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What is Career Tarot Reading

Accurate Career Tarot Reading is done through a 3 card spread. Each card carries a symbolic meaning through which your professional success or failure is interpreted. There are 22 Major Arcana cards ranging from the Fool to the World. These cards represent some particular phases which one certainly encounters at one point in their life. Daily Tarot Reading is one of the most ancient forms to gain an insight into the future and know about different aspects of life, including career.

Career Tarot Reading not only tells you about the future of your career but also gives you an insight on the things that were hidden from you. This reading reveals what is working in your favor and what is not and then provide you with a direction that you were always looking for. Free Tarot Reading Prediction Prediction works on energies so one might stumble upon an information that they would have never known. When going for a Career Tarot Reading, one should be absolutely sure about the questions that they need answers for.

Are you unemployed? Want to change your job? Cannot find a work that you love doing? A Free Tarot Card Reading For Career can give you a deep insight on where you are headed in your professional life.

How Career Tarot Reading Will Benefit You

Know where you are going in your career and find out whether your direction is right or not through a Career Tarot Spread. This Free Career Path Tarot Reading will help you gain clarity on what you are doing in your professional life and whether you are doing it right or not and when will you achieve success. This reading will reveal the timeline of different stages of hard-work, accomplishments and rewards.

Have you already accomplished your goal or is there still more to achieve – everything that you wish to know will unfold through this insightful Career Tarot Reading. All you need to do is focus on that career-related question and keep it in your mind when you pick your cards. And, you will certainly find the answer!

With a Free Career Tarot Reading, you receive a complete insight into the positive and negative aspects of your career or professional life, which eventually enables you to work on your shortcomings and even take the right call.

Fortune teller | The Sims Wiki

Fortune teller

A fortune teller telling the future of a Sim.

Fortune teller is a career introduced in The Sims 3: Supernatural. It is split into two branches which are mystic and scam artist. Sims who have fortune teller as their career go to work at the gypsy wagon, a rabbit hole featured in the same pack.

They can apply the career at the available gypsy wagon in their town – although the only neighborhood that has the gypsy wagon is in Moonlight Falls – or at their computers and laptops. At level six of the career, they have to choose one of the two branches. One focuses on mystic powers while the other focuses on making Simoleons. Fortune tellers will need to gain their charisma and logic skills (scam artist) or alchemy skill (mystic) to progress in their career.

At level 2 of the career, they will have the “Perform Private Reading” interaction. This allows them to earn more Simoleons for their career and boosts their relationship with potential clientèle. This is a very important factor in progressing within the mystic branch.

At level 7 of the mystic branch, they will get discounts at any elixir consignment shop in the town.

At level 10 of the mystic branch, the Sim will have the “Mystic Aura”. This aura will provide a glow around them when they are performing a private reading near the gypsy wagon and will cause scientists and Sims with family-oriented, good, or friendly trait to dislike them.

At level 8 of the scam artist branch, if they ride a taxi or carpool to work before level 8, the transport will be replaced with a limousine.

At level 10 of the scam artist branch, they can “Hold Psychic Conventions”. These conventions can only be held at an interval of 2–3 days.

Career tones[]

As a fortune teller starts their career, they can choose one of seven different tones with different effects while working. Most of them progress their career quicker, but it will depend on what tone they chose.

Tone Description Details
Business as Usual Business as usual means putting in an average amount of effort at work, and receiving an average amount of recognition for your work.
Really Sell It Sometimes you just need to give it the extra metaphysical mile. Your hard work will be noticed.
Fake It Time to take it easy. Be vague, throw in some planet names, drop something about romance in the workplace and boom! Done
Meet Clientele Socialize a little. Take the time to get to know your clients. Increase relationships to clients a bit
Group Readings This is a fun and exciting way for professional fortune tellers to get together and waste a bunch of time. Increase relationships to co-workers
Learn from Mentor The best way to ascend to the next level is to find someone who has already done it, then suck up to them.
Peer Into the Unknown Just try not to freak out when it peers back! This tone increases your Sim’s Alchemy Skill.

Career levels[]

Level Name Description Work Time Compensation Performance Factors Perks
1 Horoscope Reader Some people have a special gift to see beyond our simple existence and interpret the movements of the universe itself, divine the patterns that guide all out fates. This gift can be shared with people for money. But will you focus on the simoleons, or on the strength of your astral-spiritual connection?
Days Off
1PM to 5PM
Promotional Bonus

2 Fortune Guesser As a Fortune Guesser, you’ll no longer have to read fortunes directly out of a newspaper. Now you can make up your own fortunes! Sure you’re only guessing, but mysticism is really not an exact science. Just don’t end readings by shrugging and saying, “I mean, I guess…” and you’ll do great!
Days Off
1PM to 6PM
Promotional Bonus
Mood, Clientele
Perform Private Reading interaction

3 Vague Visionary Vague Visionaries have just started to realize some of the universal patterns of fate. You’ll still do a lot of guesswork, but sometimes certain guesses just feel better than others. It’s almost as if you can see the path that another person’s life will take — or if not the path, the general direction that life will go in. With practice, you may develop this gift!
Days Off
1PM to 7PM
Promotional Bonus
Mood, Clientele

4 Palm Reader The first thing to check on someone’s palm is their “suspension of disbelief” line. As long as that’s nice and long, then you’ve got it made. The palm isn’t a literal roadmap to one’s fate, but its lines and patterns can help you focus on the connections between us and the heavenly bodies. Palm Readers do a decent business, and bonus: you get to hold a lot of people’s hands, which is sweet.
Days Off
1PM to 7PM
Promotional Bonus
Mood, Clientele, Private Readings Performed

5 Metaphysical Fabricator Would you like to hear your future? You are now well beyond trivial predictions like schoolyard crushes and who’s going to get that big promotion. Now you can speak to people about subjects no lesser than truth, causality, and existence itself. A lot of it is still made up, of course, but you make it sound good.
Days Off
1PM to 7PM
Promotional Bonus
Mood, Clientele, Private Readings Performed

Mystic branch[]

Level Name Description Work Time Compensation Performance Factors Perks
6 Conjurer of Cheap Tricks By incorperating small props in your routine, you will increase your client’s confidence in your predictions. Some may dismiss you as a Conjurer of Cheap Tricks, but they’re secretly impressed. By now your predictions arn’t entirely inaccurate, anyways. Some people just need a little showmanship to seal the deal.
Days Off
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Promotional Bonus
Alchemy 3-6
Mood, Clientele, Private Readings Performed

7 Spiritual Guide Spirit Guides get a lot of repeat business. When certain people feel turmoil in their lives, you are the one they will turn for solutions. They will think of you as their personal guide to metaphysical balance. It’s harder work — simple guesses and vague prophecies won’t work as well as they used to — but ultimately it is more rewarding.
Days Off
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Promotional Bonus
Alchemy 4-7
Mood, Clientele, Private Readings Performed
Discounts of prices at Elixir consignment shop

8 Traveler of Time and Space Sense is born from chaos. The complex patterns of fate become clear. You have developed a new sense that can transcend any of the limits of those tied to your body. With this Sight, you will see many things — other places, the future, the past, old friends long gone. As a Traveler of Time and Space, you can offer genuine guidance to those who need it — a service many will pay handsomely for!
Days Off
1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Promotional Bonus
Alchemy 6-8
Mood, Clientele, Private Readings Performed

9 Dealer of Destinies Dealers of Destiny work primarily with a deck of fortune teller’s cards. Long ago you thought that the cards spoke to the reader, who would interpret their instructions. In fact, the power is with you. You speak through the cards, which merely serve to illustrate the finer points of your extrasensory divinations.
Days Off
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Promotional Bonus
Alchemy 8-10
Mood, Clientele, Private Readings Performed

10 Master of Mysticism Well done! You have earned a title few others have: Master of Mysticism. Interpreting a chaotic mash of symbols, signs, emotions and flows of energy has now become as easy as following a recipe. The secrets of the universe are yours to discern, and yours to distribute however you see fit.
Days Off
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Promotional Bonus
Alchemy 9-10
Mood, Clientele, Private Readings Performed
Mystic Aura*
  • The mystic aura appears when a good Sim or a scientist is around and lowers a Sim’s relations with them.

Scam artist branch[]

Level Name Description Work Time Compensation Performance Factors Perks
6 Tarot Card Shark You might not be the best card reader, but all of your practice on trick shuffling is about to pay off. As long as people see you handle the cards well, they usually won’t question the predications you derive from them. It’s a lot like playing poker, except the other player pays you every single time.
Days Off
1PM to 6PM
Promotional Bonus
Charisma 3-6
Mood, Private Readings Performed

7 Keen Observer Of Human Behavior As a Keen Observer of Human Behavior, you will find that details are everything. People will think they are being reserved, but if you can read all of the subtle signals they give off they will practically be screaming the answers to you. They tell you what they want, you simply repeat it back! And they pay you for this!!
Days Off
1PM to 6PM
Promotional Bonus
Charisma 5-8, Logic 5-8
Mood, Private Readings Performed

8 Pseudo Psychic Now that you are a card-carrying Pseudo-Psychic, you understand that image is everything. Someone who looks that good and acts with that much confidence has to understand how things work, right? Be someone people want to be, then help them believe that THEY can be that person too. They will pay for your secrets!
Days Off
1PM to 5PM
Promotional Bonus
Charisma 7-9, Logic 7-9
Able to ride a limousine

9 Metaphysician If you are ready to be a full-time Metaphysician, then it’s time to tackle the big questions — questions like “What?” and “Why?” Fortunately for you, these questions are so broad that there is an infinite space of vague answers to explore. Go ahead, get creative! Have fun with it! The best fake Metaphysicians never spew the same garbage twice.
Days Off
1PM to 5PM
Promotional Bonus
Charisma 8-10, Logic 8-10

10 Celebrity Psychic This is it! You’ve hit the big time! As a Celebrity Psychic, you will be in demand from movie stars, politicians, famous athletes, and anyone else who can afford you. You can even hold your own psychic conventions and rake in some real Simoleons. The sky’s the limit. Remember, if you believe it, they’ll buy it!
Days Off
1PM to 4PM
Promotional Bonus
Charisma 9-10, Logic 9-10
Hold Psychic Convention at Theatres


  • Townies are often employed in this career at the start of the game.
  • An opportunity within the career for staying past the usual shift hours refers to Murphy’s law.

Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics Can Help With Questions About Love, Career and Life

A guide to online psychic reading, counting down the best free psychic readings services for accurate tarot readings, psychic mediums, future telling, love readings, palm readings, astrology readings, spiritual readings and more.

Problems are a part of life. Everyone had to endure and fight it. There are various service methods companies present with their different techniques to help and overcome the dark time of life. One of the services is called Psychic reading. The people who read your fortune on various devices are called psychics. Psychic reading is not a new game. It is a very old service provided to people in need.

Those who are confused in their choices and are stuck in life can opt for these services to get a hint or clear their doubts regarding any decision. Of course, they will not be told outright what they should do. It is their decision, and they should be able to make it. It is not that clients can visit these psychics only when they are in problems; no, they can visit the sites when they have a big decision to make that can change their whole life if they are confused about it. This could help users to make the right choice.

>> Get clarity on your love, relations and finances with a free psychic reading

A glimpse into the future and the coming days, past and the present, can tell a lot about a person’s life. With the pandemic circling the whole world, it’s safer for people to stay at home and use these services online. Experts like online psychics are available on the online sites that provide psychic reading like horoscope reading, numerology, psychic mediums, tarot card readings, spiritual readings, love readings by love psychics, future telling, astrology readings.

Live psychics are available 24 x 7 for the benefit of the people to get a session whenever they want and wherever they want. We know that many fraud sites have emerged and are using their same services to make money. Being wary of such fraud sites is a sensible thing. That is why we present four credible online websites that only provide good and authentic service but are also very famous.

Most people are unaware of these fabulous websites that have the power to change a person’s life with their psychic reading.

Best Free Psychic Reading Online Services For Accurate & Live Readings:

Kasamba – Great for love and relationship advice (3 Minutes Free +50% Discount)

California Psychics – Great for tarot readings ($1 per minute + 5 free minutes)

Keen Psychics – Great for accurate readings on big life decisions (10 minutes for $1.99 only)

Psychic Source – Great for career and money advice (Free 3 minutes +75% discount)

A detailed review of these websites is given to understand and choose the best one for you.


This is probably one of the best psychic websites available online. People don’t worry if they don’t know what to do after reaching this site; they have the best navigational features to guide the user. Users can easily be connected to any live psychics and get started. They can ask them about the services and choose if they are new to the field. Psychic reading online is very easy and comfortable for people who are usually shy in front of strangers and are not very keen to get their psychic reading.

Prominent features

  • The first 3 minutes are free for new customers by Kasamba.
  • A 50% discount is available as an offer if a person is still interested in psychic reading after the 3-minute session with the online psychics.
  • The customer can avail all the psychic reading services by online chats or phone, for which phone psychics and chat psychics are available all the time.
  • If the customer wants to chat in real-time, then live psychics are present for this service. They can guide people and remove their worries by talking to them in real-time.
  • Horoscope reading, dream analysis, aura readings, rune casts, fortune telling, crystal readings, pet psychics, astrological predictions, numerology, psychic medium, tarot card readings, and much more are present customers
  • Famous for love readings by love psychics and live psychics.
  • Online psychics are extremely talented and experienced in their fields of expertise.
  • Money-back guarantee offers are also present to people who are still unsatisfied with the answers.
  • Simple registration to be completed when the customers are new to this website to keep track of the customers. The information of customers is kept confidential.

>> Try Kasamba Gifted Psychics – 3 First Minutes For Free

Benefits of choosing Kasamba

  • One of the top free psychic reading websites famous for the accurate readings provided to the people. Many customers have seen a positive transformation in their life after abiding by the advice of the live psychics present on Kasamba.
  • Several options for the offers are present so that people can choose what suits best to their needs.
  • The online psychics are passed through a screening process and then selected based on their previous work and experience in the subjects.
  • Separate psychics are available for the different types of psychic reading.
  • The option of selecting their psychic is available to the customer. If the customer is confused, then a psychic is provided to the person to get started.
  • 50% discount offers are present for the regular customers.
  • Psychic readings by phone or chat options are given to the people to choose according to their needs.

With 15 years of unmatched experience, Kasamba has grown widely to give its services to the people in need. With such affordable and competitive prices, people can get and know anything their heart desires. Take career advice from the advisor on the website or love readings by love psychics. If a person faces financial problems, they can ask the experts for fortune-telling or astrology predictions to get a hint of where they should continue for success.

