of, and automatically you’ll start to notice weaknesses of that person shortcomings of that



That’s why classical scholars often used to say that one of the greatest the most the the the fitna
of any meaning one of the greatest test of knowledge is in regards to the family of the sheriff



that oftentimes the family or the relatives or the close friends or neighbors of the shift are often
people who fail to benefit from the shift the most reason why because of being neighbors because of
being family members, they’re the first to see the shortcomings of the shift. And they sometimes let
that get in the way of benefiting from him. So now you’re going to get an up close and personal look
at people that you maybe learn from before, but from a distance, a couple of days at a time, a few
hours for a few days.



And you will become very, very closely aware, intimately aware of their weaknesses and shortcomings.



So you need to understand one thing. No teacher, absolutely no teacher and your teachers are no
exception to this are not perfect. They’re not angels. They’re not superheroes. They do sleep at
night, they eat food, all right, they make mistakes.



Yes, they get angry.



You know, they have the same shortcomings that every human being has.



But it will be your responsibility to not let that get in the way of respecting your teacher,
trusting your teacher.






making sure that you continue to be patient with your teacher.



That will be your responsibility, the teachers responsibility and realize that this advice seems
very one sided. So what etiquette of knowledge is we’re supposed to worship teachers and absolutely



If there are 100 pages written on the how the type of respect a student should have for his teacher,
there’s 400 pages written on what a teacher is responsible for providing to his students. That
advice is given to teachers, from their teachers and from their colleagues. But you need to
understand what you need to focus on. So while the teacher will be reminded, and the teacher reminds
himself and others will remind them to be diligent to be considered to be caring, to be considered
to be disciplined. At the same time, you have to understand though, because of the human human
element, because of human nature, when the teacher fails your expectations of him.



Then at that time, it’s very, very imperative that you continue to remain just as respectful as
patient and as



as committed to studying and to learning from your teacher as you were before. It’s very, very



Very important, I can’t emphasize that enough. Because you are all on your way. I mean, this is the
first week, let’s be real. Okay? This is the first week, you are all officially on your way to this
huge crisis that is about to occur. Now, I don’t know whether it’s gonna happen Three weeks later,
or three months later, or six months later, I love it. But there’s going to be this tragic moment
that’s going to happen here at some time in the program for you.



We’re Oh my god, I can’t believe he said that.



Like, I never expected him to do that. Right? And you will be outraged. very sincerely, honestly,
you’ll be appalled and outraged.



Like, I’m really disappointed.



But you shouldn’t be all that disappointed. Because your teachers a human being, what did you
expect? And that’s the difference between the Taliban. And I’m going to use a very



I hesitate in using this word because it has a very negative connotation in culture, where it comes
from where it originates from. But there’s a difference between somebody who benefits and learns
from teachers and people who literally worship teachers. The word typically uses groupie, it’s not a
very appropriate work. That’s why I hesitated from using it, because of its origins. But that’s the
difference. And I came here to talk to you about that. I’ve done up in the long run, who and you
have to understand what I’m delivering was who the loved one who was. He was certified, he was
licensed he was approved by the prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam to give fatwa during the lifetime



of the prophets a lot. So can you imagine that?



Can you imagine answering the question while the Prophet is still alive?



But he was certified by the process to answer people’s questions while the Prophet son was still
alive, the promises and gave him a blank check give him the ultimate certificate. The prophet SAW
some told the Sahaba it’s an authentic narration Hadith, the prophet of Islam said that anything
that you ever hear from Abdullah bin Massoud, know that it came directly from me don’t doubt it.
Don’t hesitate for a second ticket.



Basically, to summarize into very casual terms, he was the man



right he was dumb man.



What does Abdullah bin Masuda the Allahu anhu say that a Yeoman fensterbau who Nason Abdullah bin
Masuda the Allahu anhu one day he left his home, he walked outside and people started following him.



yo, I saw a YouTube video yesterday. Right? So people following as people tend to do.



So he noticed that somebody is walking behind and following him he turns around for Allah Allah
whom? Allah caminhada



Is there something I can help you with?



pallulah Listen, bro, okay, let’s lacking ragna and MC mark. We just wanted to walk around behind
you once just walk around with you. He said it’ll do go back home. Everybody. Leave now. Everybody
go back home for dinner to latavia with fitness and limit bore. Because this is humiliating.



This is degrading to the people that follow around. When somebody acts like a quote unquote groupie.
It’s humiliating. It’s degrading.



And it’s a fitna for the person that you are following. It’s a fitna for the person that you are



That you’re damaging that person’s emaan. You’re damaging the floss in their sincerity. You’re
taking away their ability to objectively think



a beloved Masuda, the laguan who regularly used to tell his students and the people that would
benefit from him. He said no to Allah Muna minima Allah mindef. See, if you knew about me what I
know about me. If you knew about me what I actually know, that has Oh to Malasia to rob, you would
walk up and throw dirt on my head. You’d stone you with rocks. So don’t worship me. Don’t.



And so that’s very important. And that’s the difference. a groupie worships the personality.



And that’s what that person’s obsessed about.



And that’s not what we need. Trust me that’s not what we need.



And that’s that that’s something that is unacceptable for a student of knowledge. But what we do
need we need to elaborate we need students of knowledge and students of knowledge are very
disciplined objective people they respect their teacher Why? Because he’s the means of them taking
knowledge now cuz Oh my God, he’s so awesome.



I love the way he talks like that.






it’s, it’s I mean, and you’re laughing because Alhamdulillah I hope and I pray and I’m confident in
your past that point.



And if you’re fortunate you never were at that point.



But that’s what the that’s what the group is obsessed about the tabular window, benefit from the
knowledge respects his teacher because he’s the means of him taking knowledge. And then when the
teacher fails, and when the teacher disappoints him when the teacher completely



Just messes up big time



completely messes every time that students do shows up at 730, or at 8am in class and sits down and
dialed in and still taking and seeking knowledge with the same amount of zeal and discipline that he
was yesterday Why?