People can choose daily horoscopes if they want to get on day by day. They can also get your readings by phone if you don’t have much time to spare. Always be clear of what you have to ask the online psychics to make full use of the session. Online psychics are present from all over the world, so that it makes it easier for the customers to choose their psychics based on geographical location if they want.

A review page for the psychics is available on the websites to write about their experience with the psychics. This way, the new members can read those if they want and decide which psychic to choose. Detailed categories and sections are present on the website to navigate easily and select what they require if they are unsure of what to choose when they can get in touch with an advisor to help them realize what they need.

People can always change their advisors if they are unsatisfied with the present one. There is nothing compulsory to the options for the customers. Many customers feel that numbers are the best way to reveal the answers to their questions, so they opt for numerology instead of fortune telling or tarot card readings.

Visit Kasamba Best Psychic Readers Via Phone Or Live Chat

California Psychics

This website is giving valuable and authentic psychic readings to customers for the past 25 years now. The easy navigation and unique features of this website make it different from other fortune-telling websites. The art of psychic readings is not something every person will understand, and those who do might not be very talented and gifted to read the signs and aura of a person.

Reading fortunes is not a child’s play, and we certainly take it seriously when it is a matter of life-altering decisions for the people. The online psychics present are specialized in different topics such as finance-related doubts, career advice, love life, relationships, business, and so on. The people can choose the topics and the psychics they prefer and get on with the session right away.

People with any doubts regarding their information’s privacy should know that their information is not revealed to third parties at any cost. Still, if they are not comfortable with the live sessions, they can interact with their psychics via phone calls or email, or texts.

Prominent features

  • A dollar is charged for every minute of the sessions with the psychics on the website.
  • Using the promotional offers present on the site can give a person five additional minutes if they are interested in asking more questions.
  • A special promotional offer of 80% discount is also available on the website so that people can resolve their issues without any considerable dent in their pocket.
  • Phone psychics and chat psychics options are present for the people to choose if they are not comfortable talking to the psychics face to face.
  • A horde of options for the love psychics, live psychics, phone psychics, and chat psychics are present so that the customers can choose what they want from a wide number of options.
  • The new customers who do not have any experience yet with the online psychics can see the ratings for the psychics on their website to make a good decision.
  • Along with the various promotional offers, a partial refund of money is also available for the customers if they are not satisfied with the previous session with online psychics.
  • Daily horoscopes are provided to the customers if they register themselves on the website. A simple registration can keep them updated on the offers that California Psychics gives.

Try California Psychics Here – Enjoy 5 Free Minutes

Benefits of choosing California Psychics

  • The satisfaction of the customers is important. Online psychics present make sure to clear any doubts and not to put any more confusing questions in the customer’s head.
  • The services provided by California Psychics remain active 24 x 7 for people all over the world. They have to choose the right topic and prepare the questions and ask the psychic right away.
  • The rates are very low, and people can get their preferred type of psychic reading done in no time. The offers are not only present for the new customers but also the regular and old ones. The charges are only 1 dollar for a minute. A single session can be very useful for the customer to know what is needed.
  • Talented and extremely professional psychics use pendulums and i-Chings, and other objects to read the aura around the patient and give them accurate readings.
  • A customer can opt for different types of psychic reading to know the accuracy of the answers and what they need to do.
  • No appointments are necessary, and the customers can start the session with their preferred psychic right away.
  • With many seers available, there is no shortage of live psychics, and the customer can start the session anytime they can spare from their busy life.

Seeking psychics is not limited to when a person has problems to be solved or wants guidance in their life. People can also reach the psychics to get some peace from their busy and stressful life. Spiritual advisors are present to give people spiritual advice and calm their minds to feel peace and relax accordingly.

California Psychics: Accurate predictions, $1/min – Click Here To Start

Keen Psychics

The life of a person is like a rollercoaster ride that has numerous ups and downs. To reach the upper part, it goes through the lower part. Similarly, dark times come in a person’s life, but that does not mean that it will not worsen. The hope and energy required to make it better are sometimes overpowered by the stress caused to them.

What they require can be given to them through these psychics present on Keen Psychics. The mystical readings can sometimes reinstate the inner peace that was lost in daily life. Psychic readings can give hope to people who have tumbled down in the dark valleys and have no urge to live their life.

Online psychics are selected only based on their performance and experience. No one enters without a good screening process and strict verification. The clients can search for a particular psychic through the filters in the categories. If people are worried about their love life and trying to save their relationship, your search ends here. The love psychics can give accurate predictions to the customers and advise whether they should continue or end the relationship, whatever is better for the client.

Different modes of readings are present for the comfort of people. Choose phone psychics or chat psychics to get the readings via phone or messaging in no time. People can visit this website for the best psychic reading online experience.

Prominent features

  • Special introductory offers are presented for the new members of the website with 10 minutes of the session with their favorite psychics at just $1.99 after the first free 3 minutes. The lowest rates are available on this website. Customers should hurry and grab this impossible deal and get a chance to transform their lives.
  • Every service and offer is open for 24 hours of the day for the whole week. People can get their advice whenever they want.
  • Keen Psychics is famous and known for the accurate love readings by the experts present. There are different psychics available for each, relationships, love life, career advice, business, etc.
  • Different special offers with ranging prices are present for the people to choose from.
  • Phone psychics options are available, along with texting them when required.
  • Communication with the customers is easy with regional psychics available.
  • The seers are divided based on tools they use, skills, and specializations in different categories.
  • Reviews and ratings on the psychics are also present so that the customer can choose accordingly. After the sessions, the person can give the ratings to the psychic according to their level of satisfaction with the answers provided.
  • Psychic phone readings are available for the customers to use whenever they feel necessary.

Benefits of choosing Keen Psychics:

  • Once the person has registered on the website, they can benefit from a free trial with their psychics.
  • This website is known widely for the love psychics that can give accurate readings and advice for the love life and relationships of the people.
  • There is not even a single day of the year when the website is unavailable. The seers are present all the time for the customers. A schedule can be hectic. That is why the customers can interact with the psychics whenever they are free to do so.
  • Huge numbers of psychics are present on the site to meet the growing demands of the people. They can choose from a wide variety of psychics and begin the session at their time.
  • The information of the client is kept hidden all the time for pry eyes.
  • They provide high-quality readings to the customers on the phone and emails too.
  • There are several experts present for every variety of problems.
  • Unmatched and unique offers for the new and old members of the customers.
  • A lot of experience in dealing with the millions of customers patiently, listening to their worries, and giving accurate readings and sensible advice.
  • Various options of payments are available, including PayPal, to ease the payment process for the customer.

Along with all this, this website is also very famous for the accurate tarot card readings given to millions of customers. It is no doubt that millions of people have faith in Keen Psychics, and this faith does not come very easily. The customers can at least take advantage of a free trial to know if they need the sessions or not.

Connect to Keen gifted psychic advisors 10 minutes for only $1.99

Psychic Source

Best known for the accurate mystical predictions and true visions for the seers. This website is dedicated to the well-being of the client that reaches to it for help and hope. Psychic Source has three decades of experience dealing with customers and giving life-changing predictions to those who need it. The predictions are the truths and mysteries which need to be unraveled by the customers with the guide of the seers.

Often only a small push is needed for a person to emerge from the shallow pits of despair and move towards a better life filled with opportunities. A bad situation can shatter the will and hope of a person, but with the help of some guidance and support, the person can overcome the obstacles in life to live in better conditions.

We are lucky to be surrounded by friends and families, but not everyone has that to their advantage, and therefore, when a deep end comes, they fall right into it, with no one around them to care and mentor them. This is where the psychics are extremely useful. They provide guidance and hope to the person without any second thoughts about race, caste, religion, and any other type of discrimination.

The right balance between the soul and the body is necessary to obtain inner peace in mind. If these two factors are at odds, then no solution can take them to the right path. Spiritual advisors are present on the websites to calm their minds and help them obtain peace from the wars raging inside their heads.

No violation of nature is done to get accurate predictions. The seers are extremely skilled and extraordinary. They can sense the other worlds and get answers for the mystical objects for the person in despair.

Prominent features

  • Psychic Source is known for fortune telling, tarot card readings, career guidance, love readings, finance psychics.
  • Different reading modes are available, like live readings through video calls, messaging through chat psychics, and call through phone psychics.
  • A wide variety of psychic readings are present for the customers. They can choose tarot card readings, energy healing, career advice, spiritual healing, astrological predictions, aura readings, counseling, love readings, and so on.
  • For the new members, special offers are available such as the first 3 minutes are free with a 75% discount on the rest of the session should the customer decide to continue.
  • The online psychics are present 24 x 7 for the service of the customers. The customers can access the session online at any time they wish.
  • Free psychic reading online is available and the best feature of Psychic Source.

Benefits of Choosing Psychic Source :

  • Psychic Source has always made it a priority to make the sessions comfortable for the customers to talk about their problems freely. A comfortable environment is very important for the customer to talk without any hesitation or fear.
  • Affordable rates are set up for the customers to benefit from psychic readings without spending a considerable amount of money.
  • The video sessions are most beneficial for the client since the seers can peer into their faces and recognize the aura around them. This leads to better results and accurate predictions.
  • Dream analysis, spiritual guidance, astrological predictions, tarot card readings, psychic mediums, angel card readings, and more options are present for the people. If they remain satisfied with one reading, they can choose the alternatives to get accurate readings and see what suits them.
  • Free psychic reading is available on this website. But this does not mean it is not authentic. Top-quality readings are given to the customers to resolve their doubts in the best possible way.
  • Data of the customer is not revealed to anyone at any cost. The information is confidential and is required to keep track of the customers.

People can have access to the top-notch psychics available at affordable rates. Even a piece of small advice can alter their whole life. It can save someone from drowning in despair. The guidance and care shown by the seers can allow people to get on with their life day by day until they are independent to move on with no worries.

People have to understand that this is not a magical potion that can take away all the problems when drunk. Healing of the mind takes some time, and with the help of some spiritual advice and predictions, the process of healing is increased by a great factor.

Visit Psychic Source Top-Rated Psychics For Free 3 Minutes Readings

Tools Required For a Psychic Reading

A psychic can use several tools to predict something or give mystical readings to a person. These tools usually help the psychic to extend their abilities and give accurate predictions. Most psychics are well versed in one of the tools to help them read the otherworldly signs.

  • Tarot cards : The total number of cards in the deck is 78, containing different symbols and images. There can be several interpretations of each symbol depending upon the person’s questions in his/her mind.

  • Astrology : Some people may not believe in fortune-telling, but the stars are proof of the existence of other worlds, and to study the stars and obtain answers for the customer is a good way for making accurate predictions.

What Types of Matters Can Be Discussed With The Psychics?

  • Past life : The present and the future depends heavily on the past life of a person. Sometimes even a small realization of the situations that happened in the past can help people to live the present time in a better way. Experiencing moments that we thought had happened before and had some troubling dreams can be resolved by peeking into the past and knowing the Source can help a lot to get on with life peacefully.

  • Love life and Relationships : There are dark times in your relationships when you will like nothing is left in it. Whether it is because the partners don’t have time for each other or trust between them is no longer present. For a relationship to be long-lasting and beautiful, it has to be nurtured with care and affection. A small piece of advice can do wonders and revive a dying bond between two souls.

  • Career : Time and constant energy is required to build an outstanding career. Career advice helps a lot in deciding what to choose and which path to take. Sometimes people have to make the bold choice of leaving one thing and starting the other; it requires strong will and energy, and some guidance and support will help a lot in making that choice successful.

  • Finance : Money is an equally important thing necessary to get food and comforts from time to time. Loss in business and reduction in income can cause stress and panic, impacting mental and physical health.

  • Pets : Pets are like family members, and if something bad happens to them, then the pain and suffering caused through that incident can be overwhelming. Even bad behavior of the pets can lead to unanswered questions. In these cases, consulting with pet psychics can lead to all the answers about why they might be showing these types of behaviors.

  • Lost items : It is possible that if a person loses something of great value, it can cause great discomfort and stress in your life. Even after searching numerous times, they might not have any luck. This can be easily solved with the help of a psychic. They can find and track the object for you with the enhanced senses and with the tools to amplify their search to a wider range.

  • Lost person : If a person goes missing, then it is an equally stressful situation. The client is not aware of the situation in which the person may be present. In case the client wants to know the whereabouts of the missing person, they can try the psychics to get the missing person’s location. With the help of psychic tools, the psychic might give an idea, if not a precise location, as to where the person may be found.

The client can ask their queries about life problems without hesitation and worry from the extraordinary seers present on these authentic sites. The psychic reading will surely be a good way to help people out.

Best Online Fortune Teller Sites That Are Free to Try in 2021

From our adolescence, we are fascinated by revelations, love readings, tarot cards, mind reading, relationship meters, and so on. Even if it is not taken seriously, we enjoy doing research on these types of topics.

Finding the best fortune teller online can be challenging. How do you know which fortune-telling services are genuine when there are so many to choose from? Many of these websites charge a fee for a consultation. We have curated the list of the best online fortune teller websites that are completely free.

All of the sites have been reviewed to give you a good idea of the services available. We’ve discussed where to look for experts with real talent. We’ve also looked into what we thought about before deciding on these locations. The customer reviews will assist you in determining which one best suits you based on your preferences.

Top 5 Best Online Fortune Tellers Sites For Accurate Fortune Telling

  1. Kasamba – Free For First 3 Minutes & Best Fortune Teller Site Overall
  2. Keen – Most Accurate & Best For Beginners
  3. AskNow – Best For Phone Readings
  4. Oranum – Best Wide Selection of Astrologers
  5. Mysticsense – Free Tarot Readings For 5 Minutes

#1. Kasamba – Free For 3 Mins & Best Fortune Teller Site Overall


Kasamba has dozens of psychics with different specialties if you are new to online fortune-telling or just curious about what they offer. These can range from general readings to more detailed readings using a variety of tools such as horoscopes and tarot cards.

Kasamba provides customers with several options for contacting them. You can choose to have online fortune telling, which allows you to communicate with one of their fortune-tellers via a live chat platform. Alternatively, if you prefer an offline session, you can send a list of questions to one of their top online psychics and receive responses via email.

Kasamba’s psychics have a low starting price of $1.99 per minute. Those with more experience, on the other hand, can be quite costly, charging upwards of $20 per minute. As a result, to avoid disappointment, choose a fortune teller online that you can afford after the free trial.

With their satisfaction guarantee, the site demonstrates trust in their fortune-tellers. If you are unhappy with your first reading, you can get a refund of up to $50. It is considered as #1 best online tarot reading site.


  1. Widely regarded as the best psychics in the United States.
  2. Offers three free minutes as well as a 50% discount on your first reading.
  3. Each psychic has a page dedicated to them, complete with testimonials.
  4. For tarot card readings and career advice, this is one of the best fortune-telling websites.
  5. Customers have the option to request a refund.
  6. The Kasamba app is available for reading on the go.


  1. There are currently no video call readings available.
  2. Psychics with a high level of expertise can be quite costly.

What We Like About Kasamba

Readings Of High Quality Via Phone And Chat System 

Kasamba is also well-known for online fortune telling over the phone or chatting. Kasamba uses a different system to provide the best experience to their customers who want to connect with experts through chat and phone medium. These high-quality readings never fail to provide customers with a solution to their problems.

Connection With Live Psychic Experts 

Kasamba provides all of the features and the best experience possible to assist their customers in resolving their unanswered questions and issues.

Customers benefit from live connectivity with experts because it allows them to connect more effectively and accurately transfer their data and emotions. Tarot readings, dream interpretation, situation analysis, and other types of fortune-telling are all available during these live sessions.

Kasamba Is A Discount Program

Kasamba offers a 3-minute free promotional bonus to new users who visit the Kasamba portal for the first time. This feature assists customers in comprehending Kasamba’s process and operational structure, allowing them to select the best live psychics for their needs. All customers will find the session prices to be very reasonable.

Tarot Readings At Kasamba

Kasamba is well-known for its tarot card readers. These experts have years of experience and can read their customers’ minds in a matter of seconds.

Customers can easily rate experts and compare their ratings to those of previous customers using the rating system. These online fortune telling sessions will change the way you see the world and possibly change your entire world because of the experience and insights you gain.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for the Best Discount

#2. Keen – Most Accurate & Best For Beginners


When you are looking for a fortune-teller online who uses astrology, Keen has the most experts with relevant subspecialties. They have a dozen readers who specialize in Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology, as well as a dozen readers who can provide general astrological readings.

Keen psychics provide a variety of fortune-telling services, including phone or chat readings, as well as readings delivered directly to your inbox. There are over 1,700 fortune tellers in 24 categories, so whether you are looking for love psychics, tarot readers, or pet psychics, you will be able to find the right one for you.

Keen psychics give new clients three free minutes, which is a common practice among fortune-teller websites. After these minutes have passed, you will be required to pay to continue reading. Although Keen’s initial prices are low, more popular and experienced readers can expect to pay more than $9.99 per minute. Please keep in mind that the free minutes are only valid for the first psychic you consult.


  1. New visitors get a free $9.99 in fortune-telling credits.
  2. There are many different types of psychics, each specializing in a different field.
  3. There are several languages and time zones to choose from.
  4. For face-to-face readings, this is the best option.
  5. There is a wealth of information available on every psychic.


  1. Web design is a little cluttered.
  2. Package prices are extremely high.

What We Like About Keen

A Wide Range Of Divination Tools Are Available

To conduct information drills with their customers, keen psychics experts use a variety of divination tools such as runes, crystals, tarot, and so on. This feature expands Keen’s operational capabilities and attracts more customers.

Various Genres 

One of the unique aspects of Keen is that they offer advice in a variety of genres, including love, finance, career, destiny, family, and relationships. Having such a diverse set of sections allows them to better understand their customers’ problems and direct them to the best experts in their field.

Customers can easily connect with experts who have extensive experience in the field, resulting in a sense of comfort for the customer and a more effective resolution to the problem.

Psychics Who Have Been Verified 

All of the online fortune tellers in the Keen portal had undergone a series of tests to determine their skill and accuracy in their respective fields. It will be best to have verified experts assist you in solving your problems and answering your unanswered questions. Keen uses a variety of screening processes to assess their experts’ abilities and rate them based on their results in the screening tests.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keen for the Best Discount

#3. AskNow – Best For Phone Readings


Since 2004, AskNow has been an online fortune-telling service, providing answers to thousands of customers from all over the world via phone or chat. AskNow’s network includes a wide range of psychic mediums and tarot readers, with some advisors having as much as 20 years of experience.

Every psychic’s profile includes information about their qualifications, areas of expertise, and a brief bio. While AskNow is best known for its phone chat readings, some advisors also offer online chatting on topics such as love and relationships, numerology, past lives, and other services.

You can look through their online directory to see which of their highly-rated online fortune tellers are available at any given time. You can filter their advisors by category, price, reading type, and availability if you need help finding the best psychic for your needs. If you’re a bilingual person, you’ll appreciate the fact that AskNow provides readings in both English and Spanish.

For first-time clients, AskNow has a fantastic deal: up to 30 minutes for just $1 per minute, plus five free minutes with one of their master psychics. You do not have to use all of the minutes at once because they are valid for a year.


  1. During their first reading, new users get five minutes free.
  2. Psychics with credentials and years of experience are available online.
  3. Customers can select from a variety of low-cost package deals.
  4. Runes and crystals are among the divination tools she employs.
  5. Readings are available in both English and Spanish.


  1. Only a few fortune tellers provide online chatting fortune-telling.
  2. There are no discounts for higher package levels.
  3. Filtering options are limited.

What We Like About AskNow

Communication Methods

For their reading, users can choose from a variety of communication methods, including online chat, phone calls, and emails. For those who prefer to receive their reading face-to-face, video calls are available.

Verified Users

Those who choose to seek answers to their questions on this psychic platform can rest assured that the site is safe and secure. Before using the site’s services, users must first verify their identity by clicking on the link sent to them.

Verified Psychics

Hundreds of experienced and reliable psychics are available on the platform all over the world. And the majority of them have at least ten years of experience giving readings using various forms of divination. Others specialize in astrology, numerology, energy work, dream interpretations, angel card readings, lost object readings, and a variety of other subjects.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of AskNow for the Best Discount

#4. Oranum – Best Wide Selection of Astrologers


Oranum provides a unique fortune-telling online experience compared to the other sites. Its platform is centered on video chat, and all fortune telling is conducted via a live webcam. Every week, each psychic hosts a live public session for users to observe the readers in action.

Oranum users can filter the list of available psychics using a variety of search terms. Tarot readings, love readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, and even sound healing are among the fortune-telling services offered.

Oranum not only has a wide range of psychic practices to choose from, but it also has psychic mediums who speak a variety of languages in addition to English.

Oranum does not provide the standard free three minutes. Instead, before you spend any money, you can speak with the psychic of your choice. Before beginning any online fortune telling, this is a great way to make sure you have a good connection with them. When new users sign up, they will also receive a $9.99 credit.

Oranum is the obvious choice for anyone who prefers online fortune telling via video out of all the fortune-telling websites we reviewed. Try Oranum if you prefer receiving answers from a psychic while you can physically see them during your session.


  1. New visitors get a free $9.99 in fortune-telling credits.
  2. There are many different types of psychics, each specializing in a different field.
  3. There are several languages and time zones to choose from.
  4. The best option for face-to-face readings.
  5. There is a wealth of information available on every psychic.


  1. Web design is a little cluttered.
  2. Package prices are extremely high.

What We Like About Oranum

Experts Of Various Types 

Oranum has over 200 psychic medium reading experts on their website, each with its own unique approach to understanding customers and providing the best possible readings.

Discount System

Oranum is offering a tantalizing 10-minute free system to new members, which will undoubtedly be the best feature because it will assist the customer in understanding the portal and how it works. After these free 10 minutes, the per-minute pricing is very reasonable for everyone.

User-Friendly Interface

The Oranum website’s interface is quite pleasing and alluring, which attracts customers. On their website, they offer a variety of features such as chat, video calls, and a phone reading system.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Oranum for the Best Discount

#5. Mysticsense – Free Tarot Readings For 5 Minutes



Mysticsense is for people who are looking for a way to succeed in life. Mysticsense psychics can help you get the answers you need, whether it is in your career, relationship, or any other area of your life, so you can move forward with some self-assurance.

When you first arrive on this website, you are greeted with a warm feeling. Within seconds, a helpful chat pop-up appears, asking if there is anything else you require. In most cases, the team is extremely responsive and will respond to your question within seconds.

There are many different types of readings and psychics available, and you should try them all until you find the right one for you. Your sessions can be as long or as short as you want. You can have your psychic session over the phone, via webchat, SMS, or video call, depending on your preferences.

There are a variety of specialties available, including fortune-tellers, pet mediums, and love psychics. So, if you’re looking for a talented psychic with a variety of different specializations, this is a great place to start.


  1. A discussion board where you can ask questions and receive answers.
  2. Social media accounts where you can keep up to date on all platforms
  3. Pick a psychic from many different categories.
  4. Excellent spiritual blog with new articles on a wide range of subjects.
  5. You can communicate with psychics in a variety of ways.
  6. You are entitled to 5 minutes of free time.


  1. No mobile app for it.
  2. No free horoscopes on this website.

What We Like About Mysticsense

Details On How To Avoid Scams

The detailed section on how to avoid scams on Mysticsense is particularly noteworthy. On their “What is a fortune-telling” page, they offer a variety of scam prevention tips, such as avoiding fear tactics or promises of wealth. The fact that Mysticsense took the time to create this page increased our trust in their platform significantly.

Money-Back Guarantee

Their website provides a page dedicated to their return policy. You have 48 hours to request a refund if you are unhappy with your reading. Their team will look into your situation and determine whether or not you are eligible for a refund.

Tested Psychics

Routine psychic quality checks are performed by the platform to ensure that certain standards are met. They also have a thorough interview process for potential fortune tellers, where they discuss the applicant’s ethical stances. To demonstrate their ability, they must also perform a reading.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense for the Best Discount

Factors Considered While Choosing These Sites

When choosing a fortune-telling website, people should consider several factors, just as they would when selecting any other service or product. We’ve included some pointers below.

  • Special Services Offered 

The majority of fortune-telling websites provide a variety of services. Some practitioners stick to the fundamentals, such as tarot readings, horoscope readings, love readings, and career advice. Others specialize in less well-known areas such as Feng Shui, Vedic astrology, and Tik Pan San Sou.

Oranum has the widest range of psychic specialties, according to our research. The types of readings available at any given time depend on which fortune tellers are online at the time, but if the specialist of your choice is not available, you can always schedule an appointment.

You are in luck if you are looking for online fortune telling for free. Several of the best psychic networks offer free fortune-telling for the first three minutes to new customers, followed by discounted rates. If you want to keep reading after the free trial ends, you can do so or end the session without spending any money.

  • Years Of Professional Experience 

Three of our top picks for the best fortune-telling website online have been around for more than 20 years, and even the newest psychic websites have been around for at least ten years. As product reviewers, we expect them to have figured out what works for people looking for psychic services in this amount of time.

On each platform, you will find fortune-tellers with a wide range of experience, including some who have been practicing for more than 45 years. Of course, there are talented and skilled psychics who have less experience, and their insights can be just as valuable as those who have been mediums for a long time.

Client reviews of online fortune tellers can provide invaluable information about the type of experience to expect from a particular advisor, just as reading the opinions of a product reviewer can help you decide whether or not to buy.

Customer reviews allow you to see the psychic through the eyes of others, while the psychic’s bio and profile information are useful for seeing how they present themselves. There is no better way to get a feel for what your reading will be like than to do so.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction 

In the end, the majority of the fortune-telling online websites we examined provide some form of satisfaction guarantee. These options range from a five-minute website credit to a full refund of your session fee. Other sites do not provide a guarantee, but they allow you to chat with potential advisors before you pay. Check the guarantee policy of whichever website you decide to work with.

Most of our favorite fortune-telling websites provide a variety of online fortune-telling options. The best psychics can usually be reached by phone, chat, or video. People have been calling psychics for years, long before the internet made other methods possible. If you would rather think about your questions or analyze the psychic’s responses before asking follow-up questions, an email reading might be ideal for you.

FAQs About Online Fortune Telling Sites

Q. How Can You Tell If The Online Fortune Telling Expert Is Genuine? 

Checking the reviews of previous customers of that fortune-telling expert is the most effective way to determine whether or not your psychic expert is authorized. You can easily check out the reviews of previous customers in the website’s portal and identify your choice.

Q. What Is the Purpose Of A Fortune Telling? 

For centuries, people have turned to psychics, tarot readers, mediums, fortune tellers, and astrologers for guidance. When you are making a big decision or have questions about your life, love, or career, getting insights into the future or your destiny can help you stay on track.

A genuine fortune teller can see things clearly from a higher perspective to provide answers and sound advice. Even if you just want to know the meaning of a strange dream you had last night, Kasamba’s best psychics can assist you.

Q. What Are The Different Types Of Reading?

Websites offer a variety of psychic readings. Some advisors use psychic gifts, while others use trusted tools or ancient systems. Some psychics specialize in love and relationships, career predictions, past lives, dream interpretation, pet communication, etc. The following are some of the most common psychic readings:


While all advisors have strong intuitive abilities, some are truly gifted clairvoyants who specialize in fortune-telling through hearing or feeling messages and seeing into the future.

Reading The Tarot

To answer questions and provide insights into pressing questions, tarot cards are drawn one at a time or arranged in spreads.


Astrologers use the stars to chart your life’s path. They have access to your past lives, destiny, relationships, and other information.


A gifted psychic medium can receive messages from departed loved ones, angels, and pets.


A numerologist can give you deep insights into your destiny and life path by using your birthdate.

Q. Is A Phone Fortune-Telling More Effective Than Face-to-Face Fortune-Telling? 

The answer to this question can be found in the customer’s thought process. Many customers prefer phone psychics or chat psychics to avoid face-to-face interactions with their psychics because they are more comfortable with virtual readings.

However, many customers prefer to interact in person in order to better express their emotions and thoughts. It is entirely up to the customer’s preference.

Q. Why Should Customers Take Advantage Of A Free Online Fortune Telling Session? 

A free 5-10 minute online fortune telling session for a new member to a particular portal will assist the customer in understanding the site’s operational process. It also provides a sense of relaxation to new members.

Q. During A Fortune-Telling Session on the Phone, What Kinds Of Questions Can A Customer Ask? 

The types of questions asked by fortune-telling experts and customers vary depending on the genre of the call. A customer can ask the phone psychic experts of love and relationship, advice about their relationship and love life. Career, love, education, depression, finance, destiny, family, and many other genres are among them. Customers can select their preferred genre and then discuss it with a professional.