He’s a human being, he made a mistake. It’s all good. But we’re here to do some work.



And that’s very, very important.



So the gym, but the main point that I want to drive home more than anything else is, you’re here to



So learn,



and your teacher is not an angel is not perfect is not a superhero, he will mess up.



He will not live up to the expectations that you have built up in your head, because that’s



So understand that and realize that right here right now.



Because I don’t want to have any tragic cases.



I don’t want to have to ask somebody to lie down and then tell me, how does that make you feel?
We’re not here for that. We’re here to learn.



So it’s very important to respect your teacher. Respect your teacher, regardless of the regardless
of the shortcomings of the teacher, because he is a human being. And so please realize that that he
won’t be perfect, he can’t be perfect.



The next thing I wanted to talk about and then I’ll go ahead, just Well, the next thing I’ll talk
about real briefly real quickly is the study tips.



Tips to study and then I’ll leave with just a couple of words of motivation. inshallah, because I’ve
been beaten down on you guys pretty heavy last couple of days. All right. So I think I will let you



study tips, something very brief and concise, to the point, nothing miraculous, nothing out of this
world. Nothing that I dug, I found buried inside of a cave. Alright, it’s very obvious, it’s common



There are three steps to seeking knowledge, there is seeking knowledge is a minimum of a three step
process three essential critical steps to seeking knowledge. Number one is what the scholars would
refer to as motala.



What that basically means is that you review, you look over the forthcoming lesson, that might not
be completely practical for you for the stage that you’re learning, because you’re learning grammar.
And grammar is being taught to you not so much from a textbook, but is more teacher driven, more
instructor driven, so that might not be completely practical. Nevertheless, you will reach a point
in your studies, when you get to the reading components, when you get to the writing exercises, when
you get to the classical text portion that I’ll be teaching you. When you get there. Part of seeking
knowledge is that when you before you go to sleep at night, or early in the morning, you actually



look at Alright, we’re going to be reading these two pages today in class as a reading exercise, or,
you know, we’re going to be learning this these four lines from the classical text for today, let me
try to sit down and make try to figure out for myself the best that I can,



the best that I can do, what that does is that speeds up the learning curve within class. Then when
you come in, you sit down in class, and when I start explaining something, I don’t have to repeat
myself eight times. I say a once in You got it. Because half of it you figured out on your own
before you came to class. And that was a part of seeking knowledge, especially when you get when you
read classical texts. That’s a big part of the process. Because you take a look ahead, you kind of
take a look, you prepare yourself basically. All right. Number two, this is very important for you
guys and his team are not to listen, but to pay attention very closely. And something that’s



interesting that’s told to us from the Hadith even that’s that’s shown to us. It’s one of the
lessons from some of the Hadith of the Prophet Selim, that part of paying attention to something is
the eyes as well, we usually just associate that with the ears, right? Hearing, listening, paying
attention. Now it’s the eyes as well. That’s why the Prophet of Allah sallallahu sallam, what was
some of the advice that he gave to focus and pay attention in prayer?



Right, where do you look in prayer? Where do you look in prayer. That’s why he told us to even fix
fixing the eyes out of place, because the eyes are the first means of the mind, going to different



So you have to stare at the screen, you have to stare at the teacher.



All right, that’s very important. And that’s the difference between Sema and this demo.



I can listen I can hear while I’m doing something else. But I can’t learn I can’t pay attention
until I’m fixed on something. So in class, pay attention to class above and beyond everything else.



Now, I know yesterday I spoke about some of the family issues and I realized there are some parents
here. That’s obviously the exception based on what we talked about yesterday. Realize all of these
discussions they all augment



complement each other. All right. But especially like the young ones, I’m going to pick on you guys
a little bit a beat up on the parents yesterday. Today’s Your turn. All right? phones, social media,
your email account, all of that needs to be shut down in class. I don’t care.



That needs to be shut down, because there is no excuse for that. All right, if you’re 18 years old,
I’m pretty sure some major crucial decisions that people’s lives depend upon are probably not
depending on you. I’m going to take a lucky guess with that one. All right. And so No, absolutely
not. And like I said, on the first day, I was just sharing like, some bits and bytes, some gems from
what we were learning in class with my friends. That’s nice, thank you. But do that after class? We
don’t need that. All right, you don’t need that. So pay attention. Nothing else should distract you
from what you’re doing here in class.



Part of that paying attention within class is taking notes. Taking notes is very important. And I
understand some people type and take notes. That’s perfectly fine. It’s okay. All right. I’m not
hating on that at all. I can’t do that. I don’t do that because I can’t do that because I typed like
this. Alright, I don’t know why but I still do. All right. superspeed. Right, but that’s how I type.
So nevertheless, take notes and whatever capacity you take notes, but take notes. The Prophet Ali
said there’s a hadith in the sun, another Buddhahood, where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says
they usually Alma Binky taba trap knowledge by writing it down.



Trap knowledge by writing it down. The son of the scholars son of two lovely and 1400 years, write
down, take notes. Very important. All right.



Then the third step, and this is very important, especially again, because of the culture we’re
coming from. Oh, and I wanted to tell you one thing about taking notes, there’s always somebody in
the class that is the master note taker. I was that person in my class, I used to write with like
four pens in my hands. Right, like ambidextrous was even like an insulting term to me, I could write
with four pens at the same time, like eight different colors are all color coded and highlighted and
marked. And it’s like a eisah. Right? a textbook has my notes, it was insane. Right and hamdulillah.
So students, like at exam time would like go take my notebook, and they would photocopy. Like, they



would make copies of my notes and stuff. So there’s going to be those people amongst you. We had
those students last year as well.



But that’s fine. If you’re just not a good note taker, and you’re gonna eventually end up relying
upon you’re going to ask somebody else to email you their notes. That’s okay. That shouldn’t stop
you from at least trying to take your own notes within class, though. Don’t let that become a crutch
don’t become lazy is my point. You take your notes, even at the end of the day, if you don’t even
know what you just did.