For Example:

  • What does the future hold for my family and me?
  • What can I do to help my family achieve peace?
  • How do you feel about my chosen career path? Is it in desperate need of some makeover?
  • What can I do to find a job that I’m passionate about?
  • To repair my relationship, I’ll need help. What is the universe’s take on the situation?
  • It appears that I am unable to find suitable partners. What can I do to find a better match for myself?

Q. What Should Customers Know Before Contacting A Fortune Teller Expert? 

Customers should be aware that chatting and talking on the phone will only send data and information to the other person. Chatting cannot transfer a person’s sense of emotions or actual feelings.

The most important thing to know is to ask the chat fortune-tellers questions and how to phrase them. Another important consideration is that in a chatting system, you must exercise patience and allow time for the expert to respond.

Q. What Is The Best Way To Find Websites With The Best Fortune Tellers? 

People should consider a few key factors when determining whether or not a fortune-telling website is legitimate. These factors include how long the company has been in operation, the number and quality of customer reviews, and whether it provides customer service and/or a satisfaction guarantee to dissatisfied customers.

Genuine psychic services will provide a way for customers to communicate with them after their readings and refund options.

Q. What Should You Do If Your Online Fortune Telling Is Incorrect? 

Your reading could go wrong for a variety of reasons: perhaps you or the energy of a fortune teller was off, or perhaps the answers made little sense to you.

In any case, it is a good idea to wait a few days to see if any situations arise that correspond to your reading. A good advisor does not always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, readings can take a while to click.

If you believe the fortune teller was completely inaccurate and has a negative feeling about the entire session, you have the option to terminate the meeting and request a refund.

Q. What Is The Best Way To Contact An Online fortune teller? 

The following are some of the most common methods used by the best fortune telling sites:

  • Phone Readings
  • Chat
  • Video conferencing
  • Readings via email
  • Psychic consultations on Facebook

Phone readings are increasingly being done over the internet. Because you cannot see the online psychics, phone readings differ from live video readings.

Before getting a psychic reading, you will need to create an account on the vast majority of online fortune-telling sites, including the best ones. This could include entering credit card or PayPal information, so be sure to read the fine print of any introductory offer. In most cases, a free psychic reading lasts only a few minutes.

Conclusion – Which Online Fortune Teller Site Do We Recommend?

There were some of the top online fortune teller sites we recommend. When the future appears uncertain and difficult decisions lie ahead, it is not uncommon to seek the assistance of an online psychic to get the answers you require.

Every site mentioned above has great reviews and will help you in every way possible with the best service you need. Out of these sites, we recommend Kasamba and Keen as our choices for the top two sites. They provide refunds if you are not satisfied and amazing customer service which is there to assist you right away.

Best Fortune Tellers for Online Fortune Telling By Psychic Readers Experts

NEW YORK, Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The best fortune tellers for online fortune telling, psychic reading and tarot card reading platform providing authentic readings services Via Phone Call, Live Chat and App for over two decades has recently announced that all new clients can get 3 first minute’s free psychic reading online along with 70% off for first readings session, more about Kasamba new offer can be seen Here.

Looking for a way to get clear direction in life? Then Kasamba can help with its various types of consulting in different fields. One can choose any of them according to his or her requirements and preferences. The best part is it is also offering free 3 minutes on every new advisor.

Kasamba is an online spiritual consulting platform that has experienced and skilled online psychics. It has been providing psychic reading online for years and is one of the best platforms to get quality psychic consulting. It provides consulting in several niches and categories. Also, it has one of the best psychic consultants that provide one with honest and genuine advice. 

One can contact Kasamba consultants for various life problems such as career change, marriage, true love consulting, interpreting dreams, job, consequences of life decisions, and many more. No matter what is one’s requirements or preferences, Kasamba provides consulting in every category. 

Kasamba offers one of the best psychic reading in the world and one can find skilled advisors that can help to provide the best consulting. Kasamba was established in 1999 and it has been more than 20 years that they are helping people to get assurance and right answers in life. 

With the help of Kasamba, one can get answers to some of the most difficult situations of life. This is done with the help of skilled advisers who use special gifts and spiritual tools. It offers consulting in various niches such as Tarot reading, Fortune reading, future reading, Numerology, Astrology, love advice, and many more. It also offers a free 3 minutes trial with every new advisor. This can be a great way to get a better understanding of the psychic advisor.

Due to a large number of categories, it is considered one of the best psychic consulting sites in the world. Each niche contains specialized and skilled advisors and one can choose any of them. Some of the niches that are available on Kasamba are as follows:

Psychic readings – In this, one can get answers to various difficult questions of life. It helps to deliver assurance and clearness in life. It helps to furnish one with self-confidence and strong will power so that he or she can face the most difficult situations of life. With the help of this, one can get a realistic approach to life.

Love and relationship-related consulting – In this as the name suggests, one can find answers to any love, connection, friendship, true love, marriage, divorce, break up, or any other type of query. He or she has the freedom to ask any type of question to the advisor who will, in turn, provide the most genuine and honest answers. It can help to deliver better insights and guidance so that one can take the most right decisions. However, it is advisable not to ask any question involving a particular date. This is because no advisor can give an exact date.

Tarot online – This can be one of the most famous categories since there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about tarot reading. In this, a deck of 78-cards is used to help furnish with the most accurate and precise consulting. Each card represents different symbols from traditions that further connects one to life’s meaning and questions. Kasamba has skilled tarot readers that try their level best to deliver one with the best consulting possible. 

Astrology consulting – Astrology refers to the science of stars. However, it is much more than just a science of stars. In this category, the movement of various planets for a particular individual and its effects on that individual is studied. The movements of planets can have different types of influences on different people. This category can help one to know the changes and transitions taking place in one’s life. It can help to deliver a better understanding of the past, present as well as future, and thus, assists to deliver clear direction in life.

Interpretation of dreams – Has anyone ever got a weird dream in his or her life? Then here Kasamba can help to understand the deep meaning of his or her dream. It can help one to get a better insight into one’s feelings and emotions. Different symbols represent different meanings based on one’s cultural background, spiritual belief, life experiences, and many more. This can help one to identify feelings and find a clear direction in life.

Past life consulting – This consulting helps to get a better insight and understanding of one’s past life and experiences. Some people can have the influence of their past lives in their present lives as well. Past life consulting can help to clear one’s doubt regarding present lives mysteries, current issues, recurring dreams, and many more. Kasamba has highly skilled advisers for past life consulting and one can choose any of them.

Palm reading – Palm reading is one of the oldest ways to know about one’s life and destiny. Kasamba delivers one of the best palm consulting and can help one to get a better idea of his or her personality future experiences. It can also help one to know about his or her past and present life experiences and thus can furnish one with a clear direction in life. Kasamba has skilled professionals that can help to deliver on with the most genuine and palm consulting. 

Career Forecasts – As the name suggests, this category can help one to choose the right career path. It also includes consulting with when one is changing or starting a new job. It can help to clear various questions and problems of life. One can get job satisfaction as well as financial success with the help of skilled advisors at Kasamba.

Numerology Consulting – Numbers can have a crucial influence on one’s life and existence. It helps one to know about his or her strengths, weaknesses, jobs, career, education, and many more. Kasamba consists of various skilled numerologists that can deliver the right life path and many more things. 

Fortune Telling and fortune-tellers – Kasamba delivers one of the best consulting in fortune and future reading. It can help one to get a better insight into his or her future circumstances and destiny. Kasamaba fortune tellers are one of the best advisors and can assist one to get genuine and true advice. 

The future teller can furnish one with assurance and the right guidance needed for a satisfying life. Whether it is about love, health, financial success, education, social life, or anything else, Kasamba has highly experienced and skilled fortune tellers, and one can choose any of them based on his or her requirements and preferences. 

Fortune-telling is the practice of knowing about various future events. Fortune tellers can use various tools and methods to furnish one with the most accurate and honest advice. Some of the most popular fortune-telling techniques can include fortune-telling through cards, pendulums, crystal spheres, and astrology. Some fortune-tellers can also take the help of spirits and after world to deliver one with the most precise answers. 

Kasamba has about 185 qualified fortune tellers. Each fortune teller has specific skills and uses distinct methods and tools. One can check out the profile of different fortune tellers and choose according to his or her requirements. Each fortune teller’s account consists of all the details such as price, rating, view, availability, and many more things. Some of the best fortune tellers are given below:

Psychic reader and healer – He is one of the top psychic readers on Kasamba. His specialization is in fortune-telling, tarot reading, and love related matters.  He has more than 22 thousand reviews and a 5-star rating. One can get psychic consulting through chat or phone and the fee for getting consulting from him is $23.99.

Best psychic readings – This psychic reader has been delivering consulting for more than 12 years. His specialization is fortune-telling, spirituality, and religion, numerology, and love related matters. With the help of this psychic, one can get an idea about his or her destiny and future events and also get guidance for life. He has more than 29 thousand reviews and a 5-star rating. One can get consulting through phone, chat, or email, and the fee for consulting is $4.99.

Immense spark n aura – This is another great psychic present on Kasamba. Her specialization includes fortune telling, spirituality, religion, dream interpretation, and love related matters. She has inherited her psychic abilities from her family and delivers spiritual guidance as well. She has more than 14 thousand reviews and a 5-star rating. The fee for consulting is $27.00 and one can get consulting through phone or chat. 

Immense love – She is one of the best Kasamba future tellers and has a 5-star rating. Her specialization includes Fortune telling, spiritual guidance, career consulting, and love related matters. This psychic consultant has been delivering her services since 16 and gives accurate and quality advice. She has more than 7 thousand reviews and the fee for consulting is $30.00. One can get reading through phone or chat.

Goldeneye – This fortune teller is one of the most popular fortune tellers at Kasamba with more than 26 thousand reviews on her profile. Her specification includes fortune telling, spiritual guidance, tarot reading, and love related matters. She has a 5-star rating and one can get psychic consulting through phone, chat, or email. The fee for consulting is $6.99. 

Intuitive Advisor – This psychic advisor has been delivering quality and true guidance for 15 years. Her specializations include fortune telling, spiritual guidance, palm reading, and love related matters. One can get consulting through phone, chat, or email. The fee for consisting is $9.98. She has more than 8 thousand reviews and a 5-star rating on her profile.

Rani – The psychic – This psychic advisor has been practicing psychic consulting for about 26 years and also completed 6 years at Kasamba. Her specializations include fortune telling, spiritual guidance, palm reading, and love related matters. One can get consulting through phone, chat, or email. The fee for consisting is $4.98. She has more than 17 thousand reviews and a 5-star rating on her profile.

Apart from these, there is still a large range of psychic consultants on Kasamba. One can choose any advisor based on one’s needs. It also delivers 3 minutes of a free trial with every new advisor. It also gives various other discounts such as 70 percent off on the first session. More about Kasamba can be found on the Kasamba official site here

SOURCE Kasamba

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If you could, would you help predict people’s futures and analyze their past and present situations, online? Would you help provide love, money, success, or career advice to folks who need to find clarity in life?

Then you might be the right candidate for this article!

But what are online psychic jobs, even?

Good question!

It’s simply being able to monetize your psychic expertise online – by helping give answers to people’s pressing questions. Psychic expertise entails dream interpretation, tarot reading, astrology, to name but a few.

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But first things first.

How Can You Become a Psychic?

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have the other-worldly sense.

Ever felt someone was staring at you, then you turned around only to confirm your fears? Or, ever had a random thought of someone cross your mind, only for you to bump into them later in the day?

These are signs you might be an advisor, but let’s explore this work-at-home career further.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Psychic?

If you want to be one of the best psychics out there, some of the expertise you need to become an advisor include:

  • Predicting the future
  • Seeing the invisible (aka remote viewing)
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Contacting your spirit guides
  • Reading people’s energies
  • Hearing things beyond the physical world

How to Learn Psychic Skills

Learning psychic reading can be daunting. But to make the thing a breeze, you can enroll in top online courses, such as these:

1. The Psychic School

One of the best sites when it comes to learning psychic skills, The Psychic School offers tools to help awaken your natural clairvoyance. They help unlock your ability to find answers to the biggest issues, read the spirit of the folks around you, communicate with angels, etc.

This “global classroom” offers their services online or via phone. They also offer clairvoyant meditation classes and you can use this coupon to get 50% off: CRYSTALGAZER101 

And if you want to check out their readings before you sign up as a student, you can get a free reading and use this coupon for your free reading: CRYSTALGAZERFREE

The Psychic School offers a wide array of professional readings and healings which you can learn through their services or even get a reading as a customer interested in their future, past, and present.

2. Portland Psychic School Online

This site offers training, workshops, classes, community events, and more, so you can harness your expertise.

Courses range from healing (astral body, etc.), readings (aura, past life, etc.), and meditation. 

They offer their services via phone or video.

3. Clairvoyant Centre of Hawaii

Practice your spiritual abilities on this site that offers tools to help you connect with your inner divinity.

Here, you’ll learn clairvoyance readings and healings, and the various meditation techniques you can employ in your clairvoyance journey.

This school offers all of its training, workshops, and classes via teleconferencing. Meaning, you can use their assistance wherever you are.

4. Udemy Psychic Courses

At Udemy, you can enroll in a wide array of courses – remote viewing, energy healing, spirituality, intuition, and more – to help hone your expertise. Their top courses include psychic tarot coaching, love readings, how to be a medium, etc.

They help you find the right courses; you only need to answer a few questions.

Plus, in case you aren’t satisfied with a thing in your first 30 days of training, they’re happy to give back your money. It’s how serious they are! 

Which Books Are Good for Psychic Learning?

1. Clairvoyance

This book, by Tabitha Zalot, helps you develop your psychic intuition by being able to see the invisible. Among the things you’ll learn include:

  • How to boost your intuition
  • The various categories of clairvoyance
  • How to see the world with a clairvoyant’s eyes
  • How you can be of help with your psychic abilities

2. Psychic Development for Beginners

Written by William W. Hewitt, this book helps you harness your psychic senses. By reading it, you can master a variety of psychic techniques, including:

  • Divination
  • Psychic healing
  • Astral projection
  • Communicating with spiritual beings

3. Psychic Empath

In her book, Kimberly Moon teaches about psychic and empath secrets. She delves deep into intuition, aura reading, clairvoyance, and more.

The first part of the book digs into key factors, including:

  • Psychic healing
  • Connecting with spirit guides
  • Connecting with the spiritual realm
  • Dream interpretation

The same holds for the second part of the book, which dives into things such as:

  • Signs of an intuitive empath
  • The attraction between empaths and narcissists
  • The various empath categories
  • The common empath myths

4. You Are Psychic

Debra Lynne Katz helps you master the art of clairvoyance and healing – she even shares her own readings in her book. Some of the topics you’ll bump into include:

  • Protection techniques
  • Psychic readings
  • Clairvoyant healing methods
  • Communicating with your spirit guides

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What Types of Psychic Readers Are There?


These advisors give a psychic reading by sensing or feeling things. Often, clairsentients get messages in the form of a sound, taste, or feeling. Which explains why the psychics can pick up on people’s emotions – and sense a change in energy around them. 


Once they’ve tapped into someone’s energy, clairvoyants can see visions and images that relate to the person’s life – past, present, and future – directly. It’s how the psychics are able to give psychic readings online, helping give answers to people’s most pressing concerns.


These work-at-home advisors can hear paranormal messages, even while dreaming. Which explains why the psychics can help pass information (from departed loved ones) to someone from the spiritual realm.

Medium Psychics

A medium gives a psychic reading by contacting the spirit world. The psychics tap into the spirit energy around you, connecting with the non-living beings – angels, spirit guides, the dead – to deliver messages to you.

Tarot/Card Readers

Psychics give tarot readings to help you gain insight into your past, present, and future. Analyzing cards can help provide deep information about someone. Even if you need help on whether your current partner is the one or not, these psychics could help.


Astrology has to do with planetary positions. The psychics in this area also make use of your time, date, and place of birth to analyze your present – and predict the future. It’s how astrology helps solve the unsolved mysteries in your life.

Pet Psychics

These readers communicate with animals to let you know what the creatures are thinking. If your cat is scared of someone, or your dog seems agitated prior to going out on a trip, it could be time you sought a pet reader.

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How Much Do Psychics Earn?

Some psychics take home more than others. Yet, averagely, work-at-home psychics earn an hourly rate of $99, according to PayScale.

While seasoned psychics earn more than beginner ones, the amount you’re going to take home is dependent on many factors.

How large of a client base do you command? Are they even loyal to you? But repeat customers ensure a consistent revenue stream.

Accuracy can make you earn more than others, too. If your psychic readings are accurate enough, you stand a good chance to increase – and maintain – your client base.

It’s also important to note that different ports charge differently for their services, and so do the various independent psychics on these sites. Which can affect your earning power.

Which Is Better: Psychic Phone Jobs, Psychic Chat Jobs, or Psychic Video Jobs?

As a psychic, you can communicate via various modes, including phone readings. It depends on two things: what customers prefer the most and how much money you’d like to make as you work at home.

Let’s dig in a bit.

Most clients prefer readings by video call. Flipping the same coin, video readings are costlier than other contact modes. Consequently, people on a budget might prefer cheaper alternatives to a video session.

This takes us to the psychic chat jobs. These are the cheapest of all the psychic reading jobs, probably because no visuals are involved in a chat session. 

Phone reading jobs, on the other hand, are neither expensive nor cheap – most phone readings are priced reasonably. They can be a good deal, as many people prefer them to other advisor jobs.

Should I Have My Own Psychic Company or Join an Agency?

Good question!

But let’s start by asking these… What are your goals? How heavy is your wallet? How knowledgeable are you in the psychic (and marketing) field?

It’s just that while either owning your business or joining an agency is going to allow you to exercise your expertise, for money, the two are different to some extent.

Of course, by owning a business, you’ll likely enjoy a decent revenue stream, provided you’ve got an established customer base. With an urgency, your profit margins could be limited, considering the agency takes away a certain amount from your earnings.

Owning your own company comes with a sizable chunk of responsibilities. You’ll need to deal with almost everything, including marketing and advertising. Meaning, if your pockets are heavy, and you know what you’re getting into, owning your own company could work for you.

Do I Need Experience to Get a Psychic Job?

While psychics with experience are more likely to get a job opportunity, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a job without experience. Don’t we all need to start from somewhere, and experience doesn’t have to lock us out? Being a work-at-home reader is no different. 

You can get started by offering your services for free, or at a lower price, to attract customers on a given psychic site. People like freebies. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the various contact modes (chat, phone, video), either.

Once you’ve earned the trust of a reasonable number of customers, you’ll want to increase your price, depending on the psychic site you’re using. The best way to earn new customers’ trust is to encourage previous customers to leave feedback, especially if they’re satisfied with your readings.

New customers like reading feedback from previous users before using a service.

What Are the Best Psychic Jobs Out There?

Learning how to be an advisor isn’t enough. You need to exercise your expertise out there. And here’s why you might want to try out a site like Kasamba.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into numerology, astrology, love readings, tarot readings, horoscopes, etc., but this site may have a job opportunity for you.

Register with your email address – the process costs $50, and ensure your account has a strong password.

You’ll need to create an online profile page, too. This is where you’ll show off your specialties (tarot cards, rune casting, numerology, etc), qualifications, and even experience.

You’ll also state your availability and how you’d like to connect with clients – email, live chat session, or phone call; the choice is yours. If you want, you can include your phone number.

Finish up by uploading a photo – your profile information is incomplete without it.

Finally, your profile page is ready to be listed among available ones. And users can find you by various metrics, including specialty and per-minute rate.

Whether you’re looking to work at home full- or part-time, this site lets you choose your working hours. You get to set your own fees as well, which is a plus.

The large member base means you might never run short of clients. And the fact that you can acquaint yourself with other readers via the site’s expert forums is a bonus.

The customer service at Kasamba is open 24 hours a day. You can call or email them (or even chat with them) whenever you have any questions or need more information on something.

Did we say Kasamba boasts a thorough screening process? But it’s with reason that they offer their customers a satisfaction guarantee.

In case you want to check out first how their psychics work to see if you’re a good fit, you can get three minutes free with each new psychic you choose. Read more about Kasamba in this detailed review of Kasamba.

Is Psychic Reading Stressful?

Yes and no. Psychic reading can be stressful for beginners, which makes sense. And it can be less stressful for professionals, depending on how long the psychics have mastered the art.

Also, understand that being an advisor is something that’s going to need patience, discipline, persistence, and practice. You’re not going to take shortcuts here and there and expect to succeed in this field.

You need to go through the steps!

Recap on How to Be a Psychic: Best Psychic Jobs

Learning how to be a psychic (and related work) need not be a daunting task, especially if you do it right. The same thing goes for when it comes to finding the best advisor-jobs online. Leading sites hiring psychics seek top talent, and they could offer you a job.

How to Give Psychic Readings Online: Evaluate Your Progress

The most important thing is to evaluate your progress. Ask your customers if your predictions are accurate or near-accurate – and if they prefer chat, phone, or video-call readings. If you’re way far from accuracy, it could be time to go back to the drawing board.

Nevertheless, we hope you explore your career (aka psychic readings online) hassle-free – considering we’ve provided answers to your most pressing questions.

Still, if you’re here and are professional, please share with us your journey as an expert in the field.

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Fortune Teller Career (03/27/2021) for The Sims 4 – The Sims 4 Mods

Translation from AnnieHugss : Download

This is my version of the Fortune Teller career in The Sims 3 with some changes to make it better for The Sims 4! The biggest changes are the addition of the Mischief skill to the Scam Artist tree and the conversion of the Sims 3 Alchemy skill to the Sims 4 Spellcaster ranks. The days in this career are short, so your caster sim will have plenty of time to focus on sorcery as well.

Horoscope Reader (Level 1):
Info 😕 20 / hour; 1 PM-5PM M_W_FSS
Objective: Achieve level 2 charisma.
Description: Some people have a special gift to see beyond our simple existence and to interpret the movements of the universe itself, to predict the laws that govern all destinies. This gift can be shared with people for money. But will you focus on simoleons or on the strength of your astral-spiritual connection?

Guess (Level 2): ​​
Info:? 24 / hour; 13:00 – 21:00 M_W_FSS; ? 240 Promo Bonus
Goal: Reach Level 3 Charisma
Description: Like Guessing, you no longer have to read fortunes straight from the newspaper.Now you can create your own states! Of course, you are only guessing, but mysticism is not really an exact science. Just don’t end your reading by shrugging your shoulders and saying, “I mean, I think …” and you will succeed!

Uncertain Seer (Level 3):
Info 😕 30 / hour; 13:00 – 17:00 M_W_FSS; ? 288 Promotional Bonus
Goal: Reach Level 4 Charisma
Description: Vague seers have just begun to grasp some universal patterns of fate.You will still be making a lot of guesses, but sometimes some guesses feel better than others. It’s almost as if you could see the path that another person’s life will take, or, if not the path, then the general direction that life will take. With practice, you can develop this gift!

Palm Reader (Level 4):
Info 😕 38 / hour; 13:00 – 17:00 M_W_FSS; ? 360 Promo Bonus
Goal: Reach 5th Charisma Level
Description: The first thing to check in someone’s palm is the “disbelief suspension” line.As long as it is beautiful and long, it means that you have succeeded. The palm is not a literal guide to human destiny, but its lines and patterns can help you focus on the connections between us and the heavenly bodies. Palm Readers run decent business and get bonuses: you can hold a lot of people in your hands, which is nice.

Metaphysical Manufacturer (Level 5):
Info 😕 48 / hour; 13:00 – 17:00 M_W_FSS; 456 Promo Bonus
Goal: Reach Charisma Level 6.
Description: Would you like to hear your future? You have now far surpassed trivial predictions like schoolyards crashing and who will get that big promotion. Now you can talk to people about things no less than truth, causality, and existence itself. Of course, a lot of this is still invented, but you sound good. Caster


Cheap trick branches (level 6):
Info 😕 63 / hour; 13:00 – 21:00 M_W_FSS; ? 660 Promo Bonus
Purpose: Become a Caster
Description.By incorporating small items into your routine, you will increase your client’s confidence in their predictions. Some may fire you as the Cheap Trick Magician, but they are secretly impressed. Your predictions are not entirely inaccurate at this time. Some people just need a little skill to close the deal.

Spiritual Guide (Level 7):
Info 😕 80 / hour; 13:00 – 21:00 __W_FSS; 984 Promotional Bonus
Purpose: Become a neophyte spellcaster
Description: Spirit guides get a lot of repetition.When certain people feel cluttered in their lives, you are the one they will seek solutions to. They will think of you as their personal guide to metaphysical balance. It’s hard work – simple guesses and vague prophecies won’t work the way they used to – but it will ultimately be more rewarding.

Traveler in time and space (level 8):
Info 😕 118 / hour; 13:00 – 21:00 __W_FSS; ? 1644 Promotional Bonus
Purpose: Become an Acolyte Caster
Description: Meaning is born out of chaos.The complex patterns of fate become clear. You have developed a new sense that can transcend any limits of those who are attached to your body. With this Vision, you will see many things – other places, the future, the past, friends long gone. As a Traveler of Time and Space, you can offer genuine guidance to those in need – a service many will pay handsomely for!

Fate Trader (Level 9):
Info 😕 207 / hour; 13:00 – 17:00 ____FSS; ? 3072 Promotional Bonus
Purpose: Become a Master Caster
Description: Dealers of Destiny work primarily with the cards of the Luck deck.A long time ago, you thought flashcards spoke to a reader who interpreted their instructions. In fact, the strength is with you. You speak through flashcards that simply serve to illustrate the intricacies of your psychic divination.

Mystic Master (Level 10):
Info 😕 419 / hour; 1 PM-5PM _____SS; ? 5340 Promotional bonus
Target: N / A
Description: Well done! You have earned a title that several others have: Master of Mysticism. Interpreting a chaotic mixture of symbols, signs, emotions and energy flows is now as easy as following a recipe.The secrets of the universe are yours so that you can discern them, and yours to distribute as you see fit.

Scam Artist Branch

Shark Tarot Card (Level 6):
Info 😕 75 / hour; 13:00 – 18:00 _TWTFS_; ? 660 Promo bonus
Goal: reach the 7th level of charisma; Reaching Level 3 Trouble
Description: You may not be the best card reader, but all your practice of shuffling tricks will pay off. As long as people see that you are good with the cards, they usually won’t question the predictions you get from them.It’s very similar to playing poker, except that the other player pays you every time.

Enthusiastic Observer of Human Behavior (Level 7):
Info 😕 130 / hour; 13:00 – 18:00 __WTFS_; 984 Promo bonus
Goal: reach 8th level of charisma; Reach Harm Level 5
Description: As a keen observer of human behavior, you will find that detail is everything. People will think they are reserved, but if you can read all the subtle signals they give off, they will practically shout out answers to you.They tell you what they want, you just repeat it back! And they pay you to do it !!

Pseudo-psychic (level 8):
Information 😕 249 / hour; 13:00 – 17:00 ___TFS_; 1644 Promotional bonus
Goal: Reach the 9th level of charisma; Reach Harm Level 7
Description: Now that you are a pseudo-psyche with a map, you understand that the image is everything. Someone who looks so good and acts with such confidence should understand how things work, right? Be who people want to be and help them believe that THEY can be that person too.They will pay for your secrets!

Metaphysician (Level 9):
Information 😕 381 / hour; 13:00 – 17:00 ___TFS_; 3072 Promotional Bonus
Target: Max Charisma; Max Beda
Description: If you are ready to become a full-time Metaphysician, then it’s time to tackle the big questions – questions like “What?” and why? “Luckily for you, these questions are so broad that there are endless vague answers. Go ahead, get creative! Have fun with it! The best fake metaphysicians never throw the same trash away twice.

Celebrity psychics (level 10):
Information: 768 euros / hour; 13:00 – 16:00 ___TFS_; ? 5340 Promo Bonus
Target: N / A
Description: This is it! You are in a great time! As a psychic, you will be in demand by movie stars, politicians, famous athletes and everyone who can afford you. You can even have your own psychic conventions and play around with some real simoleons. The sky is the limit. Remember, if you believe it, they will buy it!

90,000 I don’t believe it! How psychics and fortune-tellers cheat

https: // / 20201218 / ekstrasensy-1589858230.html

I don’t believe it! How psychics and fortune-tellers cheat

I don’t believe! How psychics and fortune-tellers cheat – RIA Novosti, 12/18/2020

I do not believe! How psychics and fortune-tellers cheat

A psychic can make a blind person see or tell in detail about your life (even calling the names of relatives). So convincing that even skeptics think: what is this if not a miracle? Are there paranormal abilities and can they be imitated? Together with the magician Nikolai Fomushin, we reveal the techniques that “clairvoyants” use.

2020-12-18T12: 00

2020-12-18T12: 00

2020-12-18T12: 00

I don’t believe!