Right? It’s like shameful to even look at. It’s like, Oh, no, right? That’s okay. But just do that.
It’ll aid it’ll help in this pursuit of knowledge. And it’ll make you it’ll keep you active. It’ll
keep you involved. It’ll keep you attentive in class. So take notes. The third and the final step.



And this is very important again,



and that is reviewing. The classical scholars would call that tecra.



traditional learning is how to craft repetition.



It’s very important, that be disciplined about that half time fixed, especially this year, the way
the schedule is laid out to 30. You’re done. culottes finished. And



so you have a lot of day left.



So don’t just say yeah, study sometime in the evening. No, no, fix the time. We used to have
mandated study times even that would be supervised.



So have a fixed study time. discipline yourself, that Fine, go home from class, you know, get some
food, get some rest, run some errands.



But then six o’clock to eight o’clock? From answer to motive. I’m going to study from manipulation,
I’m going to study, fix your time, be disciplined about it. All right. So review. Another thing I
recommend in terms of review. Sometimes it’s you might be more efficient or better at doing it by
yourself. But try to do it in groups. You can always have personal study time, but have some group
review time, you’ll benefit from the other students, or you will benefit other students. So have
group review session study sessions, sit together as groups. All right. And



again, like what I recommended, and this is going to require some discipline because, you know,
people are kind of attracted to people or people kind of draw closer to people have their own, like,
standard or their own status or their own capabilities. All right. I don’t want the four geniuses in
the classes be sitting together. I don’t want that. All right. You need to split up you need to
divide yourself because this is not a time where you just think about yourself for what would make
you comfortable. You have to learn to think about others develop that empathy. It’s very



Important, otherwise you will become that oblivious. If you’ve ever come across somebody who studied
a lot in their lives, but is completely oblivious to people, and has no idea what’s going on with
people and could care less what’s going on with people, it’s not very hard to become that person.
You just begin insulating yourself. And it just buries you deeper deeper into that bubble.



So branch out a little bit,



move across party lines, all right, walk across the aisle, not this aisle, the other aisle. All
right. So all right.



reach across to the other side, there’s a couple of students that are struggling a little bit more,
you’re going to sit with him, you’re going to help them review.



Those of you who require help, when you do go to the four geniuses in the class, they’re just
blowing through everybody and everything. Alright, also understand they’re also human beings, they
also have to do their own work. They also have their own personal lives to manage. And so be a
little considered, yes, they should be helping you. I’m telling them to help you. I’m also telling
you don’t harass them. All right. But I realized that I kind of learned that the hard way, I kept
encouraging because 100, like I told you, before, I was one of those students that had that was very
good at learning. So I had to be told by my teacher to help the other students. But what I didn’t



realize I’ve kept pushing that issue so much among in different classes that I teach, I didn’t
realize that sometimes the other students will start to get harassed. Alright, so please be
considerate of other people’s time as well. But nevertheless, work together. All right, it’s very
important. So those are a few tips in terms of studying and learning in one thing I said before that
I’ll just repeat again,



you know, towards the end of our final year of studying is where we receive many of our higher ages
out the licenses from the teacher to traditional classical licenses from our teachers to carry on
and TC sciences on to others. So it gets very intense towards the end of that final year of study.
We’re literally like we’re having class like 18 hours a day, because we have to complete the reading
of the text to the shift to the teacher to get our ages or to get our license.



And things are very intense, right? Like, you’re like, literally sleeping three, four hours a day at
this point. That’s crazy. It’s intense.



So we come to class, and we’re sitting there and one of our most senior Xu you, I mean, amazing
person I learned a lot from and he says, you know, a lot of you look very fatigued, you look very
tired, you look very sleepy.



I’m going to tell you what you should do. When you feel tired, and you need to study and you want to
study and you start to feel sleepy and tired. I’m going to give you some tips on advice on what you
can do at that time, what you should do at that time. And so we were like our racket depends on
this. Is it like some superhero trick, right? Like stand on one foot and eat some honey and or
something like that, right? So something intense is coming right now. Right?



And then he says, Go to sleep.



So that’s it. That’s very practical. You’re a human being. If you don’t manage that, everything else
will fall apart.



Be careful, be disciplined about that. Maintain your health. All right, because otherwise you’d
become useless to yourself and to everything else. Anything and everything that you think depends on
you becomes useless. You become useless to it. So it’s very important. So that’s an another very
important part of studying that make sure that you’re managing overindulgence is a different issue.
Like I said, again, because there’s a lot of youngins, especially younger brothers. Alright, from
based on my experience, I think I’m in a position to speak. Alright, sleeping 12 hours a day is not
a physical need. All right, it’s not human. All right. Animals sleep like that. All right. So just



to clarify, all right, but just make sure that you’re well rested, and that you’re ready to go.






a couple of just last few words on to motivate you to inspire you to accomplish what you’ve come
here to accomplish.



A poet, he says cool llama Devaney. adatto



arani noxa ockley. wakulla is that two elements add an element be jolly. He says that each and every
single time that? Yeah, every single time. Every single moment in my life that life was teaching me
life was giving me experience and I was learning from living life. Around the laksa ockley I got to
see my own lack of intelligence, my own lack of understanding. So living life and experience taught
me how little I knew. And he says wakulla is that to our element at the more I continue to learn Zed
any element BJ What did I continue to learn? I kept learning how little I actually knew. The more
knowledge I got, the more I realized how little I actually knew.