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I don’t believe it! How psychics and fortune-tellers cheat

A psychic can make a blind person see or tell in detail about your life (even calling the names of relatives).So convincing that even skeptics think: what is this if not a miracle? Are there paranormal abilities and can they be imitated? Together with the magician Nikolai Fomushin, we reveal the techniques used by “clairvoyants”

audio / mpeg

I don’t believe! How psychics and fortune-tellers cheat

A psychic can make a blind person see or tell in detail about your life (even calling the names of relatives). So convincing that even skeptics think: what is this if not a miracle? Are there paranormal abilities and can they be imitated? Together with the magician Nikolai Fomushin we reveal the techniques used by “clairvoyants”

audio / mpeg

The illusionist Nikolai Fomushin is a member of the expert council of the Harry Houdini Prize – it promises a million people who will prove the existence of paranormal abilities.So far, none of the candidates has been able to pass the preliminary test. How are they tested, and what are the “abilities” of those “psychics” we see on TV shows based on? And why does it seem to us that the predictions of Nostradamus come true, and some of our dreams are “prophetic”? 02:20 How the Harry Houdini Prize Expert Council tests psychics 06:00 “You can guess at least by a cold battery” 09:38 How can you “give sight” to a blind person 13:00 Why people who call themselves psychics are first of all good psychologists 16:30 “ I broke the mirror – and the coronavirus immediately began ”17:30 Why none of the psychics predicted the virus and bought dollars at 3018: 35 Nostradamus and Wanga: how such predictions work20: 31“ He has a ring – perhaps marriage problems.. ”: Discussing“ cold reading ”21:45 How fortune-tellers and mentalists use“ hot reading ”24:10 Is it worth exposing magicians? And psychics? 27:15 Why we overestimate the importance of random coincidences Listen to RIA Novosti podcasts and subscribe to them in mobile applications: for iPhone – iTunes, for Android – Google Podcasts. You can use Yandex.Music, Castbox and Soundstream with any device. Download the selected application and type in the search bar “RIA Novosti” or the name of the podcast.How and where to subscribe to podcasts for free Take a survey and tell us about your impressions Ask us, suggest us, argue with us: [email protected]

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/


RIA Novosti

internet-group @

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA Rossiya Segodnya

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/



https: // ria. ru / docs / about / copyright.html

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA ” Russia Today ”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

https: //►:559:357_1920x0_80_0_0_75b6613715079c83e5f7ab8b8a1bd1df.jpg

RIA Novosti

[email protected] 950005-6000604 7 4

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

audio, podcast, wang

A psychic can make a blind person see or tell in detail about your life (even calling the names of relatives).So convincing that even skeptics think: what is this if not a miracle? Are there paranormal abilities and can they be imitated? Together with the magician Nikolai Fomushin, we reveal the techniques that “clairvoyants” use.

The illusionist Nikolai Fomushin is a member of the expert council of the Harry Houdini Prize – it promises a million to a person who will prove the existence of paranormal abilities. So far, none of the candidates has been able to pass the preliminary test. How are they tested, and what are the “abilities” of those “psychics” we see on TV shows based on? And why does it seem to us that the predictions of Nostradamus come true, and some of our dreams are “prophetic”?

02:20 As an expert council of the Harry Houdini Prize tests psychics

06:00 “You can guess at least by a cold battery”

09:38 How can you “give sight” to a blind person

13: 00 Why people who call themselves psychics are first of all good psychologists

16:30 “I broke the mirror – and the coronavirus immediately started”

17:30 Why did none of the psychics predict the virus and buy dollars by 30

18:35 Nostradamus and Wanga: how similar predictions work

20:31 “He has a ring – possibly a marriage problem.. ”: Discussing“ cold reading ”

21:45 How fortune-tellers and mentalists use“ hot reading ”

24:10 Should you expose magicians? And psychics?

27:15 Why we overestimate the importance of random coincidences

Listen to RIA Novosti podcasts and subscribe to them in mobile applications: for iPhone – iTunes, for Android – Google Podcasts. With any device, you can use Yandex.Music, Castbox and Soundstream. Download the selected application and type in the search bar “RIA Novosti” or the name of the podcast. How and where for free subscribe to podcasts

Editing by Svetlana Vinogradova

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Magical services of a good fortune teller grandmother in St.Nyagan |

  1. Help of a good clairvoyant grandmother of a fortune teller in the city of Nyagan;
  2. Free online fortune telling in the development of a situation;
  3. Find the address and telephone number of the best fortune-teller of the witch, where the witch is receiving;

I live in Nyagan – I am a practicing fortune teller and clairvoyant, I will help you find a way out of any situation, even the most difficult one, do not despair. With reliable and time-tested magic rituals, I will help to solve any of the most difficult problems.I will give advice on how to act in a difficult or different situation, I will warn about success and failure! I will speak of loyalty and true love
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I am a clairvoyant fortune teller living in the city of Nyagan, I will conduct a fortune-telling, and you will find out:

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What gives a visit to a clairvoyant fortuneteller in the mountains.Nyagane

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90,000 Dreaming of fortune-tellers, dreaming of what this means for fortune-tellers

What do you mean when you dream of fortune telling? Dreaming of fortune tellers, okay? Dream-tellers have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imaginations of dreamers.Please see ( below for a detailed explanation of Dream Divination Storytellers.

Dream of a fortune teller, predicting that you will be tormented because of hard work.

Dreaming of seeing a fortune teller means that you are currently experiencing setbacks and want to use external force to eliminate setbacks, but visiting a fortune teller will undoubtedly reflect your psychological fate. Thus, the dream of fortune-tellers shows that you lack security in the future, lack of initiative in people and things, and disappointment increases, so dreaming of fortune-tellers symbolizes career and love disappointment.

dreamed that he would become a fortune teller, wondered to others that he would be very successful in his career.

Dream to see a fortune teller tell you that you are counting something in your heart.

A dream of fortune-telling, fortune-telling, fortune-telling for oneself, indicating that the dreamer is happy in his personal life, but his career is not going well.

Dreaming that he is a fortune-teller tells fortune-telling to others, indicating that the dreamer’s plan will be a complete success.

When you dream of finding a fortune teller, you say that the dreamer is worried about something bad for you, and you must be very careful to overcome difficulties. For women, there is a choice that you have to choose between two fans, which is very frustrating for you.

Dream to see a fortune teller (fortune teller), if a fortune teller in a dream has advice for you, you can turn to him. And if you doubt the fortune teller in a dream, this means that fate is in your hands, and you do not need to pay attention to what others are saying.

Analysis of Mr. Meng Jian’s Fortune-Telling Case

I’m a bit superstitious. Sometimes I go to fortune telling. I dreamed that I met a fortune teller. He had to tell me the gossip. He said I would go for a peach blossom luck. I said he was talking nonsense. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis. The dream of fortune telling is a symbol of emotions and success. Divination dreams show that something is being calculated in your mind. A fortune-telling dream means that you are happy in your personal life, but not happy in your career.The dream that you predict fate portends your plan for achieving complete success.

If you dream of drawing lots, it means that you cannot solve many important issues, such as marriage or work.

Dreams of astrology show that you want to predict your future and the future in your heart.

90,000 fortune-teller’s prediction, showdown with Ibra, victory over leukemia / Football Club

“Match of Life” among football bestsellers on the Italian Amazon and in a hundred best-selling biographies (you can buy it for 18.5 euros).We advise you to read it in its entirety if you know Italian or if a translation will come out. It was very difficult to choose stories for the text. But we tried.

In her youth, a fortune teller predicted the future for Mikhailovich: many children, a career in Italy and a serious illness

In the early 90s, a fortune teller named Cleopatra was very popular in Yugoslavia. On weekends, she came to Belgrade, checked into a hotel, and hundreds of people stood in line to get rid of the evil eye or find out what their life would be like.

Mikhailovich’s teammate in “Crvena Zvezda” Vladan Lukich turned to Cleopatra and presented her with a poster with a photo of the team – the fortuneteller’s granddaughter was a cheerleader. Seeing Sinisha in the picture, Cleopatra said that he had to come to her: “He will get into an accident within a week, and he has some problems at home.”

Mikhailovich was a little over 20 (Sinisha played in Zvezda from 1991 to 1993), he sent Lukic, saying that he did not believe in such things. Four days later at night he was driving with a friend to a disco – a car crashed into Sinishi’s car, the driver fell asleep at the wheel.The footballer was not injured, but remembered the words of Cleopatra. Moreover, there really were problems at home. Mikhailovich often felt bad, quarreled with his parents who came for the weekend, his father felt sick at night. Sinisha told the fortuneteller about all this. “Some girl put a spell on you,” she explained.

At the sideboard of the house of Sinisha I found a package, and inside – a cloth bag with nails and dry branches, into which a needle wrapped in hair was stuck. “This is to make you quarrel with family and friends.This girl considers them enemies. Don’t let her into the house, don’t accept gifts from her, ”Cleopatra said.

Mikhailovich realized that this was about Marina – he met with her several times, invited her home, but did not make any plans. Soon the girl really brought him a gift – seeing her, Sinisha rushed to the car, started the engine, but Marina managed to throw the bundle out the car window. Mikhailovich immediately rushed to Cleopatra. The bag contained a piece of rope with many knots. The fortune-teller threw him out and said that Sinisha would never see this girl again.The situation at home improved.

And Cleopatra also made several predictions:

– “Your parents will never return to the place where you were born.” Sinishi’s hometown is Vukovar, his parents will leave during the war.

– “Someone will wear a uniform in your family.” Mikhailovich’s brother became a policeman.

– “You will have many children, more than four. But one will not live with you. ” The eldest son of Mikhailovich Marko lives with his mother. In a marriage with Arianna, Sinisha has five children.

– “You will play in Italy and stay there for a long time.” Mikhailovic played 14 years in Serie A, where he began his coaching career and for the last 12 years has been working with Italian clubs, with the exception of one and a half years in the Serbian national team and two weeks in Portuguese Sporting.

– “At 50 you will get very sick. But you can handle it, and then you will achieve great success. ” Sinisha was 50 years and five months old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Mikhailovich underwent three courses of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant – the disease subsided.

Youth in the third division of Yugoslavia: Mikhailovich was hunted, he learned to give back

Sinisha got the first ball when he was 6 years old. Every morning, at 6 am, he went out into the yard and started hitting the metal wall of the garage. An hour before school, after school, after homework. The little football fan became the nightmare of Dragan’s neighbor – he came from the night shift in the morning and could not sleep because of the terrible noise. “Sinisha, if you don’t become a professional footballer, you won’t achieve anything in life!” – such was Dragan’s verdict.

In the hospital, Mikhailovich read a book by Andre Agassi, in which the tennis player said that he hit the ball 2500 times a day. Sinisha made his own calculations: “I delivered at least eight beats per minute, 480 per hour. Trained for at least three hours a day – 1440 beats a day. 10,080 per week, 43,200 per month, 518,400 per year. Mother dear … No wonder I could have entered the gate with my eyes closed.

In 1991, having won the Champions Cup with Crvena Zvezda, Mikhailovich brought the trophy home and raised it over his head near that very garage.


Sinisha was introduced to adult football by the masseur of Borovo, his first team. Mikhailovich was 17, he saw that senior teammates constantly go to massage, and decided to give it a try. Half an hour later, the whole body was terribly aching, the bruises disappeared for several more days. A year later, the masseur confessed: “You came with these long curls and the face of a baby. What am I supposed to do now – to massage babies whose milk on their lips has not yet dried ?! I did everything so that you never come back. “

Baptism on the Sines field took place, having met an old acquaintance with whom he played in the youth team. He hit him three times on the legs, Mikhailovich did not understand what was happening: “You don’t recognize me? What are you doing?”

“Shut up and play!”

“Oh so? In the next collision, he slams his face into my elbow with a swing. A crunch is heard, his nose is broken, he is covered in blood. “Now you shut up and play, asshole!”

The victim’s father rushed from the tribune to the field: “What, ***, have you done with my son?”Behind him are a dozen angry fans. The teammates surrounded Mikhailovich and took him to the locker room. The captain, before returning to the field, winked and raised his thumb up: “Handsome.” “So I became one of them,” says Sinisha.

Another case – the match between Borovo and Sparta. Opponents needed a victory to advance to the second division, Mikhailovich’s team – to become the third and get into the playoffs. Sinisha played on the left flank of the attack, against him – the captain of “Sparta” Simek.”Small, strong, with huge hips, like a minotaur.”

A club mate warned Mikhailovich: “Be careful with him, last year he tore my crosses. It pounds like a hammer. ” According to Sinishi, such matches were a war, the referees did not protect the players. To get a red card, you had to kill your opponent.

“The match began, Simek came up to me and immediately pushed into my stomach:“ Boy, don’t twitch, or I’ll break your legs. ” For 15 minutes I was a spectator in this game. Then he got the ball, went around Simek with a trick and rushed forward.I was faster, he tried to catch up with me and yelled: “Bastard, son of a bitch, I’ll break my legs!”

The more he screamed, the more terrified I was. I didn’t think I was attacking – I was just trying to save myself. I ran to the penalty area. To free himself from the ball, he struck, almost with his eyes closed. I didn’t even look where the ball was flying, continued to run – out of bounds. It turned out that he scored. Partners ran to congratulate me, and I thought about one thing – I’m finished. I wanted to ask for a replacement, but did not know how. Simek met me in the center of the field: “You touch the ball again and you will finish with football.”For half an hour I just stood at the edge, then asked for a replacement. Received the ball five or six times, immediately gave it to the touch. Simek was twice my age, scary and angry. I didn’t want to test for myself how strong his thorns are.

One and a half years of football on the principle of “in the ball or in the feet”, and at the age of 18 I was already ready for anything. He knew all the intricacies of the craft. I learned to defend myself and be a villain, provoke first. Insult an opponent in order to piss him off. Mock him. I played against such butchers that I was no longer afraid of anything.Playing in the top flight is like moving from a factory to a boutique.

If you think well that even a hospital bed is not as scary as the rabid Simek who is chasing you. ”

Mikhailovich was the most popular footballer in Yugoslavia. Crowds gathered under his house, and the stolen car was returned after learning that it belonged to Sinisha

In 1989 Mikhailovich won the Yugoslav Championship with Voyvodina, in 1991 – the Champions Cup with Crvena Zvezda.