And so that’s the perspective that we have to have going into



and not to understand who you exactly are as to lovely to me.



make you understand your own status and to make you respect yourself and to make you respect your
time and your efforts and what you come here to accomplish. You know, there’s a beautiful Hadith of
the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where the Prophet Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam said Allah
makini Myskina what admits name is Keenan, why shouldn’t a yarmulke Amity fiza maratea Misaki. He
said Allah as long as you keep me alive, keep me alive amongst the poor people, when I die, allow me
to die amongst the ranks of the poor people. And when you raise me on the Day of Judgment raised me
amongst the ranks of the poor people,



one of my teachers, very senior share of Hadeeth



he, you know, became very choked up towards the end of the year, just in class. And he said, I don’t
know what to do with myself when class finishes during the vacation time like I don’t know what to
do with myself in my time. Since I missed this



I missed this opportunity not just to teach knowledge but to sit in the company of students of
knowledge is a shift is our teacher



and said I’m honored to have been in your company because he said there is nobody that is more
dignified and honored by the creation of a lot even than the student of knowledge



that otherwise other attorney Haha, the Taliban in the process tells us the angels spread their
wings on the ground for the students of knowledge to walk on



yourself through the human FISA mawashi woman fill out the Tahitian filma



they’re all of the creation of Allah and the heavens in the earth, ask and seek forgiveness for the
sooner knowledge even the fishes in the ocean.



And then our teacher used to always make dua at the end of class, along my shimmy Allah along mahine



fetal library, a lot keep as long as I’m alive, keep me in the company of students of knowledge.
When I die, and I leave this world, allow me to die as a student of knowledge. And when you raise me
on the day of judgment to a lot raise me amongst the ranks of the students of knowledge.



So you are truly blessed people. This is a huge blessing of Allah subhanaw taala in it and I
honestly sincerely mean it. I know it sounds like rhetoric. I know it sounds like something standard
that’s meant to be said at the beginning of our program, but it is an honor, and it is a pleasure
and it is a blessing of Allah subhanaw taala to be able to sit here with you and to be able to spend
time with you. So please realize who you are, and what you’re capable of, and what you are meant to
accomplish and respect yourself. respect your time here and respect your efforts here in Sharla

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90,000 Five Zigzags of Muslim Fashion: Seduce While Hiding

Recently, the “Muslim-look” feature has been caught by Russians as well: the demand for products by Russian designers who create clothes for the faithful is steadily growing.

Any woman, regardless of religious dogmas, wants to be beautiful – that’s why she is a woman. For the sake of beauty, Muslim women have learned to “direct glamor” even from those few toilet items that are pleasing to Allah. And, in fact, only two things are pleasing to him – a hijab (a long cape like a raincoat or a robe, there is a summer and winter version) and a scarf. And even with this simple assortment, Muslim women manage to have their own fashion trends and glamorous stores.

In non-Muslim countries, it is often believed that the headscarf is the “hijab” – and there is some truth in this.In a broad sense, “hijab” is any clothing that meets the Sharia norms, according to which a woman can only keep her hands and face open in public. That is, in certain circumstances a long dress or even a tracksuit can be considered a “hijab”.

When it comes to Muslim fashion, Sharia law should be distinguished from local traditions. For example, in Saudi Arabia, a woman must be fully equipped in Muslim clothing, otherwise she will be detained by the “mutawa” (religious police).A Muslim woman living in a secular country can wear any clothing that meets Sharia law. Therefore, Islamic clothing stores in non-Muslim countries offer not only classic hijabs, but also business and sportswear that meets Sharia norms, as well as ethnic clothing from Eastern countries, among which there are truly unique little things – hand-embroidered dresses, saris, skirts, trouser suits. For example, one of the stores specializes in goods from the UAE, Egypt and Turkey, and the first Russian manufacturer of Islamic clothing includes models for office and fitness in every seasonal collection.


Every day there are more and more women among the visitors of Islamic clothing boutiques who have nothing to do with the Muslim religion. They just like the muslim bow. Here are some of its highlighted advantages.

Slims, rejuvenates and inspires world designers

“Usually I go to Paris Haute Couture Week,” says his current Muscovite fan Veronica about his acquaintance with Muslim fashion. – Several years ago, when refugees from the Middle East flooded to Europe, my favorite fashion houses began to include in their collections things suitable for women who observe Sharia norms in clothes.I happened to be at the Muslim fashion show by accident, but immediately fell in love with several things and bought them. Since then I have regularly looked through the collections for Muslim women and always buy something.

I noticed that many smart women understood the same thing as me: loose fit, long sleeves and a covered head, which are obligatory in Muslim fashion, if necessary, allow you to elegantly disguise the fact that you gained a couple of extra pounds or did not have time to do the styling. True, many models in the Muslim segment are very expensive, because there are very rich people among Muslims living in Europe.

Long and light silk coats, which today are effectively thrown over dresses with bare shoulders all over fashionable Europe and America, came from abaya (traditional Arab women’s clothing for public places – Auth.). Such clothes are not only irreplaceable in a cool summer, but also youthful – for example, they allow, within the framework of the style, to cover the shoulders that stand out for their age, while the lady remains in a low-cut evening dress.

According to the Shariah, a headscarf must completely hide women’s hair: it is believed that the appearance of curls can plunge a respectable Muslim into an unforeseen haram – sin.However, it was Muslim women who taught the whole world to wear a headscarf coquettishly, unobtrusively emphasizing the beauty of hair with it. As a result, in some even the most stringent Islamic countries, this indulgence has arisen.

Photo: \ Mehdi Sanai.

For example, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation Mehdi Sanai posted on his social media photos of beautiful women, whose elegantly draped headscarves allow you to see their luxurious hairstyles, and commented: “In Iranian society, moral norms regarding dress codes correspond to fashion trends.In the images presented here, you can see how Iranian film actors are dressed at the Fajr International Film Festival, which is held annually and is considered the most important film festival in Iran. This appearance is a clear example of the dress code and most of the youth in Iran prefer to dress like that. ”

Beloved by the beau monde

In multinational Russia, fashion houses of Muslim clothing began to appear 10 years ago, specializing in clothing for co-religionists.But as the non-Muslim public’s interest in them grew, their assortment expanded significantly. A striking example of this is the fashion house founded in 2009 by the wife of Ramzan Kadyrov, Medni. Under this brand, which in translation means “Garden of Eden”, the first lady of Chechnya began to produce stylish and fashionable clothes that meet the requirements of the Islamic dress code.