“The country was gradually engulfed in civil war, but we – athletes – lived in our own world.At least until 1992. Especially in Belgrade, – says Sinisa. – We did not think about politics, we were only interested in the game. Therefore, do not be surprised that I find that period wonderful. Put yourself in my shoes: 22 years old, I am handsome, rich, popular, I have many important friends, I am appreciated and protected by dangerous people. I play for my favorite team, the fans adore me, I won everything I can. ”

According to Mikhailovich, the months after winning the Champions Cup were the most carefree in his life.“I didn’t spend a dime. In shops, restaurants, bars, I was served free of charge, ”he recalls.

Every two months in the house where Sinisha lived, the walls were painted – they were all covered with gratitude inscriptions and the girls’ phones. Mikhailovich was the king of Belgrade.

“The Red Star secretary called me Barbie – I had long hair. Not life, but a dream. The world is at my feet. Wherever I went, I was accepted as one of The Beatles, ”says Sinisha.

When Mikhailovich’s black BMW 320 was hijacked, he said this on the air of a TV show.The next day the robbers drove the car under the house: “Good afternoon, Sinisha. Sorry, we returned the car. We didn’t know she was yours. We changed the windshield, which we broke, washed it, the tank is full. Forgive us”.

Another case: Mikhailovich was invited to dinner by a friend who lived two hundred kilometers from Belgrade. An hour later, the police rang at the door: “Oh, so here Mikhailovich. It explains everything. Please don’t come out. ”

Hundreds of people gathered in the street. Some climbed onto the roofs of cars.“There were no streets in sight, people were everywhere,” Sinesha recalls. “Three hours later, I had to go out, accompanied by the police. I was a rock star. But I felt that everything was just beginning. I did not even suspect that in fact everything is finite. At least for Yugoslavia. ”

A childhood friend of Mikhailovich threatened to kill his parents. In fact, I wanted to save them

In 1991, before the Yugoslavia Cup final between Crvena Zvezda and Hajduk, Croatian team defender Igor Stimats approached Mikhailovich: “I pray to God that ours will kill your family”.

Sinisha’s mother is Croatian, father is Serb. When Mikhailovich was summoned to a military gathering, he asked his mother what to write in the questionnaire: Croat or Serb? “You are Yugoslav,” my mother replied. So I wrote it.

But in the late 80s the situation in the country became tense. In the hometown of Mikhailovich, his Croat classmate had a bar. Arriving at his family, Sinisha went to say hello, but his friend did not answer the greeting. Mikhailovich sat down at the table, ordered a drink, he came up: “Take everything you ordered and leave.And don’t come back. I don’t want to see you here. There is no place for Serbs in my bar. ”

When hostilities began, Mikhailovich was resting in Ibiza, celebrating victory in the Champions Cup with his teammates. I saw the news on TV, called my mother. A noise interfered with the conversation.

– Mom, screw up the TV sound. It interferes.

– Sinisha, this is not a TV. They shoot under our house.

– Who shoots?

– I don’t know. They say the war has begun.

Mikhailovich suggested that his parents move from Vukovar to Belgrade, but his father was against it – he said that he had not done anything wrong to anyone, that he did not want to give up everything.But soon the Mikhailovichs nevertheless went to the capital. The crying mother called Sinisha: “Pipe, it was Pipe!”

Pipe is a childhood friend, neighbor, almost a brother. He came home to the Mikhailovichs and said that they should get out. He returned the next day, accompanied by two guys, with weapons. Started shooting at Sinishi’s photo. Sobbing did not help: “I told you – get out.”

Mikhailovich left, a day later their house was demolished.

“I was not angry listening to my mother’s story. I just couldn’t believe it, ”Mikhailovich recalls.“Has Pipe, the golden boy, changed so much that he hated me and threatened my parents? Did he destroy my house? For eight years I could not understand what happened. ”

In 1999, Sinisha and Pipe met. “It was the only way to be saved: for me and your family,” Pipe explained. – Everyone in Borovo knew that we were close friends. I had to prove that I was following orders, otherwise they would call me a traitor, a friend of the Serbs and would be killed. I tried to persuade your parents to leave, but I had to scare them to obey.Shooting your photos was like shooting myself. But I was ordered to demolish the house, with or without people in it. I am not asking you to understand me. Just forgive. ” I forgave him, hugged him and thanked him. Pipe really saved Mom and Dad. ”

Mikhailovich was friends with the Serbian crime boss Arkan: “He did terrible things, which I condemn, but he was always kind to me”

“, 3: 1.As the game progressed, Sinisha noticed that a stranger was sitting on the Zvezda bench, clearly not a club employee. Mikhailovich fouls the opponent harshly – the stranger gets turned on. And after the final whistle he rushed onto the field: “Hey you, piece of shit! I will end your career! ”

Sinisha, of course, did not remain silent: “What the hell are you? Will you end my career? Go to * **! I’ll smash your face! ”

It didn’t come to a fight, Mikhailovich was dragged into the locker room. “You are sick? Do you know who this is? This is Arkan.He will kill you. ”

Zeljko Razhnatovich, nicknamed Arkan, was the head of Delie (Heroes), the toughest ultras group, Red Star. And also – an international criminal on the Interpol list. Soon, in 1990, he will form the Serbian Volunteer Guard (also known as the “Arkan Tigers”), a paramilitary force that will fight for independence in Bosnia and Croatia, will become a national hero for Serbs and a heartless killer in the eyes of other nations.

When Mikhailovich became a Red Star player, Arkan wanted to meet – he behaved like the president, not the chief among the ultras.

Razhnatovich forgot about the conflict: “If you need something, Sinisha, anything – contact me.” Mikhailovich became Arkan’s favorite player, they became friends. “I visited him about 200 times a year,” Sinisha recalls. – We have always talked only about football. But I perfectly understood what he was doing. I identified three rules for myself: you need to show respect, do not have anything to do with such people, except for communication, do not ask them for anything. “


In 1991, at the height of the war, Arkan called Mikhailovich: “They took a man near Vukovar, he says he is your uncle. I’ll be in Belgrade in a couple of days. Come and pick it up if it really is a relative. If not, we will deal with him. ”

Uncle Ivo, mother’s brother, was a Croat. After his parents left Borovo, he was furious: “You should have stayed, at last we would have got rid of this pig, this dirty Serb, your husband. They would have slaughtered him. ”

Arkan really had Ivo in captivity.“I thought for a long time what to do: save my uncle, who dreams of killing my father, or leave him to be punished by Zeljko’s people. I was thinking what Ivo would do if I were in the hands of the Croats. Perhaps he killed me too, ”Mikhailovich says.

Mom was crying, father was silent. He refused to follow Ivo. Mom went for my brother. When she brought him home, her father asked: “What have I done to you? Why do you wish me death? ” Uncle was silent. He never spoke to his father again.


Razhnatovich was shot dead in January 2000.Mikhailovich wrote an obituary for a Serbian newspaper. “I mourned not the military Arkan, the commander of the Tigers, but Zeljko,” he writes. – Is it possible to separate these two personalities? I don’t know, this is a difficult topic. ”

“I met him before the war. He has always been kind to me. During the war, he freed many Serbian guys, my good friends. Thanks to Zeljko, my uncle survived. He helped me a lot. Is this enough to turn a blind eye to all his crimes? Not. He did terrible things, which I condemn. But in a civil war, there are no good or bad.There is no white and black. The main color is red, the color of the blood of innocent victims.

I have never defended Arkan. But he was my friend. He loved me, and I loved him. When Zeljko died, I could pretend that nothing had happened – many people close to him did this. But I wanted to say goodbye. I always do what I see fit. ”

Two weeks later, at the home match between Lazio and Bari, a banner “Honoring the memory of Tiger Arkan” appeared. Representatives of the Irriducibili ultras group warned Mikhailovich, he persuaded them to abandon this idea.

– What have you got to do with it? You don’t even know who it is.

– Didn’t know personally, but for us he is a myth.

– What myth? You don’t fucking understand. If they ask me, I will say that I have nothing to do with this. Do not do that.

The Ultras did not listen. A scandal erupted. Croatian Lazio striker Alain Boksic, who did not take part in the match, said that he would leave the field: “I am very upset and disappointed that my fans honor the memory of a man who is considered a criminal worldwide who fought against my people.They really don’t know what they are doing. ”

The Irriducibili leader said that Mikhailovich had nothing to do with the banner, but Sinishi’s relationship with the Ultras soured.

Mikhailovich believes that he was much stronger than the current defenders. And criticizes young people

“Now in football there is no such a central defender as I was. Imagine how much it would cost a guy who starts attacks, takes him to the shock position with passes to 60 meters, makes at least ten assists for the championship, perfectly fulfills all standards, scores two free throws out of three, shows leadership qualities on the field, character and demonstrates that he has huge balls.I don’t even want to compare myself with modern stars, who cost 70-80 million and receive 10 million a year – they would lace my boots … ”

According to Mikhailovich, now young players come to magnificent bases with a perfectly trimmed lawn in expensive cars, with fashionable hairstyles, huge headphones, all in tattoos. “They walk with their heads down, stuck in the phone, take selfies, broadcast live on Instagram. I look them in the eye and see no ambition.Nice shell and no filling. They want to be in the spotlight, they want to be recognized on the street. They have not played a single real match yet, but they already have sponsors, agents, they believe that they have achieved everything. And most importantly, they don’t have fun on the pitch. At their age, the stadium was an amusement park for me. It was fun for me, it was cool for me, ”Sinisha writes.

“It seems to me that until the age of 17 I had never been to tactics training. I just worked with the ball. In modern football, young people are destroyed by teaching them pressure, playing four defenders, and artificial offsides.But they forget that a football player must be able to play with both feet, set the body correctly, run with and without the ball, go dribbling, pass, hit from the summer. This is the base – only then you can learn tactics, prepare yourself physically. This is how defenders appear who do not know how to defend themselves – no one taught them this. And the attackers who cannot beat the opponent one-on-one. And the worst thing is that young people are taught to be afraid. You can’t risk it. You can’t take responsibility. ”

Mikhailovich also believes that young players do not respect elders: “I carried veterans’ bags.Ask someone now – they will send the fuck. They only know how to build stars out of themselves, and having lost the ball, they grab their heads, but do not try to return it. ”

Scientists could not understand what the secret of Mikhailovich’s penalties was. He is sure that his small foot size and very strong abs helped him.

Mikhailovic shares the record for the most goals from free kicks in Serie A with Andrea Pirlo – both have 28. Sampdoria’s three goals are also a record. Sinisha is confident that he could repeat it, but in the Inter-Roma match he and Adriano decided who would hit with a rock-paper-scissors.Mikhailovich beat twice and scored twice.

“Nobody taught me how to be free kicks,” says Sinisha. – My teacher is the same garage. Long hours: morning, afternoon, evening. I aimed at the top corner and hit it: ten, one hundred, a thousand, ten thousand times. But accuracy is one thing, the force of the blow is quite another. It depends on many factors. I have the advantage – a small foot for my height (185 cm), size 42. So I kicked the ball with my whole leg. And two more “weapons”: a long leg and a stone press (Mikhailovich does 500 twists a day) – the force of the blow depends very much on this.The abs for a football player is very important – it increases speed, balance, collision strength, jump height and impact force. ”

As a child, Sinisha drew a gate on the wall and put numbers: 1 – the lower left corner, 3 – at the middle height, 5 – the upper corner. I walked back 20 meters, chose which figure it would fall into. And beat, beat, beat. Having become a pro, Mikhailovich remained on the field every time after training and worked out free throws – without a goalkeeper or with him. “The goalkeeper wasn’t really needed – he still didn’t beat anything,” Sinisha jokes.“I hit and hit in order to hear the sound when the ball touches the net. It is like the sound of the wind in the branches of trees at the end of summer, ”says Mikhailovich.

According to Sinishi, he missed more on penalties than on free kicks. “When I was shooting a penalty, I chose the corner, hit hard, but I never looked at the goalkeeper. If he started moving before hitting, he could hit the ball. I took my penalties from 25 meters. Before each match I carefully studied the goalkeeper: whether he was cautious or self-confident.It was a psychological war, especially when I hit two or three free throws per match. ”

“I always looked at the goalkeepers until the last second, right up to the kick. If he understood that the goalkeeper was going to jump into the far corner, covered with a wall, then he would catch him in the opposite direction, powerfully sending the ball into “his” corner. If he stayed in place, I slowed down and hit over the wall. I could celebrate at the moment of impact, as I already knew how it would end. I hit in every way: with three fingers, with a toe, cheek, Swede. My leg is like an artist’s brush.From anywhere in the field: left, right, center. The farther from the gate, the better, ”Sinesha boasts.

When Mikhailovich played for Crvena Zvezda, representatives of the Faculty of Physics of the Belgrade Institute came to trainings to measure the speed of the ball after its strikes. “165 kilometers per hour! They tried to figure out how it comes out that the ball first flies up, then decreases, but retains power and speed. Three days later, they confessed that they did not understand how this was possible, ”recalls the Serb.

At Sampdoria, 44-year-old Sinisa decided to test Argentine goalkeeper Sergio Romero: “How many free throws from 25 meters will I score for you? Two? You will be lucky if you beat off at least two hits. “Mikhailovich scored eight, Romero was amazed: “You hit free kicks better than Messi!”

“What the nafig Messi? You might think I’m just showing off, but look at YouTube videos with my penalties. Messi is a genius. I take off my hat to him. But, dear Leo, I hit free throws better. ”

Vieira, Mutu, Zlatan are the main scandals in Mikhailovich’s career

Patrick Vieira took part in Mikhailovich’s farewell match, they played together at Inter, Sinisha considers the Frenchman a friend.But in the match between Lazio and Arsenal in October 2000, very different words sounded.

“After the match, Vieira stated that I insulted him, called the” shit black “. But he forgot what he was talking about himself. First, I said “shitty black”. Secondly, in response to the “shitty gypsy”, – says Mikhailovich. – In my understanding, an insult is “shitty”, and skin color does not matter. Why is ‘shitty black’ racism and ‘shitty gypsy’ not? ”

Mikhailovich was disqualified for two matches and asked to publicly apologize.The apology did not appeal to the radical ultras Lazio. They bought a slot on one of the Roman radio stations dedicated to the club – they wanted Sinisa’s pregnant wife to have an abortion.