Gradually, Medni Kadyrova handed over the reins of the House of Fashion to her daughter Aishat, who, as a designer, brought a youthful spirit to the collections.On March 1, 2017, Aishat Kadyrova presented her works to a narrow circle of people for the first time: for this, a special screening was organized in Grozny, at which the cream of the Russian secular-bohemian crowd was noticed – Tatyana Navka, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Olga Buzova and many others, as well as editor-in-chief leading glossy publications in Russia. The presence of the latter caused offense in the global fashion community: on the same days, Paris Fashion Week was held – an event for fashion professionals much more important than a brand’s show aimed at a Muslim audience – but the leadership of the Russian “gloss” preferred Grozny.

The head of Chechnya then personally supported his daughter’s undertakings, writing on Instagram: “Today, Fashionable Domdarit is a warm, bright and joyful holiday for all girls and women – in the evening there will be a show of a new collection developed under the leadership of Aishat Kadyrova.” At the end of the post, Kadyrov wished the Chechen fashion house good luck.

The luck promised by the head of the republic was not slow to appear: in October 2017, Aishat Kadyrova took part in the Russian Fashion Week – and again her show was supported by domestic stars.Katya Lel, Larisa Dolina, Timati and others happily posed in front of the cameras in styles pleasing to Allah.

Allows you to effectively change the image

Sahera Rahmani Fashion House, a Muscovite of Iranian origin, was one of the first in Moscow to venture to offer Muslim women outfits that meet not only Sharia requirements, but also the current trends of the fashion season. At the beginning of her career, Sahera demonstrated her products on herself, because she herself is a symbol of the unity of worlds and religions – an orthodox Iranian, married to a Russian (a few years ago Sahera Rahmani met her future husband in a Moscow fitness club).

“I was born in Iran,” Sahera tells about himself. – When I was 5 years old, my parents went to Moscow to study and took my brother and me. Mom and Dad graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute and received an offer to work in Russia. At the age of 7 I went to an ordinary Moscow school, and at 9 I put on a Muslim headscarf and since then I have never taken it off in public. I myself wanted to: I could not have put on a headscarf, because I grew up in Moscow, was friends with Russian children, my parents would not force me.Mom warned me: “Daughter, if you put it on now, you won’t be able to take it off with the words“ tired! ”. I thought and put it on.

Everything that should be invisible to prying eyes, according to the Shariah, is covered on Saher – but when you see it, you just want to immediately change the impersonal fashion trends of the “network” type to an exquisite and original “Muslim bow”, as if challenging – come on guess who I am inside? In such a mysterious form, you will certainly stand out in any place and in any society! And designer Sahera Rahmani has outfits for all occasions – from European weddings to Muslim holidays.

– Everyone has already seen both bare knees and open cleavage, and are tired of it, – Sahera smiles. – When the fruit is not forbidden, it does not cause curiosity, excitement. And when the beauty of the body is only guessed, leaving room for imagination, it is remembered, it excites and arouses interest. The beauty of a woman is in a mystery that is always with her.

In addition to Moscow Muslim women and lovers of exotic things, those who need closed clothes for a number of reasons – those who are undergoing special treatment or want to hide certain parts of the body – make orders in the Rakhmani atelier.

– The coolest thing about Sahera is her branded transformers, – a regular client of the Rakhmani fashion house, a Muscovite Liza, reveals the secret, she has nothing to do with Islam. – Many things are arranged in such a way that, having put on one thing in the morning, you can change your “bow” during the day without particularly complicated manipulations. For example, a wide skirt can turn into trousers, and a jacket can turn into a hood. In addition, such transformers allow you to model a figure, emphasizing strengths and skillfully leveling weaknesses.

Good for men’s health

There are boutiques of Muslim clothing and mosques. In one of these, called “Jamila”, a beautiful Muslim convert Sveta works. She converted to Islam a few years ago, having married a devout Tajik working in Moscow, and so far she is very pleased with her choice: “Muslim husbands regularly perform their marital duty and they have a lot of health, since they do not drink or smoke – this is haram.They do not cheat and support their wife and children, this is their duty to Allah. ”

Sveta is very attentive and with soul to her clients, of whom she has a lot. Noticing that I am curiously twirling some shapeless chlamys in my hands, Sveta explains that this is a fitness suit: “When a woman in a public place is not dressed properly, she does haraam not only to herself, but to all men who see her!”

It turns out that when a true believer sees something female, except for the eyes and hands, he immediately begins to lust for this person.And this is not only a sin, but also negatively affects its potency. After all, an honest Muslim has no right to satisfy his lust for an outside woman, and “wanting and not having the opportunity” is harmful to potency.

I am curious, why then does a Muslim boutique need a whole section of rather flirty lingerie ?!

– Because it is good for men’s health to lust for your wife, – explains Sveta. – Therefore, at home in front of their husbands, Muslim women flaunt not only without headscarves, but often even in mini or shorts.And erotic lingerie is an essential part of the wardrobe of every faithful wife who wants to be happily married. Indeed, according to the Sharia, to please the husband in every possible way is the main duty of a woman.

Beautiful Islamic Dresses For Muslims, Abaya and Hijab, Dresses on Nikes

Oriental beauties enchant with modesty in closed dresses that comply with Sharia law. The outfits are sewn from expensive and dense fabrics, manually decorated with embroidery with floral motifs.Designers offer modern Muslim dresses that meet the standards of morality and do not attract the attention of men. They choose clothing according to the figure and silhouette, color and material for comfort in summer and winter.

Muslim dresses: description and characteristics

Muslim girls’ dresses cover the whole body, except for the hands and face. There is a debate about the openness of the feet: here the decision is made by the parents of the beauties. Long dresses to the floor seem stifling and restricting movement, although in fact the wearer is comfortable in them.

According to religious norms, clothes should not fit the body; they are sewn from dense fabric that does not shine through in the light. The fabrics use a calm color scheme; you should not over-decorate the outfits.