“I found the number of the person who said it,” Mikhailovich recalls. – I will try to retell you our conversation, without obscenities. “Piece of shit, if you have something against me – talk to me. The next time you touch my wife and children, I will show you what war is. Do you think you’re cool, since you put up a banner about the Arcana? We consider people like you to be children.You are nothing. Do you want to meet? You are a piss, I am sure that you will come with friends. And I am alone. Show me how cool and wicked you are. One more word about my wife and you will find yourself in a wheelchair. ” There was no meeting, of course. But nobody else touched my family. ”


In the match between Lazio and Chelsea, Adrian Mut got it – Mikhailovich spat in the Romanian’s face and kicked him when he was lying on the lawn. “He provoked me throughout the game, tested my nerves for strength. I acted stupidly, I’m not going to make excuses.Removal. UEFA considered it a relapse – they remembered both Arkana and Vieira. I do not blame Muta, he did everything right, and I was wrong. This is normal – I myself have often entered the field with one goal – to piss my opponent off. ”

An ideal partner in this matter Mikhailovich calls the Portuguese Fernando Couto, with whom he played in Lazio: “Cote and I started from the first minutes – we chose a victim, and it started. “Hey, are you bumping into me? Piece of shit! ” As a rule, the opponent would apologize, because he actually did nothing.But it was too late: “Shove an apology up your ass! You ran into … Fernando, deal with him “Or vice versa:” Sinisha! Kick that son of a bitch ass. ”

“We didn’t need fairplay awards. Are we nasty guys? Sure. Disgusting? Definitely. But we wanted to win, and that’s part of the game. The team needs such people. I needed an enemy, but I never hurt my opponent intentionally, ”says Mikhailovich.


Juventus – Inter, 2005. Ibra lifts his leg in size 48 and almost hits Mikhailovich in the face.In response to indignation, he hits Sinesha with his head – for this Zlatan will be disqualified for three matches. After the game Mikhailovich rushes to the Inter’s locker room. Buffon comes out to him: “Gigi, call this asshole!”

“Sinisha, forget it. He is young. Remember who we were. ”

Ibrahimovic did not come out, Sinisha calmed down. But Mino Raiola did not calm down – he said that Mikhailovich was Zlatan’s mother in Serbian. The defender replied: “I can’t talk to him about football. I know Mino was good at making pizza. Let him come to me, I have a good stove. “

When Zlatan signed a contract with Inter, he set a condition – if it was difficult for him with Mikhailovich, the Swede could leave. “Will behave well – no problem,” Sinesha told the management. – I’m not angry with him. But if he is going to build a prima donna out of himself, then he may not even unpack things. ”

“But Ibra turned out to be an exemplary professional, with a strong character, who wanted the same thing that I did – to win. We became friends and are still friends, ”says Mikhailovich.


“Raiola, Ibra, Vieira, Totti, Mourinho – they all became my friends. This is the beauty of male relationships. We quarrel, but we know how to forget, ”says Sinisha.

Mikhailovich’s best friend in football is Mancini. They did not speak for a long time when Sinisa took over Milan

Mikhailovic and Roberto Mancini played together for Sampdoria and Lazio. Mancini coached Sinisa at Lazio and Inter, then invited him to become an assistant.

“At Sampdoria, Mancho was president, coach, footballer, cheerleader and a pain in the ass. The biggest thorn I have ever encountered. We immediately became friends, but on the field we constantly quarreled. Sometimes, having scored, Mancho began to shove the defenders, telling them that we were wrong. I immediately shut him up: “Fuck you, your place is in front.” It’s a common thing when two guys with strong character hate to lose. ”


In 1998, on the eve of the match between Lazio and Sampdoria, Mikhailovich and Roberto had an argument.Mancho promised to give Sinisha a million lire for each goal scored.

Fabrizio Ferron stood at the Samp goal, Mikhailovich played with him before. In the tunnel Sinisha said to the goalkeeper: “Don’t twitch, don’t try to stop me. If you take a step, I will hammer into your corner. Do not embarrass yourself”.

Lazio won 5: 2, Mikhailovich scored a hat-trick with free kicks. “After the game, I said that he owes me three million lire. And Roberto replied, “I’ll give you one. You are a defender, and we conceded twice. ”


“For twenty years we have been like brothers,” says Mikhailovich.- Our daughters are friends. We went on vacation together. And then I took over Milan and something changed. Roberto coached Inter. I thought he would be the first to congratulate me, but did not wait for the call. It seemed to me that this is a cool story – two friends at the head of principal rivals. But Mancini has his own vision of friendship, company, he always wants to be in charge. We have never seen each other in Milan. Then Roberto divorced Francesca, Arianna’s friend – we drifted even further. We never really fought, but we didn’t speak for three years.Nobody took a step forward. ”

When Mikhailovich fell ill, Mancini was among the first to support him on Twitter: “You are strong. We’ll be playing padel again soon. ” He was the first to visit Sinisha at the hospital. “We spent an hour together. I was incredibly happy. They did not discuss what happened, why they did not see each other, what he was offended. Sometimes words are not needed, ”Mikhailovich wrote.

Mikhailovich claims to have launched Totti’s career. He convinced Milan to take Romagnoli and threatened to resign if Berlusconi did not allow him to release Donnarumma

According to Mikhailovic, Francesco Totti got into the first team of Roma thanks to him.In 1992, Sinisha was a Roman player. “Our youth team played at the base in Trigoria, we often watched the games. They were followed by Totti, number ten, a very strong guy. Once I told Boskov (the Serbian coach headed Roma in the 1992/92 season – approx.): “Mister, let’s take him with us?” The end of the championship, we no longer claim anything. Boshkov listened, Totti got into the application, ”says Sinisha.

Mikhailovich scored a goal pass to Canija, scored himself, Roma defeated Brescia 2: 0. Ten minutes before the end of the match Sinisha turned to Boshkov: “We won, why not let the boy out?” Totti made his debut and became Roma’s icon for the next 25 years.Among all his teammates, Mikhailovich calls the strongest two: Cesko and the ex-star of the Croatian national team Robert Prosinečka.


In 2014, on the advice of Zdenek Zeman, Mikhailovich asked Sampdoria to rent Alessio Romagnoli from Roma. The 19-year-old defender played the season at the base, and, heading Milan, Sinisha offered to buy him.

Berlusconi doubted – Roma asked for 25 million euros. “Let’s do it this way,” Mikhailovich suggested. “Let’s buy it.If we sell within two years for a large amount, then we divide the difference by two. If it is cheaper, I will compensate for the losses. ” Berlusconi agreed to the transfer, but refused the bet. A year later, Milan received an offer of 40 million from Chelsea, but Romagnoli stayed.


“I wasn’t sure about our goalkeeper, Diego Lopez,” Mikhailovich recalls. – He did not command the defense, with him Milan were not safe. In training, I noticed a boy, Gianluigi Donnarumma. Abbyati said that he was fine, Gijo himself was not afraid – he immediately said that he was ready to play.Galliani asked three times if I was joking when I announced that Donnarumma would be at the base. I talked to Berlusconi, and he started calling me.

Thursday first call:

– Look Sinisha, Lopez was one of the best last season.

– I was not here last season. Let’s think about the present.

Friday, the second call:

– Sinisha, think carefully. The guy is young, he can get nervous.

– Don’t worry, President. He’s ready. He has nerves of iron.

On Saturday Berlusconi arrived in Milanello. As a result, I delivered an ultimatum: “There are two options. You fire me and Lopez will play. You won’t fire me – and Donnarumma will play. I went to practice. After that, tell me if I coach Milan. See you later”.

Donnarumma made his debut against Sassuolo. Milan won 2: 1, but after the match Berlusconi went to the rival’s locker room to praise Eusebio Di Francesco for a good game.


Mikhailovich is pleased that the two players on whom he made a bet at Milan – Romagnoli and Donnarumma – became the leaders of the team and are still playing for the Rossoneri.But he was disappointed with the dismissal, namely – the behavior of Berlusconi. “There were two Silvios,” Sinisha writes. – One is the most titled president in history, perhaps the best in the history of football. The second one lost his grip and confidence, communicating with the players behind the coach’s back. And yet he taught me a thing or two. He said a great phrase: “Dear Sinisha, in football, if you win, you are a champion. If you lose, it’s just a condom. ”

The disease was discovered unexpectedly. In the morning Mikhailovich ran 11 km and swayed, and the next day he found out that he had leukemia

“When I woke up, I felt severe pain.My leg and hip ached. What the fuck is this? Stretching? We played padel yesterday, but I would have noticed earlier. I’ve had a lot of sprains, I know what I’m talking about. Nerve inflammation? Okay, it will pass. But as time went on, and the pain grew stronger. When walking, he shot in the back. We were then vacationing with the whole family in Sardinia, my brother Drazen was with us. Seeing me, he started joking: “Why do you walk like an old man? Are you ninety? ”

But I could not walk, could not sit – it was terribly painful. A day and a half has passed – nothing has changed.Doctors of Bologna prescribed an antibiotic, it became a little easier. ”

Three days later Mikhailovich was already in Bologna – preparations for the season began. The pain has not gone anywhere, Sinisha has passed all possible tests and examinations. “You definitely know how to endure pain,” the doctor said after the MRI. “From what I see, you should lie in bed, motionless, unable to even lift a finger.”

“But this morning I ran 11 kilometers, rocked in the hall,” Mikhailovich was surprised.

“I understand, I thought the apparatus was broken.You have extensive inflammation. I’ve never seen anything like this. ”

Blood and bone marrow tests were next. Hearing the diagnosis, Mikhailovich immediately asked the question: is there a chance to survive? “I can handle. I can handle it quickly, ”Sinisha assured when he learned that leukemia is curable.

Mikhailovich was hospitalized under a false name to avoid media attention. He calls his ward a prison

Date of birth: October 1, 1950

Residence: homeless

Name and surname: Chgikitfr Drnovsk

With this information, Mikhailovich’s wife Arianna went to the pharmacy of the hematology department of the Seranoli Institute of the Polyclinic ‘Orsola.Signora Drnovsk was searched for a long time and unsuccessfully in the database, in the end they asked for documents. “Oh, so this is Sinisha Mikhailovich …”

To ensure maximum privacy, Mikhailovich was recorded under a fictitious name. Given the patient’s status, he was given a single room instead of a double room. “If I knew how everything would turn out, I would never agree,” Sinisha regrets.

“The size of the ward is three by three. Everything is sterilized, the air is filtered. It’s almost impossible to move. A bed against the wall, with monitors, tubes, droppers.On the left is a small dressing room, on the right is a chair. At my feet is a TV. For walks – half a meter. Window. That’s all. And you can’t get out. Jail? I’ve never been there, but I think prison is better. At least the prisoners can breathe fresh air. They do not have high fever, nausea, they do not hurt. They do not lose taste and smell, do not lose weight. It would be better if there were no windows at all. When I looked at him, I always wanted to open, but I could not. The only thing missing was the grate … ”

Mikhailovich promised the team that he would come to the first match of the championship.He could barely walk, but kept his promise

On August 25, 2019, Bologna played their first league match in Verona. Going to the hospital, Mikhailovich assured the team that he would be at the match. But three days before the game, the doctors were adamant: “Sinisha, you can’t. Too risky. Your body is completely defenseless after chemotherapy, you can catch an infection. We understand how important this is for you. But there are thousands of other matches ahead. Accept yourself. ”

But for Mikhailovich there were no other matches – only this one.He cried unashamedly: “You don’t understand. I made a promise to the players. I am their coach. I did everything I had to. Passed all the treatment. I cannot accept. ”

“They looked at me and did not understand,” says Sinisha. – How can a football match be more important than life? They probably thought I was crazy. No one in my position would behave like that. No one would demand to expose the body to incredible stress – after all, it was hard for me even to walk a couple of steps to the toilet. But I said that they would psychologically kill me if they didn’t release me.That I will become a dead man. And if I attend the match, it will be the best medicine. ”

As a result, the doctors gave up, but set a condition – Mikhailovich would be released only if the level of leukocytes in the blood increased to 900 cells per microliter. On August 22, the analyzes showed 300. On the 24th – 900.

“When I was preparing to leave, I was amazed at how slowly I am doing everything. It took a lot of time to tie the shoelaces. My hands were shaking, I looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself – I was thinner, older, no hair, not a single muscle in my body, stooped and weak.But I can go out, ”Sinesha recalls.

Mikhailovich did not leave the ward for 40 days. He refused to take the elevator down from the second floor – he went up the stairs, without support, and sat down three times on the steps for a couple of minutes to rest. It is ten meters from the hospital door to the car. “If I had to walk another three meters, I would have fallen to the ground. I trudged like a zombie, but inside I was more alive than all living things. And I did not cry, but smiled. ”

The appearance of the coach was a surprise for the team. Mikhailovich was allowed to spend a few minutes with the players, and he addressed them with a speech: “As promised, I’m here.The doctors said I was crazy. I had the worst forty days of my life, locked in a small room to the sound of cars. How I feel, you can guess from my appearance. I’m not who you remember me, am I? But I keep my word. Always. I did everything to be with you today. I hope I did not come in vain. Immediately after the game, I go back, I was released for a few hours. Make it so that I go to the hospital calmly. Play the way you can. I love you, guys”.

The President of “Verona” offered Mikhailovich a place in a closed box, but Sinisha was determined – only a bench.“The whole match I was focused on myself, I didn’t understand much about what was happening around. The main task was not to faint. If I feel bad, the match will be interrupted, my family will worry. I have to be strong, ”Sinesha recalls. The match ended in a draw – 1: 1.

“The hospital no longer felt like a prison. I knew I could handle it. If I had not been to the match, I would not have been confident in myself. But now I felt strong. Stronger than the disease. ”


On November 22, 2019, after three courses of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation, Mikhailovich was discharged from the hospital.

“I asked the driver to stop near the church. Hour of the day, no one inside. I sat myself, prayed and talked to God. About what? This is the only thing I can’t tell you about. ”

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Lyrical digression.

Seriously now. Let’s talk about promoting fortune-tellers / astrologers / numerologists / tarologists and others like them. In general, this topic is murky, and working with such clients or not is your business. But they have money for sure.

First of all, explain to such a client before starting work that his topic is illegal on Instagram. We mean the fact that almost no bloggers, almost no public pages will take them for advertising. You only have subscriptions and likes left as a way to attract an audience.

It is necessary to advance, we emphasize, to a closed profile. It is necessary to conduct a profile with a great emphasis on a personal blog.

There is one interesting point: the audience of this business niche, if we call things by their proper names, is generally rather dumb. Those people who believe that numbers mean something in their life, or believe that the tarot layout can help them find a lover, are rather naive.

Where to find such people?

That’s right, they are going to competitions.

If a person subscribed to a fortune teller, sits on her profile, constantly reads her posts, then in the end he will come to her. Most often, fortune-tellers bring the last money when everything is really bad in life.

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