Traditional Muslim clothing consists of several elements:

  • niqab – covers the face and hair, leaving a slit for the eyes. Also, the garment protects the skin from the sun’s rays and dust;
  • veil – covers the head and torso to the floor. Clothes are sewn like a robe with false sleeves, equipped with a horsehair mesh;
  • hijab is an integral part of a Muslim woman’s wardrobe, without which no woman will go out.It is a cape of blue or black color on the head, hiding the face and hair;
  • abaya – Islamic outerwear worn over casual attire. Reminiscent of a spacious floor-length dress with long sleeves. The robe is chosen in black or white, but Jordanian women are allowed to choose an abaya with embroidery or rhinestones;
  • jilbab – a closed kimono-style garment with embroidery for wearing at home. A spacious dress is also loose cut, leaves in sight the eyes, hands and feet.

Eastern culture prohibits the wearing of open dresses or clothing that resembles men. The rhythm of life allows Muslim women to lead a social life, diversifying their wardrobe with spacious tunics and skirts, trousers of a soft silhouette.

Features and Benefits

It is a mistake to imagine an Islamic beauty offended by outfits that cover the dignity of the figure. Sharia protects a woman from the immodest looks of men; only her husband is allowed to admire the beauty.The requirements for attire seem to be too high, but in reality, Muslim outfits for girls allow you to feel like a queen of style.

Nuances and advantages of clothes:

  • Refusal from tight-fitting and decorated dresses that open the body. Modestness is emphasized by spacious outfits that do not fit the figure;
  • the physique cannot be seen behind the outfits of dense fabrics, there is not even a hint of bends;
  • clothes are sewn from natural materials that are comfortable in hot or frosty weather;
  • dress colors are calm, without unnecessary decorations;
  • attire does not repeat attire of women of other religions.

Complementing the image of a Muslim woman is an elegantly tied scarf that hides her hair. The girl looks neat and well-groomed, demonstrating oriental chastity.

Popular styles and models

Muslim women ‘s closed dresses are made of high quality material, so every beautiful girl chooses an outfit to her taste or purse. Spacious shirt dresses and floor-length clothes are considered popular styles. Designers offer a line of dresses decorated with oriental motives.

The clothes of a modern Muslim woman correspond to the concepts of morality, do not open the body, but remain comfortable to wear. Girls are allowed to receive education, so outfits differ in purpose: for everyday wear, staying at home with relatives, wedding and smart dresses.


Festive dresses of Muslim women amaze with luxury, but emphasize the humility of the owner. Modern models are sewn from expensive fabrics, decorated with antique lace, embroidery and rhinestones.Chiffon, satin, or velvet robes that do not reveal the owner’s physique remain at the peak of popularity.

Richly decorated floor-length dresses can be slightly emphasized with an embroidered belt, without tightening the waist too much. The simplicity of the dress contrasts with the original elements, allowing designers to bring new dressy styles to Muslim women.

Examples of festive outfits:

  • The top of the dress is made of thick fabric and decorated with lace in a contrasting color.At the bottom, a peplum is sewn, falling behind the knees. It is cut out of lace, laid out in folds;
  • The sophistication of the girl will be emphasized by a light dress, reminiscent of a sundress, but with elongated sleeves;
  • Long or silk floor-length models complement the flirty lantern sleeves to the tassels. The shoulders and neck of a Muslim woman are hidden under the collar.

Even a loose dress with a minimum of accessories will beautify an oriental woman. An excellent choice is a heavy velvet floor-length dress in rich cherry or red color with lace trim on the stand-up collar.The girl will highlight the beauty of the eyes with an evening dress made of flowing satin in dark blue or cornflower blue.


At home, a Muslim woman is allowed to experiment with clothes. The husband contemplates with pleasure the beauty of his wife, intended only for his admiration. A woman wears outfits with open arms, slits, or even a neckline.

Most often, girls choose a dress of the “bat” type with a neckline, embroidered along the hem with national ornament.If close male relatives have come to the house, it is allowed to appear in home attire. Before strangers, you should hide your hair under a scarf.

The outfit, consisting of two parts, remains no less favorite clothing. The underwear is a floor-length dress with cropped sleeves and a neckline. The robe is equipped with an upper cape, which can easily cover your head when guests arrive.

For prayers choose a dress called “fromal”. A scarf is prudently sewn on the collar of such an outfit.


Muslim women no longer limit themselves to raising children, but work on career growth, go to school or work in the office. Because of this, the need arose for casual clothing that allows you to feel comfortable, but in accordance with Sharia.

In addition to traditional spacious floor-length models, shirt dresses remain in demand among girls. The apparel is combined with jeans or loose trousers that do not hinder movement.

Abaya dress with long sleeves looks beautiful on a Muslim woman.For sewing, thin fabrics are used that flow freely over the figure. They also wear a robe without embellishments or models with embroidery on the hem and sleeves.

Both young beauties and older women like to wear yoke dresses. Girls like to combine clothes with blazers, jackets or jackets. Robes with sleeves and collars of contrasting color in relation to the dress are in demand.


The beauty of dresses for nikah is mesmerizing, the photos of which make you freeze in admiration in front of the abundance of jewelry and the richness of fabrics.Wedding dresses of oriental girls compete in sophistication with European models, often winning in terms of splendor of decoration. The neckline or open back is excluded here: the young bride resembles a delicate flower of chastity and beauty. Dense shiny fabrics with the most delicate lace and ornaments will emphasize the sophisticated oriental beauty of the girl.

Common styles:

  • A-line outfit allows you to adhere to regulations and look festive. Embroidery will transform the outfit, girls like to combine the white color of the dress with a frame with gold threads;
  • “Princess” fluffy dress.The delicate cloud of the outfit evokes delight, the layering of the petticoats turns the bride into a sophisticated rose, so beloved by the Muslim culture;
  • Slim-fit Mermaid style garment. The bold option is softened by thick fabrics and a closed collar.

It is preferable to choose a white wedding dress, although there are no strict restrictions. Young beauties like caramel, pink, silver or blue shades. A scarlet or cornflower-blue dress is allowed.


Numerous photos show floor-length Muslim dresses that cover the ankles. Evening dress should cover the feet, the rule does not apply to modern bows.

Long outfits are timeless classics of oriental traditions that do not lose their popularity today.

Designers offer a wide range of Muslim outfits for everyday wear. A commonly used option is to combine a loose ankle-length tunic with trousers.

Actual colors and prints

Historically, Muslim women have chosen black outfits. This is due to long wars, when it was necessary not to attract undue attention to oneself on the streets in order to avoid trouble. Men, on the other hand, wore white clothes as protectors of mothers, wives and daughters.

With the advent of peaceful life, black robes have not lost their popularity, but Muslim women prefer to choose among a wide range of colors. Saturated and pastel shades of outfits are in fashion, emphasizing the individuality of the owner.

Features of the color of women’s outfits:

  • peach and pale pink colors are suitable for young beauties;
  • plum and anthracite shades for girls with expressive eyes;
  • olive and mustard colors will appeal to charismatic people;
  • emerald palette highlights a girl with a kind and open character;
  • chocolate tones are the choice of older women.

If you have difficulties with choosing a color, it is better to stay on a calm palette, but now cherry-colored models are in demand.Young Muslim women complement their wardrobe with denim clothing.

Fashionable oriental outfits are minimally decorated with prints and patterns. Modest floral or ethnic motives, interlacing of smooth lines are allowed. Young maidens wear closed dresses with prints in English with the wishes of peace and well-being.

Fabrics and textures

Islamic women have only two requirements for fabrics. First, the material must be dense enough so that the body does not shine through.Before buying, examine the fabric in the light.

The next requirement is the ability of the material to keep its shape without being tight during movement. The wear resistance of the fabric, air and water permeability are of no small importance. After all, a tailored outfit should be warm in winter and cool on hot days.

Muslim women prefer heavy linen, cotton, velvet, woolen and staple fabrics. Denim is chosen from artificial materials, which retains its shape and is comfortable to use.Textured materials with printed ornaments look attractive.

Young maidens choose knitted, satin or viscose fabrics for summer. Preference is given to the light heavenly shades of the dress, the hijab is chosen to match the color.

Dresses for overweight girls with shapeless attire have nothing in common. The designers have developed stylish straight cut models that hide the extra dimensions. Patterns on clothes are visually slimmer, especially narrow vertical lines. Embroidery with beads and rhinestones on the sleeves and hem distracts attention from the fullness.

Spacious abaya made from natural fabrics will adorn a plump woman, therefore such a traditional style is so loved and in demand. They also choose dresses on a yoke, avoiding thin belts, even on smart clothes.

Muslim jewelry for women and men

The culture of Muslims allows the wearing of various jewelry, although they often serve as amulets for the owners. The Koran prohibits a man from making gold jewelry; preference is given to silver pendants and rings with images of a mosque or sacred texts.Silver refers to virgin metals that bring prosperity and moral purity to the wearer.

There are no strict prohibitions on girls. Beauties are allowed jewelry made of gold, decorated with precious minerals. Although she will be able to demonstrate products only in front of her husband: when she goes out into the street, a thick cape hides the jewelry.

The wedding ceremony takes place without the exchange of rings. The groom presents the chosen one with previously discussed jewelry at her discretion.A welcome gift is a handmade silver crescent-shaped pendant, which testifies to respect for the bride. Jewelry with turquoise, the most revered stone among Muslims, is considered a must-have for wedding dress. The beauty of turquoise is equated with the good disposition and purity of a young newlywed.

The most beautiful images

Muslim outfits are presented in abundance, differing in silhouette and texture of the fabric. Women learned to dress beautifully, while remaining modest and restrained.

Interesting options:

  • A shirt dress is suitable for relaxation and everyday wear. Cotton models contribute to comfort on a summer afternoon, and lace trim on the collar will add elegance to the image;
  • At the peak of popularity, loose trousers or denim trousers. Jeans look good with sneakers or flat-soled boats;
  • long skirts made of cotton and chiffon do not go out of fashion, young people prefer denim models. Lace or fringe trim is encouraged.

Completing the bow will be a trendy hijab – a classic of Eastern culture. Layered hijabs look elegant, but they can be replaced with a beautiful headscarf made of thick material.

For girls

Young beauties choose clothes of rich colors, more often they stop at rich décor of clothes. In European countries, it is allowed to wear a lemon-colored abaya with a peplum.

Fashion for young girls:

  • Two-tone clothes look interesting.A sky-colored shirt dress paired with dark jeans and moccasins is suitable for everyday wear. Dark buttons and a small lace collar will refresh the look;
  • A festive bow is made up of a fitted lilac or blue chiffon dress with an oriental ornament. Hair is covered with a scarf to match the color of the outfit;
  • A flared heavenly dress envelops the figure with a light cloud, without showing anything superfluous. Embroidery with silver threads is allowed on the bodice, and a thin strap at the waist.The bow is complemented with a blue hijab.

Girls love to experiment with colors and prints. All outfits remain modest, allowing you to stand out among the crowd with their originality.

For women

Older women prefer strict silhouettes with a minimum of jewelry. The color scheme is made in dark colors, emphasizing the severity of the years lived.

Outfits for women:

  • dark blue velvet models delight with their laconicism and simple cut.They will dilute the severity of the sleeves like flashlights;
  • A beige dress with large pockets is suitable for everyday life. The hair is covered with a thick orange shawl;
  • A festive brown dress with exquisite embroidery will delight an older woman. The severity of the high collar will emphasize a laconic necklace or pendant.

Dresses look advantageous due to the use of flowing fabrics when sewing, soft folds falling into the floor. Materials without finishing are often chosen.

Patterns for Muslim dresses

The details for sewing are quite simple, the sewing process will not be difficult even for a novice craftswoman. Stocked up with natural fabric, a centimeter, needles, bias tape and thread.

Operation Sequence:

  • Measure the distance between outstretched arms.
  • The measured version is laid down along the length, which is multiplied by two, and the width is 1.5 m.
  • Fold the fabric in the middle, make an incision.
  • Top and bottom stitched.
  • Leave hand slots.
  • The center seam can be sewn to the neck or to the half, leaving room for the fasteners.

It remains to trim the necklines and cutouts for the arms with a bias tape. When improving skills, they select different fabrics for sewing, decorate the hem with embroidery.

Oriental beauties inspire admiration, and the fashion for Muslim outfits continues to hold its positions in popularity. Such dresses remain in demand now, and designers offer to replenish the fashionable wardrobe with modest and elegant clothes.

Long Sleeve Long Dresses

In all countries of the world, the dress is recognized as incredibly feminine clothing. And this is not surprising, because it is the dress that can so favorably emphasize the dignity of the silhouette, give it the maximum sophistication and beauty. For example, in Russia, girls can wear not only dresses, but also skirts, jeans, shorts, but in Muslim countries such clothes are treated badly. According to their laws, women’s clothing should be completely different from men’s, should not be modest, and in a Muslim woman’s wardrobe, you can find only Islamic dress and nothing else.

Popular styles of beautiful Islamic dresses for Muslim women

Islamic dresses are very different from those of women of other religions. Before proceeding directly to the styles, it is worth considering the main features of the Islamic dress:

  1. It must be closed. A long dress completely covers the woman’s body, the only thing that remains uncovered is the hands and face.
  2. The style of a Muslim woman’s attire is loose, there are no tight-fitting elements there.
  3. A dense, opaque fabric is used for sewing.
  4. Extensive dress decor, bright and flashy colors that would attract the attention of men are not allowed.
  5. Dress must not smell perfume.
  6. Islamic dress does not allow for neckline and cutouts.


Abay remains a classic of Islamic palty. This product has a wide cut and floor length. It has no belt and long sleeves.The color of such an outfit can be black, although designers embody other shades in their masterpieces. Abaya can be decorated on the sleeves, on the back and on the hem. But how classic summer dresses for every day will look like, you can see in the photo in this article.

Lace, appliques and inserts can be used as decoration. These dresses are distinguished by sleeves and a cape. For sewing such a dress, designers use silk, in which a woman can feel comfortable even in hot weather.Includes a head scarf.

Casual outfit made of staple and other fabrics

Modest and extremely simple cut is typical for everyday Islamic dress. Bright products are allowed to be worn only at home, but in society a girl should look simple and restrained. But at home, she can feel like a real queen. But how casual dresses for girls 10 years old will look like can be seen in the photo in this article.

By the way, an interesting question remains, can an Islamic dress be fashionable? The answer “yes” will surprise many, but it really is.Today, Muslim ladies are not required to stay at home and raise children.

They, like the women of Europe, go to work and lead an active social life. Naturally, any woman wants to look fashionable and modern. Designers take into account the wishes of their clients, therefore they create fashionable Islamic dresses, while always observing the line between fashion trends and religion.

Casual dresses can be distinguished by beautiful fabrics, interesting colors, subtle details and patterns.Modern products are made from cotton, denim, silk and staple. You can also see business Muslim dresses worn with jeans and trousers.

A Muslim woman is free to work in the office, but her dress must not violate the dress code. The product will be completely closed, the length is acceptable, and the hair should not be visible.

But what the most beautiful summer dresses look like, the information from this article will help you figure it out.

You can see a photo of beautiful summer dresses and sundresses in the photo in the content of this article.

You can find out more about beautiful fashionable dresses of large sizes here in the article:

You can find out more about beautiful prom dresses for mom in the content of this article.

Evening long dresses

For sewing Islamic evening dresses, designers use such expensive fabrics as silk, chiffon, velvet and staple. Beads, appliques and lace can be used for decoration.It is possible to complement the outfit with a scarf on the head. Despite the fact that the dress is selected for a party, it should still be closed. To learn more about Giovanni’s evening dresses, the information from this article will help.

In the photo-Islamic evening dress:

Wedding dress

An Islamic wedding is not worse than a European one. Naturally, the bride’s outfit will not have a corset, neckline, neckline or bare back. A Muslim wedding dress is much simpler, this does not prevent it from being beautiful.The girl’s face is hidden from the prying eyes of men. The hair is styled, the head is covered with an elegant scarf. To see how wedding dresses made from natural fabrics will look like, the information from this article will help to understand.

Expensive materials and decor are used for wedding dresses: pearls, stones, ruffles, lace. And although Muslim women strive to blend in with the crowd, they stand out against the background of European ladies. At the same time, they do not just stand out, but cause a certain fear, because it is not known who can be hiding under a black cape.

Manufacturers of different outfits

Today, the following brands are engaged in the production of Islamic dresses:

Kids Muslim Outfit for Girls

Despite their young age, Muslim girls should dress like grown ladies. Therefore, there are no special differences in the choice of different children’s dresses. If you need to choose an outfit to wear on the street, then parents choose Abaya for their little girls. Not so long ago, this dress was sewn from black fabric.It was cut loosely and featured long sleeves in a flowing silhouette. But what models of a sundress for the first class for a girl will be the best, the information from this article will help to understand.

Today you can see beautiful Islamic dresses decorated with embroidery, rhinestones and beads. Moreover, this decor is characteristic not only of adult outfits. From an early age, girls are taught to beautiful things and jewelry.

In the photo is Islamic dress for girls:

In addition, the traditional black color began to be replaced by other shades.Designers update their collections every year with abaya models. Thanks to this, every Muslim girl can look fashionable and beautiful. Even young beauties must wear a scarf on their heads. In some countries, a young girl or girl must wear a niqab before going outside. This is a headgear that completely covers the face, leaving only a slit for the eyes.

Islamic girls can wear jalabiya. This shirt dress is characterized by a loose fit and long sleeves.This outfit completely hides the silhouette. Most often, this dress is worn at home. But if the model contains decorative elements, then it can be worn even for a certain celebration.


Video review of Islamic dresses.

Although Islamic girls should wear closed and modest dresses, this is not a reason to look pretty and smart.

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